CA Judge: Twitter Can Be Sued For Falsely Advertising They Allow Free Speech

by | Jun 18, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    A California judge has ruled that social media giant Twitter can be sued for falsely advertising free speech. The judge said that Twitter’s policy of banning users “at any time, for any reason or for no reason” may constitute an “unconscionable contract” for a company which advertises free speech.

    The judge rejected Twitter’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit from Jared Taylor, who was banned by the platform in December last year, according to Breitbart.  Taylor, a self-described “white activist” may proceed with his lawsuit against Twitter because the social media company falsely advertises free speech, yet bans users for “any or no reason.”  The judge also ruled that Twitter could be sued on the basis of misleading its users, due to the platform’s promise not to ban accounts on the basis of viewpoint or political affiliation, which is frequently violated.

    “This ruling has massive implications for the platform going forward,” said Noah Peters, Jared Taylor’s lawyer. “this is the first time that a social media company’s argument that it can censor user speech has been rejected by a court.”

    Taylor describes himself as a “race realist” and has defended white separatism, claiming that races are “not equal”, but his attorney says this trial is not about his client’s particular views, and that’s a correct assessment.  The trial is about Twitter’s disallowance of free speech although they use that term to advertise the social media platform.

    “Our lawsuit is not about whether Taylor is right or wrong,” Peters said in February.It’s about whether Twitter and other technology companies have the right to ban individuals from using their services based on their perceived viewpoints and affiliations.”

    By now, it should be well understood that the terms “hate facts” and “hate speech” are nothing more than buzzwords used by the left as an excuse to suppress the speech of those with which they disagree.  This is becoming more and more apparent as we devolve quickly toward a fully totalitarian system too.

    Breitbart reported that the most high-profile individual to be banned on this basis was Islam critic Tommy Robinson, who received a permanent ban from Twitter after he posted statistics showing that Muslims are vastly overrepresented in child grooming gangs in the UK. Robinson is now taking Twitter to court to prove that “facts are now treated as hate.” SHTFPlan

    Twitter employees have also been caught on camera boasting about their actions to keep conservatives and Trump supporters off the platform.  They also, along with YouTube, have scrubbed videos that do not align with the government and mainstream media’s “official narrative” with regards to incidents such as the Parkland, Florida school shooting. 

    One employee even discussed shadowbanning political accounts, a practice that Twitter has continually denied using.  Another employee claimed that accounts that expressed an interest in “god, guns, and America” were likely to be flagged as “bots.” Another employee, Mo Norai, explained that Twitter moderators regularly discriminated against accounts deemed to be pro-Trump.

    Twitter’s double standards can be seen in the way it handles complaints of abuse against conservatives and individuals linked to conservatives. But it isn’t just Twitter who is attempting to censor and suppress free speech. YouTubeGoogle, and Facebook are on the front lines of the fight for totalitarianism by silencing those with whom they disagree, much like the Nazis of Hitler’s regime.


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      1. Hello can you provide me attorneys contact info? I want to inquire about making this a class action law suit. Thank you for your time and help.

      2. If enough people sue Twitter, the company will eventually be forced out of business! A fitting end, don’t you think?

        • They’re already going bust.

      3. What most people on the right just can’t seem to get through their thick heads, the left hates them, and if given the opportunity they would kill each, and everyone one of you. People on the right better wake up, and FAST, there is a fight coming, why do you think the left wants to take away your guns so badly. It’ll be a whole lot easier for the left to kill you if you have no guns. Ammo up, the time draws near, were your going to need to protect not only yourself, but your way of life.

      4. I’ve never used Twitter. So, I could care less about it. But, I am familiar with Jarod Taylor and the Englishman Tommy Robinson. Both are controversial in the white people’s movement for civil rights and an end to white genocide.

        Taylor because he has invited “the unchosen, 2%, Old Testament ethnic group into his organization known as American Renaissance.

        Robinson because he is suspected (by some) of trying to get the Pakistani rapists off. Of causing a mistrial (the case ended), due to his interference.


        • “Robinson because he is suspected (by some) of trying to get the Pakistani rapists off. Of causing a mistrial (the case ended), due to his interference.”

          I am not familiar with Jarod, but you are incorrect about Tommy “trying to get them off” (paraphrased). He was trying to alert the UK general public of the rampant “child grooming gangs” of mostly Pakistani men who prey upon white and Sikh girls, raping and brutalizing them. THAT is why he is imprisoned, and that is why they moved him to a jail full of those who made known to the public so that he can be murdered by them.

          “Tommy Robinson has been an outspoken leader in the quest to alert the UK public of the rampant “child grooming gangs” of mostly Pakistani men who prey upon white and Sikh girls, raping and brutalizing them. This has been going on for decades, yet the Mainstream Media (MSM) have been virtually silent about it. Politicians and police ignore the fate of these young girls. Now, they have placed Tommy Robinson in a situation where his life is in jeopardy.

          Where is the outrage of the MSM? They have chosen to be silent. Is it any wonder that most people consider the MSM to be the mouthpieces of the Powers That Be (PTB)? They are only too willing to protect rapists and criminals, while jailing those who only seek to speak truth. Shame on them! Shame on the politicians, police and media who stay silent. They seek to hide the truth, and then wonder why they are held in such low esteem.”

      5. Considering both Googley Moogley and Facecrap are both intelligence run anti free speech pushers any words outside officialdom are to be eliminated for the greater bad.

      6. B from ca. Tommy didn’t try to get a mis trial.he is a journalist who was doing a report on why they will get off. He was charged and locked up in one hour. Th get good news check out “the reble media” by ezra levant.

      7. If Twitter loses such a suit it will be appealed. Eventually it will reach one of Obama’s handpicked
        commie judges who will rule in their favor. Odds of
        anyone actually holding Twitter/FB/Google etc accountable
        are essentially zero. These companies have SO MUCH
        MONEY they can outspend ANYONE trying to hold their feet to the fire legally.

      8. Seems like being barred from a service like twitter is not in violation of the 1st amendment.
        Unless twitter is public.

        • That’s not the issue here. The issue is that Twitter claims to be a place for free speech. Yet they ban users for going against the ‘accepted norms.’ This isn’t about the 1st Amendment, it’s about not misleading users.

      9. We need to get a class action suit going and sue their ass for 100 billion.

      10. That’s not the issue here. The issue is that Twitter claims to be a place for free speech. Yet they ban users for going against the ‘accepted norms.’ This isn’t about the 1st Amendment, it’s about not misleading users.

        • J.G.:
          This is about truth in advertising, which means that twitter might lose the case, pay a fine, and change their claim to freedom of “acceptable” speech, then go on censoring.

          Law is very specific. What is needed is a challenge to whether one is still confined by the Constitution. According to some internet truthers, the USA is incorporated making the Constitution null and void.

          Obama passed a law giving the President the “right” to kill whomever, citizen or not. I’ld say that violates the Constitution’s assertion of “life liberty and the pursuit…”


      11. LOL! What about F*keBool and Gootard??

      12. The puppet masters KNOW they are outnumbered. That’s why they are pushing back so hard. To give the ILLUSION that they are a majority and still in control. The cracks are there! Just keep pushing, patriots, and we will prevail!

      13. Then since the government does the same thing- they should be sued as well.

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