BREAKING: Google Just Scrubbed Natural Health Websites From Its Search Results; Whistleblower Explains How and Why

by | Jun 28, 2019 | Headline News | 23 comments

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    This article was originally published by Sayer Ji at GreenMedInfo LLC.

    Earlier this month, in one devastating algorithmic stroke, Google removed many of the top natural health and health freedom websites from their organic search results — some losing as much as 99% of their traffic. In fact, the term “organic” should no longer be used to describe Google’s referral traffic, as a jaw-dropping undercover investigation by Project Veritas reveals: Google surreptitiously manipulates its search results and auto-suggestions to conform to a very specific set of sociopolitical and economic agendas intended to manipulate elections and promote private interests.

    We live in amazing times, albeit intense, filled with incredible darkness and light.

    But thanks to the power of the internet, we have a level of freedom of information never enjoyed before by any previous generation on Earth — and that information is the very life’s blood of democratic ideals, and the necessary ingredient for informed consent and health freedom, our primary advocacies.

    But what happens when the gate-keepers of the content that flows through this incredible invention, like Facebook and Pinterest, censor and shadow ban certain of its users or content, or their ability to send you messages via email service provider platforms like Mailchimp, as we’ve recently experienced on Where do we go for information then?

    Why not skip the social media filtering and email platform censorship and go back to using Google, you might ask. Aren’t they the very archetype and modern-day oracle of fairness, having become synonymous with looking for and finding objective answers.

    After all, wouldn’t you expect that if you typed in turmeric research, would come up on the first page, given we have the world’s largest, open access resource on the topic which curates over 2,700 peer-reviewed studies relevant to over 800 diseases, on the topic? Whereas a few years ago, our search traffic was growing, today it’s as if we don’t exist on the internet any longer (unless you specifically search for us by name).

    Instead, today, you find first page google results on turmeric like: “Turmeric May Not Be a Miracle Spice After All” from, or “Turmeric: Uses, Side Effects, Interactions, Dosage, and Warning” from, which overlook much of the research we have gathered, and make turmeric sounds like it’s just another drug that you have to be very careful to take.

    Apparently, this is entirely by design! On June 3rd, in fact, Google rolled out its latest core algorithm change, which obliterated the organic search results for the majority of the top sites in the natural health and health freedom advocating sector of the internet. Sites like (stats depicted in the image below), and saw most of their traffic removed overnight., perhaps the most heavily hit of all, broke the story in its two-part report: “Google buries Mercola in their latest search engine update, Part 1 and 2. has been a source of whistle-blowing information about Big Pharma and Big Tech collusion for decades, so it is no surprise why Google would take this action against his platform, and similar ones. In fact, signs of the coming purge came back in 2016, when GlaxoSmithKline signed a $715 million contract to partner with Google, and with increasing partnerships with pharmaceutical companies in 2019 like Sanofi.  Google’s parent company Alphabet is heavily invested in a vaccine company,Vaccitech, founded by scientists at Oxford University. Google, it appears, has become a pay-to-play operation, and contains a specific sociopolitical and economic agenda that is built directly into its search algorithms.

    Amazingly, on the same day of Mercola’s report, June 24th, an investigative reporter by the name of James O’ Keefe, founder of Project Veritas, released an undercover video of a top Google executive and a whistleblower from within Google, revealing how the company is manipulating search results to unduly influence elections, but how they are applying an Orwellian-type narrative to the autosuggestions, search results, and google news aggregator feed used by billions daily. This is a must watch video, and was almost immediately removed by Youtube (owned by Google), further validating how badly they don’t want the information to get out there. (JUNE 26TH, 8:12 PM UPDATE: VIMEO PULLED THE VIDEO, JOINING GOOGE/YOUTUBE’s CENSORSHIP EFFORTS – FURTHER EVIDENCE OF JUST HOW DAMNING THIS REPORT IS. WE ARE LEAVING THE VIMEO TAKE DOWN MESSAGE BELOW)

    A back up the video was preserved on the Project Veritas website and is embedded below:

    Vimeo provided the Project Veritas team the following explanation for the removal of the video. You be the judge if you believe their reasons were justified.

    Amazingly, the timing of this video could not be worse for Google. As reported by the Wall Street Journal on June 24th, the Justice Department is preparing an anti-trust case against Google. Additionally, on June 19th, Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) introduced Senate Bill 1914, “A bill to amend the Communications Decency Act to encourage providers of interactive computer services to provide content moderation that is politically neutral,” which would strip Big Tech companies of the immunity they presently enjoy from lawsuits for exactly the type of political manipulation Project Veritas’ video above exposed.

    Until Google is held accountable for their actions, and there is industry reform, it will be difficult to get around their full spectrum dominance (gmail, google, youtube, google calendar, google documents, etc.) unless we find better, privacy-secured, platforms.  And there are quite a few you may not have heard about, including the internet browser alternatives to Google Chrome, such as Brave Browser and Opera, search engines like and (unfortunately uses the same Google keywords), and email programs like You can also use the communications app Signal, which provides a level of encryption that may be the best out there.

    Lastly, this newsletter is one of the only lifelines people will have to receive our content in the future. And we highly encourage you to share it with others. They can sign up here and receive our most information-packed gift ever here, a 500+ page natural remedy guide entirely backed up by peer-reviewed science. It’s truly an invaluable resource and we are happy to give it away to support our readers taking back control of their health. Download it here. You can also read my recent Founder’s Statement about Recent Censorship Events, to get a greater sense for the context of what is happening to us and similar projects like ours.


    In order to confirm that O’ Keefe’s accusations against Google are correct and that they are engaged in manipulating search term auto-suggestions, I typed into Google “Vaccines cause…” to see what results it would retrieve. This is the result:

    In order to ascertain what the actual search volume for the term in question is, we went to another Google product called Google trends which allows you to see the volume, and what people are searching for, over time. So, we compared the searches: “Vaccines Cause Adults” with “Vaccines Cause Autism.” You’ll see the profound disparity in volume between the two, in favor of the latter.

    You can visit the google trends search and see for yourself here.

    Amazingly, Google states that the auto-suggestions are “predictions, not suggestions.” Here’s their official statement:

    “You’ll notice we call these autocomplete “predictions” rather than “suggestions,” and there’s a good reason for that. Autocomplete is designed to help people complete a search they were intending to do, not to suggest new types of searches to be performed. These are our best predictions of the query you were likely to continue entering.

    How do we determine these predictions? We look at the real searches that happen on Google and show common and trending ones relevant to the characters that are entered and also related to your location and previous searches.”

    Clearly, this demonstrates with Google’s own data that they are intentionally removing certain auto-suggestions from their search to cover up the truth about what people are actually searching for. This also corroborates the hypothesis that they are censoring sites critical of vaccines, or which question vaccine safety; namely, natural health and health freedom promoting websites like our own.


    © [Wednesday, June 26th, 2019 at 7:30 am] GreenMedInfo LLC. This work is reproduced and distributed with the permission of GreenMedInfo LLC.

    *EDITOR’S NOTE: This shows how desperate Google is to keep information they don’t want you to know under wraps.  They have officially been busted censoring and manipulating search results multiple times.  Whether you believe Big Pharma or natural health’s research on vaccines is irrelevant.  The fact that Google is hiding information from only one side only should throw up big red flags. Google is not hiding information that is fake.  They are censoring information that they don’t want you to know about.

    Google Election Meddling: “How Do We Prevent [Trump’s Election] From Happening Again?”

    CENSORSHIP: Google Censors New Video Exposing Google

    Google Ethics Team Busted Calling Prominent Conservative Jews “Nazis”: Veritas



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      1. I said back in 2008 that G00gle was a communist web browser
        when I tried to find any info about the Barackobumbler.
        Zip…nothing no credits, nothing. Being from Illinois I knew his voting record, ” PRESENT”. So who was this guy? Well now we know who he is…..Anti-American. He tried like hell to
        overthrow this Country, and his 4 years has severly dammaged

      2. I told you BHO would try to destroy this country.

      3. Go figure Mac. Everything you do on the website, Google gets involved with –
        and their Policy is dictated by Google’s own policy – What the hell!
        Mr. David Ice has an article about Google which is RUN by Israel — That explains everything.

      4. There are many search engines out there. However, many use the Google “engine” to produce results. Or if it claims to use many others for results, most are also using the Google “engine” so results don’t vary much.

        If you have a favorite that currently doesn’t use the Google “engine”, check it frequently to be sure they haven’t updated to using it. Why would they change? Developers (coders, software engineers, etc.) find it easier to not reinvent the wheel and Google is popular for that reason. That way developers can do other things unique to their company needs.

        Also, many large companies needing an internal search engine turn to Google for private (to the company) application needs. They either do not have the required engineers or their engineers need to do other tasks thus saving money and time.

      5. What about Google, YouTube and the media outlets’ websites?
        Why doesn’t Google question itself for allowing Anti-Conservative or Anti-Christian ARTICLES on top of Google Search?

      6. My expertise is in Real time software and operating system design. I’ve never bothered even learning how to create
        or operate a web site. I always figured that was for 8th grade kids that can type faster than me.
        It surprises the heck out of me that Google
        employees make so much money for something that
        is so simple.
        My bet is there are really about 10 or so guys
        that can do the math at Google and make an “algorithm”.
        I can tell you what an algorithm is and I can make them,
        can you? Probably not, as there are some very strict rules. You have a machine executing your instructions, like shooting a gun, you need to be aware of what you are doing, as things can go really wrong if you miss use it. The Google employees are all typists that think they know something.
        They are more like spider monkeys with loaded guns.

        • Your expertise is “real time” software (which means weapons systems or gaming systems, same thing) and operating systems (the mere interface the real application programmers use to do what they do). I guarantee you, the programmers writing the algorithms and code that are manipulating humanity are laughing at you. Race car drivers don’t care what color car you give them to drive in. I’ve gone from doing what you do to making many dozens of websites (several being natural health, anti-vax, and anti-totalitarian), and you don’t have a clue at all the planning, algorithms, hand coding, and then opening up the other half of your brain too – the artistic asthetics and understanding of human behavior that go into making them. You sneer at other people’s skills and intentions at your own peril. Arrogance goeth before the fall. Trump uses that against his foes all the time. Don’t be Gruber-stupid. This unholy Big Pharma Google collusion is ultimately about killing your children. Don’t sneer at the skills you need to fight back.

          • SuzanneL, I’ve worked in big shops both gov’t and corporate and each hires the fast kid on the keyboard to write blocks of code. And you are correct that they don’t care what color “car” they are driving. However, the planning, aesthetics, even the hand coding if needed, and ultimate direction was done by those higher up the food chain (the older guys/gals) not the new kid. Chances are the fast kid on the keyboard writing a block of code didn’t even know all that it did nor cares because by day’s end it was just time to go home or spend the evening out having a good time.

            In a small mom-and-pop size shop, you have to know all of what you described. In a big shop, you only have to know how to get from one section to another–essentially your small piece of the puzzle. So, no, the programmers writing code to manipulate humanity aren’t laughing at us; most don’t care because they don’t see it. On the other hand, the CEOs, managers, and planners are laughing their arse off all the way to the bank.

          • Suzy,
            Interesting comment. Besides software I’m also an electronics engineer.
            I really know the “nitty gritty”.
            I never designed a weapons system, My work was all commercial aerospace or academic. I retired at age 54.
            Makes a correct observation. The old guys/gals do the real
            design work. Kids are hired to bang on the keyboards.

      7. shtfplan regularly censors my comments.
        no real time communication allowed

        irony of this article

        How about:
        -ACCOUNTABILITY OF POLICE AND POLITICIANS for their criminal corruption.-
        -CONSEQUENCES FOR POLICE AND POLITICIANS CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES including the murdering of unarmed people.

        Stop drug cartels from Controlling politicians, judges, and law enforcement.

        Stop the technology monopoly censorship. Break up the monopoly. Demand free speech.

      8. problem is how do you know they are taking the videos down. unless your the one posting it how could you know.

      9. Killer diseases are emerging so they pull the plug on natural cures.

      10. Go to Google and click on Images. Then type “white couple” in the search bar and enter. The images are almost all black, mixed black and white, or a white couple who “identify” as black.

        Try lots of searches, and you will clearly see the bias.

        Startpage gave me a different result, with more actual white couples at the top of the results.

        The same thing happens with “straight man.” You get a whole page full of queers, except for the top result being Martin and Lewis, and another result being Abbott and Costello.

        I will stick with Startpage until something better comes along.

        So far, I have been able to construct my searches so that the desired results come up.

        People need to study Boolean algebra and how to use quotes, plus signs, and minus signs to refine their searches.

        • @Archivist, good one. One of the few images of all-white couples was Hillary and Trump. I tried searching on ‘black couple’ images. Virtually all images were exclusively of blacks.

      11. It started shortly after Google was created that search results differed by regions and by countries. No, not simple marketing. Specific searches on political events and agenda in a country brought up completely different results in another. That, in my book, indicated why Google became the most promoted search engine in the world so quickly. It simply sold out to governments and private interests. What’s going on today is simply a smokescreen.

      12. It’s all fixed my friends. Buy your books now, print out survival guides now. Buy them cash at the book store, or gun show.

        When they flip the switch, the world goes stupid. The internet goes dark.

        They say the Internet makes people feel smarter than they really are. What happens the day when you can’t look up how to cook a food, preserve a food, or treat a disease.

        • I think the world generally has already gone stupid. They, the elite they, are merely waiting for a few more smart ones to to be gone by dying or otherwise out of the way.

      13. I mean, the MSM isn’t even trying to hide it anymore, saying, “we don’t care you peons know, we’re gonna do it anyway”. Man, what unmitigated gall. They’re afraid if they don’t play ball, the left will eliminate them as soon as they get the whitehouse.

        • The fun part comes when “they” get into the White House. The useful idiots no longer will be useful. And, they know too much. It’s all been done before. Ask anyone of Central European ancestry, what happened after the Russian occupation post WWII. Collaborators always could be found. After use? Last week’s newspaper.

          • Yesterday’s News is a brand of kitty litter. How’s that for ironic.

      14. The search engine Startpage won’t do evil things to you. Neither will DuckDuckGo or several others. If you’re not using an anonymizing router such as TOR you’re simply asking to be enslaved.

      15. Google went downhill when they switched to Indians controlling content. Google more and more resembles a crappy Indian shack store than a serious assemblage of human knowledge and expression.

        Apu is now in charge.

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