Can’t Afford It? No Problem. Just Charge It.

by | Jan 9, 2012 | Headline News | 209 comments

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    As the mainstream media, corporate leaders and politicians ramp up the recovery talk evidencing last quarter’s holiday spending as proof that things are getting better, consider that all may not be as it seems (usually it’s not).

    We may have seen Americans going ballistic for Xboxes, flat screen TV’s, iPhones and other consumer must-haves, but that doesn’t mean they had the money to actually buy them.

    Here is yet further evidence that American consumers are hitting a financial brick wall, having lost their income streams and spent their savings just to maintain the lifestyle of a dying paradigm.

    Via The Daily Crux and Economic Policy Journal

    Consumers increased their debt in November by a seasonally adjusted $20.4 billion, the largest increase since November 2001the Federal Reserve reports. 

    Monthly debt rose at a 10% annual rate in November, a much faster pace than had been expected by (surprise) Krugman-like Keynesian economists. They simply don’t get that when the Fed prints money, it gets into the system.

    All types of credit gained in the month. The non-revolving category of debt, such as auto loans, personal loans, and student loans, rose $14.8 billion, or 10.7%, in November. Credit card debt jumped by $5.6 billion, or 8.5%, in the month.

    No matter how bad housing, unemployment or our economic prospects become, we the people will not be deterred from spending even the money we don’t have on products that will only further exacerbate our problems when the system does finally buckle.

    It seems that most of us learned nothing after the collapse of 2008.

    The next time around will not be so forgiving.


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      1. Surprise, Surprise

        • Maybe they were charging storable food or more likely guns and ammo.

          • Ummm… that would be me.

          • Well, guns sales have broken all records month after month.

            • Here’s what’s funny about that (and no doubt unpopular, I admit that).

              That gun is going to increase your life expectancy by what? 4 days maybe?

              In a city: Check out Argentina. It’s not like they’re not still going to arrest you.

              In a remote area: What remote area, when people start exiting cities? Ok, here it might extend your life expectancy for a month or two.

              I’d say there’s a point of diminishing returns past a handgun, rifle, and a varmint shooter (and spare parts). After that, 5 guns or 50 guns, 2000 rounds or 20,000 rounds, it won’t make any difference.

        • I know Americans love sequels. It’s okay, TARP II is coming for only $1 Trillion. Budget, schmudget. Bankers are people too. We’ll bail them out for your sakes, and you’ll be happy, I promise….. 😉

          • mitt romney?: you’re a dangerous, disgusting lunatic, bankster shill

          • Mitt you are a gordon gecko lizard thief.

          • gordon gecko, lizard thief.

            • acceptance of any of the trillion dollars is acceptance of stealing money from the future children, grandchildren and downright fuc-ing evil. Anyone who does this is a sociopathic satanist prick. Maybe a flaming angel dick in your ass might persuade you differently.

        • CHARGE, CHARGE!

        • Confucius say;

          Borrower is servant to the lender.

          • WRONG
            that is found in Proverbs 22:7

            • You’re right…hoorayy!!

      2. everyone do yourself a favor. cut em in half and toss em

        • The banksters or the credit cards?

          • hehehe …. ]:-) …

          • Beefcake – Good reply. Banksters first. Cards second.

            • Politicians third I think

        • That is stupid. The whole world is going to default. You might as well charge things you will be needing. Precious metals, Weapons, Food, supplies.
          That is lame brained to tell people to cut up their cards.

          • If you think I’m lame for cutting up credit cards. Your a complete dumb ass for thinking it’s lame. Your kind is the reason things are so f*cked up. Better get out there and charge some more shit made in china. Idiot!

            • Credit was bad from the beginning…Cutting up cards that finacially burden you especially if you no money to begin with is a brilliant idea. If you say charge things in hope of a default then; are you not just as evil as the cronies who loaned you the money? The answer is YES. Stop living above your f-ing means, I call it greed and in a greater state avarice. Bill you are correct my friend.

            • Don’t get upset everyone know JoJo’s a clown

          • Agreed that it would be a positive sign if they were charging weapons, food, supplies, etc. However, I think we all know what folks are charging.

            Meals Out

            In fact, I noticed this year that more and more friends of mine were buying big ticket items for their kids. I heard of Ipads, Kindles, iTouches, etc. The scary thing is those were not the kids’ only gifts. Amazing to me.

            We really don’t have a clue. The real problem is that accumulating debt doesn’t hurt enough month to month. It hurts when the banks stop extending more credit – then it’s catastrophic.

            Stupidity needs to hurt more.

            • Yea I suppose that your right taht at least if that was being done then it would be a bit reponsible, but mostly it is not really like that….

            • Seriously…

              My son came home from his first day back to school after Christmas break, and told us that man of his friends in his class got i-Phones.

              HE IS IN SECOND GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Really????? These people are getting seven year old kids i-Phones??? Most of my ADULT friends drop theirs in the toilet, or break the screen, or lose them after a couple of months…and you’re going to get one for a kid?

              Dang, my boy doesn’t even call anyone on the phone yet!

              There is something terribly wrong with our society…UGH. 🙁

          • There is a hazard in racking up your preps on a charge card… someone else still owns them until you pay the debt off.

            • Hide the goods.Only you know where their at.

          • That’s great IF the collapse happens next month–but how are those consumers that followed that advise last year and maxed out the CC for preps fairing??

          • Now you sound like SMOKYMTNLADY with her housing walk away plan. Ya’ll just can’t WAIT to try and walk away from the debts YOU made. You talk about the people on welfare? You all are worse with your scams.

            • Anon…you’re so funny!! I LOVE how it bothers you that I mentioned that I WAS THINKING about it!! LOL!! Hey…PSSSTTT…NOW my plan is to run up ALL my credit cards with jewels and fine wines…and maybe a cruise to the Caribbean and not pay THOSE bills either!!! Yep, that’s my plan and I’m sticking to it!!! :p

          • That’s stealing and lying.

            It’s one thing if someone defaults on a debt because their circumstances have changed and they simply cannot affort to pay it. It’s quite another to go out and purposely take things you don’t intend to pay for.

            • Hmmm…. Like oil? It’s not like they don’t have a sterling example to follow.

        • Credit cards or politicians?
          Just askin’…

        • @Bill: “everyone do yourself a favor. cut em in half and toss em”

          I wish I could +1000 your post!

          Wife and I started the Dave Ramsey program ( several years ago, and we have paid off an insane amount of debt.

          We’d be so much more prepared for SHTF-type events if we hadn’t unwisely (stupidly) accumulated so much debt in the first place.

      3. I did something really revolutionary this Christmas. I got a big pay cut right before Christmas so I…….


        Gasp. And no one died of disappointment.

        • You said you chose to work part time. I just love to thumb you down!

          • And do you suppose a paycut came with that? Or do you think the company generously paid me what I was making before?

            It’s good to have a hobby. Lucky me, being the center of your attention.

          • Make me disappear so Daisy will read me!

        • TMI. Me too

        • anonymous is right Daisy, even you would have to admit it—-but then again, probably not!

          • A BIG +1.

          • Now that was funny!

        • i did that too daisy…and i had the best time ever too. an old fashioned christmas with homemade fun, homemade food, and peace.

      4. thats right and people wonder why i say that this game will go on for many many many more years ! we are so far away from a collapse that if people really knew then they bwould actually go out and enjoy life for a while instead of awaiting something thats not gonna happen any time soon unlike the doomers………GET READY ITS COMING SOON !!!

        • U the woman!

        • Were already in collapse!

          This plane is definately crashing
          This boat is obviously sinking
          This building’s totally burning down

          If you can’t see it, try taking your blinders off.

        • So, what if it comes in many, many, many years??
          Idiot, we saved a huge percentage on, guns, ammo, and all things considered.
          When was the last time any commodity price decreased??
          Yep–now you get it.

          I have cases of 16 oz. hams that I paid $1.50 and $2.00 for that are now $3.00 and some places $4.00. Who’s the doomer??

      5. I cut up my credit cards in 1999 and never looked back. They are a trap that destroy lives and have no business in the hands of most people. So, since I knew eventually I would only find myself in the perpetual credit card debt hole, I cut them. Now, I use either cash preferably, or a debit card connected to a few hundred bucks in a checking account.

        Anyone that spends every year sinking themselves into the credit hole is running a serious risk. But hey, if you like debt slavery, keep charging it up.

        • Prepaid debit cards are even better… not connected to you or your bank account, no name required, and nobody but the issuing company knows the number, balance, or transaction history.

      6. Credit is not the problem. People are the problem. Like anything else to be used wisely( alcohol, guns, food) credit cards serve a purpose. I just love charging everything that I purchase at my home AND my business with my 1% cash back credit card. I pay the bill off in full every month, and once a year I redeem my points for about 1,500 dollars every December. Merry Christmas to me!

        • ya, people are the problem ,did you know that your’e cash back costs the the retailer up to 3.5 % just to take that card in turn it cost you more at the check out
          and the only one getting fat is the bank.!!!!!!
          shepple they walk among me

          • Yep boone, you are correct. At my store, people who want to use a card over cash pay a 3% surcharge.

            The cost to retailers for taking a card is an average of 2.5% plus a 25 cent swipe fee. This is passed on with higher prices for the goods or, as I do, a surcharge. People have no clue how much the banks are really making.

            I prefer cash over the cards. Can get the customer in and out quicker. There is always that idiot that forgets their PIN#, puts the wrong PIN in or does not have the money available to pay. Always holding up the line!

            • AZ:
              Just a thought,why not charge a 6% fee for cards,3% discount for cash for anything over $100 a 6% discount?
              Jus’ askin’

        • I am the same way. I handle my credit cards with care, paying off every month the one card I rotate into use. I also have NO other debts, and the mortgage is paid off.

        • Most certainly the lack of self control is the key.

        • yeah right…. you spend 150,000 dollars a year on your credit cards? 12,500 a month? I think you play with yourself too much. You freakin people like to hear yourself talk. Spends 150 THOUSAND a year on his credit cards and hangs around on SHTF plan.

      7. Google: Harbinger 911 and go to Youtube and listen to Jonathan Cahn. It is interesting if you are Bible believeing.
        Americas’ strengths have been financial and military and out huge naturally rich land. Israel and American are the only 2 nations that were dedicated to God at their creations. So what happens if God gets fed up with our behavior and decides to divorce us? Look at the old testament. He gave the Jews many warnings and eventually He removed his protection and they got attacked and beat and enslaved. They lost their land, might and money. Hmmmm…

        • @ “c says”
          You are 100% correct. We’ll never get back to the God centered country we were for 2 reasons: 1) Majority doesn’t believe in God or Christ anymore, and 2) the time course is long and the concept too subtle for some to realize.

      8. Please people dont spend on your credit cards, its so nice to see all the money you save when you get that monthly statement each month. Even if things are rough, try trading for the gift you want or sell some junk you might not ever use. Then buy it. even if the world is ending dont think its a good idea to charge and if things turn around your stuck and never getting ahead and the big banks win and you lose. Why feed them money, you are the one that needs the money, make yourself rich not the banks rich.

      9. I purchased one Christmas gift this year and it was for my wife. A camera to take pictures of our 6 month old daughter who by-the-way I bought nothing. She got so much stuff she will never remember, let alone who got her what.

        At this point I can understand why sheeple are maxing out their credit cards. Isn’t that exactly what their government is doing? I do not remember which one, but a famous analyst (who I disagree with) just said we do not have a debt problem, but in fact have a consumption problem.

        Digital drugs are an inexpensive way to kill time when one can afford to do little else. I believe we are past the point where we can solve individual, local, state, and federal debt problems so I see this attitude as the working class equivalent of drinking the last bottle of champagne on the Titanic when we have no authority to prevent it from going down.

        I do not have a flat screen TV or X-box or smart phone, but I am wasting time right now typing this so who am I to judge?

        • We have one 27″ cube-style TV and three dumb phones, as hubby calls our landlines. We have two laptops which dogs fight over when we’re sitting on the couch. We also have a dishwasher (me) and a play station (our backyard). And yes, we have an X-box – a small plastic bin with skull & crossbones on lid where hubby throws his work socks. (Are we hep or WHAT!?!)

          • Sounds like you got it goin’ on WVFolks. I was gonna say something about a flat tire, x girlfriend, and smart aleck kid but you beat me to it! 🙂

            • That jaundiced face looks familiar.

              Hey smokin dopie – got anything to confess?

          • Why do you have even one TV of any shape?

            • For “Mystery” on PBS!!!

      10. I drive a 78 Honda Accord, live in a studio apartment, own a small (debt free) business, and I’m personally debt free. Life is good.

        I cringe at these wild spenders !

        • Actually you’re not debt free since as a taxpayer you must pay your share of the governments wild spending spree.

          • We all have basic bills, but why add credit cards, new cars, and other life draining expenditures to your plate.

            Live cheap and prosper my friends !

      11. Mac, is it just me or is there no news coming out of the EU lately. Forever, you couldnt catch some news on the Eu on the alternative news sources. Now all everyone is talking about is politics and the american debt problem. Did Europe’s problems just fix themselves, or is it the calm before the storm?

        • If you can watch the BBC, you will see it there.

        • J(aJ):Check out
          Jus’ sayin’

      12. Credit cards are kinda like a necessary evil. You have to have them, use them and pay them in order to have good credit which in turn gets you the better credit rates.
        But like every other potential addiction, you have to have self control.
        Unfortunately I’m guilty of the debt but it’s for business, no way around it.
        Now if only I could win that darn Lottery……

        • In today’s world, credit cards are an unnecessary evil. You can use a debit card with a credit card logo anywhere you use a credit card. You might have the small inconvenience of a temporary charge…say, a $200 refundable deposit if you rent a car, but a refundable deposit is better than an interest charge any day! You can use a prepaid disposable gift card anywhere you use a credit card. If I order something online, I use a prepaid gift card and not only do I save in interest fees, the rest of my money is safe from hackers. Nobody HAS to have a credit card.

          If you accrued debt for your business and can’t pay it back right away, you either need to scale back or you need a better business model.

          Nobody needs to win the lottery. We all just need to learn to live more simply. “The lottery” is a dream for consumer addicts who dream about what they plan to buy with the proceeds. Those of us who are living within our means dream about ways to simplify life even more.

          • The lottery is for people who aren’t good at math…

            • A paraphrase of a critique I heard about the lottery:

              The lottery is a transfer of wealth from poor families (and/or people that don’t understand mathematics) (not necessarily the same thing) to generally better-off families to pay for their kids’ college costs.

              If that’s true, is it just me, or is that not a *really stupid deal* ?

              Yeah, somebody’s gotta win, and yeah, $1 or $2 a week won’t hurt you. It’s the goofballs spending a lot more than $2 a week, when they can’t afford it, that help demonstrate how the lottery is a “tax on people who don’t know math.” The odds of winning ain’t very high, and spending more isn’t a good investment. I think I might rather just set the Fed Reserve Notes on fire, or ask the clerk to beat me in the face, I might enjoy that more.

          • Hey dreamland, this is reality & life happens, the good, bad & ugly of it. I would much rather know that I have good credit for the what-if’s in life than sit around wondering “How am I going to pay for that new roof or furnace or root canal?” I don’t WANT to owe money to the credit cards but I do so I pay them. Business was started
            entirely with the shtf in mind. IF I ever have to re-mortgage the house, at least my good credit will get me a nice low interest rate.
            Now for all of you who have your houses paid off, congratulations, you won the lottery. In the mean time,
            I’ll buy a ticket so maybe someday I can pay my house off too because that’s the only way I’ll ever be able to.

        • No credit cards are not a necessary evil; go to Chinamart, get a prepaid, can’t overspend, and privacy is maintained with your purchases.

          It’s a win-win..and no monthly payments, no interest that continues increasing; you know the one-time upfront cost as you purchase the card–am I right??

          • Well you know, if I had the money to put on the pre-paid card, I would have given it to the company that I owed the money to instead of charging it. Outside of MAJOR purchases I do pay as I go.

          • @JayJay—- If you HAVE the cash to get a PRE PAID credit card so you can “Maintain Privacy”, did you ever have the bright idea to cut out the middle part and just pay cash? MORON!

      13. It would interesting to know how many people are charging up their cards purchasing items for Collapse, with no intention of paying them off…

        We don’t suggest it, but we can only imagine there are many doing this…

        • I used to pay my credit card off every month (I only have one), but when I thought the collapse might come a couple years ago I used it to buy a monster box of Silver Eagles just in case. While I have paid a couple thousand in interest since then, the cost of a monster box has increased about $7,000. We shall see if I made a poor decision in the long run, but so far- so good.

          BTW, I already had a self-sufficient retreat and plenty of food storage and other more critical systems which were all paid in full.

          • The PRICE had increased by $7K. Has the purchasing power kept pace? Can you liquidate them without paying some dealer a fee? PMs are a shell game, like Vegas. The house always wins. They are the house, you are the mark.

            • I can liquidate them tomorrow for more than current dealer price because I have cultivated a network of preppers willing to pay a little extra for anonymity.

            • I can liquidate them tomorrow for more than the dealer price because I have cultivated a network of preppers willing to pay just a little more for anonymity.

        • Some people ran up massive credit card debt preparing for Y2K so it’s a safe bet there are people out there charging for TEOTWAWKI. Those people will be in a world of hurt if the banksters survive too.

        • I sincerely doubt it on most fronts, for the simple reason that spending on, well crap (tablet gadgets, new cameras, bigger televisions, etc) has gone up correspondingly.

          Funny thing is, I find that I have no need for a card. I’ll save up and buy a car used if I need one. Buying a home I can afford with 30-40% down is going to make things a lot easier month-to-month than it would buying one with perfect credit and 0% down, and brings the goal of owning free and clear a hell of a lot closer.

          But to your original point, yeah… I don’t recommend doing that either. The collapse of civilization to the point where debt no longer matters may take days, months, years, decades… no way to decisively tell.

      14. I would suggest charging them up to the limit on preps, then cutting them up.

        The banks create the “money” upon YOUR signature, and then claim it as THEIR asset. That is a fraud.

        The account can never be paid, it can only be discharged. The bank is required by law to do that 180 days after the last payment is made.

        Nobody is out anything. The store gets paid. You get paid for allowing the bank to use your signature. And the bank is returned to where it was before it borrowed your signature and has profited by the use of the money you allowed it to create and on the interest you paid while the account was active.

        Great system.

        The only real question is who owns the stuff to start with if nobody loses anything?

        The answer is simple. Those who issue the credit to buy something claim ownership. The bankers have already bought and paid for everything.

        And don’t give me that feel good excuse that you signed a contract and agreed to pay. You are a victim of financial fraud and you should be compensated for the use of your signature by the fraudsters.

        • And as the Feds raise the interest rate in a vain attempt to sucker more people into investing in the Dollar, watch your CC interest skyrocket to levels that will make it impossible for you to pay off. If they are sicking SWAT teams on people for defaulting on student loans, imagine what they will start doing in the near future to settle massive unpaid card debts.

          • They will do nothing. There will be bigger fish to fry. Especially after SWAT teams start getting ambushed and killed in return. If it ever gets that bad (and I don’t think it will; something else will happen first), a more likely response would be banks and organized crime working together and sending their goons to break some kneecaps or outright kill the debtor.

            I think once the banksters and the politician bastards realize that they have sucked out all the money they can, they will head to their hidey-holes and unleash the plagues. Maybe we should use our credit lines to build our own CBRN bunkers or buy bluewater sailboats to use when TSHTF.

          • Bcake….Unfortunately(for investors),the interest rate will never be intentionally raised. If that happens the debt service here would become unmanageable.CC debt is unsecured,so you can file bankruptcy on that, I think.The govt screwed the kids by making student loans non dischargeable.

          • I graduated with an MBA in the 90s and got behind on my student loans while my wife had cancer. They would not work with me, only threatened to garnish me so I never made another payment. I sent them a couple letters over the years pointing out that they have never garnished me and giving them an opportunity to repair the relationship, but they declined. They did get a couple small tax refunds, but most years I underwithold.

            Am I flipping burgers at McDonald’s? Just passed my background check and started a new government job today funded by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services. My job is to sit here and type this until my boss goes on maternity leave in May then, do her job for a couple months, then collect the maximum unemployment benefit for 99? weeks during which I will be in the mountains working on my off-grid retreat.

            Further proof they cannot find their ass with a magnifying glass is that the highly publicized SWAT attack for student loan fraud (not nonrepayment) was done on the wrong house. They party they were looking for no longer lived there.

        • The number of thumbs down indicate that most people have still not realized the banks are the ONLY enemy.

          It has been said that if you owe a banker $10,000, he owns you, but if you owe him a billion dollars you own him. If EVERYONE simply quit paying them they would quickly collapse and we would have a good chance to win this war.

          Get what you can from the vampire squid while you can get anything at all. The banks have stolen the country and are trying to sell it back to you with fraudulent credit.

        • If you took the merchandise and used it or are holding it you owe the money. No amount of mental gynastics can change that. Maybe you are just by nature a dishonest crook. Do you find friends(if you have any) and family want nothing to do with you?

          • @WILLY…your right.

            And the comment about being a dick goes to the guy who suggests running it up and not paying.

          • Willy, if I sold you a car on credit for $1,000 and you later found out the car was stolen, would you still owe me $1000?

            What if you then found the guy who the car was stolen from and he offered to give it to you for free, because the car had been stolen by the Mob and he couldn’t get it back anyway.

            That is the situation with the banksters. The credit merchants offer nothing but a way to repurchase what has been stolen from you, your parents, and grandparents in an incomprehensible fraud.

            The banks have put nothing up but stolen property and counterfeit money.

            It doesn’t take mental gymnastics. Just an understanding of the fraudulent system and a desire to defeat it.

            Go ahead and continue to support the enemy of the People by allowing the fraud to continue unchallenged. Recommend it to the other SHEEP as well.

            That is, after all, what your Masters want. In return, they will have a nice room in a FEMA camp reserved for you.

            Perhaps one day you will understand the nature of the problem rather than misunderstanding those who are trying to expose and kill it.

        • Your just a dick…
          Plain and simple.

          • @You’re@

      15. I had a customer come in the other day and told me someeone had stolen his truck out of his garage port. He said the truck itself was worth 10,000 but he added $4,000.00 rims. He only had liability insurance.

        $4,000.00 for rims, yet he could only afford liability insurance ? This country is doomed !

        • Yeah we see a lot of that in urban areas. $5000 in wheels, $3000 stereo all in a $500 car. You just can’t fix stupid.

          • Is the fuel tank full?

            • Is there tread on the tires?

          • I drive a used Saturn on my off days so that people think I don’t have much. The other days I drive a pickup in decent shape. Both have lots of miles on them, but it may be wise for folks to drive a car that “blends in.” My truck might stand out a bit. The Saturn looks more like I’m economy-conscious, and it’s nothing flashy.

            • Maybe you should jus ride a bicycle so the people just think your a dick.

              Oh wait. You are.

            • Anon, were you by any chance an abused child? If not, then you should have been.

          • I have been driving old clunkers for the last 20 years and nobody looks at me as if I have anything. Had a couple of them stolen but who cares.

          • How many years of illegal drugs are in the shoe box?

        • Lots of $4,000 wheels and $40,000 vehicles in the projects. I see it every day. The parking lot in the projects looks more like a new car dealership and the parking lot at the nearby working-class apartments looks more like a used car junkyard. With the government (meaning the taxpaying citizen) paying for your housing and food, and you’re a thief or drug dealer, there is plenty of money for nice wheels and luxury vehicles.

        • Bangkokslim… All insurance is a scam to line the pockets of the ins. company.Why carry more than the required amount? If his truck was paid for his choice.Look back over the premiums you have paid for all your insurances from health to homeowners to vehicle. Do you think you will ever recoup that money? When I first started driving no insurance was required at all. If you caused an accident or property damage you worked it out with the homeowner or got sued.Now the ins co takes your money and does the suing.Lobbying for ins laws is a very profitable business to be in,

          • The guy just lost $14,000…insurance was probably about $200 every 6 months–now, who lost??

        • Paid off houses an no fire insurance. There be some smart ones out there.

        • He was playing the odds.

      16. When you owe the bank, you have a problem. When you owe the bank A BUNCH with an unsecured loan, they have a problem.

      17. We do have a big flat screen TV that our son bought us for Christmas last year.

        We have fallen into BIG TIME DEBT twice in the 32 years that we have been married. This last time, instead of taking out a sencond on our homestead to pay off our credit card debt, we decided to take the pain and pay it off in REAL MONEY!

        Boy was that an eye opener for several years. I paid off our largest card in 2 years. I really dug my feet in and spent my extra money on paying off that credit card. Every couple of months I would show my husband how much I had paid off and how our debt, on that card, was shrinking.

        I think I made him feel guilty, because he chose the next credit card to pay off and started paying more money on that one each month. At the end of of 5 years we had paid off over $30,000 in credit card debt, over $18,000 in car payments and the last of your house payments.

        We suffered but we persivered and got it done. There was never a better feeling than the freedom from that debt. It has been several years since that last payment. We have bought 2 new cars since then and have been able to pay them off in under 2 years each with our pay-more plan.

        Believe me when I say that DEBT IS SLAVERY! But you really wont know what I am talking about until you are debt free.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Mona, I think what you did is great, but trading 10% to 29% interest credit card debt for 3% interest housing debt is the deal of the century. Anyone with crushing credit card debt who can move that debt into a 3% home equity line or credit or second mortgage is crazy not to. Hell, just before we bought a house, we moved our 25% interest credit card debt into a 6% vehicle loan (cars were almost paid off and they refinanced them back to 5 years at 6%).

          • Toomanyfakeconservatives says:

            I understand what you are saying about the credit card interest.

            But with transfering our debt from one place to the other, it didn’t help us because we had all these credit cards with no debt on them. So we filled them up a second time.

            It is like dieting. You can go the easy way and take that diet pill that will make your body shed 5 lbs a week untill you get to your desired weight. Then you gain it back and have to go on that diet again and again and again.

            Or you can do the right thing and eat properly and do those painful excersises to lose the weight and keep it off.

          • Here’s the problem with moving your debt to a HELOC or second mortgage: if you lose your job or fall on tough times, you lose your house. The HELOC and mortgage are secured by the house. The credit cards are unsecured.

            My choice would be what Mona did.

            But, I do have one comment, Mona, As soon as your cards are paid off, start putting a car payment away each month so when it’s time to retire the current car, you can pay cash for a new one. That way you NEVER have a car payment again.

            • Or buy a $2000 car with cash; drive it a year and with cash saved by not having a payment, up-grade to a better car; still no monthly payment.
              I have a little ’91 GMC truck and my Tribute Mazda battery runs down because I don’t drive it enough–I love my little truck.

            • JJ..Gotta love them older GM trucks. I bought a 90,drove it 331,000 miles with routine main., sold it and it’s still on the road. Never had the engine rebuilt or tranny.I did have to repair a little rust, since I live in the rust belt though.

          • tmfc…Just my opinion,but I would never turn unsecured debt into secured debt if at all possible. Better to bite the bullet and pay them down.

        • To an extent I know what you mean, Mona. I didn’t have a lot of credit car debt, but I had a mortgage, and as you say I “dug my feet in” and paid it off. Finished it in 2010. Now I keep a reasonable balance on any credit card, and pay it off every month. I am not one of those people who cares if it affects my credit score to pay off bills early.

          I am impressed with your efforts to be debt-free!

          • A thumbs-down? Someone has issues.

        • Mona, great job. I know how you feel. We went through that too about 15 years ago. It’s an absolute fantastic feeling. The folks that encourage debt are clueless. I still have friends that spend like mad. iphones, news cars, big screen, vacations and the list goes on and on…. Totally clueless at whats going on around them. Living on credit is total slavery to the Man. Good job.

        • Congratulations! That was good work!

      18. Credit itself is not the problem, and nor is it necessarily a bad thing.

        Its the (abuse) of credit that becomes the monster we are witnessing…not credit itself.

      19. There is an element of consumer in this country that realizes we are in deep financial shit, nationwide. So their remedy for this is, if you have the credit, “party like a rock star.” People know when they are close financially and they know when they are in the neighborhood of a bankruptcy. If you are of that mind why not pick your point and decide that you are going to get everything you want and need “on credit” and let the BK courts worry about the shortage. Once you realize the enormous number of BKs that are occurring in this country every day, you come to understand you and your BK is nothing but a freckle in the fray. If you think about it, the banks got theirs, GM and Chrysler got theirs, Leman, Goldman Saks, and an ongoing host of others. Why not get yours too? I personally know of one situation where they both are out of work, deep in debt, and we seen them spend thousands on Christmas. All on a card. And they have two prior BKs. How the hell do they do it?

        • I agree that much of the credit spike may be a result of people who realize the world or they themselves are going down soon, so why not “party like a rock star”?

          At this point, I think it’s foolhardy NOT to purchase prepper items on credit now or in the very near future, even if you cannot realistically pay it back. If the world suddenly rights itself and the looming collapse never happens, I’m fairly sure bankruptcy courts can only order the return of certain durable assets such as luxury items, cars, boats, etc. I doubt the courts will order you to return consumables like ammo, batteries, water filters, and so on. See the thread immediately below…

      20. My name is Stanley Johnson and I’m in debt up to my eye balls! If you have CC’s don’t cut them up as Bill would have you do, but use them as insurance. You see most of us here are much more tuned into what is really happening globally. When I smell the shit in the fan, I’ll be out charging everything I’m dreaming of till my cards are declined.

        My opinion is that most of us will get a whiff anywhere between 12 hours and one week before the actual collapse. When I get that feeling half of my credit will go to ammo, arms and fuel. The other half will go to food, medical supplies and barter items.

        Many would call this dishonest, even theft, but I will be able to save many lives. I like to think of it as my personal entitlement program and I’m a much better administrator then any government employee I know. I consider my self lucky to still have open lines of credit.

        Please remember this is an augmentation plan not my primary plan. Unfortunately I have a large unprepared group of family and friends that I love very much. If I have to pseudo rob the bank to protect them, I will. Be vigilant watch and read all forms of media, even the MSM. Hopefully you too will get a whiff before the SHTF.

        • You’d be a fool not to make those “last gasp” purchases on credit before the lights go out and the food riots begin. Your strategy is sound and even if you purchase heavily based on a false alarm, it’s to be better safe than sorry.

          • Many are not as lucky as I. BofA, Citi are in a programmed limit reduction mode. Over the last 3 years they have been reducing people’s credit limits as they pay their balances. If you don’t have a balance they have reduced limits down to $500 or a $1000. and many unused lines were just closed just like the HELOC’s.

            Nowadays you get a small 20-30 page booklet every month explaining how regulations are protecting your rights that you can’t understand. My lawyer summed it up as” precisely vague” does any one really know what it means? In 2011 our government issued more then 80,000 pages of new regulation. Does anyone know what they mean?

            • I think they mean we’re toast.

        • There’s another way to look at it. I don’t encourage theft in any form, but one could argue that since the banks have been stealing from the people for decades in the form of usury (any interest charge) using a corrupt medium of exchange (fiat federal reserve notes), one wouldn’t feel guilty at all about not being able to pay that last payment to the predator-creditor.

          If the government mandated honest money to begin with, the people would not be forced to make such decisions and we wouldn’t be in this mess to start with.

        • Hard to argue with your logic. In normal times what you are planning would be quesionable however has anyone seen Corzine or the rest of the pigs who stole billions charged with one thing or had any of their assets seized? We won’t either. What we have now is a feudal system where the lords do whatever they want and only we the serfs have to follow the rules. Since tyranny always feeds on itself and grows we can all expect much worse.

        • Patriot One, I understand what your saying and I lived that way a long time. I do have a credit card for emergencies but it better be a damn good reason. I got a Cabelas charge card a couple years ago and had some fun racking up the points towards free goodies. I’m a builder and used the card for as much as I could for a year but i paid it off each and every month. I had big fun at the store downstate right before Christmas. That card is gone now. I could have 25 cards but have chosen to live debt free. Not having any debt is such an incredible feeling to me. If I want or need something I buy it but I do the FRN thing. I’ve lived both ways. No Debt For Me. I have enough stress in my life. Money is now no longer one of them. I don’t need any “last gasp” purchases. If I do I’ll last gasp them with cash. Hey! Here’s a thought. What if the power goes out and they can’t use the credit card machine? Your Fu*cked!

      21. 2012 PREDICTION… 90 DAYS LATER from today… YOU ALL HAVE TILL APRIL 9TH 2012 and then the S.WILL.HTF , Celente advises preparing now for a quick route out of the United States if a bank holiday (a prediction of his) is called. The ramifications of a dollar devaluation aren’t clear, but an enacted NDAA, FEMA camp readiness and scheduled TSA checkpoint expansion plans suggest the controlled U.S. may enter a crisis on par with the lead up to the U.S. Civil War of 1861-5.

        “Got .308 ((+)) ?” ;0P pssszzt

        1.) check vehicles fluids all, check all tires, buy 2 spare tires and rims, BUY AIR PUMP, check jack tire iron… charge up battery’s… buy solar battery charger. stock up extra gas and always keep car vehicles 3/4 full.

        2.) check long rifle(s) oil em’ , fire em’, stock up on ammo now while still can.

        3.) secure your homes – NOW! Install Extra locks doors windows, cut 2×4’s as door blockers and window blockers… works. barricade ground floor windows… improvise.

        and if your a lady home alone or with kids… BUY A VERY LARGE LOUD canned COMPRESSED MARINE AIR HORN OR 2 AND SOME “FRESH” cans of “liquid” pepper mace… they’re great for mean dogs four legged and two legged… RUFF RUFF! ;0p

        And then wait for America too Explode! ;0)

        “Got .308 ((+)) ?”

        nwo.zionist.jew.traitor “I’m a Traitor to my Country” Montana Congressman Max Bauchus has invited All Montana Veterans too his Montana tax-payer bought SHTF Bunker! Hopefully we’ll see ya’ll Vets there on MARTIAL LAW DAY 2012!

        p.s. Bring your own rope, tar and feathers! ;0P

        • You make some very good points, but could you please use a different username?

          • ;0( apologies @all , didn’t mean too offend anyones fragile high an mighty sensibilities… ;0P pssszzt

            everyone should look into how too generate your own colloidial silver .9999 silver water and how to make your own distilled water and buy the glass gear now while you still can to do it all… use only glass to make it all and .9999 silver thick gauge wire… your gonna need it come MARTIAL LAW D-DAY when they release the new viruses on you!

            the nwo.cia.zionist.feds are making the hybrid h5n1 influenza’s air bourne for a reason… they have declared war own YOU ALL… the american people!

            prepare to defend your homes, your families and your very lives!

            prep as though there is no tomorrow to prep… cause there isn’t!

            • I understand that inbreeding is the foremost cause of insanity…. is your Uncle also your brother? just wondering.

          • He is just proving how immature he is.

          • haha he/she has five or six names

          • you prolly also know him as ninaorket or johnny patriot

        • Silly question….what’s the marine air horn for?

          • To blow.

          • To alert those around you of the trouble. Even if nobody comes, the noise may scare off many who threaten you.

        • You make some good points and then have to degenerate to the Jew bashing. What kind of battles do you expect to win using those tactics? If the Jews are so powerful how come Hitler and Stalin had no problem killing millions of them and why are they today a tiny nation encircled by a billion and a half seventh century savages who have only one goal in life mainly to kill the Jews and then move on to the rest of the infidels? As long as Israel exists most of the venom will be directed her way and not directly at the US. You better get a clue as to who is calling the shots.

      22. its like its peoples last meal… go all-out before the big blow out….

      23. Filled up my truck this last weekend. It holds over $800 of diesel. That prior Marine American in Iran is toast.

      24. Are there any stats that show percentages of Americans and their debt(s).
        If you added up every dollar owed to whoever /whomever, not including the national debt,maybe divide it by the number of debtors (to create an average), and then add that to each share of the national debt. I realize not everybody owns debt (is owned by debt), but it would be interesting to see what America really owes (maybe as a total rather than a share, because shares would vary).
        This might effect our perspective.

        • I saw a post on during the week about 34 Shocking facts about the American economy or debt,I’m not sure which any more, but you will find scary details about the debt situation.

        • That’s simple. Under the fiat currency system, the amount of debt held by the populace (including corp) is equal to the amount of money in circulation.

          It is a fact that if there were no debt, there would no “money” circulating.


      25. Yes, there are people who charge their new “toys” to credit cards, but one has to realize that there are also many people who are in limbo, i.e. unemployed, underemployed, lost one of two incomes, etc. – you get the picture.
        These people still hope to make ends meet, but in a mean time, they pay rent, utilities and buy groceries with credit cards. Looking at unemployment figures, it is no wonder the credit card debt is through the roof. People are just trying to stay afloat.

        • You don’t float with debt. Do you work for the government? Sounds like something they would say……

          • How does one float when there is no (or not enough) income coming in?
            I’ve seen a friend in a situation described above while her husband was looking for a job (he was laid off twice in the last year). They did not want to give up their house, they were hoping to get back on the horse again (so to speak).
            Just because it is not happening to someone you know, doesn’t mean it is not happening.
            And no, I do not work for the government. Do you? Since you know what “they would say” 😀

      26. HA!!! This is a timely article!! My husband and I were just talking about getting a credit card, charging it up with a cruise to the Caribbean…LOL!! Joking people, JOKING!!! We were having fun with what-if scenarios…saying if the ships going down, let’s have fun on it BEFORE it goes down, LOL!!

        We had a good Christmas…paid cash for everything, and didn’t go crazy overboard on gifts…family is what’s important anyway… =) Btw, did you notice, I used the word…overboard, lol!! Just having a little fun today!

        • SML, you are one cool lady!

          • Well shucks, ScoutMotto, you done made me blush… :p

            • Sandy Squirrel?

      27. Economy is unsustainable either way. If consumers don’t go into debt, economy will crash as demand stays too low to provide enough jobs. If consumers go ever deeper into debt, that bubble bursts eventually.

        • In simple terms the populace of this nation can no longer produce the income necessary to support a first world economy and standard of living. Had the powers that be just exercised some caution on the appraisals that were allowed to be issued during the real estate bubble and kept prices in check this might have been avoided somewhat longer. The idiots then mixed the good loans with the non performing loans forgeting that there was a clause that the European banks had insisted on where if the loans did not perform they got to sell them back. Oh well.

      28. cash or credit/ liberty or bondage – you choose!

      29. I have credit cards that are paid in full each month if they are used. Period. Others have written credit isn’t the problem, people are, and I agree. In my opinion, if you cannot afford to pay the bill you shouldn’t be using the darn thing!

        I foresee a lot of people who are charging up their balances and maxing out their credit generally are going to end up filing their papers as they go bankrupt. Assuming they have jobs, they will begin again at the “bottom” of the credit scale and probably repeat the cycle as it appears folks just don’t seem to learn.

      30. Greetings Everyone!

        When the “Sheeple” begin to doubt the trustworthiness of the system,and load up on debt,there’s a reason.That reason being they feel they won’t have to repay it because the system is failing.
        THIS earliest stage/sign of THE CHANGE coming.Friends of mine report that people are being robbed in churches and church parking lots.Some report that the elders of the various congregations affected are now locking the doors 15 mins. after services start and are posting guards in the lot.
        You might ignore climate change,but when peoples’ actions reach these levels in America,this crisis you cannot.
        Best to All

      31. History’s repeating itself:

        * Germany’s Weimar Republic
        * Rome’s Bread and Circus

        Our society is a: pleasure before common sense, me-first, entitlement culture. Too many people are in the “here and now” and could care less about tomorrow. Reality is going to seriously stink for these self-absorbed narcissists!

        God Save our Republic!

      32. Look for the UN to be empowered. They wil stamp out religion and everything will get better…..

      33. Does any one of us on here give a flip about their credit score? I like having a good credit score, but I’m not going to go out of my way to keep it great. I heard that paying back loans of any kind lowers that score, but I don’t know if the source saying that was correct.

        Since I’m slowly de-banking anyway, who cares about that score? I don’t plan on signing any more loan notes. I pay off the credit card bill every month so the bank does not get anymore usury from me. And, when the SHTF, and I’m still using my credit card, I doubt seriously there will be any means to pay the bill at that point. I don’t advocate theft, but if the machines are all down and dry, what do you do?

      34. For some strange reason, things are looking up for me. When I was working my small business, I had no TIME. Now I have TIME – to network, get to know people, stand around and bullshit, hang out, etc., and after a deep dip in income, it seems to be resulting in a decent income (remember the “official poverty line” is a good income to me) without working stupid-long hours, and a more relaxed and interesting life.

        I also kept track of every penny in and every penny out, I was surprised at some of the things I spent a lot on, but what also surprised me upon totaling up my 2011 numbers was how diversified my income was – it was pretty much divided up into 5 streams, recycling metals, reselling stuff I got at garage sales, casual labor, selling the odd high-tech item (stuff that makes engineers say “wow”) that I came across, and selling gold/silver chains etc from garage sales that I got for like 25c or 50c (and had to pay low prices for, my “fake” rate was about 50%).

        There are *so* many ways to just go out and make money. Just little casual stuff. Keeping your eyes open on trash day. Etc etc etc

        • Uh-Oh You are now on the IRS top 1 million list for audit.sarc.

        • DD… I do much of the same when the weather is nice. They are actually making people get a tax ID if they can catch you setting up a stand to sell stuff. Not so much if you keep under their radar.

      35. “They simply don’t get that when the Fed prints money, it gets into the system.”

        Seems like i was arguing just that very point in November with a very nice and polite gentleman.

        an·tic·i·pa·tion –

        2. realization in advance;

        pre·pare –

        1. a. : to make ready beforehand for some purpose, use, or activity

        b. : to put in a proper state of mind

        2.: to work out the details of : plan in advance

        3. b : to put into written form

        intransitive verb
        : to get ready

      36. Hello all, I was taught personal responsibility, like many of my gen. Just recently I advised a couple to give the keys to the bank on a property in another state from which they were forced to move due to employment requirements. It was difficult to do personally. And I had to reengage more than once as they did not want to take this COA. However, this property was like a yacht: a hole in the water you throw money into! Short version: local real estate pricing/sales clearly indicated an upside down financial position that would NOT correct in any forseeable future. This was not a speculative “flipper” deal but a primary residence. Guilty feelings/delay cost the couple well over six figures. I bring this up re: credit card usage. If you’re prepping with your cards, I say go for it. You have a reasonable expectation to pay them off knowing our elected officials will turn this economy around, stop deficit spending, and create decent wage jobs for Americans. On another site, a poster was going on about a Chinese invasion, people/soldiers not products. 85 percent of the handguns in the world are right here in the good ole U.S. of A. So I have two words: Red Dawn! Oh, another two: Molon LABE!

      37. what do we need a good credit score for ,but to borrow more money?This is all fine and dandy if your income keeps coming and you can pay down the credit cards .I am very thankfull for my job., and i really feel for those who are struggling. I have been on the other side of the street.In fact i have 8 grand children that my wife and i have tryed to prep for,because i know my kids are either unable to get ahead or oblivious to what is happening.It seems like every financial institution wants to loan me money.How nice.(not)

      38. I would not want to be the X Marine in Iran ,Talk about the ultimate sacrifice ..They cut peoples heads off with a sharp pocket knife over there.I know because my brother had me watch one on the net. I will never subject myself to that again.I would rather just get stoned.

      39. @all – ya all might wanna consider re-calling , calling home your family members who are active duty military, encourage them all too go AWOL and when ww3.4 kicks off not allowin’ anyone to be drafted or to sign up for the military period! the federal government in case you haven’t noticed has DECLARED WAR ON YOU THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

        why give them the man power to do it???

        without TROOPS they can’t do sheeeeeiiit!

        call em’ all home… you need them at home to protect you!

        it’s coming… the feds have it all planned out now… save your childrens , their lives, call em’ home!

        now while you still can…

      40. In almost any SHTF situation the very first thing to go down will be the electronic money. Debit and credit cards will be useless. I’m not sure what the first dommino will be that triggers it all, but I do believe there will be little or no warning in advance. It will be a surprise to the majority. We see the signs now, so what ever your plans are, I wouldn’t count on any last minute purchases with electronic money.

      41. BARACK OBAMA QUOTE: “It is this world, a world where cruise ships throw away more food in a day than most residents of Port-au-Prince see in a year, where white folks’ greed runs a world in need, apartheid in one hemisphere, apathy in another hemisphere… That’s the world! On which hope sits!” … AND THEN HE SOLD OUT TO THE NWO CIA White-man Cracker, the Bilder.boy.bugger PowersThatBe… to become a cia zionist jew oligarchy banker puppet prez!

        Michelle Obama’s Resentment of “White Irish Catholics” is Similar to Barack’s Hateful Comments On “White Folks’ Greed”

        ummmmmm… “Who Knew????” wow america wtf?

        VOTE: Dr RON PAUL 2012 or ELSE!

        The Freedom Luvin’ patriotic constitutionalist veteran FREEMEN Puppy Get’s It! Click-Clack!

      42. To anyone out there who just charged Christmas and can’t pay it all off now: you’re asking for that noose around your neck. You’re asking the banksters to make debt slaves of you. If you can’t afford it, learn to say “I can’t afford it” and your life will run much smoother. I haven’t used a credit card in nearly a decade. Cash rules, the rest drools!

        To anyone out there who just financed a new car and can’t pay it all off now: Hello? You just paid half your yearly salary for something that devalued by half the second you took possession. So you could have just taken a quarter of your money for the upcoming year and decided to burn it. It would be the same net result. I haven’t financed a car in well over a decade. Cash for used, folks. The most expensive car repair is still cheaper than the cheapest car payment over time!

        To anyone out there who just subjugated themselves to the federal government for $10K in student loans so you can study Journalism, Mandarin, Philosophy, or Urban Studies, you just saddled yourself with debt that can never be discharged and WILL have to be paid back. Even when you’re flipping burgers at McDonald’s because you can’t find a job in your field, you still have to pay it back. The government will make it nice and easy for you…if you don’t pay it back, they’ll just take it out of your paycheck before you even see it. This is called wage garnishment, and there’s not a thing you can do about it. Before you commit to a useless liberal arts degree in a dying job market, get a job or three and earn the money to pay for it. Or, better yet, avoid college and learn a trade, such as plumbing, auto repair, or HVAC. It’s a cheaper education with much more immediate job prospects, and when your paid-for-cash stuff breaks, you can fix it yourself.

        Get off the debt wheel and stop being the bankster’s hamster!

        • I graduated with an MBA in the 90s and got behind on my student loans while my wife had cancer. They would not work with me, only threatened to garnish me so I never made another payment. I sent them a couple letters over the years pointing out that they have never garnished me and giving them an opportunity to repair the relationship, but they declined. They did get a couple small tax refunds, but most years I underwithold.

          Am I flipping burgers at McDonald’s? Just passed my background check and started a new government job today funded by the U.S. Dept of Health and Human Services. My job is to sit here and type this until my boss goes on maternity leave in May then, do her job for a couple months, then collect the maximum unemployment benefit for 99? weeks during which I will be in the mountains working on my off-grid retreat.

          Further proof they cannot find their ass with a magnifying glass is that the highly publicized SWAT attack for student loan fraud (not nonrepayment) was done on the wrong house. The party they were looking for no longer lived there.

      43. My wife and I went out on a limb this Christmas. We put go bags together for my immediate family. These are good go bags, all from our stock. They are family, so we wanted to at least make sure they were equipment to either get home or have a few days. NOT one of these sheeple knew what to do. They are made these nasty faces, and you could tell they were disappointed it wasn’t an Ipod or other crap that will do nothing good for them.

        I told my wife, I love my family, but they are NOT coming here. I will not sacrifice my kids and wife, because they can’t plan.

        Rusty is now going back into hiding…as i can hear the black ops helicopters getting closer.

        Prep up all, and may God bless you all!

        • You can never turn your back on your family. They will be much more useful once they are forced to wake up. Besides, it is not their fault they have been so deceived.

          • The problem is they will not come alone, they will brag to all their “friends” that they are heading to “paradise” and then be too weak to turn them down on their way to your house!

            So, yes, family is *NOT* invited to my house when shtf!

      44. I paid off my house, my 2008 truck, and all my credit cards last year. I’m 100% debt free, at the exspense of some preps. Now I’m stock up like crazy and getting my BOL ready. Get your things togetheer and get ready people…it’s coming!

      45. Hey Mac, Here is a heads up on the videos coming form (NIA). The NIA is a Fraud !!! Preppers USE CAUTION !!!

        Don’t be Conned by the NIA — Do not promote their videos
        You must watch this video by Peter Schiff. CAUTION on NIA…videos!!!

        Uploaded by SchiffReport on Jan 7, 2012
        The NIA is a scam. It has produced a very professional anti-Mitt Romeny video called “The Romney Con” that the NIA hopes will go viral. DO NOT held make that happen. The NIA is the real con! It is nothing more than a front for penny stock pump and dump scams. The NIA does not really support Ron Paul, they merely pretend to support him so they can steal money from those who do. Spread the truth. Circulated this video to warn Ron Paul supporters and prevent them from being ripped off.

        If you want to view and promote a version of the video without any reference to the NIA you can do so using the following link:

      46. I apologize in advance for an off topic post but felt this is an important message to spread concerning NDAA. It is a video outlining a petition to arrest the senators that voted for NDAA. The author is looking for 1 mil+ signatures. I received info about it through FB page, “Recall every congressman who voted for NDAA” Have a great day everyone.

      47. New ((WARNING!!!)) on the (NIA) videos. I just check in to the video and if you log on to the (NIA) videos your computer will contract (cookies) and other intrusive backdoor software.

        The version that I posted is safe, but the (NIA’s) version is full of cookies and I ain’t talking ~ milK & cookies.

        ((VOTE…. RON PAUL…2012!!!))

        • So? Even this website puts a cookie on your computer. Big deal. Life is full of risks big and small. The NSA has stuff that would curl your hair when it comes to getting access anywhere they want. Besides I happen to get a kick out of old G4T. Too bad most of his older videos are no longer available. Also Peter Schiff is hardly someone whose advice I would count on. I still remember him and Ben Stein laughing when the housing crash was forecast. Real smart guys they be.

      48. credit cards add to inflation. it puts money made out of thin air, not worth the paper it’s not printed on, into the money system.

        there is a correlation to the hyoer inflation that started in the 70’s and continue today with the addition of masses of credit cards in the system.

        anyone rember in the 80’s when pets were getting credit cards in the mail?

        the prices we see today are connected to the hyper issuing of these credit cards.

        • On this I will comment…around that time, I was attending college.
          We received a credit card application; after reviewing how it worked, I told my husband, but aren’t they just passing worthless numbers (didn’t know digital term then)and won’t it eventually catch up with the banks lending the money??
          Well, welcome to the world of bailout hell.

      49. to all of ya’ll condemning the evil credit cards – it kind of reminds me of folks who blame guns when someone gets killed

      50. Good article from the Economic Collapse blog, also posted at the Daily Crux.

        How to Prepare for Difficult Years Ahead

        I forwarded to family & friends who are starting to “wake up”.

        • KY Mom,

          Yepp another great article gotta love that web site..
          Its so easy to get wrapped up in politics and all the great debates, just as long as you keep your eye’s on the ball. For me the great news for the Day is all my seeds got here from Seed Savers Exchange 🙂


          • DPS,

            This is good news!

            I just went to their website and downloaded the new 2012 catalog. They have a great selection & reasonable prices.

            KY Mom

            • KY Mom

              FYI also go to the following sites they have some really kick-ss seeds and info.
              Bakercreek Heirloom seeds
              Southern exposure seed exchange

              I order a little from each place that way if 1 of the seeds fail have 3 more to relay on. I always plant some hybrids as well they are very dependable and it is a back up plan in case the heirlooms don’t produce. Just don’t save any of the seeds.


            • DPS,

              Thank for the info! I will have to check out their websites.

              KY Mom

      51. here is a link to a visualisation of U.S. debt stacked in 100 dollar bills
        we cant be that far behind you in the UK. I honestly think that the collapse will be here sooner rather than later. From what I have read on the web China,Russia,Japan & Iran are dumping the dollar. Greece needs another bailout as does Hungary, Spain and Italy arent looking too healthy either and apparently German banks have been in talks regarding bailouts. I cant say i blame some people for maxing out their credit cards they’re so brainwashed by TV ads that are constantly telling people to come and get some debt and the same people havent got a clue whats going on in the real world.

        • lisa,

          That is a great visualization! When you see how just how much U.S. debt there is stacked so high. It is a picture you remember.

          KY Mom

      52. too bad we all cant do it just like our government, and pass it all off on someone else..namely all of us..
        funny how that works so well for them, and not for anyone else..kinda reminds me of another thing that pisses me off about this government..the fact they all can perform insider trading on a global market to lie their own pockets as that is against the law for the rest of us common law abiding citizens..aint it disgusting how blatent they have become?

      53. I put away my 1 credit card 3 years ago and am still paying it off. the interest rate is so dang high…I have 5 years left on my mortgage. refinanced it several years ago to a 15yr loan. was able to keep up with everything until I had unexpected back surgery this past August. get this: WITH health insurance, I STILL have 10k to pay off for this surgery!
        my job is moving to another state in Aug. dear heavens; at my age (54) do I stay or go??? the company will pay for my home & move me, but I know I won’t get the value on my house & the idea of starting over shakes me to the core.
        resolutions this year: get rid of AT&T landline; move to Vonage. find cheaper interest credit card & move over my balance & get this paid off. PRAY about moving/leaving.

        • Moving is a hard decision. Some things to consider are reasons to stay besides your job/home, stability of the new location compared to current, availability of rural bug out locations, etc.

          I truly believe that since incomes are flat, housing prices/payments will be forced down as consumer goods and commodities are rising in cost so maybe getting out of your house and into a rental for a while would be a blessing in disguise. I will pray the correct path becomes obvious.

        • I wish you luck Jenn, moving is hard but sometimes God wants us in a better place and using our job is one way of doing it. Pray about it but know that once you’ve made up your mind it was the right thing to do no matter what it is. Don’t live in the what-if’s. Hope your back is better.

          • thanks y’all!

      54. It’s entirely possible people are spending on various forms of prepping.

      55. Letting your CC debt get out of control will always happen to some people, they cannot control their appetites. But on the other hand how many services require you to use a CC, even if you had the cash on hand to pay for it.
        Its all a freakin game. and we are getting played.

      56. Greeting Everyone!
        Just a short note on the pc cookie thing.
        I use Maxa cookie manager pro(among others)to rid my system of the “Super Cookies” that FF, IE and other browsers won’t(can’t)remove.You’d be shocked just how many of these “silent trackers” are on your system.
        Food for thought.

      57. Maybe this is one explanation if you consider that Americans are not that smart. They just irresponsibly charge what they want without thinking about it.

        There could be a second explanation.

        Perhaps Americans are smart and are following the example their government is leading by? Perhaps they’re getting what they can before inflation takes it? Perhaps they know default is the only option and taking advantage?

        The sad thing is that the principles and values that made the USA the greatest country in the world have been eviscerated. Just look at American culture these days and it appears to match the descriptions of the Roman Empire just before it’s demise. 🙁

      58. They apparently can keep kicking the can down the road for alot longer than one might imagine. I no longer think the economy is going to collapse, just get use to struggling for many more years to come.

      59. I’m just waiting for people to start charging up their credit cards with no intention of paying it back becase the world is expected to end this year!

      60. Hey, millenniumfly, not the worst idea. Charge ’em up, buy tangibles, leave no paper trails and own nothing that is registered.

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