Border Hypocrisy: ‘You’re Never Going to Seal It’

by | Jun 28, 2010 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    DHS Chief Janet Napolitano, speaking at the Securing the Border: A Smarter Law Enforcement Approach conference, says that most law enforcement agents would say that “You’re never going to totally seal that border.”

    Napolitano seemingly also argues that sealing the border should not be the priority:

    “The notion that you’re gonna’ somehow seal the border, and only at that point will you discuss immigration reform, that is not an answer to the problem.”

    The same could be said for exactly the opposite, Ms. Napolitano. The notion that you’re going to somehow discuss immigration reform and amnesty, and only at that point will you seal the border, that is not the answer to the problem either.

    You simply cannot pass an amnesty bill, or even a bill that creates residents out of all illegal immigrants in the US, without first securing the border from further illegal crossing. What do you think the end result of that process flow would be?

    Granted, it is a large border and the likelihood of completely shutting down illegal immigration or smuggling is going to be virtually impossible.

    But this is true for a number of things our elected officials and political appointees spend countless billions on monthly.

    Will we ever have 100% health care coverage for all Americans?

    Will we ever eliminate crime in our cities?

    Will every American have a house?

    Will we completely eliminate the hunger problem?

    Will every single American who wants a job be able to find one?

    No, we will never accomplish any of these things. Yet, our elected officials seem to think those lofty goals are worth pursuing, and they are taxing us to extremes and pulling forward Trillions of dollars worth of future time and energy to pay for programs whose goal is just that – accomplishing something that is simply not possible.

    Why is securing our border not a goal worth pursuing?

    Our elected officials and appointees are drenched in hypocrisy.


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      1. If borders don’t work,then why doesn’t our government demand that Israel deconstruct theirs?

      2. @Dave: We have enough schmucks to deal with in this country to worry about schmucks in OTHER countries…

        I still don’t understand (maybe i’m a bit dense). Why can’t the governor deploy her own state’s guard troops?? declare a state of emergency, foreign invasion, etc… seeing as how 1,000’s of acres have been ‘taken over’ by the cartels….

      3. Nappy drank the Kool Aid. She might get the next Supreme Court nomination for that one!

      4. We can’t stop murder, rape, theft or jaywalking either. Talk about a strawman argument!
        About the AZ NG – not so easy. First, the NG isn’t allowed to stop, arrest or shoot anyone unless martial law is declared. That’s a BIG step there, and one the governor doesn’t want to take. Without any authority, all the NG would be able to do is look scary and call for the border patrol. Second, AZ is broke and doesn’t have a printing press.

      5. @tweell: makes sense, but i don’t see it listed that martial law needs to be declared

        that aside, whats stopping the gov. from deputizing the state militia? beats standing around with their thumb up their butt…

      6. Scratch that… see:

        “NRS 412.122 Governor may order National Guard into active service of State and declare martial law; procedure in absence of Governor from State.
        1.  The Governor may in case of invasion, disaster, insurrection, riot, breach of the peace, or imminent danger thereof, or other substantial threat to life or property, order into active service of the State for such a period, to such an extent and in such a manner as he or she deems necessary all or any part of the Nevada National Guard. The authority of the Governor includes the power to order the Nevada National Guard or any part thereof to function under the operational control of the United States Army, Navy or Air Force commander in charge of the defense of any area within the State which is invaded or attacked or is or may be threatened with invasion or attack.”

      7. I’m sure Arizona has plenty of armed, law abiding, citizens that would jump at the opportunity to be deputized to defend the state’s border. If Washington DC is going to turn a blind eye on drug cartels invading U.S. territory, then perhaps they can turn a blind eye to armed citizens that wish to do something about it.
        It is the Armed Citizen that defends and protects this country and the Constitution.Those who have sworn an oath to protect the American People and the U.S. Constitution are obligated to do the same.

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