Border Patrol Agent SHOT Multiple Times Becomes His Own Medic

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    A United States Border Patrol agent who was shot several times Tuesday morning in southern Arizona near the Mexico border took matters into his own hands.  After being hit with several bullets and sustaining multiple gunshot wounds, the unidentified agent became his own medic.

    The agent, an experienced medic, is in stable condition and good spirits after saving his own life, said Rodolfo Karisch, the sector chief. According to CNN, the wounded 21-year-veteran agent was airlifted to a hospital where he’s expected to recover. Karisch did confirm that an unknown number of attackers fired at the agent, including one assailant who was shooting from a rather “close proximity.”

    US Border Patrol and the FBI are both investigating the shooting which took place on part of a 50,000-acre ranch, said Jim Chilton, the owner of the property. He claims that Mexican drug cartels smuggle drugs and people through the area, and there is only a cattle fence covering 25 miles along the Arizona-Mexico border that touches his ranch. The closest Border Patrol station is 80 miles away, according to Chilton, and cartel lookouts can easily spot agents approaching.

    The veteran agent who was attacked was on foot looking at some sensor equipment that had been activated. He was then was attacked in an area south of Arivaca, which is about 10 miles from the border with Mexico. He was alone when he was attacked and managed to get back to his vehicle, where he called for help and did self-care on his wounds. Authorities didn’t say in what part of his body had sustained gunshot wounds but they did say he had on a ballistic vest, according to reporting by CNN.

    Several people were picked up near the scene of the shooting and are being held on immigration violations, but so far, none of them have been connected with the shooting of the agent.

    CBS News reported that shootings such as this one along the southern border highlight the dangers of patrolling the area. Despite the reporting differences, agents along the Arizona border say the threat is real.

    According to the FBI, the number of assaults on agents averages 428 per year. But under a new reporting policy, U.S. Border Patrol says that number is dramatically higher, but that because they multiply all the variables.  For example, a 2017 incident in south Texas, involving six suspects, seven agents and three kinds of weapons, was reported as 126 assaults.



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      1. Twenty five miles where we could build a wall.

        I’ld think about putting in a tall long building. It could be used as an I closed freeway. A transit station. A prison and holding cell. The sky is the limit.

        Glad to read about an officer who knew what to do to save himself. We all need to be trained for an emergency. Stop the bleeding.


        • BRING OUR TROOPS HOME…put them on the border.
          Some bullets need to be flying back at these outlaws

      2. There are a lot of folks who have abandoned their ranches in South Texas due to drug runner threats. Owners are isolated on these ranches and if the Mexicans think you are cooperating with the Border Patrol they will come back and kill you.

        You have read the news reports that 113 politicians have been killed in Mexico in the last year alone. What makes you think it would stop at the border?

        There is far more happening along the border than ever gets reported in the MSM.

        • There is probably a lot of drug operatives buying up land all over the place on American soil too.

      3. I have a stash of IDF battle bandages. They are good, but everything is in Hebrew. As near as I can tell you can’t buy modern American battle bandages. If I were a border patrol guy I would definitely keep some in my back pack.

        • The IDF does not bleed enough. Also contact MidwayUSA and demand they stop selling IMI/IDF 5.56 Green Tips as that ammo was probably paid for by US Taxpayers and they are selling it back to us Americans for a 100% Profit. Boycott 100% of the (((Beast!!)))

      4. First things first
        Get out and vote only for Trump canaidates this November – no dimwits or Rino’s
        Build the wall – a b ig one
        Then arrest and deport all illegals

        Sit back and watch the crime go down and revenues go up

      5. No agent should go out alone….go in pairs at the minimum. Heavily armed!

        • Jim, my first thought was “why was this guy alone?” Knowing this place is a heavily traveled drug route, he’s out checking cameras by himself? Policy change perhaps?

      6. The Border Patrol stations are built to withstand siege and attack for a reason. It is a dangerous occupation like Mexican police.


        They carry the SOF-T Tourniquets, OLAES bandages, and Celox, which is better than Quik-Klot. The body can break down Celox whereas Quik-Klot must be removed from wounds.

        • thank you for the web site

      8. Our politicians must realize that these Drug Boys do not play, and have nothing to lose.

        Our BORDER PATROL AGENTS need to be out in force, and Well Armed, and given the GREEN LIGHT when needed without hesitation.

        My feeling is when ever our AGENTS are fired upon it is and ACT OF WAR on our COUNTRY.

        Which should be treated as such, and handled as such with a Maximum Effort no holes barred.

        I guarantee you start knocking off some of these DRUG BOYS IT WILL STOP, instead of this catch, and release crap.

        • Sometimes I wonder if our politicians aren’t taking bribes from the cartels to keep the border open and allow freedom to come and go

      9. Probably true that Hispanics will outnumber whites by 2050 here in the US as I have read. They do breed like rabbits while white births are falling. How’s that border wall coming along? Combat pay is in order for law enforcement in that area.

      10. Thar She Blows: Nice try, but short on sense. Winchester 5.56 green tip, 62 grain is made under contract in Israel, a legitimate enterprise. Often, Winchester is contacted by the US govt. to produce ammo for our Armed Forces, especially since Clinton while President oversaw the shut down of most ammunition plants in the US, as a sort of back door to push an anti-gun agenda. Once Winchester then as well as now, fulfills their govt. contract, there is money to be made with American civilians looking for quality ammo, in quantities usually over and above what govts. order. Not subsidized by the US govt. You are obviously trying equate the US foreign aid to Israel, with ammo produced there for govt. contracts. Israel gets a little sugar from us, because they supply intelligence to us, they test our latest weapons, train some of our people, and have to face a dozen hostile neighbors with very deep pockets. Like I said, nice try. They are a reliable ally. Want to boycott Israel? Please go ahead. How’d that great idea of boycotting South Africa turn out? What’s that you say, that South Africa is now a third world country, with a destroyed infrastructure, whites being murdered for being whites and their land taken by blacks who have no idea how to run a farm, and Johannesburg the rape capital of the world? Because the Jews have the gumption to defend themselves rather that go the way of a lot of their ancestors, they deserve scorn and the boycott, yes? Get back to me when the maturing process takes hold. I have friends who are allies, and every once in while they do something I don’t especially like. That’s real world politics too. Nobody is forcing your hand to buy anything from Israel either. Returning to the subject at hand, being able to save your own life is neither a bad thing, or an outrage. Our SF, all regular service personnel, are taught first aid for that very reason, in addition to helping wounded comrades. I am living proof of that. I taught my children and grandchildren those things, and now they are better than me doing it.

      11. At the end of the exhaustive investigation: We will be told he shot HIMSELF. Haha God the FBI and the Gov’t in general are impotent, incompetent, crooked assholes.

      12. Why are they not killing anyone crossing the border illegally?
        Mexico does it….why don’t we? It must not be tolerated.

        Terrorizing ranchers who live there is unacceptable. Americans don’t
        hide. Our government should protect us … or get out of the way and
        let us do the job however we see fit.

        Mexico protects the drug money
        and so does our liberal government. Enough of this stupid
        tippy-toe dance and playing both sides against the U.S. citizens.

        Our government is so full of foreigners, they now run our country.
        The mexicans, muslims, asians, jewss, etc., tell us how we will run
        this country now that they have taken over the WH, and all the
        levels in the chain of command.
        Why do our conservative leaders not step up and stop this idiotic

      13. There is a cure for this problem. Drones with infrared sensors and hell fire missiles. Any border crosser that does not immediately surrender when hailed by high volume speakers is taken out with malice. Before long out border would once again be secure. The liberals are always touting the constitutional rights of illegals. Well guess what snow flake A+++++ illegals have no constitutional rights. those are for citizens. Try invading Mexico like the illegals are invading the USA and see how you are treated.

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