California Governor Blames Texas For California’s Policies That Caused The Homeless Crisis

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Headline News | 24 comments

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    California’s authoritarian governor, Gavin Newsom, blamed the state of Texas for California’s homeless crisis. Rather than put the blame directly on the policies California has instituted that stifle free enterprise and punish heavily those who produce, Newsom said it’s the fault of Texas.

    Newsom said many homeless people on the streets of San Francisco are from Texas. in an attempt to shift the blame from himself and the polices of socialists (who get rich peddling socialism to the masses as everyone else becomes impoverished.)

    Former California assemblyman turned Texas resident Chuck DeVore reacted to Newsom pushing the blame onto others. The vice president of the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Chuck DeVore, said Wednesday that Gavin Newsom is “responsible for the policies that have created California’s homeless crisis,” in the wake of the governor blaming Texas for San Francisco’s homeless crisis. “What you’re seeing here are the words of a desperate man that we should almost feel sorry for,” DeVore, who served as a California assemblyman for six years, told “Fox & Friends.”

    “Governor Gavin Newsom has been in office now for 22 straight years, starting at the San Francisco board of supervisors,” DeVore added. Homelessness has been rampant across the state of California in the past few years and merchants and homeowners have become increasingly vocal and incredibly irate at how things are going in the socialist dystopia.

    Though San Francisco has more billionaires per capita than anywhere else in the world, its homeless problem has rivaled third-world nations, according to Fox News.  So much for all that “wealth inequality” the socialists are constantly pushing down the throats of the ignorant.  Government policies are the most to blame for San Francisco’s wealth inequality.

    DeVore doubled down on this, saying that the government’s enslavement of the people of Californian is exactly why he left. He decided to leave California because of its “high cost of living [and] very burdensome regulations and taxes.”

    “There’s more freedom in places like Texas, more opportunity to do what you want to do,” he said.

    The sad truth is that socialism doesn’t work and it never has in all the times it’s been tried.  Humans are not meant to be slaves and eventually, they figure out that no one has a higher claim over their lives than they do.


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      1. Newsom has been on the crackpipe for way too long. TX has nothing to do with Cali’s stupidity. The politicians don’t care about the homeless or anyone else. The politicians can all get f#$%ed.

        • The homeless problem in America AND the income gap between the Rick & Poor is the direct result of decades of “Globalization”; that began with a bad NAFTA deal and the subsequent Most Favored Nation Status for China that led to the systematic transfer of 70,000 American Factories and tens of millions of American jobs offshore to China.

          TRUMP TARIFFS are the President’s attempt to level the playing field for American workers, families, and taxpayers, reversing the flow of wealth from China to the USA.

          I am pleased to see that China has retaliated against US, falling into TRUMP’s TRAP, justifying even harsher retaliation against China. These actions by China and the USA will hasten the restructuring of Excess Global Trade Manufacturing; either back to the USA or to other nations allied with US.

          Now China CANNOT play a waiting game hoping for a new Socialist President willing to give American wealth away in the name of ‘Peace”.

          China must concede or collapse by next year at this time. 🙂

        • I wouldn’t live in either one of those fookin states!

          • Suits me

        • Texas has enough “homeless”. They are Vagrants.
          Austin Texas has instituted same idiotic policy for homeless that has utterly DESTROYED California. Turning Austin, a once beautiful city, into one Giant, “Camp anywhere homeless camp.”
          Down town Austin was Once a cool place to party and listen to great live music. Now stoned panhandler bum vagrants are Everywhere. They are aggressive. Downtown bar district now is a good place to get mugged or beat up by Police or Vagrants. Police allow vagrants but will beat you up and charge you if just walking down sidewalk. They smell money.
          The bum Vagrants and Police are Both very dangerous to an average working person. Both will beat you up and steal your money. Both are violent/dangerous. Stay away from them.

          I would Not go downtown Austin, TROUBLE.

          Dallas Texas is overwhelmed by panhandlers on every major intersection. I have had a couple of females attempt to get into my vehicle. The panhandlers meander in traffic. Weave in and out of the traffic aimlessly. Police do nothing.

          On way to work:
          So there you are with a cup of coffee, sitting at a stop light on way to work. Stuck in traffic. Boxed in. At one stop light a female tried to get in. I always Lock the doors. Locked door annoyed female, she then hit the side glass with her fist. Next stop light. Rough looking drug addict looking dude comes up to window and just stares at me, vaccant look. Inches from glass.
          Note this is not in a “bad area” just a busy road on way to work. Next intersection traffic moved very slow. Why? Dude was standing in the road/intersection with a cup collecting money.

          So piss on you California. Texas needs to buy bus tickets and send these vagrants to the promised land of CommieFornia, communism, consumerism, Hollyweird, dopeheads, tyrannical government, they need these vagrants there in Cali.

          “Dudes, I would just like to get to work. Drive home from work. Not being bum rushed each day at most intersections.”
          “It would also be nice on weekend to go out with friends or take a beautiful lady on a date, to hear live music and have a few beers.”
          Neither one of these once benign activities are safe now in Texas.
          Austin Tx Police are bullies, thugs, violent. They make up charges to steal your money via the legal system.
          If they don’t get you, then the vagrants will. I know two people, seperate incidents, that were slugged by bums because they didn’t give them money.

          Open Borders allow Drug Cartels to poison young Americans who become dopeheads. These dopeheads often end up being bum Vagrants.
          – – -“Secure the USA Border”.

          Open USA Border is a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT.
          Drug Cartels are a NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT.
          Why isn’t anything being done?

          Only war USA should be in is at our own Borders.

        • Deplorable Renegrade, you really know how to phrase it. I agree completely. The Demonrats that run that state have no concept of CAUSE & EFFECT.

          Example: As a solution to buying a used car. 1) They dig a hole. 2) It does NOT work. 3) Their solution is to dig the hole deeper.

          • Kalifornia has been led by devilcRAT’s or squishy Lib Republicans since Governor Reagan left office. I left 2 years ago along with my 2 conservative college boys and wife to live in Nebraska…… Best move ever.! Now I buy lot’s of popcorn and enjoy the show.

            On Texas being the cause of Kalifornias homeless problem…… Not a chance, but you can blame the $hithole on going Lib. It’s only a matter of time. The insane Lib dem’s leaving kalifornia move to Texas then vote like they did while things were reasonable in their home state.

      2. I was born and raised in LA county, California. I remember a vibrant, growing state, where I, as a ten year old could ride my bike up to 30 miles to go to the beach of my choice. Most the time I went to closer “tin can” AKA Seal beach.
        My favorite movie is “Live and die in LA”
        Filmed mostly where I lived with the exception of the Mansions I could identify most all the other places.
        When Democrats from back East moved there they ruined the place.
        I permanently left the state in 1979. I voted for prop 13 and
        the reaction of the Democrat government told me the place was lost.
        I never considered Texas because I spent a summer in San Antonio.
        California’s problem and soon to be a Texas problem
        is stupid people naturally outnumber intelligent people. The asylum will be ruled by the inmates, by popular vote.

        • “R”
          Let us hope it all falls apart before that happens.

          Natures states that t the Strong and Smart will rule. If you piss with Mother Mature she will kick you in the Ass. This might make some upset. (TUFF SHIT) but this is a fact.

          When it all falls apart, because it will, because of the weight of everything put on the working class. Groups like the Commie Antifa will start a fight they won’t win, and when the shooting starts the good folks here will be ready.

          I’ve been studying Antifa’s tactics. A guy will start a fight with another guy, then retreat and have 2 or 3 females (because I’m not calling them woman) get in front of him so that the good guy want to get at the scum bag, because they are in his way. and we all know that a good guy won’t hit a girl.
          One day this will all change and they will see what I mean by the Strongest and Smartest will rule the day.


        • Rellik;

          I’ve heard a few natives of California say that the state was never the same after the “hippie movement”..

          I was born/raised in Florida and fled in 93’..I watched my native state go from being an ideal location to live and raise a family into an overcrowded state that primarily consisted of transplants from the NE,and MW,that refused to adapt to natives,but

        • Me, in Riverside County, during the transition from Oak Glen to Compton. All of the cities started as productive farmsteads, industries, or energy concerns, if you have followed the history, into late stage capitalism.

          Where there was white flight, scavengers, predators, gimps, beggars, and tares have followed. Anyone mistaken about this might have been believed, 30yrs ago.

      3. Typical Demorat can’t figure out how to fix something other than throwing money at it, So they just moved up a notch by BLAMING some one else. Smooth move (Ex-lax).

        Just look at it that this way. Good they are in Comifornia and not in your town.

        Wait till the money runs out for them. I can’t wait for the zombies to attack. I’ll get my Pop-Corn and set back and watch it all on Fox News. Might just be the best TV on TV. I believe it will have very high ratings.

        Then the next stop will be all the Cities run by the Demorats. I’ll just have to turn out the Big Dogs when they get to my area. You know they have to eat too. LOL!!!!

        • California is one party ruled, Democrat run Sheet hole. Who will democrats blame? Never themselves or their Marxist policies.

          Typical of any communist/socialist state they always blame someone else.

          ANTIFA is quite the new problem, the left has become so bold in America that they have loosed a terrorist Brownshirt organization. The media is giving them cover.

          I watch the BBC world news daily, they represent the deep state in its purest form. The BBC a foreign deep state propaganda arm often lets a lot of stuff slip, they should never have said. They have been running a daily spot vilifying imaginary white supremacists, while holding up ANTIFA as their heroes.

          It’s getting really creepy. I can’t imagine if Hillary had won. There is a conflict with the pedophiles only because Trump won and the left is correct, Trump is a very prejudice dude, but he really, really, really hates only Pedophiles. Thus the 24/7 calls he is a racist. The pedophile Child Trafficking liberal left groundhogs have seen their shadow, and have gone underground.

          Just guessing Sgt, but I’ll bet you feel like Trump does regarding this filth. America needs to see this truth. The left is incredibly evil, and are gone underground, hoping they win the next election, before Trumps DOJ takes them to the same place Epstein went.

      4. Half the value of wall street “food companies” stocks are dependent on the forever growing poopulation of the poor, stupid and the obese [usually a person is all three, rarely just one]. Illegal immigration boosts Wall Street, everything from entitlement housing/construction of no income shithole dumps, entitlement medical, entitlement education, entitlement clothing, entitlement obesity food……. just charge it all to the legal citizen working taxpayer!!!!! Stick it on the national debt. This is the reason for European immigration and the illegal invasion of the United States of America. Each illegal is worth tens of thousands to Wall Street.

        Those on entitlements are an asset to the world-wide mega conglomerates. The big 300 companies that own 90% of the corporation total assets. The more people getting free entitlement money, in which they spend it on obesity causing carbohydrates the better for their fat stockholders.

        Move the rest of the world on to the US entitlement system, and spend these debt entitlement trillions on shit food and medical care/drugs, that all adds to the bottom line of Wall Street.

        Perhaps Amazon will partner with major fast food and become the first multitrillion dollar company.

      5. Sgt. Dale, good to see you back. I’m now permanently at the BOL as of the last week of July and I feel like a whole new man. I bought a 2003 dodge Ram 4WD for $5000 the first of June. Had to spend a fortune under the hood to get it road-worthy; it’d been sitting in a garage since 2010. A one-owner with only 130000 miles on it. Owner died and his widow was going to sell it to a junkyard until I came along and offered her $5000 cash, a lot more then the salvage yard would’ve given her. Her eyes almost popped out of her head when I flashed that wad of cash in front of her, LOL! She couldn’t sell it fast enough. Had to replace all the tires since they were dry-rotted. When I got it out of the shop I gave up my job of 30+ years, loaded up the truck and went to GA I’ve already bugged out so now I’m bugging in. Still looking for land in TN?

        • YEP!!! came close twice in the last wo months. Found a couple with around 10Ac. ponds and creeks. The were around 75% wooded, just what I’m looking for. I believe we are getting closer everyday.
          I’m happy you are where you want to be. Stay safe my friend!!!

          • Sarge, thanks for that. Now I’m where I really belong. I feel like a whole new man.

      6. Liberals like Newsom are predictable. They always lie, they always double-down, and they always project. Blaming Texas for California’s problems is both lying and pure projection. The act of a desperate and delusional man who has spent his entire career denying obvious realities.

      7. That woman does not yet realize that she is the bad guy. She is the enemy of California, not the homeless drug addicts crapping, sleeping and shooting up in her door way.

        Oh, and she is WHITE, so she really is the bad guy.

      8. I liked the ancient concept of timocracy, because it only afforded you authority over so many subjects as you could feed.

        You have a city planner, telling you the exact number of people who are supposed to be occupying one household and flushing the toilets, X amount of mcmansions, y amount of living wage positions.

        If you don’t like my analysis, tell it to Malthus.

      9. The people living in San Francisco must pay over a million dollars to buy an old two or three bedroom house. Rent is astronomical. So, unless you bought fifty years ago, you have to be rich to get by.

        I’m quite sure that the people living in their cars are not just drug addicts and mental cripples. They are normal people working, sometimes two jobs, and still can’t afford to buy or rent.

        When the housing bubble bursts, some of them will have money saved in one of San Francisco’s many banks. And they will be able to purchase a property, or rent one.

        Why do they stay? Because they love their city. San Francisco is fabulous in so many ways. Lousy politics can’t destroy what mother nature has bestowed on “the city by the bay”.


      10. The homeless problem started to surface in the 1980’s. Now it’s at the door step.

      11. This is what happens when you mock God Almighty…its only gonna get worse, that is until the Light of the world comes back and utterly destroys and judges the wicked and then sets up His kingdom to rule and reign in truth and righteousness. If you don’t know Christ Jesus, you will face His judgment, now is the time to get right with God. Confess Jesus is Lord and believe He was raised from the grave three days later and be saved. Or suffer the eternal separation from God and be cast in the lake of fire burning with Sulphur and brimstone where the smoke of your torment will rise for ever and ever. Praise God Almighty, to Him be the glory forever more.

      12. Newsome, like so many Demonrats, lacks the ability & critical thinking skills to analyze the problem. Decades of Demonrat governance has led CA into the cesspool of failed political entities. Look at history and current examples within the USA that have the same problem – it’s a big surprize to those that caused the problem.

        Rest assured – the Demonrats want to bring that same type of governance to your home.

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