Carbon Dioxide “Has Almost Nothing To Do With Climate,” Says World Climate Declaration Signatory

by | May 4, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    Is climate change real? The answer is no, and especially so with regard to carbon dioxide (CO2), which has almost no impact whatsoever on the climate.

    In a 40-minute presentation, World Climate Declaration signatory David Siegel presented evidence to show that there is no climate emergency and no need to worry about CO2.

    Based on input he received from the international CLINTEL network, Siegel wants the world to know that there is no reason to panic. The global net-zero CO2 policy, also known as “NetZero,” is misleading, unrealistic, and destructive, he says.

    “CO2 budgets are not based on science, but they are based on fear,” CLINTEL revealed in a report. “They destroy the energy system, limit human rights, feed extremism and push mankind into a deep physical, mental, and financial crisis.”

    An entrepreneur and author, Siegel wrote his first book about global warming back in 1991. He says he initially believed the lies from Al Gore and others who were fearmongering about CO2.

    “Then, in 2016, someone told me that ‘the science is settled,’” Siegel says about the moment when he reached a major turning point.

    “Knowing that if it’s science it isn’t settled, I decided to look a bit deeper and see what I could discover.”

    It was then that Siegel began his journey into climate truth, which revealed all sorts of things that go against the grain of the status quo.

    “We still don’t know what really drives our climate,” Siegel says. “There’s no way we can predict the next 100 years of climate with any accuracy.”

    “To me, it’s clear that CO2 has almost nothing to do with climate, and the big drivers are orbital mechanisms and plate tectonics. But there’s still a lot to learn.”

    Climate change is primarily about money

    As usual, most of the climate hoo-ha seems to be centered around money. Fundraising, Siegel says, is the “clear” goal of the climate fanatics – “and there is a lot of money at stake now,” he says.

    “I’d love to follow the money. I’d love to see a big report showing how money flows to NGOs, how much the UN spends on public relations, how universities rely on the Climate Industrial Complex, and how motivated most groups are by money, not by helping the environment.”

    “If they are going to use polar bears, forest fires, storms, and lies, it’s clear their goal is fundraising.”

    It turns out that Earth’s climate has always been changing. There was never a time when it was not changing, including long before there were gas-powered cars emitting pollution.

    To this day, there is nothing of any scientific substance to suggest that humans are emitting too much CO2 these days. In fact, there is no legitimate way to measure CO2 emissions in terms of how they affect the climate.

    “CO2 is not a poisonous gas,” Siegel says. “It is coming out of your nose right now.”

    The CO2 that comes out of your nose feeds plants, which in turn release oxygen that humans need in order to live. It is a perfectly symbiotic relationship that the climate fanatics clearly fail to grasp.

    The very word climate, Siegel further maintains, suggests change.

    “Climate is whatever happens to temperatures over at least 30 years,” he says. “Everything else is ‘weather.’”

    Another misnomer among climate fanatics is the idea that greenhouse gases somehow trap heat. Siegel says this is untrue.

    “They don’t act like a blanket,” he explains in the presentation. “They can’t store heat. All they can do is absorb and re-radiate the heat in random directions.”

    You can watch Siegel’s presentation below:


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      1. You are ether blind or delusional.
        Geoengineering does not exist either!
        Wow you are unbeleivable.

        • Hate to say it but my friend you are blind and delusional as well if you believe geoengineering does exist. How about you do your research here or better yet…look up at the skies…see those trails behind airplanes? yea? thats called climate geoengineering. Now you actually know the truth.

      2. Great essay, but the CLIMATE CULTISTS contrive equations using mental gymnastics to support their narrative. After all, the climate cultists believe all human activity is bad and they have the hubris to believe human activity in recent centuries have irreversibly damaged the planet. One example of their jumps to confusions is that many of these folks don’t consider the enormous heat buffer on Earth via the PHASE CHANGES of water (Ice – Liquid – Gas). In stead, they make dire predictions of the Earth’s demise on certain dates that come and go as the calendar progresses.

        Climate-Cultists, please join your Covid-Cultists brethren and just fade away. Conservation is good but your hair-on-fire antics are tiresome. Just keep wearing your mask forever so you will be readily identifiable.

      3. We don’t need less CO2, we more CO2. The earth has about 145 million more acres (an area almost the size of France) that are foresting than it had in 1990’s. Conservation efforts are beginning to pay off some, but the increase is mainly because there is a very small increase of CO2 in the atmosphere. One reason for an increase of CO2 is of course human related, but it is indeed very small. A larger reason for an increase of CO2 is oceans go through cycles of capturing and releasing vast quantities of CO2 humanity cannot match. CO2 is the most vital thing a plant can have to survive and grow, if CO2 goes below a certain level the plant dies. Plant life and animal life have a symbiotic relationship – plants consume CO2 and release oxygen, animals (including humans) consume oxygen and release CO2.
        If the globalists, environmentalists, and gov’ts of the world are serious about reducing CO2 they would employ by far the most effective measure – start planting billions of trees around the world. It’s possible to even green much of desert areas. But there is no political power to be gained from planting trees. Rather, they just want to institute all kinds of intrusive measures that really don’t accomplish anything, they just want to control people’s lives.

      4. Water vapor, due to its wide range of absorption and overlap of CO2 absorption band is radiatively responsible for 95% of the greenhouse effect. Taking albedo change due to clouds may even lower the 5% effect of cO2.

        • JC – Interesting, must look more into this.

      5. I sat in on meetings at the highest levels for many years and I was charged with implementing so-called ‘climate change’ policies. At first I just went along with it because I was still learning a lot about weather, climate, the environment etc. So, at first I believed the science was ‘settled’.

        Then, after 5 years, I started to really wonder what was going on. I would see literally billions and billions of dollars pissed away on UN conferences, climate change programmes etc. – and in every country where they implemented this stuff, things got worse (more pollution, waste, war, corruption etc.). I started to look at things for what they are (and not just swallow the propaganda and the ‘science’). And what I saw was a green facade hiding what was really going on: all the money was going to money laundering networks, or siphoned off by corrupt Russian oligarchs, for example, or to buy weapons. The funds would be diverted to create windows across borders to help what really keeps the world economy going: the drug and sex trade.

        And in the meantime the animals kept disappearing, the air became more polluted, drug gangs kept killing people, and more and more blacks and Muslims flooded into the West because their countries kept sucking.

        The green utopia of Al gore riding his unicorn of rainbows never came.

        And the truth hung in the air, just a hand grasp away: if we just adopted modern methods of energy creation (nukes, advanced gas powered vehicles, and yes, wind turbines, geothermal, solar etc.), and stopped funding non-stop population growth in the turd world, we could live our best lives and in abundance and not be Al Gore’s bitch, or be hen pecked by irritating greenies like Greta.

      6. This is complete balderdash.

      7. OMG this is all complete BS. The climate crisis is REAL and it was created by humans. Specifically the governments and elite. Take a look at climate geo-engineering at this site and you tell me if its not real. Big money is literally slaughtering us globally. It’s time they are STOPPED NOW!

      8. I believe climate is any temperature above absolute zero of outer space. The only question you have to ask is what caused us to be warm blooded and prefer 72 degrees Fahrenheit? The author is right, its the ultimate money/power grab, the ongoing beta test for pandemic response. Next up? The money in your pocket, the food in your mouth, the roof over your head. We have been overwhelmed but are we able to rise up? Too late, the bankers are beating the war drums again. They drive the climate, we react to that just like carbon dioxide does to the Sun’s radiation. The irony in this is that sunlight burns bankers best. Shine the light.

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