Bread and Circuses: Poor and Broke Camp Out Overnight, Rush the Gates for Gov Rental Assistance

by | Jul 14, 2011 | Headline News | 215 comments

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    The video clip below is reminiscent of the annual American version of the Running of the Bulls on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day. But on this particular day, people aren’t looking for deals on flat screen TV’s and video game systems. Having maxed out their credit cards to “save” money on must have technology items in November of 2010, many residents of the U.S. are finding it increasingly difficult to put food on the table and pay the rent.

    This has led to increased government assistance all over the country. The latest giveaway in the growing trend of housing and rental entitlement expenditures comes to us from Dallas, TX, where broke and hungry residents, many of whom camped out overnight, rushed the gates of the Jesse Owens Memorial Complex in an effort to get their piece of the entitlement pie.

    For those familiar with the movie Gladiator starring Russel Crowe, you may be familiar with the scene where Caesar has loaves of bread thrown to the crowds. The actions of our government today are nothing more than the bread and circuses acts of the political elite in societies on the brink of collapse. Appease the masses with empty promises and satisfy the immediate shallow needs of the populace. Rinse, repeat. Until you run out of money to even throw them their bread.

    This begs the question, what happens when the money stops flowing to Main Street?

    We suspect it will go something like Zbigniew Brzezinski forecast in a recent interview, suggesting that when the middle, working and welfare class run out of money society will slide into intensified social conflicts and hostility.

    It’s obvious that more and more people are finding it increasingly difficult to pay for their housing, their food, and their energy needs. At some point the credit will run out – on a personal and governmental level – and the necessities for life will cost so much that no one will be able to afford them. When this happens, we can expect not hundreds, not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of angry, broke, and hungry people lining the streets of our major cities demanding justice.


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      1. section 8 chimpout?

        • Ladies and Gentlemen,

          May introduce to you….

          The GOLDEN HORDE.

          We now return you to your regularly scheduled prepping.

          • Yep, man you got it! – F*%king Sheeple!!!

            “Look Dad is’t a stampede of sheeple!!!”

        • Running as fast as they can for their “obama money”. Seems to me that some of the runners have a distinct genetic advantage. I know the economy’s bad but some folks just love a govt handout (at my expense!).

          • I can run fast too! The other way… (I have an eight ball that I flip over after asking questions). Looks like the Ok la homie land rush my grandfather told me about.

            little timmy says we’re running out of time. Volcker says the bills are going to get paid. The $ is a bill. Most of the crowd here knows that.

            • To get okies to run that fast you’d have to offer free beer at a free Garth Brooks concert. Even then, we’d probably just mosey.
              They call the thang roe dee owe wo wo…

            • I certainly “hope” that’s draft. What kind? I’m sauntering on over to Hooters.

          • Take from you to buy a vote for me! The liberal way.

          • Careful!
            This sort of thing got Jimmy the Greek in trouble (speaking the truth is not permitted)!

        • We know who you are.

        • Exacty.

      2. And justice will be served ….. when the mob gets organized and figures out WHO is responsible for the economic condition of the country.

        Where in the world is Robspierre?

        • For THIS mob the culprit is anyone who has something they WANT.

          How did we arrive at a place where earning something does not entitle you to it, but Wanting something someone else earned does entitle you to it?

          This scene was just over getting another freebie. This same mob will be quite ugly if the freebies are cut off.

      3. Remember the crime waves of the ’20s and ’30s spawned by the “Great Depression”? That era gave birth to some of our most notorious criminals such as John Dillinger, Bonnie and Clyde, baby Face Nelson, Machine Gun Kelly, and Pretty Boy Floyd. Get ready to see criminals increasing in numbers and firepower as dwindling law enforcement budgets overcrowding prison systems, and desperation take hold of our country. I foresee guns, rocket launchers, and grenades backflowing into the US to fuel the new criminal super gangs who will be spreading their wings unimpeded throughout the states. It’s gonna get bloody folks so buy it cheap and stack it deep, lock-n-load!

        • +1, ain’t skeered.

        • I don’t agree with that theory, Beefcake. I’d bet (if it could be proven) that most of the violence was due to alcohol prohibition and the bootlegging business. The crime goes with interference in the market by the government and the resulting easy money.

          Compare this to the drug war and you can see the same thing, only an order of magnitude worse; it’s worse due to the fact that now the government doesn’t care about the Constitution as it prosecutes this 50-years long and counting ongoing “drug police action”.

          • The “war on drugs” will not end because it has become such a large industry. The numbers are mind-boggling:suppliers of military-style “police equipment”, lawyers, judges, prison guards, bail bondsmen, court reporters, “treatment professionals” with revolving doors (“treatment” that is almost a failure), and the list goes on and on.

            I do not blame the “Mexican drug cartels”. America has an insatiable appetite for drugs. Without demand from USA, the “druglords” would have to pick vegetables.

            • BS….there is much more $$$ to be made bt sex trafficking. Drugs are secondary now.

          • Although prohibition did create a lot of crime all those people I listed were more about robbery than bootlegging. They, as many people of that depression era, were faced with a choice of starve to death or start robbing banks. No jobs and no money will reveal just how thin the veneer of civility is within our society.

            • I fear it has thinned out even more. re: Video above.

              I have rented to animals such as this. Without section 8, more often than not you don’t get paid. The state and county help them steal from landlords.

              I have mixed feelings about food pantries after cleaning out an apartment (after an eviction) and finding huge quantities of canned goods, unopened spaghetti, and other food left behind. This food was not used because it required a little effort to prepare.

            • John Q and Beefcake,
              You’re both right! The mob (including the Kennedy family) got their foothold during the Prohibition on liquor, but the failure of the banking system created an atmosphere of bitterness among the general population that allowed the thuggery and thievery to have a veneer of respectability with the population — the Robin Hood effect.

        • Hell! I can’t load that fast.

        • I’d be in the market for a case of grenades, a few LAW rockets and some Claymores, if you could please direct me to a sales outlet ! 🙂

      4. This is why I buy ammo in bulk.

        • Amen too that!!!

        • Good luck with that.

          Seriously… if I had a dime for every over-confident person claiming that the golden horde won’t bother them because they have a division’s worth of ammunition…

          Tell you what: For a good, hard lesson, play the old Space Invaders game sometime. However, try to beat every level. Because that’s exactly what facing a horde of desperate people will be like. Sure, you’ll kill quite a few people, but more and more will come, at greater and greater rates of speed and in greater numbers. You can’t reload fast enough, and neither can 12 of your best buddies, no matter what kind of badassed military background you say they may have.

          Personally, the best you can hope for is sufficient isolation and a sufficiently strong community. Anything else is going to wipe you out… eventually.

      5. Read the book “One Second After” and you’ll know what hungry people will do and at what lengths. If you can, where you live, raise some dual purpose chickens. I’m getting ready to skim off a few birds that came in around May 2cd to put in the freezer or can the meat. Planted some more apple trees. Potatoes and onions will get dug up this weekend and put up and I’ll put in some beets, more sweet corn and another row of new lettuce that grew real well for me early on. The wind is starting to pick up here in America and a storms a’comin.
        A big’un. Time to gather up as much as you can, help others as much as you can. The shadows grow long.

        • Did just finish One second after.Great book its a real eye opener

          • +1. I purchased extra copies for fence sitting friends and family.

          • I recently read it too. A little over-dramatic, but frighteningly realistic. I think the base situation won’t be as bad as the book makes out, but there will be other problems not even mentioned in the book that may be worse.

          • Lucifer’s Hammer is another great TEOTWAWKI book.

            • Read Patriots by James Rawles and Lights Out by David Crawford

        • LOL! The people weren’t hungry, they just wanted something for FREE, paid for by someone else. That white gal was lucky she didn’t get her face bashed in by some of those blacks. Did you hear her say she’s working 3 jobs and going to school? Sounds to me like she’s on her way to being self-sufficient. All of them are cocoapuffers.

          • Not exactly…young Ms. Spivey says, “I’m a student working three jobs so I would, you know, definitely nee help with my rent so I don’t have to work so much…”

            (Wouldn’t we all like to “not have to work so much!”)

            Subectively, however, are so many Dallas residents so FAT? And how come the biggest concern seems to be WHERE TO PARK THEIR CARS?

            If you need housing assistance, I’d have thought you’d be riding the bus…but maybe I’m behind the times…

            • Texas was a destination for many “Katrina refugees” who will now proceed to suck Texas dry until they are expelled.

              Remember how well it worked out for the hotels that took the gubmint money for “Katrina refugees”? In almost every case they had to go to court and evict these leeches (who had already trashed the hotel).

            • you make a good point about the cars. How can so many people afford a car to get there, but want something for free to help with the rent. seems to me if you can’t afford rent for housing, you can’t afford a car either.
              I have personally seen people using food stamps to buy crap, and going out and getting in a $40,000 truck. it does not compute. There are those that need some help, and I’m glad i don’t have to make the decision about who gets it.
              Another theme that runs through this story. if you think its bad now, wait 6 months…

          • Oh My Gosh. There was a white person there. I’m stunned. I gotta go back and watch it again. I missed her. Are you sure she wasn’t just a “high-yellow”?

            Just sayin’.

            • Have you heard of “white trash”? This is not just a black problem, even though the vast majority of them are black.

      6. The end of the American Empire

        • The end of an Empire maybe, but the renewal of the American Revolution and way of life.

        • The beginning of a left behind country.

          • Only by those who can’t keep up. Put your tennis shoes on and build up your endurance. The race will belong to the strong.

      7. are eating this country up Swarm Of 35 Hooligans Rob Las Vegas Convenience Store!

        ChasinDatPaperMediay up

        • I constantly remind my wife to always find the exits when entering any business. So far I have not heard of them attacking customers, but it is a matter of time.

          You are not being paranoid if they really are out to get you.

          • Need to get your CCW for these types of situations

      8. Wow, just looked at the video. Same thing happened I believe in Atlanta not too long ago. Can you imagine what it would have been like if their stomachs were pinched from hunger, and the give away was food and not housing vouchers. Stay vigilant.

        • Think back to the videos of Haiti. Not a pretty site.

      9. Why do we need to support these people? From what I saw they were better fed, dressed and had more jewelry then I do.

        From the sprinters across the parking lot I didn’t see many disabled, did you?

        Sorry folks, but I haven’t bought new shoes, shirts or $100 pair of tennis in a few years. So what gives them the right on my dollar?

        • Feed the poor or they will feed on you. Create a job for the poor so they can wpork, or they will work you over. Its time to bring OUR jobs and OUR economy back from offshore.

          • They are too lazy to work. Why work when you can get it for free? Seriously, who would hire anyone of those people? At least the white gal said she was working 3 jobs. That’s why we pay taxes, so they can buy their steak and lobster, stuff that you and I don’t buy because it’s too expensive. Some of those cars parked in the parking lot looked like pretty nice cars to me. This is what the liberals have done to this country. Entitlements need to go.

          • GF: You don’t know that these people are too lazy to work. There are 5 people unemployed in America for every job offering. 10 in Arizona where I live.

            The student is working 3 pt jobs. Good for her! She’ll make it.

            We do not need to attack the old, the poor, or the infirm in America. They are the results of the unfettered, enchecked capitalism, of the gangster banksters who have looted, raped, and stolen the American economy for themselves and their progeny.

            The political and financial elite in this country would like nothing better than to have US bickering among ourselves and pointing fingers at each so that they can escape the judgement that rightly belongs to them.

            But for the grace of God go you and I.

            • DK, I live in AZ as you do. You are correct that we do not know if “these” people are to lazy to work. I do know however that where I reside many of the recipients of the welfare system are to lazy to work because of the system.
              I do agree with you 100% that the bankers are to blame for most of the countries economic problems. I learned about the “gangster banksters” as you call them 30+ years ago. No one wanted to listen then and no one wants to listen now. You also have to admit that our so-called elected officials have done a wonderful job at facilitating and exacerbating our economic problems by promising the world to an ever expanding horde of takers.

            • Go ahead DK!! Testify my brother!!

            • The vast majority of these “people” are leeches and we all know it.

            • Hey my company screwed me and 500 other employees to use temp workers, I have been prepping as you call it now for over 20 years (we used to be called survivalists). I now work full time for 8.50 an hour and I use my 500 dollars a month in food stamps so I don’t have to use my emergency food stockpiles. House is paid for but I am gonna take everything from this dying ass country I can get. Most of you talk about what will happen when shtf, but for most of us it happened almost 3 years ago. Heat house with wood so quit whining. Lets see if your so high and mighty in a couple of years.

          • Yes, but if the jobs are to be “brought back”, Americans are going to have to be prepared to work for much lower wages. I’d guess minimum wages should be abolished and union protection ended, too.

            North Americans’ real competition is from overseas.

            • hey news flash..

              do you support slave labor ?

              are you willing to work for $2 bucks an hour ??

              if that other country pays its workers $2.00 a hour.

              that country should pay a %tariff to even the feild to have their product sold here..
              that is far more fair sir.

            • Kred: Not at all. Absolutely not at all. Americans need not work for lower wages. Minimum wages should not be abolished when there are five Americans unemployed for every one job available. That would be asinine.

              Ok so you put more people to work for $4.00 per hour? And more at $3.00 an hour. Of course, you can put even more people to work at $1.25 an hour, which was the minimum wage when I started working. That accomplishes nothing but the TOTAL destruction of the middle class.

              The way WE bring the jobs and factories back to America is the same way they left. They were “encouraged” to leave by Executive Agreement and legislation.

              They can come back the same way. There is no reason why multinational corporations that make billions of dollars in profit and pay NO American taxes should have access to OUR markets. That’s insanity! That is legislated corruption paid for by the NWO lobbyists.

              If a company wants to sell their products in America they can build a factory here with American workers producing the product, or they can pay a tariff for access to OUR markets.

              There is NO such thing as Free Trade or Free Markets. They do NOT exist. They NEVER have. Don’t buy into that BS. They do not exist now. These are sloguns of the international gangster banksters. These sloguns are euphanisms for the financial rape of the American economy and taxpayer. Wake up sheeple!

              All markets are MANAGED. Its time to defend OUR markets, OUR jobs, OUR economy, and the American way of life by managing OUR markets through “Fair Trade”.

              Its time to manage OUR markets to the benefit of the American taxpayer and family. This country belongs to US. These are OUR markets, but the gangster banksters have “shanghied” them: literally and figuratively.

              The Founding Fathers envisioned funding the federal government with TARIFFS. If these gangster banksters want access to American markets,

              I say they must “Pay To Play”

            • Durango, you’re a PROTECTIONIST. You believe in a planned economy, a big government economy. One with tariff walls – which would crash the dollar vs. other currencies. One in which Americans are NOT permitted to move their businesses and buy and sell to whomever, wherever the see fit.

              Tell me this: what right does any government have to tell private individuals or companies where they may sell goods, what they may sell, to tax them so as to render them unprofitable and then to tell Americans what they may buy?

              You’d be using coercive government to force Americans to pay $2.00 per coathanger or $50,000 per American-made car…and there would be hell to pay when they find out that foreign-made ones were much cheaper.

              And…who is going to allow American imports in when the U.S. has all these protective tariffs?

            • Kreditanstalt you are a globalist.

              you support slave labor for the corporation to make even bigger profits selling here ??

              SINCE WHEN hasn’t the government told us what we can buy, and who from… since when have they not ??.. don’t make me laugh… you need to talk to Iran, Cuba, Valenzuela etc.. the list is long.

              why are American cars not sold in South Korea ??… simple, because they are not allowed to be sold there.

              I do not care about free trade or globalization. I care about Fair Trade.
              competition on resources is fine.. competition of slave labor is not.

              Your plan does nothing but conceal the devaluation of OUR dollar.. 97% loss since 1913… the other 3% will be gone very soon.

              what worry’s many the most, is when another 97% is shaved off from what is now left thanks to your slave labor supporting economy.

              why care less what “other” countries currency’s are worth.. the trade of the two evens that out on the exchange of… where are you from ??

              why worry about our exports when all we export anymore is financial products. also, the only reason the things we do still export are bought by them is because they cant make it themselves with the same high quality, OR they are lacking the technology.

            • @Black Sheep…me?! A globalist!?

              It’s the principle of the thing: the individual is sovereign and governments are just gangs of thugs with guns. You are a supporter, no doubt, of tougher border controls, minimum wages, higher taxes on “the wealthy”, supporting “our” troops and, now, telling Americans and American companies what they can buy or sell and where they can do it.

              Sounds like a big government planned economy to me.

              No one should be permitted to interfere with the natural right of private contract: what two people (or companies, etc.) agree between themselves – what is to be sold, to who, what the price shall be, where the goods are sourced, what shall be used as money – is their business ALONE.

            • Thank you Kreditanstalt for not answering even one question I asked you… you sidestep the answers to then imply other things that where not even said.. You fly high on a “Group herding type of mentality”

              For the record, I want a return of, “The People Controlled Economy” as defined in the constitution… not some corporate wet dream you have.

              You can go have fun with your big “corporate planned economy” in many of the other nations the corporations already own.. your corporate owners have served them People just great in the last 500 years..NOT !!.. LMAO

              I am reading you very clearly.
              you can not stay alive with out us…
              Have Fun !!

            • Mike S.– With me it is not “high and mighty”. I know some good people have been fu*Ked by the .gov and corps. I don’t blame anyone who has tried to play by the rules for taking whatever they can get. I still have a decent job and would not hesitate to take food stamps if I could get them. It is no sin to steal from a thief. Any of us could end up competing with the “professionals” for handouts. They have a huge head start on how to game the system.

              Might as well bleed the .gov dry on the way down. It sees you only as a source of revenue. Have you noticed that the “professionals” seem to have priority over you when it comes to obtaining benefits?

          • “so they can wpork”? Was that a Freudian slip? I think it might be!

            • No it was just by big fingers on my little keyboard.

            • See, it happened again. The word is “my” not “by”.

            • DK twice in a row I don’t care who you are that is funny. Thanks for the smile

            • Original or extra krispy… Harry Callahan: A 50 cal is a good weapon, but I’ve seen 44 mag bounce off of windshieds. No good in a city like this, besides, it doesn’t shoot fast enough. Pull over Okie & give us some wisdom.

          • I use to try to understand you Durango Kidd. You hire them and eat some wpork.

            • Is that kinda like the spork you get from KFC?

          • In principal, what you say is correct. Witness the story about the recent positions that opened up at McDonalds nationwide. they turned away close to a million people. These people wanted a job, any job.
            But the reality of the situation is that it’s to late to reverse the course that has been set. After the economy reset, jobs can be brought back. But we must reset first, and it isn’t going to be pretty.
            And the trouble with the idea of feeding all the poor—what’s left of the middle class is going to be fighting for that same crumb of food the poor are. There simply isn’t enough food out there for all. This fact will come to light in the coming months.
            Whatever you’re going to put away, do it now. Not just for hard times to come, but the price of food is going out of sight. it just makes good common sense. good luck.

          • You mean ATTEMPT to.

            If things get really wild, people will start ignoring prohibitions on things like boobytrapping homes, swift vigilante justice, etc. These thugs don’t know what “severe” punishment is.

        • You hit that one spot on last pair of pants I bought was last summer, and for shoes damn its walmart tennis shoes. All my money goes for food and bills. A small amount goes for preps and ammo,I wish it could be more but at this time work is very slow awhooping 16 and half hrs this week and least then 30 hrs last week. And all around me I see illegal’s drive New escalades paying for grocerys with food stamps. I refuse to even apply for food stamps.. I will countine with what I have and keep my head held high.

          God Bless us all


          • Those that don’t deserve it will take it regardless of your pride. The whole rotten system needs to be destroyed and one of the best ways to do it is by using its own laws and forcing it to collapse under the weight of its own giveaways. And it allows you to use what cash you have to buy more ammo and store more food. Pride will not save you in the end when for the want of a bullet or a can of spam you end up on the losing side of a battle with looters or starvation.

            • That maybe Harsh but the cost will come with a high price. I never look for trouble but then again I will not back down from it either, so if they want my spam that I put back for my family then they will pay a high price for it, and they can have when all my guns are hot poping and empty.

            • Spam,spam,spam,spam!

          • DPS, please feel free to apply for food stamps…I give you permission to use MY tax dollars! Would rather it go to you, who is working and trying to make a living…then to the lazy coco puffers! BTW, the white girl working 3 jobs doesn’t have a chance…just sayin!

            • Thank you from the bottom of my heart. But I was not raised that way I don’t do the hand out thing never have never will, even when I was disable for 1 1/2 yrs I didn’t apply for help. Thanks but I still have a strong mind and a strong back. So this to shall pass.

          • I bought a brand new pair of boots and a zip up sweat shirt at the Cancer thrift store today–I’m preparing for winter. I spent under $10 for those items. I don’t know how frugal those people knocking people down to get something for nothing, but I doubt very much they would work for anything. We witnessed the McDonald’s job opening episode of the woman backing her car up and running over people. They are savages and they don’t give a shit who gets hurt as long as they get theirs. After all they have that “entitlement”mentality. If I were an employer, I wouldn’t hire any of them – they would steal me out of business.

            • Goldenfoxx you are right,I would not hire any of them. I would not even want to work with them. As for winter clothes I’m just thankful my carharts are still in great shape from 2 winters back

          • if you’ve worked all your life, you deserve the food stamps just as well as anyone. If I qualified for them, I think I’d be right there with the rest of thosepeople and get the stamps. But many, like yourself just can’t bring themselves to apply for the aid. it’s all personal choice.

        • Damn…$100 for tennis shoes??

          • Really, $100 seems a bit much. I can get a brand new pair of New Balance tennis shoes (size 15) for $65 at the New Balance store across from the Arrowhead Mall in Phoenix. The pair I am wearing is two years old and in good shape.

            • DK
              Michelle O. Was waring a $540 pair of tennis shoes as she went to a soup kitchen to serve the poor.

            • Big 5 Sporting Goods has the New Balance on sale this week for $39.99. I’m a walker so I bought me 2 pairs. I wear a pair out every 3 months,

            • Meeshall was wearing $700 shoes when she was “working” in her garden.

      10. Jesse Owens Memorial Complex.

        Parking available across the street.

        All out sprint to get the “gold.”


        Well played PTB.

        • Now that is funny!

          • You can’t make fun like this.

            • Why sure you can Slim, its the 1 right we still have left. or as my stepson’s whom both serve would say (hell its my duty to have a little fun with my brothers who I face death with)And they need to quit writing shyt on my walls in my barn..LOL

            • I’m still serving too! Big barn.

      11. I grew up poor. It was Mom, Dad and us four kids. Dad was a firefighter and Mom did clarical work. Sometimes they worked two jobs so us kids could have a better life. Mom really knew how to stretch dinner so we all had enough to eat. Dad was great at keeping the old house and car running. We always had a roof over our head, clothes on our backs and food to eat. They were the “make do” generation and made sure us kids could “make do” also. They never took a handout and wouldn’t to this day. It is a shame that so many have made a lifestyle of taking gov’t handouts. One welfare generation begets another and another and another. These people are enslaved to the dole and will vote for whoever promises to keep it coming. When will they learn that they never keep their promises.

        • My parents were small farmers and did very well but always with big risks that created a significant ongoing fear. My dad grew up in dirt floor poverty and even when he enjoyed success he made us remember how to live. Now I’m grateful, and I’m happy I have no kids. I wouldn’t be able to do for them what my parents did for me :(.

      12. Maybe some of them will get it into their minds to lynch the county and city zoning boards, the code makers and enforcers who have managed to artificially increase the price of houses out of the range of the working poor and increasingly, middle class families. Those of us who already own houses or land and kowtow to these SOBs deserve blame as well. Don’t think there are enough lamposts in the country to deal with all the traitors to our liberty when the revolution finally begins.

        • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress,
          Don’t forget about all the tall trees we can use too.

          • The trees are reserved for hanging all those EPA goons and Algore sympathizers! Those who live by the sword will die by the sword… Actually the lampost reference was a nod to the fate of Mussolini and his mistress. Regardless, I don’t think it will be safe to be a member of any of the oppressor classes when TSHTF. It will be a time full of scores being settled and fearsome vendettas by everyone against everyone until the population has been rid of those who would seek to impose their laws on their fellow man and his property.

      13. Holy Shiite! These baboons are actually PLANNING on
        waiting at least 2 years before they use the vouchers?

        Talk about your useless eaters…..

        • 15000 were chasing about 100 section 8 vouchers. The waiting list is always full.

      14. Most of them are probably people who have faithfully paid into the corp their entire lives and are now expecting it to honor it’s agreement with them when they need it.

        Imagine the anger that will be unleashed when they find out the corp was just a fraud to take their money in a Ponzi scheme.

        It is critical that these people be directed to the proper place. The focus must be on the bankers at ALL times.

        It is not the corp that needs to be sought. It does not exist. It’s owners, the shareholders of the Federal Reserve, are the only rightful targets among a government full of victims and useful idiots.

        I pray the angry sheep can see the truth and properly direct their wrath.

        • You know GC, I agree with you, but these people will never get it, no matter how much we try to educate them. They just are not interested. Don’t confuse me with the facts!

          • AZ Ready: I do understand that the ‘clientel’ in Northern Arizona where you reside has a different psychology than those of US who are euro-American. Thats their culture.

            It is not OURS.

            Still if someone is hungry, thirsty, cold, or hot, they will do what they must to survive. As preppers WE understand that. But WE should not be distracted by the symptoms and fail to call to justice those who are rightfully guilty.

            GC has that right.

            • Totally agree!

        • I am elated to see that an ever increasing percentage of the population refuses to take the banksters’ bait. People are wising up and, instead of the victims fighting each other (black against white against brown), they are figuring out that it is the “international” banksters and other swindling financiers who have engineered most of our misery.

          Prosecute the guilty of genocide and economic crimes against humanity; leave the innocent alone.

          Refresh your recollection about whay Jesus says in Apocalypse (Revelations) 3:9 and in nearly 100 other New Testament verses.

        • We all know that their wrath will be directed at anybody with white skin.

      15. I hate to bring color into this, but WTF! Same old same old. Remember, it’s only whities money man, it’s only whities money! Make the dash for the extra freebie. Let’s spent all night doing nothing to improve yourself and position, and instead spent it in a parking lot. Give me a break please. This IS the golden horde so just wait till the SHTF. Coming to a neighborhood near you!

        • LOL! I just heard that Bloomberg wants to put all illegals into Detroit because there’s no one living there. They have to stay there for 10 years and repopulate that town. I can just see it now–these politicians are over the top. And the Mexicans certainly don’t get along with the blacks – I see riots if this were to really happen.

          • Si’

            • that’s funny—I don’t care what anybody says…

        • …but there are conspicuous and less perspicacious exceptions [laughing].

        • With all due respect color should be brought into this.Take a closer look at the video an d use the pause button and just tell me why color should not be brought into this??? To my count I only saw 5 to 10 white people running and the rest were blacks. yes they inviewed 1 white girl who has 3 jobs while going to school. Now you tell me who is the truth minority here?

          • white people do not live in the city of…
            they live in the suburbs in their Mic Mansions the banks own.

            I am just saying is all 🙂

        • I’sas wants to says dats we’s be owd dis sheet caus da white fok don us rong. My’s grandaddis daddi was da slave, so u be owning me whatsevr I’s can gets frm ya!

      16. Dirty Harry: So, how fast do you run the hundred? OK, ok. I never seen fat people run so fast!

        Can we get a doomsday countdown clock Mac to Aug 3?

        • Many of these subhuman scum would work 12 hours a day to keep from working. We all see it all around us.

      17. Is this the site where I read families are sleeping in storage rentals??

      18. I’m wondering how many are Katrina evacuees? Texas took in 10s of thousands and very few returned to the cesspool (a.k.a New Orleans).

        Yes, I noticed the lone white girl the media found and put in front of the camera. Lame Stream can’t make this look too slanted toward a certain ethnicity.

        Final thought….when the SHTF, these will be the angry mobs of desperate zombies. Stay alert!

        • Katrina evacuees have made it all the way to the panhandle of TX. kinda easy to spot and yes they to are using the hell out of the food stamps. Its called the lonestar card. Maybe why I’m so damn pissed today. On top of all this now my boss calls and tells me no work again tomorrow. So that puts me back to 8 1/2 hrs for the week.Hell if I would have known that I sure would not have been grocery shopping today. Sorry for the rant all.. Tomorrow may have to be a go to the country and shoot the hell out of something..

          • How about the Foreign Nations collecting welfare from us ??…that money makes food stamps look like chump change…

            I know, I know, we build nations, we shouldn’t feed our own slaves to keep them docile so they wont steal or kill… (if there is jobs for everyone then why your problem with your job ??)

            Be happy you have a job.. it takes awhile to get knocked out of the middle class and 8 1/2 hrs a week will make short work of that..

            but hey, the grass is green and the flowers are growing in the land of OZ… JP Morgan Profits are way up !!

            Poppies anyone ??

            • Nation building is just an excuse to allow some contractors to milk the USA. I am sure none of the people involved actually believe it will ever work.

            • Yep short weeks are hurting me but I found out long ago that in order to survive I need to be debt free I own my house(not McMansion),more like trailer trash. I own my car and truck, my bikes and have no credit card debit. I feel for the people that owe on everything they own and they tell me if I’m not in debt then I don’t have anything.. BS.. Lets see how that works out for them, I like my old truck and car and hell I can still even work on my own 96 harley,I may not have much but what I have Is MINE.

            • I agree with ya Ben.. I was saying it all as a smart ass in the excuse we have been given.. class warfare is a very nasty thing and people just don’t realize how easy it is to be drawn into it.. many here posting fall rite into it..

              I do not see coco puffers.. I see human beings being taught to be like animals… I feel sad. this is all symptoms and not the cause

            • cool DPS… you being true to yourself and knowing reality is what counts most…

            • DPS–I have a 2002 and a 2004. They both have an option package I can’t get on a new car…clear title. I do not have a McMansion, but sadly it is not yet paid for. If I end up geting a foreclosure letter, I will not leave until forced to do so.

              You are the bankster’s worst nightmare…someone who will not take their “help”.

              Sadly, the gubmint has everything rigged to allow them to steal anything they want.

            • Ben
              I feel for you my heart goes out to anybody being trapped by these POS banksters. Eveytime I cash a check it makes me sick for them to ask me if I’m ready to open a new acct. I just enjoy telling them (why hell no I’m not you charge me $5.00 just to honor your own check that tells me if I opened a new acct you would rob me blind) at this point the bank manager is whispering the the armed guard… LOL..I the back of this $8.00 an hr guards mind he knows I’m right therefore he just smiles..

              I will not play their game and yep they hate me for it.


        • You read my mind at “wondering” RWM! No good deed goes unpunished…

          Lt. Dobbs: Are you finished with the questioning, Callahan?
          Harry Callahan: Hypothetical situation, huh? All right, I’m standing on the street corner, and Mrs. Grey there comes up and propositions me. She says if I come home with her, for $5 she’ll put on an exhibition with a Shetland pony…
          Mrs. Grey: If this is your idea of humor, Inspector…
          Lt. Dobbs: All right, what are you trying to do here, Callahan?
          Harry Callahan: I’m just trying to find out if anybody in this room knows what the hell law is being broken, besides cruelty to animals.

      19. Goldenfoxx, you are so right. I teach in an inner city high school. The kids are so lazy, they are dropped off in high end suv’s even though they qualify for a govmt check. And their moms and young girls, the more babies they have the bigger their govmt checks are! Outrageous! And of course, they get their free breakfast that they throw in the trash. They have their 300 dollar cell phones, 150 dollar nike shoes and 30 dollar manicures. I would NEVER hire any of them, and besides being lazy, they are SO dishonest and disrespectful. I can’t blame some of the manufacturers for moving away! I realize there are good kids left, but not like years past.

        • D8280: I appreciate what you say is true. This is the result of poor parenting, an entitlement mentality among some classes of people, and a dysfunctional school system created by the NEA and AFT under the direction of a UN agenda for OUR schools. I see the entitlement mindset in Arizona both north and south.

          Just remember that the entitlement programs that WE disavow were instituted by the PTB to mitigate the effect of their stealing the American economy and transferring OUR jobs offshore to increase their profit margins. This didn’t happen overnight. It has been in process for 40 years.

          Entitlements are a symptom. Not the disease. WE should not point OUR fingers at those who manifest the symptoms but at those who have created the disease.

          • Keep it up, DK!! Eventually it will sink in. There is an interesting dynamic in play, here. I see it is not only those outside of this site that are having trouble seeing the forest.

        • dreamer8280, if you keep yourself financed to the hilt and can barely cover your payments to the bank, then yes the Goverment will help you, so you may keep paying the banks.. thus SUV’s and more for everyone !!

          not much different on credit cards.. max it out and keep paying the interest (min payment for like 6 months) and they WILL give you EVEN more credit…lol

          • it just stinks so bad that all 4 of my kids are hard working, drove 20 year old cars to high school, worked at grocery stores, and are going to college based on funds we can’t provide, but are scrapping their way through, and i see these other kids on easy street based on my tax funds. very frustrating. you know the Bible prediceted this type of behavior in the book of Revelations. I see a major natural calamity to set off the chain of economic events, and the govmt will take over even more in the name of helping victims, and things will downward spiral from there.

        • you have more patience than many. I’d get fired and arrested, for bitch slapping the first smart ass that said something. You have my admiration, for what it’s worth.

      20. Most days I feel like I’m in an episode of Twilight Zone – in this week’s viewing pleasure, I’m stuck knowing it’s all going to come crashing down on folks. Some spectators screaming “Yes! wrath’s most to the hordes” with thumbs turned up, but I look on in total dismay and great sadness, helpless to explain – except the episode for me has no end.
        I am reminded of my 1st visit to the OKC memorial that has a large sculpture of Christ, turned away from the memorial site. Inscription – ‘And Jesus Wept’.
        I cried for many days after. I fear that as a whole population, we will cry with emotions that pale in our doom/gloom predictions. Blessed be fellow voyagers.

        • I had the same feeling when I stood before the OKC memorial. I still remember the day it happened. As I stood in the bike shop looking at my new bike for the enduro season think damn this really is a fukked up world.And now its even more fukked. I have preached about spreaded the word and it has all been useless, because people don’t want to hear the truth. I hate that I ever woke up to this shyt.. I want my life back I want to enjoy racing again. I want to enjoy riding my Harley to the bar for a afternoon bloodymary. But I guess those days are over.And now I spend my days just tiring to scape a living of this POS place..

          • I’m there with you DPS. Sometimes I wish I could unlearn all the truths that I know and be an ignorant, happy, sheople again. But, look at it this way: Destiny has a job for us. I have truly begun to think we, you, me and most others commenting on Mac’s articles are the new founding fathers. Delusions of grandeur? Maybe. We are the revolutionaries that will piece it back together after the rest are dead and gone. Our day will come. …and from the looks of the video, it can’t come too soon!

            To eat I’ve got about 200 cans of meat and vegetables plus over 700 lbs of corn, wheat, beans and rice, 4 fifths of Vodka.

            To keep it all in the larder until I need it I have: 3,000 rounds of 5.56, 500 rounds of 12 guage, 4500 rounds of 22lr, 30 rifles and shotguns and about a dozen pistols.

            Did I mention 100gal of gasoline that I keep rotated, a 3500 watt generator, 5 gal of motor oil, 3 laying hens, 30 acres of woods with a 5ft thick vein of coal under it with a creek that runs 24x7x365 even when its as dry as a desert?

            I’ve got 300oz of silver and about $3,000 cash on hand at all times.

            SHTF/IHAP. (Shit Hits The Fan / I have A Plan)

            Anyone see me missing anything?

            • Damn way ahead of me, I could have more if I could just part with my Damn Harley and dirtbikes But I refuse to do that. Those are things that make me happy and If I’m not happy then what is the point of surviving? You know Sir I had to look but I just found this site back in Jan of this yr and what a eye opener. In that time I to have begun to prep, I have stocked alot of the supplies that you mention as well as a lot of ammo and even more firearms the 1 man needs. I have taken my time off that I was forced to have and downloaded and printed so much info that I may have to get a new printer (LOL).
              Hell I think I even made the list when I downloaded some field manuals but wtf I’m still here even though I made the wait list for buying guns. but hell the way I see it we all are on that list anyway.
              I know I don’t post much but I do read alot of what ya’ll post and I really have to give thanks for opening my eyes to all this, But I’ sad to say that it has kinda made me a outcast to alot of the people in my life. I’m now labeled a doom and gloomer, but hey thats the price I have to pay for trying to open other peoples eyes. And if we do end up being the founding fathers then so be it. And BTW don’t stock booze after reading a post on this site I got the book on how to make it..LOL.

              Thanks for taking the time to give some insite to all of this.


              PS. I know my speeeling sucks so bare with me. I shouldn’t have slept with the english teacher just to pass.

            • DPS.. great on the making of Alcohol. it is VERY easy and you will REALLY enjoy doing it.. I know I do.. I would be nuts already if I didn’t make it but o well.. many say I am already, Especially when I try to get them to open their eyes to reality..

              I hope the bike you have is a FatBoy or Shovel head.. they play the part of a Doom and Gloom-er best 🙂

              peace out and welcome to the doom and gloom club !

            • Vaseline, bleach, vinegar and seeds. Most importantly, you cannot make it alone. You must have family or friends.

            • I do not know if you have tried food reserves. I started prepping with canned food and have found it to be a bit burdensome rotating inventory. The food reserves last 15+ years. I found a company that lets you try the food for free, just pay shipping.

              The only other thing I see is bleach and toilet paper.No one ever thinks of TP, but it is something you do not want to be without!!

            • if you give many more details, it’ll all be missing. Shuuuush. Nice stash by the way. With a spread like that, I hope you can stay awake 24/7, because that’s what you’re going to have to do to protect it. good luck, and be proud you’re in the 2% who prep.

      21. i deathently need da auto option! target rich when they cum knock’in. It’s not a color thing, it’s a culture political thing. Make us proud mr. president!

      22. It looks like a stampede of migrating Wildebeests on the Serengeti!

        • We going need mo po po’s. 911, how can I help you?

        • Greenspan spinning the Class Warfare web.
          Last time I checked, humans from all ages of 16 to 65 where all out of work..

          he wants humans to take their anger out on other humans with class warfare, and not the parasites he represents..

      23. One generation after another of entitlement bloodsuckers continues to perpetuate. There is no way of knowing for a certainty just who, in this particular video, are those in true need of assistance; I will, however, venture a guess that the majority of these porcine sprinters are the exact same people lined-up for every other handout offered at each government agency in the Dallas area.

        Take a close look at the hint of disorder and chaos erupting at this one isolated venue. This is just a small sampling of what’s to come when the Golden Horde has their multi-generational goverment sugar-teet removed from their collective selfish, “me first” mouths.

        • I see, one generation after another of bloodsucking, parasite feeding Banksters driving the train.

          The players who “staged” this event knew it would be over run.. they staged this as a photo op to incite the class warfare gig the bankers want..

          them people in the video are “Products of the Environment”.. think about that, I do mean think on it and what it means.

          Do not let yourself be used to place blame where it should not be..

          • I appreciate your comments, Black Sheep. And what you say is true about most of them being products of their environment. The criminal banksters are, without a doubt, the single most reprehensible and (ir)responsible entities on our planet. That being said, I continue to stand by my belief that these will be the same people who run amok when the world turns completely upside-down, and riotous chaos is the rule, as opposed to the exception. At that point it really won’t matter very much who was to blame. At that point the only thing that will matter is survival of the fittest.

            • Pete Moss, you are correct in saying them people are the ones who will run amok when the world turns upside down.. I agree fully but I will have to disagree on the saying of “”it really won’t matter very much who was to blame””

              yes it will matter, I will try as hard as I can so maybe that anger is directed first where it needs to be directed..

              I/we can not stop them, but we can surely help to make them direct their anger in the correct direction… call it sweet justice I want, or what ever it may be called…lol

              They can line up for the freebies there is no stopping that, but it would be best to make sure they all know fully who is driving the train before the party crash’s..

              You know, some people will say none of them people on that video want to work and all that group scenario type of thinking jazz.

              The reality is, even if 40% of them people “do not” need what is being offered it makes no difference..

              if 40% of the people are scamming for freebies does that then mean, we are suppose to throw the other 60% who do need help desperately under the bus ?? just because of the 40% of freeloaders ??.. I think not…

              I see no logic on either way of it.. I simply want to help in making others understand what is happening… Durango Kidd is far better in typing the words with the knowledge behind them, than I ever can..

              I am sorry if I sounded as if I was attacking you.. I was not, and I apologize for my heavy words without making myself clearer..

              but hey, I do respect you and your reply, only real people will discuss whats rite and wrong…

              also, before I forget, I prefer Darwinism as the rule, as opposed to the exception… 🙂

              have a great day sir !

          • Don’t ride the train.

            • Thank you, Black Sheep, for your well stated and thought out response. You, sir, are a thinker. You have defintely given me food for thought, and I thank you for that.

              Take care, sir.

      24. have been visiting this site daily for the past year and can sympathize with most remarks and preppers. Great work Mac Salvo we need more like you opening up the sheeples mindset. In these crucial times and the times we are about to experience let me remind all of you about a little history most of us NEVER learned I am in late 70’s born in 34 in Penna my family calls me The Seeker I am a born again believer but to the point: while seeking more enlightment I came across a site the other night that scared me immensely. Have you ever heard of (in the shadow of Hermes)for those of you who want to LEARN some history you were never taught in school about this great country USA and what was happening in Europe the past two hundred years and the REAL truth about some of our edifices and monuments in Washington I encourage you to GOOGLE this site>>>it will take you top a you tube series of 12 presentations outlining what truly went on in Russia France and China since 1900>>> the story goes back further but IF you SEEK as I did and spend the time to view this presentation YOU WILL BE SHOCKED as I was.NOTE as you view the presentation NOTICE in lower right hand corner how many VIEWERS took the time to watch these films WARNING much of these films have disturbing violence depicted so do not view if you are weak of heart>>>>>>>although I trust the God we pray to will see us through these violent times that might come on our WATCH>>>I implore you to view and come to your own conclusion

        • Theo, thanks for the kinds words. The way you describe shadow of Hermes makes it sound like a must watch. Thanks for the recommendation!

        • I watched that one…tragic if even half true.

      25. Mac, You’re a great educator! Thanks for giving me a kick in the pants two years ago! “The Book” is still being read! When I got The Book, I had been thinking about things but not acted appropriately to rotate. Between you and Jack Spirco at, I have slowly acclimated to the point of what I have now. I am now in a command position of anything that happens. Next pay its solar panels and a few more laying hens!

        …oh, and I’m swapping out some fuel tomorrow.

        Feels like its time to stuff the magazines and get them ready. Anyone else feel the same way?

        • It’s funny. The hardest thing for me to learn to do was to shut up & not say anything to people. I read the book, Creature From Jekyll Island back in the mid nineties. (I had also previously read “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”) Anyway, I have known how the Keynesian system of fiat money with credit expansion must ALWAYS end in a bust. I thought surely the murder of Vince Foster or Ron Brown would’ve started the collapse. I would try and talk to people and they thought I was nuts. Two new bullshit wars, TARP and ARRA later and the banker bastards are ready to let it go now.

          Well I have had to rotate some of the beans, rice and flour. I have had to just keep the rear end of the ammo pile fresh but, to answer your question, yes IT is almost upon us.

          I have spent about 15 years wishing I was still asleep, “Hey, who got kicked off the island?” A divorce that almost killed me and took most of my PM stock didn’t help. But I am happy now. I have my kids close by, they humor the old man a bit and help me out with the prepping as they are able even though I know they don’t really believe they will ever need all of the stuff I have ready for us.

          There most definitely will be a race war. Look what happened in Peoria a week or two ago. This type of behavior is DESIGNED to get a white person to respond and once that happens…well, I think the phrase is something like “It’s on like donkey kong” or similar. The racial part is gonna suck because two of my grandkids are black. I am going to have to hide them. I suppose it is fortunate in some aspects that their father is the stereotypical negroid lazy POS. The girl is in middle school and “dad” still hasn’t sent his first child support check although I do think they got one Christmas card a few years ago,

          • You’re a Racist, and you need help by God.

            Who cares if you have Black Grandkids, with hate like that. Do you realize how many Black men who have degrees and trades and pulled themselves up by the bootstraps cant find a job right now?







            NOT FUN IS IT?




            • Wow! I’ll take plain, old, american anytime. My stats teacher was telling the truth when he said numbers can lie. But I knew that. It’s not a color thing. Trading Places would be a good movie to rent. Looking good, feeling good.

            • WOW! My ears are ringing from all that yelling smokedogg! You’re right about the brainwashing that the globalists are doing, but I’m gonna have to call BS on the rest of it. I think that before whitey gets too much blacker the s is gonna htf. When the dust settles (5 yrs…20 yrs..who knows?) then there will be more than one nation where the US used to be. And there will be a nation/state where sovereign citizens exercise their God-given rights and begin to build something great. Bring your skills, your wisdom and experience, your integrity and join us there! No offense intended, but the new anthem is gonna be ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’

            • Well, I dont take offense, but if you read the real prophets of God you will find out that American Whites are in for some Big big ass trouble. All of America really, but White Suburbia is going to get hit very hard, and very soon.

              God will give America a taste of what it’s like to live in a 3rd world country until the year 2018. Talk about Change, if you dont realize what’s up man. Then I feel sorry for you

              Just a small snippet of the deterioration of the next 30 months:

              – Gas will go to as high as $7-$8 a gallon
              – All social programs will be cut and even ended in quite a few cases.
              – There will be a Huge crime wave
              – There will be a New Regime in 6-9 months (a revolutionary change if you catch my drift)
              – Inflation will progressively get worse, food prices will never truly stabilize until 2018. There will be times when they drop really low, and then rise way back up.
              – There will be Melees, American freedom fighters in gun battles planting bombs, etc.., and Small Riots from the day of the Debt Ceiling to the beginning of 2013.
              – The elite will trigger a Depression at the end of 2012. The rebirth of the 1933 Bank Panic which turned the Great Recession of 1929 to a Great Depression.
              – There will be very bloody Civil War in 2013, which wont be mostly about states- you will see some places try to split off, but not many. It will be mostly about different Races (Race War), Different Classes (Class War) Different Generations (generational war), Different Political Parties (Political War).

            • If you are done yelling I am puzzled? Do you think I am being too hard on the childrens father? The fact that he quit a good union job, moved a thousand miles away from them, was selling dope and cruising around in a Cadillac until his recent arrest just about nails the stereotype. His own family is disgusted with his behavior. I didn’t create the stereotype. I simply acknowledged that it exists and his actions are the type of behavior that keep it alive.

              As for my being a racist: first let me say that I will never apologize for being born white. If that offends you..too bad. My definition of racism is to think that you are better than people of a different skin color based solely upon their color. Well I do not have a PHD as does Alan Keyes and when I watched him demolish Alan Dershowitz in a debate I knew that my vocabulary, critical thinking skills and eloquence shall, though improving, always be inferior to Mr. Keyes. I do judge people on the content of their character..not their skin color. As well I accept that reality is and I cannot change that which is beyond my power to change.

              I do hope we have better communocation in the future,
              Sincerely, POA

            • Racism is a form of social brainwashing created by the elite. Maybe he quit that “good union job” because he felt zero security there? Maybe he is smart enough to see the tea leaves coming?

              Part of the deterioration I speak of will include pay cuts as mush as 25%-50% on most jobs. There will be union stirkes like never seen before in America’s history very soon, and they will be very bloody.

              America is a very very horrible country, and this is the truth. Maybe he got tired of being a slave at some union job? Maybe they were about to terminate him, and it became a joke?

              Did you know that there’s an organized attack on the American Male- with the Black Male as the guinea pig to:

              – Break down the family
              – Break up the family
              – Put the women in charge of the family and community (a woman will follow an agenda all the way to a FEMA Camp if you catch my drift). I’m an old fashioned guy, and it’s a fact that when Black Men ran the community in the past the moral structure maintained itself.
              – Create a generational cycle of poverty
              – Create a lowered standard of living requiring 2 incomes
              – Criminalize something which was once perfectly legal and people took for granted (drugs in this case)
              – Make it hard for men to make Good money either by not allowing them a good job, or by making good jobs a living hell to work- so they say “fuck it I’ll hustle” then they commit crimes and end up in jail for most of their productive lives also feeding into their population control agenda by havoing less babies and putting women in situations to where they are economically forced to get an abortion.



              – PRESIDENT
              – THE GOVERNMENT
              – THE POLICE
              – THE BANKS
              – THE SCARED ANGRY AND BRAINWASHED WHITES WHO FOLLOW THE PARTY LINE YET FAIL TO REALIZE THAT THEY ARE JUST EXPERIMENTING ON BLACKS IN ORDER TO ONE DAY MAKE ALL WHITES THE SAME WAY(many of you are very dangerous with your thinking and we have to protect ourselves- you’re like deranged children who have never had 1 day of mental health treatment).

          • SmokeDogg
            sorry, but the ones that got screwed the most in this game and country is the Native Americans (Indians)

            you say you know the elite’s have created this game but yet it sounds as if you are ready to condone doing the same thing to ALL whites ??..

            do you think ALL white people are ‘elites’ or something more ‘evil’ ??.. like no whites ever show real friendship or kindness ??..

            I can not understand how you will simply throw all whites into some group of hate and they all deserve the same.. Sounds to me like, YOU ARE NO BETTER.. racism comes in many colors..

            If we can ALL embrace this pain,
            We can ALL WIN this game !!

            have a great day sir, I wish you the best.

        • Net, funny you mentioned magazines. I sat in my office the other day and stuffed another dozen 30 rounders (ak) when the missus stuck her head in the door wondering what that snapping noise was. I told her it was for the zombies. She laughed, but she’s “all in.”

      26. Cave Man says:
        July 14, 2011 at 10:07 pm

        Hell! I can’t load that fast.

        Read my mind.

      27. KRED: So insightful! You found me out! YES! I am a protectionist!. I believe in DEFENDING American jobs, the American market, and the American economy from the international gangster banksters who have raped the American taxpayer and family in a successful attempt to destroy the American economy: in the same way OUR military spends $700 billion every year to defend US against military attack.

        OUR economy is under assault by the NWO GB’s. It is a deliberate attack to destroy OUR economy and OUR freedoms while lining their pockets with immoral profits. Immoral because they have stolen the American economy, moved it offshore using American depositor funds, and use it to make ungodly profit margins at OUR expense.

        “Protectionist” is a label the NWO GB’s like to use to try and discredit anyone who believes that trade should be fair. It is not now fair. It is a lopsided, one sided affair, heavily weighted to the advantage of the NWO GB’s. The evidence is all around you, the verdict is in: “Free Trade” does not work, at least not for American workers, taxpayers, and families.

        It works great for the NWO GB’s. Free trade is a euphanism for the financial rape of the American economy.
        Free Trade does not exist. It never has. It never will. It doesn’t now.

        Free trade is a concept by a dead economic philosopher, Mises, that the NWO GB’s use as a label to sell it to Americans as if it were a FREEDOM. It is not. It is the enslavement of America by another name.

        All markets are managed trade, Even NAFTA is managed trade. It is just “managed” to the benefit of the gangster banksters and not to the American worker, taxpayer, and family.

        I do not believe in a planned economy and I didn’t say that. That is the kind of tactic that Clark liked to use. It won’t work. It only makes you look stupid as my post is available for all to read.

        Neither did I say a company could not relocate anywhere they wanted or could not produce what they wanted. Companies are free under the law to do as they wish within limits.

        But if they want to access the American market they need to build factories in America like Toyota, Honda, MB and others have done, and are doing, and provide jobs to American workers. Otherwise if they want to access the American market then they should pay tariffs on those goods and services.

        You should know and understand that companies like Honeywell and other MIC defense contractors were initially DIRECTED by GHW Bush to transfer units to China and federal legislation by Congress was passed to allow it.

        Prior to that time they were not allowed to move to China, and there was no incentive to do so. Congress CREATED that incentive. And what did we get for sending MIC units to China to boost its economy? Defective computer chips designed to spy on US or fail at a critical moment.

        This was the start of the treason by Congress and the International GB’s to bribe the CCP to become capitalists.

        I do not believe in big government and did not say so. Again you are projecting upon me ideas that I did not champion to try to discredit me. It won’t work. My post is there for all to read and it only makes you look foolish by ascribing things to me which I did not say.

        Look around yourself. WE already have big government and a dollar that will decline precipitously over the next five years, by another 97% using today’s value as a benchmark. If you want a smaller government then fund it using TARIFFS as the Founding Fathers intended using gold and silver as real money as required by the US Constitution. Of necessity then the federal government would shrink.

        As far as a OUR exports are concerned, if you would examine them closely (and apparently you have not) you would know that WE primarily export aircraft and machinery and agricultural goods, and other TECHNOLOGY.

        If you understood anything about China, you would understand that they are stealing our technology and reverse engineering OUR aircraft to develop that capability in house. In fact China is working feverishly to become an independent producer of everything they need.

        As for your last question, trade must be reciprocal. If WE give them something they must give US something in return. That’s fair trade. WE had and will have again a large consuming market. If nations or companies want access to OUR market, trade must be fair.

        The greatest trade in history, not including the Louisiana Purchase or the purchase of Alaska from Russia, was probably the famous purchase of Manhattan Island by the Dutch from the Indians for the equivalent of $24 worth of beads and trinkets.

        In retrospect it seems to be the most amazing trade in history; but for the Indians who had never seen manufactured goods like those offered, it must have seemed like an incredible opportunity.

        The gangster banksters have seen the opportunity seised it and have used their wealth and influence to bribe Congress to create more wealth and power for themselves at the expense of the nation.

        This is treason at the highest level. Those responsible should be arrested, tried, convicted, and given the punishment reserved for traitors. A few examples would go a long way.

        • very well said there DK. you make some good points.

      28. KRED: You are definitely a Globalist and not a Patriot. Now you are berating Black Sheep and accusing him of probably wanting tougher border controls. Berate me. I want the FRICKING border SEALED!!! You will discover that most of the posters here also want “tougher border controls”.

        I suggest that you read SHTF Illegal Immigration to understand that the USA has been invaded by latino nation and that they have infiltrated every nook and cranny in the United States.

        This is a plan designed by the NWO Globalists (like yourself) to make them “new Americans” by amnesty and have them vote in a referendum to merge the US into the NAU. A process that would dissolve the US Constitution and destroy the sovereign rights of man imparted to Americans by Natures God.

        You can access that site here:

        • You’re only defending American jobs, the American market and the American economy from…CHEAPER COMPETITION. Nothing else. That’s what you’re afraid of.

          • you have a typo Kreditman, you mean (cough, ‘slave labor’, cough, CHEAPER COMPETITION)

            sorry, That is known as Modern day slavery or in actuality, a corporate wet dream.

          • We might work for $2 a day too if our mortgage/rent was $10 a month and expenses comparable to those in communist China.
            Apples and oranges??

          • Kreditanstalt

            DK is right about about alot of this and if you don’t think congress is being bought out to pass these trade laws then read this list.


            Take a close look at list and you tell me how Mitch McConnell uped his net worth by 453% in just 5 yrs? And I would bet that now its closer to 40 million since those figures come from 2009..

      29. Actually, Durango, I’m with you more than you think. I have 1/3 of my wife’s and my wealth in physical gold. A lot of silver. A lot of mining stock. A 3/4 acre semi-rural property. No mortgages, no borrowings. We can’t own guns, other than hunting rifles, here but I would have one if it were available. I save in gold because I opt out of a thieving and immoral financial system.

        Where we differ is on personal liberties. I believe that government is the enemy. Globalists are just another (international) government. No worse than national, state or local governments. All try to restrict the activities of the individual.

        The market, which is made up of millions of individuals, should be left alone. People should be entirely free to source, produce, buy and sell as they wish. If you “need” $15/hr. and another guy will do the job for $10 – or $4 – or $1 – who has any right to interfere? The deal is between the two people involved.

        I’m all for “fair” trade, if tht means equal and unfettered opportunity to try and sell in one another’s markets…even though “fair” is a wishy-washy liberal word for what you seek. But there is no way come hell or high water that you’re going to be able to earn or pay $15 or $20/hr.+benefits+pension+++ and compete with overseas competition…

        So what you ARE afraid of is…the free market.

        • Kred: No you are not with me. 🙂 You are Canadian. Your political and human rights are granted by the Crown. I am an American. All of my rights are endowed by Nature’s God.

          There is a very big difference between us.

          I guess you didn’t really read my comment. Free markets don’t exist. They never have. They never will. They were a hypothetical idea in a man’s mind (like marxism) that has never translated into reality as conceived because they do not account for the actions and character of individuals and nations; particularly in 21st century, post industrial America.

          Free trade was a figment of Mises’s imagination and that banner has been co-opted by the Globalists to become a mantra planted in the mind of the sheeple to make them believe (as you do) that somehow a free market is a freedom. It is not. It is a euphanism for the financial rape of America by the international gangster banksters.

          Free markets do not exist. They never have. They do not exist now. They never will.

          All markets in society today are managed. All markets are managed. All markets are managed. Formal trading between sovereign nations require agreements. These agreements are managed.

          “Free Markets” haven’t existed since the Dutch got the best of the Indians in a barter. It wasn’t really a “marketplace”. It was an individual trade.

          How can I fear something that doesn’t exist? I am wise however to the bullshit that the GB’s try to push on US under the guise of “Free Trade” and I am more than happy to expose it to the sheeple every chance I get!

          Thanks. I am done for the night.

        • If every currency had the same value then competition could be “fair”. They don’y. It isn’t.

      30. investing in two FN five-seven pistols with suppressors tomorrow plus 1000 rounds of target ammo and 1000 rounds of Hornaday A-max for those pesky two-legged critters that can’t abide by verbal warnings (thanks Mastercard)

        Next on the list of lists……solar-panel array and deep-cycle batteries (can’t expect the family to survive long in South Texas whle indoors without power unless the fans are running full-tilt)

        Better harden-up prepper community….you’re going to see unbelievable girlie-men struggling and suffering to sell their Calloway golf clubs on the roadside to feed their kids (not to mention crime, death, violence and desperation on a level not seen on America’s shores since the civil war.)

        • Dr. Prepper—ya know, fans were on my list of ‘things needed’ until I wondered what good they’d do without electricity??
          And I think at some point we WON’T have that.

      31. Wow! Feel like I’ve been SHOT…!

        • Just wanted to give you the facts my Canadian friend.:-) I love Canada. Canadians like Russians are great! I would live in British Columbia if I didn’t have to swear allegiance to the British Crown …..

          and was allowed to have a real gun. 🙂

          I am an American. That is my DNA. WE are Sovereign men and women here; subject only to the US Constitution and embraced by a Crown of Thorns.

      32. In order to find the proper equilibrium for the price of a product vs the labor to produce it it is necessary that both the consumer and the producer be subject to the same rules, regs and costs of doing business. When the factory is moved overseas to take advantage of cheap labor the consequence is that the worker that would’ve paid a fair price for the product is either flipping burgers or unemployed. That worker cannot “take advantage” of China’s lower cost of living.

        For more than two decades the worker went to Wal Mart and Target and dutifully bought the crap because he thought he was making a fortune on his house which he was using like an ATM. They were all unaware that value is subjective and what they were really seeing was a huge expansion of digital money created by artificially low interest rates.

        By using the overseas labor AND allowing a huge labor market distortion* with the illegals the American “middle class” that used to be blue collar, honest Joes either became lower class blue collar or he started a small business and stayed with the so called middle class. The salient point is that labor lost it’s natural pricing power and American wages have been steadily declining for years.

        (*illegals are NOT immigrants. They are only here to earn what they cannot earn in Mexico. They do not teach their children English and most plan to return to Mexico to take advantage of the much lower cost of living that is NOT available to the American worker)

        Applying tariffs to imported goods is not in any way equal to a planned economy. The thing is that Americans must live in the economy of the wealthy….they cannot live with the Chinese worker that does not pay $500 per month in property tax.

        There is a point where legitimate self interest gives way to avarice. If someone wants to earn the rewards of high profit for high risk I say great! But you do also have an obligation to work in the same economy as your employees. When money is the only goal and the quest for profit creates a nation full of unemployed desperate folks then the bankers and politicians deserve the rope they will receive.

        • Sometimes I feel inadequate when I read these replies.
          And I thought I had an education…hmmmm.

      33. Volcker comes out and speaks. Smart man but doesn’t tell all, not even close. Stress test in Euro today if you believe the teacher’s grades… Real leadership? Where? Reset easy button will be changed to hard button.

        • Hey,

          Stress tests, as even kids know nowadays, are manipulated to the bone.
          The funny thing, is the anxiety with which mass media try to persuade people that everything is ok.

          Be safe

          • Manos
            I just want to know how you are holding up? Evertime I read about greece your name pop’s into my head,just thought you might wanna know that way down here in Texas you are in my thoughts.


            • DPS,

              Things are kinda weird. The first enthusiasm of the demonstrations is gone poof. Now people are more skeptical about further-future actions.
              The government passes the one austerity law after the other, with no actual reaction from the opposition parties.
              There is a total support from the Germans to whatever measures our leaders take.
              And the whole story, if you go deep, has to do about saving the banks.
              In plain words i could say this:
              It’ like going to Las Vegas with $20.000. You bet all in red, and lose it. And then you go crying to the casino owner saying: If you don’t give me the money back i will screw your business. And the casino owner returns the money to you, with an interest.
              It’s so sad because it had nothing to do with debt, credit, loses, borrowing, over-spending and over-consuming.
              All “developed” countries globally face the same debt problems.
              Simply putting it, it had to do with the new world order, trying to set the foundation of its existence.
              Greece, Ireland, and Portugal, were the guinea pigs in this new establisment.

      34. All Aboard For Camp Cocoapuff…

        Hot topic today Mac! You must have touched a nerve with this one! Well, my day wouldn’t be complete without depositing a few ‘droppings’ on shtfplan (just think of me like a tail-wagging pup, safe to have around but he keeps crapping in the flower beds) so…here goes:

        My belief is that when dealing directly with people, you evaluate them as individuals and make your best judgement as to their integrity and proceed from there. However, when dealing with groups, or just observing groups, I go with the ‘Birds of a Feather’ philosophy. Certainly, there are plenty of instances where a person will behave much differently than the stereotype for their group. But there’s a reason those stereotypes exist. Trace back to the beginning of the stereotype and you’ll usually see it wasn’t just created out of thin air, nor was it made just to denigrate or restrict the group for no good reason. It served to identify prominent traits within the group.
        Before anybody sends me a nasty reply, again I affirm there are plenty of INDIVIDUALS in a group that don’t fit the type. I have a buddy who is a redder redneck than me in every sense, and he happens to be black- he doesn’t fit the type for blacks or rednecks. I’m talking about GROUPS now, and why their stereotypes exist.
        Mostly, stereotypes exist for reasons of safety. Personal safety, psychological, financial or business safety, etc. People want and need information about others before they directly interact with them. Whether it’s deciding whom to hire, where to buy a house, whether to rent a house or make a loan to someone, or even where to go on vacation.(for those who have forgotten, ‘vacation’ is what we used to have before our economy flat-lined) We want to know as much as we can before we make a commitment or put ourselves at risk. Stereotypes serve to inform us about the ‘probable’ or even ‘likely’ behavior of persons based on their group identity. I need give no specific stereotypical traits to illustrate, you all know what I mean.
        Also, remember we ALL belong to more than one group. We categorize ourselves based on ethnicity, race, age, gender, sexual preferance, political views, religion and lots of other things. And there are many sub-groups within the larger ones. Such as Catholic/Protestant. Both subs of the Christian group. Then there are even sub-sub-groups such as Baptist/Methodist etc all within the sub-group of Protestant. And on and on it goes. We just keep identifying more groups to place ourselves into (or out of.) We even put ourselves willingly into groups, silly as it may seem, based on our musical tastes, sports teams, even what kind of car we like. (ever hear a Ford guy and a Chevy guy arguing? you’d think they were debating how to partition Poland after ww2)
        It’s also important to remember that few, if any, individuals will fit every trait in a particular group. Everybody has SOME traits that don’t fit the group(s) they’re in. However, most people will fit most, or at least MANY of their groups own stereotypical traits. That’s why stereotypes are useful. They give us a benchmark, or at least a starting point, for evaluating people. That helps us make our decisions about how to deal with them.
        After we know a bit about the individual then we can start to throw out the traits that don’t apply to them. Or at least we should if we’re being intellectually honest in how we treat them. Don’t hold a negative stereotypical trait against someone when you know it doesn’t apply to them. If you do, then you’re probably just using it to justify an emotionally based fear or resentment. Better to have our fears and resentments based on facts, not emotion. Until you get to know the individual though, stereotypes can be a valuable tool. Sadly, many in our modern politically correct society have decided to ignore common sense, intuition and truth (stereotypes are rooted in all three) and have attempted to destroy stereotypes with propaganda, legislation and brainwashing. They’ve even tried to demean the very word stereotype. They have failed mainly because stereotyping is inherant in our human nature. It’s been around as long as people have and it’s not going away. Still, the pc crowd tries to put on a fake show of acceptance for people they really don’t have any affinity for. I suspect this is done mainly to soothe their own mixed up emotional state.
        This rambling rant was mainly to get to this: what I see in the video is Many people who fit Many of the stereotypes of their group. Without knowing any of them individually we can say this- These are people who willingly contract with a corrupt government in order to get something they haven’t earned. Being ignorant or brainwashed is no excuse. These are the stereotypical kinds of people who destroy a nation, not build it up! I say bring in the busses to the FEMA camps. They can even sit in the FRONT!

        • Amen and thank you.

        • SmokinOkie, I have read many of your posts and agree on many of your thoughts but this one, I can not..

          I say YES, bring in the buses to the FEMA camps. But here is where I put the “Parasite Bankers” on them, they can sit in the front and have the entire bus..

          it is “they” who created these people in the video above, the people in the video are “Products of the Environment”… The bankers created this with their money created out of nothing and the snickers for free…

          I may be wrong but it seems you advocate no blame for the creators of the game, Only for the students… it appears you agree with how money is created out of thin air, controlled and with no way for it to ever be paid back.

          I think, You are being drawn into the Class Warfare game to divert the attention onto others and not those who created it.

          Like I said above, I respect your thoughts and I am not out to make you mad.. I just hope you will think on it more before you sentence these human Products of the Environment to death.

          • Thanks BlackSheep. You’re right in that I didn’t even address the root of the problem. It’s only a partial excuse, but I will say, I focused solely on the ‘group identity’ thing because of several comments above. And, my comment was getting WAY too long. I can hear y’all sometimes saying ‘nice try okie but you should have stopped after 2 paragraphs!”
            I still say that many stereotypes have a basis in our human intuition so we shouldn’t automatically dismiss them as bad things. We just have to follow up and verify or reject them when applied to individuals. The greater focus should always be on the root cause and that is the globalists and wanna be rulers of us all. After a lifetime of propaganda, we have to keep watching for the same traps they repeatedly set for us. Last part of my comment showed I did stick my toe in it. (but I escaped with only minor injuries) Have to admit though, I kinda missed the forest for the trees on this one. I appreciate you mentioning the vital conclusion that I left out.
            Now I’m past my 2 paragraph limit so I’d better qui-

            • Okie, it is all good.. no need for any sorry jazz or any of that… I have read many of your ‘so called’ long posts and I see a person who truly does have mega compassion for others.

              I know it gets hard to keep our eyes on the real targets.. I have found myself being drawn into that group stereotype thing many times…

              I will now go and smoke one in your honor 🙂

        • Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups.

      35. Holy Cow! I just saw this mornings newspaper headline:
        16 Okies Critically Injured In High-Speed Mosey To Get Free Biscuits! The story goes on to say that Mabel Jenkins, the owner of Mabel’s Cutrate Cafe and Bait Shop advertised her first ever “Free Biscuit Friday” and was overwhelmed by the response. Sheriffs deputies from 3 counties were called in to handle the melee. Paramedics say they’ve never seen so many cases of sprained ankles or toe blisters at one time. Three people were taken to the hospital for observation after complaining of an irritating rash in an undisclosed location. All are expected to recover but one needed emergency ‘gold bond powder’ treatment on the scene. Sheriff Buck O’fama said he was forced to cancel the event after the crowd grew unruly and then stormed the kitchen area in search of the biscuits. The cafe’s parking lot was strewn with bent gravy ladles and crumpled napkins.
        “They wouldn’t listen to reason,” said a visibly shaken Ms Jenkins. “I told ’em we was all out of biscuits but they didn’t believe me. I even offered ’em free texas toast but they refused” she added, holding back the tears.
        Short order cook Wes Bedford confirmed the situation was “tense, very tense. We’ve had some rowdy crowds in here before, but never like this one. They was worse than the bass tournament guys, even worse than the Carrie Underwood concert. I was fighting ’em off with my spatula at first, then I grabbed Mabel and we locked ourselves in the walk-in cooler. I thought they’d tear the whole place down.”
        The investigation into the matter is ongoing. Later in the morning, the yellow crime scene tape was removed, the gas pumps were back on and things began to return to normal. Even as lab workers were still taking plaster casts of boot heel prints from the parking lot, Mabel and Wes prepared to serve the lunch crowd from a make-shift kitchen set up near the minnow tanks.
        “I know one thing,” Mabel said, “We ain’t never gonna do that 2 for 1 pot roast special I was planning. My nerves just couldn’t take it.”
        Wes nodded in agreement, cranked up the Coleman camp stove and called to Mabel “Chicken fry with mashed on two! Order Up!”

        • Smokin
          Can I get my gravy on the side with them biscuits.

        • Love it! 🙂

      36. I’ll take two fluffy buttermilk biscuits with Jimmy Dean sausage.

      37. The short course

        The Culture of Deceit, Parts 1 & 2

        Swindlers’s List

        The Complete Guide to Killing Non-Jews
        Ma’ariv 09.11.09 (p. 2) by Roi Sharon
        Here is a full translation of the article in the Maariv newspaper of Israel

        Dr. E. Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History, ISBN 9780929891071, available at

        Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition, and Deceit, ISBN 9780970378453, available at

        Truth About the Talmud

        Incisive Analysis of the news

      38. Prosecute the guilty. Leave the innocent alone.

      39. I don’t blame government, banks or big business anymore. The people in this country are ignorant and they’re learning the hard way, lots of pain. After you poke yourself in the eye and kick yourself in the behind enough times, the nonsense will cease.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        We don’t have to live like this anymore, unless you prefer it.

        • The only real freedom I want is “Common Law” and nothing more.. you are advocating changing one Oligarchy for another Oligarch.

          Then what??… this new control gets to tell me how I may not do this to myself or that to myself ??… I will pass

          if there is no injured party, then there is no crime period.

          There is no real freedom with anything more than Common Law.. I have had enough with these statute laws to protect me from myself and sadly your group is not showing me this..

      40. Durango, You are spot on the problem!! I have been telling people this for years. The only way we can solve this problem we have is to repudiate the debt, Take the pain,and go with an America first agenda.
        The product we have is food. Oil for food?? Not a bad idea! Tariffs so we can reindustrialize and become an export economy again. It is so plain that this whole deal was planned by the international corporations and bankers but people are not savvy enough to realize what is happening to them right in front of thier eyes!
        I think we’re in for a rough 5 years and since I’m not that young anymore, I hope I can deal with it.
        At least I live in very rual area so I hope power goes down so the hordes can not get gas to get to me. God BlessJames

        • James
          You maybe right on the food for oil ideal. But what makes you think we will have control of the food? Let me share this with you, I find it very relavant since I live in the bread basket of america.

          Obama recently signed EO 13575, establishing the White House Rural Council. The council is a list of the most aggressive agencies and departments in the US government. The all-inclusive council members represent the very agencies and departments most dedicated to forcing the subjugation of the US to United Nations control. In fact, many of the agencies, departments and organizations listed as Council members are in fact creations of the UN; created for no other purpose than to give the United Nations direct access to the United States.

          This council can be viewed as nothing less than the establishment of a domestic terrorism group which will orchestrate the coming assault on private agricultural property owners in an effort to force them off their land and out of production. There was an effort during the Reagan presidency to launch a similar assault on individual owners of agricultural land which would have displaced more than 2 million people, handing their land over to others who were more amenable to the government and UN control.

          Now after reading this what makes you think we the people will control these asset’s?

      41. Where do you get this A Beautiful Mind stuff? You need to stay home a lil more…and watch the big screen.

        Anonymous: These things (biscuits) you say we will have, we already have but .
        Okie: That’s true. I ain’t promising you nothing extra. I’m just giving you better biscuits and you’re giving me movie quotes. And I’m saying that men like us can live together during these special political olympics.
        Anonymous: It’s sad that the leader (Big Ears) is chafed by the double tongue. There is buttermilk in your biscuits for all road warriors to see, and a case of fix flat & AAA platinum in your words of life. No menu can hold the iron. It must come from men. The words of Anonymous carries the same iron of good eats and diners/dives. It is good that preppers such as we meet in the line of life… or drive thru. It shall be life.

        • That blew my mind! The explosion was more like a sparkler than an M80 but it still went off. You get way more ‘profound’ thoughts out of less verbiage than I do. But I ain’t jeleous, I just wanna know if you want fries with that…

          • Hell is coming for city breakfast. I’ll take the country sweet potato fries…

      42. James,

        I agree with you except that I think America is in for a rough 30-40 yrs, when things start to look better, my kids will be in their eighties.
        we lived thru the best times in America,40s.50s,60s, early 70s, after that things have been going the other way.

      43. DPS and JM,
        DPS I agree with you about that councel and do not have an answer to that except that when and if they start to confiscate land/products a push back will occur. I just used it as an example of something we have that others can’t do without. Since we don’t have a viable manufacturing base anymore and we must reaquire.
        JM About 20 years ago I told my customers this:” We have lived in the the most prosperous time this country has ever seen…… or will ever see again” I did not want to be right but it appears that I was darnit!
        I have asked many folks how we can get out of this mess and I have been told by the people I love that I obsess about the stuff that is going on but they don’t have any answers to the problem at all. Bury head in sand type of thing.
        We must get producing companys back here and tariffs seem to be the only way to level the playing field.
        Pepare as you can. God Bless ,James

      44. The pretender said something yesterday about coining the phrase “hope”. He’s ageing quick. HOPE is a four letter word.

        • Hope is not a plan.

      45. They cry about how they were slaves and do not realize they are still slaves . This video Pathetic. Most of the SHEEPLE in the video seemed to be pretty dang healthy . Gee we should put them to work on the farms and then walla no more migrant workers and then they can PAY their taxes and rent

        • Please NO! our farms are already being run over by govicorp stampedeers….a herd like that would squash all the squashes and the okra….naw make em sell soap or Avon or anything,just keep em off my farm…Im beggin ya man…:(

      46. yeah but “they” under paid, unemployed poor, will still have their cell phones ( and the bills) still have their HBO/shotime (and the bill) still have their DSL or High speed cable ISP ( and bill) still line up for those new Iphones/Ipads (and the bill)

        and don’t tell me cell phones are “cheap” they always require adding more min weather you use them or not and in time can add up ( more bills) a “cheap” cell peoples phone would be a cell phone with NO expering min, and you only add min when you run out, NO time limits period.

        I remember seeing a line around the block in one of them states FL I think of people waiting to get the chance to buy a 1 bed 1 bath condo for 350K, man more of those poor I guess.

        its always a pain to see the same talking headfs on those financial shows still making their 7 figure incomes talking all this “how bad the economy” is shit, and the metal heads that talk about shinning their shinny yellow and white metal hord. must be some poor people

        when I see EVERY body scrapping bark off trees than I’ll know its bad for EvERY body

      47. I see many comments suggesting discontent towards poor people, such as;

        Why are they fat? >> Think about it. Not to many poor people have personal trainer and gym access. Most low paying jobs involve little to no exercise. Unhealthy food is often times cheaper.

        Why do they have cars? >> Are you serious? City planning all across the U.S. and especially in Texas is designed for multi-mile commuting via car or public transit. If you are poor and on the edge, you want a car. Why? When you get evicted for being poor, you need something a little better than the ground to sleep on, or, a means to get to another city where there might be work.

        Most people here lie their little “sheeple” vernacular, but the truth is that there is a war on the middle class right now and you are next. What does the future hold? You being poor. You being laughed at because you were trying to get a handout. So, laugh now in nice home with your internet.

        I don’t wish for the nanny state any more than the next guy, but the answer certainly is not to simply yank welfare from the people.

      48. Folks- you are being played by the main stream media and the government. This is a semi annual show they put on to scare you. There was a similar incident in Georgia last fall.

        He’s the game. A city has section 8 housing as mandated by the federal gov’t. Section 8 housing vouchers have a waiting list. The waiting list gets dumped every so many years and the city says “y’all come and get on the list” People who need housing assistance go and get a voucher. Chaos ensues the main stream media covers it and the regular citizens say “OMG!!”

        Yes it is a good preview of after the collapse; imagine waiting in line for hours and hours only to have a pot bellied bureaucrat tell you “wrong line” or “no bread for you”

        further the gov’t always acts surprised when 1000 or 1500 people show up and prove that they were woefully unprepared. But that is just the gov’t being stupid. Obviously they could plan and say if your last name begins with A-F come on Monday etc. But they don’t because it is a fright show (freak show) put on to keep the rest of us working and paying our taxes.

        Welfare, public housing and food stamps should be a safety net not a life style but if you do a little research you will see that the government has passed regulations to keep these people in poverty.

        Did you know:
        If you receive cash assistance from the government and you save any of the money your next payment will have your savings deducted. Imagine that in your life – Spend all of your paycheck or you get paid less? It creates a cycle of poverty.

        The income limits for public housing are absurdly low; and if you make too much you get evicted. Some areas are actually allowing people to make a moderate income to encourage people to live there but this is the exception rather than the rule.

        Most people on public assistance have no credit rating or poor credit ratings so how do you move up and out when you can’t get another property or you can’t afford the security deposit?

        Lastly have you seen the unemployment rates for minority youth? 45%. The first lady talks about food deserts well most urban areas are job deserts.

        To quote pogo “We have seen the enemy and he is us”

      49. It’s a fact! More people lost their housing, their food, and their energy needs..! What should we do??? Let’s think the solutions TOGETHER..! No more fights!

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