By Decree Of The King: “There Are Some Steps That We Can Take That Don’t Require Legislation”

by | Jan 14, 2013 | Headline News | 477 comments

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    President Obama, much like his predecessors, has implemented scores of policy changes by way of Executive Order, a legal technique that allows the Commander-In-Chief to delegate legislation that, just like a bill passed in Congress, has the full force and authority of law.

    Presidents have used executive powers to delegate authority over all sorts of issues since Abraham Lincoln first used this Executive power to mobilize troops against rebels operating in southern states. Franklin Roosevelt declared the possession of gold illegal by way of executive order in the 1930’s. A recent order by President Obama authorizes the seizure of farms, energy resources and skilled laborers in the event of a declared national emergency. An order authorizing the use of force and war in Kosovo was issued by President Bill Clinton in 1999.

    Thousands of such orders have been issued, with President Obama having signed 144 of them so far during his first term.

    But, arguably, there will be no Executive Order as significant and impactful as the one the President is promising to implement next.

    According to assessments by Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama, they believe they have the authority to utilize this Constitutionally provided method of decree with respect to Americans’ right to bear arms:

    My understanding is the vice president’s going to provide a range of steps that we can take to reduce gun violence.

    Some of them will require legislation, some of them I can accomplish through executive action.

    And so I will be reviewing those today, and as I said, I will speak in more detail to what we’re going to go ahead and propose later in the week.

    But I’m confident that there are some steps that we can take that don’t require legislation and that are within my authority as president, and where you get a step that, has the opportunity to reduce the possibility of gun violence, then i want to go ahead and take it.

    They may not have the ability to outlaw firearms, but you can bet they are exploring every legal loophole possible to restrict access to semi-automatic weapons (handguns and rifles), the acquisition of ammunition, and the private sale of guns and accessories between individuals.


    Our only hope once done is that the Supreme Court will quickly move to reject the President’s decrees.


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      1. Mac, please take the picture of Obama as King in this article. This laptop doesn’t have a hole in it like the one I just shot!

        • Iowa… sorry for the damage caused. This was not my intention 🙂

          • I’m the one who should say sorry. I said F U to one of your guests on your site the other day.

            To Mac and all of you, I know better. Please forgive me. I feel bad.

            PS: Fuck Obama!

            • @ Iowa

              Rest easy friend, you are forgiven…of this I am sure!

              …and per your invective directed at the…tele-prompted communist fool in DC…

              ….well let’s just say you have “redeemed yourself” magnificently…to the reading audience here!!!!


              • Gun show was insane this weekend.

                AR $3200 Each Private Sale
                Crap AKs $1000 each Private Sale
                Crap AR Mags $30 each
                308 mags $100 Each
                Glocks $1000 Each Private Sale One person bought 5
                XD $1200 Each Private Sale
                Saiga 12 GA $2500 Sat. $3000 Sun Private Sale
                10/22 $400 Each Private Sale.

                Ammo Sold out at 11AM There was still a 1000 person line when all ammo sold out.
                Food Guy Ran out of a semi full Sat
                Medical guy sold many expensive thing he keeps around for the pros. When I got there all gone all of it.

                FLL were still selling like crazy too. one was doing 15 an hour One guy shop.

                And in all the long line not one chair was throw. No bad word to each other. No kids left in the car. And in the end everyone left with a smile for being there.

                But not because why we were there.

                • how was availability of pistol rounds?
                  40 cal

                  drier than the Maine desert here in Massachusetts..


                  • Most of those were gone by 9am.

                  • I do not care a lot about guns related executive order.
                    In addition to 2nd Amendement there is also a law exists
                    42 USC 5207 (read it careful)

                  • noname,

                    All they have to do is change the Federal, state or local laws to make that of no effect. That is exactly what Obama’s EO’s will do. An Ex. Order is construed as “law”, like it or not. Only the Supreme Court will have the last say in this, and by their recent track record, I have little confidence they will do the RIGHT thing!

                    God help us all!!

                  • Anonymous,

                    President can’t change existing law.

                  • 1. I disagree with Anonymous, Because when an Executive Order is mandated by the president, it BECOMES a federal Law.

                    2. And you should know Federal Law SUPERSEDES state and local laws. And your liberal Senators will make sure to enforce Obama’s order.

                    3. Anonymous says: “Only the Supreme Court will have the last say in this,”
                    It will be in the Supreme Court, only when Liberal Democat Senators look the other way, and let Obama follow George Soros’ and Goldman Sachs’ and Hollywood’s advice. These groups are the main financial supporters of Obama.

                    4. Anonymous says: “Only the Supreme Court will have the last say in this, and by their recent track record, I have little confidence they will do the RIGHT thing!”

                    Obama and Clinton have placed ALL Liberal judges in the Supreme Court, and now it tips the balance there. President Bush – father & son placed very good conservatives who are pro-2nd Amendment and pro-Constitution as well ……. Horray 🙂

                    5. So Anonymous said, “I have little confidence they will do the RIGHT thing!”

                    This is ONLY thing where Anonymous got it right, 🙂 thanks.

                  • The 2nd Amendment is as American as it gets! That was a good link you posted noname regardless of what Anonymous said.

                    Anyone attempting to deprive any of us of our 2nd Amendment rights is a domestic enemy of the United States regardless of what kind of position they hold, unless of course they are a foreign enemy, i.e. the U.N., or China etc.

                    Hurrah and kudos to Congressman Steve Stockman who has told Mr. Obama to expect impeachment if he has the gall to use EO to infringe our 2nd Amendment rights!

                    Anything the libs attempt to pass against the 2nd Amendment is unconstitutional, illegal, and ill advised. Biden says, “If it saves just one child.” Well, what about the one child whose life it will cost because mama will no longer be capable of defending her children against home invasions? Riddle me that Mr. Biden!

                    It would be nice to see some law firms posted that will defend any and all who suffer harm for not complying with anything these domestic enemies of the United States manage to pass against our 2nd Amendment rights. Some people, choosing to ignore their anti-American laws, could be singled out and chosen to be made examples of by TPTB. It would be nice to know that we have some solid 2nd amendment supporting law firms that are ready to take up their cases.

                    (3) Attorney fees
                    In any action or proceeding to enforce this section, the court shall award the prevailing party, other than the United States, a reasonable attorney’s fee as part of the costs.”

                    the court shall award Shall means, it is not optional!

                    Maintaining and claiming your 2nd Amendment rights is voting beyond the ballot box, and a vote every patriotic American should make!

                    We all need to prepare our hearts to face the worse possible case, while hoping for the best. The worse case that doesn’t take your life can throw you into shock. Some of the worse cases can be beyond what we can imagine. Expect the Main Streambiased Media to demonize you, and for TPTB to perp walk you although we are all supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty by a jury of our peers. If you believe in the 2nd Amendment, all the people sitting on that jury should also believe in the 2nd Amendment else they are not truly your peers.

                    If we are law abiding citizens up to this point in time, then we are not of the black hat guys like Adam Lanza (if he really did it); we are of the white hat guys that would have put a fast stop to the Adam Lanzas of the world if they were not operating in gun free zones. Do your best to make sure all your actions are in alignment with those who wear white hats. It is foolish and immoral to penalize white hat citizens for what evil black hats perpetrate. Therefore their agenda is other than simply protecting children. But, we all know that. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.

                    “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

                    “In your struggle against sin you have not yet resisted to the point of shedding your blood.” Hebrews 12:4

                    “But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” 1 Timothy 5:8

                    “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.” Ephesians 6:13

                    “If anyone does not love the Lord, he is to be accursed. Maranatha!“> 1 Corinthians 16:22

                  • noname and NMBC,

                    NMBC – Everything you said, is what I said. What are disagreeing with? When the allowed EO’s are decreed by whatever president, they DO become law. I said construed because constitutionally speaking, these individual mandates were never intended to be law! And what are you talking about on the Supreme Court? Obama has NOT put one SC judge in place yet! It is still the same 9 judges there as when he took office. Did you read the above article at all? Even that writer says the same thing…this will end up in the SC.

                    Once again – when an EO is signed it IS seen as a lawful order and thus becomes law. Like I said above, it isn’t right, nor what the constitution intended, but it’s the way it is…like it or not.

                    Read up on this subject a bit more fellas before biting my head off!!

                  • NO executive order supersedes a constitutional amendment. He can sign EOs until eternity and it will have no effect

                  • Patrick Henry says: “NO executive order supersedes a constitutional amendment.”

                    I know that I am Pro-Constitution (especially the 1st and 2nd Amendment). 🙂

                    Obama, Dianne Feinstein (D) and the Senate are the ones you need to lecture, to stop them from altering our Constitution, moron.

                    You don’t need to lecture the audience and me. What you need to do is to provide at least one argument to show we can send to Democrat politicians and Dianne Feinstein so that she can’t change the 2nd Amendement.

                  • Anonymous

                    Hey dude, YOU need to lecture your politicians, not me.
                    It’s one of those – DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO THINGS.

                    I don’t expect Democrats to agree with me.

                    Since everything is dependent on electronics, they can be manipulated (altered, deleted, added) to fit their schemes and their propaganda. So you’re here trying to convince ppl, the Senate are NOT the ones to blame.

                    I am glad that you AGREE with the corrections I made to your mistakes 🙂

                    You said you would not trust the Supreme Court’s judgments, yet you said you want them to rule on the Gun control issue. If you don’t trust them, then WHY should you want others to trust them???

                    What a hypocrite you are!

                    The Wild Goose says:
                    “Hurrah and kudos to Congressman Steve Stockman who has told Mr. Obama to expect impeachment if he has the gall to use EO to infringe our 2nd Amendment rights!”

                    More propaganda, and they know it cannot be done!!!!!!

                    The Republican Party controls the lower house, and does not have enough votes.

                    The Democratic Party controls the house of Senate (the upper house) that has not and will not veto Obama’s Executive Orders, you know Dems will not vote against themselves or impeach Obama.

                    Trying to cover up their mistakes or to make themselves look good !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • FaceBookPage*

                  Thanks for the NW-area update.
                  Saw the same thing here in the Eastern South this past week end.

                  Prices were somewhat lower, but still high.

                  TULA & Brown Bear ammo 7.62x39FMJ was $200(+ tax) per 500rds(lowest price, some dealers were higher)…$405 for 1k rounds.

                  PMC/Aquila/Sellier & Bellot mfgr. 55gr/.223FMJ re-loadable/brass case, was $300-325 for 500rds…$605 & up for 1k rounds.

                  Decent MAK-90s were going for $850-950…& bare bones/straight-stick Bushmaster AR-15s were fetching $1250.00 plus!


                  While at the show……….

                  Struck up a conversation with a Neurosurgeon from Charlotte N.C.(hell I didn’t know what he was at the time)…I bought a case of ammo & he was right behind me & had a collapsible kick-kart in hand….he purchased 7 cases(7000rds) of .223 & 1000rds of 230gr/FMJ .45ACP…..I was headed out to the parking lot, as was he…..we loaded my case onto his cart & off we went…discussing events along the way.

                  I helped him off-load his booty into a killer SUV…we exchanged business cards(as his medical employer had worked on my back, a few years ago & he personally knew my saw-bones).

                  He lives in a SOLID gated community(high end place)….I live in the sticks/woods.

                  We talked for quite a bit, discussing current events…& I’ll never forget his parting words. He said… -(quote)-:….

                  …”I think, this time…its for real”!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • I sent the check off for the supercharger this afternoon. I was denied the 16 cylinder engine import. but I guess a 1000 horsepower is enough. For around town power.

                    I also saw many with carts. Buying 10 to 20 thousand dollars worth of ammo in one shot.
                    10 gun all the same.
                    I had case of glock mags. $80 each one guy bought 100 for cash didn’t even ask for a discount.
                    Even sold 2 of my girlfriend’s pink glocks. 1500 a piece. two sisters with there dad. He bought one of my ar10s.

                    And remember none of this compares to what was happening out in the parking lot. Most stuff never made it to the door.

                    And 75% of all the IDs I saw all day were from BLUE KING County. Most of the regulars (Junk Show Junkies)were there to just watch the show.

                  • FaceBookPage…

                    Funny you should mention ‘parking lots sales’…..saw the same damn thing here!!!! Heart warming, yes???

                    …and per the I.D. thing…….you would NOT BELIEVE the number of “””BEN FRANKLIN””” paper-portraits that were in circulation that day….everybody accepted them….no questions asked!!!
                    Hellova an I.D.!!!
                    Everyone knows “BEN”…………….


                    …bottom line….ole’ Ben is in some deep shit with the….REGIME!!!!



                    Stout hearts….to all!!!

                • same situation here in kentucky. went to a small show locally this past weekend. all ar types highly overpriced, no .223 ammo to speak of, plenty of AK ammo, 8 bucks a pop low grade. used AR clips 20-30 bucks. biggest crowd i’ve ever seen at this show. everybody getting along well, felt like a family reunion.

                • Nothing here in SWFL ,AR’s 3k at the pawn shop ,magpul $66 ,the only .223 is at the pawn shops $1.00 a rd.,no .22 any where ,they got some in a few days ago at walmart ,the stock guy told me he put them out at 8am and they were gone by 12pm .also there are very few subcompact carry pistols ,and when they get them in they dont stay long

                • There has never been a mass shooting at a gun show. Gee, I wonder why.

                  • If there is it will be Pros Real Pros and I will help them load their truck and wish them a good day.

                  • I guess no one understood my point.

                • Ammunition magazines would be restricted to seven bullets, from the current 10, and current owners of higher-capacity magazines would have a year to sell them out of state. An owner caught at home with eight or more bullets in a magazine could face a misdemeanor charge.

                  This is now becoming LAW IN NY STATE!!!


                  • I just read this and was dumbfounded that people have a year to “sell them out of state”. Unbelievable, let’s export our problems with “high” capacity magazines somewhere else. As for selling between states sit back and watch someone point out that the commerce clause in the US Constitution regulates commerce between states and use that as a means for stopping the sales and shipments of to other states leaving the current owners no choice but to get rid of them.

                    One other thing, does the legislation actually read that magazines will be limited to seven bullets? I’ve never put a bullet into a magazine, but I have put a round of ammunition into a magazine.

                  • The NY legislation does the same thing as Feinstein’s legislation. It changes the definition of an assult weapon from having two military characteristics to having one characteristic. The Springfield ’03 and ’03A3 with bayonet lug are now assault weapons.

                  • When you feel u need to hide um , its past time to use um!

                • Your notification to move away from Insurrection and Treason.


                  The Lord is Rightious in Judgement and Grace.
                  Standing by in Texas.

                • I bet you were surrounded by an overwhelming majority of White European descended Americans. I go to gun shows quite often, and the ratio I tend to see seldom drops below 90 percent White.

                  I like the comfortable feeling I always get, when surrounded by so many members of my extended racial family.

                  It is law abiding White people who these Communist gun grabbers lust most to disarm.

                  • Yes Tucker you are 101% right.But this time we will not cave to there desire to make us defenseless.

              • Of course, my brother Iowa.

                Then came Peter unto him and said: Lord, how often shall my brother offend against me, and I forgive him? till seven times? Jesus saith to him: I say not to thee, till seven times; but till seventy times seven times. —Matthew 18-21-22

                • John Q…

                  You’re a good man, sir!

                  Thank you for the ‘passage’….some of us -(me)- are on the course-side of righteousness!!!

            • Ditto, if one more person says “assualt weapons” should be banned, I will punch them in the face. At least Romney spoke at the NRA. Does Obama really think even a third of Gun owners will turn them in? I might as well get started reading a book on how to smuggle guns now.

              • Once again.

                Yes he does think he’s going to get them all.

                Last I checked… he has us all by the short hairs on health care now.

                Your papers are not in order, comrade. Looks like wife’s going to die on the operating table from the ban-hammer on your health care account because you… had a registered gun and we… never checked you off the list because you… “lost it”.

                To bad so sad fuck you.

                • It is, however, now time to push for impeachment.

                  For whatever reason.

                  I’m sure we can find something.

                  He wants to day fuck you to our rights, it’s time we say fuck you to his Presidency.

                  • Is there any doubt this was false flag now?

                    Huh not going as well as he expected eh? No one’s running to him to save them? Awww.

                    Plan B… just drop the fucking hammer?

                    Not a good idea…

                  • Yeah, impeach the dictator and get Biden as pres?

                  • Oh God.

                    … what a thought.

                    VAWA Joe eh?

                  • The Senate would have to convict, so impeachment is a waste of time.

              • Or buy a gunsmith lathe and a milling and drilling machine, thats where im going,

                • You still need the actions…..and that’s what’s regulated.

                  • Where you gonna get the brass?

                    I mean. Primer caps, brass casings, and projectiles. Molded lead will foul a semi-auto from what I’ve read. And the shell casings appear to have a tolerance band in the neighborhood of +/- 0.002″ on the length.


                    Nice gun!

                    No ammo…

              • I’ll be breaking them down and moving “parts” only…

            • This is for ALL members of Congress, Senate, POTUS, Judicial, right on down to the state and local levels, not just Democrats. They are ALL THE SAME. They are funded and protected by the same interests…ALL of them. There is NO DIFFERENCE. They are a cult, a gang, a ring, a cartel, a mob, the club that controls everything around us.

              Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that the governing elite will just magically allow us to vote or lobby away their wealth and power…ever. They have quietly declared war on liberty, prosperity, sustainability, the environment, families, communities, real spirituality, and above all the freedom for each of us to be who we are.

              Their interference and manipulation is the ROOT CAUSE of all harm, poverty, violence, destruction, chaos, and control we are experiencing everywhere, worldwide. This is by design. There was no other outcome that could be achieved as long as we stayed on this path. We must change this path.

              Prepare, prepare, prepare. You can’t say we weren’t warned time and again. Love and light to everyone…even those who wish to rule and destroy, for those so dim need all the light they can get.

              • The Supreme Court mybe the writers last resort it’s not mine

                • Our only hope once done is that the Supreme Court will quickly move to reject the President’s decrees.???

                  Mac are you serious???
                  The same Supreme Court that UPHELD OBAMACARE?

                  If that be the case..

                  we are indeed screwed!!


                  • Not screwed, just “forewarned.”

                  • So what happens if the great king does decree a ban on weapons..then what?

                    Wait for more decrees?

                    More bans?


                    they keep pushing and pushing and pushing

                    our backs are already against the wall financially
                    our country has been hijacked for how long?

                    and we keep “discussing” push back legislatively?
                    are we serious?
                    when is enough enough???

                    I’m done with all of this..

                    time to find some like minded patriots out there..

                    like the song..

                    “somewhere ..out there..”


                  • No they are when they start pushing this to the next step!! not the court fuckers but you know who.

                • @ Paranoid

                  As a schoolteacher, I have seen what happens to children who are bullied and nothing is done to really put a stop to it. “use your words” “try to reason with them”…. pardon my french, but that’s horseshit. The only thing that stops a bully is to make it crystal clear that their actions will never be tolerated.

                  These control freak anti gun zombies are nothing more than thugs and bullies. I WILL NEVER DISARM in the face of these hypocrite tyrants, who live in mansions inside gated communities with round the clock armed guards protecting them. This applies to all of these sawed off little fascists, from the President with his secret service, that wrinkly absurd little dwarf Bloomberg with his five armed guards, Diane “I carry a concealed weapon” Feinstein, and of course, all the ridiculous jackasses in Hollywood, who make millions off of movie violence, then crouch inside their bulletproof limousines with armed guards in front and back.

                  I will also never submit to being fingerprinted, or having my mugshot taken like a common criminal, or go through a second background check for weapons I already legally own; nor will I pay a 200 tax per firearm. And most importantly of all, in the unlikely event that rogue members of law enforcement get it into their heads that they get to be the Gestapo and try to bully me or mine, they will find that I have no intention of giving up so much as a single bullet of what I LEGALLY own, except in the defense of my life, freedom and property.

                  My right to defend myself does not actually come from the 2nd Amendment; this merely codifies it. It comes from nature and nature’s GOD. It is my right as a free man and indeed as a human being and a living creature. I will not be disarmed so that they can come back and collect me later on for “relocation” to some secret prison, or to be gassed and burned. I teach history, and I know that mass jailings and mass murder are ALWAYS preceded by disarming the intended victims.

                  Truth be told, however, I don’t believe for a moment that very many members of the law enforcement community will willingly go along with gun confiscation. I don’t see many members of the military going along with it either. I believe that the vast majority of the control freaks are the very people who do a lot of talking then think they can snap their fingers and then others will obediently do their damned dirty work. They don’t have the guts to do anything themselves.

                  • My thoughts exactly. I believe that Barak Hussein and his cronies are naive enough to think we’ll just follow any decree he spits out. I honestly don’t think they anticipate the kind of revolution they’re gonna get. Combine all police officers, active and reserve military personnel and you get 3.8 million. Gun owners 50 million. We’re the largest standing army the world has ever seen. Bring it on Barak.

                  • Bravo! Well stated. We need more teachers like you.

                  • SoS—
                    Beautifully stated.
                    You can see that Obama actually believes the SHit he is spouting. He actually believes that ,since he was re-elected, HE is speaking for ALL Citizens and the congress is going against the wishes of the citizenry. HE BELIEVES THIS TO BE TRUE. He does not care about What you or I want. He does not care about the constitution. He does not care about the Supreme court. In his mind he is the single entity to dictate the directioin of our Republic. HE IS A BULLY AND DICTATOR IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS. I also believe he suffers from Narcissistic personality disorder (Please Look it up) and he makes that quite obvious with his concern about his powers, the mental health system ETC while framing everyone who opposses his opinion or direction with many labels (racist, fear monger etc). I immediately call for a mental health evaluation of this individual.

            • Hail “King” of the liberals. Anyone doubting that liberals are totally full of it, look closely at that picture of BO, he is their king. Liberals worship him not as just a king, but their God. Liberals also put into very high esteem piers morgan and all the other anti-self defense radicals that want to take ALL our firearms. ALL firearms just like in liberal Europe. Anti-American = someone that wants your firearms and self defense = most if not all liberals. This is fact. Just ask a true blue liberal next time about gun rights to prove this.

              Those that want to take away your self defense are either part of the criminals, brain dead, or totally into some utopia based idealism (brain dead). Support the full protection of the 2nd. Amendment or lose all freedom one day, it is that simple.

              • BI – Corrupt politicians will never give you actual facts but I found a guy who lays it out straight. He shows actual facts about gun violence in the US vs UK. No spin, no whitewashing, no baloney, just facts. Click on my name and watch a short video that (at this moment) has been watched by 875,000. Let’s make it a million.

                • those videos are amazing everyone should watch and share those.

          • MAC,

            A. 2/3 of the SENATE votes can OVERTURN any Executive Order. Unfortunately, we currently have the Democrat Party controlling the Upper house (the Senate) + the White House .

            B. The Republican Party control the lower house. Anything the lower house submits to the upper house, it can be accepted or rejected by a vote from the Upper house.


            Our constitution has 3 branches with equal power which provides the “CHECK & BALANCE OF POWER.” But the mass media has repeatedly lie the public into believing Obama can do whatever he wants by using Executive Order, that’s not true.

            If the Democrat Senate House refuses to contest Obama’s Executive Order, then it’s the same as an APPROVAL.

            A NO VOTE IS AN APPROVAL. Our 535 Congressman/women are there to do their jobs, not to look the other way and to blame Obama for everything. Senators are well paid and have endless benefits & at the very least they owe the people who put them in office a VOTE on any issue.

          • Never thought I would see war within the United States but I guess anything is possible right about now . How will the patriots defend against biological agents? I have no doubt In my mind they will and probably are going to use them.

            • collodial silver?

        • The painting is woefully inadequate. His nose needs to be way further in the air, looking down on his subjects. Think Mussolini in his most audacious moments. Obamalini or Mussobama. Take you pick.

          • @Federalist

            How’s about the TelePrompter In Chief?



          • Barackalypse Obamageddon

        • You know, I think I’ll copy/paste & print that portrait ….then take it somewhere & have it enlarged to 24″x18″ or so……& order 50-100 copies as a trial run.

          …and since I possess several different sizes of layout compasses…I’ll chuck a black sharpie in them & draw the necessary concentric rings…..for scoring purposes!!!

          Yep….a new cottage industry for ‘Gunsmith’s Stuff/LLC’

          …whatcha think folks….reckon I could get $5 bucks a target sheet….in the current market environment?????

          • Unfortunately I think you would get a visit from the secret service, funny I never thought of that before, SS secret service,, hmmmm fishy eh

            • Kula(*ole-boy)…

              C’mon get a grip!

              This is merely an example of a “THUMB-in-the-EYE” exercise/protected political speech(per the 1st amendment…which the 2nd secures)…& those dip-shits know it!

              Have I threatened the ‘anointed one’…???

              ….am merely seeking to make $$$$ & much humor… the expense of his despicable MARXIST ass…..and those pole-smoking, limp-wristed camp followers that….worship him !!!

              Jezzus! Gimme a break…will ya????


              Per Iowa & others here…..FUCK OBUMMER & his handlers!

              …Come get all you can stand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • That just makes me tingley all over, keep the sense o humor bud

                • Kula…

                  Final invective was meant for the HNIC & his thug agencies…& referencing the opinions shared by all of us!

                  Nothing directed at you, pal!

                  We’re good!

            • Have plenty of empty Beer Bottles when they come knocking. Then they can add them to the assault weapons list too.

              Gov. bans beer bottles, Keg Beer Only!

          • I think you better be careful, you might have someone wearing a suit and badge knocking on your door.

            • Yep, its true. They read everything opn the net. Once visited someone’s house “looking for XYZ” even though the house was only a few years old and XYZ had not lived there. The someone had said something that was construed as more than derogatory about a protected person. You are probably now on the tracking list. Perhaps.

          • It’s more fun when you put a couple of Ketchup packets behind the forehead, much more fun!

          • I’ll take a dozen:)

          • Sign me up for a stack of 100 please

        • @ Iowa,
          I was thinking the mousetache is missing as is the raised right hand

        • The liberals are taking every possible step to shred the constitution and take our freedom away. The only way they want us to live, is their way. Government is no longer the peoples representatives. They have forgotten something very important. They work for us. Not the other way around. They are supposed to represent us the people. Instead the represent themselves and their own jaded agendas. I think the time is coming near that we need to remind them of their proper place in the food chain.

        • Fact. Vets and others who desire mental health help are not going for help due to reporting implications. Thanks, assholes.

        • … to bad it was just the computer. 🙂

      2. With the Dems soon to control the House in 2014 and the obvious plants Obama will put on the Supreme Court, the next 4 to 6 years will be a ride!

        • I disagree SS. Seriously this is so much like 1994 its not even funny. Once the libs take stupid steps against America’s gun owners they will unite and give the Senate to the “Rino’s” and the house will tay Dem/RINO/TeaParty mix. As bad as that sounds its a win for gun owners.

          Now if you guys think that pic of oloser in charge is bad you should see the Coumo compromises for gun control in NY going down – 7 round mag cap – some confiscations possible – oh BOY. I’m glad my niece in the FBI is located in North Carolina – none of that crap. And just think the libs were just touting Cuomotose as olosers’ replacement – LOL – that might make Sarah Palin electable.

          • I hope you’re right, but the dems will control it all as long as minorities continue to get the freebies. Holding freebies from the minorities is now viewed as racism. Its simple math.

            • Who would give me a thumbs down on my last comment? Really?

          • This nothing like 94 or 84. They were simple compared to how worried everyone is at the shows this time and I been though all 3.

        • Oh, there’s going to be a ride alright….Paul Revere comes to mind

      3. Wana see my shocked face ?

        • After you see my “Now I can declare war” face

      4. I mean take the pic off.

        1984 + 2013 = 1775 + 1776

      5. What’s the saying….A picture is worth a 1000 words?

        • People,

          the picture of Obama as King is not real!


          • I down-loaded it and printed it to see if I can have novelty toilet paper made from it to match the Obunghole urinal targets we have at the VFW!

            • You’ll end up with Swiss Toilet Paper. Trust me.

              • This is not funny in anyway what im saying but relating only to the paper targets only to be clear. but a low joke you could call it, you could print out Democratic giffords face on a papertarget and use but that would not be realistic since that papertarget already has holes in the target. that would be a low blow joke.

            • BRW,
              You could make MILLIONs. How can I invest? I would like my royalties in silver/brass/lead please.

              • Bulldog, we actually do have Barry and Hillary urinal targets. Hillary is the funest one because her mouth is open. Sadly the USURPER is doing to the Constitution what I want to do with his mug. When we have wildebeasts and border rats come to the VFW for weddings and such, they always complain about the targets. The post reports beer sales have almost tripled since the targets were installed.

            • @ BRW

              Sorry brother….was engaged in an sarcastic (typing) frenzy & had yet to read your post!

              1000 thumbs up to you/your idea…and “BULLDOG’s / IOWA’s response!!!!!!!!



              ….you know folks…if we cannot indulge in a little “gallows humor” & swap data/ideas/refreshing thoughts…in these difficult/dark times…then we are allowing the enemy to strip us of a portion of our humanity………thus, its imperative we counter said enemy…….at every level available to us!!!


              …I know of a custom order “bumper-sticker” print shop in Burlington, NC.
              I’m gonna stop in next week & order 300 bumper-stickers that read:……..

              MARXISM….the sexual lubricant of choice, of LIBERALS everywhere!!!

              • ….actually, I think I’ll order an additional 200 that read:…..(slight modification)….

                MARXISM…the sexual lubricant of choice, of the OBAMA/BIDEN regime!

                • How about:

                  “1% of US gun owners = an army of 1 MILLION”

          • @ Iowa (& everybody)!!!!!

            Listen up y’all….as Constitution loving entrepreneurs & free thinking Americans….let’s all do something that will drive the liberals & communists bat-shit crazy in the meantime!

            …and that is to figure-out/conspire/collude on ideas, so as to…make $$$$ off their agenda…by marketing their lunacy to their detriment…& our profit.

            Let’s make SARCASM & TRUTH our chief sales-reps.***

            ….call it a “profitable” flanking maneuver!!!!!

            ***(see earlier post #1027060 as but one example)


            Think hard folks….I know there are some real sharp minds here at MAC’s…..’cuz I’ve read their/your stuff….often enough!

            …and by the way, it must be a free reign deal….no trademarks or bullshit like that…if the idea is a good one….anybody can run with it….OK????

            I’m game!!!!

            • Like the ‘Join or Die’ Flag!


            • Go spend your worthless greenbacks on gold,silver,guns,ammo,stored food, supplies. They hate that shit.

              • KR, I can’t afford Gold and Silver, and I can’t find any Guns and Ammo, even if I had any worthless greenbacks to spend.So guess I’ll just have to store food. Trekker Out.

        • A picture is worth 1000 rounds

          • A liberal is worth a thousand turds.

      6. Some measures have already started either by design or by accident. Try buying .223 or 5.56.

        • Try buying 9mm in quantities over 20.

          • if anyone is looking for 9mm in sealed boxes send me a message on here. I have thousands and thousands and on and on of 9mm if so. priced right too for you.

        • TX Hillbilly There’s none up here in Colorado either at least at the local stores. I talked to this old timer last Saturday and he said they had 223 in on Friday night all gone by Sat.

      7. Wal Mart forbids store managers from ordering more ammo today.

        Come to think of it, I thought it was because everyone was buying it up, when I couldn’t find what I needed on Thursday night. Guess the decision was made before today.

        • I just sent an email expressing my disgust with walmart. I let them know they have totally lost my business. I think money talks and enough of us boycotting can help them change their minds.

          • Obama will just bail them out too..But Im with you on the dont spend a cent with wal-mart

          • I would tell that to Walmart but I’ve never stepped foot in a Walmart. It has to do with the off shoring of our manufacturing base.

            • How is that Wal-Marts fault? They are simply the end point seller. The tax policies of our various administrations have caused this. We have the highest corporate tax rate in the world which when added to Obummer care is going to kill our economy. There is no future for this country unless some drastics changes happen.

              • Wal-Mart can certainly help the way they pay and treat their USA employees!

          • I haven’t been to walmart in many a moon.

            • KR I haven’t been to Wal Mart for over a week. Maybe because it’s a 2 hour drive. Sure wish I knew the truth about Wal Mart. Some times it hard to weed out the lies. I think people that start the lies, for what ever reason, are just as bad as Osama Obama. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

              • I just gave a first hand account below. This came from the horses mouth. After I heard the rumors, then I listened to a Montagraph phone call on YouTube, I decided it was time I go investigate to be 100% sure. So, now that you’ve others talk about it, go do it. Get on the phone and call them. The rumors are over, they are putting a hold on delivery. That is a fact.

          • Walmart is Walmart they are not the only place to buy guns. They are hurting themselves.

        • Walmart did NOT “forbid” store managers from ordering more ammo.

          Just called my B-I-L, a manager at a local Walmart, and he said he’d heard nothing of the sort. Said the problem is they simply can’t get much of any with the national demand being what it is….it’s just trickling in…..and leaving the shelf within minutes of stocking it.

          • If you can get to a gun show, even if its a couple hundred miles away DO IT if you can. Get what you can, not what you want, but what you need. Spare parts, ammo, batteries, first aid stuff, quick clot, sutures, combat bandages, force multipliers- trip wire, night vision, motion sensors, flares. Hardware store stuff- two by sixes, large penny nails, square steel tubing, SAND BAGS, call in a ton of sand from your local gravel pit, it does not cost that much. Plenty of places to get stuff besides Walmart.

        • I can confirm this as a solid fact. I went to Walmart not to buy ammunition, but pretend to. I went to the ammo cabinet and it looked like Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard. All that was left in it was a lot of oddball shit nobody shoots and some shotgun shells nobody ever uses because it’s outrageously over priced turkey shot and copper plated buck.

          So, after I spent a few moments surveying the cabinet I soon went to the desk to talk to the Sporting department guy. I pretended to be interested in buying some .22lr, which by the way is empty everywhere and way overpriced for the shit you can get. I asked him when he expected a new shipment on .22lr.

          His response almost verbatim after a long pause and uncomfortable expression on his face: “Well,…I,..Uh, see I’ve been told by my manager that,…It’s come down from corporate that we can’t order any more ammunition until we see what Congress is going to do. We may just stop carrying it completely.”

          So there it is. I could tell the old guy was a shooter himself and he was disgusted by having to tell me this. I played nice and thanked him. I didn’t want to stir up any trouble with the old guy because it was obvious he was deeply bothered by it.

          I don’t know for certain where this is all going, but get your tire lead, molds, brass and powder ready. If this continues, ammunition will have to be made in your garage. It’s either that, or home made rail gun development. I sure as hell ain’t giving up shit, period.

          Be hanging that shit above my front door.

          • They are afraid and rightly so that the sale of ammunition will soon be illegal. I imagine that Wal-Mart has enough influence to be have been given the game plan before everyone else. I expect the hammer to be dropped at the state of the disunion speech.

          • I have a friend who works at a tire shop…I’m gonna start stocking up

        • Im in upstate NY our local walmart is out of almost every type of ammo including 22. I know cause I bought the last 3 boxes. On top of that the local gun show was pressured into not selling or even displaying ar style guns. The wife kids and I are going to vote with our feet and head to the redoubt or maybe south, hope theres time left. Ty to Mac and all of the posters here you help me stay informed and to not feel so alone there arnt a whole lot of like minded folks up here.
          No white flags just empty shell casings.

          • @ RP:

            Good luck to you and your family in your relocation. I really admire the decision ya’ll have made, takes a lot of guts, and faith in God. It is absolutely the right thing to do.

      8. The Kenyan half-breed can order anything he wants. I take my orders from THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES of AMERICA! MOLON LABE!! Just remember, Barry and friends, you started it!

        • Uhm….I have to correct your terminology regarding Obama.

          He is not simply “The Kenyan Half-breed”. He’s the “Kenyan half-breed bastard”.

          Carry on.

      9. Here we go ! Soon to come the next Civil war.

        • Christ45:

          It’s called a revolution. Like calling a magazine a clip, different.

          • By definition, it actually a Restoration, not a revolution. We’re not trying to overthrow any government, just restore the official Constitutional Republic per the agreement of 1789.

            • @ Sterling Silver


              “Restoration” or “COUNTER-revolution”!

              We must frame events now BEFORE the tribe’s media tries to demonize the “RESTORATION,” “the COUNTER-revolution.”

          • I think we have a little bit of both here. There are droves of senseless idiots who will go along with this administration. But it is in fact the Administration that is the problem.

            There were millions of people who thought people like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao did a good job.

            • The Revolutionary War was in effect, a civil war. There were loyalists to the British Crown….called Tories. Possibly as much as 1/3 of the population sided with the Brits.

              But I do believe it is coming. I don’t want it. But I don’t know that it can be avoided.

          • Call it what you will. By any account this was totally avoidable if TPTB had followed the rule of law and cherished the Constitution instead of dismissing it as so much folly.

        • Is there another way? I could at least respect Ol Jug Ears if he just got on tv and gave the public the finger and told us to go fuck ourselves but he is a sniveling little weasel (no disrespect to weasels), lawyer scum-rat, trying to do an end-around the Constitution, so what choice do we have? Its time to firm up your resolve everyone.

          • Ol Jug Ears, reminds me of the old cartoon “Archie”. Dems were the days. My old man says that the POS POTUS looks like a “hang glider” with those slabs on the side of his haid.

            • You NAILED IT…..Ol Gliderhead!!!

          • We said it in Kung Fu class. Strengthen the Will and Firm the Resolve. I am afraid my heart will have to be hardened what a shame it may come down to this. Good Luck Brothers and Sisters.

            • wise words grasshopper.

              • LOL!!!!!!!

                Damn PO’d…you do have a good sense of humor!

                Thumbs-up & thanks for the laugh…

        • Interesting thought on that one…

          Color me paranoid but… let’s go to comic book land for a moment here and in this Alternate Universe that resembles a James Cameron flick we have a civil war.

          Two things immediately stick out at me.

          1. Our currency totally collapses.
          2. China is rather… shall we say… “upset”. A-la that cheeseball remake of Red Dawn kind of upset.


          Interesting chess move, isn’t it?


      10. Oboma is looking for an armed insurrection so he can take control. What’s your guess that this is going to happen?

        • armed P: anything could be planned: terrorism, bio weapons, emp causing power outage, gas crisis, etc. Ammo is impossible to get in stores, heard Walmart quit selling it on the radio today. Sporting goods stores have some, but not common sizes.

        • Nail–consider your head squarely struck.

          AP: the answer to your question is that it will happen, following some false flag events and the deaths of a few sacrificial lambs attempting to enforce the new E.O., when the Statists can declare an emergency and impose totalitarian martial law. They are dusting off the plans as we read and write here.

          Must read Bracken’s ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC. He has it just about right.


        • “I didn’t hear no bell”.

          – Rocky

          • I did hear some trumpets blast though.

        • if it comes to that….God forbid….I hope the good guys can disable those UAV’s on the ground because once they’re airborne they’ll be out of reach.

          • @rifleman

            Let’s just hope our fellow patriots are good enough to take out the drones when the come home to roost. They have to come down for maintenance some time.

        • This could spiral out of control easily. Heavy handed edforcement tactics could easily torpedo the US economy if people are afraid to go to work for fear of some action while they are away. The Achilles’ heel of .gov is money. They have fearsome weapons, but said weapons require rivers of fuel and extensive maintainence. How many of their civilian employees own guns (hence finding themselves on the hit list) and will show up to work when their neighborhood suffers a missle attack? Once Blackhawks are flying around shooting up houses, who is going to go to the office? The economy schreeches to a halt and the money river dries up.

          The plan may be to break up USA. Some State is going to resist this and it could escelate from there. Witholding federal dollars, witholding tax money to .fed. Renactment of USSR breakup, which was not totally a bad thing.

          The smug bastards on Wall st. would shit if NYC was suddenly not the “finiancial nerve center” of USA. How big would the fincial sector be if the 401(k) scam melted down?

          The freebies (medicaid, ect.) are becoming a huge burden on the States. Federal dollars cover less and less of the tab.

          Ross was right. Follow the money.

      11. The Baltic Dry Index is making new lows while the Dow Jones Transportation Index is making new highs. Print, print, print… print print, print… print some bootie!

        The USA has been mentally disarmed. Once the lies are exposed, and the SHTF, the population had damned well be physically disarmed too. Print some royal decrees… and some bootie!



      12. The US Dollar is a Zombie (dead but kept alive by the Feds), the Vatican is expecting their satanic alien savior to arrive very, very soon, the US economy is a fraud, millions of sheeple are living in a coma induced hologram life, the Earth is fatigued and ready to do a massive shake, rattle and roll, The White House of Prostitution is trying to dismantle and destroy the constitution. And that’s just scraping the surface. Buttomline is something big is coming very soon that will jolt life as we know it. With that, armed Americans during civil unrest leads to civil war. That all said, I could be wrong here, but I think the surge in gun buying may be playing into the hands of what the globalist and elite want. They are provoking Americans to give them reasons to fire the first shots. And think about it… no matter how many armed American’s there are on the ground, the US Military rules the sky. So any overwhelming force on the ground will look up to see “falling skies” of bombs. Again, I could be wrong. But I think this is a calculated setup. As with chess, you make a move knowing in advanced all the counter-moves that can be made against you and you already have moves mapped out to counter those. And a good attorney never ask a question that he/she doesn’t already know the answer to. Let’s stand our ground, but let’s not do it with blind emotion and out of control rage that leads us into a trap.

        • This is another good reason to learn how to lead a target, i dont know if a blackhawk can take .308 match bullets or not but??? Good point though that they rule the skies, guess well have to make sure and download some instructions on how to fly!

          • ever mounted a FLIR to a telescope?gotta be away to track drones. what you can see, you can kill. there’s also decoy and trap. but ya gotta remember they control the high orbit also. battle space is from underground to the near earth orbit nowadays. scary, really freakin scary.

            • yep scary, thats why I got rid of my other AR’s figure I can only carry one, and if it comes down to us needing to use them for anything other than target practice I most likely wont last too long anyway and dont care, asthma, and not in excellent shape, hell Im a vegetable grower, not a freakin soldier of fortune, but I sure as hell am not laying down, am not registering or insuring anything not paying for any obamacare crap, or going along with any turn it in or else ultimatums, and when they shut off my water and electricity because I didnt go along with their crap, well, lets just say it aint going to be pretty. If im going to be labled as a criminal and they are going to make my life uncomfortable, Im going to make sure and give them exacly what they deserve from me. am thinking sort of like Fong in Patriots, come n get it fuckers.

              • Kulafarmer
                you could pre position weapons around your area,,different weapons give a different foot print,,


          • Yes they can take a 308. It would take alot of them or luck that few of us have. (Unless the polit think he is in no danger and leaves the window open.)Plus with the one wasted show they will then turn on you.

            • so what yer sayin is dont blow my cover,,,, :ob….

              • Or use a 338 375 416 or a 50. But your best defence is to let it fly by. Shoot and scoot.

                ANd remember where there are blackhacks. Usually Apaches are near by. And it would not tale long to bring all those cobras in Arizona back in the air.

                Remember the Super Cobra.

                • Was going to order a custom 338 Lapua but with all this hubub that has been going on and the inability to get components i stuck the money into other preps, sort of a bummer but such is life.

                  • Kula (ole-boy).

                    Heads up, bro!
                    If you possess the talent/skills sets to ‘TRULY’ utilize the potential of a .338 Lapua within its (total/complete) parameters….then sacrifice what you must….and buy one!!!

                    …as you’re most desperately needed by us/we….the resistance!

                    If not….stick w/ a quality .308 or .300Wmag
                    …as ammo for such….is more readily available!

                    Spend the remainder $$$ on good glass/optiks!!!!

                  • Agree unless you all ready are skilled at that level use your money somewhere else. You r to late in the game to learn/practice enough to make it worth it. 300m/30 06/308/7mm stick to them.

                    I shoot 50 but prefer the 416. It is not a cheap job to stay good at it. And I only concider myself a mark-man. Not a sharpshooter.

                  • A .22 rifle, with the most expensive supressor you can afford, is the best gun for the collapse. Yes you can have big guns but I question their usefulness.

                  • a .22 is a most useful weapon of properly used. A .22 semi-auto handgun with a silencer is the weapon of choice for some operators in the urban setting. Properly used a .22 is lethal. Not sexy or fancy, but very effective. Ammo is easy to get, cheap and ballistics are very difficult to obtain. Is used by operators in Europe and the Middle East.

                  • @ Gunny & Eisenkreutz…

                    For “real quiet wet-jobs” utilizing a suppressed .22lr pistol or rifle….you MUST use sub-sonic ammo!!!

                    Because the suppressor cannot silence/halt the ballistic ‘crack’ when the projectile exceeds approx +1100fps and breaks the sound barrier.

                    That said…

                    PMC used to make(maybe they still do), a 38gr subsonic called MODERATOR…(Black box w/ red & grey lettering).

                    Remington still mfgrs a subsonic HP w/ a velocity near 1050fps…very good/reliable ammo, btw.

                    Aquila mfgrs a 62gr LRN that pushes +950….but requires a different rifling twist-rate for accuracy out of a rifle.

                    RWS(German) still produces a 40gr subsonic HP that is very consistent per velocity…round to round. Its pricier than the Remington & a little bit better, per consistency, but a lot harder to find.

                    Additionally, if one is to employ an off the shelf semi-auto pistol/rifle for spook-job entertainment purposes….you had best scrounge up a reduced tension recoil/bolt spring, methinks…..for reliable feeding of follow-up rounds.

                    Your best bet for a suppressed rifle….is a modified bolt-gun!

                  • Gemteck came out with a round designed from the beginning to be used with their suppressors. It works Gooood.

                  • Funny you should mention GEMTEK.

                    One time long ago, I had the opportunity to test a country-boy’s modification of a Marlin Camp-45 (a .45ACP carbine)….he removed the barrel, turned down & threaded the end & installed a home made accessory onto it…..damn thing was surprisingly quiet, accurate….and reliable.
                    Test ammo was standard/off the shelf Winchester 230gr/FMJ.

                    Although the impact point changed w/ the addition of the accessory….grouping was still good & was easily compensated for…..via tuning the Bushnell red-dot sight.

                    Everything was done ‘at home’….on his Smithy lathe/mill combo machine!

                    Sadly…he’s dead now….massive stroke!
                    But I can hear him yelling from a distance…..saying:

                    …”Damnit…shoot the sons-o-bitches if you have to…never surrender!”

                    ****(Rest in Peace Wally…we’ll get around to it soon enough)****

        • WAR speaks wisely. They would have figured a way through corporatism to choke munitions and arms supply long ago. They want us armed.

        • Well said!

        • War–sounds like you listen to Steve Quayle and Hagman and Hagman.

        • War, very well spoken. TPTB will be sacrificing many of their own with air attacks. Remember, tptb don’t expect us to be on the offense. Just in case though, they will have satelites covering as much as possible and they have sensors to detect any movement around their locations.

        • @WAR
          You can’t win a ground war from the air

      13. The preamble to the Bill of rights says,” The Conventions of a number of the States, having at the time of their adopting the Constitution, expressed a desire, in order to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers, that further declaratory and restrictive clauses should be added: And as extending the ground of public confidence in the Government, will best ensure the beneficent ends of its institution.”

        The Second Amendment says, “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

        What is so hard for the folks in DC to understand about that?

        Give me liberty or give me death, we can hang together or we can hang separately, etc.

        • @mirbach
          I am with you so if anyone out there knows how to connect with like minded people then we need to get that info to all of us. Ihave said the devil is at your door it is time to torch the son of a bitch from a Kenyan Muslim, anyone have any info or ideas ?

      14. I would not hold my breath waiting on the Supreme Court to do anything that deals with the 2AD. They have had opportunity again and again in the past and shucked their duty time and again.
        POTUS has an agenda and he will carry it out, no matter if it is legal or not. America MUST BE disarmed come HELL or HIGH WATER. They have showed their hand and they must go forward NOW or it will be a long time before they will be able to do it again.
        The first to go will be ammo, so buy all you can now, reloading supplies etc., next Hi Cap Mag’s, but if he decides to BAN SEMI-AUTO’S by E O then I feel ALL BETS are off; The party will begin very shortly.

        Patrick Henry said it best-“GIVE ME LIBERITY OR GIVE ME DEATH”.

      15. He’s black jesus, he can do whatever he wants!!!

        • He’s not black.

          He’s a white piece of shit!

          • @Iowa,
            As a WHITE, anglo-saxon, protestant, I must object to your reference to whites. Afterall, mulatto is NOT a color!!!

          • Actually He’s Gray. Now if he’s half and half is he the first black president, or is he just another old white guy president. Trekker Out.

        • @chuckles

          I know several black gun owners in my neck of the woods who will NEVER give up their legally acquired weapons. Their opinions of “black jesus” are, these days, mixed at best

          • I dont think there is any color designation for being a patriot,

            • No, but 99% of you are angry old white men.

        • I didnt know they stacked shit as high as Pambi.

      16. You really are looking thru rose colored glasses if you think this supreme court will go against a decree by the BMB masquerading as the president of all the people of this country. What a crock. The run on buying guns and ammo is a testement to the trust the blood and guts backbone of this country has in the BMB.

        • I don’t disagree with you about the Supreme Court… But they are all that would be left to stop such an Executive decree.. I don’t know the specific legalities of it all, as it is fairly complicated – maybe Congress can do something, but with the Senate primarily libs, we’d be in trouble of the Supremes don’t act.

          • actually Mac, the Supreme Court is irrelevant either way. If they stand up to the boy who would be king, he’ll just issue an executive order.

            The real rub will be to see just how many LEO and military will actually obey a confiscation order. Even those who have a hankering to be a new Gestapo will be worrying about their continued ability to come home every night after work

        • “You really are looking thru rose colored glasses if you think this supreme court will go against a decree by the BMB masquerading as the president of all the people of this country.”

          You’re right and Obama was the best Constitutional Law Professor ever! LMFAO!

      17. This just in!!
        *Walgreens to air-drop emergency shipment of high blood pressure medication to Alex Jones!
        *Ted Nugent buys Roy Rogers’ trick guitar/rifle from movie set. Adds electric amplifier and converts it to full auto 5.56 caliber!
        In a possibly related event, White House orders 60 cases of Depends undergarments…. updates to follow…

        • @SmokinOkie…

          You’re fun.

          • @Iowa – yep, he is certainly is a keeper. If I didn’t get a dose of Smokin’ occasionally then I’d go very N’O… pszzzz.
            Thankful beyond words to have N’O & et al. out keeping watch – it takes a steady eye out there.

            ‘drop bread crumbs every chance you get ~..~ you never know when you have to back-track.’ Travel careful, it’s getting a little ugly;) TG

      18. Summer 2016 Executive Order: There being no need for a Presidential election in 2016, I hereby order that no further action be taken to conduct such an election, and I hereby declare that I will remain President for as long as it suits me.

      19. OOOOHHHH!! Shoot this thang!
        –Jerry Clower, 1972

          • I named my rooster “skeets” from one of his tapes I got cause he described this rooster to a T.

            • Where’s the Leadbetters?

              • I loved this guy in the army…..

                We would be on the firing line ready to shoot, someone would scream,
                “Hey Marcel, shoot that thang!!!” and we would open up.

                Thanks Iowa

          • Thanks for the link Iowa. 🙂

            • I got your back and your 360.

              Can you feel that in your stomach? When your countrymen are waking up to the sound of the MILLIONS OF PAUL REVERES, only after ignoring the warning for years!

              DALY CITY BABY!

        • Hulloe Yall

          I jus got dun goald pannen downe at the crik tadai wit grandmahs platez noo luk so

          I checque the snakes fore eaarthcake signs butt dey seeme happi ane nott squirmene aroun cept the one i fed too the pigs —dat one squirme sumethin fearce hehehe

          Gus –mye goat wuz actin funnley like –he choke on sume rattel snake jerki

          I saww goobur tadai he mye naybor —we is fixin ta sende a lettore to worshingtone
          Bout dem to leve us alone —we is sendin a jugg of our beste moon shyne az a prezent
          fore da prezident obammi —-hehehe wen he drinke our shyne he wille leve oure gunz
          Alone fore shure —–he wil be to happie ta want too teke Elvis gunne ore yu alls

          Gude bie fore now seee yu all tamaroe

          Yur freind

      20. I continue to purchase and stock up on reloading components. It is now getting difficult to get even that. Try finding small pistol primers.

        • I bought some small pistol, small rifle, and large rifle primers at Weidner’s in Johnson City, TN week or so back.

          They appear to be out of stock on most all primers now. (just checked) I assumed that was going to happen, which is why I ordered mine.

          Had to stand in line for 20 minutes to get in the door. Thursday is their only day for local pickup…..everything else is mailorder.

          I guarantee I saw $50,000 worth of stuff come out the door past me while I waited.

      21. Grab whatever you can get your hands on.

        Even If you dont need it or have it

        You may be able to assit a fellow Patriot in want of Something.

        Dark Days are on The Horizion.

        Do the best you can.

        • Amen Titan.

        • Were all here for each other.

          No man left behind.

        • TT,

          Very spot on sir, if people run across primers and powder buy deep and make friends with some of the others in the reloading store… Even if you do not reload buy it all….


      22. Bring it on U blue gum half breed. Lets get it over with so we can get on with our lives and hopefully in peace. Molon Labe.

        • Half Breed?

          Rule #1 Don’t talk racist when people like me have German and African blood running through their children’s veins.

          Rule #2 You still have a right to say it.

          • Mexican women are the greatest joy of my life. They are family-oriented and cuddley. They make great pets.

            But non-whites are not fit to lead anything.

            We should have known that in Pambi.

            • So you like sex with animals? Dumbass racist.

        • I didn’t thumb you up. I just now thumbed you up.

          FUCK OBAMA!

          • I didn’t thumb you down.

            Man, I’m getting old at 33.

            • @Iowa

              You’re only as old as you feel. Me, I’m about 11 or 12 🙂

              Btw, if anyone’s interested, Obama is a fucking space alien. At the very least, I’m not seeing the slightest trace of anything human about this soul-less POS, white or black

      23. fellow patriots- u r so right. the communists in charge ARE very smart, and as the low life lawyers most of them are, they kno all the loopholes and ways to get what they want. And if they cant find a way to do it with the Constitution in place, they can always stage a ‘false flag’ event to allow them to suspend habeas corpus and the Constitution. And then, implement the tyranny. my friends, our backs are clearly up against the wall. what will we all do? time for some self reflection. hate to be the bringer of bad news, but its reality. we are COOKED

        • we are COOKED.

          I’d say we’re half baked.

        • Have couraage BOHICA, there are millions more of us than they know. And they aren’t nearly as smart as they think they are. Liberty will not go down without a fight!
          If the tyrants want a showdown, they’ll have one. And, regardless of the cost to us individually, we will ultimately prevail.
          We’re not ‘cooked.’ We are COCKED. Free men will not be disarmed and made slaves. We may die, but we’ll die FREE MEN!

          • ty smokie…i weep for my sheeple brothers in ohio..i wepp for my wife who doens see the truth for what it is. she has sealed our fate by denyin the obvious. i will fight2 the end, do the right thing. hear that dhs fags?

          • Amen…Smokin-oh!

            -quote-…..We’re not ‘cooked.’ We are COCKED. Free men will not be disarmed and made slaves. We may die, but we’ll die FREE MEN!…..-unquote-

            …to which I may add:….

            “Yeah…& we’re gonna be a bunch of “expensive SOBs” too….the enemy better pack a lunch and bring plenty of body bags….’cuz they’re in for a LONG F**KING DAY!!!!

      24. Don’t panic yet. Obama doesn’t have the authority.

        The real problem is with your State Legislature’s. Get to

        know your state Senators and Representatives by mail and


        Stay Brave

        • I agree. There is no authority. The problem is they THINK they have the authority. Once an EO is signed, it’s game on. They are going to move VERY quickly in the hopes of making these provisions as irreversible or difficult to reverse as possible.

          My guess is that any EO will be met with immediate legal opposition.

          Nonetheless, they will likely try to come at this via the interstate commerce clause, as well as some sort of federal regulation and legal requirements over face-to-face transfers. And, just as they targeted online poker several years back, they will not necessarily outlaw ammunition sales, but perhaps target the banks directly by forcing them to no longer accept payments from online distributors because age of purchaser cannot be verified, etc. etc.

          They have a lot of ways to come at this and can cause such confusion and panic that the merchants and distributors will be afraid to sell….

          We’ll know soon enough. But whatever it is, it’s not going to be pretty.

          • Mac,
            Exactly, and if all else fails they will just get the rinos to go along like they have every other time since boner took control of the house. These guys dont care. He feels that his being re-elected (yeah right) gave him the right to do anything he wants. That is what you get with the education and upbringing that he recieved.
            It is almost go-time. Time to Gurd your loins and be ready to defenf what God gave us.
            I would quote mel gibson (brave heart) but that would be too cheesy

          • as i amze myself at BHO’s audacity 2 circumvent the constitution, i think of my brother who preceded me, us all. what were freedom loving patriots in nazi germany, moa-ist china thinking as the hammer was put down on all of them
            i am amazed at the irony of how history repeats. old floppy ears is leadin the charge for the second commy recolution.

            • Amazing isn’t it what he gets away with with no push back and no criticism allowed. The magic negro indeed, I have a feeling that this is going to end much worse than any of us can imagine. I wonder when they are going to go after the food production industry.

              • John W: There’s little to no push-back because the media and other friends portray anyone who questions the “Great Annointed One” as a racist. Now that he has his second term, he’s feeling his oats ans will do all the things he was affraid to do in his first term. Guns, parts, ammo, and all related products will become more restricted with each success Obama has. His goal isn’t just gun restriction but total contol of all aspects of self protection. The reason people have “assault weapons” is to prevent tyrants from crushing the masses just like King George tried to do. In 1775 the British had the best assault weapons of the day and they were coming to take away the guns of the colonists when Paul Revere and the others made their famous ride to warn them. Historians say that “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes”. This could end badly.

                • For most that post here the US military is something they never see. We live on the Eastern boundary of MCAS Miramar. The hills there overlook many blocks of our immediate area.Just had two CH-53 heavy helos go over low on their way to Yuma. This goes on all day in addition to F-18s and Ospreys. This gives me a different perspective than most of you who only see govt. power on the TV. Alot harder to post the brave fight to the death nonsense when you live right next door to the emperors hammer of power.

          • Ruger is down the street and around the corner. I wouldn’t recommend any Rogue Administration try and shut it down.

            Not in Arizona. WE have too many Patriots here.

          • The US is a corporation with foreign ownership. A constitutional congress has not been convened since before the civil war. That is why Lincoln had to issue the first executive orders as has every president since. There was no constitutional quorum due to the succession of the south. As of the Act of 1871, the US ceased being a republic and the constitution became an adapted bylaw document with minor but important modifications.. At best, the congress and supreme court provide an appearance of checks and balances. All of this goes much deeper than what you think you are seeing on the surface.

            • Act of 1871 also ceded citizenship of we the people from the individual states to the United States of America, Inc.

              Pity that so few “educated” people know the important details of forced admiralty law…

          • @ Mac

            This POS can make all the “executive orders” he wants… who’s he going to get to carry them out? I’m trying to picture the sort of law enforcement officer who would go along with this, and they are the very kind who will protect their skins when it turns out there’s not so much fun being a Gestapo bullyboy

            • Remember that National Police force he was talking about when he first ran? I think you have your answer. Once he grants amnesty he will have no trouble getting all the recruits he wants to settle scores.

              • The illegals have no allegience to .gov. They will take the freebies and then turn on it in a minute. The “path to citizenship” is a joke. Most illegals have no interest in citizenship. They have the best of both worlds right now. Theirs is largely a cash economy already.

                If the .gov cash river doesn’t flow freely, they will get off the train. There is a laundry list of things that can cause the cash machine to seize up.

            • I think the police and military are cowards who will cave and do whatever the shitbird wants them to. I hope I’m wrong. When I see a man like the Kentucky Sheriff, Im the first to send a communique and tell ’em I’ve got their back for whatever its worth.

              • They dont want your kind of filthy racist trash.

                • I never made racist comments in my life outside of Pambi.

                  • LMAO! Oh, so you’re retarded too.

      25. gun control is needed by the govt. before rioting starts when the economy collapses…..cant have mobs of people rioting in the streets and have guns when martial law is stated. think about it

        • Zing!

          Daly City California!

        • Correct. Thats what the national registry is all about.

      26. As I have asked several times on this blog.

        ‘Does anybody really believe we will have a Presidential election in 2016?’

        • I’d give what I got for just the certainty of a 2016.

        • I don’t know.

        • No way will there be another election in 2016…..!

          • Do you not realize at this late date that if there is an election in 2016, it will be between two bought and paid for whores of the bankers? It matters not who shall run or who shall win; It matters what we must eventually do and do…we shall!

        • Of course there will be an election… these people are not dumb… why let the cat out of the bag when you can keep the majority of the people in the dark, eating EBT food, and talking on Obama phones… Everything will be slight of hand and most people have NO IDEA of half the shit that goes on… and that includes intelligent people… Like the ones that think there is a way to balance the budget and possibly pay off the $16+ trillion in debt… THERE IS NO WAY PEOPLE! If interest rates go up even a percent or two… or god forbid to the historical average of 5%, the debt absolutely explodes in 10years! Yeah yeah, the FED pays most interest back to Treasury… The spending will still make your money worth that much less thorugh inflation. Food, fuel, GUNS, AMMO, everything! And do you think 10% of the population understands actual inflation… HAHA, No effing way!

        • nope…old floppy ears is it, til some loser dhs sniper gets lucky and knocks me ded

        • Ugly,are you sure we had a real election in 2012?

        • Yes, I do, and if asked, I may just run myself! O’bummer will lose any support he has in the elections of 2014 and lawsuits filed against his illegal election, fraud, forgery, and perjury will put him in jail long before then. He is hoping that the next POTUS will pardon his crimes against US.

          Just saying.

          • You goin to use the same retarded courts that libs use?

        • We did not have one in 2012. It was a forgone result from the start. They had the means to make as many votes as they needed.

        • Ugly, there has not been a presidential election in decades. Just a circus put on every 4 years.

      27. And only two EO’s have been overturned by the courts … see

        To date, U.S. courts have overturned only two executive orders: the aforementioned Truman order, and a 1995 order issued by President Clinton that attempted to prevent the federal government from contracting with organizations that had strike-breakers on the payroll. Congress was able to overturn an executive order by passing legislation in conflict with it during the period of 1939 to 1983 until the Supreme Court ruled in Immigration and Naturalization Service v. Chadha that the “legislative veto” represented “the exercise of legislative power” without “bicameral passage followed by presentment to the President.” The loss of the legislative veto has caused Congress to look for alternative measures to override executive orders such as refusing to approve funding necessary to carry out certain policy measures contained with the order or to legitimize policy mechanisms. In the former, the president retains the power to veto such a decision; however, the Congress may override a veto with a two-thirds majority to end an executive order. It has been argued that a Congressional override of an executive order is a nearly impossible event due to the supermajority vote required and the fact that such a vote leaves individual lawmakers very vulnerable to political criticism.

        • you forgot andrew jackson told them f off also.and they did.

        • 100 million American gun owners hold the veto in their hands. In an emergency election, “VOTE”.

          • If you really believe that the gun owners of America will stage some kind of revolt I would guess that you are sadly mistaken. It won’t happen. We will bend over and take it like we always have, we are too conditioned to do otherwise. We have had it too good for too long with a system that actually worked and we just will never admit how bad things are until they are loading us on the cattle cars for our trip to Summer camp.

            • John W: You may bend over and take it in the ass from a Rogue Administration, but I suspect that you do that now anyway … and like it! 🙂

              There will be blood on the streets of America if the Kenyan moves to take American guns. I will bet the farm on that.

              You can sit in the bleachers with the rest of the girls. LMAO! John are you just a troll or do you actually receive a paycheck from the Cyber Squad ?

              Even a blind man can see the writing on the wall, as he can hear the sound of lock and load as magazines are being inserted into magazine wells as WE speak.

              Violence will happen. Lots of violence. This gun grab is a major miscalculation by the NWO PTB. O’Bummer would have been smarter to try this after the next Congressional elections when the economy is in much better shape.

              Now WE can see his true colors! Game on! WE win! Thank you Lord! 🙂

              • You meatheads arent going to do shit. Youre going to hand over your guns like the Bambi tells you. Good little sheeple.

            • FUCK-OFF**—**John W….

              For…Ye are yellow hued & harbor the stench of cowardice about thee…& ye are thus a troll, employed by the ENEMY!!!

              Thou hast been outed, marked & identified….begone dip-shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              ….and take your regime’s defeatist attitude/psy-ops/propaganda….& shove it up your damn ass!!!

            • John W I think the primer will be when the “Had it easy” parents see their child/ren start to suffer.

              I sold 2 Glocks to two sister and there father bought an ar 10. When I saw them later they had much muck more. I saw the look in the fathers eyes. He wasn’t there for himself he was there for them.

              No he did not look “skilled” but he was not going to be unprepared. I also saw him at the learner tables and he left with alot of the BOOKMANS stuff.

              The look in his eyes can make up for being late to the party. At less he’s bringing the the chips.

              I will be there to help him Bring the Rain.

            • john w: your comment is realistic and true. yours is the only mature comment ive read here.when the shit hits most of these keyboard assaulting tinhorn amateur rambos will piss their pants. as for the really brave ones, i hope they dont stumble onto my property, i dont give a goddam what color they are, what their politics are, or who they voted for, lead will fly. fact is these insecure petty whinners just cannot stand the fact that a darkie was lawfully elected via constitutionaly legal democratic process. did they really expect that shithead billionaire robme to be elected? for the record, i am white, 60 years old, and prepped. tone it down weasles.

          • No offense DK…

            …but a very minor correction is in order.


            100 million American gun-owners hold the
            “VETO” power in their hands…..

            Yep, you’re right, imo….it is known as a 3 1/2 to 6lbs trigger pull!!!…coupled w/ talents…the enemy fears & envies!!!

            That’s why they’re earnestly desiring to disarm us!!!

            ‘Tis truth….never doubt!!!

            • From what I saw this weekend the number is high. It is growing. But the late comers are looking at there front door only and how to stay safe.

              Now I will still take that. Every Door they cant break is one that slows them down. Plus I have seen both a man crack at the first shoot and a fighter being born.
              Hell think of the women that will be pissed when you screw up her floors.

          • vote by “punching the ticket” when barry soetoro, soledad obrien , and piers morgan come to get your guns.

            • no hanging chads either, punch the ticket hard, if the chad is hanging, punch it again.

      28. Banning them may not be imminent, but demand/supply requires getting your body armor & night vision squared away now before availability drops & prices rise more there, too.

        – Shane

        • If you are not use armor now. You will most likely not be able to use it effectively. Only if you have the extra cash do it now. Look at more firepower. I hate my armor still do keep a set around for when I might have to go in somewhere only. Remember Shoot and Scoot.

      29. This is what the constitution says the powers of the president are. I don’t give a rusty fuck what the halfrican may proclaim, it aint nothing to me. And I will not obey any of it, not a single word.

        Article II
        Section 1.

        The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same term, be elected, as follows:

        Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or person holding an office of trust or profit under the United States, shall be appointed an elector.

        The electors shall meet in their respective states, and vote by ballot for two persons, of whom one at least shall not be an inhabitant of the same state with themselves. And they shall make a list of all the persons voted for, and of the number of votes for each; which list they shall sign and certify, and transmit sealed to the seat of the government of the United States, directed to the President of the Senate. The President of the Senate shall, in the presence of the Senate and House of Representatives, open all the certificates, and the votes shall then be counted. The person having the greatest number of votes shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of electors appointed; and if there be more than one who have such majority, and have an equal number of votes, then the House of Representatives shall immediately choose by ballot one of them for President; and if no person have a majority, then from the five highest on the list the said House shall in like manner choose the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by States, the representation from each state having one vote; A quorum for this purpose shall consist of a member or members from two thirds of the states, and a majority of all the states shall be necessary to a choice. In every case, after the choice of the President, the person having the greatest number of votes of the electors shall be the Vice President. But if there should remain two or more who have equal votes, the Senate shall choose from them by ballot the Vice President.

        The Congress may determine the time of choosing the electors, and the day on which they shall give their votes; which day shall be the same throughout the United States.

        No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States.

        In case of the removal of the President from office, or of his death, resignation, or inability to discharge the powers and duties of the said office, the same shall devolve on the Vice President, and the Congress may by law provide for the case of removal, death, resignation or inability, both of the President and Vice President, declaring what officer shall then act as President, and such officer shall act accordingly, until the disability be removed, or a President shall be elected.

        The President shall, at stated times, receive for his services, a compensation, which shall neither be increased nor diminished during the period for which he shall have been elected, and he shall not receive within that period any other emolument from the United States, or any of them.

        Before he enter on the execution of his office, he shall take the following oath or affirmation:–“I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

        Section 2.

        The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States; he may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

        He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States, whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by law: but the Congress may by law vest the appointment of such inferior officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the courts of law, or in the heads of departments.

        The President shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session.

        Section 3.

        He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in case of disagreement between them, with respect to the time of adjournment, he may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper; he shall receive ambassadors and other public ministers; he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and shall commission all the officers of the United States.

        Section 4.

        The President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors.

        • Throw the Books at them, you know, like…


          • Those guys know neither book. You would have to read it to them, not throw it.

          • SCREW THAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!!!
            We must respect & protect those precious manuscripts!

            …instead, tie stout ropes to the tops of lamp-posts…and hang the guilty sons-o-bitches & the elite banking bastards responsible for corrupting them….and contaminating/destroying……our country…our Constitution….and our civilization!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Forgot to add…………

              ….no quarter requested of them….no quarter will be given…by our side either!!!

              This is it!!!

              …the ball is in their court!

              Game on………………………………………….!!!

          • How about a Phone book aside the head. Downtown Atlanta copy.

          • Dont throw the Bible.

      30. I have never seen such out right lies from a President in my life time. All you idiots that voted for him don’t realize that when the purge starts you will be the first to be eliminated.

        Yeah you; the one receiving all the redistribution, disability, food stamps, WIC, extended unemployment, welfare, tax credits and the ones that feel they are entitled to reap the benefits of my labor.

        When you realize the government produces nothing maybe you will start to understand your peril. The primary method to eliminate you will be Obamacare. It doesn’t matter if its incorrect treatment or no treatment, your just as dead.

        Think about Planned Parenthood; they killed over 900,000 babies in 2012 and called it choice. Whether you agree with PP or not you helped fund it with your tax dollars.

        Compared to Planned Parenthood all death by ballistic projectile barely register as a percentage.

        If they get gun control you can’t stop them from giving you the bitter pill of Tyranny.

        Wake Up America tyranny is not coming next year, it here!!!

        • If you’ve never seen hundreds of lies told by a President before, you must not have been paying attention most of your life. Just saying…

          • There has never been a president as good at it and as big a liar as this one. He also is on TV every single day. I am sick of seeing and hearing him but I am sure that when he gets installed as dear leader for life we will get to listen to some Fidel like six hour long harangues.You must be delusional to think that there has ever been a disaster like out current one.

            • People say the same thing about every President. Nothing new here. Maybe I am delusional, but I have heard the same shit over and over for many years and I am tired of it.

              Sometimes people don’t realize how biased and repetitive they are.
              I love being free of political affiliation, because I can see through the bias and focus on the mindsets of the people. They follow one group or another like sheep. Even here in a supposedly “awake” site, I still see many sheep and they likely don’t even realize how their bias fills them with hate and prejudice.

              • I’m glad you can see so clearly. Last time I thought I could see so clearly I was wearing rose colored classes and had a bit of Mr. Natural. That was 71, but I was sure I could solve the worlds problems.

                You drank the kool aid and you think you can see two parties when in fact it’s only two sides of the same coin.

                Maybe we should look at his press conference again, but this time lets try to see what he said that was true!!

                • It is two sides of the same coin, but try telling that to someone who doesn’t see things like I do. They won’t listen. They will continue their hate parade.
                  “That was 71, but I was sure I could solve the worlds problems.”
                  I don’t think that by any means. Problems will only be solved when people unite under a common cause. Hate, prejudice, political parties, only create division amongst the people.
                  The difference between me and a someone passionate about being a Liberal or Conservative is this:
                  They are BIASED to usually disagree with one side and to often insult and bash that side while praising their own. It is like a sports event, but politics is hardly a a game.

                  I tend to always read both sides of the argument and pick and choose what I want to believe without feeling the need to follow any specific political ideal. Sometimes I side with the Conservatives, sometimes I side with the Liberals. It depends upon the matter. I do not classify as either, but as a mixture of the two. One can not exist without the other after all.

            • John W….I think your right. This next phase in America will make the Civil War look pretty simple. America is very asleep.

              Americans don’t ask questions anymore. They have become very simple-minded. All financial trends since 911 shows problems. The printings are the icing on the cake. This will result in a fiscal and social meltdown.

              The end result is civil unrest for food, water, medicine, heat, shelter, etc.

        • I seriously doubt that very many folks on this site were stupid enough to vote for the crack smoking homo.

        • I don’t agree with abortion but if there is a silver lining to that very dark cloud over US, it is the fact that those victims would probably grow up to be grazers re-populating the next generation of “give me, take me, buy me, feed me, phone me” liberals calling for gun control and illegal immigration.

          Ok, so I am an optimist. 🙂

      31. The Constitution confers no such authority as the power of “Executive Order” to the president or anyone else. No such power exists. Or did I miss that part of the document? I just read it completely, for the hundredth time, and I don’t see it.
        Therefore, there is NO lawful authority attached to ANY executive order. Free citizens will respond accordingly to such mythical emanations, and treat them with the contempt which they deserve.
        Your rights come from God. Or, if you prefer not to believe in a diety, they come from the fact of your being born a human. You HAVE those rights automatically. The United States Constitution merely enumerates (lists in writing and reaffirms) them.
        You have many more rights than are listed, and the document itself even affirms that truth as well. (Amendment IX and Amendment X)
        Only by an amendment to the Constitution can any right be changed, taxed, licensed or prohibited. And only then by the peoples’ acceptance of, and submission to, said amendments.
        No legislation passed by Congress, and certainly no ridiculous ‘executive order’ can overturn those rights which you naturally posess. Neither can ANY ruling from any court, including the Supreme Court Of The United States remove those rights. You only lose them if you willingly submit to the alleged authority of the liars and tyrants who seek to be your masters. Don’t Submit!

        • Okie what your saying is true, but they through the rule book (Constitution) out years ago.

          America is beyond political repair without revolt. I personally don’t think the ballet box will work because too many Americans just don’t care. Think about it, less then half of all eligible voters are even registered.

        • Right on Okie. The problem is the dummed down people of this country won’t lift a finger to educate themselves about what reality is. I say let all of the self proclaimed powers that be write whatever they want, pass whatever they want to pass, us III%ers will not submit.

          FIGHT BACK!!

        • ~~~~The Constitution confers no such authority as the power of “Executive Order” to the president or anyone else. No such power exists~~~~
          Finally, someone prints the truth.

          So, how did we get here??

          • See my comments above JayJay. You are witnessing how a corporation is run, not a republic (and I’m not being tongue in cheek). This is way more sinister than you can imagine.

        • Who is going to challenge him? Let me know when you have a name.

      32. Questions: How many existing laws did various psycho’s break when they committed recent mass murders ?

        How many guns are held illegally currently ?

        If someone is able to obtain firearms illegally under current laws, how will enacting more laws prevent anything ?

        If someone is willing to commit mass murder ( or a single murder for that matter) will violating another law sufficiently prick their “conscious” so that they will not kill someone ?

        How long has marijuana, meth, heroin, cocaine been illegal ?

        Is it really difficult to obtain currently illegal drugs if someone wants to ?

        During prohibition, was alcohol impossible to obtain ?

        I submit that the PTB are fully aware that their laws mean nothing and do not keep crazy people from acting crazy. They do not keep someone from doing something that they are fully intent upon doing. Only HONEST people obey laws. They know this well.

        Our current Glorious Leader may well be a great many things, but stupid is not among them. He knows precisely what he is doing. He wants turmoil and trouble in the Nation.

        With everyone understandably worked up about this, he knows that no actual laws, or precious few, will pass significantly limiting the second amendment. He will sign some EO, but it is intended to inflame, provoke and intimidate.. it is not actually for the reasons he states.

        Watch the “other” hand folks.. this, while necessary to resist, refuse and combat is a smoke screen. For what I am not certain.. but watch the left hand while you’re slapping the right one.. the left hand just might be more deadly.

        Be on guard.. these are perilous times.

        • I am an honest man… I was in the cub scouts and the Boy Scouts, pledged allegiance to the flag, did a good turn daily, studied hard, learned my history. History teaches me that my rights come from nature and nature’s GOD. My right to a firearm is only codified in the 2nd amendment… the right already existed before that amendment was written.

          It is the MORAL DUTY of every honest man and woman to resists being disarmed. We are the light of liberty for the whole world, and we simply do not have the option of allowing this boy who would be king to plunge our nation and the world into the “night and fog” of mass tyranny. I will not cower inside my home, armed with nothing but a rusty butter knife, hoping that I won’t be the victim of a home invasion, or dragged off to a secret prison

      33. so who’s going to know if you privately sellor buy a rifle thats never been required to registered from the get go?..theres my F-ing loop hole for this administration..

        Im not going to they can KMA

        • Roger that, catchin’ comes before hangin’.

        • They will run the ammo out of the public hands, no more in stores..that is the goal..its on a fast track., and already at a low supply to no supply

          stop shooting , and start stock pileing for the revolution, yer gonna need every round you can get

          and people thought i was joking when I said it was going to end up being the new currency…

          when you need to protect your family will 10 bucks a round be out of the question?..20..40..50? much is your protection worth? how much is your wife and kids protection worth?
          Gold wont save your life, they will just steal it from you, but a bullet will stop them

          think of all these new guns out there, everyone bought and practiced with, sighted in..and learned the workings of those arms..many many rounds went down the barrel..

          now they cant find the ammo to feed them with..they ended up with a 2000$ bat..or wall hangar.


          • A couple people thought i was nuts for trading in a couple AR type rifles i had, still got 1, can only carry 1! Plus i traded for a mossy 590a1 and a coulpe ruger compact rifles, way lighter, are stainless so they wont rust, and are light, super light, especially compared to the LR308 i got rid of, who the hell wants to carry around a 14# monster when your trying to escape and evade! Anyway, a bolt gun is way easier to control the fire on and keep the brass to refill, the ar with the slidefire is a great deterrent but if you aint hittin the target yer wastin ammo!
            Itll be funny when some fuckers are tryin to flush me out and im peppering them with 22 cal hp bullets from my little 77/22 with a silencer on it, point is i can carry 3000+ 22 cal bullets, how many .308s? Plus my BOB!

            • Yup
              Im buying up largee guage shot guns, remmington 1100’s Win. 870’s Mossy 5oo’s etc..

              none of these have paper in my state, and no paper has to pass between hands,, the x ‘old hunters think im just a bird or rabbit guy,, no loss of Opsec.and no trail

              you can throw what ever you want down the barrel of these, dimes, shards of steel..salt,cut up cable if it will fit it will fly and things that will infect to beat the band if you dont knock em down, a week later they will wish you had.

              I see some sporting rounds will probably be slower to come off shelfs..but .223..and .22LR and wwm22 are going to be hard to get your hands on, at least thats where we are at now, If I were a betting man, it will even get harder as the weeks and months roll on
              funny how people are not picking up on the ammo shortage as the big play on our 2nd

              or maybe Im wrong..still dont hurt to be ahead of the curve

              • Ive been trying to get shotshell primers so i can reload, figure if i cant find em ill drill out and use large pistol or rifle primers and wing it, was fooling around making slugs out of steel rod with a plastic pipe sabot, amazing the damage a big piece of steel can do,

                • I have seen cloth cover shells that were very effective even had some range. Pin point ones are above my skill level. But on the run I can.

            • Also Kula, If done right there should be alot of M4s and ammo, plus extra goodies laying on the ground.

              You sound like you got your shit together,,

              • Thanks, i just work for myself and by myself so have wayyyy too much time to think about stuff.





        • What makes you think the President is in charge?

          • He’s a bankers sock puppet!

        • Actually a white communist named Joe Slobo was responsible for the destruction of South Africa. That and a cast of millions of liberal white Westerners. Same asshole that are destroying our country.

          • First I’ve heard of him. His wiki doesn’t give very much information. Thank you for the post.

            • Might be spelled Slovo. He was the brains behind the ANC and all the actions taken by the UN as to sanctions against South Africa. Can’t say that the dumb ass Boers did not ask for it. However the cure was fatal both for them and the rest of Africa as was the fall of Rhodesia. maybe we will join them at the bottom.

          • When JohnW says “Whites” kommies etc he is LUMPING jewsih kommie Bolsheviks in with whites. Because regardless How many evidence’s or proven statements or facts even jews themselves stated many many times and several of us has posted such Here to Read and see…Johnw like many here Refuse to consider the proof or evidence.

            They rather lable us racist or antisemitic instead of the Jews who stated it!…Because they bought the Lies that they Must Always defend jews similar to how dem libs always must defend african blacks no matter what or how many wrongs or mudrers they did etc.

            Just lump in jews with whites when convienient eh…But all Other times Make distinctions between whites and jews so as to Keep the lies going that They are seperate and “special” so Nobody can discren wrong if They do it.

            Then Blame all whiteys for what has Historically been PROVEN done by Kommie Bolshevik And Zionist Jews!

            See how easy to be a Lib minded Fool?…Just have a Duel policy for “certain” types aka jews or blacks. Free Pass everytime end of argument…They cant do wrong…Only Real whites can.

            Thats what is taught in todays K thur 12th and univ across the land…Only Whiteys are racists and ALL whites fit it….BUT in This regard of racists etc?…MUST EXCLUDE Kommie bolsheviks and zio jews everytime…

            This way Others wil Like and Praise you alot! Unless you awaken and tell truths! Oh oh!!

            Its so obvious that the CORE of that “Deceptions”(lies) the book of Revelation speaks of during time prior to Last Days end times etc, must be at its root core.

            The massive false beliefs that the Vast majority of entire worlds people has fallen to believe…AKA= Whatever they was told or taught by pastors or Hollywood about jewsih persons.

            That is likly the Core ingrediant of what Will be finalized by the antichrist leader guy hisself. Who also acording to Master Race Rabbi’s and various books etc by Them state He will be a jew too!

            I bet most folks minds Will change by then no…Too late perhaps but they Will awaken finally.

            Kinda like that song, Radar Love? You are bound to Know…..When the Bullet hits the…Bone!

            Only His bullets will be his trusted Zio-Bolshie Henchmen.

        • You are so cute when you go on racist rants.

          • I dont consider myself a racist. The greatest joy in my life it to make love to a mexican girl. They are so beautiful and cuddly. By the same token, name a first world country that isnt run by whites.

        • Was it Hati did that also?…Wasnt hati called the jewel of the carribean?…Back when Whites(french folks?) ran it and lived there.

          Then bleeder heart libs said lets give an Equality vote to african hatian blacks too!

          Wasnt too long afterwards the blacks voted themselves in and voted to Murder every single white person including kids.

          Then as usual african animalsistic hoards rioted-Looted-Destroyed-and burned all what was still left..

          Hati today has Been such ever since then…If not the worlds worst crap hole?…Very close to worst 3rd world black run mess.

          Stupid whites today filled by white guilt know not or forgot how hati got so bad, and keep funding more-more-more-more $$$$$$$ to “Fix” african black hatians mess!

          How long has america funded that place now?…40 yrs? MORE yrs?!!…How many Hundreds of Billions$$$$$ and why cannot hati dwellers get “Fixed yet”?

          Because hatians like africans Proves not all is equal in all ways…Some just cant exist in any other way to live besides Pure Jungle bunny mentality, with a large dose of violent traits..

          Perhaps as the wash Post article snippet I posted yesterday which states scientists has found evidence Only African persons has “Traces” of DNA thats NOT Human! Was right.

          I could have told em that 50 yrs ago when I seen africans begin destruction of Detroit when I was Ten yrs old!

          Everything they touch turns to shit…Except of course for that “elusive” small aprox 5% blacks who Aint that way!

          Sure is difficult to distinguish Which are Which eh.


      36. Sorry Eisenkreutz, but respectfully, I think that you’re wrong! This doesn’t have much at all to do with women or minorities running the show. It does have to do with primarily white males(tptb) wanting to have slaves again and making decisions for everyone and acting like “gods”!

        • “You are Gods but you will die like Men”!

          – Jesus Christ

        • If 95% of them are liberals, how could anyone claim that there is no connection? There is. To believe otherwise is foolish.

          I have never wanted to own slaves. As a libertarian, I dont want to tell anyone else what to do. However, when others infringe upon my rights, I become very angry.

        • It is greed and ineptitude, if we had stuck to the original intent of the common man as the representative and kept it a position of service rather than a career we would never have gotten to this mess

          • Term limits would help a great deal, as would repeal of the 17th amendment and a publicity campaign to teach the idiot populace that America is not a democracy.

      37. As said before…ANY EO will be Barry’s Rubicon. If that socialist bastard chooses to cross the river, God help us all…there will be a reaction. Innocents will be hurt inducing der Fuehrer to act further.

        We must take our country back…

        Molon Labe

        • Sic semper tyrannis.

      38. I was always wondering why God would allow Satan for thousands of years to make his accusations against Him in Heaven.

        The people of America have been patient for decades without overthrowing their UNCONSTITUTIONAL GOV’T, I guess God had 5,995 years more Mercy and Patience than We have for our Servants!

        and God said “DONT TREAD ON ME”…

        and threw that evil serpent out!

        • And the evil serpent landed in our White House, and the patriots said YOU BASTARD, DONT TREAD ON ME. and threw his ass out again, with Gods help of course.

        • Tyrants ALWAYS have political enemies plotting against them. And those enemies are usually close associates jockeying for position.

        • Repubs control the us house reps…THEY ALONE decide what $$ is spent and Where spent on.

          Back in 1992 when lib antigun dems controlled it. I think it was Chuck Jewmer(schumer) how spearheaded it so as to Halt ATF from continuing ending firearm disabilities for felons.

          Part of FED 1968 gun laws(Unconst laws all) has a clause that permits atf to review and REinstate ex felons gun rights(like most States has too now).

          Soon as Klinton took office, when ATF’s yearly budget was up for approvales again(yearly done I believe) Schumer and Finestien ET AL dems antis Put in that atf budget stuf an END to atf use of budget cash to do that any longer.

          WHY cannot todays Repubs us house do exact Same to DEFUND Barrys Fake prez order crapolas?…Not only DEFUND his antigun EO BS but ALL his unconst crap along with hobammy care if that too is posible?

          Maybe if repubs are Made to think They ALL will get booted from congress in next election in 2 yrs…They will do such.

          Unless they keep Obeying Carl Rove and his passel of zio banksters and keep believing Repubs are on the Cusp or verge of getting alot of Black votes if Only they refuse to go against the annointed 1/2rican and do not piss off black voters etc.

          So far repubs has LOST probobly 50 million White votes playing that Losers game eh.

          Chasing the elusive never will get it and Never will need it african black votes.

          If they take sides with Pro Gun stands and Pro whites stands the vast majority of whites(2/3 of nation) votes Will go repub. Along with “some” progun blacks likly too.

      39. @ BI,

        Howdy Friend, a quick head’s-up here…

        Over the last 24 hors a very large increase in the electron flux (as Monitored by the GOES platforms) has been observed. There has been a strong response in all the planetary magnetometers I have access to as result.

        Of course, a change in the flow of charged particles around the Earth is exactly what produces magnetic phenomena so ‘eyes open here’ for a bit. It would be expected that the observed counts rising from the mere hundreds to the upper end of the tens of thousands might well produce an excess of siesmic activity temporarily…and this is a large change.

        Till later, JOG

        • English please for the layman.

          Shit. Thats worse than D&B reports!

          Anyone want to know the truth about D&B reports from someone who sells them and their pathetic credit builders? Ask.

        • Cmon shaker, lets see a big slip and a big ass wave wack some sense into this ridiculous group of islands over here,
          Had some idiot say we dont need the emergency alert sirens to go off in our area because we dont have dizasters, man and some folks think im a tool for wanting to keep tje 2A

      40. You look at BO and you just know that he is going to try to ban at some of the firearms out there, either through some sort of manipulating congress or by executive order. It is sickening to see just how many people use this snap judgement to want guns taken off the market and literally confiscated. BO has that aura about him, that he thinks that he is a king now. I have listened to this liberal garbage about how evil guns are, and how firearms are the sole problem, not the criminal. This is why I wrote that 100 reasons why liberals reek.

        I have had liberal friends BEFORE in my life, and ultimately they prove themselves to be extremely unfaithful and not trustworthy. I hate to stereo-type anyone, but being a liberal is a PERSONAL CHOICE to be an idiot. It is not being racist or against a gender or something else that a person is at birth. NO ONE has to be part of this liberal ignorance that doesn’t work. YES, you can dislike a term a definition that people decide on their very own to be affiliated with. Look at what BO, a liberal has plans to do to take away people’s right to defend themselves just like europe.

        • @ be informed

          Its not a stereotype! Every liberal “friend” or co-worker I have ever had thought it was OK to bust my balls about things that I believed in. When I finally gave it back to them — not with personal attacks or snarky little comments, but with facts that are plain as day — they ran and sulked like the finger pointing bed wetting little crybabies they were

          • Mambi Pambi Obambi = Big ears and hurt feelings

      41. To those of you who whine, complain, and talk, talk about your loss of freedom- I say now is the time to do something. There are few times in an average man’s life when the occasion presents itself to take part in history. Here and now is such a time. This refusal to submit to tyranny is not simply about firearms. It is about the continuance of this great nation. To what better use will you ever put your life than to stand up for these things? Will you look back on this moment and say, “I wish I had done something,” or will you step forward and seize this chance?
        With the government having grown so powerful and corrupt, defying it is frightening. It is especially frightening because many Americans seem fairly content right now. But the feelings of apathetic mass are irrelevant. They have never figured in history, and never will. The apathetic mass will go along with whatever system exists. It is the freedom-loving individual who, although part of a much smaller group, has guided every free nation toward the light.
        Freedom is not maintained without taking risks and making sacrifices, without fighting for it. This has always been true, throughout history. If you are afraid to take a stand against this tyrannical government, if you excuse yourself by saying you must “take care of my family first”, I say thank GOD there were men in the past who understood the priority of freedom.
        Look at your children. Is it more important that they have an uninterrupted flow of plastic toys and soft luxuries of modern American life, or that they grow up as free men and women, with all inherent rights and responsibilities? I say any man who does nothing while even a single basic freedom he has enjoyed is stripped from his offspring- a freedom secured by the blood of others-deserves no offspring.
        As I said, I will turn in no firearm, ever. I will register no firearms, ever. My right to own and use firearms predates the Constitution. It existed before the corrupt socialists in Washington came to office, and it will exist forever afterward. The Second Amendment simply recognizes this right. I do not know where my civil disobedience will lead, but I am certain where the slavishness and cowardice of compliance will lead. I refuse to take part in this foul business of registration. I hope that you refuse also. If we stand together we will set fires of freedom burning across America.

      42. Nobody knows exactly what`s going to happen…

      43. Anyways, anyone interested in knowing why things are the way they are should visit the following site.

        There is so much valuable information on that site, however, I ultimately disagree with his solution.


        Perhaps it will…but if it doesn’t…your credibility is at stake. It might behoove you to make a reasonable statement that acts as a prediction and not a declaration of certain future events.
        We know they will do something, but we don’t know what they will do exactly.

      45. There are things you cannot live with. The implimantation of an execetive order to ban guns or to confiscate would drive many over the edge. Although this order being insulting to the Constitution it is the actual jailing or taking of honest acquisition that is the crime.
        When one of us is taken into custudy and weapons inclusive, it will be those who are close to sound the alarm and come to his aid. By show of force.

        Obama is not a President or a King. He is a Puppet.
        Why do you think he is so arrogant and defiant?

        • He is arrogant because he knows no one will stand up to him. We are fools and he knows it. When you have a corrupt media totally on your side you do not have to answer for anything.

          • John W….Your seeing visions tonite. I agree with post.

            • Wish we could all be posting just happy things. looks like those days are gone.

      46. As if the federal level wasn’t enough, individual states are all getting in on the action just in case the federal ban doesn’t hold water. You’ve seen the steps in Illinois and the comments coming from NY. Today Delaware announced that they are looking to enact an assault weapons ban, with the limited cap mags, along with some other measures. No coincidence that our jackass of a VP is also Delaware’s attorney general. Delaware is small but keep tabs on it because it likes to claim “First State” and set an example in many areas. Being Biden’s home, doesn’t hurt.

        Did I mention I’ve been trying to move out of this state for years?

        • *jackass of a VP’s son

        • Go now.

        • Well Arkaden that scratches my thoughts of moving to Delaware.

      47. What really matters……Hey the new American Idol premiers next week. Yea!!!
        (it’s a GD joke yall. Makes me sick to my stomach, what the average American finds significant/important)

      48. I think Walmart knows what is coming and don’t want to get caught with truck loads of ammo. I have said it before and I firmly believe that they are going to ban the sale of most common calibers of ammo. Especially military and police calibers. This is one way he may get around the constitution.

        • Actually it will probably be OK. I think in the very near future there will be a new delivery service where they bring nice shiny guns and lots of ammo right to your door. You may have to work a bit to convince them that you are the rightful owner but I do believe you can get that info across!

      49. If there is another election,for president or congress,let no one be qualified to run but those who have served in our armed forces and been sent “in harm’s way”. Those who have served would not send others to suffer and die unless there was no other choice.Those who haven’t served will never understand this,but those who have served will never forget it.

      50. Folks, we are probably being watched and monitored by Big Brother. We need to send info in codes.
        110T010H010E1 010E01M10P001I10R0101E1 010W011I010L010L 01S011T000R0100I010K00E0 10B101A00C010K01

        • The empire will strike back. It’s no good if it doesn’t need a key to decypher. But humor appreciated.

          • Damn. I thought I was on to something.

        • Here’s a code for you:


          • SCREW YOU, BAMBI

      51. Devvy Kidd wrote a good article today on how it is the gun owners own fault we are where we are…and also the damned BS fake willie nillie wimps at the compromising NRA….oh but keep sending them your checks so they can fight for your rights….HA, What a joke!!

        Edwin Viera has it right….you squash this argument right now real easy…you re-institute the CONSTITUTIONAL MILITIA. Which is not the same as the demonized militias all over America




          • Just as long as there’s no minorities in it, right?

            • Sure there can be minorities in it. Demcad and Miami Prepper are some of my top choices for information. Demcad would be a great president. But he is in the 5% of blacks who can think for themselves. 95% of them go with the herd and believe in communism. Thats statistics, dont blame me.

            • “Minorities” had my back in Viet Nam. They shoot straight and will engage the enemy directly. If Gov Cuomo thinks that minorities in NYC will give up their guns he will be sadly mistaken,

              And NY is a blue state.

              • Stupid war. Waste of money. Pointless.

          • You must have a party of Patriots first to accept their surrender terms.

      52. I also agree that this has been planned for some time.

        TPTB have to know that getting all guns out of the hands of ordinary citizens will be akin to draining the Atlantic ocean with a drinking straw. So, dry up the ammo instead. Much easier to accomplish, IMO. Then they’ll just need to stage some false-flag event to implement martial law and attempt to seize control.

        Continue to gather what you need, what you think you might need, or what you think someone else may need. You can always barter the extra items later on.

        Someone above mentioned joining up. I’d be for that myself. Anyone have any suggestions on just how to accomplish that while maintaining OPSEC?

        • KySSG.

          Nobody going to join up. Lucky to get them to get a plan of action. You could find poeple at guns shows, Gun clubs and shooting ranges and Hunt clubs. Put some tape on you shirt with SHTF on it and just maybe somebody will find you and ask.

          Pick 7 good people and hope for the best.

          • slingshot,

            Yeah, kinda what I was thinking, too.

            Still dealing with the “Oh, I don’t believe it’s gonna get that bad” crowd here.

            So far I do have a couple of long-time friends on board, but still room for more.

            • KySSG

              Have two Marines with me. Most think I’m Lunatic Fringe.
              Searching for a long time for the right people.

              • Anyone from North Florida gives a thumbs up.


                  RAISE UP

                • Central Florida checking in. Cheers.

            • It has taken 40 plus years to build the community we have. It will take time to build a real combat group until it is thrown in our faces.

          • If you cannot get folks to stock up on food, or learn to raise a garden, you will not get anybody in large quantities to defend against the coming tyranny.

            What will be needed, assuming this day comes, are cells with 15-30 people in them. A total of 1 million cells throughout USA would take time to conquer.

            Lets just hope that the day of recknoning does not come and our Leaders start realizing that they do love America and will start fixing the economy. Repubs and Dems holding hands singing ‘God Bless America’.

            • Folks, you have to let this America fully crash…then we’ll start over again.
              Folks need a lesson in being hungry, poor and debt/tax enslaved.
              and then…they will value freedom.

              America is not dead…we just have to wait it out to let the “ME” generation die off.

              Die boomer scum.

              I ammo up for the grand kids…they will be the ones fighting the war.


            • 15 to 30 in the cells eh? half of them will be govt. informers and the other half will soon find themselves in a different kind of cell, like a jail cell. A cell of one is the only one that will work. Resistance is not going to happen but the fantasy is nice.

              • John W.

                I am beginning to think you are right. POOR show for Florida.

                • slingshot,
                  Do sheep and cows have a clue as to what awaits them? All they know is they get fed and taken care of. We have all had nice contented lives for the most partes and cannot imagine any other outcome and cannot see the need to act. Just like those who even when confronted with the evidence refused to leave Germany. It is an aspect of how humans think. The normalcy bias.

              • Well everyone, Let’s be brutally honest with the people we face in the mirror everyday, when is the last time your “Cell” partook in active insurgency in the name of “Restoring” the Government laid out by our Forefathers? The cold, sad reality is, you will do as you have done for the last 200 years, trading “Security” for loss of freedom. Why? Because it is more acceptable to live oppressed than to leave your family, wife, and children without you. Be honest with yourself before you vote thumbs down, If you are dead or in prison, what point is there in your family carrying on without you, or worse your descendants dying with you? Are you willing to let your entire family namesake die for freedom you won’t live to see? The only way any form of uprising will commence is on the heels of a major GLOBAL crisis – (EMP, Financial Collapse, Blatant Door to Door Confiscation of resources, War, Etc.) befalling the world first. Without a “REAL FLAG” event, there will be no armed uprising, as there will be nobody willing to draw first blood to fight and die, fearing the worst for those they love and possibly leave behind. Seriously, look at yourself and try to convince yourself of the resolve to take back America through the 2nd Amendment, which we all agree WAS THE INTENT, but then go out and lay siege to a Tyrant’s office, and see how the Government and MSM play you up like the UNIBOMBER, or Similar. Now I am first to admit I do not act, as I am fearful of leaving my children behind in a world lost to a government without ethics and alone to fend for themselves. Be honest, how many of you out there are in the same situation? Now vote thumbs up or thumbs down based on that…

        • Awake and waiting in the Treasure Coast of Florida!

      53. joining up to what?

      54. OK, everyone, I’m on a roll today. If the BOY at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. goes all out with a total ban on everything through an EO, it’s going to be game on and party time. Especially in any states considering the same insanity. Went to a gun show over the weekend and finally found some .22LR for the first time since Xmas. I bought 3 bricks. Another caliber I’ve not been able to find is .30 for my M1. got a fair supply of that but need more. Anyone come to my place for guns or anything else, get ready to eat lead. I’m not giving up shit. Nobody tells me what I can or cannot have in my home. Braveheart

      55. I read somewhere that there was a move, for the people of each State to march on their respective Capitol,in opposition to any gun control, on Jan.19. But I haven’t seen much posted on this site about such an event. If one were held I think this would be a very good show of solidarity. Although not to be a hypocrite, I probably wouldn’t go, because a trip to my State Capitol is a 12 hour round trip. Just hoping something would be posted, so that other Constitutionlist, if interested might see fit to attend. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

      56. Good night that picture is horrible. Makes me sick just glancing at it.

      57. :: floats an air-biscuit ::

      58. I just read on the Huffington post the
        gun legislation that Gov. Cumo in NY
        wants. I live in NY. Some of it is
        silly, i.e. “A mentally ill person will
        be denied owning a gun, if they admit
        they wish to kill people with it.”
        I mean, Really? I hope it gets shot
        down. Alot of politicians are Foaming
        at the Mouth with this shutting down of
        the 2nd amendment. Piers Morgan calling
        our Constitution, ‘your silly book.’
        I was raised to believe in the Bill of
        Rights and our Constitution. I feel
        as if I am in the minority, which is why
        I come to this site, to learn and be
        encouraged. Thank you.

        • New Government definition of ‘mentally ill’…

          Do you want to buy a gun?

          if yes, You’re a mental case comrade, denied.
          if no, Ah! You don’t want a gun comrade, ok, denied.

          Classic catch 22.


      60. Like I’ve repeated over and over again, if they go for a physical confiscation, EVERYTHING is on the table. Everything!!!

        No going into detail, but I’m sure you can all assume what I mean. They want a war, then nobody is safe!!!

        Now I get mortars, grenades, claymores, rpgs, artillery, drones, land mines, everything!!!

        Don’t think we cant get it either. We have a lot of friends.

      61. Who the hell does the negro think he is?

        Who the hell do WE THINK WE ARE FOR LETTING HIM???

        Yes, it is WE who are to blame. The negro can’t even talk without a teleprompter. He is not very smart and only talks big.

        Someone is using him to carry out their agenda against America.

      62. White House readies 19 exec. orders on gun control.
        On Drudge.

        • Folks, I am not either a nut case nor a violent criminal, just a law abiding citizen and a gun owner but I am getting suspicious when I look at the “Midway USA” magazine section 5 minutes ago. Nothing in inventory and no backorder????? I really think the big gun business and perhaps even the NRA knows something and is not sharing with the rest of us. Please check the site yourself and correct me if my eyes are going blind. Thanks.

          • No, you didn’t see wrong.

      63. Here’s what you do folk…
        Do get all in an uproar…no big revolution.
        Just continue with life and Ignore the fuckers….

        If they ever say you have to turn in guns..


        Come get them. They’d have to find them first.
        Think about it.. 100 million people…and that’s many doors to bust down.
        BANG! The revolution starts when my door is being violated. Castle doctrine.
        They want folks to start something….drones, all the hollow point ammo they’ve been stocking…

        So… ha…we just ignore them like ignoring some fuck you have to work with..
        They don’t exist.

        Keep buying, loading and stocking.

        My strategy… don’t spend any money while
        Obama is in office….
        Then…when the economy crashes… folks will pick better.

        Just like the blacks I have to work with…
        They are affirmative action hires..
        We’re polite and helpful….and show them where everything is…
        then….that’s it.
        Sink or swim.
        They always get fired sooner or later…usually takes about 2 years….
        And that’s with helping them try to succeed.

        This one black lady I worked with…got tasked with something…
        I felt bad for her… I did the code for her…and sent it to her…
        She was too arrogant and wanted to do it on her own…
        Nope…fucked up and got fired.

        So even when you do try and be nice and helpful…

        Same with Obama…
        We’ll just let time pass and sooner or later he might just go away like
        all the other ones I had to work with.

        We need to start laughing more at our government…
        Come on.. A nig, a lesbo, a fat gay guy setting policy
        and a Pelosi then there’s Reed. ha.

        I’m no longer patriotic…and will make tons of money off all of this….
        I won’t tell you how…but the more fucked up America gets….
        the better I’ll do in time.

        Just more stupid poor people.

        I do care about America….just on the other side of the tracks.


      64. Over on Infowars:

        Story about Jackson County, KY sheriff Denny Peyman at a townhall meeting. He was reassuring citizens of his stand on gun confiscations.

        “The only thing I’ve ever told people if someone is kicking or coming in their front door, is I only have to listen to one side of the story.” the Sheriff stated at the town hall meeting.

        Is that clear enough? LOL

        • I want sheriff Denny Peyman to be the ATTORNEY GENERAL OF THE USA.

        • KySSG …we may have to borrow the Texas motto..Don’t F**K with Kentucky??
          I tried to tell folks–2011, there were 2.5 million background checks for weapons…
          Getting the picture folks..Ostupid WILL NOT be coming to Ky. to take anything anytime soon.
          Limited ammo–now that can happen.

          • The Sheriff also made it very clear—‘NOONE SHOULD BE KICKING IN YOUR DOOR’.

      65. I turn in my lead but I’m keeping my brass!

      66. It appears that the time is finally drawing near for a revolution. They’ll move their army of about 3.8 million police officers, active and reserve military personnel combined and try to disarm us only to find that the 50 million gun owners that make up the largest standing army the world has ever seen are not the sheeple the rest of society is. A hard lesson awaits them.

      67. Any thoughts about 20 beautiful children murdered? You people have abandoned any pretense of normal range response and behavior: just spew your racist filth and limited, very limited, mental prowess. Your poster children are lard buckets waddling around with their assault rifles – an intellectual and functional breath of fresh air. This site has lost its way. Now just trade lock and load fantasies. Are your gun fantasies sublimation of a normal sex life for wingnuts?

        • Why are you here? Your porn subscription expire so you are here bothering us? The drugs prescribed by doctors to a mentally ill person killed those kids. The same weekend this happened twenty others were killed by gang violence in Chicago but they were blacks so who cares right? No mileage there.

          • Dr. Quack creates more of these monsters every day.

            Typical response by these animals, as they use the blood of innocents to further their political agenda for dominion over others. If you resist their blanket punishment for something a drug-created monster did, you are called cold and uncaring. Who here is REALLY using the blood of innocents for theit own enrichment?

          • Clueless and not worth responding to.

          • John W,

            My reply was meant for clueless Twain.

            • YH,
              That’s ok. None taken. I actually had signed off before yours showed up last night.

        • You didn’t think to hard on your comment. Did you?

        • Hey, Twain–IF you aRe speaking of the alleged 20 children supposedly disappearing from Sandy Hook school—SHOW ME THE BODIES!!!!!!!!

          • Is your concern just for these little white American children–where is the concern for all the children killed by our govt for the last decades—OH!!! did you think those drones, bombs just target adult soldiers???

          • JayJay,

            What a coincidence, no bodies from Sandy Hook and no body from the Osama Bin Laden raid either.

            • I’m going to use my real name, I don’t want to – but it’s later than we think and it’s time to stand up.

              First off, I lived in Newtown up until last year. I know the people who lost children. You should be ashamed. I respect the forum so I will not call you out further.

              Anyone wants to question or say I’m ‘fabricating’ to be a troll? I lived at 11 Park Lane, Newtown, CT – do you want a picture? I moved to Texas in 2011. No, you can’t have that address.

              Now, for the bigger issue: I own guns. What happened in Newtown does not change my belief the Second Amendment is vital to our nation and is our right. And it is a right not to be taken away be executive decree.

              I do NOT consent.

              Running about stockpiling and building bug out hideyholes isn’t going to do anything except guarantee a solitary place to be hunted down. What we need to do is a tax strike as a first step – and it has to be in the millions. As we, the producers, are about to be hit with taxes beyond what gets taken out beyond our control – then I suggest we all don’t pay on April 15th.

              You can all be legal and pay an extra bit to defer to October. Perfectly legal. And it will send one hell of a signal. Money talks.

              If they aren’t going to do their jobs as mandated by the Constitution, why the hell are we paying them?

              If anyone has any better idea, I’m all ears. Otherwise I foresee violence. It is one thing to prepare, another to desire such an evil pass.


        • Twain, First of all unless someone is a true psychopath, the tragedy of 20 murdered children and 7 adults in Newtown effected all of us. In general, a normal law abiding human who also happens to be a gun owner, IS NOT A KILLER. However your comment can only be coming from a mind of total waste of humanity such as your heroes in CNN (Cooper and the POS Brit named Morgan). These are the folks who are creating and promoting a society that creates KILLERS. Think about it more deeply and you may see the light.

        • Im sure many here think about the victims of violence, but taking away my second amendment rights wont bring them back, the reality is that our society is in decline, part of that decline is folks like me having to contemplate stacking racking and blowing some poor fucker full of holes when he/she tries to follow an order from ????
          There is a lot to all of this, racial hatred is not cool, one of the biggest things that has been forgotten is respect.


        • We thank you for your post Twain, it keeps us going to the gun range to help the youngster learn how to shoot and defend themselves.

      68. The regime’s most pressing strategic need is to get arms out of the hands of White males. This is obvious.

        The usurpers’ attempts at rule by decree will “succeed” on the surface, at least for a while. White liberals will squeal with sadomasochistic delight at the prospect of White males being de-fanged by order of a nappy-haired, palomino-spotted mouli with ‘power,’ but their joy will prove short lived, especially since vast swaths of the targeted group have no intention whatsoever of disarming.

        The system’s very decay is revealed by the breakdown of its institutions, and by the fact that an outer barbarian who makes no pretense of following the rule of law is now allowed to be ’emperor’. After reaching this point, the regime has no further options for centralization or escalation available to it, other than to embark upon open military operations and a WAR OF EXTERMINATION (against dissenters, i.e, the traditional American NATION), within ‘the homeland,’ which will only galvanize and STRENGTHEN resistance to it.

        The regime is DOOMED because it is openly laying the groundwork for absolutist rule and de facto persecution of (and ultimately, war against) the most capable and potentially dangerous segment of its population.

        As soon as a natural or some other kind of upheaval overwhelms the system, it will collapse under the weight of its own incompetence, and even the ‘machers’ who created Obama will not be able to build anything out of the human dung they have elevated at the expense of traditional America.

        The Marxist-minority coalition, and the Feinsteins, Schumers, Bloombergs and Emanuelles that are its real leaders, is putting its levantine proboscis into a HORNETS’ NEST. They will inflict incredible suffering on the group they have targeted for destruction (non-urban Whites, formerly known as “Americans”), but they WILL lose in the end.

        • AHAB: I think it was from the jewsih rabinical class of Cabalists or Kabala as some spells it. Where I read something of how their rabbi’s believe they can use the “Majik” incantations in the kabala book to create a “Golem” as they refer to it I believe.

          It seems that it is in fact hobbamy the half african/100% monky nig that the said rsbbi’s has created to be their Golem.

          They will be sorry fools once he fails miserably and They are who hoards of pissed off Real Patroit Americans turn their despisings towards eh.

          They must be cut off at all points of exit like airports etc so they cannot exit usa as they always did in past times they did this scenario.

          This time it need be Curtains for good for em all. Along with All of their goyim enablers.

      69. Twain, you may not believe this, but we all are really saddened about all the deaths in all of the shootings that have taken place over the years. Guns are not the real issue. The real issue is a person with bad intentions toward someone else and picks up a gun to use on that someone. Try living in Chicago, New York, DC, etc., places where gun ownership is already banned and see how long you live. If you stay alive in one of those cities for a whole year, then come back and tell us about your experience. [Yes, sarcasm was intended.] Braveheart

      70. a death by a thousand edicts confronts our nation….the 3 % readies their response as they continue to pursue established avenues…the line in the sand has been crossed by the traitors in charge….they have let their arrogance and lust for power guide them to their final demise….all involved will pay a very heavy price for freedom…..but the grantor of my natural rights will see to it that good prevails over evil….IMHO

      71. >>”But I’m confident that there are some steps that we can take that don’t require legislation and that are within my authority as president…”<<

        I don't give a rat's ass about Obama's confidence. I only care about making certain that my preparations are going according to plan.

        As Heraclitus stated in 500 B.C. :

        "For every one hundred men you send us, Ten should not even be here.

        Eighty are nothing but targets.

        Nine of them are real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they the battle make.

        Ah, but the one. One of them is a Warrior, and he will bring the others back."

      72. I want to go outside and scream at the top of my lungs ” IM NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE” but all it would do is scare a few coyote away……and its 24 degrees right now…

      73. You know Walmart is being told something and not a supply and demand thing. Something is fishy, even on cheaperthan dirt you see the same thing, “we will no longer be carrying this item or it has been discontinued.” To me this is a regulation passed down from the fuckhouse to the atf or something and then is forced into the companies and we are getting mixed info on stuff. maybe it is a supply and demand issue but there is gotta be something more to this, Maybe these assholes think if they dry up the supply they can win this battle. what do you guys think?

        • Clint,

          That is entirely possible. These gutless bastards are getting a head start on the gun and ammo ban. If it looks like siege, and feels like a siege, and the enemy is trying to outflank us…it’s a siege.


      74. I wish the ammo manufacturers would come out and say that they can’t sell any .223 or 5.56 to the military because they need to stock the shelves of the nation. I’m guessing that the government isn’t out of ammo.

        I wish I had bought an AR when I had the chance to a few months ago.

        God Bless,

        • I know a few ammo makers. Locally owned. I have been told they simply can not get the parts to make them.

          Forget any M855 all gone. I did see some at M855a1 at a sale but a guy beat me to it. He go 2 plus a round for what he had.

      75. Tuesday is shaping up to be an interesting day. Sunspot AR 1654 is pointed directly at the earth with a 10% chance of unleashing an X Class solar flare much like the Carrington Event. If you don’t have you faraday box ready to go, now would be a good time.


        • are you really in Norway?

          • No. I am in the Midwest USA. Of Norse decent.


            • I talk to preppers in Europe. They so envy us for our second amendment rights. America and Switzerland are probably the only free countries left in the world, unless you want to go to sea or Antarctica.

        • Thanks for the alert, my ham radio is in the box. Would you mind citing your source for this information on the flare? I dont doubt you, but I’d like to follow along.

            • Thank you brother. Originally I prepped for economic collapse, but now you all have convinced me that flares and EMPs are also a legitimate concern.

        • If you dont have faraday, plug your microwave into a power strip with an on/off switch turned OFF and put your stuff in there. The microwave is about the only rf shield you have.

          • I saw on youtube they did a field test of the microwave trick and it didnt work because the EMP can get through cracks in the door of the microwave.

      76. Mac,
        I just posted a reply to the topic and “poof” it ‘s gone!
        Problems in paradise?

        • GFG, hopefully not… we have been receiving intermittent 404 errors… From what we can tell, this seems to be a WordPress issue with processing ‘special characters’…

          Not sure if you used any in your post, or if it was something else, but the ‘*’ character used repeatedly, the lines : ‘-‘ ‘_’ used repeatedly (in succession)… basically, the system seems to freak out if certain strings are being used… Still looking into it — this one is tough to isolate.

          If you have a copy of the comment, I’d love to take a look and see if we can isolate what might be sending the WordPress commenting system into confusion.

          Sorry for any inconvenience.


      77. @ Norse Prepper. I got myself so wound up with this self defense issue that I once again am neglecting the very serious geophysical aspect of what is happening. A few days ago I was watching these brain dead idiots talking about taking away ALL guns, and how society would progress spiritually if all the citizens didn’t have any weapons. After watching these starry eyed, model glue sniffing or toad licking higher than a cloud mongoloids I decided to write that 100 reasons why liberals stink.

        I have heard agruments that this was unfair to the liberals, but I think I was very fair because everything I mentioned was the negative aspect of a liberal. They lack logic and rational, and why they concentrate on taking our guns from us. It is not that the states with the most relaxed gun laws and higher or highest per gun capita per 1000 residents, that the crime rate per 1000 residents is considerably lower than states with restrictive gun laws.

        They accuse the states that have relaxed gun laws as the reason why crime is rampant in their states. Well, that defies logic as criminals don’t travel long distances to commit crimes, they commit crimes at the closest available location. This is what criminals do, take the easy way. Why doesn’t a criminal commit a crime in a free state in Montana, Wyoming, or Idaho more often, because criminals are coward predators and don’t want to get their head blown off by a good honest citizen carrying protection.

        Then it blows me away how ANY state could ban stun devices that save more people from dog attacks than anything else. Then countries ban pepper spray, red pepper that people cook with. That again safe more people from animal attacks. I just can’t believe that ANYONE would ever want to be thought of as a liberal. Someone that would ban not only guns, but stun devices and pepper spray that save people from non-human attacks.

        I have to admit I cannot stand stupid people, not retarded people that have some physical ailment preventing them from using their brains. True stupid people that don’t use their brains on purpose. I look at these self driven idiots that want to take away our self defense and I say these are exactly the type of mindless zombies that want to take away ALL your other freedoms. I write when I am irritated, and I have really been written novels lately of the moronic thought pattern of these garbage brains that have been attacking the 2nd Amendment and basic common sense relentlessly.

        Freedom is so easy to lose, and extremely difficult to get back. It is pathetic that the masses don’t have a clue how lucky they are to have that remaining freedom, and how absolutely awful it will be without it. Of course there are some people that want to be lead around like monkeys on leashes with someone zapping them with a cattle prod. Most of them have a name, liberal.

        • Hey BI!! A 6.1 on the south pacific ridge!!! Whats up? Sounds like were in for it ???

      78. Its a good thing they bought all that ammo…..THEYRE GONNA NEED IT:)

      79. Just went on Cabela’s and ordered me up 10 more boxes of 12 gauge double ought. Best price I could find.

        They seem to have a decent supply of it, at least for now. I’ll be ordering even more in a few days.

      80. TPTB have decided some are worthy of the good life at any cost, and the rest of us are useless eaters. They would love to have us turn on each other, blaming the problems our country faces on race, ethnicity, income, gun ownership, or some other characteristic that doesn’t really matter. Those things are a smokescreen to distract us from what’s really going on.

        The bottom line is about honor, about justice for all. It’s about doing what is right rather than what is most lucrative or easier. You don’t spend money you don’t have on programs you don’t really need just to enrich your own family and friends. You don’t lie about taking control of other countries for reasons of “freedom and democracy”, when you really want control over an area’s resources. You certainly don’t sacrifice the lives of good men and women in the name of your private agendas. You make sure the people who fight for you and their families are taken care of before you spend money on pet projects that only benefit a few. You don’t let old people starve while corporations get richer by destroying their pension funds. You don’t buy votes with welfare programs, then turn around and break your grandiose promises to voters who kept their part of the bargain.

        When this country figures out the real problem, that those in power lack the values that made our nation great, we’ll have that revolution we all keep talking about. Until then, let’s not provide a circus for TPTB by turning on each other, while they snicker behind the scenes at how easy it is to distract our attention.

      81. “There are some steps we can take that don’t require legislation.”

        Ditto, pilgrim. Ditto.

        • Quote of the night. Cheers.

        • Awesome!!!

      82. 54,000 Mexicans sign petition for US gun control

        Posted: Jan 14, 2013
        MEXICO CITY (AP) — More than 54,000 Mexicans have signed a petition calling on the United States to take further steps to combat weapons trafficking.
        Mexico says the majority of guns used by the country’s violent drug cartels are smuggled over the border from the United States.
        Mexico’s best-known anti-violence activist and a prominent intellectual presented the petition at the U.S. embassy Monday.
        Activist Javier Sicilia said “The United States is partly responsible for our humanitarian tragedy.”
        About 70,000 people have died in Mexico in drug violence since 2006, according to the written copy of a speech presented by Mexico’s interior secretary in December.
        Before the activists presented their petition, President Barack Obama said Monday he would present a new U.S. gun control plan within days.
        Copyright 2013 The Associated Press

        WTF is this all about. I say 54 MILLION Americans would sign a petition to Mexico saying– STAY IN YOUR OWN F-CK’N COUNTRY!

      83. My gut tells me another False Flag shooting is on the horizon, and very soon. This is to put pressure on Congress to pass what BO wants (along with the U N) on gun control.
        Also watch the Supreme Court Justices to see if any announce RETIREMENT soon and who they are. If the so-called conservative Judges start retiring we have absolutely no support. I look for some to do just that. As if we had any support anyway.

      84. Somewhere Matt Bracken is grimly smiling and saying I told you so

      85. Just a quick heads up.

        To hear some* tell it, the people throwing around all the cash and credit to buy even crap weapons have badges that they’re not wearing.

        To be a bit more clear…

        The government is buying guns and mags from you disguised as private buyers.

        Don’t let your greed disarm you!

        *DHS & TSA

      86. When in the course of human events…., We the people must never forget what those words really mean. For decades our government has very quietly, very effectively eroded our civil liberties, the war on drugs, the war on crime, the war on…(fill in the blank), now we find ourselves pretty much against the wall with no heroes, no leadership, just we the people. Hitler, Mao tse tung, Stalin, Pol Pot, etc. have all used this very formula to enslave whole continents, are we to follow suit? There are many questions that remain unanswered regarding the Sandy Hook shooting, questions that MUST be answered, why are they not? The national government has gone too far, the people that we elected refuse to acquiese to the will of the people, now we must utilize our state governments to reign in the federal government. The people demanded spending cuts, we got spending increases, the people said no to obamacare, it was shoved down our throats, the people demanded a stop to our manufacturing going to China, now the exodus of jobs has increased ten fold. Now our national defense has been compromised, much of the systems that we need for national defense are made in China!!, that is nothing short of treasonous!!!!
        Those who are perpetrating these crimes must know that we the people wil NOT go quietly into the night. As for me and my family we will serve the Lord and we will stand for JUSTICE!

      87. When all the northern liberal states ban their guns, we southern states will finally have our chance for revenge.

        • And the South shall rise again…
          Yee hah!

      88. Ladies and gentlemen,
        For the First time in my history on this planet I am TRULY conerned for the severe direction this nation is headed.
        I have spent many years as a Law Enforcement officer. Have seen many things that did not bring the sense of uneasiness I feel right now for the future of this nation, my family and all of us who stand for the Republic and the constitution. We are being unjustly persecuted in the media and society. Why? Because we own guns? We are being demonized because of the items we purchase, collect and enjoy. We (Law abiding gun owners) are being portrayed as ,somehow mentally defective because we believe strongly in the idea of self responsibility, self defense and defense of our families against petty criminals and thugs. Criminals and thugs (who should have no more rights than a common snail) are now who the masses are defending. It is no longer right, In the mass media’s or socialist public’s eyes to stand for what is right and take responsibility for yourself. The whole system has come undone, all by people who lack logic, common sense and the ability to see facts or realize that criminals WILL PREY UPON CITIZENS no matter if you take away the guns or not. Criminals will use whatever tools are at their disposal. Which is why Assaults with Edged weapons and Fists/feet far outnumber the “Gun violence” in America. THese Fools don’t care about this though, It’s not about GUN CONTROL, It’s about CONTROL–PERIOD and how far we’ll LET them take this. I fear for, but am prepared for, whatever the future will bring. I’ll bring the Hotdogs!! Stay safe Y’all.

        • This is how its done, read any history. The government takes the guns of those they deem as a threat, then they have no threat as so many are content to take what theyre given(i.e. Obama voters in this case) no matter what the cost is.

          I’m already on the train that says it’s too late for the US and the 2012 election proved that the US is on the road to be England-west, but if the people give up their guns, the government wins game-set-match.

        • But will you actually arrest someone who is actually DOING something to stop it?
          Or will the Oathkeepers pass the word, and put out the comment, that they will stand by as “Politics by other means” is taken to them?

        • I hope you do the right thing and stand by the people and against the government when SHTF.

      89. Obama isn’t even concerned with legal loopholes. That’s the problem. He’s exceeded his constitutional authority numerous times during his administration and no matter what he does he won’t be impeached.

      90. Today alone, this country will lose approximately 4,000 children due to abortion. If that is not mass murder then you tell me what is. And guess what, not one was murdered with a gun.

        • Amen,
          TO the tune of 40 plus millions since Roe V Wade…

          I’m sure God is very happy with boobus Americanus.

      91. BO has 19 executive orders ready to go. Link on Drudge.

        Texas congressman has threatened impeachment if he goes through with it. Even if they impeach him, what good does that do? Clinton was impeached, but stayed in office, got his presidential library and makes millions on speaking engagements.

        Let’s say they impeach him and actually get him to resign or kick him out which is an impossibility anyways, then we have Biden as President? No progress made there.

      92. New York State passes massive gun control measures. On Drudge.
        How do you like your BOSS MAN NOW? Florida is next.

      93. Well, well….Walmart has a new policy and they plan to hire 100K Vets. At least that’s the NY Times storyline…

        Considering the OTHER new Walmart policy about ammo and/or gun sales, how many Vets will apply for jobs? Will they cross-the-line and sell out, or are they not paying attention to current events? Is this a test or a temptation?

      94. They can only get away with what we allow..time to start saying No and mean it.

      95. Comes down to demographics. East & West coast urban areas are liberal – but this territory is dwarfed when compared to the “fly-over” states, where most of us liberty loving folks reside. People in cities can be and are controlled. I say good luck trying to contain the Patriots in Texas ( my state). Not gonna happen. Those of us who have seen this coming have long been stocking up on ammo and other preps.

        Remember too that our armed forces are truly a civilian army, and there is no way most would fire on its own citizens. Same goes for most police forces. Just ask any of your buddies who happen to wear blue. Most are liberty loving patriots, except for the occasional rogue bullies.

        Was in California last week, where I have A vacation home. Stopped by my local gun store to pick up a few camping items, and sure enough, out of ammo and all but a few shotguns. Still, the counter was crowded, with folks vying for a few remaining well worn antique junk handguns. Was told that at a local gun show just a few days before, the place was wall to wall people, and traffic going into the place was backed up a mile. If that is what Californians are doing, there’s hope yet!

        Fact is, liberals are just plain stupid, not as clever as some people here think. Sure, the banksters and PTB collude and conspire, pulling the, strings, but they and President POS have been poking the beehive and the residents have woken up with a fury they never imagined. Frankly, I take heart reading all of these posts. These assholes that would snatch our liberties away have not a clue how they have awakened like minded Patriots.

      96. Mass civil disobedience

      97. I keep on reading about shortage of 9mm &.223/5.56 what about the humble .44mag/special are they gone too? Very limited variety in this part of the world and sell for +- $45 to $65 box of 50 depending on brand. anyway hauling 25 pounds of 240gr and my big stainless in a cross draw strengthens the backbone. thinking to myself the petro dollar will die some time soon, this shtf will be global Well im grateful the liberals didnt get a chance to destroy the 2nd amendment 60 year ago otherwise would not have had men like Elmer Keith and the trusty .44.

        fight hard & dont resort to the same criminal acts as them, most of all As christians fight the good fight of faith and be obediant to the constitution of the USA

      98. WE are a herd of cats, divided, running in different directions, and some say this is a necessary condition of free individuals seeking justice and liberty. But this is an economic war, with the fascist-socialists pretending to be all things to all people. They, The Haves, are against the Havenots, the Club against the People. They mean to own everything, and through this ownership, exact control. But they cannot have it until the guns are a slag heap.

        The Dark man will now ramp up the Politically Correct, to condemn the rugged individual, those of integrity, self reliance, and have a moral compass. They are already making us out to be mentally defective, as they have for years. But, we OUTNUMBER THEM. This is the thing that the Good guys cannot seem to sink their teeth into. We GAVE the election to the Dark man, because MILLIONS of us stay away from the polls, not wishing to vote for the Other PTB, fine, you knew what would happen, you wanted it, you asked for it, now understand this.

        There is a last ditch effort to keep the gun at bay, for when you go down that road, you bring ultimate destruction down upon all of us. Your children will curse you, why? Because you will lose. He who fires the first shot, loses. History shows you that you must have the whole People on your side, and if you shoot first, you will be made out to be nothing but brigands, terrorists, and criminals, by proving them right.

        There is one way, and only one way forward that is sane, rational, and moral. It is spelled out in the Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned. You do not wish to take it out of fear of losing, but, you have already lost, and deliberately so. This is the logic of the damned. This is the logic of those who wish to fight, and God help me if you fire the first shot, I will condemn you as well. I and most Americans, would support those who would take a last ditch effort for liberty, a future, and taking power away from Washington.

        That’s right, you can TAKE POWER away from them, by the act of losing… but not apathy. Apathy is the doctrine of losers, true losers, those who would listen to the “Sweet words on the tongue, that grow bitter in the belly”. Those who would listen to preachers telling them to submit to unGodly authority. Those who would ignore the calling of liberty and justice for all.

        What is that last way, that thing that can take power away from Washington? Learn to play chess, and quit playing checkers. Learn to think, and not react emotionally. Learn to be generals and not lieutenants.
        the Kabuki dance in the theater of the damned.

      99. Heard Rush yesterday say W*M wasn’t going to re-order ammo; sent wifey off to snap up the 300 shotgun shells they had left. Semper fi.

      100. Everybody commenting here is forgetting the one major rule in governments. MIGHT MAKES RIGHT.

        When you have the badges, guns, and brutes to enforce executive orders then they will carry the weight of law because they will be able to impose their will onto.

        They only way we will be able to fight back is through the use of firearms.

        That is why we have a 2nd Amendment. To be able to defend ourselves from tyranny.

      101. I was at Walmart yesterday, hovering around the ammunition isle and overheard guys discussing our second ammendment. Turns out Walmart had just recieved a long bockordered order and it had the Federal 9mm 100 pack for $21.37/box I got two boxes (budget constraints) guy behind me got 1 case of five boxes and the third guy in line bought 5 cases. They had recieved 15 cases. I will bet they are sold out again. On a positive note, this Walmart is remodeling to make room for the rifle knife and handgun department. NO kidding.

      102. @ everyone….if you think that TRAITOR chief justice ROBERTS who voted YES on OBAMA-CARE is going to strike down a gun ban by executive order YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING. he has already shown us he is NO CONSERVATIVE and can’t be trusted AT ALL. Those of you that think the supreme court is going to help you are in for a BIG SHOCK. THEY ARE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR..PERIOD.

      103. Well let me tell you how it really looks in America. NYS just announced the new gun bans. The vast majority of progressives are thanking their politicians for making our streets safer, as if the criminal element cares about laws. People are already asking: ”where can I register my assault rifle?” So much for: ”I will never register my gun.” The sad reality is, no one will be any safer, but the govt. will know every person who owns a rifle which is deemed to be an assault weapon. I have heard no talk about resistance, which is good, but I also wonder if there is any resistance. If the new gun laws go into effect and you are seeking treatment for PTSD you might no longer be deemed qualified to own a weapon. This really helps our vets a lot. What has our country come to?

        • The country has become a european shithole because stupid fucking old people refuse to learn any history and only live for TV and IPhone.

        • Gunny: NYS/NYC is the trial balloon to see if O’bummer has any chance of signing an EO without starting WWIII.

          NYS is a blue state and while I believe there may be some resistance, it may be passive in nature, exampled by refusing to register their weapons.

          WE won’t know how effective registration will be in NYS, but the globalists would claim victory if only 10,000 guns were turned in or registered.

          In a “house to house” search for weapons, I would bet that there would be violence, even in NY.

      104. Blatant Tyranny…..

        lets get all the firearm, ammo, distributors & equipment sales Refuse To Sell to All LEO, PD’s & Govt Agencies!

        Pass the word!

      105. NYS Gun Owners


        ACTION REQUIRED: Federal Challenge to NY BANN
        Lawyer : Jim Tresmond, Attorney in Buffalo, New York. Attorney phone is 716.202.4301
        Successfully represented clients in the past on Second Amendment issues in NYS Supreme Court. This case is pro-bono for all the gun owners of New York.
        According to Mr. Tresmond the new ban is illegal as it is an ex-facto law taking away previously owned property and he intends to file this action in Federal Court.

        We are looking for as many as possible to add to CLASS ACTION CASE:

        SEND Your Name and EMAIL ADDRESS and phone number to: [email protected]

      106. “ALL EXECUTIVE ORDERS ARE ILLEGAL, if you read The Constitution you will see in Article II Sections 1. – 4 — that the POTUS powers are few – The President shall be commander in chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the militia of the several states, when called into the actual service of the United States; he may require the opinion, in writing, of the principal officer in each of the executive departments, upon any subject relating to the duties of their respective offices, and he shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the United States, except in cases of impeachment.

        He shall have power, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, to make treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint ambassadors, other public ministers and consuls, judges of the Supreme Court, and all other officers of the United States, whose appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by law: but the Congress may by law vest the appointment of such inferior officers, as they think proper, in the President alone, in the courts of law, or in the heads of departments.

        The President shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session.
        Section 3.

        He shall from time to time give to the Congress information of the state of the union, and recommend to their consideration such measures as he shall judge necessary and expedient; he may, on extraordinary occasions, convene both Houses, or either of them, and in case of disagreement between them, with respect to the time of adjournment, he may adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper; he shall receive ambassadors and other public ministers; he shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed, and shall commission all the officers of the United States.
        Section 4.



        A reminder for the elites in Washington:

        Norton v. Shelby County – 118 U.S. 425 (1886)

        “An unconstitutional act is not a law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; it affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

        Blatant Tyranny…..


        lets get all the firearm, ammo, distributors & equipment sales Refuse To Sell to All LEO, PD’s & Govt Agencies!

        Pass the word!

        NYS Gun Owners


        “ACTION REQUIRED: Federal Challenge to NY BANN
        Lawyer : Jim Tresmond, Attorney in Buffalo, New York. Attorney phone is 716.202.4301
        Successfully represented clients in the past on Second Amendment issues in NYS Supreme Court. This case is pro-bono for all the gun owners of New York.
        According to Mr. Tresmond the new ban is illegal as it is an ex-facto law taking away previously owned property and he intends to file this action in Federal Court.

        “We are looking for as many as possible to add to CLASS ACTION CASE:”

        “SEND Your Name and EMAIL ADDRESS and phone number to: [email protected]

        Above quotes from other sites, hope it helps!

      107. The President will not circumvent Congress with confiscation.

        Expect all existing laws to be pushed well into the grey area however.

      108. Personally my consent to be governed by DC Inc has been withdrawn…not that they ever had it!

      109. Wait until the king makes gold illegal after they think they got most of it.

      110. The problem as I see it is that there are 150 million oboma spies out there. HOW can us like minded people organize ANYTHING without them clamping down and destoying us?

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