CDC’s Salmonella Warning: Don’t Dress Up Chickens For Halloween

by | Oct 22, 2018 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has had to warn Americans about the dangers of dressing up their chickens for the upcoming Halloween festivities. The CDC warns that putting your chickens in a costume could result in a salmonella infection.

    The agency says handling chickens to put on a costume on them and cuddling the birds can lead to salmonella exposure and an eventual infection. However, for some chicken owners, like Stephanie Morse, the birds are family and their owners enjoy dressing them up each year. “I just like to put a t-shirt on them or a sweater,” Morse said according to KOAA News 5, an NBC affiliate.

    Salmonella outbreaks have been reported in 29 states, and this time, the strain of bacteria seems to be resistant to drugs making it much more difficult to treat if a person is sickened.  Antibiotics resistance is becoming worrisome to health officials too, as many in developed countries overuse antibiotics, or take them for a virus such as the common cold or the flu. 

    Symptoms of a salmonella bacterial infection, which typically begin 12 to 72 hours after exposure to the bacteria, include diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps and can last four to seven days. Most people infected with Salmonella recover without treatment, though in rare cases, antibiotics are needed for treatment. This particular strain of Salmonella has demonstrated resistance to multiple antibiotics, meaning treatment may be more difficult for the more severe cases. –SHTFPlan

    As of right now, the CDC is still tracking and investigating a current salmonella outbreak and so far it’s reached 29 states, and infected 92 people. The agency says handling chickens could be a contributing factor to the outbreak. But for chicken owners like Morse, it’s as if she was told to not pet her dog.

    “Can you ever imagine not being able to dress up your chickens? Or hold them?” she asked reporters. “No. No. I love to hold them, I love to talk to them. Everybody has names,” Morse said.


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      1. Slow news day, huh?

        • “… I love to hold them, I love to talk to them. Everybody has names,” Morse said…

          Yep, Buffy, Grandma, Uno (only one who live out of a group of hatched eggs),Florinda, Garnet, Chicklett, (2) Little Sisters, Lucy, Buttercup, and Francis the Duck.

          I spend the last hour before sundown sitting with them every night I can, waiting for them to roost.

          So peaceful. So relaxing. Life is good in my back yard with the girls. 🙂

      2. Costumed chickens celebrating Halloween?

        Americans seem to be going farther and farther into the degeneracy of common standards as we progress through the Trump years.

        How long do we have left before we become a failed and broken nation? I’m thinking maybe ten years at the most.

        • Anonymous; Society has been on a noticeable decline since at least the mid-80’s.NAFTA sealed our fate,it was the final nail in the coffin of middle class America.Wherever there’s poverty,there’s always going to be drugs,violence,and a population that see’s little hope for a brighter future.Detroit,for example,was once a booming city,but over the past three decades the city has lost over 50% of the population it had during the 50’s-70’s.Why the massive decline in population? It’s simple;Loss of good paying jobs.What we’re witnessing today has been festering for over 3 decades,it’s just now came to a head,and everybody is noticing.

      3. When these animals were put under my care, I started feeding them more regularly, also supplemented their diets with stomped nuts, weeds, and fallen tree fruit. Within a week, they started laying many dozens of eggs, again.

        When I left these animals, again, they failed to thrive.

        Most jurisdictions no longer have the capacity to care for these birds, in an ordinary, wholesome kind of way. You have far overextended your carrying capacity.

        “Salmonella outbreaks have been reported in 29 states, and this time, the strain of bacteria seems to be resistant to drugs making it much more difficult to treat if a person is sickened.”

        Because of all the people physically touching the animals?

        Under abusive, factory production the smell of the dumpsters carried for over a dozen miles, where live animals where thrown.

        They always want to say that any hands-on interaction with the things that feed us is so dirty, but they’re so infallible, so clean. Wash your hands, then.

        • It’s the same with other sorts of animals that people keep as pets. And like you noted, if you keep them properly fed and clean, they are fine.

          People are pretty filthy creatures also but no one says to stay away from other people. (although there are days I wonder…)

          CDC likes to scare us. And why not? It’s the season.

          • Speaking of the season, pumpkins make good animal feed.

            Whatever these jerks are feeding the animals, these eggs, and also the flesh, come out pale, flavorless, watery, and without texture.

            If wild birds can still survive in your area, what do they eat. A simple person can figure out these problems, intuitively.

      4. I got salmonella(food poison) from eating at a well known sandwich shop. I did not have chicken.

      5. Why would anyone dress up a chicken for Halloween or any other occasion? WTF?

        • “Why would anyone dress up a chicken for Halloween or any other occasion?”

          A.To be unique
          B.Receive attention
          C.Under the influence of drugs
          D.Mentally unstable
          E.Any or all of the above

          Common sense doesn’t exist in a dysfunctional society

        • Because they are retarded left wing communist idiots with nothing better to do?

        • Yeah, I didn’t know this was a thing. I wish I had that kind of time…but still wouldn’t be dressing my chickens.

      6. I can see “costuming” them cut up in pieces with breading and deep fry. or deep fried wings with hot sauce, or well dressed in dry rub and grilled to perfection with a nice Italian dressing style barbecue sauce with a side of corn and mashed potatoes with gravy.

        otherwise…this is mental defect on display to “dress” them up any other way.

      7. In a shtfplan story, from 4 days ago, the CDC said salmonella was linked to raw meat products, packaged in blue states.

      8. Seriously, this is about the most idiotic article I’ve ever read here at SHTF. Well, maybe not the most idiotic, but definitely one of the top fifty.

        Who dresses a chicken before you stuff it?


        • Question: If a rooster laid an egg on the top point of an A-frame house facing north and south, which way would the egg fall?

          • Genius – roosters don’t lay eggs. Hens do. there’d be no egg possible to fall.

            • Ding Ding! We have a winner!

      9. Chickens are nice creatures. The hens will adopt other small species offspring with motherly love.

        • Yep, that’s how my blacks learned to walk.

      10. Seriously, I don’t know how I’m going to break this to the chickens. They have been working on their costumes all week. They’re going to be so disappointed. I can see them now, running around like they lost their heads.

        • Kinda like the antifa chicken’s huh LOL!

      11. I thought this article was for a RECIPE!

      12. This doesn’t have anything to do with PETA’s plans to disguise turkeys as geese and ducks until after Thanksgiving? This is something different? Right? PETA is having a hard time teaching the turkeys to swim and to sound like a duck.

      13. Don’t dress up for Halloween like Pee Wee Herman and Choke the Chicken either !!!

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