British politicians want police to add “unvaccinated people” to terrorism watchlist

by | Feb 14, 2023 | Headline News

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News under the title: PUREBLOOD WITCH HUNT: British politicians want police to add “unvaccinated people” to terrorism watchlist

    A counter-terrorism program in the United Kingdom that was originally designed to focus on stopping radical Muslim jihadists from terrorizing the country could soon be modified to also include the “unvaccinated” as targets.

    British SNP politician Kirsten Oswald believes that the so-called “Prevent” program is perhaps a bit too “racist” in its current form because it risks marginalizing Great Britain’s ever-growing Muslim communities. To fix it, Oswald wants unvaccinated people to be added to the country’s terrorism watchlist.

    Oswald made these remarks during a speech by Home Secretary Suella Braverman about plans for “major reform” to the Prevent program. Braverman told the room full of MPs (members of parliament) that the new-and-improved Prevent program must focus “on security, not political correctness.”

    Oswald welcomed these statements and an associated “long-awaited and damning report” about the subject, to quote Newspunch‘s coverage of the matter – though Oswald added that “there do remain questions about the focus of what we see.”

    “I also wonder if she feels a shift in focus is needed to take into account more recent forms of extremism that have emerged since the report was commissioned, things like the QAnon ideology imported from the United States or incels or the anti-vax movement that sprung up during the pandemic,” she added about Braverman’s major reform plans.

    “For instance, we need to see this report in the context of the Met’s head of counterterrorism pointing out that three in four advanced terror plots disrupted in 2021, actually involved right-wing extremists, and 41% of counterterrorism arrests in 2021 were of extreme right-wing suspects,” Oswald went on to declare.

    It would thus “be wrong,” she proceeded to state, “and indeed damaging to stigmatize or marginalize Muslim communities, and that the risks posed by ideologies such as right-wing extremism, and antisemitism, as well as Islamic extremism, must all remain central to any UK counter-terror strategy.”

    (Related: At the height of covid, Italian politicians ordered companies to stop paying unvaccinated workers their wages because of their refusal to comply with getting jabbed.)

    Left-wing globalist politicians want the unvaccinated, conservatives, and Christians to be demonized as “terrorists”

    According to Oswald, focusing primarily on radical Muslims is a bit outdated in light of this new spate of right-wing terror that she claims is sweeping across the UK and putting herself and other globalists at risk.

    In the comments, one person suggested that Oswald is the one who really belongs on the terror watchlist. After all, she and her fellow left-wing globalists are responsible for, or are at the very least complicit in, “the murder, corruption, de-dollarization, and high inflation” that is occurring right now on the back of the covid scamdemic.

    “All of them are criminals,” this same person added about Oswald et al.

    Another warned that Americans had better defend their Second Amendment rights or else the same type of thing is soon to come to the United States. Brits do not maintain the same right to bear arms that Americans do, and are thus more prone to this type of tyranny because they have fewer means with which to fight back.

    “God forbid they focus on the true terrorists: globalists in places of authority, such as her,” wrote another about Oswald and her evil agenda.

    “Now we know why the Mayflower was overcrowded,” expressed another about why people fled the UK in the first place in order to start a new “free” society in the New World.

    “Someone famous in scientific circles once said that all political parties are terrorist organizations,” wrote another. “This is quite true regardless of their composition, from monarchists to anarchists and everything in between, because they all get greedy.”

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Except anarchists aren’t political. That’s the very definition of the word. An, which means “without”t, and archos, which means “rulers”. Anarchy literally means “without a ruling class” or no masters, no slaves. There’s a reason the masters/ruling class want you to fear anarchy and anarchists.


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