Canadian Landlord Fined $12,000 For Walking Into Muslim Home With Shoes On: “They Are Using Their Religion To Victimize Me”

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Headline News | 75 comments

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    A free society can only sustain itself with the help of one simple rule. You can hold any religious or political belief, unless that belief imposes on the rights of others. If exercising your beliefs causes physical or financial harm to innocent people, then it’s not compatible with a free society.

    Unfortunately, countries in the Western world are increasingly abandoning that rule. In nations like Canada, it appears that people belonging to certain religions have more rights than others, and can use their religious beliefs as an excuse to bully people they don’t like.

    That’s what one landlord named John Alabi learned when he was recently hauled before Canada’s Human Rights Commission, where he was grilled for offending the sensibilities of two Muslim tenants.

    His sins? John Alabi refused to remove his shoes when showing the bedroom where the couple prayed and while he always gave them the mandated 24-hour notice before showings, he didn’t always provide the five-minute heads-up they’d requested to ensure the wife was modestly dressed and they weren’t in the midst of their five daily prayers.

    But that wasn’t the only piece of evidence that was used against him. When the couple complained that a 24 hour notice wasn’t enough, he told them “welcome to Ontario, Canada,” in reference to how Ontario’s rental laws are different from Quebec’s, where the couple originally lived. For whatever reason, the tribunal thought that was discriminatory. The couple also complained that Alabi had pounded on their room to intimidate them, which in reality was just Alabi shoveling snow. The coup de grace for Alabi’s case, was when the tenants showed the tribunal his Facebook page, which included a joke about Muslims.

    So Alabi gave them a place to live, shoveled their snow, made a joke, and walked in their house with his shoes on. Because of that, the Tribunal declared that Alabi had harassed the tenants. He was ordered to pay the couple $12,000, and was forced to take an e-learning course on “Human Rights in Rental Housing.” Unfortunately, Alabi doesn’t have enough money to pay the fine.

    He told the Sun that he has gone above and beyond to try to accommodate the Egyptian-born couple who have occupied his home’s in-law suite, which he rented to them to help pay the bills.

    “I go beyond all that. I just see everybody as human beings like me. That’s why I took them in,” he says. “We got along. And then all of a sudden I’m a racist?”

    The couple complained about numerous other issues, and even called the police on him, claiming that his shoveling of snow outside their apartment constituted harassment.

    When none of their complaints were actionable, they raised the shoe issue as a religious matter — although he’d worn his shoes inside their apartment in the past without comment.

    “I have been victimized,” Alabi said. “They are using their religion to victimize me.” To add to his woes the landlord said he doesn’t even have the financial means to pay the fine.

    “I don’t have the money. I work very hard. If they go into my bank account right now, I don’t have $12,000 there,” Alabi said.

    The great irony in this situation, is how the Human Rights Tribunal’s decision will likely impact Muslims in Canada. The tribunal supposedly exists to address claims of discrimination in Canada, but wouldn’t their ruling actually increase discrimination?

    After all, if you were a landlord in Canada, would you rent an apartment to a Muslim after reading about this story? Doing so is suddenly a very risky and expensive proposition, because any Muslim tenant could drum up fines against you for petty reasons. You’d have to discriminate if you didn’t want your bank account to be cleaned out by opportunistic people who happen to have a religious belief that is favored by the state.

    It just goes to show that leftist and social justice beliefs, which claim to be forces of equality and harmony, actually increase racial and ideological tensions when wielded by the state.


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      1. and I thought the rental laws here were Bad !!

        • Shit, now he should walk in there with an AR and take care of the muslim trash.

          • Menzo, you nailed it. No way I would’ve paid that fine. Muslims are lowlifes just like our own blacks are.

            • Don’t leave out: native Americans, Mexicans, Jews, gays, liberals, urbanites, intellectuals, union members, and red necks.

              • I used to have a land lord that was always bothering my wife, land lords are filthy scum->Get’m sand nigglets!

            • There are lowlifes of race, gender, and creed. Being scum isn’t corralled to just a couple races/religions.
              Are certain groups more prone to being worthless piece of s*** thugs? Absolutely.
              If not, then the jails wouldn’t be overflowing one specific race.

          • He may be able to reconcile if he brings over some pork rinds to communally share with the Muslim tenants.

          • Nope, he should follow the Judge home and take care of the Liberal trash. Or as DK posts here, “@ 500 yds.”

            • But since this Cannuckville, what more could you expect?

              • Welcome to Canadastan.

          • Oh, that’s funny!!

        • Unless this invasion is physically stopped, it will get much worse. Mr. Alabi will end up housing the vermin for free. Probably pay their utilities, too.

          The groundwork for what is happening with this was laid a century ago, not just in the U.S., but throughout Western Civilization. This is about breaking a civilization from within, nothing more, nothing less.

          The RINOs and Demtards are paving the way for this to come here, make no mistake about it…

          • Unfortunately, I think you are spot on.

            • and we SO RICHLY deserve what these criminals are about to do to U.S… least we get to say “I TOLD YOU SO!”.

        • Maybe he should now raise the rent to 12,000.00?

          • It is fun watching a black man have to support another tribe for once

        • I hate land lords

      2. There are plenty of places in the U.S. that have restrictive housing laws favoring tenants. The areas with rent control, for instance. I knew a guy that lived rent-free for a year in an apartment. He just fought the owners in court for months and then finally left.

      3. I am a landlord. I presently “rent” a house to Hanai family. Should I ever go to a mode of renting for income to strangers, the only acceptable tenants would be Lesbian school teachers.

        • Yes, since he is prejudiced anyhow, why would the idiot rent to one of Oboinga’s bros

        • Just be sure they don’t look like Rachel Maddow and Rosie O’Deonnell.

      4. My wife’s cousin was Boy Wonder Trudeau’s nanny. I’ll dispense with the jokes that come to mind, but suffice to say this guy is utterly feckless. He’s even worse than his vile father and nutty (literally) mother.

        If you missed this, Boy Wonder wore Muslim Ramadan socks to a gay pride parade, during his campaign visited more mosques than churches, and actually recited the Muslim prayer of conversion, the shahada. This man is either stupid, infantile, or evil. But hey, all the druggies wanted free marijuana, so he’s in.

        Extra credit
        “Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt.” —Samuel Adams (1749)

      5. that landlord is lucky these 3rd world savages didn’t slice-n-dice him and make him into julienne fries.

        • The figures just let the Feds dice him

      6. Of course they are “trying to victimize” you. That IS what Muslims do! Look up the word “dhimmi” (not related to the word applying to leftists, “dummy,” BTW) or the jizya tax. And while you leftists are at it, find out what happens in soccer stadiums in Kabul or on rooftops in Syria when radical Muslims are in charge.

        All my ignorant leftist neighbors with their pro-illegal immigrant signs in their yard will be in for a MASSIVE surprise when they become dhimmis and have to pay the jizya tax. And I’ll leave YOU, dear leftist reader, to imagine what will happen when the radical Muslims come marching in to San Francisco to implement sharia law on the radical gays, or into disgusting NYC to implement same on the feminazis.

        We are truly at a cross-roads for the West as critical – and perhaps even worse – than we were before the Battle of Tours, the Siege of Vienna (raised by heroic Poles, BTW, under Jan Sobieski), or before the Battle of Britain or the Battle of Midway. And 90% of the population is clueless

        • ok then….i’m gonna party like it’s 1940!

        • I looked it up(dhimmi and jizya)and that sounds about right. Muslims said they would use our own laws against us. They are probably already planning conversion, death, or jizya. Waiting

      7. If I’d been Alabi, I would have told those ‘human rights’ libturds to stuff their fine. No muzzies would ever bully me if they want to live.

        • when shitlib politicians and mediatards side with the muzturds, humans lose and pay fines to the bullies if you want to live.

          • I would bet the Muslims could get away with refusing to bake a wedding cake or refusing to do flowers for a gay wedding by citing their religious beliefs, where we Christians cannot. I would really like to know what makes the Muslims so special that everyone bends over backwards to accommodate them. The discrimination appears to be toward the white and Christian people. Waiting

          • Nuckinfuts, I’ll take my chances. I don’t give up anything to anyone who targets me, period. It’s the other party who had better be worrying.

            • mr. Brave, point is what do we do, refuse to pay fines and go to jail? or shoot them when they come to lock us up? run from the feds and go on the lam? can you rustle up enough likeminded bros to resist the “law”? would you start the revolution? will there be enough good citizens to carry it out or will the the slaves go bout their daily bizness as usual. just trying to picture the scenario…

        • Big talk… but that’s all it is. You wouldn’t throw away your entire life just for revenge on scum that’s not even worth your time. (unless of course, they already destroyed it.)

        • Can he legally evict these scum? Or is he prevented from doing even that?

      8. I know a man who bought a house before selling his original home. He then owned two houses, so instead of selling the old home, he rented it out. This man is white, and this was more than fifty years ago.

        The new tenants were a black working class family. Being new to the rental game, and having only had positive interactions with black people; this white man got educated real quick. The renters did a little remodeling.

        They pulled out one of the toilets and tore down the wall separating the kitchen and living room. They put a big hole into the floor on top, which opened up a hole in the ceiling below. This was to make a stairway but no such stairway was ever built.

        All this mess was done without permission.

        __ I am not convinced that such stupidity and gall is limited to any race or religious affiliate. I’ve known white men who butchered their homes, starting projects and never finishing. But, they did it to their own properties. And at least one was high on something or other.

        __ It is a pity what happened to this guy in Canada. But let that be a lesson to all you tolerant people. When you invite someone into your castle, he might have different ideas.

        People from non-European backgrounds are very very different than people of European descent.

        When will Europeans wake up from their delusions about mankind. Men fight one another for dominance. It has always been that way.

        If you tolerate foreign migration, you will be forced to kill these people some day no matter how accommodating you are to them. They will repay your kindness with a stab in the balls.

        So, leave them to go; and kill anyone who tries to invade your land. Kill anyone who helps others to invade your land.


        • Native Americans should have been told these profound truths a few hundred years ago. Look at what is left of them now.

        • My brother owned a rental in Modesto in the 70s. Same type of thing. He rented it to a Mexican (maybe Central America) couple with one kid.

          He goes by there a month later and 15 people are living in the house. The couple claimed they were relatives and refused to ask anyone to leave.

          My brother told them he was calling ICE, INS or whatever the border patrol was back then. They were gone in an hour.

          The wall between the living room and main bed room had a hole big enough to step through. The carpet was trashed. They poured some used motor oil on it. There was a lot of damage.

          My brother is a good handy man and saw it as an opportunity to replace the carpets with linoleum and repaint the interior – after he put up some new drywall.

          One thing that grossed him out was that they didn’t put used toilette paper in the toilette to flush. They put it in a trash can. It has something to do with some sewer systems south of the border can’t handle paper so they put it in a trash can. Wonderful.

          • Well….i live in the country and i have a septic tank and i don’t put toilet paper in the toilet either, and neither did my old aunt when she lived in the country. I see nothing wrong with putting the paper in a trash can by the toilet and then just using two trash bags instead of one.

      9. B from CA, you nailed it with that post. The day is coming when these foreigners will make their move. But we have billions of bullets waiting for that. Bullets NEVER discriminate.

        • :yawn:

          Wake me the fuk up when you start shootin mmmmmk buckethead?

        • oh boy here we go again having to listen to brainfart 1776 and his tough talk
          do you ever do anything but brag what a rough tough a hole you are ??.
          have you ever kept your yapping flaps shut and just NOT tried to impress the man in the mirror what a real he man you are ??.

          every topic all i see and read is what a bad ass you are and how you will never bend for any one and yet your still just an all talk spazz.

          one of these days i want to pick up a news paper and find your picture and real ID splashed all over the front page and how you actually did something about the problems except just BS talk.

          i have seen your type before over weight by 60 or better lbs
          chain smoking loud mouth red neck a hole that cant keep your trap shut
          i bet your neighbors really cant stand you and breath a sigh of relief when you go and sponge off your cousin and live in his shed by the hole in the ground you call a BOL. as i said i have seen your kind before and given what a loud mouth you have and your all talk no action its no surprise that you got robbed.

          loud mouths like you stand out in a crowd and most likely they followed you home and just waited till you left and helped themselves to your toys

          you are such a redneck loser that you have to live off the stupidity of family to actually have a shot at surviving a shtf situation . too bad they cant see past your BS and tell you too go to hell

          one thing i can guarantee is that you are being watched by local PD and one day YOU WILL Pay a high price for your BS talking.

          your not even smart enough to have your own opinion or views all i see from you is cut and paste words or the usual way you are of fallowing after the other lemmings on this web site.

          you sure joined the every one hate the jews theme on here fast enough. whats the matter brain fart too hard to have a unique point of view ??
          or do you just get off from all the fear and doom porn ??

          so whats it going to be brain fart ??? another round of threats ? more yapping about your ” ventilation team” ?
          more of your loud mouth bragging BS ?

          and before you call me a troll remember i was here before you showed your face

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • SSU, wtf is your beef with me? I used to enjoy your posts and agreed with you on a lot of things. One day all of a sudden you turn against me. So, wtf is your problem? Don’t like what I’m saying? TOUGH SHIT!

      10. PLEASE FOLKS! help people see through the FOG of war. The REAL TPTB have for the first time been EXPOSED to the masses ever since the sloppy 9/11 ‘attacks’. their names can not be spoken.

        They have executed chaos/self-destruct on our civilization. They have used muslims as a redirect of our efforts in fighting them. Now instead, we are focused on muslims and not who “did it” in bringing them everywhere.

        Remember who the REAL ENEMY is!

        • Mooselimbs torture Christians, murder women and children, and have sex with camels and chickens. I am sure they would be great neighbors.

      11. It’s going to get increasingly hard to identify Canada as a free nation, just as it is in many European nations.

        This evil bureaucrats are only fanning the fuel of retribution, as the people of Canada tire of getting brutally oppressed in what was once their own land. Special privileges offered to those who have no interest in the interests of the native population, will eventually experience retribution from the build-up of resentment that turns into hatred, because of the government attempting to force these vastly different cultures upon the populace. Add to that their publicly positioning themselves as superior to the native culture, while expected them to assimilate to them, rather than the opposite.

        It probably won’t be too long before Canada goes up in flames like many parts of Europe have. The question will many Canadians remember who they are, or will they capitulate without much more than a whimper to this growing threat.

        Canadians, to a large part, have brought this upon themselves by not allowing free speech, which of course crushes dissent.

        A lot of people use it as a meme, but I think a day may come, if Canadians don’t arise against their totalitarian leaders, that we may have to build a wall on the northern border of the U.S. as well.

      12. These uncompromising , manipulative foreigners are doing our work for us. Soon, NOBODY will want them here. It should be mandatory for lefties to house a family of four muslims for at least a year.

      13. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

        Don’t worry you brain dead fukin Canadian! Just go have anal sex with your family pet!!!! After all, it IS legal in Canada…

        • Orion, what’s your problem?

        • Orion, hahaha you are right. But I love my pet more than Canadian scum and mooselimbs. When the SHTF I pitty anyone who disrespects my dog. I was in Canada about a month ago. I heard several people bitch about trump. I told them I love trump. I was staying at a nice hotel but there were a lot of convention people there, about 640 people. They were having training convention on how to get housing for refugees and low income. Taxes are crazy high there.

      14. The guy should go to a hog farm, get his shoes caked up real good in hog crap, and then go visit the tenants. Perhaps even shine his shoes on their robes or something.

        I’m glad that there aren’t any of those people around here. All we have are a few hard-working Mexicans.

        • In Murfreesboro TN there is a mosque.

          It was vandalized.

          Someone hung strips of bacon on all the outside door handles, as well as spray painted some profane remarks about allah.

          Not that I approve of such carry on.

          Just thought I’d mention it.

          • I read about that. Maybe they will get the hint and leave. Islam Is diametrically opposed to Western civilization, period. We need to be sending those who have come here, home.

        • Ya know, now that i think about it i would choose a mexican over a muslim in a NY minute! And yrs ago we thought we had it bad with mexicans, but now we see the real evil is the muslims.

      15. If you don’t have it in writing you don’t have anything.

        Sorry to hear about this guy being screwed. I ordered four books this week on aspects of Islam. Heads up, Matt Bracken’s latest book is available on 7/16! You can preorder now via Amazon.

        Islam is trouble. These assholes have three rules: submit, pay the jizya tax, or die. I don’t like their rules.

      16. some group said painting of jesus on a cross near an Islamic center was a hate crime.

        “Painting of Jesus on cross being investigated as hate crime”

        If that is a hate crime, I have now committed hate crimes in 20 of 50 states as I have personally put up signs proselytizing for Christ in 20 states, and counting,..

      17. Come on Canada. Your politicians brought these fools into your country. A little knowledge of history goes a long way. What do you think happened on the Iberian peninsula for hundreds of years? Read about the great Polish hero, Jan Sobieski. Islam is a political ideology that doesn’t include Christians, homosexuals, equal rights for women, or tolerance for ideologies different from their traditions. TAKIYAH is a term meaning “it is OK to lie to infidels.” Infidel is a demeaning term for those of us that do not embrace Islam. These are not people that want to assimilate to the values of Western Civilization.

      18. Not a surprise. I live here. The lefties are in control. Sigh.

      19. This whole thing makes my blood boil. What the hell every happened to property rights? I know, I know I’m preaching to the choir. But WTF!!?

        My grandmother, may she rest in peace, was born here to parents that immigrated from Switzerland. She worked as a school teacher before she met and married my grandfather. She saved her money and managed to buy 13 single family homes that she rented. The rent on the homes helped get them through the depression.

        Once she went to heaven my uncle managed the homes. By this time all the govt bs had started. He would meet prospective renters at their cars when they pulled up to to the properties and determine then and there whether he wished to rent to them. I.E. what kind of shape was the car in; well kept up or a piece of shit full of fast food rappers, trash, etc.

        Once some members of our African American Community arrived in the typical P.O.S. ghetto beater. He showed them the house but told them that another prospective renter had made a deposit and he was waiting for the background check to go through and that he would let them know if the house was available if that didn’t go through. That wasn’t the case of course but he did in fact rent it the next day to a respectable family who he told, ‘If anyone asks, you rented this yesterday’. Sure enough the county sent some asshole section 8 c*nt by to investigate. The renters told my uncle, ‘Yep, just as you suspect, they came by to check on you’.

        Your property is not yours, your children are not yours. You’re slaves, don’t you know? Now bend over and take if you know what’s good for your… Or…


      20. Slap?

        • Yeah, had to come up with a nomme d’ guerre for online posting, just pulled ‘Slap Happy’ out of the memory banks. Can’t remember where I first heard it but it works for me.

      21. Canada has become a massive mindf#ck. They are playing both sides: encouraging the worst deprevaties (beastality, weird sexualties etc.) at the same time encouraging the most backward faiths and belief systems (gay hating, women hating, etc.).

        Why do this? Because it gives the government the ability to play people from all angles. More and more, radical Muslims are doing the border security, running the immigration system, while hiring practices favor transsexuals, and favored groups. It creates a society that is akin to a Mexican stand-off, with the whites watched over by the Muslims; the gays kept in check by the radical Muslims, the blacks kept in check by the Chinese and the Indians, the English by the French and the natives etc.

      22. When America buys more from a country than it sells to it, you have a trade imbalance. That country can then take that money and use it to change American to be the way it wants. Permanent lobbies to work to change Congressional votes. Gifts to Universities to change what is taught. More mosques and teaching Islam. Private gifts to judges. Why invade militarily? It takes more time but you can use the money from a favorable balance of trade to change America to how you like it.

      23. I would walk in there once a month on a property inspection with bacon shoelaces after wiping the bottoms of my shoes clean on a pack of raw bacon. Hahaha!

      24. Now he has an excuse to evict them. Sorry folks, needs to pay you your $12,000 fine. House needs to be sold.

        • Good idea….selling the house cuz needs the money to pay the fine. F the muslems now!

      25. Sharia law is recognized in Chicago? Muslim Pakistani woman released from jail. She had been there after she had murdered her newborn baby by throwing it out the eighth floor window of the building. She said she killed the baby because she wasn’t married and she didn’t want her parents to know she had been pregnant. The States Attorney said she let her go because she understood the women’s unique cultural situation. Sharia law.

        • That’s awful! This is not the Middle East and Sharia law has no place here!

          • Hang that *itch for what she did to that poor baby!

      26. Could it be the Canadian human rights commission made the decision “knowing” this would backlash on Muslims, and ‘would’ cause increased discrimination.? Maybe they know this guy couldn’t pay the $12k fine anyway. Could they be smart enough to hang these Muslims by their own petard? It’s possible…..

      27. his action having little to do with human rights, just ignorant of religious rituals. a simple apology would have been better. cause people you read this story would think why take the chance of having that happening to me!

      28. Whites in general, and Christians in particular refuse to defend their rights, and they grovel before other races, and religions: They are receiving exactly what they deserve.

      29. Man I am a Muslim and fining a landlord because he walks in with shoes is bad. Not all Muslims should be badmouthed for this.

        • What if it was against the landlord’s religion to take his shoes off except at his home? Would you have no respect for his belief? That is going too far to fine someone 12,000 dollars for not removing his shoes. I do not go barefoot even in my own home, I always wear shoes. The only time I take them off is when I go to bed, and then my shoes are right beside my bed. I would not visit your house if I have to remove my shoes, I am not of your faith. I respect your right to your religion, but please respect my rights also. Waiting

          • My floors are dusty and i hate dirty feet and i never take off my shoes either till i go to bed. Once many yrs ago i had on sandles and lived in the city. I walked on my front lawn and someone threw a broken bottle there and i cut my foot bad and needed stitches. After that i am careful what i put on my feet. In fact today i was in my yard and i found a long nail sticking up out of the ground…maybe the roofers left it there i don’t know., but i am glad i had on sneakers cuz i almost stepped on the nail.

      30. The first mistake, Canada let other religions rule Canada
        laws and constitution, any religions non-citizen of Canada must be told Canada laws and constitution rules the country,
        not any religion, whether a person is a tenth generation or new arrival to the country.
        It’s the responsibility of tenant tell a person entering their home to remove their shoes.

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