CDC Study: Most COVID-19 Cases Were Admitted Mask Wearers

by | Oct 13, 2020 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    A new study released by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released the findings of a new study, in which the overwhelming number of new coronavirus cases came from people who religiously wear masks. The study, which was released in September and ignored by mainstream media and politicians found that masks are ineffective at the prevention of viral infections.

    Read the entire study here.

    The study, which was conducted in the United States in July found that when the CDC compared 154 “case-patients,” who tested positive for COVID-19, to a control group of 160 participants from the same health care facility who were symptomatic but tested negative, over 70 percent of the case-patients were contaminated with the virus and fell ill despite “always” wearing a mask.

    In the 14 days before illness onset, 71% of case-patients and 74% of control participants reported always using cloth face coverings or other mask types when in public,” the report stated.

    In addition, over 14 percent of the case-patients said they “often” wore a face covering and were still infected with the virus. The study also demonstrates that under 4 percent of the case-patients became sick with the virus even though they “never” wore a mask or face covering.

    Despite over 70 percent of the case-patient participants’ efforts to follow CDC recommendations by committing to always wearing face coverings at “gatherings with ≤10 or >10 persons in a home; shopping; dining at a restaurant; going to an office setting, salon, gym, bar/coffee shop, or church/religious gathering; or using public transportation,” they still contracted the virus. –The Federalist

    This more than proves that face masks are ineffective at stopping COVID-19, so why does the CDC still recommend them? Is there something more sinister going on? That’s up to you to decide, but I would personally say it is more than a possibility.

    Are Face Masks & COVID Rituals Occultist Symbols For Submission?

    The Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci, and many political parasites authorities are still encouraging people to wear masks as well. Several states, cities, and other municipalities have even mandated face masks, citing them as one of the main tools to “slow the spread” of coronavirus and keep case numbers in their area down.

    The mainstream media is deliberately ignoring this information, to obviously lay cover for tyrannical politicians seeking more power and control.


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      1. Okay, NOW you’re crackin’ me up. There are some knucklehead governors in those Blue States who will be wearing egg on their faces over this one.

      2. Ironically, masking one’s face is a common subjection method within Muslim communities. Preparing Western Civilizations to follow under Sharia Law.

      3. Many are asserting that covid mask and hysteria adoption is a cult initiation. I do not know if that is correct or not, but it is definitely a dis-information campaign used for financial fraud and control over people’s lives.

        Just also be aware of the main objectives of all cults has been to get cult members to hand money over to them, hand control over to them, to work often in slave labor for them,  to increase the power of the cult leaders and to decrease everyone else’s power as well as decrease everyone else’s autonomy, and liberty. Autonomy is the largest threat to cults. An autonomous individual could possibly convince cult members that they could leave the cult, causing a chain re-action. Cults have engaged in ouright illegal activity in order to maintain control over cult members.

        The Spanish Inquisition and Alexander the Great were primarily was responsible for the rapid adoption of Christianity.

        The military has fantasized about creating a second coming of Christ using technology gimmicks for the deception, including MEDUSA ( Mob Excess Deterent Using Silent Audio ) (voice of God ) 
        technology and a statue of Medusa was apparently errected in NYC from what I read. Also can’t help but over look Med-USA, and that could be a coincidence or not.

        To me it seems that the global power structure is planning on WW3, and both world wars would have taken a considerable degree of cult like control to have most of the world engaged in war.

        The news shows have made insane and corrupt behavior go viral.
        The partisan media has increased disinformation in America. Many Americans do not recall a time when 24/7 partisan news outlets did not exist because they were not alive. CNN was the first, and was extremely left leaning in its treatment of news coverage as well as its treatment of guests, which was countered with the creation of Fox News, which was also countered with MSNBC.

        There was a gradual decrease that happened over the past few decades of news casters or show hosts debating blatant lies made by guests, and guests using evasionary tactics of questions asked by show hosts. The hosts usually do not intervene as they had in the past. The other extreme is the White House Press confrerences where the reporters refuse to stop shouting down the White House spokes person, and the reporters themselves are actually blatantly lying and demanding the the White House spokes person agrees with them, for example the false allegations of Assad using barrel bombs on Syrians, when he was not. They simply will not stop in some cases, and simply refuse to intervene in other cases. I apologize for such a distant example, but I  disconnected my tv because of it because it was literally driving me crazy! Considering that it was also extremely expensive, I just was not going to pay so much money to be tortured to find out was going on in the world, and just by watching it, there was no way to find out what was actually going on in the world because nearly all of it was disinformation.

        Since the partisan shows exist, guests and politicians usually only appear on shows that will not intervene when the guests are lying or using evasionary tactics.The politicians and policy makers now have an air of superiority and believe that they are exempt from being questioned for blatant lies, or for refusing to provide direct answers to pertinent questions.This has spilled over into society as a whole. It has made our entire society more dishonest, and it has also made our entire society less likely or incapable of being able to demand the truth and debate policy on its merits. Debating has almost become a lost art in America as a result of partisan news. People are literally shocked when people confront them for lying over the air waves, as if it is their right to just blatantly lie about current events and they demand that those that are telling the truth be censored, or even worse, imprisoned like Assange, Manning, Schulte, and many others.

        These individuals are truly narcissists and believe that they are exempt from criticism and the world literally cannot go on this way.They contradict themselves constantly and are not questioned about it. Anthony Fauci is a perfect example who said himself in a New England Journal of Medicine article that covid-19 would be similar in transmission and fatality to the flu. In another medical journal article, Anthony Fauci said that Hydroxychloroquine is an effective treatment for covid-19.

        Does anyone seriously believe that the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC do not know what Anthony Fauci is writing in medical journals?!

        Does anyone seriously believe that physicians, university professors, Bill Gates, and the politicians do not know what Anthony Fauci is saying in medical journals when they are so suddenly obsessed with Anthony Fauci and covid that they are setting policies of how their governments and institutions are operating over covid?

        The media has failed America.

        Andrea Iravani

        • Sorry, messed up bc with ad timeline and confused something that i read in past. Not Alexander the great.

          Andrea Iravani

        • Just say no

      4. We need to fast-track the vaccines, and for the first time in modern history, black people need to be at the front of the line to receive the vaccines first. With their low Vitamin D, diabetes, chronic diseases, extremely high obesity rates, poor living conditions, stress and violence, the vaccines will help them to ride out the virus and get the jump on white people in the economy.

        • Or kill them first.

      5. If you now anything about masks, you know these homemade masks are not doing anything. They do not fit your face. Try this, take a filter and punch a big hole in it, and then see how much it filters out. That is exactly how effective a homemade mask is for you.

      6. “political parasites authorities”

        Speaking of social parasites, you cannot logically accept the concepts of masking and adequate living space, at the same time — accusing non-participators of breathing all the good air.

        What I find ironic, is calling the independently-productive people non-essential, who have added value in a scarcity of resources.

        When there didn’t seem to be enough air to breath, and the parks were padlocked, migrant, fake, make work jobs were considered salvageable, squirting the surfaces with plain hose water and using the leaf blower, at we know not what. 4-5 braceros, not really qualified to use a hammer, were all on the small roof of a snackbar, pretending to inspect the tiles. Should they have brought a toothbrush, up there?

        Helicopters, requiring some tens of thousands of dollars, even to run, took to parallel flightpaths. Each importantly buzzed the non-essential pedestrians, walking their dogs.

        • The whole thing is a sad joke. I remember how long it took for them to eventually get the police to wear masks (was the police union kicking back??). Then, after months of violent disorder by angry, ‘Rona-spreading blacks, I walked around downtown to see everywhere young black men now hired to be the ‘Rona ‘cops’, standing around dressed in black and wearing their masks. Amusingly there were very few people walking around so their job was yet again a ‘make-work’ job.

          None of the actions show seriousness to tackle the public health crisis as they describe it.

          • I saw lots of empty SUV’s with dealer plates, lined up, along the main drag. At least, one at every intersection. More, if it was parkinglot.

            But, noone was literally inside.

            When I finally found someone, and I approached with a couple of polite questions, it drove away, really fast.

            Where other people expect to find a DUMB, I expect to find a man behind a curtain.

      7. Somehow the MSM (Main Stream Media) has confused the main battle plan against Covid-19 with their own jumps-to-confusions. Informed & experienced people never thought perpetual avoidance of Covid-19 was an achievable goal. The medical professionals initially told us the goal was to spread the contraction & treatment over time so the “experts” could develop proper treatments. The MSM has confused this goal with the idea that nobody is ever supposed to acquire Covid-19. Kind of like sweeping all the grains of sand off a beach. I’ll give the MSM a hint – the ocean continues to deposit more grains of sand.

      8. You mean the death wagons arent rolling down your street collecting the dead regularly?

      9. They scared the sheep so much that they wouldn’t venture out as the virus risks abated. So these masks are a way to give them a security blanket so they’ll go out and shop. The downside is that it has become the sheeps magic crucifix. They are no longer social distancing, cleaning hands, etc. They put all their faith in the mask and it’s power.

      10. cases are numbers not infections.

      11. I hate to break it to you. There were no COVID cases. There were some cases of cold and flu, as every year.

      12. There wer

      13. There were no COVID cases.


      15. Just kiss your wife. I left the vaccine serum on her lips.

      16. The Third Eye Sees ALL. nano -Technology, covert war against the black people going on for a very long time. Know Thy Self.

        Who are the Africans ?

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