Bombshell: “The House Is Going To Be Rocked In The Next 72 Hours… Over A Dozen Congressional Members May Resign” Over Sex Scandals

by | Dec 16, 2017 | Headline News | 73 comments

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    What started as an attack on then-candidate Donald J. Trump leading into the 2016 Presidential election appears to have been flipped completely on its head as scores of media, music, movie and political resignations over sex scandals have left shock waves across the country.

    Not a week has gone by without some high ranking member of the star-studded elite getting taken down by what overtly looks to be a viral movement under the #MeToo hashtag.

    It’s no secret that back in the 1990’s President Bill Clinton signed into law a bill that would shield sexually deviant Congressional members from being revealed to the public.

    Well, in 1995, which I remind you was right at the time Bill Clinton was playing with stinky cigars in the Oval Orifice, Congress decided to pass a law which can be properly called “Congressional Protection For Sexual Assault Act of 1995.” Of course it’s not really entitled that; it’s allegedly called “The Congressional Accountability Act of 1995.”

    This law was debated and passed in the House 429-0.  It then went to the Senate and was passed by unanimous consent and was signed by then-President Clinton.

    You got it — not one “No” vote between either chamber.

    This must have really been a good law, right?

    Well, for Congress it was — if they liked to diddle their sexatary, pages, or other people in their offices.

    Gee, I can see why Bill Clinton liked that bill too!

    And while that law has thus far kept Congressional sexual harassment allegations and settlements completely hidden from the American public, that may be about to change according to investigative reporter Luke Rosiak who tweeted a Bombshell report via Twitter Friday evening:

    4Chan researchers weighed in:

    1. This reporter is legit. He was behind all the Awan Scandal reporting at Daily Caller. Highly respected. Noticed by all the right people too.

    2. According to Lisa Bloom’s blog the $750,000-for-sex-assault-claims story was held onto by Trump / his lawyers and leaked by *them*. This is reasonable and probably true, even if she hates them.

    3. So WHY did Trump release that 750k story today? He likely had that saved for 9months+. He often saves up his attacks for the right moment. He rarely plays a card on its own – he saves up full hands of cards then plays them all at once to totally overwhelm the opponents. Sun Tzu says to do this.

    4. What am I getting at? I am saying that Trump is behind the upcoming major sex scandal shit thats about to rock the House in 72 hours. He is insulating himself from splashback.

    5. Remember the stories yesterday about suddenly Paul Ryan is about to retire from the House in early 2018? Convenient timing huh. Might be him publicly surrendering from a huge sex scandal swamp drainage, aiming to leave gracefully with his reputation intact so he has a chance in the business world. Weren’t Cochran and McCain also hospitalized two days ago?

    If true, we are about to see an unprecedented wave of swamp draining in the United States Congress.

    It makes one wonder whether President Trump may have been working behind the scenes to expose and hit back at the various interests attempting to unseat him via impeachment proceedings surrounding allegations of sexual impropriety and his purported but as of yet unproven illegal connections to Russia.

    Earlier this year former Trump adviser and Breitbart editor Steve Bannon left the White House under murky circumstances, prompting the media to announce that Bannon and Trump were now enemies.

    Within 24 hours of his departure Bannon vowed to wage war on the President’s enemies.

    And within two weeks of this declaration of war, high profile individuals that had feverishly worked to defeat Trump started falling like dominoes.



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      1. we can only hope.

        • Just remember the Majority of women are liberal Democrats and over 90% of the Blacks are liberal Democrats, and we are now in the day of everyone being called either a Racist or a Sexist, so who do you think is going to come out the winner in this game of name calling.I just saw where the owner of the Carolina Panthers has to sell the team because he hit on some woman and hurt some Black guys feelings. So as Teddy Roosevelt said, Every White Male better walk softly and keep his Big mouth shut. Trekker Out

          • So when the hyper-macho, violent black males are running rampant with power, and all of the liberal white women are getting abused and raped by them, we can just sit back and laugh when they come crawling to us to save them from their own stupidity!


        • I feel like I’m at the ballgame when I was a kid. The hotdog vendor going by “redhots here, getcha redhots here – 2 for a nickle 5 for a dime…. getcha redhots here” . It’s like there’s now safety in numbers as the count grows or something. Still full of everything artificial and not good for ya. But what the heck? The fans are going wild and loving the show anyway.

      3. We all know that all or most of these upstanding members of Congress will be black. Neegroes gunna nig.

        • You’re disgusting.

      4. Trump….dumb as a Fox. There’s always away to beat the devil around the stump.

        • Gonna toss the dvd of Josie Wales into the machine cause I never get ’nuff of the way it should be. I look about my office, got photos of my great-great grandfather in his parade civil war uniform (confederate) taken in 1902 and a picture of his fellow compatriots taken at a reunion as well in 1902. Does anyone know how many times Winchester,VA. changed hands between the north and south during the civil war due to its location of the north and south? Google it, you might learn something about tenacity. My Great-Grand mother who passed when I was sixteen had a farm in Stausberg, VA. and a home in Winchester, all the rest of the clan resided in Paige county of which my other Great-Great Grand father was one of the first of the calvary that entered the town of Gettysburg in July for the battle of Gettysburg. One things for certain, I Godamn sure I don’t plan on letting them down.

          • These libtards and snow flakes have no friggen idea what whirlwind they’re up against. Feelings ‘run long’ and they’re those who have not forgotten.

            • PO’d, sounds like you come from a long line of shiners lol. The founders were good at it too. Lincoln should have been shot when he was born! Fookin BS, I can’t believe people went along with the civil war. If they would have came to conscript me I would have killed as many of them as possible! Anyway, wish you could try my new batch of apple pie… YUMMY! 😛

              • Genius, apple pie is only one of many things I was raised on. If I was in your area I would damn sure try some.

              • Just made 8 quarts of apple-pie and 4 quarts of peach-cobbler. We got the goose pit all brushed over the weekend and I took some with me and we all had a round of both. Wasn’t long all of it was gone. My mother-in-laws grand father was a shiner here in Maryland during the Depression. Had the judges and local law informing him when the Feds might visit the area plus made sure he had all the sugar he would need as it could be hard to get then. Judges and LEO’s like to tip a glass too.

                • Ooooh, I want your recipe for peach cobbler, YUM!

          • Indeed I have roots that go back to the revolutionary war as well as the civil war, then on to WWII and RVN myself. Seems to me we have far more at stake than any illegal alien or supposed refugee ! Is there even any question ? I am always disgusted by the DEMs and some REPs that represent other than US citizens commonly. As far as I am concerned they all deserve a serious ass whoopin and then prosecute their sorry asses for dereliction and treason as well as all their other crimes !

            Beyond all that obvious garbage I am disgusted with the American people for being fat, dumb and lazy to let it all happen !

            My 6th generation great grandpa was with Gen Washington at Valley Forge and other battles so I figure I have a lot to live up to and plan on doing exactly that ! That is why I live what I say in spades daily ! Been in the wars big time and done that and know exactly what is and what ain’t bullshit ! That is why I give little credence to supposed preppers who have never even been in a fist fight much less a fire fight or worse, overrun by NVA and lived to talk about more than once. Most supposed preppers could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag for many reasons so not exactly who I look to for any guidance on much of anything.


            • well if SHTF the only 3 people left will the the ones in charge, you, and preppers. so hopefully when your alone with all of these wet paper bag morons you can fist fight your way to survival.

          • PO’d Patriot..a hail from Front Royal. I’m familiar with Strasburg and Winchester…..the south shall rise again!

            • My mother was born and raised there.

              • Been to many a family reunion at the Bing Crosby Stadium/Park.

          • Nice. We used to own one of the oldest houses in Lebanon Church, just outside of Strasburg. Went to high school there.

          • Deo Vendice

          • PO,d Patriot I am with you 100%

      5. There is a Psalm,not sure which one,that mentions the wicked setting traps,only to fall in it themselves. Amen.

        • We ARE in the apocalypse right now! Apocalypse simply means unvieling. Look how much is being UNVIELED right now! The curtain is being opened and the man from oz is being exposed. But then, most people could care less as they are glued to their stupid phones….

          • Yea, but that phone can spread a lot of info to open eyes,

        • Proverbs 26:27 ….Whoever digs a pit will fall into it, and a stone will come back on him who starts it rolling.

      6. I have seen reports claiming as many as 30 to 40 Congressmen might be implicated. Both sides of the aisle. Very interesting times we live in.

        • Swamp Creatures!

          • These filthy sons of bitches more that deserve to HANG!! Do the right thing for a damn change.

        • They deserve it

        • has anyone thought maybe they are exiting stage right under false narrative ? maybe it’s about to hit the fan and they are heading to bunkers or borders ?

      7. Congressional Accountability Act Of 1995

        The General Counsel of the Office of Compliance also has independent investigatory and enforcement discretion for certain violations of the Act.

        They ain’t seen the tip of operation Hard Candy yet….
        Heads are gonna fly… mainly the little ones

      8. I will wait and see. Im skeptical.

        • There are many furious women out there. They aren’t going to allow one group of sex pests to get away while so many others have been called out.

      9. I am still of the mindset that Bannon was brought into the White House – to get a behind the scenes look – then set looseinto the media to work that any case – very nice that these deviants are finally being brought to the light – although I doubt anyone of consequence will go to jail – hopefully they can have their name ruined at the very least…where is Wenstein BTW??? skipped the country?

      10. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…
        Thats why they can’t be trusted with their finger on the big red button?

      11. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…
        Thats why they can’t be trusted with their finger on the big red button?

      12. … the dems opened up this subject to get Roy Moore. It obviously didn’t ring a bell that it might backfire.

        • I think it may have been the RINOs, Mitch Mconnel had his name all over that.

        • Pretty funny actually,

      13. One can only hope…

      14. One thing I have noticed. So far all the members resigning are Establishment Democrats, or RINOS. Have you noticed? These are low life Globalist supported members. The elite of the elite rich, the Bilderberg group, People Like George Soros, Tom Steyer, The Rockefeller Group, the Rothschild Group, has be where most of the offenders have come from. These are the perverts that want America Destroyed. The Swamp people.

      15. Here’s a fun flick.

        Omarosa starring in her first movie back in 2006:

        ht tps://

      16. It will be interesting to see how many are Democrats and how many are Republicans.

        • It will be interesting to see if it even happens.

      17. Be cautious what you see, what you hear.
        Start at minute 7 ….. what you see may not be what you see–powers have been using these techniques for years.
        ht tps://

      18. Perhaps the swamp is draining itself!

      19. I hope this is true but, I’m calling BS on this one…

      20. Glass houses !

      21. What disgraceful sacks of GARBAGE! I have ZERO faith in this Gov’t anymore.

      22. I’ll believe it when I see it. I hope so. But, I can’t help but be a little skeptical…

      23. Live by the sword die by the sword. Sexual deviants in all parties have been given a pass for generations. Lincoln was a “closet” homo after all. His wife was bat s#@t crazy. We know about JFK and his whores (not just Marilyn) in the WH. Shenanigans all around. Hope there is a toasty reward for all of them.

        • They ran for public office, not archbishop. Nobody is squeaky clean in DC.
          If they have Reverend before their name( i.e. King, Jackson, Sharpton) you better believe
          they DAMN sure ain’t squeaky clean.

        • JFK was also involved with Mary Pinchot Meyer who was murdered in 1964 in D.C. while taking her daily walk along the canal towpath. The black man who was arrested for the murder was a staged event with US intelligence calling the shots. Meyer knew unknown facts about JFK’S murder and was taken out. Her husband was Cord Meyer who was a bigwig in government.

      24. Common, everyday hoes had no other job qualifications, to put them ahead of honest applicants. Zero.

        And, if they were really so fragile, as to need your chivalry, that would be chauvinistic. In countries like that, they are not left alone with strange men, as a matter of Muprhy’s Law.

        In many, secular, liberal workplaces, they will never, ever schedule the workers, alone, together, so that private harassment could be a financial liability.

        afaic, these kind never even want the safety of a man, until they have sown their wild oats, well past the point of being used up. They have their regrets, so far past the sell-by date, I’m asking myself whether they were always unrapeables or have no other means of getting sexual attention, after so many years of sleeping around.

        These were never hetero normative, gender traditionalists, or the story would be impossible. Yet, you’re supposed to be some puritanical, white knight, swoop in and rescue her. Ha. Not triggered.

        • Lock & Load one 20-round magazine !

      25. Its all aimed in the end at Trump. A string of Bimbos will appear claiming they were going to be nuns when he assaulted them and ruined their reputations The recent lawyer offering money for women to claim Trump assaulted them is a case in point on that issue.

      26. About dang time. I pray that this turns out to be a factual report. Getting those pervs out of government is LONG overdue.

        Drain the swamp, Mr President! Get rid of ALL of the “6ULDV8” types in DC!

      27. It is amusing that you people actually believe that this is a Swamp Drain. It is nothing of the sort. It nothing more than skimming off the top the Swamp… the Pond Scum. And obviously, you people are being entertained. The people you are really after, are under the Swamp Water, buried deep in the Swamp Muck… and they are laughing at you. When Trump has finished his term(s), they will still be operating from they have always been operating. From the Swamp Muck.

        Anyhow, I always find this amusing: “Indeed I have roots that go back to the revolutionary war as well…”

        Go to any survival/patriot blog, and EVERYONE says that. That’s nothing. I have verifiable roots that go to Ireland/Great Britain, Western Europe, Southern Europe, Iberian Peninsula, and Caucasus, going all the way to back 80 BC. See the migration pattern there? From there, I can trace my ancestry to the lower Midwest/Virginia settlers and Tennessee/Southern Settlers. John Rolfe is my 12th Great-Grandfather. I have over 93,000 “my people” in my ancestry tree. Most of you are fakes and wannabe’s.

        • yeah, you may be what you think your are. But, people then are as people now. What makes you assume everyone of those branches on your genealogical tree are true? Never know which umpteenth great-granny had a fling with the traveling tinker. Never know if someone adopted. Honestly, think long and hard before making such statements. Paperwork don’t prove a damned thing. I suggest genetic testing for markers. Best you can do in reality. You might just find out you’re related to some inner Congo tribal warlord’s harem slave.

      28. Curt, your roots sound very impressive, but can you PROVE anyone here is a fake or wannabe?

      29. “If true, we are about to see an unprecedented wave of swamp draining in the United States Congress”.
        WRONG….If this witchhunt madness isn’t stopped in it’s tracks, it will become a nightmare & destroy what’s left of this country. So now, all that is required to destroy a mans life is an accusation.? No proof? No trial.? Even an accusation of an alleged incident 40 years ago.? I thought we lived in a country where you are innocent until proven guilty. Remember, during the French revolution all one need do is accuse someone of being a counter-revolutionary, and they were sent to the guillotine. Furthermore, sexual misconduct or unwanted sexual advances could simply be a man winking at a woman, or asking her out for a drink?
        This is sheer madness. The men in this country must quit apologizing and playing defense to this crap. We must stand up and DENY, DENY, DENY and ATTACK the feminist Nazi man hating accusers. By attack, I mean file lawsuits for slander and defamation. Make these bitches pay for their madness. I’m beginning to think that the Arabs have it right. Take these dam bitches out of the workforce and colleges, and put them back in the homes having babies where they belong. Maybe suspend their driving privileges and voting rights too.
        Don’t celebrate too fast the destruction of the lowlifes in Hollywood or the traitors in Congress that are the victims of this witch-hunt. It’s starting with them, but I assure you, it won’t end with them. You will all be next.!!!!

      30. Who cares what anyones ancestry is,it’s what YOU are now.

        • Capt. Jack, good point. That is what matters the most.

      31. What about Biden? The videos of him sexually accosting little girls – in front of their parents – makes my blood boil. Think about it. If it was an older women being subjected to what he has done to these little girls, do you think they would tolerate it?? But because it’s little girls that have to put up with this pedophile, by him kissing little girls on the head, rubbing up against them, playing with their hair, moving his hand toward their breast, asking for a picture of just him and a young girl on their own, whispering in their ears etc do you really think a woman would stand for such behaviour? No! So why should little girls be made to feel very uncomfortable just because they are ‘little girls’ and it was the VICE President abusing them. Nothing is done. The left just gloss it over. ‘Oh, Bidens just like that’. He means no harm. Etc. etc. If there is a purge, this freak should be at the top of the list. But I doubt it.

      32. Well, 72 hours from Dec 15 means tomorrow, let’s see if he’s got good info.

      33. It’ll be interesting to see who is sacrificed. I’m not holding my breath.

        This originally had the stink that they wanted to sacrifice a few in congress, so they could drag out paid anti-Trump witnesses and try to force Trump out. I hear the current payday for any woman with a story of Trump that sounds at all plausible is 3/4 of a million dollars. They are lining up.

      34. PTPO, payday or no payday, allegations still have to be proven and verified. Someone tried this same thing back only a month before Election Day but failed to offer any proof for the complaint so Trump still won. It didn’t work then and it won’t work now. I’m also not holding my breath on how many get sacrificed.

      35. Well here we are three+ days later…

      36. Another part of the same story, which I have not yet seen covered, is the buckets of money D.C. “silk stocking law firms” get to go after complainants. Congress spends a lot of taxpayer money on these high-priced lawyers to investigate and defend against the various allegations. Yes, some may be false, but, no matter, the word is all complainants who dare speak out against the Congressional titans are thrashed, dashed, trashed and smashed by these legal assassins.

      37. Trump better do SOMETHING..The media is publishing nothing but hate, against him. The liberals and Socialists want him OUT. If Trump needs to use the sexual charges against the Senate or Representative pigs…then so be it…Its his life(political) at stake and the fate of the country. If Trump can’t “drain the swamp” it will be all over for the USA….Read about the corruption in Puerto Rico. The company that got the contract to turn the lights on is charging $300 per hour for its workers. This is ludicrous when u consider that PR is bankrupt. The article DOES go on to say that the reason for the over charges is the historical graft that the DEMOCRATIC officials usually get for contracts paid by the PR gov’t….TRUMP…we are running out of time…get rid of these thieves like Pelosi and the rest, ( read the book “throw them all out” it names names of the biggest thieves in DC)… or the Commies will come in and we will all be speaking Chinese,… soon…

      38. I love the smell of napalm in the morning … it smells like … victory

      39. 96 hours and counting, have not seen or heard anything yet.

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