California’s Next Calamity: Storms Compounded By High Tides

by | Dec 19, 2018 | Headline News | 28 comments

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    The wildfires that have taken their toll on California could be just the beginning of the state’s calamities. Now, the high tides of winter are coming and if those tides are worsened by an incoming storm, they could devastate entire cities on the coasts.

    On December 10, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released a report stating there is an 80 percent chance of an El Niño event this winter. Such events are associated with wetter and more intense winter storms. However, NOAA does caution that its data are from September through November and the intensity of the El Niño will not be known for quite some time still.

    Tides are determined by the sun and moon’s gravitational pull on the oceans. This warning from NOAA comes as heavy storms bear down on California’s Pacific Northwest.   In central and northern California on Monday,  waves were as high as 30 feet, with 40- to 50-foot breaks. Coastal flooding and erosion were reported. And sn even-more-powerful storm smacked the region yesterday, prompting flood watches, high-wind alerts, and winter storm warnings across nine states.

    According to ABC News, holiday travelers along I-5, which runs north to south through Washington, Oregon, and California, can expect to be drenched with heavy rains. Although that storm has mostly passed and is headed to the Rocky Mountains, California is not out of the woods just yet. High surf warnings were issued by the National Weather Service from Point Conception, California, north of the Los Angeles  Basin, to the coast of southwestern Washington, highlighting an especially heightened threat to life and property within the surf zone, reported 

    This new storm system comes just a week after a surfer was killed by big swells at San Francisco’s Ocean Beach. The waves that killed the surfer were only 10 feet high.  Should the tides interact with a storm of that magnitude, devastation on the West Coast would be imminent.


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      1. A tornado in Port Orchard Washington in December? Is thst normal?

        • ht tps://

            • Then somebody hollered, “Hale Caesar”! and Caesar hollered back, “Why hail yes”!

              • GOD DAMMIT! Now they will move here… NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

                • Naahh… they’re just moving north, like locust. Is that prophetic? Sure is running up the price of land.

        • China-Russia-USA
          All are using weaponised weather modification.
          Everyone here should harden their homes as much as possible.
          Fireproof-Storm proof-Metal/concrete instead of wood
          Have a cellar that is stocked.

          The evil that politicians-corporations-the cabal deep state, will unleash upon humanity knows no boundries.
          They are all pure evil. Death-destruction-evil-genocide this is their plan. Satan and greed is their god.

          The top 3% are intentionally going to murder Billions.
          Robot-AI, will rule over the slaves left after the cull.
          Anyone with a brain can and should look at the material these psychopaths openly admit to.

          Look up Georgia Guide Stones, the psychos tell you that they are going to kill you. Then people act suprised?

          • Sounds like you are nlightened 2. I believe it was the 3rd little pig that made his house out of brick is the one who survived.

            • If you were enlightened you would maybe agree with the guidestones. But then human greed and irresponsibility will insure it doesn’t happen till everything is dead or dying. Even then your masters will enslave you.

        • Gestor,
          But looking at the Damage I can once again state God hates mobile homes.
          I used to keep my sailboat moored in Bremerton across the inlet from Port Orchard, so I’m somewhat familiar with the area. Port orchard is a nice little town.

        • It happens once in a while… a little twister took out the corner of a barn in the ’60’s in Forks, and one walked thru a bit of Portland about 15 years ago… tore it up some. A big blow took out the Hood Canal bridge in the 70’s. Just had power out and cell phones down for 4 days here west of Port Orchard. It feels like El Nino to me… warm wind, lots of rain. A good year for mushrooms and fish once the rivers settle down.

        • He later argued that “unregulated mass immigration has badly hurt this country’s natural landscape.”
          And, you guessed it, It’s Trump’s fault. (end sarc)

      2. Wait for the invasion of frogs, the hail and fire from the sky, and the locusts to show up now.

      3. hope springs eternal!

      4. California can just pass a law making winter storms illegal. They passed a law banning mass murder, and that seemed to be effective. 🙁

        • California will pass a Law making storms illegal.

          Then they will TAX residents a Storm Pass Sticker fee.
          Will cost 15% of your property value. You must buy it annually. A state certified inspector team will come in your home and inspect for eligibillity and compliance.

          If you have a Storm Pass Sticker on your door, the storm can not harm you. Because the politicians made it a Law that storms can not harm those that have Storm TAX Sticker.

          Those of you that don’t have a Storm Pass Sticker.
          You will be heavily Fined.
          If you don’t pay the fine. Then a warrant issued.
          SWAT team will be called on you. They will likely murder you because Police are in fear of thier lives.
          Your children taken away, put in Child Protective custody.
          Your dog arrested and taken to dog pound for gas chamber. Your property assets confiscated for auction. Because of the campaign “War on Storms”.
          Your house will be bought at auction by a politician’s real estate company. Because Only politicians will know about that auction, time and location.
          Your bank accounts will be emptied. Assets turned over to a politicians 501 3c corporation which sounds like a charity, but in actuallity is a slush fund. (The Clinton mafia taught them well.)

          So there. You have no worry about storms. There will be a Law against mean bad storms.
          Politicians will help you. They love you. It is for the children. And they are from the government and there to help you. Sleep well citizen. Politicians are there to help you.

          • The Californians would fall for it !

      5. Everyone celebrating the ruin of properties on the beachfront or mountaintop, would secretly like a mansion of their very own.

        • I gave that some thought and decided you’re probably right.

          Jealousy takes many forms, and this wishing evil on others is just another one of them.

          • Not me Beaumont, I am perfectly happy where I’m at. But then I am not greedy or want to live like a movie star. Greed and jealousy are the currency of assholes.

      6. …its the el nino lie again

      7. We forget history…..stuff will happen for eons like it has in the past.

      8. This not yet winter has been the coldest and had the most rain in a very long time here in central Florida. The TV weatherman has been calling it the El Nino effect for weeks as storms move from the Pacific US right across into Florida. Normally little rain in December and temps in the 80’s. Strange weather indeed as strong winds and rain forecast for tomorrow.

      9. California always has a tax ready to go to fix anything.

      10. Send some of that rain east to Arizona please

        • Seriously? AZ has had more rain this year than any southwest state. Looked like you were drowning lol.

      11. More intense winter storms. As in solar minimum?

        Right now, you could sell your homestead in California and relocate to Kentucky and likely be set for life on the profit after buying a similar or better Kentucky homestead.

        The link above shows the population density which is the primary consideration following the appropriateness of the land for agriculture. In both cases, such attributes makes Kentucky a bargain and as good or superior in value due to average rainfall and lack of routine drought.

        And you likely have no issues with wildfires or high tides and almost no earthquakes.

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