Brandon Smith Warns the System Is Crashing: “Prepare for Bank Confiscations, Shortages, Insurgency”

by | Dec 20, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 102 comments

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    Military, police and homeland security units have all long been preparing for riots and widespread civil unrest during a prolonged collapse.

    What is the anatomy of a breakdown?

    The past eight years have been extremely difficult for the real economy. Central bank intervention has propped up the stock market at the expense of the main street economy, at the expense of middle class security, at the expense of jobs.

    And everyone knows that game can’t continue. The question is how it will play out, and how long the game will be.

    The Federal Reserve finally announced rate hikes – planning one incremental increase after another throughout the coming Trump Administration.

    Close to a decade of stimulus, quantitative easing, zero interest rates and easy money for those on top is coming to an end. For all those who have borrowed, it means that the burden of debt is coming due – and the biggest borrower of all, the U.S. government, will face huge new costs in the form of increased interest on $14 trillion in debt:

    Rising interest rates help savers and hurt borrowers. As the biggest borrower on the planet, the U.S. government will soon begin paying more to investors holding roughly $14 trillion in Treasury debt.  “As debt continues to grow and interest rates return toward more normal levels, interest spending is slated to be the fastest growing part of the budget.” (source)

    This crunch could impact state, businesses, municipalities and individual households in a big way as well. Meanwhile, the presidency of Donald Trump has changed the surface of the political landscape entirely, and no one is quite sure what will happen – though plenty on the left have been casting Trump as a neo-Hitlerian figure.

    Brandon Smith, who runs, may not know the future either, but he has developed a very strong track record for predicting the “surprise” victories for Brexit in the UK, and for Trump in the U.S.

    But he didn’t just predict their win at the polls, but that these new signposts of the conservative, populist uprising would be used by the elite – who allowed these electoral changes – in order to scapegoat the coming financial collapse.

    As things continue to play out, he has been so far proven stunningly accurate, and should not be readily ignored.

    Will Trump’s presidency be better understood in hindsight as what has already been dubbed: ‘Operation Shift Blame’?

    Here’s what Brandon Smith said a couple of weeks ago in a focused interview with the X22 Report:

    The Elite Already Have The Collapse Planned, ‘Operation Shift Blame’ Is A Go: Brandon Smith

    As Brandon Smith argues in the interview, the Trump presidency, if he is right, is all about having a scapegoat for the crash of the economy during his watch.

    If the populists, nationalists, and conservatives are blamed, then their views are discredited, and momentum to control the aftermath – and restore order to the system – falls back to the establishment that has, until now, been the target of growing disdain by a population over-run by the status quo and its series of disasters.

    But with Trump – undeniably a spectacle to all Americans – the elite have a narrative that will keep people fighting among themselves, divided by race, gender, politics and ideology.

    Though President Obama and the circles in Washington keep insisting the economy is recovering, improving and providing, nothing could be further from the truth.

    The economy has been “kept on life support” since 2008, when there should have been a bigger crash… but that, too, will come due. They’ve been artificially propping up the system with stimulus measures, and simply stopping that intervention will usher in a collapse. According to Brandon Smith:

    “They’re setting it up to where a crash occurs during a Trump presidency, and Trump and conservatives are blamed in the process.”

    It won’t happen overnight. The economic collapse is a “process, not an event” – one that takes place over the course of several years, even a decade. According to Brandon Smith, 2017 will likely see a major acceleration of that collapse.

    As the fiscal situation becomes more and more untenable, and the government more desperate to pay the bills, we will likely see government pensions confiscated, promises benefits reduced or delayed, and other measures to pay debts.

    On the pretext of sustaining the financial stability of the system, banks may end up “locking out” accounts, seizing funds and account holders and investors could face severe haircuts.

    America may well see credit freezes, shortages on the shelves, deliveries could stop, and people could lose their minds as ordinary life is interrupted. As Smith argues,

    “Removing stimulus and ‘turning off the spigot’ will initiate collapse on its own…. and end up being worse than the Great Depression

    Smith: “Whatever’s going to happen is going to happen between now and early 2018, because that’s their window of time to create enough chaos and desperation in order to convince people, to rationalize the idea of switching to a global currency system. After that, I would expect there would be a process of acclimating the public to this new system, and I would expect that a lot of countries would be in third world conditions for a while after that.”

    A combination of hyperinflation, and deflationary pressures could further wreck the economy, and even decimate the value of the dollar. Further consequences could spiral out of control from there.

    Already, there are plans on the books for government to use its nearly-unlimited powers to seize private assets at a personal or institutional level in order to meet the needs, perceived or real, of society. Numerous executive orders give fiat authority to the executive branch to wield dictatorial control and violate private property and personal assets – not the least of which will be private holdings in gold and silver.

    The elites have long suggested that the rise of a truly global currency will replace the crash of the dollar system, and the severe economic decline of the United States.  This has been in the works for a long, long time.

    The system is going to crash regardless… so, arguably, this is how they are planning for it to play out.

    The only question left, is: how will you prepare?

    For those who want to survive, and be as unscathed as possible, that means building up a supply of food, water, guns, gold, alternative heating and power, medicine, barter items and other essential supplies. It also means preparing psychologically to deal with the loss of income, the breakdown of groceries, supplies and easily-available goods; and it means to distancing oneself from the most vulnerable – and potentially unstable – segments of society.

    In particular, it may be wise to leave major urban centers, or have a viable exit strategy to a place that is both rural and self-sustaining. Of course, these are major preparations that have to be made according to the individual needs of each family.

    However, the time is past to pretend that these things are not happening; it is time to make some very serious plans for what you will do during what happens next.

    Just look to Venezuela or India for a glimpse of how raw things can become once the fiat paper currency ceases to flow freely, or provide for the life that most have become accustomed to living.

    As Brandon Smith argues:

    “I think the plan is to kill the dollar’s world reserve status, and that will severely limit the dollar’s value on the global market. We’ll still have our green dollars, with the presidents, but the value will no longer be controlled by the Federal Reserve… I think the Federal Reserve will step aside for the IMF, and the IMF will become the new global mediator of currency values.”

    The United States will be hit the hardest, with the reliance upon the dollar’s reserve currency status…. “and an extreme shift from first world down to third world living conditions. It will be a disaster, there will be people who will die during this process, [just as people did] during the Great Depression. It’s going to be a disaster.”

    Because people in the general public aren’t prepared even to sustain a few days without power, food and water, people will be pushed into extremes – desperate, rioting, looting, violence, and other destructive behaviors that are hallmarks of a breakdown.

    In short, the United States will see a debased situation that is unprecedented in its more than 200 year history. Even the Great Depression could be eclipsed by the extreme events to come – but again, it won’t happen overnight.

    “Some will react violently, but I think the elites have staged the situation in such a way that a lot of people will be confused as to who to blame. And that’s the great advantage that they have, is that they’ve staged the situation to where, especially people on the left, they have an automatically built-in bias to blame either Donald Trump, or Republicans, or conservatives in general. On the right, I think you’re going to have a lot of conservatives blaming the left as [for] sabotaging Trump and ruining his chances of fixing things.”

    “You’re also going to have all kinds of different, I think, events in between – black swan events, terrorist attacks – that really keep people confused and looking every other direction, except at the global bankers. That’s what they want… they don’t want anyone focused on them. They’re going to create as much gas as possible during all this to keep people at each other’s throats. They’re going to be sitting on the Riviera… and watching.”

    “Because we are getting to a point in history where the globalists are more exposed than ever before – their schemes, who they are, the organizations they’ve built. If the general public becomes aware of who they are, and the fact that they’re behind this crash, it would be all over for them. You’re talking torches and pitchforks – so they need to keep mass confusion, and keep everyone focused on each other, and not them, or the entire apparatus falls apart.”

    “If we can get enough people aware of, and focused on the bankers first… then we might be able to, at least, remove them from the picture and rebuild in a proper manner. What this is really all about is who is going to rebuild. The system is going to crash regardless, but we still can determine who rebuilds afterwards. If it’s them rebuilding, then we’re kind of done for, because they’re going to use the crisis as a rationale for centralizing everything into their one world system. If we can remove them from the picture, then we might have the chance to rebuild a freer system.”

    If things get bad enough, there could be an actual civil war again in America – in fact, it may become unavoidable.

    People are at extremes right now, and the divisions between the left and right are, in many respects, deeper than they have ever been.

    Those who are addicted to government assistance are in for a rude awakening, and those who work for a living face the very real possibility of seeing the American Dream crushed once and for all, in an era from which there will be no turning back.

    But the pages of history have not been written, and if they have, they still stand to be edited by real world events. If people get their heads wrapped around what is really happening, perhaps the true villains can be addressed, and power can be kept out of the hands in whom it is most dangerous.

    Perhaps, there is a chance that liberty could one day be restored, but first, people must prepare to endure a long, hard fight.

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      1. I read your analysis on a regular basis Brandon. I really hope you are wrong this time, because you have been spot on with just about everything else.

        • ” …the U.S. government will soon begin paying more to investors holding roughly $14 trillion in Treasury debt. ”


          I like Brandon. He is a patriot. And he means well, but the above statement proves he is a complete IDIOT when it comes to understanding American Capitalism and the American Financial System.

          He does himself and ALL of us a disservice by making these wild assertions that are completely erroneous and not based in economic or financial fact.

          For example, what the FED has done is refinanced existing federal debt to near zero; or at historically low rates for long term bonds, not unlike a homeowner refinances their home at a lower fixed rate to lower their monthly payment.

          The cost of the EXISTING $20 trillion in federal debt is, for the most part, FIXED at these lower rates for five, ten and thirty years. New debt issues for new borrowing will still be fixed at extremely low historical rates.

          With this observation of BASIC economic facts that destroy Brandons contentions of economic collapse, I do not for a moment condone the debt, but Brandon’s analysis is akin to Chicken Little claiming the “Sky is falling !” TRUMP will slash government spending by slashing government.

          Yes, some banks will fail. SOME ALWAYS DO AT THE END OF A BUSINESS CYCLE.

          There is not going to be any “shortages”. Shortages only occur in a hyperinflationary environment when producers withhold their products from the marketplace, exacerbating demand and pushing prices higher. Right now, producers are reducing their prices looking to LIQUIDATE their inventory, as I told you they would be.

          (YES ITS IN THE ARCHIVES !!!)

          The coming recession/depression (when it finally arrives) will be DEFLATIONARY in character, (as always), meaning that those ten dollar bills I have told you to stash in number ten cans will have more purchasing power, not less.

          TRUMP has been confirmed by the Electoral College. He can legally take the Oath of Office anywhere on January 20th, supplanting President Obola, and his appointments will take charge of their respective departments; beginning with DOD, DHS, etc.

          Any continued civil unrest will be met with force by an Administration of Patriots, so let it come and the population of the left will be greatly reduced. Only EMP, Pole Shift, Nuclear War, or Yellowstone blowing can create the Mad Max environment that Brandon and so many Preppers here envision.

          That’s coming, but it’s years yet away. 🙂

          • Good response!

          • DK, Do you still assume the Yuan is pegged to the US Dollar? If so, who’s the Idiot? lol Granted you are probably a Patriot as well, like most of us here. Keep them on their toes…

            However to school you here, the US Treasury Debt is tied to Variable Interest Rates. Go to this page here and compare what the Interest rates paid were, from Nov 2015 to Nov 2016. ht tps://

            I sure don’t see any fixed flat rate from year to year as you seem to claim. So Brandon is 100% correct and you are incorrect again sir.

            • This is the chart info from the link I posted above. The first set of numbers after the category, is the Nov 2016 rates and the second number is the interest rate from last year of Nov 2015 so you can compare. Go through the entire List of Treasury Debts.

              Title Average Interest Rates From:

              11/30/2016 and 11/30/2015

              Interest-bearing Debt:

              Marketable: 2016 then 2015 numbers

              Treasury Bills 0.442 0.161
              Treasury Notes 1.782 1.832
              Treasury Bonds 4.370 4.628
              Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities
              (TIPS) 0.779 0.847
              Treasury Floating Rate Note
              (FRN) 0.607 0.298
              Federal Financing Bank 3.080 3.219

              Total Marketable
              1.964* 2.027


              Domestic Series 7.951 7.950
              Foreign Series 7.312 7.312
              State and Local Government Series 1.044 1.263
              United States Savings Securities 3.075 3.183
              United States Savings Inflation Securities 2.260 0.911
              Government Account Series 2.782 3.024
              Government Account Series Inflation
              Securities 1.255 1.278
              Hope Bonds 0.000 0.000

              Total Non-marketable
              2.768* 3.018

              Total Interest-bearing Debt
              2.204* 2.324

              **I don’t see a single interest rate the same from 2015 to 2016. Which reflects as interest rates rise, so does the interest on the Treasury Debt. Brandon is 100% Correct and probably why he is successful with his alt market news website.

              *** Also notice from the List above the category of “HOPE BONDS” which they pay “ZERO Interest.” That must be the Michelle Obama Hope Bonds she created, If you like your Zero paying “Hope Bonds,” you can keep your Hope Bonds. lol There Must be ZERO Hope. 8 years or total incompetence.

              • oops.. My bad, Foreign Series 7.312 7.312 the Interest Rate stayed consistent from 2015 to 2016. The rest is variable.

              • Zeus: “New debt issues for new borrowing will still be fixed at extremely low historical rates.” 🙂

            • “DK, Do you still assume the Yuan is pegged to the US Dollar? ”

              No I don’t assume that. Its a FACT. The Chinese Central Bank has recently lowered the value of the Yuan against the dollar AGAIN.

              The Chinese Central Bank sets (PEGS) the yuan to dollar value. The value of the yuan is not market driven, get this: CONTRARY to IMF Rules.

              You can easily confirm both FACTS with a google search. 🙂

                • That masked Man says a lot of things that are not true. Go look up the definition of the word pegged. So with the proof that I showed you, do you now believe the Treasury Debt Interest is Variable Interest rates that react to Fed Rate? Will you retract your belittling of Brandon for your ineptness? Now go apologize to Brandon as you insert your foot in your masked face mouth again.

                  BTW/ China is in a currency war and has devalued its currency for leverage. I have not read one article yet that says China Banned any of its Yuan. So you are incorrect again sir and in fact the Yuan has just been included in the basket of World Currencies, and they will be rolling out the Yuan backed by Gold. SO tell me again masked man of know nothing, how the Yuan is confetti? Even your link the first line of the article says: The Chinese yuan has been in a controlled decline since 2014 and is now at multi-year lows against the US dollar.

                  No go look at the decline of the US Dollar. like worth .02 cents on the dollar. Now that’s confetti.

                  Anybody buying your economic CD’s? bwhahahahahaa

                  • This Durango guy is a fraud. He plants a lot of half truths mixed with opinions and semantics, and then pretends his opinions are facts. I think he gets off on spreading BS and getting people to buy into it.

                  • “I have not read one article yet that says China Banned any of its Yuan. So you are incorrect again sir and in fact the Yuan has just been included in the basket of World Currencies, and they will be rolling out the Yuan backed by Gold.”

                    Your ignorance must be bliss. Read more and post less. The Chinese HAVE moved to shut down CAPITAL FLIGHT by closing loopholes in the Casinos of Macau, for one example.

                    Yes the Yuan has been included in the IMF basket of currencies under US Rules. The West wants China to be a good capitalist nation, and eventually China must play by ALL of the RULES.

                    I have a Franklin that says China will NEVER back its currency with gold, unless the rest of the world does also; which is a potential possibility, but HIGHLY UNLIKELY. To do so would expose Chinese Gold to a run on its reserves; just as France did to the USA before Nixon pulled the plug.

                    Anyone who believe that the Global PTB will back their currencies with gold ever again, is living in La La Land and simple hasn’t grasp the control the elite have over fiat and commerce.

                    Quantum computing and digital money is a far superior control of the masses than a gold back money which is impracticable. 🙂

                    • DK, you are Soooo Wrong, SHFU and read some facts will ya. Here are some Links to articles I suggest you read to catch you up to speed on currencies and economics.

                      This Is It: Chinese Are Ready to Launch A Gold-Backed Yuan! – Jim Willie Posted on September 4, 2016 by The Doc


                      Jim Willie Issues A Crucial Market Update: A Systemic Lehman Event is IN PROGRESS, the Chinese are Ready to Launch a Gold-Backed Yuan, and The Bond Market Is About to BLOW. We’re About to See A Run On Treasury Bonds…

                      Does China plan to use gold to internationalize the yuan?
                      Dhara Ranasinghe | @DharaCNBC
                      Wednesday, 12 Feb 2014 | 8:12 PM ET

                      “The massive flow of gold into the country does make it seem plausible that they [China’s authorities] could be moving in the direction of using gold in the effort to internationalize the currency and escape what is seen as a domineering dollar,” Lombard economist Freya Beamish said in a note published late Wednesday.

                      ALSO DK THE YUAN IS “NOT”, I REPEAT “NOT” PEGGED TO THE US DOLLAR. You see there is this market called “Foreign Exchange,” where each Countries currency’s value is compared to other Counties currencies. And each currency goes up and down in value, None of them are Pegged. If the Yuan was pegged to the US Dollar the exchange rate would always be the same which it is not, there for you are massively incorrect and reflect you have little knowledge of Currencies or economics. I suggest you go take some EC classes, because it is a disservice to the readers here, to come on daily and spread your BS Nonsense.

                    • BTW/ DK, Send Mac the $100 Franklin, he can put it to use in his favorite charity. I don’t need your money.


            • Government bonds is a complex issue as there are many bond types and programs, however, what you are displaying is the page for the “average bond yield”, adding the yields and dividing by the number of issues.

              These average bond yields, in the aggregate, “change” from year to year as specific bond issues are funded, slightly above or below previous issue yields. The yields of the individual bond issues IN THE MAIN are fixed at the time of issue.

              A “variable rate bond” would be fixed to a benchmark and adjust from year to year like say, CPI or a variable rate mortgage benchmarked to LIBOR.

              CPI benchmark bonds, which do exist, are a very, very, very small percentage of the Nation’s Aggregate Debt. These are also a relatively new phenomena and do not represent the historical FIXED RATE debt.

              In either case, bond issues are at or near historically low rates, by design, to lower the cost of the Federal Government Debt and allow the Federal Government to create more debt and carry that debt burden at the same cost as before.

              Average yields only matter if you are major bond holder, like a pension fund or hedge fund. 🙂

          • Fixed for how long?

            Short term debt expires soon and will have to be replaced by new debt to pay it off and that could be at higher rates.

            A lot of our debt is short term bills, and many older long term debt bills are expiring soon with the need to replace them with new since we don’t have the money to retire them and will have to roll them over into new debt.

            It’s like using those ultra low interest 1 – 2% interest short term offer checks you get on your credit card, when the term runs out you either pay it off or it ends up replaced by much higher interest rate debt.

            • Correct Annon, DK thinks back to the original Fed Rate contract to some fixed 5 to 6% APR for borrowing. He needs to study up on current economics. He’s using like some 60 YO info. The Nations financial basket of products to pay for debt, are way more complex today. Mostly rigged. And notice how he didn’t admit he was wrong in his first book long comment. Probably why he wears a mask. What ya hiding bud?

          • ““Removing stimulus and ‘turning off the spigot’ will initiate collapse on its own…. and end up being worse than the Great Depression.”

            Recessions are not economic collapse. A depression could be deeper than the 30’s but not at all likely. There are enough people receiving benefits from the “safety net” to mitigate a depression; which is what the lower economic class would have experienced after the 2008/2009 Collapse.

            The FED and the PTB have too many tools at their disposal to manipulate the economy. It is likely that we will have a “cleansing” of bad loans and debts before 2018.

            This is the recurring phenomena at the end of the business cycle that the PTB has historically used to transfer the wealth (real assets) from the leveraged Middle Class and concentrate it into the hands of the Uber Rich.

            TRUMP is smart enough to know that if he is to get re-elected then a cleansing must take place, sooner rather than later.

            After the cleansing, TRUMP can repatriate $4 trillion offshore into rebuilding the infrastructure creating millions of jobs by creating a ” Infrastructure Development Agency” selling TAX FREE, low interest rate returning Federal bonds to the multinationals without increasing government spending.

            That process would be comparable to FNMA or FREDDIE MAC with the income from the reconstructed assets paying the tax free return to the multinationals, while creating tens of millions of new jobs, dramatically boosting GDP, and increasing tax revenues from the jobs and assets created.


            • ” …that’s their window of time to create enough chaos and desperation in order to convince people, to rationalize the idea of switching to a global currency system …”

              That was the plan of Soros and the New World Order. TRUMP is a Patriot, who has appointed Patriots to key posts, DOD and DHS to protect the Republic. There’s a new Sheriff in town.

              He has also organized the opposition to work towards advancing HIS AGENDA. The Super Rich will make billions in the process, but they will be adhering to an “America First” policy and Americans in general will benefit from this transformation in government policy.

              While Brandon articulates what was Soros plan, it was NOT the plan of the gangster bankers. The Banksters DO NOT WANT A GLOBAL CURRENCY. A One World Currency would dramatically decrease their profits, since currency trading is the single biggest market (and profit center) that the banksters already CONTROL.

              Brandon’s argument for a OWC is full of holes showing both his bias towards it and a basic lack of understanding of Global Finance. If you believe that SDR’s are the One World Currency coming to a neighborhood near you soon, buy some now !!! LMFAO !!! 🙂

            • Now DK switches to another subject, since he was blown out of the water for knowing little about currencies and exchange rates, or treasury debt is variable rate driven, or that the Chinese are moving in the direction for their Yuan to be backed by Gold.

              DK is a Hack, spreading BS, and it is best just to ignore his comments, because they are wrong most of the time. He needs to do some research before he makes these outlandish comments based on nothing but his own ineptness.

              The masked man will now go hide for a while then come back in a week and start up the same BS posting false info.

          • That was not Smith’s statement, that was Mac’s statement, lol! You just wrote a pointless rant against Smith for something he didn’t even say.

          • Remember, its not just our economy that’s at stake here. Everyone fails to realize the petro dollar is dead. It costs more to create a gallon of gas than they are making. The cost to service our debt is off the charts and is untenable so why would this economy continue for years to come before a 1929 event? The bond market is dead and no one is buying our debt and China, although fraught with its own debt crisis, is moving off the dollar into the yuan. Dude, 90 million Americans without jobs does not support your theory that the collapse is somewhere down the road. Its at our doorstep. Enjoy your take on everything and you are a fellow patriot. Merry Christmas

          • — durangokidd, if that’s your real name, I like how you think and write and I am sure many others here do, too.

            As I read your comments, lurking, it seems that you always have/had points valid to consider.

            ——Mac, what do you think about letting durangokidd pen and post an article to your site?

            A full blown article, by durangokidd.

            I hereby pledge 40 dollars of my money to read that article – cash, debit, bitcoin, whatever. Said dollars to be split 50/50 between Mac and the kidd.

            I like the kidd’s input.
            And I, for one, would pay for more of it.
            (He doesn’t belong in the comment section.)

            If anyone else out there wouldn’t mind reading a ‘solid’ article on this site by the kidd – while chipping in a few quid to make that happen on this great site, please step forward….

            I don’t know if I’m out of line here.

            If we all pitched in (yes, money) maybe it would inspire the kidd to pen a comprehensive piece.

            –durangokidd, whattaya say?


            Great site.
            We should all do what we can to keep it.

            Merry Christmas All

            • We are always open to submissions. All DK has to do is send it my way 🙂

              • Thanks, but actually I don’t have the time to devote to writing an article, blog, newsletter or column these days. I know Mac well enough to know that I could submit articles to him for publication here if I wanted.

                I typically only respond to statements here in the economic/financial arena that are blatantly false; or that are patently ads intended by guest writers to manipulate the community into buying silver, for example, when recent history shows that the program is a classic PUMP N DUMP.

                Neither is there any particular topic or agenda that I want to push personally, except the participation of Patriots into mainstream society. If we are to save America for the next generation we must engage the NWO Globalists and articulate their treason.

                I promise I am an avid prepper and have been aware of that necessity for many DECADES, understanding that we are in the Last Days, for however long they last. We need food and ammo, precious metals, and other essentials stored for that Great and Terrible Day to get us through the Changes.

                If my comments here are contrary then it is because I believe that Alt Media & Commentary has a responsibility to provide a better, more accurate perspective than the Lame Stream Media which we all abhor, or we do ourselves and our cause a great disservice.

                I don’t comment on growing tomatoes because I am not a farmer, or cook. I do have a classic education in business and economics, and have had a very successful 40 year career in the financial industry including banking at the highest levels on a nationwide basis.

                I know what I am talking about because I have lived it every day of my working life. Those who are “self taught” with no industry experience lack the benefits of learning from highly trained and experienced professors who themselves have significant education and experience in the financial community.

                Those without a classic business education, and career experience in the financial/ economic/ banking industry should not be attempting to inform the readers here when it is clearly apparent that they do not have a basic understanding of those mechanisms themselves.

                Unfortunately many readers here do not have that particular education either and rely on people also without it for their analysis: a BIG mistake if you want a true understanding of the topic at hand.

                These writers do a disservice to themselves, US, and the Liberty Movement at large because they themselves are ill informed and inaccurate. Truly the “blind leading the blind”. 🙁

                BTW, any donations of dollars, yuan, major currencies (including a few quid) or SDR’S should be donated to the Semper FI Fund. Thanks !

            • I’m betting Durango will never put his real name out there, or a comprehensive article on anything that people can reference and say hey “he was right” or hey “he was wrong”. All he does is rant in the comments and then claims he is a predictive genius. If you challenge him on it he tells you to just go back and search through thousands of comments to find those “predictions”, LMAO!

              • Utah Dave. Ya Nailed it!! I like to shred his comments into dust, when he spews his BS. I rebut back with facts, links and common sense. Some of his comments like the treasury debt is all a fixed rate. cant fix stupid.

              • Utah Dave: I have no particular axe to grind and feel no compulsion to write an article about anything in particular. So I haven’t. It’s that simple. Neither am I trying to sell anyone anything.

                I have been commenting here for five or six years. A review of those comments would show a stellar track record of “HITS” and a comprehensive analysis of our economic and financial environment.

                When I challenge the authors regarding a post, it is because I KNOW it to be wrong based upon my education, experience, and special expertise; and it is usually a correction of some elemental truth that the author clearly has no knowledge of, but should.

                For glaring examples, let me point to the fact that the Chinese yuan to dollar rate is adjusted by PEG by the Chinese central bank and does not freely float with supply and demand. (Contrary to IMF Rules).

                Another glaring example is the SDR Myth that Brandon continues to promote when it is complete conjecture on his part with no basis in fact. On the contrary, as I have pointed out many times, SDR’S are SPECIFICALLY NOT MONEY (more like a bond) according to the IMF Charter; which charter is controlled by the USA.

                Or HYPERINFLATION which was the rage here a few years ago, with the Alt Sheeple believing that HYPERINFLATION was about to break out all over the United States: not withstanding the fact that the FED would have to flood the USA with cash, debasing the currency and destroying the medium in which the PTB hold their wealth and power.

                That idea is completely irrational but the Alt Sheeple buy it. Its not gonna happen in the USA. It is happening in the emerging markets and I cautioned readers here then that an attack on the FED by the EM would have consequences for them.

                The BRICS are in shambles. King Dollar is riding even higher. 🙂

            • But wait DK sell his economic CD’s online. lol He is the guy who just said an article back, that you can’t have Hyper inflation and deflation at the same time. Which is utter BS. DK is wrong on that too. As I pointed out that Housing values can decline as gas prices rise at the same time. The entire economy is fluid with many forces pushing it in many directions, including supply and demand. I rate DK’s economic aptitude IQ at about Freshman College maybe, cause he used longer words. I would NOT pay .02 cents for any of his comments. I mostly ignore them since he is wrong on many issues, and when I do read them I chime back, with facts links and proof he was wrong. Just like his opening line like Comic Relief. Worth a chuckle. Like Barney Rubble explaining Astrophysics.

            • Omg, can you be an more obvious you piece of shit? Two cents IS dawango child!!

              This guy is a mental case!!

          • DK, those treasuries have to be rolled over as they become due. Granted they do not all become due at the same time. However at present a great portion of the debt is short term. So over time as rates “normalize” the interest on the same debt will increase….

            • Chip Gets it. DK is in a coma on facts and needs to do some research before commenting. His rants are mostly nonsense.

        • Brandon Nailed it, and I see collapse already happening here in my area already. With no income, you can’t pay taxes, and you get your property confiscated. Which means get all of your money out of the banks, convert it into PMs, Reduce your exposure and paper trail. Hunker down and prepare for the end. Way too many people already live on the edge for years. People killing people for food is next. Desperate people do desperate things. Its not pretty. Prepare now or prepare to be fleeced.

        • I think B Smith is wrong about this; he continually fails to recognise that everything should have crumbled long before now, yet somehow has remained held together. Or put another way, he overlooks the manipulative intervention of the Deep State in ensuring that natural market forces are kept in check.

          He also ignores the Deep State’s longstanding geopolitical policy of encircling and provoking Russia, and with that, he fails to see the obvious connection between said agitation for war and the containment of the economic volcano. That connection being this: war is the ideal catalyst (from the Deep State’s perspective) for economic collapse.

          Then the Deep State can pin the blame for the war and financial catastrophe on everything it wishes to ban: cash, national sovereignty, patriotism, populism, freedom of speech, privacy, the right (or as I argue, the duty) to bear arms, homeschooling, non-conformist views, and (thanks to the Islamic invasion) organised religion per se (the true target being biblical Christianity).

          So Brandon Smith, you need to look at the broader picture and comprehend that it’s much worse than you think. And don’t get carried away with yourself just because you called it right on Brexit and Trump.

          • No, Smith is right, and you have misinterpreted his message. He explained in the interview exactly why the banksters have kept the system on life support. They needed to set the stage for a scapegoat for the eventual crash. Conservatives are that scapegoat, along with Trump.

            I’ve seen his articles on Russia and China and evidence that they are controlled by the IMF and the BIS. The false east vs west paradigm. It’s you that missed the broader picture, which is why Smith is a successful economist and patriot writer and you are not.

            • Well, Dave, we shall see who is right soon enough. And I don’t care if Smith has won Olympic gold in economics or is a successful anything; he’s only got it half right, as usual. And you know nothing about me.

              • Yes, we will see. I know everything about you just by your comments. If you knew anything on this matter you’d have at least acknowledged the specifics of what Smith and Mac are saying. Instead you generalize and ignore the bigger points for the sake of criticism. You’re ankle biting.

                Don’t get me wrong, his viewpoints have some flaws, but I do get tired of of these lame attacks by people who can’t even put together a reasonable fact-based argument. Or, attacks from guys like Durango who tell half truths and misrepresent the context of the article. You guys seem to think your opinions are as good as gold, but you have nothing to back them with. At least Smith has a track record of good predictions. What do you have?

                • The truths I tell about SDR’S, Hyperinflation, and the Pegging of the Yuan are not “half truths”.

                  They are FACTS.

                  Refute any or all of the three, I would love to see your analysis. 🙂

      2. Where do they get 14 trillion in debt? Its well over 19 trillion now.

        • I will get rich from my new reality show “Urinal Diver’s”. 🙂

        • Carl, Yes, its the funny math they use. The real Nat Debt as they claim $20 Trillion, but in fact it is more like $225 Trillion if you add in future liabilities yet underfunded. Such as SS, Medicare, Veterans benefits.

          Even college school loan programs have surpassed $1 Trillion in unpaid debt. So the shyster banks loan stupid kids $1 Trillion in loans to pay for over priced college, for the dream to get a job and pay it back. The banks flips the unpaid shoddy loans over to the Fed Guaranteed Loan /Dept of Ed. and Tax Payers. So the banks get paid, and they rest of us get Pipe Dreams and the Tab. I think the Banks need to have all their Gold Vaults raided by the US Government, to pay Tax Payers Back for all these shoddy Student Loans and bailouts they write off. You see its all rigged and the people get the tab. I’m tired of Paying Income Taxes and not getting anything back. And if you fail to pay them they come and steal the rest of your property. Hell yeah we are ripe for a revolution. Bring it. The People vs. the US Government.

          • If you look at the Dodd Frank Legislation, the Feds nationalized about 90% of the school loan programs. The Shyster bank in this scenario is The government.

          • People VS govt PERIOD!
            BRING IT

          • Even if you raid 100% of the US gold it is only equivalent to $295 billion dollars at $1130/ounce. It’s really MUCH worse than anyone thinks. The math…

            8133 tons x 2000 lbs/ton x 16 oz/lb x $1130/oz rounded up is equal to $295 billion.

            • Well then $295 Billion in bank Gold, is a Good start down payment, to pay back American Tax payers. And if the Banks default on the rest, the Government can go confiscate their Bank property and freeze and seize their bank balances. Its called a Government backed “Receivership.” Oh and throw all the Bankster CEO’s in Prison and confiscate their personal property. Yep banksters mixed right in the prison cells with MS-13 Hoodie Gang theves.

      3. All right…enough gloom and doom. Anyone who has his eyes open can see what is happening. The question is: “What should Trump do to bring the global bankers under control?” Hint: Read Title 12, United States Code, Section 95(a)–and then do a little creative thinking.

        • I checked out your reference. Trump has quite a set of options based on this code.
          I just finished reading Crashmaker. This should be made into a mini-series. It was like reading about this latest election.
          I’m looking for Pieces of Eight but it seems hard to come by.

      4. The stock market is grossly overpriced.
        PM prices are “faked” and indeed the government
        has and can outlaw PM ownership.
        Governments destroy markets and monetary systems
        in the search for power( eg. Venezuela)
        and taxes(eg India).
        Blah, Blah, Blah, more fear porn.
        The sky is always falling
        sensible people(like us, here)
        prepare. Preparation is much like buying
        insurance, you hope you never need it, but
        it really nice to have.
        As far as world elitist conspiracies
        what else is new?
        Read a world history book.
        Unless you are willing to fundamentally
        change the character of man we will
        repeat over and over again the failure
        of civilizations.

      5. Congress delegated power to the central bank, if Trump wants to repair the damage he will have the opportunity. But he will have to educate the government indoctrinated first.

      6. The left always draws a comparison of Trump to Hitler.

        Think about the mistake the left is making. What if Trump was to embrace that rather than deny it.

        Trump could do for America what Hitler did prior to WW2. For twelve years Germany became prosperous.

        The war destroyed Germany. After the war, the Axis powers divided the spoils. Germany was divided into three sections: American, Russian, and British.

        Millions of German women were raped. The rapes were not limited to women. Little girls were raped as well. German babies had their heads smashed and were murdered in wholesale numbers.

        Most of the young men of Germany who were strong, intelligent, and able bodied became soldiers. Millions of those soldiers were murdered by the allies.

        What was left of the German people after this the reeducation or brain washing. All books were removed and only approved books allowed. The new books were lies and intended to make the Germans feel guilty and helpless.

        Germany was rebuilt only to serve the needs of Isreal, according to the Prime Minister of Isreal. Seems accurate to me. Now Germany is dealing with a refugee crisis and once again, rape.

        So, no, I don’t propose Trump should follow Hitler’s move into war. We don’t need that.

        What would be good, if it could be managed, would be to “End The Fed”. Get us separated from this debt banking system. I don’t know how. I don’t know how to keep the Rothschild’s and the other banking families from hiring someone to assassinate the POTUS. Lincoln and Kennedy tried and died. Jackson kicked the scoundrels out, but they were back sixty years later.

        I am convinced they sunk the Titanic, killed the Lindbergh baby, and caused the Revolutions and wars. Who? The Rothschilds and other genocidal J*w families as outlined by the Protocals of Zion.

        I don’t think Trump is anything like Hitler. As far as I know, Trump is a carnivore.


        • If there is an historical figure with whom we can compare Trump, it is much more likely to be FDR. It was FDR who confiscated gold and dragged the U.S. howling in protest into World War II.

          Trump may be forced to do the same with gold, if Fort Knox is indeed devoid of anything more than tungsten-filled gold bars courtesy of the Federal Reserve.

          Trump, while obviously a skilled organizer, businessman and one who has unparalleled prowess in delegating authority, and despite his likeness likewise donning the cover of Time Magazine, Trump clearly has not the genius of a Hitler who by sheer mental will pulled Germany from the ashes of the Great Depression as the rest of the world continued to languish, crippled in abject poverty unable for a time to match the military might of the Third Reich.

          There is nothing particularly predictable about the future; generally so, maybe, but certainly nothing that will define any given particular. This is due to the infinite complexity of reality at every level, which is changing all the time, and will never return to the same set of circumstances that gave rise to any other particularly timed event in history.

          It is only interesting to take stock of these snapshots of the many disparate takes of those like Brandon that dare to prognosticate the future.

          • the US treasury holds the US gold, NOT the fed…

        • Trump is Stalinesque in his hatred of the First Amendment, and when the First Amendment falls so goes the Second Amendment.
          Trump is a nazi like Hitler, whether you admit it or not, and riles up his base to be his Brownshirts threatening free speech. The biggest difference between Nazi Germany before the war and the USA is over 300 million known guns. Trump’s brownshirts may think their weenies are big with 20 guns each, but it only takes one bullet to the head to put them down. Note that police abuses are being repaid in kind, because the light of day is exposing their evil behavior… good cops are not cleaning the bad ones out.
          The most foolish thing from the right is the pretense they are the only armed citizens in this country. Think a minute or two before starting gunfights, because too much right wing media keeps your bubble intact.

          • Awwww the little butthurt communist shows up once again.

            Trump won! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

          • Welcome back Reb! Good to see ya 🙂

          • Hi Rebecca
            I think just about everyone with a HS education or above is Stalinesque against the MSM. It’s not just Trump.

          • Rebecca, uh, I don’t recall ever hearing Trump speak out against any part of the Bill Of Rights. I have heard him speak out against political correctness and in favor of the 2nd amendment. If the hildebeast had won, we might have already been in a shooting war. Personally I have some reservations about Trump and I’m not sure what to expect from him. All any of us can do is wait and see. The first 100 days will give us a good idea of what to expect. He has to prove himself to me.

            • I have. I remember some speech he was making wanting to take away the right to be secure in your possessions and papers. He seems to want to usher in a police state. Read between his lines…

              • NOT TRUE. 🙂

          • Rebecca is another fem nutjob who voted for criminal Hillary. Back again spewing her hate against America and Trump. Trump loves the 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment. He just hates snowflake liars like rebecca. So her panties are in a bunch still in batsh!t denial withdrals whining.

          • Rebecca your amusing. We do understand that liberals have guns. When you look at any crime infested area it’s because liberals have guns. When the shit hits there fan they will be more worried about killing each other than going after conservatives. You know kind of like they already are

          • Becky Trump stated that the first admendment predates the Bill of Rights. And It shall not be infringed. And It protects all the other admendments. That sounds pretty good to me. I don’t think Trump will go after any lawful patriots. but BLM thugs and stupid pipeline protesters will not be allowed to break the laws with impunity any longer. The populace is like a spoiled child. We need to no longer spare the rod. And not all of Hitlers ideas where bad. The interstate highways we have today are because Eisenhower was impressed with the Autoban in Germany. keeping the race pure and rewarding industry is something we must do. the melting pot experiment is a colossal failure. You are correct about the police abuse. But that’s not Trumps fault. He hasn’t takem office yet. That problem has worsened under Obummers watch.

            • Old Guy, You know the Army Corps of Engineers stopped the pipeline at Standing Rock ND, because the Pipeline Co did not have the proper permitting to go there. And will need to be rerouted. Do you ever seek the facts or just stay ignorant and dumbed down? People protected their drinking water supply, as they knew it was all Fraud. Do you believe in Truth and justice for violations? And the Protestors did not break any laws. Sure some were arrested by the fascist police goons for going like 1 mph over the speed limit, then confiscate their vehicles. So who was terrorizing who and shooting the water protectors with water cannons, in freezing temps. These are the facts. So get with the program and seek the FACTS.

      7. What I would like to see Trump do is to directly spell it out in a State of the Union Address where exactly the country stands.
        Get rid of all the ridiculous ways you calculate unemployment.

        This many jobs. This many people of working age. Are there more jobs than people.
        As for the banks, no stupid rigging. ARE you SOLVENT! What is your risk of going bankrupt.

        Tell the American public what threats are real and what to do. Some type of disaster plan. Teach first aid in school instead of just calling 911.

        If a person commits a crime. Tell the whole truth if he is a muslim or black, or white or refugee. Hell in my area it is hard to have the news report tell where the crime was committed.

        Obama said his administration would be the most transparent. More like a solid brick wall and lies at every turn.

        See what happens in the Trump term.

      8. WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN????????????????????????????????

      9. Please visit; read it, download it, spread the word. I believe it is the real solution to the current social, financial, political systems. To transition from the current systems to HANOMY will take just few short years. Hanomy turns the concept of money upside down. It has lots of number crunching and it works as you will see. Please make it goes viral so people aware that there is a sounded alternative and that we won’t be forced into another elites’ designed system. All the steps to implement Hanomy are in the manifesto. Hanomy can becomes a worldwide movement, people from around the world can flood streets worldwide and demand Hanomy, say on Feb 14. Nations will come together and discuss because the citizens demand it. Elites can still participate in the system, they just have to earn money, respects and power the honestly and productively. I have tried to contact many alternative media all week last week, no result. I need help to make it go viral. We don’t have much time left. The clock is ticking!.

      10. The answer is simple: Have the Federal Reserve buy 100% of the outstanding debt and the forgive the debt.

        However, the unfunded liabilities will implode the system.


      11. Moar QE coming soon to a Bank near you. DOW 25000 by summer. Dont worry be happy. All in till then.

        • So invest in the DOW now and when summer comes sell out and pay off all your debt, then buy lots of property and other good stuff while taking a profit as well.

          At least if you have confidence in what you are predicting.

      12. They cant pull the plug on this thing yet
        They know if they did they would all be dead within 2weeks

        • I don’t see them pulling the plug until after they are hiding out. A lot of high dollar houses going up for sale, watch for disappearing bits.

      13. Yeah…I’ve been thinking it was going to happen for the last 10 years….and it could well go on another 10 or 20. Anyone with a slight lick of sense knows the federal debt can’t be paid, yet they manage to sell bonds at every auction (over and above the ones the FED buys and basically shreds)….so clearly everybody knows it’s a game, and continues to play.

        Given that the laws of economics clearly don’t matter any more…that the FED can simply print, along with the rest of the world, and everybody accept that, what evidence does anybody have that the game will stop ?

        • Yep, we are being slowly lowered into the bottom of a very deep outhouse. It’s like you can smell it coming but you can’t see the bottom.

      14. Man, those “elites” sure are smart. It turns out that the Great Recession of 2008 was just a small part of the master plan that included 8 years of Obama and the election of Trump.

        • They planned their SDR world currency shift 30 years in advance, so yeah, they ain’t dumb.

          • Utah Dave: The SDR is SPECIFICALLY NOT A CURRENCY by IMF CHARTER. I suggest you read the IMF Charter, which the USA controls by voting rights. Nothing is or CAN BE changed / approved by the IMF without USA consent.

            SDR’S are actually more like a bond to be purchased by Third World Nations with their fiat if they do not have significant foreign reserve currencies of the major pairs for buying and selling globally.

            The intent was to create a mechanism for Third World Countries to access the global trading system without putting First World Banks at risk of holding Third World Fiat.

            The idea of SDR’S being the OWC is predicated upon the ideas of fools gone by who mixed Revelation, The TriLateral Commission (etc), who at the time, did not have the idea of block chain digital money on the horizon.

            That same SDR Myth is held and promoted by a new set of fools today who concentrate on the SDR while the HIndenburg burns. 🙂

            • Sorry, but you’re wrong again. Nowhere in the IMF charter does it say that the SDR is not a currency. Show me the quote because I have never seen it. They use the SDR exactly like a currency and they list other currency values according to SDRs. Also, in the Economist article that Smith mentions they admit openly that they plan to use the SDR as a bridge to a global currency system. This is the same program that China and Russia openly support today. You are the only fool here if you are too stupid to even acknowledge the banksters own admissions.

            • Oh, and BTW, the IMF can change it’s rules to exclude U.S. voting precedence any time it wants. They have the legal framework to do it and have threatened it in the past. You seem to know only half of any subject you talk about, and that’s a problem, because you only know just enough of the lingo to be effective at misinforming people. I only see dupes praising your posts here. Anyone with actual knowledge sees right through you. 🙂

              • No on both counts. READ THE CHARTER: SDRS are specifically not money. Do the research yourself !!! I have !!! 🙂

                No the existing framework cannot be changed for the IMF as constituted. The “IMF” members would have to create a completely different entity to replace the current entity excluding the number one economy of the world and the most powerful military that protects the members.

                The IMF is a FUND designed to exploit the Third World for the benefit of its members.


          • You are 100% correct Utah Dave. I even recall in the early 90’s the talk of a cashless society. It was the headlines on the cover of many magazines. The MC Visa program was the first template. Then Debit cards rolled out.

      15. If most people in the USA oppose the NWO and the Russians are of same attitude. Why is there no common cause by both countries, to eliminate the scourge of the earth.

        • Because of governments, propaganda, media, j+w bankers, power mad freaks, the mil industrial complex, and a host of others.

      16. “As Brandon Smith argues in the interview, the Trump presidency, if he is right, is all about having a scapegoat for the crash of the economy during his watch. But with Trump – undeniably a spectacle to all Americans – the elite have a narrative that will keep people fighting among themselves, divided by race, gender, politics and ideology.”

        IMO, no doubt, Hillary would have been worse, but Trump is going to facilitate ^ that ^ and make it appear as though his hands are clean. No way would they have elected a President who would go against their agenda. No. Way. At. All.

        Trump is just more skilled and adept at making it appear as though he is ‘for the people.’ He is for himself. He wants fame, applause, power and (although it can never be proven because he will not produce his tax returns, nor will he reveal his true wealth) and in spite of him refusing compensation for his role as POTUS he will emerge a MUCH wealthier man than when he took Office. Guaranteed.

        What they all want is chaos, riots and divisiveness. That works against us, but clearly works to their advantage. Keep prepping. Be prepared. Trump is not going to save us.

        • What skill does Trump have to make anyone believe that he is not a globalist with businesses in 30 countries, manufacturing all over the globe, a daughter turned Jewish and married into hubby’s clan? His businesses service the elite. His appointees are mostly globalists, including McTurtle’s wife. He uses American taxpayers as a slush fund.

        • Trump just showed up at the scene of the biggest Train Wreck the World has ever seen. Caused by the Lefties, but they will try to deflect the blame to Trump. Since Trump has not been any part of it nor has a single finger print on the Train Wreck. It will be easy for him to point out lies and deception. Trump is a master chess player who will run the table. The lefties wont be able to keep up.

      17. Obama Grants Most Pardons in a Single Day of Any President *EVER*

        Why can’t he just stay on vacation? White House says that President Obama pardoned 78 people today, as well as shortening the sentence of 153 others convicted of federal crimes. That is the most number of individual clemencies in a single day by any president, reports ABC News.

        As always, ZERO reports of leftists marching in the streets protesting corruption, and of course a LOT of the Occupy Wall Street types were too busy voting for the Goldman Sachs/zillionaire George Soros candidate Hilary a month ago.
        And yes, they did sleep thru both their Irony 101 class, as well as Hypocrisy 102 class.

        • You clearly slept through irony 101 when you missed Trump appointing 3 Goldman Sachs trolls and assorted Robber Barons. The D/R corporate machine lives on.

          • Wow, now Lefty Rebecca is now an Anti-semite. lol
            Back at ya!! This is proof lefties just like to complain about everything, makes no difference which way it goes. She voted for the Witch and the Clan, now complains Trump appointed 3 of the clan. Identity crisis coming on here? lol

      18. Yet another bullshit article !!!
        How many years have we heard this

        • If you hold your breath long enough the shit WILL hit the fan!

        • Some bs in that no one knows when the crash comes. I suggest that you continue prepping for an economic crash at the least, and self sufficiency to the level you can manage it. Printing money has been tried many times before, and always failed. Tptb are not geniuses, just corrupt.

        • ABout ten now. They like the fear porn here. Macs views are in the fucking toilet. His cash cow has stopped mooing since the election, so he needs to fire people up agina for the clickbait. All about the money Babay. This site has been shit for years. Prepper site? Pffff… yeah, ok. Same asshats here still spewing the same shit. Well, actually a lot lESS asshats here now.

          • RICH98

            The Fear Porn Level has decreased and many sites have less participation. Many people were ready to pull the plug if Hillary won. The next point is to see if Trump takes the Oath. The Majority of the readers here only gave a shit about the Second Amendment and the newly appointed Judges of the Supreme Court. Everything else was secondary in urgency.
            So SHTFP has gone from a few hundred commentators down to about forty. After the inauguration it might be less.
            Most of us are ready for what is ahead and I do not think we will have the time to comment should it go south. OPSEC and all that included. This site has done well although some subjects that should have been discussed were not because of certain legal criteria.
            Those who have weathered the rocks and shoals have tremendously benefited and are far ahead of the general public on many topics and skills.

      19. “They” … will blame Trey Trump for a market snafu. Who the fucking fuck are “They”?
        Those from the movie “They Live”? There are no “they” left, no bimbo media left, no pizza left, nothing. Who the fucking fuck are “they” who plan to be the ones to blame anything on anyone? What the fucking fuck is wrong with those people making up headlines?
        There’s only “We” now, and a minor pool of melted snowflakes with dildos lying in the puddles.

      20. I’ve read the article on prepping “for bank confiscation” etc. The encouragement as the article states to prep for this event. If the collapse is NOT an immediate on the spot event, but rather a spiraling effect that could take about a decade, why not prepare in a few years from now? Can someone please tell me what the reference point in time Brandon is referring to? The beginning (year) to the actual collapse occurs? I am confused about this. As with many similar articles I’ve read in the last 7 or so years, it has been estimated that the economy would collapse by late 2014, then 2015, then 2016 and now, most probable early or mid 2017 or in the next 10 years? Please pardon my ignorance but I’d like someone to please explain this to me. I remember vividly a moment back on October 2008, someone tells me the bad news that the housing market had just collapsed. I lost two homes in less than a year. The collapse was not a nickel or dime a day. It happened in one day the home values plummeted and the banks still wanted the original price of the homes. That’s not counting the time and banking loans taking place in the course of a decade that exacerbated the collapse. Is that what Brandon is trying to convey? As of January 2017, the projected U.S. debt will be a solid 20 trillion $$$. As I see it, the currency we are using for purchases are counterfeit, not backed by anything except faith. I guess the dollar will continue to have buying power for next 3, 4 or 5 years? That’s my view. Thanks to anyone who can clarify this for me. Much obliged…

      21. Any day now. Soon. Hyperinflation to kick in, only this time wages/entitlements will not increase, sales will crash worldwide, and the remaining jobs worldwide will disappear. The world banks must sit this one out — if they would do massive QE it will only stoke these flames of hyperinflation even faster. The hyperinflation will be caused by a scarcity of goods and an over supply of IOUs. Stock markets will fall to “Leave it to Beaver 1958” levels. Gold 25k, silver 1k as the glut of paper IOUS get converted into precious metals in the mother of all picnics. Longs enjoy your imprisonment on top of Mt. Stupid.

        • Any day now ….any day now !!! You just can’t give it up can you …..ANY DAY NOW ….ANY DAY NOW !!!!

          • LMAO !!! Rich99, some here are fixed in their paranoia and refuse to recognize that a political earthquake of enormous magnitude has occurred, changing the playing field in all fields of play.

            I call it “Alt-Media Normalcy Bias” !!!

            Just remember you cannot be too rich, too thin, or have too much ammo. 🙂

      22. the Social contract is broken beyond repair – gov. does not represent the people. 2 party system is tough to watch every election cycle – remember the hype for that ass-clown Obama, “He’s a constitutional scholar” – “he will end the war” – “close Guantanamo” – “bring home the troops” – “cure cancer” – “blah blah”. But at least he’s better than Bush – AND NOW – Oh my we can’t have Hillary, so they offer us the Trumpster – on his knees to Isra-hell with a giant cake of fresh lip-balm.
        The absurdity of propping up a billionaire as the anti-establishment candidate – and the stupid sheeple dumb enough to believe another round of lies.

        they can all go to hell

      23. Food Inflation. Went to a Winn Dixie, checked out their Meat section. Like a Whole Chicken, a small one $8+, then went to the Deli counter and could buy a fully cooked 8 pc chicken box for $6 bux. No brainer to get the box. Meat is getting way over priced. A whole chicken should be $5 max. So look for sales, or go to Sams and stock up heavy. Food inflation will eat us alive.

        • Grocery stores cook the chicken which they couldn’t sell before its expiration date. Whole chickens cost the major grocery chains about $1.50 each.

          Either way, they make a fat profit. 🙂

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