Cash Ban: Greeks Face “Permanent Cash Controls and Compulsory Use of Plastic Money”

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero

    Editor’s Comment: Greeks are not only suffering financially under the controls imposed by its leaders under economic crisis, but they are also losing their freedoms. The combination leads to an impoverished and enslaved population. Worse, this misery is likely to be exported to other countries, as the entire globe faces the prospect of another economic meltdown.

    And the response has already been scripted: Americans, too, may find cash to be severely restricted, while their meager earnings are tightly controlled on an electronic grid where they are forced to use digital transactions that enrich the wealth and power of the very banks who have created the crisis. As SHTF previously reported: Once Cash Is Banned They Will Be Able To Force You To Buy Products.

    Greek Cash Ban Escalates: ‘Permanent’ Stricter “Capital Controls” On 3 Million Pensioners, Civil Servants Imposed

    by Tyler Durden

    In a stunning move towards the elites’ endgame of ‘banning cash’, Greek authorities unveiled stricter capital controls for civil servants and pensioners this weekend. By drastically limiting cash withdrawals and forcing the more ‘controllable’ compulsory use of plastic money, Greek authorities hope to stop tax evasion through the use of ‘fake cash registers’.

    As reports,

    A shock-measure: civil servants and pensioners will be subject to stricter capital controls than the rest of the Greeks. They will be able to withdraw only €150 per week – with the cash withdrawal cap being €420 per week – that is a total of €600 per month. The rest of their wage or pension they will have to spend by using debit or credit card.

    The news fell like a bombshell on Saturday evening and spoiled the weekend of millions of Greeks. It will probably spoil the rest of their lives too.

    Greek media revealed, that the Finance Ministry plans to impose such a measure in order to combat tax evasion, but of course, not the tax evasion committed by the civil servants and pensioners as this is not possible as the state deducts their share on tax before they receive wages and pensions but the tax evasion committed by business owners.

    According to the Finance Ministry plan, civil servants and pensioners will be able to withdraw in cash only part of their wages and pensions and the rest will have to remain in their bank deposit account. This remaining amount they will have to spend only through the compulsory use of debit or credit card.

    “The measure will affect 2.65 million pensioners and 600,000 civil servants,” notes newspaper To Vima that revealed the shocking plan.

    The newspaper adds that with this measure, the compulsory use of plastic money, the business owner , whether a shop or a professional like doctor, plumber etc will not be able to evade taxes since all transactions will be recorded in the banking system.

    The Finance Ministry reasoning behind this plan is first of all the assumption that the money – or large party of the money – it pays in wages and pensions is been used in real economy without receipt thus without Value Added Tax and tax revenues for the state.

    “Every month the State and the pension funds pay for salaries and pensions of approximately €2.6 billion, that is €30 billion per year.  The salary or the pension comes into the bank account of the beneficiary, who can withdraw 420 euro per week due to the capital controls.

    This cash money is being used for the purchase of goods or services “and a large percentage of these transactions does not bring revenues to the state as the transactions are being done without the issue of receipt or receipt are issued by so-called fake cash registers which are manipulated to show less revenues.

    In this way, the state suffers revenue losses of approximately 15-20 billion euro per year due to not collection of Value Added Tax and income tax,” from businesses and self-employed.

    With this measure the state calculates that it will receive in no time revenues from V.A.T. and will not miss a cent from income tax. The state expects to rapidly increase its revenues and “proceeds to future reduction of the tax rates of 8.500,000 taxpayers.”

    The Finance Ministry apparently considers to exempt pensioners of over 75 years old from the measure as well as those living in remote areas where the use of plastic money is limited.

    If the measure successfully increases the state revenues and does not puts obstacles in the operation of households, “it can be extended also to salaries of the private sector.”

    *  *  * 

    The plan revelation triggered an outcry and anger not only among the civil servants and pensioners but also among those not affected by it. But there is more…

    Plastic money compulsory for new companies

    Another measure is apparently under way in the fight of tax evasion.

    “Companies that are founded from next year onward plus a range of sectors of the Greek economy will only be able to accept payment via debit or credit card, according to a plan being drawn up by the government.

    The plan, which has yet to receive the final approval from the country’s lenders, foresees all new companies having to be equipped with point of sale (POS) terminals that can accept credit and debit cards. The same will apply to numerous professions like will include doctors, lawyers, electricians and plumbers, which are all professions where tax evasion is thought to be rife.”

    (full article ekathimerini)

    Also in this case, the ambitious legislator will create 2 businesses categories and exclude form competition the new companies as they will not be able to accept cash.

    Who wins?

    One has also to ask who wins from these measures except the state and the revenues it calculates to receive.

    For sure the biggest winner are the banks: first of all, they will keep longer the amounts of pensions and civil servants salaries. It could be 1-1.5 billion euro per month. Secondly, because they charge 2 euro per transaction via debit or credit card.

    *  *  *

    And the biggest loser is The average joe Greek citizen… again.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero


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      1. Well, one thing is clear that the GREEKS didn’t have the courage to destroy their elites and the leaches who were placed in charge via their zionist masters in the cartel.

        On positive note they sold one of their island to the pig named Buffet

        • Denali 2016

      2. The Mark Is Near! Trekker Out.

        • According to what I have gleaned from the scriptures, the mark of the beast will not fully come into play until the Antichrist/Lucifer comes on the scene portraying as Christ.

          When that transpires, the One World/Interfaith religious system will jump on his ship of lies and fools and then, “those that follow and worship/pledge allegiance to, the beast/antichrist, and his one world system” is doomed by those actions that qualify as taking the mark. It does not have to be a physical mark or chip.

          They can capture you and tattoo your ass from head to toe, and even chip your pecker; but, only if you pledge allegiance to the beast will you be guilty of such. If you deny the Dragon and his system that the liberals/heathens are now pushing through with a vengeance, and have Christ in your heart….
          YOU will be saved and will find yourself in the eternity with a big ole green arrow, and thumbs up.

          Sadly the majority don’t follow that belief and they will be all thumbs down with red arrows pointing down to hell.

          When i say “you” here, I am not referring to you Mountain Trekker. From what i have gathered you are one of us, the redeemed ones. it is truly a good feeling, and the only true freedom we can experience because we are not afraid of death.

          • The children of hell two-fold more than the Pharisees (Matthew 23:15) have instigated revolutions to weaken Christian nations, fomented and funded gentile-against-gentile wars, and committed crimes against humanity, including economic crimes against humanity. They started two world wars and are angling for a third world war. They teach that we are not human, so we should all be deceived, looted, raped, enslaved, and killed.

            God warned us so many times about them and the world is finally awakening to the enemies of all mankind (1 Thessalonians 2:15), but is it too late to avoid the chastisement?

            Do not help Satan’s accomplices by your silence or by defending them.


            • Silence satan through prayer and good works.

          • Tax evasion has been the national pastime in Greece, second only to government spending. I am not defending cash controls, but I am identifying the Greek Government dilemma when it comes to revenue collection.

            Cutting the government in half and government pensions by 25% would be a good start for Greece and America.

            Greece should probably move to a flat tax like Russia, or a consumption (sales) tax that would put the onus on the rich, rather than the poor.

            Just saying. 🙂

          • You’ll either go along with them or be turned over to the headchoppers.

            Already going on routinely in the ever expanding Islamic world.

            Soon to be in your neighborhood too.

            My guess, supported by the prophecies, is that most will go along with them when finally faced with the reality of it no matter what they are claiming they will do now.

          • Yeah, anybody who doesn’t listen to you is going to Hell, blah, blah,blah. Get some new material, you’re a crashing bore who has nothing to say outside of playing make believe preacher, it’s become annoying and only serves as an outlet for your oversized ego. Nobody believes you anyway because you’re such a nut about it.

            • Has the baby got a broken little scrolling finger?
              If you can’t handle the message or the messenger, then scroll on past and piss and moan about something else.

              We get it already. it seems you and a couple more are against anything biblical and Godly.

              Maybe God will someday be against Karl, when Karl needs Him the most.

              Like five of the ten virgins, the door was closed in their face.

              so, get with the spiritual program of prepping, or be lost in a world of filth and sin….dumbass!

              • PWTW, I take my hat off to you. You do have a way with trolls after all.

                • I hear you brother.

                  • So, now you and braveheart are brothers, he’s your intellectual back up, why not recruit hcks and go for the hillbilly trifecta of stupidity? Of course, nobody could ever take your bullshit title away pissin, if you stopped posting today you would have told more lies than anybody else here. Here’s an idea for you, this is one you’ve employed in the past, or at least you ” said” you did. Why not have god make me lose 10k worth of property, or 80k of my 401k plan, or even kill off my wife as ” punishment” for daring to make fun of you. Remember these? They’re all ” punishments” that god has loosed on people who dared not fall before you in praise. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it, you’re in need of professional mental health treatment, and no, I don’t think you’re dangerous, you’re too old, diabetic, and have a bad back so you’re no threat to anybody but that doesn’t negate the fact that you’re in dire need of help.

                    • Those things are what you have construed in your warped little mind, karl,wwti,anon, or whatever you are, but you are all the same because you carry an evil root of bitterness within your soul.

                      I never said God caused these things as punishment on folks; but, what i did say was that people that are not walking within God’s Light, and under His direction, would reap as they have sown.

                      In other words they were used as examples to others, but definitely not to heathens like yourself. You most likely are like wwti, if not him under a different handle, and you my trolling fool are “probably”, a dead duck already.

                      Let me spell it out for ya in a story. Since you like to dis hillbillys, and preachers, this is about an Arkansas country preacher.

                      This small town preacher in southern Arkansas had a winter duck hunters guide business. This preacher learned long ago to not bring up biblical things with clients, “unless” they asked first.

                      This big city client, an atheist, that owned a multi million dollar business; while sitting in a duck blind with the preacher and his retriever, asked an unexpected question.

                      he said,”preacher, if your God is so great and loves His people, how come all i see from my lower class, church going employees, is money troubles and sickness and problems all the time. I hear reports that 85% of them claim to be Christians and they struggle with life. Un-like me that prospers and has no sickness, and answers to no pie in the sky god?”

                      The preacher replied, ” you see, it is kinda like this ole black retriever here. Imagine he is the devil, and the ducks are the people in the world. Now, when you shoot and those ducks fall, the dead ones are the atheists and satanic followers of the world. The ducks that are wounded and flopping around splashing water are the Christians of the world. When the dog/devil goes out after them to retrieve, which ones does he go after first?

                      Hunter replied, “he always goes after the wounded and struggling ones first, as i have noticed over the many years coming here.”

                      Preacher says, “yes he does and that is how the devil works, he goes after the struggling weakened Christians, first; because he knows the heathen/atheist/unsaved, are already ‘dead ducks’.

                    • Karl is just another useless troll who needs to move on and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

                    • Pissin,

                      Are you aware of the term ” pathological liar”, you should be because your the epitome of one. You’ve used these obviously insane threats in a feeble attempt to get people to stop ridiculing your insane views of what religion and god are. You were obviously hoping that people would somehow be frightened into thinking that maybe you could visit down some kind of delusional divine intervention upon them to silence their correct assumptions that you were/are mentally disabled. It never worked because you weren’t preaching to a room full of people who would believe whatever some self appointed internet preacher spewed out, things like ” slavery was not a sin, it afforded good opportunities for blacks to become sharecroppers”. When you’re saying something that’s so stupid it’s hard to believe someone could actually say it, it shouldn’t surprise you that people think you need help and don’t believe your other ravings.

                • Double-wide King,

                  Years ago I posted that if I only had one SHTF gun, it would be a .22 semi auto with the most expensive suppressor I could afford.

                  I was ridiculed by you vieux.

                  Now I see you’ve purloined the idea.


      3. If I was in this position, I’d drain my account buying silver and gold coins with my credit/debit card.

        Anybody keeping money in Greek bank is insane.

        • So how you gonna buy anything?

          You know, things like food and medicine and paying the rent and such.

          • he would use his over priced gold and silver he is rushing out too buy of course

            that way when he is truly broke and has zero way of paying he can go on the EBT dol.

            instead of being smart and learning how to plant a garden and investing money on something real like land !!

            i don’t keep much in banks either they are for fools and idiots BUT they are needed right now so basically starve them as much as you ca.

            Silver and gold are still way too out of line
            and way too expensive
            BUT god help us if the wicked witch gets in or that fool sanders because you will see folks go ape shit nuts buying

            skittle shittin unicorn

      4. Zero Hedge prints nothing but anti-American crap! I guess that they are supposed to appeal to the “Libertarian Left”. I believe some of their garbage some from Russian sources as they are always lifting up Putin as some sort of “Good Guy” BULL SHIT!

        Zero is no better a source than Alex Jones

        • Troll go back to your bridge.

        • Hogs,

          Define “Libertarian Left”?

          Define ” Some Garbage by Russian sources”?

          Define ” Who is arming ISIS” and “who is fighting ISIS”?

        • Fur real , HOGS,
          Zero is certainly left , but what the hell aint anymore ?
          You need binoculars to find the true “right” anymore.

          • “You need binoculars to find the true “right” anymore.”

            Please explain what is true right. Some believe its obedience to Uncle Sam regardless. Therefore one should render the 1st Amendment moot. Maybe its ignoring any falsehoods said by government. If 50 tons of supplies are dropped by the US to Islamic Rebels of unknown groups in a post 911 world we should ignore it and proudly send our sons and daughters to defend the flag and fight the terrorists that “we” support. Maybe we shouldn’t bother to report that Corzine got away with robbing depositors accounts to the tune of an excess of one billion. Knowing that is UnAmerican.

            God Bess America guys. The Founding Fathers didn’t desire an unquestioning citizenry. Your confusing blind obedience with patriotism.

            • Kevin2, Excellent points. There are what I call the true patriots Vs some imaginary ones who as clint Eastwood said ” They are legends on their own minds”.

              I take Ron Paul (not the son) over any so called Right Wing Patriots since they all are very similar to Hillary and her tribe pretending being left wing but truly are power hungry psychopaths who enjoy blood shedding of the normal and innocent people.

              • Stolz, same here and my compliments to kevin2 also.

            • True right in my humble opinion would be adherance the the constitution .
              Which should relly be center.
              So a constitutionalist candidate would be FARRRR right of what is now “center”.
              Clear ?

              • Hammerhead

                I’ll take that as a true conservative. Therefore “Equal Protection Under The Law” implies Equal Punishment. Crony Capitalism is not Constitutional and allowing Corzine and his ilk to steal is crony capitalism. Using military force W/O a declaration of war with a defined enemy is constitutional. Chasing terrorists that we create to use as ostensible cover to overthrow foreign nations we dislike is not constitutional.

                Zero Hedge, Axel Jones and Matt Drudge with honorable mention for Ed Snowden are the modern Paul Revere.

                • K2: I don’t like Corzine. He is a Democrat. But I have explained here, ad nauseum, why he didn’t steal investor money.

                  Yeah, he is probably a real scumbag, but we need to be factually accurate so that our criticisms have moral authority, and cannot be classified as propaganda.

                  Jon Corzine lost his ass, his firm, and his investor’s money. In hindsight I am sure he would like that cash cow back, and had taken less risk and less leverage.

                  Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order !!! 🙂

                  • dk

                    It was a segregated account and illegal to access it. He had no permission. Show link to source.

                    • K2: All investors signed an Investment Agreement when they placed their funds with MF Global. MF Global could not accept their funds and open an account until that CONTRACT was executed.

                      The CONTRACT allowed Corzine to re-hypothecate their segregated funds. ALL of the “investors” were very sophisticated investors, financial insiders, and hedge fund managers. They knew, or should have known, what re-hypothecated meant.

                      As highly sophisticated financial investors, they damn sure understood the risk associated with leveraging their funds 40 times: which is why they gave Corzine their money in the first place.

                      You have shown yourself to be a bight guy here over the years. Do your own home work. Any segregation of their account was accounted for digitally, for profits and losses, in the SAME WAY that banks segregate the money in your checking and savings account.

                      The only difference between MF Global and JP Morgan is that JP Morgan doesn’t bet the farm (read: your segregated account funds) every time it rolls the dice.

                      Wake up to reality. 🙂

                  • Sorry Kid, but the data seems to show his old pals ended up with cash his investors should have had. But he moved it out of the country so they could get it. Yeah, it’s not stealing but if it had been my money he’d be explaining the diff in hell.

                    • JP Morgan seized the money he had on deposit with them when his liabilities in his trading account exceeded his margin deposit.

                      It happens every day to Traders if they haven’t stopped out their losses, as their stocks on margin, decline in value. Someone may have loss their ass in the recent Wal Mart stock collapse, in the same way.

                      There is an old Chinese proverb: “If you can’t take the heat; get out of the Casino, before you get your ass spanked”. 🙂

                  • DK…Corizine still hasn’t answered the simple question ” Where’s the money “.

                    Through the lovely changes in the 1936 Commodities Exchange Act…M F Globull was able to pull a great accounting scam, the rules permitted the firm to buy an asset, such as the debt of a country and to pay for it by getting a loan that used the asset as collateral, much as your house is the collateral for your mortgage. MF Global’s earnings would be the difference between the interest rate on the Countries debt and the interest rate it was paying its lender. The real problem MF Globull was when countries couldn’t pay their debt .This was a scam…may be legal but none the less a scam.These guys stole the money…the only hard part is proving it .

                    He proclaimed at CONgressional Hearings that he doesn’t know where it went, that makes him and MF Globull a bunch of thieves;Worthy of a kick to the balls .

                    • Corzine took money from segregated accounts w/o permission, hence segregated. It’s illegal and he wasn’t charged.

                • K2 – Cronyism in any form is corruption.
                  The buzz word is crony capitalist of late.
                  But there are plenty of crony socialists and communists to go around .
                  As far as sending in troops without congress declareing war?
                  Should be obvious overeach of executive power.
                  The constitution dont need to be “interpreted” its plain english , which by the way IS the national language.
                  Anyone “interpreting” the constitution is a criminal perpetrating a fraud.

                  • here is a true conspiracy theory

                    the modern school system is no longer teaching cursive writing and why you ask ??

                    because the constitution is written in cursive
                    ( at least the 1776 version )

                    any thoughts ?? folks

                    • Skittles:

                      Re: Not teaching cursive

                      Could be
                      1 lazy
                      2 want everyone typing into computerized, info retrievable, device
                      3 discourage letter writing via snail mail before making it disappear (from lack of use)
                      4 secret language taught to selected few whose parents are also selected to be informed
                      5 the teachers never learned themselves
                      6 one of a dozen different reasons.
                      Thank you for posting.

                • Must agree with you Kevin ! People on this site would be called right wing , Christian, constitutional loving patriots! That’s what the left ( liberals) consider us! So some of you need to look up diffinition of left and right

                  • Personally I’m a Libertarian and probably an agnostic. I don’t pick and choose through the Bill Of Rights and the US Constitution and support personal freedom up until that freedom DIRECTLY negatively effects me.

          • hammerhead

            Just spin around in a circle. That is what I do. No left or right. Only dizzy. Hahahahaha!

            • Yeah, SLING , i,m over the labels.
              Show me what you got , we go from there.

              Tired of the ” sit-n-spin ” method.

        • Them Hogs, you may be 100% correct. Alternatively, you may be proven, with the passage of time, to have been born deaf, dumb, blind and brain dead at birth. The jury is out. You appear to have gone “all in”. I wouldn’t wager either way. Only an arrogant, ignorant fool would do that. Enough said?

      5. Sounds just like us they keep writing laws while we sleep taking freedoms and enslaving us more, while nobody does anything about it. So I dont want to hear I would never put up with that bla bla. All well I think footballs on.

        • You know PA farmer, I am inclined to agree with you.

          Check out this headline:

          Dead Hand And World War III – US Drops Ammo To “Syrian Rebels” Days Before Russian Embassy In Damascus Hit By Rockets

          Now if the USA has given 50 tons of ammo to “somebody” in Syria, what is the real reason and why has Congress funded such an idiotic move and waste of taxpayer printed dollars?

          Yep, I am glad i have a part time hobby of watching football and baseball. There is only so much time that i can devote to biblical studies and visiting places on the net like this site…which btw, is still my favorite, because most of the people that come here are people i can relate with. Trolls be damned, they are everywhere.

          I hope you are not a Steelers fan. My wife is and we have a good time ragging each other…especially when my KC Chiefs play them. I actually do pull for the Philly Eagles some of the time now. Patriots and Raiders are my two least favorite after Steelers and Rottenslip-burger. Can’t stand the sight of him after he got off scott free from raping that girl.

          Anyways, have good fun watching.

          • PITW, I just get pissed watching everything around us happing. I feel like I’m underwater with my hands & feet bound and everybody on poolside is drunk an dont care(not enclueding ppl on here). I do miss the Steelers I havent had tv for years, cant even Listen on the Radio cause I dont know who the player are anymore.

            • Pulling the TV plug is a good thing, especially if you are a full time farmer. I grew up on a farm of my Grandpappy’s and know a lot about planting and raising animals. We had nearly fifty acres in apple orchards another ten in peaches. Plus two big poultry houses.

              it is hard to make a good living at it now, but i would try if i was younger and able.

              Keep your eyes looking upward from whence our redemption draweth nigh, and it will all work out soon enough. Life as we once knew it is over. We can only look forward and to an eternity of Peace.

              Jhn 14:27
              Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

          • passinwiththewind

            Your one of the few, “Worshippers of the sphere”, that have an idea what is going on outside of sports. My family, WWII vet father, brother in his 60s and his kids were watching the Eagles Game Sunday. Not one could find Syria on a map unless the football landed on it. They don’t know, don’t care and damn sure, don’t care to know. Banks, Fraud, Inflation, Deflation, QE or anything else is not important. Runs, hits, bogies, touchdowns, over and under par are.

            Food & Circus.

            • Yes, you are absolutely right Kevin2. Many people are so eat up with sports that they forget what is really important. Too many kids, and families are ignored over the fanaticism of sports and sports heroes.

              I enjoy sports sometimes and the athletic abilities of players.
              I make sure that it doesn’t come between me and my spiritual endeavors and continual search for truth.

              The truth of what is, and has been happening, on the world gov/political/financial scene, has all pretty much been revealed and has come down to making final preparations.

              The timing has been revealed and it will continue to escalate for many years before it all comes to a head. The financial collapse is just part of the big picture, and it could come at anytime from here on out.

              I have given hints in the past on here, but will not give the final countdown because some may believe it as a way to continue with their risky investing. i don’t want to be a part of anyone taking a hedge based on what i have learned and see as truth of the final countdown of years.

              I know you are fairly wise to economics and financial matters as well, so you have a good picture as to the high risk of being fully vested in the markets and banks.

        • No comment.

      6. It is well on its way here in the states as well. The big banks are making it harder and harder for people to use cash. BOA is systematically closing its drive up windows and small branches all over the country. Here where I live in Florida, a huge percentage of the people are in the service industry, lawn care handy man and other odd jobs. Many of them get paid in cash or checks daily and have to wait in line for an hour or more at a bank to cash their checks. The government already requires your social security to be electronically deposited ans so do a lot of businesses. I withdraw my money as soon as it is deposited, but at times the teller has a hard time coming up with enough bills to give me. They have had to go to different tellers to get enough money to give me. They do not want you to take out cash and do not carry a lot of cash at the local banks any more. More than once I have been told they have no hundreds or fifties in the house and have to give me all twenties and smaller. Go to an Apple store and they won’t sell you anything for cash. Sign on the doors states they only except credit cards, no cash.

        • AT&T lost our business of over 10 years for charging a $5 fee for paying with cash.
          After we bought new phones/service at a local business, I learned they discontinued the practice.
          Sorry–wonder how much business that little mistake made for AT&T?

          • Sorry–wonder how much business that little mistake cost AT&T?

      7. This is a plan not something that has happened.

      8. Well, much as I hated to do it, I closed out my retirement account, will be paying off most of our bills, plus cover some unavoidable expenses. It makes me sick, because all of my gains went out in taxes, but sometimes you have to make hard choices. Well keep one cc active fore emergencies (I don’t like to buy plane tix, etc on debit card). We have a lot of investment in tangible goods, land and farm needs. Both of my jobs require direct deposit. So it means a trip to town every time I get paid to get cash out. I really despise the thought of a cashless economy.

        • Like i tell the wife, a cash bird in hand is worth more than 500 that you can’t get your hands on. Any major catastrophe could set off the dominoes that lead to bank shut downs and a crash on WallStreet.

          However; I am thinking that the dark powers want the Obominable One to stay in control of USSAG. We will know for sure if they pull the plug next year between this date and Nov. 4th, so he stays in under martial law. That’s if something doesn’t cause it before then.

        • NPPH, I know about hard choices all too well. My job also requires direct deposit but every payday I withdraw a certain amount of cash from the ATM and stash in my safe at home for prep shopping. I only leave enough in the bank to pay 2 certain bills every month and do all the prep shopping I can with cash. I only use my debit card for some online shopping and do as little of that as possible. I never had a credit card and never will. I don’t need a credit card bill taking away from my prepping. My prepping is my top priority to me. I’m also uncomfortable with the idea of a cashless economy.

      9. Put that into practice in this nation…IF you want to see the economy retreat to an even worse state that it’s in now.
        Yeah, once again, continue to tell citizens they can’t have their money to spend as they see fit and more and more bartering camps will crop up everywhere.

      10. This is off subject and I have been considering this for some time. I’ve have come to a decision. I have a small tactical firearms school in Louisville Ky. I have all of my international firearm certs along with my military qualifications. I work for a security contractor and will be gone for several months as an advisor and instructor. I should be back in country by June 2016. I have a private range on 2800 acres. I will teach five people from this site, combat pistol and carbine. Two 6 to 8 hour days. It will be on a Saturday and Sunday. I will teach these courses for free. These will be dynamic in nature. If you can’t run 1.5 miles I wouldn’t bother. This is my personal email. [email protected]. There is no catch or gimmick. It is my contribution to the people on this site. If you have a problem with me being a contractor, get over it. The classes are free. You’ll have to arrange your room and board, ammo, etc. If I can get one of my other guys to join in I’ll take ten people. I’m going to try and put together a long gun course as well. Stand by for more on that.
        Right now I’m just fishing for interest.
        If you are not experienced with a pistol and carbine/AK. Do not try to get a slot. You will not be able to keep up. IF there is an interest in basic pistol and carbine I will offer that later or first, where ever the interest is greater.
        One more thing. You will need to have a background check to show me or your CCW permit. That’s going to piss some of you off, that’s just the way it is.
        Have a good one.

      11. “Greece” at a theater near you. And coming to your town soon! Starring Obullshit and Corzine as his love interest, Hellory Clinton, Berry Madoff, A cameo from Bill Clinton and Geo Bush. To name a few. Must see trailer. How they steel your money and say that they lost it. How they can’t find the flash drives, hard drives, or back up servers.

        Reviews: When you leave the showing you will do one of two things. Commit Suicide or take up Arms and shoot or hang everyone of the stinking dogs you can find.


      12. This is all so confusing. How close is America from doing away with cash? If one is holding cash, is it smart to spend most of it now? If one buys gold that leaves a record that can be traced. If one wanted to buy a new car, will the dealer take cash as payment? I’m worried about being stuck with cash that suddenly is worthless.

        • Aljamo, I would go ahead and spend whatever cash you have on food, water, ammo, gun cleaning supplies, medical supplies, camping gear, anything that will help guarantee your survival. The dividends you get are 1. a better chance at surviving what’s coming, and 2. peace of mind knowing you made the right decision. My prepping is still continuing with whatever cash I have leftover.

        • Relax; the dollar is the world reserve money. everyone keeps billions of them and for every one kept it’s a free gift to the US Gov. I very much doubt the Gov will give up the free money. If it does you will have a lot of notice.

        • I wouldn’t keep a large pile of cash. I am putting my money into supplies and “home improvements.” Buying a can of beans today rather than next week is better than putting money in the bank. Interest is much lower than inflation.

          If you buy 1/10 ounce gold coins from a small dealer, you can pay cash and leave no record at all. That’s what I have done. If you have a really large pile of money, turning it into gold can preserve your wealth through a collapse so that you can still have the wealth later when the world gets back to normal.

          If things collapse, I surely wouldn’t be buying a new car. I will be keeping the old vehicles running as long as possible.

          If you keep any cash, keep it in small bills and coins. If there is a revaluation of currency, they will replace the old bills with new ones at 10 to 1 or 100 to 1, but they won’t bother with replacing coins because of the cost. Also, they don’t expect anyone to have more than a handful of change anyway. So your bills would go down in value, but the coins wouldn’t.

          I think the move away from cash is already starting. The local car rental will no longer take cash or checks. Store clerks are getting less and less able to handle cash correctly. I was at a business on Monday. The clerk rang up my purchases, then accidentally totaled out the sale before entering the $20 I gave her. She started to leave and search for a calculator to figure out my change. I stopped her and told her to just open the register and start with my total and count up to $20, like we used to make change years ago. She started, and then the manager (born in India) came over and continued to help her count back the change.

          So I think some retailers might quit accepting cash just because the clerks are too inept.

          There’s too much underground economy around here for cash to disappear completely.

          The short answer is to spend most of the money on preps or gold and keep a little just in case. Just spend it wisely.

      13. I say bartering people get what they want or need and gov gets zero proceeds. People use craigslist around here and the police are trying to get involved by making a safe zone in the police station to sell your stuff to others under the watchful eyes of cameras. They are doing this because people are meeting up in busy local store parking lots to sell stuff. They are saying for your safety is why they are doing it. I don’t want anyone coming by my place to buy something I’m selling but I will continue to do my deals away from police. I feel they want to know people’s business and how much $ changes hands without taxes being paid to gov. Think about it any purchases you make in stores are done under store cameras so there is record of the deal. Yard sales are popular too they can be profitable. You can pull a permit from town hall I think it used to be $15 or something like that but if you don’t you may be shut down by police. I’ve never seen anyone get shut down yet.

      14. Aljamo you can give me you worthless cash I’ll take it off your hands. Cash will never be worthless to me as long as it is legal tender that people want. Guns sitting in a safe are more worthless you need cash everyday you need a gun rarely if ever. If cash is so worthless every retailer and service provider is wasting their time. Cash is the ultimate prep IMHO you can get anything you want if you have enough$. This is how the rich control the world. I don’t know what banks people are using but my bank don’t give me any problems. The same tellers have been there for years it must be a decent job for them.

      15. Greece is a Feta test:)

      16. In sum, Hitler DID in fact win. Only variant is the Aryan thing. Otherwise it is all identical to the planks the National SOCIALIST Workers’ Party adopted at their very first convention in Munich, Feb. 1920. All else is the same: Germany uber alles, socialism/fascism, police state, control of the media, etc. etc.

      17. Many fear the worst for humanity, so how do we avoid surrendering to an apocalyptic fate?

        54% of people surveyed rated the risk of our way of life ending within the next 100 years at 50% or greater;

        almost one in four (24%) rated the risk of humans being wiped out within a century at 50% or greater;

        almost three in four (73%) believe there is a 30% or greater risk of our way of life ending (30% said that the risk is 70% or more); and

        almost four in ten (39%) believe there is a 30% or greater danger of humanity being wiped out (10% said the risk is 70% or more).

      18. This is already underway here in the U.S. In late 2014 or early 2015, Louisiana passed HB 195 which made cash transactions illegal for second hand goods (yard sales, Goodwill, thrift shops, etc.). Read it here:

        Interestingly, they excluded pawn shops. They pushed the bill as being to catch criminals fencing stolen goods, then excepted the main venue that might be used for such transactions, making it very clear they were targeting honest citizens’ data. (and possibly that some legislators have a vested interest in pawn shops?)

        I don’t know the current status of that law, if it still stands, or if it is being enforced, etc., but I think it’s relevant to the subject.

        Anyone know of any other laws or regulations passed in the U.S. that attempt to do this?

      19. The technology has matured so we are now in the time where cash is no longer needed for most transactions. Even go to the turd world, and people are using mobile phones to pay for everything.

        As for the mainstream population, just spend an hour with any of them: it is all talk about sport. These people are totally clueless about world events and not interested at all. They are done and locked in already. I would not expect them to rise up and challenge the system. You are wasting your energies trying to do so.

        We are already in the time where it will be down to a small group of highly intelligent people who will – like John Galt – live on the hill and stay away from the majority population, who are low-IQ morons and eaters. The highly intelligent will need to equally operate the supercontroller system that runs society and also know that this system is for the majority, not for them. The highly intelligent group will eat organic, live in beautiful homes, socialize with each other, have the most amazing sex parties with the healthiest and most beautiful of selected people, have their own economy, and work on colonizing (secretly) off-world planets with earth-like habitats.

      20. Just another control tool along with tracking your spending and for what. Time grows short, prepare your soul and mind for the end. Just remember what you put back is all you will have to survive with.

      21. Will a cashless system effect the FED . They rent us paper money . No paper money no FED? Or will they just figure out another way too strangle us. No paper money = total control of all non barter transactions.. Tax every cent . Turn off your card or garnish at will. Raise fines for everything and garnish. Track your mileage via GPS and garnish.Record you energy consumption and garnish for excess usage. Buying unhealthy foods associated excess healthcare costs garnish. Purchasing toxic or dangerous products tax and garnish.The possibilities to increase revenue for very much needed social programs is endless. More gov. Money to help little children and the elderly ..who could argue against that?

      22. For the past 4 months, Illinois has been embroiled in a budget impasse between the state’s Republican governor, and the Democratic legislature. They’ve gone so long without a budget, that they have to pay their lottery winners in IOUs and may have to shorten the length of their school year.

        They’re essentially rationing and juggling the finances of their public institutions until the government comes up with a budget. This has resulted in a frightening situation for Illinois’ retirees, since the state has announced that they’re going to hold off on paying their pension department for the near future. According to Comptroller Leslie Munger, Illinois will have to postpone a $560 million payment that was due to the state’s retirees in November, and the system won’t be paid in full until June. Munger told reporters on Wednesday that “this decision is choosing the least of a number of bad options”

        However, she wouldn’t go so far as to use scary words like “bankruptcy” “insolvency” or “default,” even though they perfectly describe the financial mess that her state is in. She told the reporters that “for all intents and purposes, we are out of money now.

        told them so .. ive been saying all the pensions of the gov/ state employees were going to get the pinch soon

        when does the EBT get it?

        when do the cops and fire dept get the pinch? when do the politicians get the fuckin boot?

        • “when do the cops and fire dept get the pinch? when do the politicians get the fuckin boot?”

          Look at North Korea as an extreme example or any nation for that matter. The State protects and rewards those that serve The State at all cost. The higher up you go the greater the reward and protection.

          Personally my favorite public employee are Fireman. All ties are dangerous, firemen turn in pyromaniacs in their ranks.

          • “ties”

            Ment Fires

      23. Coming soon to America-the most vile evil filthy fascist disgusting Corporatist criminal controlled shithole of the world, populated by the most disgusting sickening disease ridden brain dead dumbed down chemically altered hybrid human coward pussy Zombie trash the world has ever seen.

        • That about sums it up.

      24. Turn this whole “cash ban” idea upside down and look at it from another angle.

        At this very moment…My bank’s procedure to deposit 2k$ cash, in my savings account, is more difficult than to withdraw 2k$ cash,.

        Withdraw 2k$ cash…No ID required.

        Deposit that same cash next week…ID required and recorded.

        Try making a cash deposit and see for yourself.

        Most Banksters do not want your Federal Reserve Notes…

        As with everything else…what most Sheeple are worried about is probably backasswards. Joe SixPak must have digital cash to pay water, electric, tax, cell phone, auto loan, insurance and mortgage etc. Have you ever tried making these payments with cash?
        Don’t bother. You know better.

        Like the SWIFT system…you’re screwed if/when the US Gov and Banksters lock you out of their system. When the bank refuses to convert Joe SixPak’s cash into digital cash – he’s screwed. He won’t be able to pay his monthly bills digitally. When the Sheeple realize this they will race to the banks to deposit their mattress cash and they may get turned away. Cash will be accepted on the Black Market but at a steep discount. Probably not a good idea to convert your digital cash into mattress cash at this time.

        Walmart, Dunkin DogNuts, QuickStop, McDonalds and other small change operations are the only places that accept cash at this time. Ya gotta have digital cash to pay monthly bills.

        When StarBucks refuses cash money as payment the Sheeple will finally realize that their mattress cash has been devalued. Trade your mattress cash with Bubba for the expired stolen meds you need in a dark alley somewhere. No Thanks.

        It’ll be very difficult to circumvent the Banksters plans.
        Their plan has been implemented to a large degree while the Sheeple were asleep. It’s already too late.

        Ben Pow

      25. A cashless society is very dangerous when you have communist and the godless in control.

        I do not recommend a cashless society. Cash is able to subvert control of those who wish you ill.

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