CAUTION: Americans Should Be Prepared for ANYTHING on the 4th of July

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    This article was originally published be Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper

    Folks will want to be especially alert on the 4th of July this year for a variety of reasons. Hopefully, it will just be a peaceful day of barbecues, parades, and fireworks, but there are some current events that you should consider before making plans to be out there with the crowds.

    While there are no specific or credible immediate threats, with all the craziness going on in our country lately, it pays to be vigilant on the 4th of July. Personally, I tend to think that at some point in the not-so-distant future, things are going to boil over. Will it be this week during the Independence Day celebrations? I have absolutely no idea, but I’m not taking any chances and I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you.

    Hundreds of thousands of Americans have been protesting.

    This past weekend, hundreds of thousands of Americans protested the United States’ immigration policies in cities across the country.

    More than 750 “Families Belong Together” marches took place in all 50 US states and Twitter showed sister demonstrations in London, Munich, Paris, Hamburg, Tokyo, and others cities around the globe. (source)

    Most of the protests were uneventful and peaceful. And it’s important to remember that even if you disagree with the reasons behind the protest, it is absolutely the right of the people and the American way. But in some places, things got ugly. Other concurrent protests were going on, counterprotesters showed up, and what began as peaceful events turned into riots.

    Most notably, in Portland, Oregon, things really escalated.

    Last week, protesters blocked access to the ICE building, effectively shutting it down. They pitched tents and “occupied” the facility.

    DHS formed a line to stop the demonstrators and then officers in riot gear began to remove the protesters. Arrests were made and tents were taken down. (source) Protesters have vowed to return.

    Then on the weekend, the Patriot Prayer group staged a demonstration in Portland. The group is generally described as a “far-right” group by the mainstream media. Their Facebook page describes their mission:

    “Patriot prayer is about using the power of love and prayer to fight the corruption both in the government and citizen levels that seek to gain power through division and deception.” (source)

    During their demonstration, Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson says they were “charged” by Antifa counter-protesters, which caused police to revoke their permit to protest and declare the event a riot. A video shows that the event devolved into extreme violence.

    With tensions about immigration high and violent revolution against the current administration threatened, it isn’t a stretch of the imagination to suspect that some rather heated Independence Day gatherings could be possible. In fact, a couple of planned events have already made the headlines.

    Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon has called for protests on the 4th.

    This is Fourth of July week and I’m calling it ‘First Amendment Fourth’ where we can get out and talk about families and where they belong…I want you to know that as long as I have the honor to represent you, there is zero chance we are going to stop speaking out against these injustices and zero chance we will stop pushing back against the callous treatment of families in America and we will keep pushing back until all families have a safe haven in America. (source)

    And it isn’t just immigration that folks are planning to protest. In Chicago, Father Michael Pfleger, a Catholic priest, is rallying his followers for an anti-gun protest that will shut down the busy Dan Ryan Expressway on the weekend following Independence Day. He believes the act of civil disobedience is necessary to bring awareness to his demands for “resources for communities, national common sense gun laws, jobs, excellent schools and economic development.”

    Also on the weekend following the 4th, protests are planned outside NYC’s Trump Tower.

    As I’ve written before, Americans have been encouraged to hate and fear one another, so it’s no surprise that this is starting to bubble over.

    A man connected to al Qaeda was just arrested for his violent 4th of July plans.

    The FBI has arrested Demetrius Nathaniel Pitts, also known as Abdur Raheem Rahfeeq, for planning an explosion during a Cleveland, Ohio 4th of July parade.  Pitts has ties to al Qaeda and an extensive criminal background. Hw has been charged with “attempted material support of a foreign terrorist organization.” (source)

    Federal authorities say they’ve arrested a man who talked about setting off a bomb at a Fourth of July parade in Cleveland and attacking people watching fireworks.

    Officials said Monday that the man who’s an American citizen often expressed his support for al-Qaida and said he wanted to kill members of the U.S. military…Authorities have charged Demetrius Pitts with attempted support of a terrorist organization…FBI Special Agent Stephen Anthony says Pitts scouted out locations this past week for a site to attack in downtown Cleveland.

    Anthony says it’s not clear how close Pitts was to carrying out his threats, but he says authorities couldn’t sit back and wait. (source)

    It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to wonder whether Pitts is the only guy who has considered something like this.

    Every year, Americans are warned of the potential of attacks.

    No other day is more symbolic of the United States than the 4th of July, and an enemy of the country would take pleasure in selecting that particular day to inflict death and terror. Not only is there the symbolism, but there’s also plenty of opportunities, what with parades, fireworks, and festivities.

    We can’t forget that the United States has really stirred up foreign relations of late, and have provoked many different countries for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are trade wars and sanctions.

    The FBI, Homeland Security, and the National Counterterrorism Center generally recommend heightened security due to the potential threats to Independence Day celebrations.

    As well, the US State Department has updated a “Worldwide Caution” for American travelers. It reads:

    As terrorist attacks, political violence (including demonstrations), criminal activities, and other security incidents often take place without any warning, U.S. citizens are strongly encouraged to maintain a high level of vigilance and practice good situational awareness when traveling abroad…

    …U.S. government facilities worldwide remain in a heightened state of alert. These facilities may temporarily close or periodically suspend public services to assess their security posture. In those instances, U.S. embassies and consulates will make every effort to provide emergency services to U.S. citizens. U.S. citizens abroad are urged to monitor the local news and maintain contact with the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

    Terrorist groups including ISIS, al-Qa’ida, their associates, and those inspired by such organizations, are intent on attacking U.S. citizens wherever they are. Extremists may use conventional or non-conventional weapons to target U.S. government and private interests. Terrorists are increasingly using less sophisticated methods, including the use of edged weapons, pistols, and vehicles as weapons, to effectively target crowds. Extremists increasingly aim to assault “soft” targets, such as:

    • high-profile public events (sporting contests, political rallies, demonstrations, holiday events, celebratory gatherings, etc.)
    • hotels, clubs, and restaurants
    • places of worship
    • schools
    • parks
    • shopping malls and markets
    • tourism infrastructure
    • public transportation systems
    • airports

    In multiple regions, terrorists, guerrilla groups, and criminals seek to kidnap U.S. citizens to finance their operations or for political purposes. The Department also remains concerned that terrorists could again seek to down aircraft using concealed explosives or hijack commercial flights. (source)

    Some 4th of July safety tips

    Of course, I don’t believe the threat of terrorism and riots means we need to stop living our lives and should hide out in our bunkers. Life is meant to be enjoyed and experienced. However, when it seems like the threat level could be higher than usual, we might need to adjust our plans.

    Here are a few tips to keep the ones you love safe this Independence Day.

    • Avoid large crowds. Or as a terrorist would call it, “target-rich environments.” This may not be the best year to go to huge fireworks displays and Independence Day extravaganzas in larger cities.  Instead of going to the huge metropolitan events, see what’s going on in the small towns.
    • Hang out near the edges. If you feel you must join a large crowd, hang around the periphery. The last thing you want to do is get trapped in the middle of a crowd that could panic. This leads to the risk of being trapped or trampled as you try to make your escape. (See stories from the audience at the Vegas shooting.)
    • Know where the exits are. Again, if you are in a crowd at a concert or other event, make sure you know where the exits are and always have a plan to make a hasty retreat.
    • Be aware. Watch for behaviors or things that are out of place. Do you see some dude in a parka when it’s 105 degrees outside? Is there something strange going on? Is that noise fireworks, gunshots, or explosives? Keep your eyes open.
    • Pay attention.  Don’t be one of those people who are completely oblivious to their surroundings. You don’t want to be glued to your phone or intoxicated when you are in a place that could potentially be risky.
    • Consider having a get-together at home. Maybe this is the year to have a party at home for the people you love, complete with a barbecue, sparklers, and maybe your own fireworks show.
    • Find another place to watch fireworks. My daughter and I found a parking lot that is uphill (by several miles) from the park with the public fireworks. We plan to take snacks and go watch from the top of the mountain.

    Being a prepper doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun or that you have to forsake all things popular culture. It just means you need to be vigilant while doing so.

    The Pantry Primer

    Please feel free to share any information from this article in part or in full, giving credit to the author and including a link to The Organic Prepper and the following bio.

    Daisy is a coffee-swigging, gun-toting, homeschooling blogger who writes about current events, preparedness, frugality, and the pursuit of liberty on her websites, The Organic Prepper and She is the author of 4 books and the co-founder of Preppers University, where she teaches intensive preparedness courses in a live online classroom setting. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter,.


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      1. Traitors in our own government, islamic savages, scum illegals, UN trash,and progressive/socialist scum are a threat to us all. Thank God in Heaven for this rifle sitting beside me.

        • Menzo, I’m also thankful for the weapons I have. Happy 4th to you and yours. I’m getting stuffed with BBQ today.

          • Thanks BH, back at y’all! Grilling out later in the evening and pigging out too my friend. I wish a good day to all patriots.

            • I was worried about the new “The First Purge” movie inciting urban types to riot or do violence, as it came out in theaters on the fourth. I did not see it happen in any mass event, but it probably belatedly will. In the next few weeks while the movie is in it’s theater run, you’ll see minorities harming White people in the cities. Then it will be immortalized when the movie makes it to heavy rotation lineup at HBO, Showtime, then DVD.

              It’s a very dangerous movie, it seems to “predict” a purge event in the future, promulgated by White people (looks like Trumpers) against the poor and minorities. Typical Hollywood garbage. Many minorities will see it and accept it’s premise and then hate on and do violence against White people as a result. That movie alone will likely be responsible for hundreds if not thousands of acts of violence of minority on White this year alone. Mark my words.

          • JS, say what you will about Ronald Reagan but he hit that one right out the ball park.

          • Promised, ‘no insiders’, appointed a cabinet full of trilateralists. A Disney actor, but I liked the act.

      2. Odd how the first 5 comments were removed.

        • Oops. Wrong post. So sorry.

      3. Other than the normal celebrations, and maybe a few fireworks accidents, nothing of significance will happen today.

        • more shit goes down on Juneteenth (June 19th) then the 4th of July.

          For those not in the South,

          On June 19 (“Juneteenth”), 1865, Union general Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston and issued General Order Number 3, which read, “The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free.

          There are a whole lot of stabbings and shootings on this day because darkies can’t get to gather without stabbing and shooting each other.

          • JS, the blacks have those things going on every day all over the country. June 19 is no different.

      4. Since this is a Reprinted article from a few days ago I shall reprint my original comments as well.

        Damn right I’m gonna be ready on the 4th. Steaks on the Grill, sweet corn, sweet potato, ? watermelon and plenty of cold beer and some smoke. Celebrate my off the Grid country living here in FL. On my few wooded acres, I have 5 resident doe’s, 2 just 1 week old fawns and a forked buck with velvet antlers. The bunny rabbits had babies and Turkeys with their 6, 2 month old chicks. All wild, all love this property. Its a nursery here. One fawn came to about 10 yards from my door with its momma about 5pm today. Cute it looks like a tall cat with spots. You get none of this living in the City. I’m ready are you? Ready Eat and Drink Beer, GO!!

        • Same here in central Florida, July 4th means getting ready for archery season soon !

          • Went on a cruise out of Miami last week. I was shocked at how rude all the Miami people were.

            Not to us, but to the people around us. Rude, belligerent people everywhere.

            Seemed like a normal way of life for them.


            • The east coast of FLA is greatly composed of immigrants from NJ & NYC which is likely the rude capital of the US. There is a saying in Florida, “The further north you go the further south you get”.

        • You definitely have a little slice of heaven.

      5. Great day for kicking back on a twilight zone marathon.

          • JS, we can only wish that was the hildebeast.

      6. We went next door for hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, corn on the cob, sweet tea, and pie.

        Now it’s about nap time.

        Then we go outside and see which neighbors have fireworks this year.

        I hear July 10 might be an interesting day, news wise. I hope so.

        • Archivist, what kind of rumor is there about July 10?

          • Let’s just say that in 2006, there were a little more than 1,000 sealed indictments. In the last 8 months, there have been over 40,000 sealed indictments. They are spread out across all the judicial districts of the US.

            There seems to be credible information being posted on:
            ht tps://
            and discussion on:
            ht tps://

            On July 10, Flynn is supposed to be back in court, Strzok is supposed to testify publicly, and it’s also the anniversary of Seth Rich’s murder. Trump is supposed to announce his SCOTUS choice on July 9. Trump is supposed to be in England and meet the queen on July 13. (Private fantasy: seeing Trump cuff the queen. Never happen, but would be very enjoyable.)

            I’ll believe it when I see it, but hopefully things are going to start busting loose soon.

            Our local fireworks have started, so I’ll go outside and look for a while.

      7. I was ready for anything. We got RAIN.



      8. In California? pfffffftttt.

        • Stiner, It’s a big state that has many climates. 2 weeks ago, in SoCal, we had light rain and gray every morning. In 2 more days it will be 115F. Strange things with the weather, especially this year.

      9. TSB….
        You said all the animals you have in your yard doesn’t
        happen in the city?? Oh…. not true!!! I lived in the
        city and a deer herd lived in my back yard. I have pictures
        of about 30 kinds of animals including wolves and one
        illusive cougar!!
        Evidently they get shot at in the country….so they move and
        hunt where the “no gun zones” are. The food chain moves
        where the “meals” are easy and plenty.

      10. Good food,good people and great fireworks!

      11. So, I broke most of these rules, to stand in the danger zone.

        I watched for flashing lights, as they have responded to literal fires, before.

        Where people are not supposed to park, they have put up signs, every so often, on the fence, one year. People parked right in front of those signs. So, they put up plastic, orange posts, on the street, the next year. People parked between those markers. This year, a fireman with a flash light came and talked to each person, nicely, explaining that it was a tow away zone and the reason why. The authorities weren’t terse, in any way. People looked away, while they were talking, and a flashlight was waving, in their face, trying to get their attention. They acted like they couldn’t see it. They waited for the fireman to walk away, left their cars parked in the firelane, and there was a fire, there.

        Where we are supposedly under high fire danger, and considerable paranoia, there was actually a giant (expensive, illegal) fireworks show all over the city.

        Except, it wasn’t being by the Americans.

        Including in the firelane.

        To the left of me, traffic was stopped, because of the illegal(s) groundshow, in the middle of the firelane. To the right of me, a fire had to be put out, under high pressure. Cars were parked, in the middle of this, in spite of friendly warnings.

      12. Ironic how these protesters will engage in activities that are intended to break down the traditional family but don’t recognise the hypocrisy of protesting to keep these illegal immigrants together as families.

      13. Doesn’t these protests strike you as hypocritical when the protesters will do anything to break up the traditional fa ily but support keeping the families of illegal immigrants together.

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