Breakdown of Law and Order: “We Can’t Depend On the Police Department”

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Headline News | 459 comments

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    Budget cuts across the country have stripped local police departments of personnel at an alarming rate. So much so that Americans from coast-to-coast are now being forced to fend for themselves.

    Our latest example comes from East Oakland’s Arcadia Park, where law and order have broken down to such an extent that residents have been been left with no other choice but to band together to police their own streets.

    According to one member of this neighborhood watch on steroids, it’s turning into the Wild West.

    With criminals running rampant, when seconds count, police are often minutes away:

    KPIX 5 cameras caught up with a half dozen neighbors in East Oakland’s Arcadia Park neighborhood Monday as they walked the streets on the lookout for crime. The vigilance has never seemed more necessary than now; 25 homes in the neighborhood have been burglarized over the last two months alone.

    In a neighborhood that has started to feel like the wild west, people have even started posting “wanted” signs.

    You have to walk around in your house with a gun to feel safe here,” said Alaska Tarvins of the Arcadia Park Board of Directors.

    The people who live in the area are nothing if not gutsy, but they need help. A plan to gate their community has been stalled. With the police force stretched painfully thin, they may be forced to follow other Oakland neighborhoods and hire private guards.

    We don’t have a choice. Either die or we hire some security ourselves, because we can’t depend on the police department,” said Tarvins.

    Source: KCBS San Francisco

    But Oakland is not alone.

    With cities, towns and their respective state governments having overspent billions of dollars over the last decade, many are so broke they have no choice but to lay off emergency services employees that include cops and medical first responders.

    It’s gotten so bad in some parts of the country, that there are areas of major cities where police refuse to go.

    The city of Chicago, in an effort to save money and deploy officers to more critical areas, has literally stopped taking 9-1-1 calls for crime reports such as armed robberies, car thefts, and burglaries.

    With anti-gun politicians at all levels of government now attempting to disarm Americans and restrict their access to personal defense weapons, and police departments running so thin that they can no longer respond in any reasonable amount of time, criminals will only be more empowered to target law abiding Americans who are left with no means to defend themselves.

    The economic malaise that includes millions of unemployed will only further add to the problem, as those with nothing left to lose will do whatever it takes to put food on the table.

    We are witnessing the slow but steady degradation of law and order in this country, and it’ll soon be coming to a neighborhood near you.

    The end result will be a citizenry so terrified that they will call for military intervention to help police our streets. In fact, in Illinois state representatives have already called on the governor to deploy the National Guard and residents in Detroit have followed suit.

    We have yet to experience a full scale fiscal crisis on the state and local level, but it’s coming. When it does, you can fully expect nationwide crime waves to spread like wildfire.


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      1. another good reason why, they will never be able to take any of my self protection tools

        • if they are going to stop taking 911 calls then maybe its time to no longer call 911 just take care of the problem and dump the criminals body off at the local dump

          • VRF,

            You got that right. Last time I called to report some men breaking into a home PD treated me like a crimmal. Second time I caught so kids breaking into a shed behind my house I put the laser on the back of one of their heads.. Guess what haven’t seen anybody breaking in 6 months… So if you catch somebody in the act, I say light them up like a christmas tree.. Red or Green both have the same affect.



            • In my experience, absolutely nothing good has ever come from calling the cops. They always treat you like a criminal, even if you are the one who was the victim of a crime. They quite literally scan your home, just looking for a reason to harrass you.

              ~ Daisy

              • I was really surprised when my house got broken into 3 years ago, the detective was pretty cool, not condescending or demeaning at all. They actually caught the punks and even got all our stuff back including my wife’s 9mm. I’m in a small town of about 3000 though…

                • Small town is the key! Currently, my local Sheriff is very good.

                  • I have to agree, Shootit. small town. Our county has about 70,000 population and the current Sheriff grew up in a country farm household with good parents(met his dad several times). Although i never talked with his son, about my age, he knew of me thru the previous Sheriff. Nothing bad on my part.

                    Last year I was offered a piece of land,(about 40 acres) near my home to oversee and hunt on. Two guys that have separate interest for access and nearby hunting were furious and turned from friendly casual acquaintances, to enraged lunatics. Coming to the edge of the property where I was working and cussing me with everything they had. They said were coming back the upcoming Sat morn with our AR-15s and “fix your ass; and any gates you put up we will pull them down”.

                    The old me would have waited to catch them One-on-one and tear into them. The old worn out and slower,wiser,christian me just kept saying; “yea though i walk thru the valley of the shadow of death….”

                    A few days after thinking about the situation, I decided to tell the land owner so there would be no surprises if it came down to bloodshed. These guys,15 years younger, one is a lineman (union worker making about $35.00 per hour riding round in a co.truck, and the other an EMT making about the same,are basically Assholes that think because of their jobs, they are untouchable. They use Gods name in vain like a baby saying mama or daadaa. Because of their $$ they act like they are better than others and will climb a tree backwards to tell a lie.

                    After telling the landowner, a retired criminal lawyer of 43 years, about the incident, he asked me to phone or go see the Sheriff(not a deputy) and tell him so as to cover my ass. The sheriff tried to get me to take out papers on them, but I declined because of their craziness I would always have to look over my back.
                    He was very nice and knows the EMT guy personally. He said if you have any more problems, let me know and we will put an end to their “bullying” tactics one way or another.

                    That kind of support and taking the time to get all the details was a very important part of my having a positive attitude towards this one LE guy doing the right thing. It is a shame all LE aren’t that way.

                    The attorney/landowner still wanted me to file papers but I said let’s just give it some time and see if they are going to do anything stupid. He said, “well, at least now if you have to shoot one of the bastards, I’ll represent you in court.”

                    One of them came down the road a while back by himself, while I was at the property. He sat on the state maintained road staring at me working. I casually walked to my pick-up and pulled out a baseball bat in one hand and my 45 auto in the other and started towards the road. i hate a fucking bully about as bad as i hate a thief and liar. BTW he just took off as soon as he saw me coming.
                    What these pieces of shit bullies don’t know is I’m ready to die;so if go out while taking one of these bastards out by defending myself, so be it.


                  • Around 1900, in El Paso, Texas, there was a German band that liked to practice their music in the city square in the gazebo. One evening after work they were practicing when they were interrupted. A cowboy (vaquero) had been thrown out of one of the bars surrounding the city square and he decided to take out his anger by shooting up the town. He pulled out his pistol, and as he emptied it, some of the rounds seemed to come dangerously close to the band. Shots rang out, and they realized the cowboy was dead. Luckily, the Coroner was a member of the band and he immediately convened a Coroner’s Inquest into the death. The verdict: Death was at the hands of persons unknown – because he had 43 bullets in him and the Coroner couldn’t tell which one killed him.

                  • Town who needs a town the sticks is where its at

                • Key words, “small town.” Everyone is nicer when chances are good they’ll run into you in everyday life – the grocery store, church, Little League – where their position doesn’t matter. Lots of big city police live out in the ‘burbs.

                  Police operate from the premise, where there is a crime, there are criminals. And in certain neighborhoods that’s true. They show up at a shooting, chances are good one or more bystanders has an outstanding warrant. The problem arises when they apply the law of averages to Joe Sixpack who is victim of a burglary. The dumb ones think, “Hey, we found a couple outstanding warrants when we showed up at that shooting between the gangbangers, I’ll bet this s**thead has an outstanding warrant too. Police Departments don’t always recruit from the top of the class.

              • I am sorry you have had that experience. I have to say that the times I have called them or any of my family has called them the police here have been courteous, respectful, and helpful. I guess it depends where you live and the type of folks that are recruited from your community into the police. We have good people here.

                • I will 2nd that for my area. But I was also raised by Grandparents…. Give respect, get respect… Consequences of your actions also comes to mind.

              • This is true. I called the police about a year ago to report someone shining a flashlight in our window, and he wanted my driver’s license. I thought – wait a minute, I’m not driving, I’m not under suspicion of a crime, what’s the deal here? I asked him what he needs to see the driver’s license for, and he said “to put a name with a face.”

                That didn’t make any sense, because he SEES my face and I TOLD him my name, and why in the world wouldn’t he believe me? Why would anyone call the police and lie? I was very uncomfortable with the whole thing but I didn’t say anything else. If it IS such a police state, then arguing with him would cause nothing but trouble.

                • Then he sat in the driveway for what I thought was a long time, writing up the report. It was disturbing.

                • “””I called the police about a year ago to report someone shining a flashlight in our window, and he wanted my driver’s license.”””

                  That’s because he had to establish corp jurisdiction over you. He had to see proof that you are a slave that requires a license to exist, and that the property he is protecting is the corps. He doesn’t protect your property. He is an executive agent of the government protecting ITs property from you.

                  A FREE Man needs no license for ANYTHING. If you want to be free, never show an officer of the corp any corp documents.

                  Instead, ask them if they are challenging you and / or what you say. That will always put them on the defensive and make them back down.

                  I am the only Man in my city who can enter my kids school without showing a corporate ID. They hate that, but never challenge me anymore. They quit asking me.

                  It’s all about putting you on the defensive. It’s far better to keep them on the defensive by knowing your rights and responsibilities and making them challenge YOU if they dare.

                  • billy jack… tin sodier walks away

                  • I have a unique (real) name and it is confusing to spell it as someone is writing. When I have called the police to make a report (I own a small business), they always ask my name and I give to to them for obvious reasons. I then spell it really fast and ask if they want ID. The officers laugh and agree the license may help. Guess I could write it down for them but why take the time. Not all officers have the skills or talent needed. However, it has been my experience almost all do. I don’t personally know them but they seem as though they would stand up for the right thing. Perhaps it’s best to not judge them on actions of a few. May be that this is not the case in other areas of the country but my interactions have been positive.

                  • Gods Creation: You talk tough but all it will get you, or anyone, is locked up. If you’re driving you’re required to show your license when pulled over-period. Refuse and you’ll go to jail, you’ll be charged with as many infractions as possible, our car will be impounded ($$), you may have to post bail-depending if you continue to spout off stupidities in court($), and you’ll need to get an attorney to deal with all of those charges ($$$). But that’s only the beginning: if the arresting cop thinks you’re one of theose sovereign citizen types, your name is going into evey major LEO database from the FBI, DHS, and ATF, to name a few. Cops are now actively being trained by the FEDS and the SPLC on “Sovereign Citizens” and the danger they pose to LEOs. They’ll be looking at all of you credit card purchases-hope you paid cash for your guns. You may end up on a no-fly list and the locals will have you marked as a person of interest. They’ll look for reasons to pull you over because you couldn’t keep your big mouth shut the first time. Time is short, and the last place anyone needs to be WTSHTF is in jail or on the cops radar. Don’t believe me, look at SPLC’s taining site concerning sovereign citizens. Hell, it’s even on Youtube now.

                  • if i get pulled over i just show my licence coz i dont have the $$ to pay even more

                • I’ve been in dispatch for a number of years and the reason the LEO wanted you DL is because he is lazy. Instead of requesting your info he’ll run your DL and have everything he needs for the report. And on the off chance there’s a warrant he’ll know just as quick and he’ll be obligated to pick you up. I had a young lady come into the station to file a domestic abuse report and unfortunately she was wanted for something (bad checks I think) and because the officer ran her and the hit came back she was taken off to the county jail. Watch yourselves and never trust em.

                  • Another reason to NEVER interact with them

                • I don’t know all the particulars of your situation but I will say that on a prowler/ burglary call asking for your ID is common practice for two reasons:

                  1) to establish that you are in fact the homeowner and not the bad guy who is just claiming to be the homeowner.

                  2) so the officer can complete an incident report. When an officer responds a police report must be filed which includes the complainants name, address and phone number. The tertiary reason for asking for an ID is that some names are just easier to copy down than have someone spell out. If an officer responds for such a call, then the homeowner is a victim and all crimes must be logged in a uniform crime report.

                • A drivers license or ID verifies the correct spelling of your name and date of birth. Typically speaking with todays computer systems its easier to verify people’s information with dispatch center than write it down in a notepad then add it to a call later. Its force of habbit.

                  Once LE is done with a call they add narrative and have to clear the call. Probably why he was in your driveway. Not sure why that is disturbing.

              • I have never had a bad experience with a policeman, quite the contrary. A few years ago, my Mother called the police to report her mail box being run over, a police man came to her house and took a report, while he was there, he shoveled her front steps on his way out.

                Not all cops are bad, many are decent and needed.

                • There may be some decent, helpful cops but the chances of you getting one on your call are astronomical. You are more likely to wind up dead that have your report taken.

                  No, we don’t need cops. We need to start taking care of ourselves and protecting ourselves. The Supreme Court has stated the cops are NOT responsible for our personal protection. Ergo, we are not obliged to call them to protect us when they are too cowardly to act without the backup of a SWAT team.

                  • DJ,
                    You are an idiot!

                • Live Free or Die,

                  I agree with you 100%. There are assholes out there and I have been harrased but for the most part pretty co-operative in life. I even associate with a few both active and retired. You know they don’t have an easy job, not exactly hard either. But like any of us they can have an attitude on any given day.

              • Daisy,

                Have to agree with you, you just have to know your rights. NEVER let them in the front door. If they get to pushy remind them that they are on private property. Like I told the last one that came here, I invited you to my property to report a crime. Now I am telling you to leave my property. Yeah they get pissy but oh well its my right.


                • what does NOMI mean? Why are “differnet” commenters putting NOMI at the end of their comments?

                  • eeder,

                    NOMI means Not One More Inch. CATIYMF means Come and Take It You M— F—-


                  • oh ok, i agree , NOMI!

              • Boy you said it.

                Then again I’m in Los Angeles. Your mileage may vary.

              • my brother was robbed a few years ago they took part of his gun collection ,the questions from the police went somthing like this ,why did you have so many guns ,why didnt you have them secured better ,every since the robbery he always gets flagged when they do a back ground check for a gun ,instead of the normal 3 days its always 8 days

              • try calling them with your side arm on and informing them when they show up …. you would think you just pissed in their wheaties … some handle it well other just freek out.

            • I guess the kids had eyes in the back of their heads?

              Big brave LEO-type guy like you should have shot them kids.

              • 20-2life,

                Picture this zippy suddenly the guy in front of you has a big green circle on the back of his head.
                And for the record DPS has nothing to do with the LEO…
                I’m guessing you are behind bars and working for the goverment. Hows that working out for you?


              • 20-2life. just got a new airsoft galil hadar. modified to shoot at a fierce rate of 700 fps on full auto. plastic or steel rounds.
                Yeah!!! I would have shot’em just for fun.
                Would have used the plastic rounds,and slammed them both 300 times each!!! before they could say uncle.
                not really !!! maybe??? depends on what I was hiding in the shed.
                Shoot first and ask questons later? Shot my brother once with my red ryder just to see if it hurt. it did!!!!
                So my point is this, it all depends on the cicumstances,that we are faced with.

                • Paint ball gun with skull crackers, mix in those pepper balls for a real fun experience.

            • I would suggest that the local police forces are being slowly depleted for two reasons.

              First, because they are the most likely to resist enforcing Unlawful federal codes.

              Second, to make the local governments beg for federal help, which will come with many strings.

              On a happy note, you don’t need the corporate report generators anyway and there will be fewer to harass people traveling the roadways. We will be far better without the local police being so bloated.

              On a sad note, I would bet that for every local law enforcement officer lost, two are added to fed enforcement to carry out the crimes that local enforcement now stops by it’s very presence.

              Nothing happens by accident in government. It happens because a few are greedy and the rest are stupid.

              • I heard the 911 call centers are being revamped for fast-food delivery problems and satellite disconnects.

                • Zoltanne,

                  Thats some funny stuff.. I can hear it now (Would you like fries with that,Do you want to supersize that today)


                  • DPS: No Supersize for you!!

                    With the dumbing-down of Americans who have a free Obama phone in their possession, is it any wonder that the type of 911 calls includes fast food complaints now? Call 911 if you get less fries with an order. Call 911 if MickyD’s is out of chicken nuggets.

                    When my kids were young they all started out working the drive-thru windows at fast food joints. The stories and dialogue we’d hear was hysterical!

                • Z, I worked E-911 for my local county for about 4 years, you have no idea how close you are to the truth..LOL, Clay

                  • Claymation — we can’t let you off without sharing at least one funny! Come on — tell us how low a person can go.

              • I find it very difficult feeling sorry for anyone in the people’s republic of California. I was born and raised there; Oakland is a shit whole always has been.

                We each on this site have thought about/war gamed our trigger points based on societal decay, California is nothing but the canary in the coalmine. Right minded people there are now on the front lines, just watch and learn from downfall and be ready to adjust your plans.

                • Truer words were never spoken.

                • y99,

                  I left California in early 2002 for the exact reasons you state above. Quite honestly I’m stunned and shocked that more right minded Californians have not left yet. I don’t know what they’re waiting for, but I’m glad I live somewhere defensible and survivable when the SHTF.

                  • I ask myself that every day…

              • That is exactly how it is playing out on all local levels.

            • Same here. I called to report a car accident and injuries but the dispatcher was more involved in knowing who I was, my name, address, and a telephone number than gathering info about the scene.

              I was literally arguing with the person about why I’m such a point of concern for them and guess how the call finally ended??

              I was told they already had received calls about the accident and were well informed and had people on the way!!!

              Bottom line is they’re standard operating procedure is to question and database everything they possibly can.

              Just like how the gov used to give tax breaks and subsidize companies who updated surveillance cameras. The gov was using the cameras to scan facial recognition on everybody who walked by them and database it.

              It’s pretty scary stuff and it’s been kept relatively quiet for the past 10 or so years they’ve been implementing it.

            • Howdy DPS,

              We’re all set on the task of helping Mac out a little here with “board-patrol”…just ‘blot-and-go”, let the peanut gallery sulk in silence if possible! 😉


              PS, I DO admit that sometimes it’s JUST a wee bit too tempting to NOT reply!

              • jog,

                Board patrol??? Never heard of it.. Never in the 2 yrs I have been posting here have I heard about this.
                But you are right, it is hard not to reply!!!


                • Howdy DPS,

                  Hmmm, you hadn’t noticed Norse Preppers commnets, or BI’s lately? Both have mentioned this, repeatedly. Maybe it’s just my use of ‘board patrol’ that confused the issue. No matter, ,anywho have a good one Bro!


                  • Jog,

                    With all due respect been coming here a long time. Some days I post some days I don’t. But nobody other then Mac will tell me I’m stepping out of line!!!
                    last time I looked this was a open board for posting..


            • Have a Gadsden flag up in the Hood for 3years. Not 1 problem. Plus I stare down anyone who looks like trouble.

            • @DPS,
              You’ve given me an idea for how to use my laser pointer other than entertaining myself while watching the dog chase the red dot across the floor.

              • Get a Wicked Laser. You can burn paper and it is visable from the air for 30 miles. It really gets peoples attention.

              • Jessica,

                I thought I owned the only dog in the world that chased the laser around the room..She is a good dog just very OCD. But hey its the simple things in life that makes us happy 🙂



                • My dog loves playing “kill the spot”. Several months ago I heard a veterinary sponsored public service announcement stating that it was a healthy way to exercise indoor pets.

                • My (usually) very intelligent German Shephard gets very upset and tries to bite the red dot off the floor. I got the laser pointer to entertain the cat, but he just swats at the hand that’s holding it. I’m starting to think he may be a little smarter than the dog.

              • I got a laser pointer to entertain my cats. It’s a blast watching them go nuts chasing it making that chattering noise like when they see birds outside.

          • Saw a sign on another website, was some ranch or farm out in the country and it had an old rifle or hand gun on it as the support and it said “We dont call 911”
            :0) thats the kinda stuff that makes ya smile.

            • The sob asshats will cut what makes pain for the citizenry just to propagandize their importance. They will cut national security and layoff the civilian workforce long before they make any meaningful cuts to the size of government or eliminate any worthless departments. This is something that all of you already know so I guess I’m only venting and trying the stay gentlemanly. Anyone that can rub two brain cells together know this, it’s the single cell amebas that have a difficult time understanding. Even the leaches that are sucking the blood out of this country knows the game.

            • I saw one that said:


              • I saw one thats “Trespassers will be shot and eaten”

                • I used to own:

                  “This house guarded 3 times a week. You guess which 3.”

                  • 00 buck ahead

                  • My property sign reads;
                    “This property protected by Killer Kitties on nightly mouse patrol”. For Real…Does that count?

                  • Kindle, If the cats are big enough, it sure does. My Dad had a a minx that hated everybody, I bought 11 stitches once messing with it. Totally my fault, but one mean cat for sure!

                  • Sign on my fence

                    ” Please dont feed the bears “

                  • We have sign in front yard (in country) that says “we call sheriff”. Sign has 30 large ragged bullet holes from backside. Wad cutters cut smooth.

                    Guess when I would call (if I do).

                  • Claymation,
                    My fuzzy-faced kids are Maine Coons, one of the largest breeds of cats. They’re bigger than a number of yappy dogs…

                • 00 buck ahead

                • Trespassers will be shot on sight ……. survivors will be shot a second time.

                  • Saw this sign on a ranch house in So-Cal: “My Rottweiler can make it to the gate in 3.2 seconds….can you?”

                  • New sign went up in the neighborhood, “Due to the recent rise in ammunition prices, I can no longer fire warning shots. Thank you for understanding.”


              • “Theres nothing in here, worth your life”

              • I saw one that stated: “There’s nothing inside this house worth dying for.”


            • Have that on my front door….My Mom has one that says tresspassers will be shot,survivors shot again… 🙂

              • How about “trespassers will be shot and then sodomized”…as long as we are going grade school and all.

                • who wouldn’t chuckle at that?

                • If a simple warning sign posted on my property can influence a trespasser, so I don’t have to kill them, the so be it. It is worth it to me to post it. That’s about as far as I go to protect the sanctity of life for a burglar, though.

              • I saw one that said “No Trespassing. This property patrolled by pigs. If you do, wear dog tags, as that is the only thing they will not eat”.

            • @ Kulafarmer:
              I know that guy, here lives about 12 miles from me on a road called “county line rd” Macomb MI. and sure enough it has a pic of a lever rifle and below it says “we don’t dial 911”
              Dam nice guy but if you don’t know him you better just call him Mister or Sir.

              • Cool beans! Those are the folks who make life worth it

            • The signs on my land say ” If You Can Read This, Your In Range ”
              Seems to be effective.
              Montgomery County Texas

              • MMLOL !!! Made Me Laugh Out Loud !!!!

          • Right!
            The last time I spoke to our county sheriff was when he told me to take care of my own business. He’s on my side and I thanked him. Now I do just that. Our Neighbors are with us, so we work together.
            There are no guarantees but life is that way.

          • VRF,

            We also need to quit being charged for 911 too, if they cannot provide the service, because as far as I can tell, most people pay for 911 service on their phone bills (land line and wireless) in their area.

            B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

          • VRF,

            Very well said! At some point in time, when the SHTF, good honest law abiding citizens may be forced to communicate with the criminals in a language they understand. Lead, edged weapons, and/or blunt force trauma.

            I would hope and pray that day never arrives, but apparently it already has.

          • Simply put..

            When you dial 911..

            either a crime is in process
            already committed

            LEO always show up after the fact statistically..

            Protect yourselves and family..

            It’s your obligation and duty.


            End of story..

          • Dump ’em in front of the police station with a note, “Got chalk?”

          • The proper definition of an emergency is an injury or situation that is life threatening, limb threatening, or eye-site threatening. car threats, armed robberies (after the fact), and burglaries don’t really aren’t emergencies.

        • Sigh, this is the state of our Union. I had one guy that worked for me refuse to go in a hot zone. He is now up for termination for unrelated charges. But needless to say, I have seen guys make a career out of writing soccer moms tickets. But in a civil society, and we are still a civil society, the people must take part in the public safety. Have you ever gone to or seen a dictatorship or socialist/communist regime? There are cops everywhere, and that is to crush the people, not crime prevention. I think I would rather make sure my family is safe personally, than let some kid with a few hours at a police academy training make us safe.

          Here is something that should send everyone through the roof. The average police academy is 6 months, at 40 hours a week, that is roughly 840 hours of training, then we strap a gun on them and have them protect and serve. Now, they are supposed to be some of the best, and usually for a year or so they train with a veteran. In California it takes 1600 hours to get your cosmetology license….. 840 to get qualified for a gun and 1600 to cut hair. Look it up.

          Keep your powder dry,

          • Some years ago my step-son finally made it to the force only to leave saying after all the BS training that he couldn’t bear to be associated with those being graduated. He grew up with honor, guns, family and wanted to give back. And had more responsible gun training from his grandpa. He has alarming stories of Barney Fife’s roaming the hi-ways.
            An older SGT told him to look into Fish & Game – they need men like him that had common sense of morality and honor.

        • Depends on where you live, in my town, if you call the police because you saw a dog running lose then they are on the scene in a few minutes. No problems here at all; where you live means everything when it comes to safety and survival.

          • We all can’t live in heaven on earth.

            I am at least 20 mins from any kind of police 911 services…a 911 call isn’t even a thought that we even entertain…remotely.

            Our sheriff is one of the ones who told the feds to go to hell regarding weapons confiscation. In fact, he wants all citizens here to open carry if they do not have a cwp.

            • Sounds like heaven on earth where you live to me lastmanstanding…

          • you call the police for a lose dog???


            • A loose rabid doggie!

            • snake eater,

              Yea, I call the police for a lose dog, we care about animals where I live. A lose dog wouldn’t last long in the wilderness especially when there is a snow storm coming. Wouldn’t you? Around here, a lose dog is a lost dog and finding its owner is the right thing to do. Another thing, they don’t kill animals in the shelter here.

        • But they love anti gun laws in Chi and Ill. Only State in US with NO right to carry unless you are a cop. They deserve this.

          • There are plenty of us in Ill that do NOT deserve this!

            • The Plenty should speak up!

              • or MOVE!

            • Smokin’ lamp is on.

              Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

              Gotta match?

              Semper Fi

              • Have not heard that one since Boot Camp! Brings back Memories, err! Nightmares!

                Hollywood Marine

                Semper Fi

        • Cops carry firearms to protect themselves, not citizens. I was a soldier. I carried an M16 to protect freedom, liberty and the citizens who through their tax dollars paid me to protect theirs as well. Do not depend on law enforcement to assist you in any way shape matter or form if the “s” does “htf”. It is more likely that these will be the very persons you will be facing.

          • My OATH was to defend the Constitution against ALL Enemies, Foreign and Domestic. Same as yours…

        • They will meet my 12 gauge for sure.

      2. Little pig little pig, let me come in!

      3. “No…Leave ’em. Buzzards gotta eat. Same as worms.” – Outlaw Josey Wales

        • Wooped em a gin din we Josie

          • One of my favorite lines of all times. Thanks for bringing it, Boss Hog.

        • Didn’t Jose use an 1858 Remington. You can buy a working replica online and have it delivered to your door, (if you can find one in stock.) as long as you don’t mind black powder. Me I love the smell!!

      4. I personally think this is good for people. Say FU to these politicians and their anti-civil rights laws. More people are realizing they need to defend themselves and their families and rely less on the government. It might be painful road, but more guns in the hands of the people, and less big brother = liberty.

      5. i guess its that time to stop paying taxes if their not gonna help you, make it count for yourself,

        • That time came years ago. Educate yourself. you deserve the raise.

        • matt,
          I believe in what you’re saying about not paying taxes, but the problem is in the areas of these cities that are getting burglarized, most of the people don’t pay taxes anyway. It was on the news the other day that in one block of Detroit, of 40 homes, only 1 person was paying property taxes. How can a civil society pay for anything, including services, when the cities are occupied by porch-monkeys. I get very upset driving home every evening and see the porches full of young “adults?” just hanging out with about 15 kids who look like they haven’t had their diapers changed in 2 weeks. Free health care, free food, free cell phones, EBT cards to use at the local strip joint, and people wonder why we don’t have money for services. Go Figure!!!

      6. umm the way things are turning out they (government,TPTB etc)wont have to enact martial law it seems that the people will ask or beg for it, and the people that wont ask for it or beg for it are the ones that dont vote because they know that its somewhat pointless to try it since you just need lots of money (for the most part) to get your person (male or female) in to the office of your choice. I wish everyone well since day by day more S**t comes to the surface. Good luck to us all

        • I believe that TPTB may have had this in mind to get the people to WANT troops on the streets. And in the beginning the people and the troops will be togeather to keep the streets safe. But then later the troops will be turned on the people.

          • that might be true, sort of like disguising a noose as a scarf in cold wear

          • You bet C…good thought…
            And that interval will be so short…
            I mean…that IS in the plan.
            And they know many of us DO understand what they’re doing…
            Bait bait everywhere…

            When they pull…we squeeze…make every one count!

            • This bait-n-switch is exactly why honest, armed citizens need to be there for the community FIRST. If we protect our own, the alien troops become a non-issue.

              This is a case where one man CAN restore neighborhood security, without outside intervention. My neighbors ALWAYS let me know when they won’t be home for an extended period, or at night.

              There is a good reason for that…and I don’t call 911, except for waste disposal.

          • “Today’s Americans would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful.”- Henry Kissenger

            No malice aforethought here, eh Henry…?

          • .50 cal on every corner, dor gunner in the sky.

            “You have a go from the ground.”

            Gotta match?

        • Read through the comments section of that article, I’m surprised there are so many anti-gunners in Alaska!!! Some of them sound like they are from NYC.

          • MX I’m with you, and no lover of New York, and then along comes Colorado and passes these restrictive laws, and I hardly here a peep. Wonder how many on this site will quit going hunting in Colorado. I know they won’t be getting any of my dollars. Lots of hunters won’t give up going there to hunt, but they’ll sure die for there gun rights! Huh! Colorado use to be a Consevative State, but once the greenies move in, they destroy a State. I fear for the Intermountain West, States like Idaho could be very susceptible to liberal greenies,also have talked to people in Western Montana and they say these nitwits from Calf. are ruining the State. The American Redoubt is not safe. Just like Communism or a rotten spot on an Apple, they continue to spread. I have no answer! Just stand strong, only God can help us. Trekker Out. Come And Take It!

            • Probably part of the plan. Get all the socialist to gather in one state, destroy the state to the point where they have to leave, and they take their brainwashed socialist philosophy with them where ever they go.

              Peace and safety will only be found in the middle of nowhere. Lucky for me, that’s where i want to be anyway.

              • I hear Texas is on this list. Flipping it to being blue in short order is on the menu. I’m not favorable any color, and most certainly not of any political stripe – but Socialists have an agenda and Texas is strong-hold they want.
                I’d like to say – No Way In Hell, but the indoctrination has been very successful. I had a hard time erasing each day’s un-education for DS. It was tough work since I had to work and couldn’t home-school or afford private education. 1 out of 1200 isn’t much odds. DS know the founders, federalist papers, CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. He knows the blood shed and why. He didn’t get along with his teachers very well. They didn’t like being educated. The sad part of this story is he rants and raves at his peers and they say ‘Dude, it will be okay’!
                I wonder often if I’ve given him a life of miserable ~ knowing how different it could have been. For what end will it matter. Sorry, I’m having a private pity party that you wouldn’t want to attend.

                `..` TG

                • Never happen-remember it is “For Texas and the Republic”. Texans will tolerate the blue idiots for awhile. Then a few beers and bar b cue later, they will get pissed off and simply clear the deck! How much land did the Union Forces own at the end of Civil War One? Not one square inch! No different now. God Bless Texas.

                  • “This is where we hold them. This is where we FIGHT! This is where THEY die! (Earn these shields, men!)

                    Remember this day, men, for it will be yours for all time…”

                    “King Leonidas”, in the movie “300”

            • I’ve read and heard several times that;

              “Colorado is the continuity of government emergency capital armored fortress of the United States.”

              This might explain part of the reason it is being run over by greenies and changed to dem.

              • Put it like this. There are places in the Denver airport that not just anybody can get to.

                Many of the criminals will be hiding there while the people descend on DC. Too bad, we know the secrets of Denver as well. No hiding there Mr. Psychopath.

                • I was there when it was under construction… Cir. 1990 as a Telcom specialist. They put in way more wire and fiber then would be needed for a airport, plus a bunch of it was far from the actual terminal. Did not quite make sense.

                  • There’s a small city underneath it….

            • Colorado did something good at least and legalized marijuana. I love marijuana. I wish all drugs and prostitution were legal. It’s a waste of money to enforce all these stupid laws and they limit my freedom. All you old people who are petrified of the cannibis plant would do well to catch a buzz and calm you asses down once and awhile.

              • E,
                Us “old people” went through the 60’s & 70’s. We were the original stoners. You young ‘ens are just trying to catch up to our fine example of “zoning out”.

                • My apologies. I was envisioning an audience of stuck-up socially conservative neo-cons afraid of gay sex, strippers, and the hash.

                  • Eisen. Now you want to have gay sex?? You now want strippers? I was wrong and now know you need to pay dudes to see them naked. Wow gay sex and strippers. Party in your mouth and eeder is cumming.

                • We invented the word, BuZZ.

                • The Original Stoners:
                  Marijuana originated in the middle east (Taiwan, Korea). China plays an important part in Marijuana’s history. Hoatho, the first chinese physician to use Cannabis for medical purposes as a painkiller
                  and anesthetic for surgery. In the Ninth Century B.C., it was used as an incense by the Assyrians Herbal, a Chinese book of medicine from the second Century B.C., was first to describe it in print.

                  • Interesting.

              • When officer stops you. Just say,

                My name is Ralph….

              • If they legalize prostitution that would make it easier for you to turn tricks to buy your weed. You would have it made. Don’t catch an STD.

                • Stupid neo con response.

                  Why do you clowns always go straight for the idiotic hollywood stereotype image of weed?

                  • Eisen..Wow! a Stoner with a Boner!

                  • uuh yea, Not so much.

              • Eisen- There is not doubt in my mind you wish prositution were legal. No doubt in my mind you need to pay in order to get sex. You are also really touchy about child porn. Just curious, how old are the prostitutes you hire?

                • Grippentrog, what your saying is really out of line. If you think he’s an a$$hole, call him an a$$hole. The child porn thing is just something you’re using to try and goad him. Then you act like it’s irrational that he didn’t like that comment? What normal person wouldn’t be irate at that?

                  Stop trying to cause trouble.

            • Californicated commies everywhere, particularly in green weenie Colorado and little sky Montana.

        • It is very amazing how Constitutionally minded, all these Politicians are when it comes to States passing Pro Gun Rights bills. They all say how these bills won’t stand up to the Constitution, and most of them are Dems. but it was Republicans that gutted our bill in Wyoming. [email protected]–– [email protected]— Strange that the Constitution is so important to the Politicans, when WE try to get laws to protect us from them, but the Constitution don’t mean squat, when every they’re walking all over our rights.The States just need the guts to go ahead and pass these laws, and make the Supreme Court rule on them. It may only take them 40 years to get to it. Trekker Out. Ready And Waiting!

      7. The people always prevail when they finally take responsibility for themselves and stop waiting for their feudal lords to to it for them.

      8. REPENT

        Pray LEOs, Armed Services, Rich and Poor, ALL, Pray and ask forgiveness and turn from evil. Everyone Pray in the Son’s Holy Name, Christ Jesus Yehushua. Repent now and turn from evil while it is still the time to do so.

        • stop preaching and look for him yourself!


          • No Worries Grasshopper. Just trying to gather the wheat to the barns before the big Whoa Whoo or Aww Crap. As a Watchman has to make the call or be held accountable for the blood of the transgressors.

            • @Jesus Christ is Son of God:

              You are right. GH needs to remember the Apostle Paul said, “Faith comes by hearing.” If no one tells and warns people, they have no way to know what is coming and to Whom they should turn.

      9. Government is criminal as hell so why not the neighborhoods?

        • bommies commies live in the neighborhoods. That’s why commies rule the .gov.

      10. Maybe they should stop paying taxes for services that the city is no longer providing. Seems like taxes go up year after year but the roads get worse, the school systems decompose more and more, and the so called essential services are provided less and less.
        I am all for these people taking care of themselves. If they catch someone committing crimes…well, as John Wayne said in Hondo, “A man ought to do what he thinks is best.”

        • In the 19th century American west, a “high strung young man” was a horse thief who’d been caught.

      11. Think I’ll go buy me one of them new large trash cans , you know the ones, they have wheels on them

        • Those hold a lot of water, VRF.

          • yeah like 50 to 60 gallons

      12. Know thy neighbor…

        It is sad that majority of us do not even know who our neighbors are anymore. It would be wise to get to know your surrounding neighbors in order to establish who you may depend in a time of need.

        • They’re mostly commies so I’d look sharp.

      13. I bet if the Mayor had a problem at his house , he’d get the entire police dept there, likety split!

      14. We don’t need the pigs for anything. We just need to arm as many people as possible and repeal and many laws as possible, so that the idiot populace can see that the sky would not fall without government. Hell, Belgium hasn’t has a federal government in years.

        • Then you can watch your child porn in peace.

          • I have never supported that and find it abhorrant that you would even make such a comment. But it’s a common tactic for you comminists to use extreme cases to defray an argument, when in fact the vast majority of laws are completely useless and stupid.

            • You would be expert on useless and stupid.

            • You are correct to a point but you are still a joke. A communist? Where did you get that? Just pointing out that not ALL laws are bad and everyone on this site would agree with the fact that laws regarding kids are needed. Laws regarding stealing from old people, murder, rape etc. I guess everyone’s list would be different. No doubt some laws need to go away but “as many as possible” is ignorant. In fact, most of everything you say is ignorant and normally stomped down. Just pointing out that your bullshit gets old and easily dismissed.

              • My list removes all “inchoate” crimes, or crimes without a victim. If nobody else gets hurt or suffers a loss, in my mind, there is no crime.

              • You can start by revoking, repealing, burning all gun control laws. Some say there are more than 20,000 of them. No matter how many, revoke all of them. Begin with the 1934 National Firearms Act.

                Isn’t going to happen, commies everywhere.

              • you seem to say alot of stupid things.

              • no , you do.

              • Eeder. Everyone needs a hero. Glad you picked this pedo to support.

              • Say , doe’s anybody KNOW what the TOPIC of this forum was !!?? I FORGOT!! Somebody got SIDETRACKED!! MM.

            • You see, Eisenkreuz, this is what happens when you spend the majority of your time insulting other people over their comments. Now, as then, nobody wants to hear you, even if your current comment is appropriate. People won’t agree with you, because you are mostly disagreeable in general. The fact that you’ve refrained from calling people names means nothing today, because they didn’t forget your voracious appetite for hatred in the recent past.

              I’m afraid you’ve already burned up your credibility here. Just remember when you start attacking me for this comment, you did this all by yourself!

      15. Neither the White House nor the Homeland Security Department headquarters were made aware of the Immigration Customs and Enforcement decision to release detainees ahead of the pending forced spending cuts, an administration official said Wednesday.

        • Riiiiiiiiiiight!!! Like I believe that one!!

        • Of course they “didn’t know”, otherwise they’d be liable. Not like Obama “knows” anything that’s going on as he’s been on the campaign trail since he stole the election. Iv he actually stayed in the White House and did his job then he might actually have a clue.

          • He’s a commie. bommies commies saw it clearly, that’s why they voted for him.

        • THAT is the definition of beurocracy. THAT is exactly what these ass clowns want. Notice that this administration has used this tactic over and over. Benghazi ring a bell?

          Something bad happens and they point the finger to that dept. That dept says no way and points the finger over there. They point it to.. they point it… and then we all lose interest and move on…

      16. Are we there yet?

        In the interest of maintaining law & order in the community, Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts have pledged to franchise a new unit in each and every neighborhood. Be more cops there than you can shake a stick at.

        My apologies to the LEO who aren’t full time sheep, but please understand: The organization you work for is corrupt. Ever written a ticket to somebody for no auto liability insurance? No seat belt? Then how long til you cite (or arrest) citizens for no health insurance? For speaking or writing something that is ‘against the law’? Will you help load them onto the trains to Camp Fema?
        The question to ask yourself is ‘Do I believe in the rightness and constitutionality of the laws I enforce?’ If so, then we already know where you stand. You’re a sheep. A propaganda believing troll. A jack-booted thug, nothing more. You are the enemy, now and after the commencement.
        If not, then why are you still working there?
        answer- I have to make a living
        Bzzz- wrong answer. you can make a living selling crack to teenagers, that doen’t make it right
        Try again.
        answer- We have to have some of our guys, some good people, on the inside, in the force. otherwise we turn full control over to the crooks
        Bzzz- wrong again. The mafia is the mafia. Getting a few ‘good guys’ from our side in there won’t change the criminal character of the organization.

        Do you see the point? The whole organization is CORRUPT. It’s rotten to the very core and needs to be discarded. Why hang around and soil your own integrity in that mess?
        Best to take full stock of what you believe in now, before hostilities commence. Plus, we need you on our side.

        *just for the record- I’m a firm believer in seat belts and car insurance. I use them all the time. What I despise, and what I was addressing, is the LAWS that force us into such use.
        ** I fully recognize my own complicity in co-operating with the government corporation in my day to day life. Believe me, I’m not doing nothing in my attempts to extricate myself therefrom…

        ***plus, I always wanted to use the word ‘therefrom.’ Is this ok eisen?

        I shall now return to the Burrito channel. There’s been way too much seriousness for today, a day in which I endeavor to re-stabilize my karma following yesterday’s rants. To return to the comfy confines of my own little world. It’s 200 miles yet to Oz…but,
        okieville—next exit

        • Uh Oh…the bears musta got smoke last night.Your opinion may get some junks,but not from me.

        • Okie:

          Let me preface this question with the comment, “Amen.” I totally agree with the basic principle of what you said.

          However, recommending people quit their jobs in this economy is all but suicidal. There ARE no jobs to replace the jobs that people give up. And what about those who would take their places? What if they’re WORSE and they bring a whole new level of enthusiasm to enforcing stupid laws and increasing municipal income?

          I’m not sure what the answer is to this dilemma, and I am no fan of law enforcement, but I don’t know if recommending they all quit is correct either.

          ~ Daisy

          • You run it down to the wire and then you pick a side. Even if you have a job, nothing going to be the same.

          • ‘Day Daisy,

            “I’m not sure what the answer is to this dilemma…”

            Yes, you do Daisy…amd Okie too, and EVERYONE else here as well.

            “Unalienable Rights” are those which CANNOT be delegated away – thay are as much a part of us as is our hand or our leg – and thus your self-defense resides, and ABIDES first and foremost with YOU, always. Furthermore, it is always the case that any “Right” has an inseperable second component from which it cannot be divorced, a “Responsibilty”. That this is so is easily seen; Those who have Rights but no concommitant resposiblities are the very Tyranical fools we see about us today, whilst any who have responsibilties yet no personal authority over themselves are seen to be only slaves to someone else who does possess that authority.

            The grand experiment which is the last several decades of the American experiance is seen to be an abject failure; How so? Along the way WE began to beleive that this PLACE and the PEOPLE in it were truly, utterly different than anywhere else on Earth. Not so. People are the same wherever you go, down deep where it counts, and while we pursued high ideals and beliefs we lost sight of the Truth. I’ve always heard it said that you can lie to everyone all the time and get away with it – maybe – but when you begin LYING to yourself you
            are, or soon will be, LOST. Such as that is what happened with us as well, here, in America. It does not hurt to have high ideals, to be sure, but it is always the case that ideals must be tempered by TRUTH, lest we do again as we have already done.

            The answer I am refering to is, of course, the same one that existed in the Old West….that every adult being RESPONSIBLE for themselves IMPLIES that everyone is ARMED and COMPETENT in the use thereof. Any thing else is simply seen to be another form of lying to
            ourselves; denying Human nature at it’s root. 20 small children and six adults would be ALIVE this very moment had not the ‘enlightened’ citizens of Conneticut chosen to foolishly attempt to delegate thier ADULT responsibilites, thier UNALIENABLE RIGHTS to others. Make no mistake ever, any legislature does ONLY what it’s citizen’s tacitly permit it to do, Is this not so?

            “Every time we deviate from TRUTH someone, somehwere dies because of that denial”, we can no longer afford such denials…can we?


        • Oh – and to the folks giving Okie a red thumb? Trollery. Nothing but trollery. You really hate it when he gets serious because you know what kind of influence he has.

          Get a real job.


        • i loved that rant, Smokin’Oak. Keep it up!

        • +100 – thanks from one peep just tired of the daily depressing crap. Your comments are worth 10 oz of gold (IMHO)! 😉 Which I would promptly give if only I had it to give.
          In the mean time – Give yourself a raise and take an extra week of vacation just because.
          TG ~..`

        • Yes, therefrom is a word.

          Try using “wherefore” more often.

          • Wherefore fart thou Romeo!! How’s that???

          • Wherefrom fore you are a pedo.

        • there·from
          From that or that place.
          thence – thereof – thereout – hence

          I actually perfer ‘therefrom’ because it captures the attention. I know this word; heard it often from the granny – ‘never ya mind; therefrom the hills and drink whiskey a’fore breakfast!’.. just teasin’ ya Okie,, it’s a Texas joke.
          So, I and vote it approved and for use at will.

          Carry on Okie – ~..` with or without approve from word-police. I get your drift!

        • My town has no doughnut shops at all. It’s an hour drive to the closest Dunkin’ and 2 or 3 hours to the closest Krispy Kreme. I guess that’s why I see so few police.

        • Best lecture I’ve heard, Smokin’Okie, but the LEOs won’t listen.

      17. wonder how willing any cop is going to be to try and disarm anyone when they wont be getting paid?

        • Not only that but most will be home keeping their family safe. They need to be respecting those of us that have paid their wages and stood with them during good times.

          To turn on the community that always supported them would be nothing short of ignorant.

          • well they have never been said to be the sharpest spoon in the drawer

            • VRF…I could have elaborated a bit more but you got my drift.

              If I was a police officer in my neck, no fucking way I would be dumb enough to attempt disarming anyone even one time…ever.

              • yep, I got it. and your right on

        • They are going to get their income from forfeitures. More arrests, more money into their pockets. They could pretty much decide what they want then focus on finding the right person to arrest to gain that item (money, guns, food, gold,…) through related forfeitures.

      18. I think we are being set up. No 911 calls,rampant crime,illegals being released. i hear the thunder..a storm is coming! Obama didn’t know about DHS releasing illegals? Who the hell is in charge? He never knows anything and thus will not take the blame and nobody gets fired over it.

        • He didn’t know anything about fast & furious, he didn’t know anything about benghazi, and on and on and on….. I see nothing!!!!

      19. Sigh, this is the state of our Union. I had one guy that worked for me refuse to go in a hot zone. He is now up for termination for unrelated charges. But needless to say, I have seen guys make a career out of writing soccer moms tickets. But in a civil society, and we are still a civil society, the people must take part in the public safety. Have you ever gone to or seen a dictatorship or socialist/communist regime? There are cops everywhere, and that is to crush the people, not crime prevention. I think I would rather make sure my family is safe personally, than let some kid with a few hours at a police academy training make us safe.

        Here is something that should send everyone through the roof. The average police academy is 6 months, at 40 hours a week, that is roughly 840 hours of training, then we strap a gun on them and have them protect and serve. Now, they are supposed to be some of the best, and usually for a year or so they train with a veteran. In California it takes 1600 hours to get your cosmetology license….. 840 to get qualified for a gun and 1600 to cut hair. Look it up.

        Keep your powder dry,

      20. WOW! Smokin(what)Okie, Wish I could have some those LSD Flashbacks ,like you seem to have!!It would sure liven up my boring life !!Maybe some of those TARGETS…I mean Bad guys will come by HERE!?? P.S. I would like to put some jokes on here,but the ones I know are too long !!(people fall asleep before I finish them!) Keep yer eyes on the road and yer hands on the wheel!

      21. Just like we’re losing the “old” WW2 Vets to age, we’re also losing the “good” cops to retirement, often forced up on them. Guess who’s replacing them? Certainly not those with high IQ’s (as we are hearing about in the news).

        It’s a big psycho club and everyday that Collective gets crazier.

        • if its any consolation the “new guys” cant hit the broad side of a barn

          • yeah so while they aim at your neighbor they shoot you by mistake

        • I think you’re right EA. Not all the cops I’ve met are bad, but there seems to be fewer good guys among them today. And the very organization that employs them is getting more corrupted each day. Federal subsidies to local law enforcement agencies come with plenty of strings attached.
          The criminals in DC would like nothing more than to get every single cop shop in America beholden to them, and enforcing their unconstitutional laws. That’s why the good guys that are still there must seriously question whether it’s worth staying in. And, we do need those folks on our side.

          • Yes S.O.
            I think there’s a methodical “dumbing down” of our police forces, in general, taking place across the country. There are still good cops out there, but I suspect even they are under a great deal of stress, i.e. experiencing directly how the system in turning to the dark side, so to speak. As you say, is it worth it for the good cops to stay on board an “out of control” speeding locomotive headed towards the abyss?

            In my mind, as each day passes, the psycho collective grows exponentially. I just hope enough of the good retired cops live in my general location. Those are the ones I want ride the coat tails of (utilizing and teaming up on their skills and leadership qualities) while navigating through the unpredictable times ahead.

          • Hey smokin, did you get snowed in over there?


        • Good cops are leaving to get those sweet pensions that allow them to retire at age 50 with more pay then they made while working.

          • yep, and they better get em while they can, because the new guys are gonna get screwed, and they dont even know it

        • EA, Yep, Civil service is a bitch! They just keep dumbing down the exams and this is what we get! Peace Clay

          • The taxpayer – that’s someone who works for the federal government but doesn’t have to take the civil service examination.

            Ronald Reagan

        • Same has happened with the practice of medicine. Nobody left there except providers of communism.

      22. but i already walk around the house with a gun and i dont lock the door at night either because i know where the guns are in my house and i keep them loaded. you better come in my house with a gun if you expect to leave it.

      23. Some of my liberal friends have asked why I carry a gun and I tell them because a policeman is TOO heavy.

      24. Welcome to my home

        that door you just kicked in, was locked for your protection….not mine

      25. I hear that in response to budget cuts Comrade Obozo is re-targeting all of our Nuclear Missles and Bombers at heavy Tea Party states.

        He also announced that the Dept. of the Navy will be giving new names to some of our Carriers. USS Farakhan, USS Malcom X, USS Karl Marx, USS Chairman Mao, and the USS V. I. Lenin.

        We are also due for a new “rainbow” version of The Stars and Stripes with fewer “Stars”, after we apologize Russian, Spain, France, Canada, and Mexico.

        Will the last straight American leaving the U.S. Military please turn off the light and take down the flag.


        • Hey, I’m not saying that the new homosexual military is bad, just different. I’ve heard that the Marine Corps are changing their name to “Those Cute Butch Guys with short hair”, that the Air Forces new anthem is the song “It’s Raining Men” and that the Army vs Navy football games is being replaced by a same sex “mixer”.

          • The had to take queers and ANYBODY else who is still dumb enough to enlist and do the banksters bidding. It is nothing short of Murder for Hire.

            The only jobs in the military are murderer, and murder co-conspirators. If it weren’t for those selling out to serve “our country”, the banksters would have no teeth or claws.

            Anyone who sells themselves to the military is incapable of comprehending what freedom is, otherwise they would not so willingly give it up for the almighty dollar earned in service to the worst humanity has to offer.

            Go ahead and thumb me down for speaking the truth once again about those who kill for the banksters, just because they wear the corp costume you identify with during their crimes.

            if you are still in the military, QUIT. yes you can, for breach of contract. You signed on to defend the People and Constitution of America. Your contract is void because you only serve the banksters and they require you to commit Unlawful acts as a part of the duties.

            • You are absolutely right. Queers and commies everywhere. Today’s military is all mercenary. Queers for hire by bommie.

              See General Butler’s comments regarding war.

              Semper Fi

          • Last, I appreciate, and agree with your comments, for the most part. I’m also gay. I’m proud of my country’s history and traditions, and like everyone else on this site and others, prep and pray. All ANY of us here want are the same things: to be treated equitably and honestly, and have the government stop trying to run our lives. And trust me, LOTS of gays are VERY unhappy with the advances of Big Brother, and are preparing.

            You don’t hafta agree with who I sleep with (I don’t hafta approve your choice either!), but my personal life is no one’s business but my own–and your personal life is no one’s business either. As long as we treat each other fairly, we’ll do fine.

            Perhaps it’d be better to say “will the last patriot leaving the U.S. Military”…..lots of gays still love this country (or what it used to be) and honorably serve. Their service can’t be minimized or laughed at.

            Besides, I know our enemies are terrified of a bunch of organized angry queens with automatic weapons!

            • @northshoreman1

              Pick 7

            • North – I’m not as upset about gay people’s lifestyles as much as I am their politics and support for the big brother nanny state that is destroying this country. I would bet that you are a huge minority in the gay community.

        • @ Last American —

          I like your satire, but it’s all too close to the truth.

          The Amerika with a warship named after Malcolm X would HAVE long since changed its national anthem to “We Shall Overcome,” played on a KAZOO.

          Its national heraldic emblem would not be an eagle, but a chihuahua/St. Bernard mongrel with canine spina bifida and hermaphroditism.

          Its “constitution” would have an amendment upholding the right to the unfettered exercise of one’s “sexual orientation” and the right to intimate relations with home appliances, but ONLY if they are hooked up to smart meters.

          All kidding aside, unless this disgusting beast is brought down by God, it is very possible that the NWO US Navy will launch at some time in the future “green” warships with names like Rosa Parks, Caesar Chavez. Trayvon Martin and Martin Lucifer King.

          I for one would NEVER regret seeing a garbage scow called the “Harvey Milk,” filled with room-temperature IQ affirmative-action troglodytes, fluoride-stunted morons and degraded sexual perverts, get sent to the bottom by one of Russia’s new subs, preferably one named after a saint of the Orthodox church.

          It ain’t our country any more, and hasn’t been for DECADES.

      26. No
        Really They Didn’t Start the Fire

        if they will get in your face
        and lie about that
        what else are they lying about ????????????

      27. Oh calm down everyone, local PD not answering the phone, not to worry the brown shirts will be here soon.

      28. I say more firearms in private hands, solid Castle Doctrine, and a local sheriff (to handle those who were routed or wounded rather than killed during the commission of their crimes) will do more to advance public safety than a well-funded police department full of donut-gobbling suburban cops on a power trip.

      29. What you and I consider grievances, the Obama administration considers accomplishments.

        Just remember — the machine grinds on and on, no matter the distraction of the week is.


      30. Around here, you can’t count on them now. “When seconds count, help is only twenty minutes away”.

        • Wow, sounds like you are one of my neighbors.

      31. I read many comments on these sites attacking law enforcement, and there may/will come a day when we have to resist them to the death. But until that day, lets not attack them verbally on a continous basis. There are many very good law officers in all branches, whether it be city cops or highway patrol or sheriff’s dept. I have been stopped by LEO on many occasions, usually pertaining to speeding. And have always been treated with respect, it seems they usually respond to you, as you respond to them. Just remember they are human, with human responses. I would sure hate to live in a country with out their protection. And as for all you badasses, I’m as tough as any. No Brag Just Fact! Trekker Out.

        • I’ve had pretty good experiences with the local police. I got stopped for running a red light because I was paying too much attention to our new baby in the back seat and was let go with a warning. When I called to report my motorcycle had been stolen from my front porch they were here within minutes.

          The state police on the other hand are total jerks. I was open carrying in my car (legal here) on the way back from the cabin and got caught in a speed trap. Next thing I knew I was face down in the gravel being handcuffed. He desperately searched my car for drugs, but found nothing. He was apologetic and reduced my speed so I wouldn’t get points on my license, but he is still a jerk.

          • You should have arrested him for assault and battery. It is unlawful to place handcuffs on someone who has not tried to leave and has not posed a direct threat of imminent personal danger to the officer.

            State police are the biggest jerks because they were the biggest jerks to local police had to offer up. Only the biggest jerks can pass the psychological test they give.

            Why do you think they use it? To find people who want to serve you? Nope, they want useful idiots who are prone to abuse their presumed “power” over you.

            • That’s why you never comply with any laws telling you to report your CC to a pig upon contact. You try to be a good guy and the little fuckers just take advantage of you. We desperately need drastic cuts in the police force. These scumbags don’t need any more power over us.

            • My uncle was a Dep. Sheriff. He called them “High Speed Meter Maids” Some stuff you just can’t make up!

        • Treck The Cops know; the good ones are worse about what’s going on than we are. Had a chat with Chief of Police from my home town in Ohio. As he put it: 1/3 of my guys are super people who have always wanted to serve the public, 1/3 are just your normal guy trying to do a good job, and 1/3 are people who want to wear a gun and push people around. My job is to fire that last third. Then they go get a job working in a big city.
          Was a large estate auction. guy had more stuff than have ever seen for one guy. Had a building large as my house just for his stuffed animals. Must have been 200 people there, buying everything. I said to the Sheriff standing there: You know what these people are really doing? He said yup, getting ready for a war. I asked : Have you decided what side you are going to be on. He said everyone in the department thought about that every time they went to work. He didn’t answer the question, but he knew.

          • shoulda asked him..what the fuck is there to think about!

            sounds to me like he wasnt a team player or he would have said so

          • The chief sounds like a chump. If he’s in charge then do something.

        • Me thinks the comments on this site are becoming trivial

          • Red Pine, you will get thumbed and fingered at everytime for making comments like JoeinNardCrotch and Eyes-a-kraut, makes. They can’t help themselves.

            • Yah, I know, thanks don’t tread. You’re a good friend.

              I just feel there are too many mules in our stable.

              I need a vacation.

              Gonna take a sabbatical.

              Stay well. RP

          • “Methinks”, not “Me thinks”

            • OK, E. (WORD POLICE) ,if you know so much about the English language…..How do they get ILLAND from ISLAND !?? Never figured that one out?? But I know you’ll have an answer !! NOMI….

        • Trekker,

          No there’s not a whole lot of nice pigs out there. And you’re a knucklehead if you think the pigs are capable of protecting you. The only thing they can do is investigate after a crime occurs. They can’t even do that with any efficiency.

          • Eisenkraut, you young punk. I don’t need the cops to protect me! I meant that they need to keep the low lives away from me, so that they would not have to die before their time. Are you stoned, or just mentally handicapped? I use to think you just thrived on harrassment, but now I’m beginning to wonder. But I may be a knucklehead! Trekker Out. Bad To The Bone!

            • “low-lifes”

              I have a lot of love for you old man. Keep trying.

              • Look at the big brain on eisenk. You really should run the Repulic of Anything Goes. You are one smart yet socially retarded dick. Multi talented you are. You can correct everyone and advocate paying for sex with kids. All at the same time. As you previously posted, you want to be able to legally buy sex. ( for obvious reasons). You never addressed the minimum age of children you would buy. Why not? Please don’t say 18 because you already made it clear you would get rid of the age of consent laws. Perhaps getting help rather than antagonizing people on the web. I know I know, the 2 year old was wearing her diaper a little low and was asking for it. Good luck with your fetish and perverted ways.

            • I feel the same way MtnTrekker. That has been my philosophy concerning the roaming dogs of distant neighbors who refuse to keep them “contained” away from my “neck of the woods”.

              Shoot,Shovel, and Shut TF Up!

              I’ve tried to handle the situations everyway possible since the 1980s. I’ve determined who owned the dogs and went to them directly; with the same response: my dog wouldn’t bother anyone or anything. He plays with the kids. yea right? While the kids are at school and the owners at work, the dogs roam the woods near my home killing chickens, and running down newborn fawns killing them just to taste their blood. I know for a fact.

              I’ve tried educating the community by writing editorials about the problems of “free-roaming” pets. Same response: “Not my pets, that’s why i moved to the mountains, so my pets can run free.

              Brought up the problem at the Community Ruritan Meetings and Local VFD. Same ole response, and way of thinking.

              Some of my friends and I started using the S.S.S. solution. have been for over 30 years and ain’t gonna stop now. If floating thiefs and lowlifes start activity near our “private properties”; they’ll get the same reaction.
              Anyone come around asking questions; the response is: In our best Aussie accent; “Maybe the dingos ate your baby!”

      32. I’ve said this many times before and it bears repeating. Anytime you’re being confronted by anyone with bad intentions toward you, YOU WILL BE ON YOUR OWN AND YOU WILL HAVE TO FEND FOR YOURSELF! Make damned sure you’re armed, know exactly how to use your weapon, have plenty of mags, ammo, cleaning kit for that weapon, and handle the problem yourself. just call 911 to come and clean up the mess. LE serves the government, NOT THE PUBLIC. The federal and state supreme courts and have said so numerous times; they have no obligations to the public, period! When I’m confronted by any animals, I already know I’m on my own and I’ll handle the situation any way I consider necessary, and i don’t care if I’m violating any unconstitutional laws. I’vew been a victim of crime before and WON’T BE A VICTIM AGAIN! Force your way into my home and your day gets ruined PERMANENTLY! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

        • I watched a video of an ATTORNEY telling the audience and viewers…do not talk to a cop—E>V>E>R!!!!
          You didn’t see anything, hear anything; if you want to talk, be sure to have an attorney present.

          They CAN and WILL turn your words against you.

          • “I Object” “I do not Consent” “I take the 5th” “Do you have a warrant?”

      33. The only way to get your country back is to take it back! To keep voting on proprietary electonic voting machines is just a fool’s game. These great leaders of ours are laughing at us all day long, while they enrich themselves and their buddies. And I’m talking about their buddies all over the world, not just in the U.S. Wake up and get real, people!

      34. off-topic but related to many topics discussed here…

        I just stumbled upon this video by Max Igan -Project Sandy Hook Explained. In it, he theorizes that all of the inconsistencies and seeming proof of a staged event is designed to demonize anybody seeking the truth and questioning authority – and a sinister plan that will leading to civil unrest, which is what they want. It’s a long video, but it’s very interesting. Sandy Hook is not the only example he describes. He discusses many topics that have been presented here. (this is the “share” link but it has a . in

        This is the URL

      35. There is a ‘I’ in police for a reason.

      36. NRA declares government will seize guns

        the NRA has gone off half cocked in the past
        it certainly appears that this alleged memo does indeed exist

        “But a Justice Department official told the Associated Press that the memo does not represent administration policy and that it was simply just an unfinished review of gun violence research. Publicly, Justice Department and White House officials have so far refused to answer any questions about the document.”

        I dont trust these bastards any further than I can throw them
        and I aint talkin’ about the NRA

      37. as those with nothing left to lose will do whatever it takes to put food on the table.

        This why you idiots should have spent as much energy trying to prevent a collapse as you have preparing for it. Morons.

        • @ Everybody. Trolls like this deserve nothing but a slew of red thumbs and a collapsed comment. I sure liked Norse Prepper’s advice on this. Sometimes it is so difficult not to respond to the shear ignorance of a troll, but it is not helping Mac’s site to do this. Better to just collapse the comment as fast as possible so others don’t have to see the crap.

          • BI, I got your email. I will be posting your article in the next few days — please hit me back at my email addy when you get this to confirm you see it. Thx!

            (Secure private messaging coming soon, so we can finally interact direct that way!)


            • Really Mac?

              I know you’ve been kept hopping lately…do we REALLY get PM soon? If so my thanks can’t be put into words adequately…


            • But will it really be “Private”?????

              • Reposted….

                Morning VRF,

                ONE may presume, since Mac has no mechanism to allow for full end-to-end SSL encryption that No, the summa is NOT private. This is not as disheartening as you might think though…it is neccessary to achive FIRST contact only in a relatively ‘safe’ (shielded) environ … thereafter, ‘external’ avenue’s may be utilized, Eh?
                In truth, it would be preferable to conduct much, if not all, in that fashion…think about it…


            • yep, the only way you can keep a secret is to tell only one person, than kill that person

              • I know people who cant keep a secret if they were on a desert island by themselves….

        • what more could we have done to prevent it joeseph?

      38. More and more, it never ends.

        CONSTANT “Mind Conditioning” or what we used to call “Brain Washing.”

        When something is repeated over and over enough, no matter what it is, the people cave in and believe it.

        That is why it WAS called “Brain Washing” but Even THAT didn’t sound good to them so they changed it to “Mind Conditioning.”

        FREEDOM is Dieing, COMMUNISM is Growing.


        • Reposted….

          Howdy PR,

          Not entirely….

          Look about you here, in this place…

          Much like as in the Human body itself, ONCE the presence of a ‘foreign intruder’ is detected, the body begins mounting, creating an ‘immune response’…such as that is NOW occuring broadly. Once THAT begins, the identification of the ‘intruder’ is made, the response will mount higher and higher. We are the sum of our parts, but MORE than that…the identification is now ‘made’, more and more the parts of the ‘Body Humana’ are becoming aware of the truth….I PITY the PTB now…
          Reckoning will come….all too soon for them. 😉


          • Oh, if I wasn’t sufficiently explicit…



      39. We have something here called the RIDE program. It is supposed to be designed to catch drunk drivers through random checkpoints.

        The cops stand there in the middle of the road and everyone has to stop and answer their nosy questions. My daughter always cringes and says, “Mom, PLEASE BE NICE THIS TIME.”

        Yeah, right.

        For some odd reason, they often have these checkpoints at the beginning of the dead end road that leads to the school, and really, I cannot imagine that very many people tie one on at 8 am and then drive the kiddos to elementary school.

        LEO: Ma’am, have you had anything to drink this morning
        Daisy: Nope, just coffee
        LEO: Where are you going?
        Daisy: (Thinks, DUH, there is a kid in the car and one building on this street, but says) Why do you ask?
        LEO: Just answer the question ma’am.
        Daisy: I forgot the question.
        LEO: (Sighs) Where are you going?
        Daisy: Oh – why do you ask? Do I need an attorney?
        LEO: What?

        2nd LEO joins 1st LEO and recognizes me: Give up, dude,she’s American.

        It’s especially fun five minutes later after you drop off your kid and get to go through their lame checkpoint again – I’ve found they generally just wave me right on through.

        • Hahaha, love it

        • Awesome Daisy I wish half of us had your balls

          • I wish my balls were in her mouth !

            • No there in your Wifes Purse where Left Them!

        • I’ve been through a few of those traps and now I come up with answers like:

          I’ve had the stomach flu and and I need to get to a bathroom fast. (This worked well when I was pulled over a block from the local hospital.)

          Also works to say- I’m on an emergency run to get hemorrhoid cream or tampons or worming medicine for my dog or anti lice medicine for my kids (works great if you scratch at your head while saying this). These explanations don’t invite much lingering commentary.

          • Those are fantastic answers, Merree!!!! More reasons for the local cops to love us!

        • And you guys are tellin’ me we can’t cut the number of pigs on the street? Have you sheeple who blindly support LE learned your lesson yet? More pigs equals lower quality of life. Get it through your thick heads.

        • You are precious Ms Daisy.
          I especially loved the use of Trollery… 😉

        • I love it. I went through this 2 miles from my house. They call it a safety check. The State P got real nervous once he saw my handgun laying on the front seat (Legal in my state). His questions went from “Where are you going?” to “Are you going to the range?” to “What is it?” to “Do you carry it often?”. As I handed him my papers I said that “I usually have one handy”. He did his safety thing, then said have a nice day.

        • Daisy, you’re alright.

          Semper Fi

      40. As this column is being published, hearings will begin at 10 a.m. Eastern time in the Hart Senate Office Building as Dianne Feinstein presides over testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on her “Assault Weapons Ban of 2013.”

        Among the witnesses scheduled to address the committee will be noted Second Amendment attorney, author and documentary filmmaker David T. Hardy, who also posts at the indispensible Of Arms & the Law blog. He’ll be in the second panel, appearing this afternoon, albeit he has not been allocated enough time to cover everything he is prepared to testify on.

        “With only five minutes to speak, I’ll have to hit only the high points,” Hardy explained in an email announcing his inclusion in the hearing. With his abbreviated testimony, he’ll be providing the committee with a copy of his complete testimony, which he’s posted in his website archives so the public can read it, too.

        Among Hardy’s conclusions:

        To pass constitutional muster under any applicable standard of review, a law must bear a provable, not speculative, relationship to an important social goal, and not unnecessarily impact other exercises of a constitutional right. S. 150 fails under this standard …
        •S. 150 arbitrarily bans guns by name, including firearms that have little in common, some which do not even exist in the U.S.
        •It arbitrarily bans firearms by features, where the features have no relationship to criminal use.
        •It would ban all semiautomatic rifles or shotguns with a “pistol grip” – and virtually all semiautomatic rifles and shotguns have these, so it effectively bans all semiautomatic long guns.
        •It arbitrarily applies restrictions to peaceful private citizens, while exempting LEOs who had to be retired due to mental disorders.

        • It infringes on the Lawfully protected right of the People to bear arms…

          Nothing else needs to be said, except maybe…and therefore is null and void and evidence against the treasonous scum that signed it.

          • Arms are not just guns.

            Guns are those big boomers that Battleships used to have. Battleships that crossed the T at Surigao Straits. Sank everyone of those jap scows.

            This is my rifle, this is my gun…

            Semper Fi

      41. (pardon the double post – the links puts this in moderation….I changed the links in this one)

        off-topic but related to many topics discussed here…

        I just stumbled upon this video by Max Igan – “Project Sandy Hook Explained”. In it, he theorizes that all of the inconsistencies and seeming proof of a staged event is designed to demonize anybody seeking the truth and questioning authority – and a sinister plan that will lead to civil unrest, which is what they want. It’s a long video (don’t stop too soon, he rambles – at least listen to it in the background), but it’s very interesting. Sandy Hook is not the only example he describes. He discusses many topics that have been presented here.

        this is the “share” link but it has a . in

        http (colon) // youtu (dot) be/hgaBw9txktY ()

        This is the URL

        http (colon) //www (dot) youtube (dot) com/watch?v=hgaBw9txktY&bpctr=1362002654

        • Interesting that there are no law suits coming out of this alleged shooting…’cause there are no victims

          notice how allegedly 26 people were killed that day..( according to story) yet we only see the same figure heads pushing thier adgenda..the guy who says he lost his kid and wants an assult weapon ban, as he sits with a picture of his infant kid..( what no cuurent picture of the child?) and the hired help that came from florida to blow smoke up our asses that were crisis players..notice how they kinda dried up and blew away..

          mr laughing and joking just before supposed to be on the air dude..than working himself up for the camera..fake

          there are only a select few being dragged over this story time and time again..but no new faces..or any more families..Odd? yeah i think so.

          • Yes, VRF
            There are too many inconsistencies, fake pictures, and odd “actors”. Another video that I watched points out that the initial, local media reports, going back to the Oklahoma bombing, are probably truthful (but confusing) and are quickly silenced and replaced by the “spin”. We see this after all the false flag events- Oklahoma, 9-11, Aurora, Sandy Hook. The truth is hidden unless you dig for it.

      42. One thing important to remember about the police: it is not their job to protect anyone or fight crime. Their job is to build a case against whatever they can find when they dig for something to charge. They have no obligation by law to protect people (with the only exception being if there was a special relationship set up with a particular party). One cannot rely on the police for anything related to crime except the paperwork that comes afterward.

        • They don’t need to build a case. That’s the job of the DA’s office. I agree with the rest.

          The new cop just wants a suspect in jail for a crime that has been commited. It don’t matter if there is insufficient evidence, they just want someone with handcuffs on, file the paperwork and go back to jawing with whomever or whatever. It most likely will be a doughnut, or bearclaw.

          The new HPs just want to fill their quota with citations, so he can go back to jawing with a buddy, or a crawler & coffee.

      43. I am charging this countries courts, judges, lawyers and prosecutors for not keeping these dangerous criminals behind bars or executed…

        there should be a country wide law suit levied upon them until they change their catch and release policies.

        I am so sick of them making laws against us law abiding when they do nothing or very little to keep the dangerous criminals from infecting our society and way of life

        Its time as a society to hold those responsible for making this a safer place to live with deriliection of duty, and criminal charges for perpetuating the crime inflicted upon us as a society by thier hands.

        If they can go on a ban guns spree , than we can go on a do your fucking job spree, and direct some of if not most of the blame for the rampant criminal behavior all the way from harlem to the white house..and DC..

        we need a vehicle to be able to levy a suit against this system, because they cannot remain immune to prosecution..the fear of being prosecuted for this may get the job done with some hope for a legal system that has become a criminal justice system..yeah a system to get the criminals off.

        those that are making the decisions that affect us all, need to be held accountable for thier decissions, or there is no incentive to the right thing by the people for the people who pay their dam paychecks and perks

        • “””we need a vehicle to be able to levy a suit against this system, because they cannot remain immune to prosecution”

          They must be prosecuted, by Men, under the Constitution, through the local Sheriff.

          Any other action is a corporate action and the corp will protect it’s own.


          Article III, Section 3

          Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.


          The answer is in the Law called the Constitution.

          All that is needed is three people in ANY county to walk into the Sheriffs office and swear out an Arrest Warrant for Obama for treason.

          If people keep waiting for the corp to enforce the Constitution against it’s officers nothing will ever be done. It’s not the corps job. It’s yours.

          • they will ignore it, loose it..not acknowledge it..etc.. etc..than possibly feel someone who does this as a threat and lock his ass up.

            its like taking a complaint, about the complaint department to the complaint department, expecting to have it taken care of.

            • That is why communism rules in this country. All facets of .gov are controlled by commies from the top dog catcher in DC to the pissant towns’ dog catcher. They are not going to change their power position by allowing a vote to derail their communist coup.

              Two wolves and a sheep decide what’s for supper.

      44. ROFLMAO!

        I have no pity for California. You can all petition Senators Boxer, Feinstein and Pelosi to used their security guards. How about hiring MS13,Crips or Bloods to do your security. Gated communities are not going to save you either.

        • Slingshot, I’m with you, why pity California, it shows you what a True Democracy looks like. The majority of the people in that State continue to vote those same idiots into office, and then cry about how bad it is. And under a Democracy, the Minority have to suffer under the choices of the Majority. But where the problems come in,is that they don’t keep their dumb choices at home. It’s alright as long as they keep their Socialist and Communist at home, in State Government, but then they go and punish us, by send their trash to the U.S. Congress where the rest of the country has to suffer on their account, which affects us. So then instead of pity, we have contempt for California. Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

          • @ Mountain Trekker.
            That is the point. We pay for someone elses mistakes and then have to listen to the bullshit. I have a few things going for me at my age when it goes down.
            I have pretty much lived a full life so I don’t think about the future too much as far as being wasted or lost.
            Have the wisdom of the years to ferret out the stupid people I will encounter in the chaos. Have done my preps. Won’t have to listen to the socialist or communist point of veiw for too much longer and that I have a direct capability of silencing their agenda.
            I am cautious but not scared of what is to come. And last, I have a burning desire to Right This Ship.

            • Slingshot, you’re the last Boy Scout and may the wind be always at your back.

              I’d be proud to pack your 782 gear, extra ammo and stuff.

              Semper Fi

      45. Daisy and Okie, I understand where you’re both coming from. I’ve had relatives in LE who have told me point-blank, “NEVER TRUST COPS!” When you hear that straight from the horse’s mouth, that really speaks volumes! I’ve always considered it a real shame that public can’t trust LE. When people go through police academies, they don’t come out the same people. they’re totally brainwashed against the public. it’s the same with any military boot camp. That’s why I avoided both entities. I won’t accept any brainwashing from anywhere. I refuse to be anybody’s mindless robot. I’ve always been an independent thinker. Nobody tells me what to think or believe about anything or anybody. Braveheart

        • Repost for you, braveheart:
          I watched a video of an ATTORNEY telling the audience and viewers…do not talk to a cop—E>V>E>R!!!!
          You didn’t see anything, hear anything; if you want to talk, be sure to have an attorney present.

          They CAN and WILL turn your words against you.

        • Please go eat a bag O Dicks Sir !

          • you eat a bag of dicks nina. that was a very stupid thing for someone so smart with computers to say.

      46. I’m presently staying with my daughter, who lives in a VERY large city- Atlanta, Ga. I need to go back up north soon, to take care of business. Since she refuses to prep, I was thinking of possibly buying some silver coins to leave with her so that if the s hits the fan, she will have a way to pay for gas and travel up north, where family is. Was wondering.. how much silver should I leave with her? Any ideas? Her closest relative (brother)lives around D.C. (She and I both have low income). I live around Baltimore, Md… trying to relocate but not sure where to go! ; (

        • If silver is required for travel, it is too late.

          Make her promise to LEAVE as soon as the first UN troop is sighted “peacekeeping” in any city in the USA.

          I suspect that there will be a brief window of opportunity to travel before the people realize they are actually under attack by a foreign army.

          • Around 20 ounces in coin form would be worth about $600 right now, should be enough for fuel, food, and bribes to get 600 miles.

            Personally, I would relocate first, then stock up on the silver coins.

        • id say cash would be better at first, most wont take credit card but cash will be used till people figure things out and that could be some time. id say a 150 bucks should be enough.

        • grasshopper, i would reccomend you move ASAP.

        • By the time people process what is happening, big cities like Atlanta will be locked down. Gold, and/or silver will save no-one from anything.

        • She’s gonna have a warning and get away before traffic backup?

        • I have avoided answering your question Grasshopper..because I didnt want to come across as too rash..

          But the truth of the matter is, If she isnt prepped, and ready and have her mind right as to how to survive, just giving her the silver or what ever you think will get her to you, it could very well be a death sentance.

          If she is not of the survivalist mind set, and obviously she must not be, or you wouldnt have to prop her up. She wont make it on the road trip AFTER the S hits the F..

          if she intends to stay with you, than she and you might want to think about getting a move on it now. So you two can prepp togeather.

          just throwing someone a few hundered in silver for gas or what ever, will not prepare them for whats coming.

          If she refuses to prep like you said..than nothing you do will change that mind set, it is like a drunk having to go to rehab, if its not their idea chances are it wont work..its the old “you can lead a horse to water” senario

          personally if she doesnt have food and water and some necessities already stored, giving a few silver coins isnt going to make a dam bit of difference and its kinda the horse before the cart..she should have the most important survival needs met first, before the metals

          Just my opinion, your results may vary

        • Ghopper, I would tell her to not even worry about trying to make it to Baltimore/DC area. That would be like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Screw that, and screw the odds of trying to make it that far if the SHTF already.

          A single female on the road, especially the interstates, could be a very big mistake and her last one.

          If she were my daughter in that situation, I’d say drive thru the GA mtns,on two-lane roads, about a three hour trip depending on what part of Atlanta she lives, and get to Cherokee, NC as fast as possible. Contrary to what some people think, there are a lot of native Americans there that have compassion for all peoples and still know a thing or two about survival. Her odds of finding a place of protection will be better there than anywhere.

          I’ve spent quite a bit of time there fishing and talking with the Cherokee people. (stay out of the Casino atmosphere). I’ve had nothing but good feelings and converstions with the older people. The casino has caused a cancer to run amuck within some of the younger generstions. A lot have lost their desire to do anything since they all get a check from the Casino. It has caused many to turn to the evils of alcohol and drug addiction because of idle hands. It isn’t rampant, but does exist.

          There are a lot of good folks in the mtn. region that would take her in. I would seriously consider it.

        • Leave lead.

          Silver dimes make a fair load for a 12 gauge.

          Semper Fi

      47. ScoutMotto, you’re right on target [no pun intended]. As I said in an earlier post, they are GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, NOT PUBLIC SERVANTS! as you rightly said, protecting citizens and fighting crime are not part of their job description. the federal and state supremecourts have ruled on this subject numerous times. There’s no such person as a public servant; never was, never will be. We the people have no choice but to fend for ourselves in any confrontation with any predator. If/when that time comes for me, I will handle it any way I consider necessary, and any and all UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS BE DAMNED! Rather be tried by 12 than be carried by 6! NOMI CATIMF Braveheart

      48. At the Senate hearing today more parents of child shooting victims whining and bitching that the whole country should lose their rifles just because 20 children got killed. Holding up pictures of their dead kids in the chamber *wahhh, wahhhhhhhh*. It makes me want to vomit. We need real leaders who will make decisions on logic and reason and not at the whims of a hysterical population. We need leaders not afriad to tell the idiot populace off and protect our rights from the stupidity of the majority. We got DHS from the mass hysteria after 9-11, and now the idiot populace wants to ban guns because of some stupid, insignificant schoool shooting.


        • Definitely correct, as harsh as it sounds. Legislation should always be based on cold, hard fact, never emotion and knee-jerk reaction. If it actually did happen, Sandy Hook wasn’t insignificant to those affected, but in the grander scheme of individual liberty in the USA, it certainly is.

      49. Tough shit about Cali or Illinois. Those “victims” of B&E’s have themselves to blame. They voted for all those politicians who watered down legal codes, and amped up criminal rights with their feel good laws that they’ve only encouraged the thugs to do what it is they do.

        If you don’t believe me, shoot one of those dumb bastards with an “Assault weapon” and see who goes to jail first.

      50. At

        “MARKET PLUNGES AS EUROPEAN CRISIS IS BACK”–looks BAD! picture is worth a thousand words…look at the stock brokers’ faces, the graphs all going downnnnnn.

        “If you have any money in the Game, do whatever you can and PULL IT OUT OF THE CASINO and hold on to it!”

        Also, “Supreme Court thwarts challenge to Warrentless Surveillance”

        • The court reasons that you have to prove the government is doing this to sue them. But says the government doesn’t have to tell anyone if they’re doing it. You stupid old people who encourage your kids to blindly obey authority, are the brain cells growing yet? We need a 90% reduction in armed forces personnel and a 60% reduction of pigs. We all need to get armed. A gun in every car and an axe by every bed.

          • we need an elimination of all alphabet agencies.

        • BH, I removed a portion of this comment as it may have caused issues with certain LE agencies*

          • are LE agencies , alphabet agencies mac?

          • what would happen if we all just told the alphabet agencies to go to hell?

          • when we act up like bad little kids on here, do the alphabet agencies actually contact you and scold you Mac?

            • For the record, we have never been contacted by any member of an alphabet agency or arm of the Justice dept. However, it should be clear that web site forums and comment areas across the entire internet are regularly monitored by certain agencies within federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

              The fact is that these agencies have the power to shut down any web site, at any time, for any reason. If a user here were to post messages that are deemed by these agencies to pose an imminent danger to an individual or the government as a whole they would demand internet protocol address information for said user. This would be obtained voluntarily by us handing over this information with a legal subpoena or warrant having been presented, OR, they would simply seize the site and all of its data and pull the information themselves.

              So, it’s not about being scolded — it’s about the fact that the Federal government WILL take action should certain types of comments be identified.

              In the interest of keeping this site operational and open to the general public we are sometimes forced to remove certain types of comments. The percentage of such removals is extremely low — We don’t keep statistics on this, but the ‘removal rate’ is lower than 1 in 1000.

              • And for the record this is the second time in over 2 yrs I have seen Mac pull a comment. Thats what keeps people coming back..


              • message to the alphabet agencies. EAT MY FECES. really guys, i am serious. and i hope you all choke on it.the people who run the alphabet agencies that is. i keep hearing these stories and the threats about IP addresses. Lets all be serious. we dont have alphabet agencies in canada. if we do and they are actually spying, they dont have any power to do jack shit about anything. to be clear, the alphabet agencies are a joke and all of you enabling them , is the only thing they have left. OMG ,not the ALPHABET AGENCIES! it is such a stupid thought , that i consider anyone who is with the alphabet agenices and anyone who fears and enables them to BE a stupid idiot, a traitor and a total loser .Is there a point in time, when we can all become serious and put an end to this ugliness. how long do we have to carry on in some fake fairy tale. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! NOMI! ENGAGE!

        • i would take personal pleasure in taking the place of the alphabet agencies and arresting dianne feinstekin,and taking her to prison for the rest of her life.the people who work for the alphabet agencies should have to have unemployment insurance and ebt cards.

        • You are ONE ignorant hillbilly, Do you realize the stupidity that rolls outta your mouth?????? I mean REALLY !

          • no nina, i dont. i dont see it that way. if you are the tech expert, why don’t you fill us in. Tell us how to do it big boy. do you even know how to shoot a gun.

      51. This property guarded by a drunk with a shotgun three nights a week. You guess which nights.

      52. O’Mara has claimed that he only received some of the FBI’s case files, and that Zimmerman is entitled to review all the evidence against him, whether it was gathered by local, state or federal agencies.

        FBI attorneys have countered that the agency is not obligated to adhere to the state court ruling.

        ..ahh, so what does the FBI have that they know would get Zimmerman off, and isnt it obstruction of justice for them not to release all the info they have?..who the F do the FBI think they are? they can obstruct a case, and not be called on it, or make this a mistrial? real nice FBI//WTF?

        sounds like a violation of Zimmermans constitutional rights

        • They desperately want him under the bus to appease the blacks.

      53. I realize that most of you hate RT, however I find it odd that it is still down. Does anyone know why is down?

        • RT is better than American “NEWS” programs.

      54. @ eeder
        I can see it now. Maybe you should empty your cache and temp internet files.

        • ok, will try that, some weird crap has come up all day when i tried to get on RT. very strange.

          • eeder,

            Just checked RT is up and running. It has to be your system bud


            • its coming up as some weird message on mozilla firefox ,however just checked it on internet explorere and i can get it on there.

        • this is what i said before about mozilla firefox, i cant even find how to empty temp files. you cant zoom inor out and it will just do it suddenly on certain websites. republicbroadcasting is such small tyoe on mozilla firefox, i cant even read it. something is fishy about mozilla firefox.

          • @ eeder
            in Firefox – click Tools, Clear Recent History, then check or uncheck your choices.

          • @ eeder,
            also, click View, zoom in, to increase font size. Also play around with Zoom Text Only under View

          • eeder–try ‘disk cleanup’ once a month??

      55. And these SOB’s and certain harpies want to take away our self defense. Thankfully there are enough people in this country that are aware enough to realize that there are not enough police to protect them and won’t put up with these mindless gun grabbers doing much of anything to get our firearms. These end times are the good against the bad, those with values and priciples and those without anything substance to them, and the intelligent against the brain dead. That would those that understand and value the Constitution and its rights, and those pieces of garbage that want to destroy it and take ALL our rights away from us.

        All you have to do is ask someone do they feel you have to right to defend yourself with a firearms. If the answer is YES, then you probably know this person has something to them. IF the answer is NO, then that individual is most likely your enemy, the enemy of freedom, the enemy of what is right and justice, an enemy of the victims and the innocent, and most of all an enemy of basic rights as a human being. There are plenty of them that value the “poor” criminal that society made into, than the victims that have done nothing to harm anything or anyone.

        It is awful to see how ANYONE could ever if think of taking your firearms away from you, and thus your self defense to protect yourself. These sludge walkers have to be either without a conscience or without a functioning brain to try to take away people’s self defense. Europe is full of them, and why Russia would have a cakewalk to the Atlantic WHEN they decide to, no backbone of those countries to stop them. Same thing with Japan’s pacifist nation if China ever decided to invade Japan.

        Citizens cannot put up with this pacifism that has caused crime to explode in countries that give ALL the advantages to the criminal. Taking away people’s deterrents and their ability to defend themselves is like tying up an animal and throwing them to a wolf, mountain lion or whatever, it is against nature. Taking away people’s guns and their self defense is against nature, what is rational, and what is fair. Then not even having enough police the innocent. Sounds like to me a lot of these politicians are affiliated with the crime syndicates or been sniffing too much nose candy.

        By the way off the topic sort of because disasters lead to possible martial law, the Juan de Fuca plate had a 5.1 on the outer portion of one of the bottleneck sections of it to the south off the coast of Oregon. I have seen this too many times with the Nazca plate down in South America that lead to big earthquakes. You have earthquakes on the western side of these plates and it means the plate is on the move, ever so slightly, It means stress is building up. The Juan de Fuca is so locked that normally such movement you would have a 6-7.5 like down in South America, but not so. When the Cascadia fault goes it will likely be a 9.1-9.3 and each time you have one these quakes like this, especially in a bottleneck region of much higher concentrated stress, it means it needs to be watched much more closely.

        • Good Morning BI,

          I’ve absorbed you missive above, as always many thanks for the insightful analysis. Over the last 24 hours we have seen activity at Vanuatu, and lesser activity in the Siberian region as well. Does either of these events – when coupled to the activity off the Oregon coast – alter your estimations as to probable, subsequent activity? My curiousity is at work here…

          Be advised, similarly to the missive which I previously transferred through Mac, there has been almost no noteable extra-solar activity of late. The salient here is that if the surmise contained therein is plausibly correct then there would be increases in the activity noted…increasingly so as the absence extended further through time…just a thought to retain here.
          Adios Friend!



        ” The law looks out for the anointed – the wearers of uniforms, the holders of badges and titles of office. They are held to a different standard, invariably more forgiving.”

      57. Off topic here…but I want to post this nevertheless….

        The Alex Jones radio program has been pulled from the air here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. His program has been aired on KKGM 1630 AM for quite some time here.

        I tuned in today and his program was not on. Instead….we had southern Gospel quartet music.

        I called the radio station and their response was that KKGM was changing its programming and “returning to its roots of southern gospel music”. They wouldn’t elaborate beyond that, and the lady I spoke to was very terse in her response.

        So…..I guess southern gospel music draws a bigger listening audience than Alex Jones. (insert sarcasm here)

        So for now…..there is no Alex Jones program in the DFW market.

        I contacted Alex Jones’ via the infowars website and received a response that they did not know why the show had been taken off, but that they would not be on that station any longer.

        Quite a mystery here. And call me paranoid, but it makes me wonder who got to the management at KKGM.

        (Note: KKGM is a Christian oriented radio station….but really folks….hours and hours of non-stop southern gospel quartet music is going to be a bigger money-maker than Alex Jones? I’d love to be selling advertising for that. [insert the sarcasm again here] )

        So now…If I want to here the Alex Jones program, I have to be sitting at my computer so I can listen over the Internet.

        • Walt,
          I have to listen to AJ on the internet also. It is not broadcast on the radio here either. I often go to his you tube page to listen to the videos of the broadcast…sometimes I prefer the you tube especially when he gets on one of his rants and can’t move on to the next topic.

          • Alex Jones is a paranoid lunatic. Even I am not that far off the deep end.

        • Try the shortwave frequencies listed on his site. Shortwave may be the last vestige we have as freedom loving folks. if you don’t have a receiver yet, get one with a hand crank generator built in.

          • And learn the OTP. Look it up.

        • Walt,
          Today, Thursday, Ted Nugent is going to be on the AJ show for about an hour. Ted is always good to listen to.

          • Wish I could hear it.

        • What’s wrong with southern gospel music? You should have your local station go Mexican like the station in my town did.

          What has probably happened is that being Christian radio, it doesn’t pull in the advertising dollars that a talk station does. They have to pay a lot of money to carry Alex Jones or any other national show. Putting a few gospel albums on the computer costs very little. They are probably just trying to keep solvent a little while longer.

          • I have no problem with southern gospel music at all.

            I was not aware that they had to pay to have Alex Jones. I figured it was the other way around. I thought programs had to pay for airtime.

            I have no problem with them pulling the show if it was just a financial decision.

            My concern is that they may have been pressured to drop the show. That’s a horse of a different color.

            They certainly have offered no explanation beyond the terse response I got when I called.

            The station is owned by some guy named Mortenson…who owns some 40 other stations scattered around the mid-west and south I think.

            Again…I don’t argue their right to pull the show. But I will admit it’s got my paranoid meter pegged.

        • AND the recorded internet version lets you listen when you want–it airs every three hours at my house.

          • I can listen on the Internet. I just liked being able to catch it on the radio when I’m in my car….which is a lot.

      58. @Walt ~ I don’t belive in coincidences.
        There was a definite reason why the Alex J. show got pulled. Too controversal? Pissed off somebody upstairs in management? We may never know the real
        reason behind this. Thank you for posting this
        information to the board.

      59. When the feces hits the air circulator, there will either be not enough law and order, or WAY too much.

        • A swarm that’s preceding something else….in my humble opinion!

      60. I should have turned left at Albuqerque

        • Ugly, this reminds me of a story I heard. Don’t know if it was true or not. But when the pioneers were headed West, they said there was a sign on the Arkansas Western border, that read ” Turn left to go to Texas, or turn right to go to Kansas, and if you can’t read this sign,just stay in Arkansas!” When I lived in Missouri we always thought it was a true story. Trekker Out.

          • @Mountain Trekker….I’m sure the story is true. Many of those legends have truth in them.

            The line I used above is one I ‘stole’ from Bugs Bunny. Everytime Bugs got into trouble, he would use that line. I am not sure why, but Mel Blanc was a classic. Maybe it is a derivative of what you said as not to offend those from Arkansas?

            • “I shoulda toined left at Alba-coy-kee…”
              -Bugs Bunny

      61. people need to go mental and just start killing anyone that even looks at them!!!

        • the edge of chaos,

          You should be in a rubber room, wearing a straight jacket.

        • edge, your mom says it’s time to come up from the basement for your meds………

        • edge:


      62. It’s falling apart. The entire system here in the U.S.
        Relying on the market while jobs are outsourced is insane.
        It all comes down to economics and social structures. Our once prosperous nation is being dismantled by bankers.
        Go figure. The most boring profession in the world. Banking. But these guys have planned for this for quite some time. Crafty bankers. Thomas Jefferson warned us about this but his words were left in the history books of the past.
        All that is left is for each of us to protect ourselves and our families from the evil bastards that they, and their recruits, are.

      63. Old news… but it always bears repeating. I wouldn’t even think of calling the cops if someone someone I know was under attack or worse, suicidal. Several cops in my state have recently blown away suicidal mental patients for pointing a butter knife at them or lunging at them.


      65. Anyone here ever check out flexyourrights(dot)org? They had a good YouTube video on how to appropriately handle a traffic stop with a pushy (needlessly pushy) cop.

        Also, last July I was rear ended at a stoplight where a cop had just pulled off to direct rush hour traffic. We pulled the cars over. It was 105* so we were all out of our cars saving our gas during the stop. When I gave the officer my license, I wasn’t thinking and let him see my wallet when I removed my license. My ccw permit was next to license. He was a real cool character, chatting up me and the other guy who was rear ended. Then he went to the guy who hit us. When he came back he told me the other guy said I caused the accident, by putting my suv in reverse and slamming on the gas. I just cocked one eyebrow and said ‘ really, I don’t think so!’ as I laughed. He looked me over, smiled and just shook his head. I think he was testing me, but he was by no means an arse. Retired military, and former DC cop– def pro gun. He was just making sure I was not at risk of going postal. Still, never trust a ho….aaahhemmm I mean cop.

      66. This is one of the positive developments. fewer pigs = more freedom. We need to get a backbone. By the time you call a cop its usually too late, and half the time they come after you instead. We need to develop relationships within our communities, stay strong, stay sharp, and take care of our own.

        • yep, glorified janitors

          • And tax collectors…

        • TJ,
          I agree.
          The stories here remind of some folks I knew as an undergrad. They were heavily involved in the Society for Creative Anachronism- those folks who dress up in medieval costumes and put on Renaissance festivals.

          They had friends in Colorado who were walking home from practicing with quarterstaves. Apparently a couple of guys thought these weird guys in strange clothes would be an easy mark and attempted to rob them.

          A few whacks from the quarterstaves and the crooks took off. Solved the problem with no police involved.

      67. Mac, I understand your position. I’m just so sick of these gun grabbers and their evil intentions toward us. a slip of the tongue. No problem. JayJay, i think I’ve seen the video you referred to. There was also a former cop in that video giving the same advice and revealing the tricks of the trade, so to speak. I believe the audience was a group of law school students. When we have to live in fear of cops as well as real criminals, you know something is wrong in this country.

        • It’s assholes like you BH that can fuck it up for the rest of us, As you sit there getting frustrated at all thats taking place and feeling like a hopless drunk like I think you are , ask youself ….HMMM, before I put pen to paper maybe I should think about it before I WILLFULLY COMMUNICATE A THREAT! Fucken ass clown !P.S. Have fun at Gitmo .

          • Steady Eddy — Are you a police officer? Is that the reason for your outrage?

      68. This is something that the news has not reported much of at all and yet could start World War 3 with the U.S. and China.

      69. This sounds an awful lot like, give us more money or we can’t protect you.

        The problem is: the government has gone from supplying services for the community, to being a protection agency.
        All the services the Government used to do have been sold to the lowest bidder. Leaving the Government to be the Protection Agency, sounds more like the Mafia.

        It wouldn’t be a bad Idea if the Mafia did run the Government, at least they don’t take all your means of making money.

      70. i know this maynot make sense to alot of people here but what about gods commandment to not kill (thou shall not kill ) how does that fit into these issues . i would think it leaves a good argument for non lethal means of personal defense .

        • Murder, not kill. Jeeze. Didn’t you read the good book in Hebrew?

          Can’t read Hebrew? Just type in “murder hebrew definition” in your favorite search engine.

          Kill the SOBs if they need killing.


        • I was told many years ago that the commandment should have been translated as “murder” instead of “kill.”

          • I’ve read the same..commandment reads ‘murder’, not kill.
            Hebrew translated incorrectly.

      71. LOOK… I have a solution. Rather than cutting Cops and Firemen from cities where crime is rampant.. Why don’t we stop all the lavish pensions and healthcare benefits for retirees, who are not contributing to society, and who are just suckling at the Government teet. They have Social Security and Medicare, and whatever private savings and investments they have. The gravy train is done. We need Cops.

        • We need constitutional Sheriffs and their deputies. Vote ’em out if they enforce unconstitutional laws.

          Police are .gov guards.

        • Billy “Teat” not “Teet”

      72. If your local, state and/or federal government isn’t providing the services it contracted for, why are you still paying taxes?

      73. HERE I COME TO SAVE THE DAY!!!!! (sigh) Where’s Mighty Mouse when you need him?

      74. Horse Apples. No city, state, or even this country is broke. It’s all a game. And we the sheeple don’t get to play.

      75. Tick Frickin Tock – The Sequester Is Going To Happen!

        I really, down deep in my heart, never believed that these days would come. I prepped for it, but said like most people that it was years away. Mark your calenders. Tomorrow is the day, if they ley it happen, when the U.S.A went down the proverbial rabbit hole.

        And for all you California bashers. Don’t worry about us as we may be the ones to show the rest of the country how to correct the problem. We may well be the first to stand up and challenge the powers to be and regain our rights. Come join us in our fight for your brothers and sisters freedom. Or stay at home on your sofa watching California American Patriots doing the work for you.



        • The “sequester” is only a decrease in the rate of spending increases and too small a percentage of spending to make a difference even it was a real cut. The US will spend more this year than last year.

          A few days ago, Obama said things were going to be bad. Now he just said that we might not even notice for a month or more.

          It’s all just a game that’s been played repeatedly for years.

        • I’m staying home on the sofa–would come and help, but afraid of the gangs, AKA, illegal immigrants.

          • I gave you a thumbs up JJ. I don’t blame you. 🙂

          • JayJay,

            Dammit, grow a set. What kind of example are you setting for you children? Yeah, they’re scum with no value for life. You, on the other hand know what’s REALLY important. So, let your values guide your actions. Just be smart!

        • BigB as they say in Missouri,” You Gotta Show Me ” WASP

      76. Morning BigB,

        Let us hope so. I am at the point of complete acceptance of the oncoming train-wreck and as such I am fully prepared to assist as required. IF assistance IS required inform us….the ‘House’ must soon be cleaned, much help will be required, No? May His Hand be upon us all.


        • Morning JOG,

          Thanks, it is appreciated. It would appear that if you have a problem with your sewage (California) that it should be cleaned up first.

          The news this morning:

          Unemployment: Only 340,000 people filed for benefits last week. In a good economy it takes only 150,000 people filing. But this is good news!

          GDP: Last month figures for the United States came in (of course unexpectly) very low. A contraction is how it is refered to.

          Rosa Parks: Statue being unveiled in Washington DC. At same time the Supreme Court is debtaing the voting laws regarding black people?

          IRS: Announces because of Sequestration that refunds will be delayed. Like they had the money to pay out. They don’t. Because business for self people like me do not have the forms yet so we can file and pay the money into the system so it can be paid out to those who have not.

          Gun Control: Big push on to ram new laws into place before people forget why we need to do it. Very sad parents of Sandy Hook testifying on how sad they are???

          White House: Threatening Bob Woodward for exposing the madness coming out of the White House.

          Immigration: DHS releasing illeagal immigrants because of budget constraints. After all the time and money spent catching them.

          This is a government that we don’t have to fight. They are destroying themselves. Unfortunatley they are destroying us as well.

          Have a great day everyone. I have to go out and work to pay my 63 cents out of every dollar I make to support the above crap. 🙂

          • All is not down the crapper, BigB. I saw a news bit on Drudge yesterday that brings hope and change! Mooch is evidently so popular that people want her to have a TV show.

            This is exciting! I’ve got the perfect call name for the station already picked out: WLIE (Unless they manage to get more propagandists into NBC for more of that full-coverage news reporting)

            [now seriously, where is that barf emoticon….]

            • The beatings will continue until morale improves!

            • How about W.E.L.I….we lie???

            • Well, Michelle and BorRack need a back up plan. They used Oprah and then dumped her because as Michelle says, who wants a fat black woman hanging around the White House? Laughing to myself.

              Michelle would do a great job of a daytime tv show. Health tips, marriage and parenting, gardening. I just realized she is a black Martha Stewart. Add a little bit of that guy who has people fist fighting over whos your daddy. Shee-ite, that might be a good show! 🙂

          • TWO distinct possibilites exist here, bear with me.

            1) That there exists a real, non-imaginary body, the PTB, for want od a better name…which are actively massaging the world at large for thier own nefarious Goldman-Sachs vampire squid face-hugger ends…

            2) that what we see around us is in reality the simple manifestation of the formless, inchoate GREED which has come to define first Americana at large and thence through through export, the remainder of the globe broadly…

            …which of these rwo is actually operant is a mystery to me…one could easily argue either (or both) sides with equal ease I think. HOWEVER, I submit that in either case, what we are now seeing overall is in fact the equivalent of a corpse jsut moments after the heart has ceased to beat. Gluid is still moving within the body proper – ata greatly reduced arte – but the flow od essential ntrients and oxygen is already stopped. The decay processes which would normally occur in any such case are incipient, momentarily; witness Detroit, Camden NJ, San Benadino, Cleveland….the list goes on and on, does it not. The immune response in these places is either failing or has reached the point of total ceasation of function….and this WILL spread. Perhaps critical mass is alrady achieved, that point is arguable yet. But that the CANCER which is the Federal government is fully metasticised is inarguably true. America has a 72 lb tumor sucking the life out of the body proper… absorbing the bulk of the nutrution therefrom, the parient will not survive, any surgical remedy would be impossibly difficult with a probability of survival of Oh say, 0.1%

            Regardless of WHERE one looks, there is simply NO indication that any remaining vitality is left…except unless you are paying attention to the idiotic, massaged figures the government attempts to get us to believe. This I do believe though; “Stall speed” has been reached in the economy broadly…the seminal indication of this is suprisingly the Wal-Mart sales figures, which internal memo’s are only this morning revealing is even worse than the inital read was yesterday.

            …blood pooling in a corpse is an apt analogy here I think. Anywho, gotta fly for a bit…take care Bro…remember what I said previously.


            • Incidentally,

              Forgive my typing skills today all..been up about 55 hours….for some reason this sesms to be affecting me marginally. Adios All


      77. We should all thank Oakland’s neighborhood watch groups for bringing police non-feasance to national attention. Police, in the USA, have ceased to focus on Service & Protection, and instead have become glorified report writers and expensive traffic ticket writers. They’re far more interested in citing speeders and generating revenue, while remaining safe & warm in their cars, than they are in fighting crime. How often do today’s larceny victims got their merchandise back? When is the last time that a child molestation was prevented by a cop patrolling local neighborhoods? When is the last time that a victim’s rights superseded those of the criminal? Just take a look at the national, and state, crime statistics to glean how dismal police performance is today versus how much we pay to train, employ, and fund their retirements.

        It’s time to redirect a designated percentage of state budgets from police forces to volunteer armed, trained, neighborhood watch groups and stop vilifying those who stand up to violent thugs as vigilantes!

      78. Clem, you’re right about shortwave, but let me add you should get one that has singlesideband [SSB] capability to pick up broadcasts from the ham operators. Go to they have a good selection of portable shortwaves and the prices are not too bad. I have a Grundig with SSB and 50 ft. of wire running out to an old clothesline pole in my backyard; really helps with the reception. Shortwave will be a backup for if/when the grid and Internet go down.

      79. Good.
        Now people will begin to be self sufficient again
        like their forefathers before them.
        The police are as corrupt as a third world dictatorship anyway.
        We were given a republic, let’s keep it!


      80. 6.9 earthquake in the kuril islands was this area in BI forecast

      81. Big quake!

      82. I remember one grandfather telling me when someone stole a rack of tires from his gas station + repair shop. The police got the rack but only gave him back 1 tire. It was the only one with papers on it identifying the owner! He said the police all had new tires on their cars thanks to his shop. That was probably 50 years ago though.

      83. @BI: The PE guy e-mailed me and said to watch the south side of the Caribbean plate for some interesting times in the near future. The bottom hole pressures in the gulf wells are still increasing a little more. Wells in the Bay of Campeche are acting strange with production up and down like a yo-yo lately. Just passing it on to you, may mean nothing.

        Heard that some USGS boys are pulling out of the NEW MADRID ZONE and going west. Hmmmm!


        • @ pale rider. Isn’t it amazing how I have been warning about the south and the eastern flank of the Caribbean plate and then boom here comes the USGS confirming this. It is so maddening that the USGS doesn’t just state the obvious and let everyone know the truth. If I can see this, I would think they can to, you would think they would as I am not that special to know something that they don’t. They monitor wells, all of the; gas, oil, water, etc. for rises and drops that would indicate that a fault or even a volcano is getting ready to cause some major seismic upheavals.

          The Caribbean plate is really not all that large, it is ONLY about a little larger than the size of Texas and California combined, but it is the most influential in the future movement of the New Madrid of all the other plates. The Caribbean plate causes the twisting of the New Madrid fault by pushing against the southern boundaries of the North American plate that the New Madrid of course rides on. The Cocos plate that influnces Central America big time also plays a smaller part in the New Madrid. The Nazca plate interacting with the South American plate builds much pressure on the southern Caribbean plate even though those two plates are pretty much moving towards each other west to east and east to west.

          I want to thank you for keeping us update on this. People like yourself are going to be the reason why we are going to have advanced warning of some catastrophe hitting, whether it be geophysical or some impending war.

          • @BI: You are WELCOME sir keep up the good work that you do for all of us. Thanks to YOU


        • Have prepared dug holes?

      85. Bi ! There’s that 6.9 in Russia!

      86. Not a good year for Russia.

      87. How do we stop all the bullshit going on…everything that’s happening has such a paralyzing effect on the mind. It’s like a complete overload. I wish we could all just come together and figure out a solution and then act on it. It seems like we’ve all known about everything going on with all these corrupt agencies and money mongers trying to have a Pinky & The Brain style take-over but all we do is talk about it. Being aware is very good, but all i keep thinking is how does a mass population come together on this subject and say enough is enough! WE ARE THE FUCKING AMERICAN PEOPLE, WE WILL TAKE OVER FROM HERE! Team Meeting : Breakfast @ my place lol BYOG (Bring Your Own Gun)

        Every Second we do not act we are allowing “one more inch.”

        –You all are the bees knees by the way. Love the site. Always Followed. First time poster.

        —Be Like Water

        • Be Like Water, welcome here!

          Remember the “complete overload” and anguish you feel is EXACTLY what the Progressives are wanting. If you read their strategies, the themes are repetitive — overwhelm people, overwhelm the system, ridicule people, stay focused and organized, etc. They target Conservatives with an upside-down illogical methodology because we are rational thinkers and as Saul Alinsky said, it’s our Achilles Heel. To us, when actions and statements don’t make sense, it causes us to stress — we can’t make sense of their LACK of sense.

          Most of us feel overwhelmed at times — you’re not alone. This is what the Progressives want. They want us to feel defeated. To be worn down. HELL NO! NOMI. NOMI. and NOMIMF! So the best way to beat them is to take a breather, get re-focused, and remember not to let them get away with doing this to you/us.

          Just this past week, investigative journalist and author Bob Woodward has blown the whistle on Obama’s WH tactics. And now Lanny Davis is talking. We need better media coverage and maybe a few more journalists will man-up and join in so the group can hang the SOB through the media. Bob Woodward took down Nixon so let’s hope there are others who will join in. I’m thinking there are more than a few who are about to fix bayonets.

          • Great post Zoltanne, no way to say it any better. Too bad it’s so far down in the comments that not many will see it though!!!

          • Howdy Zoltanne,

            “Defeated”…some perhaps, but not THIS one.

            The PTB may have engineered this thinking that they would take advantage of a crushed and demoralized population. I have BAD news for them…

            …LOOK around this place, what do you see?

            I SEE people getting MORE furious by the day…


            To the PTB;

            “Be VERY careful what you wish for…

            YOU Just might GET IT…


        • Good Day BLW,

          “BYOG”…LOL 🙂

          As I have said to another just recently, it IS good to ‘see’ and ‘be seen’…Be welcome! Incidentally, I LIKE your moniker, it’s VERY ‘Zen’.

          Be patient just a few more days – something LONG awaited here is about to manifest – Mac is about to install a PM system….a lynch-pin for anything further, I submit. Again “WELCOME”


      88. “They” do NOT have enough people to enforce SQUAT !

        • Attack with two units, (fire teams, whatever) keep one in reserve. Outnumber your enemy 3:1.

          Semper Fi

      89. Law enforcement and the Justice System IS the problem. We spend billions protecting criminals from death by the hands of the populace through safe capture, safe prosecution, and safe housing called prisons.

      90. @ Thinker. Just got on the computer after solving some problems with it. Saw the 6.9 in Ozernevskiy, Russia. This was forecasted by on comment# 1147193, Article; Guns and Ammo Production Maxed Out…… on Feb. 14 at 12:32 PM, stating that by the end of the month that eastern Russia was a target, it was. I thought it would be larger than 6.9 though, more like 7.5. I also still feel that the intenrational dateline is a big fat target for a large earthquake.

        Also on that comment I mentioned that eastern Russia has a good potential for a volcanic eruption within 6 weeks from that Feb. 14 date, which would make it 4 weeks now. When you had that 6.6 on the Asian/North American plate boundary it was obvious that something was coming, and once again within that 15 day period a 6.5+ did hit in one of the locations that it should have.

        • The Big One will start in the Western Pacific, releasing the tension for the NA plate, allowing it to move, creating a major event in Temecula; then the plates in the NW, and finally allowing the Caribbean Plate to move, triggering the New Madrid.

          The West Coast should be evacuated, and those people living North of San Francisco (cough) should think again.

          There are 38 million people in California. On that great and terrible Day, six million will be left. Changes are coming to a theater near you.

          Be there to get there.

      91. Maybe Bob Woodward will get another Prez impeached?


      92. as I have said
        Greece has not yet hit rock bottom
        but boy are they working on it

        “Greece is facing a serious shortage of medicines amid claims that pharmaceutical multinationals have halted shipments to the country because of the economic crisis”

        and of course the Red Cross “charity” is doing its part

        “the Red Cross slashed its supply of donor blood to Greece because it had not paid its bills on time”

        can you imagine depending on medications to keep you or your loved ones alive and healthy
        and not being able to get those meds ???

        this is exactly how a collapse plays out

        we’re seeing it in real time

      93. 3.5 in NW Haiti the ither day, caused big panic but conforms to the earlier projections

      94. My Glock is an insurance policy; one which the intruder pays the deductible.

        • And you, the beneficiary!!

      95. Maybe off topic, but very intriguing, is the report that the highest numbers of bets being laid with the Irish and Brit bookies; on who the next Pope will be.

        The Cardinal with the highest numbers of bets either for/against, according to Reuters’s, is the card from Ghana; Peter Turkson. What a concept; a black Pope by the name of Peter.

        A few interesting facts: Ghana means= “Warrior King”
        It is holding major oil reserves, the sixth largest in Africa and ranking 25th in the world.
        The population has a mix of many different religions but the majority are some form of Christianity over 65% and Islam making up 16%.

        As Schultz(Hogan’s Heroes) would say: “Veerrrly Intelesting”.

        • dont tread- you just made my day!
          “What a concept. A black pope by the name of Peter.’

          There’s just waaaayyy too many jokes in that one.:)

          “Scuse me while I whip this out.”
          -Cleavon Little in Blazing Saddles

          Plus, like they say, they’ll never go back to white popes…

          • Lawdy, won’t some one help that poor man????

      96. When a person in a ski mask takes your property he’s called a criminal. When a person in a suit does it he’s called a politician. Both should be thrown in prison and both are perfect cause for defending oneself.

      97. Senate panel postpones work on writing gun legislation, including bill to ban assault weapons

        The DNC is probably staging another mass shooting to manipulate the public with before resuming their gun grabber hearings. Wonder where it will be this time

        • Not sure where but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it done with pump shotguns and semi-auto handguns. I think they haf sufficiently demonized semi-auto rifles, on to the next class of guns.

      98. Wow!! This same thing happened in the 80’s and early 90’s because wanted people to pay more money for more cops, etc. If they won’t answer to 911 calls, then that means they should be audited for extra income. The residents of those areas should receive a refund check from the city, state and feds. As well as, the freedom to maintain and control the area as they see fit.

      99. Civil servants do their job, to a point. Maybe it’s because I am no criminal, but all they have done for me is give me a ride home or just a warning when speeding. Somebody above must love me or something. I dunno. I still know one thing. What you call a “cop”, is just another name for laborer. One with a badge and a fancy whooped gizmo gadget car. 🙂

        It may be more a question of locale that tells the tale. Here in MN, they are people.

      100. ” thou shall not kill” in the original greek reads ” thou shall do no murder “

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