Celente Warns Of Coming Riots: “The Collapse Is Engulfing The World”

by | Jan 31, 2014 | Gerald Celente, Headline News | 572 comments

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    He accurately predicted the trends that have shaped the last decade. Ahead of the collapse of 2008 his Trends Journal newsletter issued a forecast that stock markets, which had just hit all time highs, would buckle in the first quarter of the year and that an unprecedented recession would blanket the global economy. He said the decline in  financial markets would then be followed by disillusionment in America’s political and economic systems, leading to the rise of a third-party and widespread protests across America. And while officials the country over tried to assuage fears in the populace, he cautioned that the middle class would continue to be destroyed through taxation, regulation and fiscal incompetence.

    His foresight was 20/20.

    Now, renowned trend forecaster Gerald Celente warns that, despite establishment claims of recovery and growth, things are about to get a whole lot worse.

    Celente isn’t suggesting that a massive collapse is going to happen in the future.

    He says we’re already in it – and it’s taking hold right before our eyes across the entirety of the globe:

    This selloff in the emerging markets, with their currencies going down and their interest rates going up, it’s going to be disastrous and there are going to be riots everywhere…

    So as the decline in their economies accelerates, you are going to see the civil unrest intensify.

    If you want to know a business that will thrive in 2014, it may well be guillotines because these are ‘Off with their heads’ moments.

    Meanwhile, they just passed laws in Spain to stop people from protesting.  But all the laws in the world do not feed starving people.  All the laws in the world do not put roofs over people’s heads. 

    That’s why you are going to see heads roll.

    you can already see chaos engulfing the world as the Fed’s global financial scheme is collapsing.  This collapse is engulfing the entire world, from Russia, to South Africa, into China and emerging markets across the globe. 

    Full Interview at King World News (also available in audio broadcast)
    via Steve Quayle

    Should protesters in the U.S. threaten the status quo in any way they will be dealt with like the people who took to the streets in the Ukraine, Egypt, Iran, and Greece.

    In fact, a Federal court recently upheld Congressional legislation passed in 2012 that allowed the herding of protestors into so-called “free speech” zones, and to charge those who assemble at “official functions” designated as areas of “national significance” with federal crimes punishable by one year in prison.

    Under that verbiage, that means a peaceful protest outside a candidate’s concession speech would be a federal offense…

    Carefully controlled protests involving individuals who have been bused in by their respective political party or union leaders are often televised by the mainstream media in an effort to give Americans a false sense of freedom.

    When these protests turn to uprising and riots because millions of people can no longer keep a roof over their heads or food in their bellies, you can bet that those involved will be dealt with swiftly and behind the cloak of terrorism secrecy laws like the National Defense Authorization Act which essentially gives the government the right to detain anyone, for any reason, for an indefinite amount of time.

    But the real question here is, why would the government need laws like this?

    Why would they be war-gaming and simulating economic collapse scenarios and civil unrest?

    Why are they continuing to borrow trillions of dollars from foreign creditors and injecting the domestic economy with tens of billions of dollars on a monthly basis?

    The only plausible answer, given the current economic climate in America and sentiment on Main Street, is that the authorities at the highest levels of our government know that something very bad could happen.

    And they confirmed this in two letters issued by two different Treasury Secretaries over the last several years. Most recently, the Treasury department noted that failure to satiate our nation’s never ending appetite for debt would have a “catastrophic effect” on our economy:

    Credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, US interest rates could skyrocket, the negative spillovers could reverberate around the world, and there might be a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse.

    Not only might the economic consequences of default be profound, but those consequences, including high interest rates, reduced investment, higher debt payments, and slow economic growth, could last for more than a generation…

    The fall-out from our current economic climate is going to be unprecedented. For those who deny this is happening, understand that the above warning comes directly from our Treasury Department. They’re the money guys. And they are telling us what’s going to happen.

    And be assured it won’t just be stock markets that drop precipitously.

    What we’re talking about here is the collapse of the economy of the United States of America – the richest nation on Earth. 

    The consequences will be devastating on every level and those of us on Main Street will be taking the brunt of the impact.

    Imagine a situation where jobs continue to be shed by the hundreds of thousands every month without abatement. A situation where the price of basic essentials like energy and food rise without restraint. A situation where medical care is so expensive that average Americans will go bankrupt trying to pay for government mandated coverage. A situation where whatever money you do have in savings becomes worthless because our currency loses credibility around the world.

    This is what’s happening right now.

    The scary version: There is no way to turn this around. It’s just going to get progressively worse.

    If you haven’t taken steps to prepare – to insulate yourself for an economic end of the world as we know it – then life for you and your family is going to be horrific.

    This is the depression.


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      1. What?


        • No kidding, again.. sooner or later he is going to be right, just give it time.

          • There is not enough time.

            • “””What we’re talking about here is the collapse of the economy of the United States of America – the richest nation on Earth.”””

              What could be more ridiculous than calling the United States the richest nation on earth when it is over 100 TRILLION FRNs in debt? I would say that makes the US the brokest nation in the history of the world.

              When the economy collapses, the debt will disappear because it is nothing more than paper and digits.

              The gold and silver has been stolen, and we will be poorer than before the ponzi schemes started, but we will be far richer than we are now.

              Force the issue, people. QUIT paying the banksters anything at all. Their world will collapse around them soon enough.

              The collapse of FRNS (debt) and credit will mainly affect those who rely on it for their lifestyle.

              • You beat me to it, GC…America is the most broke nation on earth.

                • And do not reply, well that was in regard to resources.
                  Resources?? Is that why we get saline from Mexico??

                  • Did my one little comment wake Mac up to the fact we feel ignored

                    And I guess the wood chipper idea won’t work to get rid of the Snapers. Man survive going through a Wood Chipper here in WA state.

                    And the Page won the battle for the return of his Drone.

                    Was able to fire a 300 Win Mag without springing a leak for the first time. Still have 1500 meters to go.

                  • @jayjay

                    picked up a book at a yard sale on gardening ,it was a hodge podge of old cure alls for your plants ,in there was a cure for fungus on your tomato plants he said at the first sign soak them with this solution i tried it and it worked ,it was a 50/50 mix of table spoon of baking soda ,and a table spoon of light horticultral oil in a gal. of water ,put in a sprayer ,prior to that i just had to pull up the plants because they went down hill ,but now when i see the first bad leaf i soak them

                • OFF TOPIC:
                  I had been waiting to see your name come up!
                  To Jay Jay – on the topic of tomatoes.
                  I too have had struggles with tomatoes.
                  I do not put them in the field or regular garden. I keep them near the house and give them a wind block.
                  The sunny side of a building works well.
                  I have had good luck growing them in buckets. Since I remix the soil each year in my kiddy sand box, I can grow them in the same buckets and location every year. I use the old soil to grow peas in those shallow little window box rectangle pots and refresh the soil with the legumes. (beans do not need deep soil either and also can grow in these type of pots.)
                  I started with one bag each. Steer manure, compost, soil and peat moss. All purchased.
                  Mix the soil with the compost till it is a rich color. Add about half as much manure. Then mix a squat ton of peat moss in it. That will hold the moisture and allow for drainage.
                  Mix until it feels like loam.
                  Wet it. Clench a clump in your fist and open it. If it holds together but crumbles easily when poked it is probably ready to plant.
                  With proper heat and water you should not need to buy fertilizer.
                  Mulch the tops of the buckets with grass clippings and you will keep more water.
                  I had eight feet tall Brandywines last year. It was the first year I grew that kind.
                  They did not produce tons but they gave A LOT and they were BIG.
                  I learned to pick them a few days before I thought they were red enough or they split. It might have been over watering on my part as they were trying to ripen on the vine.
                  They ripened on the kitchen table in a warm/hot room just fine.
                  And two more things that I think helped last year.
                  1.Pinch off all sucker branches for the first two if not three feet. There is the main stem and the branch, and in between will be a little sucker branch trying to form. They rarely produce so get rid of them. I left some older ones later that I missed or showed signs of blossoms. There are videos all over the web on how to prune suckers from tomatoes.
                  2.Stake them strongly. I thought I had, and one still fell over from the weight of the fruit, (but still produced.) Anchor them to the wall or sturdy cages. I have re-usable bamboo poles I use. Even those must be secured to each other as the tomatoes get heavy.
                  Let me know If you try again!

                  • Been listening to Gerald Celente for years. Made a lot of money with his advice…he is consistently right.

                    The fact that he is predicting everything we already know is coming, just ads a layer of OH SHIT to it all.

                    Great post Mac, thanks!

                  • **I do not put them in the field or regular garden. I keep them near the house and give them a wind block.**
                    How prophetic–the only tomatoes I had were in the pea gravel flower bed next to the house in the front…I had huge 6 ft. plants in front of my windows and didn’t care.
                    I had beautiful tomatoes for weeks till a fungus took them, one by one.
                    Dehydrated and got almost 4 half gallon mason jars full.
                    Same plan this spring, but I will continue to top them off at 4 ft. I may lose some produce, but at least I can reach the produce!!
                    And I’m gonna cage them (neighbor gave me hers) even if it looks like a garden in my front.

                  • The dollar is rising in value not declining and as circumstances continue to deteriorate in emerging markets, cash will flee to US markets … by design, so that “tapering” can continue without adversely impacting the markets. Large sums of cash have already made that transition. It will continue and the markets will most likely decline rather than plummet.

                    That’s the plan anyway, but war changes everything. Don’t underestimate the GB’s. These guys are NOT stupid. They know exactly what they are doing and what they are doing to everyone … in turn.

                    As for the quote:

                    “Credit markets could freeze, the value of the dollar could plummet, US interest rates could skyrocket, the negative spillovers could reverberate around the world, and there might be a financial crisis and recession that could echo the events of 2008 or worse.

                    Not only might the economic consequences of default be profound, but those consequences, including high interest rates, reduced investment, higher debt payments, and slow economic growth, could last for more than a generation…”

                    Fear mongering. This is beneath you Mac. These comments are taken out of context from comments made about the consequences of a Republican engineered default on the national debt; but even the Republicans are not that stupid.

                    Sequester has reduced spending across the board and the USA actually had a 53 billion dollar balance of trade surplus in December. Yeah, I am not making that up. A small sum to be sure in comparison but another positive change. Historical charts show that US GDP/Debt ratios have been much higher than they are now and WE are still here. Go figure.

                    US markets will decline in value when investors have alternative places to invest that provide a better return and are safer than the United States. Currently those liquid alternatives do not exist, and if a global depression manifests there just isn’t a better place for them to park their cash, except in physical gold and farmland. Both are ill liquid assets.

                    I expect the GB’s to create turmoil abroad and reallocate resources to the USA to moderate conditions here. Its an election year. I expect more lending to consumers and small business to bolster, but not ignite, the economy.

                    We’ll see. 🙂

                  • @lower40

                    I tried posting just below you… I was wondering, can you tell me the title of that book? Basically I’m just looking for the info it contains; I’ve always been big on gardening, and this definitely seems like the right climate to kick it up a notch. Bottom line, if I can any part of the information it has; maybe you could forward it to Mac, then he could offer it here somehow

                  • When I was a boy we had a lot of rabbits. we would dig a shallow pit for each plat then mix rabbit manure and dirt, We would put rabbit manure 1/2 way in a 55 gal. barrel then fill it with water and let sit a week. as the plants grew we would use the water to water the plants. We had beefstake tomatoes and they were huge and plentiful.

                  • I kept tomoatos near the house but the snails and horn worms proliferated. I thought I could control water by having them under the eaves. That part did work OK. I think out in the open where the birds can help is better for me though. Also used pond muck for my peppers (look like banana peppers but turn red when ripe and slightly sweeter than bell pepper)… and they went crazy. Thanks for the tips on rust and splitting.
                    BTW, anyone who didn’t see 2007 coming in 2005 was not paying attention. What most of us missed was the willingness of the government and American people to turn a housing bubble into a nation-bubble. Likewise, we are probably seeing the nation-bubble being turned into a world-bubble. It ain’t good. But TPTB are making out with all the wealth while everyone else runs around the farmyard.

                  • Celente is a clown. he’s been saying the same thing every year since 2008- end of the world! mass riots! dollar dead! gold at 3000! etc etc
                    most of his “predictions” are already obvious- dont need him to tell us what is already occurring. starts screaming about a development after its announced by others, them makes $$ off it as his. rubbish

                • Something positive to brighten your day

                  The 45 Lessons Life Taught Me

                  Written by Regina Brett, 90 years old, of the Plain Dealer, Cleveland, Ohio.

                  “To celebrate growing older, I once wrote the 45 lessons life taught me. It is the most requested column I’ve ever written.

                  My odometer rolled over to 90 in August, so here is the column once more:

                  1. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

                  2. When in doubt, just take the next small step.

                  3. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone.

                  4. Your job won’t take care of you when you are sick. Your friends and parents will. Stay in touch.

                  5. Pay off your credit cards every month.

                  6. You don’t have to win every argument. Agree to disagree.

                  7. Cry with someone. It’s more healing than crying alone.

                  8. It’s OK to get angry with God. He can take it.

                  9. Save for retirement starting with your first paycheck.

                  10. When it comes to chocolate, resistance is futile.

                  11. Make peace with your past so it won’t screw up the present.

                  12. It’s OK to let your children see you cry.

                  13. Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

                  14. If a relationship has to be a secret, you shouldn’t be in it.

                  15. Everything can change in the blink of an eye. But don’t worry; God never blinks.

                  16. Take a deep breath. It calms the mind.

                  17. Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.

                  18. Whatever doesn’t kill you really does make you stronger.

                  19. It’s never too late to have a happy childhood. But the second one is up to you and no one else.

                  20. When it comes to going after what you love in life, don’t take no for an answer.

                  21. Burn the candles, use the nice sheets, wear the fancy lingerie. Don’t save it for a special occasion. Today is special.

                  22. Over prepare, then go with the flow.

                  23. Be eccentric now. Don’t wait for old age to wear purple.

                  24. The most important sex organ is the brain.

                  25. No one is in charge of your happiness but you.

                  26. Frame every so-called disaster with these words ‘In five years, will this matter?’

                  27. Always choose life.

                  28. Forgive everyone everything.

                  29. What other people think of you is none of your business.

                  30. Time heals almost everything. Give time time.

                  31. However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

                  32. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

                  33. Believe in miracles.

                  34. God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn’t do.

                  35. Don’t audit life. Show up and make the most of it now.

                  36. Growing old beats the alternative — dying young.

                  37. Your children get only one childhood.

                  38. All that truly matters in the end is that you loved.

                  39. Get outside every day. Miracles are waiting everywhere.

                  40. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back.

                  41. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need.

                  42. The best is yet to come…

                  43. No matter how you feel, get up, dress up and show up.

                  44. Yield.

                  45. Life isn’t tied with a bow, but it’s still a gift.”

                  • KY Mom: Wow that was one of the most impressive lists I have ever read. Good for you. Thanks for sharing.

                  • Ky Mom, the last time I heard those items was from my mother, who passed away 5 years ago today from breast cancer. thank you for sharing that with us.

                  • @KYMom…What great ‘words of wisdom’ for all of us. Thanx, take care, CC

                  • Got a problem with #1 Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good.

                    My response: Life is fair…..people aren’t fair.

                  • NO. 21 is bad advice. Don’t burn the candles. Save them. Someday there will be three days of darkness. You will need them to burn then. 🙂

                  • I relate to #29. It never bothers me when people talk about me behind my back, It’s what they say to my face that hurts my feelings! Trekker Out. Not Really!

                  • These lessons of life are like a ray of bright white light shining before us and illuminating what is really important in life. Great contribution!

                  • “I don’t care what they say about me, as long as it’s not true”.
                    Dorothy Parker
                    (1893 – 1967)

                • Japan is @ 211% debt/gnp…..Tradingeconomics.com

                • Right when I was comfortable in thinking that I’ve heard it all.

              • The riots taking place around the world are not happening because people are HAPPY. Hell in Spain an entire Soccer team refused to play because they haven’t been payed in months. No doubt things are winding up and becoming more unstable with each passing day but this event could be decades in the making. We just don’t know.

                • Well I’ve never been to Spain, but I kind of like the music….

                  • I been to Oklahoma

                  • They tell me I was born there, but I really don’t remember

                  • Wow I actually heard that song today by 3 dog night which I probably hand’ heard for 35 yrs or so.

                  • But I really don’t remember. ( tis true, I was conceived at Ft. Sill my parents tell me….)

                  • Three Dog Night was one of my favorite groups when I was young.

                • @ Rodster –

                  “Should protesters in the U.S. threaten the status quo in any way they will be dealt with like the people who took to the streets in the Ukraine, Egypt, Iran, and Greece.”

                  I really can’t bring myself to agree with Mr. Celente’s above statement. The folks that he references DON’T have easy access to AK-47s & AR15s, etc. Folks here in the United States are so afraid of their own government that they bought over 22 million firearms in 2013 alone; 12 million of these being the so-called “assault” style rifles. (Go figure)

                  President Obama has turned out to be the best salesman that the firearms industry has ever had!

                  • Very true but it’s funny how effect they are even unarmed. Sure they’ll use Molotov cocktails and rocks but they also know about how to protest. Remember the Egyptian protestors who were unarmed? They just refused to leave the streets and the Govt was taken down.

                    How about the viral picture of the young Italian woman who protested by kissing the riot policeman and later on it was reported that some of those same police to sides with the protestors?

                    Remember Tienanmen Sq where the young Chinese man stepped in front of the moving tank? So the point is you can protest and win sometimes as a group even without weapons.

                  • Let anyone come to me with bad itentions and I will deal with them severely, with Bertha’s help of course.

                  • Problem is, the govt don’t want to risk having Ukrainian, Egyptian or Greek style protests. They might role out the Guillotine’s to roll our heads to enforce their authority …. However they run the risk of being overpowered by the mob. They might end up becoming the Guillotined!!! Ah those Frenchies had it right!! If the Mob do overpower the elite …… as a final gesture of kindness to the condemned ….I’d like to see the Vacation Queen offered a “piece of cake” ….. Marie Antoinette style. Hehehehe.
                    And Rodster …. To your comment below about the Tienanmen square Tank guy. Tank man didn’t win. There’s a very good video on YouTube showing what happened to the poor guy after he stopped the tanks with his bags of groceries. He was hustled away by undercover cops and later executed. Successful statement made, however the long term consequence cost him his life.

                  • 3 Dog Night!? The Show Must Go On! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtAlzo_pqys ,damn,was a young kid then,of course,Ziggy tour just ended/Bad Co. and ELO arising from the dust of their creation/T-Rex?Queen and all I saw in 74 as a kid was the Tull Warchild tour (more then good enuff!).All that and more still(AM?)gold along with Toys In The Attic/Houses Of The Holy ect.Loved 3 Dog Night but Tull ruled the time for me as first live(and well over a 100 shows since)!

                • And why should some non producing taking parasites be paid to play any games that involve chasing balls?

                • No, it’s not decades in the making. The dollar is on the verge of collapse. The petrodollar system is on the verge of collapse. The COMEX (NY Commodity Exchange) is almost out of gold. Once they run out they will no longer be able to keep gold prices down. Once gold prices explode everyone will see how worthless the dollar is. There are a lot of reasons why so many people think the collapse happens in 2014.

                  • “”” There are a lot of reasons why so many people think the collapse happens in 2014.”””

                    The biggest reason I thin it will is because the New World Order crowd has been making post 2015 plans, and openly calling them that.

                    Collapse this year, clean up next year, then a fresh start being tyrants over a much smaller population.

                    At least, that’s the plan they have laid out. I plan on being part of the unintended consequences of their plan, and doing what I can to ensure it’s failure.

                • USSR had soldiers guarding nukes deciding to play on other teams. Not hard to convince people when they’re having trouble getting enough to eat, and people in USSR weren’t exactly overfed to start with.

              • Couldn’t agree more. If they come for my pm’s there will be hell to pay. No Way!

                It gets uglier each passing week in a visible way. The stupid clowns in charge will get their due punishment in some form or another. When things get ugly I hope I’m as far out of the way as possible.

                Celente has been right before but no one knows. He’s making some assumptions that no one could call. Like .02 states above, he’ll get it right at some point in time.

                I don’t look forward to it at all. I’ve done all I can. I’m not rich so I don’t have a “compound” or rifles that are sniper rated. I’ll do what I can. I’ll probably suffer in some way just like most. Crap, I can’t imagine living through a winter like we’ve had so far without power. I have a generator. I have gas but not an unlimited supply. We have snow up to our butts here. I have drifts that are taller than I am sitting on my tractor. Shit without the tractor I wouldn’t make it out of here! I got snowshoes but wtf am I gonna do with those?

                Anyway. I gotta go widen my road now so when it snows and blows I won’t get filled in. I gotta go to work most days so I can buy more gas so I can get out to go to work…….

                Peace to us all. Lets be nice to each other. We all get our own opinions. Even if there stupid. If we all thought the same way it would be boring. What fun would it be without some of the folks here?

                • They won’t “come for them”, they’ll just make it illegal to use them in transactions. After that, the only place you will be able to use PMs (at great risk) is black market. Can you buy land or a house on the black market? A vehicle? Even groceries?

                  And you can learn to imagine living thru a winter without electricity. Our ancestors did it, many in the USA right up to WW2. Yes, many farms in the USA had no grid until the mid to late ’30s. My Amish neighbors still do it. Daniel Boone’s first colony in Kentucky did it, living in lean-to shacks and tents.

                  • @ Old Coach –

                    Most folks have absolutely NO idea of exactly how large the ‘black’ or ‘underground’ economy is already. At present, it is only slightly smaller than the above ground economy, the taxed economy. Just wait until things get worse.

                  • Old Coach,

                    In the 30’s, people who lived in cold climates had fireplaces. I don’t, and it gets to 35-40 below here sometimes.

                    Our economy is collapsing. The retailers claim their sales are slow because everyone is buying online. But even Amazon.com is having problems. Read the article here: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-01-30/amazon-s-bad-omen-for-the-u-s-economy.html

                    I could have already told you about Amazon. Have you tried to buy anything from them lately? They advertise free shipping, but after you check your credit card bill, you see you were charged shipping. They will refund it if you complain, but they must be finding that a lot of people don’t complain, so they are using this gimmick to increase their bottom line.

                    Other companies are finding similar ways to make ends meet. Cheese slices that used to be 3/4 ounce are now 2/3 ounce each. Cans that used to be 16 ounces are not 15 1/2 ounces. If you are trying to rotate your food, you don’t have to look for the expiration date; just use the product in the can with the greatest net weight.

                  • Old Coach: You’re oblivious to the workings of the so-called “Black market”; it’s all around us and thriving nicely, and it has many levels to it from the drug trade to simple folks trying to get by without having too many taxes to pay through bartering goods and services. The drug trade hasn’t, and can’t be stopped anymore than alcohol was, and it’s propping up south American countries as well as a significant part of our own when the participants buy clothes, cars, bling, homes, and blue chip stocks. I worked with law enforcement in south Florida for years, so I’ve seen it. Drugs are big business and governments don’t want to stop it because they get more money and power for giving the appearance of ‘fighting drugs’. Legalize drugs and the DEA would disappear along with half of the Federal Bureau of Prisons and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The top managers of these agencies make great money and then they go into contracting with various security companies with government contracts once they retire. The federal government is just acting because it knows it couldn’t stop the trade even if it wanted to do so. The point is that they’re impotent but don’t want the rest of the country to know it, so they play the game to get most of the American sheeple to go along thinking that they actually have any power. The reality is that nobody is going to confiscate anything because the government is all but powerless at this point.

                  • The government has no gold. They’ll need gold for international trade. I expect the government to buy gold with whatever new currency is being used after the dollar dies. I expect there to be an official gold to silver trading ratio of 12 to 1 or 16 to 1 like it’s historically been.

                  • Yep, I’ve been saying the same thing for some time now. “They” can just tax the blazes out of your little gold bars at the bank every time you try to redeem one for cash to buy groceries, or confiscate them entirely. So easy. Then what do you do? Eh?

                    And I can remember a distant relative’s farm up the highway when it had no electricity. They lit coal-oil lamps every evening and heated with wood.

                • Wrong — thanks for those words of encouragement.

                  Everything went wrong for me today too, right
                  from the gitgo.

                  I think a lot of people are wondering when it’s
                  going to happen, when in fact we’re going down
                  for the third time. This is no time for giving
                  what is happening the benefit of the doubt.

                  Stay safe my friend, thinking of you and yours.

                • Wrong,
                  Excellent reminder that the Rule of Threes (3’s) applies even in our own homes.
                  If there’s something that this winter teaches, it’s just how much fuel it takes to heat a house in a cold winter.
                  Should SHTF, a one-winter stockpile of fuel and alternative heat source may not be enough. Unless you have a physical means of replenishment (i.e. chopping wood), a one-month supply will see you dead in one month and one day.

              • Yeah, Celente really saw it coming when he got ripped off go all that gold, huh? Didn’t he always used to say, “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.”?

                • Spook

                  I had a friend growing up in St Joseph, Missouri 50 years ago named Spook.

                  I would still rather have gold or silver than dollars. I bought mine many years ago and am still making a “profit”. I wouldn’t sell it. The dollars isn’t the point, in my mind, for have any metals.

                  I remember going to the bus stop in St Jo with Spook and riding to downtown for a movie. I believe that is where I saw Marry Poppins when it first hit the screen. Great memories.

                  Thanks Spook!

                • I doubt if you can walk into a coin shop and buy the quantity in question.

                • Yep! And he was right about that too.

                  I like the guy and I think his heart is in the right place just like ours. I have watched his videos and read his articles for 7 – 8 years. His predictions are often spot on — his timing is often off — but the warnings have been valuable to me. I don’t think anyone can hit the timing because EVERYTHING is manipulated. Only those with the NWO playbook can know the exact when and where.

                  Just my 2 cents — which I think is worth about a nickel by now — which come to think of it is worth about 8 cents by now — so I have really given you your money’s worth.

                  WE — the people — God Bless the people of America.

              • Hey listen! This could be a good thing.
                If you have a $275,000 mortgage, how fast could you pay it off in worthless USDs.
                As far as I know your mortgage is tied to dollars not inflated or deflated currency.
                If this thing falls over and the USD goes,worthless guess what. Then little guy wins.
                We get to go down and pay off our mortgages with worthless cash.
                Thats why I don’t think they will let it go that far.
                There’s some pretty good sized holes in this tail.

                • Hammer

                  By that point not much will matter anyway. Just a guess.

                  • I really think bills will be the least of worries when things go south,along with any new emergency bills passed by the enemy govt.!

                • Think the banksters are gonna let that happen? They’ll make sure you can’t until the new dollars are released.

                  • You got that right, Louis. And IF you have a job during/after the dollar blowup, expect that your pay won’t begin to keep pace with prices for food, fuel, clothing, etc.

                  • I believe the bankers at that point in hiding/dead.

                • That’s assuming the average wage goes up to match inflation, and the price of food doesn’t eat up all those worthless dollars you were going to pay the mortgage off with. Paychecks never keep up with inflation, they always lag in time and value.

                  If you’ve got 27.5 ounces of gold at $10,000 an ounce, you get to pay your mortgage off. If you’ve got 2750 ounces of silver at $100 an ounce, you get to pay your mortgage off.

                  That’s going to tie up a great deal of today’s dollars, but you could set the PMs aside in anticipation of that for $35,000 for gold and maybe $50,000 for silver.

                  • No you won’t Smokey because they’ll charge you capital gains taxes and if you can’t prove the origin of the money, they will decide the entire amount is drug money and confiscate it.

                • Which is why I think if you have money laying around, buy something with it.
                  No loss if exchanged for commodities, right?

                • Ok, you can pay off your house with worthless paper IF you have NEW worthless paper. Your bank account and savings and salary will now be worth pennies on the new dollar, and NOW they will also raise your PROPERTY TAXES, to.. what? a trillion Obama bucks per year? You’re still screwed. Don’t forget, you don’t own your house, they do. If you have to pay the ‘king’ for the privilege of living in it, it’s his, not yours. You only have such rights as you can physically defend. The game is rigged. Don’t count on profiting from this.

                • The banks will just take your property claiming you haven’t paid for it and your money is no good…

                  • banks cant take my land,,bought it ‘owner carry’..BANKS CAN EAT MY HAIRY SALTY NUT SACK

                  • That will prove to be a really bad mistake on their part,but hey,gotta start sometime!

                • I’ve thought of that as well. I remember reading stories of the Great Depression where people had gold and silver in everyday coins and could go to the bank and get gold or silver for their gold or silver certificates. The ones that had these certificates or actual gold and silver on hand got all the precious metals they could. They squirreled them away until FDR stole the gold and doubled the price per ounce (just about) overnight. Then they sold their gold and paid off their mortgages on their homes and farms or vehicles or used the inflated currency to pay their property taxes during the hard times. So yes, I think if you can acquire gold and silver and sell it for a lot of paper currency you probably could pay off a lot of debt. But….I also know that these days banks will NOT take cash and require everything be done electronically. Sounds strange but getting that cash into a bank to pay off these debts may not be viable. Something to think about.

                  Jim out!

                  • Jim,my grand pa told me about times during depression bankers killed/towns got together against bank repos against local cops/then sent in private agents who got killed/the stuff they don’t teach in history.As we know history has a way of repeating itself!On a side note,my grandpa fought in both WW@ and Korea/20 year man/paid off his house,just saw the bullshit of the past and the bullshit when his son/my uncle/went to nam,damn,I miss him!

                • They will index your mortgage to inflation. The banksters aren’t stupid.

                  • Yes. Call it an index or whatever, they will try and screw you one way or another.

                  • Indeed, that’s what they did in Weimar Republic.

              • I believe the collapse is happening like waves in the ocean. There has been NO recovery, only manipulated figures to persuade us to have no worries since all is well.

                – 40% Of US Workers Now Earn Less Than 1968 Minimum Wage. (ZErohedge)
                – Real Disposable Income Plummets Most In 40 Years (Zerohedge)

                A second round of food stamps may be coming soon. I believe food banks in many areas will be overwhelmed.

                $8 Billion decrease in SNAP benefit (food stamps) in Farm Bill

                The Farm Bill has passed in the House of Representatives and is expected to pass in the Senate shortly.

                “…around 850,000 low-income households will now lose about $90 in monthly SNAP benefits.”

                The effects of this cut are said to be “concentrated in 15 states and the District of Columbia and would equate to about 34 lost meals per month for impacted households.”

                “The states impacted most include California, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin.”

                The Examiner

                  • It’s even worse now than at minimum wage in 1968. Gas, cars, rent and real estate were a lot cheaper then. Back in 1965 the house we lived in cost $40 a month to rent when minimum wage was $1 an hour. I don’t want to know what you could rent for a week’s pay at minimum wage today.

                  • Barn Cat, I am reading now a novel in which the main character took a job serving in a bar to pay her $63 weekly rent in New York in 1968!!!

                  • My father made 68,000.00 a year in 1967. I thought we were rich. Nice big house, new cars every couple years, a new Schwinn Varsity, yearly vacations……. We had it all. At least everything I could imagine.

                    I made 64,500.00 in 2013. I can guarantee you we are a long way from where my parents were. The big difference is because I’m a carpenter our home is paid for. I’ve often talked about going to movies for .50 and that included popcorn and candy. Not sure what it cost now but it’s not even close. My wife is a super saving tightwad and I guess I’ve become that too in the last 5 years. We survive fairly well but it scares me to think about what’s coming down the road. My parents never gave a second thought about that sort of stuff.

                • Waves in the ocean – that’s a great metaphor, Mom. That’s exactly how things went in antiquity, as the western Roman empire collapsed. Looking from the perspective of the average man, all would be stable (if not all that good) for a year or two or five or even ten, then another wave of disaster would set in for a summer or a winter, and the New Normal would be worse than before.

                  Although at times things actually improved. An interesting tidbit about trans-Alpine Gaul, (i.e. modern France) is that the “barbarians” actually improved the lot of the common people when they took over. Threw off the monumental corruption of the rapacious Roman “tax farmers”, who were easily as bad or worse than our IRS today.

                • That $8billion is spread over 8 or 10 years. A 5% cut was the original goal, but they finally agreed on a 2% cut. I’ve read that monthly allocations have increased 30% over the last five years while ssa increases average 1.5% per year. Has anyone else noticed the body mass expansion of SNAP recipients over the last five or ten years? America is the only nation where the poor come to become obese. There ain’t nobody going to bed hungry in this country, but as usual the left wants to have it both way. No connection between food stamps and obesity? Yeah right! As far as I’m concerned, the best thing that could happen to these fatties is a 2% per year cut. Oh, the humanity of it all!!

                  • Priorities…

                    We can afford to give the big banks 83 billion dollars in subsidies a year…
                    (according to Bloomberg)

                    yet cut food stamps by 8 billion dollars.

                    Yes there is abuse of food stamps. But, many families have been devastated by cutbacks, layoffs, coal mines closing, very limited jobs available, etc.

                  • When I lived out in Nebraska a few years back we had a “Christmas tree” with names on it that we could pluck from the tree. These names were of the children from the surrounding towns that were in “poverty”. So, as I was leaving work one day I stopped to see what these “kids” needed. There were hundreds of slips of paper with their names and addresses on them to send the gifts they were asking for. Well, every slip of paper I looked at the “kids” were asking for clothes. So I looked at the dimensions of these “kids” and was astonished to see waist sizes of 52 inches as well as chest sizes as large or larger. These were KIDS?! Every single one was for an extremely obese kid living in poverty? One of my co-workers was with me as we looked through the Christmas tree. He has lived there for over 50 years so I asked him “What gives?” He explained to me that these kids were all on welfare and had grown obese doing nothing but eating and playing video games. I was literally disgusted and did NOT take one of the slips off the tree. That was in the middle of nowhere in Nebraska. Now think of all the other places across the U.S. with the welfare queens eating their way into disability due to obesity from free food. Disgusting what we have become as a nation.

                    Jim out!

                  • I disagree. There’s a lot of hunger in America today. Obama lets the welfare idiots use their welfare cards in strip clubs. There was just an article here where people in Appalachia were buying pop with their welfare cards and then selling it for 50 cents on the dollar to buy drugs.

                • Those EBT cuts need to be increased, and the resultant tax savings passed on to the tax payers. I cannot count the times in Walmart I have seen sows that weight in at 400/450 pounds, with their 4/6 monklets scampering around buying groceries with EBT. Now it doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure out that our career welfare moochers are not starving, quite the reverse.
                  A human butt does not grow to the width of a chevy truck without a lack of exercise, and copious amounts of food.
                  The gibbs me dat days have to end,as the productive people can no longer afford to support the welfare career
                  moochers. Id love to be in charge of a work ethic reeducation facility to help these people discover a work ethic. Working the aforementioned sows in the hot sun picking vegetables, killing hogs and chickens……
                  I believe I could make many a welfare careerist discover the joys of self sufficency, my methods might be harsh and painful, but after a few months in my care I am certain they could benefit and this time at little or no cost to the taxpayers.

                  • I’ve had many discussions over the years about out of shape, giant, obese “people” when the SHTF or the U.S. is invaded by a foreign government (Ala “Red Dawn”). The out of shape/obese people will be “targets”. Plain and simple. They won’t be able to move quickly or for long distances while on foot or wheeling about in their Walmart electric food grabbing carts and will be very easy to take out. If a foreign enemy attacks our country they sure as heck won’t capture these fat people. They will shoot them. Who can afford to feed obese people when you have a country to conquer? On the other hand in a WROL situation the fat people will be out attacking people with food so they will be large, slow moving targets. Sure, they will probably take a few more rounds to completely stop them but they will be very easy to hit.

                    My advice: Stay in shape and eat healthy! Your diet and lifestyle will be a major factor in your survival when the SHTF.

                    Jim out!

                  • Slick One, AMEN to your comments. When those EBT cards stop working is when TSHTF. The ‘gimme dats’ will be the first ones to loot and riot. If they come to my place, I have something they DON’T want!

                  • Those EBT cuts need to be increased and the resultant tax savings passed on to the tax payers.

                    You mean decreased??

                  • SLIK 1 EAT A BAG OF PORTLAND1 2…FKN DRT BAG…IF PEOPLE EAT PAST 7 AT NIGHT THEY SAVE THE FOOD THEY ATE AS FAT YOU PIECE OF WORTHLESS OBAMA VOTING SHIT… no school teaches these principles ..WANNA bitch at me fucker come and get me trash, i live in new meadows idaho,,,all i drive is dodges everybody knows me…..FETCH YOU WORTHLESS FUCKING MUTT… I hope to fill a body bag with your worthless flesh

                  • @ Jay Jay, ass in idaho. Slick 1 said The EBT CUTS need to be increased….which means The EBT card Payout to the Worthless Eaters will be Decreased. Read his comment again.

                • “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”
                  -Rahm Emanuel:

                  The economy hasn’t improved. Employees being laid off, decreased hours for employees, coal mines being shut down. Add increased taxes and regulations and higher prices for just about everything – food, housing, etc. More cuts are planned for food stamps.

                  After 50 years, we are seeing the goals of Piven and Cloward coming to fruition. A large and ever growing dependent population has been created. (which will be discarded, when no longer needed to advance the plans.)

                  The past 5 years we have seen this program “on overdrive” with the economy collapsing and more people pushed onto food stamps and other government programs. At some point it will collapse the entire system.

                  Millions of people now depend on food stamps – on a program fraught with waste and abuse. Many of those who abuse it, OPENLY flaunt it. That ANGERS those of us who work and PAY for it.

                  Future ‘cuts’ to the food stamp program could provide a perfect opportunity to push “getting the chip” – initially on a voluntary basis with added incentive. (maybe more $$ added to the EBT card)

                  • ass in idaho, Time is come for the productive to shed the burden of career welfare moochness, as we can no longer support career welfare recipients and their bastard ghetto children. I work seven days a week for months at a time,(without a day off), to support myself and family, you appear to be one of those who demand to be supported as you sit on your truck sized buttocks doing nothing. You are not one of my friends or family, I do not love you, I sure as hell do sleep with you, so why would I want to support you? If I were empowered to do so I would use 1940’s style convulsive electro shock therapy to help you overcome your gibbs me dat mentality.
                    I feel no obligation to support people thay just dont want to work, welfare is not a career choice and yes there are people who need help, I dont begrudge them.
                    Quite frankly Id rather terminate career moochers and eleminate their genes from the human gene pool. People running around with their hand out demanding others support them should be in reeducation camps where they would be worked 12 hour days in the hot sun or freezing cold to help them develop a work ethic. Mooching scum
                    run counter to survival of the fittest,as all plants and animals work to survive. Observe an animal that doesnt want to work to survive, soon it will be dead.
                    Another method that would help the productive is surgical sterilization of career moochers, preventing scum genes from being passed to an new generation.
                    Career welfare moochers are not owed a living and were it in my power to do so Id happily terminate the problem with nitrogen gas,or intercardial injections of sodium evapan or chloral hydrate. the pleasure of earning you a living is yours not mine. Also your rant seems to indicate a ghetto upbringing and a lack of education beyonf third grade level.

              • I agree GC America is NOT the richest nation on Earth. I would vote for Norway, Russia, or various Gulf States including Iran, and China who are rich in oil & gas and not heavily indebted.

                I disagree with Celente when he says:

                “…you can already see chaos engulfing the world as the Fed’s global financial scheme is collapsing.”

                This not chaos. The FED’s financial scheme is NOT collapsing. This is planned demolition as I have mentioned previously. Argentina and Venezuela are being ravaged for political reasons for refusing to knuckle under to the Anglo American banking interests. And yes, expect rioting in these countries and coups to replace the current governments.

                Argentina will pay the price for claiming British territory. And Venezuela? You can be a socialist country in the NWO but you cannot be a communist country; that is against the Rules. Meaning you must have a capitalistic market economy that allows the NWO PTB to make money in your country.

                China has been pushing its militarization a bit too much, so its time for a reality check for the CCP. They are partners with the NWO GB’s not their bosses. Decisions must be made in DC. Turkey’s Lira has dropped to around 2600 to the dollar. That makes labor in Turkey a hell of a lot cheaper than in China. I expect new factory investment in Turkey if they are willing to play by the Rules of the Game. The gravy days in China are coming to an end, but the Members of the Politburo have stashed more than $5 trillion offshore for an early retirement.

                What goes up must come down so American markets will decline. The PTB make money in either direction. Just saying. Engage your employees or be enslaved by them one crisis at a time. 🙂

                • I don’t think anyone in their right mind will want to invest in Turkey. The country has been taken over by the radical Islamists and has been becoming increasingly anti-west.

                  • See this is what I see is wrong. Anyone that is Muslim and doesn’t like the west, is labeled radical. It’s not right to do that. Just because a Muslim is religious, doesn’t mean they are radicals.

                    Just because you don’t like the u.s. government, are you anti american? No, it doesn’t mean that. Just like you have an opinion that you don’t like the government. Muslims have an opinion too and choose to not like the u.s. government.

                    I have been in the Middle East. I can say that they don’t hate Americans as individuals. They just don’t like the u.s. government and the increasing wars that they have brought upon the Muslim world.

                    Don’t forget, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis died in a war lie that got us there. Wouldn’t you be mad if a nation lied to invade the u.s. and killed hundreds of thousands of Americans? Of course you would.

                    The problem is that it is the same tactic being used. And that is DIVIDE AND CONQUER. The media and the government want people to think that Muslims are those violent people who want to kill anyone and blow themselves up.

                    It is surely not like that. It is a plan to trick Americans into supporting more wars. People here might know the truth. But if you look around, that tactic is working.

                    Muslims aren’t violent people. But the same conditioning like the police state and government is your parent is the same conditioning being used by the media by always uttering the word terrorist and Muslim. Than they always talk about violence. In reality, there is violence anywhere. But there is not as much violence in the Middle East as you’d think. The vast majority of Muslims really do desire peace and justice.

                  • AG: That is correct if the Muslim Radicals get control of Turkey. The Muslim Brotherhood is the Muslim arm of the NWO that was created by the CIA (and Obama as a CIA asset) years ago.

                    The MB push into Egypt was the NWO trying to establish a friendly Muslim government. Now Morsi is in jail and Obama has been exposed, so Egypt will line up with Libya now, as foretold in the Bible.

                    The PLAN has been to create “democracy” in Egypt, Syria, and other places in the Muslim world that can be controlled by the NWO Uber Rich, and in exchange for exorbitant profits using cheap labor and manipulated currencies, the NWO would bring these large populations jobs and place their economies under NWO control.

                    China is the Template. The Chinese are rational. The Muslims are not. 🙂

              • GC in age, I’m pretty far down the road, and in my life time I have seen many people that are just exactly like this country. They have the finest home in town, two new cars in the drive and a fancy big boat and a cottage on the lake. And many start this way right out of high school. They couldn’t buy a pack of gum with the money in their pocket, and you think ” Boy they’re gonna go under” and 40 years later, they’re still living like that. They sure ain’t rich, just as the U.S. ain’t rich, but some how they keep going. Anyone Know the Secret? Trekker Out.

                • My neighbors are exactly as you describe. They have a new Honda Pilot, a large pool in the backyard, they renovated their home, they finished their basement and they eat out all the time. How can they afford it? Well, one way they afford it is the wife is basically 100% disabled for life because she is legally blind. Ah….yes….tax free money! They get several thousand a month tax free for her “disability” and he makes about $75K a year as a school counselor. They are super liberals who LOVE the government and take every dollar they can get from the working people. I don’t know what else they get but they live like there is no tomorrow and spend money like it’s on fire in their pockets.

                  • Public schools have done soooo well since they started hiring all these counsolors and psychologists.

                • New to this site, some great info and conversation, although a few morons.
                  Mountain Trekker, I have often wondered the same thing. I don’t know how people do it.
                  My best guess is they get comfortable living in extreme debt.

                  • P.B.

                    Welcome. Stick around you will meet a lot of great Folks here.

                  • para bellum,
                    Welcome to the site.
                    I can’t think of a better place to have this much fun learning about
                    doom & gloom. Just remember that your conscience is your true
                    guide as to whom and what to believe.
                    — Once again WELCOME.
                    — Miss Dee Dee

                • MT—One trick is interest only mortgages. I heard that from a realtor.

                  • JayJay: There’s another name for ‘interest only mortgages’, it’s called RENT. If you’re noting buying it, even a little at a time, then you’re just ‘borrowing’ it, a.k.a.-rent.

                  • People can be sold interest only mortgages only because economics education in public school is almost non existent.

                • Installment payments is the secret. An invention that spawned the consumer revolution. 🙂

                • Democracy won’t work in the Muslim world. Muslims know better. They will refuse the new world order. I know someone who once asked a Muslim Sheikh about the Muslim brotherhood, the Sheikh replied: “The brotherhood are the party of devils”.
                  So just to let you know, Muslims are against radicalization. But the media doesn’t portray that in order to keep the support for wars and to keep people think that Muslims are radicals while they really aren’t.

                  • The Koran sanctions pillage, looting, ransom, and the rape of captive women as an incentive to join in jihad or “holy war.” The truth is that Islam rose through bloody conquest; it sanctions theft, deceit, lust and murder; it persecutes Christians, Jews, Hindus and other “infidels;” it treats women with cruelty; and it is committed to global conquest by any means necessary. The massacres by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger than the Holocaust.

                    Islam’s “golden age” was parasitic on Christian cultures, and ended when it “killed the host.” The Crusades were a belated military response to three centuries of Muslim aggression against Christian lands and peoples. The Koran assures Muslims the right to own slaves by purchasing them or as a bounty of war. Mohammad had dozens. Islam has killed millions of Christions. Almsgiving and mercy is commended in Islam but the beneficiaries must be Muslims only.

                  • Boy ain’t that the truth Moe! What’s the name of that there religion in Egypt and Syria and Lybia and Iraq where they”re killing all the Christians? Maybe they should take up that peaceful Muslim Religion. Are you really trying to blow smoke up our ass? Trekker Out.

                  • I’m sorry Moe but I couldn’t disagree more…
                    so called islam is a political ideology not a religion…
                    And so called believers fall into three catogories…
                    Hard core, enablers and consenters… period.

              • The actual debt including unfunded liabilities such as future social security, medicaid, and Medicare costs along with the 17 trillion in budget debt totals over 220 trillion. Even if the budget were cut by 60% and any overages were dedicated to paying off the debt, it would take over 500 years to pay it off. The only way historically to “reset” the debt is through collapse or War. Prepare folks.

                • And Tom, there are 4 homes of 10 on this street(that I know of) that live on SS and/or disability.
                  Do they prep and store food and supplies?
                  I KNOW two that don’t and I doubt seriously if the household that hasn’t been seen but twice in 6 years( no joke!!) is stocked with food!!
                  That leaves 1 of 4 that does–us!!

                • I knew this would come up. So I will give you an intelligent and correct answer. I am pretty sure you read one of those “english” Qurans. You see, it doesn’t work like that. You don’t understand that many radicals and people from the establishment wish to mistranslate the Quran on purpose to spread misunderstanding and hatred. I read the Quran in Arabic. There is no such thing about killing innocent people and raping women. That is not allowed under Islam.

                  The reason that the Quran can be mistranslated is because in Arabic, one word can have 20 different meanings. I am sure you know the word Kafir means non-Muslim. But did you know that the word Kaffir means to forgive? Just like in english, they sound the same. In Arabic they also sound the same. It takes someone who is highly skilled in Arabic to translate the meaning. Not just someone who knows Arabic. And even if it is translated, the words need to be put in certain order because it’s not like english language.

                  How can you say that Islam it rose from bloody conquest when there are still many christians living in the Middle East till today. Before israel, there were hundreds of thousands of jews in the Middle East living with Muslims. There was no radicalism. Going back in history, the Prophet Muhammad let jews and christians live and follow their religion.

                  When Muslims took over the present day Middle East, they invaded the land. But left all people alone. Muslims did not kill, loot, and ravage to villages. Go to the national geographic channel, watch their video about Islam, they are americans like you who studied Islam and described the Islam’s pillars.

                  You can’t be biased. I can say that christians killed and slaughtered many innocent people during their crusades. What about the christians in spain who didn’t allow not even one Muslims to live? They killed all Muslims.

                  But do not be biased. You never even gave proof and surprisingly people thumbs you up. Has anyone really thought about why this nation is crumbling? It is due to things like this. Injustice, hatred, and bias. When americans were biased against Muslims and wanted to spy on them, it happened. Now look at this nation. It is slowly becoming a dictatorship.

                  Haven’t people learned their lessons? It boggles and surprises me that people still believe this idea that Muslims are those people who kill and rape. Just because one radical does something, it is not fair to group all Muslims together. Just like when I watched a video saying there were americans in Iraq who raped and killed women.

                  So should I say all american soldiers rape and kill women during war? No, I wouldn’t because that would not be fair.

                  @Trekker….So if a radical does something, you blame Islam and group all Muslims together? Should the same thing be done with americans? Should the world group and blame all americans for the actions and crimes committed by their government? You cannot be biased as I stated before.


                  When I went to north florida, I talked to an Iraqi vet. I asked him. Why do the rural americans hate Muslims? He told me one word….ignorance. He told me that in the population of 35,000 people, he knew only 4 or 5 people with college degrees. Of course there are more, but in my area of a city, there are much more people with degrees. Than can be conservative, but they don’t hate Muslims, because they learned and met new people. But anyways, that is surprisingly low. Don’t get me wrong, because apparently many do, I don’t think americans are stupid. I just think that many are ignorant. My uncle, who is a Muslim, and knowing he was deployed in Iraq about 3 times, gave the Iraqi vet a place to stay. A home. After getting to know Muslims and learning about Islam, you know what happened? About two weeks ago, he converted to Islam and became a Muslim. Can you label him anti-american? I don’t think so.

                  How can you say that a religion is violent when people around the world are converting to Islam the most? It is because you don’t understand. People need to talk to Muslims. When my uncle moved to rural north florida, the church came to him and asked him to give a speech about Islam. Why? It is because they want to know who we are.

                  They admitted that we are a growing community. We are not leaving. We are here to stay. Get to know us personally. We won’t bite you. Knowledge is the key! Thanks for reading.

                  • Another thing. Whether you choose to thumbs me up or down. Just know this, ignorance will destroy this nation. It won’t hurt to learn about Muslims.

                  • I can see you are well versed in the art of Taqiyya…

                    I won’t be fooled again…

                  • @jerrytbg…..hmmmm, ignorance as usual. I am not disguising myself nor my beliefs. Rather it is you that is disguising your hatred for Muslims. Deep in your hearts, you know that your hatred for Muslims exist in your hearts because they don’t think like you nor have the same beliefs.

                    But, I took the time and patience in trying to explain to people who don’t want to listen why they are wrong. America is collapsing. From the first and second world wars, to vietnam, to the cold war, to the war in the Middle East.

                    Every time this nation was at war, the people of the nation being invaded by the u.s. were facing discrimination here at home in the u.s. Whether it was the Germans, Russians, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabs, or Muslims. They all faced discrimination. Even though the Germans were christians, americans still hated them back than. So it never started with the Muslims. Now you don’t hate Germans or Russians anymore, but do you see how your hatred evolves from one culture or peoples to another? How can that be without the governments continuous brainwashing up to now.

                    It shows that the bias and racism still exists and even if you are knowledgeable about the economic collapse, you still, in a sense, are extremely ignorant for being brainwashed into hating Muslims.

                    And I want someone to answer this question. Your hatred for other former war enemies and now Muslims…..Where has it gotten you up to this point?

                    You hated Muslims, accepted the government spying on them. Now you all are paying the price with the NDAA, NSA, Dictatorial laws, etc.

                    But again. I want someone to answer my question. Where has the hatred from the former hated enemies through now the Muslims gotten you, the people, up to this point…….

                    My answer is….further into more wars, more brainwashed, more in debt, divided and fighting amongst each other, nearing an economic collapse, and more, etc. It is like the american people are the football and they are being throwing around in whatever direction the government wants to throw.

                    I hope someday, many here will decide to, at the very least, go out and learn through people, and not by reading a book or reading on the internet. Because the truth is, if you read someone’s book, or listen to glenn beck (example), or listen to the media, or read some article on the internet, the goal of that book or article is to convert your ideology and make it like theirs.

                    Plus, for all of my posts. Every reply I have gotten was mocking me, mocking Muslims, and mocking Islam. No one ever cared to provide a intelligent response.

                  • “Plus, for all of my posts. Every reply I have gotten was mocking me, mocking Muslims, and mocking Islam. No one ever cared to provide a intelligent response.”

                    It could be because you don’t address the questions asked…

                    So I’ll ask again…are you practicing taqiyya here or is it the more deceptive version practiced by the sunni?

                    oh and btw… are you sunni or shia?
                    Not that it makes a whole lot of difference, but it would be nice to know which way you’re swinging…and yes, in part, I mean it that way…. 🙂

              • @ Everyone:

                Watch the Chinese over the next 5 days. They are having bond issues. If they do not step today (Saturday) by 2/5 you will hear that the U.S. is being stressed. Which is code for your dollar of today may only be worth .90 cents of what it is worth today.

                Speaking of, anyone else besides myself having to skimp on eating steak on a regular basis?


                • Not to mention pork prices are skyrocketing. I’ve never paid $3.29 per pound on pork loin.

                • Nope–I have a PIggly-Wiggly that sells out-of-date frozen meats for $20 a box–I got 13 pieces last box.
                  N.Y. strips, huge round roast steak, pork cutlets, stew meat, sirloin, ribeyes….I only buy one box at a time–lost half a beef when 10 month old freezer malfunctioned and I had broken toes and didn’t catch it soon enough.
                  Won’t do that again!!!!

                  • Where is that piggly wiggly?

                  • Hi, Richard..Kentucky. Little town of 6000 and I live 4 miles outside.

                    It is convenient to get only a box, use that and not worry about TSHTF and losing half a beef again.
                    Check your local grocer and esp. Kroger’s.
                    I just cooked a round roast, part of it made beef broccoli– Asian sauce style-, and tomorrow beef tortilla with part.
                    That roast cost probably $1.50 considering 13 pieces for $20.
                    We have an IGA here that had great prices on canned goods.

                • What is this steak?

                  • Just as I stated above:

                    “The mood of risk aversion in the markets intensified this week as central banks in India, Turkey and South Africa raised interest rates to counter increasing pressure on the currencies of all three countries, and offset the risk of rising inflation”

                    This has put the Yen and the dollar “under pressure”


                  • I grew up (poor) in El Paso. Beans ans steak were the two cheapest foods there, at the time. I still love steak, and as a side benefit, it keeps you skinny – one of the reasons people living on food stamps are obese.

                • I already answered your question. You don’t even take the time to read my response clearly. It even shows you do not even know what Taqiyya is. Taqiyya is disguising one’s belief. I answered your question in the first couple sentences. See, this only proves that I am right.

                  You look like someone who accuses every Muslim who doesn’t give you the response you seek/accept of practicing Taqiyya. You don’t even understand what Taqiyya is. Muslims can’t use Taqiyya all the time.

                  Just like americans deceive and lie to enemies during war, Muslims can also do the same. What you are saying is that americans are allowed to lie, decieve and disguise their intentions and beliefs in war while Muslims aren’t allowed. That is hypocrisy at a major level. In Islam, Muslims can’t lie to people. You are full of ignorance. You think you know everything.

                  Second, according to what you are saying, you only gave me two choices. Well, it doesn’t work like that. That also shows that you have no good will to understand or learn what I am trying to convey. You only want me to choose only one choice. If you were willing to learn, than you would respect what I say and take it as a learning experience. But instead, you mock me.

                  Third, I am a Sunni. And there is a HUGE DIFFERENCE between Sunni and shia. You said there isn’t much difference. How ignorant can you be. That also proves my point. Since you wish to group all Muslims with radicals. Is it fair that I group all americans with their government who killed millions of innocent Muslims…

                  Fourth…Again I answered you question. You didn’t even take the time to answer my question. So please answer my question in the previous post.

              • We WERE the richest nation on earth. Just like we were the most powerful nation on earth. That was then. This is now.

              • When the economy collapses, the debt will disappear and when there’s a new currency those that destroyed the old currency shouldn’t be in charge of the new.

            • Plenty of time. MIT in Massachusetts has done a study saying that the world won’t collapse until 2019. So don’t hold your breath. Note: I don’t believe MIT researchers anymore than Celente. It’s gonna happen when it happens. I’m sure in good time everyone here will unfortunately get the chance to “strut their stuff”.

              • In addition, nowadays I just prepare for my two kids. I’m in pretty good physical shape for a 55 year old but that being said, I personally feel that there’s a good chance that this could drag on for decades and I’ll have already punched the time clock for the last time.

                • yep , it will drag out as more people give up more liberty for monetary and physical security .
                  No matter how false it may be .

                  • The ptb are getting more brazen even faster than I would have thought.

                    False Flag Football anyone?

                • PO’d Patriot, if the s doesn’t HTF, I expect to work until I just drop dead. I decided on that way back in the Clinton years. I always suspected that SS may not be there for me anyway when the time comes. Now with the way things are looking I doubt if I even make it to 60. Once the S does HTF, there’s going to be civil war 2 and I’m not sure I’ll make it all the way thru it. If I do, well OK. if not, then I’ll at least be dying for something worthwhile. So I just keep prepping for the worst and I’ve really lost hope for the best.

                  • Braveheart, I hear ya. I’m almost 60 now and doubt SS will be there when I reach that milestone. I think those criminals in Congress will raise the age AGAIN for social security. Heck, they may as well raise it to 100 so no one can get it. I try to stay in shape and eat right and recently started running again. Whew…it was tough but I managed to get 2.5 miles in in 30 minutes. So for two weeks now I’ve been running every day for 2.5 miles in a half hour and changed my diet to lose some of this old age gut I have. (Except Sundays…I take Sunday off). I also take multiple vitamins and an Iodine supplement. Iodine will cleanse you of heavy metal poisoning as well as help remove Fluoride and Chlorine from your body. Hope to see you on the battlefield when the SHTF.

                    Jim out!

                  • SS was a Republican innovation intended to protect war widows. It was never intended to be the Ponzi scheme it is now. The sooner we let SS go broke the better.

                  • @1braveheart,

                    I was just thinking the same thing. I will have to work at this rate till I die. No choice’s are available. I bought a new truck 5 years ago for work and figured it would be the last I would ever need. Not going to happen. Not going to be able to buy a new truck either.

                    I have watched over the last 5 years my standard of living go down every year but my net income increase at the same time. Does not look like that will change in my life time either.

                    I heard a semi-financial radio talking head the other day who makes major big bucks saying that he could not understand how a woman 70 years old had run out of money and was existing on her social security. His suggestion was that she get a job at a place like Wallmart or McDonalds. WHAT THE HELL? How out of touch with the normal American are you? The woman is 70 years old for God’s sake. When does she get to take a break in life?


                  • And Fuck You Eisenshit. Where is my money?


                  • Eisen – Funny, I always thought President Franklin D. Roosevelt was a democrat. (SS was passed in 1935)

                  • BigB and Jim Smith, the one thing that will kill SS eventually will be all of these scammers getting on disability with the help of hotshot attorneys OR the politicians putting their hand in that cookie jar again [nothing new about that one]. If we’re hit by an EMP/CME or cyber attack, EVERYTHING stops working at the same time and it’s SHTF.

              • Agreed, I hate people putting a date as something of this magnitude and I have a lot of respect for Celente. Because we have crooks running the central banks around the world this whole ponzi scheme could go for another 15-20 years. Who the hell knows but it WILL happen one day. Every Nation on earth is pretty much the same….BROKE !

                Hell Richard Wilson is warning that China is in equally bad shape.

                • Definitely not able to set a date on something like this and I agree. It’s a matter of things gradually falling apart until it is no longer sustainable. It’s not going to happen (snap) just like that, but slow and painfully.

                • Jim Smith,heavy metal poisoning?!Though grew up on 70’s music(Tull/Zep ect.)went thru the metal years,lots of Maiden/Halen/Crue/Scorpions/Salty Dog ect. albums and 100’s of concert tours,should I be checked for metal poisoning?

                • If the SS retirement age was indexed to life expectancy, it would now be about 80. Sorry, BigB, your money has been spent. Read the SS law. You’re entitled to $0 per month.

                  • @ BabyBoomerssuck,

                    I paid into it and I will get it one way or another. They took it from me all these years and now when it is my turn they want to screw me. Uh-uh, that isn’t going to happen. I even turned down SSDI for the last 5 years because I won’t take from the system. I have had two heart attacks, a triple bypass and a cancerous kidney removed. Again, I want my money in 11 months and I will get it one way or another.


              • PO,will hardly be “strutting my stuff!”,will try and help others and probably inevitable at some point will make a grand last stand(just hope take a few with me!)but till then will be keeping as low a profile as possible!

            • It will get to the point where most self sufficient men or some women, will become mercenaries, and escort people out of the danger zones for pay, probably wont be money. Remember the old saying, “Ass Gas or Grass Nobody Rides for Free” People will pay with what is valuable at the time; gold, silver, ammo, cans of food, your 18 year old daughter for an hour. And believe it people will pay it. Because the bad guys are anything on two legs, especially your precious government. Watch Ur Sixx. Shoot Straight. And Keep That Ass Down.

          • No, he’s right these things are actually happening.

          • He is like a skipped record. Entertaining though.

          • You yes you! You are the resistance!

          • Collapse isn’t any single event.

            It is multitude of cascading events. Rising interest rates, currency devaluation, drought, lack of resources, moral and ethical societal decay, political stagnation and strangulation of liberties. Rising tensions between countries over spheres of influence of these as well.

            The collapse will most likely not be mad max scenario but the drastic change in the status quo where the majority of people cannot cope and drastic acts are taken by both individuals and governments.

            • Intelligent post Wolf359. It’s amazing to me how this plan is unfolding (has been unfolding) before our very eyes and some just can’t see it. I’d appreciate it even respect it if it wasn’t so diabolical, hurting, and killing REAL people. I agee I don’t see the “Mad Max scenario” either. I do however see conditions we normally see in other countries (whom I feel for in every way) making their way to the US on a grand scale. Forgive me, but it’s not just an intelligent post it us a beautiful one because of its truth.

              • Agreed, this is the Elites and Obamas game, slow and destructive, trying to pick off the pawns who are the true fighters, to get to the most important pieces. They want the collapse to be slow and deliberate. You have to understand the way they think, as long as they keep power for years to come, by way of relatives or very close like minded people. We had plenty of warning when they were saying, always take advantage of a crisis. Their even bragging and in your face about it. Their number one strategy is deception. Remember they are using your money to do their nefarious schemes. There will be a game changer for these arrogant assholes and it wont be pleasant by any means. Protect your children from their insanity. Train Hard, Fight Easy

                • @Ryback , I’m not sure TPTB expected the domestic arms race we are in right now. And that might, or might not give them pause.

                  I was at a friends house the other day, and was surprised to hear a bunch of teenagers taking about the Constitution and how we are going to have a 2nd Civil War. I was surprised to say the least.

                  • @ tayronachan, Don’t be surprised at all, young people are starting to see the light. Read the book Civil War Two: The Coming Breakup of America by Thomas W. Chittum. Very Informative! And Prophetic!

        • Until it happens….

          • Hey Gerald, how’s your gold doing these days??????

        • There is video of him on YouTube saying that as far back as Y2K. The sun will eventually explode and kill everything on it to so you better be ready.

          He could learn a few things from Jim Bakker who wrote the book “I Was Wrong.”

          • Mac, Please keep Geralds stuff over @King World where it belongs.

          • prep pastor: Many older people refuse to prep because y2k was hyped and since then nothing much has happened. We prep for weather events, that’s all. Several preppers I knew who prepped extensively for shtf, died this past year and their stuff was tossed/sold/donated. All for nothing, time and money wasted instead of going to the heirs.

            • “since then nothing much has happened” A few things happened, 9/11, countless wars, Katrina, Sandy, Wildfires, NSA spying, Ocommie Care, Joe Biden and on and on. Hope your right about only needing to prep for weather. I don’t think the libtards are going to leave you alone with that however.

            • Y2K could have been quite ugly if weren’t for computer programmers like myself that worked on expanding the 2 digit date fields into 4 digit date fields. If we hadn’t made the expansions in time, things would have got ugly. Since we were successful, it made Y2K look like a non-event.

              • People who don’t believe that it could have gotten ugly don’t know anything about the software that companies have to use to survive.

                I worked for a law firm which had a software that was one part database to keep up with all the info on bankruptcy/foreclosure type cases and one part tickler file to keep up with all upcoming important dates in all the cases. That second function was required by their liability insurance. If the software failed, they would miss important actions in various cases, some short term actions such as filings and court appearances, and some long term actions dealing with minors becoming 18 years old in the future. The insurance required the software because there was too much information to possibly keep up with it in any manual system.

                The software they were using was going to absolutely fail on 1-1-2000 because new dates couldn’t be entered. The software was so old that it was not just using two digits for the year, it was using two characters for the entire date.

                The software company tried, but failed to deliver new functional software, so I was given the task of reverse engineering the entire software and writing it all in database software. We had cut the software company off because of their failure, so I couldn’t get any help from them on figuring out how they encoded the dates. On top of that, the data files were designed for tape, so there were no field or record markers, just continuous data that the software had to decode. Luckily I had a manual that gave the field sizes for all of the data tables.

                I finally figured out that the dates were encoded by taking the date and calculating how many days had elapsed since the software company was founded. This resulted in a four-digit number in the 6000s or 7000s. Then the software took the first two digits and the second two digits as if they were hex and converted them to decimal. Then they used the resulting ASCII characters to encode the date as just two characters. Back when the software was originally written, memory and storage was so very expensive, they had to trim everything possible.

                Just take that one really large law firm going under because of Y2K and spread it across the whole country, and you can see why computer programmers were in a panic. They were trying to get management to see and understand the problem early enough to give the programmers enough time to fix the software. Many times the original writers of the software were gone, and the programmers were left, as I was, trying to reverse engineer software to figure out how it was originally programmed.

                We’re really lucky the embedded chip problem was not as bad as first thought.

                So nobody needs to say Y2K was over-hyped, because it could have turned out badly. I took a couple of months on one piece of software that was not nearly as complicated as banking software or factory control software. And I don’t think it was actually over-hyped. I saw very little mention of the problem on TV until right at the end. We didn’t have Drudge back then, so there were mainly individual websites spreading the word, and conversations taking place on the computer newsgroups in the Usenet system.

                • The people who wrote the older software were probably amazed that it was still in use. Just like the people who came up with the field expedient solution for neuclear waste.

              • I had a feeling the Y2K thing wasn’t sorting itself out on its own. Thank you!

              • MuyPoco, so your the one that made me look like an Idiot, THANKS ALOT! Trekker Out.

          • i thought i was…

        • I’m just a little country girl, unsophisticated in financial matters, but I do know this; if you are preparing in terms of months, you are gonna die.
          Years, my friends, brothers and sisters; years.;-)

          • Country girls are so cute. Love the accent.

            • Oh, the sodomite freak is back.

              • BH, if you fight the urge to suddenly cross dress I think you are safe, for now.

              • Awwww C’mon. That was funny. Seriously, what are the chances of BH suddenly getting the urge? Y’all have to admit Eisarkrossed does have a love thing for BH most of the time.

                Ha ha ha

                • Any Mouse, nobody has to worry about me doing something like that. parabellum, I agree with you, eisen should just go away, period!

            • Eisenkruz, say something useful, or say nothing at all.

          • JJ,though I agree,many live paycheck to paycheck and just cannot afford to store up huge amounts,some may only have months worth,better then nothing and depending on what happens may be enuff,there will be as many die supllies lying around including mine and if I die hope someone finds and uses em,hell,strong enuff stomach and if frozen use my corpse,won’t bother me,already a organ donor.Folks,every day till it happens you can keep on building up supplies,the smalls add up.You can afford to build up years but either way do the best you can,live for today/prepare for tomorrow.

            • You know what a 25 lb. bag of rice cost??
              Less than $10 (that’s 250 servings) –will the sheeple do it??
              With canned butter (canned my own)and buckets of sugar, it will be sustaining and I don’t even mention other spices and dishes to use with the rice.

              I will NOT feel sorry for those that are not preparing.
              I am more than likely the laughing stock of the households on this street.
              Screw ’em.:-)

              I Timothy 5:8….Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.

              • JJ on this I agree with you. I buy old mushroom buckets from the Pizza shop for 50 Cents, They had a good lid but the tool breaks a chunk out of it when it opens so the seal is only ok. I can store 25 Lbs of sugar in one, and close to the same of salt, and grain. I know I’m insulting some people but when I lived in the Ghetto years ago the waste was Huge, I honestly don’t know anyone that hasn’t the funds to store a few buckets of rice, sugar. wheat, corn etc. Another bucket or two for some vitamins and chicken or beef flaverings, salt anyone can survive a year or more for a very low cost.

                • Home Depot has excellent lids with a rubber seal for under $3 to use on your buckets.

                  • Get in touch with the local burger king. Pickle buckets for free. Except my bk. I don’t share well with others.

                • Oh, yeah!! I use those little 2 and 3 lb. buckets for sugar and salt–ever try to lift a 5 gallon bucket filled with salt or sugar??

                  I also know that eventually the air does get through those buckets, after a long time. I put lots of my dry goods in an unscented trash bag and tie it–maybe it helps, maybe not.

                  • 2 and 3 gallon buckets, not lbs.

              • The barbarian shall be driven back.
                All the kingdoms of Christianity, and of the unbelievers, shall quake for the space of years.


              • @JayJay, You should not be the laughing stock of any group at all, because no one should know you have a stock of food set aside. We should all be in stealth mode.

            • Do NOT get me started on tv/cable which I have not had for over 5 years!!! 🙁

        • What do you mean “again” this is something that is ONGOING and getting PROGRESSIVELY worse. Please look up these words I capitalized for you.

      2. Even a broken clock is correct twice a day. That being said Celente and others know it is getting very, very close.

        With the recent suicides (deaths) of senior banking officers, one has to wonder when they will start raining from the skies. If you *really* want an in depth look at how bad debt and in particular, derivatives exposure is, check this out:

        • Agreed Soc, this economic collapse is going to be epic in scale. A real total shtf situation. I tell my 38 yo son he and his children’s generation will probably be known as the starvation generation.

          • .02

            You saw this already right? (over on Silver Doctors)

            JPMorgan Loses 44% of Gold Inventories in 4 Days!

            In another stunning withdrawal, JP Morgan had an additional 321,500 oz gold ounces removed from its vaults today.
            Since last Thursday, JP Morgan has lost 44% (20 metric tons = 643,000 oz) of its gold inventories.

            Why the sudden movement? Hmmm…

            • Yeah Soc, the morgue hiding the gold on their private island?

            • Socrates- were you aware that 321k oz. withdrawal was the SECOND ANNUAL withdrawal of the exact same quantity? I believe that was on ZH. Same qty., same date, one year apart. Very bizarre.

          • Boy .02 that’s not a very nice name for our kids generation. I pray not.

            • Wrong, it is looking bad to say the least. One problem is the Pacific, is it not dying? and if it is, 2 billion starved is my guess. Then we have the peak oil problem and I cant think that the oil companies would be drilling off shore, fracking, and working the Alberta tar sands where the return on energy invested is pathetic if there was plenty of easy oil to be obtained. So with a low EROEI this means the price of food is going to keep going up along with the farmers trying to squeeze every ounce of food off depleted soils causing a catch 22 effect similar to quantitative easing. One sees the obese epidemic in the states and says “hell people can sure afford to eat less” but the truth is the obese are suffering from depleted soils and lack of minerals in the foods. It is minerals that cant be replaced, and it is why I use rock dust from a rock crusher in my garden every year.. it only takes a bit to put the minerals back into the soils but the farmers just keep on turning it over and planting again. Vitamins and protein is low as well but the lack of minerals are the biggest problem. So, even tho the person is so fat he/she is on a hover round they are actually starving. Mineral supplements are a must if you want to stay healthy.

              • You gotta start reading more up-to-date material. Your whole “peak oil” argument is ten years old and so completely discredited as to be toilet paper.

                • Russian scientists say that oil is formed deep in the earth continuously by natural processes that have nothing to do with dead dinosaurs and ferns.

                  First, some of the drilling is going to depths of five miles or more. I don’t believe you will find any dinosaurs at that depth, which is almost completely through the earth’s crust.

                  Secondly, check online sources for a list of elements and their percentages contained in crude oil. Then find a list of elements and their percentages contained in animal and plant life. The elements and their percentages are nothing alike. There are elements contained in dinosaurs which are not found at all in crude oil. And the elements that are found in both are in such differing percentages, that it is obvious that crude oil cannot have come from either animal or plant life.

                  Maybe the oil industry here hasn’t figured that out yet and thinks that it has to frack, etc. to get more oil.

                  • I don’t know if oil is abiotic or biotic. But does it matter? What matters is the FLOW of oil and the EROEI.

                    Does it cost more in actual embedded energy to get that 5 mile deep oil to market than its net worth? How fast does that well decline in production? This is what matters.

                    The world is running out of cheap oil. The net energy per capita is falling. No large discoveries since 1969.

                    Conventional oil field production is falling by around 4% YOY. This is somewhat staved off by tar sand and tight oil production here in the US. But tight oil and gas wells have a steep decline rate. The “oil party” is coming to an end.

                    You can see the demand destruction worldwide right now with most of the turmoil coming in countries that have become net importers of hydrocarbons in the last ten years. This is the result of falling per capita energy and .govs unable to feed their populations and fuel their economy. Demand is destroyed and the excess is shifted countries with better bottom lines.

                    You have to do some digging to find this out since the popular media will not cover this, but the charts and info is out there…just not on Fox or CNN.

                    This worldwide economic collapse is the fault of TPTB (Too Poor To Buy). Soon we will all be part of TPTB.

                  • ***Does it cost more in actual embedded energy to get that 5 mile deep oil to market than its net worth? How fast does that well decline in production? This is what matters.

                    The world is running out of cheap oil.***

                    THIS is what the world won’t take into account when they make no effort to conserve–it takes all humanity to do that. It’ll be too late when they catch on.

                  • I doubt if Mother Earth is producing oil as fast as we are using it.

                • The peak of world oilfield discoveries occurred in 1965[41] at around 55 billion barrels (8.7×109 m3)(Gb)/year. According to the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO), the rate of discovery has been falling steadily since. Less than 10 Gb/yr of oil were discovered each year between 2002–2007. According to a 2010 Reuters article, the annual rate of discovery of new fields has remained remarkably constant at 15–20 Gb/yr.

                  A researcher for the US Energy Information Administration pointed out that after the first wave of discoveries in an area, most oil and natural gas reserve growth comes not from discoveries of new fields, but from extensions and additional gas found within existing fields.

                  “All the easy oil and gas in the world has pretty much been found. Now comes the harder work in finding and producing oil from more challenging environments and work areas. ”

                  — William J. Cummings, Exxon-Mobil company spokesman, December 2005

                  “It is pretty clear that there is not much chance of finding any significant quantity of new cheap oil. Any new or unconventional oil is going to be expensive.” ”

                  — Lord Ron Oxburgh, a former chairman of Shell, October 2008

                  One difficulty in forecasting the date of peak oil is the opacity surrounding the oil reserves classified as ‘proven’. Many worrying signs concerning the depletion of proven reserves have emerged in recent years. This was best exemplified by the 2004 scandal surrounding the ‘evaporation’ of 20% of Shell’s reserves.

                  In November 2009, a senior official at the IEA alleged that the United States had encouraged the international agency to manipulate depletion rates and future reserve data to maintain lower oil prices. In 2005, the IEA predicted that 2030 production rates would reach 120,000,000 barrels per day (19,000,000 m3/d), but this number was gradually reduced to 105,000,000 barrels per day (16,700,000 m3/d). The IEA official alleged industry insiders agree that even 90 to 95,000,000 barrels per day (15,100,000 m3/d) might be impossible to achieve. Although many outsiders had questioned the IEA numbers in the past, this was the first time an insider had raised the same concerns. A 2008 analysis of IEA predictions questioned several underlying assumptions and claimed that a 2030 production level of 75,000,000 barrels per day (11,900,000 m3/d) (comprising 55,000,000 barrels (8,700,000 m3) of crude oil and 20,000,000 barrels (3,200,000 m3) of both non-conventional oil and natural gas liquids) was more realistic than the IEA numbers.[9]

                  The EUR reported by the 2000 USGS survey of 2,300 billion barrels (370×109 m3) has been criticized for assuming a discovery trend over the next twenty years that would reverse the observed trend of the past 40 years. Their 95% confidence EUR of 2,300 billion barrels (370×109 m3) assumed that discovery levels would stay steady, despite the fact that discovery levels have been falling steadily since the 1960s. That trend of falling discoveries has continued in the ten years since the USGS made their assumption. The 2000 USGS is also criticized for introducing other methodological errors, as well as assuming 2030 production rates inconsistent with projected reserves.

                  As conventional oil becomes less available, it can be replaced with production of liquids from oil sands, ultra-heavy oils, gas-to-liquids technologies, coal-to-liquids technologies, biofuel technologies, and shale oil. In the 2007 and subsequent International Energy Outlook editions, the word “Oil” was replaced with “Liquids” in the chart of world energy consumption. In 2009 biofuels was included in “Liquids” instead of in “Renewables”..

                  SO, to make this long story short, oil companies WOULD NOT be fracking and working the oil sands of Alberta cooking coal for oil etc if all the oil we need in the world was easier to obtain. THINK about it. They would be drilling for the easy stuff, and even if abiotic oil were true and the core of the Earth was a creamy nuggat of petroleum, mineral deposits are finite (the best iron ores are gone, for example), fisheries are overfished, forests overcut, soils, etc etc etc. Walter Youngquist’s book Geodestinies makes the “peak minerals” argument very well, one not given enough discussion in Peak Oil circles. Many of the ore deposits mined today require very high tech to process – not charcoal from forests around the Mediterranean. The Bronze Age would not have been Bronze if they had to do mountain top removal or similar techniques to get at the ores. So this also applies to peak oil, face it guys and gals, the easy stuff is going fast and that is why there is a shale oil boom. I will wrap it all up in one word- -DESPERATION.–

                  • and THAT info is worth more than 2 cents. Thanks .02.

                  • Which is why have our leaders(sarc. here) not researched solar power? Why are they ignoring the inevitable??
                    Why are they stuck on wind and water(scarcer by the minute) energy??
                    I don’t get it.

                    Any answers?

                  • I read one guy said because of investment reasons, we’d be crazy to scream the oil is being depleted.

                  • Don’t the Saudi ragheads drill offshore? (actually, foriegners are doing it. The ragheads aren’t smart enough)

                  • Do the research people. I have. The world is awash in oil & gas. Australia, New Zealand, Afghanistan, All the stans, Africa, and offshore of ALL the continents. Australia and Africa are still virgin territory for all intents and purposes.

                    The USA by example, has not yet begun to tap its offshore reserves below the continental shelf for environmental reasons and WE are the major drillers in the world. WE also have a 200 year supply of oil & gas from known reserves. The Monterrey Shale in California, just one example, has a 70 year supply of oil & gas at current rates of consumption in the USA.

                    Let me say again, My Peeps, WE are awash in oil & gas. 🙂

                    Mega fields in Australia were known 20 years ago. I know because I was asked to fund a drilling program, but declined for lack of a local infrastructure. These fields are still untapped because there are much easier pickings.

                    By claiming peak oil, by claiming a shortage of oil, the Majors can justify $3.50 to $4.00 a gallon gas. Recent reports suggest that the price of oil will not change for 20 years, but this is nonsense of course.

                    With inflation and war in the Middle East, oil will increase in price despite the fact that the world is awash in O&G. If you can’t get 60% of it to market because the Persian Gulf is closed, then there is or will be a shortage of oil.

                    If China buys that oil & gas and ships it through overland pipelines, or by tanker, that is just oil & gas that they do not buy somewhere else. Oil & gas are global commodities.

                    Big Oil is coming under pressure because new battery energy storage technology is making wind and solar relevant. Right now, the energy generated has to be used within the grid and cannot be stored easily, or cheaply. That is changing and those technology changes will dramatically begin to transform world energy use in three to five years.

                    When that happens Iraq, and Iran with many undeveloped fields, will be fucked. War over islands in the South China Sea or the South Atlantic for the potential oil & gas will be a mute point. 🙂

                    The savings from more fuel efficient vehicles, hybrids, and electrics will also undermine gasoline prices going forward. Natural gas vehicles will also make a contribution to gasoline use decline.

                    Eventually Big Oil will recognize that they are in the energy business, NOT the oil & gas business and they will buy and build the biggest solar and wind producers, while building huge storage capacity to store the alt energy.

                    As for other minerals, namely iron ore, there is lots of iron rich deposits in the USA, and elsewhere, however these are culturally off limits. I mean who wants to destroy the red rocks of Sedona and replace the vortexes with an open pit mine?

                    It won’t be long until WE are mining asteroids in earnest with robots, and probably before 2050; which is obviously their highest and best use anyway, because WE don’t need them floating around loose in the solar system. The asteroid belt and loose asteroids have an unlimited supply of minerals, both base and rare.

                    The company that successfully locates an asteroid composed of rare earth or precious metals, lassos it, and moves to to a near earth orbit between the earth and the moon; or around the moon will become incredibly rich.

                    The sky is the limits. 🙂

                  • In 1929 Germany was producing 500 metric tonnes of synthetic pertoleum products from coal. Germany has never had enough oil reserves to oil the hinges of a door. In 1929 they were producing synthetic oil and,heating oil and gas from coal. Funny that when the phoney 1973 oil shortage hit America we didnt adopt and use the same technology to break our dependence on foreign oil. I sent the Governor of my state a letter about this and the high prices of gas in my state. A few weeks later I received a note from my states department of energy,stating that this technology would nto solve the problem of people using fossil fuels. I was shocked to discover that my state has a department of energy, and that people using fossil fuels was considered a problem.

                  • In 1929 Germany was producing 500 metric tonnes of synthetic pertoleum products from coal. Germany has never had enough oil reserves to oil the hinges of a door. In 1929 they were producing synthetic oil and,heating oil and gas from coal. Funny that when the phoney 1973 oil shortage hit America we didnt adopt and use the same technology to break our dependence on foreign oil. I sent the Governor of my state a letter about this and the high prices of gas in my state. A few weeks later I received a note from my states department of energy,stating that this technology would nto solve the problem of people using fossil fuels. I was shocked to discover that my state has a department of energy, and that people using fossil fuels was considered a problem.

                • .02
                  I agree. I believe many obese people are actually malnourished. I know it sounds crazy, but their bodies are addicted to the sugar in refined carb foods that put on weight, but don’t provide nutrients. Then their bodies tell them to eat more because they’re not getting vitamins and minerals. Some have imbalances in serotonin levels and are self medicating with food. The problem with food addiction is you can’t quit food cold turkey. You always have to eat and that in itself makes it soooo hard to lose weight. Just ask anyone on a diet.

                • @Old Coach, If there was easy oil to get, we wouldn’t be working the tar sands. imho

              • To .02 – You have good points. One more I would like to add it the current drought in the West.


                You are also right about the obese/morbidly obese.
                Just because they are ‘fat’, does not mean they are
                have good nutrition. In fact, it is the opposite –
                they can be malnourished, lacking in protein, vitamins,
                and minerals.

              • The soil is depleted because there is no composting. When a crop is harvested, the entire plant is taken away from the field. The farmers are only fertilizing, not putting down green and brown manure like in the old days.

                • Fish too- If you’ve got to toss some, compost them. It’s great for corn.

              • One cause of the obesity is filling in the diet with high carb foods like sugar, pasta and rice. These impact on glucose metabolism and promote weight gain. They are also cheap and are promoted by big business.

                • Yes- the low fat high carb diets we’re told are healthy are what’s killing us. Read bread labels-most are full of HFCS which is cheaper than sugar and does an end-run around the brain chemistry that tells you when you’ve had enough. Aspartame and maltose can be just as bad.

              • 02 when a human being has so much fat in their buttocks that the aforementioned buttocks are as wide as my full size truck,they have enough fat stored to go a long time before starvation should occur. Plants store energy as starchs and sugars, animals store energy as fat. So if your one of those people who is so obese they cannot walk, and need a motorized chair while shopping at walmart…………..I have never figured why electric carts were designed for the morbidly obese, those kind of people are the ones that desprately need to walk.

                • Slick
                  The FAT BASTARDS get the close parking spots to. Being that fat they should have to walk a mile before they get to the front door and use the carts.

                  • You are picking on the Disabled and Handicapped.
                    Not Politically Correct, you know.

                • Which came first the chicken or the egg? Maybe they are morbidly obese because they can’t walk? Someone I love has always been heavy, but she walked a lot. Now she’s got a bad knee and has to use an electric cart in most stores. She still walks when she can. However, she’s made friends with people who have motility issues and many of them gained weight when they stopped being able to move freely. Hey, here’s an idea- stop judging unless you know all of the details. Not easy to do I’ll admit, but it’s easier than going around mad at the world.

        • Its all too damn scary .
          I am not an economics major , far from it .
          Been listening to celente tell me the markets are crashing for years and my economic status hasnt changed one bit ( except for inflation) .
          Sometimes it gets alittle mind numbing .

      3. We are headed for a massive economic crash, followed by World War 3. The elites will never allow themselves to be thrown out of office. They will kill millions and leave the world a smoking ruin before they will ever willingly give up power.

      4. you can see it coming.

        more banks are restricting withdrawals, countries are losing grip on controlling their financial stability like turkey, govts are clamping down like the ukraine and severe weather is threatening people with govts that dont have the money to support them like california.

        it may still be a year or years away in the usa as its still the best country going in comparison to most but eventually riots and food shortages will hit some parts of the usa.

        if youre not in texas yet, you may want to make the move. we got our own grid, oil, a big surplus and lots of people with many guns each. it just may be the safest place to be besides your own personal island.

        • Got an offer to go to Midland/Odessa.. am thinking of loading the bol and heading down in a couple weeks. Texas does look inviting.

          • Bov.. argh cant load a bol very well lol

            • I just thought you were in CO with me and you were going to get high before heading out LOL.

              • Nope cant get high have to piss in cups everywhere I go.

                • @.02 LMAO @ “have to piss in cups everywhere I go.”

          • What? You would leave this lovely snow in Spokaloo and go to Texas?? No more dodging potholes? No more remembering to avoid downtown on Bloomsday or Hoopfest or the Lilac Parade?

            Seriously, if you can move do it. I really don’t look forward to being stuck in this climate if the grid goes down.

            • I have a house out here in the wheat fields I have to do something with. It is a shack but has good ground to grow on. Might just pay the payment and interest for a tax write off. If I take the job offered I will pull down over 100,000 a year. 6-12s, overtime plus per diem.

              • I live in Odessa and will be moving out and putting my home on the market in a couple of months.

                The economy is great here in Boomtown, but housing market is very tight.

                • Where you headed? Maybe we can do a house swap.

                  • Not leaving Texas, only a few hours northeast and already purchased home. It is difficult to find housing. Mine is a very modest home, but trying to get my Mother to move with me and hers is much larger. email if I can help with any questions on the area, I have lived here since 1969. [email protected]

              • Good luck, If you have a nice place to bug out to keep it. I think it was General Sherman who said: “If I owned both hell and Texas, I”d live in Hell and rent out Texas.” Go for the money.

            • And Yes, Spokaloo is a total PITA. I knocked the front end of my Lexus out of alignment b/c of the shit roads in that town. Not to mention all the meth heads stealing everything even if it is nailed down. Glad I don’t live there, and I only visit to buy supplies from Costco and Cash and Carry. Wife realllllly don’t like that place..oh and it smells bad too, we can smell Smokane b/4 we get there. FVK that place.

            • Didn’t someone make a comment about Texas not being all it’s cracked up to be. There making some pretty stupid laws in Texas. Libtards from Kalifornia.

              • Wrong — staying right where I’m at.

                We’ve been surviving here 8 generations.

                I just didn’t think I would be surviving

                the same way my ancestors had to back then.

              • The Texas grid can go down just like the others if there’s an EMP and if it does the summers will be unbearable. Lots of people use well water that gets pumped up from hundreds of feet below the surface using electricity. And what will happen if there’s no money to control the Mexican border? If we go to a one world government will the border even continue to exist at the level it does now? I can’t help but think the drug cartels would violently push their way up into the bordering states, including California where I live. The northwest region of the US is looking better to me each day. My parents still live in Texas and I’ve been trying to talk them into moving to Oregon where my sister lives, but no luck.

                • CIA will NOT cut Mexican drug cartels in on their business. 🙂

          • I’ve been through there a few times. Don’t forget to arrange something for water storage.

          • @.02 Come on down to Texas! It will be hot in the summer especially if the grid is down, but you don’t have to shovel the heat! Many opportunities for good jobs in the Permian Basin.

            • Yup I have oilfield experience and North Dakota is not a friendly place. more ways than one.. If I am coming down I will drop my email on the chat here and we can keep in touch. I would rather be in west Texas as the hot is dryer than the south. Did the Houston thing in the 80’s and that place got a bit sticky for my liking.

        • yea lena , ive seen the cost of land , land taxes , cattle and water in texas.
          I think i will stay in the frozen north , thanx.

        • It’ll be interesting to sit back and see if anything evolves from the SNAP cut that’s coming. There will be, I feel, quite of few dark moments ahead. There will also be some good, uplifting moments even if its just amongst family and friends. Make the best of it.

        • TX is a great state with great people and does have certain advantages, but aren’t certain parts of TX having a drought right now?

          • BH yes. Federal officials have designated portions of 11 drought-ridden western and central states as primary natural disaster areas, highlighting the financial strain the lack of rain is likely to bring to farmers in those regions.

            The announcement by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Wednesday included counties in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Kansas, Texas, Utah, Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Oklahoma and California.

            Water = major Biggie.

            • I don’t think any farmers on the eagle ford are doing much farming at the moment. Most are having wells drilled like it nobodies business.

            • I’m buying potatoes this week end and dehydrating them next week, sealing in mason jars.
              They are 5$ for a 5 lb. bag now; imagine prices later!!
              Already working on green peppers–onions will have to wait till weather allows me on the porch to peel. I do miss those contact lens. 🙂

              • can them potatos jay jay , then they are precooked and ready to go.
                In an earlier post you mentioned meat with short dates , can that as well .
                Deyhrating is fine but i think canned food is better, and definetly faster .

                • canning vs dehydrating = easier (open and eat) vs longer storage life…depends on end goal.

                  • Tonight, I sealed in pint jars Bear Creek cheddar broccoli with freeze dried broccoli.
                    I love that stuff but it does require dried, frozen, or fresh broccoli in it.

                • I don’t can!!! with a pressure canner.
                  I only use a water bath.

                  I also choose dehydrating–not much electricity, less mess, space saved, can be done while away from home or asleep.:-)

              • @JayJay….We think alike. I bought extra potatoes this weekend @$1.67 for 10lbs. Was going to try to dry them as I saw the instructions over at one of my FAVOURITE sites …Looks pretty easy!

                Will also take Hammerheads advice and can some. CANNED a 1/2 dozen quarts of Irish stew last August and opened one last night for dinner…It was SOOO yummy! take care,CC

              • J J
                I’ve been dehydrating Spuds for years. I get mine out of my garden, I wash and cut the small ones and put my larger ones in the basement for the winter.
                I liked using the little ones because the dry faster and taste better.

                • Well, if anyone needs this info.
                  Gene brought me a bushel of sweet potatoes October, 2012.
                  I just stored them in the closet in a bedroom that was my store.
                  They were good for 10 months. I had them in single layer in a cardboard box.

          • It’s raining right now!!
            Come on….east Texas!!

            Ya’ll keep preppin’

      5. hey,look!…a burning cop car. everyone stand around it and warm up for the long walk home

      6. “In fact, a Federal court recently upheld Congressional legislation passed in 2012 that allowed the herding of protestors into so-called “free speech” zones, and to charge those who assemble at “official functions” designated as areas of “national significance” with federal crimes punishable by one year in prison.”

        Direct violation of the first Article in “THE BILL OF RIGHTS”…

        Therefore, no law at all.

        • But but but , jerry , its to keep us safe !

          Those “zones” are about three blocks from the white house arent they?
          Cant even protest in front of “the peoples house”.
          Part of the NDAA crap that turned the US into a supposed warzone .

        • If some politician wrote a law, I will surely obey. Just as I will sit around and wait for the SWAT teams to assemble and attack me in force. I will never poke at them unexpectedly.

          • That’s sad Louis, that you feel that way…Or is that on purpose…

            If this nation is to survive we must resist… and among other things, point out to those less informed when “our government” IS overstepping their authority…anything less and you become complicit…
            Choose wisely Louis…there are many who will have long memories…

            • Jerry do you not know when you see sarcasm?

              • What’s that expression…Many a truth spoken in jest…

                How many here and elsewhere speak with bravado then freeze when it comes down to action. Sadly, when that occurs, it’s mostly involuntary and you won’t know until it happens…and some instinctively act without regard to their own safety…

                And then there are some who betray themselves by the words they choose…even when they try to be.

      7. Celente’s a joke. The end was supposed to be in 2012 and then 2013 according to him. Done.

      8. If you move into a booming suburb of a big city, taxes can be high. Stick to established areas that are not in the process of rapidly expanding infrastructure, they can be a lot more reasonable.

      9. ***Under that verbiage, that means a peaceful protest outside a candidate’s concession speech would be a federal offense…***

        And a waste of time since they are probably in Cancun.

      10. Gerald Celente is one angry man. He hates everything and everybody. And thats coming from me.

      11. Propane is in short supply and is very expensive.

        • If you wanna grill out, you’ve got to take ‘er out, propane….

          • Is that some parody of the Lou Reed number?

            • I dont know who that is.

            • Parody of Clapton

          • …Clapton…

          • If you want to cook round, or some lean ground-propane

        • eat lots of beans.

      12. Yawwwwnn
        This stuff get tiring after a while,,,
        Dude can no more predict the future than i can predict what justin beaver is gonna do next, not that i give a crap, but….

        • @ Kula

          It’s Justin BEIBER.

          Justin Beaver is a post-sex thing. 🙂


          • OK, You don’t have to say it, I’m ashamed that I know his name. 🙁



            • good chuckles,,,
              I know its beeper just couldnt resist the beaver shot,,,
              you know them things with the teeth, all up in the woods n shit,,,,

              • There used to be a girls college in Philadelphia called Beaver College. I saw it in the late 1980s. They finally got tired of the jokes and changed the name to Arcadia, I believe.

                • bwahahahahaha those whores

          • And the significant difference is…?

            • There’s a difference. I think.

              • Leave It to Beaver.

                Good Lord Kula how embarrassing!


              • yea,, beavers are those cute furry little things,,
                the other is what they refer to as gaabage (an east coast accent)

          • I feel sorry for all the tenny boppers when he admits he’s a peter puffer.

            • Funny!

            • in his last arrest picture he looked like Miley whats her name,,,

              • Maybe he should stick out his tongue.

      13. Day 8 since the proposed possible beginning of the end of the economy. Holding those accountable IF they are wrong, or right.

        Today is the last day of the earthquake window, everyday after this the major earthquake is late. Holding myself accountable if this time the precursor quakes are wrong.

        If and when the economy collapses, it is extremely likely none of us will see it. A mega SHTF like war will “conveninetly” beat this public ackowledgement to the punch. Major false flags in the Super Bowl and/or Winter Olympics, and of course from something else. I have been a little more alert to breaking news later as I think a lot of people are more jumpy these days.

        • Be Informed

          We all are guilty of wasting way too much breath and time conjecturing possibilities of what if and when..

          First I gave up the left/right scenario mantra
          Then I gave up voting after 40 plus years
          Now I read with constant amusement of it’s all gonna crash on a daily basis on dozens of sites..

          Celente,well he has a certain personna that’s engaging at the least..and he’s 100% correct on his diatribe of banksters, the fed, the governments, and politicians and their collusions..

          and yeah we get it..at least some of us do..

          But ..to openly state it’s all coming down this year is a stretch…no one knows exactly what,a and when, the hell it’s gonna occur..

          When it does, and I do believe it will,it’ll most likely be ugly for us all worldwide..hell it’s getting ugly now!

          I still get up every day and go to work..enjoying my profession as a chef at an assisted living complex here on Cape Cod despite all the bullshit around us..make a meager wage compared to the past..but make it work for us here..visit my beautiful twin grandkids weekly..make dinner every night for my bride of 28 years..plan my organic gardens for the upcoming spring..rejoined my rod and gun club after the state shut down our local town range…fishing season opens in 2 months time..we all have our little enjoyments in life we should all cherish each day..and look forward to in the upcoming future..

          To hell with all these luciferian bastards..may they rot in hell..all of em..they will not ruin my day!

          Well now I’m done..thanks for listening

          All of you here..just enjoy the fucking day..
          and embrace tomorrow..

          It’s all we’ve got…


          • @ possee. I know that something is coming. It is not that psychic crap that so many talk about, it is a sense that every life form feels. It is a total uneasyness. I don’t have a clue how long this garbage with the bankers is going to last, as so much can be totally juggled with numbers. I want to keep a time line of this so IF nothing happens with the economy we can focus more on some of the really serious issues. That Fukushima disaster really has me worried because there are so many different by-products that are added to foods that come from the Pacific Ocean. Even these so called natural foods could have traces of cesium in them. This truly is very alarming.

            Then what you say, these bastards have embraced the devil and everything about it. I do enjoy interacting with most everyone here, other than a couple of totally demented lunatics that belong in a rubber room. I guess we all just have to continue to be watchful and ready.

            • uneasiness

              • From the same person that spells reindeer as raindeer in a previous crackpot ranting comment. When someone ins engrossed in thinking about what they are next to say, many times they misspell words or leave out words because they are more concentrated on something else. Nickel and diming everyone’s spelling errors is just like the way the government nickels and dimes all of us with ridiculous fines. The pettiness of this.

            • Yes..I agree

              The uneasiness is definitely true..

              Your self induced timeline is admirable as you stick with it every day with every post…I only hope you are wrong.

              Let me divulge a bit about myself albeit quick for summation..

              My father’s brother was a high level operative within the black opps of government back in the 60’s and 70’s..a LT Col.within such agency un named..
              He used to bird hunt with then sec McNamara in Korea where he was stationed..
              When he visited my dad once or twice a year he would spill the beans about what was occurring internationally at the time..I was subsequently relegated to upstairs but intently listened to the conversations at hand..

              The most poignant quotes I heard were this..

              Nothing is by accident

              Everything is planned..everything!

              If the American people ever learned just 1% of what is going on there would be mass hysteria..

              All this was over 45 years ago..

              Those words still haunt me today..

              And they are all coming true..

              I have no documentation nor proof to substantiate those words..

              Just a 14 year old listening then..and realizing recently how true it all was now 47 years later..


              • @possee,
                Did your uncle ever mention anything about DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and Project Pegasus? Mind blowing stuff if it’s true.

                • California Girl,
                  Project Pegasus ( Totality ) was a high energy DARPA research program exploring the possible uses of lasers , masers. Microwaves for use in computing, space flight ( Ion propulsion systems ) advanced weather radars , Hyper scan technology , communication data systems and directed energy weapon systems. In 1985 the project officially became the Strategic Defense Initiative ( SDI , “Star Wars” ) some of the programs have been recently declassified , there have been many civilian spin offs , GPS , advanced remote sensing ( hyper scan technology) Ion space thrusters , and high speed super computers , adaptive optics , superaccurate optical encoders for positioning ( modern amateur telescope go to systems use this technology originally developed for missile tracking) and many other day to day items now in use in the civilian and military world. LLL ( Lawrence Livermore Laboratories led the research in a lot lot of these technologies most of these wrere developed in your state of California , which was at the time a world leader in miltary and aerospace technology.

                  Some times I wish it was still the 1980’s

                  Rumor has some of the technology had renderd Nuclear Weapons obsolete some of the Kenetic Kill weapons were rather frightening . Image the explosive force of an asteroid exploding above a city with the force of 1 megaton and no residual radiation. This is the stuff nighmares are made of.

                  Semper Fi 8541

            • @Bi
              Everything is just feeling sorta wonky and not quite right,,, and I know its not just me,, I have heard others say this too, some folks of course are as perceptive as a rock, so they dont really get much, but others are quite in tune with the world around them and they can feel the odd vibes.
              anyway, we gotta just keep movin forward, cant do much else, and it does no good to dwell on it all too much, I like to pay attention to what is going on though so if things are coming un glued I will at least be aware of it.
              Chin up!

            • I just feel like it has been the worst start to a New Year that I can remember especially with the weather.

            • BI, Don’t forget about the island of plastic in the middle of the Pacific that is being broken down by the sun and saltwater and then possibly entering the food supply. Couple that with Fukushima and the recipe for disaster to the Pacific eco-system just looks so grim.

          • Wasted days and wasted nights….

          • Brewster Fish and Chowder House. Great place as is Brewster beach.

            • John,Brewster as in cape?I grew up in Mass. and me mum lives on Marthas Vineyard

        • @BI A doomsayer will eventually get it right….One day. The purpose of sites like these is only to be aware of the “potential”, and how best to prepare for said event. That being said there ARE things that we can DO right now though, besides prepping. That is organize, do our very best to make everyone around us live just a little bit better. If things in your particular area are not being handled the way you would like, then do whatever is within your power to effect change. Folks as messed up as this country is, it still is the greatest country in the world because we CAN do something. Its all a matter of what part the individual wants to play in change!

          Now for me I’m for a reset of the ENTIRE political system, VOTE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THIS NUMBSKULLS OUT! ALL OF THEM! Not one of them deserve another term in any office. Time for some new blood and a new way of doing things!


          • This is why I hold my earthquake forecasts accountable. There was a strong indication of a major earthquake by Jan. 31 because of the swarm of earthquakes that are precursors between the 16th and 18th. Then a 6.5 in New Zealand that was later downgraded to a 6.2. Normally when the sequence of earthquakes starts within 15 days there is a major earthquake. It could be that the 18th day was the one to start this 15 day window on, which would place it Groundhog Day as the last day in the window. If the New Zealand quake reset this, then the next precursor quake on the West Chile Rise on the 21st. is what the 15 day window should be set on. This would place the date on the end of the window at Feb. 5.

            I would say if a 6.5+ does not happen by Feb. 5 in the areas on the northern Australian plate. northern Pacific plate. Cocos plate, maybe the Caribbean plate, or the Nazca plate, then this is a blown forecast. I will do much research to see why. The Philippine plate that Japan is mostly part of should also be considered hot and possible to go off.

        • Woo Hoo! There is nothing like spam & eggs!

          • yes there is… bacon and eggs, ham and eggs or sausage and eggs.

          • Oh, scrambled eggs with cubed ham, chopped onions, green peppers, and mushrooms.
            Umm Umm Good.

      14. Well he might be getting real close this time.
        In Aug. 2000 the S&P was at 1575 and then we had the tech bubble burst and the investors had a negeative credit balance of $128 billion it (S&P) went down to 825 points.
        Oct. 2007 S&P was at 1500 and the investor credit balance was a negagtive &80 billion then we had the housing crash, the S&P went down to 750 points.
        Now the S&P is at 1875 and the investors have a negative credit balance of $150 billion.
        Do you see the same trend that I do looks to me that those investors think that (THE FED.) can bail them out again like we did the last two times, and prop up the market with QE 4, 5, 6, 7, ECT. with the country already at 1lmost 18 trillion in debt no one in there right mind would buy U.S treasury note (our debt). WOULD YOU????
        More QE coming I don’t know but if it does your dollar will actually be worth about 5 to 8 cents.

        • the difference is that this time the fed is directly manipulating the market. There will be no big drop until they stop pumping in the 86 billion a month..

      15. “… you can bet that those involved will be dealt with swiftly and behind the cloak of terrorism secrecy laws like the National Defense Authorization Act which essentially gives the government the right to detain anyone, for any reason, for an indefinite amount of time.”

        These laws are geared to prevent martyrdom. They are specifically designed to disappear dissidents, so they can be removed and dealt with without turning them into martyrs.
        In parallel, the British had sent troops to replenish its depleted forces in India who were not in a position to contend with a violent revolution particularly when Gandhi was imprisoned as a Nazi Sympathizer. The only reason Gandhi’s flock wasn’t dealt with was the British reinforcements were cut off and blocked in Egypt.

        We have already witnessed the normalization process of enforcers otherwise known as law enforcement shoot first, investigate later along with a brash of other normalization processes designed to encourage desensitized people to join enforcements and over-sensitized to avoid assembling and conflict. You can witness these people in bullying experiments if people will come to the aid of the person being bullied.

        We also know that people by almost every major protest in the last decade have drawn the line at videoing enforcement brutality escalate and arrests. What we don’t see is a single civil disobedience protestor move to prevent the dissidents to be disappeared, the strategy is to disappear possible martyrs to be dealt with without turning them into martyrs, and this is precisely the British intent for its reinforcements.

        Here is the mindset that people need to understand about Bismarkianists; they are psychopaths and sociopaths:
        What’s the difference between a corpse and a civil disobedience protestor? The disobedience protestor is a corpse in waiting.

        What’s the difference between a chained sex slave and a handcuffed civil disobedience protestor? The civil disobedience protestor hasn’t made it to the brothel yet.
        (Brothels in Bismarkianist controlled societies publicly called a jail, prison, and especially half way housing).

        If no one is around to see them die, does a martyr occur?

        Does this help to understand a Bismarkianists mindset? It should because psychopaths, sociopaths, control freaks, and etc tend to gravitate to Bismarkianism.

        • A Bismarkianist by any other name still smells.

      16. I believe the collapse is already underway and I think it is starting to escalate. Not sure how many of you watch the communist news channels. I try to once a day if I can stand it. They are now reporting on absolute nothingness. I mean it is so bad I am now starting to be scared. You know they will not warn us and trying to guess what is happening is difficult. Go ahead and see for yourself and check them out. And as far as doing all they can to change the culture, all you see for commercials are stupid white guys, limp dicks and dry snatch commercials from 5:00pm on. Yep, I think bad things are on the horizon.

        • maddog , we (the wife) and i were just watchin the local news to get the weather , nothin else to report .
          I saw nbc national news yesterday and it was like watching the wifes “e hollywood news” channel.
          Its a disgrace to news broadcasting .SAD.

          • That’s what I’m talking about hammerhead. I think my wife is now complaining more than me and that’s saying a lot. As you know there are countless issues that would help the sheeple with their daily living but all were told is that the bieb egged his neighbors house. My idea is that we need to be concerned with what they are not reporting. My wife almost never voices her opinion on when or what may be coming. This has recently changed for some reason and she is now telling me she has a bad feeling about this spring. If anyone hasn’t noticed, I can name off hand at least a half dozen countries that have over 30% inflation with their economies collapsing. The fact none of this is reported on is astonishing to say the least and speaks volumes.

          • I don’t have cable/tv and listen to radio most days.
            It is there also like listening to ‘E Hollywood news’ channel.
            What happened to getting in local or national news a bit?
            I don’t even recognize who they are talking about.

            • I have noticed the commercials on the talk radio channels are about 80% government or government/bla bla organizing group combo aids. Some are even corporate/government hybrid ads. Sure scares the shit out of me (can you say fascism). I have personally seen what animals humans are when greed blinds them and the government has no problem using the 7 deadly sins to get what it wants.

              • I don’t do TV because of the commercials and radio is worse. Who wants to hear the same damn songs and advertisements all day long, over and over and over…..

                I listen to my heartbeat or my tools or my ipod. I have gobs of great music and no damn commercials.

                Not a thing wrong with quiet.

                • YES!!

                  • Ditto…Hah hah hahahahahaha… not really…couldn’t resist…

            • Just remember …it’s all about food & circus ! Since they are all so much smarter than us…..they somehow think that if they can just BS us all a little bit longer……somehow some way,
              The stuff they have been doing for the last 5 years……will somehow magically fix everything……even though printing money & taxing your self to prosperity has never worked in history! I am shocked every day when at work & I bring up some subject of what is happening in the world…….& it is just “deer in the headlights”. They don’t have the slightest clue about anything going on in this country….much less the world. But they watch American Idol, & Dancing with the stars…..& know about some Hollywood idiot who was recently arrested. For several years now I have tried to wake them up…..but it is just no use. They just drink the Kool-Aid & go to work each day…& then sit at home & watch the boob tube. They never thirst for any knowledge for what is going on. I just don’t get it ? Maybe it is normalcy bias. Maybe it is Laziness. Perhaps they are all just dumber than a box of rocks ? I guess I’m either more paranoid…..or I just have a higher survival instinct . But Y’all are correct…..the national / world news coverage is virtually nonexistent . I have to search all over to get any meaningful information. Do you remember back in the 60’s & 70’s when our news showed the government Propaganda that various regimes around the world used ? Have you noticed how much the current US government is involved in hundreds of forms of propaganda ….targeting various groups ….attempting to nudge them in the direction the government wants ? Whether it is health care, or guns, or domestic spying, or rat out your neighbor…..it is all actually some pretty scary shit. Like the rest if you….I never dreamt that the USA would deteriorate to the level it has. Even though the wind travels from West to East…I can still smell the foul stench of the lawless band of criminals that have taken over the Federal Government. Keep on working to get your ducks in order….this is all going to unravel before long. When the music stops….there will be many without a chair. Don’t be one of them. I paid homeowners insurance for 39 years….never expecting our home to burn to the ground. But it did. Lost everything. So I can tell you what SHTF looks like….after living in a 32ft 5th wheel RV for the past 18 months. Have a plan. Have a plan B. Have a back up plan for after that. While we will never have everything figured out…..any effort spent now will put us far ahead of the sheep one day. And……if it never happens……I’m still glad that I had some insurance…..
              Standing by in
              Montgomery County Texas

      17. If you want to know a business that will thrive in 2014, it may well be guillotines because these are ‘Off with their heads’ moments.
        -I thought D.H.S. already had the market cornered on these.
        You know, the ones to go with the F.E.M.A. Death Camps.

      18. Celente has said before, I think he his just trying to make sure we are ready for the collapse when it comes, and it is coming.
        What worries me is the comment about the Military and the Leo’s fighting the general Population. To me this doesn’t make any scenes. Why would I fight against my neighbors. When the collapse comes I’m staying home. I’m going to protect my family. I’m sorry folks but you are on your own. You will have to take care of yourself.
        Here is the reason. Do I go to your house or do I go to your sisters house. I can’t be everywhere so I will be at home.
        I do agree with him that this is going to be done to bring in the U.N. forces. TSWHTF then. Please keep prepping!
        Again I’m sorry folks. I pray that the GOOD LORD Watches over you and yours.

        • “I’m sorry folks, but you are on your own. You will have to take care of yourself.”

          Thanks, sarge…I believe that’s the way this country was supposed to operate from the start. Before the almighty “state” took over.

          Keep your head down and put the badge in the sock drawer.

        • SGT. DALE:
          I know I’m a day late but, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THERE, YOU OLD COOT!;-) “THE BIG 60”
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • @SGT Dale…Belated Birthday Greetings! Hope you had a Great day! I knew if I didn’t write that date down, I would 4get it! ): take care CC.

            • Northern & Canada
              Yes I’m an old Coot.
              At age 60 If you punch me you can be charged with Agg. Battery. (COOL)
              I’m old and I forget, How old are you?
              THANKS AGAIN GUYS.

              • Good evening and Happy Birthday, Sgt. Dale, you old fart. braveheart

              • SGT.:
                I’m 60 also!;-) I’m a little older than you
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Sgt. Dale you are right on. Being a LEO myself, I and most others will refuse to take unconstitutional actions against the people. However, there are a few “yes men” who will follow orders whether lawful or not.
          I am with you, I will be taking care of my family. UN personnel would be needed for action against the masses.

          • ***However, there are a few “yes men” who will follow orders whether lawful or not.***

            Until the payroll check doesn’t arrive. 🙂

        • Sgt. Dale,
          Happy Birthday to you ( Sorry I’m a few days late )
          I always enjoy your posts. It is nice to know you are so family supportive.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      19. This is nothing but a bunch of fucking fear mongering….No one has a fucking crystal ball to tell us when the fuck the world will come crumbling down.

        I say worry about the things you can control and to hell with the other issues….

        I live life like there may not be a tomorrow. I do what I want to do and no one will tell me other wise…if the shit does hit the fan so be it…I’ll do what i have to do to provide for the wife and dogs and cats.

        • It’s fearmongering in the sense that he’s making money by publishing these predictions. But the best propaganda is built on a kernel of truth. Someday the general drift of his predictions will come to pass. The details may be wrong, and the timing may be off, but he’ll be more or less right on the big picture.

          The timing is no more knowable that B.I.’s earthquakes, because we don’t know enough about the whole system to say “This flap of a butterfly’s wing will set off the Apocalypse.” (Apologies to chaos theorists everywhere.)

          That’s why we act to prep TODAY, and not next month.

          • @ The Old Coach. If you look back at the earthquake forecasts, most have occurred within this 15 day window at one of the locations mentioned. About 85-87% of the time. Not perfect I grant you, but when the bugs are worked out that percentage should rise. Too many times this has been accurate to say it is nothing but a coincidence. I want people to know that I hold myself accountable for when a forecast does not fulfill its predicted time and location. To not do so would make me a hypocrite by moving the goal posts myself until an earthquake occurred. This would be bad science and skewed numbers to fit a theory that isn’t working.

            I so totally agree with you, that we prepare for TODAY and not delay one second, because the next SHTF event could be that one second away.

          • “This flap of a butterfly’s wing will set off the Apocalypse.” (Apologies to chaos theorists everywhere.)

            I always thought you were a little too dry…but that was great!

        • Feed the dogs well. They may provide sustenance at some point.

          • Problem is, many idiots in the US would rather give up there kids rather than their “pet.”
            If my family is starving, as much as I like ’em, my poor dog and cat will be on the menu.

            • Nope,will eat those that tried to murder/rape/steal before I eat the pets,done properly can be safe.

              • So resorting to cannibalism before eating an animal?
                Come on.
                Listen, in a shtf scenario, I will eat an animal. Dogs, cats, and horses are animals. Unless your pet provides some sort of benefit to your survival (hunting, protection, etc.) then its fair game.
                But the vast majority of pets are not critical to our survival. They would just be a burden to take care of while shtf.
                Point I am trying to make is many people place too much of a priority on their pets, and treat them better than people.
                That being said, my pets will be the last thing on the table. It would be after the game populations are depleted, and no other meat is available.
                But rest assured, my pooches and kitties will be served medium rare if my wife and children’s survival depends on it.

                • Right, The Inuits never ate their dogs but they did eat their leather straps! No doubt, almost all cats and most dogs would fare better than humans in an EOTWAKI or even bad SHTF. I think cats are just a few days from wild anyways.

          • Eat the Dogs? NO WAY! Who would eat all the bones, after I make jerky, from the Dumbos that come to my door telling me what the Gov says I should do?

            • What…you think this is Denver?

              • Does anyone know how best to prepare dog for the table?

                • dub:
                  Just the same way you would do any other meat.
                  Kill it, gut it, clean it, and put over or on a hot fire like you would a small pig, goat, lamb, ect. Season to taste.
                  This might sound awful but during WW2 the GI p.o.w.’s that were held by Japan raise rats for meat. There are alot of countries that dog is a delicacy and so are horses.
                  By the way I hear it taste like chicken!;-0 Ha,Ha.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                • Oh, Gene was talking about that tonight.
                  I didn’t encourage the topic. He was in Viet Nam.

                • Ask Louis or beef supreme…they might know…
                  They’re both from Denver… 🙂

                • You can’t go wrong with fried 🙂

                  • I’m getting hungry. May have to try em out before I really have to.

      20. Yes, we are in the stage of a collapse.

        The problem is that it is not happening as many of you expect. Many expect a sudden drop overnight.

        We are not there yet. We have some time left. The US may be the last ball to drop. Our drop will be the hardest.

        Most of us saw the mess in Atlanta Ga this past week, a picture of what will happen here. Chaos…..

        Can you or I stop it? No.

        You and I must be prepared to defend our homes and families. That is the reason I have my arms and ammo.

        Try not to be caught unaware…….

        But do live…….do not worry…….just be aware and prepared…….

        Everybody be safe……….

        • Agreed. This isn’t Universal Pictures or Warner Bros, where a collapse happens almost overnight and is plain for all to witness. And that’s just the problem for most people: a steady deterioration enables them to gradually adjust to a new situation, that is, until things suddenly spin out of control, which they inevitably will, at some point.

          That’s why I’ve used a couple of times the following example to make people around me aware of the situation: go back 10 years and imagine you pick up a newspaper with a couple of news flashes of these past years: Lehman Brothers gone, US debt now 17 trillion and rising, Fed read to taper for a second time after 5 years of unabated stimuli (up til an unbelievable 85 billion dollars A MONTH), emerging markets in turmoil, Greek parents leaving children at the school gates with a plea to take care of them, Spanish unemployment hovering around 27 %, etc. etc. I think you get the picture: all these formerly unimaginable events all rolled into one newspaper.

          If you start taking that view, you get really good idea of the dangerous mess we’re in.

        • bwahahahahaha i love watching shtf

      21. Can you hear the thunder? There’s a storm coming…..

      22. Im pretty much Jaded. I don’t give very much credit to the goverments propaganda about how everything is getting better. and likewise I don’t give much credit to the sky is falling all gloom & doom folks. Way back in the late 1800,s It was SHTF for the Plains Indians. When Mt St Helens erupted it was SHTF for that area. What Im trying to say is it wont every be a total SHTF for every one all at the same time. It will be regional or just hit certain segments of society on different levels & at different times. I believe that for every action there is an equal & opposite reaction. That means everything eventually ,some where. some how & at some time will come out Even Steven.

        • @ old guy. Not quite the major earthquake for the 31st, but the largest earthquake to hit this area SSW Visokoi just occurred. The largest previous one was 5 and 1/2, this was 6.1 or 6.2. This area is strangely hit several times around the beginning of February. It might have something to do with the summertime done in the Antarctica that this is only a few hundred miles north of. This area has 100% of the time followed in the past with a6.5+ within 15 days. The areas are especially new Guinea/Soloman Islands to Tonga, also Gulf of California, southern Mexico, Philippines, and the Bering Sea towards Alaska. All pointing to the what the previous precursor quakes are saying. Northern Australian plate, northern Pacific plate, Philippine plate, Cocos, and Nazca plate. Most of the previous quakes were high 6’s to low 7’s, with one 7.6 in New Guinea in 2005. Mother Nature is warming up the bullpen.

          • Friday morning there was a (micro) earthquake in new Madrid county. Near portageville mo. maby its warming up also?

        • OldGuy speaking of regions, I have to agree with your comment, but you know sometime one region can affect other regions and I have been thinking about that State we all love to hate, California. It seems they’re still running out of water and they seem to produce a lot of food for the whole country. Sometime I think I would like to see that State fall off into the ocean, but you know we sure would lose a lot of good people,not to mention the food they produce. And many don’t know it but Calf. is now the #1 dairy producer. Millions Without Water! We could see a lot of immigrants coming our way, then they would be in my region, and we don’t have much water either. Trekker Out.

          • This talk of water is making me thirsty. I believe I will go have a drink.

          • MT..I found this in an article regarding the drought conditions; this is sobering!!!
            The state produces 99 percent of the artichokes, 44 percent of asparagus, a fifth of cabbage, two-thirds of carrots, half of bell peppers, 89 percent of cauliflower, 94 percent of broccoli, and 95 percent of celery. 90 percent of the leaf lettuce, along with and 83 percent of Romaine lettuce and 83 percent of fresh spinach from CA. A third of total fresh tomatoes consumed in the U.S.—and 95 percent of ones destined for canning.
            As for fruit, 86 percent of lemons and a quarter of oranges come from Ca. Ninety percent of avocados. 84 percent of peaches, 88 percent of fresh strawberries, and 97 percent of fresh plums?

            Hey, all other states…step up to the plate!!

            • That is sobering. Looks like Cali will be sucking on that straw from the colorado just a little bit harder.

            • OK, I’ll invest in strawberry pots for the backyard this spring.

            • And if your like me and grow your own . whatever happens in Calif doesn’t effect you one bit. im convinced that a greenhouse will become a necessity if we are going to grow 100% of out food.

          • @MTrekker
            I was just thinking the same thing. 25 million people leaving cali could cause one of biggest economies in the world to go kaput.
            What the hell are we gonna do with that many homeless people? Send them to mexico? FEMA is going to need more camps.
            What a mess. We better all pray it rains alot and soon out there.

            • Ed you got that right, we better pray, cause that’s the only hope. Mexico don’t allow illegal aliens! Trekker Out.

              • I wouldn’t go to Mexico if you paid me to especially with all that crazy cartel stuff going on down there. Quick story: a co-worker of mine was calling his girlfriend in Mexico and as the conversation went on you could actually hear the bullets flying. It’s not the place for me I’ll stay in CA.

            • Actually have a couple of days of rain coming next week:)

      23. Now its finally time to feed all those unprepped neighbors and friends that laughed and scorned you when you so proudly informed them that you were a prepper ready for anything. They will arrive and you will have to share your abundance. With gratitude and love coming from a grateful heart will you give untill you have nothing. For God will supply!

        • Like the ones who mocked Noah while he was building the ark, then beating on the ark as the waters rose.

        • Well Supplied how true, God has provided for me my entire life. And remember when God moved Pharaoh to put Joseph in charge, when the 7 years of hard times were coming, Joseph used God’s supply to provide for the Egyptians. They only had to give up all of there belongings, their land, and their servitude. Yes God does supply, but it sometimes comes with a cost. Trekker Out.

      24. ‘Man o’ Man , Ya’ll are Soooooooooooo



        • the fiat american dollar is dead …

          the transition of global currencies is happening right this minute to the chinese yuan … RIGHT NOW !!!

          what this means to you an tax debt slave american ???

          it means you lose 30-50% of the value of your $$$ savings , 401k and purchasing power .

          milk bread gas etc etc basic daily cost of goods will double possibly triple in price $$$ for the average american family .

          i do sincerely hope ya’ll have prepped for this …

          as it is happening RIGHT NOW !!!

          if you want to survive this and what else is coming you must live exist within your financial means , live without debt .

          the dollar is now dead , and everyone who lives outside of america knows it .

          prepare , as only global war will now reverse this trend .


      25. I think Celente is doing the right thing by shaking people out of complacent slumber. Yes, he does his Bronx boy routine (all theater) but he is just trying to break through the fog of misinformation out there.

        The crisis is big, epic but I do think society and government will carry on. As I have written before, what we will see is greater bifurcation: for the connected and wealthy, life is going to be sweeeet, but for those on the outside, life is going to be third world grim: poor, violent, diseased, hopeless.

        You can tell how things will go from today’s actions. Notice how the government will lie again and again at every crisis point, and then unleash vast sums of money and favors to the elite at each stage. This tells you those ‘behind the wire’ will always get the goodies first.

        When public order breaks down, do not expect the state to do much about it. They will follow the British motto of ‘Let it Burn, whisper words of wisdom, Let it Burn!! Let it Burn, yeah, Let it Burn!’

        During the 2011 riots, the British police just backed off and let the scum attack people, burn their homes while they were in it, rape and murder with abandon, attack people in posh restaurants etc. It was clear the police strategy was to let the scum torch the poorer neighbourhoods much in the way forest fire fighters let the brush burn to form a fire wall. Lesson: don’t live anywhere where there are lots of poor people or scum. Keep some serious distance from them and you.

        • That may be true for the Brits. But I live amongst the poor. The only difference is I am heavily armed, and many of my neighbors are as well. I will stand my ground, but have outs if the situation dictates.

      26. Jesus when will people realize its never going to come, you think their going to give us the sweet salvation of our SHTF scenario? Where does that play out in their world, They may seem dumber cause the government has to be that way, you think they can have half ass, dumb witts running around thinking they are prepared for everything? The government, our country is ahead of the people, they have foreseen whats to come, many countries have fallen before, theY ARE not going to let us live our fantasies they will crush the hopes and dreams of what was, could have been, and maybe, maybe see the light of the cause. It will never collapse, it did not before, “fantasies” they are going to crush the hopes and dreams of what was. Could have been and maybe, maybe seen the light of the cause. It will never collapse,it will never disapear, we are stck in the never ending nightmear of our own

        • I think people said the same thing about the Roman empire. I think we all know how THAT turned out. Or how about the mighty city of Babylon? Our country is only HOW many years old? And just look at the condition it’s in! It may not happen tomorrow, next week, month, year, but you better believe it’s going to happen eventually because you can’t avoid and you can forget about the government helping because they don’t have the answers or magic bullets (unless you consider the DHS bullet scenario but
          I digress). READ: things the way they are is NOT SUSTAINABLE!!

      27. A broken clock can be correct, depends on what time you look at it…

      28. Cleaning house?

        Third Banker, Former Fed Member, “Found Dead” Inside A Week

        “He may have jumped over a 4-foot (1.2-meter) fence before falling down a 40- to 50-foot embankment, Pierce County Detective Ed Troyer said yesterday. He said the death appeared to be a suicide.”

        bloomberg com/news/2014-01-30/russell-investments-chief-economist-dueker-found-dead.html

        • Maybe he had a conscience. Most bankers are psychopaths or sociopaths. That’s 3 in one week. The other 2 were from JPM. You won’t here a word of this on the 630 news.

          • I don’t buy the official “appeared to be a suicide” story. My guess there will be more “suicides”. Wonder what they knew?

      29. Anyone who can do simple math and is not locked in a bubble knows this is coming,tis basic math,that simple.

      30. *****H7N9 UPDATE****

        better get used to news like this

        Six new human H7N9 cases in China


        the good news is China is closing the live poultry markets
        where the flu breeds like crazy
        the bad news is
        as soon as things calm down a bit
        they’ll open them back up
        and away we go AGAIN

        and in other news

        Newly Released Documents Confirm DEA Involved in Cocaine Smuggling


        yeah this is a big surprise


        yeah folks

        this is our government at work

        war on drugs and all…

        • Watch ‘Contagion’!!!

          • I’ve seen it and it is a decent movie.

      31. BROKE is “0” MONEY
        We are about 50 TRILLION in the HOLE
        With out a hope or a prayer of EVER being able to repay this amount of money. But our Professional Politicians and our BIG Bankers are going to ask us to pay to bail THEM out AGAIN. But this time they know we can’t, wont and simply do-not have 50 Trillion in cash to pay their bills. AND that is NOT counting the 200 TRILLION in derivatives the “to big to fail” banks will demand that WE pay for them to keep them from going under.
        YEA RIGHT.
        That’s why and when they will herd us into FEMA Camps.
        Wish I owned a printing press. Does anyone know what a Trillion Dollar Bill even looks like?

        • You can get one from Zimbabwe for about $6 US, or 1/3 of an ounce of silver at today’s price.

          No idea what ours will go for when it comes around, but the trillion dollar coin might be what we get instead, Congress was talking about that a little while back.

      32. Off topic
        Sarge and other shooters,
        Getting a concensus of what you guys are using for loading,,,
        I have been using a Dillon 550B but am looking to get into a single stage for more accurate metering of powder etc,,,
        Was looking at ordering a Hornady lock and load classic with auto charge from Cabelas, is right about 450 and think theres a promotion going,
        Wondering if any of you have used these or what your thoughts are on it or equip like it,,,
        The Dillon is great for bangin out hundreds of shells quickly but the powder metering is all over the place even if i use new charge bar etc so for dialing in the accuracy and consistency i want something like the electronic auto charge,

        • Here is why we NEED to keep our guns…

          If you Google the World Health Organization Statistics, you will find this list and can read some comments from the public, but the challenges/comments do not change the fact that gun control does not lead to a safer environment.

          Please go all the way down the list for the “bottom line”. . .

          This is FASCINATING !!


          From the World Health Organization

          The latest Murder Statistics for the world:
          Murders per 100,000 citizens per year.

          Honduras 91.6 (WOW!!)
          El Salvador 69.2
          Cote d’lvoire 56.9
          Jamaica 52.2
          Venezuela 45.1
          Belize 41.4
          US Virgin Islands 39.2
          Guatemala 38.5
          Saint Kitts and Nevis 38.2
          Zambia 38.0
          Uganda 36.3
          Malawi 36.0
          Lesotho 35.2
          Trinidad and Tobago 35.2
          Colombia 33.4
          South Africa 31.8
          Congo 30.8
          Central African Republic 29.3
          Bahamas 27.4
          Puerto Rico 26.2
          Saint Lucia 25.2
          Dominican Republic 25.0
          Tanzania 24.5
          Sudan 24.2
          Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9
          Ethiopia 22.5
          Guinea 22.5
          Dominica 22.1
          Burundi 21.7
          Democratic Republic of the Congo 21.7
          Panama 21.6
          Brazil 21.0
          Equatorial Guinea 20.7
          Guinea-Bissau 20.2
          Kenya 20.1
          Kyrgyzstan 20.1
          Cameroon 19.7
          Montserrat 19.7
          Greenland 19.2
          Angola 19.0
          Guyana 18.6
          Burkina Faso 18.0
          Eritrea 17.8
          Namibia 17.2
          Rwanda 17.1
          Mexico 16.9
          Chad 15.8
          Ghana 15.7
          Ecuador 15.2
          North Korea 15.2
          Benin 15.1
          Sierra Leone 14.9
          Mauritania 14.7
          Botswana 14.5
          Zimbabwe 14.3
          Gabon 13.8
          Nicaragua 13.6
          French Guiana 13.3
          Papua New Guinea 13.0
          Swaziland 12.9
          Bermuda 12.3
          Comoros 12.2
          Nigeria 12.2
          Cape Verde 11.6
          Grenada 11.5
          Paraguay 11.5
          Barbados 11.3
          Togo 10.9
          Gambia 10.8
          Peru 10.8
          Myanmar 10.2
          Russia 10.2
          Liberia 10.1
          Costa Rica 10.0
          Nauru 9.8
          Bolivia 8.9
          Mozambique 8.8
          Kazakhstan 8.8
          Senegal 8.7
          Turks and Caicos Islands 8.7
          Mongolia 8.7
          British Virgin Islands 8.6
          Cayman Islands 8.4
          Seychelles 8.3
          Madagascar 8.1
          Indonesia 8.1
          Mali 8.0
          Pakistan 7.8
          Moldova 7.5
          Kiribati 7.3
          Guadeloupe 7.0
          Haiti 6.9
          Timor-Leste 6.9
          Anguilla 6.8
          Antigua and Barbuda 6.8
          Lithuania 6.6
          Uruguay 5.9
          Philippines 5.4
          Ukraine 5.2
          Estonia 5.2
          Cuba 5.0
          Belarus 4.9
          Thailand 4.8
          Suriname 4.6
          Laos 4.6
          Georgia 4.3
          Martinique 4.2
          And ……………………………………..

          The United States 4.2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

          ALL (109) of the countries above America have 100% gun bans.

          It might be of interest to note that SWITZERLAND is not shown on this list because it has

          However, SWITZERLAND ‘S law requires that EVERYONE:
          1. Own a gun.
          2. Maintain Marksman qualifications …. regularly .

          Didja learn anything from this??

          I think the message is – loud and clear – that gun bans and restrictions
          DO NOT work!

          • The gun banners are not worried about keeping the people safe, they’re worried about themselves being safe. They could care less about murder rates as long as they are protected 24/7. Gun bans are all about health of the government and the BS about safety of the people is just that. b s

          • @ eppe. Those are all places I have absolutely no desire to visit. Just look at merry old piles morgan’s country of england where they ban even pepper spray. The violent crime rate is 4 times as high as the U.S. Give the criminal the advantage and just like a predator they will use it everytime over the helpless.

          • To Eppe – This is a great list. Thank you for your time and effort compiling it and posting it. I went through your list a few times, and did not see the country
            England. Is England on your list and I missed it?
            If it is not on you list, could you please research and post what the Murder Rate is, in England? Thank you.

          • Another thing to keep in mind with these statistics is different countries count differently. Unless it has changed, in Great Britain the count is of murders, not of people murdered. A case where a nut-job kills a family of 3 in an armed home invasion would be counted as one incident, where here we would count it as 3 murders. The numbers could be even worse than they look in some of these countries.

          • eppe,

            I agree 100% with your post!

            I wish more people could understand that gun bans do NOT make people safe.

        • K~ I have a single stage RCBS press. RCBS adjustable manual powder measure. 2 RCBS manual scales. Cabela’s electronic scale. RCBS and Redding dies, prefer the Redding Dies. I start by letting my electronic scale warm up and stabilize. Ad the powder to the MPM, zero my electronic scale, adjust the MPM to get close to my load for the session. If I want 46 of RL15 and it is throwing 45.8 is close enough. Next I trickle it up to 46 on the electronic scale. Charge case, seat bullet, inspect, repeat.

          Recently, I bought a couple thousand rounds of reloaded .308 Winchester. The first thing I did is started weighing them. They were all over the board so I started pulling them apart and found that the powder charge was anywhere from 37.5-39.9 grains(no reload data that I could find shows a powder charge in that range). Then I found 2% of the brass had cracked necks. The primer pockets were dirty, etc. My guess is the guy that reloaded these things either used a auto press or he was blind. The moral of the story is do it by hand the slow old fashion way and get it right. Shotgun shells go full auto. They have lots of forgiveness.

          • This is what I started with 20 years ago. Currently on sale.
            Rock Chucker
            midwayusa com/product/937051/rcbs-rock-chucker-supreme-master-single-stage-press-kit

            Case Trimmer
            midwayusa com/product/817007/rcbs-trim-pro-2-manual-case-trimmer-kit

            • That variation in the powder drop was what got me looking at going to a single stage, my dillon depending on the powder can vary by up to 2 grains, in my opinion just too much, when you are taking a 300-400 yd shot the drop difference is significant. I am pretty serious about learning the ins and outs of long range shooting, would rather waste 308 brass and components and learn with that than be throwing away 338 LM or something like that.
              The various cases also make a big diff from what ive seen.
              Do you know any way to get volume readings for cases?

              • If you are serious I would go buy 500 .308 Winchester brass cases of a particular manufacturer. I like Winchester brass. Next sort the cases by weight. I have found that weighing the cases gets you close enough. If want to take it a step further you could fill each case with a fine grain powder and weigh the powder to check volume. Lube and neck size the brass. Ream the flash hole. Load them on your Dillon and then go shoot them out of your gun. Now you have a fire formed brass case. Neck size only, trim to length, clean primer pocket, reload by hand to exacting specifications. Now you should be able to work on the variables, gun, weather, bullet, powder, seating depth, you, your coffee intake, etc. As I think I said earlier I have only played with ranges up to 500 yards, but have a “few” rifles that I can consistently hit dinner plates at that range. I don’t think that I have over $1000 in any of the rifle scope combinations. If you ever have questions give me a shout.

                • Roger that, just got 500 Lapua 308 cases,, beautiful brass,,, am thinking ill order the hornady kit, like that auto charge,, have an extra set of dies,
                  I think rather than worry about case volume ill just start loading for serious shooting in the good cases and stuff the others aside for emergency ammo,,,
                  Thank you

                  • Have fun. Just trying to short cut the process.

                • The neck size will work in my Remington 700 but i may have feeding issues in the REPR, its a little more picky about length to shoulder, but i get what your going for,,,

                  • Kula
                    I use a neck sizer and a full length sizer every time I reload my 7.62×51 (308) This way I’m not having trouble with the Semi Auto’s or my Bolt’s.

                  • Kula:
                    Make sure of your case length on you 308’s are shorter than 2.015, I trim mine to 2.000/1.995. I had some trouble getting some of my ammo to work in my brother in laws bolt action.

                • Shootit…
                  Although short…that was brilliant!

                  I just hope a whole bunch will understand what that will mean to them in the future…
                  Before we have to go back to clubs, spears and crossbows…

              • You could fill to the brim with water and then weigh the water on the powder scale for comparisons. I don’t remember the conversion for gr to ml and back.

                • Found it- 1 ml H2O = 15.4323 grains weight

                  • The volume differences although slight, im sure have an effect on pressure/velovity,,
                    Am going by just separating the brass and weighing it but is a curiousity because the weight could be different but volume same,,, or not..

          • I’m curious- why the Redding dies? I have always used RCBS and a few Lee. I have no experience with any others.

            • Add to your question,
              What is the deal with competition die sets,
              2 different sizing functions and a seating, but no crimp?

              • SWFL & Kula
                SWFL: Redding is just another company out there. I have a set of them and they work the same as my RCBS and Lee’s
                One thing I can tell you is that they have a great customer service. I messed up a rod in a 300 mag. They replaced it for nothing. Not even shipping.

                Kula: Why buy the completion dies when you can do it your self. Just get a neck sizer and a full length sizer die. and add the crimp die.
                That is what I did.

                • Actually found the set i was looking for, Redding national match 3 die set, full length size, precision micrometer setting and taper crimp. Just not sure why some sets have two different size dies and a seating die, not sure the purpose or benefit.

                • Thanks

        • Kula,
          Doesn’t the hornady use a bayonet type mount for the loading dies?
          Can you still use regular dies in this?
          For my reloading I use a lee hand press and forester bench rest dies , I do not load in bulk the average run is about 100 rounds at a time. I can conrol the sizeing and bullet seating by feel (I use a lee collet die for crimping) and I can also take this to the range with me for working up loads provided its not to windy.
          I tend to weigh each powder load with a scale and sort my cases and bullets by weight to segregate them out for consistency.
          In all hornady does make a good product I would just check for die comparability it would suck if your current dies didn’t work or an adapter is required for your existing dies will skew all your curent die settings .

          Semper Fi 8541

          • Yes and Yes. The last one I looked. It is for a quick change between dies.

            • Actually found an adapter by Hornady that allows use of their lock n load system in other presses, will work in my Lee classic because it has the 1-1/4″ threads.
              Am leaning toward getting a trickler and bench top powder drop, sort of leery of too much electrical junk, been rethinking things.

          • Yes and Yes. The last one I looked at was for quick change between dies.

            • Heres a question,,,,
              Whats the deal with a final crimp,
              My Dillon carbide sets all have a crimp die,
              Most competition sets dont,,,
              Should i not worry about crimping?
              Or does it have something to do with deforming the bullet is why they dont crimp for long range

              • Kula
                Use the crimp die. Mostly because if you shot it in a Semi Auto it will keep the slug in place.

                • I figured that was part of the reason for crimping, know the bolt gun guys dont crimp, but guys shooting ARs or M1A all crimp. Do you set your OAL based on mags or distance from lands?

                  • Kula:
                    I set my 308 at 2.0800 to 2.0805 OAL.
                    Case length 1.995 to 2.000. This is what works for me.

              • You have two types of crimps. Taper and roll. Each bullet rifle combination may require something different for max accuracy. I usually slightly taper crimp all of my rounds without a cannelure and a full taper crimp on bullets with a cannelure. The only reason not to crimp at the cannelure is if you are trying to seat the bullet long enough to get it close to the lands of a particular rifle. A whole process to figure out how long is not to long. IF contacts the lands you drive up pressure.

        • KUla:
          I used a RCBS Rock Chucker, and a old Lyman single stag.
          I also use a Lyman Turret One for rifles one for pistols. I use a Lyman powder measurer on both of the turrets. I might only be off by the most .20 one way or the other. But for my sniper round I trickle to the exact powder weight.
          My brother uses the Dillion and loves it.
          If you are going with a progressive go with the Dillion. customer service is 2nd to none.
          The Hornady press is a good out fit. You do know that. At one time they have to pay Dillion for everyone they sold. something to do with copy rights. Honrady also has good customer service.
          All in All I would go with the Dillion.

          • Thanks Sarge, actually have a pair of 550B presses, one set for small primer, one for large. Different powder setups for each tool head and have complete sets for each caliber. Use a Lee classic for decapping and pulling bullets etc, figure i should start doing precision loading if i want to start getting serious with accuracy and consistency.

          • Sarge,,
            Had trouble not full length sizing some NATO cases i got ahold of, was pretty much my fault though, didnt case gauge them and were all out, so wouldnt feed in my semi auto, so far have had pretty good luck with size so far so took for granted the length on that batch of cases, big mistake, but i learn fast, only been loading for about a year and a half.

            • NATO cases come from a bunch of different manufacturers. Like the head stamp LC 85 and a circle with a cross inside. The circle with the cross inside means the load is NATO compliant. LC stands for Lake City and it was manufactured in 1985. Usually NATO brass is heavier and has less case capacity. A couple of other things to do when starting a new load. Cycle them through the intended rifle. I always have the rifle I am loading for in the vise on my other bench. Once I get 3 loaded they get fired at my dirt pile out the back door. Then I look for signs of pressure. Nothing worse than having 100 rounds that won’t cycle or are too hot.

            • Same here Kula. I finally went with a small base sizing die and it seems to have eliminated all of my problems when shooting Mil spec brass in my semi’s. Even full length sizing (mainly 308) would often not allow the round to fully chamber due to a slight bulge near the case head.

              Seat my 308 bullets .015″ off the lands. Moderate taper crimp.

        • Check your powder type, if it’s a rod powder, it can jam up the metering bar, a spherical powder will run through better.

          Myself, my 550B is getting charges to within a grain, so I’m fine with that.

          I would not go to another press. Remove your powder head, then prime/resize on the Dillon as usual, run the shells around the stations to the bin, remove, go to your trickle charger or a separate charging unit and fill your cases there instead of on the 550B, then put ’em back on the Dillon and load the bullets.

          You don’t need match quality ammo with every round, just a certain number at certain times. The expense isn’t warranted for a whole separate system, just some intermediate steps.

          • my biggest problem here is availability of components, living on an island its hard to get powder,,, thats why I was tickled to get 4 8# kegs of Vithavouri N140, will work nicely in my 308 or in the 223 with heavier bullets
            The Dillon is decent, no complaints, just know that I need a little better metering on the powder when super consistent loads are the recipe,,,

            • After reading all that it was like listening to my BIL… 🙂
              Thanks guys…made my eve…

        • Women are mostly useless in SHTF except for cannon fodder

      33. Ive struck it rich. Ive been given a great lot of horse shit! A barn & stables full of horse manure. There was a horse lover that went broke and lost the place. The new owners have given me all the manure in the stables & barn just to clean it up. Its mixed with bedding and rotted into compost. Its full of grub and earth worms. probably ten dump truck loads or about 100 yards of compost. In going to plow it into about two acres of my better land. It should really grow the field corn & pole beans. I hauled two loads today.

        • Wow,. BONUS!

        • Hope it ain’t to Hot. Trekker Out.

          • Never had a problem with my horse poo being too hot. We have been using it for years. The only negative is sometimes you end up with a few extra weeds if you don’t compost it.

            • There haven’t been any horses in the barns & stables for over a year. The manure is already composted its very light a truck load don’t weigh very much. a shovel full seems about the same weight as sawdust. Ive grew sweet clover and plowed it under as a green manure crop. It really helped the red clay that before only grew bitter weed and Po Joe. we then sprigged it with Bermuda grass. we bailed that in small square bales. We then winter fed that hay back in the same field and the cattle manure helped the soil. today 30 years later you would never guess that it was once a cottoned out field devoid of any topsil just red clay.

          • Horse Poop isn’t often to hot. It has a lot of undigested fiber in it. A Horse’s stomach cannot take a lot of grain, they require a lot of hay. Chicken poop and a few others can be to hot.

        • Stop by my place. I could spare you a couple of loads.

        • Good deal; you might want to consider putting it on your poor land. A good green manure crop will help the good land and this could help the poor stuff a lot.

      34. In the years when the Chicago Bulls won the championship series, there were real nasty riots. Fires, looting, shootings etc. The MSM in Chicago flat out denied it and blamed “rowdy fans” for the little bit of news the MSM couldn’t hide. I had a scanner and listened to the police screaming for backup all over the west and south sides of the city. Police were transporting shooting victimes to hospitals in their squad cars because no ambulances were availabe. They were overwhelmed. Suburban police that had borders with the city were deployed to the borders to contain the mobs. So, if something happens they will try to keep you in the dark. Most police are going to digital radios. If anybody knows where to get radios or scanners for listening please post it.

        • Many cities have gone to a trunking system and I know bearcat has an offering or two. Other cities, especially ones with a military presence have switched into a system that uses military grade crypto technologies. There is no product in the civilian marketplace that allows access to this type of system. Attempting to homebrew a device to access the network is highly illegal and inadvisable.

          • Any mouse,thought the fcc states that any signal you can receive is yours.Either way,bet there is a lot on the net about building your own,if illegal,so what,just getting out of bed seems illegal these days.

            • Receiving the signal is one thing, decryption is quite another.

              From what I’ve heard from other hams is that the new systems are using a type of micro-burst packet transmission with heavy poly-morphic encryption coupled with frequency hopping.

              So even if someone managed to find a few frequencies, the traffic would be unintelligible, if even audible to the human ear.

              • I heard Radio Shack or a similar store were selling a digital scanner that would pick up one frequency only, for $500. I don’t need to hear anything that bad.

              • My guess is that decryption actually pretty easy,plenty of computer geeks out there!Bless them little boys and girls that figured out information the best weapon available!,really believe they cannot encrypt for long at all before broken,or,the encryption unbreakable for all,not a bad thing either!

        • Some PDs post the radio chatter on the web… about 15 minutes after the fact. They don’t want criminals having live information.

      35. One side note,disastrous?,just a burning police car.

      36. TPTB control the flow of news. Atlanta had a recent snow/ice “event”. Hundreds of cars abandoned, motorists stranded for almost a day on the expressways, people had to hike to shelters etc. And nobody got mugged? No cars got burglarized? In Atlanta? Anybody from Georgia got anything on this?

        • demographics list 60% black in Atlanta.
          Yes, I guess it was too damn cold?? 😉

        • Maudy;
          I live NE of ATL, in Gwinnett county, and we did not hear of any crime going on during the 36+- hours of the “problem”. I guess that it is true, when it is colder, less crime is commited. Too, there was too much attention for the MSM to concentrate of petty stuff like ordinary crime, we were getting beat up too much for the BMLOF of the mayor and governer…
          But I can only imagine there was some crime commited somewhere, just did not make the news in that certain timeframe. Crazy thing was the week or two before, schools were closed for the single digit temps and no precipitation….
          Since this started around noon, the crowds swamped the interstates, making the mess you saw on TV. In Jan. ’11, it snowed 4-6+ inches on Sunday, and had 1% of the problems, because everyone was home already…

          • My point exactly. There will be no way to know if there is trouble if it doesn’t get reported. We are led by the MSM to think there must not have been crime, because it wasn’t reported. Same thing here in Chicago. On a regular basis the MSM refuses to report “urban crime”. I have to go to local police blogs for news on crime. The MSM in Chicago is currently trying to convince the sheep that the Mayor and his flunky, the Chief, have crime on the run. Nothing could be further from the truth.

            • Agreed, there was probably many crimes commited during that 2 days….

              But meanwhile think on this….

              To test your mental acuity, answer the following questions (no peeking at the answers below!):
              1. Johnny’s mother had three children. The first child was named April. The second child was named May. What was the third child’s name?
              2. A clerk at a butcher shop stands five feet ten inches tall and wears size 13 sneakers. What does he weigh?
              3. Before Mt. Everest was discovered, what was the highest mountain in the world?
              4. How much dirt is there in a hole that measures two feet by three feet by four feet?
              5. What word in the English language is always spelled incorrectly?
              6. Billie was born on December 28th, yet her birthday always falls in the summer. How is this possible?
              7. In British Columbia you cannot take a picture of a man with a wooden leg. Why not?
              8. If you were running a race and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?
              9. Which is correct to say, “The yolk of the egg is white” or “The yolk of the egg are white?”
              10. A farmer has five haystacks in one field and four haystacks in another. How many haystacks would he have if he combined them all in one field?


              1. Johnny.
              2. Meat.
              3. Mt. Everest. It just wasn’t discovered yet.
              4. There is no dirt in a hole.
              5. Incorrectly (except when it is spelled incorrecktly).
              6. Billie lives in the southern hemisphere.
              7. You can’t take a picture with a wooden leg. You need a camera (or iPad or cell phone) to take a picture.
              8. You would be in 2nd place. You passed the person in second place, not first.
              9. Neither. Egg yolks are yellow.
              10. One. If he combines all his haystacks, they all become one big stack.

              • Here is one my kids liked.

                If it takes you two hours to dig a hole to plant a tree, how long does it take to dig half a hole?

              • You can’t dig half a hole.

                • You can dig half a round hole.

                  • Top half or bottom half?

              • The butchers shop caught on fire… what did the butcher do?

                • Had a BBQ?

                • He grabbed his meat and beat it

        • Someone was just arrested for stealing the abandoned cars with a wrecker. Welcome to the ATL where it’s all the way live.

      37. Ok NOW we can panic: A classicial economist… and Harvard professor… preaching to the world that one’s money is not safe in the US banking system due to Ben Bernanke’s actions? And putting his withdrawal slip where his mouth is and pulling $1 million out of Bank America?

        O hedge top story, is this going to start the bank runs?

        • He had money in BofA??
          Well, I question his business savvy right there!!!

        • I think bank runs are coming. Look at what happened in Greece? They were fleeced! A couple of Molotov cocktails, and some public demonstrations. The NWO order response…”we got this!”.

          that is all

      38. ALL CRIMINAL tricksters
        proceed to imprison all
        behind a wall rising tall
        built with bricks
        made from mixture
        of HATE, SPITE AND GALL!
        Those trapped inside have
        no-where to hide
        from prying intruders
        and sycophantic suitors
        who have shattered the windows
        to the soul and,
        like the THIEF IN THE NIGHT,
        silently crept inside.
        Now the imprisoned
        CRY OUT IN VAIN,
        the greater their pride.

      39. I expect price suppression to end in the metals markets. I expect price increases of 500% before any weakening in the US dollar. Those of us with sufficient metals holdings stand to make a lot of money when that happens. Maybe after that happens I’ll sell my one ounce silver coins for $100 a piece on craigslist as I need cash.

        • We’ve already experienced 1000% loss in value of the dollar from 1970. When people say the dollar is strong, they mean against other currencies. The Central Banks of other countries are also destroying their currencies. Perhaps faster than our government is destroying our dollar. Prices in the US aren’t really going up. The dollars’ buying power is going down. Thus it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of goods. It’s actually a form of taxation under the radar.

      40. The worst drought in California history is in progress. The Governor is asking people to turn the water off when they brush their teeth. Somebody should get a running start and punch him right in the mouth! How much water do 10 million illegal aliens use in California? I’ll turn my water knob off when they pry it from my cold dead hands.

        • I’ve read several accounts that the air force responsible for chemtrails(geoengineering weather)is working double time spraying skies in Ca. trying to undo the mess they have made.

          California?? Is it true?
          There is a satellite site that shows, but I can’t remember the link.
          The air force haven’t been here for a week.

          • I don’t believe in chem trails. There’s supposed to be killing us but there’s no evidence of declining life expectancy among white Americans.

            • I don’t believe in chem trails either. Just a distraction. Stick to the facts.

              • Not believing in something does not make it any less of a reality. My brother didn’t believe that 2 jets knocked down 3 buildings in NY but they did. How that happened is beyond me but that is the situation none the less and I am not about to throw links or facts or patents or even pilots admitting of spraying chemtrails because there are no chains that can bind a man as tight as the chains of ones belief. But what I don’t understand, if that is not chemtrails spreading out from the jets and turning the whole sky white, then what is it? Are my eyes lying to me?

                • When I was growing up we kids always looked for those trails. They were called con-trails, from the incidental water vapor produced by combustion condensing in the colder air at altitude.
                  I’m not saying TPTB wouldn’t, just that so far I haven’t seen compelling evidence of an on-going widespread program that is well enough run to suppress pictures of the necessary equipment installed on planes.

                  • Funny thing, SWFL. I used to look for contrails in the sky in the 1970’s. They were Very rare then. There certainly weren’t any trails going from horizon to horizon,

                    If you haven’t seen compelling evidence of an on-going widespread program,SWFL … then you need glasses.

                    …Or, you’re earning your pay today?

                    Que this bit from the Colbert Show:

                    Although the theory behind spraying particles into the atmosphere has been known since Lyndon Johnson’s presidency, Keith claims it’s never been put into practice.

                    “Maybe it’s happening already,” theorizes Colbert. “You ever look at those planes up there? They have contrails behind them, maybe all those planes with the contrails maybe they’re actually spraying chemicals into the atmosphere right now and Uncle Sam isn’t telling us.”

                    “It seems extremely unlikely..” Keith stammers.

                    “..that the United States is not telling something to its citizens? That seems extremely likely to me,” Colbert declares, to an eruption of applause. “I think they might have your idea already.”” …

            • huh ???

              you need to look into that again cause your wrong .

              dead wrong .


              • Nina O

                Flat earth society members…

                Probably,most likely, believe that 911 was orchestrated by bin laden..

                and support tsa nsa fbi dhs security checks to keep us safe

                and believe that muslims are all out to get us for our freedom…

                must I continue???


            • My husband’s a logger of over 35 years.
              Ask him and forester’s what is killing the trees in the forests from ground up.
              Go to Hawaii and ask what is killing pineapple trees from the bark in.

            • keep the barn doors closed

            • Barn Cat! I thought you were smarter than that.
              Do some research.

              • Where’s the proof? Are people sicker? Dying at younger ages?Are rare forms of cancer more common today? No, none of it is true.

                • Alzheimer’s disease doesn’t just steal memories. It takes lives.

                  The disease is now the sixth leading cause of death in the U.S., and figures released Tuesday by the show that deaths from the disease increased by 68 percent between 2000 and 2010.

                  “It’s an epidemic, it’s on the rise, and currently [there is] no way to delay it, prevent it or cure it,” says , a neuroscientist with the Alzheimer’s Association. More than 5 million people in the U.S. have the disease, she says, and that number could reach nearly 14 million by 2050.

                  Aluminum causes Alzheimer’s and that and Barium is the main component in the chemtrails so even tho I said I wouldn’t try to convince you, here is your proof.

                  There is currently a huge jump in Alzheimer’s and it is going to get worse. How better to control a population then to create a bunch of zombies?

                  Barncat, do some research instead of just spewing crap.

          • We see chemtrails almost every day from the unobsructed plains of Texas. Different from contrails in that they spread out instead of disappear and often make X’s or parallel lines. Not sure what is in them but they are real.

            • I see them any time there is a clear day. Crystal clear sky …..and then the planes start with the chem-trails. Next thing you know…the sky is hazy.

              These are not the contrails I used to see as a kid growing up in Texas. These things do not dissipate. They spread out and create wispy clouds.

              • I’m curious- you have seen things I haven’t. Do these trails your calling chem-trails exist on the same days and at the same altitudes (as near as you can tell from the ground) as con-trails? I could see a vapor spreading out in a layer along a temperature differential but it should happen the same with everything in the same area.

                • The sprays are different.
                  I have witnessed the blanket effect in just 2 hours.
                  I have also witnessed the criss cross grids and then 30 minutes later, blown away by the wind.
                  I have been watching these for over 5 years.
                  When you see a satellite picture of our states and the grids are so obvious, then you will become a true believer.
                  Another thing. These planes are piloted by Air Force personnel; check with an ATC employee and he will tell you flying in grids is one of the biggest no nos and will get them fired if they ever allowed planes to do that.
                  They have NO control of these planes. NONE!

                  • Oh, I’m sure all here have seen or read about the snow that won’t melt and has plastic in it.
                    We are getting 2-4 inches tonight.
                    I want to see if it will melt.
                    I just watched a video and it took 6 minutes OVER a wood burning stove for a drop to occur. The ice ball from the freezer started melting in 11 seconds.
                    I saw it; I watched it. Unbelievable!!!
                    Fake snow.
                    I also saw his deck and where the snow was melting, no water!!

                  • I’m 25 miles from Bowling Green. I find it odd that there are days, many days, with no flight activity at all.
                    Not one plane.
                    Then one day, early in the morning planes begin flying the grid.
                    I counted 7 one day–and that left 14 or more grids because they turn around and fly back.
                    I also saw a passenger?? plane fly next to the plane spraying and it only left contrails–not chemtrails.

                    Also, for those debunkers, explain if these are contrails, how can the spray be stopped and started within full view. Contrails are ice crystals.
                    Just a little of my observations.

                  • @JayJay

                    That snow video has been debunked. The guy was using very dry fluffy snow. When he uses the blowtorch, you can see the water being sucked into the rest of the snow by capillary action.

                    He might as well have been melting an ice cube on top of a dry sponge.

                  • It sounds like a religion with “true believers.” I have been in most every southeastern state except Louisiana and Mississippi, plus Texas north to North Dakota, and Pennsylvania, New York, and southern Ontario, and I have never seen these “chemtrails.” I guess my mere presence banishes them. And I spend a lot of time looking up at our clear blue skies. That’s why the color “Carolina blue” exists.

                  • Archivist, either you’re blind as a bat, or a liar.

                    If you’ve traveled as much as you say you have, and you haven’t noticed them, it’s one or the other.

                    And that’s a fact, Jack.

                  • Thank you. It’s nice to ask a question and receive an answer instead of an insult.

                  • SWFL says:
                    Comment ID: 2927785
                    February 3, 2014 at 6:25 am

                    Thank you. It’s nice to ask a question and receive an answer instead of an insult.
                    -This was addressed to Jay Jay. Others are apparently more interested in contention than in sharing information.

                  • I saw no blowtorch video–this was a man with a ice ball from HIS freezer and a snow ball from HIS yard over a wood burning stove!
                    I watched the filming of this.

                • thank you Swfl..I have much knowledge on this subject.
                  Been reading and studying for a few years.
                  Those that even suggest these are normal occurrences over a farm field in Montana 100 miles from an airport are delusional.

                  • We each have areas of more interest to us and on which we have focused. The nice thing about this site is we can share information- no one has time to study it all. This is one area I have not pursued.

        • We’re at 50% snow pack up here in Washington state, going to be dry all along the west coast.

      41. OMG! riots…riots. OMG! 🙂

      42. No, MadMarkie:

        The underground economy is estimated to be $2 trillion per year. The whole economy is about $15.7 trillion per year.

      43. There will be no riots. Riots occur due to social injustice or soccer games in Europe. There will be looting, murder and thug activity.

        • got lotsa coffee, ammo and batteries for the NVG’s to help thin-out the thug population…..sniper class coming up later this month. Can’t wait!

        • Sorry 10MM, you can’t use the “T” word that’s racist. After one of the “N’s” in the playoffs for the super bowl was called a “T” he complained that it was the same as being called a “N”. Man, and we thought only the Government used alphabet titles. One of these days Webster will have to put out a dictionary for us common folk, explaining what each letter stands for. Trekker Out.

          • MT, I’ll use that T word all I choose. The PC crowd can go to hell. Some of those black athletes have earned the title of thug.

            • Isn’t it odd that the “F” word is fine, in even the most cultured circles, but your looked at as if you were the lowest of the low if you use the “n” word.

      44. Secretary of Defense William Cohen publicly stated in a DOD conference that chemtrails and HAARP technologies exist…

        WATCH this video..

        By meteorologist Scott Stevens..20 year veteran..



        • That was a pretty good film, posseecom.

          It’s too bad that most people just simply do not care.

      45. Let’s dance.

      46. Off Topic – John B. Wells Fired, or, Quit, Coast to Coast. I posted the link, but it is in moderation.

      47. While most of us here see this article as preaching to the choir, there may be a few stragglers left to come to this conclusion of when not if. Personally I agree more with Durango Kidd about the economy. Those that print the money can make the rules, but that can only work so long and if other counties play along. Really I’m not looking forward to any shtf event. I have a 1yo and don’t want to raise her in this type of shit or get killed myself. I’m not nearly as prepared as many of you here although if chaos were to stay away from this small town I know we would be just fine albeit not as comfortable. I don’t really prep per se but am more like a 91 y.o. Trapped in a 31 y.o. body. At least this site gives me hope that there are at least a few semi-sane folks left. If we should ever meet in tumultuous times know that I’ll do my best to help you folks. Hell, I’d even help eisen although his comments about vets were shitty at best. Take care folks.

        • NR,prepping even on limited budget is easy to a degree,the smalls add up.A few bags of rice here,some canned stuff there,a few basic medical supplies,it adds up.Look around your home also,what can you use for different uses in a tough situation,just accepting that this might happen is the hardest thing I believe,that said,you have someone depending on you so get thinking/prepping!I will to the best of my ability try and take in orphans(2&4 legged),figures,have no kids and went to great lengths medically to ensure that,can see the gods screwing with me yet again!I do also believe I am not alone in this but you can’t count on it.On a side note,a ^’2″long haired/leather wearing/beer drinking/cigarette smoking/knife carrying/gun toting/motorcycle riding/wild eyed rock and roll mother fucker does not good parenting make!That said,if necc. will in a pinch do what I can(including finding better homes!).The gods know have helped raise/care for many friends kids in past,guess like riding a bicycle.Just keep reading/thinking/planning and have questions just ask,tis what site and forum is for,best of luck!

      48. TPTB who are fully owned by the global banksters are tiptoeing around the 2nd Amendment as they slowly strip America’s citizens of their wealth, faith, freedom, privacy, self-recognition, economy, future and will to stand-up….

        IMHO nothing will change, they will continue to shove their big red-white and blue dick down our throats and we’ll take it from them…the same way the subservient Brits obediently take it in the ass from their Rothschild-owned and selected body-politic…. until one of two things happens:

        1) They go for the guns. If this happens, I predict between 5 and 10 MILLION red-blooded Americans who still think the U.S. Constitution IS the law of the land will take up arms and declare open-season on the Feds, the banks, the MSM, the democratic party, and anybody who is connected to Wall Street’s fat cats.

        It will be bloody, ugly, destructive, and we might even see UN troops called-in which would seeeeriously suck.

        2) Unforeseen disaster forces our hand. EMP, A Carrington event dirty bomb, regular nuke, NBC attack, another 911 event, another overseas war, banking crash etc. throws the entire control calculus of the untouchables that own our government off and all hell breaks loose.

        Either way, millions will die, the control system we have struggled under since 1913 will be challenged, the economy will change forever….any maybe if we all hold onto a copy of our U.S. Constitution….and our chosen book of faith….when the dust settles America might just reemerge and once-again pull all humanity up and out of the ashes.

        In the meantime….uncle sam’s Rockefeller/Rothschild-greased big fat dick in firmly planted up our collective ass.

        • Risky Wiskey
          That I am afraid that is the most likely scenario , a similar likely scenario is our dear leader goes to far and pisses off his own progressives and a civil war develops in their own ranks , o b u bummer Has seriously pissed off a lot of his own party by turning down the pipline deal with Canada again .

          Which runs through a lot of his parties states and could provide 40,000 new jobs.
          Wait till the full ramifications of the affordable care act are in place , it’s getting hard to find doctors now and some hospitals do not have doctors on staff at night . Wait til they get the bills for their premiums ! The powder keg is lit one can only guess how this is going to progress.

          Anyone out there having trouble finding web gear , survival equipment , seems to be in very short supply lately even on amazon , , ammo and firearms seems to be drying up again?

          Either way I do not think we are going to vote our way out of this this time .
          The skill sets needed to resist are there only the will to use them at the appropriate time is not set.



          Semper Fi 8541

          • Night Breaker.

            Web gear is drying up. Lots of what hits the flea markets is torn and ragged. Ammo cans are expensive. Pay 10-15 dollars for 50 cal. can. Hardly any gear from the middle east arena. Army/Navy stores are high in prices. Most stuff is small to medium size. Under 30 in waist. Kevlar helmets are priced $60 at flea market and $90 to $125 at A/N stores. Flack and body armor does show up at times. $85 to $150 for 1995 flack jackets. Vietnam era gear is getting scarce. ALICE type.

            • Night Breaker.

              Ever wonder what is going to happens to Dick’s Sporting Goods or Academy or Gander Mountain when it goes down. Your local A/N surplus will be closed.

              Now think about putting men in the field? What is a combat load? How are you going to carry all that stuff without killing yourself.
              Think about how much gear YOU NEED and then think about gearing up a squad of eight men.

              Most people are going to show up with NOTHING!

              • Slingshot I am pretty much set as far as gear just trina to replace some of the heavier stuff with titanium stuff (just got a titanium canteen and canteen cup with canteen cover and working up a tactical tailor fight light battle belt) to lesson the weight with lighter weight quality gear. Just topping off the supply and adding some items to the inventory for when people show up with nothing .

                I try to keep my total combat load level One stuff ( basic combat load on battle belt / plate carrier) below 25 lbs with ammo , total l & 2 load under 40 lbs maximum total ruck load depending on season. Lighter in summer think LRRP gear .

                Just an observation of what is out there , GI ammo cans are almost impossible to get in my area LGS dont have any and I am not paying 25.00 for them.unfortunately due to our communist state government ( the progressive state of NJ to qote the criminal ex governer Corizine) we do not have gun shows here.

                I don’t think we are going to have to worry about Dicks Sporting Goods , they have no ammo , no guns in stock and have really crappy Chinese make items . I don’t think they are going to be in business much longer by the looks of it. I tend to support my LGS the guy is pro liberty.

                Fight Light freeze at night.

                live Hard Die Free



                Semper Fi 8541

                • I hate auto spell

                  Semper Fi 8541

              • This will not be a conventional war so it should not be fought as such. The guy dashing about with a bunch of taticool or a/n surplus is going to be a bumbling idiot’s tool target. Think Viet Cong. Not Wesley Snipes.

            • SS,do see a lot of new Molle packs on net still reasonable.I got one and added some supplement bags,have taken hiking and really like it,hopes that helps with any looking for back pack bugout gear.

        • how do we get united and start to form peacefully. we need to get all on the same page. Do we start a website up and get on infowars to unite people who follow the laws. how do we get started. Any ideas

          • Clint,need to start with who you know,close friends/family you can trust,folks get hungry even friends may become a enemy.On a larger scale these connections can build thru the same ways of knowing someone/trusting but look at history and the govt. infiltration/manipulation of groups be it occupy/anti war/you get the point.Do the best you can with those close to you and if/when it all goes south be willing to help others and fight like hell.You stay in hiding while others slaughtered/starved/ect. soon you will be all that is left,not a enviable spot.For some like me,with no family/kids to take care of easier to be cavalier about just going for it and taking a few to the rock in hell with me,will also try and help others just get by,guess will be whatever I come across first that calls out to me.You need to take stock of your own goals/desires if things go south,thing I see folks forget to envision beyond surviving(very important!)is how do they see them selves and what do they even envision doing on the other side of man made/natural disaster,only you can figure that one out,tis a bitch to wrap your head around!That said,every journey/first step/blah blah blah!

          • CH

            Not going to happen.

          • Clint-

            Distance..lack of face to face personal investment/trust..resources..comms——-vs——-the enemy’s domination of media..govt..academia & monetary control/military power etc..etc.

            ..means that any decent sized org., that appears in resistance to their agenda will be infiltrated/marginalized then destroyed, either from induced conflict within or overt by police/military dominance-intervention, if/when it suits them**..

            ..**(and I think they’re itching for the chance/opportunity, per another WACO..scene #2/act #2..just to display their domestic version of “SHOCK & AWE”, so as to intimidate the populace permanently)..


            ..once one understands the reality of the old cliche’ that a leopard cannot change its spots..and applies said understanding to govt/monetary/banking power..you have epiphany!

            ..and the only hope, per a successful rebellion of the populace lies in the fact, that the resistance must grasp onto the axiom that goes:

            ..ultimate power exits the “GUN BARREL”..as viewed thru a mil-dot scope!!!!!!


            The bankers..the politicians..the bureaucrats..govt law enforcement..the NWO movers & shakers..the Agenda-21 hacks..the Wall St. gurus/investment houses and especially the neo-con pundits combined………cannot win a sniper’s war!!!!

            ..’cuz its true, that the only thing that tyranny/wickedness fears…is getting ITS ASS SHOT OFF!!!

            Thus, peaceful resistance/demonstrations will be “BRUTALLY SQUASHED” or outlawed soon!

            ..the enemy always seeks to insure some kinda law/dictate, that substantiates their evil designs/intentions..while eliminating your rights/ability to resist..

            ..under the color of LAW!!! –(their laws, mind you)–


            Thus, its gonna take offensive action, nothing less!

            Its gonna require resource denial into the enemy’s headquarters (NYC & DC) and all liberal encampments/bastions nationwide!

            Its likely to require a “SCORCHED EARTH” policy on the part of the resistance.

            ..and it mandates a trust in GOD for help/guidance/protection and a shitload of courage/sacrifice on the part of those possessing the honor/heart…to volunteer/participate in the 2nd REVOLUTION!


            ..we’ve wasted too much time searching for peaceful answers/solutions..while the PTB, utilizing the organs of the state and the media, have thus far:

            successfully..divided/marginalized/digitized/categorized/demonized and even brutalized us..under the guise that we’re..


            ..and they’ve laid siege to our rear areas..per (attempted) brainwashing of our progeny in the public education/indoctrination ‘camps’..and attacks/legislation against individual property rights/small scale farming-animal husbandry/non-big pharmacy medicine/draconian DSS bullshit etc..etc!


            IMO, we have but “ONE WAY OUT”.

            ..we’d best prepare for it “RFN”!!!!!!***

            ***(Right F%#king Now!).

            • Hunter.

              I agree.

              But until the general public feels the pain of the “Tyranny Stick” being broken off in their ass by our government, Nothing Will Happen.

              • Slingshot-


                Makes one wonder if the words…general public, has become a “generic term” for collective-masochism nowadays!?!

                ..rest assured, there will be a small percentage (initially, I think)..who’re oath-committed, to throwing sand-in-the gears of the tyrants and their supporting echelons/base.

                ..many patriots will become statistics on some NWO regional HQ’s paper-print out as a KIA, and much pontificated upon by their propaganda organs..but also included (not for public release), will be an addendum script, detailing the level of vengeance/destruction of said KIA, per his/her achieved tally, to extract retribution/justice!


                ..we’re only HERE for a short duration(time)..

                ..thus, we are, what we do, when it counts!!!


                It is widely understood/accepted, that GOD abhors cowards to the cause/desires of/per his will and for mankind to resist EVIL, both spiritually & physically…

                ..thus IMO, said KIAs will be able to say, come judgement day:

                “..yes LORD, I defended your truths, your wishes, my family, the unborn, individual human freedom and my brethren, per your will..etc!

                ..I wasn’t a coward!!!


                ..all the best to you, Slingshot!

          • Any ideas? Yes, you don’t. Groups are easy to infiltrate and leaders assassinate. 3 man teams of trusted individuals is the max unless you do a town thing in a m max world.

      49. The world can’t end now. I’m not ready so I won’t allow it… I won’t cooperate or comply. It can’t happen until after my briskets are corned, my sausage is ground, the sauerkraut finishes souring and the potatoes are planted. Then, I have several large trees I have to cut down, cut up, split and stack for next winter. While SHTF has already been going on now for over a decade, I’ve ignored it by and large and continued doing what I can to prepare for when the lights go out for the long term. I do read a lot of news but I’ll continue to ignore SHTF… unless the golden hoard decides to come onto my property and start looting, then I’ll treat them like I would treat any other rabid or wild beast. I suppose wife and I are luckier than most folks since unlike most people we grow or make just about everything we consume that is necessary to survive and have stocked up on a lot of stuff we can’t make. Cut and stack our own wood, make our own charcoal, make our own bread, make our own sausage and corned beef, make our own sauerkraut, make our own hominy from scratch, grow our own vegetables and some fruits and can a lot of them and do a lot of other things that most people don’t. It hasn’t always been this way. Having said that, I can say it is possible to start from scratch and in a couple years be somewhat self sufficient. Now, for all of you who are thinking in terms of “when” SHTF, you are going to do this, that or the other, I’ve got some news for you… shit has already hit the fan and has been stinking up our country for quite some time so I would suggest that whatever this, that, or the other is, in your mind, you git going and do it. Wake up. just saying.

      50. Oh… I forgot to mention. We also grow our own tobacco, make our own wine, make our own bullets (although have bought a lot of both), and just got though building a forge in order to make and or repair things that otherwise couldn’t be made or repaired without one. If that’s any inspiration to up and coming preppers then fine, otherwise just ignore me cause I’m just an old fart “baby boomer” that knows nothing and is probably responsible for all the woes to today’s whippersnappers.

        • CrabbeNeb-

          Oh NO…say it ain’t so, dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Eisencrap’s continuous loop monolog of boomer-fault-itus has managed to infect you with mega-guilt??!!??


          Hunter’s advice:

          ..guzzle a bottle of that homemade wine, stalk/chase your better 1/2 into the bedroom..have a good time burning calories!

          ..in the morning, walk out to the porch, breathe deeply..look east..watch the sunrise over your property and thank GOD for such..then scratch your balls, smile and say aloud:

          Thanks GOD..for letting me and mine live another day!

          ..and please HELP the Eisen-type whipper-snappers, get their head outta their assess..’cuz time is short..


      51. Major earthquake in the Kermadec Islands on the Australian plate just like forecasted in an above comment. It was very late on the 16th day, technically one day late, but it did hit. This earthquake prediction works 85-87% of the time and gave the correct location. It should have hit bt Friday, but one day late is not too bad. At least it is showing the correct plate. New Guinea to Soloman Islands is still very likely for a very large earthquake, even eastern Indonesia. Oh by the way it is day 10 since the proposed possible beginning of the end of the economy. It shall be interesting next week to see what happens to the markets and the prices of precious metals.

        As more precursor earthquakes occur it will further narrow down the area(s) to be hit. Still regard the Austrailian plate, Cocos and Nazca plates, northern Pacific plate, the western Philippines plate, and the northeastern corner of the Caribbean plate hot and dangerous as the precursor quakes pointed to something larger.

          • OH—F U C K!!!! Our worse night mare.. I would take a total all out nuclear war over a full Yellowstone eruption.. shit shit shit this is bad news.

            • Am researching for any other info.. might be a lie..

        • BI. Do you have anything on Yuris post below. Sorry I just had to ask because of Mt.Sinagung erupting. Thanks

      52. CrabbeNebulae says: 7 1/2 hours later…

        Comment ID: 2927250
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        February 2, 2014 at 7:04 am
        The world can’t end now. I’m not ready so I won’t allow it… I won’t cooperate or comply. It can’t happen until after my briskets are corned, my sausage is ground, the sauerkraut finishes souring and the potatoes are planted. Then, I have several large trees I have to cut down, cut up, split and stack for next winter. While SHTF has already been going on now for over a decade, I’ve ignored it by and large and continued doing what I can to prepare for when the lights go out for the long term. I do read a lot of news but I’ll continue to ignore SHTF… unless the golden hoard decides to come onto my property and start looting, then I’ll treat them like I would treat any other rabid or wild beast. I suppose wife and I are luckier than most folks since unlike most people we grow or make just about everything we consume that is necessary to survive and have stocked up on a lot of stuff we can’t make. Cut and stack our own wood, make our own charcoal, make our own bread, make our own sausage and corned beef, make our own sauerkraut, make our own hominy from scratch, grow our own vegetables and some fruits and can a lot of them and do a lot of other things that most people don’t. It hasn’t always been this way. Having said that, I can say it is possible to start from scratch and in a couple years be somewhat self sufficient. Now, for all of you who are thinking in terms of “when” SHTF, you are going to do this, that or the other, I’ve got some news for you… shit has already hit the fan and has been stinking up our country for quite some time so I would suggest that whatever this, that, or the other is, in your mind, you git going and do it. Wake up. just saying.
        CrabbeNebulae says:
        Comment ID: 2927281
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        February 2, 2014 at 8:20 am
        Oh… I forgot to mention. We also grow our own tobacco, make our own wine, make our own bullets (although have bought a lot of both), and just got though building a forge in order to make and or repair things that otherwise couldn’t be made or repaired without one. If that’s any inspiration to up and coming preppers then fine, otherwise just ignore me cause I’m just an old fart “baby boomer” that knows nothing and is probably responsible for all the woes to today’s whippersnappers.

        • Crab,wood for next winter should already be split and ready!I will say have to go overdrive a bit on wood,gave some to neighbors when their heat went down and they are now starting to make up their own and am giving a few cords to a friend who got laid off.Was a till recently much colder then average winter in these parts.It is acts like this that will kill me in a SHTF scenario,my only thought is I don’t act like this might as well already be dead!

          • Warchild I hope there are more like you in a SHTF scenario. I will also do my best for whoever I can. Like you said it can get you killed but why bother living if there is no humility left.

      53. Kane county gun show next Sunday at the Kane County Fairground west of St. Charles, Il. Be there or be square.

      54. Does anyone know the max shelf life of canned vegetables? Tomatoes,green beans etc. What about store bought? I’m considering canning on my own. Just don’t know if it is worth the effort.

        • dub.
          The shelf life is about 5 to 7 years on grean beans, peas, corn, Ect. Tomatoes and any thing that has a high acid the self life is about 4 to 5 years.
          Some fruits in a can will last as long as veggies, but you have to watch out for any fruit that has acids in them like oranges, pineapple, ect.
          If you keep them in a steady cool temperature between 45 to 65 degrees, give or take a degree.
          DON’T go by the date that is on the can. That is a sell date, that is when the veggies will have the best flavor.
          I date my can goods from the day I buy them. I just made a pot of soup last week with my last bunch of veggies dating back to 2000 and the were just fine.
          Just remember if the can is dented bad or if it is bulged or if you push on the lid and it pops up at you the food is NO GOOD!!!!
          I hope this helps!;-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Northern Reb says, “The shelf life is about 5 to 7 years on grean beans, peas, corn, Ect.”

            I wonder about that:

            “In 1974, samples of canned food from the wreck of the Bertrand, a steamboat that sank in 1865, were tested by the National Food Processors Association. Although appearance, smell and vitamin content had deteriorated, there was no trace of microbial growth and the food was determined to be still safe to eat.” … – Wikki

            But yeah, if the can is dented bad [at the seam or the lids] or if it is bulged or if you push on the lid and it pops up at you the food is NO GOOD!!!!

            • Average:
              Was this canned food underwater all that time?
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • Northern Reb asked, “Was this canned food underwater all that time?”


                Does it matter?

        • I ate canned green beans 20 years old(summer of 2012, labeled 1992!!!0; I ate tomatoes and tomato juice 15 years old.
          All home canned using the water bath method.
          It’s worth the effort.
          Easier, less space, less time consuming??

          • JayJay:
            You are right about home canned foods, they are in glass jars not tin cans. The food will last alot long in glass.
            If they are keep cool and in a dark place.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • @dub

          Store bought canned items will last longer under the right conditions, but home grown, home canned *anything* is light years better! If you can, get BOTH a water bath canner (very inexpensive)and a good pressure canner. You cannot can meats with a water bath canner consistently and safely, always use a pressure canner for that. You wouldn’t believe how EASY it is to ‘dry can’ things like hamburger!. Forget the freezer…dry canning ROCKS! I would like to see some more articles on here regarding the topic from the likes of Daisy or others…I can add much to the discussion as well.

          How about it- @MAC or @Daisy? This would be very *USEFUL* information to post on here for all. If you want loads of information feel free to contact me- @MAC has my email.

          • Socrates

            Bought a presto pressure canner few years back for 50 plus on sale…perfect every time!

            Instead of canning individual items, we put up complete meals in a jar for worse case scenarios..no heat, no water..just open and eat if need be..

            Combined proteins(meat,chicken,or pork) with both leafy greens and root veges,legumes,garlic and /or onions,seasonings, herbs etc…

            Unfortunately grains and pastas are not recommended as they break down over time and turn to mush in the process..

            I could put up 48 jars quart size for the same price as a case of #10’s from any of the competitors out there..plus..God knows what’s in the meals..preservatives,gmo’s etc etc..

            We prefer all non gmo..mostly organic raised anyways..

            If we are to prolong our meager existence, we must input wholesome foods in the first place..and know their origins.

            As a chef by trade..I try to balance our intake with a combination of small proteins and larger amounts of grains,legumes,green and root veges..along with ample amounts of garlic!!!


            • **God knows what’s in the meals..preservatives,gmo’s etc etc.**
              Exactly. I didn’t save any money dehydrating and powdering my own eggs @ $2 a dozen; but they are pure (well, as pure as the farm fresh eggs) and without preservatives.

              • Thanks fo all the input. I’m sure I will have more questions later.

      55. Riots? The only riots that happen around here are at Walwort during black Friday.

      56. Obama’s commitment to Democracy:

        1. The first problem I have with Obama is how much he has the liberal media in his back pocket. It’s no wonder that our nation is a mess when you have the press unwilling to directly criticize the president for his disastrous policies. The NSA scandal, the IRS scandal, Obamacare, Benghazi, and Syria have all been huge failures that should have deeply marred Obama’s presidency. If the liberal media is willing to give him a pass on these major missteps, I have to wonder if they would say anything negative if Obama decided do something crazy like make himself president for life.
        2. Obama’s obsession with surveillance should worry people who care about their freedom. All police states need a good spy network to maintain order. Obama keeps telling us that the target of the NSA is terrorists. The Snowden revelations should trigger a major reassessment of the government’s role in our lives. Any system that requires enslavement to maintain security is a cost that is too high.
        3. Another fixation with Obama is getting revenge on people or organizations that dare cross him. When S&P downgraded the ranking of America’s debt, the Justice Department indicted the firm, leaving two other rating agencies untouched. Just last week, Dinesh D’Souza, the maker of an anti-Obama movie, was charged for giving too much money to a candidate who sought to replace former New York Senator Hillary Clinton. Anyone who leaks information to the media has to do so knowing that the White House will go to any length to find them out.
        4. I’m also troubled by Barack Obama’s use of executive orders to set policy. He has already told Senate Democrats he plans to use his executive authority to act in 2014 when Congress stands in his way. The reason why the Founding Fathers made it so only Congress can write laws, is to avoid autocratic rule. When you allow the president to be a dictator in some areas, you set into motion a process that will quickly give him power over all areas of government.
        5. The move that makes me the most suspicious about Obama’s intentions is his mass firing of military leadership. The president has the highest record for firing generals than any in living memory. Things have gotten so bad that a number of retired generals are publicly speaking out about the “purge” of the U.S. military that they believe is taking place. Since the military leaders are sworn to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic it’s necessary to weaken the resolve of the military ranks.
        Our nation is ripe for political turmoil. Despite all the claims of an economic recovery, a record percentage of the population is dependent on the government for some form of welfare. We have so thoroughly set our course with decades of harmful fiscal policies, the collapse of the dollar or banking system is only a matter of time.
        One of the reasons I am so concerned about the government’s encroachment on our civil liberties is the likelihood of what will happen in the coming financial calamity. If President Obama is able to clip-away at our rights in good times, I hate to think what will happen when things turn desperate.

        Passing it on, was sent to me.

        • Why do the republicans in congress not take action? They are the ones who could possibly hold Obama accountible, but they do nothing.

          • dub:
            They don’t want the big cities to burnt down.
            Just think of all those Obamaniacs with there free food, free phones, free housing, free utilities, free rides.
            Hell those Zombie mopes would riot and that would start the end of the world as we know it.
            As I type this it just dawned on me. Maybe that would be the best thing that could happen.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • B52’s could be used with napalm bombs for ghetto riot supression, choppers with vulcan mini guns, puff the magic dragon….Riots can be supressed, revolts quelled, insurrections put down.

          • …And don’t that speak volumes, dub?

          • Thats because they dont really care, its all posturing, best thing to happen would be the treasury become insolvent and unable to pay their bills and everything come unglued,,,,
            Next step, open season on these bass turds.

          • dub-

            They(both party members) are previously “certified” by TPTB, prior to any important/national election. Plus they all have some degree of blackmail-ability in their past!

            ..thus they automatically become servants to whatever agenda TPTB desire, per any given outcome relative to legislation..benefiting said Powers That Be!

            ..IMO, its merely Occam’s razor meets Orwell’s 1984..writ large!!!!!

        • Old news. The media RUNS this country indirectly. They tell us what to think, what to say, how to assess information, on and on. If just a couple of big names in the mainstream called the facts straight, there would be no more democrats. Don’t get me wrong, the repubs suck too. We are up shit creek either way. Our positions cannot be changed this late in the game. We are owned by our debt now.

          • Well,Gonetoolong. Imho, our positions could be changed this late in the game if everyone just ignored them all. Quite the opposite of engaging them. I like this bit:

            Read The Hunger Games, you will not be disappointed!

            Not only are they an excellent insight into the Agenda 21/NWO plan–and its inevitable outcome–but unlike other dystopian (near) future novels, they present a plan of resistance.

            And that plan is simple–destroy consent. Use simple symbols to unite where the PTB have divided. Strike the root; de-legitimize the system.

            Larkin Rose talks about how conventional revolutions don’t work in one of his best videos.

            “Until then revolutions don’t do any good. You knock it over, we’ll put up another one. Just as long as people still believe that government can be legitimate, they’ll bicker over who should sit on the throne and what kind of throne it should be. You know, a parliament, or a congress, or a king, or whatever. But as long as they believe in authority, they will set up a new God and it will stomp on them and oppress them to varying degrees, and it will happen over and over again.”

      57. What ticks me off about the war plans they are making is that they are the primary reason why our economy is going in the toilet. They are the reason people will be starving and homeless. Now they are going to detain us illegally, shoot us, put us in camps? To hell with them. They are the ones needing punished and put in prison for decades. They are evil.

      58. Who in their right mind could not love their own mother or daughter? I work retail and I’m so sick of these carpet kissing rag heads treating women like crap. Welcome to America, learn how to speak the local language and be nice to women! Or you can kiss my big, white, american ass!

      59. Oh yeah…. and three words. Take a bath!

      60. Every year same ole crap. Blah blah blah the end is comming buy my products! You will need this to survive just 19.95 plus shipping and handling. Buy Buy Buy! Yet here we all are sitting here talking about it and buying into all the hype making lives easier on the ppl pushing it. I will not give in.

      61. The Cold war is over, What on earth will they use to keep the populace scared? afraid? worried? they will create another bogy man, and call it a Terrorist,or an Al-CIA-Duh..names that mean nothing, but are used to scream BOOO in your face every chance they get.
        This will continue to fund the war chest, the military, and its multi trillion dollar needs, machines, guns, ammo, and dead soldiers that it has used up over time etc.
        It will also be the tool used to strip you of your rights (if you allow) your guns, your freedoms your human being upon this earth, and your rule of law..this is already gone, and many haven’t even woke up to the fact that we are way way fucking late for the dam party!

        This game isn’t just starting people, this game is in full swing, and has been for many decades..
        catching up will be impossible at this point..

        Its not going to take much, but its going to take all you have..and than some

      62. In the words of REM, It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine! Take your fear stories and go worry somewhere else! My Father above is my Rock. Whom shall I fear?

      63. The police state is ALIVE and well…even in places like TEXAS. Remember the TPTB are AFRAID of you and that is why they act like the COWARDS that they are.
        Article from WND:

        Mere presence of gun prompts no-knock raid

        ‘As if firearm could load itself, disengage safety, open door and fire’

        Texas law-enforcement officers conducted a no-knock raid as if a firearm in the home “could somehow load itself, disengage its own safety, open the door, and begin to fire at the police,” according to a brief submitted to the U.S. Supreme Court.

        Attorneys with William Olson P.C. and the the United States Justice Foundation submitted the friend-of-the-court brief this week in a case brought on behalf of John Quinn.

        Quinn was targeted by police because his son – who was suspected of possessing drugs – lived in the same home. His son was absent, and police records reveal they knew that fact when officers broke into Quinn’s home in a no-knock, SWAT-team style forced entry.

        The state admits the raid was based “solely on the suspicion that there were legally owned firearms in the household.”

        The brief was filed by the U.S. Justice Foundation, Gun Owners Foundation, Gun Owners of America, Lincoln Institute for Research and Education, Abraham Lincoln Foundation, Institute on the Constitution, Conservative Legal Defense and Education Fund, U.S. Border Control Foundation, Policy Analysis Center, Downsize DC Foundation and Downsize DC.

        The case began in August 2006 when police in Collin County, Texas, got a warrant for Quinn’s home. Lower courts rejected Quinn’s objection to the “no-knock” entry on the grounds that because police had information that guns were present at the residence, they were justified in making a forced and unannounced invasion.

        WND reported a week ago that lawyers with the Rutherford Institute, who are representing Quinn, asked whether the state could demand that Quinn relinquish his Second Amendment rights to keep his Fourth Amendment rights.

        They argued that tradeoff was impermissible.

        “Although police had obtained a search warrant for John Quinn’s home based on information that Quinn’s son might possess drugs, the warrant did not authorize police to enter the residence without knocking and announcing their entry. During the raid, Quinn was shot by police because he had reached for his lawfully owned firearm, thinking that his home was being invaded by criminals,” Rutherford explained.

        The new friend-of-the-court brief challenges the actions.

        “John Quinn lawfully kept firearms in his home for self-defense, exercising a freedom which this court has recognized to be a ‘core’ and ‘fundamental’ right protected by the 2nd Amendment. Yet based on the presence of firearms alone, the police conducted a no-knock raid, smashing down Quinn’s front door in the middle of the night, leading to his being shot. The police knew that Quinn’s son, Brian, the target of the raid, was not at home, and they knew that Quinn was a law abiding man. Indeed, the state of Texas had certified him as such by licensing him to carry a concealed weapon. Yet the Texas court embraced the prosecution’s theory that the police were in such grave danger from a sleeping man and an inanimate object that they were permitted to dispense with 4th Amendment requirement to knock on the door and announce themselves.”

        If such a precedent stands, the brief argues, the Fourth Amendment essentially has been discontinued.

        “At common law, a person was presumed a trespasser if he was present on the property of another without permission, as the police were in this case. Thus, the police needed to justify their presence in Quinn’s home. Although they had a warrant to search the home, they did not have any valid legal justification for using a battering ram to get through the door, making them nothing more than trespassers,” the brief argues.

        “If the police are now permitted to justify no-knock raids any time there is a firearm in a residence, no American home is safe from a terrifying, middle of the night, home invasion.”

        The Rutherford attorneys said the exercise of one constitutional right “may not permissibly be conditioned on the forfeiture of another constitutional right.”

        “The court denounced such a Catch-22, stating that it is ‘intolerable that one constitutional right should have to be surrendered in order to assert another,’” the attorneys said. “Yet that is precisely what happened to Quinn. In order to preserve his Fourth Amendment right to have the police ‘knock and announce’ their presence before breaking down his door, Quinn was required to forgo his 2nd Amendment right to keep a firearm in his home.”

        John W. Whitehead, president of the Rutherford Institute and author of “A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State,” said that whatever the issue might be, “whether it’s mass surveillance, no-knock raids, or the right to freely express one’s views about the government, we’ve moved into a new age in which the rights of the citizenry are being treated as a secondary concern by the White House, Congress, the courts, and their vast holding of employees, including law enforcement officials.”

        “The disconnect, of course, is that the Constitution establishes a far different scenario in which government officials, including the police, are accountable to ‘we the people,’” he said. ‘For it to be otherwise, for government concerns to trump individual freedoms, with government officials routinely sidestepping the Constitution and reinterpreting the law to their own purposes, makes a mockery of everything this nation is supposed to stand for – self-government, justice, and the rule of law.

        • Much thanks for the post Socrates..

      64. Beretta is moving from Maryland(wonder why?? sarc) and moving to Gallatin, Tn.
        Go Tn…300 jobs and an estimated 4 jobs per employee will be created in that town.

      65. Laws aren’t going to make a hill of beans to people who’ve already lost everything. Anything and everything is on the table for the people who put them in that position.

      66. hello guys… Something is coming. this is not the good ol days anymore. we need to be thinking for ourselves, because the gov is the last that cares about you!! The best thing we can do is learn how to handle any situation and survive. knowledge is power!! Here is a video that helped me a lot..


        hope it helps, good luck everyone!!

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