Boston Marathon Bombing: Who Do They Plan To Blame?

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Headline News | 121 comments

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    “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” – Rahm Emanuel, former White House Chief Of Staff to Barack Obama

    While many people might immediately dismiss the concept, any student of true and unadulterated history has to eventually admit this fact:  Governments exploit crisis.  Sometimes, they merely take advantage of the ensuing chaos and aftermath of a disaster they had nothing to do with directly.  Other times, they create those disasters themselves in order to engineer social and political opportunity.

    In regard to the recent bombing of the Boston Marathon, which killed three people and injured at least 140, I have asked “Who do they plan to blame?”  The unaware and naïve will state that “They will blame the true culprit behind the attack, of course!”  Unfortunately, in the past couple decades I have seen numerous terrorist attacks where the blame was NOT placed on the true culprit, or, the blame was extended to totally uninvolved groups and organizations in order to politicize the event.  Governments (especially our government) squeeze each man-made disaster like a ripe papaya until every drop of sweet advantage can be collected.  They use our fear and confusion as license to attack a predetermined list of targets that may or may not have had anything to do with the original event.  They tell the story in a way that suits their end-line interests, and the last thing they are concerned with is helping the public to “understand”.  In the end, what average citizens see as an authoritative analysis on the facts from their “loving” leaders is in reality nothing more than an exercise in fantasy.

    Now, the thought of persons and institutions within our government being malicious enough to create a terrorist event to be used to manipulate the public towards a certain end tends to bring out furious denial in some Americans.  This is because those people with weak characters and an even weaker sense of identity tend to attach their egos to the collective.  They live vicariously through the group, or the nation state, so that the State’s accomplishments and trials become THEIR accomplishments and trails.  To accuse the state of criminality is to accuse them of criminality.

    The Boston bombing already has the makings of a subversive and highly exploitable false flag event, and certain undertones remind me of the now exposed Operation Gladio, a false flag program utilized by NATO governments (including the U.S.) for decades which involved multiple bombings and mass shootings of high traffic public areas across Europe that were then falsely blamed on “left-wing terrorists”.  The operation was exposed in the early 1990’s by the Italian government, and then quickly swept into the dust bin of history.

    Vincenzo Vinciguerra, a far-right terrorist linked to Gladio and currently serving a life-sentence for the car bomb murder of three policemen stated during sworn testimony on Gladio in March of 2001:

    “You had to attack civilians, the people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game…”

    “The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security. This is the political logic that lies behind all the massacres and the bombings which remain unpunished, because the state cannot convict itself or declare itself responsible for what happened…”

    The strategy used by NATO was clear – terrorize the common population, target as many innocents as possible in places where they felt most comfortable and at ease, and drive the citizenry into the waiting arms of the establishment.  The tactic creates the cancerous spread of public tension because the sense of “distance” from violence is removed.  An attack could literally happen anytime, anywhere.  A predetermined scapegoat enemy is then presented, completing the circle and galvanizing the people in the direction the establishment desires.

    The methods used in Europe to demonize “left-wing” political movements could just as easily be used to demonize what some call “right-wing” political movements here in the U.S.  Let’s look at some of the facts surrounding the Boston incident so far:

    Boston authorities and witnesses on the scene admit that bomb sniffing dogs and roof spotters were employed before the race even began.  The local bomb squad was also coincidentally running a “controlled explosion drill” only one mile away from the attack:

    Participants at the race were told repeatedly not to worry, and that a “training exercise” was taking place.  In nearly every major terror attack since 9/11, from the U.S., to the UK and Spain, the government was running “training exercises and drills” fitting the EXACT description of the threat that then suddenly occurred in real life on the same day.  Perhaps it is only an overtly reoccurring negative serendipity, but in my view, if the authorities are running a training exercise for a bombing in your town, it might be best to run for the hills before their little war-game becomes real yet again.

    Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis also stated that authorities were not aware of any specific threats to the marathon before it began, which means that they are not presenting any claims that they had reason to believe a bombing might take place:

    So, just to clarify, the Boston police on the suggestion of…someone, decided to run bomb squad training, bomb sniffing dogs, and rooftop spotters on the exact same day that the Boston Marathon happened to be bombed…just because?

    I would add to this conundrum another question – With all those bomb sniffing dogs present, and with multiple devices now found on the scene, how did they not find at least one of the explosive packages before people were killed?  Those dogs need to be fired, I suppose…

    Along with the immediate strangeness of the attack, the timing is also rather perfect for the establishment.

    April 15th is tax day across the nation, and Tax Protest Day sponsored annually by Tea Party organizations across the country also just happened to fall on the 15th this year.  On top of this, in Massachusetts, Patriots Day (a civic holiday celebrating the battles of Lexington and Concord) is held on the third Monday of April every year, which just happened to be the 15th this year.  Oath Keepers, a constitutional organization often wrongly attacked as a “domestic extremist group” by the DHS and SPLC, just happened to have a large pro-freedom rally scheduled for the 19th of April at Lexington Green in Massachusetts.  Are we starting to get the picture here?

    With the Senate in the midst of the most blatant attack on our 2nd Amendment rights in history following the passage of the absurdly fascist NDAA and the White House’s unwillingness to remove American citizens as potential targets for executive ordered assassination,  and with multiple states now implementing draconian gun restrictions and even confiscations, public opinion is quickly moving against the Federal Government.  Wouldn’t it be beneficial for their agenda if it turned out that the Boston Marathon Bombing was executed by a group of “pro-gun anti-income tax anti-government domestic terrorists”, or maybe just Constitutionalists and Liberty Movement activists that are labeled as such?

    Wouldn’t that be a big turn-off for those on the fence but shifting towards gun rights and constitutionalism?  Wouldn’t it be great for the DHS and the SPLC if all their anti-Constitutionalist propaganda was suddenly proven “correct”?  Maybe the TSA could even suggest roving street checkpoints and random searches so that such a calamity “never happens again”.

    No suspects have yet been named in the marathon attacks, and none have claimed responsibility, so perhaps I am jumping to conclusions.  Perhaps we’ll find out those dastardly North Koreans were behind it all, or maybe those devious Iranians.  However, I can’t shake off that smell of a setup lurking in the musty sickly statist air, and the mainstream media is already suggesting “right-wing involvement” (why don’t they ever suggest left-wing extremism as a possibility…?).

    As I have said many times before, during any crisis, always look at who benefited the most from the event.  Look at who had something to gain, rather than the first scapegoats they throw in front of you.  Some terror attacks are real, and some are proven as staged, but never forget that government power structures do not see these tragedies as tragedies; rather, they see them as gifts; precious openings that create vulnerabilities in the psyche of the citizenry.  They WILL exploit these vulnerabilities to further their own agenda, and they WILL exploit the Boston Marathon Bombing to demoralize and marginalize their political enemies.  Count on it.

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      1. us.
        It’s never them.

          • How about this novel idea? Blame those whom actually did it, the real evil culprits behind this.

            Was reading all about the velocity of shrapnel metal, like getting hit with a high powered round. The kinetic energy was quite intense. Still nothing in comparison to plastic explosive that have 2-3 times the velocity. It really takes a bad character to fill up a backpack full of nails and ballbearings knowing full well what this will do. You have to wonder what goes through someone’s warped mind when they are assembling this. Are they full of hate, some sort of sick duty bound commitment to whatever, or just numb. You got to wonder.

            • Sounds like the Weather Underground. They are known for making and planting bombs.

              • Mac,

                Any reason why my comment last night didn’t pass moderation? Just wondering. Thank you

                • Frosty, our bad on that… should be up now. Apologies for the delay.

                  • It just occurred to me that they will blame no one.

                    If the corp could find the RIGHT bomber, it would have done so already. If it had a target group, it would have been identified.

                    Instead, they will say they could have found the bomber if only they could have more power. And if you let them ban your guns they could have prevented it all together.

                  • I’m not a false flag type. But that story about the Fed possibly selling naked short options on gold 4/12/2013 sure has been burried.

                  • GC,

                    They have a couple of problems. One, no gun was used. Two, the bomb was more sophisticated then your average garage type pipe bomb, pointing to a Terrorist Group, possibly a engineering student from Pakistan. PU teaches this in Bomb Building 101. I could see the CORP/GOV using this to go after gun powder and other God given rights.

                    The following is my take on the real motive behind the gun grab: “If you look at the mass shootings over the last few years it eventually comes out that it was a lone nutjob on nutjob medicine. The medicine is the key to all the mass shootings. Big Pharm = Billions in campaign $$$. Blame the guns not the drugs and the nutjob.”

            • What goes through their mind? Jihad, of course, you death-deserving infidel. What religion is responsible for 95% of the terror around the globe? What religion’s “holy book” teaches that non-believers deserve death? What religion contribution to science and technology is the IED, and the suicide vest? What religion routinely practices female genital mutilation, and enforces the official subjugation of women? What religion utilizes stoning, whippings, amputations, beheadings, and even crucifixtions up to this day?

              Me thinks it is the Religion of Peace. And if you are really in the mood for deep thought, ask yourself why, even after all this country has been through even just since 9/11, this country still allows the Dark Age savages who practice this “religion” to freely enter our country. Why do we extend them offers of visas, and even citizenship? Why on earth are they allowed to serve in our military and government? Got an answer for that? I sure don’t. This country has devolved to the point that we must be the most willfully STUPID nation on earth, doggedly determined to bring about its own demise. How much more time can we possibly have?

            • Then again they were willing to do a professional demolition of 3 buildings in NYC to justify preventing the collapse of the dollar by going to war with Iraq and killing Saddam.

              We may never know who did this, or at least it will take years to come out, but my money is on some branch of the CIA. What are a few hundred ‘collateral damage’ Americans if it covers up or justifies some new plan of the Empire? After all, those are just new additions to the GDP and help support the dying dollar a bit longer. That same day there were 80+ murders across the US and at least 90 car deaths, not to mention hundreds of injuries. And several suicides of our military personnel. Where are they in the news?

          • NAAAAAHHHHHH, surely not.

            Blame Bush, it’s worked for 4+years

          • This mornings news was saying they did not know who did it but it was done on Massachusets patriot day. They then went on to show other events on patriots day and the clear implication was crazy patriots/militia.

        • And not one of those fascist left wing lame stream media outlets recalls the occupy bomber in Cleveland not 2 years ago. I even saw one reporter say its either right wing, Islam, or no agenda. She couldn’t even bring herself to suggest a leftist.

          • Good article.

            These “drills” taking place simultaneously with the attacks, from 9-11 through this one, make the source of these attacks obvious.

            Those who control the people who set up these training exercises are the same ones that control the bombers.

            It’s not about who does the act. It’s about who sets it up to be done. Even WHY is not as important.

            I smell a big fat dead rat here.

            Of course, Obama probably didn’t know what was supposed to happen. But he surely does know who controlled the bombers, after the fact. It’s the same group that controls him.

          • They can’t suggest “the left”, because “the left” owns the media. The only acceptable dissent is “left wing” dissent.

            I’d wager it was done by tptb, to get thier agenda moving. I’d also wager they have just begun.

            • It was done to get troops into the streets “to protect the people”. Another step in convincing the people that we need troops in our streets.

              • and in boston of all places…the same place that gave the tptb a big fat fuck you about 240 years ago.

                These fucks have been trying to get us since.

                Time to send them all back to hell for good.

              • @ Cara, JustMe, and Gods Creation:

                All three of you are spot on. I’ve been pondering this for awhile and one must always ask, “who benefited the most?” Using that question as foundation, who could possibly use this to move an agenda or gain political power?

                I’ve come up with an answer that may test positive. The average sheeple are now deathly afraid. Look at all the news that’s coming out. Sport arenas are amping up security with bomb-sniffing dogs and tactical officers (hat tip cnsnews), Al Qaeda is drawing suspicion, etc. Hell, one can’t even view a marathon or backpack without a jolt of fear.

                We know that TPTB are trying to push us into an one-world government. They can’t do that without the United States. We also know that too many patriotic, law-abiding citizens are armed and ready with duty and honor in our blood. So they try to subtly disarm us by using Sandy Hook, Ft. Hood, Virginia Tech and other shootings. They claim that it’s in everyones best interest to turn their guns in “for the greater good”. They tried to take it a step lower by just trying to take semi-autos. That still won’t fly with duty-bound citizens.

                My hypothesis is that they are
                1. Claim gunpowder is just too deadly to be on the streets, therefore negating guns subtly or

                2. Use this to bring TSA out into the streets and/or set up checkpoints and curfews via Martial Law.

                Just think of the propaganda, “we need to institute these checkpoints for the safety of you and your families. You just never know where a bomb may go off.” One thing leads to another, and before you know it our guns will be taken away as an “extra safety precautions”.

                I apologize for the rant. Stay frosty my friends.

                Romans 13:4

        • From the white cloud of smoke “Non High explosives” my guess is they are going to say the bombs were made with Reloading Gun Powder. Since they are having a hard time with controlling guns and magazines in some states. And there is already a success on running ammo dry. A ban on reloading equipment would put a larger chokehold on things. Just my 2 cents.

          • Yep.

            Institute background checks and/or registration for anyone buying Unique or Bullseye.

            It’s for the children.

            • Great choice of powders! One is a very versatile powder for shotguns, rifles and pistols, the other great for handguns.

              NONE of which are Black powder – but the frightened sheep will do anything they are told. If you ask me, I say banning reloading powder is crossing the line and I won’t comply.

          • @Ramadiron, I think you might have nailed it. There is ALWAYS an agenda, and TPTB know they can’t control reloading like they have commercial ammo sales. It would only make sense they would attack our right to reload our own ammo in the privacy of our own homes. Perfect sense.

          • Yes we must have Taggants in all powder, if were going to stop this carnage, especially this powder for reloading. And I think they sell this stuff at gunshows. So we need Universal Background Checks on Powder as well as Guns and Magazines. Of course we’ll keep no records. You may not be Free but atleast you’ll be safe and secure. Get a Grip! Trekker Out

        • Who to blame….???

          Well… anybody but Islamic Jihadi terrorists.

          Because according to the current regime controlling our government, no such person or group exists.

        • They will blame everyone but themselves the SOCIALLIST PIGS………….

      2. It wouldn’t surprise me if no one gets the blame — and this ends up being justification for installing surveillance equipment throughout all large cities — so we can catch the “bad guys” next time this happens.

        • Let them have the cities, they are not worth fighting for.

          The War Against the People starts when the psychopaths decide they want to take the countryside.

          That’s when the guns will come out, and the people will protect themselves and their Land to the best of their ability. And they will stand together for the fight, because there will be no other options.

          The one thing I will never be able to figure out is why so many people volunteer to do the dirty work for these bankster scum, and volunteer to support it financially at the expense of their own freedom.

          Have they no the sense to know they are digging their own grave, and the graves of their children.

          If yesterday was tax day for you, you should strongly consider making it your last tax day ever.

          I hope to be moving permanently to my country getaway very soon. Don’t ask me the corp address. There is not one.

          • “If yesterday was tax day for you, you should strongly consider making it your last tax day ever.”

            Big talk until they agents come in with shotguns pointed at your head. People.. “give unto Caesar” is not for his good, it is for yours. Like the 10 commandments, they are all for your good. To not pay your taxes NOW when the nation is adding 16,000 new agents.. S T U P I D!!!

            • .02


              That is the stupidest post I have seen in all my time here, which has been a while.

              It’s been 20 years since I last filed a tax return and nobody has come to my door. I no longer use their numbers, so they can no longer steal from me without PHYSICALLY coming to me to do it, and they will have to do it with NO EVIDENCE of a claim against the property they seek to steal.

              Referencing Gods Law in a post promoting the theft of Private Property is ridiculous, for anyone but a troll.

              Give unto Ceasar all that it is his, which is nothing, and I will not surrender the property of God to the ungodly no matter what their papers say.

              • Hey- Up yours! I HAVE to use direct deposit, and my employer is not about to break any IRS laws. Maybe you have different circumstances but when they finally catch up to you, and they will, there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth. My bet for all your loud mouth bragging is you are a welfare queen.

                • Hi .02 just so we are all on the same page here could you please tell the rest of the class with reference numbers please the exact federal law that demands that we all pay federal income tax?

                  no its ok I’ll wait……

            • pussy!

        • William,

          I agree. This will end up being justification to further ‘tighten the noose’.

          They will try to indoctinate us and especially the youth that it is ok to give up further rights…so we can feel safe.

          In 1887 Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury.

          From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse over loose fiscal policy, (which is) always followed by a dictatorship.”

          “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

          From bondage to spiritual faith;
          From spiritual faith to great courage;
          From courage to liberty;
          From liberty to abundance;
          From abundance to complacency;
          From complacency to apathy;
          From apathy to dependence;
          From dependence back into bondage.”

          Although the US a republic, not a democracy…we are following the same pattern.

          Unfortunately, we are currently near the bottom of the cycle.

          • correction.

            we USED to be a republic

          • KY MOM

            Could we expect anything less from
            the American Politburo…Nyet Nyet!

          • “””Although the US a republic, not a democracy…we are following the same pattern. “””

            The last president to refer to this country as a Republic was John F. Kennedy. I tend to believe he was killed for his efforts in trying to restore it.

            When the politicians openly proclaim they live in a democracy, that is certainly what it IS. And if you use the numbers of the corporate democracy of the District of Columbia, you VOLUNTARILY move your legal domicile to the democracy and are actually foreigners in your own state, and subject to the foreign law of the DC corp which you have openly declared to be your legal home.

            We are not ALL at the bottom. Maybe the society itself is at the bottom, but I am not society. I, for one, am at the top.

            Most may still be at the bottom, but they have been there for a long time and just didn’t realize it.

            The Great Awakening will take place when they do, as it is human nature to be free and natures law to allow it.

            Everybody expects the worst, but the one thing I never hear discussed is what WE will do when we have won the fight.

            Why is it that nobody believes God’s People can not win the spiritual war being waged against them? Winning the war does not require changing society. You win the war by changing yourself, by severing your ties with the godless society in exchange for living in harmony with Gods Law and being good stewards over His property that you may from time to time acquire.

            The governments war is not against society as a whole. It is self destructing on it’s own. The war is for YOUR heart and mind and soul, where freedom resides, with the intended result being your destruction along with the rest of the society when you have been defeated.

            So long as nobody thinks we can win the war, we can not win the war. The plans of the enemy will proceed unchallenged until the cost of not fighting the war is realized.

            I look to a future where the banksters have been eliminated, sound money restored, and peace reigns over the land.

            I can only do that because I have won the spiritual war against the corp. I do not identify myself with it in any way. I don’t sign its forms, or use it’s numbers and permissions.

            If at some point living in harmony with Gods Law causes a problem for the corp, that’s too bad. The cost of compliance is much higher anyway.

            Win the war for spiritual war for yourself and the freedom you seek becomes obtainable.

            • GC, they don’t like what you say because you identify the real problems: *US*. Nobody likes the truth anymore if the truth includes introspection and personal effort to correct the problems. Normalcy bias plays into it also. .02 doesn’t want to believe you because if he did he would have to change his ways.

              Nobody wants to have to do anything but blame the criminals.

              Most just want to believe the criminals have done this totally on their own and we’re just innocent pawns that have been played. We may be somewhat innocent. The real truth, though, is there has been a little lyin’, a little coercin’ and whole lot of lazy to get us where we are at this point.

              We will fight and we will win. If God be with us, who can be against us? Good luck in your new abode. …a place I would surely like to visit sometime.

            • Gods Creation,

              When I said “we” are currently near the bottom of the cycle…I was referring to the “prevailing culture” in America.

              According to our founding documents, the United States is a republic. Unfortunately, many ignore this fact and do not teach the principles that our country was founded on to the youth in school.

            • God’s Creation,

              THIS IS BRILLIANT.
              Thank You.. Do you have a blog or a website?

              If not please do and just post this….It’s everything We the People need to hear to re-empower ourselves to believe that the greed-mongers (banksters) can be put in their place.

              THANK YOU

      3. CNN, MSNBC and NPR are already blaming the Tea Party and “extreme Right Wing” for the event. It only took 2 hours for the first of them to start… they must be slowing down.

        • It didn’t even take two hours on Chicago’s WGN — within fifteen minutes of the breaking news report the talking head mentioned “domestic terrorists, right-wing extremists.” Soon after that he brought up the “Hutaree militia” and their plans to sow chaos and overthrow the government — apparently he conveniently forgot that that charge was thrown out by the judge in the case, and most of the defendants were set free, with only common “illegal firearms” charges in play for the Hutaree leader.

          It’s blatantly apparent that the “right-wing extremists” meme was part of the plan, and as usual, the coöpted leftist media were furnished with the script.

        • Can you blame them? Have you read some of the comments on blogs like this and Some like BI are quite rational but there are some here that should scare every rational human.

      4. Bluto done it!

      5. Ever’body but the perps?

      6. blame ???

        Don’t you mean social group ” Character Assassinate ” and ” Alienate ” .

        it’s all part of their ZOG CIA MK-ULTRA brainwash the AmeriKan Sheeple 90% into following their ZOG AmeriKan NAZI GESTAPO Social Planning and Design for a NEW DUMBED DOWN DEFENSELESS AMERIKAN SHEEPLE .

        1984 is alive and well in ZOG AMERIKA .


      7. FEAR is NOT your ENEMY … IGNORANCE is !!!




      8. “An al-Qaida-allied group in the Gaza Strip claimed to WND that there have been arrests of jihadists in both Pakistan and Afghanistan as part of the probe into yesterday’s Boston Marathon explosions.

        The arrests could not be immediately confirmed.

        Members of Gaza’s Jihadiya Salafia group further said that al-Qaida is being credited for the attack in its affiliated online forums.”

        www dot wnd dot com

        • “…al-Qaida is being credited for the attack in its affiliated online forums.” — and we now know that the United States government, in tandem with the UN, runs Al-Qaeda, so should that mean that our own government indeed is responsible for this bombing? They employ the toys whom they now say did it, after all.

      9. OMG!!!! Just recieved notice from my son’s high school that a “suspicious package” was found at 9th grade entrance, authorities on scene & kids evacuated to PAC. Feverently hoping it’s a kid with a sick sense of humor that didn’t study for some test. School is in Williamson County TX, Hutto High School. Can’t find out anything else or go pick him up, it’s on lockdown I believe. Son is autistic so I have no idea how he is coping with this.

        • Central TX Mom,

          Hope everyhting is ok with your son and at his school. Please send an update when you learn more.

          • Just got the “all clear” message from the school. They are still calling it an “unknown package” and asking that you not pick up your student at this time, which gives me pause. Been reading this site for a few weeks now and never thought something like this would be my first post. Love reading the articles and comments especially yours, JOG, BI, Braveheart, DK, Chantilly L & more. Somewhat new to prepping and have gotten a lot of good tips and info here. Suffice to say it’s very hard prepping with special needs in the house. Stay alert and safe.

            • Central TX Mom,

              Welcome! I too have learned a lot from the articles and comments!

              I am glad to hear your son and school are ok. 🙂

              Take care!
              KY Mom

      10. Whatever happened to those teenage terrorists DHS caught in New York last year? You know, the idiot minority kids with no brains and no money the Feds gave a “terrorist” plan to and then promised to sell them all the expensive stuff they had no money to buy so they could carry it out?

        DHS and the media were making a really big deal out of it.

        The public called Bullshit. Never heard another word.

      11. I’m busy checking to see what else I need to get for my long term survival. The blame game can go on without me .

        I urge one and all to stock up immediately for whatever happens .
        And love and know your neighbors .
        That is the bottom line for us all .
        Please prepare .
        If this 56 yr old disabled woman can do it on limited monthly income, any body can .
        God bless one and all out there in this world .

      12. Maybe this will finally be blamed on Israel? In the last days, which I believe we are in being Israel has become a nation, ALL nations will turn against Israel. Sooner or later all the woes of the earth will be blamed on Israel. Just a matter of time now.

        • Looks like ;0p is already doing that.

      13. Did anyone catch the 930 press conference where the State Police representative was saying and I’m paraphrasing to expect to see a heavily armed presence all over boston and the metro area for a few days for no other reason than to solicit the cooperation of the public.

        • They also stated that now there will more random checks of people’s bags. Losing more freedom each and every passing day.

      14. I guess your rosebud was right 😉

      15. Don’t be too surprised to hear on the news that a “funny” thing happened at a Boston hospital. A person of interest the cops were monitoring,who was of middle eastern descent,somehow got transformed into a white guy.I’m sure chris matthews would buy it as completely reasonable,you know,given all the “confusion” sorrounding the incident and all…….

      16. Up on Drudge now;
        David Axelrod says the President thinks it probably has to do with ‘tax day’…

        Uh huh.
        The smell is getting rank out there in MSM land.

      17. Just heard on news that one of the bombs in Boston was put into a metal pressure cooker to make it more powerful. Bad character that did this.

        • pressure cookers oh no it must be a LDS splinter faction upset over Mits loss …. it’s as plausable as any of the other BS stories we’re going to get crammed down our thoats

        • one of the three devices used in the May 2010 Times Square attempted bombing was a pressure cooker

          • this was the work of 1 a complete rookie or 2 a very skilled expert with the goal of more fear than damage []it definately don’t look like something the hajies usualy build. just a thought….

        • Hot off the wire: “Pressure Cooker registration bill to be entered on floor of Congress tomorrow.”

          • Why be such an idiot?

            • You talking about the politicians that would never consider registering 6 liter pressure cookers but, if the guy had and extended magazine, they’d have a gaggle of them honking about how dangerous those extended magazines are? Oh, yeah, thats right. Pressure cookers aren’t too dangerous. Its difficult to resist government tyranny using pressure cookers.

              “Why be such an idiot?”

              Because he was just parroting the *IDIOTS* that pretend to represent us while they get rich stealing from us. (A long phrase that can be compressed into the word POLITICIAN.)

            • Only an idiot would forget (or ignore) that finger nail clippers were banned on flights the day after 9/11.

          • The sad thing is it likely isn’t far from the truth…

        • Hmmm…Pressure cooker. Don’t those crazy prepper people use pressure cookers? No,it couldn’t have been a prepper. One of those bomb sniffing dogs would surely have smelled the canned venison.

        • Yep! It was a prepper alright, no one but a prepper would have a pressure cooker, or maybe some old people! Also keep your powder in a pressure cooker if you want to keep it dry. Trekker Out.

        • That makes sense to me. It seemed the force of the blast went mostly upward in the bomb footage the MSM showed over and over again. The weakest link in a pressure cooker is the seal around the lid, and the blast likely followed the shape of the vessel. Had the charge been wrapped around the pressure cooker (Or any vertical cylinder,) the blast would have been projected outward horizontally, and the casualty count would have been much higher… For whatever reason, it seems the individual who made this bomb built it to inflict the fewest number of ground casualties, and the tall plume of flame and smoke – like a staged event…. makes you wonder. I hope I’m wrong, because I don’t like where this country (or World) is going, but I don’t see a plausible solution to avert what lies ahead of us. Stay FROSTY indeed everybody…

      18. The blame will go on to whom ever is politically convenient and can be propagandized for this administrations agenda. There will be no apologies to the falsely accused by the MSM because in their mind, those that they accused are capable of this horrendous act.

        • I’m afraid you’re correct Rick.It won’t matter who’s guilty anymore in the wonderful new 1984 land.The media will pick who they want to be guilty and justify it as “well,you’re guilty because we hate your beleifs,and that’s all we need.”

          • Remember Richard Jewell, the guy accused in the Atlanta olympics bombing? They harassed him for what seemed like years, then dropped the charges when they finally had to admit they had NOTHING. The FBI carried “evidence” out of his mom’s apartment, which turned out to be her Tupperware. The deed was later blamed on Eric Rudolf, who was being blamed for abortion clinic bombings (rightly or wrongly, btw, who would want to work in such a place, if you’re a qualified nurse and nursing homes or delivery rooms are never bombed?). They only caught Rudolf because he got lazy.

      19. gorge bush ( he did it for the oil )

        • Somehow.

      20. “This is a heinous and cowardly act”



      21. Quick question when will the citizens of amerika draw an unwavering line in the sand and take our america back ???

        • If you want an honest answer…most won’t do anything until its far too late….if at all.

          • @ Triggerman

            As we all are on this site….So all will follow, Lots of talk, thunder and brimstone, without any significant action…

        • Gods Creation told you when, above: When they come and try to take over the countryside. The cities aren’t worth fighting for. They start trying to push around the countryfolk and the semi-precious metals (brass, copper and lead) will flow.

      22. Excellent points Brandon as usual. Looking for the Facts? Truth? Keep busy getting prepared and don’t be distracted by the escalating BS . WAR is Their Plan as usual my friends. How many more signals do we need before we realize its already time to head to the BOL? Be Surviving Today and avoid the crowds. Gotta get back out in the garden now. Peace be with you and yours; pray for the innocent victims. Live Free while you can.

      23. This is without question another government false-flag. We are already being blamedby MSM and the voices will get louder in the days ahead. Troops have already been deployed to Boston so it’s only a matter of time before they’re deployed to other cities as well. We’ll all have to become low-profile for the time being at least. It seems like SHTF in stages to me. Braveheart

        • “it’s only a matter of time before they’re deployed to other cities as well.”

          Where’s the next marathon?

          • West coast is due for a flag event?

      24. What about the school shooting scenario ran the same day as Sandy hook,all these occurrences are suspect.

      25. Apt 209 in Revere
        person of interest or interviewed???
        found this..isnt this the place they just got bags of stuff out of?

        There was a Mounir Rhoulam who was arrested in May 2012 for setting a place on fire

        Police: Revere man set apartment on fire
        Originally Published on Friday, May 18, 2012
        By Item Staff
        REVERE — Police officers attempting to question a man forced their way into an Ocean Avenue apartment and arrested the occupant Wednesday night, after a fire broke out in the unit, Capt. Dennis Collyer wrote in an e-mail.

        “Officers forced entry and found curtains set on fire and (the) suspect in (an) adjoining room with his hand up yelling, ‘Don’t shoot me,’” Collyer wrote in an e-mail Thursday.

        Police arrested and charged Mounir Rhoulam, 34, of 364 Ocean Avenue, Apt, 209, with indecent assault and battery on a person 14 years old or older, arson of a dwelling, malicious destruction, furnishing false name at arrest and disorderly conduct on Wednesday at 10:13 p.m., according to the Police Department media log.

        • Apt 209 in Revere
          person of interest or interviewed???
          found this..isnt this the place they just got bags of stuff out of?

          There was a Mounir Rhoulam who was arrested in May 2012 for setting a place on fire

          Police: Revere man set apartment on fire
          Originally Published on Friday, May 18, 2012
          By Item Staff
          REVERE — Police officers attempting to question a man forced their way into an Ocean Avenue apartment and arrested the occupant Wednesday night, after a fire broke out in the unit, Capt. Dennis Collyer wrote in an e-mail.

          “Officers forced entry and found curtains set on fire and (the) suspect in (an) adjoining room with his hand up yelling, ‘Don’t shoot me,’” Collyer wrote in an e-mail Thursday.

          Police arrested and charged Mounir Rhoulam, 34, of 364 Ocean Avenue, Apt, 209, with indecent assault and battery on a person 14 years old or older, arson of a dwelling, malicious destruction, furnishing false name at arrest and disorderly conduct on Wednesday at 10:13 p.m., according to the Police Department media log.

      26. Who is to blame? Easier to say who is not to blame.

        The government, any government except N. Korea or Iran, could not be blamed. Everyone loves us. Sure

        Liberals, they would never create a false flag or bomb innocent people. They have always loved and supported the government. Sure.

        Our Military, no way, they only do that to start wars so fat cat industrialist make money and put people back to work which happens only when we are having a financial crisis. Sure.

        One thing for certain is we sure do live in interesting times.


      27. Lets anaylse the physcological reasoning behind a bombing in the USA. This attack has either International terrorism or Lone wolf Domestic all over it. They might try to blame it on preppers or Survivalist in order to villainze the way of life. An orgainzed group would never do an attack on soft public human targets, they would go after something with goverment condintations that glorifies their anger against government. Your not gonna get organized Americans to attack American women and children. Every one of us has a family. It could only be a Lone wolf type with no more that 2 perps..Or a islamic group living in the Usa . Possibly middle eastern student types. Either way they knew this was gonna happen and they let it happen. theres a political reason behind every war and terrorist attack.

      28. Remain Calm, All Is Well.

      29. Start canning all of your food now before pressure cookers are outlawed :/

        • Chef, you’ll just have to have a PCOID card, like the FOID in ILLinois.

          They’ll just require a full background check, fingerprints and a full search of your house to make sure you’re not a reloader too.


          • Don’t forget the “universal anal probe” requirement for purchashing pressure cookers. For the children, of course.

            • Multi-Cavity body scanners coming to every street corner near you. Don’t protest, the alternative is body cavity searches by TSA agents in “Random” checkpoints – such trifles as “Habeas Corpus” will be suspended indefinitely…. B.O.H.I.C.A Y’ALL…. 😉

      30. The blame brlong to the CIA one of the most corrupt arms of our beloved goverment, they need to keep the war on terror going til the nwo can be ussered in.

      31. To attempt to blame it on some right wing group would be a monumental error at this juncture.

        Sandy Hook backfired massively. I mean, the “lesson” they wanted everyone to get out of it surely did.

        Going for a bigger backfire?

        Cause that’s what will happen…

      32. True, governments exploit crises. But what the hell are you doing? You are doing the same damn thing to further psycho agenda. What a bunch of demented assholes you are. You people are so sick I hope a collapse does come so you can be eliminated, and you will be, so rational people can get on with building a rational society, not one built on the stupidity you idiots attempt to advance.

        • even a broken clock is right twice a day

          but Joe

          you ain’t even averaging that !!!

      33. CentralTXMom, welcome aboard and feel free to ask any questions you have about prepping and we’ll be glad to help. Hope your son is OK. braveheart

      34. Brandon,

        Once again, you nailed it. That Montana air must be good for clear thinking! Did you get Josh to move up there with you?

        I continue to read your writings with fond memories of Neithercorp.

        If you ever need anything, you know how to get ahold of me.

        Watch out for those evil people with pressure cookers!!!

        May SD/SL live forever.


      35. ncjoe, F#$% you! If you’re nthat demented, go to MSM sites where i’m sure you’ll feel right at home. Go F#$% yourself to hell and back!

      36. Mac, the dog has peed on the carpet again! braveheart

      37. Has anyone asked the question. The trash containers, why were they not removed this time. And noooo one saw anyone drop a large backpack in a trash can……

        • I thought the huge, heavy trash containers you see in many places were designed to thwart just this kind of bombing. they force the blast straight up. I remember hearing about a gazillion (or maybe just a bazillion) dollars being spent on these. But then, I remember a push to strengthen cockpit doors in the late80s/maybe early 90s. Guess .gov determined that there was no need for either (Remember Hillary laughing and saying she was glad she didn’t have to go through the TSA feelup? OTOH, I suspect that she often buys tickets and goes through the TSA security, but is pissed that she always gets waved through).

        • Apparently it was just a backpack put on the sidewalk, probably quite a few of them there.

      38. Have raised and trained several really good hunting dogs….think about it. A pressure cooker is designed to seal to superheat conditions inside. It will seal well enough so that a top notch dog cannot smell what it contains. Don’t fire the dogs – what was asked of them was like asking them to fly. That said – I too am wondering when pressure cookers, ball bearings and nails will be outlawed. That is the way this administration operates. Horrific as it is, we are very fortunate the death/injury counts are not much higher……

      39. Yes, how long before we hear “Well, Anderson, pressure cookers are very popular with the prepper set, and are a staple among such families who use them to can food in preparation of Armageddon.”

      40. I came on here tonight to say they’ll probably limit sales of pressure cookers now, or at least look at it with suspicion, because someone might actually use it to (gasp!) preserve food, which is already seen to be a sign of potential terrorism. My husband said “They’ll probably take the pressure cookers off the shelves at Wal-mart now…”

        Also, a lot of reporters on the news keep mentioning Ruby Ridge and Waco for some reason, not actually comparing them to this or saying anything about right-wingers, but they don’t have to. It plants a seed in people’s minds of guilt-by-association.

        I no longer think another holocaust couldn’t happen. If you look at how gullible most of the public is, even though a lot of them are waking up, and just watching how people act, I think we’re at a point where some people would already approve of a mass killing of right wingers. A series of terrorist attacks with false accusations might actually be enough to tip the scales.

      41. Look up website ShoeBat.Com. Michael Savage had this guy on, and his knowledge is terrifying of what happened at
        the Boston Marathan, and the screw up of the American
        Political system.

      42. Have the news been mentioning Ruby Ridge? I dont watch TV. I can walk to Ruby Creek Road Naples Idaho from my house. And NO… there isnt a bunch of nazi skin heads up here. Just folks who hunt, fish, work, snow mobile, and want to be left alone.

      43. just read on cnn no suspect yet but facts are leading to domestic terrorist meaning us terrorist maybe the elite i read they need a war to make more money as they have stolen all they can get there hands on right now

      44. It’s obvious. Obama Bin Lyin’, the person illegally occupying the White House (check the Constitution, Pres must be NATURAL BORN, not native born), is already blaming Republicans by saying sequestration cuts are to blame for the lack of warning. Since the left wing-nut media are being paid to perform as propaganda tools, they are eagerly parroting the lies as well. Despite the fact that O.B. forced sequestration on Congress, and was given the means to mitigate the effects but chose not to, most “reporters” are eagerly spouting the same lies, laying the blame at the feet of the Republicans.

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