Catholic Church Wants “Supernational Authority” with “Universal Jurisdiction” Over Global Economic and Policy Decisions

by | Oct 24, 2011 | Headline News | 176 comments

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    In a blast from the past, the Catholic Church, which at one time held unilateral influence over the day-to-day affairs of the nobles and commoners of many nations across the regions of Europe, is weighing in on the global financial, economic and political crisis with a not so novel historically failed idea – one that would once again put the lives of the world’s population into the hands of a few.

    In a statement released Monday by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, the Vatican called for, “reforming the international financial and monetary systems in the context of global public authority.”

    Think, for example, of peace and security; disarmament and arms control; promotion and protection of fundamental human rights; management of the economy and development policies; management of the migratory flows and food security, and protection of the environment. In all these areas, the growing interdependence between States and regions of the world becomes more and more obvious as well as the need for answers that are not just sectorial and isolated, but systematic and integrated, rich in solidarity and subsidiarity and geared to the universal common good.

    This is a complex and delicate process. A supranational Authority of this kind should have a realistic structure and be set up gradually. It should be favourable to the existence of efficient and effective monetary and financial systems; that is, free and stable markets overseen by a suitable legal framework, well-functioning in support of sustainable development and social progress of all, and inspired by the values of charity and truth. It is a matter of an Authority with a global reach that cannot be imposed by force, coercion or violence, but should be the outcome of a free and shared agreement and a reflection of the permanent and historic needs of the world common good.

    While we can agree that the countries of the world have grown interdependent on a scale not seen before in human history and that the current system is not exactly ideal, we find it necessary to point out that global leaders have spent the better part of the last century attempting to create a so-called Supernational Authority to oversee world affairs.

    Consider the League of Nations, a failed predecessor to our modern day United Nations – which, incidentally, is comprised of most of the world’s nations, yet has completely failed at its mission of stabilization.

    In addition to the political arms, we also have military arms of supernational authority like NATO, which has not always acted in the interests of the common good, often failing to do anything in countries where ethnic cleansing and military dictatorship has taken hold of entire populations, yet engaging in “peace keeping” missions in places where there isn’t really a need.

    Insofar as economic policy control is concerned, it’s obvious that this approach, like the political and military factions of authority, is a failure. What stability, regulation and prevention of theft and greed did the Bank of International Settlements (the central bank of central banks) provide to the global financial system? Or what about the International Monetary fund and World Bank?

    All of these supernational authorities have arguably had a negative impact on the lives of the very people they promised to help and protect. All of them are international regulatory or political bodies that have disastrously failed at providing any semblance of equality across the world’s population.

    Billions are still starving or living off of less than a $1 a day. Wars and conflict continue to wage on almost every continent on the planet. And those countries that would be considered industrialized, first world nations, are seeing their populations further impoverished.

    Whether centralized control is to blame is a discussion for another time. But, what is clear is that centralized control is not the solution we’re looking for, because it hasn’t worked for fifty years, despite a sustained push for a new world order that was supposed to improve conditions for all peoples.

    The Vatican does point out the challenges with establishing such a system; challenges that are at the forefront of our existing supernational authority structures.

    A supranational Institution, the expression of a “community of nations”, will not last long, however, if the countries’ diversities from the standpoint of cultures, material and immaterial resources and historic and geographic conditions, are not recognized and fully respected. The lack of a convinced consensus, nourished by an unceasing moral communion on the part of the world community, would also reduce the effectiveness of such an Authority.

    What is valid on the national level is also valid on the global level. A person is not made to serve authority unconditionally. Rather, it is the task of authority to be at the service of the person, consistent with the pre-eminent value of human dignity. Likewise, governments should not serve the world Authority unconditionally. Instead, it is the world Authority that should put itself at the service of the various member countries, according to the principle of subsidiarity.

    Bottom line: There are 7 billion people on the planet and hundreds of different religious and cultural doctrines. Meshing these together into one global authority is simply not going to work. Additional, the idea that a World Authority would put itself at the service of its member countries and their respective citizens is laughable. All central authorities serve only the central authority, and always at the expense of those they are supposedly serving.


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      1. Heck, half the time you can’t get us kiddies on your website to play nice and we profess a common goal of preparedness…so why do they keep thinking that this holding hands and swaying to Kumbaya stuff will work on a global level?

        • I agree! I recently posted on a cnn story and within an hour had personal insults, slurs and ignorant commentary. (I was informed I was ‘unpatriotic’ for not surrendering some freedom for safety from terroist. Don’t even get me started on that one. This world does not do well with being told what to do/think no matter what side of the fence you are on. anyone who has tried to open the eyes of a liberal/globalist knows that. It’ll be the crusades all over again. No more posting on reg news for me. I’ll stay here where if someone disagrees they at least have an intelligent retort and I haven’t been called names. (yet) 😉

          • Waaa Waaaaa Waaaaaaaa! isn’t it time for your diaper change and nap? opppps here ya go here’s your blankee… babies!

          • Good comment MLG! I second that
            it reminds me a lot of the described Muad’Dib crusades to “bring peace” and what came out of it 🙂
            as to what Mr Pope said there, I have one word – APOSTASY
            screw the religion, we need faith, not religion, religion is other people telling you what to believe. and that is all too common on this earth – communists, liberals, republicans, catholics … the lot of them

        • Honestly, I think it’s just an ideal.

          Even as a practicing Catholic, I’ll easily say that this would never happen within (at least) the next century or two. It’s hard enough to try and get civilized nations to outlaw abortions-for-convenience… good luck trying to get them all to change (let alone hand over) the one thing they love the most: monetary policy.

          Now if this kind of press release came out of the White House, or Brussels, or Beijing… *then* I’d frickin’ worry about it being rammed down some throats.

          While I know human behavior enough to know full well that world peace is only a pipe dream, there’s still a part of me that would like to see it happen (and no, not at the expense of human liberty). It’s part of what folks aspire to, I guess.

          • Read the book titled “Foxe’s book of Martyrs” and see what the catholic church did to christians, when the catholic church was in charge of religion. If the catholic church again has authority, there will again be a purge of christians, which is why our founding fathers came to this country, religious freedom ( to worship God individually).
            And no, I didn’t speak ill of catholics, only the Roman catholic church.

            • Yup – the Holy See was a hella evil bunch back in the day. I’ll see your book and raise you a Pope who fathered children, one who ordered assassinations, and one who literally bought the office.

              OTOH, for an institution that has been around since Constantine founded the Council of Nicaea, it’s grown into a halfway decent (if not utterly contentious and politically contradictory) pile of folks.

            • Mac’s article opens with “In a blast from the past…” Later OQ responds to a post with “I’ll see your book and raise you a pope…” I know this is a serious topic, but you guys crack me up! Dang, you just gotta love shtfplan! Keep it up!

            • Okie! Where ya been!?

        • The report that this article refers to was not written by the Catholic Church. A small group within the church system wrote a report to the comming G$ summit attendees and this was one small part of it. The Pope and his advisors did not even know about it until the press jumped all over it.
          Saying this is from the “Catholic Church” is like saying I said what my cousin said. We are related but not the same person.

        • Looks like the Occupy Wall Street crowd has some friends at the Vatican; that’s not surprising considering the “Liberation Theology” that’s been floating around Latin American Catholicism since at least the ’80s, if not before. This thing is much bigger than we realize; though I’m an agnostic on conspiracy theories, both the Left and the Right’s embrace of “order” and “planning” has me worried. Self-government, local control, common sense, and individual responsibility are being usurped by a fear and paranoia stoked at the highest echelons of power–and all to get us to think that we need them because everything is too big and out of control. That’s why electing a leader that will cut things down to size should be number one on our to do list; listen to the language of the candidates at the next debate and see if any of them are really speaking for the people or for the globalist institutions that are increasingly taking on a life of their own. “Corporate socialism” isn’t just a buzz phrase—it’s increasingly becoming reality.

      2. So now ass Raping, Pedophiles want to dictate to us again? Im so sick of these Religious nuts, the USAgovtChristianCatholicBrotherhood, want to impose its form of Sharia Law on the US citizens.

        • ass-tute observation – and yes, they do!!

          Some of the people might like THE ONLINE FREEDOM ASSOCIATION lessons…

          I am not associated with it in anyway, except that I did the lessons and now I see things a bit more clearly.

          And clearly, the Vatican has no place telling anyone what to do whatsoever!

          • Michelle this site is for atheists.

            • Durango kidd:

              I’m a Christian…sinner who believes in Christ.

              This site is for The People.

            • Some peoples elevators just down go to the top! Sad

            • Opps: should have read dont, my elevator broke. lol

            • Iowa: I was talking about the link Michelle posted. Check it out, click on “Religion”.

              THAT site is for atheists.

            • Copout- take the stairs!

        • let them go to HELL

        • Hey I wuv PEDOPHILE’s and am A full member of NAMBLA! You All will RESPECT the BIG Long Hard Power of the church of GOD! Thaaank YOU Jesus! Gawd bless the Nazi Lucifer Pope and all the lil’ children every where! ;0p slurp!

          • wow dude… TELL US HOW YOU REALLY FEEL Odd Questioner! ummm if ya hear a knock on your front door it’s probly the FBI tracing your IP… RUN! ;0P psssszt!

          • Aww, that’s a really cute troll!

            G’wan, use my name some more.

            Pro tip: it helps to learn some rudimentary grammar skills first. 😉

        • Screw the Catholic church. They are the biggest cult on earth, and have caused misery over the century’s to millions of lives. The crusades,Spanish Inquisition,rampant pedophilia, and guilt to name a very few of their nasty traits.Besides, that church might fall faster than the rest of the world. I’m in counseling because of those quacks.

          • Well, if you want to compare notes…

            Mao Tse-Tung was a pure atheist, and managed to kill 100-200 million people. Pol Pot, another atheist, added 3.1 million more to the body count. Stalin, yet another atheist, wiped out 20-30 million with his purges and gulags, and his predecessor Lenin piled another 5 million or so bodies on top of that.

            In the protestant corner, we have the FLDS church (c.f. Warren Jeffs), which currently holds hundreds, if not thousands of girls and women in thrall, forcing them to ‘marry’ as young as 14, and swear allegiance in groups to old men as their ‘wives’. We have Jim Jones, who whacked 900+ of his fellow church members (via cyanide poisoning) in South America. Fred Phelps, David Koresh, Sun Yung Moon, and hundreds of similar cultists abuse Christ’s message in a bid to hold power and sway over their respective ‘flocks’.

            Among the Islamic world? Do I really need to elaborate? Didn’t think so.

            Meanwhile, you’re using a rare occurrences (which are actually lower in frequency than from one’s own family members), or former misdeeds from centuries ago, to condemn 1.4 billion human beings over how they pray.

            The point is simple. It is drop-easy to point at distantly past or current extremists of *any* religion, or lack thereof, and use it as an excuse to justify one’s bigotry. How about instead of carpet-blaming, look at the underlying problems, and work with the ordinary adherents and leadership to eradicate the extremists.

      3. My proposal of the addition of assemblies of the peoples of each nation via internet connectivity is the way forward. It would not be democracy as ‘mob-rule’ if it is a layer of government on top of whatever government exists. The people want some power now! (You can blame them for everything! Nice out!)

      4. Yeah, we had a time when government was ruled by religion. …It was call the Dark Ages. No thanks!

        • Funny thing is, it is still ruled by religion… but not one that you would recognize. 😉

          • Precisely.

            Democracy is the new crusading religion.

            We will free the world if we have to kill every one of them.

            PS: Charlie, you are an idiot. We already tried government without religion. It was brought to power by a few obscure people you never heard of like Hitler, Mao, and Stalin. Yeah, religion is bad, eh? Look what you get without it.

            • SSPXER,

              Replace the word “religion” with “dogma” and you’ll understand. It’s the idea that “we’re right, 100% right, and everyone else is 100% wrong and must be killed or corrected.” No tolerance for ambiguity. By the way, Hitler was a Christian.

          • yeah, luciferism is not a religion reckognized by many.

      5. Wow, Has the Pope lost it?? This is right out of Revelations. This should scare the hell out of Christian and Jew alike. Is this Pope German or Polish? I don’t keep tract of Pope’s since I left the Catholic church.

        FYI Mac there is no biblical principal for this that I know of, but I’m not a bible scholar. What’s next the global credit card to buy or sell.Is there a difference between this and the mark of the beast?

        All I can say is Wow!!!

        • The Pope is a Nazi…Hitler Youth, to be exact. Check out this youtube:


          It is so obvious and shocking. They are hiding it in plain sight…this is a frightening development, to say the least.

          • Revelations 13. This move is one further step toward the fulfillment of the great prophecy for our times penned by the Apostle John under divine inspiration almost 2,000 years ago. That prophecy, contained in the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation, speaks of a time when a great religious institution will hold powerful sway over a northern European empire to the extent of imposing its will on global trade and finance.

            As always I recommend you not take my word, but go look it up and read it yourself.

            • amen to that!!!!! pray my friends and be well

        • PO..I was reading and waiting for someone to chime in—that’s what I read or at least interpreted from what I read..Catholic Pope is the bringer of peace(really??) or the anti-Christ??

          • Anti-Christ?
            Christ stated in the bible that not even the gates of hell would prevail against His church. He, Jesus, started the first christian church, also called the catholic ( greek for universal) church. It was the only christian church for 1400 years. Has it had bad people in it? Yes. Doesn’t the devil try to bring all of us off the path toward God? What better way than to try to redirect His church? But I believe that most christians and catholics are good people.
            Take your focus off the very few, very bad people who called themselves christian and put it on all the many good people who call themselves christian/catholic.
            If you focus on the few bad apples, then the devil has won.

        • Well, if you’re a strong christian, you shouldnt be afraid whats coming. You should be excited that the Lord is right at the door to rescue us (Rapture? or Second-coming Christ) we dont know not even Jesus, but only God.

          Always prepare!

          • Yeah I know. I just don’t think I’m that good and you left out the tribulation. I also have many in my family that I know have not been saved. While I would love to go in the first round I want to protect them too.

        • Hail fellow fallen Catholic!!! Yeah, I just about blew lunch out my nose when I read this today. But then again, the Marxists infiltrated the Catholic church about 50 years ago.

          Remember all the Catholic priests that were helping the Sandinistas in the 80s.

          What a load of crap. Next thing I’ll hear is that he’s infallible or something… Bah!!!


          • Mal,
            Spot on and +1 !
            And I had forgotten about the Sandinistas!
            Holy shit !
            Nice work!

        • This is not from the Pope or the Vatican. It is from a small group within the very large church. They wrote a report to the comming G4 summit and this was one part ( I agree a very weird part) of that report. The Pope and his advisers never saw or heard of it till the press jumped all over it. Their response is that this is not their opinion. ( Thank goodness.)

      6. Man will not bring about anything but garabage.What is it that will bring about a new system?Devil is in the details.

      7. Everyone gets control except “We The People”. What is wrong with this picture?

        • Did we get the typo? I’m thinking Supernatural authority is what is needed. All One God State according to Dr. Bronners soap! Deja Va all over again I repeat… FYI the pope is German this time how ironic. Basically not worth mentioning but keep smiling.

      8. The plan suggested by the Vatican will not work for me either.

        I define freedom as not having to tolerate what I think is wrong, criminal, immoral etc. That is not necessarily a license to react, just not to accept it and ignore / avoid when appropriate.

        Mac, I believe you are correct that “meshing ain’t gonna work”.

      9. You’ve got to be leery of any religion that has it’s own country.

        “The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain, France and America, with the Hambros Bank, with the Credit Suisse in London and Zurich. In the United States it has large investments with the Morgan Bank, the Chase-Manhattan Bank, the First National Bank of New York, the Bankers Trust Company, and others. The Vatican has billions of shares in the most powerful international corporations such as Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, International Business Machines, T.W.A., etc. At a conservative estimate, these amount to more than 500 million dollars in the U.S.A. alone.”

        “The Catholic church is the biggest financial power, wealth accumulator and property owner in existence. She is a greater possessor of material riches than any other single institution, corporation, bank, giant trust, government or state of the whole globe. The pope, as the visible ruler of this immense amassment of wealth, is consequently the richest individual of the twentieth century. No one can realistically assess how much he is worth in terms of billions of dollars.”

        • Consider too that a great deal of the world’s poverty and human misery flows from the teachings of the Catholic Church. How about that prohibition on birth control and encouragement to have as many children as you can, doesn’ t matter that you have no way to feed them. Some of the worst slums in the world are in heavily Catholic countries. Of course there is a correlation between family size and household wealth, and another correlation between wealth and faith. “Keep em poor and living in squalor and they are easy marks for the Church”. Or helping to propagate the spread of HIV throughout Africa by working to discourage condom usage? If you ever seriously read the teachings of the Catholic Church and the teachings of Marx, the only difference is who holds the reigns of power. And don’t even begin to look at the indifference to the Holocaust, or the hundreds of years of slaughter perpetrated by the Catholic Church, the Crusades and indiscriminate slaughter of innocent Muslims with the endorsement and encouragement of the Pope, whose consequences and emnity remain with us to this day? And lastly the unknown number of perverts and pedophiles who profess to be men of God while molesting generations of boys? I for one certainly do not wish to be at the mercy of those who are responsible for all of this.

          • You obviously know nothing about the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church does more and help more people than any other nation or charity on earth.

            This is a report from the MSM. It comes from the lefty traitors within the Church. Clarification from the Pope’s office:

            At a news conference Oct. 24, the Vatican spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, emphasized that the document was “not an expression of papal magisterium,” but instead was an “authoritative note of a Vatican agency,” the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. In that sense, he said, it would not be correct to report that “Pope Benedict says” what’s in the document, he said.


            • I suppose the church will be getting back into the business of selling “indulgences” and the inquisition is just around the corner. People over the century’s have lost their fortunes, land and lives because of the church.

              I’ll not buy into this, it has the tones of the blue laws returning and with a vengeance.

            • Err, something to note:

              “Blue Laws” originated (and largely still exist) in places where you’ll find more Baptists per square mile than any other religion (or lack thereof). 😉

          • Nothing you say is true about the Catholic Church. You show your bias. Read the Catechism you will see there is nothing wrong with the messages of the Church. There is a lefty sect of the Vatican that needs to be routed out.


            At a news conference Oct. 24, the Vatican spokesman, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, emphasized that the document was “not an expression of papal magisterium,” but instead was an “authoritative note of a Vatican agency,” the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace. In that sense, he said, it would not be correct to report that “Pope Benedict says” what’s in the document, he said.

            • Bias? You’re a confused cookie (a priest? definitely a catholic) and you’re an agent provocateur, Redleg 17.

              The Catholic Church, specifically out of the Vatican, is a cesspool of Satanism. The most heinously sadistic and masochistic pedophile priests on the face of the earth.

              Their atrocious behavior, so demonic and unearthly, is not worth the time and effort to outline for you. Where would one begin? Where would one end? Their corruption is beyond comprehension. It’s vast and mind boggling. They’ve got the program down, pat. What better way to control people than telling them “If you want God you got to go though me. Bend over, it’s the “Wholly” spirit working through me. You must feel the pain to be saved, you Heathen. ”

              If you want to debate it, I’ll skewer you like a hog.

            • Globally, the Catholic Church has had to pay out more than $13 BILLION dollars in damages for the Satanic Acts of their perverted, pedophile priests.

            • Redleg, you say there is a lefty sect that needs to be routed out? Guess again, there is only a lefty sect within the vatican. You don’t know the history of the catholic church, only what they have fed you. I debate catholics all the time and receive the same verbage. Reread what you quoted and you’ll see the political approach to being caught.(I hope you can see it.)
              Christianity-Christ is the only way, to heaven.
              Cathechism(catholic doctrine)-the roman cathlic church is the way.
              Choose you this day, who you will serve: God or the catholic church. They are not the same.

          • The crusades were a response to Muslim agression. What slums are you referring to? India? Africa? White Christians seem to be the only group not breeding like rabbits. In Most Christian European countries the population is declining, except for the Muslim immigrants (who are destroying Europe), and they breed like rabbits.

      10. I stopped being Catholic a long time ago. “Religion is the opiate of the people, as it is easily tinged with socialism”, Karl Marx. Keep that in mind when you listen to your preacher spout pure unadulterated socialist BS.

        • And when shit hits the fan all the preachers and religious leaders in the U.S. have already been trained by DHS to pacify the sheeple.

          “Do not resist, lay down your arms, go calmly into the FEMA camps.”


        • You people are semi-retards (except for those that are fully retarded).

      11. Thanks, Mac, for your fair treatment of this, rather than jumping directly into Vatican-bashing. Perhaps this statement by the Vatican is made in the full recognition that everything is in collapse, and that people will demand nothing less than a return to an honest system.

        • C, I was educated in catholic schools from elementary through high school, and i have nothing but good things to say about the curriculum, including the theological studies… The ethics and morals instilled by the catholic church have been essential to my upbringing and who I am today… I will pass those same morals, ethics and biblical studies on to my kids…. What I have a problem with is that the catholic church as a ‘governing’ entity has serious issues as demonstrated by the recent cover ups of pedophilia… And the church’s history of oppression and violence is nothing to brag about… Thus, when they start giving misguided advice about how to solve the world’s economic and political problems I have to opine…. In mind, Jesus was not only an advocate for peace, love and compassion, but also a staunch proponent of individual liberty and personal responsibility – it would be in the church’s interest to promote these ideas rather than centralized control by ethically and morally deprived men in power… Really, the church’s latest assessment on this makes no sense… They should focus on spiritual and personal enlightenment – only when men are morally grounded will governance be equal for all. We are all born equal under God…. This is the key principle that has been missing in all forms of global governance past and present.

          And yes, according to this assessment, they suggest that the world is headed for a collapse… That document cited above is an interesting read to be sure.

          • What we really need to know is who in the Church created this.
            The Church is made up of corruptable men as any government.
            That does not mean what Jesus Christ taught us is wrong. Anyone can use the Bible to their own agenda. Look at commies, they use to to tax the hell out of us and to “spread the wealth”.
            The greatest gift we have, other than life, is Free Will. It’s what you decide to do with it that counts.

          • There has been much outrage in Catholic circles about what was missing from the commission’s document. Important to note, the document has NO magisterial authority, neither Ordinary Magisterium (“what has always been taught”) or Extraordinary Magisterium (an “ex cathedra” infallible teaching from the Chair of Peter).

            In short, the document is a nugatory and smarmy annoyance, has no authority, and only indicates what [b]practicing[/b] Catholics already know: the revolt of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 has been in progress since Vatican 2 and the “man of sin” is on the way.

            The homosexual and Judeo-Communist infiltration of the Church accelerated in the 1920’s and is nearly completed. Virtually the only Catholic resistance to it all has been the Society of Saint Pius X (“SSPX”) and that is why the SSPX, especially Bishop Richard Williamson of that Society, is so vilified by the shills for the perpetrators of genocide and economic crimes against humanity.

            Be sure. A fierce battle is in progress.

        • I’m confused—what happened to separation of church and state??

          • Read your constitution. It never existed.

            • The phrase came out of a Federalist letter. Congress is prohibited from establishing a religion (or even thinking about it), but says nothing about being prohibited from praising God.

              Many presidents, from first to present, went out of their way to do it. The nearest US coin or dollar bill has the phrase “In God We Trust” printed/stamped on it. The Pledge of Allegiance was modified in the 1950’s to include the phrase, “One nation, under God…”

        • Control by the Vatican, historically, has never been an honest system. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. It has always been corrupt.

          Consider the historic practice of paying for absolution of sin by “donation”.

          Catholics need not be ashamed of their faith, but they should abandon an organization that is more corrupt than the Mafia or CIA.

          • And should have a higher standard than either.

          • Some of us have been following this for a lot longer than you know…

            The corruption is being cleaned out, and it’s been a hard process. John Paul II started the deal, slowly removing those who were messing things up, and tightening up the parts that got way too loose.

            The rest is a question of letting time do what the rules cannot – namely, letting the remnants of liberal Catholicism and the ‘Lavender Mafia’ (and most importantly, the adherents to both) die of old age. 90% of the BS and troubles you read about come from these two packs of heretics (and yes, that is the correct term. No, nobody is getting burned at any stakes).

            A big part of the noticeable changes, at least in the US, will be a change in Mass for the first time in 40-some-odd years, as they ditch the (IMHO hideous) ICEL, and bring back the more literal Latin-English translations to Mass. They’re also getting rid of the superfluous crap, and heavily restricting what a priest can do in the way of changing how Mass is performed. All of this arrives come the first Sunday of Advent, about a month off from now. The hammer is coming down on the garbage, and on those who promote it. Already there have been, over the past few years, a *ton* of quiet but hard ‘firings’ of clergy who have been borking-up the system for decades on end.

            Details and etc. could fill its own webpage, but if you Google for “Fr. Zuhlsdorf”, his blog can give you a good start into seeing the whole thing behind it all, and without media intermediaries to (typically) bork the news.

            PS: the practice of selling indulgences died off a few hundred years ago, and there is no need to ‘buy’ absolution when it can be had for the low, low price of $0.00 at the nearest confessional.

            • I strongly dispute your assessment, Odd Questioner.

              By every CATHOLIC standard, rabbi-blessed Wojtyla the Worst (John Paul II) was a disaster. That the world so loved Wojtyla should be your clue:

              And you shall be hated by all men for my name’s sake: but he that shall persevere unto the end, he shall be saved. Matthew 10:22

              For if in the green wood they do these things, what shall be done in the dry? Luke 23:31

              The authentic followers of Jesus Christ are hated, not loved by the world.

              JP2 rewarded, not punished, heretics and perverts. It is delusional to suggest that Wojtyla did anything to remediate the corruption. Cardinal Law’s prestigious rectorship of Santa Maria Maggiore is a salient example. The ONLY prelate or priest punished in Wojtyla’s punishingly long pontificate was the Athanasius of our times, Abp. Marcel Lefebvre.

              His successor, the weakling now “subsisting in” the Chair of Peter is no better. Compromisers, slaves to worldly respect both of them.

              Not a drop of martyr’s blood in any of the post-Vatican 2 popes (excepting possibly Luciani, John Paul ONE, who was likely murdered only 33 days into his pontificate because of his promise to investigate the Vatican Bank scandal). Speaking of blood, I find it very telling that the investigation of the Polish Church collaborators with the Communists was stopped dead in its tracks by the Pope—too close for comfort methinks.

              P.S. Fr. Zuhldorf should reconsider boasting about his epicurean predilections. It is most unbecoming of a Catholic priest.

            • Long live the SSPX!!!!

      12. Don’t take the chip.

      13. I was alway told and I have said to people: clean up your own door step, THEN you can tell others about thie dirty dorr step.

        • Can you please tell this to Washington DC? I think they missed that message.

          • Richard,
            Easier said than done when people (fed. gov’t.) keep throwing flaming bags of dog poop on your front door step! (metaphorical of course) 😉

      14. Well now don’t this just sound peachy.
        If it weren’t for that nagging feeling at the base of my spine,
        I would say what could possibly go wrong with this!
        Religion and government and banksters in bed together?
        Isn’t that nice.
        Again, what could possibly go wrong with this plan?
        As usual,
        I will leave it to smarter people on this site to break it down.

      15. Just like most things, the media can be trusted to completely distort news coming out of the Vatican. This paper is the work of one committee that happens to be run by a liberal bishop. It is not the work of the Pope or the Church as a whole.

        This is like Charles Schumer putting out a paper from his committee and then the media claiming “U.S. says … “. Stop falling for MSM sensationalism.

      16. Theocracy – greasing the slide towards a NWO!

      17. Definition from Wikipedia:

        Subsidiarity is an organizing principle that matters ought to be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralized competent authority. The Oxford English Dictionary defines subsidiarity as the idea that a central authority should have a subsidiary function, performing only those tasks which cannot be performed effectively at a more immediate or local level. The concept is applicable in the fields of government, political science, cybernetics, management, military (Mission Command) and, metaphorically, in the distribution of software module responsibilities in object-oriented programming. Subsidiarity is, ideally or in principle, one of the features of federalism, where it asserts the rights of the parts over the whole.

        • Sounds sort of like mob rule to me.. but then, I ain’t Catholic..

      18. I’m much less concerned about the Catholic Church than I am about the uprising of the radical muslim brotherhood group and their systematic implementation of Sharia Law (think Libya).

        And we are helping them along. With our hard earned tax money.

        • Point well taken Mr. B. ya don’t see many radical Christians with bombs strapped to them and ready to do the unthinkable!

          • Claymation,
            You probably won’t see Christians with bombs strapped to their bodies, they have much better delivery systems. Think in terms of piloted and pilotless jet aircraft. Think in terms of rocket propelled missles. There has been many a death, throughout history, caused by Christians. Think in terms of Iraq, or was it Afghanistan, or was it Vietnam, or was it Cambodia, or was it Laos, ect. Christians live in an awful big glass house,to be throwing stones.

            • Sounds to me as though you may be using Christians and American government interchangeably. If your point in doing so is to absolve all pagans & heathens from any responsibility for the actions of our government please, by all means, feel free to do so.

            • POA,
              The point is not to absolve pagans and heathens, mormons and malcontents, or jews and gentiles. The point is, we as a nation, are quick to jump on the “those muslims hate us for our freedom” bandwagon, so “let’s kill them first”. Is that the basis of Christianity, death and destruction? What became of love and compassion for our fellow man? What became of trying to look at the situation from their point of view, to perhaps understand the reason for their actions? The natural instinct is survival, not to blow yourself up! What is causing these actions? Perhaps they do not want to be forced to live a certain way. We may not understand the way they live, nor care to live that way ourselves, but who are we to say what is right for them. We claim to be a Christian nation, so much more advanced than those hateful muslims. History appears to disagree,based on the body count. Once again, our glass house is awful big to be throwing stones.

            • You are under a very mistaken impression that the people actually running this country (and making these decissions of war) are Christians.

              Something like 85% of Americans call themselves Christians, but I would venture that perhaps 10% actually LIVE as Christians, per the word…

              “In the last days, it will be very difficult to be a Christian”. Apostle Paul, paraphrased.

            • Plane Guy,
              Now you’re showing me something! You can call yourself anything you want, but your actions show what you truly are. Well done.

        • MR.B: Exactly, its being worked on there, to be implemented here!

          • I was wondering if anyone would bring up this point. I used to believe Revelation was speaking of the Catholic church, I changed that view when I saw the indoctrination occuring around the world including right around my part of the woods. I am convinced it is this religion of “peace” whom are openly calling for the beheadings of all Americans as we speak.

            And for anyone wanting to start whining about the crusades…do a little homework as to what actually started them first please.


            here is a good start

            • There is a lot of disagreement even today over the actual cause of the First Crusade. However, there are several established historical facts. The Muslims had controlled Jeruseleum for several centuries before an effort was made to conquer it, a Byzantine emperor asked for military assistance from the Pope to help repel a Turkish invasion, the Pope responded by giving speeches detailing atrocities committed by the muslims and offering forgiveness of sins to anyone who would die fighting the muslims. The nobility and knights that made up the professional portion of the Crusader armies had been a problem in Europe with their constant fighting and terrorization of the peasants and a stated goal of the Pope was to redirect these forces towards something useful and keep the Peace of God. The Pope never explicitly called for the reconquest of Jeruseleum but somewhere along the way it became a goal of the Crusaders and when they finally captured the city they slaughtered the defenders with a brutality that would later sicken many who had participated in it. Another established fact was that the Christian and Muslim religions were at peace at the time of the First Crusade and the action of the Pope of offering forgiveness of sins to those who fought and died fighting Muslims was unique in that it made a military expedition to help the Byzantine emperor into a holy war against the Islamic faith. The Crusades, for better or worse, has been used by muslims all the way to the present day as justification for jihad against the West.

      19. Regardless… things are moving faster than the speed of light.. it is almost getting difficult to track the number of prophesies being fulfilled..

        • Ditto.

        • Sam not sam:

          Well, I have been piecing a few things together from various sources, and here is the picture I am seeing:

          There is a very good website called Generational Dynamics that has very, very interesting theories written by a highly intelligent man about what is going on and how things will shake out based on generational principles. One of the theories based on his concept of generational dynamics is that World War III will consist of China, Pakistan, and Sunni Muslim nations on one side and the US, India, Israel, Shite Muslim nations (who are Sunni Muslims’ enemies) on the other side.

          Now, we have seen that the powers that control America have extinguished our nation’s abilities to protect ourselves and have quickly moved us to a very vulnerable point since we cannot even manufacture anything inside our own borders that would even remotely resemble the US capabilities that took place during WWII.

          And, you have also seen that China has made great moves toward aligning itself this year with Pakistan and Saudi Arabia….which gives the above theory a high level of credence.

          That being said, say the above scenario is factual and the above entities go to battle in the above-stated alliances — with what you have seen of China’s buildup, Saudi Arabia’s endless oil supplies, and Pakistan’s pure crazyness, and then add in America’s manufacturing destruction, sagging infrastructure, and basically lazy-assed people, and our government’s weasel-like “build me a bunker” mentality…all patriotic loyalties and flag waving aside…realistically, who do you think will win World War III?

          And the curiouser thing is, if you do read the Bible (and I am talking about the King James version), there are prophecies in Relevation about beheadings taking place in the last days for being Christian and not denying Christ.

          Now the kicker comes: What countries will behead people for being Christian? Yep, Muslim countries.

          As I don’t personally know of any countries other than Muslim countries that routinely behead people (if you know of any, please speak up), then how would anybody get into a position to have these types of beheadings? I can only think of one way — if the Muslims won a war on China’s coat tails.

          Anyway, it’s just a theory on my part…or food for thought.

          • Mexico if they have an extra ice cooler.

          • Well, as to whom might be involved; we shall see. The Bible is pretty clear about an alliance between Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Russia along with a smattering of others thrown in. Then it does mention the “Kings of the East” which is also fairly self evident.

            I decided to spend my afternoon transplanting my tomato plants from seed pots to 7 gallon pots.. that was time well spent and it didn’t make my head hurt.

          • KB: Reverse the Sunni and Shite roles and the theory might have some credibility, but remember Iran is Shite.

            There is no way that Shites will ever align with The USA.

            As the US withdraws from Iraq, the Shite majority with Iranian support will move to dominate Irag and will oppress the Sunni’s who are financially supported by Saudia Arabia, and militarily supported by US.

            • Durango:

              There is a theory that because of the generational dynamics in play currently, Iran will end up siding with us in WWIII….it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

        • sometimes i have to pinch myself!! can’t put into words..surreal i think.. peace all


        Hi folks. I read this article on silvergoldsilver this morning and thought wow, this letter is giving a date to when something big is gonna happen (the date was today, 10-24)? This guy is either an idiot or really does have info, or both. I kind of wrote it off until I saw this same thing on Drudge a few minutes ago. I guess this guy might actually have something.

        I am just wondering what consequence this will actually have on the world. I doubt non catholics will really care what the Pope says. I usually have no problem with anything the Vatican says (aside from things when it comes to their priests violating their members), they usually aint too evil in their words. But this is crazy. It seems like an attempt to take us back to the middle ages where Rome was the ultimate law.

        Isn’t that why the founding fathers were pretty direct about let men and women worship how they wanted and did not let the Vatican or any other religion get too dominated into early American politics? I guess their descendants (us) forgot about that. Sigh…..

        Se Vicum


        • When Pope Pius IV was captured and imprisoned in 1798 by the French, it broke the power of the Church and that level of power has not been exercised since. This act destroyed the major political power that the Church wielded and left it with only doctrinal powers.

          The Church has slowly been gaining a politial foothold since that time and will again rise to occupy the mighty position it once held.

          There are religions that believe that the Catholic Church is the Harlot (Mystery Babylon) described in Revelation and will take her position next to the Anti-Christ as the dominant world religion. (Note the passage there talking about the woman being a great city on the seven hills.)

      21. The Vatican no longer represents God or Christ on earth, the way it was set up to. The history of the Papalsy is one full of Lust, greed and every other sin they are supposed to fight against. They have turned a blind to genocide on many occasions. They are one of the largest banks on the planet, that alone says a lot. I don’t think I will be taking lessons or advice from them on how to lead my life. I am comfortable with my relationship with Christ and really do not feel I need a corporation screwing with it. Clay

      22. what would be some of the worst repercussions of this? do you think they would close things like planned parenthood?

      23. Mac, I agree with your post. I too was raised in the Catholic Church & spent many years in their school system before transfering to the Gubberment Schools. I do believe that a lot of what is wrong with the world now….is that there are a lot of people that are not grounded an any religion or morals….it is all about them. Horray for me & the hell with you. People are only sorry for doing wrong…when they get caught. A lot of our political & financial problems are due to folks that are only interested it their own gratification. I also agree…..that I don’t want to be governed by any religious group. The Crusades are what happens when any group decides that it is time to impose their values on others. Today…I guess I am most like a Libertarian…..& believe that you can do what you want as long as it does not affect others. That includes taking taxes from me to give to some drug addict or couch potato. I give my contribution to my church & they pass along funds to various missions & soup kitchens. ( Hopefully I will not need either…..but the way the Bananna Repiblic of Obama is pushing Social Justice & all the other bailouts…who knows.) All I can do is Prep & hopefully learn from folks on this site that know more than I do !
        Montgomery County Texas.

        • I think Wicca espouses “as it harms no other, do as you will”.

          • Actually it comes from the satanic bible, Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. Alexister Crowley (the beast) Coined this phrase, one of the most wicked men to ever walk on the face of the earth! God gave Moses the Ten Commandments, the satanic bible has the 9 satanic statements, interesting to note those who are Eagles fans, the song Hotel California, on the cover of the album shows the lobby of the church of satan, founded by Anton Lavey, he can be seen in the upper left portion of photograph in black robe and hood! The song is about the church. Alexister Crowley is also on the cover album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band, By The Beatles!

      24. Welcome to the New World Order.

        Who’s crazy now? You know, the European Union was a “conspiracy theory” for decades.

        But, I’ll tell you this much. They only bring things like this out in the open when they know there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them. We’re too far down this path already, and there is no hope of escape.

        Welcome to the New World Order.

        • Read your Bible, its not here yet. The NWO will last for about as long as a Twinkie on my shelf.

          • The Bible does say there will be a New World Order, it is being set up ultimately for the brief reign of the Antichrist, that is not to say God cannot change or postpone this event, ( If my people will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then will i hear from heaven and heal their land. You see God can change his mind, Hes God (DUH) its up to us acknowledge him, but given OUR track record i think i will keep prepping anyway. Yes in the latter days mens love for one another will grow cold, is this not happening now?

      25. PREP !!!!!!!!

      26. Will this “supranational authority” lower the age of consent for sexual relations between men and boys to 6? I think that’s part of Catholicism, right?

        Welcome to the New World Order. Hide your sons, the pope’s on a tear.

      27. If you look at the size of the Catholic Church and it’s financial holdings one could assume that they would be incorporated into doing the bidding of the NWO but damn; they are a Church. Although I should not be surprised but time and again the scope of the NWO reach does amaze me. They basically leave no stone unturned. They are very good at being very bad.

        • The Vatican is absolutely part of the NWO. Do some research. There’s no doubt about it whatsoever.

          • The Novus Ordo (“New Order”) is Catholic in name only. For dozens of reasons today’s Vatican would not be recognizable as Catholic to any pre-Vatican 2 Catholic, saint or sinner!

      28. To those of us who follow the Bible, this does not come as a surprise.

        • You mean the Bibil the Catholic Church put together?

          • Yeah, the one they put together but ignore.

          • Yes, and John’s Apocalypse (Revelation) was almost left out at the Council of Nicea (the group of guys that got together and decided which writings were to be included in the Bible).

            There were many interesting and thought provoking early Christians writings left out, for various man-made reasons. Apocalypse of Paul, for one. If you are secure in your walk, I highly recommend reading these (some of which are known as the “Gnostic” gospels today- branded by the Church to be heretical. The same Church that allows the raping of boys, lol).

            • The Bible was put together in 397 AD at the Council of Carthage.

              It is a misconception that the Council of Nicea had anything to do with the Bible.

              By the way about Revelation, Martin Luther wanted five other books of the Bible removed because he believed they were not canon.

              The public outcry over removing these books, however, was so great that Martin Luther relented and left them in, they were Hebrews, Revelation, James, Jude, and Esther.

              I will debate Catholic faith with anyone on this board. Let me know.

            • St. Jerome, fluent in Latin, Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew, had manuscripts not available to us today. He carefully compared all the available manuscripts with was known from Apostolic Tradition (capital “T”), hence was in a far better position to determine what was and what was not authentic, hence what was and what was not included in the Vulgate.

              It is laughable that, 1500 years after the Crucifixion, with less evidence available, a bunch of European Protestants had any legitimate reason to doubt the Scriptural Canon. It is even more laughable that, 2000 years after the Crucifixion, a bunch of Protestants anywhere on this planet with even less evidence available have any legitimate reason to doubt the Scriptural Canon.

              Bottom line: Protestants bowdlerized the Bible to support their varied and mutually exclusive man-made conveniences. Just like the rabbis nullified the Old Testament and Mosaic Covenant with the man-made traditions of their Oral Torah (later compiled into the Talmud and Kabbala) [see Mark 7:6-9], Protestants have nullified the New Testament and the New Covenant with their 35,000+ man-made traditions. Every bonehead his own little pope—great concept, as if!

              Pharisees and neo-Pharisees (including the neo-Pharisees of the Novus Ordo) together—what a mess! No wonder that, since the economic hegemony of those Jesus accused in Apocalypse 3:9, we are seeing wars, genocide, and economic crimes against humanity on a scale never seen in Cristendom.

            • Gnostic “gospels”? Ha!

              Jesus was clear that He taught nothing in secret:

              “Jesus answered him: I have spoken openly to the world: I have always taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither all the Jews resort; and in secret I have spoken nothing.” John 18:20

              The essence of gnosticism is secret knowledge. Clearly those gnostic secrets did not come from Jesus, True God and True Man, Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Messiah, Who Can Neither Deceive Nor Be Deceived.

      29. I’m a lurker, and don’t normally post comments here, but this statement by the Vatican was a flaming red alert! For those of you who are familiar with David Icke (, this is what he’s been warning the sheeple about for more than 20 years. This proves there is a global conspiracy to create a one world government and have a global currency. What more proof could there be? The Catholic Church is nothing more than a criminal co-conspirator with the criminal central bankster cabal to blow up the world financial system, which they are in the process of doing right now, and than create their solutions, including, a one world government to control every aspect of our lives. This is why the US & European economies have been systematically destroyed through the economic growth paradigm. Growth can only happen by increasing debt, and eventually the debt burden gets to unmanageable levels and implodes on itself. This is where we are now! The criminal Rothchild cabal wants the workers/serfs/slaves of the world to be equal – everyone poor – except for themselves, of course. They can than manipulate and control everything. Look like we’re on the cusp of this happening. Another great source I highly recommend is the video documentary call the “The Money Masters” which give the history of money and its creation, and explains who the “shadow government” is and how they operate. You can watch in YouTube here:

        • Correction: The Novus Ordo is the co-conspirator, not the Catholic Church.

      30. This priest is at odds with basic church doctrine. Unless you just want to bash the Church, look at what a Vatican group really wrote.

      31. Revelation 17

        K J V

      32. The new World order will need a Church.Why not Rome?Look what they did in the world war with the nazi’s.C’mon the Jesuit Preist’s where having a hay day. The pope took a much as he could. There are many powerful people setting this up.the New world order and the smoke screen around it’s set up.My Question is Who holding the string’s? Who Is the main player.Any Idea’s?

        • “There are many powerful people setting this up.the New world order and the smoke screen around it’s set up.My Question is Who holding the string’s? Who Is the main player.Any Idea’s?”

          The documentary call the “The Money Masters” explains quite concisely the history of money and its creation. It explains who the “shadow government” is and how they operate. You can watch in YouTube here:

          This is very relevant to our present day situation. After you watch this, you’ll have a better understanding who the players are.

          • Thank you EyesWide Open.It’s something I need to Know.

      33. The “church” wants their say in the finacial mess because its hurting their income too….. im sure the basket on sundays is a little light.

        • The Vatican has large investments with the Rothschilds of Britain. France and America, with the Hambros Bank.with the credit suisse in London and Zurich. The Vatican has Billions of shares in the most powerful international corpations .Don’t be fooled.There very rich.

      34. Mac – the fact is that the Vatican has very little power. They have INFLUENCE, but no POWER. The INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS are the ones who really want GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONTROL, and they along with their PUPPET MEDIA want people to think the BOOGIEMAN is ANYONE BUT THEM. The Vatican having supernational control over money and economic policy? Hahahahahaha. That’s the funniest JOKE I’ve head in a long time. Let’s hear another good one Mac…

        Oh, by the way Mac. If you’re looking for real BOOGIEMAN, try looking at the Fed.

      35. Great! So the English want the US back because they think the Declaration of Independence was illegal and the Catholics want to turn the world back to the 16th century when the church burnt good decent folks at the stake. A world run by pedophile’s!!!!

        • Much better to stay in the 20th and 21st century when a third to a half-BILLION people have been killed by non-Catholics, right?

      36. Why is this bull crap even on here. This would never come to pass and you know it. The Catholic church is really not that powerful. I am Catholic but I vehemently disagree with the Pope. This is just meant to insite all the catholic biggots and create more hatred and anger.
        Why isn’t there something about Mr. Pres., shitting on the constitution and bailing out the mortgage mess with more of our money that we don’t have. What the hell does the fact that the Pope is German or Polish, have anything to do with this? More hatred, bigotry and anger. Yea, lets get them all. Sad….

        • Some Catholic language. Pick that up in parochial school or at a Novus Ordo “Mass”?

      37. Well, the Church is not any denomination, its not a building. It is a body, made up of true believers and followers of Christ. Perfect men and women, no I am so far from that. Christ is, and thats the simple message of the cross, he did for us what we could never do ourselves. When I post here, and offend someone I can’t tell you how much it hurts. I am a grown man, but the reality is it hurts, not hardly the shortest verse in the Bible is Jesus Wept.

        • Keep reading in that Bible . Jesus founded ONE visible Church, singular (Matthew 16:18), with the authority (Matthew 16:19) to teach (Matthew 28:19-20), govern (Matthew 18:18), and sanctify (Matthew 28:18-19, John 20:23). Those verses destroy the “bible believer” Protestant concept of an invisible Church composed of millions of people each having his own mutually exclusive doctrines.

          Indeed Churchmen, like all men, are sinners. Protestantism is no cure for sin.

      38. People do you SEE, the nwo is not coming, it’s here already and we are living in it. The most influential church in the world has now threw it’s hat into the arena and it’s going to help us the little people by being our international global financial church head, lol. this all has been written and things are not going to get better. thins are happening right now as we speak, the people of the world have lost most of all their HUMAN rights, what can we do to fight back when we voluntarily gave up those right when DWTS and American Idol was on. look the TSA is conducting check points on US highways and byways, do you see the PROGRESSION in every part of your life yet? Yes, we can be prepared, but what good is that going to do if your black listed how long can you survive that? or do we take the fight to them and speed up the process because they really want martial law enacted anyways.

      39. All I can say is wow! There are too many things happening now that were foretold in revelations for it to not at least give you something to think on.
        Time to load more ammunition until they cut my head off.

      40. If many people wouldn’t allow these silk robe wearing creepy pervs to watch our kids, why do they think that we’d allow them to rule some global banking bureaucracy?
        Plus, you get into the rule that the bigger a government agency gets, the more brutal and forceful it becomes.
        NO THANKS

      41. God created man.J.C. cleansed our sins and gave us back personal responsibility and a personal spirituality between us and him.On another note: sam Colt made us all equal.we don’t neeed no stinkingg more goobermint!YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH AMMUNITION. AIN’T POSSIBLE AIN’T PROBABLE JUST DON’T LET THE WIFE KNOW! CARE FOR YOU GUYS AND LADIES. MAY YOUR LOVED ONES ALWAYS BE SAFE!

      42. Fuck the pope! Anyone advocating world government or global control can go fuck themselves, including the pope!

      43. Wife knows and supports it! Kids shoot and hunt, I have the ability to make everything including the primers through education and lots of books and life experience.
        Love hard, walk soft, and live long. Luck all

        • same here buddy!

      44. 1. The Vatican is Anti-Christ and the Mother of all Conspiracies. The Catholic Church IS NOT a Christian Church, but is the epitome of the Mystery Religions (ie. the worship of Nimrod/Semiramis/Tammuz which became Osiris/Isis/Horus etc etc). They worship Father/Son/Mother as opposed to Father/Son/Holy Spirit. It is Luciferian, wherein the Pope claims to be equal with God. It’s symbology exposes the truth, as does it’s veneration of saints and the blood of the Martyr’s that is on it’s hands.
        Which leads to my point
        2. Neither the Crusades nor the Inquisition were Christian led events, but came from the Catholic Church, and Christians were among those who suffered the most at their hands. And yet it is these two events that are most often cited by Christian haters as depicting the evils of Christianity.
        3. The Catholic Church is working towards a One World Government, no surprise that it would “back” a global banking system (and by “back” I mean surreptitiously install).

        • When I want to learn what Judaism teaches, I read Judaic sources, not Martin Luther. You might consult Catholic sources, rather than Jack Chick, to know what Catholicism teaches. There is 2,000 years of evidence, consistent and unchanged teaching,* that is quite accessible to you. You only need to make a little effort.

          (1a) The Pope does not claim to be equal to God. God appointed Peter and his successors to have the authority to bind and unbind.

          (1b) Catholics do not worship Mary or the Saints. We honor her. Just as I might ask a friend or family to pray for me or you might ask your friends or family to pray for you, we ask our friends and family, Mary and the Saints, to pray for us. We worship _only_ God, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

          (2) Catholicism and the schismatic Eastern Orthodox were the only Christians at the time of the Crusades. Though the relationship waxed and waned, mostly they fought together to overthrow the Muslims in the Levant.

          (3) Apostate nominal Catholics are working for One World Government. The Catholic Church is not working for One World Government, though we definitely believe in the Social Reign of Christ the King, the acknowledgment by every government that Jesus Christ is the only legitimate source of authority whatever the form of government, republic, democracy, or monarchy. The Social reign of Christ the King would certainly end abortion, genocide, usury, pornography, etc.

          *Even the Novus Ordo has never tried to invoke teaching authority to replace the perennial and unchangeable teachings of Catholicism.

      45. 3 churches for sale on Main St. in Buffalo, NY.
        My generation has turned their back on religious enslavement.
        When I drive by I often how many were killed in the name of religion.

        • You speak only for yourself, not your generation.
          But all that aside, let’s consider just a couple of facts.
          There were about 2000 people killed by the Inquisition, many of them Protestant Christians. I agree that even ONE person killed in the name of religion is TOO MANY. But to put the evil of the Inquisition into perspective, that was somewhere between 3000 to 5000 deaths in the span of about 350 YEARS.
          Those killed in the name of ATHEISM on the other hand….
          from Wikipedia – “Mass killings occurred under some Communist regimes during the twentieth century with an estimated death toll numbering between 85 & 100 million.”
          You know, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc….actually you probably don’t know.
          You probably relate better to Harris and Klebold.
          And here’s one more comment that I KNOW you can’t understand – “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.”

        • You mean like the 60 million Christians killed at the hands of Judeo-Communism?

      46. Folks,

        I think you should all calm down a bit. This, like virtually all reporting about the Catholic Church is distorted. Some points to counter the feverish comments.

        1. The Vatican is poor and has been since she lost the Papal States in 1870. The Arch-Diocese of Los Angeles has much more money than the Vatican. What treasures she has is mostly Artistic/Historical, which one would expect for an institution that has lasted 2000 years. (thank you Holy Spirit!) She survives on voluntary donations from the faithful.

        2. The Catholic Church has consistently held that the purpose of sex is procreation (not recreation) and any use of the sexual faculty not geared to raising children is wrong. So contraceptives are evil, and so is abortion. (Both contraceptives and abortions are responsible for a huge increase of cancer among women.) A monogamous committed relationship does not spread AIDS or other STD’s. Despite this, the Catholic Church is the largest provider of medical care to AIDS victims.

        3. The Catholic Church also is the largest provider of healthcare, education, and food on the planet as well.

        4. Despite the well publicized incidents of “pedophilia” (actually homosexual ephebophilia – look it up), there are more incidents of sexual abuse of minors, percentage and as a whole, in protestant denominations and especially among public school teachers. This has been proven out in numerous studies.

        5. As many of the commenters can attest, no one is forced to be Catholic, nor are they forced to contribute to the church. The only people who need to remain Catholic are those interested in their salvation.

        6. While this did not come from the Pope, and He likely wasn’t even notified about it, even if it is His view, the Pope’s teachings are only binding and infallible when defining something related to Faith and Morals, in His capacity as the Vicar of Christ and successor to Peter.

        7. The Church can and should make recommendations as to the formation and conduct of world bodies that have the potential to affect the lives of the poor, or the billion Catholics who live across the globe. The Vatican would obviously put its time to better use commenting on the formation or conduct of world organizations rather than the conduct of the affairs of your local PTA. None of this, however, changes the Church’s teaching on subsidiarity.

        If you did some research, you will find that most of what is said about the Church by Her critics has absolutely no basis in fact, or is a wild distortion of the truth.

        That having been said, I’d like to see an encyclical regarding the abomination of unjust weights and measures (Proverbs 11:1 and Deuteronomy 25:13-16) and how that applies to central banks and fractional reserve banking.

        Thanks for reading,

        God Bless.

        • Catholic Paul

          That’s a nice story, but please get your facts right. The Catholic church is the largest land owner in the world. So unless you are just not counting assets your comments are at best misleading.

          As a reformed Catholic I would only instruct you to read the Bible cover to cover and decide for yourself. I was in my mid 40’s before I learned the truth so don’t feel bad. I no longer align with Denominations, just the Bible and the fundamental truth therein.

          • Hi Patriot:

            The lands do not belong to the Vatican and the Pope has no control over them. They, in the U.S. belong to each diocese. In other countries, they belong to the governments, having been stolen from the Church and the faithful.

            The Bible you speak of was given to you by the Catholic Church. It is Her book. You might reflect upon how it is that that book came about, and upon what exact authority upon which you can depend to be secure in its veracity.

            God bless you.

            • Why did “she” feel the need to alter the 10 Commandments, the very same that was directly handed to Moses from God?

              The Bible was given to us by God, and no one else.

              “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: (2 Timothy 3:16)”

          • Could you please cite your source. I can’t seem to find proof of your “fact”. Thanks in advance

      47. I was raised Catholic. Story short. The evil of the church ruined my family. You don’t have to be Catholic to be a Christian. The Catholic church is full of evil corrupt demonic POS.Brainwashed immoral lemmings. They can all ESAD.

        • “The Catholic church is full of evil corrupt demonic POS.Brainwashed immoral lemmings. They can all ESAD.”

          Secular society is also full of “evil, corrupt demonic POS,” as you call them. Should they “ESAD”?

          People are people, for better or worse. Absolute truth is also absolute truth, regardless of what people do.

          Judge ANY religion by its theological teachings, NOT human actions.

      48. Add this to one of the many reason why I no longer call myself a Catholic.

        DANG IT!

        I just did!


      49. To all you Christians the rapture was a few days ago you missed the jebus train. But seriously that dude is scary he looks demonic. I think it is either WW soon or a complete break down. I am betting on WW due to greedy psychopathic Anglos.

      50. This statement by the Vatican is a positioning tactic. It may be the setup for their sponsorship of ET arriving to save the desperate citizens of planet earth.

        The famous apparitions of Fatima in 1917 were “engineered” to look like miracles, according to experts. The phenomena were quite undeniable to the participants but could be explained today by advanced technology.

        We all know the Vatican has been active with exploration of the heavens and a google search provides ample evidence. Their observatories are world famous. Not too long ago someone at the Vatican asserted themselves as the ET liaison should the need occur. They’ve made other statements about the existence of aliens, and have even asserted aliens have souls. Seemingly the Vatican is awaiting something from outer space more than someone from heaven.

        If and when that day were to arrive when the visitors make themselves known, the premise of this article would be accepted as factual.

        There is a lot of circumstantial evidence that is pointing to a big deception. I’m not talking religion. The Catholic Church is a huge criminal enterprise with a sordid history. Don’t underestimate them.

      51. Sayldog:

        Go pick up the Catechism of the Catholic Church and read it. You will find no hint of a “Mystery Religion” nor anything that could even be distorted to resemble the assertions in your first point.

        As to the rest, try reading a few history books.

        If you are a protestant, try reading about the Fathers of the Church and what they taught. Pre-Constantine, if you wish. Then, with your new insights provided by the Catechism, go find a priest to accept you into the Church founded by our Lord Jesus Christ.

        God Bless you.

        • Catholic Paul:

          I dare say I’m not about to become a Catholic, but I have accepted your challenge to read the Catechism, scanning first the index for sections relating to Mary. I must say, there ARE things that CAN be DISTORTED to resemble COMMON assertions that Catholicism is Babylonian Mystery Religion.

          To keep things simple and because you know what I am referring to, as one reads concerning the Immaculate Conception, it is POSSIBLE to infer that the Catechism is stating that MARY was immaculately conceived and that Christ’s Divinity derives from her own. I don’t read it that way, but have heard it portrayed as such. However, when such a possible mis-understanding of semantics is accompanied by further claims like “Finally the Immaculate Virgin, preserved free from all stain of original sin, when the course of her earthly life was finished, was taken up body and soul into heavenly glory, and exalted by the Lord as Queen over all things” and “by her manifold intercession continues to bring us the gifts of eternal salvation ” and “By the grace of God Mary remained free of every personal sin her whole life long” or “without a single sin to restrain her” or “As St. Irenaeus says, “Being obedient she became the cause of salvation for herself and for the whole human race”, you may be able to see how those who hold to the written word over the traditions of man could come to the conclusion that Catholicism elevates Mary up to the stature of GODDESS and contradicts the written word which says that only Christ was free of sin and is our only salvation.
          Now while you are praying to “The Queen of Heaven” (a title shared by the feminine aspects of the Mystery Religion trinities) and the Saints (the pantheistic demi-gods), can you deny that Catholicism has inextricably interwoven pagan belief systems, symbology, and assorted hubris into it’s dogma? Cathedrals are built over ancient pagan sites, pagan artifacts are re-purposed as Catholic artifacts, “power” is ascribed to random pieces of dead bodies, Goddess apparitions appear in grottoes (oh, so Mystery Religion based), etc.
          I would suggest your own history reading include some biographies of the likes of Luther and Wycliffe and Hus and some of the other reformers, not to mention Foxes Book of Martyrs. The selling of Indulgences, the extortion of money for the release of the dead from Purgatory, confessional blackmail, the blight of the Jesuits and their Hegelian treacheries, Vatican intrigue – just the tip of the historical iceberg.
          I’m sorry, this isn’t the place for this discussion, and I won’t blame you at all for not accepting my apology for this and previous rants. I believe many blood-bought Christians are in the Catholic Church, but – like the Masonic Lodges – the muggles at the bottom have no idea of what is being played out at the core, having been taught an understanding of things which to the upper echelon mean something quite different.

          God Bless You, and I have bookmarked the Catechism website I was reading for further exploration, I ask that you pray that I might glean some wisdom.

          And sorry to all the rest of you, this will be the last I comment on this subject. Thanks for your patience.

          • @ Sayldog

            Please cite chapter and verse for your claim that “only Christ was free of sin .”

            St. Irenaeus is correct. Mary is the cause of our salvation for the simple reason that she was the mother of Jesus. Mary is not our Saviour.

            “…can you deny that Catholicism has inextricably interwoven pagan belief systems, symbology, and assorted hubris into it’s dogma?”

            Yes, I deny your misinterpretation.

            “Cathedrals are built over ancient pagan sites…”

            As if a whorehouse can’t be changed into a restaurant? Profane space is simply consecrated for a truly sacred purpose. Big deal.

            “pagan artifacts are re-purposed as Catholic artifacts,..”

            Oh, puhleez, don’t have a Christmas tree then. They are not Catholic sacramentals or part of our religion.

            “power is ascribed to random pieces of dead bodies,…”

            Just as statues and photographs are reminders of people who have passed away, so to are the relics of Saints. Some miracles have been associated with relics. That is the choice of God. Tell God you don’t want Him to work miracles unless he clears His method with you first.

            “Goddess apparitions appear in grottoes (oh, so Mystery Religion based), etc.”

            The Blessed Virgin Mary has appeared in a grotto and elsewhere. She is not a goddess, but the Mother of God. We are not obligated to believe in such private revelations. Rarely the Church will state that an apparition contains nothing against the Faith, Fatima was one of those; Medjugorje is not. Tell the Blessed Mother that you don’t want her to appear or work miracles unless she clears it with you first.

            As for the post-Vatican 2 Catechism recommended to you by Catholic Paul, it is filled with smarmy ambiguity, designed to be so non-offensive to non-Catholics that even a Catholic can hardly figure out what the Church does teach. If you are a liberal, you’ll love it and still know nothing of Catholicism. If you want clarity, read:

            The Catechism of the Council of Trent

            If you want to trace the origins of Catholic dogma, read Denziger’s Sources of Catholic Dogma:

      52. This notion of “Supernational Authority” is either incredibly naive or pathologically evil!
        Didn’t Karl Marx come up with something similar?
        If the Roman church sold off all its treasures to feed the poor and the pope started wearing sack cloth, I might listen.

      53. The post 1965 Catholic Church is under the control of Jews and Freemasons.

        No pre-1965 Pope would have wanted that which is outlined in this article.

        PS: I am a hardcore traditionalist former seminarian, so I know what I am talking about.

        You might not be Catholic, but what is represented as “Catholic” in this article has nothing to do with our religion.

        Equally erroneous on the other side is Mac’s misconception of pre-1965 Catholic political aspirations.

        “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right…stuck in the middle again.”

        Want to know what real Catholicism teaches?

        Go to and play around there.

        You will really hate it (for all the reasons I love it).

        PS: Almost all traditionalist, pre 1965 Catholics are preppers.

        • I’m trad catholic too. Tis where I learned the total truth of the faith – and where I learned of the NWO etc. The world makes alot more sense now, even if it’s not so pretty.

        • Full disclosure: The site has been scrubbed of the Catholic teaching on Judaism and plenty of traditional Catholics are VERY angry about that. One of the most important earthly credentials of the SSPX is that the Freemasonic Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith (ADL) and Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) venomously hate the SSPX.

          One of the SSPX bishops, Bishop Richard Williamson, recently published on the teaching. If you are not a subscriber to his sermons, you can read it here:
          How can Pope Benedict let go of ancient truths?


          Bishop Williamson Contra Mundum

          Now the rabbis and “Pope Foxman” of the ADL are commanding the Pope to excommunicate Bp. Williamson. What gall!

          You can see how acute the problem is by reading the posts and comments here:

          In order to obtain the earthly respect of Pharisees and Protestants, with rare exceptions, post-Vatican 2 popes and prelates have neglected almost all Catholic dogma and morality. They have destroyed our liturgy and sacraments since Vatican 2.

      54. The Catholic Church – Millions of Children Molested, Taken from their Parents, sold into sex slavery and Murdered! Through the Centuries… An still Counting; all in the name of an fictional story an imaginary ghost!

        Two Words: BOYS TOWN for an example…

        Boys Town, the distinguished Catholic orphanage on the outskirts of Omaha, Nebraska, was established in 1917 by Father Edward Flanagan. Its altruistic purpose was to offer “help, hope and healing” to abused, abandoned, and neglected children. Having begun with a population of six boys, Boys Town currently houses thousands of boys and girls at numerous sites across the country.

        Caradori’s “Leads List ” cites a number of Boys Town students who were the purported victims of sexual exploitation, and his “Investigative Report” of April 20, 1990 notes that he interviewed the sister of a former Boys Town student who was allegedly exploited. She said that her brother was “extremely scared” because the State Patrol and FBI had been “very harsh” with him .

        “Yeah, he…, yeah,” confessed Fred Carter, Hill’s former roommate. when asked about being molested by Father Kelly while at Boys Town. Carter also confirmed King’s pandering of Boy’s Town children, “There were a certain kids there that were, that had that look, that had that marketability.… I knew certain kids that were into, you know because they were young, and… it was just all about money.”

        Not to forget the indigenous Indians of Western Canada who are still being used as sex slave , killed and buried there on their own canadian reservation! By the Illuminati Catholic Church of Vancouver Canada!

        Religion is only a tool with which those in power weild to RULE the ignorant and foolish … nothing more!

        Don’t be a Sheep , People Eat sheep! Baaaaaaaaaa

        Don’t Tread on Me!
        Arm Up Stock Up Prepare
        Preditor or Prey the Choice is Yours!

      55. Perhaps those criticizing the Church should READ the article first.

        Note that the statement was made by the Vatican Council for Peace and Justice, NOT THE POPE.

        Translation: This is somebody’s OPINION. It holds NO VALUE as far as the religion is concerned.

        Anybody who is an active, faithful Catholic is probably aware that the New World Order has been trying desperately to infiltrate the Church for the entire 20th century, and there have been MANY infiltrators.

        Just read any of the books by Fr. Malachi Martin, or the Book “AA-1023,” as they have excellent discussions about this. I also recommend “Beyond the Lodge Door” as an excellent resource.

        Translation: This is no surprise, and for me as a Catholic, it just proves the NWO’s attempts to infiltrate the Church are REAL and NOT “conspiracy theory.”

        As for all the Anti-Catholics, keep your hate to yourselves, and comment on the content of the actual story and not the story you would like to hear.

      56. Did anyone but me ever notice the pope looks like the emperor in return of the jedi?

      57. I was born and raised Catholic…and I agree with most things that come out of The Vatican.

        …but I can say without a doubt this is the worst idea of all time.

      58. I don’t know about a supernational authority but I’d be more inclined to accept a supernatural (God) authority. We would only be trading one set of suit wearing tyrants for a set of robe wearing tyrants. No thanks.

      59. The Catholic Church is a cult. It claims to have divine power, divine knowledge, and divine authority. Only the RCC can interpret scripture. It claims to have the power to damn people to hell. The pope claims to have authority given it from Christ himself. The Catholic Church wants the one-world government prophesied in Revelation. The Catholic Church is the woman riding the beast in Revelation:

        (Rev 17:3-9 NIV) Then the angel carried me away in the Spirit into a desert. There I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and ten horns. {4} The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries. {5} This title was written on her forehead: MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT THE MOTHER OF PROSTITUTES AND OF THE ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. {6} I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. When I saw her, I was greatly astonished. {7} Then the angel said to me: “Why are you astonished? I will explain to you the mystery of the woman and of the beast she rides, which has the seven heads and ten horns. {8} The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because he once was, now is not, and yet will come. {9} “This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads are seven hills on which the woman sits.

        • @ Farm Cat

          Once again, it is better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.

      60. #10 cans…crisp $10 bills
        #10 cans…crisp $10 bills

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