CDC Corruption: Corporate Science Cover-Ups And How They Enrich The Politically Elite

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    The elitists in government have their pawns in the mainstream media to do their dirty work and cover up the scandals that arise from corporate science and the subsequent enrichment of the political parties in power. But the CDC director’s resignation is shining a new light on the agency that’s been corrupted for years.

    Just days ago, the head of the Centers for Disease Control, Brenda Fitzgerald, abruptly resigned after it was revealed that she owned shares of big tobacco companies, as well as a prominent vaccine manufacturing company called Merck, whose products are often promoted by the CDC.  Of course, it doesn’t take much “connecting of the dots” to realize what a gross conflict of interest that was; and Americans should be outraged.  But they aren’t.

    According to Natural News, the corruption of Fitzgerald does not stop there either. Fitzgerald also purchased shares of junk food companies during her time as director of the CDC, which is certainly outrageous but really shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. After all, back in 2016, the director of the CDC’s Division for Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention was caught using her influence to favor Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

    This corruption isn’t new; Fitzgerald’s resignation, however, sheds fresh light on the problems and the corruption within the CDC and how the government agency goes about promoting certain products for human consumption. While most human beings would agree that tobacco and junk food are not considered to be products that are “in one’s best interest” to consume, far too many people still don’t understand the threat that the vaccine industry poses to our country. Just days ago, Natural News published an article on how the vaccine industry is now in panic mode as a result of children dying all across America after receiving flu shots.

    Yet, the former CDC director has shares of Merck, and the CDC, of course, promotes vaccines like it’s some kind of a magic shield protecting one’s body from illness.  Which isn’t the case at all. With the global vaccine market now at over a trillion dollars, vaccine safety should be of utmost concern to the CDC. But instead, rather than testing and monitoring the health effects of vaccines and patient injuries truthfully to the American public and making critical and necessary corrections in the program, the CDC has become a mouthpiece for industry and has protected the ‘all vaccines for all children’ policy despite peer-reviewed science to the contrary.

    According to the World Mercury Project, a UPI Investigative article written in the early 2000s highlights just a sliver of the corruption surrounding the CDC and vaccines. The CDC owned at least 28 vaccine patents. They are also in charge of vaccine promotion (getting the public to take vaccines) and vaccine safety. The CDC, like other large bureaucratic agencies, also has a revolving door to an industry that comes with inherent conflicts of interests. Common sense should have told us that this system was doomed to fail.

    All of this corruption pads the pockets of the political elite while sickening the general public.

    *This is not to say one should or should not receive a vaccination; but one should conduct their own research and look into independent studies (although, admittedly difficult to find) that will detail the potential benefits and side effects before making a decision.


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      1. Face it they look at us as cattle or should i say oxen beast of burden to do work then the freeloaders are sheeple…as far as the stock mkt just think about all the banks that have been getting 0% interest money from the feds they weren’t loaning it out as should but instead investing in stocks ect so now that interest rates are being raised they’re saying oh shit that money aint free nowadays time to pull it out and pay back cus the solvency test is asset supported and if mkt drops too much no more solvency. Bunch of players playing the shell game

      2. One thing about having been in engineering, electronics and other tech all my life is something simple I learned a long time ago. All our tech, all our ‘known'(by the public) science and gadgets are at a minimum of 15-20 years (& quite possibly more)behind. What is already developed, already in the hands of those in power – the elite as this article calls them. We are still using our iCr*p and simpleton devices whereas what we would face is something out of a Jules Verne vision of the future. Cover-ups? Give me a break. You only cover-up those things that you want to be known; not, those things you’ve kept close and secret and no one dares dream of yet. Remember that folks. Remember that.

        • Someone on the inside told me back in the 1970s that the military had deadly battery powered hand-held laser guns already. Imagine what they have now.

          • Real people on the inside don’t talk. Have / had a couple of close friends, academy graduates that served on subs. One retired as a captain (Eagles). Couldn’t get the right time of day about the sub except that the food was good. People who really know don’t say.

            • You’re correct…. and kudo’s on your friends career as well, it’s not easy getting those birds, and as a bubblehead… good job on his part.

              Have an Uncle, civilian engineering for the AF at Wright-Patterson, did a load of TSU stuff for them… nary a word, ever.

      3. Wow. Who hired this woman? Didn’t she have to provide some financial disclosure before assuming the office?

      4. She owned a lot of stock. Nothing the American public needed.

      5. Just as Heartless stated above, tech is withheld.

        But knowledge is also not only withheld, it is used against us.

        Sunshine is one of the most important of all things for every living organism, including man. Without sunshine you will develop all manner of disease including blindness, chronic fatigue, depression, mood swings, irritable bowel, low immunity, weak bones, bad teeth, reduced life expectancy and early death.

        So stay in the house all day, shrivel up and die. Don’t let your kids play outside. Drive, don’t walk.

        Wear a burka.


      6. Any questions about why the public’s faith in government is at an all time low?

      7. Sunshine almost all the time makes me high. That’s a new strain.

        • Nitric Oxide (NO) and Vitamin D are in sunshine. What about NO don’t you understand?

          John Denver wrote some beautiful lyrics.


      8. Seriously take your flu shot and ignore the naysayers. So say the Center for Disease Causation.

        • Government “science”. Falsely so-called. There is a religion of Science, theories, zealots that parade around on tv with followings and so on. Just like NASA…All these places are owned and controlled for a agenda of the “elites”. Mass manipulation and control.

      9. Never trust anything that comes from the CDC

      10. And the one vaccine that the CDC does not have that is fresh? Smallpox. Read two books, recently, on the topic. Smallpox would make nuclear war seem like a picnic. The former USSR created tons of weaponized smallpox.

        The one critical vaccine that you will beg for and can’t get. Unless you work for the CDC or the military. Those stocks from the 1970s are unstable. There were a few people advocating for a new smallpox vaccine to be created. In 2000. Here it is, 18 years later. Nothing. Old rotting stocks of smallpox that the CDC used to say were available for every US citizen. They removed that crap from their website within the last year. WHO, in Geneva, Switzerland, had some other vaccine stockpiles. Those were destroyed. If people want to be afraid, there is nothing worse than dying from smallpox. Your skin falls off and it is like being a burn patient with raw skin.

        God help us because we will need it.

      11. When these public officials breech their oath, they need to be heavily fined and thrown in prison for a min 5 years. That will send a message. Being forced to resign is not good enough punishment.

      12. Nothing ever happens to the elitist criminals.
        It’s gotten so bad; does anyone hold out hope anymore?

        As we here get older, I’m sure some young people (even millennials, you know who..) will tell you, “your time has passed, move along.”
        My answer? “I’ll take my past over your future any day.”

      13. Not many of “ Daniels’ “ caliber in our Government, more like “ Haman “ , Mordachais nemesis.

        Other men do not steward your money well, nor will they.

      14. We all know these devils, any arm of the government people, exist to totally enslave we the people. This has been the status quo for years now and is increasing as the years pass. We also know that this slave class is the only hope to take out the devils. Be prepared and be ready when the moment comes to face these devils and put them six feet under where they belong. This is nothing new.

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