Canada Blames Their Illegal Immigration Problem On The US

by | May 3, 2018 | Headline News | 47 comments

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    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has hilariously blamed the United States for Canada’s illegal immigration of asylum seekers. The announcement that the US was to blame provoked a lot of questions for Trudeau in his country’s Parliament yesterday.

    Trudeau thinks the US is to blame because Nigerians are requesting and obtaining visitor visas to come to the United States.  Once in the US, they are promptly heading to an obscure, unofficial border crossing on the northern end of New York state. Once there, they cross into Canada illegally and request refugee status.

    More than 26,000 asylum seekers have crossed illegally into Canada from the United States to file refugee claims in the past 15 months, walking over ditches and on empty roads along the world’s longest undefended border.

    According to Hot Air, up until now, the Canadians have claimed it as a point of pride to quickly accept and resettle the new arrivals while bashing President Donald Trump for his “immigrant unfriendly” policies. But now Canada is running out of room and resources to take them all in and the Prime Minister would like the US to do a better job of screening them.

    Of course, once Trudeau announced that he was blaming the US and their visitor visas for his problems,  it provoked a lot of questions for Trudeau in his country’s Parliament yesterday. People were demanding answers as to how the situation has gotten so far out of hand and what Trudeau planned to do about it. All he seemed to have for an answer is that it’s the fault of the United States.  There’s currently no plan to solve the problem Trudeau is complaining about.

    Trudeau wants the legal authority to turn back thousands of asylum seekers crossing the border illegally. According to Reuters, Canada wants to amend a bilateral agreement to allow it to block border-crossing refugee claimants however, they say that the United States is not cooperating.

    Under the Safe Third Country Agreement or STCA, asylum seekers who arrive at a formal Canada-U.S. border crossing going in either direction are turned back and told to apply for asylum in the first country they arrived in. Now Canada wants that agreement rewritten so that it would apply to the entire border, and not just formal border crossings.

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has said it is reviewing Canada’s proposal but has not made a decision.


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      1. Dear Canada: “Just say NO!”

        • They can’t say “NO!”. They depend on this riffraff for their votes. If they throw them out they lose power and conservative might get control back. What they are doing is channeling the screams of those that have to pay for it to some other issue or source.

          When socialism goes belly up over the next 15 years, part one in the next 2 years, people will rise up. When this happens they will take their vengeance out on this riffraff. Not just in Canada but in all western civilization…

        • well there goes my idea for creating superfast rail transport from the southern tip of Texas straight to Saskatchewan to expedite the transport of the illegal immigrants Canada seems so fond of…

      2. “Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has hilariously blamed the United States for Canada’s illegal immigration of asylum seekers.”

        Now … it may be just me, but I sense a bit of hypocrisy here. Canada … much like it’s European buddies, welcome these people with open arms. Much like Amerika – these people get better treatment than the tax paying citizens of “said” countries.

        If it has become such a burden – stop funding and housing them. Put them on a boat, and ship them back home from where they came from.

        Problem fixed.

        • FTW, I couldn’t agree more. To the govt. of Canada I say, F#$% you. You wanted those foreign scum so now you have them. US had nothing to do with it.

        • The hypocrisy I really like here is how when the United States rightfully, righteously, enforces the Rule of Law and deports people who are in the United States illegally, Canada calls the U.S. all kinds of names (the usual libtard names), and welcomes these foreigners into their country with open arms.

          Perhaps the biggest hypocrisy here is how Canada, being only 1/10TH the size of the United States loves to pass itself off as a super power.

          Now Canada has a super power illegal immigration problem and is collapsing under the weight and the expense — just like the US, the UK, Sweden, Germany, France and most of the EU.

      3. All on favor, say “EH” !

      4. Build a fucking wall 800 meters high
        using your fine Chinese immigrant shitholers
        that bought up all of the high-end Canadian real estate.

      5. The Boy Prime Minister ain’t too bright, is he?

        • Jack, it looks like he’s a DICKHEAD, LOL.

          • You hit the nail right on the head ! We should be looking after our own here in Canada :$
            “No Vacancy” All politicians need to grow a pair !!

        • socialism sounds great on paper when you’re pimping for votes..

      6. Now they see the problems we have and they now have to deal with. Good luck with that.

      7. Jim, agreed. The Canadians, just like their ‘comrades’ in the EU, don’t know how to say NO.

      8. Is he crying in that pic? Maybe he finally realized he’s ….. got small hands or something. I’m going to say it though – this is what happens when women get the vote. They vote for ‘purdy’ every time. Sorry girls, just my own personal opinion and does not reflect the position or opinion taken by this website.

        • Well, not this chick. I figure out who can actually do the job they are to be voted in for. I’d vote for Zhul (the fridge monster in Ghostbusters) if that’s the party that would set this country straight again.

      9. Good ol’ Boy Wonder. Worse than his father Pierre.

        I’ll bet I know this “obscure” crossing they are referring to – wouldn’t suprise me if it is the 4 car ferry to Wolfe Island, then on to Kingston – probably runs a couple times a day. I once had an Illinois driver’s license, flew back to work in Connecticut, but had rented a car in NY, and was driving to Toronto for a family get together. I am a dual US/Canadian citizen as well. Four of the Canadian border gendarmes came out in full combat boots, and tore through every inch of my car, as I fit the exact profile of a drug dealer (99.999% of people go across the interstate bridge, so it makes sense). Of course, the only drugs I do are aspirin and the like, but they were pretty thorough.

        Here’s my question. IF this is the same crossing (I’ve gone across some other VERY obscure crossings in BC and Quebec, but this crossing took the cake for obscurity. Question: If they could marshal four guards in almost combat regalia to work over my car, they can’t stop illegal immigrants?

        Personally, I don’t believe ANYTHING Boy Wonder says.

        And oh yes, Justin: Take off those socks that say “Ramadan” when you attend gay pride parades. Or don’t you understand the irony?

      10. He is such a nice boy – not too smart but very nice

        • That muslim convert is an Eh! hole. he’s nice in the traditional sense…stupid and a traitor! I hate him and his father, no not his actual father Fidel Castro, but the cuck who raised this crying sissy. No one in my family voted for this fluffer girl and not all Canadians are insane aka. liberal minded. Unfortunately the MSM is very powerful at brainwashing 90% of the masses. The mentally ill who voted for this clown didn’t know the real truths because the CBC government funded media is there to entertain the brutes, not present the facts.

          “THE VATICAN ENQUIRER – Canada’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau, also dubbed as “Canada’s Obama”, announced he is converting from Christianity to Islam.
          In a 13 minute press conference Friday, Trudeau explained his decision in his life:

          “After meeting thousands of new Syrian refugees, listening to their stories and learning more about the Muslim faith, I have learned to love Islam and the people of Islam. Islam promotes peace, not violence and is in fact more peaceful that Christianity. I feel like this is the religion I belong with and I should identify as,” reported the

          During the press conference, Trudeau dodged questions about his wife, Sophie, and children converting. All the Prime Ministe would say on the subject is that they are very supportive of his decision, but were unavailable for comment.”

          • Holy crap! I had no idea he did this…?

            I knew he was a douchebag, but now I see he’s a SPECIAL kind of douchebag

            Hey Justinhamad al-Trudeau: ??????????

      11. Genocide is not necessarily killing people.

        Moving one genetic type into an area where it can breed with another type irradicating the indigenous genetic species is also genocide.

        The psychos want to genocide the Caucasian (white) race. Both the USA and Canada are guilty.


      12. If the Mexicans won’t pay for our border wall, maybe the Canadians might want to chip in? Eh? California is looking for a place to send 6,000 tons of human feces and used needles. They’ll probably be willing to trade for maple syrup! They’ll make you a good deal and maybe throw in some Hollywood celebrities!

      13. Well it’s like this: when people from third countries cross your border,Mr. Prime Minister,send theem back to country of origin. The U.S. should have done so and we wouldn’t have this “caravan”on our border. The minute they stepped foot in Mexico from their country,by international law,they stopped being refugees.We have neither moral nor legal obligation to let them in.

      14. One other thing,Mexico extended residency to them,they refused that. SO WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY BEING ADMITTED IN HERE FOR ???

      15. One other thing,Mexico extended residency to them,they refused that. SO WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY BEING ADMITTED IN HERE FOR ???

      16. Mr. Prime Minister,
        STFU, and go EABOD’s. Large ones.
        Uncle Sam.

      17. The Queen only allows devout Muslims into her land holdings.

      18. Maybe this queer trudeau shoud take the queerscouts of amerika and the rainbow coalition and all the cu n ts with their vajj hats and the democraticnationalfagomittee and line the border to keep canada queer instead of queer and whatever it is becoming, cant fix stupid, these people are just full freaggin retards

      19. His been so busy legalizing drugs and bring in other weird laws because of his drug habits that I am surprised he even noticed, maybe some refugee stole his pot.

      20. Canada, Diversity is your Strength. Ha,ha,ha,ha.

        • If I hear that phrase again, I am going to puke.

      21. It’s a wonder high chancellor Cuomo isn’t stopping them he needs all the votes he can get for 2018
        Let the cannooks build their own wall!!!!

      22. Canada’s lax sanctuary laws seem to have created a pipeline, from Islamist France and Europe. You are regarding these people as colorless, religionless, amoral, bipeds, with Western, diplomatic rights, and you also send them our way.

        Some of these migrants are so unbelievable, it’s an obvious act of passive aggression — shuffling human wreckage back and forth, like throwing your garbage over the fence. Noone in their right mind can see that and cover for it.

        I offer my sincerest respects to intelligent, conscientious people, on either side.

      23. To our beloved Canadian neighbors. Do a better job in selecting your politicians. If you choose socialist appeasers, don’t be surprised when you reap many illegal aliens that expect you (the taxpayers) to pay their bills. Canadians are often quick to criticize Americans, and we often deserve it, so this little note is a little “tit for tat”.

        • 39% of the voting class show up to vote, people took a back seat and are now paying for it. Only the stupid liberals here tend to spout off their big mouths and its the liberal media always showing these subhuman, Marxist, millennial’s trashing the U.S. and Trump, you have those types in the U.S. too so its not a issue of country, but of garbage ideology’s permeating all nations, it isn’t so one sided as the media portraits. The media is Marxist/globalist so they want to create a “Divide and conquer” destabilization across nations.

          There is also a large opposition of people who are conservative, pro gun, hunting, farmers…etc. and who have not bit into the globalist propaganda and they’re getting pissed off. This muslim clown we have here will only get 1 term, people will go out to vote this time and it won’t be for legal pot of gay horse hair adoration.

          There’s elections coming in June for Ontario, the liberals will be voted out. The silent majority are growing sick of the political correctness and collectiveness and finally speaking up.

          This is why Trump won, the good people were tired of the Obama liberal virus.

      24. The title is wrong. Canadians don’t want any lazy, marxist, religious zealots and entitled people here. Trudeau is a disgusting SOB and he’s the muslim convert who wanted the muslim trash here not the Canadian people. This mohammedan PM is a sociopath/psychopath, and only the mentally ill support him. islam is a great danger to the entire world.

      25. As a retired Canadian soldier, the only time I was ever ashamed of being in the Canadian army was when Jean Cretien was Prime Minister. Now, Our metrosexual, soy-boy Prime Minister today almost makes me ashamed to be Canadian. His only skill as a politician, is the ability not to answer a straight forward question.

      26. The next thing you know, the Canadians will build a border wall and expect us to pay for it! It is kind of fun to watch the countries that criticized America for being inhumane in trying to deal with the illegal alien issue. Now they are on the receiving end and the morally-better-than-you attitude is gone. Great!!!

      27. Muslims and low IQ trash have turned Europe’s cities into no-go zones and ghettos. Now it’s Canada’s turn. Check the country out in five years’ time: news stories will be about how Canadian police battled for a third night angry Muslim and black youth in Toronto’s periphery. Trudeau, in his second term, will send his condolences to all the victims of terror attacks and promise love and peace will prevail.

        Rapes will be at record levels but the first man to marry a moose will draw worldwide praise for Canada’s liberalism.

      28. Our idiot priminister is the one letting him in. We all know he’s weak he has no chance of being elected. Liberals SJW and special interest groups have hijacked our two most productive provinces onterio and Alberta. And yes we gave them thier way gave them every consideration all kinds of money new laws to protect them now after 5 years they are turning in each other the gays here are upset because no one is paying attention to thier cause the tree huggers were too busy stopping pipelines to notice the flood of illegal immigrants the immagrants are pissed off cuz thier not treated humanley the natives are pissed off cus the immagrants are getting all the news and attention.
        They are starting to eat their own it will burn itself out quickly. And if Trump isn’t elected for a second term where do you think they will all go back to after all it’s cold 8 months a year here our dollar is lower and it’s harder for them to blend in here so after we give them all kinds of legal documentation they’ll just skip right back across the border to the land of opportunity.
        Good luck

        • Canada is run by The Big Noses Behind The Curtain. The elected parliament and senate is populated by gutless, spineless geldings. They are useless. Canada’s parliamentary agenda is determined in Tel Aviv or Washington. Our media monopoly continually sells the vile concept of mass immigration. All political parties sing the same song or they will never be elected. Our major cities are hot beds of crime, welfare and violence. Social assistance programs have bankrupted all levels of government. Parts of Canada are no go zones.
          We are screwed.

      29. Two of the ugliest animals on earth must be the moose and the camel. It’s probably impossible to interbreed them but, if you could, the hybrid would be interesting to see!

        I would prefer to see them marry a moose instead of an eight-year old girl. I will never understand how anyone can think that is right!

      30. Over 24 hours in moderation ???? Wtf

      31. Trust me no one is happy about that idiot priminister. And it’s the east that takes them in. I heard and read that they are told not to come to Western Canada they wouldn’t recieve a warm welcome.and besides after Canada gives them a stack of paperwork they’ll head back to the states.
        You know; the land of opportunity lol

        • Maybe they need a comfy landing spot in Nunavut–part of a resettlement program. No gov help except a ride to the resettlement area. If they can homestead their patch of land, after a few years it can be theirs; otherwise they are sent home.

          I think Alaska has some type of homestead program as well. Same deal but in an area of the gov’s choosing. The lower 48 is full enough.

          Abandoning the property means it’s forfeited.

      32. We’ve got the Obamas, Hillary, Cuomo, Moonbeam, Pelosi, Kathy Griffin, etc and the Canadians have Trudeau. They’ve been sitting across from us along this long border and watching America melting down and going nuts. Mexico has too many problems of its own to really watch us. Not many Canadians seem to be illegally entering this country which should tell us something!

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