Breakdown: “It’s Like The End of The World… People Are Walking Like Zombies Looking for Food” *Video*

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Headline News | 356 comments

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    Destitution, death, looting, mob rule, and a complete breakdown of law & order. That’s what’s happening in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, and it’s yet another stark example of what any post-disaster environment will look like, whether it’s in a third world nation or the United States of America.

    Video: Desperate survivors seek food

    When it hits the fan, expect the fall out to happen within hours…

    Excerpts via Zero Hedge / Alt Market:

    “People are walking like zombies looking for food,” said Jenny Chu, a medical student in Leyte. “It’s like a movie.” As rescue workers struggled to reach ravaged villages along the coast, where the death toll is as yet unknown, survivors foraged for food or searched for lost loved ones.

    Looters rampaged through several stores in Tacloban, witnesses said, taking whatever they could find as rescuers’ efforts to deliver food and water were hampered by severed roads and communications. A TV station said ATM machines were broken open.

    Mobs attacked trucks loaded with food, tents and water on Tanauan bridge in Leyte, said Philippine Red Cross chairman Richard Gordon. “These are mobsters operating out of there.”

    President Benigno Aquino said the government had deployed 300 soldiers and police to restore order and that he was considering introducing martial law or a state of emergency in Tacloban to ensure security. “Tonight, a column of armored vehicles will be arriving in Tacloban to show the government’s resolve and to stop this looting,” he said.

    Aquino has shown exasperation at conflicting reports on damage and deaths and one TV network quoted him as telling the head of the disaster agency that he was running out of patience.

    “How can you beat that typhoon?” said defense chief Voltaire Gazmin, when asked whether the government had been ill-prepared. “It’s the strongest on Earth. We’ve done everything we can, we had lots of preparation. It’s a lesson for us.”

    “It’s like the end of the world.”

    The situation unfolding in the Philippines brings to light the question: How do you prepare for something like this?


    There are certain disasters for which your home-based stockpiles just won’t work – massive weather events, earthquakes, flooding, war or any emergency that would leave your primary shelter destroyed.

    In fact, the only fool-proof way to prepare for such scenarios is to have secondary preparedness stockpiles… and to get out of town before the event happens provided you’re aware that it’s on the way.

    Moreover, you need to have a post-disaster escape plan, because some things simply can’t be predicted.

    For those with the ability to do so, it’s imperative that you communicate with like-minded family and friends about setting up emergency evacuation plans.

    Another option for those without a place to go, consider diversifying some of your preparedness supplies – even if it’s just 7 to 14 days worth – at offsite locations that may include storage facilities or hidden caches. The key is to have your supplies within walking distance, so that you can get to them within 24 hours of a disaster, and plan on not being able to use your primary vehicle to get out of town because the roads could be cluttered with debris or overrun with other people trying to get out of Dodge.

    Typhoon Haiyan , Hurricane Katrina, the 2010 Chilean earthquake, and any number of other recent disasters prove that we can’t prepare for everything. But we can at least attempt to mitigate the fall-out with a well thought out preparedness plan.


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      1. Mclovin

        So does this mean my mail-order bride catalog needs updating?

        • jp

          I think that this typhoon is a prime example of what can happen when either a natural disaster or economic breakdown occurs. The government isn’t helping yet and did you notice that Aquino is “exasperated”??? Who cares if Aquino is exasperated…what about all the people who have no food and water!

          • OutWest

            Now I would ask how folk’s like us are
            supposed to defend ourselves against the
            likes of that without our 2nd Amendment?

            Maybe we can shout government promises
            and slogans at them……

            • Ghostrighter

              “”The situation unfolding in the Philippines brings to light the question: How do you prepare for something like this?””

              Hmmm maybe you can’t. But you can prepare for the aftermath of humanity showing its dark side.

              • Be informed

                Can’t happen here. That is exactly the ignorant public will tell you. The same invulverability that the U.S. or other countries cannot have such a disaster. Yet Florida for example has already had hurricanes that have reached close to the category 6 that this storm was. Florida is as flat as Bandladesh, and you know what happens to that country during monsoon season. The Gulf Coast could easily have something as powerful. Alaready has in Hurricane Wilma that had as low the pressure as Haiyan. Wilma was over a land mass down in the Yucatan Peninsula, but still grew back to a category 3 before hitting Florida. They said IF Wilma had enough time it would have grown back to a category 5 or larger.

                You want to see catastrophic destruction? Let the San Andreas break from Mexico to north of San Francisco and it will easier over shadow what has happened in the Philippines. Let the New Madrid break exactly the same as it did back in 1811-1812 and you will likely have multiple bridges collapses everywhere, roads that are warped like ripples frozen on a lake, complete disruption of everything, and maybe multiple Fukushimas. Forget about Yellowstone, let’s talk Long Valley Caldera in the Sierra Nevadas going off in California with just a VEI of 7, similar to what erupted back in 1815 with Mt. Tambora that helped cause a mini ice age. Long Valley Caldera is actually a little more overdue than Yellowstone. Back around the time Mt. St. Helens erupted Mammouth Lakes had four 6 pointers and they raised the volcanic alert to orange, almost red for several weeks.

                The Sun is really an issue of course with a solar EMP. Remember 9 years ago, IF that eruption had been 2-3 days earlier, the whole grid would have been fried. I am still watching the Caribbean plate, the north to northeast corners of it. Last time this went off was about 600 years ago. This plate is more than capable of generating something near to or as bad as Japan tsunami. No coastal city is prepared and the word tsunami doesn;t ring to anyone in the Atlantic, just like it didn’t ring true to anyone in the Indian Ocean until the day after Christmas in 2004. Tsunamis in the past have been because of the Caribbean plate and other faults going off in the Atlantic, NOT the Canary Islands collapsing into the water.

                In a recent article asteroid impacts are not as uncommon as once thought. The Russian impact was thought to be a once in 100 year event, now 25-30 years or much sooner is more accurate. The amount of kinetic energy from something moving that fast is incredible. It doesn’t take that much mass to cause an unbelievable amount of destruction. If you go out and look at a 1/2 mile in length, depth, and heighth that seems tiny in comparison to the planet. Yet moving at 20 km per second, average speed of an asteroid, make it iron which is more common with rocks in space than people realize and here it what happens. 100000 mega tons. At 1000 miles away hitting water it would create a 50-75 foot tsunami, at 500 miles away, 120-150 foot tsunami. On land it would blast away everything within a 250 miles radius out completely. At 500 miles away most buildings would collapse, at 1000 miles away it would be felt like a 7.8+ earthquake. It would cause a continent wide fire, and debris falling would be chunks of molten rock all over the place. Everyone gets the picture. These happen more often also than people realize, once thought every 1/2 million years, about 100000 years or sooner. Lots of fireballs all over the planet for the past year or so. The planet will be rotating back into the same field that Russia had that impact early next year.

                The whole point of this is that there have sure been a lot of records broken recently from hurricanes to tornadoes to earthquakes to flooding. NO place on this planet is free from danger opf a mega SHTF. This is why the wise prepared the best they can, and those that enjoy the way of the ostrich with the head in the sand don’t and will suffer horribly for their lack of any sense. Preppers/survivalists I was told about a month ago are a dying breed. If this is the case then so is the human species. Fortunately there are still that 1%, thankfully that number has not dropped, only the IQ level of the masses is what has dropped significantly.

                • Gods Creation

                  “””whether it’s in a third world nation or the United States of America.”””

                  One and the same…

                • Prepared Pastor

                  While I certainly agree no place is safe from danger, I also believe we can avoid a lot of risk simply by where we choose to live. I read that if the Yellowstone caldera fully erupted, it could dump 10 feet of ash up to 1,000 miles a day. I’m 2,000 miles from that time bomb, 700 miles from New Madrid, and in an empty space on tornado maps. The nearest ocean is several hundred miles away and more than 1,000 feet below us.

                  Like you said solar weather and debris is an equal opportunity disaster, but that is no reason to throw up our hands and not mitigate the risks we can. Caches are great, and so is having a secondary retreat (and I do), but good relationships and mutual aid agreements mean we can stumble into a another’s retreat that is still standing and be welcomed and they can expect the same from us..

                  • Mary Schumpf

                    Go to the ant and consider her ways, how she gathers her food in summer for the winter. I do the best I can to have something to eat when I can no longer go to the store and get some, but if something like the last tornado hit me here, I would take what I could and just start walking before I get weak and not able to. I should have a map and a compass if possible, buried in the ground in watertight container. If the house is gone, I can dig up the map and compass and I will know where to go. In fact it might not be a bad idea to bury some food in watertight containers too and water. Tornados don’t dig in the ground do they? A flood would probably ruin it. How about up on a high place.

                • David in AZ

                  I hear you when you say just 1% are preppers but honestly I have to believe that the number is closer to 3 maybe as high as 4% have at a minimum started prepping. I know this could be wishful thinking on my part and I agree that to just now “begin” prepping is almost like trying to prep after the gate has been left open and the cows are out of the barn. How much time we have left is a crap shot. Personally, I think there is still too much money in the hands of the sheeple for a financial collapse to take place and the Grid Ex exercise more than likely is a “you’d never guess what we got planned for you” hello from the scum down dimwitted pitiful folks who think they run the show. They have no idea what can happen when millions strike back. More than likely we have a few more months before it turns ugly-ugly so, like I always say, pray, prep and protect. dj

                  • 10% Off

                    Dave – I have to agree with you about having a little time. There is no way it will happen this early into Obutthead’s 2nd term. They haven’t directly grabbed our guns yet. I believe they will wait and see how the ’14 elections come out before they blow the lid. As many here poo poo the elections, that is all the elected think about, day and night. Winning the next election.

                    If they get the House, it’s over. If they don’t, they will have to go to plan B, which is their moment of collapsing the economy or using EO to somehow bring about civil unrest. I don’t put anything past these pigs to keep their power. I still believe it very well could be something outside the US that ignites the spark. Iran and Israel are bumping chests and I don’t think our worthless leaders have any intention of stopping it.

                    Something is going to happen. The water is boiling. When the lid blows could be anyone’s guess.

                  • 1stworlder

                    I am not a prepper I just have a hobby 😉

                  • NetRanger

                    David & 10% –

                    I think you guys are correct.

                    Most statistics have a threshold. Below the threshold you’re not a prepper. Above it, you are.

                    I consider a prepper just this: Someone who sees the problems we’re facing and things about how to stay warm, fed and safe during it. Do they have guns? Stockpile of food? Alternate energy to run on? Doesn’t matter. If they’re thinking about ways to keep breathing air and acknowledge that a collapse is possible, they’re a prepper in some degree.

                    I think the 1% figure might be people that are well armed and well stocked and live in rural surroundings.

                    I know one family one welfare in the town that I work that are prepping. They get handouts (free jars of peanut butter and free shoes from the schools) and they don’t waste them. They must have 20 1lb jars of peanut butter and 5 extra pairs of shoes for each kid. A few bags of rice, extra water, a couple guns. They live in town in an apartment. They are definately preppers. But, I know others just like them that have it on their minds. They may not have the peanut butter or the rice or the guns but they are thinking about it. They’re preppers to. Probably the threshold for that 1% would not be met by either.

                    I mean, think about the show “Doomsday Preppers”. Do you think the producers of those shows would consider either of my apartment dwelling friends in various beginning stages or levels of light prepping, preppers? I doubt it!

                    So, if 1% are prepped like myself and a few friends are locally, thats good. But, if 4% more are in various stages like my apartment dwelling friends, thats even better! 5% of the population banding together with like minded ideas can probably keep this ship from going completely under. I mean, don’t get me wrong, we need it to go down. …at least far enough for the rats to abandon it. Then, we can set her afloat again. Meanwhile, Obamacare just blew a hole in the hull the size of an SUV.

                    Just remember:

                    “223 is not the number of zombies I’ve killed and 44 Magnum is not a whole bunch of booze!”


              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Well this is agood example of why everyone should prepare a BUG-OUT BAG. Stuffed with food, water and other essentials to survive for weeks, as well as Cashes in various remote locations as described in this article. Everyone could see this storm coming days ahead of time. And those who were prepared could have easily left that side of the coast and headed inland and to higher ground to minumize the threat, with their BUG-OUT BAG in hand. The ignorant likes to laugh at us preppers. See who’s laughing now. More than 99 of 100 people in America are still sleeping and think prepping is a fad for doom sayers.

            • Leonard

              You could inform evil-doers that Joe Biden and his shotgun are protecting your home and family…

          • Silver Surfer

            Don’t worry. The government is here to help.

            But on a serious note- I have long been an advocate for disaster preparedness. In a case like this (little to no preparedness or warning) a simple 5 gallon pail with a sealing lid and a handle can be your ARK.
            A gallon of water, first aid kid, some MRE’s, a thermal blanket and poncho, and other basic necessities will all fit in these waterproof, easy to carry kits PLUS- they float!
            Not as good as a bug-out bag, no, but a quick and easy emergency package.
            Again, not the ideal pack for bugging out, but simple to make and easily handed out to the displaced people.

            • sixpack

              you could also use the empty bucket for waste management. Just be sure to add a few plastic bags in your kit.

          • Man on the inside

            Our team has several sites with food, ammo, water, and fuel. We also have several “in the woods” buried caches. We all have CB’s, Hams, and GRMS radios. All of us own ATV’s or Side by Sides. A couple of our team members have horses. Please have a plan for your family and team. Also pray for the folks in the Philippines. It is a good country with some good people and with the earthquake and now this they are going to be very challenged. PRAY, PREP, PLAN, FORM TEAMS.

          • 1stworlder

            I hate to bring this up but the locals did demand the US base there close. The base would have survived and given them a weeks worth of warning, along with having competent people who understand logistics & water purification. Sometimes decisions have consequences

            • ArkieJohn

              Actually, at least Clark Air Base was closed by a combination of nationalist posturing and natural disaster. When Mt. Pinatubo erupted in the 80s, it buried most of the base to a level that was not recoverable without a staggering level of cost. Given glasnost and our nation’s pivot toward the Middle East, it made sense to let Clark go.

              There’s another lesson here: Because our forces in the area were aboard ship and not billeted ashore, they had the flexibility to respond to anywhere within a few thousand miles’ steaming, in just a matter of hours or a couple days. The lesson for the prepared: Don’t put all your eggs or rice in one location where a disaster — government-manufactured or otherwise — can wipe it all out. Even something as simple as stashing part of your stash in a barn, empty silo or grain bin, or cold cellar in the backyard would be validated when a fire burns your house! Storage unit, anyone?

        • Tactical

          Mclovin, I really think you should be ashamed of your stupid comment. Many humans are suffering and you are making a joke? What goes around comes around in life.

          • durango kidd

            Looting? No, foraging. 🙁

            • old guy

              Looting foraging? That’s a good question. Ok so you are in a SHTF situation like the philipines have at present. All government and their laws are suspended? Are the Ten commandments suspended also? If not its my opinion that half of the ten commandments deal with the issue of coveting the property of others?

          • Mclovin

            Tactical you are welcome to your opinion, but I feel in tragic times sometimes a dark sense of humor is all you got. If I would of been a jew during the holocaust I would of been the one cracking fart jokes in the gas chamber.

            • Kulafarmer

              Dont worry, some will get your dark sick sense of humor, like me, i was going to reply they got a two fer going on till the lights come back on!

              But yes, this is tragic

              • hammerhead

                this is terrible ,
                no amount of preps could keep you safe from nature at its worst.
                Preppers or not lost absolutely everything.
                I have no words.
                The inevitable part is that humanity ALWAYS finds a way to survive.
                The lesson is learned.
                So lets all sleep well tonight in our warm beds , say a prayer for the people that have lost everything and hope that WE never have to endure this type of hardship.
                Isnt it always someone else ?
                Sooner or later it wont be…………

                • Kulafarmer


                • ready down under

                  Your last 2 lines hammerhead………..

                  So profoundly spot on!!!


                  • durango kidd

                    The Lord has blessed America beyond any reasonable expectations. But can He save US from ourselves? Politics is the responsibility of FREE men and women.

                    Engage your employees. If not US, who? 🙂

                • Tactical

                  Well stated hammerhead. Well stated. God bless.

                • gone under

                  Thats why I always say to bury your preps. and have a small shelter underground @ 25 cubic feet per person. It upsets me knowing that most of those people cannot do much to prep for that type of disaster in those living conditions before the storm.

                • The Lone Ranger

                  LONE RANGER here reporting from FEMA Region III (VA, West VA, MD, PA, DE, NY):

                  PLEASE PRAY FOR US ALL as Grid Ex II– the shut-off of all our power grids– is Supposed to take place THIS Wednesday 11/13 and THIS Thursday 11/14!

                  Here is THE TIMELINE we know (my friends, follow the pattern/sequence):
                  – In June FEMA orders $10 mil worth of antibiotics for Region III;
                  – In July, all Region III law enforcement agencies are ordered to be ready for Martial Law by August 31, 2013;
                  – In August, GRID EX II for Region III is announced;
                  – In September, a NY Times article “mentions” Grid Ex II in the body of another! article;
                  – To date, as far as I can determine, there have been NO Official announcements in media or in mainstream media (why am I not surprised) OF Grid Ex II (nor online of its cancellation);
                  – Reports of Chem Trails released over Region III continue;
                  – Pandemic viruses (there is one devised by a Dutch researcher now capable of killing 1 of every 2 persons world-wide) thrive best in cold weather when released in Chem Trails;
                  – the HAARP machine COULD be used to induce an earthquake in Region III– making “heroes” out of the people who “coincidentally” shut down Region III’s power grids thus avoiding widespread fires;
                  – Lastly, the Power Grid shut down could coincide with a False Flag leading to Martial Law (for which the Boston Marathon bombing possibly was a warm-up).

                  I am not afraid, just massively Concerned!

                  Like the people in Mac’s article, just WHAT can we ANTICIPATE?

                  If they don’t shut Region III’s power off, great!

                  But if they DO shut it off, please pray for us, thanks!

                  – The Lone Ranger

                  • Kulafarmer

                    Wouldnt that be a hoot if some dimwhitt actually started shutting stuff down!

                  • Christian Man

                    What a bunch of Hogwash you are spouting @Lone Ranger..

                    Pure BS Pure garbage, you must be proud of your wit or the lack of it.

                  • The Lone Ranger

                    Everything I stated is both verifiable and true, ‘christian man’.

                    Secondly, ever consider doing some research before you spout off? I guess not.

                    By the way, a Christ-like response you did not write.

                    Therefore, I conclude you must be a woman– or a man– who is trolling for some government agency.

                    In other words, rather than believe you are real, I choose to believe that the WAY you worded your response is a CONFIRMATION that I hit the nail on the head in my original post.

                    As a government troll you don’t like people who can think for themselves and are AWAKE, like 98% of everyone at this site, do you?

                    And IF by some SMALL chance I am wrong about you being a troll, your COMPLETE indifference to both real and potential human suffering is chiling. Muscular Christianity DEFENDS human beings against evil, it does not join with it.

                    – The Lone Ranger

                    “I might be despicable (“dimwitted” lol) but when Truth speaks through me, I am invincible.”
                    – Gandhi

                    “Whenever you have eliminated the impossible, whatever is left, however improbable MUST be the truth.” – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

                  • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                    Send this Video Link to all the NON-Prepers you know.
                    Just as illustrated here in the 30 min Twilight Movie – “Shelter”:

            • Tactical

              It is just a matter of individual taste Mclovin.

              • Them Guys

                LONE RANGER: Wrong again. Your first claim is a Fraud. NObody ever said they are shutting down any elec grid as a test. In Fact every article almost, said the opposite! That it was ONLY a test simulation and NO elec grid is really being shut off or down.

                So once again you post info thats a fraud or originated from some Faker Phony “Jesus TOLD maria or Joe blow guy” a bunch of Malarky and mambo jambo falsehoods.

                Then of all persons you quote Gandi? A Known pagan religions promoter etc!

                Like jesus speaks to maria every hour on the hour with daliy updates that do not play out as told…How so many folks can so Fall for every fool that comes along with another “the Lord/God/jesus Told ME! ONLY ME! Only I can advise YOU as Only I hear voices!”

                Wait till them Phonys see DEAD bodies when usa bolsheviks begin to exterminate whiteys akin to russia 1918…Then they are going to really go Balistic eh!

                Spare me that “Jesus’s angel is going to make maria believers invisible so bad guy actors won’t see us!”

                Its ALL 100% UN-biblical, Un christian, total falsehoods that MY bibles all Warn us to avoid such fools and swindlers like a plague!…You seem to not have gotten that Jesus warning huh? HINT: Try reading a bible for proof and Real Jesus warnings, and send maria and joe blow packing.

                • The Lone Ranger

                  Them Guys, your maliciousness indicates either that you are scared out of your wits OR that you are having a VERY bad day OR you are afflicted with a demon that is allergic to the truth OR that you are a plant– like probably ‘christian’ man is.

                  In short, sir, you speak out out of your ass!

                  Today, I had direct contact with Mr. Matt Wald, the NY Times reporter who wrote both NY Times articles on the Grid Ex II, one on 8/16/13, and the other on 11/10/13.

                  Do you know what “direct contact” means? I hope you do.

                  Because Mr. Wald told me TODAY that “It’s going forward as scheduled.”

                  Let me correct you further, sir: Gandhi believed in God until the day he died. He was certainly no “pagan”. As for his assassin, and the men who paid or influenced him, that might be another story.

                  Lastly, God does speak through His Prophets. Like Amos, Jeremiah, and the others in the Old Testament, rarely are their Divine Messages welcomed, to which your vicious rant attests. Furthermore, God CONTINUES to speak through His modern-day Prophets.

                  Of course, you are free to disregard them, you have free will, as we all do. I am NOT attacking your beliefs.

                  But the NEXT time you attack a post, please give me the references to “every article” YOU read, sir. I am most open to be corrected. Until then, with what Mr. Wald told me, I rest my case.

                  – The Lone Ranger

                  “Truth never damages a cause that is just.”

            • John Q. Public

              There were NO homicidal gas chambers. The supposed gas chamber at Auschwitz was built by the USSR AFTER the war. It has a WOODEN DOOR with a WINDOW and NO SAFE (for the supposed executioners) MEANS OF INSERTING OR REMOVING CYANIDE. The HoloHoax was a complete fabrication by the USSR Jewish Bolshevik Ilya Ehrenberg.

              The only gas chambers in the camps were used to disinfect clothing of lice that carried the same typhus that was killing German civilians and the enemy (because of the 1933 declaration of war by world Jewry against Germany) prisoners.

              The crematoria did not have the required capacity; neither were there enough buried remains or any other evidence of “6 million.” The International Red Cross records documented about 200-300 THOUSAND prisoners TOTAL, all religions. Now those records are in the hands of the HoloHoaxers. Good luck getting access if you are an honest historian. In short, the synagogue of Satan has lied again and again.

              Links to follow.

              • John Q. Public

                Besides the political leverage and extorted money, the HoloHoax is intended to replace the Crucifixion on Calvary as the pivot-point of all history.

                “If Auschwitz is true, it represents human suffering that is incomparably greater than that of Christ… Auschwitz is the denial of Christ.” Claude Lanzmann, Les Temps Modernes, Paris, December 1993, p. 133

                “The Golgotha of modern man is Auschwitz. The Cross, the Roman gallows, was replaced by the gas chamber.” Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum, The Face of God After Auschwitz, 1965, p. 36.

                “In the Beginning Was the Holocaust….”
                Elie Wiesel, in “Jewish Values in the Post-Holocaust Future: A Symposium.” Judaism, vol. 16 no. 3, 1967.

                Holocaust fundamentalists even want to replace Jesus Christ the King at His Judgment Seat:
                “When each of us stands before the Six Million, we will be asked what we did with our lives.” Simon Wiesenthal’s magazine Response, Vol. 20, No. 1

                “The Holocaust is a divine mystery whose secrets are reserved for a priesthood of survivors.” Elie Wiesel quoted in Peter Novick, The Holocaust in American Life, 1999, pp. 211-212.

                “The sincere Christian knows that what died in Auschwitz was not the Jewish people but Christianity.” Elie Wiesel, Against Silence: The Voice & Vision of Elie Wiesel, Volume 1 (1985), p. 272.

                Certainly “Jews” were among the 60 to 80 million who died in World War II, but important claims by Holocaust Fundamentalists are crumbling under deserved examination, even though such examination is—unlike any other historical issue—criminalized in over a dozen “democracies.” In 1933 World Jewry declared War on a Germany suffering the same kind of Jewish economic warfare that we suffer today. Have you forgotten that on August 7, 1933 Samuel Untermeyer, as representative of the World Conference of Jews, declared war on Germany and then broadcasted the declaration on WABC radio and published it in the New York Times? 

                Google “Samuel Untermeyer text speech,” pick your source.

                • NC joe

                  You sir, are one sick and deluded soul. If you were not so dangerous, I would feel some sympathy for you. As it is, you are as dangerous as a rabid dog who needs to be put down.

                  • John Q. Public

                    Truth is only a danger to liars.

                  • braveheart

                    ncjoe, you back off from the man. i don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not, but he is providing some links to follow up on for research. I’m going to research them myself and I’m withholding my judgment until I’ve completed the research. You can research the links for yourself or not, that is your choice. But it’s stupid and asinine for you to pass judgment on the cuisine before it has been sampled. braveheart

                  • Pissed Off Granny

                    NC Joe:

                    Are you looking in the mirror?

                  • Tactical

                    NC Joe…. Some Godless POS soul like you is the one needs to be put down. You and people like you are the ones who must be put down in order to save the humanity. If you can’t handle the truth STFU but at least have the guts to allow everyone to express their opinions specially when they are telling the TRUTH. You can’t handle the truth because you are weak at the lowest form of God’s creation who simply wastes oxygen.

                  • Night breaker

                    Truth is the death toll was far worse, 6 million Jews plus 14 million disabled, dissidents, Slavs gypsy’s etc. the number does not matter , THE CRIME OF GENOCIDE DOES,
                    Looks like the trolls tonight have recieved their federal funding.

                    people who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat it.

                    The same ones who denai this happened will be the ones of the same mentality to let it happen again.

                    More people have been killed by democide than all of the natural disasters of the world combined.

                    Fear begets hatred, hatred begets violence, violence begets death.

                    BE ONE OF THE SURVIVORS

                    RESIST NO MATTER WHAT


                    Semper Fi 8541

                • John Q. Public

                  What honest person would suppress genuine verifiable quotes? Only LIARS are invested in the cover-up.

                  Besides the political leverage and extorted money, the HoloHoax is intended to replace the Crucifixion on Calvary as the pivot-point of all history.

                  From the mouths of the HoloHoaxsters themselves:

                  “If Auschwitz is true, it represents human suffering that is incomparably greater than that of Christ… Auschwitz is the denial of Christ.” Claude Lanzmann, Les Temps Modernes, Paris, December 1993, p. 133

                  “The Golgotha of modern man is Auschwitz. The Cross, the Roman gallows, was replaced by the gas chamber.” Rabbi Ignaz Maybaum, The Face of God After Auschwitz, 1965, p. 36.

                  “In the Beginning Was the Holocaust….”
                  Elie Wiesel, in “Jewish Values in the Post-Holocaust Future: A Symposium.” Judaism, vol. 16 no. 3, 1967.

                  Holocaust fundamentalists even want to replace Jesus Christ the King at His Judgment Seat:
                  “When each of us stands before the Six Million, we will be asked what we did with our lives.” Simon Wiesenthal’s magazine Response, Vol. 20, No. 1

                  “The Holocaust is a divine mystery whose secrets are reserved for a priesthood of survivors.” Elie Wiesel quoted in Peter Novick, The Holocaust in American Life, 1999, pp. 211-212.

                  “The sincere Christian knows that what died in Auschwitz was not the Jewish people but Christianity.” Elie Wiesel, Against Silence: The Voice & Vision of Elie Wiesel, Volume 1 (1985), p. 272.

                  Certainly “Jews” were among the 60 to 80 million who died in World War II, but important claims by Holocaust Fundamentalists are crumbling under deserved examination, even though such examination is—unlike any other historical issue—criminalized in over a dozen “democracies.” In 1933 World Jewry declared War on a Germany suffering the same kind of Jewish economic warfare that we suffer today. Have you forgotten that on August 7, 1933 Samuel Untermeyer, as representative of the World Conference of Jews, declared war on Germany and then broadcasted the declaration on WABC radio and published it in the New York Times? 

                  Don’t be a lazy sucker. Google “Samuel Untermeyer text speech,” then pick your favorite source.

                  • Canadian Vet

                    Welcome to the world of today. Truth is taboo, lest it offends the politically protected or diverges from the official narrative.

                    And I for one believe the concentration camps were where all of the “undesirables” were sent regardless of whether they enjoyed bacon and mussels. In fact, I would go so far as saying it was the Allies who branded all the internees as Jews, if only based on the very vocal and financially-backed noise other types of Judaic persuasion were making elsewhere.

                • John Q. Public

                  So… I have posted evidence:

                  a Director at Auschwitz admitting on camera that the “gas chamber” was built by Russians AFTER the war, a “gas chamber” of flimsy and useless quality with not even a speck of cyanide residue

                  the missing bodies and remains—the impossibility of disposing of so many corpses with the available land and crematoria in the available time

                  documentation of outrageous lies by so-called “eyewitnesses,” including the two biggest big-shot “eyewitness,” Simon Wiesenthal and Elie Wiesel

                  documentation in their “holy books” of a pattern of outrageously exaggerated tales of victimhood

                  faked photos

                  the motive—verbatim quotes that the HolyHoaxers want to replace Jesus Christ as the pivot point of all history in this world and the next

                  the Jewish declaration of war in 1933 making them a declared internal enemy

                  the black magic significance of “6 million,” a pattern of lying documented from the times of Rome and appearing since 1849 in the modern press

                  high-profile true believers admitting there is a lack of evidence that “the Holocaust” occurred as they insist

                  And I have plenty more evidence at hand.

                  Meanwhile… the evidence of the righteous true-believers here:

                  name calling and calls for censorship.

                  What rational person here thinks that name-calling, censorship, and jailing skeptics would be necessary if history really happened the way they say it did?

                  Think carefully now.

                  Here’s what really happened:

                  World Jewry declared war on Germany

                  Eventually about 200,000 to 300,000 declared enemies and some others were dispossessed and incarcerated in prison camps where some terrible things were done

                  People in the camps died of starvation and disease just as Germans did during the war and about 2 million more AFTER the war due to policies and imprisonments planned and ordered by the numerous Jewish Communists from President Rosenveldt’s [sic] administration, powerful bureaucratic termites inherited by the administration of the 33rd degree Freemason Truman.

                  The Jewish Communist Ilya Ehrenberg invented the politically and economically profitable (for Jews) lie about “the Holocaust” and he had his soldiers build some props and suborned laughable Nuremberg “eyewitness” testimony to prop up his big lie.

                  Then an entire “Holocaust” propaganda industry expanded as others discovered that they too could profit politically and economically from the lie.

                  • John Q. Public

                    Keep in mind that THEY started World War 2 in 1933, just as THEY (6 Judeo-Masonic lodge assassins) started World War 1 and just as THEY (Zionist ‘neocons”) are trying to start World War 3.

                    The Wars THEY started and the Communism that THEY started and ran killed approximately ⅓ BILLION people in the 20th century.

                    How many will you let the synagogue of Satan kill in the 21st century?

                    Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

                  • John Q. Public

                    The point of all this?

                    So that perpetrators posing as victims do not dethrone Jesus Christ the King


                    to stop the lies, to stop the killing, to stop the economic crimes against humanity.

                    Prosecute all the guilty. leave all the innocent alone.

                • Justice

                  Please save your skinhead rhetoric for your meetings of like minded individuals. It’s retards like you that give sites like these a bad name. What does your comment have to do with the people in the Phillipines ?

              • The Old Coach

                Mac, do you realize you’re enabling this lying SOB? This post ought to be taken down. There’s thousands of eyewitnesses to the death camp atrocities still living, INCLUDING ONE I KNOW.

                She wears long sleeves all the time to hide the tattoo.

                Hell has no fires hot enough for the likes of Mr. “Public”.

                • John Q. Public

                  Yeah, “eyewitnesses.”

                  “Eyewitnesses” to:

                  soap made from Jews
                  lampshades made from Jews
                  different colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities
                  geysers of blood from the ground
                  etc., etc. etc.

                  and ALL of it FALSE.

                  I have posted links for those honest enough to check the available “eyewitness” facts.

                  Ask yourself this: If the “Holocaust” is true, why is it a CRIME to check the facts in so many countries?

                  • Tactical

                    JQP. To add to your excellent comment….In France, Germany and many other European countries, even mentioning a minor search on “Holocaust” and its historical validity is equal to a 1st degree crime in the US and carries jail time. It is just a sick joke. I wonder if economic holocaust against man kind as we are witnessing is not real either.

                  • John Q. Public

                    Thanks, Tactical, “eyewitnesses”, they claim.

                    Yes, “Eyewitnesses” to:

                    soap made from Jews
                    lampshades made from Jews
                    different colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities
                    geysers of blood from the ground
                    etc., etc. etc.


                    I have posted links for those honest enough to check the available “eyewitness” facts.

                    Ask yourself this: If the “Holocaust” is true, why is it a CRIME to check the facts in so many countries?

                  • Mike

                    John I am all for freedom of speech. I have to say you are full of shit.

                  • John Q. Public

                    @ Mike

                    Examine the evidence as I have done and then see what you think. Please be sure to report back AFTER you examine the evidence.

                • durango kidd

                  When I was a kid I noticed a blue number tattoo on my Grandfather’s arm, on my father’s side, but he was not my father’s father.

                  He was the second husband (?) of my grandmother, who was once a moll for the Chicago Irish Mafia. He was Czech. Whether he was a Jew or not, I don’t know. I eventually came to understand what it was all about.

                  Whether six million Jews perished in death camps during WWII, or not, is a number that is not relevant to US today. It is relevant to Jews because the rest of US do not matter to them.

                  What WE do know, is that many tens of millions have died throughout modern history at the hands of tyrants who controlled their respective governments and disarmed their populations before decimating them. THAT is what is relevant for US today.

                  What is also relevant to US today, is that WE have vacant FEMA Camps across the nation while prisons are being built at a frantic pace to house American “criminals”, while vacant North American Union Secretariat Offices are in place in Canada, DC, and Mexico, waiting for the DAY when the NWO imposes One World Government upon US.

                  The Pacific Partner Trade Agreement and the Atlantic Trade Agreement, both being negotiated now and coordinated, are THE major step toward that DAY.

                  Engage your employees or be incarcerated and murdered by them. 🙂

                  • John Q. Public

                    “6 million” is important to the synagogue of Satan because of its black magic significance and because it is used to dethrone Christ the King and substituting the tribe in His place.

                    Disproving “6 million” is important to those who oppose Satan’s agenda.

                    The Sacred Nature of Six Million in the Judaic Religion
                    Why Six Million Holocaust Victims Cannot be Questioned
                    by Michael Fishwick, 11th February 2009 (Our Lady of Lourdes).

                    Deconstructing Six Million HoloMyths
                    By Harrell Rhome (a Gnostic)

                  • John Q. Public

                    NOTE THE DATES!

                    6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 6,000,000 etc etc: 34 appearances of the Kabbalistic 6,000,000 figure of Jews in the
                    New York Times from 1869 – 1945 (months before the end of WWII)

                    1919: 6,000,000 Jews, victims of German terror

                  • John Q. Public

                    The Torah has a long tradition of lying victimhood.

                    For example, note the typically ridiculous self-reports of victimhood in tractate Gittin 57b of the Torah, the 4 BILLION (yes, BILLION) Jews killed by the Romans… Gittin 57b claims Vespasian killed “four hundred thousand myriads” = 400,000 x 10,000 = 4 BILLION… and then there were the 64 MILLION Jewish children skewered and burned in scrolls by the Romans in one city alone… Gittin 58a claims “400 synagogues” each with “400 teachers” and “400 pupils” for each teacher” = 400 x 400 x 400 = 64 MILLION.

                    Check it out:



                  • lonelonemum

                    Those FEMA camps are currently beginning to be filled with the homeless in some areas.

                    Like human trafficking this is a crime against humanity that is happening TODAY.

                    In Europe the Roma are treated with less humanity than dogs in a number of countries. Either ALL are equal in the eyes of God, or NONE of us are worthy.

                    Eugenics has once again entered mainstream discourse. It is not the babies of the elite that are proposed to be eliminated before their first breath (abortion), nor sterilised.

                    Inflation is not an issue? So WHY does my money buy less and less food at the grocery store, each time I visit?

                    SHTF is happening NOW in real time, yet even here petty prejudices and an inability to turn off the brain washing prevents some from grasping this reality. Sadly normalcy bias will kill many of us, even those who are preppers.

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  The Old Coach:

                  Who appointed you the censure god?

                  • Tactical

                    POG…These type are always pro self appointment. Either they are pure liars or Godless souls not wanting to know the truth but claim to believe in God.

                  • Them Guys

                    John Q Public: Seems many Otherwise intelligent folks here, when the issue is six million jews vs nazis etc. Lose their ability to Think properly.

                    CONSIDER: We ALL been taught to believe on the One hand, that the evil germans, especially evil Nazis were so, so, so efficient at mass murdering six million jews.(so explain How today 4.5-Million jews claim they Escaped nazi camps and death etc? Thats efficency?!)

                    THEN: On the Other hand, we are supposed to never question, why would such germans so famous as Engineering, Inventions, Builders, producers, Smart as a whip White men, who pre-planned such a massive mass genocidal opperation.

                    WHILE: In the Middle of WWII with every free world nation acting in Concert to utterally crush and destroy Germany and every german person worldwide, as a Book wrote BY jew zionist american guy demanded all worlds gentiles obey and exterminate every german off the face of the earth…That Jews book was titled “Why Germany MUST Perish, And why every german no matter where located worldwide MUST be Exterminated”

                    JEWS like him coined that term “Exterminate” only it was meant to kill every german folk everywheres!

                    And due to zionists and bolsheviks from france-england-RUSSIA-USA & FDR, aprox 40 nations joined the big four, usa, france, brits, russians to accomplish just That.

                    And while germany Lacked FUELS-STEAL-FOODS-and were being Carpet bombed to extinction levels not seen prior in all history…

                    We are also supposed to believe and NEVER Question, Why in the world would Any such so efficient mass killers that used Mass Death like a well Oiled Machine of deaths.

                    Ever took the Time-Expenses-Clothing Materials-Labor work-etc etc etc etc etc….To FIRST Before actually Murdering their jew victims, those well oild machinery, efficency expert nazi engineering marvels and scientific wonders, took the TIME before Killing six million jews to…

                    #1-Give EVERY Jew male-female-children, a HAIRCUT!! Then

                    #2-have every single of all six million Strip off all forms street clothes, and give them ALL a Brand New Pair of stripped Campers PJ’s to WEAR!!!

                    When if germans were so efficent and so hell bent to mass kill every jew in europe, they could have simply Killed em all while still wearing clothes and haveing the longer hair styles they entered camps with right!

                    Think of the massive Monetary Costs! the mass Labor to make six million matching PJ’s in various sizes!

                    The massive huge JOB of doing six million HIARCUTS Prior to killing them anyways! While german civilians and soldiers were Starved for food and money, and fighting for their lives and nation! Yet spent money, time, labor to give Haircuts and sew stripped PJ clothing?! Just to kill em all anyways?!

                    Even stupid ape minded ghetto monkys and the most ignornant africans that Prey upon usa whiteys as well as their fellow african blacks daily in more victimization attacks and rapes and murders than we can keep track of, would NEVER waste such mass amounts of Time-Labor-Expenses-Fuels-FOODS- if the true plan was simply to kill off six million folks jew or others!

                    Yet some of the worlds smartest best inventors, most efficient folks to ever exist, as Jews themselves told us of and how germany efficency is the Reason nazis kept impecable Records etc….Yet the same smart german nazis gave six million HAIRCUTS-PJ clothing and FED all six million before killing em all??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    WAKE DA FUCK UP! YOU ALL were massivly LIED to on about 98% of the full holyhoax tales.

                    YES Camps did exist since Most camps in Russia and Poland were first Built BY Russian Jew bolshevik kommies prior to and dureing world war ONE era!

                    Before ANY Jew went to any nazi camps, the same camp structures were used BY JEW Bolshevik Kommie russians to HOUSE-TORTURE-MURDER-Whitey Christian folks from aprox a DOZEN eastern european nations, Ukraine, Poland, Balakns, Russia and more!

                    And at least a THIRD of a BILLION folks got mass exterminated, most first Horribly Tortured BY JEW bolshevik Kommies, dureing the 20th century!

                    Yet all we should care for or believe that matters is Six Million jews?….So all you Equality types, Fairness types, Truthers, and christian folks think Jews matter More? jews are Better than ALL non jews? etc etc etc.

                    And for YOUR proofs or explainations, debates, Rebutals, all YOU provide are Vile, Nasty, name calling such as antisemties that Jews designed or invented as a means to STIFFLE and STOP All speach spoken or written that Exposes massive jew lies or swindles.

                    You types are a real piece of work. And will Fall for anything I rekon. Especially the mass lies when told by jews.

                    I Hold american Preachermen as Guilty as if not More so guilty of such blatent Lies and falsehoods as MSM and Hollywood jew influences and Fed Govnt’s of the western nations…Pastors like those are Worse, for what they falsely teach is God related. my Bible calls that Useing Gods name in VAIN!…And jew firster preachermen do so in Spades. Only folks worse is all You enabler types who refuse to research or read or view TRUTH and FACTS that so refute those jew lies and pastors lies as jew enablers.

                    Foolish don’t begin to scratch the proverbial surface of You type idiot enablers as some here admit to being.

                • old guy

                  Old Coach while I might strongly disagree with something posted. Ive gotta defend their counstitional first admendment right to post their views no matter how offending they might be. Censorship is always wrong.

                • California Girl

                  @ Old Coach and NC Joe, thanks for having the cajones to say what needs to be said.

                  From here on out any future statements put forth by John Q Public, Pissed Off Granny, and the like will be taken with a grain of salt.

                  It’s getting late and I’m going to bed. I come to SHTFPlan because it makes me feel better knowing there are people out in the world like me preparing for the collapse. It’s so depressing that these morons found the site, too. Sigh.

                  • John Q. Public

                    Who is the moron?

                    The one who examines the evidence, thinks about it carefully, and makes a reasoned judgment?

                    Or the one who is spoon fed propaganda, swallows every lying morsel, and then regurgitates it for others to lap up?

                  • Tactical

                    California Girl…. You are preparing for the collapse? I wish you the best of luck but you are a moron since you just can’t see the financial collapse heading your way and most importantly who are the ones behind its design.

              • Barn Cat

                Not more of that moronic braindead Nazi crap again??? Why do you bother denying the Holocaust? Shouldn’t you instead be proud of what your Nazi brothers did in killing 6 million Jews with about 5 million of them being women and children?

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Barn Cat.

                  You freely admit the many lies they have told you about history, economics, current events, and even the weather.

                  Why do you love their biggest lie?

                • Tactical

                  Barn Cat, Can you tell me how many Armenian were killed by the turks? Do Armenians expects the world to re pay them for an indefinite period to infinity?

                  • John Q. Public

                    AND… disproportionately those “Young Turks” who perpetrated the Armenian genocide were—you guessed it! Just like “Russian” mafia, “Russian” Communists, “Hollywood” pornographers, “international” financiers, and “Wall Street” banksters. Whatever deception it takes to conceal the synagogue of Satan’s crimes against humanity!

                  • Them Guys

                    What One “Honest” Jew says about the HolyHoax claims etc.

                    Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York says:

                    “The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a ‘victim’ state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood – in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified” (Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry (2000) published by Verso, p. 3).

                    In other words, Finkelstein exposes the HYPOCRISY!

                    Some further quotes:

                    “In an authoritative study, Leonard Dinnerstein reported: Sixty thousand Jews . . . walked out of the concentration camps. Within a week more than 20,000 of them had died.” But ‘As it entered into negotiations with Germany [just two years ago, in 1999], the Holocaust industry demanded compensation for 135,000 still living former (camp inmates).’

                    On page 83 he notes that ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ Finkelstein exposes the LIES.(Recent reports claim, 4.5-Million fake survivors, most all demanding monthly payments!)

                    On page 127 he further notes ‘If 135,000 former Jewish slave laborers are still alive today, some 600,000 must have survived the war. That’s at least a half-million more than standard estimates. . . If Jews only constituted 20% of the surviving camp population and, as the Holocaust industry implies, 600,000 Jewish inmates survived the war, then fully 3 million inmates in total must have survived. By the Holocaust industry’s reckoning, concentration camp conditions couldn’t have been that harsh at all; in fact, one must suppose a remarkably high fertility and remarkably low mortality rate. . . If, as the Holocaust industry suggests, many hundreds of thousands of Jews survived, the Final Solution couldn’t have been so efficient after all – exactly what Holocaust deniers argue” (pp. 127-8).

                    “Both my father and my mother were survivors of the Warsaw ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps. . . One of my father’s lifelong friends was a former inmate with him in Auschwitz, a seemingly incorruptible left-wing idealist who on principle refused German compensation after the war. Eventually he became a director of the Israeli Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. Reluctantly and with genuine disappointment, my father finally admitted that even this man had been corrupted by the Holocaust industry, tailoring his beliefs for power and profit. As the rendering of the Holocaust assumed ever more absurd forms, my mother liked to quote (with intentional irony) Henry Ford: “History is bunk.” (ibid. p. 7).

                    “The Holocaust proved to be the perfect weapon for deflecting criticism of Israel” (ibid p. 30).

                    “Much of the literature on Hitler’s Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud.” (p. 55).

                    “Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics”. (p. 68).

                    “Annual Days of Remembrance of the Holocaust are a national event. All 50 states sponsor commemorations, often in state legislative chambers. . . Seven major Holocaust museums dot the American landscape. The centerpiece of this memorialization is the United States Holocaust museum in Washington. . . [This] museum’s annual budget is $50 million, of which $30 million is federally subsidized.” (p. 72). (This is in spite of the fact that, as he points out on page 32, per capita Jewish income in the US is almost double that of non-Jews).

                    “With a reelection campaign looming, Jimmy Carter initiated the [US Holocaust Museum] project to placate Jewish contributors and voters, galled by the president’s recognition of the “legitimate rights” of Palestinians.’ (p. 73).

                    Finkelstein exposes the SWINDLE, a word formerly most often associated with Jews.

                    “The Holocaust” is an ideological representation of the Nazi holocaust. Like most ideologies, it bears a connection, if tenuous, with reality. The Holocaust is not an arbitrary, but rather an internally coherent construct. Its central dogmas sustain significant political and class interests.” (p. 3). And:

                    “The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the “greatest robbery in the history of mankind”. . . The Holocaust industry has clearly gone berserk.” (p. 138-9).

                  • John Q. Public

                    @ ThemGuys

                    …and, as I am sure you already know, Dershowitz et al. worked long and hard to silence Finkelstein and eventually succeeded in having him fired from his job as a professor at a nominally Catholic university where the supposed Catholics are cowed by metum Judaeorum.

                  • Barn Cat

                    They Jews deserve to be paid back for their confiscated property. They deserve to be paid damages by the German government for the murders of their relatives. Wouldn’t that be true for anyone anywhere in the world if the government murdered your family?

                  • John Q. Public

                    And the justifications that Germans and Swiss who were’t even alive in World War 2 are paying is….???

                    Do you think you should still be paying out of pocket for US slavery???

                    If guilt is inherited, should the Jews still be paying for the Crucifixion???

                    Think clearly now, Barn Cat.

                  • Them Guys

                    AND: EVERY MILITARY G.I. Soldier in Every nations armys et al, are taught from Day One when entering service as a Draftee or Voulenteer joined, that as soon as sworn in to be ARMY/Military.Navy etc…FROM the very Moment You swear an Oath of Loyalty and UNTILL released from military service ALL are told they MUST do whatever ordered to do and to BELIVE whatever told to believe right.

                    Thats 100% right on correct, no. Is it any wonder why so many “Uncles” “Fathers” or “Grandpappys” who got told as they marched past a pile or ditch full of Dead bodys, every dead body with Brush cut haircuts, femals included, ALL the dead NAKED-SKINNY from Starvations-Dead and tossed in mass Piles they saw marching past were all JEWS that Nazis murdered…Actually obeyed orders and Believed it?

                    Then came Home to Tell You they “Saw” those six million jews etc….HOW are they certain usa fed govnt and Militray back in WWII were Not Lying like they do so often Today?

                    Would ANY such WWII soldiers ever Question authorities? Col’s and Generals? LT’s or Captians? NO! NONE would defy Orders to believe whatever was told to believe.

                    CAN: ANY of YOU Verify from the many hundreds of Black and White Photos you All have seen many, many times, that every such Photo You ever saw and were taught to Believe that it was a Ditch filled with a few thousand Dead Jews?

                    HOW?: Would YOU verify that Photo was NOT Dead German citizens? OR Dead NON-Jew civilians?

                    Ever seen ANY such Photos you were told to believe was ALways all and ONLY dead jews, have a huge “J” Stamped or tatooed upon their Ass or forehead as to Positivly ID that yes its always all and Only dead jews?

                    YET: 99% of YOU all simply Believed it all as taught and Told to by various parents-teachers-MSM-Newspapers-HOLLYWOOD-Jew directed, script written by, staring in as “victims” Jewish writers, directors and Actors of the aprox 500 different WWII era Movies, and countless MSM mentions of six million Jew Victims, even weekly or Daily today in 2013!!!…Barely a day goes by today without any mention on some TV news show, History/bunkola tv shows, discovery channel, tv or magazine or newspaper RE-Hashing and RE-Telling all about “Jew Victims” of WWII nazis.

                    YET: Whens the Last time, if Ever at all, any of those exact same MSM-TV-Hollywood ET AL entities have aired or spoken of ANY other NON-jewish “Victims”?

                    Think now, Hard! Tell us all whens the Last time? How Often has that happened? NONE and NEVER is the right Honest true factual answers…ALL You all ever heard and still hear after three quarters of a Century now, is “OyVEY! Dem Poor Poor Jew Victims, Six Million Gassed dead! Killed by evil germans and Nazis!”

                    AS IF: Non jew-gentil goyims do not, never Have, and Never Will Matter a whit, since ONLY dead jews matters.

                    AND: All folks that question ANY Tales of torture-death methods-lamp shades made of jew skin!-Jew soap-Volkswaggen Cars Seats filled with Dead jews shaved off HAIR!….And Especially any that Dare question or Ask something such as, “How do they Know its really SIX Million jews? Did somebody actually COUNT six million dead jews? was that an Estimate or what?” etc etc.

                    All You bull headed folks that Demand Proof for every wild Falacious, tall Tale ever told by any jew escapee’, jew survivors, and live relatives as well as “UNCLE Joey or Freddy” who was There and SEEN it, You All are vile evil hitler lovers, nazis, antisemites, jew haters, and just plain Bad mean folks to ever question even the worst lies many times proven as such again and again.

                    And the Best Part of all is that All of YOU foolsih believers of any/all jew told fantasy or wild stories actually Believe also that YOU are a True Real USA-HERO!

                    A True HERO for YOUR Unquestioning Defense and support of every jew that was ever Born even if a new born jew This Morning!

                    Like that DUNKIN DONUT Guy Commerical on TV…”I Gotta wake Up and go defend Jews! I MUST believe all jews say and Defend jews at all costs!” Maybe you types should stick to donut making eh.

                    PS: for those wondering how can it Possibly Now just Recently have evolved into a whopping 4+1/2 MILLION Jews claims of being survivors of nazis death camps etc?

                    I will Tell You all! Recently Jew swindlers, and very likly Israel govnt officials as well as Main HolyHoax museum In Israel officials, either assisted in their latest holyHoax claims, or at least fully approved it to go Public…..Because from an Original nunber of 40,000 Jew survivors of WWII nazis etc…To reach a Lofty number like 4.5 Million Today for total jew survivors.

                    They agreed to let Children and even GRANDkids of nazi camp survivors and DEAD Jews alike, put in a valid Claim so to begin collecting WWII POW German reperations MONTHLY Check Payments! Most checks average at least $1000 Per Month, with the UP front First payment of usually $25,000!!!

                    Whats NEXT? Great, Great Grandkids will be Okayed to apply for monthly stipends payments because some long ago dead jew that “They” claim relations to, was a survivor or killed by camp nazis too?

                    WHEN: does That stop? Another 100 yrs? 1000 yrs? 10.000 yrs?!! Or just keep forever check payments comming to every jew that is alive or dead?

                    No wonder jews in general has Earned that nickname of “NATION WRECKERS” along with all time standbys going back to Jesus when He called them Liars-Theives-Murderers who want to do the Lust of Their father Satan the DEVIL!

                    And in garden of Eden God Satan, “I shall put Enmity(hatered and division) between YOU and Your Offspring/seeds(jews) VS. The Woman and Her Seeds/offspring(Us gentile christians).

                    I rekon some folks here will also Label and Call jesus Christ and all 12 apostles bible writers an antiemite hater and evil nazi too eh…Well I will continue to side with Jesus Christ and His wise Sage advice when dealing with Satans kids(jews). If still rejecting christians and Christ even after 2000 yrs chance to join Us and Jesus?

                    I doubt they will ever, and will Remain of their father the devil Satan doing satans lusted after evil deeds. Keep enabeling them see what That gets ya fools.

                • Swinging on a star

                  Barn Cat,

                  Isn’t it interesting that one could claim the holocaust is a hoax and yet speak of God in the same breath? Very sad. You can not convince someone of the truth if they are determined to not listen or learn. There is no proof better than those who survived the holocaust not matter what crap someone tries to shove in your face as fact.

                  John 8:31-32

                  So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him, “If you abide in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

                  • John Q. Public

                    @ Swinging on a Star

                    Read a bit more:

                    You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. But if I say the truth, you believe me not.

                    Which of you shall convince me of sin? If I say the truth to you, why do you not believe me? He that is of God, heareth the words of God. Therefore you hear them not, because you are not of God.

                    John 8:44-47

                    You know to whom and about whom He was speaking.

                  • Swinging on a star

                    John Q,

                    You are a sick and dangerous piece of human excrement. I will not read one more thing that you write, you need help.

                  • John Q. Public

                    So much for your version of “truth.”

                  • Them Guys

                    Swinging on Star: HERES some “PROOF” for all You Naysayers and Refusniks, who regardless of Scientific, and Archeological expert diggs and witness’s, you still refuse to believe you were LIED to by HolyHoaxer jew Bolsheviks and Zionists!

                    Have a look at a typical account by one of the seemingly endless number of survivors: Olga Lengyel’s Five Chimneys: a woman survivor’s true story of Auschwitz (Granada/Ziff-Davis, 1947, 1972).

                    The blurb on the cover of the book quotes the New York Herald-Tribune: “Passionate, tormenting”. Albert Einstein, the promoter of the US construction of the bombs used at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, is quoted as offering “You have done a real service by letting the ones who are now silent and most forgotten (sic) speak.”

                    Lengyel says:

                    “After June, 1943, the gas chamber was reserved exclusively for Jews and Gypsies. . . Three hundred and sixty corpses every half-hour, which was all the time it took to reduce human flesh to ashes, made 720 per hour, or 17,280 corpses per twenty-four hour shift. And the ovens, with murderous efficiency, functioned day and night. However, one must also reckon the death pits, which could destroy another 8,000 cadavers a day. In round numbers, about 24,000 corpses were handled each day. An admirable production record, one that speaks well for German industry.” (Paperback edition, pp. 80-81). [No trace of any remains of or in ‘death pits’ has been found.]

                    This implies almost 100,000 corpses per four working days, or a million in 40 days, or six million in 240 days (eight months).

                    Could this claim be a misprint?

                    Kitty Hart, in spite of her name, a Jewish survivor born in Poland, fully confirms these figures:

                    “Working around the clock, the four units together could dispose of about 18,000 bodies every twenty-four hours, while the open pits coped with a further 8,000 in the same period.” (p. 118; Return to Auschwitz – paperback edition by Granada (1981, 1983).

                    According to the cover blurb, “The subject of the award-winning Yorkshire television documentary of the same name.” “Both engaging and harrowing . . . an important addition to the growing holocaust literature, very little of which conveys so courageously both the daily torment and the will to survive” – Martin Gilbert, The Times.

                    Martin Gilbert, indefatigable Jewish campaigner on behalf of the ‘Holocaust’ and biographer of Winston Churchill, adds to the rich flavour and makes his own numerical claims, certainly not without chutzpah:

                    In his book Auschwitz and the Allies (1981) he states:

                    “The deliberate attempt to destroy systematically all of Europe’s Jews was unsuspected in the spring and early summer of 1942: the very period during which it was at its most intense, and during which hundreds of thousands of Jews were being gassed every day at Belzec, Chelmo, Sobibor and Treblinka.” (p. 26).

                    If we assume a minimum figure of 200,000 per day, this amounts to say one million over a five-day working week, or 6 million in six weeks, and this does not include the truly awe-inspiring claims for Auschwitz put forward by Hart and Lengyel with Gilbert’s blessing.

                    SEE NEXT POST FOR: PROOF that DEBUNKS such Jew Fantasys and LIES!…WHERE’s The BODIED?!!!!! See Next Post…

                  • sixpack

                    “So Jesus said to the Jews who had believed in him

                    Not necessarily ALL jews, just those who believed in Him.

                  • Outlaw

                    Thanks for expanding John, I think you won that round.

                  • John Q. Public

                    @ Swinging on a Star

                    Read a bit more of that chapter in the Gospel of John:

                    You are of your father the devil, and the desires of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he stood not in the truth; because truth is not in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father thereof. But if I say the truth, you believe me not.

                    Which of you shall convince me of sin? If I say the truth to you, why do you not believe me? He that is of God, heareth the words of God. Therefore you hear them not, because you are not of God.

                    John 8:44-47

                    You know to whom and about whom He was speaking.

                  • Tactical

                    SOS and BC…. So what God are you talking about here? Who is responsible tp pay to the Palestinian parents who’s homes were destroyed, their 10 years old kids were slaughtered? Who must pay for the criminal foreclosures of American family homes by the ZOG owned banks. Who must pay for the innocent women and children who were droned for no justifiable reasons and on and on and on. BTW, while you were sleeping, 28 Christian children were slaughter in a Christian school in a small village in Syria by the Mooslem Jihadist. And guess what….these monsters are being supported by your beloved zionists and their cousins in Saudi Arabia.

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  When I look back at your posts you take Obama to task.

                  You say “he is a pawn of the globalists” (comments 11/7).

                  “The people who control Obama also control the media”.

                  “Agenda 21 is going to ruin America”.

                  I could go on and on about the short snippet posts you have written on SHTF.

                  I do not find any “links” that you post to show me who is behind these actions that you so obviously are concerned about. Why is that barncat?

                  Once again you are following an old communist ploy; if you cant attack the message then attack the messenger.

                  It makes you look like a moronic, braindead poster. Actually with most of your posts I can only come to one conclusion:


                  He does the same thing that you do with your posts. He rants and raves about TPTB, the mainstream media, the government, but NEVER will he ever be able to tell you the real sorry truth about WHO is wrecking America.

                  Barncat, start “linking” your posts so I will be able to believe what you are posting, because your snippet braindead posts only contain information that nearly everyone on shtf already knows are really getting old.

                  Most of us know the information you post about Obama, TPTB, the banksters, etc. Some of us want to know who they are and what their agenda is.

                  You have made it plain on shtf that you are not interested in digging very deep into what is happening to America, Barncat, and I will leave that to the readers of shtf to decide the reason why.

                  • Them Guys

                    WHERE ARE THE DEAD BURRIED JEW BODIES? Lets see what Official Expert Scientific Archeologist DIGGINGS Shows as Proof shall we…Again: Wheres the BODIES??!!!

                    A detailed forensic examination of the site of the wartime Treblinka camp, using sophisticated electronic ground penetrating radar, has found no evidence of mass graves there.

                    For six days in October 1999, an Australian team headed by Richard Krege, a qualified electronics engineer, carried out an examination of the soil at the site of the former Treblinka II camp in Poland, where, Holocaust historians say, more than half a million Jews were put to death in gas chambers and then buried in mass graves.

                    According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (1997), for example, “a total of 870,000 people” were killed and buried at Treblinka between July 1942 and April 1943. Then, between April and July 1943, the hundreds of thousands of corpses were allegedly dug up and burned in batches of 2,000 or 2,500 on large grids made of railway ties.
                    (Right germans were alone against entire free west world nations who fell for jew lies and jew War declared against germany 1933, yet germans somehow found time to do all these things, THEN, Dig up dead bodies in the many Hundreds of thousands and Burn em all in batches of 2000 per burn fire!????..Ironic how same as Liberal dems, jews too, always seem to Concoct and RE-Invent their “official” stories once the Heat is applied to their many jewish fables and Lies and Hoaxes!..Barely one in a million, litterally, ever admits the facts and truth like Mr Finkelstien did eh!!…Jesus Christ Warned us all that the jews are Liars-Theives-and, Murderers. Actually Mass genocidal murdering fanatics, as the russian bolshevik Jewish kommies actual factual historic evidence Proves beyong ALL Doubt!…And some loony christian folk think God is going to Bless them if they bless them jews? Too Hilarious! READ: JOHN 8:44 & REV 2:9, then entire book of Galatians for proof of Whom gets blessed BY God due to Abrahamic god blessings in Genisis.)

                    Krege’s team used an $80,000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) device, which sends out vertical radar signals that are visible on a computer monitor. GPR detects any large-scale disturbances in the soil structure to a normal effective depth of four or five meters, and sometimes up to ten meters. (GPR devices are routinely used around the world by geologists, archeologists, and police.) In its Treblinka investigation, Krege’s team also carried out visual soil inspections, and used an auger to take numerous soil core samples.

                    The team carefully examined the entire Treblinka II site, especially the alleged “mass graves” portion, and carried out control examinations of the surrounding area. They found no soil disturbance consistent with the burial of hundreds of thousands of bodies, or even evidence that the ground had ever been disturbed. In addition, Krege and his team found no evidence of individual graves, bone remains, human ashes, or wood ashes.(NO DEAD JEWS?! Correct! Just More HolyHOAXER jews Lies Galore)

                    “From these scans we could clearly identify the largely undisturbed horizontal stratigraphic layering, better known as horizons, of the soil under the camp site,” says the 30-year old Krege, who lives in Canberra. “We know from scans of grave sites, and other sites with known soil disturbances, such as quarries, when this natural layering is massively disrupted or missing altogether.” Because normal geological processes are very slow acting, disruption of the soil structure would have been detectable even after 60 years, Krege noted.

                    While his initial investigation suggests that there were never any mass graves at the Treblinka camp site, Krege believes that further work is still called for.

                    “Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated toward the end of the Treblinka camp’s use in 1943, but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed,” he says. “Personally, I don’t think there was a mass extermination camp there at all.”

                    Krege prepared a detailed report on his Treblinka investigation. He says that he would welcome the formation, possibly under United Nations auspices, of an international team of neutral, qualified specialists, to carry out similar investigations at the sites of all the wartime German camps.

                    (Yeah! and so would Millions more folks like to see an Honest Examination of every nazi camp, and more proof to validate OR Disprove jews claims etc…That will NEVER happen, because after so much evidence has Debunked, so many hundreds,Thousands, of Jews and their Wild Fanatical false holyHoax claims, any such Honest Scientific expert Further digs, are very Likley to expose many More Hoaxes and outright Lies by so many jews like eli da weazel ET AL!)

                    Another RECENT:IE: about in year 2000 or so, Proof Galore was Excavated/Dug-Up, that Verified formerly secret KGB soviet archival files, that prove beyond doubt that the Famous “KATIN FOREST MASSECRE” of, 26,000 Polish Eliet police and officials, was done BY Russian Bolshevik Kommie JEWISH Mass Murderers. The past 65 yrs we had JEWS Blame “KATYN Mass Murders” on the german nazis…When all along it was JEWISH-Mass MURDERING, Evil bastards! You Never heard ANY MSM nor saw any Hollywood movies or reports about This Info that CLEARED Nazis and put Blame directly where it belong! TRUE- Blame, is 100% Jews is the Mass Murdering killers of the 26,000 Poles.

                    (Sources: “‘Vernichtungslager’ Treblinka: archaelogisch betrachtet,” by Ing. Richard Krege, in Vierteljarhreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung, June 2000 [4. Jg., Heft 1], pp. 62-64; “‘No Jewish mass grave’ in Poland,” The Canberra Times, January 24, 2000, p. 6; “Poland’s Jews ‘not buried at Treblinka’,” The Examiner [Australia], Jan. 24, 2000. Information provided by Richard Krege; M. Weber and A. Allen, “Treblinka,” The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1992, pp. 133-158; Y. Arad, “Treblinka,” in I. Gutman, ed., Encyclopedia of the Holocaust [New York: 1997], pp. 1481-1488.)

                  • Seong317

                    Please learn What Illuminati is and what they did and what they will do to destroy us. It is matter of our children and grand children’s fate.


                  • Barn Cat

                    It’s clear that you’re one of those people so blinded by Satan that you think all the globalists are Jews. You’re destined for the Lake of Fire just like everyone who refuses to repent and love the truth.

                  • John Q. Public

                    @ Them Guys

                    Key evidence! Thank you for bringing it to the discussion.

                • European American

                  @ Barn Cat

                  We live in the darkest of times. Right is Wrong and Wrong is Right.

                  I believe the reason JPQ posts such information, is because it is “his” desire to share, with those who come to this site, those who want to gain greater knowledge of the world they live in, those who also desire to better understand why, exactly, things right now are so dark, i.e. who is behind “keeping the darkness dark”, where exactly the light “switch” is so we can navigate through this quagmire of deceit and deception that has been keeping us tightly in its snare. He’s trying to help you, Barn Cat, see the light.

                  When I was young and through out my teens, I used to believe that the Jews were a righteous people and Israel was an “Oasis” of integrity in the Middle East. However, over time, and with an open mind and open heart, I begin to see a picture unfolding before my very eyes that eventually shook me at my core. It was realizing the people of this country and the world have been been brought up on TOTAL, UNMITIGATED LIES AND DECEPTION. We’ve been intentionally BRAINWASHED since the beginning and I’m talking all the way across the board. WHY do you suppose things are as dark as they are and HOW did they get this dark? Coincidence? Accident? Bad Karma?

                  This “darkness” that covers the earth is not happenchance. It’s been perfectly designed and methodically implemented and constructed. And there are those who work feverishly, behind the scenes, to gain complete control over the masses. That’s their mission. That’s their Plan.

                  I can say with absolute certainty, Barn Cat, if you were to go as deep down the rabbit hole as JPQ has gone, you wouldn’t be using the programmed “6 million jews killed” in so called “gas chambers”. I don’t mean to be rude, but anyone with half a brain already knows, that “6 million” figure was made up. Even the Jews in Israel will admit that. (the bigger the number the more attention, money and praise they get) Every few years the figure keeps going lower because the facts keep proving “them” wrong. Your statements are an indication you have not done your homework.

                  [I’m not going to get into what the Jews role is all of this, for the moment, but I’ll say that Zionism is mostly the underlying culprit.]

                  JQP keeps posting informative info on this subject hoping to WAKE people like YOU UP, just as Mac writes articles, here at this site, to WAKE PEOPLE UP.

                  But just because a person is a prepper doesn’t mean they are awake. Maybe they sense some metaphorical storm forming on the horizon so they get an extra can of beans and a box of shells for their gun, but do they know why the storm is forming or who is the instigator behind the storm or when the storm will be here and at what level of intensity and how long will it stay, etc., etc., etc. Well, if you are willing to open your mind to ALL POSSIBILITIES as you descend down the rabbit hole, you might not like what you see. Many reject the truth, because it’s very uncomfortable for ones Ego and False Pride to admit one was totally duped, in the first place, and for this long. The easy way out is to choose to remain in denial and to continue hanging out in ones perceived (illusory) comfort zone. But sooner or later, kicking and screaming, one will find out “Truth alone Triumphs” and resisting to that outcome will be experienced as a waste of valuable resources.

                  As the house of cards comes down on those who rule from behind the scenes, the so called “Chosen Ones” with a capital “Z”, we will see that the masses who have been duped, who weren’t initially willing to investigate deeper into the rabbit hole, and you are not AT ALL alone there Barn Cat, will probably be some of the first to rise up and participate on a grand scale, performing what 109 countries have done over the last 1750 years, that would be to throw them out. (Usually those who were embarrassingly “taken for a ride”, so to speak, end up taking it out, in this case most ruthlessly, on the “driver”.)

                  (Note: It’s interesting that I have never read a story here that ever criticizes Israel and specifically the Zionist Jews. Wonder why?)

                  • Pissed Off Granny


                    I salute you sir. I am astounded at your knowledge and the ability to convey it.

                  • Tactical

                    Just a master piece of the truth “European American”. I also salute you sir.

                  • John Q. Public

                    European American, thank you.

                  • manila boy

                    Cant quite understand how people always fall into the fallacy of generalizations..ok, there may be bad jews, just as there certainly are bad americans, or bad filipinos, etc., but to ascribe such generalization against a nation or a race, is certainly uncalled for, and yes, fallacious..and unfair..and rude..I still pray that God blesses the nation of Israel, and im sure the evil seeds in its midst will be punished eventually.

                  • mqg25

                    Very good European…the curtain is starting to pull back a little and very soon these false usurpers will be fully exposed with thier “master” at the helm. Some of us have “eyes to see and ears to hear,” unfortunatly others have the “spirit of slumber” are blind to the truth. They prepare for the physical but not the spiritual.

                  • European American

                    “Cant quite understand how people always fall into the fallacy of generalizations”

                    If you can’t understand how people “always” fall into the fallacy of generalizations, why do you turn around and make them?

                    Better yet, skip that question.

                    Share with me, with us, your knowledge of Zionists. No generalizing. Please, be specific, to the topic. And in your own words, i.e. no googling…copy, paste.

                    Then, if you would be so kind as to share with us, who, which politicians in Americas political system, are Zionists? Who are Zionists in the Israel government? And lastly, what is the ultimate aim of the Zionists?

                    Thank you in advance.

                  • European American

                    and one last thing, manila boy. I pray that the Omniscient Creative Intelligence of the Universe blesses all nations, equally…all the evil seeds need to be roasted, ground up and sealed for eternity.

                  • Barn Cat

                    Right. He wants me to believe satanic lies that somehow the Jews are the worst people on the planet. That Muslims are somehow misguided victims who blow up school buses in Israel. All I see from those people is HATE HATE HATE. So blinded by hate that they serve Satan.

                  • Barn Cat

                    Mac Slavo

                    How long are you going to let the Nazis here hijack every thread? Why don’t you ban those people?

                  • European American

                    Barn Cat, your slip is showing.

                    What if, instead, Mac banned those with closed minds? Those who refused to look at the evidence supporting Truth? I wouldn’t want to see you banned. It’s the mindset that you represent that has got us in this massive global predicament in the first place.

                    Half the battle in prepping is know your enemy. And really, it’s certainly not anyone who comments here that you need to be concerned about.

                    Sometimes, sleep state has it’s advantages. But then, when one wakes up, there is no escaping reality.

                  • mountain man 6-1

                    STOP!! I didn’t realize I logged on to RELIGION-R-US !! I’ve always had a rule for myself to never talk religion or politics’s when drinking alcohol , but now I’m going to apply it to Blog Sites as well !! Is this the new SHTFplan ?? If it is I’ll just go somewhere else, my ex-wife taught me the futility of arguing and I’ve avoided it every since !! So call me when this is over ,and if I don’t get a call ,I’ll know ya’ll are still FUSSING !! Now I have meditate to get my inner serenity back !! …….mm PS….PREPPERS….remember!??

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Barn Cat.

                  You freely admit the many lies they have told you about history, economics, current events, and even the weather.

                  Why are you a sucker for this particular lie?

                  • lonelonemum

                    Lets stop for a minute and think.

                    How many Americans of ALL faiths died of starvation during the depression of the last century? A depression deliberately caused by the Zionist banking Cabal?

                    How many Europeans of ALL faiths died in the trenches of the first world war. A war deliberately incited by the Zionists?

                    How many first nation, disabled and mixed race children were deliberately sterilised in Canada during the 1970’s as part of the Zionist Eugenics agenda?

                    How many million Jews, Christians and Muslims were starved or murdered as part of Stalins purges? This was part of the Zionist agenda too.

                    In recent years how many nations have been utterly destroyed, for following their faith and resisting the Zionist banking Cabal? (clue, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya all had Christians, Jews and Muslims living alongside one another in peace for centuries before the recent atrocities).

                    Are Jewish children born in Faluja spared the horrifying deformities and death rates caused by the widespread use of depleted uranium in that region?

                    Lastly what happened to those Jews who DO NOT support the creation of Isreal as a Jewish nation as per the Zionist dream. This group believe strongly that their holy book actually FORBIDS them to do so and is an abomination against God. (Clue – they were silenced in the gulags and gas chambers. Another clue – take a look at the passenger list on the Titanic – that ship did not sink by accident, as a lot of those who OPPOSED the crime of 1913 were on board. Dead men resist nothing).

                    ZIONISM is NOT a faith – it is a political movement that co-opts and corrupts any and all faiths/creed that prove themselves to be in opposition to it’s diabolical Satanic plan. We see this with the TV evangelists in the West. In the East the Saudi Royal family funds the death cult, sweeping honest Islam aside in order to do so. Honest Jewry has already gone the way of the first way of the American Indians – there are too few left to be heard above the din of the MSM which is now controlled by monsters. Even Buddhism has not proved itself immune to corruption by these evil doers.

                    The cuckoo does the same thing. It hides it’s eggs in another bird’s nest and then takes over. The group many on here call Zionists co-opted honest Jewry to be the fall guy for their last global genocidal outing. For centuries they have caused the pogroms etc that this group of humanity have had to endure, thanks to a tiny Satanic minority in their midst. This time round Muslims are suffering thanks to the puppet masters residing in Saudi.

                    Dr Robert Hare and his book “snakes in suits” brought home to me what is REALLY going on. A small group of non-humans, who look like us but have no souls have been allowed to take over key leadership positions on planet Earth and breed. They recognise one another and lack common compassion for humanity as a whole.

                    We on the other hand persist in stubbornly refusing to accept that beings that walk, talk and look like us cannot FEEL as we do. Thus year on year this subspecies grows in both numbers and strength, using our own fears and feelings against us as weapons.

                    If you refuse to believe this, then ask yourself why applied behavioral analysts are employed by both corporations and governments to modify our behaviors with such gusto. You do not have to be religious to look objectively at what is going on and conclude that we have a small sub-species of “humanity” that is INTENT ON DESTROYING US ALL.

              • John Q. Public

                Hey all you thumbs downers, go visit and see for yourselves. Maybe then your eyes will open.

                I also forgot to mention that there is NO CYANIDE RESIDUE in the Auschwitz “gas chamber,” but there is cyanide residue on an outside wall where clothing was disinfected (even though that wall has been exposed to the elements for over 60 years).

                One of the DIRECTORS at Auschwitz admitted on camera what I just told you. The interview was conducted by David Cole, himself a Jew.:


                • John Q. Public

                  Oh my, the children of the Father of Lies are quite busy tonight.

                  Hey all you thumbs downers, go visit and see for yourselves. Maybe then your eyes will open.

                  I also forgot to mention that there is NO CYANIDE RESIDUE in the Auschwitz “gas chamber,” but there is cyanide residue on an outside wall where clothing was disinfected (even though that wall has been exposed to the elements for over 60 years).

                  One of the DIRECTORS at Auschwitz admitted on camera what I have posted. The interview was conducted by David Cole, himself a Jew.:


                • Them Guys

                  Websites,Many sites, have actual older Catalogs similar to SEARS catalogs, from Many varried manufactures advertizing Gas Chambers for SALE! At Many, Many different sizes, prices, and of several diff designs.

                  ALL such gas chambers for sale ads in catalogs from the 1930-40 era advertized them as the Latest MOST Effectual Method to kill LICE and Lice Eggs, common Head lice, but which carried the DREADED Typhus disease!

                  So Many folks were mass dying all across europe during WWII eras, they made gas chambers from extermely Large sized to Fumigate entire Trains with several dozen Boxcars in train Tunnels with platic or canvas sheet tarps to cover entrance and tunnel exit then apply Zyklon-B gas to Kill LICE and HALT Typhus disease Spreading!

                  To Very small size gas chambers designed to be Cheeply priced for small amounts of clothes and boots etc to gas-fumigate LICE! Not to kill jews or other folks, to kill LICE and stop spread of deadly TYPHUS! Its all out there for those who Demand Real factual Truth-Proof.

                  That would Include that 50 million delusuional jew-firster-jew-blessers crowd we know of as evangelical christian right type naysayers.

                  Funny most folks here SWEAR by, they believe ALL MSM and ALL fed or state Govnt actors Lie on most every issue today and for a long time now…YET! The same folks here actually Unquestionally trust and believe 100% everything they ever were told by the same MSM and Fed Govnt when it comes to the 6 million jews, HolyHoaxer stories.

                  You just cannot make this stuff Up! How can so many folks remain to BLINDLY Obedient to jews hoaxs and MSM,hollywood,govnt Hoax tale tellers. Then turn around and WARN us all to Never believe the same MSM and fed govnt as its all always LIES!…More like alot of Hypocrites eh. Or simply really Ignorant and Very stuborn eh. Maybe All apply!

                • John Q. Public

                  Yes, several high profile HoloHoaxsters have quietly admitted what “holocaust deniers” have documented for decades:

                  The Victories of Revisionism

                  …and high profile “Holocaust experts” admit the lack of evidence:

                  Get the memo. You are being suckered big time.

                • John Q. Public

                  See also Germar Rudolf and Carlo Mattogno, Auschwitz Lies, available at:

                  Germar Rudolph was a chemist from the highly respected Max Planck Institute. He was incarcerated because he ran chemical tests showing that there was NO CYANIDE RESIDUE in the Auschwitz “gas chamber,” but there was—and still is—cyanide residue on an Auschwitz outside wall where clothing was deloused to protect the prisoners from typhus carried by the lice.

                  Faked photographs:

                  • Them Guys

                    THINK as an ADULT, now consider that Germany was makeing a spectacular Comback from the horrible “Wiemier republic” great depression AND mass Hyper inflation such as Never before seen in world hisotry. Within LESS than 5yrs of nazis and hitler comming to power BY Election Of aprox 90+% of voters in germany, germany was being called a Miricle Recovery like NONE other seen ever.

                    Then due to Jews declared WAR against germany in, 1933, thats THIRTY THREE, wich amounted to the exact Same economic devestations we Today see occure in Iran, Iraq prior to iran, etc….All due to Jew led and jew demanded obedience worldwide to Boycott’s of all german exports and a Full Halting of all nations exports Into germany.

                    That if left unchecked would cause a full 2/3 of germany people to STARVE to Death exactly like when russian JEWS Starved 1/3 of Ukraines folks, 7 to 10 MILLION starved dead in Ukraine in less than 18 months thanks to bolshevik JEWS. aka KOMMIE JEWS.

                    Jews Hated Hitler for speaking truth of communist infiltrations in germany BY Jews of russia and Poland. ALL Bolshevik jew kommies. Germany was being systematically devestated the SAME as Todays America, and BY the same group, Kommie JEWS. FACT.

                    ALSO jews so hated hitler because he Booted JEW Bankster zionists OUT and took back all BANKS and control of banks and german marks, aka Moneys. He Fixed wiemier hyperinflation troubles, brought down UNEMPLOYMENT in germany from 35% UNEMPL. down to LESS than 2% not working and Earning Good wages!

                    While the USA remained wallowing in a great deperssion due to JEW Banksters swindles etc for 14+yrs thanks to Zionist enabler FDR aka Kommie jew too, German workers were takeing MONTH Long Paid vacations and traveling the world.

                    Germans Booted bolshevik jew kommies OUT, retook Their nation and Fixed it. For doing that, the entire Free western world nations LED by Britain, France and RUSSIA Bolshevik JEWS, then Joined by USA and smaller nations, aprox 40 total nations assisted JEW Kommies to Destory germany. OUR Parents fought the WRONG People in WWII!

                    General george Patton admited it! Thats why he too got assainated by CIA-Fed Govnt of usa.

                    Never before about 40-50 yrs ago has anybody in america ever believed such total falsehoods as taught by todays Pastors. IE: You Must Bless every jew that ever lived since garden of eden, or that ever shall live untill the very End of world…Then for blessing the jews regardless of their massive wrongs spanning 3000+ yrs, 30-centuries! Of evils and wrongs, You should ignore it all and bless em all…THEN Gods gonna Rapture You fools away prior to any bad stuff occures in america. Then you will wait 7yrs to return and Rule the world with Jesus as King!

                    Except of course every jew ever lived gets a FREE Pass into heaven and is who really rules while christian evangelicals get a place Below that of jews.

                    Funny nobody but Cyrus Scofiled and Darby with a couple other delusional false preachermen ever promoted such nonsense…UNTILL! Many todays Pastors jumped on the BOOK+CD’s+Video movies etc and realized the massive Profits to be had by Rapture based scams…

                    After TWO phony as a three dollar bill pastors, Hagee and Falwell each got a FREE Jet Plane from Jews and state of israel govnt officials(that usa taxpayers funded no doubt), thats all it took for several hundred Thousand Other usa pastors to notice and COPY whatever Hagee and Falwell were doing to get FREE Jet Planes!

                    And what did them two clowns do for FREE Planes?…Began promoting all issues Jew and Israel. Bless them jews folks! Bless state of israel! SEND Your Sons to DIE for jew causes or issues and Mass Murder Millions of Innocent Non jews wherever jews say to go.

                    Ironic that still so far NO other pastors as yet got a FREE Jet plane from jews or israel or anywheres else!

                    They never will either! Them jews knew Two free jet planes will so entice most money grubber pastors, soon jews will have 50 million followers like some folks Here(barn cat et al) worshipping jews and all issues jewish just due to pastor says do it. WHAT IF PASTORS WRONG?

                    John Q Public-Me, them guys, PO’d Granny, Euro american, and several others has provided TONS and TONS of Valid, Proven factual Truthfull evidence, Links, quoted statements, Books, web articles BY Jew writers, and ACTAUL Jewish Religious Talmudic Verses that show and Prove ALL we say or write is truth.

                    It has zero to do with Hate jews or antisemtie. It simply means We Take Christ serious when he said Learn and Speak and KNOW the Truth. Like it or not truth is truth.

                    Truth about jews is like any other group. Funny nobody who so delusionally defends jews, EVER complains, nor calls any folks anti whatevers for writeing Truth on any other NON jew issues eh…WHY Is That so?

                    Why are jews only who matter? Is That Christs teachings? I Think NOT!…You Know Us guys are correct. You Know Jesus was correct in all He Taught yet you types avoid His words like a plague!

                    And NONE of YOU Naysayer foolish folks ever never post YOUR Proofs or links or verses other than OUT of Contextual Partial bible verses as if That proves whatever your delusions believe.

                    I asked several who call Me vile names here to Please Post and Show us here WHERE the bible says to “Bless jews”?….NONE has as yet. Why Is That so?

                    I Will Tell you why! Because nowheres in any bible does that verse exist! Theres NO bible verse that says bless jews period. I Know you type fools Knows it as You tried to Find such a verse and Cannot!

                    Yet you remain Clinging to Your delusional Falshoods, then call Yourselves a christian, then call Us truth tellers Vile names like nazi lovers, antisemites, hitler lovers!…Because We do speak Truth! and YOU can’t Handle Truth!…And like typical idiotic Liberal dems will never Admit that. Thats what makes you Fools and Idiots.

                    Fools for trusting false pastors, and Idiots for continueing to enable jew swindlers, khazars, bolshevik kommie jews and zionists to keep screwing america and all of us goyim gentiles who live in the usa…

                    And God is going to Bless You and bless america for all You do?

                    America since 1948 Has blessed jews more than any nation ever and 50 million evangelicals has done so also. Jews Never had it so swell as in america!

                    So Look back from today back 50 yrs…Is whats happened to us and our nation america what equals them Blessings we are to get From God for all that jew blessings?

                    From My perspective the last 50 yrs, if Thats God blessing usa due to usa blesses jews?

                    I Sure Hate to see Gods Curses!!!!!!! Americas been under Curses ever since 1948 or shortly after….Just a Coincidence? another jewish Coincidence, lke 109 nations Booted them nation wreckers in the last 18 cnturies?

                    Yeah you so deluded you probobly do think its coincidence eh…I got news for you fools…NOBODY else has so assisted and enabled jews and zionists destroy america and gentiles of every race in usa, other than You jew blessing jew worhsippers. That too is FACT! Keep doing it see how you get blessed fools….Maybe a survivor russian or ukrainian survivor of jew kommie abuses can tell you what to expect soon as blessings from kommie jews.

              • John Q. Public

                The quality of “eyewitness” testimony is shameful. Watch ABC News video of “Holocaust eyewitness,” Herman Rosenblat rationalizing his shameful deception:

                Interviewer: How can you say it wasn’t a lie? It wasn’t true and you know it’s not true.

                Rosenblat: Yes, it’s not true, but in my imagination it was true.

                “The head Nazi-hunter’s trail of lies” by Guy Walters, Times, London, UK, July 18, 2009

                • John Q. Public

                  Old Coach boasts that he knows an “eyewitness.”

                  Don;t be gulled by the word “eyewitness,” because obvious lies have been told by “eyewitnesses” who have an axe to grind.


                  The quality of “eyewitness” testimony is shameful. Watch ABC News video of “Holocaust eyewitness,” Herman Rosenblat rationalizing his shameful deception:

                  Interviewer: How can you say it wasn’t a lie? It wasn’t true and you know it’s not true.

                  Rosenblat: Yes, it’s not true, but in my imagination it was true.

                  “The head Nazi-hunter’s trail of lies” by Guy Walters, Times, London, UK, July 18, 2009

                  Yes, even the big name “eyewitnesses” have been proven to be liars.

              • John Q. Public

                Professor David O’Connell also published a well-documented study of Elie Wiesel’s “eyewitness” lies. For his effort, the Holocaust Fundamentalists attempted to have him fired.

                “I describe incidents which may or may not have happened but which are true.” Elie Wiesel in Elie Wiesel: conversations By Élie Wiesel, Robert Franciosi, (1970), p 33.

                The most famous “Holocaust” photo is a fraud:

                • Swinging on a star

                  John Q. Public,

                  Give it a rest, don’t you have something better to do, like watch paint dry?

                  • The Old Coach

                    I’m thinking he should do like that “performance artist” in Russia – nail his balls to the pavement.

                  • Unreconstructed Southron

                    Sniffed a little too much.

                • Outlaw

                  I dont think I have ever seen so many red thumbs, man bring up the holocaust and I guess they come out like cockroaches?

                  • mclovin

                    Sorry everyone, I had no idea a simple fart joke could bring out such controversy. At least I didn’t tell anyone about me dressing up for Halloween as the ghost of Trayvon Martin…

                  • John Q. Public

                    ‘Israel’s government has thrown its weight behind efforts by supporters to counter what it believes to be negative bias and a tide of pro-Arab propaganda. The Foreign Ministry has ordered trainee diplomats to track websites and chat rooms so that networks of US and European groups with hundreds of thousands of Jewish activists can place supportive messages. In the past week, nearly five-thousand members of the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS) have downloaded special “megaphone” software that alerts them to anti-Israeli chat rooms or internet polls to enable them to post contrary viewpoints. A student team in Jerusalem combs the web in a host of different languages to flag the sites so that those who have signed up can influence an opinion survey or the course of a debate.’

                    Times Online, “Israel Backed By Army of Cyber-Soldiers,” July 28, 2006

              • John Q. Public

                All this HoloHoax traffic is directed at McClovin’s ” If I would of been a jew during the holocaust I would of been the one cracking fart jokes in the gas chamber.” Comment ID: 2842173

                There were NO homicidal gas chambers. The supposed gas chamber at Auschwitz was built by the USSR AFTER the war. It has a WOODEN DOOR with a WINDOW and NO SAFE (for the supposed executioners) MEANS OF INSERTING OR REMOVING CYANIDE. The HoloHoax was a complete fabrication by the USSR Jewish Bolshevik Ilya Ehrenberg.

                The only gas chambers in the camps were used to disinfect clothing of lice that carried the same typhus that was killing German civilians and the enemy (because of the 1933 declaration of war by world Jewry against Germany) prisoners.

                The crematoria did not have the required capacity; neither were there enough buried remains or any other evidence of “6 million.” The International Red Cross records documented about 200-300 THOUSAND prisoners TOTAL, all religions. Now those records are in the hands of the HoloHoaxers. Good luck getting access if you are an honest historian. In short, the synagogue of Satan has lied again and again.

                Links are still in moderation limbo.

                • John Q. Public

                  All this HoloHoax traffic is directed at McClovin’s ” If I would of been a jew during the holocaust I would of been the one cracking fart jokes in the gas chamber.” Comment ID: 2842173

                  There were NO homicidal gas chambers. The supposed gas chamber at Auschwitz was built by the USSR AFTER the war. It has a WOODEN DOOR with a WINDOW and NO SAFE (for the supposed executioners) MEANS OF INSERTING OR REMOVING CYANIDE. The HoloHoax was a complete fabrication by the USSR Jewish Bolshevik Ilya Ehrenberg.

                  AND… there is NO CYANIDE RESIDUE in the alleged “gas chamber.”

                  Don’t be a sucker.

                  The only gas chambers in the camps were used to disinfect clothing of lice that carried the same typhus that was killing German civilians and the enemy (because of the 1933 declaration of war by world Jewry against Germany) prisoners.

                  The crematoria did not have the required capacity; neither were there enough buried remains or any other evidence of “6 million.” The International Red Cross records documented about 200-300 THOUSAND prisoners TOTAL, all religions. Now those records are in the hands of the HoloHoaxers. Good luck getting access if you are an honest historian.

                  What else would you expect from the children of the Father of Lies?

                  • wrong

                    John, your an idiot.

                  • robert paulson

                    i had no idea there were so many jew hating nazi lovers on this site. interesting

              • John W.

                You are truly a pathetic waste of skin.

            • old guy

              Sorry everyone, I had no idea a simple fart joke could bring out such controversy. At least I didn’t tell anyone about me dressing up for Halloween as the ghost of Trayvon Martin… Mc Lovin,s humor is about a funny as the firemen at a house fire shouting bring on the weenies!

        • Sheeple#1

          That’s a funny comment c’mon people ’twas a joke.

          What really pisses me off is people’s lack of realistic experience as if “It’s like a movie.” Is a coping mechanism for people’s lack of reasoning. No what it’s actually like is REAL LiFE!! That’s what happens art imitates life… So the shit you see “in the movies” is merely a rendition of reality. When it happens to us and it will happen to all expect it to be far worse in real life. Because its really happening. Attitude and mindset will take u much further than anything else. The only way to know how your going to act in a stressful situation is to truly be in one. If you never got your drivers permit or license or learned to drive a car but you figured hey I can drive a car if I have to in a stressful situation ill be able to. Now ur wife’s pregnant and she needs to go to the hospital cause the water broke… And you have the keys in one hand and your wife’s life in the other… U expect to hop in the car and cruise down to the old hospital… Lol goodluck

          • JayJay

            No–the real tragedy here is that we can not give to these unfortunate people as we should.
            But, Why JayJay?? 🙁
            Check out Haiti and what Bill Cleptomaniac did with most of that money–check how many Haitian’s received any help and how most are still in huts.

        • raiderh8tn

          McLovin…fear not, your mother will be available. Wait I take that back because you cannot make a whore a housewife.

          You effen turd.

        • Zazu

          I didn’t have an issue with the comment. Some people make jokes to hide anxiety. Maybe the guy never went through anything like this, but his subconscious is at work. It’s a coping mechanism.

          And yes, whiny people…I know people in the Philippines. Sucks when this kind of thing happens to good people, but live in poorly constructed shacks near the coast, this kind of thing happens.

        • arizona

          HERES ONE that was LIED about to everyone,THE HURRICANE in florida,in 91-92 can’t remember the exact date,the news people lied about the storms power,IT CAME ASHORE AT 350 mph,and KILLED close to 10,000 florida residents on the coast and NO ONE WAS WARNED,they had mass graves at the air base,because the police gangs were shooting survivors in the head,instead of taking them to hospitals,the entire area was blocked off for week, no one was allowed in till all the bodies were found,NO ONE GOT THEIR LOVED ONES BACK,and a lot of them had been shot in the head,witnesses who were injuried had to hide out to keep from being killed,BUT NO ONE IN AMERICA CARED,the police gangs killed everyone including the injuried children……REMEMBER YOU WERE WARNED about these terrorists in blue with a badge,you might be next……..

      2. laeagle

        Having gone through Katrina, I feel for these people. I trust Americans will be responding in a big and generous way. I heard the U.S. Marines are already sending in supplies. But, this is a disaster unparalleled in the history of the Philippines. Hurricane Nargis in Burma was thought to have wiped out over 500,000 people a few years back. The pictures of the aftermath are horrendous, the destruction is unimaginable. We need to pray for the people of the Philippines and start organizing relief teams/aid to help out.

        • sixpack


          Katrina being the obvious example.

          • laeagle

            The US government did muster an incredible amount of support but all the political wrangling and the inexperienced people at the top, i.e., FEMA’s Brown, Mayor Nagin, Governor Blanco, etc., messed things up royally. There were many little scenarios within a larger scenario and the response was slow, especially in Louisiana. Personally, I came away from the whole situation with the conclusion that local groups should be empowered to do all they can do to help.

            There is too much bureaucratic red tape and different ones waiting on other ones to make the first move or bear the cost of an operation, thus, leading to incredible inertia. This is why some have suggested that in such situations, marshall law should be declared and the military be allowed to come in with their organizational skills and resources to help and manage the disaster.

            Even the military involvement takes time for them to call out the National Guard and mobilize and organize resources, so, really the best people to help in the first 24-72 hours are the folks at the local level. Neighbor to neighbor, family to family, block to block, etc. How could you organize something like that? Without it becoming impractical and getting bogged down in a bureaucratic tangle it would be best to find ways to empower every willing individual, with a mandate and with access to pooled resources. In some cases, some people who were trying to help were treated like criminals and even chased off. We need to find a way to restore trust in the American people! There is too much trust and dependence on impersonal big government and big organizations.

            For weeks, my cousins and many common folks in Baton Rouge were organizing a round the clock kitchen to feed the hundreds of volunteers who had come in from all over the United States. They did not get paid for their efforts. They did it voluntarily out of good will and a genuine desire to help in the face of an overwhelming disaster. They were truly the ones who made it possible for the first-responders to come in and help.

            • laeagle

              I was there for a week after the Katrina, it was not just poor black people unless you are going to call all of us ‘poor nig****’ (there may be some truth to that too!). I completely agree with your assessment, that the local government initially and the federal government later hindered efforts by private citizens to help in a time of need. I am sure the folks in the Philippines would be grateful for even a fraction of the aid that was supplied to us. I will always be grateful to George Bush for the efforts that he made to help us and the outpouring of support and sympathy from the American people, people like yourselves who showed your compassion, concern, and humanity. Thank you Sixpack.

      3. leeholsen

        i remain VERY skeptical that the usa goes back to the 1800s when the real financial crash comes, but i could see mayhem like this.

        banks are closed, there are bank runs during the crash and you have periods where cities go without electricity for a week while local govts scramble financially themselves.

        during that time, if you have to venture outside your neighborhood, it could be dicey.

        • pissinwiththewind

          Not me Lee, no way I’ll be “venturing” outside my neighborhood.

          The excerpt from Zero Hedge (above) states:

          “In fact, the only fool-proof way to prepare for such scenarios is to have secondary preparedness stockpiles… and to get out of town before the event happens provided you’re aware that it’s on the way.”

          I say: at nearly 60 years old and feeling like 80 most days, I ain’t moving nowhere else besides the retreat and sure as hell, am not gonna make stockpiles somewhere where i can’t protect them or possibly get to them.

          The old saying about going down with the ship, and it being a good day to die, is just exactly the way I feel.

          Now all you younger folks with little ones depending upon you, you just gotta fly by the seat of your britches when and if a disaster hits your neighborhood.
          I’ll say a prayer for you and hope you had enough time to prepare for the worst.

          if the shit gets too deep around my retreat and looks like the end is nearing; well, me and the old hunting dog will make a final adventure into the woods and disappear. See ya on the other side.


        • jerrytbg

          That’s why it’s best to be “quiet odorless and unseen” for weeks +…

      4. possee

        Mother nature unleashes unbound fury..especially when nudged into creation by unbound technology..

      5. megajoel

        This is how Filipinos react to shtf scenarios. Anyone wanna guess how many of these people (who live in typhoon prone areas) were ‘prepared’ for their own natural environment? We aren’t talking conspiracy or nwo preparation; just prepping for natural events. My guess… none. But I bet more than a few of them are going to blame USA and other European born nations for not coming to their aid (like they ever help us). Meanwhile; they will rape, steal and kill their way to Philippine-style “peace”. Got these people as neighbors? Expect inhumane brutality if shtf in your hood.

        • John Q. Public

          @ megajoel

          When ZOG turns this into a destitute third world nation and our populace is hand-to-mouth, you may have a more charitable understanding of how hard it is for people to “prep” when they are already at subsistence levels.

          • Kulafarmer

            The Philipines is quite poor, like many south east Asian countries, while they may not have lots of preps, they are resourceful and used to living close to the bone,
            Real sad and as has been said before,
            But for the grace of God,
            There go i

            • hammerhead

              but for the grace of god go I.
              So very true and timely , thanks
              This has got me all stirred up , be well , i gotta go.
              Those folks need every bit of help we can give.
              Find a reputible .org and help if you can.

              • NC joe

                It seems your god is not very gracious.

                • braveheart

                  ncjoe, f#$% you! if you don’t believe in God, Ok, that’s your own affair, but don’t start running down other people who do. go find yourself a commie MSM site where you’ll fit right in. You never have anything useful to contribute here. you’re not exactly a bastion of credibility. Go away and go f#$% yourself in the process.

                  • Facebook Page

                    BH. I don’t lime Joe either but you are bashing him and his beliefs.

                    He hasn’t beaten up your beliefs so this time you are wrong.

                    With my time on tables lately. I am at a point where how can a god allow this kind of horror.

                    And if I can’t be forgiven for that question there no way I will be forgiven for the things I have done. So I’m on my own I guess.

                    I will not argue a mans faith but religion and man written gods words bring it on.

                  • DRD5508

                    “how can a god allow this horror?”. Good question, now answer this question: with all the horrors in life, why does man turn away from Him? Don’t believe in Him? Fine, but if you don’t believe in Him, then how did this event happen and could lives have been spared by any means by man? Then, when things go right, will you glorify Him and thank Him?

                • jp

                  NCJoe….are you saying that your master Satan is gracious???? You are such a frigging FOOL….

                  • braveheart

                    FBP, if you read my post carefully, you would’ve seen that I said he can have his own beliefs all he wants. He’s the one bashing other people over their beliefs. He’s always coming on here and calling us liars and we all know better. Everyone here knows I’ll jump on these trolls and trolls ONLY. I never bash good people. I just get sick of these useless trolls and all of their crap and I know everyone else would agree with me. braveheart

          • Tactical

            Amen JQP.

          • megajoel

            @john q public
            Are you suggesting some canning jars is too much for them to fill with home grown produce? They do live poor. They don’t fill the immigrant boats comeing to our countries for nothing. Then they get here and brag about Philippine pride and live like they are still in a third world nation. Not meaning to sound cold. Its a disaster. Its a terrible loss of life. Non-preppers come in all sizes, shapes and colors.

            • John Q. Public

              I am suggesting exactly what I said—that many of the people in the Phillipines (and elsewhere) barely get by at subsistence level.

              Walk a mile in their shoes before you criticize them.

              Likely you (and I) will soon be doing exactly that.

              • megajoel

                Before you judge someone you should walk a mile in their shoes. That way, when you judge them, you are a mile away and you have their shoes.

                Why are they being judged by our standards. Maybe they like living like that. Its their culture. Prepping just isn’t part of it. That’s all I’m getting at. If you think I’m hard on them – I’m harder on those of us ‘privileged’ and unprepared.

            • Smokey

              These folks could have had their homes filled with stored food, a full tank of propane for heat, and fields ready for harvest, in other words, fully prepped.

              The typhoon destroyed all that. There was nothing else they could have done, except evacuate.

          • Justice

            For those of you who are unaware ZOG means Zionistic Occupation Government. When the inmates start spewing this Aryan nation, Christian Brotherhood, Skinhead, Neo Nazi, Holocaust Denial crap we segregate them from thier prison “guide” who by the way is usually forcing them to have hosexual sex. So remember when somebody starts spewing this type of hatred they usually are angry that somebody has used them for ass sex in prison or on the outside. So all you salad tossers out there: get help and remember usually it’s not your fault. Seek treatment from a competent mental health professional

            • Them Guys

              A True JackBoot Thug Prison cop. What an asshat. I knew 1/2 dozen similar jail/prison cops in detroit. Every one ended up thinking same as the fed jackboots who mass killed almost every person at WACO event. Obey all orders, begin to believe They are some type inner circle eliet group complete with cop like uniforms etc.

              You are just another Enabler blinded to factual truths. Hero defender of all things yiddish. Ass Clown fits better.

              • Justice

                Filth like you always grabs onto hate rhetoric like the true cornhole bait you are. So while your’e sitting in the county lockup because of your DUI tell the blak guy sitting next to what a piece of shit he is brave man. Hope to see you where you belong. GP with your new boyfriend !

        • Swinging on a star


          These people live in paper houses for God’s sake, they are not privileged as we are. They survive day by day as it is.

          Matthew 5:1-48

          Seeing the crowds, he went up on the mountain, and when he sat down, his disciples came to him. And he opened his mouth and taught them, saying: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. …

          • nopittypartyhere

            the children in the Philippines have to carry their water to school each day. I was going to donate to a project that puts wells in at school houses for pump water. Several people I work with told me don’t bother, that the government and police steal a lot of the aid that is intended for the communities. My coworkers Sisterinlaw has lost both in-laws in Tacloban. They were in their 90’s and left the states to retire back there because it was less expensive. Neighbors are looking for them, but the family is sure all is for naught. I pray for these people and their families.

            • Sandra

              The same thing happens here. Just enough is given out for appearances. That’s why if you want to do charity you need to bypass those groups and do it yourself if you want to make sure it serves the purpose you intend. If people just took their donations and personally took a day out to help someone, we would see progress immediately. People who have realized this truth have been arrested for simply feeding the hungry. When good deeds (not controlled by institutions) become illegal, that ought to tell you something.

          • AllWellandgood

            I know you all mean well, and I know I might sound heartless, but the filopians are in need of much suffering. They need to cry out to God, and lean upon Him. Generally speaking, the filopians are a very covetous people, and their women look for white men in the United States to temporarily marry for the purpose of obtaining the Green Card. In America these women drink beer, and take the name of the Lord in vain, and watch the Home Channel all day long lusting in their hearts for the properties and houses of their near neighbors. They just want, want, and want. And they never wear a dress. But instead dress they dress like prostitutes.

            Not only this, but the filopians especially the Christian filopians expect American Christians to submit to them, when most of these people are a third of the height of Americans. The filopian Christian men want to lord over the white American Christian women here, and they think because they are brothers in the church that American women who are a lot smarter and taller than they are need to submit to their misunderstanding of sound doctrine.

            The filopians also are not as poor as you all make them out to be. They are mainly pleasure seekers. They spend a lot of time playing computer games, watching movies, showing off all the food they have in the meals that they eat on FB, and they spend a lot of time at the beach, and most of the men don’t even wear a shirt to cover their disgusting fatness. That is, they think they are beautiful and God’s gift to women.

            I am sorry, but these people just need to have more of the fear of God in them, and stop loving the things of this world so much. If you do not lockstep by kowtowing to them, they will persecute you relentlessly and when you try to educate them they will not learn, but will instead continue to harm you, as the know-it-alls that they are.

            If you are a white male in America watch out for the Asian women who just want to take from you for the purpose of obtaining a Green Card, and to take your house and property when you die. Also, these women will lie, and lie, and lie.


            • JayJay

              WoW–you seem to paint these Phillipinos with a very broad brush…sort of like other countries do Americans??

              • Kevin

                Sorry buddy, but the guy bashing the Phil’ gal’s is RIGHT.

                I’ve been there, done that, and she STILL got my T-Shirt.

                “I love you long time, no shit Joe”

                Yeah, they love you till you bring them to the USA, then within 2 years, they’ve located local Philippino’s , and that’s when the pull out the kitchen knives (yes, they actually PULL THE DAMNED THINGS OUT ON YOU)

                By by real estate, bye bye bank account.

                • Zazu

                  Me & you both…

                  Seved in Olongapo & Subic back when it was fun…

                  My all-time fave was “I love you. No shit. Buy me drink”.

                  LBFM’s were fun, but only fun when you left ’em behind…

            • Smokey

              What is a filopian? Do you mean Filipinos?

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                They’re what have all the tubes.

            • DOVE

              The stiff necked are cut off swiftly ……

            • Sigi

              Sounds like a personal problem to me.

            • Justice

              Dude ! Wow are you fucked up ! You don’t know shit about the Phillipino people do you ?

        • John W.

          Pretty hard to prepare when you are dirt poor. Anyone who has ever been to the PI will tell you how poor most of the people are. It is a shit hole with great potential.

      6. ready down under

        Despite the enormity of this event it is still a “local” disaster and there will be a recovery eventually. Many people will unfortunately suffer more hardship and even death but humans are resilient and they will pick up the pieces.

        Imagine if you can what it will be like if there is a meltdown (financial, pandemic, WW3, EMP, Fukushima x 200) that takes this local scenario and imposes it on an entire country or countries like the USA, Australia, Europe or even most of the known world.

        The pictures you are seeing from the unfortunate Phillipines can, and most likely will, be what we’ll be seeing in our own cities – and it isnt necessarily a typhoon or other natural disaster that will do it.

        Remember, earthquakes, typhoons, tsunami’s are local – there are other events that can go global!!


      7. PO'd Patriot

        I just love it when people shake their heads and say, ” How can this looting and violence take place when we are such civilized nations and people”. I just look at them, smile and walk away. Piss on ’em. If you don’t want to know, nor already know, I’ve neither the time nor inclination to explain it to you.

      8. Mcdave

        The clips I’ve seen show well behaved people. I didn’t see that in Katrina. I suspect the looting and hijacking of trucks to be organized gangs. I just don’t see the entitlement mentality in this case. Just people who need help.

        • braveheart

          McDave, i’ve worked with a few Filipinos over the yeaqrs and they’re good people. They most likely have their own “bad apples in the barrel”, but I would guess not near as many as we have. Everyone needs to click the link for the daily mail BI posted on the last article with all the pictures and videos. Something like that is coming to the US eventually.

      9. RICH99

        Problem with this is that the prepared and unprepared lost EVERYTHING ….even their lives so I don’t quite understand the relationship .
        Your preps are good as long as they don’t get destroyed

        • John Q. Public

          You hit that nail on the head.

          May God spare us such agony and may we be charitable with our helping hands.

          • NC joe

            What makes you so special that god should spare you and not others.

            • John Q. Public

              It’s a prayer, Joe.

              • Tactical

                JQP. The problem is this specie aka NC Joe doesn’t believe in God nor the prayer.

            • Outlaw

              Pretty sure that I read “May God spare US such agony and may WE be charitable with our helping hands.”

              “US” ncjoe, he didn’t say “May God spare ME”.

              So get the fuck outta here you lousy POS.

              • California Girl

                Wow. What a weird thread tonight. Some of the Christians have nice things to say, but some of them are beginning to scare me. After reading these posts I’m beginning to think that some Christians out there are the very people I need to protect my children from. So much fo Jesus’ love.

                • Sigi

                  In Matthew 13 Jesus gave this parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a man who sowed good seed in his field. But while everyone was sleeping, his enemy came and sowed weeds among the wheat, and went away. When the wheat sprouted and formed heads, then the weeds also appeared. The owner’s servants came to him and said, ‘Sir, didn’t you sow good seed in your field? Where then did the weeds come from?’ ‘An enemy did this,’ he replied. The servants asked him, ‘Do you want us to go and pull them up?’
                  ‘No,’ he answered, ‘because while you are pulling the weeds, you may uproot the wheat with them. Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.’”

                  The point is that there are real Christians in the church and there are people who might pass for Christians, but they aren’t. If you feel you need to protect your kids from someone professing to be a Christian, don’t judge all Christians based on them, they might be a “weed.”

                  • Them Guys

                    Thats NOT acurate Sigi: That Jesus Parable is Explained BY Jesus when the apostles with Him asked what It Meant.

                    Jesus said the evil seed planter who entered the filed at NIGHT In secret was SATAN, and he planted satan seeds. Then Jesus explaines that seeds planted referes to Human persons. The WHEAT seeds are Gods children of the LIGHT.

                    But SATAN seeds are the children OF Satan the Devil and are growing amoung the wheat aka Gods children people aka Christians.

                    THEN OTHER Bible verses like REV 2:9 and JOHN 8:44 Tells you that the satan planted seeds are JEWS that Rejected Jesus Then and still Today who reject Jesus.

                    The wait till Harvest time is due to untill Matured Both type seeds resemble one another and its very difficult to tell which is which. ESPECIALY when Jew satan seeds Change names to appear as if they are NOT jewish as so many have done in the usa.

                    But Jesus and Real christians gets the final last laugh since when fully MATURED those human satan seeds jews are very Easy to spot when one is jew wised up.

                    Even if jews do a plastic surgery nose job as many has done, change names to sound Irish or British etc, NO surgery, or changes will EVER hide their Deep Black Beedy Souless Rat eyes as we see so often Proof of when we gaze at the eyes of various evil jews such as Bloomberg-schumer-finestien-Boxer-and most others of their satanic talmudic tribe.

                    The ONLY main question left is why is it so difficult for so many of you folks to simply admit these things? Admit that Is whats wrote in the bible when you consider all bible verses.

                    Christians such as Calif girl, are a Major problem today because they think christianity is no more than a Wishy-Washey-everybodys A-OK and lets sing Kumbaya or we are the world songs and all can be swell.

                    As if Christians were told by Christ to never speak truth? Never repeat what Jesus Himself says regards jews?

                    Cover up all the evils of jewish invented communisim and “Hope” they miss Us if we act nicy nice and defend jews always no matter what the evidence proves?

                    Jesus Never acted so Whimpy as some christians here seem to do. NOR did He Misinterpret biblical verses actual meanings like some here always do.

                    PS: Sigi, still patiently awaiting YOUR proof that will Invalidate MY DNA proof that vast majority todays jews are really Khazars…Recall MY DNA proof From Jewish scientists, John Hopkins, and HEBREW UNIVERSITY Bio dna labs etc?…When You call out a person and claim hes lying or falsifying some info, YOU OWE that person better than simply name calling or ignoring to provide Counter Proofs SIGI. I can wait. But Can You offer any such proof I am wrong?

                • robert paulson

                  cal girl
                  with some of the posts on this thread there are alot of people you need to keep away from your kids

                • Sandra

                  By their fruits you will know them.

            • Facebook Page

              Now there the Joe we a hate.

            • braveheart

              ncjoe, it’s called a prayer, something a brain-dead commie like you doesn’t know anything about.

        • Kulafarmer

          Yea, lot of good preps will be if our house gets flattened, or washed away, i gotta get that root cellar built,,,

          • Ghostrighter

            If your house gets washed away, I think the island you live on just sunk so forget the root cellar. You need a Frickin submarine. (hope you found this humorous, no disrespect intended).

            • Kulafarmer

              I can see the humor,
              Our house is built close to a gulch, pretty big gulch, in 2008 we had a flood, pretty much isolated to our area, washed one house off its foundation and downslope about 150-200 yds,
              That gulch that carried the water for that is next to my neighbors house, also wiped out the garage of a neighbor, the one next to our house if it had run as high as the other would have washed our house away, not good, it was a matter of a few hundred yards when the downpour happened, the one next to our house was scowered clean, huge trees gone, down to just rock, it is about 10′ deep and 45′ wide where the road above our house runs through it, quickly narrows to 30′ wide and 20′ deep and then flows into a waterfall that drops a little over 100′ high, sounds like a freight train when its running high. And that baby can run. Not sure why my pop decided it was ok to put the house so close to the gulch, other than you would never guess that much water would ever come down there.

              • jerrytbg

                Star Water… ck it out.

      10. slingshot

        The situation is terrible. There will be some that will learn from this event and those who will not. The Philippine Culture is one of Faith, Family, Caring and non aggressive. A nation that fights poverty everyday. There are many poor nations that face, Mother Nature, in all her forms. They will rebuild their homes with the pieces that lay around they, just as before. Generation to generation.

        Why are there no one to take charge and give direction. Are there No Leaders! They will sleep in the dark and dampness for lack of leadership.

        I feel bad for these people. I do not smell the dead and I did not ride the storm.. Easy for me to say anything.

      11. nunyofkinbiznes

        i personally find it hard to believe that control freaks would just “let things go”

      12. Barn Cat

        We’d see something similar in the US after a sustained power outage. We’d see total chaos within 72 hours. Most likely much quicker than that.

        • Facebook Page

          You know they are right you do just repeat stuff. And just the statements that sound scary too.

          • Them Guys

            Thats because barn Cats just a scared whimpy little rabbit like man. he seesm to consider himself The right type christian. Yet He Fears questioning his phony pastors teachings on jew issues, FEARS all neighbors, thefore has declared always every article that barn cat will not ever provide any items to any neighbors nor any others even fellow christians in dire need.

            Since barn cats plans are so Opposite of what Jesus taught to be a righteous christian, he seems to cling to the false teachings to believe he Must defend and bless jews and all issues jewish so God will overlook all the other failures of true christianity his plans entails when shtf happens if it does.

            AND Barn Cat like several others here who Jump to front of lines to call folks here vile names like nazis or antisemites NEVER posts ANY evidence-Links-Proofs-that back up his asinine posts. Sounds as if He and California girl are Related no?…Both seem to believe ONLY WHIMPY assed scared types who refuse to question evils,and instead defend some of the worst ever evil doers like khazar fraud jew kommies, by bashing the Truth teller christians here. Are a “good” christian.

            Maybe Barn Cat and her can Hide in a basement several years and wisper sing we are the world kumbaya songs till everybody else starves. Cause Neither will Ever make for any good Warriors for Jesus christian types eh.

            More like I got Mine so screw all others, type christianity.

      13. wrong

        How about a forum or something so we can communicate about gear, prepping or other necessary items.

        Maybe it’s just me but all of these articles are sounding the same. Over and over. Same with the comments.

        Zombie this and zombie that….

        Must just be me.

        • slingshot


          Ask your questions. You will have answers.

          Over and over so the Newbies can catch up.

          • wrong

            I don’t have any specific questions as much as I would enjoy seeing something other than the same thing over and over. I’ve been reading and commenting on here for a lot of years, first as Bill but then changed because there seem to be lots of me around. I’ll continue to come here each day cause I still enjoy the comments and some of the articles. It just seems repetitive.

            Like I said, just me.

            • slingshot


              I agree many topics are repetitive and the soup of the day. Many hard line topics should be discussed but few would put them into action. Least of which would REALLY draw attention to this site, that we don’t need.

            • Kulafarmer

              Not just you, was just thinking about the same thing as you while i was picking this morning,
              Thats one reason i like survivalblog, but theres no forum, the shtf forum here is quite active so thats why i pole my nose in here throughout the day, but your not alone bud,,,

            • Dick


              I also agree the site seems to be focusing way too much on trying to reconfirm why we prep instead of HOW to prep. I already am expecting SHTF and don’t really care how it happens because I have NO control over that. Prepping has to cover many areas to increase your chances and frankly you can easily waste time and money on things that others have already learned the hard way. I know I need an occasional reminder but I genuinely benefit more from yalls insight on getting ready for tomorrow.


              • Facebook Page

                Because this is a why. Not a how to site. Goi g back to my atguements with Daisy. This site evolved into this. Notice her site. It is evolving too.

                Most don’t care how to survive they just want to bitch about why they have to do it themselves

        • RICH99

          Very true……I agree about being prepared but 95% of this stuff will never happen !!!!!

          • Facebook Page

            Sothat 5% still can step up and put your lips around your tonsils with just a single kick.

          • sixpack

            then you should be prepared for the 5% that will happen.

          • wrong

            thanks JayJay but you missed my point. DUH!! love your condescending comment. Thanks.

            • JayJay

              {{{How about a forum or something so we can communicate about gear, prepping or other necessary items}}}

              How hard is it to interpret that statement??
              DUH .. again!! 😉
              That IS what I gave you.

        • jbird

          @ wrong. Not just you. I’m a newbie and would like to see more about the things you list.

          It seems like a lot of these articles are about religion, which don’t get me wrong, I believe in God, but I’m not sure they belong on this forum. At least not all the time.

          So here’s my question. If you only had $100 to spend, what would you spend it on first to prepare for when TSHTF?

          • wrong

            The best water purifier that 100 dollars would buy.

            • Ghost Rider

              @jbird. a way to purify water is a great prep item, but I’m going to answer your question by assuming you have zero to very little prep items. The first this to achieve is a short term goal of supplies (3days, 1 week….) and then expand it from there.

              Take the $100 and go to Sams, BJs, etc. If you don’t have a membership find someone that does and go with them. Or just look for good deals at your local grocer.

              10 cases of water – Purified not spring water -$35

              Rice – White will last longer than brown $15

              Beans – canned or dried $10-$15

              Canned veggies – $15

              Canned meat – $15

              Bleach – $5

              Soap – $5

              Everyone will have their own opinion, but these items will give you the very beginning of food storage pantry.


      14. lonelonemum

        This comes under “act of God” as far as I’m concerned as the devastation so massive, and covers such a huge geographical area.

        Early warning systems (sadly these are reliant on gubberment efficiency) are people’s only hope to get out of dodge before a disaster of this magnitude. Even then you’d have had to have been able to fly out of the country altogether to escape this one.

        Limited number of flights means that as usual the elite and well-connected would get the few seats available. Then where do you fly to? Not many have close relatives overseas with the resources to take them in for an indefinite period. Not many would be able to get their travel visa’s processed in time etc. You cannot evacuate an entire nation.

        The death toll is at 10,000 and rising. Many of these people are still in a state of extreme shock an emotionally traumatised having seen loved ones literally blown or washed away.

        Philipinos are a hardworking, stoic, level headed race. Their culture means that many have useful life skills such as construction, scratch cooking, gardening still. They are not lazy or entitled, as so many in the West are. Well over 1/2 million people have had their homes flattened & preps destroyed.

        Can you honestly blame them if their behavior seems somewhat desperate after a personal trip into Dante’s inferno? I cannot see “average” westerners picking themselves up and starting to bury the dead in mass graves, pick amongst the rubble for useful supplies, look for food and water as rapidly as these people are doing.

        Nor can I see western governments even attempting to organise aid & relief as promptly. Katrina/Sandy were nowhere near of this magnitude and we all saw how the aftermath was mishandled. Hopefully our leadership will send genuine aid rather than the usual exploitation for once.

        My prayers are with these poor souls.

        • NC joe

          Act of god? Bullshit. Natural phenomenon easily explainable using science and your brain. The latter may be your problem.

          • braveheart

            ncjoe, you’re the one who’s full of shit and doesn’t have a brain. Trolls never have brains.

          • lonelonemum

            “Science is merely the study of God’s creation, and mankind still is unaware of what he doesn’t know as yet”

            Most serious scientists come to this conclusion by the end of their careers. That’s a sweeping generalization for you of those I’ve met who have spent their whole lives in the pursuit of knowledge.

        • The Old Coach

          I’ll agree with your characterization of the Christian Filipinos. I even know a few. Not every one, but it’s a good generalization.

          The Muslims in the south of the archipelago, not so much. If there’s looting going on there, that’s who it’ll be.

          • John Q. Public

            “Mac, do you realize you’re enabling this lying SOB? ”

            Blah, blah, blah, blah” says the Master Race bigot.

      15. Roseman91

        Coming some to a town near you. Wise up America

      16. TRUST NO ONE

        re prepping.


        That’s all I’ll say.

        Mouth shut and play dumb.

      17. GEO_LITHIC

        Some disasters can’t be stopped or prepped for! You can be ready for anything and anything can happen; ask the guy whos been hit by lightning twice!

      18. dmitry

        It is soo frightening! and it reminds me of this article:

        How Horrific Will It Be For The Non-Prepper? by Be Informed, dated May 12, 2012.

        Which is worse huricane katrina or tyhpoon haiyan?

        • Sigi

          Haiyan may have been more powerful, but I believe the Philippines will rebuild far sooner than NOLA and its neighbors due to cultural and governmental factors.

      19. Patriot One

        Personally I think 3rd world countries will fair better then the industrialized countries. They still have their artisan skill, no AC and don’t take a lot of medication. The Philippines however is not like Japan, they are more of a melting pot and revolution is no stranger.

        Though I have not been there since 77 I’m sure not much has changed. Booze, cigarettes, electronics and a $20 bill and you will find some exotic pleasures in Olongapo or Barretto. Energy now and then us squids would pay a visit to Clark AFB North of Manila. May it was just my imagination, but you didn’t seem to get as must bang for your buck, pun intended.

        They are no strangers to typhoons so I think they will be ok especially with the big bucks pouring in. Clean Water and disease will be their biggest enemy.

      20. eppe

        I guess the real question here is:
        Why does GOD let things like this happen?
        I often quiz myself on situations as such, and wonder what is to happen to the GREAT USA?
        Look at the crap we are in, bad dictatorship, worse government, sheeple everywhere who will kill any of us for profit of some sort?
        A situation like this will be hitting us soon, natural or manmade, what shall we do to correct it?
        What do we do?
        Can we handle it?
        Wish I could see the future, it would help my situation…

        • Barn Cat

          Disasters are a good way to remind us that we need to accept Christ while we still can. If our lives were perfect here on earth many more people would be going to hell.

          You could say that Jesus addressed the problem of suffering:

          (Luke 13:1-5 NIV) Now there were some present at that time who told Jesus about the Galileans whose blood Pilate had mixed with their sacrifices. {2} Jesus answered, “Do you think that these Galileans were worse sinners than all the other Galileans because they suffered this way? {3} I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish. {4} Or those eighteen who died when the tower in Siloam fell on them–do you think they were more guilty than all the others living in Jerusalem? {5} I tell you, no! But unless you repent, you too will all perish.”

          • eppe

            The question still stands: why would GOD let this happen?

            • eppe

              barn, are you saying that the phillipinos were satanic? Are their lives worth less? Not to be antagonistic, but are their beliefs not worthwhile? I wonder if we are next in line for SHTF? Just asking, not to rile up any feathers, just wondering if what we as Christians are being taught is for real? Do you ever question your belief? Has GOD answered all your prayers? I know he has not mine. Having gone thru more crap than the average person, I have my doubts. Do you?

              • SmokinOkie

                Hi eppe! I think what Jesus was saying in the above quote from Luke chapter 13 was just the opposite. That nobody is so good that they’ll never face a calamity, and no one is so much worse than the rest of us that that must be the only reason they suffered. In the passage, Jesus was talking to a group of self-righteous Jews who thought they were somehow better than other people. He was telling them that, regardless of what they thought of themselves, they needed to repent and accept God’s grace and forgiveness. And that good people, and evil people, must sometimes suffer.

                To any and all who may disagree with the frequent religious posts here:
                Personally, I have many friends here at shtfplan who hold a different worldview than mine. That doesn’t keep us from being civil to each other, and from sharing opinions. It just means that one (or both) of us haven’t found and understood the full truth yet.
                My faith doesn’t teach me to convert people by force or intimidation. Nor am I to ridicule them for their lack of belief. If I’m truly in Christ, I can be passionate about the message and yet, humble in presenting it. (sadly, I often fail on both counts, but I’m trying)
                The message outlives the messenger. And is far more important.
                The message is simply this- All have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We need a redeemer and Christ is the only way.
                For those who disagree, please understand, I do not condemn you. I don’t have that power. But there is One who will judge all of us eventually. And, for now, he’s offering a full pardon and eternal life without typhoons, EMPs or any other troubles. For now, this earthly life is gonna suck sometimes, but it’s Eternity we’re seeking. So… prep and pray. But not in that order.
                And as for fully understanding the truth, I have enough to hang on to what I have, but there’s still much to learn. The search goes on….

                • eppe

                  Thanx smoking, I am just trying to get thru this life the best I can, I believe in Jesus, but why do we have to go thru so much crap to get to heaven? I admire your humor, it makes my day to read your posts. But I wonder if what we are told and read is the true truth, I want to believe, but what if we believe is wrong? Just question religion as a whole…it always makes one think, and that could dangerous, but why are we here and for what reason? Does GOD have a plan for all of us?

                  • JayJay

                    I find it amazing that so many Christians still attribute all the bad to God; when in essence, Satan may be responsible.
                    I always heard his greatest trick was making humans believe he didn’t exist…ah, that must be the answer.
                    What better way to win Christians over to the dark side than bringing on hardships believed to be forced on us by God.

                  • SmokinOkie

                    Those are legitimate questions, eppe. I’ve asked myself similar questions as well. Wish I could give a convincing answer to them all, but I can’t.
                    What I can offer is a couple of sources to check out, if you get the time. Lee Strobel’s book, ‘The Case For Christ’ and David Gregory’s ‘Dinner With A Perfect Stranger’.
                    Not that either of these would convert anybody, but they’re interesting to read and fairly sound in their doctrine. ‘Dinner’ is a fictional presentation of a guy with lots of doubts meeting the real Jesus. ‘Case’ is written by a former investigative reporter who begins from a point of non-belief and, as he digs in to all the available evidence, becomes a convert. Both are, imho, worth the time to read.
                    As for organized religion in general, it’s hard to find one that hasn’t ‘organized’ itself right into a man-made system. There’s a few good churches around, but sadly, plenty of counterfeits, too.
                    Good luck, eppe. And stay frosty. If I preach any further, I have to pass the collection plate (at which time everybody gets up and leaves)… 🙂

            • Anonymous

              Eppe, why did man betray God and sin against Him and bring this kind of evil on the world! Don’t pretend to ask such a stupid question, when really you mean to blaming God.

              • eppe

                Why would GOD knowingly that man would do what he asked not to do, let him do what he did? Just asking the universal question?

                • JayJay

                  Satan had his hand in the sin of Adam and Eve–they weren’t alone.
                  But, we have free will, so God didn’t make little puppets.

                  • SmokinOkie

                    True indeed, JayJay. Free will of man and God’s sovereignty seem to be contradictory, but if fact, are a beautiful display of Grace and Mercy. Just isn’t easy to see it that way sometimes, but I believe it’s true.

                  • wrong

                    satan the serpent…

        • NC joe

          God does not let these happens because god is just a figment of your imagination.

          • eppe

            thanks ncjoe, you just confirmed the question… but the question remainss… If there is no GOD where did all this begin? Are we alien DNA? Then what put them in place? I have wonderered where all this started? What is your idea on this? Or are you just mouthing off with no idea? I really would like your opinion of where life started? It is easy to state what you said, just give a logical reason…. I respect you opinion, considering everyone thumbs you down, which I never have, just want your answer with an intellical answer….

            • eppe

              Hard to spell correctly on a cell phone, sorry

            • Zazu

              Yes. We are an alien culture. Listen to your mind’s eye and you will know.

          • Be informed

            @ NC Joker. If you are so sure God doesn’t exist, why not offern some concrete proof of this. IF you can’t, then you are asserting your BELIEF in being an atheist. I highly emphanize that word BELIEF. Unless you can scientically prove that God is not real, then you are making a statement that has only your belief to back it up.

            This universe is over 13 billion years old, perhaps older. This planet is 4.5 billion years old. That means there are other places in this universe that have a 8 and 1/2 billion year head start on the life here. For anyone to say that higher life and higher energy doesn’t exist is utter lunacy and unbelivably narrow minded. God to me is about becoming more spiritual. Anti-God individuals are about fully embracing their animalistic natures without anyone or anything to be accounted to for. I prefer to think that there is a God as I would rather grow spiritually and become as fair as possible. Look at what being an atheist has done to you. It has made NC joker into a nasty little gutter troll that only gets pleasure from upsetting people as much as possible rather than try to add to and be constructive. I know atheists that are okay people with consciences. NC Joker though is dangerous loose cannon waiting to become a hero for BO or some other government asswhip. Try for once to be constructive on this site, to add something to help others, or would you melt away like water on witch if you did this?

            • eppe

              BI, give him a chance to respond with some intelligence… PS. We are about to have a Madrid quake….just saying, I feel it

              • me

                Maybe that is an intense bowel movement. Lol

              • Ronald

                I would really like to know why you think New Madrid(i’m in Kansas City) if you don’t mind. Also any special items to stockpile if it happens?

                • eppe

                  Just a strange feeling, I hope it does not happen anytime soon. I had thoughts about a friend last week, he had a heart attack and died. When I think or feel things, things happen. Just saying, had dreams on the Madrid rupturing, may not happen, but one can never know. If I have these feeling I stay clear from the problem. Do not want to scare anyone, just warning those near…

              • old guy

                The New Madrid wont occur until after the Cascadia lets go. When the west coast fails that will allow the st Lawrence to widen and Mississippi valley to move west releasing the lock that is holding the New Madrid. It will be both a side slip and up and down undulating great clatyclisim. I live about 200 miles from the New Madrid on the rock in the Ozark foothills. I hope I live long enough to witness it!

                • braveheart

                  Old guy, what area? My Dad lives in the Twin Lakes area.

                  • old guy

                    Newton county near wileys cove

              • braveheart

                Eppe and BI, ncjoe can’t respons to anything with any amount of intelligence because he DOESN’T HAVE ANY INTELLIGENCE. trolls never do.

            • old guy

              .there is nothing wrong with believing in something that is worth believing in. Whether its true or not really doesn’t matter. My self I happen to believe the theory of reincarnation has merit.

          • braveheart

            ncjoe, f#$% you! I wish you wer a figment of our imaginations, but you’re not, so here goes. Eppe is asking you some legitimate questions that you’ll never be able to answer, even with intelligence, something you don’t have anyway. although I haven’t been in a church since I was a teenager, I still believe there is a Supreme Being which created everything. I still subscribe to the protestant teachings I was raised with. I’m not some POS atheist. that’s what separates me from you.

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            Actually, Joey, you’re a figment of his imagination. And a rather funny one at that.

            Better hope one day you start thinking about him, before he stops thinking about you.

      21. Living on borrowed time.

        When he openes the third seal,I heard the living creature say.’Come and see’.So I looked and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying. ‘A quart’ of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius, and do not harm the oil and the wine. Rev. 6/5,6.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Are we ever going to be able to clear out the vipers that have been apppointed in our judicial system? Scum they are.

          • sixpack

            Yeah, you go for the lead viper and the rest of them tend to hide in their respective holes.

      22. slingshot

        If all is lost, you must begin a new somewhere.

        You know help is not coming soon. Can you organize a group to build shelter. Find canned food and a water source. Are you able to recognize the possible sources of material for survival.

        I know there are hammers and crowbars and other tooling in the debris. Or near the once hardware store. Those Freighters (Ships) have water tanks. There is still fish in the sea. Live in the cargo holes and compartments.

        Why do they walk for miles to nowhere? Yes, Shock but who gives them a purpose or work to ease the mind.

      23. Unreconsructed Southron

        Don’t worry: Barry Soetoro’s administration is very competent and would take care of all our needs…immediately…for free.

      24. SmokinOkie

        There will be no reprieve from calamity when our time comes in the USA. And, it is coming. The majority of our society has decided that America does not need, nor want, God. He’s been evicted from the land. Schools, business, homes, government, the public square… where is HE?
        God is persona non grata in this nation. While individuals can, and will be saved for eternity, there is now nothing holding back the consequences of our sinful rebellion as a society. God’s protective hand of blessing on America is GONE! Check out John MacArthur’s message on ‘When God Abandons A Nation.’ He says it much better than I can.

        • slingshot


          There is nothing that binds this nation completely.

          No God, Language, Race, Politics, Morality or Ethics.

          Not going to be pretty.

        • Pissed Off Granny


          Your post is the truth and nothing but the truth.

          God has seen that we have turned our back on Him so He says “OK, do it your way”. And we can see where that is leading us in one HELL of a hurry.

          When HE has had enough of our foolishness, then woe to America. He is going to clean house.

          Pray for his forgiveness for the evil that we have allowed to prosper in this country.

          • JayJay

            You all should watch ‘An Ounce of Courage’–it is about losing Christmas and Christian rights and a town fights back for their rights and freedoms. Yeah, I cried!!
            Not the best acting, but a great story line.

            • old guy

              The USA is not a christian nation. We don’t have a national religion any more than we have a national language. I believe in separation of church & state. We have freedom of religion that a good thing. We also have freedom from religion that is a better thing.

              • John Q. Public

                I see what the state religion, Zio-Noachide Holocaustianity, has earned, so I pray for the Social Reign of Christ the King.

        • old guy

          We will indeed have a great clamity in the USA. And likely pretty soon. And it has nothing to do with God punishing anyone for some precieved sins. The cause is an end of an age earth changing pole shift. Likely just a great pole shift at this go round. probably not a complete reversal. This sort of thing occurs on a cyclic timetable every so many thousand,s of years or so. The last time was likely during the exidious. Its not caused by any of mans puny activities. Man don’t cause it and man cant stop or mitigate it. These clatyclismic events would still happen if man had never walked the planet. It will likely take a few hundred years for the magnetic poles to shift and stabilize. Until that time the sizmic events will increase in both frequency and magnitude. for about the last 2000 years there have been sincere bible thumpers who actually believed they where living in the end times predicted in the bible. And the honestly believed that only those who shared their same regilious superstition would be raprured or go to heaven. So far they all have been wrong. That don’t make them bad or evil folks just incorrect. It simply is an end of an age pole shift. Even though ill likely perish prematurely for me Its actually a exciting time to be alive on the earth. You cant stop it just as well embrace the new adventure.

          • Facebook Page

            The reason the USA has done well and will be able to rebuild is.


            That’s it. It is that simple.

          • Pissed Off Granny

            Old Guy:

            It is obvious you do not believe in Jesus, the Bible, or the Book of Revelation and that is OK.

            Me, I am a believer in all the above, and as a believer, I believe we are seeing Revelation played out and Revelation, plain and simple tells you what GOD has in mind for this evil planet that has turned its back on HIM.

            If you ever care to take a look you would find it quite interesting what HE says will be happening to this earth in the end times. It is playing out as we speak.

            • old guy

              Granny Im quite content to try and do what jesus spoke about on the sermon on the mount. and try to obey the tem commandments. Its ok for you to believe that revelation is being played out. However no man knows the time. It could well be the end times? and it could just as easily not be anything but cyclic weather & end of an age pole shifting? For me the physical evidence supports a pole shift. Maybe we will have both revalations and a pole shift happening at the same time? Its not importiant to me or my soul that you or anyone else is upset because I fail to endorse and agree with your preferred version of religious superstition. To state these clatyclismic events are gods punishment for mans sin is asinine.

              • Pissed Off Granny

                Old Guy:

                Correct me if I got the wrong impression of the last of your post which read:

                “To state that these clatyclismic events are Gods punishment for mans sins is asinine”.

                My understanding of that statement is that you then believe that Revelation of the Bible is asinine?

                • old guy

                  /farmer fred you can buy a long slender well bucket that can be dropped in your well . it has a valve in the bottom that lets water in and closes when you draw it up with a pulley & rope.. 50 feet is not to terribly far. I think a lario pump hooked to a windmill or bicycle would also be efficient. You probably know you only have two choices when it comes to hungry neighbors. feed them or kill them?

                • old guy

                  Think what ever you wish & want. in the end you will have to live with them. Revelations tell,s of great tribulation. Everyone will suffer terribly both the good & bad and just decent, Why punish the good & decient folks. I believe in a loving forgiving god. You seem to prefer a vengeful god?

        • Sigi

          As long as there is a significant number of His people here I think He will stay His hand until the just aren’t there anymore or we catch up to the scheduled end times dates.

          • Them Guys

            God said His Wrath is NOT apointed to the Just and Righteous christian believers. Jesus says we are to TRUST in all things to Him, no bible verses ever says we are to prep to have enough to last 30 yrs. NOR deprive others if we have what they lack and need. By obeying that We will have what we need as promiced.

            That I got Mine screw everybody else and that How to make a fortune Off others misery is NOT biblical nor Christ like at all. Its definatly Talmudic Judaic jew ideals and teachings though!

            • old guy

              Ok just at 4;00
              today I was cutting firewood to prepare for the winter. ive got more than enough. just never hurts to get more. Its gonna be cold tonite down in the teens. Any way this woman we know had a flat tire. So I stopped they had it under control the teenage son was putting the spare on. They seen my pickup load of wood. I said its gonna be cold tonite. the woman stated I know and we only have a few sticks of fire wood and don’t have money to buy any.. I might have felt sorry and gave them the firewood . But their car was loaded with Wal Mart plunder and the teenage son was talking about how he couldn’t wait to get home. he just purchased a $35 video game & couldn’t wait to get home to play it. It seems their priorities where a game you cant eat and wont warm the house. I got mine screw them let them freeze.

              • Them Guys

                Thats why we were told to Learn How to Discern between real needy folks and idiots like you encountered. Same for discern Truth based on Facts and evidence etc.

                Obviously many here who claim to be christians severly Lack ability to Discern fcats and truths…Especially when the issues revoleves around jews or jewish issues etc. Then like typical blank stareing lib dems, they March to whatever tune is played by their favorite pied piper. Lemmings all. Who are going to be shocked! Shocked I say when they discover the Line they are standing in at the very end is the GOATS-Line and all they then will hear from the Lord who Judges all, “Depart from Me all You wicked workers of Inequity(sin/wrongs).

                Of course They will Reject this fact, as their phony preachers taught them that “Once saved Always saved” and All one need to to be saved is make that alter call and publically accept Jesus and walla! Saved! and never can That status change no matter what else you do after.

                Ironic them pastors never mention Repentence, besides that jesus prayer eh.

                Its their main Habit to leave off the last part of a bible verse or sentence, and cherry pick just the words They can manipulate and Con many Un-discerning christians with.

                Then tens of millions of conned christians defend zios and bolshevik jews, then vote for neocon war mongers willing to war and kill every goyim gentile, jews talmudic hatred orders them to kill.

                Also ironic that about same time frame so many pastors re invented themselves as the “Christian Right” and join forces to vote repub neocons, is when america really nosed dived badly eh.

                At this rate soon those delusional evangelical zio and bolshevik jew kommies defenders will Pass up the 50 million africans who so destroyed america prior. By the end of america as we knew it all, those ziojew defenders and supporters will have become The Number One reason for usa demise. And all them bolshevik and zionist jews they so defended are going to Mass exterminate murder Them too!

                Thats when they are going to wake up to their mass delusional state…Too late, but awake at least hopefully.

      25. Socrates

        It is truly heartbreaking to see so much suffering on such a massive scale. Many of the worst hit in this monster storm had little to nothing to start with…and now even that is gone, much like families who only had one another. Yes, the survivors will rebuild somehow, somewhere, but the mental and physical scars will remain.

        Don’t know how many of you here have smelled death up close and personal, but it is a smell you will never, ever forget. The smell of death there must be overpowering and the constant visual of all the death and destruction must be overwhelming.

        Hold your loved ones close and be truly thankful for what you all have, because you never know when it will be taken away…in the blink of an eye.

        • gone under

          @ socrates.. check out the article about the sun on: The Extinction Protocol. Ison may have to take a back seat in the news because of this.

          • Socrates

            Sounds about right (from what little we know, that is). What’s more amazing is how quickly the Earths magnetic field is weakening. The Earth has shifted or ‘flipped’ its magnetic poles about 171 times that we can measure over the past 71 million years, so our turn may be soon (in geologic terms, that is)as well. Magnetic north has been deviating over time and is supposedly speeding up now, while our magnetic field has weakened over 5% in the last century.

            As far as ISON affecting the magnetic signature of the Sun, we don’t really know how it will react as this appears to be the comets first pass through our solar system. What’s it made of? It appears to be fairly solid and not a fluffy ice ball. Could be interesting and we will know soon enough. 🙂

            • old guy

              Ive been trying to educate folks about the current pole shift and the end of an age clatyclismic earth changes it will continue to cause. Many just want to be denialist and not face reality. They blame the climate change on mans activities. they want to believe man is in control and can stop or mitigate the coming disasters. They believe in Al Gore,s Glowbull warming. If it fails that man cant mitigate or stop the clatyclisms. Its gods punishment for mans sin. The fact is we are no more sinful or less forthright today than at any time in the planets history. there are some really good folks. there are some really bad folks. By and large as a whole we are simply decent. Since man cant prevent they now turn to god and irrationally expect miracles. the fact is we will all die. Eventually we all return to spirit. The logical explanation for the earth trauma is a cyclic pole shift. the cyclic pole shift would still be happening even if man had never walked the planet.

            • gone under

              So, if I live around Kalispell MT, will my seasons get warmer?

              • old guy

                According to Algore and the glowbull warming greenies you will get warmer. I wish man made glowbull warming was true. warmer wetter would be better. to be honest I don’t rightly know. I suspect we all will see greater extremes of what we already have. Hotter drier droughts. larger longer floods. colder temps deeper snow. The seasons will blend 90 degrees one day freezing the next. I of the opinion a greenhouse will be a necessity for growing food crops.

      26. Quadrateq

        Preservation of life is to prepare one’s spirit/soul/body so that one can serve to preserve life of oneself and others.

      27. Gonetoolong

        Fuck Chris Christie and Fox News! Sorry-stream of consciousness acting out again.

      28. Be informed

        Old Coach made a statement about that there are not anymore earthquakes. This is a really common statement that has some truth in it and also some misleading facts about it. There really is no way of showing just how many earthquakes occurred before 1900 or even the 1930’s. There is cycles though that show that during peaks like the solar maximums and minimums. Take for example that between 1950 and 1965 there was a sharp increase of mega earthquake, 8.5+. It started with India in 1950 with a 8.6 and ended with a 8.7 in the Rat Islands in the Aleutians in 1965. Then until very late in 2004 with the 9.1 Indonesian earthquake there was not a 8.5+. Almost 40 years without a mega quake. Now there has been 6 since late 2004. There was 7 quakes of 8.5+ between 1950 and 1965.

        So there is an increase of earthquakes since 2004 of 8.5+ if you compare this with the previous 40 years. this could just be a cycle, there is just not enough of a centuries long records to show one way or the other. Since 2005 there has been an increase of earthquakes of 6 and larger since the previous 40 years. Again this could be nothing but a cycle, but there is an increase. Of course if you compare it to 1950-1965, the increase is tiny enough to say it is the same. Perhaps this a cycle, but there is an uptick of quakes, not aftershocks, individual quakes.

        Eventually as the insides of the planet cool enough, the crust will become more rigid and there will be an increase of Earth movements as the crust becomes less and less pliable. Look at very warm plastic as compared to cool or cold pastic to see this firsthand. When new plate boundaries form the earthquakes will increase, when plates move away from each other earthquakes will decrease. It is cyclical, and the planet right now could be approaching a maximum peak cycle or maybe we have not seen anything yet. IF you start to see high earthquake activity in the Antarctica or very deep earthquakes over 700 km deep, then trouble is on the way big time. At this point with all the recent records being broken I am not going to discount much at all.

        • old guy

          The magnetic poles have increased their rate of shifting from a few feet per year to miles per year as of late. the north pole shifted 46 miles in 2011.

      29. Ronald

        I wonder where all the aid is-I mean is the phillipiens worth any less than Haiti, At least the phillipiens is a protectorate of the U.S. they at least make something guns for example (Charles Daly) and some bases, where is Barry now that its us and not some hellhole like Haiti.

        • gone under

          Phillipines is mostly a Christian nation. Haiti is a pagan/voodoo country. I have been there in the 70s, and it was a shithole then, unlike the other half of the island, which is the Dominican Republic. Bath house Barry doesnt like Christians.

          • braveheart

            Gone under, I would donate to the Phillipines before I ever donate to Haiti. Whoever called Haiti the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere was telling it like it is. That country has been a dump ever since winning its independence from the French. Those people are savages; totally useless as people. When I lived in Miami back in the 70s and 80s, I had trouble with them, my Cuban-born wife had trouble with them, the entire Cuban exile community had trouble with them and still does to this day. Hatred between the 2 groups runs very deep. The Cubans are the only immigrant group in Miami that have played by the rules. Miami is theirs, politically, economically, and culturally. When Haitians first get here, they get on welfare and all the other “entitlement” goodies. They won’t do anything for themselves. And yes they bring their evil culture with them. They still practice their voodoo religion in Miami to this day. Their part of the island of Hispaniola is a dump, but the Dominican part is much, much better. The Dominicans are pricks, but at least they do live right and take much better care of their part of that island. And their border guards have been known to shoot any Haitians who stray across the border regardless of the reason. avoid Haitians at all costs.

        • Kulafarmer

          American tactical has their 1911s manufactured there.

        • JayJay

          Hey, Americans learned from he Haiti experience after Bill kept millions of our money!!

          • Pissed Off Granny


            Do you remember O’Reilly saying he was going to hold Clinton accountable for every penny of that money?

            The last I heard it was around a billion dollars and Haiti had seen damned little of it.

            You can bet the Clintons and their ilk are busy tonight cooking up another donation scheme to add to their ill gotten gains.

            • JayJay

              Well, I haven’t had tv since 2008..and no I don’t miss it.
              But, I know that payback is coming for the Clinton’s and al gore’s of this world.
              If not in this world, then in the next.
              Cause Jesus is pissed.

              • John Q. Public

                Ahem… should be “because Jesus is Just.”

            • sixpack

              Depends on how much they need to fund the black ops and government overthrows they have planned. I think the majority of the “unaccounted for” money gets funneled into black ops…you know, like al-CIA-duh and missing nukes.

      30. waterislife

        off topic, but I just finished my third quilt in 6 months. It’s an old fashioned Christmas this year. Handmade gifts all around. 2 are gifts, one is new one for us to use. Our old one has got to be taken apart and re-batted, patched up and then quilted again.

        I have 2 more quilts I hope to have finished for Christmas gifts. The extra scrap batting has been re-purposed into pot-holders. Nothing wasted.

        With any luck and a good barter I hope to trade off some sewn things for handcrafted candles after the holidays.

        Stay warm.

        • REB

          No…not off topic…very on topic…unlike a lot of other “stuff” on here tonight…you sound like you enjoy quilting and creating,takes time,talent and determination to make a fine quilt… good for you, thats the kind of thing that’s gonna mean something when it all falls apart(or even if it doesn’t)…how big are the quilts on average…throw size or fullbed size?…again good post!

      31. Be informed

        I think something extremely positive could be learned from this disaster and other disasters. NEVER take for granted it can’t happen to you and your community. For the next couple of weeks many people will send money to help the Philippines, some because they want to help, and others because they feel it is their duty to, pressured to. Yet the most important lesson is like water off a duck’s back, don’t get caught with your own pants down.

        People here of course understand this well, but the masses will soon forget about the intense suffering that could be them NEXT TIME, and go back to the Thanksgiving Day gluttony that made Dagwood Bumstead of the comic strips famous. Then the “fabulous” after Thanksgiving Day sales where people get stampeded each year. How many of these crazies actually look at a disaster like this and instead of going out and buying some bonehead presents or deals on something that will become a dust collector soon enough, instead buy a nice water filter for emergency. How about some nice survival food. Even some warm blankets. Something practical that can be used someday, or right now?

        How many people will look at the news clips and say to themselves I want to at least not be like the walking zombies in line for some scraps of likely contaminated or rancid food and do something about? What does it take to light a fire under these idiots and wake them up?

        I care about so many that don’t prepare because it severely weakens the country and strenghtens the enemy’s ability to take over, whomever that enemy might be. Those that don’t prepare you have to watch them die and suffer. Unless you are Bill Gates or some oil shiek or cannot have enough resources to help people. It is up to the individual, and these people refuse to even try to store up basic needs. Refuse even with the money to do so. They watch these disasters one after another and yet they refuse. It is so frustrating to see stupidity the real reason for a mass future die off that could be prevented. There is absolutely no excuse to be stupid with anyone that has a functional brain that has not had physical damage to it, no excuse. No excuse for someone with some income for letting their family go hungry, thirsty, and suffer after SHTF, no excuse.

        • old guy

          Be informed ya can lead a horse to water. But ya gotta be strong and determined if ya aim to drown the sun of a bitch! Most warnings and urgings fall on deaf ears. Folks are conditioned brainwashed to be denialist. they never stop trying to avoid facing reality. It floods and washes away their home. What do they do? they rebuild on the same spot and demand the government provide flood insurance and build the levees higher. They place blame on things other than their own stupidy. The continuing clatyclismic earth changes will separate the wheat from the chaff. All we can do is take care of our own. Noah didn’t take every one aboard the ark? Ill prefer a great clatyclism to a NWO government takeover.

        • Sigi

          After seeing people on the news drinking from what could be contaminated wells, I am thinking that Life Straws would be a good thing to send there and a good thing to give as Christmas presents.

        • KY Mom

          “As individuals and as a society, we should hold preparedness dear, for it is an expression of the desire for survival and the key to maintaining our inherent freedoms. Without self-sufficiency, we set ourselves up for endless failure and enslavement.”

          -Brandon Smith
          Alt Market

      32. old guy

        Way back in the day I was one of those so called 20 -20 killer truck drivers. I would drive the semi for 30 or forty hours without sleeping. my wife stated I was a truck driving zombie. I usually did the excessive hours when headed home after being gone for several weeks. I could function but I was tunnel visioned and not easily distracted from what I was focused on. In later years I worked on Rail road derailments. When a train derails everyone works non stop until the trains are back in service. There is food & water but no sleep. but we could still function and focus on the task at hand I seen lots of zombified workers. Now This disaster caused zombified would be much quicker and much worse. those folks are dazed confused & disoriented add to that the stress , worry & hunger its heart wrenching to witness. Be prepared so that your well being ,survival or lack of it isn’t at the mercy of other people, things or conditions. learn to be self reliant. aquire the Know How to take care of you & yours in whatever situation you find yourself in.

      33. Facebook Page

        Look at the crowds. This is what you will see and have to let it walk right by you. If you were to help just one person from that crowd. Think what the rest would do. Even the children..

        • David in AZ

          Hate to say it but…
          Well, folks, like probably all of you I’ve been a prepper for a while now and have accumulated “some” stuff that
          would help out my bride of 43 years and our unawake children, spouses and grandchildren for less than an extended
          period of time but more than a few weeks… enough said about that aspect…

          Even before the seeming plethora of articles stemming from the National Geographic “At the Fence” special dealing
          with giving or not to give, i have been tossing this thing around in my head trying to find a committed, fair response
          that will need to be stuck to later and acted upon as if it was second nature. “Yeah, good luck with that.”

          A couple things that have crossed my mind and given me considerable consternation over the course of the past few weeks
          and that is the question of giving or not giving after the feces hits the cooler. Now I am not saying “Hey, look at me,”
          but in the spirit of airing this out, my bride and I have “given till it hurts” (not claiming any injury here) to family,
          nonfamily and strangers as much on the “sly” as possible for that is what our Lord told us to do…. That being said, we
          have sacrificed much — vacations, vehicles, clothes and at times peace of mind — to scratch out a little bit of preps
          fully expecting to help ANYONE who asks for help after a SHTF scenario. Now, frankly, after seeing the reactions of folks
          for the most part who are on SNAP, for example, or others who strike out at anyone who lends them a hand up or out, or
          attacks someone who is in the least way vulnerable, well, it has given me considerable pause.

          I have read numerous posts, articles, books, scripture and had informative discussions with others on scriptural doctrines
          re giving. That is not what I am speaking of or referencing here alone for there are a multitude of other Scriptures that
          speak of prepping, ie providing for your own first and the defense of those who you are responsible for.

          It is easier to give when you have “plenty” of extras. The question becomes what about when you are not so plush. The
          scenario I played in my head today as I continue to mull this over is where there is “Someone at the fence who is asking
          for food” and I know without looking in the cupboard there is one can of pinto beans and a single row of stale crackers,
          period, and after that there is nothing for the grandchildren. In that portrayed event I assure you I would not give it
          away no matter how pitiful or needy those at the fence were. Not only that, but I would use whatever means available to
          ensure that final meal went to our grandkids and no one else. Okay. Call me crazy or damned but it is in my mind that
          most, if not all of you folks would do the same thing because by that point there would be starvation all around, sunken
          eyes, bloated bellies, skin and bones.

          Now the tough question comes not when the cupboard is bare but when it is in a relatively full condition. Do you give
          then or not? So many here say, “Absolutely, the Lord said to.” Well, yes and no. Do you give now? Do you give now till
          it hurts and sacrifice a little or a lot in order to do so? Do you search out the one who is pulling the last of their
          change out of an old sandwich bag at the self checkout to buy some bread and milk and drop a couple bucks with maybe the
          words, “Happy birthday,” as you walk away, or any other needy person that our Lord says, “Look over there. See my child
          needs help,” do you? Well, I’m far from perfect in that way but I do it incognito as much as possible with the knowledge
          i may be incorrect in my assumption of the need, but i am not incorrect in my reason for giving. I say this just so you
          know i understand there is a tremendous responsibility to help out there, and now, pre SHTF, we do.

          Now, let’s move forward in the give or not to give…

          The worldly situation is no deep dark secret that only a few are aware of. ANYONE, and I mean by that any adult can see
          the devastation of Sandy, Katrina, tornados, floods, job loss and see the need to prepare even a little.

          No, I am not trying to rationalize here. What I am pointing out is just one of the thoughts I have thrown around in trying
          to come up with the kind of “resolve” it is going to take to make a stance one way or the other, and it will be a stance as
          in defense mode no matter which way you go in the decision.

          To give away food, clothing, shelter in a post SHTF environment guarantees the return of the receiver and more than likely
          they won’t be alone to ask for more for themselves and their associates at which point you are faced then with the reality
          that there are not enough stores in a well stocked wally world, Costco, wherever to feed the multitude and you are not
          Jesus able to feed the masses with five barley loaves and a few fish. No, you will find yourself facing the mob at that
          point and then it is truly over for you, whatever of “yours” you have left as well as “some” of the mobsters you’ll then
          be forced to confront as they won’t be just after your food but your daughters, wife, mom… you get the picture….

          For those of you who are screaming at me “Jesus said….” save your breath and effort typing a response. That is not what
          our Lord commanded. Yes, help as I’ve set forth above, but He also told us to arm yourself as the time has come when you
          will have to defend yourself. Yes, I know that’s not a quote but it is the meat of His statement to us to sell your cloak
          and buy a sword if you don’t own one and there are other scriptures,
          old and new, that command us to provide for our family and protect that, even if it means
          defending those provisions…

          Now we have come full circle in a shortcut kind of way: Give or Not to Give, that is the question.

          Do I trust in God? Absolutely. Am I a Christian? Absolutely. Do I care for the hungry, the sick, the lonely, the
          outcast? Absolutely. Do I know positively in every circumstance what I am going to do when there are folks at the fence
          asking for food? No, and therein lies the absolute life and death instantaneous response that could well cost my life
          (which I don’t have a problem giving up) but the lives of the little ones I have been entrusted with. I do have a serious
          problem with that and therefore I, for one, do believe that it is best to resolve to protect them from day one to ensure
          they are cared for, even if it means someone else is going to go hungry. “The poor you will always have with you,” the
          Lord said, and while I know poor, having slept with it numerous times which is why i’m willing to help now pre SHTF, i will
          not be handing out “stuff” post SHTF. That said, still the question of the “resolve” to follow through on that will be the
          toughest thing to do since my military days.

          Have you really thought through to the ultimate conclusion of where you will stand?
          If you are like i was, you’ve given it “some” thought but only in a peripheral way, dismissing it with a casual “Sure, I’ll
          give.” We, this generation alive today in the once good ole USA, have never faced the kind of hell about to be unleashed,
          (and in many ways already unleashed), and i say “by GOD” to get our attention. You owe it — no. “owe” is close but not
          the right word. Let’s just say if you don’t think this through in an intimate, realistic, responsible way then you might
          as well not prep at all for it will be throwing your pearls before swine…

          • Facebook Page

            We are prep led heavily for when the rebuild begins.

            I have had to “push” people away from food and supplies. It hard. I did and I still feel where I had any say it was the right thing to do.

            If it is to help any one that is laying with me or is made because of me. I won’t just push. This where you will have to decide if you can kill. First ones easy. It will be an unexpected reaction. The second and more is where you will decide if your “soul” is worth your family.

            I made that discisio a long time ago.

          • old guy

            Maybe its selfish. I believe charity begins at home. If I take care of me & mine and you do the same for you & yours that’s great. Should some disaster take my preps ill not cause another potential harm by asking for their sustinence. I will fall back on a prep that cant be lost unless you die. That prep Is know how & self reliance. Don’t feel bad about not sharing. After Noah closed the door to the Ark he never let the others in? Follow Noahs example.

        • old guy

          I wonder if the displaced native American,s walking the trail of tears appeared much the same as these folks do?

      34. Anonymous

        Philippines are wishing they didn’t trade Amerkia for a few high heel shoes & base’s after a volcano. Fuck them.

        • Ted Kennedy

          F.U. Anonymous, you are alive.

      35. Socrates

        David in AZ-

        Those are tough, thought provoking questions and most likely…ones we will all be faced with one day. Since you appear to be spiritually inclined maybe the real question isn’t what to give…but to teach. Give a man a fish, etc. But instead teach him to fish.

        Maybe you have done some research on natural and wild foodstuffs, for instance. If you know that you cannot share your physical preps, maybe you can give them ‘knowledge’.

        Some wild plants for instance, cattails and purslane are quite edible and if you were to instruct those in need, they might just listen.

        Here’s a list of 19 edible plants that many here probably already know-
        and this one as well:

        So, you are not sending them away empty handed, per se and hopefully giving them a bit of hope as well.

      36. Be informed

        Kamachakta Peninsula just had a major earthquake about 15 minutes ago. The list of danger areas of future earthquakes given on several comments, Kamachakta Peninsula was one of them, is being dwindled down as this is number 8 in the past 5 weeks. India/China, Alaska Aleutian Islands, Cascadia fault, California, Mexico/Central America to Caribbean, Samoa to New Guinea, and western South America remain hotter than ever.

        • old guy

          Yes its heating up. Im still of the opinion the Cascadia and west coast will happen before the New Madrid.

          • Be informed

            @ old guy. You are probably correct as the most pressure right now is on the Cascadia, then the San Andreas, and finally the New Madrid. This is how past history as played out. It might even be the San Andreas first that sets off the Cascadia because the San Andreas has a horizontal push to the northwest towards the Cascadia. The north Mid Atlantic Ridge just had an earthquake and ONLY 4 times in the past decades this has been hit. That lead to a 7.7 in Taiwan, 7.5 in Mexico, last year a 7.7 deep focus earthquake in the Sea of Okhotsk, and some mid 6’s from New Guinea to Tonga. Everything is still pointing to a very large earthquake coming. 40 of the past 45 precursor earthquakes have lead to at least a 7.5 in the past. It still has not stopped, and all 8 major earthquakes since 5 weeks ago have all been forecasted as part of the danger zones. The list is getting narrower and more exact which areras are next on the “earthquake tour”.

            • Ronald

              Be Informed : I’ll repeat my question but a little more refined what would you get that would increase your odds if you had preps for years (food and water,medical,guns and ammo) I’m looking for information please?

              • Facebook Page

                There is a point you have enough go have fun with what you still have. Over prep can be cancerous if you forget why you are prepping. Or go buy a solo and move in.

                • Ronald

                  Whats a solo?

              • gone under

                Root Cellar with concrete walls, floor and roof. With 3 feet of dirt on the top and sides.

      37. Buzzfix

        The majority of looting and bad behavior will occur in and around shopping and business areas. People gotta run off with that flat screen n oreos. If you live away from the treasure chests you’ll fair better. The last lace to be is next door to KMART or Best Buy get the point. The trouble is more likely to be constrained or isolated to those locations and or areas.

      38. Barn Cat

        It’s amazing to read the absolute filth posted here and then to see that they have more thumbs up than thumbs down. That should concern everyone with a brain, a heart, and a soul.

        • Facebook Page

          Or you are wrong. Maybe it is you that should rethink with your brain heart and soul.

        • Pissed Off Granny

          So now, Barncat, instead of you proving the posts that you dont like are not truth, you can only come up with the word “filth”?

          I was expecting a better rebuttal than that from you Barncat, like why the posts are not true.

          Some links, Barncat, please. Your two line posts are quite tiring.

        • Tactical

          Barn Cat, You can call them the “Silent Majority”. Be very aware of their existence since when they rise up, nothing can stop them. BTW, they have more heart and brain than folks like you since they are seeking the truth and who seeks the truth will find it.

        • Anonymous

          Amen Barncat, thought the same thing myself. I’m debating on leaving this community for good because I don’t want to be associated with such nazi comments

        • Indy Colts

          Amen Barncat, I thought the same thing myself. I’ve been debating leaving this community due to the nazi comments. I don’t want my email/IP address associated with this crap.

          • REB

            I understand your point but don’t let it get to you too much Indy…its kinda like a family…you’ve got your level headed Gramps and your Uncle Joe and your Paps…but you’ve also got crazy cousin Al and that brother in law of yours…you know the one ;)…let em rattle on…youre not gonna become guilty by association so to speak and the good things that good folks here have to offer still outweighs the bad…besides you yourself still have some good stuff to share Im sure 🙂

      39. KY Mom

        Video: O’Keefe reveals Obamacare corruption…

        The Truth about Navigators
        “This time, his undercover investigators focused on Obamacare’s “navigators,” the nearly 50,000 people who, in the words of the Department of Health and Human Services, “will serve as an in-person resource for Americans who want additional assistance in shopping for and enrolling in plans” on the Obamacare exchanges.”

        “Government-paid workers supposedly trained to uphold the law advise clients on how to lie on government forms, evade legal requirements, and ignore proper procedures.”

        “You lie because your premiums will be higher,” one navigator advises.

        Drudge Report

        • JayJay

          This reminds me of an article years ago that exposed the practice of LAWYERS–yes, lawyers–training human resource how to turn down Americans applying for jobs here.
          They wanted foreigners so they could pay less.
          These foreigners would work for next to nothing just for a Visa card.

      40. slingshot

        This thread went to shit.

      41. Frank Thoughts

        This is why your preps need to be flexi-preps. The idea all you need to do is build up the greatest stock pile of beans, gold, and ammo on planet earth (have any of these obese preppers tried to hump ammo over a field while running? Try it sometime.), is a fallacy.

        What you need is the following:

        a) Complete physical fitness and strength and skills. The military knows this and that is why it trains troops this way.

        b) A bug out bag that you can carry and run with without doing a “Ousie!!! I am a coming ta meet ya! Oh Lord!! Heart attack. ” The bag needs to provide you with enough gear and food to keep you going for a week and a half (enough time to move location to somewhere safer).

        c) Financial and wealth back stops. This needs to be like what Jews did in WWII. Keep your money spread around in various banks, jurisdictions, property, assets etc. When one is confiscated or stolen, fall back on the next one. Once you have settled somewhere, you can then call in your wealth and rebuild your life.

        d) Another passport or two. Mobility always gives you options.

        e) Overseas friends and contacts. People you can go stay with for a few weeks or who would help you set up again, start a business etc. or just get you a meal or get you laid (not a joke: a good woman can be the beginning of your new family life). These things count in a crisis.

        f) Watch for the signs: there are always signs: This typhoon was known about and the rich certainly got their butts out of town. The same can be said for 90 per cent of most disasters (even earthquakes tend to happen in earthquake-prone areas so there is a lot you can do before an earthquake happens to increase your survival chances). Pay attention to news but listen with a critical ear. In most third world countries, the media will play down the risks or not even talk about them. In rich countries, the media likes to just babble about meaningless crap to keep you distracted. But there are lots of other sources that tell the truth. But look for the signs and act accordingly.

        g) Sense of humour: in a crisis, you just gotta laugh because that is all you can do to stay sane. Soldiers like to laugh and tell jokes: it is how they get through all that horrible sh#t. Laugh and tell jokes.

      42. MICoyote

        I guess this is now a nazi website.

        Think I look for info else where.

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          That’s the point of trolling.

        • Tactical

          MICoyote….Too much for your IQ? Go read Jerusalem post then.

          • Them Guys

            Tactical: I was going to recomend barn cat and indy colts and a few others here make a mass exodus and Move to state of israel, so they can be closer to the prime source of their warm fuzzy happy feeling based emotional delusions.

            But Then I recalled that a year or so ago Israel state jewish officials Chnaged their Constitution! They added a Clause to NOT grant citizenship to Any Goyim gentiles.

            Now the Master race self chozens, self worshipper jews in israel will ONLY grant citizenship to a person who can Prove their Mother is jewish aka that makes Them a jew also. Oh and also they MUST be White jews as NO ethiopean black jews allowed any longer. They Rounded up 100,000 Black jews in isreal and now House em all in CONCENTRATION CAMP Prisons built especially For such uses!

            Black jews are to remain in Camp Concentration untill state israel officials can find somewheres Else to ship black jews to. Africa recently said NO! Last I read Israeli jew Master race self chozen Khazar fraud jews were attempting to send black african jews to Switzerland!

            I believe the swiss also said NO thanks!

            It is very Ironic that the people most loudest and Most Often calling usa whiteys racists or white-seperatists etc, are american liberal zionist jews eh. While back home in israel they practice their talmudic Master Race NWO-Jwo utopian dreams to rule the world and Own it all including the 500 million goyim gentiles they allow to remain alive as Slaves of Jews.

            Say some prayers for those dlusional evangelical jew firsters to yank their collective heads out of jewish ass and see the Light of Truth before too late!

      43. slingshot

        Hey Sanna.
        Ho Sanna.
        Sanna Sanna, Hey.
        Sanna Hey, Sanna Ho Sanna.
        Hey J.C., J.C. Will you fight for me.
        Sanno Ho, Sanna Hey

        Jesus Christ Superstar.

      44. Farmer Fred

        I just started prepping about a year ago. After reading an article like this it would be foolish to not make at least the most basic preparations. Now, I live out in the country and have a small hobby farm. I always figured I could grow, raise or hunt what I need for my family, but this simply isn’t true. After SHTF, do I really want to work out in my garden with hungry neighbors watching me? What if something happens to my chickens or my milk goats? So, I realized that the only thing I can rely on for my families survival is long term food storage and a couple good rifles. I do need help in one area though and that is water. I have a four inch drilled well, but if the power goes down, how am I going to pump it? I could buy a generator and wire up an outlet for my well, but eventually I’ll run out of gas right? The water level is down to about 50 feet so I can’t pull the cap off my well and use one of them 12v water pumps – they’re not strong enough and besides, are they reliable? Any suggestions what I can do to secure a water supply would be of great help right now. I feel something in my spirit that says we don’t have much time. Thank you ~ Fred

        • JayJay

          Farmer Fred–I feel the same way.
          Fence around that garden?
          Hey, fence cutters.
          Any fence 6 feet high can be climbed.
          Water stored in back yard??
          Access is easy–can’t guard it 24/7 or the garden either.
          We have our water in the garage and when those drums are empty, one at a time as rain catchers.
          Think food storage in years, not months.

          • Farmer Fred

            You’re right. I am not going to risk getting shot by someone that is so desperate that they’re cutting the fence surrounding my garden and I’m probably not going to shoot them either. I just figure I wont grow a garden the first year after SHTF. For now I’m going to buy about a dozen 50 gallon barrels to store water in and keep these in the garage next to the house. I did buy a good Katadyn water filter for worst case scenario because I do have a swamp near my house. I worry about using rain water because of all the chemtrails. They have been really heavy the past couple years.

        • gone under

          Install a flojack hand pump or a better built brand. They will pump up alot deeper than fifty feet.

        • REB

          They make some pretty good 12v+ pumps for water wells Im told…50′ isn’t very deep…a good hand pump and elevated storage could provide a good backup system…myself I have a gravity fed spring system so water isn’t a big concern…have other backup systems for redundancy anyhow…two is one and one is none as they say 🙂

      45. old guy

        /farmer fred you can buy a long slender well bucket that can be dropped in your well . it has a valve in the bottom that lets water in and closes when you draw it up with a pulley & rope.. 50 feet is not to terribly far. I think a lario pump hooked to a windmill or bicycle would also be efficient. You probably know you only have two choices when it comes to hungry neighbors. feed them or kill them?

        • LSB

          yes. We bought one of those well buckets from Lehmans.

      46. Joycauser

        The crabs under the sand are edible so is seawead there is wood everywhere start fishing, make distilled water with seawater by boiling it making condensation with the lid upside down put a cup inside the pot and let the water drip into cup this will distill the water….I would send them salted plumbs.

        • old guy

          The reason those folks don’t do things like you suggest is they don’t have Know How and are not self reliant. Two preps that cant be taken & redistributed or lost & destroyed unless you die.

      47. Joycauser

        Consider NOT living in that location move…most just refuse and stay right there well there are locations that weren’t hit perhaps moving THERE where there is water?

      48. old guy

        of Philippines

        Posted on November 13, 2013 by The Extinction Protocol

        November 13, 2013 – Manila, PHILIPPINES – Struggle for survival has killed eight people in Tacloban in Philippines today. A huge crowd stormed into a rice warehouse in the city and as a result, a wall collapsed, killing 8 people instantly. There is a shortage of food, safe drinking water, clothes and everything necessary in the Haiyan-devastated Philippines. Police and security agencies guard malls, shops, warehouses and camps to stop angry people from attacking them. There are also reports of armed gangs looting the shops and malls. The crowd took away almost 1 Lakh bags of rice, each bag weighing 50 kgs, authorities reported. According to United nations data, more than 10,000 people have died in the typhoon. Haiyan was described as one of the most powerful storms ever in the world. UN says it has a huge amount of job to be done in Philippines and Vietnam where the wind caused maximum destructions. “We have not been able to get into the remote communities,” UN humanitarian chief Valerie Amos said in Manila. More than 11 million people are said to be affected by the storm. “Even in Tacloban, because of the debris and the difficulties with logistics and so on, we have not been able to get in the level of supply that we would want to. We are going to do as much as we can to bring in more,” she said. –One India

        Another storm brings rain: Tropical Depression Zoraida, as named by the Philippine weather agency PAGASA, brought locally heavy rain to parts of the southern and central Philippines. Davao City, the largest city on the main southern island of Mindanao, reported 82 mm (3.2 inches) of rain in the 24-hour period ending at 8 a.m. Philippine time Tuesday. The Philippines are 13 hours ahead of U.S. Eastern time. Davao is one of the largest cities in the Philippines, with over 1.4 million people in the city and 2.2 million people in its metropolitan area. Weather reports from the hardest-hit areas of the central Philippines are limited as most of the infrastructure was wiped out by Super Typhoon Haiyan. -WC

      49. FOREIGNER

        and yet they will still mock the prepper thereafter.

        I have adopted the prepper culture in order to stave off un employment. I have been unemployed before. not pretty

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