California Fires: They Are Burning People Off The Land On Purpose!

by | Dec 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 52 comments

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    Most have heard of the massive and destructive fires ravaging California, but no one knows exactly how they were started.  And now many who have researched the fires are claiming that the elites are intentionally burning people off the land.

    YouTuber DIY Camper made his own video detailing what he believes is the harsh reality of the horrific fires destroying homes and land in the Golden State. He starts by saying that if he had his own property, there is “no doubt” in his mind that he’d have a concrete reinforced structure underground for use during a disaster -but that isn’t what his video is about because an underground bunker won’t help you if the elites want your land.

    “Nobody is saying how these fires out in California started,” says DIY Camper. “With what’s coming in the world today and the way things clearly are, I think people are going to be moved off their property and people are gonna be pushed into city living,” says DIY Camper. “I know this is happening.”

    “Now, the fires out in California…I’ve been following it extensively,” he says. “I have been researching it and looking into it as deep as I can. And I found a bunch of maps and plans for the southern end of California…and this is a fact you guys, you can search this and research it yourself to see what I am about to tell you is true.”

    He says there are maps and plans from developers working with the California government that overlap the areas of the fires “street for street” and “neighborhood by neighborhood,” and that cannot be a coincidence. “…I believe that these fires are being allowed to burn out of control. Why would I say that? Because if you look at these developers plans for two reasons…the mayor admitted on the news when he was being interviewed that they have plans for these areas that are burning,” says DIY Camper. He believes there are two reasons the people in California are being burned off the land. One is for high-speed trains and the other is low-cost housing.


    “You don’t have to take my word for it. If you don’t believe what I’m telling you, look into what I’m telling you and you’ll see what I’m telling you is true.”


    When looking at both the above images, DIY Camper seems a lot less crazy. These maps were fairly easy to come by too. Could he be right? Could the elites be intentionally burning people off land they want to use and develop?


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      1. I truly would NOT be surprised for one stinking minute. IT is CA people. Everything they do there is very suspect! This country is so messed up, it is rotting from the core!!

        • I have suspected that too. It fits the agenda and motive. Last summer in utah when they had that big fire, a friend of mine that lives near there told me that when it started the local volunteer dept. had it under control. They were putting it out when the feds (BLM) kicked them out and took over. They let it go from a couple acres to 80,000 acres! That area had a lot of beetle kill trees and the greenie whackos wouldn’t let the lumber companies cut them out (they were going to pay them for it too). Now it’s all burned to shit and they have to pay the lumber companies to cut the trees out. I do highly suspect they did this on purpose to get rid of the outlayers…

          • Genius, if they tried to start that crap in Appalachia, they would get themselves killed. People there won’t stand for it. What’s happening in Cali could be a good thing for the people who lost their homes like Old Guy said. It’s just one more reason to leave Cali on top of the other reasons for doing so.

            • Ya but then they will move here grrrrrrrr.

            • You ought to see what they have done to Asheville and
              the surrounding areas. Totally devastated. Constant

        • Californians can not be trusted

          • True, true. They are moving to Texas and haven’t wiped their feet. They are dragging all that libtard crap with them. They screwed up their place so bad they can’t live there, now they want to screw up Texas. Typical.
            The fires were probably started by homeless or illegals or mooselimbs.

        • How does the gov’t get 38,000,000 people to move? They take away your ability to live!

      2. Well we staved the Plains Indians off their land to build railroads and farms. actually I might be a blessing for those who are burned out. Now they aint got any reason to stay in commiefornia.

        • Old Guy, agreed. People already had PLENTY of reasons to leave commiefornia.

        • The main problem with this story is that there is already a good rail system on the line where the fires are now because I’ve ridden it several times. Where the lines are being proposed, towards the desert
          and Las Vegas, are not even close to the fires.

      3. Agenda 21

        • Yep

        • Oh please, you can’t all be that slow and fall for weasel words like “I Believe” and crap like that. Where’s the evidence? After all the other fires over the last umpteen years, folks rebuilt who had the insurance. The story is a piece of crap.

      4. Could he be right? Could the elites be intentionally burning people off land they want to use and develop?

        Wouldn’t be the first time Government has engaged in such an activity.

      5. Agenda 21/2030

      6. Oddly, the fires have hopscotched around the (20,000 sq ft mansions on 30 acres of land) estates of celebrities (and lesbians) Oprah Winfrey and her neighbor Ellen DeGeneres. Neither of the two homes have sustained damage, while the surrounding ones have.

        • Anonymous, it would’ve been ‘poetic justice’ if their homes had burned.

        • Look for ‘Laser Energy Beam’ in or

      7. at least some are waking up to A21

      8. the elites in power are some of the most evil and wicked pieces of shit you can imagine

        • Luciferian aka psychopaths.

      9. We need to start a trust that everyone here is an owner. Then put a big insurance policy on this guy. When he disappears we’ll use the payout for supplies.

        • A trust? Sounds more like a raffle or winner-take-all idea. Not bad. Not bad at all. I’d buy in for a few bucks.

      10. As best I can tell, development was planned around infrastructure, infrastructure around oil, oil around asphalt volcanism. We had tar pits, asphalt in the beach sand, and one of the worlds biggest oil seeps, near the Channel Islands, long before any business concerns.

        Also, no shtf disasters are needed, to enact eminent domain — no alien invasion, rapture, shark-nado, rocks-falling-on other rocks, to create a spark, or dry lightning, no false flag arsonists. All it would take is the stroke of a pen, if they really, really wanted to develop it.

        Said development would occur over land, which, so far as I could tell, might vent methane and sulfur, anyway. If you were allowed to talk about that, like a normal person, who would live and work there.

        • But if they used emminent domain they would have to PAY for it and buy all those houses. Much easier and cheaper to just burn them out.

          • Exactly!

        • Beaumont, That’s true, no major shtf disasters are needed for Eminent Domain to take place. For example, Trump himself is a big user of Eminent Domain.

          For one, a section of Atlantic City, NJ was a victim of Eminent Domain. I remember when Trump ran generations out of their homes in the 80’s to build one of his casinos and also to construct a hotel in Atlantic City. (Unfortunately, they went bankrupt/belly-up, which accounted for 1 of his 4 bankruptcies, but that’s another story). And that’s just one example of many where he exercised his “special privileges and rights of the wealthy.”

          So I don’t think this fire was something they would do for the purpose of Eminent Domain when they can just take someone’s home/land without going to such great lengths.



            Trump was put into office to give us humanity a window of time to go back to our Heavenly Father. To repent & ask for forgiveness.

            We are all saved by the Grace of God.

      11. I wouldn’t put this past these A Holes at all. Nobody will stand up to these turds after they find this is so.



        OUR DOGS! DIG IN PEOPLE! in war the first thing that
        Goes is communicatios remember this.
        God bless America

      13. and the las vegas shooting was a gov operation to push gun control

      14. LOL You people are CRAZY.

        There have been massive wildfires in California for GENERATIONS. Just like there have been earthquakes.

        Excuse me, noble yokels, but did you say the same thing when the Northridge quake happened? “They’re clearing the valley for – um – more valley people.” Ridiculous.

        Of course, there was no Internet then. Just conspiracy theorists like Wild Bill Cooper on shortwave. I bet he spent four hours on the riots in 92 and the quake in 94 to justify his pseudo-Christian balderdash.

        You guys are so funny ….

        • Obviously you have NO idea about the UN’s Agenda 21/(2030 now). The planned EXTERMINATION of over 270,000,000 Americans. That leaves 60+ million people to occupy 11 mega cities. Look it up, it’s all there…the maps and the plan. MUCH has been written, you need to pay better attention.

        • Stormy,
          Hey. I don’t care what the hell your beliefs are. You can worship a slug for all I care but knock it off with calling out the Christians.

        • Stormy, WHOA. Bill Cooper was one of the earliest voices in alternative media and was more honest than all of the MSM talking heads combined. Why don’t you just take your dumb ass back to where you belong? I’m sure you fit right into that site.

        • Ya know the usa inc. Gov has been buying hundreds of billions of hollow point bullets. (They cuz much more damage)

          How about the 30,000 guillotines, if they implement just 1… can kill 300 people an hour.

          Just think it’ll be like a killing/organ harvesting factory.

      15. Who cares

      16. How nice. More room for the Hollyweird Learjet leftists!! Already, Agenda 21 maps show how our betters want to restrict people to only the urban rat mazes, all in the name of “biodiversity” and stopping BIG GREEN MONEY faux global warming. We fight – with information and education – now, or we become serfs for generations. Want to know what a serf is? Ask those poor foolish students who borrowed $1.2 TRILLION to go to university and get a useless degree in 18th C. Belgian Lesbian Musicology, and now will never have money, a home, kids, you name it.

        I’m sorry folks… I don’t mean this as hyperbole, but the left is truly and utterly EVIL. Have been since the days of Robespierre. They may or may not be immoral, but they certainly are amoral. And it’s not for nothing Alinsky’s book starts with a forward (or introduction, or whatever they want to call it) lauding Lucifer. I know, as I own the book. And I own it because my fascist left profs required us to read it at university.

        • I agree the left is evil. As far as herding us all into cities to life in coffin apartments?

          I am not going to live that way. People, like rats, are smart and always find a way out.

          Living in a city is my definition of the first circle of hell.

      17. Any documented recent geoengineering (chemtrails) activity to “prep” the area for a burn?

      18. Big money out there waiting to swoop in and buy property from those who can’t or won’t rebuild. The buyers are connected to the usual suspect ilk. This is a blatant form of property confiscation.

      19. Huge amounts of properties are owned by celebs where evacuations and fires have taken place. Yet, I haven’t seen any news of celebs homes burning to the ground. Might want to keep an eye on who’s properties didn’t burn and why.

      20. Wrong!!!!! Oprah and Murdoch had their homes burned to a cinder. Lots of other celebs had their homes burned. Get a grip

        • southside, When I posted my comment earlier today that was not what the news report said. Thanks for the update. And Murdoch? Where in my post did I mention Rupert Murdoch? Learn to read before replying.

        • southside, Get YOUR facts straight before posting. Their homes were not damaged, or burned down as you claim.

          Strangely enough, this is the 4th massive fire in less than 10 yrs right near her home, and also a few other celebrities’ homes, that have consistently survived these fires and miraculously burned everything else while their homes were spared. This isn’t the first fake news you’ve posted.

        • Wrong. On 12/8 Bloomberg reported that Murdoch’s vineyard suffered minor smoke damage. The vines were dormant and production should be fine next year. Murdoch’s mansion was untouched.

      21. Another guy driving around in his car talking to a camera? John Webb wannabe?

        Agenda 21 has talked about this. As far as Commiefornia, there is no affordable housing and none is being built. Where are they going to put people? In giant tents that cost a $1 million? Because that is what is being done in San Diego. Not sure about other places.

      22. far from the 1st time this therory has been fielded..years ago in fact. Very well could be part of Agenda 21.

      23. Where are they going to put them, these displaced peoples? Inside those plastic coffins, after their heads have been neatly removed with one of the 30k guillotines they purchased. There’ll be a lot of missing persons, never seen again.

      24. Stormy! The bringer of the kool-aid! Sorry buddy, we ain’t thirsty for your bs. Whether it was directed Energy Weapons or not? Wildfires don’t melt glass, steel, and stone. And leave greenery like trees, vineyards, and shrubbery untouched only yards away. High winds you say? Where’s all the debris in the streets? Downed limbs and so forth?! If you ask me, CA and the Pentagon both got a two’fer in the planned fires. The Pentogram got to test their latest weapon. FEMA gets coffin fillers. And CA gets their utopian metrocity without having to fork out the dough that they would have if imminent domain was used.

      25. There is evidence of these fires being set by Directed Energy Weapons. There is at least one video showing a green beam. Some of the aerial photos show houses only being burned. Go check it out for yourself.

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