Boston Globe Announces Coakley Victory

by | Jan 19, 2010 | Headline News | 6 comments


This news report is provided courtesy of  Greyson Deitrich III of Independence News LLC.

When this reporter noticed an online election map produced by none other than the Boston Globe, a close inspection showed it to be a precinct by precinct map with votes listed for Martha Coakley (D), and Scott Brown (R). The attending information announced a less than 1% victory for Coakley.  Clearly blatantly fraudulent detailed information was being disseminated by one of the nation’s leading news outlets. Calls to the Globe yielded the following statement by Bob Powers, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs for the Globe:

“AP was testing an election data feed to its Massachusetts clients. During corresponding tests at our end, the feed of AP’s hypothetical test data was inadvertently posted for a few minutes on a single subsection page within our site. As soon as the error was discovered, it was removed. We regret the mishap.”

Since this information was produced more than eight hours before the close of  Massachusetts polls, this is either one of the strangest, coincidental mishaps in political news events; or an attempt to affect the outcome of a close fought election with national importance.  Unable to respond to questions as to why the map was not posted behind firewall capacity, and unable to respond to questions concerning The Globe’s willingness to make apology before the end of today’s polling (to the public), we are left mystified at the amateur handling of  one of this nation’s  most consequential elections  by the Boston Globe.

Greyson Deitrich III
Independence News

This news report is provided courtesy of  Greyson Deitrich III of Independence News LLC.

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    1. Greyson Deitrich III

      After this article was published the Massachusetts Election Commission has informed me that The Globe did not remove the information until 27 minutes after the complaint was filed.
      There is an ongoing investigation. This information aids in public opinion of The Globe.

    2. admin

      Greyson, this is a great report. Good eye!

      This type of election ‘fraud’ is rampant, and nothing ever gets done.

      False election data, fake exist polls, fake ballots, ludicrous statements from mainstream media, etc, etc…

      There seem to be no consequences whatsoever for these types of actions. It hits the news, the election committees investigate and the story disappears. Not even a slap on the wrist.

      On a side note, here’s a random thought that could seriously put a dent in election fraud: Have every voter present their ID before they vote.

      I know, it sounds crazy… We already have to show our identification card if we want to purchase alcohol, go see an NC-17 rated movie, and access our bank accounts, and now we would be asked to show ID to vote… It’s an inconvenience, I realize that, but maybe it would help.

    3. sjdude

      Who would actually do a live test of an untested election data source on an election day? Yeah, really credible… not.

    4. Airborne71

      What do you expect from a liberal rag like the globe !   Honesty ???    Don’t hold your breath .  Fox news did report this story as well , but only once or twice not for long .

    5. alanisimus

      I believe if one looks at history, you will find the importance of controlling the media in order to keep and stay in power by certain political groups (one of the first things Hitler as an example did… plus he put a great emphasis on propaganda to continually hide the truth of his agendas).  The Globe has been exposed and I hope that the public will begin canceling their subscriptions in masse.  This is exactly what I did in my city, I got sick and tired of the liberal-pro marxist stance they consistently took on issues.  The one thing they do understand is the dollar… fortunately, it still speaks loud and clear.

      I encourage all of us to do the same, if the media cannot report a fair and balanced reporting style, write a letter to the editorial page (if they print it!) and cancel your subscription!

    6. Colonel X

      This reminds me of the 2000 election in Floirida wherein lay the foundation of Gore v. Bush. The news outlets were reporting a sweeping victory by Gore, so many Bush supporters in West Florida stayed home and didn’t vote.The evening news broadcasts were reporting the ‘projected outcome’ and since West Florida was seeng that well before th polls closed. As they are on Central time not Eastern, many stayed home and didn’t vote.

      This is why the news outlets should NOT be allowed to comment on ‘projected outcomes’ before the polls close EVER AGAIN. This case backs up my conclusion. Thanks for the report, sir.

      P.S. The Boston Globe would do / say anything, it appears, if it would support their agenda.

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