NATO Nuke Base Surrounded By Heavily Armed Turkish Police; Houses Up To 90 Thermonuclear Weapons

by | Jul 30, 2016 | Headline News | 119 comments

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    Turkish President Recep Erdogan has deployed 7,000 armed police and heavy vehicles to the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey. The base is a NATO asset and reportedly houses between 50 and 90 B-61 variable yield thermonuclear weapons. The base is the largest nuclear weapons storage site in Europe with some 25 underground vaults.

    turkey-nato1(B-61 thermonuclear weapon)

    A failed coup in Turkey two weekends ago is believed to have been planned by the President himself presumably so that he could take control of the entire country. Tens of thousands of supposed “coup supporters” have since been rounded up by Erdogan officials.

    Late Saturday night all access to the military base by NATO personnel was apparently restricted and airspace over the area has been closed.

    Via Sputnik News:

    All inputs and outputs to the Incirlik Air Base located in Adana have been closed as Turkish Minister of European Affairs cautions that it is just a “safety inspection” while local newspapers speculate that a second coup attempt may be underway.

    Some 7,000 armed police with heavy vehicles have surrounded and blocked the Incirlik air base in Adana used by NATO forces, already restricted in the aftermath of a failed coup. Unconfirmed reports say troops were sent to deal with a new coup attempt.

    According to the Turkish Minister for European Affairs, Omer Celik, this is just a routine “safety inspection.” Hurriyet, by contrast, reports that anti-terror police received reports of a second attempt by Gulenists to overthrow the Erdogan regime.

    Zero Hedge notes that this can’t possibly be a “routine” safety inspection and may have immediate geo-political ramifications should Turkey’s President Erdogan threaten hostile action.

    The lockdown at Incirlik follows a massive wave of protests on Thursday when pro-Erdogan nationalists took to the streets yelling “death to the US” and called for the immediate closure of the Incirlik base. Security personnel dispersed the protesters before they were able to make it to the base.

    And while there has been no official statement from US armed forces stationed at Incirlik at this time, the situation continues to develop in front of the air bBase as more heavy trucks have been dispatched to surround and block access to the critical military facility.

    It is unclear if Erdogan is naive enough to think that he can out-bluff and out-bully the US and keep Incirlik hostage until he gets Gulen repatriated by Obama on a silver platter, a hostage “tit for tat” we first described two weeks ago. If so, one wonders, if he is doing so alone, or with the moral support of others, perhaps such recently prominent enemies of Erdogan as Vladimir Putin. Recall that just over a month ago Erdogan publicly apologized to Putin for downing the Russian Su-24 fighter jet in November, and called Putin “a friend.”

    Full report at Zero Hedge

    President Erdogan has previously claimed that an ousted cleric named Fethullah Gulen who is currently living in the United States was behind the coup.

    Given his recent history and attempts to hold Europe hostage with the refugee crisis, Erdogan may just be insane enough to think he can hold a NATO military base hostage in exchange for Gulen, in which case all hell is likely about to break loose.

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      1. If this is actually happening – some sort of threat against NATO by the Turkish President – then Obama may well be shitting his pants tonight. This is serious now.


          YOU FUCKING KNOW WHY????????


          THEY ARE 80 I

          • There is no such thing as a “white” race, Americans of European ancestry are in reality crossbreds from many ethnic groups, ranging from areas in Northern Europe, the Urals, Asia minor, the Middle East and Northern Africa, thus these people are indeed Hitler’s Mischlinge.

            Moreover, about 70% of “white” Americans can trace their roots to the indigenous people in North America: during colonial times miscegenation between Native Americans and European settlers was intense and common (God Bless the British Empire for not placing obstacles in the human evolution).

            The core issue here is that many “white mestizos” in America are still today extremely apprehensive (or embarrased) to disclose their full heritage, in order to avoid being ostracized.

            • Warren.

              Hey Bro, Que Paso? With an Irish accent.

            • Warren-

              That is not true. Ever read your Bible? Shem, Ham and Japeth were the sons of Noah. These mean were the root of the races today- Shem was Asian or Oriental, Ham was Black and Japeth was White. The middle East is a melting pot of the races.


          YOU FUCKING KNOW WHY????????


          THEY ARE 80 IQ MUSLIMS





          IT NOT GOING TO FUCKING HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!




          • You got it ‘on the head’ there Acid ….it’s fucking pathetic that such a people could bring things to ‘extremely serious’ conditions instantly. This COULD be very, very fucked up. Good posts btw…

          • ….please continue
            One of the best rants yet!

          • Very well said and a lot to discuss here. Just drop the all caps.

            While it is a given an all-white and all-Asian country can prosper and maintain first world living standards, it is by no means a given an all-black country can do the same. In fact, it has never happened in human history. There lies the conundrum: while Muslims and blacks endlessly complain about Western countries and their white citizens, they can’t just go away and show whitey by making a country more advanced and enlightened. Why is that?

          • are you serious dude you obviously have never read a history book talking about IQ. If it were not for the muslim world europe would still be in the dark ages. They hold knowledge and understanding as one of their high pillars. You sound like a bigot and your capital case doesn’t give you weak pathetic argument any weight.

            • One of the great lies of current historical “facts”. The truth is The Middle East was the epicenter of trade routes throughout the old world. What else besides goods came down those trade routes? Knowledge and ideas, which the Arabs, who were/are nothing more than belligerent, screaming, lying camel traders, claimed these ideas and knowledge as their own. The only thing they are genius at is lying, ask any soldier who has served over there. Even the ” nice ones” are liars.

            • By and large, the Muslims ‘stole’ their math & science from the Persians and Byzantines. The were, and still are, mostly a bunch of dumb camel jockeys.


          • Please stop the caps.

            I can’t take it anymore!

            Please help me!

            Set caps lock off……. It’s allI ask!

            We’re dying here…….

            Please, I’ve been tossed in a vat of acid……. I’m dying here…….


          • Name 1 technological innovation created by the muslime culture over the last 1000 years.

            And no, the car bomb and suicide vest don’t count.

          • Noahs son Ham was the first in recorded history Mother f’er! That was hams true sin he crept into drunk dad noahs tent and screwd his mom…Thats why Noah placed a curse on Hams Son…So some folks think perhaps that “curse” and that Hams son was not just a bastard but also a product of Incest with hams mother or step mother( I do not recall which now?) that the actual curse was that Hams son be born Black skinned. And that thats when and where blacks first got started.

            I do not know if thats true or fact or not? Since no other stuff was written of about the nature of curse results far as I am aware of…Makes for a good guess though no? Too many questions left unanswered by many issues in the bible it seems…Or maybe they got Erased long ago so we wont know eh?

            Them early era rabbis and scribes got cursed often by Christ, and were known of to have RE written much of orig OT books at least Three times to make their tribe look better or benifit them better.

            It also states that Hams sons will be slaves or servants to hams two other brothers offspring…That sure makes that therory of hams son was black due to the curse get more traction so to speak no?

        • Obutthead IS part of this scam and he should be in prison awaiting the carrying out of the death sentence for his crimes!!
          IF the muslims get there hands on those nukes it will only be a short time before they show up and are used somewhere. and it could be here. we were getting some news leaking from the military on duty and i have NOT heard anything from them, so has anyone else herd from anybody who is stationed there?

          • With hillary in the cell beside him waiting on the same fate!

        • Give the base commander a remote detonator, laugh at inspectors and make them eat a pork chop, kick them in the ass while still laughing.

          • Fast and Furious Turkey Style.


            • WWTI

              Can I have a little dressing with that?

          • AE

            Good one.

        • scuse me, ma’am…your ignorance is showing…

          • X cuse me,
            But when I travelled last to liberty Island, I had the opportunity to take some simply marvelous up skirt photos of lady liberty. Not that I would compromise her modesty, but dang it was a frightening sight to behold?

            I was astounded to find lady liberty, the green lady in the harbor, has a most marvelous set of nuts that keep he bound to earth. Really, the screaming copper butch bitch is held to earth by some huge freaking threaded rod, or perhaps a dude named rod, upon which are fashioned the hugest set of nuts I’ve ever seen.

            I don’t even know where you’d get a wrench that would reach around them.

            Or even how you’d snug them…….. Eeeeew that sounds creepy.

            I’d go on, but I’m out of moon shine to see the truth by?

      2. It seems like every weekend something really f*cked up happens somewhere in the world. One of these days it’s gonna blow up for real.

      3. This is all planned people. It is the perfect excuse for nutjob islamists to get nukes and use them on anyone they want, namely the US and Isreal! This has all been planned for years. This way they can nuke us and Isreal and whoever else and blame isis and kill us. The was no coup! It was all a falseflag to get these nukes!

        • Nuking Israhell would be OK with me. 75% of the world problems would instantly disappear.


        • The terrorist will scroll, “Made in the USA”, on the side of the nukes.

          • Remember when they claimed that all that “Star Wars” development was defunded?

            Live Free or Die…well it wasn’t

            • WW3 I’ll be fought with hypersonic missiles and will be over in 30 minutes.

          • WhoWTF: Can you as yet tell which posters here are hooked like a junkie on FOX TV News? And/Or also equally hooked like a Crackhead on TBN TV “christianity” news.

            Disclaimer: I used those “” marks as designation that NO I do NOT consider ANY TBN news or christian issues as truley christian period. More like a Three Ring Circus act! and AIPAC duped ziofools too.

      4. After the coup all these nuclear weapons should have been removed from Turkey. If Obama’s hubris leads to radical Islamists being armed with nuclear weapons, this world is about to turn incredibly ugly.

        Unless this is part of a NWO plan to arm Islamists with nukes, then Obama is criminally complicit and directly responsible for any loss of life.

        • The half white muslm occupying The People’s White House is complicit with this evil if not outright planning and sponsoring it.

          • PTPO, ya right like he is going to pay for it lol. Sue him and see what happens. This is wonderland dude, I wonder what they will get away with next….

            • How old was Hobammy when Turky became NATO member? Maybe Six yrs old if that? And When did he Place Nukes into that turky Base? Back when still in first grade class?

              Some folks here sound alot like them lib dem Blame GW Bush ones…Only these blame hobammy for every possible issue.

              I too dislike him very greatly and consider him as usa’s worst ever prez…but hes not to blame for everything.

              Perhaps Hobammy gets blame so often so folks can keep refuseing to admit and blame any of them self chozens that are Most often where true blame is.

              Some are probably also Gate Keppers that always defend them nation wreckers no matter what.

              That just may be americas main number one problem to overcome prior to any real Fix gets done….Ie: that them gate keppers and defenders must awaken and admit to reality, even though it goes against all the falsehoods they were taught to believe by msm and pastors etc.

              Hows about they at least Try it and see what we can then fix eh?….It really IS quite possible and probable that america today in Fact has TWO religious sects as enemys.

              Islam AND Babylonian talmudism Both! Not too difficult to observe once one goes deep and researches true facts etc.

        • omg the very thought of purposely giving ISIS 100% access to access and use nukes is more than enough to initiate a first strike against our government (since we KNOW Obama is hell-bent on “changing” America …and we now know it is via Muslim-Sharia teachings and beliefs, just what ARE the true chances of this shit ending up in ‘demented hands’ (as it would be used almost as quickly as it was found, with no forethought (too fuckin stupid for that).

        • The CIA (or some other Western backed black-op organization) was behind the failed coup attempt. Erdogan was showing signs of easing tensions with Putin and backing off a bit from the “take out Assad at all costs” position. That’s a no-no. Notice how silent the White House was until they knew the attempt failed.

          These nutjobs want that pipeline through Syria, and they are desperate to get Russia back under their thumbs.

          WW3 anyone? 2017 is looking like a shtf kind of year.

      5. I believe this is a side show, designed to take the worlds eye off the ball. whatever and where ever that may be..

      6. Turkey is with TPTB. They are just sneaking some bombs out.

      7. I hope the U.S. military has contingency plans to secure those nukes using whatever means prove necessary. Give Erdogan to understand that he is personally responsible for no harm befalling our people on that base or he’s a dead man, and so are tens of thousands of Turks. His relatives, his underlings.

        • I highly doubt any of the nuclear payloads are left at Incirlik. The US USAF Commander in Europe has long had the power to transfer them at a moment’s notice where needed, or, for protection of the nuclear assets and guidance systems.
          Erdogan could care less about “his people”, like all megalomaniacs, he’s more than willing to send them to Allah, for his own purposes.
          That’s assuming our less than mediocre Occupant in Chief, hasn’t directly ordered the USAF Commander to KEEP the nuke assets and guidance systems at Incirlik, so his fellow Muslim pals can, let’s see if I remember correctly, oh, got it! “….fundamentally transform America…”
          Yes sir, giving our nukes to the ragheads will fundamentally “transform” both Israel and the U.S. , which is what Comrades Michelle and Barack have wanted all along,

          • Except, Obama wants Islam armed with nukes!

            Does anyone question how a “Fast and Furious” gun showed up in Paris for an attack on a nightclub? Damn!

            • By the way that fast and furious gun that was trafficked by Obama, to kill so many at the Paris nightclub, was full auto and not for sale to US citizens at any price.

              They just aren’t for sale to citizens, they are illegal. Pleas just try to buy one you useless ignorant liberals! It’s all a set up and Obama is behind it.

              • PTPO.

                Oh Boy.

                A person can have a FULL AUTO weapon if you get a Class2 Fed firearms permit. Then you register the weapon with the ATF and pay $200 stamp tax. You must also carry the papers with the weapon at all times.

                Go on UTUBE and pull up Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot and see what weapons the Public has out there. It might scare the hell out of some people.

                I like the German WW2 MG42 at a fire rate up to 1200 rounds per minute. Hitler’s Buzz Saw.

                That is if you can afford the ammo bill and the price of the weapon. The paperwork to get one is cheap in comparison.

                • It’s a Class III ATF Lic and you can ONLY buy a full auto in one of the aprox 35 states that have State Laws to allow it. ALSO can ONLY Buy a full auto gun that Has prior been ATF Registered Before the 1986 Cut Off Date to register by the owners of said autos back then.

                  This is Main reason today a full auto firearm costs around $20,000 and UP!…Because so FEW that Meet the 1986 Reg date cut off are available for sale now.

                  Anybody with one that refused to register it then has a worthless scrap pile of gun parts that if caught with faces 10 yr fed felony jail.

                  That cancels out totally if a for real SHTF events happens I assume, as then zero fed laws be obeyed probably. Thats Then though and We reside in NOW.

                  • Exactly,
                    1. Full auto weapons in the US are now for all practical purposes unobtainium.
                    2. They will in a state of emergency be the first guns hunted down for confiscation when the SHTF.
                    3. To get around inheritance laws on full autos, gun owners have been creating corporations to hold their full auto weapons ownership. Hillary promises to ban this practice if she gets in.
                    4. No new full auto weapons can be made for sale in the US.

                • You can only purchase pre-ban full auto weapons. You cannot buy a newly manufactured fully automatic weapon.

      8. Aaaah just in time for the USA presidential election…this is not good news

        • Tapp ….Oh rest assured they’ll be a bevy of ‘happenings’ beyond the total scope of anyone’s comprehension, in full. They’ll just be far too many incredibly important matters to attend to that it will become overwhelming for any ONE mind to deal with or comprehend in full, with TPTB “hoping” (perhaps) just to cause further division (or are ‘gearing up’ ..if so, this will be a really nasty one no doubt), and is why they have prepared their underground facilities ((even now, non-stop we’ve heard but not read)). Or at least the one in VA is. Whatever…

          I am starting to “lean hard” to the belief that there really isn’t going to be a new president at all. Our POTUS is quite likely to ‘grapple’ with the chance of getting away with Martial Law and be our RULER (where the law is his alone to decide).

      9. Never trust a Muslim, they’ll be smiling at you as they watch their Islamic bro sneak up behind to slit your throat.
        Johnny Turk ain’t no different so never visit a Turkish barber shop.
        Islam stinks…You don’t wanna be shaved by a dude who’s got a dirty bomb!

      10. The B61 depending on the mod is very effective and can be delivered by the B1/2, B52, F15, F16. About 700lbs, 13 feet long, 1 foot diameter and recently updated. Different variations….don’t know what’s in Turkey.
        It has various yields as a bunker buster. There were 200 reported in service with 180 in NATO bases. I doubt that service number is accurate. Who knows.
        If these were to fall in the wrong hands big big problem.
        Stored in underground vaults. Assume most USA servicemen in turkey are maintaining these as part of their job.
        Will the USA ever learn? What are we doing in the world? Dangerous times but maybe planned just in time for the elections.

        • Too bad they can’t be remotely detonated, just in case.

          But then again, all it would take is one. Problem solved.

        • Tapp, fall into the wrong hands? Ha aha ha ha, they are already in the wrong hands. The USA and israhell are the biggest terrists on earth! You don’t hear russia threatening others or china or anyone but US! God bless the USA and it’s asshole moronic freakshow, phone addicted low IQ, retarded, walmart shopping, lowlife, apathetic, faggot sympathizing, tv addicted, drugged out zombie, medicated, fooked up mess that it has become. Be sure to fly you flag and support the troops now! I hope the fook I never have to come back here after I die, stupidity kills me……

          • +1,000,000,000 Thumbs up!!

            • Genius: You are far more articulate and very much more accurate in these issues when you are sober!

              And you are spot on regarding which Two nations as the true terrorists that the rest of the worlds nations fear and worry about…and Israel gets first Place as number one nation with that title of terrorists.

              Ariel Sharon and his side kick pal, what his name? Used to Brag constantly about how it was They them two israelis that invented and Headed Irgun and the Stern Gangs….And Ariel Sharon got very angry whenever he heard some reporter claim Islamics or muslims or any others were bad bad terrorists…Sharon would “correct” them reporters and give a lecture on how he and his pal started what became the worlds Two first ever, of what is caled “Modern day Terrorists”…Them Two are “Irgun” and “Stern Gang”…I forgot which sharon headed?

              Just look up on internet stuff like “King David Hotel bombing” and “USS Liberty Ship” and “US marines Bunker Lebanon(?) blew up and almost 280 marines dead etc” “Samson Option!”.

              Sharon and his israeli pals often times braged how they dressed up like Arabs and pretended to be “Janitors” to gain access to that Hotel and place explosives in it.

              Then of course contact USA and EU jewish owned TV news, all of tv news, and tell TV talkers to BLAME Arab terrorists!…Which of course TV news Did!

              They planned to blame Egypt for uss liberty affair but ship refused to Sink even after 18 hrs constant 50 cal fire and 20 MM jet cannon fire plus a couple Torpedos!

              Prez LBJ was probably furious it refused to sink eh…Because he just dealt with AIPAC and its many black hat rabbis informing LBJ that if he Dared to go public and admit israel jewry was to blame?…Then aipic will inform every usa and euro tv news to begin to label LBJ as worlds worst antisemite and even as Bad as Hitler himself!…Plus every dime from ALL jewish funding, and thats alot! Like about 60% all funds DNC and RNC recieve each election cycle…ALL DNC funds be dried up tight period…NO more jewdeo cash and LBJ as worlds new Hitler!

              Indeed far too many folks in usa are too dumbed down and refuse to self educate about whom are worlds worst and Biggest terrorists eh…You nailed it swell Genius.

          • ‘ello Genius.
            Please be kind enough to suffer my plebeian take on things…
            In my dullard opinion! One of our best, if not the best defences against globalism is nationalism.
            The globalists want… NO… Are engineering the removal of borders and have imposed the free movement of persons because for them, that’s how they stand to make a shitload more money offa the backs of the poor regular Joe who unwittingly, for better or worse, play along with the system.
            These globalists have no time for flag waving patriots and their national pride, in fact they friggin’ hate ’em.
            So to me, it doesn’t matter how ignorant any patriotic, flag waving patriot is just just so long as he/she “in their ignorance” are helping to prevent the endgame that the globalists are so keen to achieve.

            Try flying your flag matey, you never know… It just might put a sense of national pride back in your heart and you’ll be helping in the fight against the cigar chompin’ globalists.

            Gosh, I’ve been rambling on far too long… Hope you kinda get a hold of were I’m coming from?

            Raise a glass of whisky G and salute your stars ‘n’ bars ;¬)

            • Obama wants open boarders, give him his way and he’ll be asking for your papers before you can board a train or bus, let alone a plane!

          • USA… USA… USA…USA…LOL, c’mon dude, you may just enjoy it.
            Hanging loose!
            Tarra fella.

          • You are really an A hole if you don’t like to defend us get the hell out ,of our country and see if you can do better there or better yet Die and you won’t have to com back here ………

          • And an imbecile opens his hole and removes all doubt. Moron.

          • GENIUS!….fuckin’ GENIUS!….i can’t see one word of untruth in your whole statement, genius….you must be OLD, like me, to say so much truth in one small post….you covered a good percentage of what’s wrong with U.S. these days….thanks for a great post!

          • Maybe you can do us All a favor and die Now?????

      11. Ring Around the Rosie pocket full of posies ashes ashes We All Fall Down…

        • ibsunburnt – Ring around the Rosie, was a Kids game invented after Germany was Fire Bombing London in WW2. In retrospect, its all a Kids game, played by psychopaths with unlimited budgets and a zest for power. Egos vs Egos..

          • Actually, the song goes back to the time of the “black death”. I will break it down…
            Ring around the Rosie refers to the bite marks of fleas that would be red with a distinct ring around them. Flea bites from infected rats were how the disease was spread.
            Pocket full of posies…refers to carrying a Posey or incense to help with the smell of all the dead bodies
            Ashes ashes…was changed from achoo achoo…the sound of sneezing which was one of the early symptoms, and we all fall down was yep we all die…

            • Glacialhills,

              Excellent exposition. Thanks! That is the same story I heard when studying about Bubonic Plague thought to be caused by the bacteria Yersinia pestis. A lot of people, possibly hundreds of millions, died from the disease spread by rodents infested by fleas. Good reason to learn about effective methods for pest and rodent control when TEOTWAWKI occurs. The third most popular blog site has some relevant recent articles on the topic of pest and rodent control. They also have an article on diseases transmitted by chickens but didn’t mention the danger of bird flu. We are again coming into the flu season again, Tess and Daisy have quite a bit to say on the subject. We are getting glimpses of what may be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world. It would not be surprising if bioweapons of various sorts have already been released and are in the process of making the circuit as it amplifies around the globe in susceptible communities of insects (vectors), animals (reservoirs), and humans. It may be helpful to know what kinds of disease transmitting insects are common to a particular locality, i.e., Wyoming does not have the Aedes mosquito known to transmit Zika, Chikingunya, and Dengue, but it does have the Culex species that can transmit West Nile virus.

              Louisiana Eagle, heads up!

              • Thats correct and too bd back in dark ages they didn’t have Zyclon-B Gas since it was used in WWI and WWII to kill Fleas which carried, also from Rats, Typhus disease!

                Thats what zyclon b was really used for and usa troops and its allies Also used it for same thing aka to kill typhus fleas…They sprayed cloths, buildings, even entire trains and huge military machinery etc.

                For real huge items they closed off train tunnels at each end then sprayed zyclon b gas into it and onto every vehicle etc within tunnel to disinfect and kill typhus fleas.

                And some folks stil believe all the holohoax lies about it right? try Look it Up online at Tons of websites with Facts and vetted proven documented facts…Then awaken and RE think it all again.

        • That old ‘chant’ has a very dark past, may come in handy again.

      12. Iodine/Iodide and Selenium


        The peeling of an onion!

      14. Live shooter incident down town.

      15. What a perfect way for Muslim Obama to arm Muslim Erdogan with 90 Nuclear weapons.
        The fake Coup was actually a Purge by Erdogan to get rid of anyone that does not fully support him.
        Over 50,000 Teachers, Charity workers and Soldiers were all arrested even though they had no part in raising arms against Erdogan.
        All is going according to New World Order plan.

        • where do you suppose they PUT those fifty thousand people? time to do some diggin’?…..i HOPE not literally!

      16. Turkey wants the nukes OK, wants them out of there country and we in Europe should insist that the Americans take them back home instead of picking a fight with Russia and making sure the red cross hairs of the scope are on our city’s and not places like Washington DC

        Not in a million years could you walk into a base and steel nukes and they have devices in them to detonate the devices without starting a chain reaction and that if you can open the doors to the vaults and get past 2,000 guards with machine guns.

        The call for “Yanks go home” across the world is getting louder, they are nothing but trouble to us in Europe.

        • maybe you should go to washington, mr smith….

        • thing about America is we got liberals here. Me, I say the hell with Europe, thought there was something there once worth a give a shit, but I was wrong. Trump, bring every American soldier home, bring every penny home with them, close our borders, do a little thinning of the unwanted here, muslims. We got the naturals we need, make it here like we use to. Europe will stand or die, most likely die, either way we win.

          • i wouldn’t MIND, if they would just ASSIMILATE! fer crise sakes, even the blacks that were BORN here can’t seem to blend in with the crowd…i’m not being “raciss” here, i’m just looking at a group that had most barriers taken down over 60 YEARS ago, yet they just won’t integrate and try to be like U.S….they would rather be like “them”……generation after generation, can’t seem to help themselves…hell, they CAME from a worse place than here, where poverty is THE way of life….they have opportunity over here, but so few of them grasp it….but there ARE some….i tip my hat to those who HAVE made it to being a true american.

        • Unless Obama gives another…………. Stand down order!

          How many times have you seen Obama do this already?

        • Yeah? Well the yanks saved your European pansy asses from Mr. Hitler!

      17. Sarge says:
        Comment ID: 3593084
        July 31, 2016 at 12:39 am

        The half white muslm occupying The People’s White House is complicit with this evil if not outright planning and sponsoring it.

        True(if you don’t mind Sarge)

        Also, expect in the future a possible Turkish withdraw from Nato and a realignment with another power(s) not friendly with us and Israel/ Our world is about to change
        and its going to get more fearful.

      18. Those nukes should have been moved immediately after the coup. All of a sudden we have another Pakistan.

      19. This is unreal. Nobody saw this coming. Arab Spring to ISIS to Turkey buying oil from ISIS. The Political/religious issues in Turkey. An Islamic sympathizer in the White House. Presidential purge of top American military generals. Same happening in Turkey.

        We deserve the trouble that is headed our way.

        meanwhile back to my Pokémon Go search.

      20. Do you think Obama is on the phone with Netan the yahoo.

      21. it says

        “Your comment is awaiting moderation and should appear within 0 to 2 hours. Your comment has been moderated because our system does not recognize your IP address or email address. If you utilize an email address (even a fake one) when submitting your comment in the future our spam filtering system will eventually recognize you as a trusted user and automatically approve future comments.”

        I’ve been using the same email address and name here for years so what’e the deal SHTF ?

        • OK, I think that should be resolved. Your email address got flagged at some point by the system but this restriction has now been removed.

          Hopefully posts go through without a problem going forward.



      22. We all know what’s coming . Strong men’s hearts will fail in fear of what’s coming. Even though come soon.

      23. obama sold the nuks to the islamics ,they have to pick them up

        • We recently sent a shitload of boots-on-the-ground back over there in addition to the remainder, so how the hell would THAT make any sense with these ‘suppositions’? (for lack of a better word)

      24. Of course this has US, UN, NATO, Israel, Saudi Arabia, CIA written all over it. The US nukes stored in Turkey are a major crime in itself. I’m not even sure the entire US population stomping in the streets shouting NO MORE WAR would stop these madmen killers. Falling short of that, you may as well kiss your ass goodbye in the grand scheme of individual rights. Ignorance is bliss.

        • Law will once again come from the barrel of a gun. We’re as ready as can be.

          Molon Labe!

      25. Man this is escalating.. I can’t even get up off my ass in the morning eat breakfast without some bullshit that’s already happened.. now I just saw on that a public shooting incident just went down last night in Austin Texas

        Now the muslim, Islamic bastards are trying to get ahold of tactical nukes..I am not even going to repeat myself.. those who know me and remember what the scientist told me has prepped. If you have a BOL, get it ready, of you have the money to get to and stay there indefinatly, qut your job. Haul CAPITAL ASS, go there.. I am phucked like most on this site.. mt BOL options and the people who have told me or head there may suddenly change there mind, and not accept me and my shtf group, so i ma planning to ride it out ” what ever the hell happens”, in ground zero of shtf in my city..


        Yes folks, we are PHUCKED…

      26. If someone gets rid of deputy Roland woods kids or the other deputies kids I could care less.but that’s just me.

      27. How much would change if a nuke was detonated in the middle of the country?

        Who cares.

      28. come on now…for two weeks now this US/NATO base has been messed with by trukey. shut down no fly zones, no entry / exit, no water, elec., protests ect…not a peep out of msm, lets JUST focus election…Heavenly Father help us .
        some will know others will not.
        Peace be upon you for as long as possible.

      29. All have been moved out but we seem to be advertising they are still there for whatever reason, stay tuned!
        What did the Hopi Indians predict? Many gourd shaped clouds will be visible!

        • Amazeing what them Injuns could see when they remained wide awake for three to four days, with zero foods, and all they ate was Tons of Peyote! Probably smoked a bunch of killer weed too eh?

          I bet Most folks that did that and spend four days and nights stareing straight into the campfire smoke soon would have visions of a white wolf fly out of that smoke and into some clouds.

          Good thing they didn’t possess Todays heavy dope and pills eh!..Who knows what they’d then be envisioning within that smoke?

          All I ever seen so far was once I saw two Bald headed men sitting next to each other at a movie theater, and it kinda from the rear view I had, looked alot like a huge Ass when both bald heads got too close.

      30. Is Obama playing golf or out getting votes for Hillary.

        100 days or so and we will know for sure where we are headed.

        HCKS may called this one as being PHUCKED.

        I think we will be DOUBLE FUCKED!

        Into the abyss we go.

      31. This sounds serious. Probably the best idea is to concentrate of getting Trump elected so he can take them back to the USA .

      32. Mac,
        Great catch on this one, very few media outlets discussing it. Very hush hush, as are all thing that make Oblunder look like a tool.

        We are so screwed if Turkey becomes like radicalized Iran!

        • Iran is opposite type muslim as saudi sarabs are. Cannot recall which is which? but I thnk Shia is the more normal type islam and it is what Iran is…

          in Iran women do not wear full hajibs is it called? All Black body Tents with small eye slit…Iran women are beautifull and look as White as You do! With Red and Blond and Brown head hair, Green and Blue eyes…Skin thats as white if not whiter than most whiteys in usa are.

          Terahn iran has many rodeo drive type expensive shopper mall stores, Many many rock band nite clubs etc, dancing and partying galore…

          Go to YUTUBE videos search for one called “persian Nites” or its spelled “nights”?…Its just 20 minits long and shows only women and kids mainly with a short few scenes of nite clubs and stores and overhead shots of the entire Huge modern day city scene.

          Women after woman, child after child and ALL are White with blonde-red-brown hair and blue or green eyes…

          About all women have to waer there is a small scarf over heads in public…But most wear very colorfull colors scarves and many wear very small size scarves on heads so to barely cover it at all.

          Women there wear tight Jeans, short skirts etc and basically You be hard pressed to tell any difference between Iran females to a avg typiclal usa women out and about in public. Except that most iran women are more beautifull and Keep themselves that way!

          STOP relying on FOX TV shows for News and especially news on various mid east nations habits etc…FOX is run by and staffed by mostly jewish persons that definatly have an agenda against the goyim and especially goyim mid easterners… VIEW That Video see reality on Iran.

          99% of what you learn from FOX TV is Bunk.

          • One of the reasons for the hajibs is they like their women very white. If their women become tan they see it as low class. In Islamic culture only women that must work outside had tan skin.

            The Islamic culture has always allowed sex slaves, women are property bought with a dowry, or just kidnapped as a child. Protecting your women’s identity in public means no one will know who you hold as slave or how you came by them.

            • You Missed the Main point! That there are TWO main forms islam religion. One is like saudi arabs and promotes violence and jihad etc etc…but the Other is not like that. And the, for lack of better word, the Lesser form is what Most worlds muslims are. So is Iran.

              Saudies are whom funds mosques all over other nations and in usa. They also fund teachings of the bad type or worse type.

              I spent 43 yrs of my life within Detroit and Dearborn mich. I rmember when muslims first began to come into dearborn. I was about 12 to 14 yrs old then, am 63 1/2 yrs old now.

              And Yes I have seen some dearborn/detroit areas islamics that were very scarey types…Then again most were very young and early to mid teens ages mostly so perhaps like most teens they were trying to act bad assed to impress us older guys?…but in all that time spent in what are americas Largest concentrations of islamics and muslims.

              I can honestly say I never yet seen any sort of real bad actions etc…Most often they liked to come to our local bars and rock band clubs/bars and try to hang out with Us Harley biker guys…We never took to them much except to act friendly as long as they respected Us too.

              I honestly think for the most of them in usa, they want to assimilate and act american mostly.

              Only the very hrd core islamic types aint like that and they number Far fewer within the whole.

              Yes like most all folks that come to live here in usa they cling to some of their orig cultures and eat foods like back home etc…My Old Polish granny and aunts etc also felt same way and cling to old world ways too.

              I just never yet seen Anything even remotely close to the type actions or speech like we always hear on Fox Tv shows about muslims.

              Also you Must remember Many that look like an muslim are actually Orthodox Christians. Not Islamic muslims at all.

              But you have No good way to tell which are which unless you speak with them and ask questions or they aproach You and offer info. I just basically think the muslim in usa stuff has been greatly overblown to the nth degree and mainly by Fox Tv neocons that are war Hawks with mid east region wars in their beedy eyed sights.

              I rather usa had no muslims in it. But they are here and have about a few million here now. Best bet is stop ALL Non white immigrations into usa untill time passes and we get it under control properly again.

              I can also say I have seen Far more abject Violence and uncalled for at that, from Blacks and Mexicans.

              And of the two mexicans by far have worst bad tempers of all… Its a Grease Ball Macho attitude type. On avg a mex male can be in a bar at a table with his women or sister one moment and all quiet and at ease..

              But as soon as some other guy happens to look passed mexicans table to see what the bar clock on a walls time clock says it is…Look Out! If that mexican thinks other guy was scopeing out his big Fat ass women, all 400 lbs of her, he will Instantly bust a bottle to gain sharp edge weapon, jump up on table or across several tables to fast attack that other male whom was simply interested in that wall clock and what time it is!

              But then once the crazy mex slashes and cuts as many folks as possible in one minit flat, he simmers down and then profusly apologyizes and keeps repeating “oh so Sorry I dont know what got into me!”

              I Know what got into that crazy mexican…Total jelousy when he thought some guy actually was going to steal his 400 lb girlfriend or wife away from him! as If!

              They by far are The most dangerous of all usa immigrants.

              With 50 million Black savages next or 2nd place worst.

              Muslims in detroit and dearborn?…not so bad so far.

              • Islam is looking for one great leader to lead them all. Likely he is in the wings already.

                When that one great Islamic leader emerges, he will unify the sects as the Turk Ottomans did. Then their eyes will turn on their enemies, the West!

      33. All have been moved out but we seem to be advertising they are still there for whatever reason, stay tuned!
        What did the Hopi Indians predict? Many gourd shaped clouds will be visible at the end!

      34. What Anon said. Yep. We won’t have to worry abut preps because we will be reduced the molecular phucking level..


      35. I Think its funny As hell Barack Hussein Obama Aloma Ding Dong Doesn’t Want Nukes in the Defend us So He leaves them in a Country That will Use them to attack us Brilliant

      36. Thank you Mac, for a place to vent.
        I am not sucking up as some propose.
        We are lucky to have a place to throw ideas.
        Think about zero internet???

        Be well all…

        • Please don’t call it sucking up!

          I’ve been banned from most sites that allow commenting. Yup banned for life for just putting down Obama. Places like Facebook, Twitter etc have all banned me. Everyone here has seen me post, rarely a foul word, only the truth. Supporting links, on and on. Yet, this is one of the few sites that allows real discussion.

          Treasure while you have it.

      37. One Trump-Publican who wrote a book that says Trump supporters are rural white and poor hillbilly’s who are mad at Washington for stripping them of their living and putting them on welfare. The book was written by a person who grew up in a hillbilly life-style. Since Trump started his messages of Washington hate and hate for everyone not white, those rural whites jumped on his bandwagon. Only problem is that their local rural economies were ruined by corporate republicans. Major corporations that have closed rural factories, relocated them overseas, or sold their interest to foreign companies. What has hurt U.S. citizens is U.S. corporations and republicans are pro-big business and for Citizens United. Over 90%, I believe, of all garment industries are located oversees in poor countries where workers get paid $2 to $3 a day. Corporations have clothing made so cheaply, they sell it at low prices in the U.S. and make huge profits. I can understand rural america’s frustration, but they need to know and study all the real facts before letting their anger make them make a bad political decision. Fox News represents Rupert Murdoch, the Koch brothers and other billionaires who use the program for corporate republican propaganda and disinformation rural Americans eat up everyday. They want to make them democrat haters and keep them ignorant to take attention away from what they’re doing. There have been two presidents who were wealthy by inheritance who became U.S. presidents who fought for justice and fairness for all the people. Both were Roosevelt’s. One a republican and one a democrat. And Donald Trump is no Roosevelt. He doesn’t even come close. When a man doesn’t know the Russians are already in Crimea, when he doesn’t know which state his vice-presidential opponent is from, when he asks Russians to spy on democrats, when he insults minorities, religions, women and members of his own political party, believe me. He’s no Roosevelt. He’s an embarrassment to our country. I’m an independent who has voted republican in the past. But, since about 2010, the republican party has gone through extreme changes I cannot agree with.

      38. If you connect the dots globally, it is clear we are now in the final third of the rise of Islam. London now has a Muslim mayor, Muslims are seeking the banning of alcohol at airports in the UK and have already banned erotic images in advertising, we have terror attacks by the week, we have Turkey purging all moderates and Christians, the Middle East is a charnal house for Christians, women in headscarves and burkhas are almost everywhere, sharia courts all over, and a day does not go by in which Muslims make a threat against the ‘infidals’ in the same hectoring tone.

      39. IF TURKEY trys to commandeer these ,they may get a megaton HOTFOOT,BUT we have a freakshow in the oral orifice now so who knows…..

      40. The dropping of nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki was the onset of the US becoming the military arm of the NWO. I don’t doubt that they will be used again. On another note, On Beforeitsnews there was an article stating that the new US money was partly already in circulation, that being the blue striped 100 dollar bill, the left side of that bill if folded in half being the FRN and the right side currency that will be backed by gold and silver. The article stated the left half is worthless and that all older $100 bills before this design change should be changed over to the newer bill. It went on about the details of the design change. I liked the story and went to that site to view content, curious that none of the topics listed would come up, a wait and “uable to connect to the network at this moment” every time. I get that on occasion, I turn the phone off and wait a few minutes and turn it on again, then it works fine. Not this site, it continued to not load. That site was: SOTU: Alternative News and Commentary. Most of the articles were critical towards Clinton. The SOTU was state of the union.

      41. every 3600 years we get wiped and start over with what ever is left . nibiru is here . return of the destroyer . so have a beer/fifth/nugget and chill for the remainder of your pitiful angry lives .

      42. Some comment suggested that with these nukes, it would be possible to blackmail the USA or Europe into policies that would benefit enemies of the USA.

        • Yup, apply sharia law as the rule of law for all or die. Either way, they, the Muslim will cause grief for many.
          Best to not have these pricks in your country, Period.

        • Yes blackmail usa and is main reason Prez JFK was adamantly against israel haveing ANY Nukes!

          Which is likley main reason JFK got whacked. Nukes for israel were far greater importance to israel jewry than what JFK did with NON Fed Reserve dollar bil notes!

          Soon as JFK publicaly spoke against israel haveing any nukes he got whacked.

          And he was Right! Israel has what they call a “Samson Option” and several times prior has warned all of the EU states, that means if israel/jews do not get everything they want, which Is a NWO owned By Them and only by them, then israes 300 nukes that are pre aimed at every main city in EU will get sent flying into said eu cities.

          They as JFK knew are whacked out Religious fanatics and very likley to follow thru on such nuke threats.

          Plus recently germany kommie bitch-Merkel also herself tribe member, built and gave to israel six nuke capable submarines!

          so Now israel can also nuke threaten entire worlds nations in exact same way. IE: “give israel and jews whatever they demand or Else get Nuked!”

          it just don’t get no worse of fanatcial than that period.

          And You can look up such actual samson option threats online as its on record and is for certain and real.

          They are Not the little always innocents we was all taught to believe of them by far. They are fanatical self chozens that actually believe their own lies and own Master Race entity ideals…Fanatics!

      43. Erdogan wants Gulen. I am a fan of neither. Erdogan is a smooth nut job who would like nothing better than to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, thus- the Incirlik dilemma. It’s a win/win for him as he will retain control over those weapons as he knows the US is not just going to hand Gulen over without proof that he masterminded the coup. Conversely, the fact that he is sitting on the weapons is not enough to cause us to start a war over coming to retrieve them.

        BTW, if you have a “Harmony” school in your area, that is a Gulen school. There are many in US metro areas, run by mostly Turkish adherents to Gulen’s religious teachings. There are a lot of wannabe False Prophets generated in Turkey, including one Adnan Oktar who has favor with the Turkish government AND a leading conservative Jewish leader, because he is not opposed to a new Jewish temple on the much fought over Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

        IMO, Erdogan would love to reestablish Turkish rule over Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Saudis are bleeding oil right now. Even our nascent fracking operations in the US have been able to economize to a 40-50 buck level while many Saudi wells are only profitable after 70-100 dollars. Countries like Nigeria who desperately need oil revenue have to drop their prices to match Saudi discounts because they need to keep their positions in the markets. But, the Saudis have been spending like drunken sailors for decades and they have a bloated welfare system in the state which has, for a large part, prevented them from having an Arab Spring of their own.
        The royal house of Saud is not much liked in the rest of the Arab world and they are in trouble in a variety of ways. Wouldn’t surprise me if Erdogan was saving those nukes for the Arabian Peninsula. After all, a nut job is first going to go after what he “thinks” is his… and Mecca and Medina fit the bill.

      44. Costs Saudis just about $4.00 per Barrel oil to remove from wells in ground…Not $70.00! $4.00 Per Oil Barrel.

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