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by | Jan 11, 2010 | Headline News | 2 comments

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    Radio host and author of The FairTax Book Neal Boortz discusses green jobs central planning and how it goes against the very idea that makes America great:

    Green jobs? Now think about this for a moment. What we have here is simple central planning. Do you remember the days of the Soviet Union? Well, since I have a young listenership and readership, perhaps you don’t. But I remember in the 60s and 70s when the Communist leaders in the Soviet Union and in Communist China would proudly announce their five year plans for this, that and the other thing. They have five-year plans for agriculture. They had five-year plans for housing. They had five-year plans for pretty much everything — including jobs. The government decided where the jobs were going to be in the Soviet economy. The private sector played no role, because there was NO private sector.

    Well doesn’t that sound suspiciously like what The Community Organizer is doing now? We need jobs .. oh my do we need jobs. And what does Obama do? Let’s see .. he has two basic choices. Let the private sector lead job creation, or lead job creation through government incentives and programs. What does he choose? Well .. there you have it. Let’s put a tax credit out there for companies that create green jobs.

    Now Obama comes by this honestly. Never forget that this man who, by his own admission, gravitated toward Communist student groups and Marxist professors during his formative college days. Never forget that he once referred to the private sector as “the enemy.” This is a man who lives, breathes, eats and excretes government. He believes that America’s greatness flows from government … and that more government (and that means more centralized government planning) makes America that much greater.

    Why has our private sector worked so well to create the highest standard of living civilization has ever seen? It was the lack, not the presence of centralized planning that brought us here. Millions of consumers leave their homes every single day with ballots (dollar bills) in their pockets. These tens of millions of consumers scatter throughout the marketplace casting ballots. They cast ballots for consumer goods and services all the way from $5 energy drinks to accounting services. Those who offer these consumer goods and services in the marketplace either adjust their offerings to meet the expectations and desires of those tens of millions of consumers, or they fail. The battle for consumer attention is going on hour after hour, day after day. Winners advance, losers either change their game plan or fall by the wayside. The economic winners expand and add jobs. The losers contract and eliminate jobs.

    Now we have a president with a different idea. The consumers don’t get to pick the winners and losers with their dollars. Those decisions will come from the White House .. and right now the White House chooses [ta da!] GREEN JOBS!

    In the real world If the companies offering green products and services capture the attention and the ballots of the consumers .. then green jobs it is! If not, then these companies should fail and the jobs should go away. Obama wants to change these laws of the marketplace. So did Marx.

    Here at SHTF Plan, we’re all for green jobs, sustainable living, and alternative energy, but not when it is forced upon the citizenry at gun point. Boortz is right. If it is time for the “green revolution” (and we’re not talking about electing Ralph Nader), then we should let America’s pocket books decide.

    Read Boortz’s full Monday Morning Rant…


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      1. JFK set a national policy goal of a moon landing in ten years. If today it’s determined that an appropriate national policy having to do with ‘green’ energy is in our national interest, I’m fine with that as long as it’s clearly delineated. It’s scientific/industrial progress. As a jobs program however it’s a terrible idea. Reflect on my earlier mention of NASA and the moon landing. How much would have been accomplished if that initiative had been a jobs program? Along those lines, JFK chose a realistically achievable objective. To those that insist we exclusively adopt ‘green’ energy and discard legacy ‘bad’ energy, the comparable anaolgywould be JFK stating his goal was to achieve lightspeed and travel to Alpha Centauri – it’s just not gonna happen in a ten year time-frame and maybe never. And if folks are right about peak oil and such rapidly approaching, it’s our leaders’ responsibility to be aware of such things and to set achievable national benchmarks. We all probably agree that won’t happen, so apparently we’re on our own…..

      2. That doesn’t sound good at all. The government should distribute government marketplace to everyone in order to encourage fair competition. I’m all support for greener solution but everyone should have their part not just the government.

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