California Wildfires Toll: 42 Dead, $1 Billion In Damages, 8400 Structures Destroyed

by | Oct 25, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 22 comments

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    The California wildfires created one of the most devastating events in the state’s history. The newest updated numbers are giving us a glimpse into the peril caused in the Golden State.

    Thousands of people have been, and still, remain displaced by the fires in California know all too well how dire the situation has become. Now that the fires have been almost completely contained and the extent of the damage has become much more clear, there can be a more comprehensive update of those numbers.

    More than 160,000 acresor 250 square miles, have burned in Sonoma, Napa, and Solano counties, just north of San Francisco. Another 36,000 acres have burned farther north in Mendocino County. The fires are still not 100 percent contained, but firefighters are making progress. Nearly 500,000 acres have been torched in California so far this year—twice as many acres as last year. Since October, Cal Fire has battled 250 new wildfires.

    Forty-two people have died because of the fires in Northern California. This staggering number includes 23 in Sonoma County alone. All together, the Northern California fires are the deadliest in the state’s history. (The second-deadliest was the 1933 Griffith Park fire, followed by the wildfire in the Oakland hills in 1991.) And as of last week, dozens of people were still missing.

    Somewhere near 8,400 structures have been destroyed, according to Cal Fire, the state’s wildfire-fighting agency. Eight insurers reported to the California insurance commissioner that about 5,500 homes were completely destroyed, and an additional 4,000 homes were partially burned. Santa Rosa alone lost 3,000 homes to the Tubbs fire which spread at a stunningly rapid pace; a fact worsened by the Bay Area’s already dire housing crisis. Those who can afford to rebuild their homes will now face a major labor shortage and steep labor costs possibly making it no longer financially wise to rebuild in California.

    Last week, the commissioner estimated that the losses because of the fires totaled more than $1 billion, with that figure expected to continue to rise.

    At the fires’ peak, 11,000 firefighters across the state—including 3,800 inmate volunteers from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation—battled the flames. Firefighters would work anywhere from 24 to 80 straight hours, dousing active fires and chopping down trees and brush to prevent their spread. About 4,300 still remain on the frontlines to finish containment.

    At least two dozen wineries in Napa, Sonoma, and Mendocino counties have been partly or fully destroyed. While some vineyards have been able to finish out the harvest season, those most affected may take up to five years to grow back their vines. Wineries are the backbone of the region’s tourism industry; visitors spent $1.92 billion last year, and the fires will likely have an impact on the price paid for wine across the country.


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      1. ICE is saying they got an illegal in custody for the fires. He was the benefit of California’s sanctuary policy. I think I’ve said enough

        • Well, that story will never see the light of day!

        • S’side: gotcha, yet wonder if others were involved that the arrested man didn’t know by name (or his buddies used a first name and phoney last name), that had same agenda, maybe ISIS freaks joined in the action too in the land of leftist fruits and nuts, where anyone from anywhere is welcome to trash the state anyway they can.

      2. Giggle no Federal disaster relief funds.


      3. Agenda 2030 they use escape goats.
        To all the snowflakes that are going to have there temper
        Tantrum scream fest coming up I want to say thank you.
        We will get your house number and your faces and you WILL
        Be marked for fema camps for re-education.
        See how that works thought you were going to use them for
        Patriotic Americans,thanks for building them for us enjoy
        Your re-education sjws coming for YOU!!!

      4. This could have been avoided, if the Reagan EPA had not put a limit on control burns. In the 70’s I worked for the Dept of Interior and we did control burns all the time and it reduced our fires by 50%.

        • Dark: you are right on. When they stopped the controlled burns in the early 80’s is when this started.

          • Dale: agree, yet the “bad guys” if any, that set fires used this to their advantage.

      5. Sadly, the economic damage done by leftists to the state massively DWARFS what these fires have done. I was born in San Francisco… sad to see what these fascist leftists have done to the state.

      6. Californians will eventually have to leave the state… all this is due to water shortages/lack of rain.

        When the least little lightening bolt strikes a tree, it causes the whole darn area to catch on fire because everything is SO DRY– FROM LACK OF RAIN!!!

        Also, when a tree falls over and hits a power pole, (electricity pole), that will light a spark. Since the whole area is so dried out– the leaves, plants and trees, it catches fire easily and spreads quite easily and is extremely difficult to put out!!

        I read about this back in 2008! I was doing a report on Global Warming. I remember reading that people out west will eventually have to migrate further inland because of water shortages, lack of rain and lack of snow in the mountains (no water run off in the spring).


        • I lost everything to. 10 years of preparing. My advice to everyone. Bury at least half of your supplies!

      8. Web Results

        Human Extinction by 2030 – The Reality of An Ice Free Arctic

        Human Extinction by 2030 – The Reality of An Ice … Human Extinction By 2030 -Antarctica Secrets … Polar Ice Caps Melting Rapidly | Ice Free Arctic …

      9. Around 2008 when I was doing a report on climate change, I remember reading Eskimo were complaining they had to move their homes to higher ground because the ice they had been living on and hunting on was no longer solid!! They were complaining how thin the ice had gotten! they also had “drunken forests” where trees were falling over because the ice was melting!

        The arctic is warming 2-3 X faster than the rest of the planet… we don’t see all the effects of the warming… yet. By the time we do, it will be too late to do anything to stop it.

        Also, there is a 40-year time lag between when the co2 is emitted from burning fossil fuels until the effects take place. So what we are seeing today (the arctic and Antarctica melting, the 200 mph wind hurricanes, etc.) is from burning fossil fuels 40 years ago!!

        In 40 years, wonder what the people of the world (our grandchildren/children) will see…? If the Arctic is melting NOW from emissions caused 40 years ago, what in the world will kids see 40 years from now??/ (If they survive??!!)

        • Oil isn’t from fossils dude. The russians proved it years ago. You are a fossil fool if you believe that. C02 isn’t shit compared to methane. There are huge methane releases going on in the arctic. Ever heard of underwater volcanoes? Didn’t think so. Too much CO2 is a joke. Do you think this is the first time this shit has happened? I thought so. I don’t see Antarctica melting. Pole shifting, volcanoes, methane, hotter sun, a plethora of reasons the ice is melting but it isn’t because some buttlicker drives an SUV. Maybe you need to stay away from whatever BS college taught you that shit.

          • And quit reading Al Gore nonsense.

      10. The drought has been going on for so long, I am beginning to think that the low rainfall is the new normal. Terrible news for California if it is. We desperately need technology breakthroughs in desalinization to lower the costs. The fresh water crisis may exceed the energy crisis as a cause of concern.

        • Hey Brian, environmental nut jobs have gome to court to block desalination plants. Something about up setting the seals or something.I don’t feel sadness or empathy with Californians. They got exactly what they voted for

        • truthfully I do not feel sorry for California the Governor and its people brought this upon the State.I do not think that the Federal Government should put out any aide to help because not abiding by the law and the rules and all wanted the illegals brought into the State so hopefully President Trump will abide by what he said and tell Governor to pull out of his pocket for help for he sure wasn’t helping the people when he brought the illegals in or tell the snowflakes to help out they are so quick in defending.

      11. For those who crap on global warming/climate change … it equals less winter, more summer, more food for the northerners. If you live by the ocean and you’re not on high ground, tough shit. If you’re a farmer and you can’t build your furrows up high enough to keep from being flooded by heavier rains because you’re a lazy, fat pig, well eat a dick. The natural world has been taken over by man. Bio-diversity is in the toilet because Walmart and crap from China is more important but I don’t hear that from Al Gawd-I’m-Rich Gore.

      12. SHTF No power or water. Cities will burn.

        Remember this.

      13. I grew up in Santa Rosa. Devastating stuff. Many businesses gone. This once beautiful city has a lot of gang violence and as many illegals per block as L.A. now. Too bad. Hitchcock made two movies there. He thought it was the perfect example of “small town America” way back when. Very sad.

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