Brazil’s CBDC Pilot Program Allows Ruling Class To Control Funds

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Headline News

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    Brazil, like most other masters, seeks to control the population with a central bank digital currency, or CBDC. Its pilot program made it possible for the ruling class to have complete control over the money of the slaves.

    The new system contains hidden backdoor features allowing the Brazilian government to freeze people’s funds and adjust their balances at will.  Even though these features are “hidden”, there is no secret as to why these sociopaths all so desperately need people to accept their enslavement through a CBDC scheme.

    The Endgame: Central Bank Digital Currency

    According to a blockchain developer by the name of Pedro Magalhaes, founder of the Web3 consulting firm Iora Labs, the ruling class will have access to every single slave’s bank account once they roll out the CBDC system.

    Magalhaes claimed that he reverse-engineered the code behind Brazil’s CBDC program, which led him to this shocking discovery.  Reverse engineering wasn’t necessary. The only reason to implement a CBDC is control and not ruler is going to limit it by creating a decentralized version of digital currency.

    Magalhaes was able to access the Application Programming Interface via the monetary authority on its GitHub account. And thus far, the Brazilian government has failed to offer any kind of explanation or response about the discovery. “They tend to keep things closed off and usually don’t communicate with non-bankers,” Magalhaes told Decrypt, clarifying that he has had a few general discussions about CBDC implementation on the GitHub platform.”

    “Honestly, they don’t even need to care about public opinion,” Magalhaes added. It should be obvious to anyone with a pulse that the masters care very little for the opinions of slaves. They are laughing at us and how we allow ourselves to willing walk into invisible chains.

    According to a report by Natural News, a Brazilian crypto news reporter by the name of Vini Barbosa, who writes for Portal Do Bitcoin, confirmed that Magalhaes’ findings are, indeed, correct, which is ominous for the future of CBDC implementation everywhere.

    “The ability to ‘freeze or arrest amounts’ held in [this system] is protected by current legislation in Brazil, according to the Central Bank,” Barbosa tweeted about the matter.

    The first public notice about all this was shared via Magalhaes’ LinkedIn account with the disclaimer that it was simply for “educational purposes.” At first, it was believed that the backdoor functions only applied to DeFi or CeFi “where it may be necessary to freeze the balances to complete a smart contract operation,” but we have since learned that Brazil’s central bank can perform these backdoor tasks any time it wishes, for no reason at all. – Natural News

    These sociopaths view us as their property and until we realize that no one is going to save us, we need to save ourselves by freeing our minds. We are going to be stuck in this dystopian reality they are constructing around us right now unless we start looking at those who rule us for what they really are.   We all have the right to be free from enslavement by vote or force. We had better start to understand the end game has kicked off and that if there is a politician in power, they are in on it. No governor or member of law enFORCEment will save you.  Stop living the lie that you have to be a slave to anyone, and that includes a mental slave.



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