California Governor Jerry Brown Slams Taxpayers As “Free Loaders” For Opposing Higher Taxes

by | May 17, 2017 | Headline News | 79 comments


Millions of Californians are outraged by a recent bill that would increase the state’s gas tax by 12 cents per gallon, and increase vehicle license fees by $50 per year. All told, the plan amounts to a $52 billion tax hike. The proposal has since been passed in the state’s legislature, despite the fact that a majority of Californians opposed the bill. The tax is so controversial that state senator Josh Newman, who helped it pass, may face a recall election in the near future.

Amid this outrage, California Governor Jerry Brown defended the senator and the gas tax in a recent speech, during which he revealed how much disdain he has for middle class voters who are tired of being taxed to death.

Republicans say budget cuts should be made to fund road maintenance. A failed GOP plan proposed last year would have tapped into cap-and-trade money used to lower greenhouse gas emissions, cut Caltrans positions and eliminated other positions that have been vacant. It identifies other funding sources, but doesn’t specify what programs would be cut if that money was diverted to roads.

Brown said the plan is unrealistic.

“The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said, adding that the approved tax and fee hikes bring those charges to the level they were 30 years ago if adjusted for inflation. “They have a president that doesn’t tell the truth and they’re following suit.”

Of course, it isn’t just a few Republican senators who don’t want the tax hike. Polls have shown that more than half of Californians oppose it. I suppose they’re a bunch of freeloaders right?

And what he doesn’t say, is that California already has some of the highest taxes in the nation. Californians already give so much money to the government, and yet the state has some of the worst roads in the country. California doesn’t have a problem with people who aren’t willing to pay their fair share to keep the state’s infrastructure functional.

California has a problem with a state government that is fiscally irresponsible. It’s a known fact that the revenue generated from the current gas tax is often diverted to general funds, even though there is a law in California which states that gas taxes can only be spent on transportation.

Instead of recognizing that reality, Jerry Brown has the audacity to claim that hardworking people who don’t want their taxes increased, are a bunch of freeloaders (that is, the same people who pay his salary). He shifts the blame for California’s financial state away from himself and his political party, and onto the “freeloaders,” who he believes must be Trump supporters. Last I heard though, conservatives in general don’t just want lower taxes. They want less spending too. That’s not freeloading.

If anyone’s a freeloader, it’s the liberals like Jerry Brown who have been running California into the ground for years. They’re the ones who push for more taxes every year, before wasting that money and asking for more.

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    1. buttcrackofdoom

      how much of what someone else worked for is enough?

      • admin

        I know that’s rhetorical BCOD, because we both know the answer 🙂

        • Braveheart1776

          Mac, I understand you’re located in Cali. You definitely have my sympathy. Maybe one day you can relocate.

          • givys

            Jerry brown, Pelosi & her nephew-scum Gavin Newsome & Kamala Harris, are dog fellators

      • Gandhi

        Hahaha they always have the Feds in black uniforms to make the slaves pay. At least the romans only stabbed you.

        • Gandhi

          The trick is to make you pay the wages of the oppressors, so the oppressors are motivated to make you pay. Slaves hahaha

        • Khemp

          Almost all law enforcement wear black now. Why?

          • Gandhi

            Yes black uniforms because they attack families at night like assassins with “illegal no knock warrants” For the children ?

          • Black is cleaner

            It’s actually 2 fold

            #1 thr light colored shirts look dirty quicker. At 90 bucks a shirt…

            #2 psychological reasons. The funny colored shirts resulted in more violence, less fear by public. Cops are a tool for law enforcement not for social welfare. But for some reason cops are stuck with both roles.

          • awed bawl

            they be fashion conscious- black is beautiful

      • JustMe

        Jerry Brown defends illegal aliens, which is tantamount to aiding and abetting an invading enemy. Again, he does’nt care what you say about it, he will order the state to do it. His way of virtue-signaling, but still a form of treason.

        • Wilson

          Yes, and when I started reading the article my definition of “FREELOADERS” was the illegal aliens.

        • Gandhi

          Jerry Brown is a great man. Even better the schwarzenniger.

        • Anon1970

          Jerry Brown, what a blow hard. Hey wasn’t he having an illustrious affair with a young woman who went ‘missing’ ? Of coarse, he had nothing to do with it. There was no affair either. The guys a criminal who the elites protect. Wish George Webb would dig into the missing woman, I can’t recall her name. But every time he speaks we can just throw her name out.

          I’m so happy that we are finally leaving California after a lifetime for a state that we can feel no shame in paying taxes to.

          • Anon1970

            Maybe it was Gray Davis? Anyone recall????

            • Pontus

              Gary Condut. Levy was the young lady’s last name.

      • B from CA


        The USA was founded in retaliation to an unfair tax. Now, we have so many taxes it has become oppressive. But we do need the pot holes filled. What’s more; we need a new reservoir to replace Oroville. The Oroville Resevoir is too old to withstand the wear and tear associated with weather. Sooner or sooner, it is going to collapse putting the lives of local residents and those far away, who depend on the water, in harms way, or worse. Now, Mr. Brown, Mr. Governor Brown, what are you going to do about it ?? I’m waiting. I don’t hear you. Can you hear me now ??

        __ The whole world’s watching !!!


    2. Wojo

      Why I left CA 6 months ago!

      • Colt M4

        That’s the very reason i never moved to California with my new bride 36 years ago, even though her whole family lived there. The short time we spent with her family, i could see just how screwed up that state was even back then, and after reading this story, it sure as hell hasn’t gotten any better.

        • Gandhi

          Colt I was in the same boat, my second wife was from California. When I visited relatives I was shocked how f’ed up and anti gun they were. I asked them well if guns are bad why do cops carry them? It short circuited their brain. Hahahaha

      • NoogeWoogie

        Out and me both. I left CA for VA and my paycheck started showing an extra $400 per pay period by switching states! Screw CA. Tax you every chance they get, run a nanny state government, and still can’t find enough money to make them happy. That state is toast.

      • buttcrackofdoom

        we GOTTA get out of this place, if it’s the last thing we eeever dooo.

        • Gandhi

          I don’t trust anyone with white eyebrows. Blond is OK though.

    3. CPB

      Sounds like the sum bitch needs to be tar and feathered and then swung from a tall oak limb!!
      The balls on these crooked assed politicians is fuckin amazing. How much longer America?
      How much more are you going to take from those on the left and right, and those who are infected with the disease called liberalism?

      • Bob M.

        By definition, if they are on the right, they don’t subscribe to liberalism. I think what you meant to say was RINO (liberal Republican). Those on the constitutional right are the people, at least in my opinion, who should be in charge.

    4. Anonymous

      Brown is playing the blame game. Most individuals with questionable characters do. This guy absolutely needs to be called out for crossing a boundary or he will continue his disrespectful drivel.

    5. Jim in Va.

      Fruitcakes run California! They are broke like Illinois,New York, Puerto Rico and many of your Democratic run cities that are turning into wastelands. You and I cut our spending when things get a little tough but politicians don’t know or care how to do that. Time for Jerry Brown to go into the old folks home.

      • Braveheart1776

        Jim, time for Jerry Brown to be ‘neutralized’. same with all the other libturds.

    6. Gonzo

      Hey jerry?

    7. rellik

      I left in 1979. Been back there periodically for school or work related trips. It has really gone down hill, but that is what happens when you let Democrats run the place.
      Funny that they still have the same idiot Governor as when I left.

      • john stiner

        My family left in the late 1980s. I asked my father why and he said that California laws were so repressive it was like living in Russia.

        I went there for a visit in 2012 and was shocked to see how trashy the highways were. Trash everywhere. California was so broke they can’t pay people to pick up the trash.

        • rellik

          Actually you have more personal freedom in Russia than you do in California.

          • Enemy of the State

            that is just about anywhere but here, more and more each day

            ask yourself
            these few simple questions

            can you stand on a street corner drinking a beer,or walk through a business district, buying items while having a beer ? without worrying that the next cop that rolls by would snatch you up for open intox , or public intoxication? ( its a legally sold substance yet you cant drink in public)

            Can you ride in the back of a cab with a beer? you aint the driver , but you cant have open intox in a motor vehicle

            I have way more examples , but these can be related to by many

            I have been in a few other places other than the USA in my many years on this planet , I have and can do the few listed items in many other places than here

            WE ARE NOT FREE!
            and we dam sure are not fighting hard enough to keep what freedoms we have remaining

            there is a war coming , at this very moment we are basically in a cold civil or revolutionary war ( it will depend a lot on the people which way this will go ).. and when or if it goes hot

            its going to blow yer mind how violent, and fast this country will go into all out anarchy

            • Gandhi

              It’s a free country. Hahahaha those CNN propagandist are funny. Democracy hahaha they never mention the truth about being a republic. We don’t vote except for the next bankster who will rule us. Hand in your guns slaves. Hahaha. Get a water cannon enema

              • awed bawl

                meet the new bankster!

                same as the old bankster!

                enema of the State. . .

    8. Anonymous

      Brown exhibiting one-upmanship. A tactic that can spiral out of control, if allowed.

    9. Asshat

      Shit a third of my gross is stolen in deductions. Could they dis incentivize working for a living any more. How about I sign over my property to the gov and then rent it back so I can be tied down for their corporate buddies. Just tax soda and coffee too while they’re at it. Put a $300 tax on gun purchases and say it’s for domestic violence programs and the put the monies in the general fund to piss away on useless eater programs protest with your wallet. Do not buy shit.

      • John Stiner

        Only a third?

        I am self employed and I have to pay 15% social security tax.

        Most employees only pay 6 1/2% and the employer has to pay the rest.

        One more way the government is screwing America.

        • awed bawl

          Most employees only pay 6 1/2% and the employer has to pay the rest.

          The worker pays it all. The books are juggled in a way that makes it seem like the boss is paying part.

          Workers are making more than they think- there are deductions that DO NOT APPEAR ON THE PAY STUB- for SS and health insurance- things that are claimed to be “paid by the employer.” As if the worker is getting a freebie!!

          Example- worker “thinks” he is making $17/hr. but is actually making $20.50. $3.50 is shunted aside BUT THIS DOES NOT SHOW ON THE PAY STUB. This $3.50 is used to fund the “free stuff” that the worker thinks he is getting from the boss.


    10. K

      Another reason never to go there.

    11. Mensa Graham

      ARe you snowflake liberals beginning to get the picture?

    12. TEST

      “Socialism is the great fiction, whereby everybody endeavours to live off of everybody else.”
      – Frederic Bastiat, 1801-1850

      And yes, Gov Moonbeam actually DOES think this will work. And no, the elevator doesn’t stop at all the floors in his noggin

      • awed bawl

        “Socialism is the great truth, whereby (((bankers))) endeavor to live off of everybody else.”
        – awed bawl, 2017

    13. Sam Adams

      I left in 1993 and have been happy so happy. I went back around 2003 and it was a hell hole! Nothing like I remembered it.

    14. LaBelle

      Jerry Brown is the freeloader.

      On Transparent California it shows his “regular” pay at $182,730.46. Doesn’t show his bennies, though, which are likely over $70,000 on top of his “regular” pay. And don’t forget his juicy pension which will be more in one month than many people make in a year.

      Then, look at all of Jerry’s necessary aides and assistants ad nauseum, who are all making well over $200,000 a year. Hey Jerry – how about all you taking a pay cut to help fund those road repairs? Your tax schemes are breaking the backs of those of us who are working hard for our living and making nothing close to what you all make. Jerry’s fiscal schemes have contributed to CAs financial mess.

      Check it: Transparent California

      Note some of the salaries on that first page, like the guy who does investments for a pension fund. I bet I can do as good a job as this guy, investing in the market.

      You can then type in Edmund Brown in the Search bar to see governor Moonbeam’s info.

    15. Survive on your own

      This douchbag calls the people he steals from freeloader , but yet he passes it to the REAL free loaders with a smile !! I.e. The wetties, knuckle draggers, wt’s etc etc WTH???!

      • Gandhi

        Just like when your teenager throws a tantrum when you don’t give him an extra $100 to take his friends to the movies. My daughter robbed me of $50,000 in coin and moved in with her boy friend

        • Anon1970

          I rarely post anymore but I do read, everyday. I don’t always agree with you and sometimes you really tick me off but, who do we agree with in every way?

          All that to say, I am so sorry your daughter stole from you. That had to have been rough.when our kids betray us, it ain’t an easy pill to swallow.

    16. Braveheart1776

      Neither Jerry Brown nor any other libturd has any leg to stand on. They just want to take more money away from white people to line their pockets and give to the POS minorities. Brown and the other libturds need to STFU trying to lecture people about anything.

    17. SmokinOkie

      Ironic that I’m sitting in a truck stop near Bakersfield and checked in with shtfplan and, poof! a story about Moonbeam Brown. I, too, lived here as a youngster and still have a few relatives here. But, with 40 years of almost total control by the liberals, California has become a twilight zone.
      The resources in this state are incredible, the scenic beauty beyond description, and the work ethic (if it weren’t punished so much) would still be robust. California is a land of limitless possibilities. Sadly, in the hands of Marxists, it has become a third world squalor. It boggles my mind that Moonbeam got elected again. He was idiotic enough as a youngster when he tried to destroy California, but now that he’s senile (and still an idiot) how in the world did he get elected?
      Lets compare Collyfornia to some other ‘less cool’ states–
      Kentucky. Yes, moonshine cooking, tobacco growing, corn-cob pipe smoking Kentucky has FAR BETTER freeways.
      South Dakota. Yep, better schools any way your measure it. Higher graduation rates, higher SAT scores, less truancy, lots less violence. Oh, but Cali does lead in one area- they spend about twice as much money per student!
      Oklahoma. Of course I’m prejudiced but, in measuring the overall ‘Freedom To Live’ we beat the Golden State hands down. If I want to drill a water well, build a barn, cut down a tree or shoot a gun out at the farm, I don’t ask ANYBODY for permission. And I damned sure don’t go buy some permit from a bureaucrat. I just do it! Granted, I don’t fire my gun* in town, that wouldn’t be good manners. Unless, of course, someone with even less manners was kicking down my door. In that case, it’s quite alright to shoot in town, as many dead criminals will attest.
      We okies have our share of problems but, overall, it’s still a fairly free state… certain sections of Tulsa excepted. Oh, and we haven’t yet outlawed plastic shopping bags or passed an idiotic law requiring stores to charge customers 10 cents for each paper sack!
      California may still be riding the myth of being the ‘coolest’ state, but anyone who’s been here lately can see the stark contrast between myth and reality. This state is a basket case!
      *Thanks to all of you for the comments about guns. I’ll be replenishing the arsenal as soon as possible and I appreciate your input. And Justice, thanks for the video link. 🙂

      • Anon1970

        SmokinOkie, thanks for the comparison, that was great!

        California & Californians are so far from cool yet they haven’t figured it out yet. I know people who are pushing family to move here, and the family is clueless enough to do it! It boggles the mind I tell you.

        Homes are insanely expensive. I rent a million dollar home and trust me, it doesn’t look like a million dollar home in any way. We can’t wait to get out of here. Should have left years ago but it’s taken me 17 years to convence my spouse we have to get out. Now he’s regretting waiting so long.

        My grandparents were truck drivers, from Oklahoma. I won’t say they were conservative though. My grandma is still alive and voted for cankles. How does that happen?!?!

        Anyhow, Bakersfield is a dive, not as bad as Fresno though. Enjoy that moment you are on the highway and leaving California! I can’t wait until we leave for the last time.

    18. Plan twice, prep once

      Watching the rhetoric over a Special Prosecutor is getting crazy.

      The left screams obstruction of justice, but obstruction of justice includes misdirecting an active investigation. So if Hillaries Emails were hacked or leaked by say Seth Rich and Hillary wanted to misdirect opinion and so created the conspiracy story that Russians colluding with Donald Trump did it, rather than a disgruntled democrat operative then Hillary is the one who committed obstruction of justice.

      In fact any group of people working in a conspiracy to create this false story are all guilty once the story produced an investigation. This would include forces within the Obama administration who also climbed on board creating false evidence, false leaks and false narratives.

      With the Clintons involved, are we going to start seeing witnesses die mysterious deaths like Seth Rich who was murdered? This is all likely connected.

      I’m hearing people suggest this could turn violent if the truth starts coming out that the globalists are behind an attempt to bring down the president of the US with a fake news story that has triggered official criminal investigations.

      Keep on stacking! I though because Trump won we might get four years of relative quiet from the progressive left, but instead it looks like they want a full blown coup d’atet. The globalists it seems want it now and find that Trump winning the election is just a minor inconvenience.

      • Maximo Milan

        They r hiding something from the general population by constantly running nothing but Trump and the Russians. Things that r happening overseas in places we have no business being in continue. So many troops leaving the country being deployed. Don’t stop your prep’s!

        • Gandhi

          Yes, they are hiding the fact that their pediphile rings are being arrested.

    19. Traitor Hator

      Jerry brown a multi millionaire who’s utility bill on one of his mansions is 5000 per. month . telling us we need to pay him more.

    20. DeplorableBitterClinger

      But Brown doesn’t consider illegal aliens freeloaders.

    21. SumItUp

      They say Clownifornia will fall into the ocean someday. Maybe it will happen soon. We can only hope certain people are there when it happens.

    22. John

      Jerry LibTard Brown is a New World Order Puppet pushing a Globalist agenda.

      How does this fool stay in office?

      People of California fire the fool!

    23. charlie

      fuk brown our so called leaders have fukd us enough with taxes, let them give back what they have stolen from the people,

    24. threefeet

      I hope that Kaliphornia will collapse economically so that rebuilding can begin

    25. Brian

      California has put itself in a deep hole. They are not alone as a lot of state and local governments have done the same thing. Future tax audits will not been held on suspected deception on tax returns but on the suspicion they can squeeze more money out of you. (Probably already happening) Instead of looking at your past tax returns, they will want to see your bank statements and financial statements. Bring a blank check. Giving benefits to more people who haven’t paid in to the system causes the system to collapse. To turn around and bad-mouth the taxpayers for resisting tax increases sounds like something from a Marx Brothers movie!

    26. YRBM-16

      Having lived in rural northern Nv and driving a truck for last 40+ yrs I can assure you that the world doth end at Verdi, Nv

    27. otc

      Atlas, you need to shrug.

    28. Jo Se

      He is nothing more than a baizuo attacking anyone that is not a coprophilliac.

    29. Sean

      Hate on California all you like. Without us you’re all sunk.

      • Gandhi

        Haha sunk without California thanks for the laugh. It is California that would sink into the ocean with one wonderful, glorious, God given earthquake. The hurrahs would be deafening.

        • Sean

          I really wonder why the idea that ‘CA will sink into the ocean’ won’t die. It’s dumb.

    30. Thot Police

      We’ve been through this, over-and-over again. There’s a good reason why they don’t want you to be able to read, or to make things, or to take care of yourself, in any way.

      Benjamin Franklin: Testimony Before the House of Commons (1766)

      Mahatma Gandhi, The Salt March, The Dandi March – Story for Children “”

      Cheran, Mexico

      Many wars have actually been fought over autonomy — self governance and your natural right to feed yourself.

      Does crony capital live up to that standard of behavior.

    31. Thot Police

      We have building magnates, who have never shoveled one load of dirt or driven a single nail, well dressed people, who don’t sew, well-fed people, who don’t cook, trying to give us lessons on objective morality.

    32. Rockmanr

      Do you have gov Browns money in your pocket. If you have any money in your pocket you do so he thinks. oregon is a mini Calif in the making with a lesbian communist governor appointed to replace a governor removed for corruption. She also wants to tax everything from domestic water wells to installing a high sales tax since Oregon has no sales tax, All she wants is all your money now period

      • H.T.

        I understand Trump wants a VAT tax and Colorado wants to raise taxes to 20%.

    33. Richard Rider

      Are CA taxpayers “freeloaders”? I think not.

      Considering just gas taxes, let’s look at CA vs. the OTHER states: CA had the nation’s 6th highest “gas pump” tax at 56.5 cents/gallon (February, 2017). Add in the unique 10-12 cent CA “cap and trade” tax per gallon, and CA is tied with PA as most expensive.

      National average is 49.4 cents. Yet CA has the 9th worst highways. CA gas prices 2nd highest in the nation.

      TO REVIEW: CA just passed an additional 12 cents/gal gasoline tax and a new $48 car tax in 2017, plus a major diesel tax. It starts to take effect in 2018.
      and (CA roughly tied w/WA for highest total diesel tax)

    34. xxBONESxx

      Freaking communist Marxist has no clue he is the freaking free loader. Jackass….


      I went to cali in march and decided to never go back because of the liberal ideas. one of the my best days in my life came when cali was going to leave the US. what a brillant idea but would they take Rosie and friends with them and keep the illegal aliens inside a fence built by jerry brown and nancy pelosi. also i would sell them water for 20 dollars a gallon plus taxes ,freight and handling. we could also set up new goverment offices to help them bring more regs to cali.

    36. Lee

      I said before, elsewhere, that I can already predict what will happen with these higher taxes.

      More families and businesses will flee the state. The money will be used to buy votes. The roads will not be fixed.

      Then they will stick out their hands for more money.

      But then, you knew that already.

    37. TheGuy

      “The freeloaders — I’ve had enough of them,” Brown said


      What the fuck. Do all politicians need brain transplants?

    38. Brian

      Jan?e Fonda gave up on him. How much lower can you get?

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