Reports Surfacing of Multi-State National Guard Mobilizations

by | May 21, 2010 | Headline News | 95 comments

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    Eye witness reports from Georgia, Minnesota, Alabama, Kansas, and perhaps Texas suggest large scale mobilizations and deployment in progress for National Guard Units.

    We were under the impression that National Guard in Georgia were being deployed to help evacuate Florida in the event of toxic fumes from the oil spill if the government decided to light the booms.

    However, we are seeing reports from multiple states throughout the country.

    The Minnesota mobilization has been confirmed by MPR News, as of May 20, 2010 but suggests deployment may not be immediate:

    Soldiers and families around Minnesota know there’s a deployment in their future. Within the next few months, 2,700 Minnesota National Guard soldiers from around the state will get their training orders for deployment.

    It’s not clear yet which units of the 1st Brigade Combat Team will be activated. But this alert marks the largest deployment of Minnesota military forces since World War II.

    The Minnesota Guard deployment above is reportedly for soldiers deploying to the middle east next year.

    Reports regarding the Georgia National Guard are from a person close to a soldier that is being deployed:

    Just got a call from my son…driving home from spring semester at North Georgia College. He is in the reserves and attending the Corps of Cadets there. He is telling me something big is up. Just got a call from his unit that they are mobilizing immediately. ALL GEORGIA UNITS. Unconfirmed at the moment. Don’t see anything on any big news besides Korea. Wonder if there is more going on there than we think….will break more as I find out whether this is a big deal or not.

    From Kansas:

    My old friend who’s in the army and just got back from Iraq and is not due to go to Afghanistan until August was just deployed too. He’s reserved in Kansas, so it’s definitly not the oil. I don’t know if everyone has been deployed, only him.

    I’m hoping it is something minor or just a coincidence, deployment from more than one state is DEFINITLY not a good sign.

    EDIT TO ADD: Just called his mom, I am talking to his mom right now. She doesn’t know what’s going on or where he’s going, he couldn’t tell her anything except “I love you and I am being deployed”. I am not one to be afraid because most things are just rediculous, but I’m am hoping this is just a mere coincidence.


    I have lived in the Tomball, Texas area forabout 33 years. I know whats normal and whats not. I also workout side and can tell you the type of helo by the sound. With that in mind.

    Today I have seen wave after wave of Blackhawks pushing hard toward the east/southeast over Tomball. These things were nose-down and they were moving. VERY NOT normal. Just thought I’d FYI.

    Possibly Exercises?

    A mobile Iraqi war zone has taken shape on the rolling plains and ridges of eastern Wyoming, the latest incarnation of an Army National Guard training exercise meant to quickly shape citizen soldiers into battle-ready warriors.

    …The Wyoming National Guard’s Camp Guernsey is currently hosting the training exercise for the Nebraska Guard’s 67th Battlefield Surveillance Brigade, which is scheduled for deployment to Iraq this summer. About 1,400 soldiers from the 67th and other units are honing their skills in the makeshift Middle Eastern environment for three weeks in May.

    More Training:

    The New York Air National Guard’s Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS) is participating in a large scale North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Northern Command air defense exercise designed to train military members to respond to potential scenarios that could affect the Continental U.S. May 16-20.

    EADS is performing its homeland defense mission of detecting, identifying, tracking and possibly scrambling aircraft. Although held in Georgia, members from the unit will control the exercise missions from Rome, N.Y.

    There has been no official confirmation from the US government or State governments involved. Mainstream news has yet to pick up this story.

    Developments will follow if/when they become available…


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      1. Start of WWII?  Sounds like we will at least be taking on Iran.  How will the Russians and Chinese take this news?

      2. I meant WW III

      3. 1. Could be mobilization for eventual attack on Iran
        2. Could be mobilization for Korean hostilities
        3. Could be Obama catering to Mexican president Felipe Calderon by occupying the state of Arizona through martial law. 
        4. Could be Obama’s move against  U.S. Constitutionalists and Tea Party supporters on behalf of the NWO.
        5. Could be the use of troops to forcibly evacuate the toxic Gulf Coast areas due to the irresponsibility of BP’s oil drilling program coupled with poor federal government enforcement of environmental protection best practices.

        More likely 1. or 2. as the economic recovery Obama has been touting is failing and he’ll use war as a way to distract the American people from the economic realities at home in the U.S.  

        If so our brave soldiers welfare will be put on the line because of presidential politics and falling ratings at the polls.     

        We’ve seen it all before.

      4. What happens if the Guard is needed in the respective state, and most/all of them have been sent somewhere far away?

      5. NOYB,

        The theory is to get all of the U.S. troops out of the country (they are sworn to protect and uphold the U.S. Constitution).   Once the U.S. troops are out of the country then the U.S. government can create a false flag event and call on the U.N. to enforce ’emergency’ martial law in the U.S.  

        Being as the U.N. is a international body they would not be bound by the U.S. Constitution and could freely violate all of your rights (including gun ownership) under the direction and approval of , you guessed it,  Barack Hussein Obama.  

        Hillary Clinton is involved in just a venture with the U.N. to ban guns worldwide.  See link below. 


      6. No action down here with the Navy or Army. We are in the glide path for a NAS, NS and Army Natl. Guard. Its actuall been very quiet.

      7. Zukadu-
        Could this massive deployment be in anticipation of what you believe will happen on Monday in SoCal (9.25 quake in Temecula)? 
        I’m not military, so bear with me, but why wouldn’t a National Guardsman be told where & when he’s to be deployed? 
        Seems like folks at ATS board believe this large deployment is to assist with the gulf oil spill.  If that were the case, why wouldn’t they be told of their (non-military, domestic) mission? 
        Seems fishy to me, and coupled with your postulation that SoCalifornia is about to be wiped from the map in 3 days…

      8. Paul….

        Do you think any of us in the US might have a problem with some blue helmet from the UN coming to take our guns? That would definitely start the shooting in some parts of this country.

      9. Here in North-east Iowa, we have seen groups of military helicopters flying south down the Mississippi River for the last week. Never saw this before. Seem to be coming from Minnesota or Wisconsin.

      10. If I were to “Speculate”, the Evac of the Gulf Coast are seems to me to be the most plausible, as the info I am getting from friends and family down there is that the FUMES are making people sick.  We need now more then ever to remain vigilant in our monitoring of the situation here in [what is left of] America, as we are closer then most would care to state to our final collapse.

        Please continue to talk with your friends and family, and even those you do not know, as our future does hang in the balance.  The time to get yourself prepared for any eventuality is NOW, not next week or month.  The winds of change are a blowin, what that change will turn out to be very well depends upon US, and how prepared we each individually are to deal with the consequences.

        Just my 2c,


      11. I’m down here and there are no fumes. Besides Army are not good swimmers and its water born so that would be Navy anyways. Why hasn’t the government used the disbursing agents like Brat3 and Brat4 its all still sitting in TX?  I don’t think this is any thing to worry about. Annapolis, West Point and the other schools are sending out the cadets for summer, its normal. 

      12. Obama sending US –air, sea, and marines  to Iran. This article was posted yesterday.

      13. YourDaddy: SoCal will not be “wiped off the map” but life in SoCal will be different the day after.  Mobilization of National Guard units is very good news to me, as I believe that they are being poised for security in SoCal if necessary, while the Marines at Pendleton will  be needed in combat, elsewhere, later.

        If the National Guard is not needed in SoCal, they may be redeployed with active duty troops elsewhere. 

      14. Comments….The 45th Div of the Oklahoma will be deployed to Afghanistan in 2011. The largest deployment since Korea.

      15. Steve,

        In my opinion……….. if  U.N. troops were dumb enough to land on American shores to confiscate civilians’ guns at Obama’s request it be prudent for each of them to bring a body bag in their kit.    They’ll need it for the trip home.

        If I recall correctly over 10 to 12 billion rounds of ammunition were sold in the U.S. last year alone.  

      16. Hehehe. The Japanese considered attacking the US mainland. They didn’t for the same reason the UN will NEVER land on US shores. “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass…”

        That statement is not true. More appropriately, it would be an assault rifle and be accompanied by a 9mm/40SW/45ACP sidearm and a 12ga with #4s.

        I’ll just say it: Dear UN – Stay off our shores. We loath your existence on this planet, however, on our shores you will become target practice for our children. Stay Away!

      17. Comments….. There will be no blue helmets nor foreigners coming. America is going to breakup into ethnic,tribal, warlord states. That is the elites plan.
        Any way America is bankrupt we cannot fight another war now. We are close to have a 13 trillion debt and our economy is deteriorating pretty fast. A war with Iran will destroy our economy. israel will just fight the proxies first then iran. And zukadu what is happening in three days in socal?

      18. Mardochee..zukadamas will be changing his SHTF posting name while sitting at his computer  somewhere in socal in three days, thats all.

      19. I think some of the comments left are a bit parniod.  My husband has been in the Army over 17 years, he is NG and they are not going anywhere.  It’s spring folks.  NG does annual training from the moment it gets warm out.  Also alot of these guys are going to Afgan in a month or two.  Relax.

      20. Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride gets a whole new dimension!  🙂

      21. Zuk-
        A 9.25 quake 50 miles south of LA would essentially paralyze (if not destroy) that city for good.
        If not HAARP, and not a foreign power, and now an Act of God, how did you derive that information?  (Especially 4:02pm)?  In all seriousness…

      22. <!– @page { margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>
        I have to agree with Paul on this. Although it is ONLY SPECULATION!
        War is a great diversion from our financial problems but will only create wealth for the military industrial complex and their banking brothers. Iran is a formidible foe and will fight if we attack. One could see martial law and travel restrictions in the states as this war could easily spread globally.
        Again, this is only speculation but fits well with our current situation. This only reinforces the steps that every citizen should take to prepare for a lack of goods and services in the event of a regional or national emergency as outlined in SHTF blogs. Time will tell but the massive deployment of ships and troops does not look good. I know it is painfull but watch the boob tube for clues.
        Best wishes.

      23. Massive unrest in case of war and/or bankruptcy, nazi like soldiers (US  mostly) would fight with their own people not enemies (and go along the free ride of adrenaline and additional seconds of life, as did the Hitlers. they WERE people also) . This is being prepared allegedly for years and not only in N-A.
        Get out of USA as soon as possible, at least no concentration camps (better jungle than prison).

      24. bet on number 4 … they are preparing to attack their own just democrats not just republicans…. no .. EVERYBODY!

      25. ILPrep5-please dont be so disappointing , theres more to life than video games and for some people it is here: fantasy role playing , like they have the insight to predict and the power and fortitude to survive apocalypse

      26. God Bless our wonderful president Mr. Barkie Obungle! Do you have any idea what we are paying over at the local rifle range for targets these days?? I sure hope that Barkie is able to provide us with a bunch of those pretty blue helmets as alternative targets.

        And as far as the amount of ammo that Americans are buying? Sales for only one month right after Barkie was elected was 1.5 trillion rounds! Look at the ‘holes’ on the shelves at your local ammo retailer. Obviously, sales haven’t slacked off very much.

        In one three month period after Barkie’s election; American Citizens purchased enough firearms to outfit not only the entire Chinese Army but the Indian Army as well. Been to your local knife & gun show lately? You can hardly move around in there and your fellow citizens are buying like crazy. A friend with a local gun store is having a hard time keeping inventory on the shelves.

        And Hillary Clinton wants to participate in some NWO & UN sponsored initiative or treaty that will require US Citizens to give up our firearms??? Good luck with that one Hillary!!! Most people that I know will die with their ‘assault-rifles’ in hand resisting this kind of crap rather than turn in their guns. Think they might be able to bag their limit of blue halmets before they go? But wait, is there any

        The next year or two promises to be some VERY interesting times in the history of our country. God Bless and the best of luck to you and your families. Remember to stock up on anything that you are lacking to face the touch times ahead.

      27. I like your style MadMarkie, however we should look at the blue helmets as an asset. Let me explain, During the 70’s we trained a lot of these NATO and Foreign troops and in my opinion they are cowardly. 1 American could usually take 7 to 10 of them in a fight. With that said, if they showed up at all on American soil with all their equipment, arms and ammo they will be ripe for the harvest, thus unintentionally suppling us with much needed equipment, arms and ammo. Seeing the blue helmets coming would be like seeing a supply convoy. Most of us know how to adapt, improvise and overcome. Remember these troops are not fighting for their mother land and even when they are they surrender quickly.
        The only foreign troops I would worry about are Russia and China. The blue hats would merely be a supply chain for us. Good Luck, God Bless.

      28. Comments…..Patriot One you should read Civil War II:The Coming Breakup of America. The last thing the elites want is a united America fighting blue helmets because we would be United. I said this once and I will say it again when the shtf America will descend into chaos. We are not united at all. America right now is the Balkans in the 80s. And we knew what happened in the 90s.   
        demographical diversity increase, means increased divisiveness, i only have to point to the Balkans to make my point.. the one glue that holds the US together is economic prosperity.. it seems to sooth over tensions..  when we loose that America will be Balkans 2.0 bigger meaner scarier and much more bloodier.

      29. NOBODY owes “allegiance OR loyalty to a government that consistently and continuously sells out, lies to, the PEOPLE. SQUEAL on these RATS. Tell the world how rotten they are. This government LIED about EVERYTHING from POWs left in Korea, Agent Orange, Gulf War Syndrome, Depleted Uranium, Leaving wounded Vets in the lurch. …

      30. I know that what I am about to say goes against every fiber of your being as a reporter: Reporting like this puts American soldiers at risk. This sort of information aides enemy forces by allowing them to prepare for attack. It also alerts and motivates would-be terrorists to attack our National Guard troops at home as a means of disrupting deployments, and undermining unit morale. This sort of rumor should be quashed as a matter of National Security. If you hear a rumor, don’t repeat it. “Loose lips sink ships.”

      31. Ben, I completely understand your sentiment and you make an excellent point. In my view, if our country was mobilizing for an attack that needed to be kept secret, the attack itself would need to commence within a few days of mobilization. If the US is mobilizing, and we regular citizens know about it, then I can say with certainty that NoKo, russian, Chinese, et. al. intelligence sources will already be aware of it — probably before even the soldiers receive their orders.

        With the advent of the internet, information will travel extremely quickly, especially if we’re talking about military operations.

        In my view, if we were mobilizing for international war and the President needed to keep things secret during the preparations, they would simply shut down the internet and take over all mainstream news sources, which is something they can do in under one hour if/when necessary. They can play up a story such as a cyber attack or virus is rapidly spreading through the web, or that a major satellite or computer system experienced damage, and they could run with this story for 1 or 2 or 3 days while they prepared and executed an attack. (at  least, that’s what i’d do…)

        With the United States being a melting pot, i don’t think it is possible to keep a large scale mobilization a secret from anyone, especially for countries like Russia and China that have eyes in the sky taking pics and videos from space.

        If the National Guard is mobilizing, and for now it is unconfirmed, then my feeling is that it would be for domestic policing / relief activities rather than international military strike. One of the goals of this web site is to get information out there that people can use to prepare in the event of an emergency – and a large scale Guard mobilization, if it were to occur, suggests that something big is about to go down – and I think the preppers out there would really appreciate knowing about it.

        In this day and age, we embed reporters with military units in the heat of war and provide live feeds of the action to the whole world. That being said, I don’t think a report such as this one would endanger national security.

        Again, I think you bring up an excellent point for debate and sincerely appreciate your comments Ben.


      32. Having Obama as a commander in chief would be demoralizing to any serviceman or woman.   

        Especially knowing that Obama sat through years of Sunday sermons of Reverend Jeremiah Wright damning America to hell.   And absorbing every minute of this evil madness.   

        Who does Obama think he’s fooling?   He wants patriotism? Loyalty?  

        When he himself has none, except when in front of national media.   This man is a imposter, a fraud, a usurper.   

      33. hurricane season is coming and that means so are the haitians. there will be national guard and police deployment to florida to welcome the haitians to our welfare country. our military will not be turning them away.

      34. Yourdaddy:  If the event occurs, as I believe it will: for good, concrete reasons, evidence of which, I can hold in my hand and show you if you were here in  Arizona.

        It will indeed be an Act of God, outside of the control or power of human beings to prevent, mitigate, or marginalize the event. 

        I am no Charles Hatfield. 🙂

      35. Naval ship deployments are classified, of course, but I can tell you something is up.  Gonna be a lot of cold steel at sea in the next 3 or 4 days.  Orders came down Thurs 20MAY.

      36. There will be no boots onthe ground in Iran.  Quick strikes on missile sites, airfields, naval yards, infrastructure, and Republican Guards.  Then when the hornets nest starts buzzing, pick off the balance of the angry pests.

      37. Oldsalt;     Can you confirm that Naval and Coast Guard Vessels on the West Coast are putting out to sea? That would warm my heart.

        Can anyone confirm that nuclear plants and refineries on the West Coast will be shutting down for “maintenance” anytime soon?

        Thank you.

      38. There will be wars and rumors of wars…..

      39. 99.99% of these prophesied conspiracies never ever come to pass. Occasionally, the .01% will happen, and the conspiracy theorists will all say “See we told you so”. No, that doesn’t mean you told us anything, it just means you’re a stopped clock. I’m sure all of these calamities “could” come, emphasis on “could”. Many probably will, given an infinite amount of time to accomplish them. But that doesn’t mean they will happen today or tomorrow or even this year.

        As to anyone imposing “martial law” on the Americans. Martial law usually requires popular cooperation. It is also difficult to do nationwide. I was in martial law one time. the “Rodney King Riots”. Ain’t no big thing. In most places the cops and the People realized they were on the same side. Guitar playing hippies took up arms to defend their stores in Hollywood. You cannot conquer this nation with just troops. It cannot be done. Maybe it could be if the entire UN forces or American military were Special Forces and Navy Seals. But they aren’t. And I will reliably predict they will be utterly slaughtered: and many will defect to our side, once we give them the low down and offer them citizenship at the end of the Revolution.

      40. Is it possible that our able-bodied men, sons, husbands, are being shipped overseas so they are not here to intervene on our behalf, when the wannabe dictators currently in charge of our government decide to press their dictatorship down upon us, ban our right to assemble (Tea Parties, marches on Washington), confiscate our weapons of self-defense (read up on the UN treaty to ban small weapons signed by Secretary of State Clinton), cut of our ability to communicate amongst ourselves (FCC control of the Internet and Obama’x words recently that the American public is confused by there being too much informaiton available), and to impose martial law and suspend elections?  Why did not anti-war Obama bring home the troops as he promised?

      41. Comments…..Good God. –Zaduko is an absolute nut — and a damn liar — ” If the event occurs, as I believe it will: for good, concrete reasons, evidence of which, I can hold in my hand and show you if you were here in  Arizona. –“  the word IF is always prove of someone who knows nothing and has no ‘ proof”  — Cal earthquake in 3 days, war with Iran, invasion by UN forces on our soil, Obama’s secret plan to confiscate your weapons —

        people here make Alex Jones & 9/11 Truthers  sound normal and sane. 

        Wait look in the skye… quickly…. its CHEMTRAILS.   aaaaaaaa!!

        How can anyone take this site seriously!

      42. Comments…..Probably preparing for deployment to Korea.  Clinton is not in China to discuss the economy.  N. Korea breached the armistice by sinking the S. Korea Navy ship.  I believe war on the Korean peninsula is immanent.

      43. Zukadu-
        “Act of God” and “Evidence” rarely go hand in hand.  God has always spoken to his people (Moses, Noah, Abraham, Jonah, David, etc etc) but never does he get into specific days and certainly not exact minutes (4:02pm PST).  If he has spoken to you directly, you wouldn’t have any “evidence in hand” as the evidence would be in the form of an apparition or locution that resides only within you.  If he hasn’t spoken directly to you, who is the source of this evidence (via proxy on God’s behalf), and how did he come to obtain it.
        It sounds like you’ve got “information” compiled by someone who is postulating on future events based on the movement of the stars, astrology, bible codes and eschatological guidance or some other coincidental/circumstantial/tangential info to arrive at this date, location & exact minute.
        Not offering this response to rag on you, as I appreciate men (or women, since we don’t truly know who you are) of conviction.
        However, men of conviction, in addition to holding fast to their beliefs, tenets, faith, etc also rarely if ever have a problem of referencing the source of those convictions.
        In this case, you are holding documents/videos of someone espousing a  belief of a 9.25 earthquake in Temecula CA tomorrow at 4:02pm (of which you now firmly believe in) yet you have gone out of your way to shield or protect the source of this evidence.  To me, that is a glaring contradiction.
        Analyzing your behavior from April 18th to now, you open up by disclosing this evidence, and then go on a 30 day “Riddle-me-this” game (which many have thought amusing and just as many have thought aggravating).  Since the riddle has unfolded, and more probing questions have been asked regarding the specifics of how such an event could take place (I proffered HAARP as a man-made, self-destruction theory) you simply advise it will be via an act of God based on hard evidence you have in your hands.
        In any discussion/debate, you should always try to see the issue from the other side.  When you read my post, hopefully you can see why alot of folks on this board believe your credibility is now strained.
        Absent posting the actual evidence, you should at a bare minimum (acting in Good Faith) disclose whose it is, and the process by which they arrived at it.
        Then, you wipe the dust from the bottom of your shoes, and let everyone decide for themselves.
        I hope you accept this post with the kind spirit in which it was offered.

      44. 1. The UN Troops won’t have to land here, they are already billeted around the country for “training”. Still it *will* be a bloodbath.

        2. Does anyone really doubt that that bark bark obama isn’t trying to put irreverent wrights sermons into practice?

        All this is diversion and window dressing for the coup de grace of our Constitution…

        But, understand me well… While the blood of patriots is essential. Only God can heal our land. 2 Chron 7:14…

        But, the church is to self-centered to repent!

        I am *not* hopeful of the end result of all this…

        The Real SMM

      45. From a very reliable , in the “know” poster on the original forum where this story “broke”  When it first started, he said he had heard nothing and it was probably nothing but he would update if he heard anything.   Now today, a few days later he is saying there is actually truth to the rumor, here is what he has found out.

        “Ok, here are FACTS:

        On Friday, elements of the Georgia National Guard and Georgia State Guard, specifically Military Police, Light Infantry, and 1 of the (I’m told) 3 HAZMAT (NBC) units were issued 48 hour notice, and are expected to recieve Warning Orders. These units are to assist in possible evac of the Gulf coast area, specifically the west coast of Florida, the Louisiana coast, or Alabama. The source went into no further specifics other than that another NBC unit was placed on standby to assist if needed. The actual order to deploy has not yet been given, but this is SOP for Guard units to prepare for rapid deployment.

        Repeat: an order to evac is being considered, but has NOT been given as of yet. Please remain calm. ”

        This is from a reliable source… Take it for what it’s worth.

         Mobolize the National Guard to track down and deport All foreign nationals…

      47. CDH, thanks for the update!

      48. Yourdaddy: I do accept and will respond later. I am in the middle of something. Anymore updates of Guard movements?

      49. Comments…..Since it is late May and since school is just letting out, most states conduct their two weeks  of National Guard training in late May/early June.  I used to be in the Tank Company, 176th RCT Virginia National Guard. In late May we would travel by convoy to Indian Town Gap, PA to conduct our training….Not only our Company but the whole VANG…….I’m not saying that suspicious activity is not warranted. It may very well be ….For those that are on the look out…always notice the markings on the vehicles…i.e. The numbers on the Vehicles may be white or yellow….If they are National Guard they will have markings such as VANG for Virginia National Guard,  GANG, for Georgia National Guard etc ……Some units may be in different uniforms if they are to be the aggressors for another unit….Vigilance is the key word for Freedom……………….God Bless These United States and her Constitution.

      50. I’ve read some claims that there will be massive evacuations of FL,MS,LA due to high levels of carcinogenic benzene from the oil leak.
        If true,it would take many government types to move all of those people from the coastal areas of those states.
        I’m still taking those stories with a grain of salt though.

      51. Could this be what everyone is looking for? It just came up on Fox News. Oh and hey a 6.5 quake just happened in the Acre Region of Brazil.
        Pentagon Plans War Games With South Korea As Clinton Talks De-Escalation of Tension
        Associated Press

        The Pentagon announced two major military exercises to show U.S.-South Korean might as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Obama administration is trying to prevent a greater conflict following the bombing of a South Korean warship by the North Koreans.

      52. Heres a recent on topic video…..

      53. Where’s the earthquake? Oh wait it’s Eastern time now. Will this be Pacific time then?

      54. Obama and his whole administration SUCKS,so,send them all down to the gulf to suck up all the oil.On the serious side,there is a lot of things going on in our Republic that point to something going on that is beyond the normal day to day operation of our reserve military.What this means is open to conjecture and rumor.As far as martial law is concerned,there is no way that the little anal orifice in the oval office would be able to get American forces to disarm our citizens since there is a majority of hero’s in our uniformed forces that do not like obama nor his politics/policies. They would remove the little anal orifice  from office before they would turn on their fellow citizens and dishonor their oaths to UPHOLD,PROTECT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION of THE UNITED STATES.Obama is not an idiot (although I do not believe he is the genius he claims to be since ALL his records are locked up) ,but, he must realize that a declaration of martial law would end his presidency prematurely and open the door to prosecution for crimes against the US and the Constitution since his protectors in the congress will, in most likelihood,be sharing the same prison with him.
        Wild Bill

      55. Hi Guys! I’m here, giggling like a school girl in mom’s basement. I was just about to hit “submit comment” and lost the post. Gotta retype! 🙂

      56. Well Zuk while your hoax got people thinking I do believe you have harmed this site.  

      57. Patriot One: The site is not harmed. Only my credibility for those who want to point a finger. I have tried to post an explanation twice but have lost the posts.

        Thats enough typing for now.

      58. Too bad your prediction posts could not have been “lost” before you hit “submit comment”.

      59. Another issue…

        Seems to me that I vaugely remember a blurb some time ago where the majority of our “unneccesary” A-10’s were turned over to the UN…

        Meaning, that to survive it will be neccesary to be able to knock down an A-10…

        Of course how much GPS guided (ala 2010 Census) Drones have been turned over to the UN for Training…

        And, how many, except hard core survivalists, have have the ability to hide from the sensors on a Predadtor. Or, the ability to knock one down. Assuming you would even know it was there.

        Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take; but as for me, give me liberty or give me death!
        [/quote] Patrick Henry

        The Real SMM

      60. “Live free – or die” (New Hampshire lad)

        There are (well-armed) New Hampshire lads all over America. Prolly a few well-armed lasses, as well! 🙂

      61. Vans: Use Google
        Lat: 29°58’20.13″N
        Long:  81°39’46.64″W

        Large Quantity of White Vans, as used by the UN, delivered to an abandoned Air Facility, covering both runways. The imagry has been archived as I don’t expect it to stay up.

        The Street Level pics have been intentionally d’rezed to obscrure the view of the vans from street level.

        Ny now these vans have probably been dispersed throughout the country where UN forces are being “Trained”.

        Lat: 33°34’1.90″N
        Long: 83°29’8.10″W

        Several Hundred Thousand FEMA 2-4 Body  – Body Boxes. The last imagery showed a railway depot being built to allow trans-shipment throughout America.

        Alan Keys does not believe that there will be another election. That obama will create a false flag event, suspend the Constitution, and take over America.

        I disagree… There will be an Electrion in November… obama will get his political teeth kicked out… Then there will be a joint session of Congress and a “device” will be set off to decaptitate the Legislative Branch.

        obama will be saddened by his “unfortunate” delay in arriving…

        (He already has the Supreme Court stacked in his favor! Only Congress is left to hinder him!)

        The Real SMM

      62. The ALIEN RACE and their Zionist Slimeball AGENTS are making preparations for “Gulag America” and lotsa funerals! SEE! my Blog for more.

      63. Alan Keyes is a good Christian politician and said Obama is a usurper!   

        Obama wants nothing more than to destroy this country.

      64. YourDaddy:   About 40 days ago I had a powerful dream. I have had such powerful dreams before and they have been accurate. For example, some years ago I was told in a dream that a friend had cancer. I told his wife about the dream and asked her to get him checked out as I knew he would not, if I told him. A couple of months later, the dream repeated and said that he hadn’t gotten checked out yet. I went bacck to his wife, told her about the second dream and urged her to get him in to get it done. He didn’t go. Some months later while vacationing in California he had a siezure. The diagnosis? Inoperable brain cancer. He died.

        Some years ago, on my birthday no less, I had another powerful dream. I followed the directions given to me in the dream and discovered a precious metals mineral deposit. A gold mine, which I still own and am developing, worth many millions of dollars. Thus the evidence that I can hold in my hands.

        The Big One would be an Act of God. In this dream I was told the date, time, and epicenter. I estimated the magnitude from the visual in the dream. Skyscrappers falling, fissures opening, madness everywhere, and an aftermath that looked like a war zone. Given recent events that may have loaded the faults under Socal and the hard evidence worth millions of dollars, a sample of which I can hold in the palm of my hand, you might imagine that my conviction level  was very high for the manifestation of this event.

        So high was the level of my conviction based on the tangible evidence I have, I did inform the PTB under my real name, and they “ran my plates”. In hindsight I would not do anything different. There is nothing anyone can do before an event like this, but actions could be taken to mitigate secondary deadly accidents, like a nuclear plant melt down from the quake. I felt I had a moral, ethical, and patriotic duty to inform my government of the possiblity of this event, and I did so.

        I hope everyone enjoyed the puzzle. Glad i was wrong, but I finally convinced my family in harm’s way to move away from the epicenter for the day, so you might imagine that i will be hearing about the BIG ONE for some time.

        And that’s ok. If I had not said anything and something had materialized, I would really feel bad. Sometimes its better to be wrong than right. This was such a time.

      65. Am I the only one here that is becoming increasingly annoyed with godsend? This has been an enjoyable place to visit and get news and personal viewpoints from various individuals. And while I haven’t always agreed with those viewpoints, under most circumstances the most disagreeable posts were limited to someone making one or two posts, then they were gone. But godsend is another story altogether. Too many rants, really crappy too-personal hashes of others’ opinions, and WAY too much advertising of his personal blog.

        While I realize this is an open forum, and we should be tolerant of viewpoints other than our own, godsend has invaded this site in a manner that is more like a viral infection. Anyone got a recommendation for a cure?????

      66. grannyb:

        Here’s a suggestion for you:

        If you can’t stand the heat (TRUTH), get out of the kitchen!

        Now go back to your knitting!

      67. Well Zuk you were right and wrong. There was an earth quake yesterday in the Acre Region of Brazil If I recall correctly it was a 6.5. It was south and east of SoCal. but an earthquake for sure. I’ve made predictions on the financial markets before and was wrong but only by a 1000 points. This April I predicted a major drop in the markets and went all out of the markets on 4/23 which turned out to be the high, but family members still looked at me as if I’m wearing a tin foil hat. Today they are happy, but they still don’t believe my complete prediction that the DJIA could go below 4500. 

        Next time you have a vivide dream just post it. No one else predicted an earth quake on 05/24/2010.

        I too do not care much for that persons comments. Hopefully the administrator will cut him off. For someone new to the site it makes it look like a hate site, but there are loons everywhere. 

      68. Godsend
        If your site is so good, how in the world do you have so much time to spend here? Take your hate and go back to your great website. Fact is no one is buying what you are trying sell. Do you think you are going to get more members from this site? Just read what you write, it takes you 5 post to get a paragraph or rational thought. Every now and then you actually make some sence. The rest of the time it appears you have gone off your meds. Respect the site and others or leave.

      69. I’m with you grannyb.  By their fruit, you shall know them.  A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.  GodPretend’s posts are bad fruit.  He is obviously a fraud trying to gain attention and annoy others.  Just scrolling past his ramblings and ignoring him works well.  Beyond that, it’s up to the administrator. 

      70. Patriot One; No I was completely wrong. I had the dream about forty says ago and based upon the evidence I had, believed strongly that the event would occur. Consequently I felt compelled to alert two individuals in positions of power whom I trust and shared that information with them as I have now shared it with you.

        When I didn’t get any response or acknowlegement of any kind from them, I thought about posting but was concerned that doing so might be construed as yelling “fire” in crowded theatre. Therefore, I decided to create a “buzz” over the “boobquake” issue that arose about the same time, hoping to raise awareness in the area I expected to be impacted most.

        Nothing can be done about an Act of God in advance, but hoped some actions might be taken to mitigate say, a nuclear melt down or explosion in the aftermath, and I made those suggestions to the PTB.

        The Internet is monitored, and once I began to post and create the buzz, the PTB “ran my plates” and downloaded my C drive. Thus my attempt to get their attention about this potential problem succeeded. For them, the only thing worse than the event occurring; is the event occuring, doing nothing about it to mitigate secondary events, and being notified in advance that it might occur, and having that fact published,

        I too am a patriot and given the evidence I had, which I believed significant enought to support my “prediction”, I felt my nation and my people were facing a serious threat. No less a threat than that posed by 30 million nationals of a foreign power in my country illegally.  Therefore I must stand up, speak out, and make sure my voice is heard by the PTB. I did my duty with the light God gives me to see that duty.

        I make no apologies or excuses.

      71. To Granny B, Patriot and others, I have been reading this site for quite some time but usually don’t feel the need to comment. GodSend is really lowering the tone. If I could offer some advice: do what another forum I read does and don’t feed the troll. Just totally ignore his posts and carry on with your conversations. These people crave a response; don’t respond. He’ll eventually get bored and go away.

      72. Seriously GodSend….get a clue.  You speak about truth and yet your blogsite is LOADED with speculative CRAP.

        No one would get arrested for an earthquake prediction.  It was not “shouting fire in a crowded theatre”.  It did not happen the way he thought, but in the end predictions should always be taken with a grain of salt.  Although I doubt anyone scanned his C drive or “ran his plates”.

        He is no more irresponsible than you are for posting on your site that Israel did 9/11.

      73. GS, in the interest of sanity, all of your future comments are going to be moderated… It’s not an issue of censorship….. I realize sometime the discussions go a different direction on this site than what the article is about, and that’s fine, but as grannyb pointed out, we try to keep the discussions informative and pleasurable, and I just don’t think we really get that from your comments very often. this would be fine if it was just a comment or two, but it’s getting a little crazy.


      74. Thanks Mac. The mind is like a parachute. It works best when its open.
        GS seems to have one track.

      75. Mac – my comments here are the most sane comments ever published here. This comment, for instance. So it’s “pleasurable” comments you’re after? Surely you jest, right? I read all of your recent posts and have yet to find a single ONE that could be even remotely classified as “pleasurable” by any stretch of anyone’s imagination! Furthermore, my comments are far more informative than grannyb’s “I think THAT is a really good question!!!!!!!!!!”, for instance – and any number of others I could quote. Or perhaps you would put that grannyb comment in the “pleasurable” column?!

        I have patiently waited for all the Zionist termites to come out of the woodwork here – and I think most of them have crawled out and have been squashed, so it’s “Sayonara” from me and “Hasta la vista, baby” from him! Greener pastures and more fertile Blogs await – with more dysenterious black sheep, no doubt!

      76. John of Patmos saw the demise of 1/3 of sea creatures will die, 1/3 of the oceans will evaporate, and 1/3 of the world fleet will be destroyed toward the last of the latter days. 30% of aquatic life in the Gulf of Mexico will not survive. If BP opts for a nuke, who can say how much of the Gulf waters will be vaporized? Will detonation destabilizes the crust and initiate tectonic shifts. Will the shift foster drastic molten iron will adversely effect the polarity of the world. If the spin of earth enters precession, our gravity will cause horrendous earthquakes. When the spin of earth wobbles, orbiting junk around it, will plummet to the earth. We may see what Ezekial saw–flaming stars peppering the land scape.  A 10 mm nut at 18,000 mph could take down the Sears Tower. What would would become of a human is so struck.
        This phrase is repeated 55 times in 44 verses in the OT: ‘. . . ‘evil in the sight of the Lord’. Are we as well–evil in His sight? We have hope but none from men.
        Albert W. Loescher of PILMOA  

      77. Thank you Mac!!  Godspeed Sir!!

      78. Quote godsend “Mac – my comments here are the most sane comments ever published here.”

        Bawhahahahahahahahahahah!   whew, whew,,….Bawhahahahahahahahah…ooo….ooo. Please stop….

        No really PLEASE STOP, whichever god sent you , I think I hear he/she/it calling your name.  I think it is time to pick up what remains of your shattered sanity and go back to your master.

      79. I didn’t read this far before posting

        GS….”I have patiently waited for all the Zionist termites to come out of the woodwork here – and I think most of them have crawled out and have been squashed, so it’s “Sayonara” from me and “Hasta la vista, baby” from him! Greener pastures and more fertile Blogs await – with more dysenterious black sheep, no doubt!

        Geez, about time, Take hints much?  You need to get some help, you are a ticking time bomb.

        Don’t worry, you won’t be missed, we have zukadu to cover for you.

      80. Comments…..Just watched three green helicopters (army or marine?) fly overhead, north from the Delaware River (which means they were flying north from a direction somewhere in PA or NJ up north into NY, up the Catskills. It was only three, but I’ve been here 8 months and never seen that before. I have seen them spraying tick-tack-toe chemtrails in the sky, however, particularly on April 12.

      81. I understand, Baal bin Liar will be absent at Arlington on Memorial day.  He is ostensibly going the Chicago way (what’s new?). I have a premonition he will  instead be out of country.  Oh-my. I refrain to mention exactly what I am thinking. However, I think his puppeteers believe his service is no longer required. A Bradbury title comes to mind: Something Wicked This Way Comes.   
        Albert of PILMOA

      82. Comments…..Any chance these troops are going to the southwest to do border patrol?  The White House said they will send 1200 troops to that area in response to the Arizona and Texas response to illegals.

      83. Comments…..There was a small earthquake  in western Washington on monday 5/24 also.  They are probably on the same faultline.???

      84. Wild Bill…?  or is it “godsend”…?  watch your grammer gs.

      85. To Wild Wooley Will (http://www. non

        I presume you do not believe in God. I do. I prefer to be a fool for Him than a wizened man of the world–as you seem to be.

      86. Patriot One wrote, “This April I predicted a major drop in the markets and went all out of the markets on 4/23 which turned out to be the high…prediction that the DJIA could go below 4500”.  Nice timing!  How?  Your own technical analysis?  Or an advisor like McHugh or Dines?dicted a major drop in the markets and went all out of the markets on 4/23 which turned out to be the high, but family members still looked at me as if I’m wearing a tin foil hat. Today they are happy, but they still don’t believe my complete prediction that the DJIA could go below 4500.

      87. NBC
        You asked how? It was based on my view of world events, world markets and a healthy dose of fear. The public and private debt numbers and unfunded liabilities are just Tooooo Big. In most states and countries the outflow of cash far exceeds the inflow. Its was a years worth of data and events that all say, the world is bankrupt. Though the world may continue to function for a while the end is coming.  Based on my knowledge and opinion I would say the bankruptcy actually started between 1993 and 1997.  The S&L problems of the 80’s may have been the prelude. Once you start looking at the root causes you can follow it back to 1920 some say 1913. Now in 2010 our hind sight is pretty focused. Progressive Liberal big government policy is not the answer, it the problem!  

      88. Powder-blue helmets make excellent target practice.


      89. Ollie North(peace be upon him) just reported on Hannity’s show that 17,000 Ntnl. Guard and Reserve troops are headed to the gulf to “man vacuum’s on the beach” there’s that.

      90. Just my opinion but as far as massive National Guard troop movements starting, when I was in the Guard, we started yearly field training at Ft. Stewart, GA and Camp Shelby,MS this time each year. This was EVERY year and we had federal authority when we convoyed through the southern states. We also had troops from other states besides TN training at the same locations and they also had huge convoys. I’m not so sure that some folks aren’t  just getting too keyed up on the sight of NG troops moving south. Again, just my opinion.

      91. Comments…..Nothing is going on. Calm down. You need to read news reports all the way through from multiple sources or otherwise you buy into false theories. The Minnesota unit that was being mobilized is going to iraq. The article said so and this website needs to print the truth instead of selectively posting something not completely ture.


      1. Unconfirmed Reports: Parts of Louisiana Militarized; Road Blocks, ID Requirements - [...] print this page | get our rss feed In May we reported that reports were surfacing of multi-state National…

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