Brexit Bust? Despite Warnings, UK Now “At Front Of Line” For Trade Deal

by | Jul 15, 2016 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 26 comments

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: Britain is, has been, and likely will be a dominate country. It was ridiculous to truly believe that their voting for Brexit would cause them to be left out of trade, and forced to wait behind in line at the trough. For Americans, and many others, relationships there in Britain are too important to set aside.

    But where did the scaremongering get everyone? It is now clear that the Queen has personally appointed the new Prime Minister Theresa May with an eye to her ties to the Bank of England, where May worked in the past. Their role in global finance, through the pound, is likely to only grow stronger, but time will tell. In the meantime, so much for the intimidation from bullies like Obama – who gravely warned that the UK would be pushed to the back of the line, but are now unwilling to live up to their threats and instead ready to make a deal. The UK is reasserting its sovereignty and showing a path for other countries to do so as well, not falling over a cliff.

    The UK Is Now “At The Front Of The Queue” As America Rushes To Pass A Trade Deal

    by Tyler Durden

    Less than 3 months ago, on April 22, in an address to the British people that may have cost David Cameron his job and led to the ever more rancorous divorce between the UK and the EU, Barack Obama warned that the UK would be at the “back of the queue” in any trade deal with the US if the country chose to leave the EU, as he made an emotional plea to Britons to vote for staying in.

    Two months later, a majority of Brits gave Obama the finger and Britain is no longer part of Europe.

    But while that story in itself would be quite satisfying, it turns out that Obama lied. Again.

    As it turns out, not only is the UK not at the back of the queue, it now finds itself at the very front. As reported by the FT, the Obama administration has begun preliminary discussions with senior UK officials about how they might pursue a trade agreement between the two countries following Britain’s exit from the EU, Washington’s top trade official said.

    The discussions were revealed on Thursday by Mike Froman, the US trade representative, and coincide with a growing push by Republican Brexit supporters in Congress for President Barack Obama to launch talks on a commercial pact quickly.

    So much for yet another typically hollow, worthless threat by the well-spoken, teleprompted golfer in chief. Even the FT is amused by the idiotic diplomacy of the president, which highlights “how quickly the president and his administration have backed away from his warnings before last month’s referendum that Britain would be at the “back of the queue” for any trade deals with the US if it voted to leave the EU.”

    So what does Britain’s “most favored nation in the queue” status get it? As the FT explains, “Froman said he had discussed Britain’s plans and a possible bilateral trade pact with a number of senior British officials since the referendum. In the past week alone he spoke with Sajid Javid and Mark Price, the UK’s outgoing business and trade secretaries. He had not yet spoken with Liam Fox, the incoming minister for international trade in the new government of Theresa May, who took over as the UK’s prime minister on Wednesday.

    But Mr Froman warned that there was still significant uncertainty surrounding what sort of agreement the US and UK would or could negotiate, primarily because a lot depended on the exit deal and trading relationship with the EU that Mrs May’s government ended up negotiating.  “What precisely they negotiate with their other trading partners will depend in part on what model they develop in their relationship with the EU,” Mr Froman told a breakfast discussion organised by the Christian Science Monitor.

    “Will they have sovereignty over tariffs? Will they have sovereignty over regulations? . . . Until you get more clarity around that it’s hard to determine precisely what kind of trade relationship they might be able to negotiate with others.”

    What the final deal is, one thing is certain: it will be a better one for the UK than anything it could have done as part of the EU. Recall that members of the EU are not allowed to negotiate their own trade deals with other countries outside the bloc. As such, any UK-only deal will be far more focused and better tuned to the UK’s specific needs.

    Confirming that the UK does not need to trigger Article 50 to finalize a trade deal with the US, Froman added that British officials clearly believed that they could have “discussions” with the US and other trading partners while the UK was still in the EU.  “Where discussions end and negotiations begin I think is quite a grey area and I think this is something we are going to have to continue having dialogue about,” he said.

    Ironically, the UK may end up getting a far better deal now that if it had remained in the EU:

    Among the options being batted around was the idea that the UK might eventually join a TTIP deal once it had worked out its relationship with the EU, he said.

    The administration’s preliminary discussions come alongside a groundswell of support from Republicans in Congress for the UK’s move to leave the EU, with many seeing it as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between London and Washington.

    Trade already sits at the centre of that. Kevin Brady, chairman of the influential House ways and means committee, and Orrin Hatch, who chairs the Senate finance committee, introduced a resolution on Wednesday calling for the president to begin discussions over a trade agreement with the UK.

    As Hatch trailed off, he said that “the special relationship between our two countries must be fortified as the UK navigates the process of withdrawing from the EU.

    Could it be that Brexit is about to be the best thing that ever happened to the UK? With every passing day, it looks more likely that that is precisely the outcome. Then again, it probably should not be a surprise: after all, every single “expert” predicted just the opposite, so it was quite inevitable. Meanwhile, as the UK enjoys its position at the very front of the queue, this is what is going on at the back of the bus.

    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.


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      1. And why anyone should care about the zionist infested UK?

      2. Trade deal? What do they have to trade other than some financial fraud and maybe some weapons of war? The US has enough of both of them.

        Britain is finished. North Sea oil is finished. They import their NG from Norway. Their coal mines are finished. Their industry (other than financial scams) went to China and Mexico.

        They have nothing to sell and no way to earn money to pay to import the energy they need.

        These deals will only benefit those in the Square Mile and not the people.

        This is what the last flailing of an Empire looks like before the lights go out.

        • JRS, Amen. They are the center of corruption and crimes against humanity for many decades. I just wish the regular brits wakeup and storm the buckingham palace and finish the royal class garbage and then really cleanup their country from top down.

        • Yeah JRS you go ahead and believe that if it makes you comfortable. The UK will flourish without the EU. As for failure, (not to offend my friends on this site who haven’t seen me for a while,)thanks to the monkey you call Mr President, you might want to look a bit closer to home.
          Eddie(Newbie Brit)

        • Where do you think the US military gets much of its weapons grade plutonium from?

          I’m sorry to see your hatred of the mother country… I’m sure if we wanted to be petty we could level similarly crude charges against pretty much any country on earth…

          • Agree Jay in UK, We should be celebrating UK’s independence from the Zionist Central Bankers. Being independent you can make your own decisions. JRS should be locked up in a FEMA Can so he can celebrate his 2 square meals a day and told when to eat, sleep and shit. Some socialist commies, can’t wipe themselves without the Gubberments permission. Because they have no curiosity, imagination, or innovation. These are they types that sit in front of the BoobTube all day spoon fed their life’s instructions.

            Congrats UK, you will be just fine, in spite of Commie threat disrupters like Obama. And all those other European Countries who wish to be sovereign again, we here in the States support your efforts and bravery to leave the Failed Euro System of Chaos and destruction that was shoved onto your country for decades.

            Everything that spews out of Obama’s mouth is a lie. Hell, he can’t even speak for himself without a Script Teleprompter from his puppet masters. Thankfully in Nov Americans can also Vote to Rid our country of these Zionist Commie shills like Obama and Hitlery. Trump is ready to get out of the controllers grip of raping and looting of America’s wealth and integrity, and make America Great Again.

            Freedom Rings and Rings. And enforced by the 2nd Amendment.


        • JRS, the EU can be held directly responsible for many, if not all of the negative effects on Britain’s economy. Now we have voted to leave the fascist EU, Britain will no doubt find her own identity once again and restart world wide trade that benefits the entrepreneur rather than the control freaks of Brussels.

        • Really good points! The UK is acting like a bad-toothed, ugly old hag with wind at a debutantes ball thinking she will have the pick of the American officers. She can’t see how she has nothing to offer but everyone else can see she is a shabby mess. And the UK does have an excess of ugly women: maybe they could export them??

          The UK is only one step away from spinning around the same toilet bowl that is already engulfing France – a mere 20 some miles from the UK – where a vast army of angry Muslims are amassing and trying to break into the UK. What do the Brits have to stop that? Pot bellied morons, wrinkly oldies, angry and pissed off blacks and Muslims? Good luck with that!

      3. A lot of countries have holdings overseas that bring in the cash. Don’t count them out yet. Oil will go back up,there is a war on oil.

        • Oil is becoming Obsolete. Even various Middle east countries that pump oil for GDP are moving to Solar power, for their own societies. Congrats to going Green. I run a small fridge, fans, A/C, lights power tools all off of solar power, and even by morning my Batteries still are charged at 12.3 Volts of capacity, which could run down to about 10.5 Volts. So I have good power storage going on here. It produces as much as 4-5 Kilowatts per day. It would charge and produce more on the controller panel readout at the end of the day, but the system tops off during the day and stops making Kilowats to add to the total. I have 4x 300 Watt Panels. I am going to add 2 more 6 Volt Batteries for 10 total, to increase the system charge capacity. 2- 6 Volts hooked in series for 12V then paralleled, to retain the 12V configuration. The Inverter then converts the 12V to 110 AC. Some people have asked me to list my Solar systems components a few articles back. When I have a chance, I will do this and also list the costs and places where you can buy these. You can set this up all on your own, but do get a certified Solar electrician to wire it. Lots of important things like Wire gauge sizes and wire lengths need to be consistent. If I can this figure this system out, so can you. It is pretty basic really.. Since I hooked up the Outback80 Controller last November, I have never had to hook up my gas generator to charge the batteries since. That’s amazing in itself and I am even impressed and grateful, for all this free electricity. I calculated my ROI – return on investment at about 4 years. And that is at a $100 monthly average electric bill if I was on the Grid Hog. Stay tuned for the list.


      4. JRS is an ignorant fool. The UK will do just fine without the EU.

        • You be the fool! The UK is a tinder box and can only function by borrowing money on the markets and buying crap from overseas. If that gets too expensive, their living standards drop like a stone. As a country, they are extremely vulnerable to trade disruption and also a disrupted food and fuel supply. This happened in the 70s and could happen again. As a country, they have few resources, they mass make few things, and they have a terrible reputation for corrupt financial services and lazy, welfare-dependent population. They only reason they have had an economic boom in the past two decades has been the ability to access labor and brains from Europe.

          • Frankie, and just what pure hatred drives your sad old senile mind? Didn’t get your end away in the 1970’s? Have you ever had your end away? As I’ve said before, you are a proven liar and known fantasist who isn’t man enough to refute the lies that I’ve found you out in!

            Then again, I don’t expect this to be posted as the owner of this site only posts neo NAZI and racist comments like the retard Stolz Vorfahren (why the hell he should be proud of his NAZI ancestor thug relatives, I don’t know), and the brain dead JRS.

      5. My iPhone won’t allow me access to Dr. David Duke’s web site or even to his radio show on the Rense Radio archives.

        Dr. Duke please run for Congress. I wondered about your sincerity but with TPTB interfering with you, it only encourages me. I believe you will be good for all Americans. I believe you are a good man, an honest man, a courageous man. Your enemies hate you and say terribly biased things about you. I believe that ultimately you and your agenda is the right way to go for all Americans.

        Than you for everything. !!!

        • The KKK should unite with the RRR… KKKRRR sounds Vlady good dear comrade.

        • You should look into getting and installing a VPN app on your phone. Using a vpn encrypted tunnel – which routes traffic from your device through the VPN proxy server, lets you give the Big Middle Finger to the totalitarian hebrew sonsabitches at the ADL and SPLC who are the prime architects in the war on freedom of speech.

        • Here are the ZIONISTS, America has chose to align itself with:

          Headline: WTF: New Israeli Defense Forces Chief Rabbi Says Soldiers Can Rape Arab Women to Boost Moral…
          07-15-2016 •
          Outgoing chief rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz, of the Israeili Defense Forces, who is stepping down after six years in the position is being replaced. And, his successor, Rabbi Col. Eyal Karim’s appointment is being met with backlash — as he is outspoken for allowing soldiers to rape women during wartime.

          Karim, who was announced on Monday as the intended new IDF chief rabbi, has provoked controversy with previous misogynistic statements, such as opposing female conscription and implying that rape was permissible in times of war. Link: ht tp://

          WWTI Says: Its time to give Iran the Green Light to Flatten and wipe the Zionist Parasites off the Map once and for all. 75% of the worlds problems would instantly disappear.

          ~WWTI… Can you hear me now President Trump..

      6. Johnny Turk joining the EU is one of the reasons many Brits voted to leave. Looks like their fears of a mad Muslim nation being invited to join and be part of the free movement of people, flooding Europe with millions more trouble causing Muslims have turned out to be right.
        After what’s just happened in Turkey “failed military coup” surly their joining the EU must now be put to the back of the queue… Sod off Johnny Turk, Europeans don’t want you in their lands.

        • You are so profoundly ill-informed it is laughable. Do you even know which country has consistently pushed for Turkey to be part of the EU and for free movement to the UK from Turkey? The UK.

          Europe’s true nationalists who believe in a Europe that puts European culture and people foremost in what it does, need to first deal with the menace that holds back unity: the British faux right. The mentally deficient morons of Europe, the English are an obstruction, not an ally. Just as the Russian ultras had to give them a spanking and a lesson in respect in Euro 2016, the moron British hooligans will need to be boxed in and frozen out of Europe for true unity to emerge. The Russians have shown the way.

      7. DRRRR! of COARSE they will be better off.

      8. I wonder if that is the actual bus? If so, that is quite a photo op. I am torn though as to whether or not it is appropriate since it is symbolic of just how far we have come since 1955. I may not like or respect Obama, but I am happy that we have reached a time when African Americans no longer are forced to go to the back of the bus, but instead, can go to the front of the country.

        (For those who wonder what I am on about, I am referring to Rosa Parks and her role in the Montgomery bus boycott that lasted more than a year and broke the segregated busing system in the mid 50’s. My curiosity is if this is the actual bus she refused to move to the back of.)

        • “I may not like or respect Obama, but I am happy that we have reached a time when African Americans no longer are forced to go to the back of the bus, but instead, can go to the front of the country.”

          we reached THAT point decades ago. then came obey-me, who set back race relations in america 40 YEARS. he will be known to history as the WORST president EVER. picking a president is like picking a wife….if you pick a GOOD woman, it will be the best thing that ever happened to you….if you pick a BAD woman, it will be the WORST thing that ever happened to you.

      9. I’m liking brexit more and more if this is an effect:

        “Britain closes down global warming bureaucracy”
        BECAUSE: “Polling indicates that energy prices were so high that 38 percent of British households have cut back essential purchases, like food, to pay their energy bills. Another 59 percent of homes were worried about how they are going to pay energy bills.”

        >>if the british are actually going to start being realists, I’m ready to move there; even if I have to eat the food. if they start scrapping their national healthcare for a private system, you know England has done a 180 on the socialist highway.

        • Top 10 things the British do not like doing:

          1) Working
          2) Making money
          3) Learning skills
          4) Brushing teeth
          5) Washing
          6) Eating well
          7) Exercising
          8) Not swearing
          9) Taking responsibility for things
          10) Keeping a clean house

          Of those facts, which one screams “going to really f-ing thrive post-Brexit!!!”?

      10. The UK hasn’t left the EU. They merely passed a non-binding referendum to leave the EU. Which will be ignored by the British government.

      11. Is anyone going to say anything about the Bataclan theater torture news. Hidden by the French gov . So not to offend Muslems. Come on Mac . Or somebody anybody . Look up Bataclan torture.

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