Canada’s Immigration Website Crashed As Terrified Hillary Supporters Freaked Out On Election Night

by | Nov 9, 2016 | Headline News | 50 comments

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    Scores of celebrities openly claimed that they would leave America and head for greener pastures elsewhere should Trump be elected. Last night, they weren’t alone. As results were tallied across the United States and a Donald Trump Presidency became imminent, Canadian officials report that their immigration website received so much traffic it took down the system.

    There is only one thing that could possibly be worse than a Donald Trump Presidency: realizing that your safe-space exit plan was the same plan tens of thousands of other people had and now you can’t get to the web site to start the process.

    It must have been terrifying to see this:

    canada-immigration(Screenshot courtesy Hackread)

    HackRead reports:

    Canada’s main immigration website appeared to suffer repeated outages on Tuesday night as Trump took the lead in several major states and his prospects for winning the U.S. presidency turned markedly higher.

    Some users in the United States, Canada and Asia saw an internal server error message when trying to access the website.

    For those that need to get out of Dodge – especially if you happen to be a part of the many email chains released by Wikileaks – we are happy to report that the Canadian immigration web site is now back up and running.

    You are free to begin self-deportation proceedings immediately.

    Click the image below to learn all aboot your options and get started today!


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      1. Seeeeeeee ya!

        I can’t stop laughing!

        • Not down here in OZ. we want to keep our IQ level up.
          Let Canada’s go down.

          • Do not worry!
            Mama (mother of refugees) Merkel will surely allow all of them to come to Europe. They do not even have to bring their stuff, because the german taxpayer will provide everything wished and needed….

        • OK, I am a dual US/Canadian citizen, and PLEASE! We do NOT need any more leftists in The Great White North.

          But if you DO go, please go exactly where that stick pin is, OK? Be the perfect spot where you will never be found again, that is, IF you aren’t carried off my mosquitoes the size of a small Cessna. Or better, head a little north, to Churchill. You will find out, all you BIG GREEN MONEY global warmers types, that the polar bear population has been expanding. In fact, “polar bear proxy” as it relates to global warming? ” The original claim of drowning polar bears goes back to a doctored study in the 2006 journal Polar Biology, which of course was missing any supporting evidence (leftists never worry about “facts.” This was followed up by the Dept. of Interior’s Charles Monnett’s claim that polar bears were drowning after finding some carcasses. Unfortunately this was exposed as yet another scam, and , per the government of Nunavut, polar bear populations are 66% higher than the warmers predicted (see or ). Monnett has also engaged in other misconduct in which he was threatened with removal from federal service.

          Inuit (no, DONT call them Eskimos – that is the Edmonton football team) Larry Audlaluk told Canadian Broadcasting Company in 2006 “The Inuit have always been conscious of our environment, our animals… we haven’t seen any indication the polar bear is dying off.: (See the New American, May 1, 2006, p. 43), and Sterling Burnett, Washington Times, May 15, 2006, noted that according to the PC World Wildlife Federation, there are about 22,000 polar bears in 20 distinct populations around the world, with only two bear populations – about 16.4% of the total – decreasing… and these are actually in areas where temps are decreasing (e.g., the Baffin Island region). Much of the rest of the population is stable… except two groups, about 13.6% of the number, which are growing in number – and these populations are both in the areas where there has been warmer temps, near the Bering Sea and Chukchi Sea.

          • Sorry, the above was from me. Was typing to fast….

        • Note to American leftists (I am a dual citizen) thinking of Canada:









          Besides, it gets cold. Mommy does not have a basement here. Yes, if Boy Wonder Trudeau finished the marijuana laws, you can smoke that to keep warm, but it still won’t help at -40 C in Edmonton. It snows. You will have to get off your lazy fascist left asses and shovel to get the Lexus mommy and daddy gave you to get out of the driveway. Boy Wonder Trudeau (whom my wife’s cousins was the nanny for) is so utterly incompetent, he’ll be gone in a few years, then back to a Conservative gov’t.

          Better idea: go to Cuba, Zimbabwe or Venezuela. It is warmer. They make better margaritas. They already have fully fledged socialism in place. All the things you need. Of course, before you go, we fully expect you lying, fascist hypocrite leftists to sign over anything you own, car, house if you own one, possessions, etc. TO BE RE-DISTRIBUTED TO THE MASSES.

      2. C’mon guys, be a good neighbour and deal with them yourself.

        • No, no! Please! We wouldn’t dream of it! We want to give you the pleasure of having these leftist morons in your home!

          • No, seriously, we do not need anymore libtards up here. I’m an Albertan & the NDP libtard provincial government has decimated our economy in well under a year (oil crash notwithstanding). Same thing they do in every province historically. And at the same time we have Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister selfie) “running” our country now. Son of a former Prime Minister whose only work experience is as a part time drama teacher (You can’t make this shit up).

            Keep your special snowflake lefties and SJWs. We have enough of our own, thanks.

            If you really want to send us someone send us Ron Paul. We could use a guy like him!

            • My wife’s cousin was Boy Wonder’s nanny. There’s all kinds of thing I might say about this doofus, but I won’t.

      3. “You are free to begin self-deportation proceedings immediately.” Mac, ROTFLMAO! Very good one! Although they could’ve done this any time previously. Just leave it to the left. Always whining and crying about America and especially about white people, their culture, heritage, etc. To paraphrase what Trump said about Kapernick, they need to find a country that works for them. Canada might be their best bet since it has a communist government.

      4. Does someone have a link to where I can donate to help purchase their one way tickets?

        I will even drive Babs and her stuff to the airport if she don’t mind sitting in back with my dog.

        • Well,there’s a problem right there, Red. When you get to the airport, HOW will you be able to tell which is the dog?

          Just asking.

          • Remember the old Wolfman movies. Joy Behar is the original Wolfwoman.

          • The dog is better looking…

      5. Out of the frying pan into the fire.I lived there 6 years,Married to a Canadian,very cold winters,stupid laws, speeding drivers,high taxes,and a Prime Minister nobody likes.BUT,they do have pretty girls,nice people,and Tim Hortons coffee.

      6. Because I where I’ve lived,
        I’ve had a lot of interaction with
        Canadians. They have been my school
        teachers, my fellow workers, and my friends.
        I can’t imagine any situation where
        I would want to subject them to progressive
        Americans. That is an act of war.

      7. isn’t it strange that these leftists claim trump is racist towards mexicans–but when they want to flee, they flee to another predominantly white country instead of one just as close, mexico. Don’t they think living with mexicans is just great?

        • Davide;
          Excellent point!

      8. Rellik, I’ve known a few Canadians in the past and they were good people. I know that NOT all people in Canada believe in socialism. If their government has any sense, they’ll turn our leftists away. Better yet, our libturds could go to CUBA. maybe they’ll find that country more to their liking.

      9. Hahaha – Not only that – Canada Does Not Want Them…

      10. I am reading Canada don’t want these refugee’s. Maybe they should head south. All the way to South America. Take their X Boxes with them and don’t come back.

      11. It would be wonderful if a film maker decided to do a documentary on these celebs attempting to flee the country and see every foreign destination turn them down … except of course third world banana republics and hell holes.

      12. Canadians are great people, but don’t mess with them.

        Co-worker of mine goes up to BC on a vacation each summer, he tries oot his phony hoser Canadian accent, eh?, and thinks he’s convincing the locals he’s not an American poser. I had to tell him not to do that, folks are just being polite by way of not kicking your Yank ass for the insult.

        I used to spend quite a bit of time there, even lived there for six months, and you can tell where a Canadian is from by their accent, Maritimes, Ontario, Prairies, West Coast.

        • When young, our family spent one month each summer in Canada on Big Canyon Lake.

          We lived in a large, one room log cabin. No running water. No electricity. Only a gas stove. Out house, which we couldn’t go to without a parent along because of bears. Traveled to the local grocery store by boat.

          Absolutely loved it. Best of times. Love Canada!

        • I use to work with several Alberta Canadians that moved to Fort Worth, Texas for Precision Energy Services/ Weatherford EDI. I use to travel to Edmond and work on some well logging jobs. Great, beautiful country and citizens.

      13. The Hillary “Progressive” supporters don’t need to go to a foreign country they need to just look at her foreign policy. These “Peace Lovers” support a candidate that desires to enact a No Fly Zone over Syria that according to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff would put the US in a direct military confrontation with Russia. Her “relationship” with the Financial Sector would call for criminal charges if a Republican did so.

        Her supporters had / have no idea what / who they’re really supporting.

      14. Plz head east into Ontario. Western Canada is no place for tender foot hippy assholes if you come to Alberta and are ABC or D gender you’ll be met with a harsh reality were homophobic here and will not tolerate any bullshit.stay in your closet!!!!
        If you are a sjw feminist or just a freak again it will not be pleasant ; I assure you.albertians are not as politically correct or for that matter polite.
        You can think of an Albertan as almost a polite Texan we farm raise cattle chop trees and drill oil/gas were not a handout province
        Yes were having to deal with a complete disaster of a government that won’t last long many are calling for an early provincial election. Notley will step down a pencil pusher will be put in (controlled by our PC party) till a real government is officially elected. The xl pipeline will go in (ive seen the stainless steel 43″pipe it’s all built and being stored in huge yards outside Edmonton grand prairie red deer whitecourt all places I travel to regularly shits been there for years.
        I only hope President Trump don’t spank little boy Trudeau to hard at the negotiation table.
        And a big CONGRATULATIONS folks on not just a stunning win but a majority government as well.
        I read an article someplace today “the wolves have tasted blood; they want the meal.” Love that.

        • Great post. Thanks beav.

        • Wild Rose the next Trump!

          Heck, when I lived in Alberta, there was even a WCC (Western Canada Concept) MP.

          Who in tarnation voted for the NDP… and worse, that jackass Muslim mayor in Calgary?????

      15. Threaten me with a good time. I’d love to see people leave. Fucking whiny little bitch demoncrats give it up. Cowards need thicker skin. I will be rubbing it in every demoncrats face. Fuck you die already. Canada eh

      16. We do NOT want you in Canada. But, if you must, please plan on Tuktoyaktuk or Alert. And STAY there.

        You could also try Cuba or N. Korea, where you would be happier. And please leave title to your house, car, and all other possessions with your local commissar before leaving, as this all needs to be redistributed to the th indigent… with Goldman Sucks acting as the middle man taking 90% off as a “handlers fee.” (Hey, they have to come up with the dough SOMEHOW to pay Hilary!)

      17. Not sure we need any more up & coming lefties. Besides it is cold on the prairies in the winter & we have mosquitoes the rest of the year. Some are big enough to carry a snowflake away to the swamp to share with their friends. Of course the snowflakes might not like our rednecks & may hurry back home to hide in one of your “progressive” cities. Canadians have a reputation of being polite but many of us are fairly tough & have a hard time abiding with idiotic behavior. So if you are really afraid of Mr. Trump you may be even more afraid of us Canadians.

        • The single-engine mosquitoes near the border aren’t too bad, and you can deal with the twin-engine mosquitoes around the lakes, but the four-engine boys up north of sixty are terrifying.

        • That’s right Canadagal! Sure, let them all come on up here. But let’s hope we get one of our long, cold, brutal winters & then see who still wants to stay after that.
          Whoever is left by summer can be shipped up to McMurray and we’ll let the mosquitoes deal with them!
          Sorry all you precious snowflakes, no safe spaces up here for you.

        • Ok THATS funny!

        • A vision of utter idiocy. IQs of a centipede

        • To throw their own words back at them, looks like a lot of kids are temperamentally unfit to be citizens, doesn’t it?

      18. Canada wants our progressive flotsam like we want Central Americas.

        On another note, finally got a clear shot at that big buck I saw Monday.
        Between the election and now this, this has been a really great week, and I still have two tags left and the weekend to go.

      19. Don’t go to Canada. Go to Mexico . Were you are a stupid white bitch. And get taken for everything eventually. You wanted the third world now you got it. Welcome to hell .spanish style.

      20. SO Canada’s immigration system went down but none of the third world nations immigration did? That says it all!

      21. Progressive Americans will find Canada very different to the US. For one, Canadians have been going through a process of cleansing idiotic ‘progressivism’ and social justice warrior nonsense from their politics for nigh on 20 years. Most Canadians, when you get to know them, are small c conservative in their attitudes, habits and lifestyles, and this includes most of the immigrants, who tend to be well educated and middle class. They are very pro-family, pro-work, admire aspiration and good behavior. Nancying around yelling about transsexual bathroom access doesn’t go down too well outside of Toronto.

        As for the current Liberal administration, it is gridlocked on most of its initiatives and has actually majorly angered most Canadians with the arbitrary goal of importing thousands and thousands of Muslims. How long they will be able to keep that up remains in question.

        To be happy in Canada you need to be very law-abiding, and willing to behave according to strong peer pressures. This is the country’s secret to lower crime and general civility; 90 percent of what American liberals get up to would just annoy most Canadians.

      22. Please, we don’t want your trash!

      23. We have to get a good list on who these people are who shot their mouths off about emigrating to Canada. If they show up at public events, we have to start singing the Canadian anthem “Oh Canada!”. Bive them a hint!

      24. Why do the Libtard celebs always want to inflict themselves on Canada? The lazy bums just don’t want to roll up their sleeves and help fix the problems in the US where they have enjoyed the blessings of liberty. Leave, but don’t go to Canada!

      25. I have a confession. My DIL is a liberal and would have voted for Hillary if she could have. But she is invariably drawn to homogenous, high achieving areas of the world. For example, she loved Victoria, Canada with its beautiful lawns and gardens and dearth of diversity… over 80% white, and the largest minority population is Asian… over 70% of the minority. The result= a gorgeous town with immaculate public areas… a liberal’s paradise, if you will. Note- just erase the fact from your mind that by virtue of the expense of living there, it precludes the expansion of a gimmedat population.

        So, right now- my son and his family are living in Kyoto. I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful Kyoto is… we were there for cherry blossom season last year. Everyone wears suits and behaves impeccably- she loves it. What can I say. She does not recognize the inconsistency of her own choices compared to what she is willing to foist off on what she perceives to be jonny rednecks.

        It’s like ” Well, you jonny rednecks need to be forced to accept multiculturalism because you are all a bunch of rascist rubes- ” while the population she derides so much, is actually the most tolerant, working and interacting on a daily basis with blacks, Latinos and other minorities, (for the most part with good will) of all the political “types”. Ivory tower much?

        These cry baby snowflakes who have grown up in the idealistic bubble provided for them by their hypocrite parents, have a lot to learn about the real world.

        • I know a family, the husband took them to the Netherlands for his work, it took about 6 weeks for his attitudes about ‘diversity’ to completely reverse. The muslims there did it, he now sees failure to assimilate as a completely valid reason to end migration.

      26. Hey, butterflies and snowflakes and other lefty sheeple, minions and drones, it’s time to get over it and yourselves. We won, you lost. As of day before yesterday, the official popular voter count was TRUMP, 47.6% with 306 electoral college votes; Kilary Klinton Klan (KKK), 47.3%. Go smoke some pot or snort some coke to get into your euphoric utopia place. Peace and stroke out. Woodstock, LSD, marijuana, cocaine, mush-for-brains, rose colored eye glasses, rainbows, unicorns, flower children, free love, STDs ….

      27. Shoot, who would have thoghut that it was that easy?

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