Bloomberg Warns of Riots: “The Public Knows There’s Something Wrong In This Country” *Audio Interview*

by | Sep 16, 2011 | Headline News | 230 comments

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    Very few Americans have ever thought about the prospect of an economic depression or collapse so severe that it could result in riots like those we’ve seen in the middle east and Europe over the last year.

    But while most of our countrymen have had their heads in the sand, alternative news media has been warning about the possibility of civil unrest, riots, violence and even martial law if the economy continues on its unabating downward trajectory.

    It seems that the realities of what we face are starting to reach the mainstream, as Mayor Bloomberg of New York recently noted on WOR Newstalk 710:

    The public is not happy. The public knows there’s something wrong in this country. And there is. The public does not know what, necessarily, or disagrees on what, doesn’t know how to fix it, or disagrees on what the fix should be.

    The bottom line is they are upset.

    Economic disasters tend not to be an overnight thing.

    The damage to this country from our immigration policy will last for decades. The damage to a generation that can’t find jobs will go on for many, many years. It all sort of us — there’s no one event…

    We are really making ourselves have less of a future than we could have.

    You have a lot of kids graduating college that can’t find jobs. That’s what happened in Cairo. That’s what happened in Madrid. You don’t want those kinds of riots here.

    …There’s no overnight solution. You create these problems over long periods of time…

    While we disagree with Mayor Bloomberg’s approach to a host of issues, we agree with his view that riots will hit the streets of America if we can’t resolve our economic, fiscal, political, social and monetary problems.

    Unemployment is a big part of it, but it won’t be the only driver of civil unrest. For now, if you’re unemployed you have assistance in the form of modern day soup lines – food stamps, welfare, government health care, social security and rental assistance. It’s when there’s either no more money to send checks to those without jobs, or, when the prices of goods rise so high that it effectively cuts subsistence checks by 50% or more, that we will see Americans rise up in the streets.

    In our view, it’s a foregone conclusion. It’s is no longer a question of if civil unrest will happen. It’s only a question of when.

    There is no easy fix and we’re going to experience some serious pain one way or another. We suspect Mr. Bloomberg and many of our elected officials already know this. This is why our government is conducting military exercises designed specifically for large-scale economic breakdown and civil unrest, and this is why they are arming our local police forces with assault weapons, tanks, and drones.


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      1. Man walks along the railroad track
        He’s Goin’ some place, there’s no turnin’ back
        The Highway Patrol chopper comin’ up over the ridge
        Man sleeps by a campfire under the bridge
        The shelter line stretchin’ around the corner
        Welcome to the New World Order
        Families sleepin’ in their cars out in the Southwest
        No job, no home, no peace, no rest, NO REST!

        • Best band ever.


            NFL wants pat-downs from ankles up at all stadiums


            “”The NFL wants all fans patted down from the ankles up this season to improve fan safety.

            Under the new “enhanced” pat-down procedures, the NFL wants all 32 clubs to search fans from the ankles to the knees as well as the waist up. Previously, security guards only patted down fans from the waist up while looking for booze, weapons or other banned items.

            The stricter physical screening policy impacts the 16.6 million fans expected to attend live regular season NFL games this season. The more thorough searches will spell longer lines for ticket-holding fans seeking entry to games. It’s sure to raise the ire of some fans who consider it an invasion of privacy.

            The NFL recommended the new guidelines before the kickoff of the 2011 season which coincided with the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The league hopes fans will be “patient,” says spokesman Brian McCarthy, and arrive earlier to games to avoid long, punishing lines.””


            • simple solution DONT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. I’ll just keep making sugar cookies, and dusting the house making sure not too complian when I trip on my husbands amunition boxes!

        • There you go.

          • No matter where you go, there you are.

            • We’re here because we’re not all there.

            • I don’t see you so stop pretending to be there.

            • Very profound Anonymous. I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • We’re there because we’re not all here.

          • Here I come.

          • Right there is where I went.

            • You can’t get there from here.

          • I’m out of here.

            • You can’t get here from there.

          • “Are we there yet ?”. No, we’re here.

            • Hear, hear!

        • chocolate chip cookies here. lol

          • Carrot cake. And the boxes are mine.

            • I have a lovly set of knifes and other assorted mideval weapons. Nothing like polishing the swords to make you smile.

            • I always like fruit cake. (yes, i’m wierd.) and save the tins.

        • Can you put them in the attic?? UH-OH, or is that full with weapons.

          Nod once for yes…twice for no..

          If yes, I’m coming to your house WTSHTF.

        • Here is where I am anwantabee.

        • justamom,

          Too funny! 🙂

          KY Mom

      3. Ive already seen it ..its not going to just be starting already has started.

        ask yourself are you ready?

        • [looks back at his room full of preps] Yep, I think I’m ready.

          • hah!

      4. Thought I heard a rumbling
        Calling to my name,
        Two hundred million guns are loaded
        Satan cries, “Take aim!”

        • CCR love it

        • theers a bad moon on the rise! ( i know its not the same song, but CCR is just amazing)

      5. I believe it depends on where you live. If you live in a big city like New York, Chicago, etc., then you can expect riots. Gerald Celente has said to expect riots over and over again. People are beginning to get very desperate, the welfare checks aren’t stretching far enough, there’s no jobs and it’s getting worse. I’m glad we moved out of a large town – we’re now in the country. Even the homeless and indigents have left for more lucrative places. I’m not worried about where I live, riots are highly unlikely.

      6. I think some are already planning for trouble. I read this today:

        US “Day of Rage” – organized by founders of Acorn and Unions set for tomorrow. They have plans for a number of large cities around the country.

        Planners website –

        “Protesters training to incite violence.”

        • I have heard of this too. If you google September 17 you will see several websites promoting protests/riots tomorrow. It has been called the “Tahrir Square” for America. Don’t know too much more about it. There may or may not be anything much to it.

          • Communist agitation propaganda. There will be many communists and anarchists there. The anarchists are really young communist street thugs. There are other people who call themselves anarchists and they are not associated with this type.

            • No, Mr. Homeland Security, anarchists are Not really you communist street thugs. Why do yew spew goberment propaganda?

              What Is Anarchy?

              “That there have been some, calling themselves “anarchists,” who have engaged in violence on behalf of their political ambitions, is not to be denied. Nor can we overlook the provocateuring occasionally engaged in by undercover policemen — operating under the guise of “anarchists” — to justify harsh reprisals against political protests. But to condemn a philosophic viewpoint because a few wish to corrupt its meaning for their narrow advantage is no more justifiable than condemning Christianity because a man murders his family and defends his acts on the grounds “God told me to do it!””…


        • There are moles in every organization of people that are there only to incite violence against the corp on behalf of the corp.

          That is the only way it has to hide the truth. Make the protest violent so the violence hides the reason for the protest to begin with.

          You can bet when the riots start, all violence will be said to have started with the rioters. You will hear nothing of the reason for the protest, nor will they be televising the misconduct of the riot “police”.

          The revolution will not be peaceful, but it is not because the people seek violence. The PTB need violence from the people to make themselves look better, so violence from the people they shall get.

          Let’s hope the unintended consequences work in our favor to end it quickly and decisively.

          • “There are moles in every organization of people that are there only to incite violence against the corp on behalf of the corp.”

            Yep, like Alex Jones!

            • Exactly! Well said.

          • Diocletian’s good ol’

            Problem- Create the problem
            Reaction- Await public outcry
            Solution- Propose the solution to the problem you created

          • GC, Your first two lines are exactly on target. I don’t believe the reporting of the riots will be lengthy, because it won’t be safe for the news media and the main stream media (without a bailout) won’t have enough reporters to cover all the violence. It’ll be selective and orchestrated filming/documenting, akin to hollywood.

            The revolution won’t be peaceful, you are right. Because people defending themselves will be called terrorist. Defending one’s self, family and possessions will be deemed violence. The rioters and looters will be classified as victims. Wierd, huh?

            Stay in His grace, praying as a priority, and stay preppared.

            Thanks for how you see it.

        • From a post on the facebook page of “Day of Rage”

          Found more info on the Day of Rage and who is behind it…..This IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE GROUP……..Its being run by UShahidi Communications, who is SPONSORED by the “OPEN SOCIETY”…..They are Soros Funded Muslims and Communists trying to trick people into starting CHAOS like they have done all around the world. WELL Georgie SCHWARTZ Soros, Tell Obama… WE GOT YOUR NUMBER, and IT AIN’T WORK’N in the USA !!!

      7. Bloomy is, for once, right. Of course, his reasons for saying this have nothing to do with anything except trying to carry water for his buddy BHO to get his so called jobs bill passed.. which of course, would only hasten the days of calamity.

        This little fascist turd seeks to control every aspect of everyone else’s lives. NYC will get what they have asked for if they re-elect this little Mussolini again

        I piss in Comrade Bloomberg’s “general” direction..

        • I’ll kick that up one notch! +1

          • And I’ll bring the charmin for we three.

            • Lucky Charms hey?

        • You’re a nut. (See below) A peenut!

        • Agreed 100%. Bloomberg is the absolute epitome of scumbag.

      8. I buy extra beans and rice every paycheck along with other high nutrient value dry goods. I buy a box of ammo every paycheck also.I never thought I would have the need to own a rifle since I do not hunt, now I have five. My wife and I go to the range as often as possible to be proficient in their use. I started doing this four months ago, and as far as I’m concerned I’m way behind. My friend’s and family think were nuts, but they could be Sheep. I was always a person that could smell the crap way before I saw the outhouse. I honestly believe that there is an outhouse up ahead.

        • Even if you just started 4 months ago; you are not behind. You are WAY ahead of at least 95% ( ? ) of the rest of the population.

          If you have questions, ask.. most everyone who posts regularly here is real good about sharing their experiences..

          • Thank’s Sam, I needed to hear that. I’m new to this blog and I find it very educational and stimulating and I plan on asking many questions. People in my circle, I know laugh behind my back, and sometimes to my face thinking that I’m a paranoid whack job. They will be surprised at how UN accommodating I will be when they come to my home hungry. There is a lot of wisdom to that old ant and the grasshopper story.

            • same here, mike…but we don’t let it bother us, we are preparing for what we know is coming down the road…unfortunately, it has caused problems between my sister and me..her husband is the poster child for “normalcy bias” and he doesn’t really want her talking to me so we have drifted apart, it is what it is…i remember the day we got our first gun in the house…it was over a year ago…i felt such peace come over me…a feeling like this is the right thing to do!! keep prepping and pray for your friends and family who aren’t!!

        • You are nuts, everyone here is nuts! Some here have nuts.

          • Stay on topic!!

        • Proud nut here…..

          • its the previously self proclaimed sane ones we have to watch out for post SHTF. they will be the ones that laugh at us now, and will come threatening violence for a hand out. until raise our rifles and they run.

        • Mike, I’ve always been into guns but for the last 5 years I’ve been purchasing something every couple months. Oh, sure, its a hobby but I try to stick to some sort of plan that will benefit the SHTFPlan. I try to stay within several calibers. 22lr, 223, 30-30, 30-06, 44Mag. I do the same with buying ammo. I try to buy guns that are multi-use. What good is a really heavy barrelled 223 good for? Target shooting? I try to purchase stuff that can be used for both defense and hunting while at the same time is tradeable.

          I know if feels like you are behind, however, you are so far ahead of 95% (like Sam not sam says). Maybe more like 99%. In fact, even if you just started today, the fact that you have come to the realization that you need to do *SOMETHING* puts you ahead of the sheople crowd.

          EVERYBODY LISTEN: For just a couple hundred dollars you can ball all the food you need to keep you alive. A few gallons of cooking oil, some 50lb bags of wheat and corn. Now, I said it would keep you *ALIVE* but maybe not keep you happy. Happy is maybe not necessary for whats coming.

          Hitting the range is good too. I just recently signed up for a range. Most of my friends are like, huh? Why? (I have 50/100/200yd ranges in my front yard) I did it so I could meet people.I finding a lot of people like Mike, above, that know something is up and they’re getting ready. If you’re not a gun person and you think you can survive this without one, you’re fooling yourself. I recommend that you have at least a 12 gauge shotgun, a 22 rifle and a 9mm pistol and that you be proficient in their use. …and you also need about 500 rounds of ammo for each one. You want specifics? I’ll give them. Minimalists pay attention. Here is a package that will just get you by:

          12gauge NEF single shot. ($125)
          10 boxes of Super-X #6 shot: ($99)

          Ruger 10/22: ($229)
          2 525 round bulk packs: ($50)
          2 30 round mags: ($40)

          Hi-Point C9, 9mm pistol: ($150)
          500 rounds of Winchester White box ammo: ($110)

          Take them out, use them, at the range, at a friends place. You’ll be glad you did. Us “Nuts” are the ones that don’t go crying to non-existent police when trouble comes knocking. By the time you’ll need these, there won’t be anyone to call. You’ve got three guns that can be used for self defense that range from awesome (12 gauge shotgun) to fair (Ruger 10/22, 30 round magazine) and two that can be used for hunting. 12 gauge for many things, squirrel, rabbit, birds, etc. Same with the 10/22. (The 9mm could be used for hunting but you’d have to be really desperate …and really close.)

          There, there you have it. Its my three gun sermon, signed, sealed, delivered. Take it or leave it, or improve on it.

          If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me at [email protected]


          • NetRanger has good advice. You can also get a 50lb bag of rice at the bulk store for under $20.

            Here are two short stories for you to consider regarding range time – Last month I witnessed folks at the pistol range that could not hit a life size target 3 feet in front of them! They might as well have had a baseball bat. Flinching and jerking the trigger, anticipating the recoil, closing their eyes, being afraid of the bang…all things that practice solve. In a stress situation, without practice to the point of proficiency, folks like that will get waxed.

            Two weeks ago I was at the rifle range with my latest used rifle purchase in .308 caliber to bore-sight the scope. After the 20th round firing it started to get painful, after the 30th round I wish I had quite after the 15th round. The next day I felt like I had been kicked in the shoulder separation by a Clydesdale. My shoulder still hurts but not as bad. The point I’m making about that is that there will be many macho shooters of high power/large bore rifles that will only last 25 rounds before they just can’t shoulder their weapon to fire one more round.

            If you have a high power/big bore long gun consider installing a super duper recoil pad or get a recoil pad that you wear over your shoulder so that repeated discharges don’t take you out of the fight.

            Practice makes perfect. Gun Control means being able to hit your target. If you’re a weapons newbie, get a revolver because they don’t jam, or practice rack and tap drills over and over until clearing a jam takes no thought, same goes for semi-auto rifles.

            Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.

            • When I was married I bought the wife a Browning A bolt, micro-medallion in .308. To get her started I loaded up some 110 grain bullets with a minimum charge of 4064. We kept progressing until she was comfortable with a 165 grain Grand Slam coming out at around 2650 fps. The point is if you reload you can tone it down until you get used to it.

              I don’t believe we are going to be in situations where we are trying to shoot a hundred rounds or so out of a bolt action rifle unless we are fighting a military force. If that’s the case a pack of Marlboros and a bottle of Jack may be more useful.

              I don’t know what kind of rifle you have but that little .308 can reach out and touch someone a long ways off. Get familiar with your rifle then you can shoot once from a long ways off, make it count and then get the hell outta there.


            • Mirbach, are you shooting a bolt or gas/piston operated gun? I own several in .308, M1A and AR platforms and they don’t hurt when I run 200-300 rounds at the range. If they’re punishing you that bad, look into the 223/556 calibre, cause that gun you’re shooting will definitely make you flinch by anticipating the shot and pain. I was a range instructor for several years and have seen this happen many times.

            • Mirbach

              If you can’t take the kick of your big bore rifle, take it to a gunsmith and have a muzzle break installed or better yet lazor cut. did this to my 7mm mag and made a huge differance. I am a smallframed man weighing in a 145 Lbs and with the laser cut muzzle break can shoot 40 to 50 rounds with my 7 mag or the 30-06. One more thing is I have to agree with netranger if you don’t have guns you will not make it. So stock up now and don’t forget lots and lots of ammo…


            • It is an SHR 970 bolt, made to be a 0.3 MOA rifle. The original butt pad was just a piece of hard rubber that I have since replaced with a Sims’ Limbsaver recoil pad which has made an amazing amount of difference.

              It is my long range weapon and I sure don’t plan to fire more than a few rounds at a time. The point of the story was a caution for those that plan to use a high power weapon as their primary defense weapon for Zones 2 and up without taking the precaution of reducing the kick, especially from a bolt action. In a semi-auto a great deal of the kick energy is used to blow back the bolt and cycle the action so they inherently kick less.

              Yes – a muzzle break would reduce the kick, but wouldn’t it also reduce the delivered projectile energy? Could you imagine firing a Barrett 50BMG without a muzzle break? (Yes – but only once!)

              Practice with your weapons using either hand and sighting with either eye. You may be glad you did.

          • Thanks NetRanger, Your advice is Gospel, I have two Mosin Nagant rifles ( one scoped ) two 22LR, one bolt and one semi auto with 880 rounds for the Mosins and 2,000 rounds for the 22s so far. I also have a high powered pellet rifle for small game when I don’t want to be heard or noticed. That shotgun you suggest has been on my mind, so that will be my next purchase. Also thank’s for the 9mm suggestion, It make’s sense. Accurate weapon and affordable ammunition.

          • Some would argue with your choices (I prefer a repeating shotgun), but they are a good basic set, not too expensive, and certainly beat a blank.

            I think the NEF shotgun is the latest incarnation of the H&R. They seem to be bulletproof. My 10/22 is about as idiot proof as a gun can be. I have never had a Hi-Point, but have experience with other inexpensive pistols (Tokarev). You don’t get all the nice frills, but it always goes bang when asked.

            You are right about the police. In a crisis they either circle the wagons to protect the government or turn on ordinary people and harass them ala N.O.

            It is very obvious that this is not a “normal” economic downturn. At best, USA will scrape along the bottom for the foreseeable future.

            • Don’t count on it “always going bang” with the cheapies, you don’t have to have a $1000 pistol, but do you really want to trust your life to a throw down gun. You get what you pay for, remember that when it goes “click” instead of bang.

            • The only thing the Police in my area protect is their pensions. They are not worth my tax dollars,but I hope there are some police that earn their pay. I don’t see it in my area tho.

        • The way I look at it is we have to be right once, they have to be right every single day.

          We feel crazy at times too. Even if you believe everything you read, there isn’t any way to confirm that it will happen. But we feel it in our gut, and if we’re wrong, well we can survive being embarrassed.

          On the (now rare) occasions I try to get family or friends on board, I tell them this is insurance. That’s all. The difference is those other types of insurance only protect our things, where this protects our lives.

        • Open season on Gang Bangers who think they will roll into the burbs. They have guns. We have armories. Sniper time. Law abiding citizens will band together with local law enforcement.

          • They are used to victims who feel constrained by the law, which punishes self-defense.

        • Mike C, they only call you nuts because they know no other way of responding to obvious logic and a person’s convictions.

          Advice: don’t panic and do the best you can (use cash as much as possible).

      9. Sounds like Obummers puppet ol’ BloomnDoom is doing what he is told by trying to push some buttons with the GEN-X kids for this weekends Day of Rage…

        I rather nail my D#@K to a burning building then piss on him if he was burning. I’m glad I moved from NYC and the whole corrupt state.

      10. anybody know if the night vision products in the $150-$300 range are worth a dang?

        • I had a hand held model for about $100. It was ok for about 40 yards. Not really good for combat. Ok if the other guy has no night vision.

        • Ruskie or Slant? $3800 4th generation USA, USA.

          • Scope or goggles?

        • No, they aren’t.

        • Just make sure you do not get night vision with IR/Infra Red illuminators,or if you do disable the IR,as that will shine like a spotlight to IR detection equipment…

      11. I’ve bought stuff for awhile and I’m wondering why sometimes when nothing is happening but I know its coming we need to remember to stay alert for signs to head for the cellar.Keep prepping and keep those rifles clean.

      12. I am so poor and unemployed I may be homeless myself very soon. But 2-3 years ago I saw this coming. SO I literally poured every bloody cent I could get my hands on and then some — to build an arsenal of ammo, dry foods, seeds, silver ounces, I even got myself an older model Willys Wagon to live in — if it comes to that. And even with ALLLL that I feel totally unprepared and at the mercy of fate. All it takes is one hungry asshole catching you by surprise to ruin your life.

      13. Bloomberg WANTS riots to occur. He wants it. Then he, and his elitist (Brotherhood of Darkness) buddies can declare martial law and live out their New World Order wet dream. They know not the eternal agony and suffering they shall inherit in HELL. Their agony will be so great, they shall desire death as a reprieve! But death will evade them eternally.

        • Bingo, Sam I Am. Bloomberg is a fanatic and obsessed with disarming the American law-abiding citizens. So are the rest of his ethnic kin – who’ve been behind nearly ALL of the gun control laws and legislation since day number one.

          This is part of the reason why the American KGB is now trying to demonize WHITE males as the new ‘Al Qaeda’ – because White males are who Bloomberg and his kinsmen fear most. The frustrating problem for them, though, is that White males are so dog-gone law abiding and we don’t normally give them any excuse to come after us – so, they have to resort to crap like the Gun Running scandal in order to produce fake evidence that they can then try to use to justify more gun laws.

      14. Lemme see…

        World food prices are at an all time high – 101% higher than ten years ago, and have jumped 30% in the last year alone.

        A record 14.5% of Americans are on Food stamps.

        Due to flooding, droughts, wildfires, etc. the supply of food is lower than usual.

        Due to more buying power developing nations are asking for more meat (which BTW is VERY expensive to produce) and other foodstuffs.

        The official unemployment is about 9%, and in reality, is closer to 22-23% (The rate was close to 25% during the Depression of the 30’s.)

        Some people are going to reach the end of their rope. DUH! I hope folks here are not living in big cities or near them. I think that as we continue to see this pattern of no work, high costs of living etc. the crime rates are going to continue to climb and we very well may see real unrest, not just some protests.

        • Don McAlvaney has been saying for years to be at east a tankful of gas away from a major metro area. I chose the Black Hills

      15. i think there might be more preppers than we think…i know of two that read the prep sites but never comment.

        • Lurkers……

          • Cautious is a better term. I read the comments for over 6 months before I commented. And when you read things that you agree with, nothing else needs to be said.

        • TWO! I’m trying not to think…

        • Some things are best left unsaid, when you can study and observe , oh wait I just blogged..

        • I rarely post anywhere / I read everything /generally not good OPSEC to post but be that as it may ……
          background here in oil /finance and a few other odds and ends /
          one of the big problems is OIL / the extraction rate is so much greater than the replenishment rate .
          In general the FIRE econonmy is toast !
          In a finite world , infinite growth is not possible .
          As a whole ,the easy to get oil is pretty much gone .
          good luck be well, be ready .
          It is later than you think sigh

          • Fire is financial insurance and real estate sorry

          • Al: Don’t think “oil”. Think energy. Lots of energy to be developed.

            • Absolutely. If all oil disappeared ala Mad Max, someone would figure out something else. The change would not be seamless, but it would happen. There would be a real incentive to hurry along with things like solar.

              Now that all of our technologies have been created, there would be a real drive to be able to keep using them. Hard to unring a bell.

              Some industries would become the new buggy whip industries.


        • I agree crash, more are waking up

      16. The source of our problem is real simple: big government social programs which were designed to bring the poor out of poverty have instead driven the middle class into poverty. Bloomberg whines about all of these “college” grads not being able to find jobs, but neglects to look at the root cause of why we have so many college grads—big government. If the government had stayed out of the markets and let them work, it is true not everyone would go to college. BUT, those that did would find jobs. The problem with the problems we are facing now is the government has brought down the entire middle class in an effort to help what once was a small segment of the population.

        Everything the government gets involved with ends up in disaster, but the irony is people like Bloomberg now talking about the very problems his socialist thinking ilk created! If Bloomberg and his ilk would have just followed the constitution and allowed the free markets to work, WE WOULD NOT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS.

        • ws
          yes you are correct, however from bloombergs standpoint , he would just be a little punk in the ghetto if we did not have his socialist society , instead of being uber rich like he is. the system works quite well for this type of lazy vermin.
          the society we would thrive in….. he would die in…. very quickly.

      17. you know what im really excited for, all of us that are ready and can live on our own, I cant wait to see the rich and how they never believed this could happen and when they get out of their comfort zone, flights cancelled and they can’t throw money or tell people what to do. they will lose it. Love it. all the good people talking care of themselves and families while the rich are clueless. god I love these times

        • I’m not excited at all, just a sense of sadness for what is to come for those who are not awake. I look around and see so much silly spending on useless things. It’s no use explaining, they make fun, think you’re crazy. I just feel bad for all those neighborhood families with kids. What’s to come of them? As they look around at all their useless crap and empty pantries. I don’t care if the rich are clueless, I just think watching families starve would be unbearable.

          • Probably right. The uber-rich will be fine, but many of the simply rich or the ones who THINK they are rich (UMC) are in for a rude awakening.

          • I am not excited about it either. I have a 4 year old granddaughter who is probably gonna grow up in a screwed up world. I have been a prepper most of my life, I garden, hunt, can my own food, and am a packrat. I keep stuff around in case I might need it. I have started prepping seriously in the last 6 months. I feel I am in decent shape, but there is still a lot to learn and buy. I hope I have enough to protect my loved ones.

            • Think differently. When the SHTF we’ll purge all the debt and default on the bankers. Further, any criminals who enter our homes will be shot on site. Man up and be ready. Look forward to the “Force Majure” of global default. Better have your silver and lead ready. You’ll need both. The big worry is China. Congress will let them walk all over us.
              We will see our military possibly take control of the country from scum like Maxine Waters. 50 years ago. she’d be cleaning toilets. That’s not a racial statement, it’s a statement how our political standards have fallen. Be ready

        • eric says: September 16, 2011 at 5:03 pm

          I cant wait to see the rich and how they never believed this could happen and when they get out of their comfort zone, flights cancelled and they can’t throw money or tell people what to do

          god I love these times
          Who are you mad at, that you can’t wait to see people suffer and kill each other for food?
          Get a grip.
          I hope these things never happen, but alas, they will.

          A shortened version I posted on;
          Warning For Americans: Be Safe and Stay Alert. It’s Coming.

          Some of you have heard of David Wilkerson.
          They made a movie about him several years ago, called “The Cross and the Switchblade.”
          Here are some visions given to him in 1973, and 2001.
          I edited this because it is long, but go to url if you want to read all of it.
          The reference to Greece here is very timely.

          When The First Country (Greece?) Goes Down, You’ll Have Two Weeks To Get Your Money Out Of The Bank – Fall 2001 – David Wilkerson
          Posted on 2010/05/11 by jesuknecht

          Will Greece’s Default be the start of the chain reaction?
          (Please note, that Greece has not defaulted yet)‏

          Regarding the chain of events, described in a prophetic word (see below), that is attributed to David Wilkerson to the awaited economic collapse, Greece is a much better fit for the start of the chain reaction then Kuwait or Iceland was:

          The trigger was described as:
          “Very soon a European or North African or Eastern nation is going to default on its international loan”

          Greece is a good fit for three reasons:

          Hangs below Europe towards Africa, almost in between – is this why David Wilkerson had some vagueness?

          Greece is long considered the root of Western Thought – it is foundational in terms of spiritual roots of western progress and prosperity. It would make sense that God would take out that foundation at the start in keeping with a converse form of the verse: “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

          It is clear from the scurrying by the EU over the weekend that more than just me knows that if Greece falls, there is a ripple effect here that is started. And we know that even with the 986 Billion they scraped together for the EU overall, it is too little too late. This whole system is coming down so God’s people can shine forth the light.

          Gold Will Not Provide Security

          “The price of gold is going to rise astronomically but it will not be sustained over a long period of time…neither silver nor gold will offer real security … Gold hoarders are going to get hurt – badly. This is one of the most significant predictions in this book.” David Wilkerson, “The Vision & Beyond”

          The London P.M. Fix price for gold in 1973 was $65 per ounce; in Today gold is traded $1233 per ounce.

          (Not sure of the date about the gold price shown here.)

          Airplane / Economy Crash
          Nathan Leal – 3/23/09

          A few days ago I had a very heavy dream that the Lord gave me. It was a prophetic dream and I want to share it with you right now:

          In this dream, I was standing at a street corner of a downtown area of a small town, and I was looking across the street to a bank that was on the corner. It was a one-story bank and it was not very big. The building was probably 75-100 feet wide. I suddenly heard the roar of a propeller plane from behind, and I didn’t look behind me because it happened so fast.

          Here’s what happened: A propeller plane that would probably hold 20 passengers flew right over my head and into the bank building. It went through the glass. When it broke the glass, I could see inside the bank, and the only person I saw inside the bank was the bank manager. He stood up from his chair with his back to the window where the plane was coming from, so he didn’t even turn to look at the plane because it happened so fast to him. He stood up, the wing of the plane clipped him, and knocked him straight to the ground, and the plane kept on going through the bank, and it came out the other side.

          Now, when that happened, I remember in my dream that I just started crying and screaming.

          I was panicked. I was terrified to see this thing happen because I just saw a person get killed and I started screaming, “Call 911! Call everybody!” I was just screaming for help. I felt such panic, and I believe I was feeling a panic everyone is going to feel when this happens. I ran across the street and around to the other side of the bank building to where the parking lot was. When I got to the parking lot, the engine of the plane was lying in the parking lot. The plane flew through the building and the engine was on the ground, but I didn’t see the plane. I looked to my left where the bank was and I didn’t see the plane. I screamed to a person who was in the parking lot, “Where is the plane?” And he said, “It’s at the end of the parking lot; it crashed over there.”

          As I looked to the bank, I saw a huge, empty room. The glass was broken on both ends. The plane went through it and cleaned out everything. It was an empty room. I didn’t even see the body of the banker; I didn’t see desks overthrown. I saw nothing. It was a huge, empty room. Then the dream was over.

          At first, I didn’t understand what the dream meant. I took the matter to prayer and sought God about it, and when I did, I was overcome with travailing. It hit me so strong when I was seeking God about this matter, and God told me the interpretation. He told that the airplane I saw is the economy. And He said, “The economy is going to crash. It’s going to hit the ground and crash. But before it crashes, it’s going to happen so fast that it is going to take out small banks.”

          The bank manager got hit from behind. God said that means it is going to catch them off guard. It’s going to strike all of us suddenly. It’s going to be breaking news: Banks are failing all at once.

          This is a terrible thing to imagine, folks. And God said the reason the engine of the plane was on the ground is that the engine is the economic engine, and the engine of the economy is going to fall off eventually. It’s not going to be able to hold up anymore. So as the economy is crashing, the engine will fall off. And the reason the plane crashed at the end of the parking lot is that is where it was actually going to crash, but before it does crash, it’s going to take out the banks first.

          The reason the bank was cleaned out in the dream is self-explanatory. The banks are going to get cleaned out and it’s going to happen fast and suddenly. That means just like in the first depression when there was a run on the banks, it’s going to happen again. I don’t know if this is going to cause a bank holiday. I don’t know the exact particulars, but God shared that money will not be available from the banks. They’ll be shut down and cleaned out.

          • More.

            A vision.

            Bank Runs
            Deborah Horton – 1/09/08

            I was visiting with my friend at the bank branch nearest me, but the branch layout was sort of a combination of the Hwy. 9 & Reidville Rd. branches (SYMBOLIC OF ALL BANKS IN GENERAL). Don’t know what we were discussing, just chit chatting, la la la. (EVERYTHING GOING AS USUAL DAY-TO-DAY.)

            Then the scene changed and all the bank personnel, including my friend, were gone. I knew that they were in the back rooms (HIDING IN SHAME AND FEAR; ALSO REPRESENTS SECRET BACK ROOM DEALS GONE BAD), though I remained where I had been, behind a low railing that separated (NEED TO BE SEPARATED FROM THE BANKING SYSTEM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE) the regular area of the bank from the teller windows, etc. Suddenly, lots of customers started coming in until there was standing room only (BANK RUNS) .

            The people milled about and I remember that one of the men was carrying an extension ladder (LOTS OF MEANINGS HERE: FOR AN EXTENDED TIME, OR EVEN AN EXTENSION LADDER WON’T BE ENOUGH TO GET OUT OF THE PIT THAT’S BEEN DUG FINANCIALLY). The people were definitely all working class; some of them had painters’ coveralls, etc., indicating their jobs. They kept milling about, trying to find someone to help them (how or with what I didn’t know) until slowly, one by one, they left with their shoulders drooping. Still no bank personnel came out. (THE BANKING SYSTEM WILL BE PERMANENTLY BROKEN.)

            At this point I realized that I was sitting on the floor (ROCK BOTTOM), completely naked. (THE BANKS WILL NOT BE ABLE TO COVER THE BASIC NEEDS OF ITS CONSTITUENTS.) A lone customer came wandering in, a man, in a suit, I think. He looked around but there were still no employees to help him. When he seemed to notice me and my struggles to get dressed, I was embarrassed but also felt sorry for him. Before he could say anything, I spoke up and said, “Well, here you come into a bank looking for help and all you see is a poor woman trying to get dressed.” (GOVERNMENT’S NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO COVER UP THIS MESS.) Then I woke up.


            Crash Coming — Get Some Small Bills

            Amy Methvin – 10/14/08

            In a dream on 10/14/08, I was in a location midway between David and another UBM member who had moved to Maryville, TN. David had called me to tell me he was preparing for the difficult road ahead and that it was coming quickly. He thought it would be wise for people to get money out of the bank in very small denominations. He really emphasized the small denominations, as if it were a very recent revelation. He asked me if I would go get $1000 in one dollar bills for UBM. He said we would need them because folks would not be able to make change for larger bills. I told him that I probably could not draw money out of UBM and that the banks don’t usually carry that many ones. I suggested that he put in a request to his local branch so that they could order in the money he wanted. End of dream.

            • I sure feel compelled to post a lot tonight.
              Maybe God is showing me it is about to happen.
              I don’t want it to happen, as some on here can’t seem to wait for it too.
              A lot of these dreams mention fall, or autumn, maybe not the one’s I’ve posted, while researching.
              Sept., Oct., Nov.

              “I,” believe a run is coming on the banks and a six month bank holiday is coming when you cannot get your money out!
              As posted in the David Wilkerson vision in the first post, “You have two weeks to get your money out.”

              People use your own judgment in these matters.
              I believe this is going to happen.


              In a dream in April of 2008 I saw despair, hunger and illness. I was standing and watching many people on the streets somewhere standing in a line. Some others were roaming around crying; some were very ill and were looking for someone to help them. As I walked around, looking at all the people in this area, I was trying not to be seen by those who were in charge. Everyone was sectioned off. Some had blue markings on their faces; those people were the ones who were allowed food. The others who did not have the bluish paint on their face were not allowed food. Some others that were sectioned off were ones who were sick and you had to look at them really closely in order to see if they had a marking on their face or not. There were two colors of blue, one for one line the other for the other line. I just remembered looking very closely at some of the people as I tried to see what group they were in.

              It wasn’t a marking of 666; it was like a sky blue, and the second color was a powder blue with a hint of purple in it — that was the color on their faces. It looked like it was paint, almost; it was smudged on people’s faces. The ones with the sky blue on them were the ones who could get food and those without the markings weren’t allowed to be in line; they were the ones who were sick and showed much despair. I wasn’t able to determine what the others in the groups were there for, as they had the powder blue color on them. I was trying not to be seen as I walked by them. I was being very careful not to be seen in this dream. That’s all I can remember; however, the images of the people with the blue paint was very strong and they are who I was shown more so than the others.

              Note from Mark: When Marion told me of this dream the first thing I thought of was the UN colors of blue. Marion had no idea about the UN or any colors they use. I had her do a Google search on the UN and see if it was the same blue and she got goose bumps as the two colors of blue in the picture below are exactly what she saw in the dream!

              Note from David: It appears that shortages of gas and food will lead to martial law and U.N. oversight. The sky blue could be heavenly people and the U. N. blue the beastly.

              Food Stores Bare
              Gloria Greenwood – 9/29/08

              I dreamed I went to my local grocery store. Once inside, I found many of the shelves to be almost bare. It appeared all the produce and meat items were gone, just some can goods were left. I remember seeing long lines of people buying the little food that was left to buy in the store. I remember walking out; I did not buy anything.

        • Depends on your definition of rich. The wealth have their own planes or at least will charter. Eric is excited to see the tables turn on the rich, where they possibly will live in fear and in the mind set of ‘what just happened’.

        • I don’t think it’s anything to be happy about but I wish it would just hurry up and happen. These constant, contrived, economic “crises” and last minute “fixes” are just doing more damage and prolonging the inevitable. It’s coming, and it’s going to be exacerbated by some kind of natural disaster or series of disasters. We’re headed for a technology-barren civilization, with only the super-rich having even half of the gadgets and gizmos we have now. Our children and grandchildren are going to have a very different world and anyone that doesn’t think this kind of sudden, catastrophic change is possible doesn’t read history. Look at Pompeii and Poland. Overnight, lives changed. We have a chance to make something better, once the dust settles (years away) if we can put aside our fears, egos and greed. It won’t be a utopia because we are after all still human, but we can make something better. Right now I just want to get on with it; let it come and let’s see what we can make of the world.

      18. I’m not real fond of Blowburg. He’s a pompous sonovabitch with a bellyful of importance. I’d like to give my tongue free rein but I’ll pull them reins in for now (Only because of the womenfolk).

        • You, sir, are a gentleman!

      19. While this is nice addition to pointing how bad things are, and how much worse they are likely about to become, I find this statement more of part of the problem:

        “…when the prices of goods rise so high that it effectively cuts subsistence checks by 50% or more, that we will see Americans rise up in the streets”. For more of public educational impact, perhaps it would be more appropriate to talk about value of dollar declining due to expansion of money supply (cause) rather than prices pricing (symptom).

      20. Eric, you delude yourself if you think that the Elite are not prepared for what is to come. Who is buying up all the farm land, commodities, precious metals and real estate. It isn’t the middle class or the poor.

        The elite are not stupid. The reason we are where we are, is because the Elite were carefully planning the demise of the world population and bringing about control of what is left of the world after the collapse.

        All preppers will be better off with there preps, but there will come a time of either death or having to work something out with who ever represents the elite in your area.

        This is a subject that has never been brought up. What to do with the Elite of the world after the collapse? What can we do? We either eliminate them or come to terms with them.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

        • Mona…I had my discussion with God several years ago(when obbi and the progs started pulling their shit.)

          I know who they are. If it is me/family/friends or them, it will be us.

          I will not hesitate. Perhaps I may even be aggressive. I watch what is going on in my community, state and country EVERYDAY.

          We are not wackos. We own businesses, have kids and grandkids, pay our taxes, contribute to local charities, help anyone who helps themself. We are preppers.

          I will cut a swath as wide and far as neccessary to keep us safe. Only time will tell.

          I will be judged by our creator…no one else.

          Just some food for thought. Hope it helps.

        • You’re right…they are with their stolen riches buying all land for water rights, land for producing crops, and many foreclosures…but who’s got more fire power..check above with ‘justamom’ and that’s just one patriot.
          Will they come out of those fancy, gated communities and chance one lucky desgruntled pizzed off guy who just lost his house, his job, his wife and kids, and his Ford truck??
          Well, there’s reality staring them in the face!!

          • Oh, but I wouldn’t call them the elite–that’s a club all to itself–those we’ll never see.

            • a man who losses everything (except his semi-auto) has nothing to lose.. and we’ve already seen how deadly a combination that is.

        • The super rich will be fine. Don’t lose sleep worrying about them.

      21. “Most men lead their lives in quiet desperation” Henry David Thoreau


      22. Anyone who doubts that this administration is anything but sock puppets for the NWO, consider this: ALL of Obama’s “economic advisers are KEYNESIANS. Keynes QUOTED LENIN about THE BEST WAY to destroy a capitalist economy: PRINT MONEY!
        “Lenin is said to have declared that the best way to destroy the Capitalist System was to debauch the currency. By a continuing process of inflation, government can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens. By this method they not only confiscate, but they confiscate arbitrarily; and while the process impoverishes many, it actually enriches some. As the inflation proceeds and the real value of the currency fluctuates wildly from month to month, all permanent relations between debtors and creditors, which form the ultimate foundation of capitalism, become so utterly disordered as to be almost meaningless; and the process of wealth-getting degenerates into a gamble and a lottery.”
        “Lenin was certainly right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.”
        [From his book, The Economic Consequences of the Peace”]

      23. Interesting perspectives. I think the author is correct, and the one thing I can see that’s going to primarily do it is when escalating (like 10% to 30% per annum) food prices (just like in Arab countries), along with Federal Gov’t twiddling the data to pretend inflation is zero percent, push even more numbers of Americans into poverty. It’s already 1 in every 6 ! Then twiddle the unemployment data to make 19% look like 9.1%. If, as many suspect, the underlying agenda for “Globalization” was/is to undermine American incomes and drive them down by 40%, whilst increasing incomes in China and India by 5% (the “new” consumers), and return the world to a sort of unprotected, unregulated. class-dominated, 19th Century existence (with cell phones, to go with the rampant hunger, disease and cancer), they seem to be right on schedule. I was willing to give them all the benefit of the doubt, that they really had an end game. Then George W. Bush quietly bought his 90,000 acre ranch in Paraguay, and I finally realized WHAT the end game is.

      24. Surprised!

        That any american elected official would broach this
        subject so plainly! Perhaps the term that the Mayor
        uses in this radio interview several times (‘democracy’) goes missing from the american ‘constitution’ is the cause of problem! I doubt many educated in this country were taught that or the reasons and issues concerning the omission! As Hitler has been quoted as stating (in a History Channel documentary) “How wonderful for governments that people don’t think” to which I would add, how wonderful for government/elitist banking ‘mafias’ that people don’t read and are ignorant of history! Will they ever learn? A good question.

        Erick Tippett
        Retired Musician/Teacher
        Former New York Resident
        Chicago, Illinois

      25. The pay of many who are still working is stagnant or dropping. Then the prices of food and medicine are going up. At some point there is a line that will be crossed. That point is different for different people. A sliding scale. This doesn’t even take into account the “black swan” event.

        • @ H.S.

          Good observation… The scale is moving more and more in their favor and why??, today was payday and My check before taxes was 2637. and after taxes my take home was 1,678. Married wife and kid we have no garnishments or liens, house is paid for as well as the cars. Energy has gone up, and we have solar panels , taxes has risen, shoot even my health care is 800 every 2 weeks for us, for healthy people. After groceries, gas, and bills, we stopped going out last year so out of 5200 monthly I’ve watch the saving go down almost stagnate amounts, and thats after reducing spending, and now Social Security and the IRS seem to take more and more of a percent, not including the state. I am almost at that line

          OK I am passed the line____

          • OH I forgot to add that I’ve not had a pay raise since Oblunder took office and yet I have moved 2 pay scales up in responsibilities but not title 🙁 and we where told not to expect one anytime soon…

            • Newbie: This is nothing new. When I got back from Nam almost 40 years ago, I worked in the steel mills of the Mid West. I was offered a job in management at over 30k a year, which was really good money at the time. I said “No, I want to go to college”.

              Many of my old friends took management positions and were trained on the job. 15 years later, I was making $150K a year as a professional with my own business, and all of my friends who took those management jobs were not only denied salary increases but were also being asked to take cuts in pay, year after year after year; and then early retirement as the steel industry moved to Japan.

      26. If free markets mean the ability of corps to offshore jobs,then I have a big problem with that.
        If it means if a corp lies cheats steals and then expects a bailout from taxpayers(GM,BofA,AIG,etc)
        I have a HUGE problem with that.
        If we had our industry back there would be all kinds of job opportunties for college grads and thier parents could have afforded to send them.
        As economy slowly goes downhill, conditions are not going to be pretty. God Bless, James

      27. Something tells me that we are in for a ‘major-distraction’ of epic proportions in the very near term. The fxxking economy isn’t going to improve anytime soon and new jobs for all the unemployed aren’t going to just sort of magically appear out of any politician’s ass.

        How about a new war? A good war always seems to perk the US economy. Oh, what the hell, I’m sure our beloved leaders there in the District of Criminals have something interesting planned for us. BOHICA boys & girls. Hang on tight!

        • Civil War…..aka race war………thats what they want and its probably what they will get.

      28. The cause?
        #1: fiat debt-money.
        #2: the federal reserve.
        #3: fractional reserve banking.
        #4: government that ignores the constitution.

        The solution?
        #1: gold coin money.
        #2: end the federal reserve.
        #3: end all fractional reserve practices.
        #4: dissolve the federal government of the USSA.

        Don’t laugh. The evil empire that was the USSR dissolved not that long ago, and the world is much better off for it. The world would be much better off without that new evil empire that is the federal government of the USSA.

        Finally, round up all the banksters and hang them for treason and crimes against humanity.

        • #1 problem democracy with fiat currency mix, people will always vote for lowest taxes and most benefits =
          current consumption completely unsustainable

          • You need to pay more taxes.

        • If we are going to eliminate the corrupt Federal government and get back to the decentralized system developed by our founders, you must (MUST!) give those bankers a fair trial before pronouncing sentence. If you are asking me to support the lynching of ANYBODY, regardless of their crimes, you would be going down a road that not only can I not follow; but morality dictates I must oppose. I truly hope that is not what you meant.

          I can agree with your points as outlined above, other than the complete dissolution of the federal government. A federal government restricted by the rules set down in the Constitution would be no threat to the individual rights of its sovereign citizens, and would be necessary for these United States to function on the world stage. (Of course we will once again become a beacon of hope for the world, but this time we need to support their own efforts to create a better government for themselves, rather than propping up the current corrupt regime just because ‘they are our friends’) We will also need some additional amendments to solidify the rights that have been taken away over the years, but we can discuss the details when we get to that point.

        • Another evil empire will take the place of USA.

      29. The corp will only let it’s slaves riot so much. Then the corp will lock all the slaves into the FEMA camps and get rid of them. The corp is very effcient at this and the corp likes doing it. They like doing there corpy things that benefit the corp. The corp uses its corporate profits to benefit the corp. The corp likes this and when the corp likes it…it really likes it. Because the corp is the ruler of us all.

        I loves me some corp!

        • That sure was a bunch of corp!

      30. Might I remind everyone what the last message was from the man who lost everything and flew a plane into the IRS building in austin,texas.”Violence is sometimes the answer,but in this case it is the only answer” When I originally heard it chills ran down my backbone and looking at our situation I’m afraid he was right.Prepare people—our loved ones lives depend on how we prepare to face this situation. Take care all.

        • Point to ponder: What is stagnating the elite/socialist/or whatever you want to call them is really simple. (Yes they are progressing, yet making alot of mistakes.) They can’t think like us; preppers, patriots, and God fearing people.

          All the talk about riots and such is coming from the left, right? They are essencially trying to put us on the defense and see how we react. They want to see the majority of us become offensive (plane flown into the IRS building, just one example). When or if we ever mobilize against this current government, then they will justify their aggression against the American people and justify calling us terrorists. Remember; Star Trek the TV show? They had an episode where, on a distant planet, they had encountered people with a tathered American flag? These patriots were deamed to be the enemy. They had a constitution.

          When we hold to the constitution, we are this present administration’s enemies. They are trying everything possible to provoke us, even trying with our own children. They can’t fight prayer and the One we pray to.
          Peace be with you all.

      31. Breaking news. Vintage aircraft crashes into stands near Reno. Many casualties.

      32. The US aided and facilitated a global economy under the direction of the power elite. The “Free Trade” agreements fostered a global manpower resource which significantly lowers the standard of living in the developed nations while raising the standard of living in the developing nations. The delta in labor compensation is too great to achieve near parity in a reasonable time frame without a huge drop in the developed worlds standard of living.

        The governments in Europe despite having a very politically strong labor movement also signed on to the Free Trade agreements that have also eviscerated their manufacturing capacity and with it their indigenous wealth creation. I theorize that the body politic of both the US and Europe have little in the way of true political power. Their respective governments have been hijacked by a ruling power elite and Democracy is nothing more then an illusion that placates the masses.

      33. i went to the grocery today for a few small items…and noticed as i walked through the isles that coffee has gone up 50% since last week and so has beef..this is since my grocery visit a week ago…this is in small town northeast mississippi. i suppose i could spend about nine dollars on gas and go to small city ne miss. and save a few cents on beef and coffee, but guess what…yep, called a friend in the city and the news is the same… jobs are disappearing left and right in small town mississippi..a large percentage of people here are on food stamps and unemployment if they are lucky…we may be taking in a homeless friend-but will be interviewing the friend first. the terms will be room and board for housekeeping. if anyone has the chance, and the funds, buy your coffee and meats now, i hear they wont be going down in price for a long while.

        • I don’t know about the meat; my wife buys the perishable stuff, I take care of the long lasting stuff. I have noticed many things are going way up in price and usually coupled with “new” ( smaller ) packaging. I make a point of buying long lasting items that we normally use ( key, normally use ) when they are on sale or buy one get one. My local store is running a BOGO on Progresso Soups.. we like that brand and we all eat a lot of soup; so we bought 40 cans earlier tonight.. paid the price for 20. Being the “Twisted Prepper’ that I am, I’m sure I’ll be over there again this weekend and pick up another 30-40 cans..

          • You’re not twisted, SNS – you’re an economical prepper!

            • Supermarket(Acme) just had Green Giant can veggies @ 50 cents a can. Picked up 40 (dated 2013). A friend of mine who preps picked up about 300. Keep an eye out for these bargains people. Those same cans went back to $1.59 apiece after the sale.

        • Just got back from butcher/slaughter house…ground beef and cube/minute steak…in freezer; added to last year’s meat still in vacuum sealed bags.
          Add a little prayer…we need more time.
          Got all the preps you need you say?? Then store extra –you may save a life.

        • I was in the store today and almost ALL the beef had big stickers on it saying “Made in Mexico”!!! I couldn’t believe it!! The T-bone steaks were an inch thick, and priced 3 for $17.00…not a bad price at all…but I didn’t buy any..and I’m complaining to the management Monday!!!

      34. I have been hearing how bad the economy is for years now and I do not see it. I live near Marietta Ga and when I travel around the Metro Atlanta area, I see that most shopping centers are packed with cars, every restaurant I see are always busy breakfast lunch and dinner. And it does not matter if it is morning or evening. If things are so bad, how can so many people be spending so much money?

        • Credit cards and food assistance cards. Scamming the system.

        • Jim – that observation is valid for many of the “nicer” areas around the country where the professional class live and where the white collar employment centers are. Inside the DC beltway, for example, the economy is thriving. But venture out to where the blue collar folks (the previously employed construction, mill and factory workers) live and things are very different. The further you go outside the snob-burbs the more desolate things look. Some small towns look like ghost towns. My neighborhood Staples just closed in the same shopping center where the CiCi’s pizza closed three weeks before that. Everywhere I go around my neck of the woods, I see restaurants and stores closing (Mom and Pop’s as well as National Chains), car dealers closing, foreclosed homes are sitting vacant and factories shutting down. Amerika is toast.

        • Credit cards. Just watch them as they pay.

          • Which reminds me of a grocery owner—he served time for food stamp fraud..he was paying 50% of worth—nice job if ya can get it. But don’t get caught.

        • Many of them have stopped paying their mortgages, realizing that the mortgage companies would rather let them ciontinue living there and maintaining the property, even if they’re not making the required monthly payments! This is being called a “strategic default”.

      35. The problem is democracy, everyone gets what they want and we end up with squared circles. A republican form of government is by design limited because of the logical realization that when two people who (who are fallen sinners) try to rule each others lives the result will be war resulting in murder or slavery. We can’t all be millionaires because if we were millionaires would be below the poverty level.

        Republican government is about providing those few limited things that we new to live in peace and harmony and then allowing every man to pursue happiness however he like so long as he doesn’t interfere with the life liberty and happiness of the other. THIS IS WHAT AMERICA USED TO BE ABOUT.

        Then we screwed it all up, making senators directly elected and trying to convince people that government can do anything the people want them to do. We need to return to limited government, its the only way to get our economy back on track, its the only way to control our debt, its the only way to safeguard liberty, and its the only way to save our country.

        • Democracy is a fancy term for mob rule.

      36. Only minimally off topic.. I picked up a couple of boxes of pancake mix at the store tonight.. not even sure why as it isn’t the type of thing I normally buy there.. but I took a look at the label and I’ll be back tomorrow to pick up a few more. It is an “add only water” mix.. has dehydrated milk and eggs already in it. The brand is “Krusteaz” ( funny, I know; I never heard of it either ) but since it only requires water.. it might be a good item to stick in your stash for later days.. I’m gonna vacuum pack a few boxes..

        • I get it at Sam’s club.

          I have used some that was over a year old and the only thing I had done was place the (10 lb?) bag in a poly bag and tape closed. My daughter loves it.

        • I am not POSITIVE but believe those types of goods would not be a ‘Long Term” store.

          • They’ll store long enough for this show to commence.

            BTW, Krusteaz mix is very good. Costco sells it in large bags.

            • Hubby and I both like the Krusteaz coffee cake mix. Reminds us of the ones we used to buy at our neighborhood bakery in the 1960s – yum!

          • Uh–oh..I have 2 buckets of pancake mix and several quarts of canned homemade maple syrup.
            And one bucket is from Sam’s.

          • I try to NOT keep things a long time.

        • If you have room, store it in a freezer, it’ll last for yrs without getting no bugs. Be very careful Vacuum sealing flour, we ruined a food saver sealing flour because flour was getting sucked into the motor.over 200. in the dumpster.

          • Always put flour in the freezer for at least a week to help kill the weevils/eggs. Use the Mylar bags and 02 tabs to deplete the air and it will draw it down like the foodsaver. Don’t use the tabs by dropping them in a plastic bucket with loose product or it can collapse the bucket. Flour lasts longer in a freezer, but it will cause the glue for the bag opening to fail, plus it takes up alot of space. Flour has no where near the shelf life of hard red wheat, JM2CW. Yes Krusteaz pancake mix is good and you’ll know its not if it turns rancid.

            • Thanks all.. I had never heard of the brand.. when I saw it, my first thought was of Krusty the Clown on the Simpsons.. Krusteaz.

              Regarding the vacuum packaging, I always add 2-3 inches to the bags when vac packing floury items.. that allows me to sort of fold the bag downwards until the initial “rush” of air is out of the bag.. that helps keep dust out of the machine. I have had to take my Food Saver apart before to clean it.. even had to open the vacuum chamber.. getting the seal back just right was not an easy task.. but it got me more mileage out of the machine.

            • DE…food grade diatamaceous earth.

      37. bloomberg and the government want the people to riot so they can have an excuse to install martial law, dont play into their hands just vote out all the left wing socialists in 2012.

        • I don’t think martial law will work in NYC when 7 of the 11 million people get hungry and angry, even the fourty thousand cops won’t mean a thing.

      38. yeah….and listen to the moron talk about compromise. How is he doin with THAT one on guns???? He’s an idiot.


      40. I’m one of those lurkers. I’ve been hanging around for several months learning lots of good stuff from most of you regular posters. Appreciate the information!

        I loved to Texas 5 years ago from Bloomberg’s general area (north of NYC). Best move I ever made!

        I have a fairly decent stash of food, 1 handgun (S&W Model 10) and about 400 rounds – just have to learn how to shoot it effectively – have a fellow from my church who is a handgun instructor. He’ll teach me once he fully recovers from hip replacement. I’m gradually filling 5-gallon containers with water and water preservative. I have 2 types of water filters. Also, have 2 tents, sleeping bags, inflatable mattresses, lots of TP, etc. Planning for 2 – my daughter things I’m nuts but I’m ignoring her and planning for her as well :-). I’m too old to garden but I have a bunch of heirloom seeds anyway. I’m truly hoping it doesn’t come to needing this stuff cause I like my creature comforts but I think I could manage if need be.

        Thanks for all the information.

        • Is your model 10 a new gun or old one?

          You should shoot 400 rounds in one or two weekends. If you can afford it, buy more ammo.

          NetRanger had a good post above about weapons. The only possible thing I might add would be a 30-30 Marlin if you have a good supply of deer near you. I bought one from K-Mart years ago for about $100 but I think they are 3 or 4 times that now. The Savage model 110s are a good, economical hunting rifle also.

          • Thanks, POA. I do plan to purchase at least 1 more gun so I’ll keep your comment in mind. The Model 10 I have now was probably manufactured in the 1970s based on its serial number but looks like it has been fired very little and it is in excellent condition – my gun guy helped me pick it out.

            I have back problems and am concerned about the kick of a shotgun or rifle.

            • Well a 30-30 doesn’t kick very much. If you were to go bolt action a Savage 110 in .243 would be great for deer sized game. I doubt there are many (any?) elk in TX so either one of those calibers would handle any animal you are likely to encounter. Realistically speaking small game (rabbits, squirrel, oppossum etc.) are far more plentiful and .22’s are far less expensive than centerfire cartridges.

      41. ACH! I didn’t ‘love’ to Texas; I ‘moved’ to Texas!

        • LOL!! We’ve got ur back, Tex! Knew what ya meant….glad you joined us!!

      42. Have any of you had the Feds dump a bunch of Sudanese or Somalians in your area? How about middle eastern refugees or Nigerians? Haitians? That would be a problem for people trying to maintain a safe haven in the country. I know, in eastern Iowa, the beef packers got rid of their US workers and brought in entire villages of people from Mexico at a fraction of the cost. Did wonders for the crime rate.

        • Not Haitians but Dominican smaybe Haitians and possibly Tunisians..why??

          • The feds and church groups usually find the whitest area to place these people. The Marxists are making sure there are no safe havens for white people.

        • That’s exactly why the govt. is always having a meat recall, because of those nasty filthy never wash their hands bunch of scum. You think I’m joking ? Go to the restroom and hurry back to the deboning line to fulfill their quota for their shift. NO TIME TO WASH THEIR HANDS, AND THEY WOULD’NT DO IT ANYWAY.

        • Homeland Security wrote, “I know, in eastern Iowa, the beef packers got rid of their US workers and brought in entire villages of people from Mexico”

          Ok, this is b.s., no such thing happened.

          Funny thing is though, when the railroad companies did just that many many years ago with workers from Sweden, no one complained and everything worked out ok. Imagine that.

          • Actually Clark there is a lot of truth to that statement. The beefpackers did hire many hundreds of illegals until they were caught.

            And whole villages in Mexico have illegally invaded America. Both issues are fact.

            As far as the Swedes and (Chinese for that matter) that was more than 150 years ago. America was different then and very vacant with a real shortage of labor.

            Today there is no shortage of labor, but a shortage of jobs, and 30 million illegals are taking American jobs under fraudulent circumstances (ID theft), suppressing wages for American workers, and feeding at the public trough, making the US taxpayer subsidize their illegal existence here in America to the tune of more than 300 billion dollars.

            Again you do not know what you are talking about, but that is usually par for the course.


            • Thats more than $300 billion EVERY YEAR, year after year.

            • There’s all kinds of Help Wanted signs around here, quite a shortage of labor.

              American agriculture relies on immigrant labor to bring in their crops, what part of that don’t you get? The illegal immigrant gets the same wage as a legal one does,… or didn’t you know?

              I think it’s you who does not know what they’re talking about.

              You write, “And whole villages in Mexico have illegally invaded America. Both issues are fact.”

              Where is your reference?

              You wrote, “As far as the Swedes and (Chinese for that matter) that was more than 150 years ago. America was different then and very vacant with a real shortage of labor.”

              How was America different then that it was ok then and not now?

              And don’t say it was about jobs because there are jobs now and opportunity too.

              You claim illegals are, “feeding at the public trough making the US taxpayer subsidize their illegal existence in America” but that’s a whole separate issue, one you won’t touch. The solution is simple, remove the subsidy. But you’re in favor of big goberment, so you won’t support that. More of the same from you, only you just want it to go to to those you favor. That’s called cronyism.

      43. Slow meltdown.

        Pockets of tension, mostly manifesting in certain cities where the majority of poor reside.

        Fascist state will only contain the chaos but not suppress it.

        People will “collapse” but not the society or environment. However, the economy i.e. fiat currency based world is about to spin into another entirely new realm.

        We won’t be traveling down “The Road”, but many will be on the road.

        Specialized foods and gadgets will only be available to the wealthy.

        Americans will experience what will be called “The Great Withdrawal” period. Cold Turkey time but no gobble, gobble. Almost all Americans are addicted to something. That’s about change dramatically. There will be the gnashing of teeth. Many will not be able to handle it.

        Freak out time and hot sweats.

        But when the dust clears for those that remain mentally, emotionally and physically intact, life will be simple and real. No more denial and rampant disorders.

        Get your teeth fixed now.

        Get off the junk food while you can.

        Get plenty of rest.

        Lay low as the storm passes over.

        Mind your own business.

        Stay grounded and centered.

        Be happy, even if you have to force it, a little bit.

        Spend less time on the internet. Most of what’s spewing out of it is just “Drama” anyway. The illusory world of make believe.

        The World Is as you Are.

        • On the up side, America WILL get help with it’s obesity problem!

        • European American,

          That is very good advice! 🙂

          I might add…try to stay close to your loved ones. Every day is a gift.

          Thank you!
          KY Mom

      44. Bloomberg is a complete and utter moron and nothing he says matters, ever, for any reason, whatsoever.

      45. Right on target EU-AM ! We have repositioned ourselves from NY to somewhere in Europe too; a country that has already lost a war or two over the past few centuries. Gardens and vineyards are the norm not the exception. Bloomburg is free to speak his mind at least since he can afford to be so independent. Best mayor ever for NYC imho… but I’m not a native.
        I feel safer here in a country where not everyone has a bunch of guns. Listen to you guys; when the shooting starts who can tell the good guys from the bad guys? Or is it all them or us suddenly? Last man standing gets to rule over Hell on Earth. Welcome to the New Weird Oder – rotting corpses.

        • 55’er. I wish you well, but please stay there. You’ll only slow things up trip’n on the hem of your dress.

          • Nice come back!!

        • “This year will go down in history! For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!
          ” – Adolf Hitler

        • thanks for leaving! we dont need your kind here.
          you will suffer worst demise than us.
          at least we will go down fighting for something we believe in!
          give me freedom or give me death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • you moved to france didnt you.
          you sound like a frenchy!
          good luck with that!!!!!!

        • 55er, if you think you’ve found a “safe haven” in France, guess again. When those immigrant hordes come pouring out of their “banlieues” (basically the same thing as American inner-city housing projects, my fellow Americans) to burn your car, your house and maybe your arse as well, how will you defend yourself? Will you throw a bottle of Beaujolais at them as you adjust your eye-makeup?

          The problem in France and Britain is that TPTB have disarmed the indigenous people. Look at Marseille, Grenoble and Rouen. Look at the “no-go” zones in every French city with an immigrant population.

          I won’t even mention the suburbs of Paris with their rampaging hordes of car-burning invaders who actually constitute the MAJORITY population in their municipalities. St. Denis (for example), the traditional burial place of the Kings of France, is now 90% Muslim. They’re all permanently pissed, envious, unskilled and ineducable, and are filled with hatred not only for France but all Europe. And one day they will come for YOU.

          Europe’s traitor governments have deliberately created a “Camp of the Saints” situation in their nations. On the day of reckoning, you can say “au revoir” to your unarmed butt, pal. I’d never trade my inalienable second amendment rights for good food and medieval architecture, especially if it means the difference between a degrading death and surviving with honor as a free man.

          • Well said!

          • They have NO DESIRE to “coexist”.

        • “That rifle hanging on the wall of the working-class flat
          or labourer’s cottage is the symbol of democracy.
          It is our job to see that it stays there.”
          George Orwell

      46. Iam 65 with two college degrees, and I find that I now think and say things that I would have laughed at fiveyears ago..How the times have changed. Thisyear I built a three bedroom retreat in the remote mountains of East Tennessee. We spend 2 or 3 nights there each week. We garden at home and plan to have a garden at the moountain place too. My wife is on board esp since our current President took office. I have over a dozen firearmes, thousands of rounds of ammo, silver and a little gold. We are working on the food, but currently we are probably good for about 3 to 5 months. Our proble3m with the food is providing a cool area for storage. My daughter is on board, but her lib husband (still a great guy) thinks we are a little off. Recently I purchased a .357 snubby. The man in the gunshop said he had to be printed to get the job. His friend in the police said that the fusion center in Atlanta faxed a full folder of information on him … credit cards purchases, personal info, etc. dThat is why I don’t joun groups llike the NRA. I want to keep my name off lists. Paranoid? I buy ammo locally and with cash only! Sorry for the wordy and off topic post.
        This is the first time I have posted on a site. I guess NSA is about to zero in. Good luck to all.

        • I think that those of us living in E.Tenn. will be ok when the SHTF..there isn’t a large population of “inner city moochers” like Atlanta,Memphis, etc has…..My mom lives in Cosby so that is our bug out spot if things get bad where I’m at…It does sound like you have a great place, Winston… 🙂

          • Ditto us here in W.Va….

      47. Bloomberg keeps saying America is a democracy….. but its not, its a Republic, with a constitution…. there is a big difference….. but I suspect that most Americans don’t know the difference.

        • Sure we do; democracy, rule by majority.
          Republic, rule by law. Just learned that at age 60…late learner and patriot.

      48. If things are so bad that an liberal idiot like bloomberg can see the writing on the wall then you know it’s much worse than we thought. A collapse of biblical proportions is imminent.

      49. What, exactly, is a “US Day of Rage?” Well, today on September 17th we may find out for certain, but until then let us see how the news media plays this down. I am sure this is just he begging of more violent things to come.
        Hold on everyone the roller coaster is almost at the top!

      50. Its bad, its bad, bad! Capt Phil deadliest catch.
        Its coming, and those not prepared at all will be forced to wake up and smell the cordite and corpses. But for the first time in their lemming/sheep life they will know its all a fantasy. Big house, fancy car, expensive toys, empty bank account, and no food won’t get far once SHTF. I pity them but won’t suffer fools if it endangers me and mine in any way. Luck all

        • Are you really a MM2?

      51. Rioting in some form is happening now.Flash Mobs are organized and it is aggression against others by youngsters with nothing to lose.We are having citizens snap on a dime from economic pressure.Crime will cont upward.Metal theft is everyday occurance.I think we will not have riots but more serious crimes as we go along.Riots are in citys which can be contained.Crime is what the focus is on.Car jackings,assaults is what you need to be concerned with.Somebody wants what you have.I dont go no where what out my choice of protection,and i mean no where.Citizens need to take it upon themselfs to excersize their right to bear arms and get away from this notion that the police will be there.There not there folks.Only after the fact and damage done.

        • MC – how true. Several years ago a 20-something black man with a pit bull showed up on our neighbor’s front porch (homeowners were away for weekend). Didn’t live there, didn’t belong there. When he let that mean looking thing off the leash and it was running all over, I called police. Took them 20 MINUTES to arrive. By that time man and dog were gone.

      52. well, my hats tipped to my fellow preppers. good to have company….just remember what we tell the ones that don’t listen (the one time I tell them to prepare)

        Call me crazy now, but DO NOT CALL ME WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY..

        I stopped saying it over and over to even the ones worth saving… is amazing how dense some are becoming…
        I do however have a supply for the exit from my property as they slowly find their way back to “The Road”
        with my “interests” pointed in their direction….
        They will be at your door….or crawling in your window
        count on it….be ready….

      53. I have a question for the economic and business gurus here.
        I posted over on the Globalanomalies board that I think the Post Office should of went to delivering mail only 2 or 3 days a week a long time ago. And some came back with the argument that this would kill small business’s over night and totally tank the American economy.

        What do you guys think?

        • I try not to think but it never works out that way. The Post Office always delivers my business neighbor’s mail to my business anyway. I have a different mail man each day and none of the non white mail men want to read the correct address or maybe they can’t read or probably just don’t care. The few women who deliver get it right every time.

          Their pensions are upside down & broke. Have been for years with delivery costs going up and revenue down. If they charge full price for junk mail, they will lose that revenue also.

          Who is going to deliver registered classified mail for the government?

        • I think small business’s can do their business AT the post office if they need the post office. Most mail is email. Documents are email too.

          Registered, certified, and insured mail can be conducted at the post office. Delivery should be three days a week for starters.

          Management and staff need to roll back their salaries and benfits like the rest of America has “enjoyed”.

          • What? Give up free package pickup every day?

      54. Mac

        I see that (Your comment is awaiting moderation)
        is still taken 2 to 3 hrs for my comments to post. I’ll still visit your site and read but posting just takes to long, I hope it gets fixed one of these daysor before shtf.


        • DPS, try using an email address — even if it is a fake one… and use the same one every time you post…. after the first couple times it is approved in our queue, it should auto-approve most of your posts thereafter.

          Thx for visiting. Sorry for the problems with this.

          • You CAN use a fake one?? Who knew??(smiley face inserted here)

          • Thanks mac will give it a try


      55. Greetings Everyone!!!
        I normally rant about 30+ lines here.
        But today it’s just a comment(or two)
        I used to think that having “guns” were for the “fringe folks” here(I still don’t personally like handguns,but respect the reasons for your ownership of one). Times change,and owning a semi-auto shotgun begins to look good.
        At one time I would have been repulsed at weapon ownership,but CHANGE is coming swiftly.
        When people(sheeples)whom you thought were intelligent,rational and thinking persons out your personal opinions publicly at a place of worship,things have indeed CHANGED.
        Any one recommend a good brand of 2-3 man tent out there?
        Are there ANY good multi band radios still made in the USA?
        No Rants about the Roman Empire V/S USA or it’s Ilk!!( it’s all been said before)
        Best to All(12 lines or less)

      56. The US pubic feels that something is wrong and are coming to the conclusion it’s beyond a Democrat verses Republican solution. Given the fact that every governmental political party combination has been tried and seeing “no change” for the better one additional economic decline and the USA may loose the ability to govern. The masses in huge numbers may just say, “I give up on the political process”. If you see a Presidential election pass with record low voter turnout look out. It’s a very bad sign. At that point governments fragment and several states could very well become independent nations. It’s happened time and time again throughout history. Think about the addition of 4 or 5 new nuclear armed nations where the once governor is now a President.

        “May you live in interesting times”. I wish for boring and peaceful. Interesting is highly over rated when it’s coupled with frightening.

        • I agree Kevin2,I suspect that the USA could quite possibly turn into about 4/5 “lesser nations”.Happened to other Empires in the past.Some of the “new Americas” might be just the nicest place to live.Others,miserable ghosts of past greatness.It took Italy a number of centuries to become a unified nation again.Lotsa ruins from the days of Empire we all can see.Never again to be a “Empire”,but a common currency,etc…in our common era.
          Best to All

      57. Bloomberg is right, whether he’s a scumbag or not. We’re on the verge of reaping our reward for decades of “pro-business” and “pro-1%’er” tax policy. We gave the corporate tycoons tax rewards for off-shoring jobs, and then blamed the off-shoring on the unions and the working man. We turn a blind eye while our infrastructure crumbles into dust an collapses. We cheer when idiots like Donald Trump fire people on TV. We’ve had this coming for a long time………..There will be no escape……..

        • The Tax Breaks to offshore jobs we’re pocket change. It’s the removal of protective tariffs with the developing world (better known as Free Trade) which forces a US worker making $25.00 / hr to directly compete in the US market place with 50 cent / hr virtual slave labor.

          83% of US Senate Republicans and 80% of US Senate Democrats voted for it.

      58. Bloomberg Warns of Riots:

        We are not!!! a god…Damned – Democracy! We/(We the People) are a Republic! Mr. Bloomberg makes me want to puke!
        These twinkle towed comet of shit cockbreath lump of wretched buzzard puke, mother F**kers!!! think if they say it enough we will start to believe it!

        Yes we are about to see Horrors in this country & around the globe like History has not seen in thousands of years. But,~why I get so pissed off is cause these Pukes! want to erase our history when it happens. They are trying extremely hard to destroy the very fundamentals that make (us) strong individuals and a country. When these SOB’s call us…a Democracy that’s what they are trying to do. People are so dumbed-down anymore it just goes right over there head.

        Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

        Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

        When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.

        They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.

      59. After I proof my spelling! 🙂

        Bloomberg Warns of Riots:

        We are not!!! a god…Damned – Democracy! We/(We the People) are a Republic! Mr. Bloomberg makes me want to puke!
        These twinkle-toed comet of shit cockbreath lump of wretched buzzard puke, mother F**kers!!! think if they say it enough we will start to believe it!

        They (all who favor of big government) are trying extremely hard to destroy the very fundamentals which make us strong individuals and a strong country. When these SOB’s say that we are a Democracy that’s exactly what they are trying to do. People are so dumbed-down anymore it just goes right over their heads.

        Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

        Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.

        When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.

        They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither safety nor liberty.!

        • If you are out to describe the truth, leave elegance to the tailor.
          Albert Einstein-

      60. Note: These grow in KY.

        Hedge Apples (also known as Osage Oranges)

        “Hedge Apples are an excellent natural insect repellent and seem work particularly well against spiders. Some folks even suggest that they deter mice. To use as a pest repellent, place the hedge apple on a saucer or dish and place in areas of your house where there is little activity, such as your garage basement, attic, and other crawl spaces. You can place them on top of cabinets, in closets and around your foundation. And because they are organic and non-poisonous, if you have children it makes a perfect insect repellent for around the house. Hedge Apples can be used as a natural home décor, both fresh and dried out. Used fresh they are a bright green color. Dried out they can be painted to add texture to wreaths and other decorations.”

        • KY Mom Says,
          Thanks for the heads up about the apples thing.One question.Where do you get these from?
          Do they deter Wall street “private bankers” from enriching themselves at the behest of their clients and the expense of the rest of us??
          Best to All
          If it does work on bankers,I’ll take a trailer load of them!!!

          • Grayfoxgreen,

            Hi! I know people advertise them on Craigs List and other places.

            You can also purchase them from the hedge apple website listed above.

            Hope this is helpful.

            Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that these work on “private bankers.”

            KY Mom

      61. The big problem with this country is that the people have turned into a bunch of do nothing scared rabits.

        Well don’t be Afraid!

        The Revolution has started –
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        *** Free people shouldn’t act or live like slaves ***


        • MAD MAX: I have been to your website. It is a revolution of the prolateriat. How many people do you have signed up for your Marist revolution?

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