Caught on Tape: Rampant Vote Fraud By Government Officials On House Floor

by | May 9, 2012 | Headline News | 159 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    As voter registration and identity fraud becomes a hot button issue across State legislatures you’d think that at least one group of voters – our elected officials – would understand the importance of laws and procedures designed to maintain the integrity of our legislative process.

    According to the rules of the Texas State House of Representatives, for example:

    Any member found guilty by the House of knowingly voting for another member on the voting machine shall be subject to discipline deemed appropriate by the house.

    Given how clearly this rule is defined, and the fact that it’s common sense for each House member to be allowed only a single vote as is generally the case in all democratic voting proceedings, you’ll be astonished to see legislators not only voting for laws on their colleague’s voting machines when they’re not present, but actually racing to beat each other to the punch.

    Eye Witness Account: I certainly noticed that there appeared to be far more votes on the tip board than there were people in the room.

    Via The Daily Sheeple:

    The entire process – from the election of our State and Federal representatives at polls across America, to the very act of creating laws within the halls of our most hallowed institutions – has been compromised.

    State representative Debbie Riddle blames the rule breaking on there being too many laws to pass and not enough bathroom breaks, the answer to which may be the novel idea that we pass fewer laws, something that the American people could desperately use given the literally tens of thousands of pages of statutes and regulations we’re expected abide by.

    Whatever the case, the rules are clear. If our State and Federal legislators expect us to live under the rule of an iron fist originating from the legislation they create, then we expect them to live in kind.

    There was a time in America when the corruption, fraud and injustice by elected officials was punished in full view of the public.

    Perhaps it’s time we break out the tar and feathers again.

    Hat tip: Southern Boy


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      1. This MUST be reported to ANYONE who will take the next step! Andrew Napolitano by chance?

        This is tyranny in it’s highest form! I think maybe… just maybe… this is the “gotcha” tape we’ve been needing!

        • ..and the people are OK with this? Their phones in the legislature offices should be ringing off the walls 24/7, and their emails inboxes full to the max. Crash their system. Occupy THE GOVERNMENT.

          Gold Leader standing by.

        • Treasonous Fucks!!! Should all be hung!!! And the balls they have to do it right in front of everyone. Just goes to show, they don’t follow any of the laws they create!!!

          • they also vote their own pay increases, lets face it, we are screwed and nothing can be done about it, unless………… was that a gun or a voting macine?

            • Since there were two clicks I’d say is was a Colt revolver.

            • mine only does that when its empty

            • It was a voting machine. Nancy Pelosi just used Barney Frank’s card to outlaw North Dakota.

          • they are all treasonous self serving bastards

            and enact laws criminalizing us that they perform daily themselves

            viva la revolution!

            sharpen up those guillotines


            • That made my blood boil, my stomach sicken and my anger rise to levels it hasn’t been in quite a while.

              God, have we really come to this? Are we this uncivilized of a people? What are we doing……………..

            • Oh they are trying both of the cops for murder, but they(cops) said the paramedics are the ones responsible for
              Kelly’s death. His father wants to see them go right in with all the harden criminals. We shall see how this one goes?

            • I just saw that video. This is the evil we will be dealing with shortly everyday. There was no reason whatsoever to brutally beat that man! Look at those fat asses! That action deserved lethal force against the police!

        • This is no big deal folks….and it certainly isn’t treasonous. If a representatinve has to be absent and asks someone to vote for him, so what? Yes, it is against their own rules but again, so what? Their rules aren’t law.
          This is simply a convenience.
          …and if someone was voting for you and didn’t vote your wishes, I’m sure the practice would stop quite quickly.
          There are many legitimate problems that are ruining our country… this isn’t one of them.
          I mean really folks, 95% of the people who visit this site don’t believe anything the “lamestream media” tellls them in the first place… but now its hand wringing time because of a news report?

          One of the real problems is the Chicken Littles that spend their days on sites like this shreaking over nothing so that when legitimate problems arise nobody listens.

          • Well now… “their rules aren’t law”… OK. So, can we call them by-laws, rules of the House, standards of conduct? How’s that, would that be OK with you Stuart?


            Folks… if this guy is truly a Texan… we ARE finished! Good golly Miss Molly… this is ridiculous!!!

          • Stuart. You are okay with this?

          • While I don’t think this behavior rises to the point of treason, I certainly don’t condone it. A public official must uphold the highest standard as a representative of the people. Even the appearance of an impropriety is cause for alarm, as is witnessed by the remarks to this article. Though some remarks may be a bit on the drastic side, overall it is a good thing that peopla a paying attention to the elected officials past election time. Obviously these folks need to staighten out their house…before the tar and feathers come out.

          • The Officials do consider themselves above the people they represent. Consider this list of people exempt from concealed handgun laws that prohibit carrying guns in certain locations.

            They are first rate citizenry and the rest are plebians. Their need for self-defence is above the commons.

            The carpet bagger government in Austin upholds a constitution not original to the founders of the state of Texas. In some ways contrary to the Constitution I gave my oath to protect and defend. Anyway, I hope they consider the Bill of Rights and Honor it.

            The Lord is Righteous.
            Standing by in Texas.

            • I dont understand, why they have to spend tax payers money to pass this law? why cant they go and apply and pay the fees like everyone else? I see no reason for again, circumventing the law for personal interest

          • Stuart- I realize your very disappointed about the recent vote in North Carolinia regarding gay marriage……..However, if you are ok with this, your a total piece of shit!

          • We all want to see you eat those words when the SHTF.I dont think this time they are screwing with our minds,for this time I beleive they are going to go through with there plans and no test trails anymore.


          • “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin

        • “””the American people could desperately use given the literally tens of thousands of pages of statutes and regulations we’re expected abide by.”””

          Give yourself a break and quit trying to abide by them. Natural Law is the only Law that applies to a Man.

          • AMEN!

          • Gods Creation, I agree.


            DONT TREAD ON ME

        • @ SB

          Come on, grow up. THIS IS AMERICA, GET USED TO IT.

          This country, from top to bottom, is so submerged in corruption, it’s a wonder we can breath. As if “this is the straw that might break the back of the camel”? If one thinks it’s just the corporations and politicians who are corrupt, then one is out of touch with REALITY. THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS ARE CORRUPT.

          You don’t think so? Are you honest? (Don’t reply, I already know what you are going to say and I could care less)

          Until everyone, from top to bottom, practices honesty in thought, word and deed, don’t expect the CEO’s and Politicians to do the same, or for that matter, get caught.

          And as long as Fear is the prime motivator for “bending the Truth”, don’t expect the Age of Enlightenment any time soon.

          • Gosh I’ve missed your snarky rudeness! Where ya been?

            Anyway…I AM going to answer you. You asked, and if you didn’t want an answer… STOP POSTING!

            NO… I do not think the “MAJORITY OF AMERICANS ARE CORRUPT”! And if you, or anyone else does, then YOU’RE the problem too! If we have lost all faith in our fellow Americans, then we might as well hang it up, because “they” have us right where “they” want us.

            That post was about the most ridiculous post I’ve read on this site, and I’ve read some doosies!

            Oh well, what do you expect from a hyphenated American?

            • @ Southern Boy says:

              “Oh well, what do you expect from a hyphenated American?”

              Southern Boy, I’ve been reading your posts for some time, and you and I even once agreed (on the New Black Panthers and their call for a race war against the White Man).

              Your chronic Europhobia (i.e. hatred of Whitey on a cultural, historical and religious basis) is really showing here. Unless you skipped your first-grade history lessons, you should know that there would be no Amerika without Europe and its CIVILIZATION — which you apparently view as a hostile outsider. Why is that? Coming from Barack Obama senior, I could at least understand the context of such innate hostility.

              Among those of the “heartland” USan demographic — that is, people of a low cultural level with no art, no serious music, and no literature (outside of a book of fables written by the self-worshiping descendants of Bronze Age, genital-mutilating desert marauders) — the cutting of all ties to the European fatherland of their ancestors is seen as a virtue. These creatures act as if their forebears magically popped into existence on July 4, 1776 through the stroke of a pen by the founders of their government, and hence, they reveal the fundamental artificiality and AUTHORITARIAN basis of their “being.”

              I see them as practitioners of the basest form of racial and cultural treason, especially since they religiously ADORE a certain parasitic Levantine tribe whose spokesmen have repeatedly stated that Europe, the land of their tribe’s historic ENEMIES, must die.

              Thomas Jefferson, who LOVED France and LOVED Germany, as well as Italian civilization (hence, he called his Italianate home MONTICELLO), and who loved PAGAN classical antiquity passionately, would consider the snake-handling, degraded, semi-literate hicks who hate the high culture, land and VOLK of Mother Europa to be bizarre and dangerous creatures indeed.

              Your view of Europe is the same as Barack Obama Senior’s, Franz Fanon’s and Louis Farrakhan’s, but not that of Mozart, Luis Quatorze, Prince Eugene, Bismarck, Shakespeare or Jefferson. So please, justify your hatred of Europe for us, if you will, and while you are at it, tell us what YOUR ethnic background is (if you please). One last thing — tell us of which high culture you partake on a regular basis.

            • Ahab,

              I DO NOT need any type of history lesson from the likes of you!!

              Unlike you, I am not a multicultural, a multiethnic, a multinational, or any other kind of multi ANYTHING!!

              The fact is, my Irish, Scottish, English and yes… European roots are so generationally removed that it makes it a mute point. I am 100% American and ONLY American!! So, I could care less what you have to say about it.

              A nation CANNOT be a nation without language, culture and borders…period, end of story! My responsibility is to retain those 3 for MY COUNTRY OF ORIGIN, and that Sir, is the united States of America… NOT some distant land where maybe one drop of my blood originated.

              So, stick that in your towel and wrap it tight around thine head!!!

            • The majority of citizens of most countries are NOT corrupt. The problem is that as Americans, we tend to belived that our system is not as corrupt as others. This sort of arrogance increases our susceptibility to corruption.

              We Americans need to learn to be more honest with ourselves. When we can look into the mirror and be truthful with ourselves then we’ll have a shot at taking our country back from these clowns. Good luck to us all. nyquil762

            • @ Southern Boy —

              You know, only somebody as dumb as a bag of assholes would construe or infer that I am a Muslim from my unrepentant support of Western Culture and European heritage worldwide… or that I am a “multiculturalist.”

              Strange… you purport to be an “American,” yet have evidently never heard of “AHAB,” the Nantucketer who was captain of the Pequod, the obsessed genius who is the most important character in the greatest work of American literature that ever existed. Further, you evidently confuse the name “AHAB” with the word “ARAB,” not surprisingly, since they probably don’t teach much Melville in the schools of Israhell. What’s even more interesting is that, though Moby Dick has no special significance to an Israeli, the name “Ahab” does — as a figure from the Herbew bible (i.e., the Book of Kings) who is considered an oppressor of the Jewish “prophets” and a kind of tribal traitor to Jewry.

              You are self-exposed as a fraud. You give yourself away by your dyslexic confusion of “Ahab” with “Arab,” the lack of any acquaintance with a story any American high school student has ta l;east heard of, and last but not least by your subsequent erroneous assignation of the “Muslim” label to me.

              This is a truly idiosyncratic and highly personalized “error” you make, yet incredibly it has “coincidentally” been committed multiple times on these boards by ANOTHER troll (probably an Israeli, based on his foul-mouth and his obsession with shit) who posts here under various names. On April 30, 2012, for example, on the “Martial Red Zone” thread, he posted under the name of “Moe,” and — bizarrely — called me a “rag head” in the same UNIQUE non-sequitur fashion you employ.

              Now admittedly, some of Israel’s yahoo USan supporters really are stupid, but what are the chances of the SAME mistake being made twice — by two DIFFERENT, supposed “Americans” who see only “ARAB” when they read the name “AHAB?”

              Perhaps we could call you “Southern Jewish Boy.” Perhaps the only thing “Southern” about you is that you are posting from the southern part of Haifa?

              It’s particularly revealing that, in your demands that the poster “nina o” be banned from this site, you spout the ADL’s and SPLC’s VERY selfsame jargon on “no free speech for anti-semites.” Your hatred of Europe also aligns seamlessly with the Zionist agenda of De-Europeanizing Amerika.

              Please, thou faux “good ‘ol boy,” do tell us who you really are, how many identities you use here, and what your purpose in posing as an American Southerner is. Are you one of Israhell’s internet warriors, whose job is to infiltrate discussion forums and influence the discussion along pro-Isralhell lines, in the process stirring up trouble and REGIONAL discord between real Americans? Is it your job to get the Southerners whipped up into a pro-Hebrew fervor, even though REAL southerners know WHO the “freedom riders” were and WHO led the Negro revolt against Southron society on the 50’s and 60’s?

              BTW, in their day, my CRUSADER ancestors hacked up more Muslims and Arabs than Ariel Sharon, but the difference is that the Muslims they fought were holding swords, and not suckling milk at their mother’s breasts. So much for your “towel-head” reference, you moron.

            • ~Southern Boy~


              Hate to say it, dude….but you’ve ignorantly stumbled into an….intelligent/smart minefield!!!
              You’re ass is gonna get blown away….big time!

              …don’t f*ck w/ “Ahab”…the man is probably the most learned individual here…& he KNOWS the TRUTH…in depth! He’s also among the most articulate, beyond any doubt!

              …I’ve been here for approx 7 months & I’ve yet to come across a single “fabrication/lie/statement of propaganda”…w/ regards to any of his posts……NOT ONE!!!!

              …and yes, I’ve looked hard at his data….but he’s always been clean w/ his use of truth/facts/info/accusations…HISTORY HAS AHAB’s BACK, dude!!!!

              As a side benefit…his posts often cause me & others to research his assertions/statements in detail…& again…he has always been 100% correct!!!!

              I admire that level/type of honesty & intelligence!!!!


              ….you’re WAY OUT of your league “Southern Boy”.
              I recommend you “eat crow” & admit it….then move on w/ life, recognizing that you’ve been “EDUCATED” by a superior intellect!!!

              ………………Good Luck……………..

            • Give me a break,what you are saying is that you are so pure and honest and have never told a small lie in your whole entire life.I am being honest by what I am saying about the population being corrupt myself.I would like to meet somebody that has never told a lie before.Just saying bro………..

          • I agree,nearley all americans are corrupt.I will amit to this myself and for others as well,But if we all bend the truth it keeps getting worse and worse.So we all need to train ourselfs to be pure and honest,and I know it will be the biggest challenge that man can even atemp to do.WE WERE BORN IN SIN FOLKS.

            • Oh, click those guns and get ready to ride the roller coaster people,for this is going to be a hell of a ride.

        • give me a f*cking break. the ‘gotcha’ tape? LOL, right, like a smoking gun as evidence EVER has stopped or even slowed voter fraud on any level. you’re very naive.

          …but voting for ron paul is going to mean something, right? this time it’ll be different, right? if you believe that, you have some serious SERIOUS cognitive dissonance issues.

          acknowledging vote fraud at any level yet maintaining that voting for someone else will solve the problem = serious mental issues.

          these articles get more and more ridiculous by the day…

        • I hope your right Southern. This is the most screwed up system of voting, I’ve ever seen. Give a bunch of old people buttons to push, give me a break, just wait till the opposition has to take a poop and push their buttons. No check and balances, just blatant fraud, with no one being held accountable. Shouldn’t they have to provide documentation of why they voted a certain way that way we know they read what was voted on. There should be less on the voting slate per day if it gets crazy like this all the time. We need to fix this mess of a system we have, ASAP.

      2. This is how they vote on bills they actually read.

        • It’s a complete travesty! We must stop this. I believe in what Jefferson said:
          “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. It is it’s natural manure.”

          Having said that… I also believe it may very well come to this:

          And Shepherds we shall be,

          For thee, my Lord, for thee.

          Power hath descended forth from Thy hand,

          Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.

          So we shall flow a river forth to Thee,

          And teeming with souls shall it ever be.

          In Nomeni Patri Et Fili Spiritus Sancti


          ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ!

        • Kevin, Did you do a rant video on youtube in front of a chicken house? I wish I still had the video. It was great. Someone on Wideawake news chatroom put it up today. Very funny stuff.

        • We are agreeing on to many points. I fear the end is here. Whats next we are civil to each other. Then I know we are doomed.

      3. I wonder what would happen if an Ordinary citizen tried to cast more that one vote in a localized election? Probably get arrested, charged with a felony and end up doing time.

        • dont you get it, you must be an elected official to be able to circumvent the laws of the land.

        • Red Coat..And that is the problem. These “laws” or “rules” written for the corp gov are merely window dressing.They always have a loophole or are written in legalese no one but a lawyer can understand. “discipline deemed appropriate by the House” means absolutely nothing if you think about it.

        • I’m sure some already do. They are registered where they live and then make up some phoney name and register under that in a different district. They just haven’t been caught doing it yet. So when it comes time to vote they can vote by absentee. No pyhsical ID to check required.

        • Hell you know it,we would all be behind bars faster than speeding bullet.

      4. WTF! They are not even shy about it. Normal operating procedure.
        Red Coat, Answer to what would happen. Nothing! Happens all the time. What a complete joke.
        “Your vote counts” , “do your civic duty”, what a farse.

        Kevin, I made a low- class attempt at humor the other day, reffering to your post. My apology.

      5. What happened to the good old days when treason was punishable by death?

      6. It is about time some of the pillow cases came off.

        Bravo Slavo.

        Next up, organized religion!

      7. Tar and feathers? How aboout we hang the bastards? Every one of ’em.
        But we won’t. The majority of sheeple in America are too busy with more important matters than to worry about a few (thousand) evil corrupt political whores. Matters like: television and sports and walmart and …..bread and circuses I guess. That’s the sadder reality: that the people have the kind of rulers they deserve. It’s gonna be one painful wake-up call when it comes. Of course, for most it’ll be too late then.
        Some of us will keep sounding the alarm, as best we can. And most will keep ignoring us. Can’t say we didn’t try though.
        This country will have to BLEED before the people repent and get their heads screwed on straight again. Let’s just make sure all the blood isn’t ours. (that sounds familiar. is there an echo in here?)

      8. I assume they have the approval of their colleagues to cast said vote. In the end it is on record. It looks like “boiler plate” stuff.

        Their corruption is far more insidious.

        • And this is in the great “conservative” state of Texas!!! What’s going on in the Liberal cesspools?

      9. this is why were going down the tubes..yeah no wonder they are scared shitless of us..Because they aint been doing their dam jobs!

        If it looks like this here its rampant thru the political the top

        • could you get paid to be at work, and not BE at work?
          I cant..another “here’s your tax dollars at work folks”

      10. I want to believe that there are more good people than evil in the world, but how can that be? Every day I get on the computer, the US is just spirilling down the drain. Do you really have hope that we will be able to do anything to crawl back out of this crap we’ve created? I know America has been in this situation before but I CANNOT figure out anyway we can crawl out of the hole we’ve dug. THe only thing that makes me feel better is prepping, knowing that when TSHTF, my family will be prepared. I don’t want IT to happen, but the world needs a reset.

        • If I may Soccer Mom,

          “With God ALL things are possible!”

          We MUST have iron, strength, determination, (of course our preps), and… faith and love. Without these… we are doomed.

          • Southern Boy, We are iron!

            Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.
            Proverbs 27:16-18.

            Thats what we are doing on this site. Hang in there Prepared Soccer Mom.

            • What is it the young’uns say these days?

              Word! 😉

            • Or “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth” Matthew 5:5.

              Once all the sewage has been flushed off the face of the earth its time to start over with people who are uncorrupted and of sound mind.

            • I believe we are Iron men and wonder women of this world today trying to protect our familys.

      11. Well …you don’t really think ACORN registered Micky Mouse for the hell of it do ya?

        Trickle down politics at it’s finest

      12. This is usual practice.
        Same thing is happening in Russian Parliament (Duma).
        Statistics said – 9 voting buttons per representative.
        Check this out –

        • Proves that “We are the World”, eh? Unbelievable!!!!

      13. Now, about that poll in West Virginny. Seems that 41% of the states democrats prefer a federal prison inmate to Bee Who-sane Oh, bummer. And he’s not even an inmate from WV! Talk about a poor showing! The bomster can’t seem to keep his base shored up. Even the criminals are defecting.
        And now, our kenyan folk hero has decided he’s in favor of gay marraige. Well, whoopty- fricken -doo. Was he slipping that badly among the hollywood leftists and sanfran pretty boys? I thought he had the left coast all locked up. Evidently not. Next thing you know, he’ll be in favor of switching the national anthem to a Kumbaya/Streisand medley. Can’t afford to lose those half dozen votes among the Black Gay Militant Film Producers coalition.
        Meanwhile, life goes on for the rest of us. Personally, I’ve made a new discovery about the wonders of life. I had a minor medical procedure the other day. They gave me demerol. Wow! Now I know what inspired Pink Floyd! Took me two days just to get back down to the state of ‘comfortably numb.’ If obummer would pass out this stuff free with his socialized medicine, I just might reconsider everything…
        all in all it’s just another…your lips move but I can’t hear what you…how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat…dark side of the moon, baby!

        I’m sure it’ll wear off eventually. The wife says ‘Yes it will, but how will we know?’

        • Yes…that cracked me up. This inmate is in Texas not WV yet he beat out Obama.

        • SO: Actually O’Bummer IS in favor of a different song for the national anthem. He said so himself.

          Google “Obama” and “national anthem” and see what you get.


          • Doesn’t surprise me… the Marxist in Chief is now FOR gay marriage too. Yeah, this is the America of my father… right!

            • So Boy – my father served in the Army in WWII – infantry and also radio repair. He was wounded in France, was billeted to Scotland for R&R and returned to his hometown a broken and disillusioned man, full of shrapnel and nightmares. This evening I took out his Purple Heart from its resting place and held it in my hand. I thanked him silently for his service to his country and felt relief that death took him before he could be exposed to this treasonous administration, this kangaroo court justice system and this decadent welfare-state society in which we live. He would not recognize it.

            • WestVaFolks,

              I appreciate your story. My Dad too was a WWII and Korean War Vet. He passed in 1991, and like you, I am glad he is with his Maker for he would not tolerate what our wonderful country has deteriorated into. His generation did not know the meaning of “politically correct” and he would’ve been in horror as to how we’ve let TPTB take us over. We used to surround them, and they were our servants. Now, incomprehensibly, we are their serfs, by and large it seems.

              Thanks for your post… God bless!

      14. Doesn’t surprise me a single bit. I wrote something to protect preppers against the common person that will lie, cheat, steal, and totally take advantage of the good people that are still left. It can apply to anyone trying to take a more cynical but logical approach to not be taken in by people. It also is revelent to the garbage that “our wonderful government leaders” that are suppose to represent the people. I don’t think most politicians could be trusted with any of these 30 traits, even with their own families and friends. What a joke. Check it out, I hope most people will enjoy reading it.

        30 Traits That Everyone Should Know And Look For In People
        1. Always look at what a person does, not what they say they do.
        2. People do what they want to do, and usually this is in “their” best interest, usually not yours.
        3. Words are emptier than air unless backed up by actions; true actions have substance behind them.
        4. Usually people will tell you what you want to hear, either the truth or lies.
        5. Most people will take advantage of someone’s good will and their kindness, IF “allowed to”.
        6. True friends and allies to you are the ones that are there for you when you need someone, you don’t have to ask them to be.
        7. Committed people towards you are the individuals that have time and are legitimately concerned for you when the skies are clear or when they are stormy, they are there for you even when it is inconvenient for them.
        8. Time is free for a person, but it is the one thing they are least willing to give.
        9. The more excuses a person makes for not spending time with you, the less you mean to this person.
        10. No person’s day is so full that they cannot spend 2 minutes or less to give you a thank you message, verbal or written to acknowledge your gift or your simply kindness towards them.
        11. There are 1,440 minutes in a day, over 10,000 minutes in a week, and over 40,000 minutes in a week. Does that “special” person really have any legitimate excuse not to spend a small fraction of that time with you?
        12. People are usually much more capable of doing what they “say” they can’t do.
        13. The easiest path is most often the laziest, and is the easiest course is to make lame excuses for taking that easiest path.
        14. A person almost always remembers to deposit their paycheck. Does that person that “says” you are important to them, remember you even some of the time or even rarely?
        15. The value of a person to you can be weighed by how much they complain for what they are doing for you, or finding some excuse not to do a good turn for you.
        16. Kind words will seduce many people into doing almost anything, but kind and unselfish actions unfortunately are the most easily forgotten, taken for granted, and least appreciated.
        17. Fair weather people are useless to you even when the climate is perfect.
        18. A sucker is one who is sucked in by another’s insincere words.
        19. A moocher is someone that merrily takes what someone has with a merry smile, doesn’t give back anything, but frowns when there is any pressure to give.
        20. Ask yourself, on a deep level if necessary, would this person do the same good, unselfish, caring good and kind to for me?
        21. Trust and respect is built through actions, not by empty words.
        22. It is almost self abusive and self destructive to continue to be used by someone in the past, present, and the future.
        23. Only those worthy of you, are worthy of your time and the essence of you.
        24. The more someone uses and takes from you; the more is expected of you.
        25. A person that takes much and gives little or nothing back only sees those they take from as a resource.
        26. The common beliefs and feelings that two people share, the more likely they will support and watch over and protect each other’s backs.
        27. You can only be fooled by someone’s insincerity by the failure to see it and by not putting a stop to it.
        28. The more severe and challenging a situation becomes the more likely of those around you becoming capable of turning on you.
        29. A person’s trustworthiness or lack of it should be judged on the long term consistency and steadfastness or their undependability, rather than one or two short term good or bad deeds or acts for or against you.
        30. Those who have taken the most from you before will try to take everything you have during any perilous situation. They will expect it from you.

        Many people in this world will make a statement that they have dozens of friends, however this disillusionment usually becomes quite apparent and laughable when this individual comes in need of something. These so called “friends’ evaporate like water on a hot dry day into their own selfish worlds. No matter that a specific person was there for their so called friends or family members for years. Many will use an excuse for not lifting a finger to help save face and so these so called friends or family members can still remain close to the person for later use. This sad truth is so commonplace for a person’s need of goodwill towards them that is of little inconvenience or danger to someone that they have given much towards, is met with indifference or even lack of true concern. If someone is lucky when they need help, there will be some friends and family members that will be there for them. These are the ONLY people that should get the acknowledgement of being those that are of value to you.

        It should be remembered that most people will do “as little as possible” and try to get as much as possible from a person. Most people will take advantage of someone and give as little back, while someone will remain as sucker bait until it is stopped. This doesn’t mean that someone shouldn’t be good and kind, just be good and kind to those that “deserve” it. Careful scrutiny is crucial as wasting your time and resources on those that don’t deserve a piece of your goodness and yourself, is going to take away from those around you that are worthy of it.

        Generous and giving people get taken advantage of all the time because they often think that most people they help faithfully appreciate them. Many times people being taken advantage of have come from someone seeking approval of another definitely not worthy of it. In reality users are taking what they can get at the time, and will dump them the second they can’t use them anymore. When the well runs dry the mule goes elsewhere to drink. The last thing you want to see is the backside of a mule walking away. Find out personally who are deserving of you, those family and friends that you can value for yourself and them. Surround yourself with those that deserve the good of you, and all others should be left alone and be regarded with caution.

        • +100

        • This couldn’t have come at a better time for me – so well written!


        • Well said, thank you!

        • I am attempting to be a “good” person in my small business, at my own expense, I am giving people more than they ask for.

          There are good folk still out here.

          Terry W. Reed

      15. “Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible.”
        – Frank Herbert

        • This is the first true thing you have said.

          • At least the first coherent thing… 😉

          • ;0P pssszzt

            • LOL! At least you took it in stride! That was my hope and you did it man, you did it! 😉

          • “The surest way to corrupt a youth is to instruct him to hold in higher esteem those who think alike than those who think differently.”
            – Friedrich Nietzsche

            • That’s a brilliant quote Nina,
              Be informed just wrote a f#cking book that challanged my ADD and didn’t produce as much inflection as that quote.

            • IMF NWO: Thats what the gov schools teach also push political correctness. Get your kids out of the gov schools now! Be Informed: I agree, to pick friends wisely; this is why we don’t join anything. There are more “takers” than givers, and most don’t show appreciation for things done in churches, civic org. etc. They just want more and more. Many I know dropped out of money pit 501c3 churches and local org. incl AARP a gov controlled rip off org.

            • laura m: I agree and think you deserve me saying so, rather than just a thumbs up.

              Did it make your day? 🙂

      16. Our government let 3,000 weapons go to drug lords and has done nothing about it.

        Our leadership has given hundreds of millions of dollars in tax payer money to cover the best of large donors (Solyndra) and no one cares.

        This country is suing a state that wants to enforce federal law because the federal government won’t do it (AZ)…

        And you think this will raise a hackle….oh if they are Republicans it might.

        • Yeah, the video shows BOTH parties are deep in the mix here. It’s across the board! So, ALL voters need to light the lines up, and maybe even pay a personal and up close visit to these TRAITORS! I have some good friends in the Great state of Texas, and they are PO’ed!!! Maybe it’ll catch on….


        AmeriKan Federal Gestapo Political Prisoner Chain Gang

        I hear somethin’ sayin’

        (hooh! aah!) (hooh! aah!)
        (hooh! aah!) (hooh! aah!)

        (Well, don’t you know)
        That’s the sound of the men working on the chain ga-a-ang
        That’s the sound of the men working on the chain gang

        All day long they’re singin’
        (hooh! aah!) (hooh! aah!)
        (hooh! aah!) (hooh! aah!)

        (Well, don’t you know)
        That’s the sound of the men working on the chain ga-a-ang
        That’s the sound of the men working on the chain gang

        All day long they work so hard
        Till the sun is goin’ down
        Working on the highways and byways
        And wearing, wearing a frown
        You hear them moanin’ their lives away
        Then you hear somebody sa-ay

        That’s the sound of the men working on the chain ga-a-ang
        That’s the sound of the men working on the chain gang

        Can’t ya hear them singin’
        Mm, I’m goin’ home one of these days
        I’m goin’ home see my woman
        Whom I love so dear
        But meanwhile I got to work right he-ere

        (Well, don’t you know)
        That’s the sound of the men working on the chain ga-a-ang
        That’s the sound of the men working on the chain gang

        All day long they’re singin’, mmmmm
        My, my, my, my, my, my, my, my, my work is so hard
        Give me water, I’m thirsty

        My work is so hard…

        Sam Cooke/Charles Cooke

      18. If this pisses me off, why am I not literally up in arms over the ndaa, exec orders, ect?

        I feel ashamed.

        • Fear has its use but cowardice has none.
          ~Mahatma Gandhi

          • True.

        • Maybe it’s time we ALL get p’ed off! I know it’s getting WAY out of control. When our voted for Rep’s can do this, with obviously NO REGRET and NO REMORSE (until they get nailed about it), then we have crossed over the abyss of “no return” from a governmental standpoint that is….

          God help us all…..

        • Dude, OK enough!! This story IS NOT about Israel… please… give it a rest and get on topic!!!!

          • Kevins points

            1. My post is ABOUT the corruption in the us government.(it is a documented FACT from wistleblowers with gag orders on them that country A pays off/blackmails our politicians.

            2. YOU say my post is about isreal.You are quick to defend them ALWAYS. That shows where your loyalty is.

            3. WHO THE F^CK ARE YOU???? You show up on this blog like yesterday and YOU own it? I will speak my views about ANY SUBJECT any time I want to.

            4. The trolls sunstein hired are on alot of internet forums right now, they began showing up in mass about the time YOU showed up.

            5. Your links are male-ware infected.

            6. IF you ARE an american citizen, I would be surprised.

            • kevin,

              You’re so full of it…

              But, what can one expect from such a schizophrenic as you?

              I guess maybe I’m here to put the wannabe “good ole boys” that think their crap don’t stink, in their place! So, I suppose I must be your alter ego and you conscience!

              Bru HaHaHaHaHa!!!! 😉

            • @KEV … don’t let him get to you … he’s obviously a troll.

            • IMF & Kevin,

              Sorry… once again, you’re wrong! Ask Mac if you think I’m lying.

              And on my last response to Kevin, I forgot my closing sentiment….


              LOL!!! What a couple of real winners you guys are….

      19. My god its all about me me me. This needs to be on mainstream and people need to see this crap!! This is fucking bullshit anymore. We need to take a stand on this somehow and we need to show this that we are tired fucking tired of these lying POS. I get so bad each day and if you do something your thrown in jail and your guns are gone for good and then if you have a gun your going to jail a long long time. we cant win. OR can we. We are all about this close to the edge and people all around you can see that are crabby ignorant and not caring and more ruthless to each other. Its like we are in a fishbowl and they are putting less food in each day and all the fish are fighting each other and not the hand that feeds us. we need to break the bowl and and get free.

        • “I once saw a snake having sex with a vulture, and I thought, It’s just business as usual in Washington DC.
          ― Jarod Kintz

      20. Chat forum. Cough cough.

        • LOL! — I know, I know! the last 2 weeks have been crazy… apologies on the delay

      21. The whole world is laughing at us.

        • I have to agree with ya there iowa. *BIG sigh*

      22. drudge has a report up about chinese state owned company taking over US banks.

      23. Here in Iowa, its Ron Paul or 1776!

        • Primary in West Va was yesterday. Article in our local paper thia morning (both of us still ROFLOL):

          “The loudest message of the night went to Obama. The president’s only primary (Democrat) opponent, Keith Russell Judd, picked up four out of every 10 votes cast DESPITE BEING INCARCERATED AT THE BEAUMONT FEDERAL CORRECTION INSTITUTION IN TEXAS for making threats at the University of New Mexico in 1999.”

      24. “When one gets in bed with government, one must expect the diseases it spreads.”
        ― Ron Paul

      25. Remember all the notices we kept getting
        To watch Fox News on Sunday at 9PM? This is the clip that got
        Pulled due to pressure from the Admin.

        It runs ten (10) minutes so don’t let the breaks fool you. I trust that it will stay on the Internet long enough for you to view.

        Obama Puts Heat on Fox News to Prevent Hannity from airing this

        This is a video that Sean Hannity of FOX News has been trying to show that
        We are told has consistently been blocked by the Obama Administration for several

        Watch it now before it gets pulled from the
        Internet! Please watch the entire video!

      26. LOL !! Thanks Okie….I needed a good laugh…it’s been a crazy week. Been in more traffic jams & behind accidents driving around Houston….than in a normal week & it’s only Wednesday. Only have to make it 2 more days…then I’m off to Alaska for 2 weeks. I know…some of Y’all might think it is poor decision making ….to take a vacation now …with a big train wreck coming. Well….I understand your thinking….& we would not be doing it….if it were not for the fact that it is all paid for. My wife has been working on this trip for 5 years….& everything is completely paid for now. So other than a couple meals…or perhaps buying a couple trinkets along the way…when we get back there will be no credit card bills pouring in. I figure that since I work 80+ hours a week….spend a fair amount of time every week prepping. This may be the last vacation we get….so we might as well have a little fun before SHTF. I’m looking forward to 2 entire weeks that I will not even by accident …have to listen our benevolent liar Barry O spewing his arrogant condescending lecturing ! It will be like heaven. I bet my blood pressure goes down 20 points by the time we get back. I’m trying to decide if I should bring my Geiger Counter ?? Was planning on doing some Salmon fishing.
        Maybe even pan for some gold…
        I will miss reading everyone’s posts on this Page !
        But …no phone…no fax…no computer…no voice mail…
        just sounds wonderful right now.
        Y’all be savigilantelant while I am gone….& remember :
        All in all were just another brick in the wall…..

      27. Fear Not which comes… The Feds fear You ; more than you Fear them. Which is why they now by Globalist Banker CIA Zionist federal mass media terrorizing Al-CIA-Duh deception build a nation wide prison state to control you All!

        Fear is Your Friend , Learn from it , Grow with it , Conquer it , THEN “KILL” IT!!!


        I must not fear.
        Fear is the mind-killer.
        Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
        I will face my fear.
        I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
        And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
        Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
        Only I will remain.

        ~Frank Herbert

      28. “Government is not the solution to our problems, government is the problem”, Ronald Reagan

        • Ron Paul wouldn’t describe Ronald Reagan’s policies as CONSTITUTIONAL.

          • And that’s why he can never get elected and I support Ron Paul. Regardless of your views you still have to play the political game to win. It’s showmanship and Ronald Reagan had a quote for that too.

            • The Nevada fiasco shows us all how MUCH corruption there is. Busing in 400 shills with FAKE I.D.’s(who are probably a group of people they bus to ALL the cacauses) and with them handng out FAKE delegate slats and being CAUGHT in NV and Maine, we can assume(without making asses out of ourselves) that that kind of bull$hit has been going on for DECADES!

              Thanks to blogs like this(and to the dismay of the party/zeliot trolls) the truth is getting out.

              RON PAUL 2012.

      29. ………. Great post Mac!

        Tar & Feather and them Hang them Sonsofbitches! that all sounds great! I wish times were that simple. In some way I don’t think that is good enough. To hell with them sonsofbitches let them rot! The crows got to eat to. Let the crows and flies have them, flies seem to be attracted to Obama already. I could stand the stench just to get to see them rot.

        I have seen rotten corpses in Iraq and I think them pour souls deserved better then what they got. I don’t feel the same about the corrupt politicians in power today!

        I’m sure some people here will think that I am wrong for the views that I have, well F**K them to! All I ever wanted was to come home and live a good peaceful life. Try to forget about some of the things one experience in war. The smell of another human beings rotting and blown apart. Now I know that can never happen in the political atmosphere in which we now live. If they want to go there, if they want to force me to that place again. They will be digging up one ***coldbloodedmotherfucker***

        • BloodyFellow,

          First, thanks for your service, and God bless you for all you did, and what you’ve been through.

          The only other thing I can say is… I’m sorry that war has that affect on so many. They lose the joy in life. I pray you haven’t, and that you were just venting. These times we live in are getting more and more ominous and filled with anxiety.

          I will pray for you and yours. Again… thank you for all you’ve done, and I’m sure will con’t doing.

      30. Misleading title of story. It’s only fraud if the absent reps did not want the vote cast on the their behalf. THere was no proof that was the case. THis vid only proves they are breaking their own rules. THis is pretty common practice at all levels of governemnt. Next….

        • **rolling eyes with amazement at the overwhelming apathy**

      31. @RT: I’m so jealous! Have a great time. Catch a twenty pound trout for me. A little early for the Salmon runs. Remember, bears are the only game in AK that hunt back! Be sure to carry a 22 pistol for self defense in bear country. Really, you don’t have to outrun the bear, just those with you! LOL

        • A .22??? Really?? That’s going to be like a mosquito bite. Go with the .454 Casull redhawk super Alaskan. That will stop a bear.

        • Dont get me wrong…I love the .22 but have you ever seen a Griz up close….I have and if he were after me (or not) I want the biggest cannon I can carry…like a 50-140 or a 600 Nitro…a belt fed .50…not my .22….I mean even the mosquitos(Alaskan State Bird) snicker at a .22 😉

      32. Oh my God I can not believe this is happening. WHo would have EVER though in a million years our dearly elected officials would do such a horrible act. They must have been hungry and needed to go to the bathroom, I know I get a lil crazy when I do not eat or have to tinkle. Yea maybe that is why they just all pushed the buttons, they were hungry and wanted to get done fast so they could go to Mickey D’s to grab a bite before returning to work, Gosh those poor people no food and no tinkle time(sigh) Anyone believe me please note my extreeme sarcasm

      33. And right now….it’s a big freakin problem !

        Whiskey Tango Foxtrot……..

        Over ?

      34. @ Peter Parker : Roger That ! I’m not planning on being on the menu for bears or zombies. Will have the 357 Ruger along in case of “close encounters of the Exlax kind !” LOL. ( Might need to add some depends to the backpack incase of bear encounters)
        I’m getting too old to out run ’em …..
        so I will have to scare them off. The only one with me will be the wife…..& while I can definitly out run her,
        I expect that fighting the bear would be easier….than having her survive & come after me. I should have known better than spending 20+ years teaching her how to handle
        a weapon……

      35. *** 30,000 – 100,000 Russian Troops Scheduled within next 7 Months – May 2, 2012

        folks might want to keep an focused eye on colorado springs , colorado… remember everyone that cheyenne mountain dumb military base is there its the military heart brain of americas secondary back up government… it’s a key strategic point of ameriKas national defense grid and now russians are stationed there INVITED BY BARY SOETORO OUR COMMUNIST CIA PUPPET PREZ!!!

        the communists at the private federal reserve wash dc just sold 3 american banks to china’s communist government , add that with how much MILLIONS OF ACRES american public land resources china now owns , with the chinese industrial free-trade economic zones in every state some 50 square miles huge…

        with the fact anglo Russian troops are now being shuttled into ameriKa… “CHECK MATE”!

        John Moore said on Wednesday’s broadcast, that he got news from the CIA Headquarters a report that says within the next 7 months, there will be between 30,000 – 100,000 Russian Troops coming to America to stay. First wave of troops begins on May 21st.

        call it what you will @haters… i’m treating this as a hostile act of war against us the free american citizen and planning accordingly!





        • On this post NinaO, I can’t understand ANYONE giving you a thumbs down! Every bit of that was true… but I still would tone down the belittling a bit so you can get to those who really are searching. Anyway… good post! 🙂
          (and yes, I know, you don’t need my approval… 😉 )

          • RETRACTED… NinaO is still an ass!

      36. @ NinaO : Ok now U are starting to scare me…..
        I used to think you were Waaaaay out there.
        Now I find myself agreeing with you.
        Is it you that has changed…..or me ?
        Is it that I am at the point now that I don’t believe a
        word the Commies in Washington are telling us ?

        • @Random Tangent 1957 ;0)

          “Congratulations! You made it! Welcome too Reality!”

          Here’s your prizes:

          1.) A Tin-Foil Hat with a third eye
          2.) Your own Ak-47 with 3000 rounds
          3.) A Gadsden Flag – crimson colors black and gold
          4.) A pocket copy of the U.S. CONSTITUTION
          5.) and a fellow patriot comradely kiss to each cheek , BIG HUG of friendship and A SWIFT KICK IN THE ASS off to the Fighting Firing Line!

          6.) “ooops!” here I forgot to give you @Southern Boys gift to you , your own bible for personal growth with his version of God. Makes great T.P. I discovered… ;0P pssszzt



          • WOW!

            I just gave you a BIG compliment on your previous post, and without ANY REASON AT ALL… you go and diss me once again because of my faith.

            Never mind about the compliment NinaO, you don’t deserve it when you still attack unprovoked!


      37. I think its time for ALL of them to GO!

        • THROW THE BUMS OUT!!!

      38. There is something about political power that attracts sociopathic and psychopathic personalities. Maybe it had to do with the best liars and con men being the most successful at getting elected.

        These people are robbing us blind and destroying our economy. They represent those who give them the most money. They live like kings, spending our money for their pleasure. They have no ability to run their own lives, much less ours.

        These times remind me of France before their revolution when the aristocrats lived off the backs of the working class and the skew in the distribution of wealth looked like a slave plantation. Maybe those in power today will face the same fate as the French aristocrats, that is, if there is justice in the world.

      39. “The crick won’t run clear ’til you get the hawgs outta the crick.” — Common Sense

      40. I called my United States Senator from the Great State of Texas not that long ago to complain about the wide open borders. The young lady that answered the phone spoke with a Mexican accent and had this to say:

        “Sir, my family has been here for five generations before your family ever showed up. This land you call Texas is in reality Aztlan. I suggest you shut up and not get excited about politics.”

        I sent a complaint about what happened to the Senator in writing. About six weeks later I received a letter in reply… thanking me for my support and telling me what a wonderful job the Senator was doing… signed by the Senator’s auto-pen.

        That’s a true story.

      41. For every one act that gets caught there are countless others than don’t and won’t. It is the same notion when you see one cockroach running away when you turn on the kitchen light, you can bet there are hundreds or thousands more. If it smells like a rat, looks like a rat, has diseases like a rat, has droppings like a rat, acts like a rat, it is a politician.

      42. “It is clear to me now that the Republic no longer functions.”

      43. *** PROPAGANDA DECEIT and LIES ; is a Israeli Zionist Jews greatest weapon … this is how far the israeli jew mossad will go to win a political argument , prove a point and steal other peoples lands and resources in clear sight of the world!!!

        they will even kill sacrifice their own israeli jewish children … to fool the world in supporting their genocide of their palestinian neighbors… this propaganda political manipulation is now being taught to ameriKan military and law enforcement in america paid for your taxes ; warning graphic:

      44. Sounds like Ukraine. That’s how they do it there!

      45. Yet another fine example of our elected officials and government having clear rules of conduct, but choosing not to enforce them. Some animals are more equal than others. Is it time for a revolution yet? I’m curious how common this is. Does every state legislature practice this? Does our federal congress practice similarly? I doubt that last, only because so much personal financial gain is derived from selling their votes that the congress thugs surely wouldn’t want another congress thug to profit. Interesting that the idiot they interviewed towards the end, who admitted on tape to breaking the rules btw, saying they have too many things to vote on, and they sometimes don’t get bathroom breaks, or ( shudder) lunch breaks? The sound the voting makes must surely sound like a cash register to those profiting from the situation. If they are so busy with voting that they can’t even take a pee pee break, then how in the world would they ever review what they are voting for? Oh wait, they aren’t. Their masters just tell them how to vote, multiple times. Do they get extra pay for voting more than once? This pisses me off more than just about anything. These people are entrusted by US. They have broken the trust. If texans reelect ANY of these critters currently in office ( who are either guilty directly, or indirectly by keeping silent), then they are just as stupid as the rest of the country and deserve what they get.

      46. Clearly this is an example of State legislature gone wild. First, the Chair is guilty for the chaotic meeting. Second, those taking illegal liberties to vote for others (without any form of written proxy), are guilty. Lastly, the state legislation even states a one-man/one-vote methodology.

        Who’s in charge of the legal process if the Chair is not? And who will lead the role to hold those involved in criminal actions liable?

        It seems to me that this video is proof that the Texas State Legislature is operating illegally. Texans, the game is on!

      47. This is some real bullshyt, I think I’ll use their ( See Something Say Something) against them. if we the people do not start writing this a–holes then we all get what we deserve! You wanna make a differance then spread this video to everybody on your e-mail list.


      48. Wow what a joke! This shit has got to stop.

      49. Elizabeth Warren Sells Out To AIPAC Already

        Anyone who doubts the iron grip AIPAC has on US politicians should check out Democratic Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren’s position on Israel. It sounds just like every other Senate candidate’s (probably because it almost surely was written by an AIPAC staffer).

      50. While as messed up as this sounds, you have to admit, actually watching the video itself is kinda hilarious.

      51. American government, from the District of Criminals to every statehouse and every courthouse in every county is one BIG FUCKING JOKE. There, I said it. You all wanted to say it but I did. They lie. They cheat. They steal. They murder. They poison. They defraud. They destroy. They rape. They mug. They burglarize. They embezzle. They enslave.

        If anyone were to find all the ills of society, I believe we’d have to invent new words to cover the intricacies of the crimes committed by public “officials”.

        A rope in every hand and a tree in every yard.

        People get elected so they can get away with one or more of the aforementioned crimes. Most of them.

        Then, of course, there are the few. The Ron Pauls. The Jason Chaffetz. The very, very few.

        Most people, in the absence of accountability and risk of punishment, have no moral code. Then, there are some, that have a moral code and stick to it unto death. The range of humanity is oddly fascinating. …and terrifying.

      52. I remember seeing this a couple years back(same or very similar) when I worked with the NVCCA agaist the REAL ID and NAIS schemes…hate to tell yall but its been going on a long time and when it was brought up back then they just blew us off as not understanding how things have to be done in politics(WE ARE JUST DUMB HICKS TO THESE ENLIGHTENED ONES,YA KNOW)…they do as they see fit,the law of the land be damned….sharpen your pitchforks and practice making those nooses… 🙂

      53. You got to be kidding me ,it is supposed to be one person, one vote.We need to run them all out of office.

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