Brussels Rolls Out Electronic Leash For Europeans With Introduction of Digital Identity Wallet

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    Europe is digitalizing its people’s identification with a new “Digital Identity Wallet” program that many worry will allow the European Union (EU) tyrants in Brussels to manipulate and control the continent with greater ease.

    An agreement forged between the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union has established the creation of new EU Digital Identity Wallets that will include digital versions of all ID cards, driving licenses, degree certificates, and medical documentation.

    For the time being, the EU’s Digital Identity Wallet will be voluntary, and the European Commission is insistent that it is 100 percent secure. Spain’s president even commented that the new platform will make the EU as a whole a digital leader at a global level for the preservation of democratic values.

    One wonders, though: What, exactly, does a Digital Identity Wallet have to do with European values? And where did this strange notion originate? The answer has to do with who controls Brussels, and thus who controls most of Europe.

    (Related: Europe was one of the first to attempt the implementation of digital “vaccine passports” during the Wuhan coronavirus [COVID-19] “pandemic.”)

    As predicted, COVID passports leading to digital ID wallets

    Privacy advocates everywhere are warning that the Digital Identity Wallet represents a serious threat to people’s online security and freedom. Some 504 academics and experts from 39 countries recently signed an open letter decrying the scheme as anti-freedom.

    Many warned this kind of thing was coming during the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” when various parts of the world were discussing so-called “vaccine passports.” They said that implementing vaccine passports would open up the floodgates to the digitalization of everything.

    Well, now we are seeing that happen starting in Europe. Everything is being merged digitally into one single source point so that each individual can travel about and flash a smartphone or even a microchipped bodily limb in front of the scanner in order to buy, sell, and go about one’s business.

    Is this the long-anticipated Mark of the Beast finally taking shape? Is it perhaps a predecessor to the Mark of the Beast? Or is it really just an honest and innocent attempt to make life easier for Europeans?

    Chances are that the last option is not the correct answer and that the first two questions cut to the heart of where this is all headed. We already saw how Canada handled residents and visitors who refused to get jabbed for COVID-19, denying them the ability to move about or work.

    Should Europe successfully implement a Digital Identity Wallet on a voluntary basis, attracting a majority of Europeans to use it of their own volition, then it is not all that crazy to think that eventually, the wallet will be mandatory, which appears to be the goal.

    Brussels Commissioner Thierry Breton is already talking about taking the Digital Identity Wallet a step further by implementing a digital euro currency within it that would do away with euro paper and coin money.

    Keep in mind that this is the same Breton who continues to rattle on about how social media needs more censorship, along with the rest of the internet where free speech is still allowed.

    “If financial matters find their way into this wallet, greater control of people’s lives will be facilitated with the possibility of introducing a system of social credits or electronic sanctioning of those engaged in protests,” warns Remix.

    “Such a system will also enable the authorities to control the way people spend their money as happened in Canada and Brazil. Digital currency makes business easier, but it is also an instrument for removing our rights to privacy.”

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