Breaking: Trump to Deploy 5,000 Troops to Southern Border

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    Several sources are reporting that President Trump will send up to 5,000 active duty troops to the US-Mexico border to prevent migrants from the caravan from crossing into the states.

    Last week, administration officials said they were considering sending up to 1,000 troops to the border, but according to various news outlets today, that number has been greatly increased.

    However, the source of the new information has not been identified, other than being referred to as “a Department of Homeland Security official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to publicly discuss the plans before a formal announcement Monday afternoon,” according to USA Today.

    As of now, about 2,100 National Guard troops are already scattered along the border, per orders given by Trump earlier this year.

    “The troops are not expected to conduct law enforcement activities, but instead provide backup support to Border Patrol agents manning the border and be prepared to react if groups of migrants try to storm the border,” writes USA Today.

    The Homeland Security official also said the president is expected to deliver a speech on Tuesday to outline further actions to halt the migrant caravan, which could include limiting, or halting, the ability of migrants to request asylum. That move would be predicated on national security arguments similar to those used to enact Trump’s travel ban last year, and would definitely meet the same legal challenges by immigration advocacy and civil rights organizations.

    This morning, Trump Tweeted about the caravan:

    Legally, the US is required to allow the migrants to apply for asylum. When the last caravan reached the border in April, the majority of the people (401 individuals) did apply for legal asylum at ports of entry. Some (122) were caught trying to enter illegally.

    Currently the caravan is an estimated 7,000 people, but that number is expected to drop by several thousand by December.


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      1. How do you have a nation if you have no borders…

        How can you tax me if there is no nation???

        • You have certainly hit the nail on the head especially the part of the taxes!

        • Vet1, that’s right. Borders, language, and culture are the 3 things that make a nation according to Dr. Michael Savage.

        • A Marine Sniper should shoot the guy with the bull horn in the head with a Barrett .50 caliber. When his head explodes like a watermelon dropped from a ten story building, these ILLEGALS will decide that their country is a much safer place to be.

          I wouldn’t want to be on the backside of this column when his head explodes. Ya know what I mean ??? 🙂

          • I’d wager they do nothing.
            Just like the last “caravan”.

            America is being destroyed piecemeal.
            Broken one day, one event, one invader, at a time.

            The people behind this know that Western Civilization no longer has the will, or the spine, to defend itself. They will push another horde of invaders in your face behind the current one.

            And, no one will stop them…


              • What are the conditions for your wager?

                Even if the invaders are stopped, they will get through the border, probably cataloged and told to show up at a hearing, which they will not do. There are over 750,000 such cases…

              • “Some number of people associated with the Central American migrant caravan, which stopped in Tijuana Saturday night, have crossed into the U.S. illegally in the past 24 hours, federal officials said Saturday.”

                Source – WND article “Border Caravan? Call it the George Soros Express”

                The only different this time, is the list of donors financing the invasion…

        • The IRS knows where to find you. They don’t care about taxing the invaders. In fact, our tax dollars are supporting them while they come here to kill us. The traitors will be there with teddy bears for the children being trafficked (aka children separated from their parents), you can count on that.

          • EMPD, the IRS better think long and hard before they do anything. In a post-SHTF scenario, I wouldn’t risk my neck for IRS or any other govt. agency. In fact, govt. employees might find it in their best interest to become “the gray person”.

        • Tax the migrants big time…use the money to build a wall.

          • Just shoot a bunch of these would be scum illegals and I’ll bet the big caravans stop after that.

            • We the people will probably have to do it ourselves though.

          • How can you tax them ??? They don’t have any money. Those who are inside America now are subsidized by US TAXPAYERS to the tune of $500 BILLION a year.

            Under President OBOLA, government programs were passed to give the Catholic Church $20,000 per refugee to “settle them”. Meaning find them free government housing, medical care, and a monthly welfare check of $1,000 … $12,000 per year. Hell many Americans do not receive $1,000 a month through SS or disability !!!

            The Catholic Church gets $8,000 of that $20k for each refugee its volunteers process and all of the kids their Perverted Pedo Priests can molest. 🙁

        • Vet1 says, a better way to say it is how can we call our government legitimate if we have no borders and give away your tax dollars to anybody who shows up for their votes ?

          The real underlying problem is our government and always has been.

          Congress is more or less worthless with maybe a dozen honest men and women speaking any truth at all. The rest are subservient weasels of varying flavors who are simply for sale to the highest bidder and special interest criminals pandering to them ! As well we had a maniac like Obama come along and put it all on steroids and we now see the results of those actions.

          I only wish there was a place on the recent ballots to vote for BHO, Holder , Hillary and few more to be jailed immediately ! That might actually solve this fucking mess by sending the necessary message !

          On second thought there is a place on the ballot to do exactly that ! Ponder that tidbit, especially you morons who do not vote as a form of protest ?

          •, I love what you contribute here except for your last sentence about not voting. There has not been a viable political solution available to us for at least a century or longer. The ballot box is totally useless. Mark Twain once said if voting really mattered they would outlaw it. Both major parties are just 2 wings of the same bird and no third party would ever stand a chance. A lot of people don’t vote because IT DOESN’T WORK. IT NEVER CHANGES ANYTHING. Not necessarily a form of protest.

            • “The ballot box is totally useless”

              FALSE !!!

              Without the “ballot box” America would now have two years of a HRC administration. including totally open borders, much higher taxes to subsidize “migrants”, ObamaCare (where the less money you pay the better your health care program becomes as it is subsidized by others).

              Google the “45 Goals of Communism” and the Eight Point Plan Of Saul Alinsky and tell me that voting doesn’t make a bit of difference in 2016.

              Take your head out of your ass and Ponder that !!! Then get your ass down to Voter Registration and sign up. 🙂

            • The Deplorable Renegade, I fully realize the system has been perverted massively. But your vote still matters and realize we have Trump instead of Hillary because of that vote ? Are you saying neither are different or that it does not matter ? You are making excuses and greatly misinformed of many matters. The only way to fix what needs fixing is two fold. One part politics to include voting and one part political will and thinking processes, that now represent DJTs social policies and political changes to expose the criminals that caused the perversions. Again you are making excuses to not face the realities at hand ! My point is that with DJT we have a far better chance at anything even close to reasonable than had Hillary been elected ? Can you dispute that with your flawed logic ? So I ask you flat out did you vote for DJT or not at all. By not voting you are helping the wrong people and in fact undermining yourself, but apparently some of you have not figured that part out yet ? Wake up man and get with the program even if it is flawed. The answer is to fight to change it for the better, not roll over and make lame excuses and pretenses. I am way past the red/blue thing that you are stuck in. You are stuck in some form of resistance to the system in a way that helps the broken system, not fix it in any way. But I also know DJT is our only real hope and doing nothing is stupid as well as not voting.

              So why is DJT now president and is he far better than Hillary would have been and would we even know of all the crimes that were committed ? Seems you are missing many valid points and actually helping the wrong people undermine YOU ! I have said many times DJT is NOT the perfect guy for many reasons but please show me who that person is ? They do not exist and he is the best we have to work with. People who do not vote are undermining themselves and part of the problem by helping the criminals they are supposedly resisting or against ? That is a circle jerk of supposed thinking !

          • So im with ya all the way till you get to the point about not voting.
            In my particular area, there is nothing at all with an R next to its name, nada, zero, zip,
            I aint voting for ANY democrats, i hate them all

            • Nailbanger, if you are registered correctly you can write in whoever you want and in some elections there will always be candidates other than DEMS, like presidential ? So again excuses and wasting your own power even if the system is perverted. The answer is to fix it !

              There are many people on my Oregon ballot I simply do not vote for because in some elections there is not even a reasonable person in any flavor. What if everybody decided not to vote in the last presidential election ? Hillary would have been elected by default of ignorance and apathy and then what would these no voters say ? This a foolish exercise in dumb !

              For me I make no bones about it. Todays democrats and people who do not vote because they say the system is broken, which it surely is, are both my nemesis and intellectual enemy !

        • Who is John Galt!

          • Lots of UNICEF branding, in the background of the Tomorrowland movie.

      2. And just what are they going to do?
        Lecture them in a stern voice?
        Hey, how about another speech.
        Yeah, that’s the ticket.

        Trump is falling into the trap damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t.

        Why isn’t he calling out the organizers and logistical support people BY NAME. Put a face on this left wing set-up.

        • I agree with calling out the organizers and those who support the caravan. They should be charged with aiding and abetting the enemy that plans to invade our country. Hold them accountable!

          • I agree, fixer. Aiding and Abetting the enemy is called TREASON! Punishable by death!

            TREASON needs to be dealt with. Action!

            • The deep state doesnt arrest it’s own, and Pres Trump cannot get the FBI to arrest Soros, who has been proven to be behind the caravan. Soros is the key Villain. He’s on his knees to Satan laughing at the good innocent powerless people in ths USA.

              The whole Russia collusion hoax was cooked up so Soros couldn’t be extradited to Russia.

        • Trump is doing exactly as he’s being told to do or not do.

        • They are only there for “logistic support”. WTF is that, providing porto-potties? What a fricken waste of money stolen from taxpayers. What they need to be doing is shooting anyone crossing the border illegally.

          • I think it’s 1-800-toilet. They’re on their way. Must take care of those who will set fire to our entire country; those who will totally destroy us and our country. Those who will steal everything little thing we own. Yes, it’s 1-800-toilet….Flush!

        • Right I mean. The most logical move for that caravan to make is to just rush the line, troops or no troops.

          What are you going to do, go to war with Mexico and the UN? I’m guessing not eh?


        • Stuart says, he has mentioned exactly who is behind this mess and likely will expand ! I am not at all sure how the military who will likely be unarmed or have no ammo issued, can have much of any affect , but we shall see soon enough ? I have long said just shoot maybe 3 to 6 coyotes and drug smugglers on the spot and it will all stop immediately ! No big deal in my book and a good trade off for even one citizen being raped or murdered or harmed physically in any way ! And there have been many thousands of actual citizens seriously harmed or killed. We already know exactly where the coyotes and drug smugglers are crossing in large numbers regularly and they have large packs to slow them down, so whats the problem here with just a very small force of people to take out a few of them ? Easily done at night with all the new equipment available from long range and nobody is even at risk. Or just setup ambush patrols with 50 to 100 yard off sets BINGO problem solved and legally as well ! Just ChuHOi the borders and broadcast your new rules and proceed accordingly ! This would be the exact opposite of Fast and Furious that was apparently OK with both DEMs and REPs, because nobody went to jail or even had a bad day from it and tens of thousands died from that lawless government event !

          NO question we need to correct many whacked laws and get on with the program of actually enforcing our border as a border and not a toll gate to freebies for votes. This is Trumps single biggest problem to solve and it must get solved one way or another !

      3. Fake news.

      4. One question: do they have ammo? If not, they are expensive worthless “optics”.

        • Exactly… but it is actually worse than that because the optics will show total failure on the part of American willpower.

        • justtom, just as all the border agents and LEOs and agencies are now worthless optics ? Mostly because of the garbage laws congress has allowed ?

          Realize many of the various border agents are also part of the swamp that needs to be drained ! They do NOT deter anybody and in fact aid and abet them daily, per our absurd laws congress forced on us !

      5. Since Mexico offered them asylum and the majority declined that offer, is the US really still obligated to offer them asylum. If those people were actual political refugees, they would have accepted the offer made by Mexico (and no doubt to be financed by the US). And we have seen repeatedly the violence those people use whenever anyone tries to stop them. No reason to believe they would not react the same once they got into our country.

        • s far as I’m concerned, we don’t have any obligations to any of those scum. A-10 Warthogs should be able to handle them very nicely.

            • Need a break?
              Look up this on YouTube:
              YouTube: “Helicopter Tree Sawing in the MD 500”

              Stop The INVASION.
              Use any and all means to stop the invaders.
              Call out citizen soldiers. Texans will support Trump against All enemies.

              America is a country. There are borders. Come in legally or you are a tesspasser. An Intruder. An Invader. Deasdly force should be authorised as an option.

            • Sometimes I want a time machine, this video is one of those times. Imagine just one of these with fueling and ammo support back during the American Revolution. Over in a week man.

            • Red Hawk, thanks for that video. One pass on that caravan should get them turned around.

          • Use em to get rid of the caravan, then CONgress then visit each and every person from obummers admin and GWBs admin, clean house, start from scratch, better yet do it simultaneously, and toss in a few passes at CNN/MSNBC/ABC

        • GenaT , nonsense. We are not obligated to any such thing at all and never have been ! That is apparently just part of the illusions you have accepted as fact or truth ? It is neither.

          We can and should simply say NO, go home and don’t come back illegally or suffer the consequences ! We will have actual borders one way or another no more conversation necessary.

      6. Very well dressed, don’t you agree?

        Photo op?

      7. They say they are running to America to get away from the criminals and violence. If you try to storm our border and troops and force your way across the border illegally, then you are no better than the people you are running from. In my eyes if you invade our country by disregarding our military to STOP, then it is an act of WAR and the military should act upon you with lethal force. We should have never been supplying All these countries with Millions in financial aid. America is broke and will become a weak 3rd world county. These countries had the same opportunity to use technology years ago to become a self sufficient country. But they are notoriously lazy thieves. So now they want to come and get a free ride from Americans who have worked hard for 250 years to make America Great. They were to lazy to do this in their own country 200 years ago.

        • One of the main problems and I think it is a big one is that their leaders are VERY CORRUPT

          Most of the money that USA and other countries send to these countries only goes into the pockets of the main politicians so they can live extravagant lifestyles.

      8. The number of people in the caravan varies hugely depending on what article you read. 2,000 to 18,000 I would think that many opportunists will join the caravan claiming they are from Central America to get into the US More such caravans will be coming since the support structure has been set up. We must ask can we take in the entire population of Central America on a shimsy with out national disaster. There are over 700,000,000 immigrants in the world currently We cannot take in everyone who wants to come here In Germany for all the immigrants they admitted by the millions 95% are on welfare while jobs in industry go unfilled. Says alot

        • So heres a question,
          IF they let em in, and unfortunately you know that answer,
          If they let them in, why should ANY of us ever pay one thin dime to the government looters ever again?
          Who is John Galt!

          • I will just sit back and collect my trust fund check and not do anything at all. that will show them a thing or two…..I will play like I am JOHN GALT!!!

            • Where can i get one of those???

      9. The cost of maintaining that number of soldiers is absolutely staggering. We are talking many millions of dollars per day. All the caravan has to do is set up tents on the Mexico side and wait for a month or two. Our government is not able to keep any crisis going for more than a few media cycles. Those national guard troops have jobs for which they will have to get back to timely.

      10. This news is good to hear. Keep up the good work President Trump! MAGA. ?

      11. During the 1968 Chicago riots …Approximately 10,500 police were sent in, and by April 6, more than 6,700 Illinois National Guard troops had arrived in Chicago with 5,000 soldiers from the 1st Armored and 5th Infantry Divisions being ordered into the city by President Johnson. The General in charge declared that no one was allowed to have gatherings in the riot areas, and he authorized the use of tear gas. Mayor Richard J. Daley gave police the authority “SHOOT TO KILL” any arsonist or anyone with a Molotov cocktail in his hand

        If a anti gun liberal like Daley can draw a hard line in the sand then why not Trump?

        • Bill McGill, excellent point and long overlooked, but surely deliberately, Hey ?

        • Billy Mac
          Unfortunately that was a whole different country and time, now they will give free speach zones to anyone opposed to these turds

      12. Find out where each of these individuals come from and make the country they came from pay. They will go broke. Send them back and no foreign aid.

      13. This sounds a lot better than MAD DOG’S 800 troops!

      14. call the army core of engineers build a gigantic constentina wire obstical cover it with fire hoses anyone who gets thru shoot

      15. If you’re going to solve the problem you have to get to the bare root of the problem. Start making arrests of those who are behind this criminal foreign military operation. soros and all the lackies behind him at the DoS and everywhere else in the 5th column agencies and departments. that is where these problems keep originating. The 5th is full of marxists and subversive operatives, entities who are the real culprits of all these criminal operations against this republic.

      16. Reagan is attributed to have said, “Latinos are Republican. They just don’t know it yet.”

        Please quit telling these baby Republicans they will be processed, and that their jobs numbers are the best ever. ffs

      17. If they aren’t authorized to engage, this will just be an embarrassing waste of time. The infiltrators will just go around, over or through any makeshift blockade the military puts up and dash into the country.

        Without authorization to stop them, we will look weak and stupid and just encourage more of the same behavior.

      18. Build the F’n wall already !!!

      19. Jim in J , my thoughts exactly !!!!!!!

      20. This country, USA, cannot take in everyone who claims asylum, if you do you will be overrun. If this is allowed you will know without a question or a doubt, our government’s agenda is to make us a third world country and bring us to our knees as slaves. I am surprised that the citizens of the great state of Texas are not up in arms right now to protect their sovereignty as a state. It is really too bad that the Confederate States of America did not win the Civil War, we would not be in this state of turmoil over illegal immigration now. I don’t know if possibly our government is trying to provoke its US citizens into actually acting physically to defend our borders in order to declare Martial Law and take control of us all, take our guns, and round us up for the “camps”. Why can the treasonous Obama sign all sorts of illegal executive orders, and Trump cannot? Where the hell is our Congress, why aren’t they doing what we elect and pay them to do? Soon there will be only one answer to all of these questions, and we all know what that is and can only pray it’s not too late.

        • CONgress, are fine and dandy with the rest of us being poor and struggling, easier to control, that ones evemtually going to backfire on them

      21. For one thing, DON’T VOTE FOR PAUL
        RYAN. That anti American keeps voting for
        amnesty, open borders, and now with them
        clawing, digging, stampeding, shoving, pushing
        at our border, to break our economy, Ryan
        stands with them. VOTE HIM OUT.!!

      22. Forget about the wall. The wall isn’t happening. He knew all along it was a $50 Billion impossibility but that it would get him elected so he said what we wanted to hear.

        Trump recently stated it’s in the early stages but I have family near there and they said it’s staged to appear as though they are about to get started on the wall when nothing is really happening. Nothing. At all. FYI, they also told me there is no migrant caravan at or near the border. Wake up people, we are being lied to. I want my vote back.

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