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California Ruler Gavin Newsome Lifts COVID Restrictions AFTER Biden’s Inaguration

Mac Slavo
January 26th, 2021
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People in California are finally figuring out how blatant the oppressive tyranny they are allowing themselves to live under has been. Now that Joe Biden has been inaugurated, master Gavin Newsome has lifted the state’s partial stay-at-home order, permitting some dining and services to resume.

Many are accusing him of playing politics.  And it isn’t so much politics as he’s just doing to the slaves what masters do: bark orders and expect obedience or be punished.

Newsom announced the decision on Monday, a day after an official in his administration sent a letter to restaurant owners revealing the plan. All counties in the state will return to a tier-based system of restrictions, with outdoor dining and indoor salons allowed to reopen in ‘purple’ tier areas.

Newsom’s decision was met with cynicism by conservatives, who accused the Democrat governor of waiting until Joe Biden’s inauguration to lift the ban, now that the economic shutdown could no longer be used to hurt former President Donald Trump. -RT

People are finally getting it.  The rulers don’t care about you.  They want only power and control. It’s nice to see people realizing it, however.

Democratic leaders in multiple states have rolled back their coronavirus restrictions in the week since Biden took office. Michigan, Illinois, and Washington, DC all eased their virus-prevention measures in recent days. The lifting of some restrictions in California, however, means life for many is still oppressively restrictive.

While hair and nail salons may now open, dining is restricted to outdoors, as are church services, according to a report by RT. Bars that serve only beverages must remain shut, and local officials have somehow given themselves the power over others to impose stricter regulations as they see fit. If you haven’t figured it out yet, government is slavery and it’s going to become much more apparent that we are living on a prison planet and have been for quite some time as 2021 rolls forward.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: January 26th, 2021

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    1. tipsy says:

      These rules are so stupid.These governors are making this shit up as they go along.”Bars that serve only beverages must remain shut” Well,that makes perfect sense.Wouldn’t be right to serve beverages in a BAR!!!

    2. Yikes!! says:

      Take comfort folks.The one saving grace we have as our rights continue to be ravaged is that we now have prez Bidet and Her Ass working on our behalf!!!😨😰😨😱

    3. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      China is not a peaceful, humanitarian, honest country. The sophmoric level of propaganda being disseminated by paid speech pro-China propagandists is total proof that the actions that China has taken against its own citizens and neighbors are nothing short of tyrannical and abusive crimes against humanity.  The Chinese propaganda game is to divert any criticism against any of China’s policies and disputes with neighboring countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunnei, Tibet, India, Vietnam, and to say, well, look at what the United States has done. It is a two wrongs make a right failed ideology. They stretch all the way back to opium wars and Gulf of Tonklin, as a diversionary tactic and delay method of being held accountable for present disputes that they are currently having with every neighbor other than Mongolia, and maybe they are having disputes with Mongolia that I am unaware of. The Chinese  are claiming property that they have no legal claim to. 

      Obviously, the United States should not go to war against China. It is best to continue to counter the propaganda emanating from China and to expose the propagandists for the sophmoric half wits or corrupt individuals that they are. The I know you are but what am I, and I’m rubber you’re glue, anything you say bounces off of me and sticks on to you arguments are laughable and ridiculous.

      Why are the nations in the BRI condemned to be under the tyranny of any country that imposes demands contrary to the will of the citizens of those sovereign nations?

      Obviously, they realize that China’s actions have been indefensible. As long as China focusses on the United States, and as long as the Biden administration and current congress focus on Trump, they do not have to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity in their eyes.

      Andrea Iravani

    4. Hmm, I won’t say I told you so, but I had a sneaking suspicion that this was going to happen. Do everything Trump was trying to do, but screw Trump over and get him out and then take credit for saving the world. Typical communist democratic move, take credit for someone else’s work. And let’s not forget all the closet democratic rinos out there

    5. Mr_Yesterday says:

      What’s most interesting is the psychological exploration of the actions and events. TDS is real, and these people demonstrate it.

      They actually do perceive the world as hostile when they’re not getting their own way. They feel honestly threatened by traditional America. It’s a myopic ivory tower sort of event. It’s not a public health issue, it’s an individual mental health crisis, which is now broadly accepted as a new normal thought pattern.

      The action reaction goes much further than some government edict. The big companies are bailing on CA at a record pace. Within CA there are local efforts to stop as much vote fraud. The consequences of these lockdowns have not been felt yet, not even close. They could completely lift everything today but that’s not going to save all the jobs, businesses, and homes of the people whom are soon to be displaced. The blue wave is coming, and will consist of millions of displaced ‘non essential’ workers. Brace for it, because it is coming, it can not be avoided or mitigated now. It’s not a coincidence that the lender and federal government are gearing up for a worldwide applicable new real estate management and disposition system. They’re finishing the final stages of that now, then they’ll let the dam release, the wholesale sell out of America continues. Be ready to take a piece of that action yourself and that is one of the most influential things you can do, preserve another American property, for future use and fair sale to Americans. You’re about to have an international corporation as your landlord if you do not.

    6. Anonymous says:

      It might be that many of those that have believed and favor Bulls#!+ Biden and the system are passive aggressive and will explode soon when they finally realize they have been played as fools. It is possible.