Bloomberg’s Benevolence: “Like Many Other Billionaire Elites His Goal Is… Control”

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    Editor’s Note: You’ve no doubt heard about New York City’s new restrictions on sugary sodas (and the plethora of other restrictions introduced recently). While the architect of these new policies, Mayor Michael Bloomberg, claims they are designed to “encourage individuals to  make the choices that will improve their lives,” they are encouraged to do so in much the same way that Communist dictator Josef Stalin encouraged his countrymen – through the barrel of a gun.

    The following report from Daisy Luther of The Organic Prepper provides some insights into the benevolent motivations behind one of the nation’s most tyrannically-minded politicians. Hint: Follow the money. This not about benevolence or public health, it’s about restrictive control, a massive government power grab, and generating revenue for elite conglomerates.

    Taking Some of the “Bloom” Off Bloomberg
    By Daisy Luther (


    By all public appearance, New York City’s billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg is very concerned about the health of his citizens.  My goodness, he outlawed big sugary drinks, he required that chain restaurants list the nutritional data of their offerings and he even put baby formula under lock and keyin NYC hospitals in an attempt to shame mothers into breast-feeding regardless of their personal opinions on the matter.  He has even shared his “agenda” (more on this in a minute) with the public, letting everyone know how noble his intentions are:

    As we look ahead to the post-2015  development agenda, we have an opportunity to build on that work and make our efforts even more successful.  To ensure that we fully capitalize on this opportunity, I would like to share some of the experiences I have had as an entrepreneur, mayor, and philanthropist that  I hope will help in framing the next set of goals for the global health community.

    In particular, the following principles are worthy of consideration:

    1) Use data and metrics in setting goals, assessing progress, and ensuring accountability;
    2) Make the healthy choice the default by creating policies that encourage individuals to  make the choices that will improve their lives; and
    3) Leverage public-private partnerships for social good.

    These three principles have been integral to my work in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors.  (source)

    Now, really.  How can anyone look at that and think that Bloomberg is anything other than the benevolent demigod of New York City?

    I’ll tell you how.  Just look a little bit deeper and you will see that, like with nearly everyone in politics or a position of authority, you simply have to follow the money.  All those who speak about health and set themselves up as experts in YOUR health are not what they appear to be.  Some of these “experts” try to enforce their version of “health” because it profits them.

    I got started on this topic with a conversation on a forum with my internet buddy, Zoltanne.  We were idly discussing Mr. Soda Pop Nazi and voiced our suspicion about the fact that there has to be something in it for him, other than skinny New Yorkers.

    And indeed there is…

    As Z put it, “He’s definitely got skin in the game.”

    Bloomberg’s dirty little secret is this – he is NOT interested in your health – he’s interested in your money and he is interested in control.  If he were interested in health, he definitely wouldn’t be promoting Splenda.

    Splenda is the trademarked name for sucralose, an artificial chlorinated sweetener that is formed when the hydroxyl groups in a sugar molecule are replaced with chlorine molecules.  According to Dr James Turner, the chairman of the national consumer education group Citizens for Health”In animals examined for the study, Splenda reduced the amount of good bacteria in the intestines by 50 percent, increased the pH level in the intestines, contributed to increases in body weight and affected P-glycoprotein (P-gp) levels in such a way that crucial health-related drugs could be rejected.”

    The sweetener has been linked to:

    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Migraines
    • Seizures
    • Dizziness
    • Blurred vision
    • Allergic reactions
    • Blood sugar increases
    • Weight gain

    But Splenda is his choice because (are you sitting down?) he’s got a link to the company.  A billion dollar link.  Literally – a billion dollars, filtered through a bunch of “philanthropic” smoke and mirrors.

    Splenda is manufactured by a subsidiary of Johnson and Johnson – McNeil Nutritionals.

    Bloomberg got his degree from John Hopkins University, to which he has donated over a billion dollars.  In fact, he has given them so much money they even named a program after him –  the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

    Guess who else has a program there?  If you said Johnson and Johnson, pat yourself on the back.  J&J established the  Johnson & Johnson Community Health Care and Scholars Program, and Bloomberg’s program is part of J&J’s program in a rather incestuous little network.

    The website states:

    Johnson & Johnson and the Bloomberg School have been partners for more than 10 years. During this time, more than 70 community healthcare organizations have received technical assistance from Hopkins doctoral students.

    It’s difficult to find a direct financial link between Bloomberg and J&J.  That’s because a young Michael Bloomberg took a $10 million severance payout when he was laid off from his partnership at Salomon Brothers, a Wall Street investment firm, and invested that money into his own company, Bloomberg LP, now worth billions of dollars.  Bloomberg retains 72% of the multinational mass media corporation.  The company offers financial technology products and also has a financial news service.  Because Bloomberg LP is a privately held company, they have less comprehensive reporting requirements.

    According to an article on JHU’s Hub, “The mayor’s generosity has had an extraordinary impact on Johns Hopkins in every way – in terms of facilities and infrastructure, research and academic achievement, student body quality and diversity.”  We must keep in mind that by funding these programs, his input is considered regarding the curriculum.  And this is how students are being indoctrinated with the policies of Agenda 21. (I told you I’d get back to this.)

    Agenda 21 is basically a plan to force everyone in the 99% to do what is “best for them” by government mandate.  Masquerading under the friendly sounding cloak of “sustainable development” Agenda 21 is a plan by the UN to control….EVERYTHING.

    Humanity stands at a defining moment in history. We are confronted with a perpetuation of disparities between and within nations, a worsening of poverty, hunger, ill health and illiteracy, and the continuing deterioration of the ecosystems on which we depend for our well-being. However, integration of environment and development concerns and greater attention to them will lead to the fulfilment of basic needs, improved living standards for all, better protected and managed ecosystems and a safer, more prosperous future. No nation can achieve this on its own; but together we can – in a global partnership for sustainable development…Its successful implementation is first and foremost the responsibility of Governments. National strategies, plans, policies and processes are crucial in achieving this.(source)

    Bloomberg has vocally expressed his support of Agenda 21, and we can see quite clearly how he is putting these plans into action in the largest city in the United States.

    He has provided his dietary oversight, since the New Yorkers don’t seem to be able to feed themselves without his help.   Under his “leadership” New York City has the strictest gun laws in the state, requiring permits, licensing and registration, a move that left the citizenry largely disarmed and unable to protect themselves in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  Never one to let a good crisis go to waste, Bloomberg rounded up celebrities to  put together a propaganda video calling out for even more gun control just days after the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. (This goes hand in hand with the UN Small Arms Treaty.) He certainly has his finger in the educational pie, as evidenced by his large donations to Johns Hopkins.  He has sponsored a design contest for Agenda 21-style micro apartments of 250 square feet, using his position as mayor to waive the zoning laws that don’t allow living spaces that small in order that the plan can come to fruition.

    In his document Bloomberg on the Post-2015 Development Agenda he advocates “population level policies” because they”can be highly cost effective, save lives, increase quality of life, add value to the economy and be replicated worldwide. The new development goals, indicators, and targets should be engineered with this in mind. Make the environment safe, and make the default choice the healthy choice…An intervention that reaches the whole population through policy change may be more equitable and effective than one that can only be made through a hospital or clinic.”  In other words, the law will force you to make healthy choices (defined by them) whether you want to our not.

    He arrogantly concludes:

    The post-2015 development agenda has an enormous opportunity to build on the progress that has been made since the launch of the Millennium Development Goals – and expand and accelerate that progress. In New York City, the work we have done to improve public health has led to a major increase in life expectancy, which is now 80.9 years, 2.2 more years than the current national average of 78.7.  In New York City, an important part of our success is attributable to the concerted effort we  have made to prevent non-communicable disease. Our story is presented in the attached document “Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases and Injuries, Innovative Solutions from New York City,” which lays out the strategies we have used to reduce smoking rates, promote healthier eating and physical activity, prevent injuries, improve air quality, and increase preventive medical care.”

    Forbes Magazine tells us that Bloomberg has made “notable gifts” to the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, both highly connected to the UN (an organization that is directing us towards one-world government) and Agenda 21. (Note that despite the billions of dollars in donations Bloomberg makes every year, at last count there were still nearly 2000 people in NYC living without heat, running water and power 3 months after Hurricane Sandy.)  According to his website, casually named “Mike”:

    His passion for public health has led to ambitious new health strategies that have become national models, including a ban on smoking in all indoor workplaces, as well as parks and beaches. Today, life expectancy is three years longer than it was before Mayor Bloomberg took office. His belief that America’s mayors and business leaders can help effect change in Washington has led him to launch national bi-partisan coalitions to combat illegal gunsreform immigration, and invest in infrastructure. He also created a far-reaching plan allowing New York City to fight climate change and promote sustainable development on an unprecedented scale. In acknowledgement of his leadership on these issues, Bloomberg was recently named Chair of the C40 Cities Global Climate Initiative.

    Bloomberg’s money and influence have made him one of the biggest threats to personal liberty in America.  He believes that by following his guidelines:

    “…the United Nations, its partner organizations and the governments with which they work can make lasting progress towards solving some of the most stubborn development challenges—particularly the growing burden of non-communicable diseases around the world. Population-wide approaches are necessary complements to Universal Health Coverage, the goal of many in the global health movement. Indeed, population-wide approaches like the ones outlined in the Mayor’s submission are among the most effective and equitable ways to address key health risk factors and save lives.”

    Bloomberg is not about benevolence.  His commitment to public health is actually a commitment to power and allotment of resources.  Like many other billionaire “elites” his goal is … control.


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      1. ‘Mr Mayor, hold still. This will only hurt for a second…’
        I got the jumper cables and 4 truck batteries. Who has the nipple clamps?

        • Ah heck Okie… all I got is a nice piece of hemp rope…its a really nice and new rope though…maybe we could use it after you charge him up?… 🙂

          • Bloomberg is just an offshoot of the monarchy that is now leading our country. We are the stupid little sheep that follow their commands and when any of us show a bit of resistance then we are considered an enemy of the state. We are in deep shit right now and it is going to get worse, a lot worse. The constitution will go by the wayside eventually, your right to bear arms, your right to free speech, your right to vote will all disappear in time.

            We are being stripped of our dignity, our hearts and souls. More people everyday are getting on the government wagon, these people are weak and easily manipulated. The elite have waited a long time for this perfect scenario to evolve; well it is just about here and only God knows where it will lead. I do believe that they have the minds of psychopaths and that they are being led by the devil himself.

            Stay strong of heart, mind, body and soul. Never let your guard down and never assume that what they want is best for us. Only you can decide what is best for yourself and your family. They want to take that power away from you and they want to own you, mind body and soul. They can not own you if you refuse to submit to their demagoguery, they will in the end crumble and disintegrate but until then they will wreak havoc and do much damage.

            If you think that this message is just insanity then you are lost to them so there is no hope for you. God help us fight this tyranny and provide us with the tools to do so, in the name of God.

            • Why not call a Spade a Spade in this article. Why? Because it’s the “hush, hush” topic that pushes too many buttons for the masses…even at this site.

              The plain and simple truth, the fact that cannot be denied any longer…

              He’s the scum of the earth; a Bolshevik, Zionist Jew, infecting everything he touches.

              • How about calling him a pig?

                There was a “Criminal Minds” episode five or six years back where one of two unsub brothers was kidnapping some low life transients from Detroit and bringing them back to their farm across the border in Canada. If I recall, they were performing some experiments on those that were kidnapped to see if the transients had the proper DNA to help one of the two brothers (who was a paraplegic) to restore his animation. The tests never worked, so the other brother then killed the transients and fed their remains to the pigs.

                I agree EA, he’s the scum of the earth. Thought a fitting end would be to toss Mayor Bloomberg ALIVE into the pigpen. A few cuts on him perhaps, to get the ball rolling.

                Then he would be Mayor “Oinkberg”?

                • Understand Bloomberg’s view of us:

                  God created them [goyim] in the form of men for the glory of Israel… for the sole end of ministering unto them [the Jews] day and night. Nor can they ever be relieved of this service. It is becoming to the son of a king [an Israelite] that animals in their natural form and animals in the form of human beings should minister unto him. Midrash Talpioth 225a

                  “…’living soul’ designates Israel because they are children of the Almighty, and their souls, which are holy, come from Him. From whence come the souls of other peoples? R[abbi] Eleazar said: ‘They obtain souls from those sides of the left which convey impurity, and therefore they are all impure and defile those who have contact with them.’…’living soul’ refers to Israel, who have holy living souls from above, and ‘cattle and creeping things and beasts of the earth,’ to the other peoples who are not ‘living soul,” but who are as we have said.” Bereshith 47a

                  “Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever… their material abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews…” Abraham Foxbrunner. Habad: The Hasidism of Schneur Zalman of Lyady. Northvale NJ: Jason Aronson Inc., 1983. Pp. 108-109.

                  “The Jew by his source and in his very essence is entirely good. The goy, by his source and his very essence, is completely evil. This is not simply a matter of religious distinction, but rather of two completely different species.” Rabbi Saadya Grama, Romemut Yisrael Ufarashat Hagalut (“Jewish Superiority and the Question of Exile”) 2003.

                  “Souls of non-Jews come entirely from the female part of the Satanic sphere. For this reason souls of non-Jews are called evil.” [Yesaiah Tishbi, Torat ha-Rave-ha-Kelippahnbe-Kabbalat ha-Ari (The Theory of Evil and the Satanic Sphere in Kabbalah) 1942, reprinted 1982]

                  “…”the servitude of animalistic black Africans should be perpetual.”
                  Isaac Abarbanel, 15th-century Portuguese Talmudic theologian
                  David Brion Davis, “Inhuman Bondage: The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the New World” (Oxford University Press, 2006), p. 55.

                  “Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel… In Israel, death has no dominion over them… With gentiles, it will be like any person – they need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created.”
                  “Yosef: Gentiles exist only to serve Jews” by Jonah Mandel, Jerusalem Post, 10/18/2010

                • Another page from the Bloom, Gloom, and Doom report….

                • …now come on, piggys will eat alot of stuff…but they wont eat just anything… 😉

            • Off topic a little; Has anyone considered: What is a “Committee of Correspondence” these days? Might we be one? Just thinking.

              • Also just came to me: Perhaps this is why Treason is defined the way it is in the Constitution?

          • “”””As we look ahead to the post-2015 development agenda”””

            I am sure he was not talking to me, as I don’t look ahead with him at all. He does, however, clearly give the timeline the banksters are working on.

            Just what is so special about 2015 that all plans are being made now for development AFTER that time??

            They know full well they can’t try to do anything else so long as we all have guns. Whatever method they intend to try to employ, they expect it to conclude before the end of 2015 and they are making plans for after they succeed.

            We need a plan for a pre-2015 redevelopment of the government by removing the treasonous criminals.

            I am working on the website 🙂

            • The Register Enemies of the People, not guns website?

              • The “obtain an arrest warrant for Treason against Obama in every county of the country” site.

                It will be called

                People Against Tyranny Rising In Opposition To Treason

                The people, at least those awake, already know who the criminals are. What is needed is way for the People to enforce the Constitution against Obama and others who have openly engaged in war or “mixed war” against the People in violation of the Law of the Land.


                The Constitution itself holds the solution for us.

                Article III Section 3

                Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.


                Obama’s (and many others) crimes are self evident. All we lack is two witnesses (Men) bringing forth the charge based on the NDAA and Executive Orders bearing his signature and their own testimony via Affidavit.

                The site will provide details on how to approach the Sheriff with the appropriate documents and force him to issue an Arrest Warrant for Obama (and others) under the Constitutional authority of the Office.

                The goal is to trap these criminals withing their fictional jurisdictions so they can not set foot on the soil of any state in the union without being arrested for the Treasonous scum they are.

                More to follow.

            • They intend to crash the Stock Markets as of the middle of 2015 and there is nobody who will stop them; too many welfare recipients.
              They do not rebel, they only submit.
              Now you know why jobs are disappearing and are replaced with welfare checks.

          • Well said, time for that liberal scum bag to take the long drop with a short stop.

        • Bloomberg is a piece of shit. He goes to show along with Cripsy Cream Christie that there isn’t a whole lot of difference between both parties.

          • Bloomberg is going to get the crap beat out of him when this falls apart. he better hide because there are a lot of good people in NY that will have his ass for his corrupt ways. If he has his bodyguards and its a shootout and they get killed bloomberg better wish his ass goodby. Im not saying I would in anyway but there are people out there that want his ass for what he is doing in NY and trying to get away with.

            People said they are taking away our rights, they are and agneda 21 will never happen. When they get to guns there is going to be a spark and it will be like wildfire of shooting across the nation. The only way these fucking pos lying democrats can take the guns is thru bullshit excuses, like a disaster or false flag etc.Then across the nation and the news will be so confused to what to report and the internet will be dead so people can’t communicate or will be highly watched to find pockets of people who have freedom fighters or resistance squads of people in a certain area they can go after. you cant say or use your phone or internet to tell where you are at. they will be seaching them for larger groups of “good people” This is getting closer everyday and bloomberg can drop dead. he corrupt.

        • Will 16d nails do in a pinch?

        • Shit, just hook the jumper cables to his balls..

          • He hasn’t got any, especially without his security team.

            • Besides, I hear Bawney Fwank has them in his trophy room.

          • ….cant find jumper clips that small….

          • apache that fag doesnt have any


            • OK, lets nail his dick to a stump, deep in the woods with a rusty finishing nail and coat his treasonous ass with honey for the bugs and bears….

              • Oh, and let that ugly bitch fienstien fuck him in the ass with her strap-on…

                • He’d like it too much…

                • Well said

              • Oh my Gawd , TOO funny , hey thanks for the laugh ! I needed it, believe me !!

        • “We will limit people’s freedom of choice, by limiting thier choices.” – Cecil Rhodes

        • Nah Smokin’, that ain’t right…at all,

          STANDARD HD jumper cables are just FINE. You know, the ones with the REALY gnarly serated clamps on the ends…
          one on the left, one on the right…


          SHOULD work like a charm.


        • Bloomberg really likes young boys. Hopefully he will expire very soon.

        • Changes are coming. Not today, not tomorrow, but they are coming. The NWO PTB will try to use this crisis to their advantage to tighten the noose around US and create the world they want.

          When the Changes come, that is the signal for Americans to restore the US Constitution to its place as the basis for American Law, as many of the Blue States will be underwater, with the liberals with them.

          Communists will be eliminated by Seal Team America in the Aftermath of these Changes. make a list, check it twice. Know who has been naughty and who has been nice.

          Engage your employees or be disarmed by them.

        • I wonder how many of our Reps owns stock in Smith and wesson or Ruger or any of the other weapons manufactures. How many own stock in ammos. Has anyone thought about this? How much money are they making for thier threats against our rights? I’d be willing to bet the homestead that it’s alot more than we know.

      2. Why are you people still living in NYC? Why?

        If you want to give some lame excuse like “I can’t afford to go any where else” then I have no pity/sympathy for you.

        • R.C.

          I think they are conditioned to live in an abnormal normality. Organized crime was accepted by the masses. Go shake down some store owner out west and Billy Bob and his family might see to it that it’s the last thing you do. The social conditioning of NYC residents regarding the ownership and carrying of firearms for self defense is indicative of the master servant relationship they conform to. They know the rich and powerful are legally armed and they don’t care about the inequity. NJ is not too far from NYC in attitude.

          I think many of them would passionately argue that the “NY Way” was the way it should be.

          • “Noo Yawkas” are really a dumbed-down bunch….
            They’re happier than dung beetles in a manure pile.
            Go figure!

            • I wondered what that smell was every time I cross the GW bridge….

        • Thats what I got too.. Why oh why are you still in NYC? Look if anyone is still inside NYC with this guy running the show then I’m sorry but your getting exactly what you asked for. Grab your ruck, strap on yer boots and un-ass the AO ricky tic.

        • I invite ALL veterans and patriots to move to Arizona. Tucson, Prescott, Payson, and Flagstaff are good locations to ride out the Changes and restore the US Constitution.

          Bring your guns and ammo. WE like guns! 🙂

          • I’ll take you up on that offer.

      3. Nice job, Daisy.

        Bloomberg is deeply entrenched in the New World Order and globalism. By simply skimming the surface of his philanthropy, businesses, and politics, Bloomberg proves to be a power-driven megalomaniac who has a need to plaster his name everywhere. But it isn’t enough for him. He must do more — must force his ideology, and his laws on everyone. Bloomberg is agenda-driven and has decided that he and other globalists are more capable of making decisions than citizens are. He will guide the residents and tourists in NYC to better health and a better lifestyle. He will make the hard decisions that others are evidently incapable of making. All this, as Bloomberg says himself, “for social good.”

        Sounds just like another New York billionnaire, philanthropist, and businessman: George Soros. And NOTHING good has ever come from George Soros either.

        • Zoltanne, agree with you. Good article Daisy. I was thinking the same thing (while reading) concerning Soros, Zoltanne. If he really is concerned with the health of people, start with the Yankees.

        • Thank you, Z, for all your help!

          • another find one daisy my friend,,


          • Hat tip to you, Ms D. Thanks for digging up the dirt. A storm is brewing due to you and many others, ‘specially Mac, for keeping a blazing light on the roaches. They have been quite brazen.
            Testing… testing… 1,2,3.

            What happens when the zoo keeper act foolishly and leave the gates unlocked and the carnivores find they can roam freely about! Bloombats, et. al. get eaten. True fact! It’s a comin’ – do you feel it in the air; I do! It’s almost Game, Check! Except ‘them’ don’t have a clue how very pissed we have become. Check-Mate, dumb ass.

            ~..~ TG

            • Yep, I’d love to see this article published in one of the NY papers. Never happen though.(sigh)

          • very nicely done ladies! watched you brainstorm this…now if you can only get the NYT to publish it aa an op-ed!!!

          • You’re most welcome — keep hitting. A lofty tree takes several whacks to drop.

        • Yeah Buddy,

          “Propers” to to Daisy and Z both!

          FINE job of ‘ass whoopin’ Daisy! On it like odor on unmentionables…T’anks for the GOOD work!


      4. Well done Daisy!…a good read!

      5. Fuhrer Bloomberg is why I will never ever ever move to NY State. Where there is one, there are others just the same.
        Being young sucks these days. I have to watch everything go to hell in a hand basket and there’s nothing I can do.

        • evie w
          let me tell ya isnt much better for older folks either,, you are not in that boat alone,,,just keep prepping


      6. And if this goal-based UN agenda isn’t spooking you, look at the list of 27 civil society, private sector, and government leaders appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to head up the post-2015 Agenda:

        Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (co-chair), President of Indonesia
        Ellen Johnson Sirleaf (co-chair), President of Liberia
        David Cameron (co-chair), Prime Minister of United Kingdom
        Fulbert Gero Amoussouga, Economic advisor of the President of Benin
        Izabella Teixeira, Minister for the Environment of Brazil
        Yingfan Wang, Member of the Secretary-General’s MDG Advocacy Group, China
        Maria Angela Holguin, Foreign Minister of Colombia
        Gisela Alonso, President of the Agency of Environment of Cuba
        Jean-Michel Severino, Former Director General of the French Development Agency
        Horst Köhler, Former IMF Managing Director and former President of Germany
        Naoto Kan, Former Prime Minister of Japan
        Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Queen of Jordan
        Betty Maina, Chief Executive of the Association of Manufacturers of Kenya
        Abhijit Banerjee, Ford Foundation International Professor of Economics, from India
        Andris Piebalgs, European Commissioner for Development from Latvia
        Patricia Espinosa, Foreign Minister of Mexico
        Paul Polman, CEO of Unilever, from the Netherlands
        Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister of Nigeria
        Elvira Nabiullina, Economic advisor to the Russian President
        Graça Machel, Member of The Elders, South Africa
        Sung Hwan Kim, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Republic of Korea
        Gunilla Carlsson, Minister for International Development Cooperation, Sweden
        Emilia Pires, Minister of Finance of Timor-Leste
        Kadir Topbas, Mayor of Istanbul, Turkey
        John Podesta, Chair of the Center for American Progress, United States of America
        Tawakel Karman, Journalist, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Yemen
        Amina J. Mohammed, Nigeria (ex officio, Special Adviser of Ban Ki-moon)[7]


        • Bloomberg says: “It ain’t easy being cheesey!”

        • Zoltanne – that is a who’s who list of leaders of socialist dictatorships, marxist utopias and banana republics!!!

          • MXLord327, I know! Can you believe this mess we’ve allowed the Nation to be in? And did you catch who’s representing the US?


      7. Remember the movie with Patrick Swazey (Roadhouse) at the end when the bad guy’s were done in, they collected all the guns amongst them selves and said they saw… (Nothing)? Remember!


        • Send Bloomberg and his ideas out here to Wyoming. We love his kind of people. Oh yeah.

          • Please Paranoid, Don’t even say that jokingly. Which part of Wyoming do you live in. Just narrow it down by a Quarter. I’m in the Northwest quarter. Course there’s only you, and me, and another dozen people, in the State. Ain’t it great! Trekker Out. Semper Paratus!

            • Casper, I don’t know why people keep it a secret, Gov knows who we are. Not going to advertise my name and address. (Actually could do that don’t keep anything here but some TP, PB & J, Wife has ranch in Idaho, I’ve got interest in farm in Ohio.) But anyone who reads my posts can figure out where I am in the State.

              • Ain’t quite that Paranoid, Huh! Sure the Gov. knows who we are, but I ain’t going to make it any easier on them than it already is. Funny, I get my local weather from Casper,and live a couple of hundred miles away. Trekker Out.

                • I don’t have any reason to worry the Gov, or for me to worry about them, accountants do my taxes. don’t speed or take drugs. As far as I know I’m legal as I can be. Got my concealed carry permit, even though you don’t need one here. They come to my door they are welcome, unless it’s to take my stuff. Then we will have to discuss it.

        • Best part

          love what it implies

      8. Excellent article. I also agree as long as New Yorkers lay down for his tactics and Cuomo’s they should deal with the repercussions. They are giving those on the fence an excellent view of true tyranny in modern times.

        • I predict that hunters in Morristown NJ will not lay down for a Gun Grab. Hunters have scopes and can “shoot and scoot.” We all have a sacred duty to protect OUR rights.

          None of this is going to end well for America, but even less so for the NWO Gun Grabbers. Washington’s Vision. Victory is assured.

          Organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote. If not US who? if not now, when? Make your voice heard. Be loud, be obnoxious. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Multiple your voice and your power by joining with other like minded people.

          This is how the commies got control of government. They relentlessly pursued their Agenda while We pursued OUR individual happiness. Now a minority is dictating to the majority.


        • Thanks Zoltanne.It was a grim reminder of the state of our country,and the judgement that will be brought against them and our nation and the world as a whole.
          Bloomberg and the oligarch ruling class in my opinion believe that this world can be turned into heaven on earth,and all mans problems can be solved by man.Thats the lie!!
          The truth is sometimes harder to believe,You just do not hear fire and brimstone preaching,fear the Lord.Repent is a word they have removed from there sermons,there are very few good scripture based preachers anymore,they all make there own doctrine,and are false teachers,and prophets.
          OK!! back to rat bloomberg, Maybe his 4 banger will lock up on him.

      9. I gave up getting upset about that fascist little bastard a long time ago… why ? I don’t live in NYC and the people of NYC are apparently stupid enough to elect then re-elect this little prick… they apparently like his Bolshevik mentality.

        Personally, I’d tell him to kiss my ass… and if I did live in NYC, I would leave.

        • Bloomberg’s reach is expanding far outside of New York. He’s formed a Super-PAC, the Independence USA PAC, and used to to buy millions of dollars in advertising for the Chosen One’s preferred candidate, Robin Kelly, for Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s recently emptied Congressional seat. The adverts were only about gun violence, and they tied her to Obama.

          So Bloomberg’s looking to tighten his grip beyond NYC.

      10. Yes Daisey, But, “It’s for the children”

        Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that. George Carlin

        Stay Brave nomi

        • Stupid people don’t bother me. It is the stupid people that think they are smart that cause all the trouble.

          • Yessir….them that thinks they knows it all are irritating to thems of us who do…. 😉

      11. Great job Daisy!!

        No matter how hard he tries the Mayor cannot stop this from happening. Weather he likes it or not, you will be able to get horse meat in NY City.

        So with a little fun from the Brits, here you go Burt:

        In the UK, some supermarkets have admitted that there is horse meat in their home cook burgers. Even places like Burger King have had to admit that there are “small amounts” of horse meat in their burgers.

        Tesco is a big supermarket chain in the UK. Within hours of the news that Tesco’s ‘all beef hamburgers’ contained 30% horse meat, these quips hit the internet …
        “I’m so hungry, I could eat a horse….. I guess Tesco just listened!

        Anyone want a burger from Tesco? Yay or neigh?

        Not entirely sure how Tesco are going to get over this hurdle.

        Waitress in Tesco asked if I wanted anything on my Burger. So I had £5 each way!

        Had some burgers from Tesco for my tea last night …
        I still have a bit between my teeth.

        A woman has been taken into hospital after eating horse meat burgers from Tesco.
        Her condition is said to be stable.

        Tesco are now testing all their vegetarian burgers for traces of unicorn

        “I’ve just checked the Tesco burgers in my freezer … AND THEY’RE OFF”

        Tesco now forced to deny presence of zebra in burgers,
        as shoppers confuse barcodes for serving suggestions.

        Said to the missus, These Tesco burgers give me the trots….

        “To beef or not to beef, that is equestrian”…..

        A cow walks into a bar. Barman says, “Why the long face?”
        Cow says “Illegal ingredients, coming over here stealing our jobs!”

        I hear the smaller version of those Tesco burgers make great horse d’oeuvres.

        These Tesco burger jokes are going on a bit….

        Talk about flogging a dead horse!

        Y’all Beware! I’m stickin’ with chicken. Keep smiling.

        • I’ve always said about Taco Bell , how the hell can you get 10 lb bag of so called “beef” food for $8.00 ? Raw ground 20% lean cost more than that!

          • Taco Bell recently admitted that up to 60% of their “beef” may be Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP) – not sure what that is, but it doesn’t exactly sound delicious…

            • @jm denver

              TvP is actually used by alot of preppers. It comes in #10 cans and is most of the time part of the freeze dried or dehydrated food supplies by companies like mountain house.

          • didnt you see the article by alex jones where the japanese are making meat from poop, boy what i would give for a shit steak, yumm yumm

          • Textured vegetable protein my ass, its PLASTIC! Edible plastic and its legal by the FDA!

        • Y’all Beware-
          That’s hilarious! Thanks, you may have saved my sanity. If not, it’s still pretty danged funny!

          • My pleasure and thank you too.

            Y’all Beware! Keep smiling it’s easier.

      12. This same kind of Government crap, has been going on for decades. One of the things they started with was housing, you would take your hard earned dollars, and buy a building or house, and pay taxes on it, and then along comes the government and tells you who you have to rent to. Just like these smoking ordiances, You start a business, whether it be a Restuarant or a Bar or whatever, and then some little punk city council, comes along and tells you how to run it. This is Government Control. And let me state that I absolutely hate cigarettes, I quit using them 40 years ago, one of the best things I ever did. But I even hear people that are Conservatives say that they think banning them in bars, and such, is a good idea. But, Hey, if you don’t like them, stay out of that business. Go to one that bans smoking, on their own accord. That’s not Government roll. Trekker Out. Semper Pararus

        • I was listening to the radio today. They were describing all the things that would happen if the budget is cut. Less pigs, less welfare, children starving to death, no air traffic controllers, no teachers…etc. I have my fingers crossed.

          • E ~ Starving children make you happy? That makes me ill – truly physically ill, to think of children starving to death. What a horrible thing to rejoice in. Not wanting to feed them yourself, well, to each his own – but wanting to see a child DIE??????

            Truly, please think about what you are saying. Small, innocent people who have no way to care for themselves don’t deserve to suffer the consequences of stupid adults. It’s a terrible thing just seeing kids that are hungry – not starving, but hungry, and you see it all the time if you venture near the schools. This is a topic dear to my heart. I have spent many dollars and many hours of volunteer work at the schools helping with lunch programs, which here are funded strictly through donations.

            How a society treats the weakest members says a lot about the character of that society. I think it also says a lot about a man or woman. I understand your frustrations about the money that gets spent on things that are unnecessary, but taking glee in the misfortune of others is morally and ethically wrong, particularly when that misfortune befalls the innocent.

            • 1. The population boom of billions was fueled by deficit spending of trillions. When the currency crashes billions are going to die. It’s math. The more you accept it the more you’ll be able to think logically and without emotion.

              2. They’re making the claim that an insignificant 2%declension in the spending increase is going to result in mass chaos. I don’t think the 2% sequestration is going to result in starving children on the streets, do you?

              3. If women can’t care for their damn kids they should not have made them. Stealing my money to pay for other people’s selfish behavior is a bunch of bullshit. In fact, those women need to be ostricized and hated by society for their lack of responsibility. It’s not society’s (i.e. the taxpayer’s) responsibility to take care of people. My responsibility is to me and mine. The starving children are really not my problem.

              4. All of this is a catastrophe of our own making. We deserve exactly what we’re going to get.

              5. Know that I give generously, in taxes, charitable donations, and oceans of my time. But I really do not have to.

              I still love you D.

              • The women didn’t make those children by themselves.

              • E ~

                First of all, my issue was with your apparent glee about starving children. Re-read your post. You said you couldn’t wait. The other stuff, I totally get. Being happy to see an innocent suffer for the actions of their parents, I do not understand.

                Secondly, do you think these women are going to the sperm bank and pulling an Octomom to get these kids? I’m a single mother and have been for many years. My ex was the classic deadbeat father and died owing me tens of thousands of dollars. He made money – he just didn’t give it to his children. And you have to HAVE money to go to court and fight this. So I call BS on you blaming only the women – it takes two to tango, my friend.

                I am glad to hear that you give generously to charities that you feel worthy. I think it’s very important to show one’s own gratitude for good fortune by doing this.

                My only issue with your statement, E, is that you think it’s not just okay, but GREAT, that children will suffer for the mistakes of their parents. They did not cause ANY of this. And with your constant references to all of us “old people” screwing up the world for your generation, I’d think that would be pretty freaking obvious to you, of all people.

                Trust me, I won’t back down politely on this one. Everyone’ll tell you, hungry kids are my biggest “cause” and I will argue on their behalf unflaggingly. I don’t ask YOU to feed them, but I do ask that you not gloat over their potential demise.

                • D,

                  There is nothing women dispise more than a nice guy who wants to take care of them. I think my schadenfreude would be dramaticly reduced if women would do some shagging with me instead of going for those deadbeats all the time. 🙁

                  • E ~

                    That comes with maturity – 18 year olds are all about the party, but 30 year olds realize that life is about more than just having fun. People look for different things at different points in their lives.

                    Patience: you’ll find a nice girl that appreciates you.

                    ~ Daisy

      13. so what is everyones opinion on what the next false flag will be? i was thinking this sequester “cuts defenses for nuclear attack” and emp goes off. martial law. gun confiscation. illegals invading. and the “eliteS” having total control over the new amexico.

        • There are no budget cuts. There might be cuts in the rate of increase, but the US is going to spend more this year than last year. And the amount they’re talking about is miniscule, just billions in ten years compared to 17 trillion that will be spent in ten years.

          It’s the same show every few years. As soon as they start talking about firemen and teachers being cut, you know they’re lying. I guess the “low information voters” don’t know that firemen and teachers are paid by state and local taxes and only get a small part of their income from the federal government. And that small part is going to be more than last year anyway.

          • It will eliminate teacher’s aides who are paid for with government money, and it will eliminate work study positions for college students.

            And that’s a good thing because the kids can go to work for fast food restaurants and find out what life is like in the real world rather than in the ivory towers of acadamia.

          • Not just firemen & teachers, but what I have always called the ME-ME’s – Medicare, Education, Medicaid, Environment. Scare tactics to get low information voters to agree to any amount of tax increases (govt control) to avoid cuts to any of these areas.

      14. Great article Daisy.

        I have said it before: You cannot fix NYC stoopid. It is an infection. It is a cancer. It has to be burned out.

        Bloomberg is taking out his rage on the daft souls he reigns. Mr. “last picked for kick ball” is still angry that his youth was spent at the expense of his own fist.
        His “paid to get laid” social theater has left him an empty shell. I am sure that he still cries himself to sleep. He got rich, and now he is a bully. When the R3VOLUTION brings an end to this collapse, he will piss himself all the way to the gallows.

        The useless eaters of NYC will joyfully lick the boots of their exalted toad. It is all about the appearance. A bunch of gifted wrapped turds. Wipe your chins, slaves. I can hear their last dying gasp: “WTF?”

        The end of our dark times approaches. Behind razor sharp fangs, gold tipped talons, and hearts of steel, we will forge a new freedom. NOMI.

        …It’s the only way to be sure….BA.

        • Thanks, BA – hey – is your old email addy still up and running? I sent you something last week. 🙂


          • @Daisy:

            Yep, still the same email address, I will check it —thx–.

            …the warmest glow is she….

            …safe and steady……..BA.

      15. I’m not sure what Agenda 21 has been implemented around here. We didn’t even have a building code until a couple of years ago.With a squeeze on funds they may have a tough time implementing that shit in rural areas. Most people just say f–k the building permits and go about their business. As far as diet drinks or sweeteners, I generally steer clear of them. However, my favorite beverages contain excrement…yeast excrement in the form of alcohol. BTW,all you Bud drinkers…I see they have been sued for watering it down,too.

      16. Excellent read Daisy. Couple things come to mind. Why didn’t he just outlaw sugar? Then get rid of anything smaller than 24 oz!!

        I can’t believe that life exp. increased to 81 under his watch. That must mean whites are living to be 140 because all the blacks are still killing each other off faster than ever.

        Someone should market a target of him holding a soda!!

        Sad times for all who live in N.Y..
        molon labe

      17. A DEA agent stops at a ranch in Texas, and talks with an old rancher. He tells the rancher, “I need to inspect your ranch for illegally grown drugs.”

        The rancher says, “Okay, but do not go in that field over there,” as he points out the location.

        The DEA officer verbally explodes, saying, “Mister, I have the authority of the Federal Government with me.” Reaching into his rear pants pocket, he removes his badge and proudly displays it to the rancher.

        “See this badge? This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I wish… On any land. No questions asked or answers given. Have I made myself clear? Do you understand?”

        The rancher nods politely, apologizes, and goes about his chores.

        A short time later, the old rancher hears loud screams and sees the DEA officer running for his life chased by the rancher’s big Santa Gertrudis bull……

        With every step the bull is gaining ground on the officer, and it seems likely that he’ll get gored before he reaches safety. The officer is clearly terrified. The rancher throws down his tools, runs to the fence and yells at the top of his lungs…..

        “Your badge. Show him your BADGE!”

        Author unknown

      18. Great article Daisy,
        amazed at what people , humanity will “put up with”
        no wonder they are sitting stiffs, the public is being poisoned, your brain is attacked in so many ways in a day week, month..propiganda, little fifedoms, corruption in the ranks,chemicals put in your food and drink purposely.. on and on,,..i guess in some ways societies in a way self distruct, some make it out of it alive, but no one makes it out unscared.

        Party has already started people..dont be late..

        • I am bringing 308 party favors.

      19. Thanks Daisy,
        Great Read……Just had a wonderful day. Went to the Stop & Shop and had a SUPER DUPER 24 OZ.SUPER SLURPIE-EXTRA SUGAR. Take that Bloomers.

        A Moral Quiz:

        This test only has one question, but it’s a very important one.
        By giving an honest answer, you will discover where you stand morally.

        The test features an unlikely, completely fictional situation in which you
        will have to make a decision.

        Remember that your answer needs to be honest, yet spontaneous.


        You are in Florida , Miami to be specific.
        There is chaos all around you caused by a hurricane with severe
        flooding. This is a flood of biblical proportions.

        You are a photojournalist working for a major newspaper, and you’re
        caught in the middle of this epic disaster. The situation is nearly hopeless.
        You’re trying to shoot career-making photos. There are houses and people
        swirling around you, some disappearing under the water.
        Nature is unleashing all of its destructive fury.

        THE TEST:

        Suddenly you see a black man in the water. He is fighting for his
        life, trying not to be taken down with the debris. You move closer.
        Somehow the man looks familiar. You suddenly realize who it is. It’s
        Barrack Obama! At the same time you notice that the raging waters
        are about to take him under forever.


        You can save the life of Barrack Obama or you can shoot a dramatic
        Pulitzer Prize winning photo, documenting the death of one of the world’s
        most powerful socialist Muslim men hell bent on the destruction of America.


        Here’s the question, and please give an honest answer……..
        “Would you select high contrast color film, or would you go with the
        classic simplicity of black and white?”

        • Bad day for my keyboard, that’s twice already I’ve had to wipe the coffee up…

          And I can’t give an honest answer, my camera is digital…

        • Since we are all sharing…

          Children’s Mass:

          A Priest was presenting a special children’s Mass to the congregation. During the homily, he asked the children if they knew what the Resurrection was.

          Now, asking questions during children’s Mass is crucial, but at the same time, asking children questions in front of a congregation can also be very dangerous.

          Having asked the children if they knew the meaning of the Resurrection, a little boy raised his hand. The Priest called on him and the little boy said, “All I know is that if you have a resurrection that lasts more than Four hours you are supposed to call the doctor.”

        • I would go with the color film. You can always make black and white prints and see which looks best. Of course, I would also have the cellphone out making video.

      20. Why are you criticizing someone trying exert control over others? You idiots attempt to do the same damn thing. Look in the mirror before criticizing others.

      21. So Splenda is made from e.coli, so is Botox used in a number of medical procedures. Heck, alcohol is made by yeast digesting sugar. Jack and Diet Coke= Yeast piss and e.coli poop….yummmmmmy!

        With all due respect to the author, Bloomberg is a knucklehead, but I am more concerned about his views on my guns than my diet pop.

        • Splenda is derived from sugar. It doesn’t seem to be as bad as aspartame.

          Daisy, some other facts of interest with aspartame are that Monsanto bought Searle in 1985, a company chaired by Donald Rumsfeld, who received a 12 million dollar bonus. He called in his political chips to force the FDA to approve aspartame in the early 80s, with all kinds of shenanigans. So, this substance was nourished in the belly of the military-agricultural-food chemical-industrial complex. It is sickening to think about. If you google Monsanto Rumsfeld aspartame, you can find a great HuffPo article on it from 2011.

          I really need to kick my diet coke habit.

      22. Daisy, this is your best article yet. Bloomberg is no different from any other control freak. Check out his biography; VERY INTERESTING READING! A control freak is a control freak, whether Jew, Gentile, etc. When the time comes, I’ll target any of them. braveheart

      23. tASTE lIKE CHICKEN… same old beef. lol chic filet oh yeah. Moo. Bisson is next. love beef. donty matter much if you are hungry. eehh. mclovinit. lol. it is all processed. I found a little country store i Suffolk Va. called L&l Country meats. They are for real there is no “Slim” or any additives. just pure meat. all farm land behind them. GREAT SAUSAUGE, BEEF, PORK products all available to the pubic. NICE and TASTY. Come one come all. RELL ISSUES HIGHLY RECOMMENDS THIS PLACE. Non advertisment. but good

        • Ummm, I hope very much that you meant “open to the public”, and not the other thing you wrote.

          Gave me a laugh though!

          I agree too, that the small time local operators generally have higher quality at a fair price compared to the “big box” shops.

        • Cool, I have cousins in Suffolk!

      24. Highway 58 Holland Rd.

      25. Pardon spelling errors, cheap computer and cheap alcohol do not mix. Kinda like dont drive while texting! CRASH

        • Be careful, Reel Issues, you’re setting yourself up for Eisenkreutz bait. 😉

          • My war on stupidity continues. 🙂

      26. excellent job on this daisy!!!

      27. Send all the Hebrews the heck out of the country. Send ’em back to the desert where they belong. They wreck every country they aren’t kicked out of.

      28. Terrible.

      29. NYC and NJ are both exactly alike in mentality and have no character, period. I’ve been in both places back in my younger days and when they heard my Southern accent, they thought it was the end of the world. They went the extra 100 miles to make me feel unwelcome there; I couldn’t get away from there fast enough. If those places get nuked or anything, I won’t miss them. I know I’ll get some red thumbs for that remark, but I don’t care. I know I was raised better than any of them. Braveheart

        • A hearty amen brother!

      30. Good article, Daisy.


      32. Most of us NY’ers living outside of the rathole (NYC) would never vote for an idiot like Bloomer. Frankly i think the five boroughs should become their own state. They can have Cuomo and Bloomberg

        • I have me quite a few great people from NY state, none from the shitty, I mean city. No wait, I was right the first time… I have been there quite a few times for conferences for work, couldn’t wait to get out every time…

          • NYC rats, oops, residents think they are so much smarter than everyone else, but if I ended up there with just the clothes on my back I would survive much longer than if you took one of them and dropped them off in my area of Maine! They wouldn’t survive two nights.

      33. The future is all about power and control. That is what the drones are for. That is what the RFID chips are for. And that is what the cashless society is for too.

        The real problem is that well over 50% of the people are accepting this. So how does it ever get stopped?

        • It doesnt get stopped, the other 50% just say fork u to the gov and ignore their shit, make alternate plans,

        • Maine is taking up a bill to prohibit the use of drones in the state without probable cause and a legal warrant. Of course, that really won’t stop any LEO’s, they can just make up enough BS to get a warrant anyway. At least it will make them have to jump through a few more hoops.

        • Those 50% are non-preppers, so hopefully they will all starve to death.

      34. While I appreciate the gist of the article, there is a major issue with it.

        Aspartame (a.k.a. Equal) is used in most diet sodas, not Splenda. Equal is owned by Merisant Company, not McNeil Nutritionals. McNeil Nutritionals owns Splenda (sucralose) not Equal (aspartame). Aspartame is very bad for you and Splenda is likely not much better (the research is questionable, like it was for Aspartame for years), but the article has the ownership messed up.

        So, saying that Bloomberg profits from the soda resizing because it will sell more diet sodas is not necessarily accurate. Unless they sell a lot of Diet Coke with Splenda instead of regular Diet Coke, Splenda sales won’t necessarily increase. Unless he owns shares in Merisant Company, he likely won’t profit from increased soda sales. Merisant is a private company, so we have no way of knowing if he owns shares or not.

        I do, however, agree with your point that he is likely profiting from the measure. It could also be that he is another one of the liberal elitists who thinks that they know what is best for everyone. That type typically takes it upon themselves to force others to do as they say.

        • Dr M – Thank you – I’ve corrected this mistake on the original and sent the correction to Mac to update. I appreciate you pointing this out. Sweetening with chlorine can’t be very good for people either, I suspect!


          • I’m so proud of you for writing that huge article! Great work! Nice Daisy.

        • Attempted repost, 3rd…

          Evening DocM,

          A small question here which you can perhaps clarify;

          Isn’t ‘sucralose’ a ‘left-hand twist’ sugar? Perhaps you can also explain to those here the dangers of ingesting any such in a system which has absolutely NO idea what to do with those….all organic life on Earth is based on right hand-twist molecular biology…

          That is if the answer to the leading question is in the affirmative.


          • Completely wrong. The 22 (don’t tell me there are 20) basic amino acids recognized by the body are all left-handed enantiomers in terms of chirality. But when you add two left-handed amino acids there is absolutely nothing stopping the product from being a right-handed protein. Also, proteins, carbs, nucleic acids, and fats have nothing to do with each other. There is no danger involved in ingesting a compound of right-handed chirality. It will be excreted. The human body is exposed to a million toxic compounds during a lifetime.

            • We should avoid as many of those toxic compounds as possible, however, don’t you agree? It taxes the body’s ability to filter them out after a while. As well, it decreases the immune system’s ability to fight things off if it’s always being overworked to fight off what you willingly consume.

              These things won’t kill you….today. But nobody knows, long term, because long term studies on humans have not been performed. They can’t do them ethically.

              You have to wonder about that – they can’t ethically perform a study but they can just release it and study the effects on unsuspecting human guinea pigs. To me, that seems more unethical than studying it in a lab with someone who accepts the risks.

      35. Have you seen the article on that tells about 2 large milk conglomerates petitioning the FDA to allow aspartame to be added to fluid milk and all other milk products without listing it on the lable? Wonder how long it will be before FDA allows adding a little prozac to soft drinks to keep the serfs happy? In fact, with the horse meat thing going on in England I wonder how many prepared foods have ingredients added that we would not consume if we knew they were in our food supply. I have always froze and canned my own home grown garden produce in the past, but this year I plan to dehydrate and vacuum pack. I have a large non working refrigerator that I am turning into a super size dehydrator with the help of a small electric heater with a fan and a inside thermostat.

        • Saw that too!

          • @ REB and Chip,

            Is it JUST me, or is the HUBRIS of those in the food production sphere getting out of hand? 3 billion years of evolution to produce organisms railored by trial and error to subsist on what is to be found in Nature…and THOSE ass-wipes THINK that THEY know enough to produce something better…

            Just wait a few years and things like ‘sucralose’ will spread a PLAGUE of Alzheimer’s (or similarly since thw Brain thrives almost completely on sugars) across this planet the likes of which will defy IMAGINATION. Methinks it IS time to TURN-OFF the machine…FOREVER, before we’re all reduced to being drooling simpletons…


        • There are a couple of things that most people would refuse if their original correct names were used on the labels. The first is carrageenan, a thickener, which is made from seaweed. There are some health issues with that.

          The other one is canola oil. The FDA allows companies to label it such, when it is really rapeseed oil. Rape is a green, like mustard, collards, or turnips. The name doesn’t sound as good as canola oil.

          • Archivist, what’s the problem w/ carrageenan? Do you know the hazards off the top of your head? I use carrageenan when I marbellize fabric (float paints on top of water blended with carrageenan to make it like gelatin). Doesn’t look appetizing but I know it’s used as a thickener in processed foods.

            • It can cause gastrointestinal distress in people prone to that (Crohn’s disease, colitis, IBS, etc)

          • Canola oil was originally used as a machine lubricant.

      36. “The economy” or “your economy”?

        You know what, I know a way to improve your economy and reduce the rate of non-communicable diseases to zero…


        HEHEHE come on you know you want to…

      37. I took a public health class from the Bloomberg School associated with Johns Hopkins. It was one of my worst experiences in getting continuing education.

        We were asked to design programs to improve public health. Almost every example (from other students) involved passing some kind of a law keeping the public from doing something. For example, several people were really excited about the idea of banning trampolines. Supposedly, trampolines are these dangerous items that run around the US causing all kinds of innocent people to be injured. So, of course, the best thing to do would be to get rid of all of them.We spent many class hours talking about the benefits of passing this type of a law.

        All of this comes from the school that bears Bloomberg’s name. There is a whole school of these folks with long lists of things they want controlled or banned. It will never stop because they spend their entire careers thinking up these things, they get government and business funding for their research, and they are training hordes of new believers every year.

        I got a bad grade in the class after we did a role playing exercise and I pretended to be a politician making deals with businesses to pass some of the laws. The instructor didn’t like me and about 50% of our grade was based on a subjective assessment by the instructor. I learned my lesson. I saw the dark side and I was glad to escape back home to the MidWest.

        • You flunked Progressiveville….that’s funny. 🙂

          • The same at most of the large universities now, it you don’t agree with the prof’s agenda and kiss ass, you get a dramatically lower grade.

        • I took a course in political science and got straight As on every assignment throughout the whole course. However, my term paper was about how I thought FDR was a jackass who exacerbated the Great Depression. My assessment was based in large part on my private sector experience. I received a grade of D on the term paper and got a B in the course. Just because of some egghead academic. I was very upset. I care deeply about my grades.

      38. There’s always been truckloads of megalomaniacs wanting to control every facet of men’s life.

        The only difference in history is whether or not men let them.

        Sic Semper Tyrannus, America

        • Word, brother. It’s 1861 again.

      39. Evil comes in many different forms, but there is one common trait of ALL evil that wants power and control, that is DECEPTION. Like Hitler and other “leaders” of the past the one commonality is that they have to FOOL enough people into believing that they are on own side, just as Daisy as well stated in her article. Unless these that grasp tightly at the “dark side” can get enough people backing them, they have no power and control, even those with a lot of money still need “followers”

        Anyone that supports bloomberger-master is part of a cult that wants your self defense, ALL of it, not just your firearms. They are part of a cult that follows a creep that wants control over what you eat and drink, again just like what Daisy said, so it benefits him and his own pocketbook. It is the same with 100% of the elistists, we are all just usable masses of flesh to be exploited until we have no further use, then we are discarded like an used piece of toilet paper. Those too stupid to realize that they are NOTHING to an elistist eventually find out how totally worthless they are to them and that they were following a master of deception.

      40. @DarkStar ~ Howdy Neighbor!
        I live on the opposite side of you. I live in UpState
        New York. I live bw Buffalo and Syracuse. Lake Ontario
        is close to where I live.
        I agree with your above post. I believe that where we live, we vote Non-Democratic. N.Y. City always votes Democrat and cancels the rest of N.Y.’s votes.
        I agree with your above post. N.Y.City should be its
        own enity/state. They suck the rest of N.Y. dry with
        their economy and stupid laws.

        • Forget about it becoming a state, it should just sink into the Atlantic….

      41. The mayor needs to be tasking care of serious business and let people and their doctors make their own health decisions. I guess he thinks because he’s rich he can dictate how people live. New yorkers…grow a spine and put his ass out on the street!

      42. BI, once again, you’re right on target. All together now: ONE CITY! ONE PEOPLE! ONE FUEHRER! MICHAEL BLOOMBERG! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! SIEG HEIL! [bootheels clicking] OW….OUCH…BAD KEYBOARD! [sarcasm definitely intended]

      43. Guys, I came on this site about 3 years ago. From what we used to say it has got bigtime worse!(our language) We used to say be prepapred etc, and now they are comming full speed for our guns and all of us are very pissed off and getting ready for something serious. .22LR ammo is gone and .223 in most stores. Our talk is getting worse and they are doing the same to us. Its only a matter of a year or less now for things to really heat up. I think at the next budget for the military in end of march I believe, the house is going to say no to this cock sucker and his team of fools will be comming for the guns and thats when I think things,gas,people posture etc will change for the worst. Either a racial division or fight will breakout or a resistance against this government for some new stupid law the dems want to pass and then thats it, big changes and cutbacks. I think you got about a month left for the major stuff and then things are going over the hill full speed. I could be wrong. I just want to get these liars and corrupt fuckers out of office.

      44. Scotty, beam me up. There’s no intelligent life In NYC.

      45. Clint, I think something will happen in the spring also. The only way to save this country is to “CLEAN HOUSE, START ALL OVER AGAIN FROM SCRATCH”.

      46. Don’t forget, Bloomberg is the one who decreed that emergency rooms shouldn’t provide much pain medication because some criminal might get hold of it and sell it. He even said “You might have to suffer a little bit.”

        This is one of the most egregious things I’ve ever heard. He shouldn’t be able to make medical decisions like that, and punish people who are in pain for something a criminal might do.

      47. Unfortunately, his (Bloomberg’s) attitudes about pain medication are spreading. I have seen a number of medical proposals to make those suggestions a standard of care for all emergency rooms across the country.

        This is because there is an epidemic of deaths from people overdosing on prescription narcotics. The emergency rooms are packed with people trying to scam doctors into handing out narcotics. It is a big problem and it is another of the reasons I am in the process of leaving medical practice. I found I could not trust my patients anymore. One man that I had seen for years was arrested for selling the medications I provided him. Just one example out of many on the drug and economic problems in our society.

        What many people don’t know is there is now a governmental agency to track all prescriptions for narcotics. I think it is in place in every state now. The system tracks who prescribed the drug and who received the drug. Pharmacists check this for every prescription filled and they send letters out to doctors if they think a patient is abusing the system. They also send letters to doctors that they think are prescribing too many narcotics. Many pharmicists require a ID when accepting these prescriptions due the the large number of stolen and counterfeit prescriptions.

        I suspect that this is one step away from mandating that all medications be tracked so that the government knows what every person is taking. There are already comments being made about how we need to stop the flow of counterfeit meds. As many have said, it is one more example of their urge to control. Gee, it is so easy to add to my lists of things to wake up at 3 am to worry about.

        • Merree…As a doctor,do you have any experience with methadone pain medication?

          • Yes, I have prescribed it for several patients. It is a good pain reliever that doesn’t give the typical narcotic high. Many doctors are afraid to prescribe it for two reasons. First it has a narrow margin between safe dose and overdose. The other problem is it is absorbed into fat cells. It takes around three days to saturate the body before it shows a therapeutic effect. And if the patient loses weight suddenly, the drug floods into the body from the fat cells and can increase the levels in the body without increasing the dose.
            Do you have any specific questions I could help with?

            • Long term effects on the body? The doctors and nurses I have spoken to about this claim no adverse effects. However,I disagree with that…but that only comes from seeing the effects and not depending on any studies. I don’t want to sidetrack the thread too much,but just was interested in any of your thoughts on this. Thanks

              • The standard medical opinion is that long term methadone use has no major side effects. I find this hard to believe since almost every medication will have both short and long term effects.
                There is anecdotal evidence that long term methadone use might cause low testosterone, urinary retention, osteoporosis and a decline in level of intellectual functioning. Plus it is very hard to withdraw from using it. It can be beneficial in some cases but it is not to be used lightly.

        • What difference does it make if people are taking drugs? Who cares? Somebody wants to kill themselves, that’s their business. This is why we are bankrupt.

          • I tend to agree except when their drug use impinges on my life. I do not want to lose my medical license over some idiot tricking me into prescribing something then killing himself and leaving the family blaming me. Or taking out an innocent bystander in a car accident or mass shooting.

            • I can’t get a doctor to give me hard painkillers and antibiotics when I go for extended sailing trips. I NEED THOSE DRUGS WHEN SAILING OFFSHORE FOR WEEKS AT A TIME.

          • Eisen- Pretty much anything goes when it comes to you. Child porn-Ok, 420-OK, Hiring women for sex-OK, killing yourself-we all wish. Do you have a core? So how do you feel about the 14 year old prositute you get pregnant getting an abortion?

      48. How I see things…. the Jews own the banks. They are socialists. They are enslaving the US with debt. They want to crash the currency and restart a global electronic currency with transactional taxes. Get paid and direct deposit…they charge you…buy a candy bar..they charge you.

        They have their Jew law makers trying to disarm us so we cannot fight back and protect ourselves from their enslavement.

        History really glossed over why Hitler wacked over 6 million of them.
        They enslaved the German population and they fought back and dealt with them.

        It’s that simple.

        • You are an ignorant idiot.

          • Read Henry Ford. He called it a hundred years ago.

          • PuppyPrepper, you ARE the idiot, dumbass! The Jews have always worked to destroy the countries they infest. They have been working to destroy the USA for the last 100 years! Jews deserve to be exterminated once and for all this time.

            The holohoax is a lie, but a damn good idea!!!!!

        • The Germans saw what dem Bolshevik Joos done in Russia and took action to prevent the pollution of beautiful Deutchland.

      49. Daisy and Z thank you for the article and the collaboration in putting it together.I like others watched the two of you coming together to put ideas and research together. Reminds all of us of the power of this site. You are reaching more people than you realize because there are a lot of “silent” readers out here and others who are sharing the articles with nonreaders. Thanks!

      50. pieces are coming together, recently I read an article that manufacturers want to add splenda and aspertame to food and not have to place it on the label. This would be extremely dangerous for people like me who are allergic to the crap.

        • Rachel, I suspect there are many who have sensitivities to this type of junk. Try hard to get as far away from processed foods as you possibly can. And for everything else, stay as close to home and locally grown as you are able to.

          If you must use the supermarkets, do ‘perimeter shopping’ and pay close attention to the organic label (even though it is being hijacked) — learn who is behind the labels. Some of these food businesses are legitimately working to provide healthy products.

          And grow your own!

      51. Bloomberg… it says it all folks,it seems many of our fellow citizens want control freaks in positions of power,{ i haven’t seen NYers demanding a recall or storming city hall to tar and feather this douche } and are willing to be told how much soda to drink…. after that who knows. when to pee out that soda?
        I have to confess i am ashamed to be part of a country whose citizens are this far gone.

      52. When Bloomberg took office in 2002, his net worth was $2 B as I recall. Today it is reported at $25 B.
        He’s one hell of a multi-tasker!

      53. I find great irony in the reference to this Goy hating Jew despot as a Nazi.

      54. It’s the JEWS, stupid! If you don’t have a job, rob some Jews. If you don’t have a house, burn down the house of a Jew. If you feel no hope and consider suicide, don’t kill yourself without taking out a group of Jews with your first!

      55. He is worried,he knows when SHTF and they will. Who will the people go after him and a lot of his rich friends. Of course he has bodyguards but can that stop the thousands of people trying to get to him at his house. The guards would pee their pants and take off running. And if the people cant get at him. Whats stopping them from turning his house into a smoldering inferno. I’m glad I live in a state where gun rights are respected and not abused.
        If these wealthy people instead of going against the wishes of the American people. Would use their wealth and knowledge to help to enrich the lives of every day Americans things would be lot better. And a lot less turmoil.
        But that is not going to happen the majority of the wealthy people are out to get rich on the backs of the American people. And it has been that way for lot of years now.

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