CBS Uses Propaganda To Promote The “Benefits” Of Microchipping

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 14 comments

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    Mainstream media has become nothing more than government propaganda outlets, as evidenced by NBC‘s obvious promotion of microchipping.  The media outlet is hailing the benefits of getting implanted with a microchip, negating the need for your wallet.

    NBC‘s segment on microchipping began by pointing out that people who have taken the chip do not need to carry keys, ID, credit cards or money. It points out that embedding microchips in humans have long been a feature of dystopian fiction like Black Mirror, but that in Sweden “the microchips are already here.”

    The piece also celebrates how the same contactless technology has “made cash pretty much obsolete in Sweden.” But it also opens the door wide for tyranny, tracking, mass surveillance, and ultimate government control. Your life could be ruined in an instant for the “crime” of not wanting to be a government slave and no one seems to be pointing this out.

    Regardless of religious views and the debate about whether or not this is the “mark of the beast,” an implanted microchip is a sure way to tell who has submitted to being owned by another.  All of your identifying information, including your banking info, is on a chip.  What happens when you tick off the wrong person? Tyranny is knocking and NBC wants it here quicker.

    For those unfamiliar, the Book of Revelation speaks about the mark of the beast being implanted in the forehead or the hand and those who do not have the mark will not be able to purchase goods or services. –The Federalist Papers

    But not everyone believes that all humans getting microchipped is a good idea. “Feel less human. I will feel like a robot, I think. There are so more that can go into this and it’s in your body,” one Swedish person who is not enamored with the idea said. And at least a few Twitter users agreed:

    NBC’s piece is a straight-up government propaganda bit. It’s designed to make people feel like it’s a great idea to give up all of your control to a microchip and simply trust that all your data and information will never be used against you. This piece is attempting to brainwash people into accepting their slave “mark” from their master.

    Because this technology is already here, and tens of thousands are already agreeing to be microchipped. Even the United States. People have simply accepted that they are the property of someone else.

    There Are People Who WANT To Be Micro Chipped


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      1. Using my psychic powers …I am commenting on the article that will appear tommorow in this same location same time whereas my comment might be timely.

        If Rump is impeached Civil Snore will ensue.

      2. I would have gotten my cute dog without the vaccine concoctions, or foreign body under his skin, or parts of him cut off, but the breeder wanted everything to standard.

        I read that it caused cancer in lab mice and rats, about 25yrs ago. His rfid is now surrounded by the same tumor. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

      3. “Zjyour papers, please ! Oh, vait, never you mind. CLICK !

      4. Run as fast and as far away as you can.
        Get away from people – they are the problem.
        Society is being groomed for slavehood.
        Live on YOUR terms not theirs
        The next ten years are gonna be very scary and dangerous.
        God is yelling at us – is anyone listening?

      5. I’m sure there are many wonder and convenient things that you could use microchipping for, but until it becomes unthinkable for even govt parasites to even want to use the chips to control the population, I’ll resist chipping until they use force to insert it in me. If I can imagine our govt eventually using the chip to prevent me from buying food, traveling across the country, purchasing health services, rendering me a non-person because my view don’t match the govt line, then all of those things will eventually happen in an authoritative govt.

      6. The microchip or stamp/tattoo is the Mark of the Beast. It possesses the power to disable your free will, you will hear voices you cannot stop hearing, and you will be powerless Not to obey what you are commanded to do.

        The September Naval Yard shooter and the Batman movie shooter are two examples. Notice that psychotropic medication is blamed for their violent behavior but it’s really the Mark of the Beast or its forerunner.

        Because it can disable your free will, which is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, anyone who takes the Mark consigns him/herself to Hell because taking it rejects God’s supreme gift and the person then becomes under the 24/7 sway of Satan.

        This is what the Book of Revelation warns about: the destruction of the global economy makes the Mark the only way to obtain food. But we are told NOT to take the Mark. We must trust God and rely on Him lest we find ourselves enslaved for eternity with Satan in Hell.

        Now we see the Mark being rolled out as a convenience. Do not be deceived.

        The final evil in the Mark of the Beast is that it contains a disease designed to wipe out hundreds of millions of humans.

        These are not the end times. Rather, this is THE end time. Heed the signs. Get right with God every day. Watch your six. Pray, prep, and pray some more. God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger


      8. This is all wonderfully convenient (in a totally free world from govt interference). What happens when govt controls the information flow? What happens when you displease the govt? Suddenly, the ATM doesn’t work for you. You can’t buy food. Employers won’t give you the time of day if you’re looking for work. What health care? You can’t get on a plane, train, or bus. You’re a non-person. My own experience in my long life is that if I can imagine a way a feature will be abused to the detriment of the individual, then govt will find a way to control and abuse it. Be forewarned.

      9. The title of the article starts out “CBS …” and the main article only mentions NBC. I guess the only point of this piece is to say the networks are all the same and that the readers don’t care enough to comment on any of it. We get what we deserve.

      10. I like this blog. I have no complaints. We are free. Not.

      11. Will absolutely become a requirement of the “Medicare for All” proposed by the screeching banshee. It’ll be in phase II, to “improve management.”

      12. See T’s biometric entry / exit VISA requirement, said to be over land, air, and sea, and tell me there are two, discrete wings of politics — traditional and communist — separate unto themselves.

        afaic, you should have been processing the ones, on *this side of the substantial, concrete barrier.

      13. What I see is the absolute laziness of the American people. Really, what is so hard about just reaching in your pocket/wallet and pulling out a card to buy or when the need to show identification comes up? Most of us already carry a chip on our debit/credit cards. All I figure is that by being irremovable sans cutting into the placement site of the rfid device will do one or both of two things. Ensure that everyone can be tracked without consent and/or be reason for legislation to make such a self-done surgery illegal.

      14. No chip or any other biometric crap for me. I’ll drop out of the system altogether.

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