Boom: The Deadliest (and Coolest) Slingshot You’ve Ever Seen

by | Jun 5, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 31 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tess Pennington at Ready Nutrition.

    In an emergency, this silent weapon can have deadly force.

    Slingshots have long been used in hunting small game, such as rabbits, doves, and squirrels. An advantage of this is that it does not require ammunition, making it ideal for teaching kids about self-reliance. In an emergency situation where you have run out of ammunition, this modest weapon could be converted into a more powerful tool.

    Dave Canterbury of Pathfinder School originally came up with the ingenious idea of taking an everyday slingshot and tweaking it so one can kill larger game, and these silent weapons can have deadly force. With a “sling bow”, you have a huge range of mobility, unlike with a bow. As well, the lightweight of this makes it an ideal addition to a bug out bag or get home bag. Using this type of sling bow requires accuracy. Therefore, consistent practicing is key in developing an ability to aim proficiently at a target.

    Using the instructions in the video, you can turn a modest slingshot into a large animal killing machine.

    If you don’t have the time for this weapon conversion, there are bow slings that can be purchased. I suggest adding heavy-duty pull bands and full-size arrows to the purchase.

    Marksman Pocket Hunter


    Heavy Duty Pull Bands


    Full-Size Carbon Filtered Arrows


    This type of weapon would be a good addition to your bug out bag or get home bag as it is lightweight and can easily be added to a pack without taking up too much space.



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      1. “Carbon Filtered Arrows”?

        • carbon fiber

          • TRY THIS LITTLE BAD BOY! I have one of these, it’s powerful and fits in yer pocket (with ammo too). Most people won’t have a clue what it even is. Very discreet and will knock you fookin’ out!

            ht tps://

      2. Something useful for the Brits and others who don’t have access to a firearm.

        • I’m sure slingshots are illegal too there. A nuetered species.

          • Slingshots being made of simple components can be easily manufactured. Most of us (and likely all of us on this BB) did it as kids. OBTW they are illegal in NJ.

        • Something useful for Americans who may want to add a silent, stealthy weapon to their arsenal. I will buy one.

          Good article. 🙂

        • you cant own a stick in once-great Britain.
          Whats still “legal” is just barely- you can own it, but good luck carrying it or using it.

          – Slingshots are not considered weapons under UK law, but carrying a slingshot may be punished under the “Prevention of Crime Act 1953”. – Bows and crossbows are legal to purchase, manufacture and possess for private use in one’s home but their transport is subject to the same regulations as that of live firearms.

      3. I see a lot of wannabees impaling themselves or shooting someone else in the quest to be the next viral youtube vid….
        Not practical…a gimmick

        • Idiots shoot themselves and others accidentally with a firearm. It does not mean guns are a gimmick. Same applies here.

          The big takeaway is simply that you should stay away from idiots

      4. I. WANT. ONE! Now that’s something that looks to be extremely useful.

        • I want one as well. Can’t have too many weapons.

      5. I’ll stick with my Glock, but thank you berry much !

        • I dont think she’s suggesting replacing your glock. These are two different tools for two different applications.

          I have quality airguns for taking small have quietly, but this looks interesting.

          If nothing else, its something to file away in your head for a just-in-case day

        • I’m keepin’ my Glock, but you never know when it might be important to be real quiet. I’ll keep this as another tool.

      6. I have one of those commercially made sling bows. I’m going to have to modify it with a whisker biscuit (like the Pathfinder guy did) so I can get consistent arrow alignment when shooting. Otherwise they are a great idea.

      7. Archery is a great sport. It is more socially acceptable than say target practice at a rifle range. Which is tough on hearing. And has the added benefit of upper arm conditioning. Upper arm strength is useful in face-to-face physical confrontations.

        The more ways you master for self defense, the less likely you will need to use them.

        Knowing when to speak and when to remain silent is the best skill for self defense.


        • Your deadly-tactical-assualt-bow will be banned too…

      8. This is simply one more whiz bang super deluxe nifty gadget thingy to make your end of days adventure perfectly survivable, heavy on ingenuity and light on comparative practicality.

        It’s nothing more than a child’s version of a crossbow. Why waste the time and effort on this silliness when the real thing, an effective tool and weapon is available everywhere?

        • you cant carry a crossbow and not draw immediate attention to yourself.

          next question.

      9. I made one of these a few years ago. They are not even as effective as one of those pistol crossbows – ie not up to much and not humane or even effective at all on anything bigger than a rabbit at 10 yards (and that is with a broadhead in a kill zone).

        For the man who likes to make his own primitive weapons it may be worth a try, but I cant recommend the sling-bow thing for any serious hunting of anything bigger than a rabbit at 5 yards and a rat at 10. Big mistake if you think its going to stop a man running at you (it will be your last mistake).

        OFF TOPIC:
        Rumours are now circulating about the Chinese warship incident in Australia. Rumours saying that China rushed to seize a cargo of US & UK bankers Gold, Silver, and Rare Earths that were about to be taken to the London Vaults.

        In bold move involving the Navy and Spec Ops (that caught the Australian coastguard and military, and the PMC’s prepping the cargo, with their pants down), China got the prize without a single shot being fired by either side!

        This is really what the sudden fuss regarding the Chinese military flotilla with 700 Marines and spec ops was all about earlier this week.

        This sort of action is not without precedent as De Gaulle ordered hundreds of troops supported by a Battleship (with guns raised and ready) into New York city in 1971 to seize French gold from the private Fed Reserve (which the Fed was arranging to be rehypothecated). Seriously look it up.

        Interesting times we live in.

        • “Big mistake if you think its going to stop a man running at you (it will be your last mistake).”

          I think, just one marble, between the eyes, in the eye, nose, mouth, temple, knee, fingers, or crotch, would sufficiently stop an attacker not wearing any form of protection.

          The version of a sling, with just two pieces of string, has been used by ancient armies.

          • Without going into extravagant amounts of detail, dirty things don’t need to be humane or have stopping power, per se.

          • If you go out, at dusk, anywhere that supports much game, walking in a coordinated way, that does not disturb brush or make much percussive noise, it will calmly pass back and forth, in front of you, just out of kicking distance.

            Someone, accepting the fact that he is poor, could make somewhat of a living with a bent throwing stick.

            Expedient traps are made with garbage that could be found in an alley.

            “For every creature of God is good, and nothing to be refused, if it be received with thanksgiving: For it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer.”
            — 1 Tim 4:3

            If you go out, far, where there are bleached cattle bones and vultures, and such like, you can be so glad for brown label drink mix and the water that comes out of an old sink, like it had saved your literal life.

            People who are given much and do relatively little won’t understand the concept.

      10. self-reliance?????

        In a nation where more than half the parasites get a monthly handout from the legal citizen working taxpayer.

        In a nation where 2/3 of the adults are fucking beached whales.

      11. I’ll keep using my takedown recurve bow.

      12. Put some loaded hypodermic needles on the tip?

      13. lame, please review the Marksman Maxima. I can crack a cinder block with pin ball bearing at 10-20 feet.

      14. FLASH! The inventor of this weapon has just come forward. Let me introduce….. It’s Elizabeth Warren!

      15. Excellent idea.Lots of grouse and wabbit here so could be a serious game changer. Quiet too. I have a friend that makes bows and arrows and I am sure he would be interested.

      16. Interesting way to go about it, not my first choice but looks like it could be fun. I am heading to hone in my long range shooting at this school. Love hunting! (

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