Video: Huge Brawl On The Streets Of America As Antifa Goes Head To Head With Proud Boys: Portland Cops Open Fire With Less-Lethal Rounds

by | Oct 13, 2018 | Headline News | 98 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Mob violence on American streets is getting wilder by the day.

    The following series of videos from Portland, Oregon show a confrontation between left-wing Antifa members and right-wing Proud Boys as scores of bystanders look-on.

    Things spiraled out of control quickly, prompting Portland police officers dressed in riot gear to open fire with less-lethal rounds.


    How It All Went Down:



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      1. The Left are unhinged and totally insane with hatred. When are the fascist terrorists that call themselves “anti-fascists” going to be treated by the authorities appropriately?

      2. You blew it MAC, right from the get-go, you used the M Word. This is not allowed. If the PC police see this you will go in Moderation. Trekker Out

        • Antifa is a group of looters financially sponsored by George Soros. Or Soreass.. He needs to be picked up for Domestic Terrorism and shot by firing squad.

          You aint seen nothing yet. Just wait until after the elections here in Nov , just a few weeks away, when the Republicans sweep all of congress, and these Anti-Americans thugs start their rampage. Pres Trump will Deputize American Patriots and Oath keepers to enable us to protect our communities by Lethal Force if necessary and Shoot these criminals on sight.

          Trump will also at this time after the Nov Election, release the 51,000 Sealed Indictments on all of these Leftist Criminals like Hillary Clinton, G Soros, Eric Holder and Obama, and use the US Military to round them up, and set up their Military Trials for Treason, and we will enter a short period of Martial Law, to round up these Leftist criminals once and for all, who are hell bent on destroying America at every turn.
          MAGA!!! Make America Great Again!!!!

          So keep your Patriot weapons handy, practice shooting moving targets and get your liberty tools lubed for action, as it will hit every street in America very soon within weeks here.

          • George Soros is an enemy of the people. George Soros is an enemy of the world. Soros needs to be arrested, his assets confiscated, any political party or candidate he or his organizations have contributed to need to return those funds to the people. Finally, Soros needs to be deported, his visas cancelled.

            This would send a message to all these other un-elected rogue billionaires — like Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, the Koch Brothers, Michael Bloomberg (who, along his paid for Governor Andrew Cuomo and owned “New York Times” controls the state of New York) — to get out of politics. They can have their money. That’s it.

          • I sure hope so, TharSheBlows! Thanks.

          • TSB, I’ll be headed back to the BOL in 2 weeks and staying there for a month. If TSHTF at the time of the midterms I’ll already be in the right place. The libturds need to be careful what they wish for.

            • It is time to stop playing with these scum. Come to the south into the smaller towns and threaten people. I want to see a bunch of dead commie scum on the street dead. I want to help do it.

              • Menzo, if the scum into my family’s area they could ‘disappear’.

              • I want to see that on their streets not ours. Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, etc.

            • The BOL? Deplorable MegaTard, don’t you REALLY mean your sister’s trailer? Yeah, I know, you’ve got all kinds of ammunition and arms stocked up along with your 5 year supply of Spam and you just can’t wait for the battle to begin! How did you ever buy that much Spam while being on food stamps? Will you have your gimps with you for company while you’re away?

              • DICKHEAD ON METH, how do you know what kind of place I have? It’s a cabin, not a trailer. I built up a 5-year supply of supplies by WORKING FOR THEM, NOT BEING ON THE PUBLIC DOLE, DICKHEAD. Also, I’m a white male. When have you ever seen a WHITE MALE WITH AN EBT CARD? You haven’t and never will. Those programs are for the MINORITY GROUPS, BUT WHITE PEOPLE ARE STILL EXPECTED TO PAY FOR IT WITH THEIR TAX DOLLARS. And I don’t have any ‘gimps’ either, mofo. So go take a flying leap.

                • Deplorably ignorante renegade, statistically a lot of whites are on welfare of one kind or another. the welfare mother is as likely if not more so white than black. that means there are white males with EBT cards. several videos discuss whites on welfare incl. males. a white man was scolded for using an EBT card at walmart in a viral video. So there’s one for you.

          • ^^^ TSB, I hope you’re right, dude.
            I don’t really have the need to look at other women because I have a hot girlfriend who takes care of ALL my needs — if ya know I mean.

            However, the above news of these globalist traitors getting the axe is giving me a serious boner. 😉 And I don’t like to be teased. 😉 Waiting patiently until after the Nov. midterm elections to see if Trump is the real deal or the spineless fraud my spidey senses keeps tingling about since he seems to have zero control in certain elements of his gov’t.

            Otherwise, I predict either of the following scenarios:

            1) The US is eventually heading towards an asymmetric Civil War 2.

            2) The US economy will implode with all these anti-competitive cry-baby sanctions as many countries get fed up and cease buying US goods & services as payback for all its exceptional “humanitarian” warmongering/meddling using “moderate” mongrels (Daesh, ISIS, ISIL, White Helmets, Al Qaeda) as sh!t disturbers. And let’s not forget their lovely affiliates in East & West Africa (Al Shabaab, Boko Haram) who seem to come alive at the drop of a hat like an extinct volcano – just when you least expect it.

            3) Or, we’re heading to WW3. In that case, we’re all fuked!

            Something has to give. The West is waaay past the point of NO RETURN. Politics in the UK is a fukin joke. Both Theresa May and Boris Johnson are Saudi-luvin clowns. The snooty French have gone insane. The compromised Scandinavian & German leadership seem to have a neurotic love affair with unleashing Rapefugees who don’t assimilate upon their unarmed citizenry.

            Canada is run by a foolish pretty boy PM with a psycho Ukrainian Foreign Minister who absolutely hates Russia but loves kissing NeoNazi ass. Both are waaaay over their heads on many issues. The country wants to increase its population to 100 MILLION in the future – from its current 37M. lol.

            The West is a suicidal soap opera.

            • Chyrsta Freedland would make a rabid dog seem sensible on the issue of Russia.Plus she never wears underwear evn with the most skimpy dress.Canada is headed down toilet

              • > Plus she never wears underwear even with the most skimpy dress. Canada is headed down toilet

                What do you expect? She’s a fukin fugly feminist who’s probably pissed off because the alpha males look waaaay past her — over yonder, into the abyss.


                I’m sure pretty boy Justin has to cover his eyes whenever they meet in Parliament to talk politics. Feminists and boners are mutually exclusive.

            • Finally some one gave a great point of view, I agree with the OP.
              Events in your country mean your all in for “interesting lives”
              Best wishes to the OP.

          • I’d wager nothing happens, except more deterioration of the situation.

        • “Mob violence”

          The correct term is “disenfranchised victims of white male capitalists seeking social justice.”

          • Fine. Then let them take their violence to the capitalists — Soros, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Gates, Bloomberg and the rest. I am all for that.

            • Blame-e, cut off the money coming from Soros and maybe this shit will stop. All the ones you mentioned need to be eliminated. That would solve some problems.

          • JS, nice sarcasm. But we know better. Disenfranchised victims, my sweet ass! Mob violence just like the article said.

          • Correct term is stupid fucks who will become easy targets

            • Nailbanger, they’ll be easy targets regardless.


          • The videos were all interesting except for Hillary’s interview. She has some real nerve saying you can’t be civil with your opponent. The commie bitch never knew what civility is in the first place. And it’s HER people out to destroy this country. Her day is coming.

            • So I’m in moderation? Reminds me of the last time I was at

              • I threw up watching the Hillary video. She needs to be careful what she wishes for. This whole campaign will backfire on them. They will experience a backlash soon enough.

            • > The commie bitch never knew what civility is in the first place. And it’s HER people out to destroy this country.

              Dude, what do you expect? Killary is a fukin FemiNazi! Seriously, women should NEVER be allowed to run for POTUS or even Congress, having access to nukes. What, with their feelings and hotflash menopause? A very risky scenario.

              Have you seen the EU with all these Female Defence Ministers? 😉 😉

              I’m sure Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s Defence Minister, is shaking in his boots. This feminist bullsh!t is dangerously destructive, and Liberal/RINO male cucks think this is some fukin game because, well, it “feels good” to have a woman in control of the nation’s alpha male soldiers – a woman who probably doesn’t even know an F-15 from an AR-15.

              Like I said, the West is on a suicidal decline. “Ignorance is strength” 😉 😉

        • If it wasn’t for Baby Boomers none of this would be happening.

          After the new civil war ends women must never be allowed to have legal rights ever again. They must be punished for causing the war.

          At least millennial white men are getting some combat experience.

          • there will be plenty of pro trump women getting combat experience kicking balls and punching throats too I’m sure. and we can pull a trigger as good as a man. But I got my doubts it will come to this.

            this focus on women’s rights like voting and owning property (the legitimate rights, not abortion and LGBTQ) is insane. WHO DO YOU THINK DID THE BULK OF THIS COMMIE ETC. DEGENERATION BY MEANS OF THE VOTE? IS SOROS FEMALE BY THE WAY? WERE THE BOLSHEVIKS A BUNCH OF AMAZONS? both sexes are degenerate idiots. voting rights should have some kind of critical thinking literacy and history education standards, proof passed some special few month classes in these for people who want to get a voter card allowing to vote.

        • *****************************************************
          George Soros incites and FUNDS riots/civil unrest.
          Arrest George Soros, as a EXTREME National Security threat.

          MoveOn. o r g , is George Soros funded TERRORIST organization. Arrest these deginerates.
          Antifa is a TERRORIST organization. Arrest them.

          ALL National media outlets are FOREIGN owned and controled.
          Anti American, US National Media, INCITES riots and chaos. Stop allowing our national media to be controlled by Saudi Arabia and other foriegn intrests. Why is this allowed?

          Why can’t these Terrorist be jailed and called out for what and who they are. ARREST them.

          The Democratic party are not Liberals.
          Democrats are now Anti American NWO COMMUNIST.
          Arrest them.

          Anyone who Riots, Murders, Burns, Loots, belongs in prison. If the “authorities” refuse to act. Perhaps YOU should. This is OUR COUNTRY.

          What say You?

          PS-Why are foriegners allowed to own one of our most IMPORTANT National resources, American Farm Land??

          They will starve us out by not planting for two seasons and if weather is bad at same time. You will starve and DIE. City dwellers who are social media screen junkies have NO idea how vulnerable they are.

          ***Non US citizens should NEVER be allowed to own Farm Land or US Media outlets.
          ***Secure our BORDER!!!!!

          Spread the word. Write your senators and congress.
          -Buy Ammo
          -Store Mediacal goods and get trained.
          -Store Food
          -Grow Food

          The System will fall HARD. Now is the time to Ready your Family. Time is short. Ignore my words at your peril.

          • > Why can’t these Terrorist be jailed and called out for what and who they are. ARREST them.

            Well, I’m surprised that mass media ZioPresstitutes are still breathing. Not even red dots pointing at their heads or hearts daring them to tell another dangerous destructive lie.

            When the nukes start flying or Civil War 2 erupts, me thinks it would’ve been more efficient to just OFF those lying scoundrels and broadcast a new program on the idiot box. But it seems the underground SHTF resistance in the US is hesitant to right the American Republic’s ship.

            • Since the presstitute media control the narrative, any response or aggression by conservative or libertarian forces will be demonized in the press.
              The Communist/Socialist control of the corridors of power tug the reigns, and the narrative continues to diverge from our collective hallucination (reality).
              The Fed spy orgs (FIBs, CIAssholes, DHShitheads, NSArsewipes, etc.) have targeted and suppressed, and continue to target and suppress, any Non-Narrative voices that may poke holes in the Presstitute stories, much less anything or anyone who dares to expose the criminal elements of our Unconstitutional Overlords.
              “The more (they) tighten their grip, the more (folks) will slip through (their) fingers”
              Globalists and Commies cannot stand exposure, nor anyone who promotes or disseminates Facts.

      3. ENGAGE. 🙂

      4. Kill Leftist Save America

      5. Antifa is Communist.

        The Nazi (National Socialist) Party brawled with Antifa (Communists) before Hitler became Chancellor Of Germany.

        Antifa is still Communist.


        • national socialism vs. international socialism

          looks like they agree more than disagree

          like (((spy vs spy)))

          statism vs statism is no war at all. . .

      6. There is another video clearly showing the beginning of the all out brawl.

        Clearly, Antifa threw things including a bomb (stink bomb) into the protesters face to face in the street.

        The protesters had a permit.

        Why did the police not keep Antifa away from the protest?


        • By design. Msm talks down antifa violence, talks up (lack of) patriot violence.

          Mold the narrative. The ends justify the means…

          It is an information and propaganda war.

          • The enemy is within the gates.

            • Thanks to me Spinach says Popeye!! Kick em’ in the teeth and their tiny feminized nutsacks.

        • Why did the police not keep Antifa away from the protest?

          That is the problem. The government is siding with Antifa thugs and want them to attack the others.

          Remember the iconic photo of the 1980s of a black state trooper standing guard in front of the Klu Klux Klan as they gave a speech on the state house steps?

          It was more important to protect free speech than to be offended by the racist message.

          Those days are gone. Now if you don’t say what the government wants, you get pepper sprayed and beat with an iron pipe.

          • JS, the problem in Portland is their libturd mayor who sides with Antifa and always tells the local police to stand down. If I saw any Antifa scum attack any good people on the street I wouldn’t be ‘standing down’. The Antifa thug would be needing medical attention.

            • Deplorable, remember the big “communist revolution” that antifa was gonna have last November? Remember how they got strictly nowhere, because they didn’t dare show their puke POS faces anywhere that’s actually part of America?

              These communist assholes don’t dare to EVER leave their “safe spaces” like Portland. They know the scumbag Dummycrat politicians there will provide them cover. So what we’re seeing, as dramatic as it is, is obvious weakness on their part: they’re screaming and throwing a tantrum and throwing shit at people because they are FRUSTRATED. THIS wasn’t the plan, you see.

              What was SUPPOSED to happen was that Hitlery was supposed to win. At which point, that evil witch would be doing to all America what that goddammed mayor is doing to Portland. They would be like the “Red Guards” that evil dictator Mao unleashed on China: dispensable, disposable shock troops to terrorize the opposition.

              Now please don’t get me wrong: I think at least half of the GOP is full on Wall Street sock puppet retards. BUT, as long as they are in the way, and Hillary/Bernie/Kamala/I am Spartacus is NOT in the White House, antifa will have to stay in their playpens and throw shit at the locals. Sucks to BE those locals of course, but hey, THEY voted in the assholes providing antifa with “hands off” cops and political cover.

              Anytime they wanna drain the cesspool they live in and rejoin America, and I say welcome

              • Sammy, good points. I was at the BOL in north GA with family during the last election and then again when Trump was inaugurated. Wasn’t sure what to expect during that time frame but DC had a taste of Antifa’s BS on Inauguration Day. The cops DIDN’T stand down in that instance. I’m not sure how much good Trump can do for us but at least he bought us some time. In two more weekends I’m headed back to the BOL for a month. As far as Antifa ‘draining the cesspool they live in and rejoin America’ is concerned, that’s the only statement of yours I have to disagree with. Otherwise you hit everything else right out of the park. I don’t trust any leftist as far as I can throw them. My reason for that is simple. My late wife was a refugee from communist Cuba who lost part of her family to the Castro brothers’ butchers and THEY were ‘leftist’. It took years for her and her surviving relatives to escape the nightmare the Castros created for everyone on that island. When we were dating she told me stories about her life under communism that just blew me away. I learned more about communism/socialism/cultural Marxism from her than I ever could have from any other source. Ever since that time I’ve had a hatred for EVERYTHING liberal/socialist/communist that just doesn’t know any end. But that’s just me. I don’t care what anyone else does for themselves but I refuse to have anything to do with any leftist. I just won’t have any part of them.

        • Because the show must go on…

        • B, like Sammy says, there is only one good kind a communist, and that’s a DEAD one. Antifa is cruisin’ for a bruisin’.

      7. I wish they would do that in Texas. In Texas, pepper spray can be met with deadly force. Those Antifa thugs would not last long.

        • Amen brother
          Try and bring that shot to east Texas and see what happens.get your asses whipped , that’s what.

        • Proud boys had a permit, Antif didn’t. The police should know who to arrest. Duh…

          • If it were the other way around, the Proud Boys would be in jail.

        • But John, Texas is part of America, and its populated mostly by Americans. Americans won’t put up with that shit.

          Now in the Glorious Democratic Peoples Republic of Portland on the other hand, the mayor has obviously told the cops to keep “hands off” anyone wearing a spooky boo boo Halloween mask, screaming disconnected Marxist babble

          Seriously though John, the little commie fuckwits know exactly WHERE they can pull the shit they do. But take cheer in this fact: we dodged a bullet with Hitlery NOT being in the White House. SHE would give them carte blanche to do this crap coast to coast and border to border

          • Sammy, we did dodge the biggest bullet imaginable with the hildebitch being defeated. While she might have given them ‘carte blanche’ to go everywhere with their BS they would’ve still had to confront everyone in flyover country first. We the people; 100,000,000 of us with up to 300,000,000 firearms say HELL NO to that BS. Even now, once they step out of their ‘urban safe spaces’, they’re fair game. They would be toast.

          • Hitlery NOT being in the White House.


            She is not done. She will be back.

            She is like a sticky booger you just can’t flick off.

            • JS, with her health issues, I doubt it. Also, word has it that the DNC is all but finished with the Clintons. Way too toxic for them and the globalists. They’ve almost outlived their usefulness to the NWO. The Clintons will end up being toast.

      8. These protests serve no purpose except to provide a little income for the Antifa losers living in their parents’ basement.

        • Peaceful protests are a waste of time. Nothing gets accomplished unless blood is shed. AntiFa blood, that is.

          • Infidel, the cost to the entire left for their campaign against us will become prohibitive. They’ll lose so much blood it will kill them.

      9. This is stupid. The chicken sh*t falls from the top down. Both of these groups should be going after those at the top, the real trouble-makers, not each other.

        Make a date at Massapequa, NY. Burn down the Clinton’s house. Tar and feather (I know. Tar and feathering is too good for them), Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton.

        Same thing with Maxine Waters. Al Gore and his climate nonsense. Same thing with the Obamas. Your two terms are up, Uncle Barack. Sit down and STFU.

        Same thing with our feckless dysfunctional government. Stop all immigration immediately. Deport everybody who isn’t here legally. Prosecute these #metoo movements.

        Same thing with the “New York Times” and “Washington Post.” We need responsible journalism.

        Same thing with George Soros and all his boat-people, and caravans, and unescorted children, and his societies and foundations. Same thing with Jeff Bezos, the Koch Brothers, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg — all of these un-elected rogue billionaires with their plans to bring down the United States with their “Open Borders” and sanctuary cities.

        Same thing with all these celebrities. Burn a couple of their celebrity mansions to the ground and Hollywood gets out of politics real quick. This goes double for “Smiling” George Clooney, Alyssa Milano. Jimmy Kimmel.

        Take to the Pentagon. Stop these endless wars and endless war-mongering.

        Why these groups are fighting each other is beyond me. Solves nothing. And those responsible are just sitting back laughing at the whole deal.

        • forgot to mention the real main enemy- the (((fake money hegemon)))

        • So glad someone else sees all this for what it is.

          BTW, the tar and feathers will improve their wardrobes tremendously.

        • Tar and feather,,,
          That would be fun to watch, have a visual of the two of them tied together face to groin and dumped into one of those roofers tubs, you know, the ones fired with prooane that they melt those 50# chunks of tar in,,,,

      10. This is called manufactured division, a favorite tactic of communists and other dictators throughout history. Set 2 parties against each other., encourage them to fight it out in public view, then institute draconian laws to restore order (which the public demands), which ultimately limits everyone’s future rights. That’s how the Communists did it. Tha;’s how Hitler did it. That’s how the global elite do it today in the Ukraine uprising. These Antifa thugs are either paid actors or dumb leftist sheep.
        Problem – Response – Solution
        Create its – Handle it – Get your desired outcome.

      11. I know my family history in regards to the civil war. Some chose a side, some didn’t, but all paid a price. Both sides used the war for looting. My 4th great uncle was killed by horse thieves and back shooters. They were local boys riding at the time for the union. All his brothers but one, tracked the horse thieving back shooters to a barn. When they wouldn’t come out, the brothers set it on fire and killed the back shooters as they ran out. The brothers had to flee the area and come to Texas leaving behind 1000’s of acres of prime land. One brother (my 4th great grandfather) didn’t pick a side and tried to remain neutral, he lost his land, his sawmill and general store due to carpetbaggers. I don’t want another civil war, but if it comes I’m will stocked and have access to mountains, caves, rivers.

      12. Coming soon to neighborhood near you.

        • I seriously doubt they will venture out of their safe space gun free zones to where most armed patriots live. Even their pea brains understand that it would be suicide. But let them come.

          • Menzo, damn right let them come. They’ll be fair game and they’ll be toast.

        • I doubt they’ll bother my neighborhood; too many “Don’t Tread On Me” Virginia license plates on display. (Not me; I remain anonymous.) Trouble is likely to be short-lived if it bothers at all.

      13. make the ones going to jail work on the wall with the alien kids and women the men get shot.

      14. there must not be any veterans in the Proud Boys. If there were vets, the antifa would be driven back against a blocking force and trapped between two forces, simple infantry tactics. That is what we need.

      15. Well it started just like 1930s Germany. Private armies are fighting on the street. REd Front vs Brown Shirts. history repeats irs self. where is the new Adolf is the question. Hillary is the queen of the street gangs now. She wants power and will have power by any means she can. Later she can be lawful Right now she feels is he time for open war in the street at any cost. Power is addictive and she wants more power again. Power to rule the world. All will bow to her.

      16. If one followed the money both sides are being financed by Soros who is the bag man for TPTB and the participant “cannot fodder” doesn’t see it. TPTB want controversy and violence to foster destabilization making issues where none naturally exist.

        “All the world is a stage”
        William Shakespeare

        • both sides are being financed by (((Soros)))

          well it stands to reason that both sides were created by the same (((folks)))

      17. Lets see Antifa show up at the polls and see what happens… wave will wash over them.

      18. Antifa is a Marxist inspired Leftist uprising.

        Historically, Leftist uprisings are usually successful if they are allowed to grow beyond a certain point by those they are rising against tolerating them.

        I think Antifa may have already reached that point already, and I see no way of turning it back without destroying ourselves in the process (as the Nazi’s ended up destroying Germany after they beat back the Communists).

        The United States, Western civilization in general, has reached its last days and will soon be reduced to a memory as have so many other great civilizations throughout history.

      19. I have a lot of connections in the Pacific Northwest.
        Portland is a bigger political liberal sewer than Seattle.
        The reason the cops there held back is because Multnoma
        county is anti America. A bunch of Californians moved
        there and completely ruined the political climate.
        Some were my family and people I grew up with, so I know.
        The pendulum may be swinging back as the Liberal rag
        paper the Oregonian endorsed a Republican
        for Governor. Part of Hell has frozen over.

        • It’s very sad what Portland has become, an absolutely pathetic liberal infested cesspool, yet they are so proud of it. I can’t wait for the big one to hit. Portland sits on the type of ground that would liquify quite nicely in a big quake.

        • The cops don’t move in unless Antifa needs protection.

      20. Democrats are MOB mentality loons,,,
        Only good leftist is a dead leftist,,,,,compost

        • Nailbanger, LMAO! “Only good leftist is a dead leftist…..compost.” Damn good one! There’s an old saying from the Cold War, “BETTER DEAD THAN RED”.

      21. Some killers are ugly as a methane-belching, bull elephant seal, tenderizing their competition like the steak noone wanted.

        Others are as pretty as Hummel figurines, perfumed night doctors with forked tongues.

        Remember, in the Bible, when David took lessons from guarding sheep from wild predators? Is this how you split a log or gut an animal?

        Or, is this how you make sensationalist propaganda, to cause some goofy snafu?

        This is like sophomoric pranking, rodeo clowns, and Rainbow Coonfederates. A certain harmlessness, to it, like frat boys in a pep rally. Capture a flag, steal a mascot.

        There is a playful, spoofy, staged element, like this, to some of the secret societies.

        Hormonal people are respectfully admonished, not to be triggered, so take part in a stampede.

      22. ZOG USSA – The Planet’s PREMIER Thug Regime – imploding.

      23. If you live in a ‘diverse’ city this is a small scale preview of your future. Do you still think you can reach your BoL?

      24. Gee, if I didn’t read about it here, I wouldn’t have known any of this. More people should avoid this garbage.

        • Then by all means – Leave.

      25. If it becomes obvious that the Democrats are going to lose the mid-term elections, look for interference at the polling places as liberals try to prevent Republicans from voting.

      26. Dems and Independents are leaving their party. The left has gone nuts and is falling apart. With their riots and mischief in Congress you can expect a red wave this November. The dems knowing this will claim election hacking by the Russians and Chinese and declare the election null and void. They already think the last election was illegal and now the Supreme Court. By their reasoning that makes the Constitution null and void. Make sure people,that you get out and don’t allow these nuts to take back Congress.

      27. If these groups like Antifa believe that they will lose the mid-term elections, they will go to the polling places and try to prevent anyone they perceive as a Trump supporter from voting.

      28. Backhoe for rent.

      29. Street thuggery is for morons. There has never been a case of it leading to any positive political change. It doesn’t matter what your cause is, you lose legitimacy once you start doing this.

        The state, the military-industrial complex is not threatened by this silliness. If these losers put their energy into something positive maybe there would be change.

      30. Has law Enforcement started dealing with the domestic terrorists called Antifa yet?


        The mayors and police are instead are helping them you say?

        That speaks volumes at the level of LAWLESSNESS the US has plunged to. We are so close to the Civil War 2.0, you just can’t see it yet. Don’t EVER give up your guns and don’t bury them either. Dust the rounds off and clean and function check them. The day is near.

        Antifa and the OTHER domestic terrorist groups will NOT allow these elections to go off without a fight. You don’t even have to bet on it. Its a done deal with the brazenness they operate now.

      31. when they start to drop -toes up- we will see .vodka/prozac will be their only friend.che shirts for comfort….

      32. The Proud Boys are a Group of Gay Boyd

      33. Huge brawl? Hahahahahahaha

        About a dozen angry people and the circus media goes wild. Just a handful of neo-nazi types and riffraff thugs blowing steam. Kind of like idiots who road rage, mentals with anger issues.

      34. Right on schedule, regardless that the NPC’s started the fracass, since the Proud Boys finished it, law enforcement is trying to spin it and is trying to arrest them.

        Instead, they deserve medals. I wish everyone would fight back against the black block thugs, communists, and anarchists.

        Know the citizen’s arrest laws in your state. When they attack you, shout citizen’s arrest and use whatever necessary force to take them into custody.


          “Kentucky law holds that a person witnessing a felony must take affirmative steps to prevent it, if possible. (See Gill v. Commonwealth, 235 KY 351 (1930.)

          Indeed, Kentucky citizens are permitted to kill fleeing felons while making a citizen’s arrest (Kentucky Criminal Code § 37; S 43, §44.)”

      35. Soros funds Trump also, he funds both sides, has many confused… search Soros 100 Million Dollar loan to Trump Inc.

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