Casey Research: “What’s Coming At You Is A Historic Event… And It’s Going To Result In Disaster”

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    Editor’s Note: Governments around the world have taken us to the brink. And according to Casey Research’s Brian Hunt, it is going to be an event that will be remembered for generations.

    With the global economy stalling and financial markets potentially sitting on the cusp of another free-fall, understanding how The-Powers-That-Be intend to control the destruction to follow and what actions they’ll take will be instrumental in determining whether you’ll preserve your way of life… or be wiped out along with millions of others.

    financial-crisis-dollars2 financial-crisis-dollars


    From Casey Research via

    “Negative interest rates” have become a phenomenon with economists and the media. But I’m writing to tell you something about negative interest rates you haven’t heard. You certainly won’t hear about it in the mainstream press.

    What’s coming at you is a historic event. It’s something our grandchildren will hear stories about, much like the Great Depression or the Cold War. It could send the price of gold much higher in the coming years.

    If you know what’s coming, it could mean the difference between having lots of free cash in retirement and barely getting by. And please remember this warning: Social Security will help even less than you think.

    To understand the gravity of this moment, let’s cover one of the most bizarre ideas in the world…

    Negative Interest Rates.

    In a normal world, your bank pays you interest on your savings. It takes your money, pools it with other people’s money, and loans it out. The bank makes money by paying out less in interest on your deposit than it earns in interest from borrowers. For example, it might pay out 3% to depositors while earning 6% from borrowers. This is how it has worked for decades.

    Negative interest rates turn your “normal” bank account upside down. They could only exist in a crazy world where idiot politicians are in control. Unfortunately, that’s just what we’re dealing with right now.

    Politicians all over the world are ordering banks to charge depositors (you) a fee for storing cash. It’s a perversion of saving. It’s a perversion of capitalism. It’s a perversion of planning for the future.

    And it’s going to result in disaster.

    Politicians think that by making it unattractive for you to keep money in the bank, you’ll save less money. Instead, you’ll spend more money on things like smartphones and cars. You’ll invest in things like stocks and real estate. This would “stimulate” the economy.

    This thinking is very, very wrong. No matter what the government does, it can’t force you to spend money. It can’t force you to make investments if you don’t see good opportunities. Forcing people to pay banks to hold their money is a tax.

    It is wealth confiscation for the digital age.

    The government and the mainstream press won’t dare call it a tax. But that’s exactly what it is. A negative interest rate policy is a tax. Any time you hear a politician, central banker, or news anchor say “negative interest rates,” just think “TAX.” Think “TAX ON MY CASH.”

    Negative interest rates are going to result in financial disaster that will wipe out many people. But you don’t have to be one of them. I’ll explain how you can sidestep this disaster—and even make a lot of money as a result of it—in a moment.

    But let’s quickly cover one more thing about negative interest rates…

    If the government makes it unattractive for you to keep cash in the bank, you can pull cash out of the bank. You can simply store it in a safe or under the mattress. Politicians know this. That’s why they’ve created another dangerous policy that works hand-in-glove with negative interest rates.

    That policy is banning cash.

    You see, if you pull your money out of the banking system and stuff it under the mattress, you aren’t doing what the government wants you to do. You’re not spending money or investing in stocks. This is a major reason why governments are banning large cash transactions and large denomination bills. They are fighting a War on Cash.

    In just the past few years…

    • Spain banned cash transactions over 2,500 euros.
    • Italy banned cash transactions over 1,000 euros.
    • France banned cash transactions over 1,000 euros, down from the previous limit of 3,000 euros.

    And just a little while ago, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Larry Summers called for a ban on the $100 bill! Historians aren’t surprised by Summers’ idea. Franklin Delano Roosevelt banned $500 and $1,000 bills in the 1930s. You can bet that our politicians will do the same thing in a financial emergency.

    By making it so difficult (or illegal) to buy and sell things with cash, the government wants to force people into the banking system. That way, it can monitor us and coerce us into whatever it wants… like pay outrageous new taxes.

    It’s all a dream come true for government central planners. The governments say these new currency laws are for fighting terrorism, money laundering, and drugs. But the ultimate goal is control of society… and to confiscate the wealth of private citizens.

    As Congressman Ron Paul said, “The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

    Whether you agree with these regulations or not, the conclusion is obvious: By driving us more and more toward trackable digital payments, the government has made it much, much easier to confiscate our wealth. We’re like sheep that have been “herded” into a corral, ready for shearing.

    And our politicians of all stripes are holding the clippers. However, you don’t have to be sheared. You can avoid the shearing by learning how to navigate what will become the largest underground currency market in history.

    They don’t Want Your Gold, They Want Your Cash

    On April 5, 1933, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt issued one of the most controversial orders in U.S. history. It went by the name “Executive Order 6102.” Not one American in 1,000 knows about this order. But to this day, many experts consider it to be one of the most destructive acts in U.S. history. It violated sacred principles held by our Founding Fathers. It impoverished millions and confiscated the savings of honest, hardworking Americans.

    Executive Order 6102 made it illegal for private citizens to own gold. Citizens were ordered to turn in their gold to the government. In a nutshell, it was the act of a desperate government in the midst of a financial crisis.

    The government wanted the gold in order to increase the nation’s money supply. It believed an increase in the money supply would revive the struggling economy.

    An increase in the money supply… a struggling economy… a desperate government.

    Sound similar to what is happening right now? And could such a confiscation happen again?

    As the crisis develops, our deeply indebted government will act like a giant wounded beast, lashing out in all directions. It will grow more desperate for control. It will grow desperate for money. And just like FDR did in the 1930s, it will confiscate the wealth of private citizens.

    But Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or whoever wins the election won’t go after your gold. Nowadays, the gold market is very small compared to the overall economy. Going after gold would be too much work for the government.

    The government is going to go after your CASH. It will regulate your cash. It will tax your cash. It will take your cash. This has all kinds of implications for banking and the economy.

    But here’s the most important thing you need to know as investor:

    Negative interest rates and their partner, the War on Cash, will create a renewed interest in gold. This could cause gold to double or even triple in value.

    Even children know what the government is doing is crazy. And people aren’t going to take this lying down. Rather than participate in the government’s monetary farce, people will go underground.

    They will pull cash out of banks and hoard it in safe places. And they will seek the safety, anonymity, and reliability of gold and silver.

    Gold and silver have served as money for centuries. Gold is the ultimate currency because it doesn’t rot or corrode. It’s durable, easily divisible, portable, has intrinsic value, is consistent around the world… and it cannot be created from thin air. It cannot be debased by the government.

    By enforcing negative interest rates and fighting a War on Cash, the government will create a huge underground currency market. And the ultimate underground currency will be gold and its sister metal, silver.

    Gold is trading for around $1,260 an ounce right now. As the government blunders into a negative interest rate disaster, gold will likely rise 50%… 100%… possibly even 200% higher. There’s an underground currency market coming to your neighborhood. If you own enough gold, you’ll be its king.

    A cash tax isn’t the only bad thing that could happen after the election. A backroom Congressional deal legally mandates Social Security “cuts.” It’s the Social Security Bombshell every candidate wants to keep a Secret. To get the full details, read on here.


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      1. Let it rock.
        Set up to roll.
        Contrairain bets.

        Make my day…

        • Invest in Chocolate covered cashews and P nuts. Can’t go wrong. to be truthful, I don’t see the problem. At the rate they are going nobody will have any cash after paying for their health care anyway.

          • If the SHTF is about to happen, the LAST place you want to put your cash is in Junior Miners, (either silver or gold), or other public companies.

            The senior management of these companies will drain the cash to support themselves at your expense. 🙁

        • This story and info is several years old. The author must have been hiding under a rock for that last few years. So the Author says, “1 in 1000 don’t know about bail-ins, neg interest rates,
          or Gold confiscation. Sorry Skippy you are way behind the info flow curve. Check the archives.


        • Happiness is a belt fed weapon

      2. Ok, ok, ok. I get it. The economy sucks. The PTB want to go cashless. Ok.

        How about some advice on how to get the best deal on a food preserver. May be you could explain how to go about skinning a rabbit and cleaning and cooking it. We have tons of wild rabbit eating the garden vegtables.

        How do you get rid of gophers. We had plenty of gopher snakes but the neighbor has been killing them. Is gopher snake edible?

        • We have tons of moles where I live. Little cocksuckers can move a humongous amount of dirt. Totally fuck up your yard, garden, whatever, they don’t give a shit. I also have two cats. We also have lots of coyotes. Because of them, the cats are not allowed outside.

          I switched the cats to using wood pellets for litter. The kind of pellets you get at Home Desperate to run your pellet stove on. $4.99 for each 40 lb bag. I throw the poop down the hill away from my yard. The pellets that are soaked in cat pee break down into sawdust. I sprinkle the pee soaked pellets around the yard.

          In addition, I get the smoke bombs and gas all the holes I think are active. The gas kills the gophers you have, and the pee pellets prevent new ones from moving into your yard. Predator pee scares the hell out of moles. Just ask my neighbor. His yard is no longer mow-able with a mower, my yard is gopher free. He don’t have any cats or any pee pellets either.

          • Mole infestations are caused by grubs, the moles eat them. Talk to your AG man and get stuff to kill the grubs, which are bad for the yard, and the moles will just go away

        • Propane into the gopher tunnel actually worked for me (heavier than air). The fumes get them or they leave.

          • Is it time for a MATCH then? BBQ gopher, hmmmm…

          • Got rid of a whole yard of Gophers with 5 small flares. Lit them, put them in holes, blocked the holes, and watched for smoke; blocked those holes also, all gone.

        • If you want that kind of helpful preparedness info B from CA you need to visit as you just get sensationalism and buffalo biscuits here.

          Same shit, new day.


          • GM,you have to admit the personal submarine article a bit different the other day!Now,whether useful to you or not,sure,a whole nother story!

            I am going to try my hand at making some hard tack this week,seems pretty simple and has been a staple for lot of folks for a long time in history.

            • Yep, the peesonal sub story was just another fine example of helpful horse hockey that will provide for a life saving mode of transportation to your bugout retreat.

              Same shit, new day.


              • Then don’t read the site.

                Next question

            • WD A slight variation to the basic hard tack you may wish to try is adding garlic and pepper to the mix. If you bake it for an hour it will be so hard it will break your teeth. I recommend 30 mins as it will be edible. If you get the blend of spices right it will taste similar to pizza. Ummmmm.

        • B A,
          I use a small gas (riding lawn mower)engine and have a steel flex pipe that i put in the gopher hole and let it run about 15 to 20 minutes and i kill LOTS of them every years this way, first use a garden hose to open a new mound , sometimes they back fill and you will have to catch them quick. but the fumes go all through the den and kills the whole family. we have range free chickens so we can’t use poisons ( wouldn’t anyway). hope this helps

          • Good idea

        • B from CA;
          Body clinching taps work fine on gophers. They need to be dry fired several times in the hole so the dirt loosens up and they close quickly when triggered.

        • B A,
          for the rabbit issue, i could tell you how to do it, BUT it is easier to tell you to go to youtube and you can find some very good short videos on how to butcher rabbits, and they are pretty good. also lots of recipes for rabbit, we personally like to roll them in flour and fry them like chicken and the make gravy out of the pan drippings. MMMMM making me hungry!

        • I am unaware of ANY reptile that is NOT edible, providing you restrict yourself to ingesting ONLY the meat (of course).

          As for keeping the critter like rabbi’s out of your garden, we found that using strips of mylar (that ‘flash’ and ‘glint’ in the slightest breeze) are not liked by many garden stealers. (Beyond that you would need to enclose your garden with a ‘lattice-work’ type fencing or metal (if affordable).

          The more worms you can dig up anywhere and toss into your garden the better your garden will become, year after year. We keep our compost at one end of the two gardens we keep going. Easy to access with no need for machinery to move it, but every year that shovel gets heavier. 🙂 (Damned old age anyway…).

        • The best way to “get rid of gophers” is get a CAT.

      3. ? A repeat of the FDR gold grab is unlikely. The government has so driven home the point that gold and precious metals ownership is stupid that few Americans own more than a couple gold coins or gold jewelry.

        The Feds could spend tens of millions to try to confiscate a few million in gold, but what’s the point. All the gold held by Americans, if they freely gave it up would run the government for only a few minutes at the rate they spend money. So big is that national debt!

        FDR managed an economy that was deeply in trouble, but had little debt. Obama has emptied the US treasury, saddled America with huge debt and stands ready at the detonator that will implode the US economy.

        You are on your own people.

      4. Waiting for the other shoe to drop…

        • I don’t know if it’s the shoe you’re waiting for, but here’s a link: US jobs report disappoints
          May 6, 2016


      5. I can’t remember the last time I had a $50 bill or $100 bill. The local ATMs only put out $20 bills. Most of the $100 bills now in circulation are in foreign countries.

        As high as prices are now, I have yet to see a cash drawer with a slot for 50s or 100s.

        I’m spending every dollar I get on things I need while I can still find them at good prices.

        Change in topic:

        If anyone needs cloth, yarn, etc., I just heard today that Hancock Fabrics is liquidating and going out of business. Needles are very hard to make for yourself and will be a great barter item. I have a supply, but I might just visit the closest store and get more. I might get some patterns for ordinary style clothes (pants, shirts, simple dresses) for future use. Those will be dirt cheap soon.

        • Hancock Fabrics is liquidating!

          Great sadness. I shopped there forever when my girls were growing up. Their Nashville TN store closed some time ago.

          I mostly shop for fabric at Amish & Mennonite fabric stores. Most are not on line and you have to know where to go. They have the best dress and quilting fabrics. Reasonable too.

          • just a heads up about gift cards. if the place goes out of business, your card is worthless. i heard analysts say 4 years ago at xmas, a lot of retailers would be going under just after xmas….and a few did…next year a few more, now this year we are hearing of quite a few going under…it SEEMS to be picking up steam, like a steamroller, crushing the economy….thanks to our gubmint’s policies… spend those gift cards as soon as you get them….and don’t BUY any.

            • Just heard last night that some retail outfit is hiring 14K new employees………all part time. Can’t remember who it was. This gettin’ old shit ain’t worth a damn. I believe it was Kroegers (the fog’s started to lift).

              • Yes, Kroger’s (some areas) are going to hire “up to” that many part-time workers (nationwide of course, which is a pisshole in the snow) …to keep everyone’s hours well under a 30hr week, for one.

              • yup, this old age is coming on at a REALLY BAD TIME!

        • Thanks for the tip – NEVER have enough needles, pins and thread…

        • I agree that pins (especially safety pins) and needles are excellent items for long-term stockpiling. I would like to add two other (often overlooked) items to the list: fishhooks and cheap steak knives.

          People’s first reaction is: “fishhooks: of course, that’s obvious” but I don’t mean a dozen or so; I mean hundreds of them. Not for fishing, either. In an event so severe that average folks are desperate enough to start fishing to avoid starvation, every riverbank and shoreline will be mobbed with hysterical, bickering, irrational, screaming people. The fish will flee, and any of them dumb enough to stick around will be wiped out in short order. In a real SHTF situation, fishing is actually unlikely to yield any food for most people.

          But a massive stockpile of fishhooks will be very useful for dealing with trespassers and home invaders. Think of all the goofy traps you saw in the movie ‘Home Alone’. Now think of such traps that utilize long strings of fishhooks… or perhaps some netting with a hook tied to each junction in the net. Drop a 10′ x 12′ net bristling with those things on top of an invading gang and they are immediately immobilized. The more they struggle, the deeper the hooks dig. At this point, you have bought yourself some time to decide exactly what you want to do with them next.

          I often see cheap, flimsy ‘made in China’ steak knives discarded in various places. I grab every one of them that I can. Keep in mind that we regard as crappy steel would be highly prized as phenomenally high quality and valuable blades by the average guy a couple hundred years ago. Imagine having one or two hundred of these blades with the handles removed. With very little work, you could bind these to dowels, sticks, and poles to make pretty effective arrows and small spears that have the tremendous advantage of costing you nothing AND being disposable. If you throw one and lose it, so what? You have dozens and dozens more. Without the handles, even 200 of these would fit in a fairly small box. And while we still have electricity at our fingertips, it might be a good idea to grind the first 2″ or so of the backs to a sharp edge, so that you now have double-edge points. Very useful items; and also valuable trade goods — basically for free, maybe using a little elbow grease.

          Just my 2 grams worth….

        • Thanks. It is the small things that people will need and want and won’t be able to get.

      6. There are lots of crisp new $100 bills in circulation, and the latest renditions have a little co,lor, look really good, and have a w i d e, visible security strip.

        Get them from an ugly teller, INSIDE, at the window. 🙂

      7. I’m not buying gold. Bible says we’ll throw it in the street, it’ll be worthless to us.
        I’m gonna buy undies…seems lots of people are gonna need ’em. 😉

        • I remain so recognizable it has been over 10 hours since I posted and it is STILL not approved… 0 to 2 hours guys?

      8. Ho Hum another buy gold article. $100 dollar bills are not that uncommon around here. and my bank pays me a bit of interest on my checking account.

        • Yep….your bank pays you 1/4% or so on your currency, before tax, and inflation runs 3-8% (depending on item, and whose numbers you believe), thus we already have a negative return on whatever you keep in paper currency.

          Actual negative rates will simply drive the point home to those that are currently fooling themselves into thinking they are treading water instead of slowly drowning.

          While one has to keep some paper or electronic digits in an account for the purposes of a medium of exchange, the bulk of a person’s wealth should be spread between preps, the ability to self sustain (small farm/raise food/own energy sources, etc), and metals if you’re fortunate enough to some left from the first two.

          Seems like common sense to me.

      9. Dont worry about sewing and clothes cloth too much cus when shtf there will be mass die offs and thousands of abandoned houses with closets and drawers full of clothes along with blankets ect just like tools and thousands of garages sheds every one has these things be better off getting things that wont be available but in turn gets used up cus even if people just flee they are not takeing everything with them when the time comes think of how things were done back when like water transfer do like the romans had aquaducks and canabalize your neighbors guttering to make your own work smart not hard

        • I dunno. Not sure I want to be out and about for a pair of jeans. Could get me killed rummaging through some abandoned closets.

        • Clothes wear out eventually. Ever hear of dry rot? Also, in SHTF, a lot of people will be losing weight and will need to rework their clothes to fit better.

          Needles will still be a good barter item.

      10. Buy some pool chlorine tabs they never go bad and a little goes along way in treating water cus when shtf water be number 1 and furtilizer and seeds and buy more ammo and some more fish mox things your neighbors prob wont have sitting around

        • I wonder if detergent will be very valuable . Could you imagine having no soap of any kind for months

          • Anything involving hygiene and cleanliness will be valuable — soap, laundry detergent, toothpaste, vinegar, baking soda, etc. Not just as trade goods, either; in a long-term crisis, preventing rashes, sores, and infections could mean the difference between life and death. It sure did prior to the 20th century.

            Don’t forget a couple of those “mobile breathing washer” devices. Looks sort of like a plunger, only with a smaller head inset into the larger one, and with holes for water flow. Fantastic for washing clothes effectively when there’s no electricity. Our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan (who often lived in their clothes for weeks at a time) raved about how wonderful these things are. You can be sure that after TSHTF, these will be priceless, so it might be a prudent idea to buy two or three of them. A real bargain at around $20 or so.

      11. Gods soldier,the powdered is best buy value wise and easier to deal with/break up in smaller containers,got a 5 lb. for about 15 bucks,sodium hypochlorite 70% or higher what you are looking though high 60% will work,just add a few drops ect. when purifying say a gallon of water.I can dig up a bookmark on using this for water purification/mixing any interested.You want to see on label all other percentage is inert,has say special fungicide additives ect. can make you ill,not what you want and trying to avoid when purifying water!

        • Yea you want the reg plain ones not the ones with blue dots cus thats copper sulfate they add so that your pool water is nice and blue i grew up in florida and worked for a place called howards pool world where i would go and clean and treat about 10 pools a day best job i ever had all the old retired guys would always give me beer and the old women would make me lunch and the cougars with boob jobs always liked to show them off good times getting payed to drink beer and swim cus had to get in to scrub the tile with a scotch brite

          • And half drunk old guys would always give me a few bucks tip one guy had his house for weekends and worked at ford as an executive in Detroit he was widowed and even gave me a key and told me any time i wanted i could use the place just dont drink up all his liquor he was cool as shit had a couple parties there

          • For what it’s worth to reloaders here, those ‘scrunge pads’ (Scotch Brite green pads) are even better to use than “fine steel wool” for putting a great ‘sheen’ on your brass-casings. The ‘lighter’ your touch the better the end result (on the flip-side it’s not anyway to go about cleaning hundreds of casings – that’s what they make tumblers and ‘jigglers’ for. (Get a lady with large breasts that giggle and just load her up and keep her walking …by days end you’ll have beautiful brass and she’ll have green boobs …so have some fun and take her to an ER …only to leave shortly after they see ‘green boobies’. lol…

      12. 100 and 50 $ bills are common around here. Jeez do people live in the land of time forgot or something. ATMs only give $20 at a time. Man are people broke or what. It’s no thing to drop hundreds of dollars. Jeez I’m a wage slave it’s better than being a welfare broke ass. I wanted to kill people when I was broke. Don’t understand how people put up no $. Gotta get paid. Forget poverty. Don’t complain about being poor and do nothing about it.

        • I can get hundreds of dollars out of an ATM, but it still only gives out $20 bills.

          You’re just looking for something to complain about.

      13. PREPS. Damn !!!! I am so tired of the scare tactics to buy gold and silver. Prepare now. The gov. does not want your food and ammo and the stuff they do not no about. TIRED OF THIS !!!!!

      14. “As Congressman Ron Paul said, “The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American”

        666 and the Mark of the Beast anyone?

        • Hoe would the FED make money if their was no cash to print and charge us interest on?

      15. …The government wanted the gold in order to increase the nation’s money supply.

        The reality is, that – as Amity Schlaes has written about in her book, it was FDR’s and his fellow leftists STUPIDITY that prolonged the Great Depression. Ever hear of the depression of 1920? Well, it was just as bad. However, the govt did NOTHING, and it corrected itself in just under a year.

        Leftists are fascists, and from the USSR to Zimbabwe to Keynesian Japan to Venezuela to Argentina to Detroit to the Greece to pre-Thatcher England, and more every freaking where socialism is tried it bankrupts everyone but the cronies. The ignorance of the left is staggering

      16. … and WHY is the govt desperate for money?

        Why, to pay for all the free lunches of socialism, that – it turns out – aren’t free at all. And also to pay for the destruction of the economy that socialism always brings.

        So…. socialism brings the destruction of an economy, and to remedy that, they bring in more leftist nostrums.

        The utter, vile, anti-human, ignorant stupidity of the left truly knows no bounds.

        • And you ought to read about the Jews and S Viet that managed to buy their way out of trouble in places where no one wanted paper.

      17. Just once I wish you charlatans could print one article without alluding to how valuable Gold is going to be after the collapse. The Jews in Nazi Germany had tons of gold…the Aztecs and Incas had tons of gold also…go figure. All too late, after the collapse, preppers are going to learn the hard way, you can’t eat gold. thanks for the glitter!

        • sooo, ONE or two times, people with gold got an ass kickin’….how many times in the history of the world has gold KEPT people from starving…..i’ll take my chances WITH the gold and silver, now that i got ALL the other bases covered….i’m pretty god-damned SURE i will be better off WITH gold, than WITHOUT gold…..oh, and you can’t eat guns either…or bullets, or body armor, or gasoline, or sandbags, or …………..

        • Do you know how many Jews used their gold to get out of Europe? A lot. That’s why there are so many here now.

          The Aztecs and Incas didn’t use gold for money, only for decoration.

          Gold and silver have been valued for thousands of years, and that’s not likely to change soon. Of course you can’t eat gold, but you can’t eat bullets or extra clothes or a lot of other preps. They are each valuable in their own way.

          Gold and silver will be most useful after a collapse when things get back to some semblance of normal. And they will probably be worth about the same as they always have. An ounce of gold will buy a really good suit. A tenth-ounce of silver will buy a loaf of bread.

        • Do you know how many people used their gold to get out of Europe? A lot. That’s why there are so many of those people and their descendants here now.

          The Aztecs and Incas didn’t use gold for money, only for decoration.

          Gold and silver have been valued for thousands of years, and that’s not likely to change soon. Of course you can’t eat gold, but you can’t eat bullets or extra clothes or a lot of other preps. They are each valuable in their own way.

          Gold and silver will be most useful after a collapse when things get back to some semblance of normal. And they will probably be worth about the same as they always have. An ounce of gold will buy a really good suit. A tenth-ounce of silver will buy a loaf of bread.

          [This is a repeat posting. My original message got moderated because of a four-letter word. But the message I’m replying to used the same word. Strange.]

        • And you can’t eat bullets . And they’ll be no food to steal. Like in gone with the wind . Even if money was worth anything there’s nothing to buy.

      18. You want to stop the attacks on Israeli ranches?
        You want to stop the shrubs from causing forest fires in Israel?
        You want to bring life back to the semi-dead-gray soils of Israel?
        You want to bring grass back to the Galilee?
        You want to feed the child and the poor in Israel?
        You want to stop the hungry in East Africa?
        You want to help solve Israel cattle problem?
        You want to bring desert cattle to Israel?
        Will you help bring Texas Longhorns home to Israel?

      19. Ok, youse guys, the guy made his point about PMs (again) and now I wish to make mine. You don’t have to go “all in” on PMs or anything, to do a prep for it that works. My philosophy, is to not drop all my money on just one, or two, or three preps. A little moderation is the key to flexibility, Ja? So, get SOME gold and silver, commensurate with your: Capabilities, your common sense, and your ability to forecast based on your knowledge of the subject. Viola’! Another part of a BALANCED prepper plan, Ja? Because if you are balanced, grasshopper, you will not fall when ill winds blow. Look around, and see where your preps are weak, where they are ok, and where they are strong, and then bring them all into balance so that they are all strong. And be flexible.

      20. Thanks for the useful tips on bunnies, gophers, and snakes.

      21. Everyone should watch Gone with the wind. And realize there will be nothing to buy . As soon as you trade anything people will find out you have something and you will be attacked by superior numbers and loose everything. Starving people and their dogs will smell food cooking miles away. (Sealed pressure cookers). They’ll smell smoke. They’ll see you are not skinny. Not dirty. And they will know you have things. They will hear gun shots. And come running like zombies. Millions died in the Great Depression . Watch the grapes of wrath. And we are in way worse . It seems even the most advanced preppers are out of touch with the realities of famine. People eat their children. Read the book The Road . Not just watch the movie. And watch what I think is the greatest movie ever made . The Good Earth.

      22. I don’t look into these type articles as shills hawking gold.

        I look at these articles like a bus stop.

        Nobody looks at the realtor’s photo on the bus stop bench and says to themselves that they must call that agent to buy or sell their home.

        Continued exposure to said bus stop advertisement is how they work. Just like the magnetized business card on the refrigerator your roofer gave you after they finished your new roof.

        You aren’t going to need that card… you just bought a new roof.

        But it is on your frig, and like that bus stop photo, you glance at it from time to time.

        You think nothing of it… until someone mentions to you that they need a roofer or realtor.

        Or you need a realtor.

        The idea is to place the information in front of you until that information could be of use to a prospective client, with the hope that their name comes to mind before a prospect googles or uses the yellow pages.

        These precious metal proponents write articles and hope that when someone wakes up some day, and decides that they DO want to hedge their bets with gold and/or silver, that the prospect clicks on an affiliate’s link and they get a 2 cent commission.

        I think it would be a disservice to NOT provide a chance for someone to get happily involved with your product or philosophy.

        I cannot imagine anyone buying precious metals for any SHTF scenario without getting their pantry, armory, and medicine cabinet squared away first.

        To deny ANY value to stashing PMs is obstinacy.

        Just my Zimbabwe Trillion Dollars worth.

      23. “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.” (Revelation 13:16-18)

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