CDC Has Approved Pfizer’s COVID Shot For Kids

by | Nov 3, 2021 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has unsurprisingly approved Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots for children ages 5-11. It won’t be long before they approve the shots at birth.

    The federal government promised enough vaccines to inject all of the nation’s 28 million kids ages 5-11. They will be rolled out to pediatricians’ offices, pharmacies, hospitals, schools, and health clinics were poised to begin the shots after the final OK late Tuesday. The supply chain issues seem to be affecting every single sector except the vaccine production and rollout. Somehow these shots are still readily available while food is disappearing from shelves across the country.

    The vaccine — one-third the dose given to older children and adults and administered with kid-sized needles — requires two doses three weeks apart, plus two more weeks for full protection to kick in. That means children who get vaccinated before Thanksgiving will be covered by Christmas. –FOX 21 News

    Many locations around the country have planned mass vaccination events in the coming days so they can begin to inject the children with the experimental gene therapy. While many pediatricians’ offices were expecting strong demand at least initially, almost two-thirds of parents recently polled by the Kaiser Family Foundation said they would either wait or not seek out the vaccines for their kids.

    The government has already purchased enough vaccines for everyone, White House Covid-19 response coordinator Jeffrey Zients has revealed. Pfizer began the process last Friday after the Food and Drug Administration gave emergency authorization for using the vaccine, according to a report by RT. The first doses may be available by the end of this week, but the federal distribution program “will be fully operational” by November 8, Zients said.

    The psychopaths that think they own us are doing everything they can to sell this shot to every human being on Earth. That right there should be enough for people to take a step back and start thinking about why they need everyone injected for a disease that, for all intents and purposes, is the renamed flu and common cold.

    They are now going after children as young as 5 and they will not stop there.


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      1. Vitamins D, C, K and B12 with zinc are the immune systems best friends, vaxxed or not!

        Especially for kids.

      2. a) no gold standard isolate of the virus has been shown by any government (see here)

        (b) the PCR test for the virus is unfit for purpose (see here)

        (c) the ‘vaccines’ are not approved as such, and are merely licensed for emergency use only (see here)

        (d) the ‘vaccines’ are acknowledged not to be very effective (see here)

        (e) the drug companies are not legally liable for adverse events (see here)

        (f) cheap, alternative treatments are readily available (see here)

        I am a natural skeptics of media, government and corporate claims. It does not make me an anti-semite when I prefer the Christian Worldview to the Talmudic Worldview governed by exclusivism, supremecism and money ( The Power Elite )

        I recommend trusting no one and doing your own research to become better informed and make your own risk assessments.

        As the trusty old saying goes: prevention is always better than cure.

        Build your natural immunity by following a good diet, regular exercise and consider taking supplements such as vitamins, CBD, etc.

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