Canadian Ted Cruz: Does He Have The Documents To Prove He Is A U.S. Citizen And Eligible To Be President?

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Headline News | 141 comments

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    For years a large majority of the Republican Party was vehement about Barrack Obama’s ineligibility for the highest office in the nation. The Constitution explicitly states that to qualify for the Presidency a candidate must be a “natural born citizen.”

    According to the Obama administration, because Obama’s mother was a U.S. citizen and because he was reportedly born in Hawaii, he has the necessary qualifications to be President. But many, dubbed “birthers” by Obama supporters, still believe he was born in Kenya. If true, the argument goes, he would not be qualified to hold the Executive office because regardless of his mother’s citizenship, he was not born on U.S. soil. The latter is a legitimate argument and one that appears to be supported by the Constitution, though no court has ever clearly defined the meaning of a “natural born citizen.”

    Republican Presidential candidate Ted Cruz has a similar problem as he was born in Canada. Unlike Senator John McCain, who was born on a U.S. military base in the Panama Canal Zone in 1936, Cruz was born in Canadian and on Canadian land.

    Cruz argues that because his mother is a U.S. citizen, and because he had dual nationality and renounced his Canadian citizenship after he turned 18, he qualifies as a natural born citizen.

    But according to a report from Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker, Canadian law in 1970 when Cruz was born makes it clear that no such dual nationality existed at the time, making it impossible for Cruz to have been a Canadian citizen AND a U.S. citizen at the same time:

    There’s a clean question on the table regarding dual citizenship for persons born in Canada prior to 1977 (when they changed their law to officially recognize dual nationality.)

    Prior to that date, with few exceptions, you could not hold dual nationality with Canada.  In other words the very act of “renouncing” Canadian Citizenshipmeans that Cruz never held US citizenship at birth because his parents had to declare his nationality at the time he was born.

    There may be exceptions that were available at the time but the law now is immaterial.

    The only material fact is what the law was then, in 1970, in Canada when Cruz was born.

    If his parents declared US for him then he had nothing to renounce and he has a document called a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

    This is the legal equivalent of a US Birth Certificate and Cruz either has one from the time of his birth or he does not.  If he does not then he is not a US Citizen as he was never naturalized by his own admission and at birth the nation in which he was born did not recognize dual nationality.

    Where is that document Cruz?  Your mother’s birth certificate is immaterial.  What matters is whether you were declared a Canadian or US Citizen at birth and what documentation you have to prove it.

    You see, in 1970 there was no “and” option.

    Cruz either has that Consular Report of Birth Abroad, which is his legal proof of US Citizenship just as my Birth Certificate is mine, or he doesn’t and he’s not a citizen at all as his parents declared his citizenship as Canadian and the land he were born in prohibited dual nationality at the time.

    If he doesn’t have that document, of course, there’s a little problem with the office Senator Cruz holds now, say much less his running for President.

    Incidentally, Senator John McCain himself, who was unanimously declared a “natural born citizen” by the Senate ahead of his Presidential run, questions Cruz’s eligibility:

    McCain, who has long clashed with Cruz in the Senate, said on KFYI Wednesday that “it’s worth looking into” whether Cruz is a natural born citizen, a requirement to be president.

    When asked how Cruz could run for president if he was born in Canada, McCain answered, “I do not know the answer to that.”

    Donald Trump and others have made the argument that should Cruz win the Republican Primary there is absolutely no doubt that Ted Cruz’s eligibility will come into play and be brought to the forefront by Clinton or Sanders.

    Cruz believes the law is on his side, but Denninger’s report makes it clear that Ted Cruz could not possibly have been a U.S. citizen at the same time as he was a Canadian citizen. That is a matter of record.

    The fact is that all of the hoopla over Obama’s birth certificate becomes moot, because in this respect his eligibility is significantly more credible than that of Ted Cruz. At the very least, if Barrack Obama was born in Kenya, his mother’s citizenship, according to Ted Cruz, qualifies him to be President.

    It is the opinion of this author that the framers of the Constitution intended a “natural born citizen” to be an individual born on U.S. soil (including U.S. military bases abroad or U.S. territories). The citizenship of the individual’s parents at his or her birth should be irrelevant.

    Under these consideration, if Obama was born in Hawaii as is claimed, then he is distinctly qualified for the Presidency of the United States.

    If he was born in Kenya, just as Ted Cruz was born in Canada, his status as a natural born citizen is non-existent, and thus neither would be Constitutionally qualified to be President.

    Whatever the case, should Ted Cruz win the Republican primary, you better believe his eligibility status will come into question by “birthers” in the Democrat Party.

    The responsible thing for Ted Cruz to do right now is to admit this will become a question in coming months and to take himself to court or before Congress to determine, unequivocally, whether or not he is eligible to be President of the United States, or for that matter, whether or not he is eligible to be a United States Senator.



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      1. He and rest of jackasses are the citizens of “Goldman Sachs”. Such takes priority over the US citizenship.

        • Hell if a half breed total non-citizen, gay as shit, muslim garbage can become president, anyone can I guess.

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          • Yo Ted?? Call obama. He can get you fake papers!





          • Let me take a guess on your psychiatric diagnosis; Bipolar 1 disorder with psychotic features, Borderline personality disorder or at least something in cluster B. Close?

            • Caucasian, acid is FUBAR [Fucked Up Beyond All Repair].

              • And I bet he has Italian and Jewish ancestry.

              • I replied to you, but the system kicked it out, so I’ll say it a different way.

                I bet he has Ital___ and J__ish ancestry.

            • Diagnose whatever you want, psychiatry is bullshit. There is no clinical test for any ‘disorder’. Just somebody’s opinion.

          • I bet you have a lot more eastern European, Asian, and north African ancestry than you imagine. Give me info on all four of your grandparents or all 8 of your great-grandparents (if you had that many), and I will trace them and show you where you come from. I won’t even charge you.

            There are people in my county who think they have 100% British ancestry, but a lot of them have a Greek slave girl named Anna in their ancestry. A sailor bought her in Turkey and brought her back home to eastern NC. They have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of descendants in the area.

            • My family was always brutally honest: I remember my grandmother saying we were Heinz 57. Meaning a mix and the dregs and working class. She was still tough as nails and never made any exucses for bad behavior or crying poverty. That bullhsit excuse was not allowed in my family.

          • And the Colonials just spontaneously sprang up on the eastern seaboard, I’m sure. They didn’t sail in from anywhere else……. Let’s face it, the United States was founded by people that were kicked out of Europe for one reason or another. The much vaunted Europe patriarchy of which you speak were the Pilgrims (kicked out of England), French Huguenots (kicked out of several places), British prisoners (entire state of Georgia was founded as a penal colony much like Australia), etc….. So this European patriarchy you hold in such high esteem is the flotsam and effluvia of Europe – the rejects, if you will. Just a casual observation… 🙂

            • Oh go fuck off you America hater and worshiper of the devil with your 666 marking.

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              What a perfect name for a witch.

              • Philo lover of Kim Jong Un and veteran of North Korea. Are your panties in a twist because your Fat God Kimmy didn’t EMP the United States this week? Sit tight, your two gubmint checks will be in soon and you can buy more drugs and alcohol… ahem… meds. Mental discharge gets a check for life, lucky girl.

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                  Go kiss little miss 666’s snatc since you are either the same person or in the same room together.

              • Philo worshipper of God Kim Jong Un…
                Don’t be running Big Pharma BS on foxglove/digitalis. It saved many lives over millenia. Big Pharma patented digitalis for exclusive commercial sale and buries sick people in debt, when it doesn’t kill people outright with toxic levels of “active constituents” then sees if it can get herbals banned or discredited. You might consider discontinuing your toxic levels of psychotropics. Just sayin. Oops you can’t! They might discontinue your gubmint checks if you go cold turkey and get normal. Hard life, n’est-ce pas?

                • Still talking about yourself I see.

              • Alas, Philo……I knew it was too good to last. 😉

              • Philo, honey I get it. It has to be so exhausting being that disproportionately, psychotically angry all the time……poor thing.

                • Bitch you are the one that chose a poison plant and 666 as a forum name.

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                    You could kill others with your hysterical stupid remarks and when SHTF people will need to know an herbalist at the least. You, missy, are a danger to yourself and others with your jealousy and pretenses.

                    Others on this site: please ignore Philo’s hysterical pronouncements about digitalis. It is not a magic mushroom, but it is a well respected medicinal drug that could save your life one day.

                    Signed, Biologist with a major in Plant Science
                    and daughter of Naturalists

                    • You are a communist fucking troll and an enviro-wacko. Anyone can do a search and prove what I said about the toxicity of the plant commonly known as foxglove. No herbalist or organic farmer I have met would every risk giving anyone any part of a foxglove plant. It is so extremely toxic that no natural health store or vitamin store would dare to sell that bullshit. But it is approved by the FDA. Of course. Since they can profit off of selling poison to people.

                      Thanks much Redhat Becky for showing your true colors.

                      And for someone that claims to be a biologist you don’t know jack shit about growing anything. My guess is your secret garden included growing marijuana in hydroponics under very expensive grow lights. Oh and then you just show up at the nearest whole foods in Santa Fe and shop until you drop.

                      Since you are qq’ing so much I must be over the target!


            • Bill Murray was right. Our ancesters came to America because we got kicked out of every decent country on Earth.

              • Didndonuffin,
                That was the way of it. Australia got the criminals and we got the religious nuts with a leavening of criminals. Australia lucked out.
                My folks were northern European and Irish… a rough lot… but they are mine and I am keeping them.

              • Didn, I know, right? It’s a fact my ancestors were part of that thing, too. I would hazard a guess and say most of our ancestors were. It’s not a down or a spank – it’s just a fact. My point was that WASPs didn’t just spontaneously appear here. They came here avoiding something too just like all the other ethnic/social herds.

          • So white boy, got any native American blood in you? If not, please stop thinking you’re a founder of this continent. It was established before the white/Spanish/Norse/etc ever got here. There was a civilization here: but hey – you’re better, you’re smarter. Do you have a degree from a college or GRE or HS diploma? I’m a Mohawk with a math degree, you’re a pathetic boy with a high degree of just plain stupidity! I hope you respond.

            • What will shut down a indigenous rights conference faster than a speeding bullet: Kennewick Man. He was a European. Fact, Homeboy.

              When that came out, the whole damn research project was shut down in a blue blaze. Subsequent to that, a law was passed: Any human remains in the US found to be older than 1492 will automatically be “repatriated” to the Nations, ie, “indigenous” groups – science be damned.

          • UH OH Another diseased sodomite. Send him back to Syria.

        • “At Saturday’s Republican debate in New Hampshire, moderator Martha Raddatz asked Cruz how he would respond as commander in chief to the North Korean missile launch:

          “Well, I would note initially, the fact that we’re seeing the launch, and we’re seeing the launch from a nuclear North Korea, is the direct result of the failures of the first Clinton administration. The Clinton administration led the world in relaxing sanctions against North Korea. Billions of dollars flowed into North Korea in exchange for promises not to build nuclear weapons. They took those billions and built nuclear weapons.

          “And, I would note also the lead negotiator in that failed North Korea sanctions deal was a woman named Wendy Sherman who Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton promptly recruited to come back to be the lead negotiator with Iran. So, what we are seeing with North Korea is foreshadowing of where we will be with Iran.”

          Cruz said one of the first things the U.S. should do is expand its missile defense capacity: “We ought to put missile defense interceptors in South Korea. South Korea wants them.

          “One of the real risks of this launch, North Korea wants to launch a satellite, and one of the greatest risks of the satellite is they would place a nuclear device in the satellite. As it would orbit around the Earth, and as it got over the United States, they would detonate that nuclear weapon and set of what’s called an EMP, and electromagnetic pulse, which could take down the entire electrical grid on the Eastern seaboard, potentially killing millions.

          “We need to harden the grid to defend ourselves, and we need missile defense to protect ourselves against North Korea.””

          • Yep, Ted Cruz, Obama, Hillary all are citizens of Goldman Sachs. I don’t have the complete list, though. Anyone?

      2. Cruz needs to get this issue legally resolved in the Courts before he becomes the nominee (if he becomes the nominee, of course. He may not be the nominee).

        A decision against him afterwards would wreak havoc on the elections this year and it would be a toss up as to who would take his place but most likely insure a Democrat ends up winning the Presidency.

        I imagine the Court would rule that anyone having American citizenship by birth is a natural born citizen if they ruled at all.

        The Courts might just leave it up to Congress to decide by legislation since Congress is the one delegated this authority by the Constitution.

        • My granddaughter was born overseas. Both her mother and father are American citizens by birth. They had gone on a vacation when she was 61/2 months pregnant that they had planned for 2 years and were in a car accident which forced the birth. It was a menagerie of paperwork, I had to make 2 trips overseas with the correct documents, photos of their wedding, affidavits from both their employers that they had been working there for the prior few years. They wanted to know the entire life history of both of them from the time they were born to the present day including great, great grandparents and birth dates. They made a big distinction between naturalized and Natural citizens




        • This was settled on the floor of the House more than 150 years ago. SCOTUS rulings have already backed this up as well.

          During a debate (see pg. 2791) regarding a certain Dr. Houard, who had been incarcerated in Spain, the issue was raised on the floor of the House of Representatives as to whether the man was a US citizen.  Representative Bingham (of Ohio), stated on the floor:

          “As to the question of citizenship I am willing to resolve all doubts in favor of a citizen of the United States.  That Dr. Houard is a natural-born citizen of the United States there is not room for the shadow of a doubt.  He was born of naturalized parents within the jurisdiction of the United States, and by the express words of the Constitution, as amended to-day, he is declared to all the world to be a citizen of the United States by birth.” (The term “to-day”, as used by Bingham, means “to date”.  Obviously, the Constitution had not been amended on April 25, 1872.)

          Notice that Bingham declares Houard to be a “natural-born citizen” by citing two factors – born of citizen parents in the US.

          John Bingham, aka “father of the 14th Amendment”, was an abolitionist congressman from Ohio who prosecuted Lincoln’s assassins.  Ten years earlier, he stated on the House floor:

          “All from other lands, who by the terms of [congressional] laws and a compliance with their provisions become naturalized, are adopted citizens of the United States; all other persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens. Gentleman can find no exception to this statement touching natural-born citizens except what is said in the Constitution relating to Indians.” (Cong. Globe, 37th, 2nd Sess., 1639 (1862))

          Then in 1866, Bingham also stated on the House floor:

          “Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.(Cong. Globe, 39th, 1st Sess., 1291 (1866))

          No other Representative ever took issue with these words on the floor of the House.  If you read the Congressional Globe to study these debates, you will see that many of the underlying issues were hotly contested.  However, Bingham’s definition of “natural born citizen” (born of citizen parents in the US) was never challenged on the floor of the House.

          • That definition is not exclusionary, it doesn’t limit natural born status only to those two qualifications.

            It was also not a piece of legislation meaning it is not a codified law.

            • Actually, Bingham did make it exclusionary with the statement, “Gentleman can find no exception to this statement touching natural born citizens …”

              Reading is fundamental.

            • Oh, are you also stating that the Constitution is not codified law?

              • You fail to understand what codified law is.

                Codified law is legislative, judicial and administrative/regulatory law as established by the legislature, the courts and the various agencies who have been delegated such regulatory power by Congress.

                Try researching a bit.

        • Didn’t birthright citizenship come about in the 80s? I was taught that the 14th amendment simply affirmed citizenship for the children of freed slaves.

      3. The author does not know the Constitution, under this statement, our 1st 8 presidents were ineligible to be president. If either parent is a US citizen then the child is a US citizen and it does not matter where they were born.
        Ted Cruz is a US citizen and so is Obama.

        • You are incorrect on the “first 8 Presidents” comment. If you read the Constitution, it states very clearly, AT THE TIME THE CONSTITUTION IS ADOPTED

          Full Text “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

          Therefore, ALL peoples of the Colonies were actually British SUBJECTS prior to the adoption of the Federal Constitution.

          The MOMENT that the Constitution was signed and Adopted , all BRITISH SUBJECTS became CITIZENS of their Respective States and to the United States

          The question comes down to Jus Soli or Jus Sanguine….and as the author says, the responsible thing to do is get clarification (either by courts or Congress) prior to possible nomination

          Until Obama releases the REAL Long Form COLB instead of a clearly forged document, Obama has no more credibility than Ted Cruz on this issue.
          If Obama was born in Hawaii then he is jus Soli and it is non-issue, but his entire past is locked down and WHY would anyone do this unless they had something to hide?

          • It does not matter where they are born, if a parent is a citizen then so is the child.

            • Jimb…..

              You say “It does not matter where they are born, if a parent is a citizen then so is the child”

              Problem with this statement is being a “Citizen” is NOT the qualification for being the President or Vice President

              The Qualification For President or VP is to be a NATURAL BORN Citizen, amongst the other qualifications.
              Article 2 Section 1 Clause 5

              For Both houses of Congress it is to be merely a Citizen
              Article 1 Sections 2 and 3

              If this differentiation between POTUS and Members of Congress was not important to the Framers, then they wouldn’t have CLEARLY listed different qualifications for these positions in different areas of the Constitution.

              Even the 14th Amendment makes NO REFERENCE to Natural Born Citizen…it only addresses “Citizens”

              Follow this logic:
              All trees are plants, but not all plants are trees

              All Natural Born Citizens are “Citizens”, but not all Citizens are Natural Born Citizens

              John Bingham, the author of the 14th Amendment made the statement that a natural born citizen require two things;the offspring of parent(s) <> who too were US Citizens, and that the child be born jus soli….On US Soil or within US Territories

              Unfortunately the Constitution falls silent on the definition and the courts have never cleared this up

              • Archangel, a natural born citizen is one who is a US citizen at birth and did not have to go through the naturalization process and as I said, it makes no difference where they were born as long as a parent is a US citizen, that child is a natural born US citizen.

                • Except for the fact that there are former congressman, SCOTUS rulings, and historical evidence saying otherwise, you would be correct.

                • Wrong Jimb. You need a remedial Civics class.

                  If that is the case then why has the Supreme Court ruled more times on Jus Soli than on Jus Sanguine??

                  Why did Bingham say Parent(S) as in PLURAL?

                  Imagine this scenario. Let’s Use Obama as an example and change the story about Hawaii.

                  Stanley Dunham, Obama’s Mother, a US Citizen goes to Kenya for school, where she meets Barrack Hussein Obama SENIOR, gets pregnant and has Barrack Hussein Obama JUNIOR , on Kenyan Soil on August 4th 1961. (incidentally in 1961, Kenya was a British Colony and British law declared any offspring to follow the Citizenship of the FATHER)

                  Lets continue…

                  Stanley Dunham then dumps Senior, and hooks up with Lolo Soetoro and moves to Indonesia.

                  Infant Baby Barry lives his entire childhood in Indonesia, He goes to Madrassa Schools….speaks the language, lives the culture and NEVER steps foot on American Soil.

                  Finally At age 35 Barry flies to the homeland of his mother Stanley Ann Dunham, and lives in Hawaii with his mother Stanley and his grandmother.

                  Barry takes an interest in Politics, so He uses his rich grandmothers influence in Hawaii and all of her connections and Immediately enters Local Politics.

                  At this age well beyond his formidable years, Barry, aka Barrack Obama Jr knows NOTHING about our culture. He never really assimilates. After 14 years, he runs for President of the United States

                  Let that sink in….

                  So ask yourself the same question….How much allegiance does Barrack Hussein Obama have to the United States?

                  This was the entire premise of WHY the framers differentiated between a Citizen and a Natural Born Citizen in two separate sections of the US Federal Constitution

                  The Problem is that the entire issue has been convoluted, just like every other usurpation of the Constitution by those who have an agenda

                  You are DEAD WRONG

        • BULLSHIT

          IT SAYS:

          “at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution”

        • Jimb, you ignore the fact that Cruz ‘ s parents registered him as a natural born Canadian and he only decided to change that when he decided to run for President. That fish stinks.

          • They did not register him as a natural born Canadian, he was born there which just like here makes you a citizen of that country but he is also a “natural born US citizen” at the same time. His mother says she was not aware that he was classified as a Canadian citizen and neither was Mr. Cruz but when they found out, he renounced the Canadian citizenship because he felt as a Senator of the US he should only be a US citizen. But even if he kept the dual citizenship, he would still be eligible for US president because he is a natural born citizen of the USA.

            • Jimb,
              I don’t find your argument compelling. He has been a walking talking Canadian his entire life. I await the court’s determination, they will have more information.

              • Rebecca, These are facts not an argument. He was both a natural born citizen of the USA and a natural born citizen of Canada and even if he decided to keep his Canadian citizenship, he would still be eligible to be president because he is a natural born citizen of the USA because his mother is an American citizen. Again this is fact not argument.

                • Jimb, Canada did not have dual citizenship when he was born. He only applied to become American recently. I will wait for a court ruling based on all facts and which leaves out marketing statements. Ted Cruz is a Constitutional attorney, he knows it will go to court. A Texas attorney already started the legal process to have Cruz excluded.

      4. The courts have redefined this issue and too many of the uneducated population just do not care. The point of the discussion is effectively rendered moot. All I see is more trouble going forward toward an eventual foreign influenced American Czar. (I should say ANOTHER…)

      5. Forget about all the BS about where he was born, his mother is a natural born citizen which makes him a natural born citizen. End of subject we have a country to save…

        You want to look at citizenship cases let stop foreigners from downloading babies and granting citizenship with benefits.

        • Concur Patriot One. Expanding on your point, Marco Rubio is an anchor baby born to foreign parents (in the United States on a Visa) who didn’t earn US citizenship for another five years. Marco Rubio is similarly disqualified. Yes, Marco Rubio is a US citizen, but only on the basis of being an anchor baby – which is hardly the Constitutional requirement of being ‘natural born’.

          • we need to go back to the old days where we got the best and brightest as immigrants. No one should be allowed to immigrate if it cost the tax payers a single penny. As for the refugees if there is no charity to fully support all there needs without tax payer funds then we don’t take them either. The only reason we have a refugee problem is the tax payer funds that will be spent on them, If there were no tax payer funded gravy train there wouldn’t be a refugee problem!!!

        • “his mother is a natural born citizen”

          That’s just about the exact opposite of what birthers were claiming about Obama.

          • Anonymous,

            Ironic, eh? Gotta love endless emotional two-faced BS. That is why I am a Constitutionalist. Keeps the two-faced stuff down to a dull roar. Viva rule by law.

            • No Red Becky, you are a liar and you hate the US.

        • For the Record, in the absence now of Rand Paul, my second choice for a Constitutional Candidate has always been Ted Cruz, albeit he skipped the Audit the Fed vote, and has been a little soft on NSA surveillance.

          That said, I AGREE with you on the statement “we have a country to save”

          The question is…if Cruz were the nominee, and this ends in a Constitutional Crisis, the REALITY is that we could have Hillary, or even worse, Bernie Sanders as our next President. (You DO Realize that the Democrats are not held to the same standards)

          So Which would you choose?

        • His mother gave up her citizenship and became a Canadian.

      6. Omg I’m so sick of this argument. I’d rather have a POTUSA born in Canada than a Kenyan any day.

        • Armageddon,

          Constitution and rule by law isn’t for the mentally lazy; however, after 8 years of yammer about a President born of an American mother in the US state of Hawaii, and whose birth certificate was certified by the governor of Hawaii… I think we’ll survive a court case on Canadian Cruz.

          • You are the mentally lazy you two-faced bitch. Just another New World Order slut.

      7. Dude looks like a used car salesman

        • 2nd that and add that he sounds like one as well.

          • I’ll take the used car salesman over Hillary.

            • Braveheart,
              It isn’t either/or just yet. So far the choice is Trump/Sanders. Not to mention a court case has already been filed really Cruz ‘ s ineligibility. You may like the Canadian used car salesman, but at the moment he doesn’t have enough Republican support to get the nomination. Don’t forget that Republicans are only about 24 percent of voters. 20 percent of 24 percent isn’t particularly compelling. Even Trump, Clinton, Sanders are only looking at 12 percent of the total each. MSM minimizes how small the parties have become.

              • So you just show up and post backbiting fucking comments when no one is around to defend themselves. You communist fucking bitch.

      8. with who we have in there now

        to use HiLIARy’s own words

        what difference does it make? all puppets any ways

        do what ever they want to anyhow .. so lets get this party started

      9. with who we have in there now

        to use HiLIARy’s own words

        what difference does it make? all puppets any ways

        do what ever they want to anyhow .. so lets get this party started

      10. “If every German Jew and anti-Nazi had possessed a Mauser rifle, twenty rounds and the will to use it, Adolf Hitler would be a footnote to the history of the Weimar Republic.” — Aaron Zelman, 1995.

        same applies today , maybe a different rifle , and a different group , but the same sentiment and idea applies

      11. What, people are somehow more interested in this talk than the fact that we have an illegal occupier in the WH? Don’t be suckers.

        • Like that even matters at this point, hes already been there 7 years and nothing was done,,,
          Like EOS mentioned about Hitlery,
          What difference does it make?!

      12. Barack Obama J.D. Harvard Law School 1991

        Ted Cruz J.D. Harvard Law School 1995

        Anyone wonder who paid for their education ?

        • you helped, if you pay taxes. I read somewhere once that Obama applied for aid as a foreign student, never followed it up though, very powerful people must have heard the same thing though and done nothing.

      13. The constitution should always be viewed in the context of an 18th century mindset. Viewing the constitution using today’s twisted and corrupted mindset will always lead to a misinterpretation.

        Natural born means born in the US on US sovereign territory. The parents could have immigrated to the US, but they would also need to be US citizens at the time of their children(s) births in order for them to be considered natural born citizens. This reasoning would be how they would have interpreted the constitution during that time.

        Obama clearly is not a natural born citizen, and therefore every single thing he has done and signed is invalid. His so called birth in Hawaii is a complete lie at best.

        This truly is another testament to how corrupt and immoral this country has become.

      14. he’s a legal citizen, but his campaign is about to run out of steam. With him in the big chain nothing would get done, it’s either his way or the hi way.

      15. Zika virus is being used to change abortion laws in Latin America and promote abortion.

        “Nearly everywhere in Latin America, including in those countries hit hardest by Zika, women who wish to terminate their pregnancies have few legal options.

        But as U.N. health officials have projected as many as 4 million infections in the Americas this year, activists are pressing lawmakers to act as swiftly as possible to ease rigid restrictions.

        The media is distorting the facts about Zika

        Zika: biggest news service in America absolutely clueless
        “So far, there are only six confirmed cases where a baby was born with microcephaly and also had the Zika virus. SIX cases. That’s six.

        And on that basis, health agencies and governments and media outlets all over the world are going crazy with warnings about the Zika virus.

        There is absolutely no evidence that Zika is causing anything here. Zero evidence.

        To even begin to think a virus is causing a condition, you must be able to show that the virus is present in the overwhelming majority of cases.

        That test has not been passed re Zika. It has utterly failed thus far.

        With this information, the Associated Press did nothing. They didn’t press the experts. They didn’t go anywhere. They didn’t ask questions. They reported the bombshell…and then they walked away.

        There’s more. In their story, AP reaches out to a representative of the CDC. The subject is the number of microcephaly cases in the US every year. They’re doing a comparison between the US and Brazil.

        AP states:
        “The United States, with about 4 million births a year, has an estimated 2,500 cases of microcephaly a year, said Margaret Honein, a CDC epidemiologist.”

        The reader of the article shrugs and moves on. There’s only one problem. The CDC epidemiologist is dead wrong. Or the AP misprinted the number. Incompetently. Or on purpose.

        Who can say? I can’t, because although I phoned the AP yesterday and left a message about the egregious error, they haven’t gotten back to me.

        The AP error, you see, is this:
        It isn’t 2,500 cases a year. It’s 25,000. As in thousand.

        Every year in the US—and the conventional medical literature is very clear on this—there are 25,000 babies born with microcephaly.”

        “But if the AP, in its story, had published the actual number of microcephaly cases in the US every year (25,000 not 2,500), and compared it to the known number of microcephaly cases in Brazil at this point (270), people might wake up and say, “Why is Brazil the focus? Why is the situation in Brazil causing a worldwide crisis? Are the World Health Organization and the CDC crazy?”

        “Referring back to my original point about the Brazilian researchers finding only 270 confirmed cases of microcephaly, and then only six of those with the Zika virus, the World Health Organization has taken that information and spun it—and media outlets have followed suit.

        The 270 Brazilian cases of microcephaly are now coupled with the phrase: “…with evidence of an infection.”

        Let me translate that clever piece of manipulation. The implication is: all 270 cases also have the Zika virus. That’s what “infected” means.”

        • “They reported the bombshell…and then they walked away.”

          That’s exactly why Rush calls them the “drive by media.”

        • Thank you for nailing this point, KYM. 25,000 cases of microcephalic occur in the US every year.

          This is a complete fake hysteria. A complete fabrication to make people line up and get vaccinated.

      16. It doesn’t matter!!! We have all ready had a African Muslim as Prez. So it doesn’t matter!!!! If we have a Canadian Christian as Prez.

        Now who do you thing would be a better Prez. Obama or Cruz?


        • Put them both in a paper sack, add flour and shake, dump on the counter and both of ’em fuckers would look alike until you rinsed them off.

          • PO’d Patriot, LOL. Good one.

        • Sarege, thats why i believe it will be Hitlery in 16,,
          We had a movie actor, a womanizer dope smoker, a father and son, now a blackish dude, next a woman,,,,,,,
          There, we can say we done it all, well, maybe after Hitlery we can get RuePaul in there with Kaitlin Jenner under herim

        • I bet Cruz doesn’t sell the country out to the muslims either.

      17. “Grampa Munster” Cruz for Head Honcho!!! {SNORT}

        • Where’s Lily?

        • 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

      18. so if you are born in this country with both parents illegal aliens you are a natural born citizen? Who cares about Canadian law this is the USA. There has never been a definition of what natural born is. He has a claim to natural born that has been accepted over the years many ways so given that, I would say he would be natural born until the supreme court gives it their phony baloney definition. At least he is producing his case before he’s elected and the RNC will never let him get the nomination anyway.

      19. We need to be more concerned about WW3, since the muslim saudis are massing 150,000 troops on the border of Syria and Turkey, the same thing. Now Russia has gone on high alert all over Russia, prepare for a response if Nato and the US cabal attacks.. So people need to do exactly what Dr James Garrow had recomended, arm up, get more ammo, especially .223/5.56.. I know that Cruz is paid for by the cablist bankers, and the more i pay attention to the current events, like whats going on in Syria, its now enevitable. Now they are talking about the EMP, thats all we keep hearing all over the alternative news media. I have had threats in my face from a russian Spetssatz. This incident was real, it did happen, and its one of the real reasons why post on this site, because Dave Dodges and Steve Quayle warned that they have infiltrated our cities. I am not sure why they are here since Putin is attacking isis in syria, so they maybe here for something else. if they come out and threaten us, shoot us, then we will have to kill them.

        I am also posting to let local Houston Law enforcement know where the phuckers are hanging out. Go to Westheimer and Fountain View, the Cafe Euro in the Galleria is a local hangout for alot of them, they are very muscular, tall 5’10’-6′ range, all built like like a brick sh..t house. You cops need to pay more attention to people like that instead of screwing with people like us. I am sure that the governor is aware of it.. I know for a fact that Trump may not get to go in because he is going in, and he is winning in the polls, and the establishment canditate if none other that gay BUTT slammer Marco Rubio, and we will see them telling the us in the news on CNN and Fox, crap about Rubio has won this state, that, state, all other sates, and then they will show him or cruz wining Texas, which is a mathematical impossibility. The EMP strikes right in the middle of it if they are not able to forge up the polls, and they know that the people will not be voting for hitlery, and thats it’s game over, as they are on their last leg. If they screw over Trump, then i believe that revolutionary war will commense in February of 2017. That is the date that economist V, the 4 start Genreal warned about. If you havent heard the audio yet, then here is it. Listen for yourself. Something bad is about to happen.

        2016-2018.. The year that we die. Paving he way to the goal.



        • Everybody, listen to me. You MUST do this if you are to survive the coming meltdown. Whatever you do, you MUST listen to hcks! Do WHATEVER hcks says or you will die! I can’t say for sure how you will die, maybe the victim of Russian Spetsnatz, dredlox zombies, EMP, or failing to hitch a ride on Niburu with Dave Hodges when it swings on by in April but if you don’t do what hcks says you’re DOOMED. Oh sorry, I meant to say DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMED! So git on down to good ole’ Tejas right now ya’ll cause they got the GOLD! Don’t say we didn’t warn you when the ” hcks” hits the fan!

        • “Dave Dodges”

          That was a real good typo.

      20. I want to know where the hell is Oprah Winfrey.

        What does that fat ass have to say.

        • I could care less what that hoe has to say .. all that money has blinded her to reality anyways

          that and she loves who’s “in there now” so whats the point?

          all rhetorical, sling as Im sure you know, and were being sarcastic

        • Okra Whimpfree has got her jowls full of cracklins’ right now and declimbs to comment.

        • She is counting the money she made off her weight watcher stocks. She could never do it without her adoring fans. Anything a limelight hound is selling, I’m not buying. They have enough money I won’t make them richer by being a fan meal ticket.

        • She is at her home at the end of Thompson road in Keokea Maui

      21. I’m kinda done with this fake ass voting shit and their bread and circus

        so here is something to ponder
        After 15 years of fighting the War on Terror, Americans have become thoroughly acquainted with automated warfare. Drones are no longer a novelty, especially after Obama took office and started deploying them like there was no tomorrow. However, there is no reason to think that these machines are the end point of automated warfare. If anything, they are just the beginning. As technology advances, we can expect to see more robots show up in every active and supporting role the military has to offer. That of course, will include land based drones.

        wait until the warrant served at your door (lol if they still even bother anymore)is served by a robot mini tank ..the automation of war toys is a huge thing .. and its going to be beating down our doors soon

        ht tp://

        • Same here EotS. Needing to do my ‘duty’ has acquired new meaning.

          • I know some of us here have been buying our garden seeds already. For those of us east coasters as well as central folk, its time to prune fruit trees and some berry bushes before warmer weather sneaks up on us. Get’em pruned to get optimum results! If’n you need links, I’ll put up some I’ve had for a time. Cheers.

        • EOTS

          Did you see the video of the robot that runs like a dog.
          Sounds like a 2 cycle engine.
          Created By MIT. How many shotgun blasts to take that Buzzer down.


          • I have seen that Sling

            I got a good laugh out of it

            I bet you could push it over easy.. if not set it up to walk right into a punji trap , or a snare

            I’d even bet a nicely placed 30-06 would send it up in a puff of smoke

            hell that 2 stroke engine would be an easy “hone in” by the noise those make

            • I doubt you’ll need the punji or Victory Charlie Toothpicks, just the pit. A one ounce shotgun slug would reck its wheelhouse real good.

            • Cutshells FTW!

            • Dragon’s breath

      22. What was the purpose of the law? To attempt to assure that the president of the USA did not have loyalties to any other people or country other than the USA; agreed? (if you do not, please explain)

        So, lets say an illegal immigrant, or even a legal tourist or temporary visa holder (pick the nation you most despise) gave birth on US soil…with me so far? Perhaps the family goes “home” to wherever they are from and the child, after being raised as a foreigner, comes back as an adult and resides the minimum number of years…to be our president? Realize that this is the argument some of you make; this “child” would be completely eligible if “natural-born” means on the actual continent within US borders. I think I can say with absolute certainty that this is NOT what the founders intended.

        Now, a legal citizen of the USA (by birth or by naturalization but let’s say a “soil-born” +7th generation American citizen with Native American blood just for fun) has a child born, for whatever reason, outside our “borders”…with me still? The majority of their lives spent under the direct influence and teaching of the USA; a patriot of patriots…now, this child, you believe, the law meant to make ineligible while legitimizing the other?

        Our founders did not make this as difficult as we all pretend it is.
        Like it or not, the despised and evil O-bird IS a “natural born” US citizen IF at least ONE of his biological parents (his mother) was a US citizen at the time of his birth. Wherever that may have been.

        AND, like it or not, IF Cruz did NOT have a bio parent that was a US citizen at the time of his birth (but I hear that BOTH of his parents actually held US citizenship at his birth) he would not be a natural born citizen.

        My question with Cruz is that, as an ADULT, I understand he held duel citizen status which would seem to be a questionable state of a presidential hopeful, especially considering the founders REASON for these policies: NO duel loyalties that could lend to actions that support another nation at the possible harm of the USA.

        Before you even bring up the O-bird. I never said it was a “fool-proof” plan. It was what they had to work with at the time.
        You’d also have to believe that these men intentionally made a law excluding children of US citizens born on foreign soil during a time when they and their OWN offspring took SLOW ships overseas and would spend “seasons” and occasionally years abroad. Would they really have risked making their own family ineligible for such a prestigious office?

      23. I just keeping looking at my grand kids and great grand son and wondering what will be left for them. What kind of world are they going to grow up in. Scares the hell out of me.

        • buy em guns and ammo now and keep them to give at the right time .. so they wont have to jump through the hoops that will be waiting for them when they come of age

          that is if this thing dont light off while they are still young kids


          • Sorry to say AE, you just happen to be cannon fodder. Well look at this way, you’ll go farther than you’ll probably ever get.

        • I hope you are homeschooling them. Or sending them to a decent private school. Otherwise you are leaving their minds up to the far left which has infiltrated every public school in the USSA.

      24. Gold hit 1199.20 @ 1:17p.m. today which some folks seem to think that a 1200 basis point will be a start of an upward trend. I don’t hold gold, but this might be an indicator of what direction we might be goin’ in however be it fluid. It could be a short lived thing for taking profits where there ain’t no others. YMMV. Pick a card any card………

      25. Obama, perhaps, did NOT receive citizenship through his mama either, as it has been reported that the law in force at the time of HIS birth required that the American mother of a child with a foreign (Kenyan) father had to have been a citizen for five years after the age of 15(?) in order for citizenship to be passed to the child. If that is true, Big Zero isn’t a natural-born citizen, unless FM Davis was the real father. His Hawaiian certificate has been proven to be a fraudulent-doctored document. Apparently, the hospital listed didn’t even exist until several years after his birth, due to a merger of two hospitals.

      26. Quote from the article: “If his parents declared US for him then he had nothing to renounce and he has a document called a Consular Report of Birth Abroad.

        This is the legal equivalent of a US Birth Certificate and Cruz either has one from the time of his birth or he does not. If he does not then he is not a US Citizen as he was never naturalized by his own admission and at birth the nation in which he was born did not recognize dual nationality.

        Where is that document Cruz? Your mother’s birth certificate is immaterial. What matters is whether you were declared a Canadian or US Citizen at birth and what documentation you have to prove it.

        You see, in 1970 there was no “and” option.”

        This sounds straightforward. Either Cruz’s parents submitted a “Consular Report of Birth Abroad” or they did not. It sounds like his parents did not submit such a document or certainly Cruz would have been waving it about by now.

        The Constitution has been shredded by lawyers and their BS. Look at the Clinton’s and how Bill Clinton parsed the word “is.”

        As Mark Levin often says, we are now living in a post-constitutional America. I agree. The rule of law is two-tiered and not applied blindly nor fairly. I see civil war ahead break-up and restructuring of the USSA into regional countries. How? If there is some type of attack (multiple direct nuclear strikes or the use of an atmospheric EMP) or some type of economic collapse the US would disintegrate and implode. I think this is already happening right now but most people don’t see it or don’t want to see it.

        • If Cruz does not have a US birth certificate, he should just contact the White House. They should be able to help him contact the appropriate people to “create” a US birth certificate.

      27. In order to be a natural born citizen, not only does the candidate for President have to be born in the United States, but so does both of his parents. This is to insure that the President does not have some lingering loyalties to the British empire or to Germany or Iran or China, because his mother or father was from some foreign shithole. Neither Cruz or Rubio or TRUMP can legally be president. Trumps mother was from Scotland. And by the way President OBAMAs White aunt who lives in Windfall Indiana on highway 26 and 400 N. was in Kenya when he was born and has a copy of the original birth certificate. Common knowledge in that area.

      28. Ted Cruz is an insult to all of us true natural-born Americans. I left the USA and moved to Canada. I had my babies in the same hospital where Ted Cruz was born, and I don’t recall it ever being designated American territory for his illustrious birth or for any other event.

        His mother was possibly an American, his father was a Cuban citizen, and he was born on foreign soil. How in blazes is that “natural born”?

        He has wiped his birthplace from all his websites, so he KNOWS he is ineligible to run for President, the creep.

        • AnneMarie,

          You are right. Do you still live in Canada?

      29. Bread and Circuses. Oh, and idiots.

        Get a life people.

      30. All you people on here are ignorant FOOLS for jumping on this garbage. I prep AND know law. His mother was and is a citizen. IT DOES NOT MATTER HE WAS BORN IN CANADA. GET OVER IT! END of a freaking stupid debate. Like him or not. Stop sounding like trash. TALK ALL THE CRAP YOU WANT. HE IS ELIGEBLE. LIKE IT OR NOT. so disappointing… do some research instead of putting ignorant foolish statements about how he is not eligible. SHTF. This is a new low for you.

      31. A rhetorical question, right? Since it hasn’t mattered for the past 8 years, why would it matter now? All the personal attacks aside (more trolls around here than in a fairy tale) the ONLY place that’s important is in the Constitution, and since we’re not using that old document any more, for anything, what does it matter where Cruz was born? Seriously.

        • Tired,

          I get the exhaustion. I still believe in making the effort. Sometimes I want to quit the fight for our Constitution, then I get a good night’s sleep and fight again. Take a break if you need one.

      32. WTF? There is no legal entity that’s qualified to vet political candidates running for election? Us citizens (stupid sheep slaves) want to know backgrounds from a legal and moral point of view.

        Vetting is the process of performing a background check on someone before offering them employment, conferring an award, etc. A prospective person or project may be vetted before making a hiring decision. In addition, in intelligence gathering, assets are vetted to determine their usefulness.

        • Nick
          The RNC and DNC supposedly vet the candidates from their party. You can see how well that works. Tptb only care for obedience to their wishes, a narrow focus for their vetting process.
          Obama passed vetting from Sidley Austin Brown and Wood when they hired him back in the day. It is a pretty formal process and likely better than the others.

      33. I think this is ridiculous. The founders clearly meant a “natural born citizen” was someone who is a citizen AT BIRTH. So whether you were born in America or not isn’t a factor. It’s your status as a citizen. So someone like Arnold who BECAME a citizen is not qualified. Anyone BORN a citizen is. Hopefully the courts will weigh in on this soon so all the nutters can shut up about it.

        • Absolutely wrong.

          There is a conveniently abused and/or forgotten principle of Constitutional Law which is essentially this:

          No word, or phrase, or clause in the U.S. Constitution should be construed to mean nothing.

          Clearly, if the requirement is Natural Born Citizen, then that is a different requirement than Citizen alone.

          Both parents must be U.S. Citizens at the time of the birth of the child.

          This type of citizenship has been understood for 2500 yrs. It is also called Unity of Citizenship.

          There are two main factors in the conditions of birth: the parentage and the place of birth. If the parents are citizens of the country where the child is born – either through birth or through political process, and if the child is born in that same land then he is a natural born citizen, ie Natural Born Citizen.

          And the conditions of birth have always been understood to issue from divinity or from nature. Hence, natural born citizen, ie, Natural Born Citizen.

          The natural born citizen possesses the gold-standard of citizenship. This has been understood since classical/Greco-Roman times. Nothing will ever change that, not 50,000 watts pulsing through an array of antennae; not a lifetime dose of SOMA; not a Birthright Israel junket, or anything else.

          Neither Cruz or Obama will ever be a natural born citizen of the United States. People can jawbone this to death, but the conditions of birth are what give this status, not any legal or political maneuvering.

          And frankly, this is not too difficult to figure out. The author of this article definitely does not understand it, though.

          The Mario Apuzzo blog is probably the best source for Natural Born Citizen information on the web.

      34. Cruz and Rubio both hurt their chances. I think now you will see an upswing for Kasich. Don’t think he can upset Trump.

      35. Absolutely wrong.

        There is a conveniently abused and/or forgotten principle of Constitutional Law which is essentially this:

        No word, or phrase, or clause in the U.S. Constitution should be construed to mean nothing.

        Clearly, if the requirement is Natural Born Citizen, then that is a different requirement than Citizen alone.

        Both parents must be U.S. Citizens at the time of the birth of the child.

        This type of citizenship has been understood for 2500 yrs. It is also called Unity of Citizenship.

        There are two main factors in the conditions of birth: the parentage and the place of birth. If the parents are citizens of the country where the child is born – either through birth or through political process, and if the child is born in that same land then he is a natural born citizen, ie Natural Born Citizen.

        And the conditions of birth have always been understood to issue from divinity or from nature. Hence, natural born citizen, ie, Natural Born Citizen.

        The natural born citizen possesses the gold-standard of citizenship. This has been understood since classical/Greco-Roman times. Nothing will ever change that, not 50,000 watts pulsing through an array of antennae; not a lifetime dose of SOMA; not a Birthright Israel junket, or anything else.

        Neither Cruz or Obama will ever be a natural born citizen of the United States. People can jawbone this to death, but the conditions of birth are what give this status, not any legal or political maneuvering.

        And frankly, this is not too difficult to figure out. The author of this article definitely does not understand it, though.

        The Mario Apuzzo blog is probably the best source for Natural Born Citizen information on the web.

        • Natural,

          Great commentary. Obama had his Hawaiian birth certificate sworn and certified by the governor of Hawaii. Unless that can be PROVEN false, he is a Natural Born Citizen. I have read a lot of yap about it, but have seen no proof he is not a natural born citizen. If it existed, why wasn’t a lawsuit brought?

          Honest question, not smack. When all the talk started, I expected a suit… never happened as far as I ever heard. A suit has been brought against Cruz in the great state of Texas.

      36. Why the fuss? No one gave a damn re Obola the virus in the WH. If a Kenyan Indonesian can be present anyone can.

        • Paul…
          obola the virus? Sounds like you care a lot.

      37. Cruz is a member of Obummers Sodomite Breakfast Club. Talk About stink.

      38. Mac Slavo, your opinion is both wrong and irrelevant. It is wrong because the Founders, all familiar with and using Vattel as a reference, intended for a natural born citizen to be one whose parents (plural) were US citizens at the time of their birth. Second, place of birth, inside or outside the US, is irrelevant as they recognized people traveled even in those days. They also specifically said they did NOT want citizenship to pass to children solely based upon being born on US soil as children born here but having parents whose loyalties were not to the US should not be given US citizenship. Politicians have violated the intent on the Constitution by claiming, falsely, that simply being born in the US automatically grants US citizenship, hence the term “anchor” baby.

        Your opinion is irrelevant because it is just that, an ill informed opinion not based on fact.

        Lastly, while free speech is a right here in the USA, I question the wisdom of allowing an ill informed person such as you to publish articles here discussing such important issues as you are clearly misinformed at the least, and possibly misleading unintentionally.

      39. OK, Here’s the deal on these 6 suits as I understand it.

        Take for example, the suit Cruz faces in Illinois, specifically in Cook County Circuit Court. This suit actually started life as an administrative claim against the Illinois Board of Elections by one Lawrence Joyce. He claimed that the Board of Elections should not declare Cruz’s name to be eligible to appear on Illinois ballots because Joyce claimed that Cruz is Constitutionally INELIGIBLE to be President of the United States. Joyce’s action against the Board of Elections was denied by the Board. Joyce appealed this decision to the Cook County Circuit Court who has agreed to hear the case.

        Here’s the problem with this claim. It is a problem which is replicated in most of these cases I am familiar with. The issue is that the Illinois Board of Elections is required by law to certify the documentation submitted by candidates for public office. HOWEVER, They are a MINISTERIAL BODY ONLY. They are ONLY required to accept the applications from the candidates and verify that they are filled out completely and correctly and then issue a certification that the documents have, in fact, been filed with their Board.

        In this respect, these Boards of Elections and, as relevant in other cases, the Secretaries of State are no different than, say a County Recorder, or a Clerk of Records where you would, for example, file a property deed or a public notice. As merely MINISTERIAL INSTRUMENTALITIES, they are neither authorized nor funded by enabling state statutes to verify the ACCURACY of any information on the forms submitted, NOR are they given any funding or powers to investigate the accuracy of these documents.

        As a result, if the documents filled out by the Cruz campaign were filled out completely and the requirements for the filing itself were met, then these agencies are REQUIRED to CERTIFY the documents. NOTHING MORE!!!!!

        So, unfortunately for Lawrence Joyce, AND the REST OF AMERICA, these actions being taken against Cruz and his claims of ineligibility will cause NO IMPEDANCE to the candidate\u2019s campaign.

        We ran through this same game in the 2012 reelection campaign of Obama. Every one of these efforts was unsuccessful because these actions taken against the Secretaries of States and the State Election Boards found these agents had, in fact, met their statutory requirements and had NO valid reason to decline certification of Obama’s documents to have his name placed on these State Ballots.

      40. Ted he’s the Man! Trekker Out

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