California Democrat: There Will Be ‘Widespread Civil Unrest’ If Trump Fires Mueller

by | Mar 21, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 77 comments

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    A California Democrat congressman said that should president Donald Trump fire special counsel Robert Mueller, there will be “widespread civil unrest.” Ted Lieu also warned Trump that “people would take to the streets” if the president fired Mueller.

    “I think you’re going to have protests, and marches, and rallies, and sit-ins. I believe Americans would not stand for the firing of Robert Mueller,” Lieu said. “The president hasn’t been able to point to a single thing that Robert Mueller has done wrong. There is no basis to fire him. And he would have to fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein first in order to fire Robert Mueller.”

    So, basically, it would look a lot like the gun control walkout, or the women’s march, or the people wailing about Hillary Clinton’s loss and screaming in the streets on the anniversary of Trump’s election? A lot of people who have been convinced by the media that they somehow are the government and that their voice matters are going to gather to complain about the government. None of this makes any sense and it feels like we’ve slipped into the Twilight Zone. And, in all honesty, we are used to temper tantrums by now and would expect nothing less from any leftist.

    If “we are the government,” then anything a government does to an individual is not only just and untyrannical but also “voluntary” on the part of the individual concerned. If the government has incurred a huge public debt which must be paid by taxing one group for the benefit of another, this reality of burden is obscured by saying that “we owe it to ourselves”; if the government conscripts a man, or throws him into jail for dissident opinion, then he is “doing it to himself” and, therefore, nothing untoward has occurred. Under this reasoning, any Jews murdered by the Nazi government were not murdered; instead, they must have “committed suicide,” since they were the government (which was democratically chosen), and, therefore, anything the government did to them was voluntary on their part. One would not think it necessary to belabor this point, and yet the overwhelming bulk of the people hold this fallacy to a greater or lesser degree. –The Anatomy of the StateMurray N. Rothbard,

    But Ted Lieu somehow thinks that liberals protesting is some kind of a threat. “If the president does go ahead and fire Robert Mueller, we would have people take to the streets. I believe there would be widespread civil unrest because Americans believe the rule of law is paramount,” Lieu told MSNBC‘s, Chris Hayes.

    Trump has also been increasing his attacks on Mueller and the “Russian election collusion” probe, which has so far, failed to produce any evidence of wrongdoing and is quickly going nowhere.

    You don’t have to be “on the right” to let logic guide you here. Trump may be wrong about some things (and when he is, we have called him on it) but if all of this “collusion with Russia” happened, wouldn’t they have found some evidence in 13 months? Is the fake dossier it? Or is Trump right about this one too:

    Trump has denied any collusion between his campaign and the Kremlin, and has referred to the probes investigating the matter as a politically motivated “witch hunt.” The Washington Post reported on Monday that Trump’s lawyers were aiming to limit the scope of a potential interview with Mueller amid fears the president would be left in a vulnerable position. That seems only rational, considering Trump is probably right when he tweeted “special council is told to find crimes, whether crimes exist or not.” [sic]


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      1. Maybe in California but otherwise nope.

        • No need to fire Mueller. Indict him for 911 cover up and Uranium Gate. Then hang him by his gay testicles.

          • How do you know he has testicles? Have you been a looking?

            Anyways, fire his a$$ if you are going to and let them libtards get a marching. I am so sick and tired of the non-sense that I am to the point, lets just get it over with and start the rebuild.

          • Hillary got away with selling uranium to the Russians she claims trump colluded with and not one of these supposed big bad oath takers has brought her or the other guilty bastards to justice ..treason is now par for the course and the big bad oath takers have consented it.. It’s over… America’s done

          • Has no one paid any attention to the fact that, essentially, President Trump has been acquitted of any kind of collusion with the Russians? It has been in the news that there is no “smoking gun” or anything else to put the charges being bandied about against the President. This being the case, Mueller needs to close the case and be done with it. If he won’t, then he is doing a “witch hunt”, trying to find charges to bring, and that puts his special council position out of order. If he is not careful, he will fire himself by continuing a hunt he was has no basis for, and was not hired to do.

        • Re: “Americans would not stand for the firing of Robert Mueller”. Actually, I think Americans would stand for it. Those who would not stand, well… I’m not sure of their loyalties.

      2. Something happens to Trump then there will be civil war…..take your pick!

        • Excellent point.

          If the Dems impeach Trump there will be Civil War by those who voted for Trump. If Trump fires Mueller there will be Civil War by the Dems. If we don’t give up the guns to the Democrat gun-confiscators there will be Civil War. If the gun-confiscators win, then there will be Civil War.

          I say bring it.

          • Blame-e, agreed. Looks like civil war will happen regardless.

            • So ready to wipe out scores of liberal scum… where do I sign up for the civil war and can we get this thing started already?

          • I agree, we need a “washing” one way or the other. The left needs to understand that their view of Nirvana just does not exist. Maybe a good depression, that leaves the liberals out begging for bread, and having to get their hands dirty to eak out a difficult existence will leave them to busy working for a living to do anything other than that.

          • I’m with you, bring it on! These liberal SOB’s just can’t take it that they are out of power and will do anything to get it back, legal or illegal. I got plenty of bullets if they want to start something and unlike most non-gun savvy libs, I now how to use my guns.

        • You had better believe it. That happen and we’ll see if the government has the balls and where with all to contain at least half the country in the streets with guns.

      3. Meanwhile, back at CNN, Breaking News: “President Trump farted today and it smelled like refried beans”.

        • Breaking news, or out gassing news?

      4. Well Mr. Ted Lieu, maybe it’s time you just learn who’s boss, huh? The POTUS is and always has been well within his rights and authority to fire Mueller. Get that through your head. You either support what is legal; or, you do not. If the latter – you should be stripped (legally, due to public statements contrary to the law) of your office and possibly charged for sedition. You’re a perfect example of the liberal incorrect sense that what you feel is what is reality. Or what you believe is always right – even in the face of truth.

        • Ted Lieu is one of the biggest libturd shitheads out there.

          • The Deplorable Braveheart, as if this guy has any credibility on anything ? Fuck him and his entire crew of fools ! Trump does not have to prove anything as all the proof is already out there of who the real criminals are. Lieu is in danger and does not realize his days are numbered. Kawleefornya and all the Dems there are a sinking ship and its a good thing. Fuck him !

        • Heartless : One of the ( pretend ) problems is that the libs don’t accept the win over billary so they don’t accept Donald. With that being said, they then don’t accept his legal power and ability to be in charge. Plus, we are moving into a touchy-feely way of life.

          Excuse me, I have to go through up.

          • Throw-up. Sorry.

        • Her and others like him are so filled with their own idiocy that they are sure they are right. California has always had a bad “list” (refer to a ship that is not level, but tilted in a direction, sideways)toward being liberal. For awhile it seemed that they were giving everyone a good idea of what a little bit of liberal thinking might be good for the rest of us. They have gone to far. Now, that “list” is such that they are taking on water, and just might sink. Consider the number of people leaving the state due to higher taxes. Once the roll over point is reached, “she” is a goner, and will only be fit for salvage.

      5. Fire Mueller. Let the snowflakes fall.

        • Guess I better tune up the snowblower…

        • Trump isn’t going to fire Mueller.

          There is no Republican support for it and he knows that would be needed if he were to do it and remain in office as well.

          • Anonymous, there is lots of REP support for it, but the RINOs are just enough to give the DEMs a slight difference in numbers. In fact the REPs do not have a real majority because of the RINOs.

            But I will bet you any amount you want Mueller will be gone sooner than you think and he may well be fired !

        • agree crackerjack!!!!

      6. It’s go time!!

      7. Boy Ted you got me shakin in my boots. I suppose you and De leon will transition to women to show your “outrage” …the dems favorite word

      8. if you take to the streets, good, we will clean the streets

      9. Waiting…just waiting.

        • Still waiting. I have to go and shave and mow the grass. Still waiting and PREPPING.

      10. The International Supremist Global Cabal want civil war. They want civil unrest. If there is none they will create it.

        The people of the USA on the other hand want peace, prosperity, and a return of true Americana.
        They are tired of the lies and shenanigans.

        I support Donald Trump and wish him success. I think he is up against a great deal of negativity. If they would just leave him alone to do his job, I think he would do right by the people. Trump has a heart, a soul, and a brain. Which is more than his antagonists.


        • They just think they want a civil war or unrest.

          Be careful what you wish for.

      11. Mueller is a nobody, and he will not be missed if he is let go.

        Trump will just replace him with somebody that is worse than Mueller anyways – seems to be a current pattern in is Administration.

      12. Fire Mueller, and have the National Gurd’ fire some rounds.

        Fill up the FEMA camps with these victim generation entitlement anti-american shitholers.

      13. “The president hasn’t been able to point to a single thing that Robert Mueller has done wrong.” Mueller hasn’t been able to point to a single thing that Trump has done wrong either, in spite of that being his only job. Which is why he should be fired and we should get on with things.

        I don’t care for Trump very much, but I care for his biggest detractors less, and they WON’T SHUT UP, despite having nothing real to say.

      14. Lets call it what it is. A COUP is taking place before our eyes. Trump needs to declare marshal law, and imprison all these traitors in our government NOW!!!!!!!!!

        • ed , perhaps the best idea, so get on with it. What can the libs actually do, fuck em finally !

      15. Bring it already

      16. What are they going to use? Tide Pods???

      17. I agree, fire Meuller and call their f’in bluff.

      18. Yep. Us Patriots marching in happiness.

        Other than that I wish the would either shit or get off the pot.


      19. Trump needs to begin the process of ‘draining the swamp’….a mandate by the American people. Let the snowflake morons take to the streets. If they get out of hand, arrest them. If they become violent, respond w/ more violence. Unleash the National guard. And begin the indictments on all the traitors embedded within our countries institutions. The time is now.!!!!!

        • I’m with you. Violence begets violence. Let the chips fall as they may.

          • Take away their EBT cards and see how long they are hanging around in the streets. They will be robing and killing each other and the dreamers.

      20. Martial Law. There is no condition of Marshall Law, except as a normality. “Martial Law” is the imposition of military rule, supposedly temporary, in place of the normal rule of law by Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branch. US Marshalls serve at the pleasure of the President, and provide representation of the federal govt. at the local level. They are commissioned for four years. If you’re up to no good, you are more likely to see a US Marshall, long before Martial Law is declared. A declaration of Martial Law is used mostly when a situation is very chaotic, to restore order.

      21. You wish

        hell half the brain dead Democrats probably dont even know who he his , or care

        that is unless some Hollywood POS tells them they should care

      22. Why in hell are these investigations that produce no answers still going on? Mental retardation in full bloom. With everybody lying this could drag on forever. Where is the industrial sized flush mechanism? Whoosh.. they’re all gone.

        • Thanks aljamo. I can hardly type because I’m laughing so hard. …industrial sized flush mechanisms? Man you said it. That’s some funny shit – pun intended.

      23. May AR10 sees it differently!!! Bring it!

      24. where are all these cowards that fly up in the air spraying toxic waste on us? wish one would grow some balls and come talk to me in person. I would punch right in the mouth. nope a bunch of little cowards,sissies,nogoods.

      25. Nope will not happen. As much as we wish it would happen the libs will not do anything if Trump Fires Mueller. And lest we forget Trump is nothing more than the latest puppet. Its the military who really are in charge. and they get their orders from the Gews


        No telling. I could have been vaporized last weekend.

        Trump needs to fire, arrest both Jerry Brown, and that chi-com gook mayor, who is massing chi-com soldiers at that military UN base in southern California. Fire Mueller’s ass and arrest the natzi piece of shit. Now Bombs are hitting us in the streets all over Houston and just less than a fucking mile, yes 1 fucking mile from my house, a post office was shut down from some type of suspicious package. Look how close this shit it getting me and my family. This is real guys, that happened last week end, I saw it with my own eyes. Just talked to someone from the the US navy, who’s job I cannot disclose. China will be attacking the United States, period. It’s going to happen, and he told me that china is not afraid to dumb 1 trillion bonds, and they are prepared to do so by years end. And that if we attack NK, china will attack Taiwon the same or next day, then WW3 starts. It can happen that fast. When does he expect it to start, by October 2018 of this year, yes WW3. He then tells me that once ww3 starts, they liberals will rise up and trigger the civil war on the US continent, then the UN attacks the civilians, the white areas are the first to get attacked by the UN, that the orders were given to them to take out those areas first. Great, at least I know for certain now that this is going to happen. I am not making up this shit guys, I cannot prove it, but I accept what I was told. This guy just left the Navy just last month from a major position. WE WILL BE IN A WAR ON THE US CONTINENT AND IN WW3 BY YEARS END. Unless something changes the timeline to prevent all of this, and I don’t see it changing, especially with the bomb attacks in Texas. For all I hear and report on this site could just be bullshit, but I know better.


        • That’s disconcerting.

        • HCKS : I am not agreeing or disagreeing but their is not enough blue hats to accomplish that mission, even if you add the piss-ant libtards to the mix. I realize they can shut down communications and implement there plans but don’t forget about short-wave radio. Anyways, if this country went a couple of days without tv, cell phones, or internet you can damn grant somebody would be marching and shooting. Everybody would know something was going on, and then game on.

        • HCKS, did you ever get your BOL finished? If not, I would say now is the time to get it finished and ready to occupy. Things are getting a bit too “interesting” as in that old Chinese proverb. I’ve heard rumors for many years that ‘white areas’ would be the first ones targeted by the UN boys. Bullets work on anyone and never discriminate. I’ve got my own orders which are to stand up and fight libturds, muzzies, chi-coms, ANYONE who has bad intentions toward me. I also feel things coming closer to a head.

      27. Trump, fire Mueller. We need to take-out some CA Democrats. YAY!

      28. There will be more than civil unrest if the Democrats finally impeach Trump.. who Cares about Obama’s X porch monkey mueller!!!

      29. So some petty politician who would run for cover facing a kid with a sling shot threatens open war. That is what he is saying is it not. I dont think he would get within a mile of a barricade in the streets. Mean wile Muley reminds me of a street begger on a corner looking for his morning fix. Has nothing and is a loser in the long run. A paper mache mask nothing more jumping and down with beads and rattles

      30. I really wish California would secede. We simply do not need their continual crap.

      31. BFD! There is going to be civil unrest regardless of the excuse given for the cause. It is a question of how soon, not if or when. They only need some pretense to justify their actions.

        In my never to be humble opinion: Trump ought to have fired antichrist Obamas appointees or have “requested” their resignations, the first week he week in office. Consider it taking out the trash. Then at a press conference that his critic and detractors could all, kindly, take a number, wait in line to kiss his ass.

        What the rabid democrats don’t get, is that as much as they want civil unrest, there are plenty of others on the middle and the right who are more than willing to oblige by taking a baseball bat to their skulls. A lot of people are very pissed off, and tired of the Lefties temper tantrums.

        • New — I agree with you but I think the only reason it wasn’t done is that President Trump found out in a big way what gutless, hypocrites and backstabbing cowards the repub establishment really are and knew he had ZERO support from his own party.

      32. Do’t fire Mueller-INVESTIGATE him up the wazoo! He is DIRTY-this whole charade is to stall the President from putting Clinton, Comey, and Mueller in prison

      33. The ol’ — know all, see all ted(the hypocrite) lieu predicts there will be civil unrest — DUH — that is all you demoTRASH have been pushing since obama the fraud took office in 2008. You offer morons,idiots,libtards and phony people enough freebies and they will do anything. lieu — you’re an idiot on the same level as pelosi,waters and schiffless.

      34. I don’t believe President Trump has any intentions of firing the dirtbag corrupt mueller. The only thing Pres. Trump can’t do is sit down and have an interview with these scum. They will twist and turn every word to fit their rotten to the core agenda. Trump needs to stay out of that trap.

      35. We should take to the streets if mueller doesn’t stop or is not fired.??

        • Mike, completely agree and should have done that a long time ago . Ever wonder why it has not happened ? I know why.

      36. So what! The divisions in this country between libtards and all else are so wide now that there really is no going forward together.

        “Widespread Civil Unrest” Is pretty well guaranteed at this point! So let it happen! Fire that SOB Mueller. That this is even happening shows how far gone we are as a “United” on anything country. What is going on is so unbelievable, I can’t get my head around it. It is so partisan, and so corrupt. Everything that has come out on it shows mass corruption on the side of libtards from obama, the AC, on down. We are just delaying the inevitable.

        It is a lot like Israel. No one will let them fight, so they and their enemies are just building up arms until they do.

      37. For 80 years the threat of mutual nuclear anniliation has prevented nuclear war. When you get folks who start thinking that a nuclear war is a winnable war is when it will happen. Thank God we have China and Russia to keep the USA military in check. The USA Military industrial complex is the NWO. Doing the bidding of folks who do not have the slightest bit of respect for the well being of the USA citizens in their agenda. They fully intend to implement by any means necessary just exactly what the have written on those Georgia Guidestones.

      38. In every public fixture, landmark, social or family function, at least since MLK, you can easily tell where a liberal interest has passed through. When was there not unrest; it seems to be your only life skill. Useful idiocy. You are the police state’s bad kid, who ruined it for the rest of the class.

      39. Mueller’s work has gone on too long and has increased the divisions in the American people. Trump knows how to fire people publicly on television. Other well-known Republicans need to call for the end of Mueller’s investigation. Mueller is making a career of this and turning up nothing. Reminds me of a toddler being potty-trained;lots of grunts and groans but nothing is coming out. It pains me very much to say this but this is probably the best approach. Thank Mueller for his efforts and apologize for putting him on a wild goose chase. Make the points that it is creating division, has gone on too long, produced nothing, and taken up badly needed resources. Give him an award, thank him for his efforts, and fire him.

      40. I doubt it. I and a number of people I know would be cheering!

      41. If Trump fires Mueller,he needs to do it before the November elections. Let the firestorm come and go and then the people’s mind will move on to something else. Personally, I find the whole investigation a waste of money and time. So does a whole lot of the rest of the country. Piss on what the Leftists say

      42. Lets think. California threatens to burn itself down. If we halt federal aid to sanctuary cities and states, I don’t really see a down side.
        Nevada and Arizona would have to close their borders for the safety of their citizens, of course.
        The Oregon National Guard could secure a travel route through to Washington and Canada. But to respect their sensibilities you would have to prohibit any vehicles powered by any non-sustainable source, so it would be a long walk.
        I am still not seeing a down side here.

        It reminds me a lot of that part in Blazing Saddles when he says “Don’t shoot the Sheriff” with the gun pointed at his own head.

        • Anonymous, Oregon and Washington are just as bad or worse so that is not gonna happen !

      43. Broken promises are all we get from the democrats! Violence in the streets, b. s. Gun control will stop crime b. s. Affordable care b. s. Fire him and nobody will do anything except tear up.

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