Bloodbath: Is this the start of the next major financial crisis?

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    The following article has been generously contributed by Michael Snyder, founder of The Economic Collapse Blog and author of The Beginning of the End.

    Editor’s Note: In his latest analysis and commentary Michael Snyder, who has spent years reporting on economic developments and trends, asks if we are on the brink of yet another major financial crisis. Since the stock market bottom of March 2009 we have seen trillions of dollars pumped into global markets, the result of which has been record all-time highs for the Dow Jones. Over the last five years stocks have taken some hits here and there, but despite lackluster economic performance they have always bounced back, presumably because of massive cash infusions from central banks.

    But now, with the collapse in the price of oil and the negative effects it will undoubtedly have on the economy, jobs, and debt serviceability, are we now at a point where not even the Federal Reserve and their printing presses can stop the next wave? 

    We Just Witnessed The Worst Week For Global Financial Markets In 3 Years
    By Michael Snyder

    financial-collapse-dominosIs this the start of the next major financial crisis?  The nightmarish collapse of the price of oil is creating panic in financial markets all over the planet.  On June 16th, U.S. oil was trading at a price of $107.52.  Since then, it has fallen by almost 50 dollars in less than 6 months.  This has only happened one other time in our history.  In the summer of 2008, the price of oil utterly collapsed and we all remember what happened after that.  Well, the same patterns that we witnessed back in 2008 are happening again.  As the price of oil crashed in 2008, so did prices for a whole host of other commodities.  That is happening again.  Once commodities started crashing, the market for junk bonds started to implode.  That is also happening again.  Finally, toward the end of 2008, we witnessed a horrifying stock market crash.  Could we be on the verge of another major one?  Last week was the worst week for the Dow in more than three years, and stock markets all over the world are crashing right now.  Bad financial news continues to roll in from the four corners of the globe on an almost hourly basis.  Have we finally reached the “tipping point” that so many have been warning about?

    What we witnessed last week is being described as “a bloodbath” that was truly global in scope.  The following is how Zero Hedge summarized the carnage…

    • WTI’s 2nd worst week in over 3 years (down 10 of last 11 weeks)
    • Dow’s worst worst week in 3 years
    • Financials worst week in 2 months
    • Materials worst week since Sept 2011
    • VIX’s Biggest week since Sept 2011
    • Gold’s best week in 6 months
    • Silver’s last 2 weeks are best in 6 months
    • HY Credit’s worst 2 weeks since May 2012
    • IG Credit’s worst week in 2 months
    • 10Y Yield’s best week since June 2012
    • US Oil Rig Count worst week in 2 years
    • The USDollar’s worst week since July 2013
    • USDJPY’s worst week since June 2013
    • Portugal Bonds worst week since July 2011
    • Greek stocks worst week since 1987

    The stock market meltdown in Greece is particularly noteworthy.  After peaking in March, the Greek stock market is down 40 percent since then.  That includes a 20 percent implosion in just the past three trading days.

    And it isn’t just Greece.  Financial markets all over Europe are in turmoil right now.  In addition to crashing oil prices, there is also renewed concern about the fundamental stability of the eurozone.  Many believe that it is inevitable that it is headed for a break up.  As a result of all of this fear, European stocks also had their worst week in over three years

    European stock markets closed sharply lower on Friday, posting their biggest weekly loss since August 2011, as commodity prices continued to fall and and shares in oil-related firms came under renewed pressure from the weak price for crude.

    The pan-European FTSEurofirst 300 unofficially ended 2.6 percent lower, down 5.9 percent on the week as the energy sector once again weighed heavily on wider benchmarks, falling over 3 percent.

    But despite all of the carnage that we witnessed in the U.S. and in Europe last week, things are actually far worse for financial markets in the Middle East.

    Just check out what happened on the other side of the planet on Sunday

    Stock markets in the Persian Gulf got drilled Sunday as worries about further price declines grew. The Dubai stock index fell 7.6% Sunday, the equivalent of a 1,313-point plunge in the Dow Jones industrial average. The Saudi Arabian market fell 3.3%.

    Overall, Dubai stocks are down a whopping 23 percent over the last two weeks, and full-blown stock market crashes are happening in Qatar and Kuwait too.

    Like I said, this is turning out to be a truly global financial panic.

    Another region to keep an eye on is South America.  Argentina is a financial basket case, the Brazilian stock market is tanking big time, and the implied probability of default on Venezuelan debt is now up to 93 percent

    Swaps traders are almost certain that Venezuela will default as the rout in oil prices pressures government finances and sends bond prices to a 16-year low.

    Benchmark notes due 2027 dropped to 43.75 cents on the dollar as of 11:35 a.m. in New York, the lowest since September 1998, as crude extended a bear market decline. The upfront cost of contracts to insure Venezuelan debt against non-payment for five years is at 59 percent, bringing the implied probability of default to 93 percent, the highest in the world.

    So what does all of this mean for the future?

    Are we experiencing a repeat of 2008?

    Could what is ahead be even worse than that?

    Or could this just be a temporary setback?

    Recently, Howard Hill shared a few things that he looks for to determine whether a major financial crisis is upon us or not…

    The first condition is a serious market sector correction.

    According to some participants in the market for energy company bonds and loans, such a correction is already underway and heading toward a meltdown (the second condition). Others are more sanguine, and expect a recovery soon.

    That smaller energy companies have issued more junk-rated debt than their relative size in the economy isn’t under debate. Of a total junk bond market estimated around $1.2 trillion, about 18% ($216 billion, according to a Bloomberg estimate) has been issued by energy-related companies. Yet those companies represent a far smaller share of the economy or stock market capitalization among the universe of junk-rated companies.

    If the beaten-down prices for junk energy bonds don’t stabilize or recover a bit, we might see the second condition: a spiral of distressed sales of bonds and loans. This could happen if junk bond mutual funds or other large holders sell into an unfriendly market at low prices, and then other holders of those bonds succumb to the pressure of fund redemptions or margin calls and sell at even lower prices.

    The third condition, which we can’t determine directly, would be pressure on Credit Default Swap dealers or hedge funds to make deposits as the prices of the CDS move against them. AIG was taken down when collateral demands were made to support existing CDS agreements, and nobody knew it until they were going under. There simply isn’t a way to know whether banks or dealers are struggling until the effect is already metastasizing.

    I think that he makes some really good points.

    In particular, I think that watching how junk bonds perform over the next few weeks will be extremely telling.

    Last week was truly a bloodbath for high yield debt.

    But perhaps things will stabilize this week.

    Let’s hope so, because this is the closest that we have been to another major financial crisis since 2008.

    beginning-of-the-end-snyderMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what things in America are going to look like in a few years read his new book The Beginning of the End.


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      1. Wait, what? I thought we were in a sustained ongoing major financial crisis!

        • Jerk.

          • Society’s Five Stages of Economic Collapse

            “To survive the collapse, it is important to read and interpret the signs and understand what assets are important to the current situation so you can be prepared for the worst thereby allowing you to survive intact and with as little damage as possible.”


            • Thanks KYMom, Great timing on the Article. Prepare and adapt. Here is one every body needs to read as well.

              This article was originally poster in 1969 and reposted in 2011 by Naomi Wolf of the Huffington Post. Worth reading of what to expect to come.

              Ten Steps To Close Down an Open Society
              1 Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy – Lone Wolf, Terror
              2 Create a gulag- FEMA CAMPS
              3 Develop a thug caste – DHS FEMA- FBI- SWAT Teams, Paramilitary Police Depts.
              4 Set up an internal surveillance system – Cameras, Drones, Internet Surveillance, Stingray Cell Phone Data Mining, etc
              5 Harass citizens’ groups- NRA- NAACP- VETRANS- Protests- TEA PARTY- Operation Choke Point
              6 Engage in arbitrary detention and release – Guantanamo –
              7 Target key individuals – Veterans, NRA, Ron Paul
              8 Control the press – Check Mate – TV -Radio- Internet – YouTube
              9 Dissent equals treason- You are either with us or against us.
              10 Suspend the rule of law – NDAA – Martial Law


              • Ironic that the article is on the Puffington Host, since it’s their constituency that’s working to close down our society. Maybe they wanted to make sure the troops all had the field manual at hand?

              • Ironic that this article is on Puffington Host, since it’s their constituency that’s working to shut down our open society! Maybe they wanted their troops to have the field manual handy?

            • Thanks ky mom!

              • Go to the search feature near the top left of this page. Type in 2014 prediction. You’ll get a whole host of predictions that you can read about and ask yourself how accurate they were. Read it for yourself, a short, condensed list. And once again Celente is wrong, and some of the things the author of this article, Michael Snyder, predicted didn’t happen.

          • I partially disagree with this Article. As of Today 12/15/14 2:45Pm EST
            Oil crashing at is at $55.40 / Barrel
            Gold Crashing now at $1196 and OZ – Below $1200 DurangoKiddy
            Silver Crashing now at $16.31

            All commodities are crashing. There is NO Safe haven besides FOOD,GUNS and AMMO.

            Gas Florida West Central Gulf Coast $2.38 Gallon. WhooHoo.. Dropped a full dollar in just a few months. Perfect. lol

            • I agree, a storeroom full of precious metals does you no good when you’re hungry, cold, and out of ammo and everyone has stopped trading with you.

              • God, Ground, Guns, Groups, Grub…….. all else is secondary….

              • Wrong. Gold and silver will always buy you some firewood, eggs, garden produce and apples at my house…..just like I sell my excess now for crappy paper bucks. You may, or may not, like the rate of exchange, but it will be there.

                • Joseph and Egypt took all their neighbors gold and silver when they had food during the famine and no one else had any.

                  • Thankfully, we aren’t in Egypt, there is no famine and no one named Joseph is at the helm.

              • Try trading a Gold coin for a Hamburger and looking for change. lol

                • Ill sell ya a teriyaki vennison burger on a home baked flat bun with a thin slice of pineapple home made mayo and some lettuce all from our place for a gold coin,,,,,,
                  not now, but you know, when we are trying to rebuild commerce,

                  • if things continue to work out for me and my family, we might be neighbors soon.

                  • Somehow or other, economic ‘turmoil’ is going to make him stupid? You do realize that no matter how much some of the clowns here bad mouth PMs, you’re NEVER going to sell a hamburger for an ounce of gold. right?

                • Dumbest argument ever. Gold is not for buying a hamburger it’s for buying land or for transporting a larger portion of wealth in a small package. A silver dime might be for buying a hamburger. All eggs in one basket does not a smart decision make…

              • One who would be preparing for the worst, would not just get only precious metals without Considering food, energy, ammo and barter items. That’s a pretty short sighted statement.

              • its not an either-or proposition: just because one invests in precious metals does not mean he’s lacking in the “bullets/beans/band-aids” department. I get so annoyed with the “you cant eat gold” people. Who says he has to eat it? Maybe like me he will be quite well fed, warm, and defended and still have that “savings account” in metals as well?

            • With Russia hiking its interest rate to 17%…Dennis Gartman see’s oil at $30 a barrel.
              Personally…I’d like to see oil to $2.00 a barrel. This industry and its political oligarchy have made more than enough money and has influence the demise of the American Citizen. Besides..there is a cheaper more environmentally safer alternative to digging a hole in the ground to produce oil…HEMP.

              Live Free or Die…in a ’57 Chevy Bel Air

              P.S. when I was 15..a gallon of gas cost $0.27 a gallon…and that was in Hawaii

              • Post what you remember gas prices were in 1972

                • In Indiana they were having gas wars,price was 16-17 cents a gallon.

                  • I came thru Indiana and Ohio back in 1959, both had gas in the teens, the high price then was about .22

                • Talon1776: I remember when OPEC hit us with a doubling of oil for our support in 1973 Arab/Israeli war. Gas went from 25-30 cents to 50-60 cents and people were lining up in a panic. I just laughed as I drove past all those gas guzzlers in my ’72 VW Super Beetle. My ’56 Chevy V-8 was sitting back home in the barn. You’ve got to have options/back-up plans.

                  • I just rode past the lines on my brand new Raleigh Super Course, and waved at the waiters…;)

                  • I worked in a full service station in 1973. It was during the gas crisis. We were the only station open on weekends about a mile either direction on a busy road. It was not unusual to have cars lined up at the pumps and extending out into the street.

                    Gas was in the .33 to .39 range. i worked out of my pocket and often did not have time to break from pumping gas for hours at a time.

                    Even at those low prices per gallon, the thick wads of cash I would have by the time I got the chance to go inside and count, record and place it in the safe were incredible.

                  • I owned a station in 73, the public tried all kinds of things to get gas, even punching a hole in the bottom of gas tanks. I was out of gas many times and people just didn’t believe it.

                    • I remember thieves siphoning gas from cars and it caused inventions of a steel coil put in the gas receptacle of cars and locking gas caps. The height of the oil crisis put gas near a $1 a gallon, and those stations who only sold gas went out of business.

                • Ohio, three gals for a dollar.

                • 19¢ A Gallon in Kansas City during a Gas War

                • no idea what gas was in ’72, it was hard to see out of moms ovaries.

                  • LOL, I was thinking the same thing! The cheapest I can remember was about $0.80


              • I can remember when gas was 16-17 cents a gallon in 1969-1970.

              • Agree %100, Talon. The price of goods (the true value…) is much lower than what “inflation” and the assumed value of the fiat dollar has conditioned the sheep to believe it is. This is what I would consider to be a correction. 30 Pieces of silver has been the rough equivalent of a weeks wages for thousands of years. Let it rain.

              • talon1776,

                Other news regarding Russia…

                The USDRUB Pair Will Be Discontinued Due To Recent Instability Of The Russian Ruble

                “Please be aware that the USD/RUB pair will be discontinued starting on Wednesday, December 17th at 8:00 a.m. EST due to recent instability of the Russian Ruble.”


            • Gas $2.23 a gallon here in Casa Grande AZ.
              Yupe, food, water, medical, clothing, guns en ammo!

            • WWHTI: Yes, its a great buying opportunity for gold. Back up the truck!!! The day will come when everyone will recognize this price is a bargain.

              I got mine. Get one. 🙂

          • DMONIC says:

            “Its about time countries like venezuela, russia and the saudis get screwed because of AMERICAN oil!!!!!!!”

            LOL… You have no clue of what you’re talking about!

            Do you seriously think the drop in oil prices has anything to do with American oil production (you must, or you wouldn’t have made such a ridicules statement)?

            There are a few theories being floated as to the cause of the current crash in spot oil prices, but none of them entertain the delusion it’s being caused by American oil production driving the price down!

            If the price of oil remains below $70bbl going forward, American shale oil production will be crushed, i.e, not profitable!

            The Venezuelans, Russians, and Saudis can weather this event. “American oil” on the other hand, will take it in the short. It will be “screwed!”

            • Obama wants American oil production crushed , check.
              The Russian economy is hurt by Saudis flooding the market , check.
              And the Saudis have a problem in ISIS , and the US is willing to help em out as long as Russia chokes on low oil prices.
              Seems the winner will be Obamas EPA and the cold war moves forward .

            • Russia and Venezuela will not last at 60 or less. Amereica shale…. small guys are screwed… big guys (who will buy out small guys) will be just fine. Russia needs 100 bucks just to be profitable. This is great for the consumer and not so great for about 12 percent of the finantials… sounds awesome to me…. more money for prep and easeyer to keep the two 500 gal tanks full…. Saudis are doing it to try to break US shale (they will not succced) but also to screw Russia, Iran, and Iraq.

            • YMWW: “The Venezuelans, Russians, and Saudis can weather this event. “American oil” on the other hand, will take it in the short. It will be “screwed!”

              Wrong again!!! LMAO!!! 🙂

              Venezuela is about to implode.

              Russians will have to scale back their military build up. The social contract with the Russian people is under serious pressure. Putin is closing government hospitals and cutting benefits.

              Putin’s popularity will drop as the oil price wars continue. Russia has spent $60 billion of currency reserves in a vain, unsuccessful attempt to support the Ruble. It continues to tank, generating double digit inflation in Russia.

              Its been two weeks. Wait until its two months. 🙁

              The Saudi’s are financially prepped for two years of low prices and its their spickets that are wide open. American Shale will survive. The US Government could sop up some of the extra oil for its Reserve, just like the Chinese are doing.

              Finally American shale assets will transfer to the larger well heeled oil & gas companies, not unlike small businesses being shut out by BIG retail; or S&L’s being destroyed by Commercial Banks. Its part of the NWO PLAN to maintain their dominance.

              Gas today was $2.18 a gallon at AM PM. 🙂

              • Got buckwheat??? 🙂

                • Just saw on DrudgeReport — Russia raises interest rate from 10.5% to 17% !!!!!!!!to try to stabilize the Ruble

                  • The ruble has been in damn near free fall for more than a week with the exception of their central Bank interventions, and Rooskies dollared up in Oct/Nov according to reports.

                    Who is going to want rubles in January? Father Christmas? Its gonna get ugly. 🙁

                  • the durango kidd says:

                    “American Shale will survive. The US Government could sop up some of the extra oil for its Reserve, just like the Chinese are doing.”

                    Q: So how does the US Government “sop up some of the extra oil for its Reserve?”

                    A: The FED adds digital credits to the monetary base. It’s called QE… aka, money printing!

                    The only way “American Shale” can be saved is if the FED cranks up the printing presses. They will need QE4 to keep the shale bubble inflated. If they don’t print, American Shale” is finished.

                    NOTE: “American Shale” will be crushed if the spot price of oil remains below $70bbl! That is a fact!!!

                    It’s currently at $56.96bbl.

                    Expect the FED to implement QE4 when the shale patches are threatened with default.

                    NOTE: They get bailed out, while “we the people” get fucked by the bankers by way of dollar debasement!

                    USA… USA… USA!

                    • Some American shale will be shuttered at $70 per barrel. Additional AS will be shuttered at $60 a barrel. Etc Etc. When the price rises the wells will be restarted. Its that simple.

                      Yes buy all means print some money and buy some oil for the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. In fact, the government should do two things:

                      1) Put an additional tax on gasoline of $.10 a gallon if gasoline drops below $3.00 a gallon; $.15 a gallon below $2.50 a gallon; and $.20 a gallon if it drops below $2.00 a gallon

                      2) Buy for the SPR.

                      USA USA USA!!! Drill baby drill!!! 🙂

                • DK,

                  I love the stuff. Grows in areas with short seasons. The Russians love it as well. Very healthy, full of antioxidants and minerals. It can be eaten as Soba noodles (Japanese), pancakes, or groats (cooked like rice). Toasted grains have a little more of a nutty flavor. I highly recommend buckwheat as a survival food/crop!


                  • Buckwheat is a Russian staple. The price is exploding as the population hoards; I means, PREPS!!! 🙂

                    • They should stop poking the bear.

                      You laugh at the bear till it takes a swipe at you. Then reality shows itself.

                      This kinda shit starts wars !!

            • Yep “Wrong Again.” There’s already talk that the majors will step in and take over the smaller production companies if need be. Take on their debt etc…. They will also be able to consolidate production in large fields and max out production. Should be interesting.

              We’ve already screwed over OPEC and South American oil producers that have held the American economy hostage for the past 30 years. All of these countries were readily screwing America at will. We have our own oil now. Let ’em eat sand.

              • Here’s a breakdown of the “Break Even” oil price of many oilfields in America. I bet we’re headed to $45-$50 to stop further oilfield development, aka stop drilling.

                ht tp://

                • They cant stop. They owe investors for their contributions to sunk costs.

                • @ rednek101

                  You can’t be serious!!!

                  You quote a “Break Even” analysis of shale oil written by Citibank???


                  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… “Lord help us!”

                  We are surrounded by ignorant “voting” boobs who trust the MSM is telling them the truth!

                  “Lord help us.”

            • I disagree. The shale industry will not be screwed. It will get bailed out just like the banks did.

            • Shut up, Fuckface. You know nothing, therefore you really need to stop trying sound like you’re a wise and knowledgeable person. You’re one of those deluded jackasses who enjoys hearing himself talk.

              • Troll alert on Aisle 12.

        • I’ve been thinking about this situation for a few days now. Of all the forecasts of when the financial crisis would happen, and all of the forecasts of what might bring about the SHTF situation, I do not remember anyone saying a collapse in oil and gas would be the reason. NUMEROUS people made NUMEROUS predictions and revisions of their predictions, and revisions of their revisions (Celente, Stansbury, etc., and etc. come to mind). EMP’s, race wars, collapse of the petrodollar, WWIII, Yellowstone volcano eruption, the list was endless, but didn’t include oil and gas as is now happening.

          • Jezebel: An astute observation. The naysayers and haters would say its the “Black Swan” that will collapse the economy and destroy the dollar. They are always hoping for that but it just doesn’t happen. LMAO!!! They have been saying that for six years now; eventually they might be right.

            I don’t think it is the “black swan”. I think it is a game changer which prolongs the “recovery” …. again. And those ten dollar bills in number ten cans I have been promoting in Mushrooms absence look better than ever since 2008. 🙂

            • except those USD’S buy even less than they did in 2008

              they can prop up the dollar all they want against all other basket currencies…

              but it still buys less and less every year in the land of the so called free debt slaves..


              by all accounts

              the USD is 93% less in purchasing power than 100 years ago..

              I’ll stick to canned goods, lead, brass,and land..even though lead and brass goods have almost leveled off to their respective prices before the panic buying..

              GLD and silver have been crushed..even the markets indicated…

              iT’S all a speculators game..if you have the USD to invest..then go for it..


              I’m a blue collar worker still at 62..chef by trade…I’ll stick to my precious metals of canned, lead and brass..they are protected assets…protected by not the fdic or any other govt agency..

              but by me and my family and friends..

              enjoy the day


              • Posse: I am well aware of the real decline in purchasing power of the dollar. In a capitalistic system the population must become capitalists or become their prey.

                That is just the unvarnished economic truth. 🙁

                Capitalists own the means of production and increase the flow of dollars to them so they are not as adversely impacted as those who work for others.

                Chef? Open as hot dog cart and increase the price of your hot dogs as raw material costs rise, and you, too, can become a “capitalist”.

                Just saying. That’s the way it works. Capitalists risk their money and take the business, financial, and market risks. They work 60 to 80 hours a week while their employees go home.

                Its a “dog eat dog” world. Excuse the pun. 🙂

                • Wasn’t so long ago some people (the same ones who are predicting a global crash due to LOW oil prices maybe?) were predicting the end of the financial world due to oil going to $200 a barrel and gas to $5 a gallon?????

                  I don’t know …… but I’m just about set with preps anyway.

                  At current exchange rates and the fact that a US gallon is 3.84 litres approx. – we are paying the equivalent of US4.50 a gallon ($A1.45 a litre). So if you are paying $US2.20 or thereabouts think yourselves lucky!


                  • I saw prices today in Metro Phoenix ranging from $2.79 to the $2.18 that I bought. Didn’t top off the tank, but I dropped a twenty.

                    AM PM always has the lowest price (ARCO). 🙂

                    • @ DK:


                      Wrong. It’s called British Petroleum (BP).

                    • They still use the ARCO moniker here. 🙂

        • Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, just checking in with my fellow preppers and have a comment:

          Bloodbath: Is this the start of the next major financial crisis?

          Nope, just a continuation of the ’08 crisis. But unfortunatley all the Fed’s bullets are used up. Will it get better? Nope, may appear to but it is still headed down hill.

          Prep like you want to live Brothers and Sisters. But on the bright side when 97% of your fellow Americans are dead there will be so much more resources available to us survivors. Just got to get through that first couple of years.


          • Watch the Wallstreet Layed off scumbags migrate to this site looking for prepper ideas, as they are soon to be layed off nothing to do and food running thin. So how shall we welcome them? Got any tips for them??

            • WWT…..I am ready and looking forward to welcome them all with an open …………

            • WWTI

              Can’t tell by internet questions. BUT I will know who they are when they leave the city. It would be better for them to stay on Wall Street.

              • S.S
                Maybe we cane by the questions they ask. They will be the basic question you and I asked when we first started.
                How much water, food? What kind of gun do I need. The best place to live or to move to.
                We just have to remember when we first started.
                One part of me wants to tell them screw off. But the Christian side of me will win the battle and try to help them. One main reason there might be children involved, so If you help Mom and Dad survive the children will survive. (We Hope)

                • sgt. huh?

                  Interesting. I noticed in a post yesterday on a thread you posting and and being replied to by a sgt. and now you’re signing off as a sgt….how very interesting.

                  • Yep
                    BJ it is my wife.

                    • Dale is your wife?


                      “it” is your wife?

                • OMG

                  It all depends on what happens between now and the crash. When the 1985 gun control act come out, there were plenty of “Suits” buying guns at record pace at the Gun Shows.
                  No barter of the price at all and paid top dollar.
                  They will as they have before buy items at top dollar and they will become the Renegades that will attempt to take by force. Remember Wall Street has no heart if you want to make it there. Do you remember when the banking crisis hit, the bankers wanted gun permits in NYC,without the mandatory wait like everybody else.

                  I will help those who post here. Then after, be aware of their appearance. Soft hands. Unable to do simple woods tasks. Never volunteer and a few other traits.
                  Why? Because that is the life they were accustomed to.

                  • SS
                    I’m on my wives computer mine took a dump.
                    I do remember when they were trying to get permits. Did they get them without the waiting period, I don’t remember?
                    Your last paragraph speaks volumes!

                    • OMG
                      The Press or NYPD never said if they filled the permits. You can bet they did.

                      My own personal experience with people who have LOTS of MONEY. Consider $30,000 pocket change. They are arrogant and feel they are above the law. Look down on most people.
                      They will wear the best outdoor clothes. Have the best equipment they can buy. No redundant systems. Have more electronic gizmo’s than you can shake a stick at.
                      Wait and see what they bring to eat. No MRE’s I assure you.

                  • slingshot

                    What 1985 law are you referring to?

                    • Kevin2

                      The one where they stopped importation of Chinese SKS and AK’s Parts and ammo were stopped. That was it for Norinco, China Sports and Poly Tech. No more “Legends” with milled receivers. Norinco SKS went from $69 to $250 Poly Tech Legends were $300 at first then popped to $650.

                      Not to mention the cheap copper wash ammo is gone. Was 6 cents a round.

                • Many on Wall Street are psychopathic or sociopathic and that makes them dangerous. If they lose it all and they will, they will become more dangerous. I can spot one of them a mile away and my advice for them is to keep on going.

            • Heheh. I have some advice for them! During the 2008 crisis there was one sign that stood out during a protest on wall street. It was written and an old wrinkled piece of corrugated cardboard:

              JUMP YOU FUCKERS!

              The first time I saw it, I laughed until coke came out my nose.

              Now, of course, my Christian ethic would not permit me to say that, but, I would say this: “You made your bed then you crapped in ours. Here’s your sign…”

              After all the crooked things those bums have done, they’ve killed the economy and you ask if we should welcome them? Well, no. We should make them PAY, PAY, PAY. We cling to common sense and supplies. They clung to dollars. Many say you make your own heaven or your own hell. Well, I say, “Let them eat dollars!”

              • In 2008 I remember seeing a guy in a suit standing on the median holding a cardboard sign that said.
                “Layed-Off Executive”
                “will work for $45K a year”

                I laughed and drove on by. I Wonder what he is doing today?

              • Reminds me what happened to Andrew Myrick, an Indian trader who wouldn’t give any supplies to the Sioux on credit during a “money shortage” to the tribes due to the civil war when the Sioux were starving. (Remember the government forced them on reservations to become dependent on government– a modern day FEMA camp).

                Andrew Myrick told them during a meeting with them “So far as I am concerned, if they are hungry let them eat grass or their own dung.”

                This outraged the Sioux causing the Sioux uprising of 1862 and Myrick was found dead with grass stuffed in his mouth the first day of the war.

                This sounds very familiar with what is happening today.

            • Why would they come here? Very few prepping tips here; lots of insulting and put-downs.

              • Macro;
                You are on the mark and just look at how everyone glosses right over you!

            • Yes, exploding tips on the end of my arrows.

          • BigB; While all of the dominoes are in a row waiting for the first one to fall, and the lame duck Congress has protected the gangster banksters from failure, the oil price war is a game changer.

            I haven’t checked the markets today, but they appear to be ratcheting down as I suggested was possible in late summer. (Its in the archives for the naysayers). Its looking more and more like a bear market in a secular Bull Market, not unlike the “87 Crash.

            That would disappoint many of the haters here. 🙂

          • Exactly!!

        • The Black horse stumbles,
          will it now crumble,
          or fade away…

          But many already know, they already feel it coming…
          “… a measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny, and spare ye not the oil and the wine.”

          The scales have always been a symbol for bankers, justice, black is the color of the dark heart of evil.

          This is economic war, to fight such a war, requires understanding, for “who can make war with The Beast”?

          alt.system,, alt.economy, alt.everything, is to go “into the wilderness”, is to leave The System. But, feel free to listen to Preacher men, and “submit to Godly authority”, at your great peril, for the Pale Green horseman comes, that worships death, and hell follows it. Ask, who worships death, and your answer will be revealed.

          May The Force be with you.

      2. WOW! First post! WOOT!

        OK, so am I the only one that is getting a laugh out of these shit ass 3rd world countries finally getting hosed on something they once had everyone else by the balls on? Its about time countries like venezuela, russia and the saudis get screwed because of AMERICAN oil!!!!!!!

        • If it was only that simple.

          If one looks at many global financial indicators it certainly appears that this drop is substantially demand driven. Global oil demand dropping is not a good thing.

          • So what does all of this mean for the future?

            It simply means that the globalists didn’t get what they wanted by means of threats and war, is now they’ll crush us financially, since they control that too. Their NWO is tanking with every country who refuses to submit.

            They feel their control slipping away; control they literally KILLED to get. I think they are now understanding that they will never get the people of this planet to bend by force and death.

            IMO, they will try to starve us all next. They have substantial control over the food and water resources, and I fully expect TPTB to use that against us next.

            Still, WE MUST NOT SUBMIT. One day soon, the hunted will become the hunters.

            • sixpack.. AMEN. I have already reached the hunter phase just need the good placement when to be hunted is out in the open.

            • I agree, and believe that we should all do our utmost to be as self sufficient as possible in food, water, energy supplies, and to get out of debt. That much being said, I don’t see cheap gasoline and a bunch of bankster scum taking it in the shorts as a “bloodbath”

              Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • Demand is down, and the Saudis are doing what businesses always do in a slowdown, fighting for market share.

            Been there I dunno how many times. Last was 2008. If you have deep pockets, it works every time.

        • I wish it was that easy. The potential for us to get screwed if not more but is at the same level. And by us I mean regular John and Jane. Don’t let the low gas/oil price to fool you.

          • I’m watching global demand, for practical purposes its the ECG of the world economy. I’m not sure of the Baltic Dry Index as shipping costs may be dropping because oil is cheaper but it appears a bit out of sync with the drop. Its the cause / effect thing. Therefore my gut instinct tells me we’re going into a global economic slowdown that is significant.

            The variables in the inputs coupled with the obvious manipulation and that which is not so obvious make any real analysis a damn crap shoot with no pun intended but a lot of crap regardless.

            • A lot of new cargo transport ship came on line in the last few years which drove down prices due to lack of demand but not as much as it would normally if the new supply hadnt been there, so Baltic may seem off if not considering this

              • Chantilly Lady, welcome back. How have you been?

                • Busy…thanks Braveheart

              • Thanks.

                It therefore can be inferred that the global economy is in decline because that increase in shipping transport should have filled a demand and not been excess however its not as bad as the Baltic Dry Index chart would imply.

                I think oil is following the same logic. Oil production from unconventional sources is up as is engine efficiency. Both are not collectively large enough to account for a drop in price of this magnitude.

                The intentional dropping of prices for geo political purposes although theoretically possible cause great problems for an international financial system that is inherently fragile. They’re treading water trying to stay afloat without the dynamics.

            • We need to protect ourselves. Historically the US has applied tariffs to imported goods when economic stress occurs. If we were to apply a tariff to imported oil to $80+- per barrel, we would do two things. Wreck the global oil market, which is a big plus given they are currently trying to wreck our market, and stabilize the price of oil in the US such that our E & P can justify development of oil fields in the US. ‘jus my two cents.

              ht tp://

              • TPTB want the oil peg to continue. Whatever facilitates that they will do. High price oil, low price oil, whatever, it doesn’t matter. They fight wars and overthrow governments to maintain the post Bretton Woods arrangement. The huge military is both financed by and there to maintain the oil peg. Its the “Prime Directive”.

                • You sent me to school on the Bretton Woods item. This agreement was penned back in 1944. I’m sure it’s been modified since then. However, when you have organizations such as OPEC and the south american oil producers, both of which have inflicted a great deal of damage to the US economy over the years, I would have to think that US reps would not have signed off on any agreement that would allow another organization or country to do what OPEC is doing to us currently. Trying to wreck our oil industry. I’m would think that a breach of contract/treaty would release the US from any obligation to follow said treaty. We should be able to put into place protective tariffs as a matter of national security.

                  We are at war. It’s economic not kinetic at this point. Unfortunately I think the kinetic stuff will be a class war internal to the US. But that’s another discussion altogether.

                  To win a war you wreck and disable your enemy. Exactly what is currently being attempted on many fronts in the US. Foreign oil producers are seeing the light. They hear the banshees. The party is over. For thirty plus years they have held the US hostage and the jig is up. OPEC is so desperate they have no other recourse other than acting up and trying to wreck the US oil industry by manipulating the markets. It won’t work this time. We’ve played this game long enough.

                  PEG? pricing and ethical guidelines?

          • Low prices means it’s the best time to BUY and STOCK UP. They won’t stay low forever. I’m stocking up double on my fuel stores. I’m stepping it up on everything when the prices drop.

            When the prices rise to ridiculous levels, I’ll have saved a few $$$.

            • sixpack says:

              “Low prices means it’s the best time to BUY and STOCK UP.”

              Good luck with storing ethanol blended fuel beyond 90 days.

              “Phase separation” of ethanol blended fuel begins once it leaves the refinery.

              Note: It’s almost impossible to avoid ethanol blended fuel even if you want to. You can thank “your” government for this!

              “Phase separation” leads to “stale” fuel. “Stale” fuel will ruin an engine.

              Fuel storage has a “prep” too.

              • I think my propane tanks and my butane cans will be just fine, thank you for reminding me of storage issues for gas, but I don’t have a car, or even a lawnmower.

              • It hasn’t bothered my riding lawnmower yet. I have been buying gasoline for it a year ahead for 7 or 8 years. I’ve never had a hint of engine problems. I’m going to wait a little while longer and then stock up for next year’s mowing season.

                • I have used gas treated with Pri-G that was 3 years old with no problem at all. All my chainsaws, lawnmower, tiller,4 wheelers, generators, etc. work perfectly with old gas treated with pri-g. Storing gas without stabilizer aint the smartest move there is. One point about cheep gas is maybe get 1 or 2 55 gallon drums and fill them babies up! One quart of pri-g treats 512 gallons of gas, waayyyy cheaper than other treatments that are inferior and expensive. 🙂

              • Well, speaking from actual experience, I’ve stored regular ole out of the pump gasoline for as long as 5 years in sealed, stored in a cool location, 55gal drums with PRI, and can’t tell a lick of difference in how it runs anything from the car/truck to chainsaws.

                • I agree TnAndy, I haven’t had any issues storing fuel for both newer and older cars and trucks. I treat it and rotate once a year or so.


            • And when it goes up the likes of Exxon / Mobil stock will probably rise 13-22%.

              For those with a 401k that you can’t get to because your still employed your money has to go somewhere. I been out of the market but oil at $50 a bbl isn’t going to be maintained.

              • Nope – as I posted above, this is a market-share battle initiated by the Saudis. As soon as they drive some production capacity out of business, prices will go right back up again.

                Part of the game is technology-driven. If you stop pumping from a conventional well, they stop flowing and have to be abandoned. This is apparently not true for fracked wells. The American producers using fracking may not be the ones to take the worst hit, therefor. Lower-tech producers like Russia, Venezuela, and the African states may be the ones to get hurt worst. Doesn’t matter to the Saudis, so long as they stay in the driver’s seat.

                • The Old Coach

                  The US fracking wells don’t loose production like conventional wells if shut down. Let the price go up and they’re back on stream. Let oil go to $100 bbl and most of this stuff everywhere will come back on stream too.

                  This is both demand driven and political. They’re pressuring Putin.

          • What we are seeing here is a big drop in Commodity Prices, then when it crashes, we will then see massive inflation. The Russia Ruble has dropped 50% to the dollar in about 3 months, and Russia has raised interest rates 5 times this year. This is the MSM Propaganda, they seem to be braging about. Fricken psychopaths.

            I really am not sure why TP2B decided to make Russia the New Evil empire Enemy. Seems like it is just more “tit for tat” global style politics. The Presidents Main Job is to keep our country out of War. Obama is an utter failure.

            • I think Russia is the new evil empire enemy, because she refuses to submit to the NWO takeover. Russia is a Christian Nation and will remain one. No preferential treatment for fags, illegal aliens and other foreign interests. They are doing everything to retain their sovereignty that the US, UK and EU are not doing.

              I never in a million years thought I’d say this, but I hope Russia and the other countries fighting the NWO do not fall.

        • Just a recent fact. 2% of the worlds energy is produced by Wind. They are now developing new kite balloon type craft that will be flown high up into the sky for a better grip on the wind with more power. Though this was interesting to share. We really need to harness more free energy- Solar, ocean wave power, etc., and let all these oil scumbags fry on the vine. This is no time to let up, just because Oil is getting cheaper again. Your Prepper Goal should be, to be fully independent from any outside source of energy dependence. Off the Grid and you gain your freedom back.

          • WWTI, I agree totally BUT… wind power is a piece of sheet unless you live in a cloudy/windy area. Wind power is expensive as hell and has a lot of maintenence and unreliable. I had a wind turbine for a while and all that thing did was make noise and be an expensive virtually useless decoration/wind vane. Needless to say I took it down and sold that fookin thing asap. Think about this>> Take a 12 volt wind turbine, the output is 13.8 to 14 volts. That may sound good BUT DC wire loss is enourmous! I had my turbine (30 amp max.) about 60 feet from the batteries (remember you need it at least 20-30 feet in the air) The end result with #6 wire was 11 volts, pretty much useless. So I moved it to the top of the cabin and ran 30 feet of #6 and got around 13.1 volts. Solar panels in a 12V configuration put out around 17 volts under load, are silent, don’t need an expensive tower, no maintenece or moving parts to wear out, are portable, reliable, cheaper per watt by far. Most wind farms have an entire crew working full time repairing the turbines, solar farms are a lot less. For the price os adding a wind turbine to an off grid house you could buy a shitload more batteries and panels and be way ahead. Also most off grid inverters have built in high amp chargers so if you have a cloudy day or two you just charge the batts with a generator in an hour or so. In other words “wind power can blow me) 🙂

            • On another note, JRS if you read this I checked out your cold system from a few threads ago and it worked! One thing I would not do if your doing this is heat the mix to kill yeast. You run a big risk of scorching it and having funny smell/taste. Anything over about 25% will kill the yeast anyway. Thanks again, your the man.

              • Hello, Genius. You’re welcome.

                Don’t brag around too much about doing this to people you don’t know. You know everyone here dontcha? lol

                As I said, the revenooers frown on it. They consider it distilling which is a Federal offense.

                A regular still removes almost all the impurities. Freezing removes only the water. You may still get a headache from the sulfites since they aren’t removed.

                I use a crushed campden tablet to kill the yeast process and then I air lock for a few more days to settle out. I have never heated it. Freezing kills the yeast also.

            • I agree Genius….wind is useless many places. If your location won’t hold a flag straight out most of the time, you don’t have enough wind to do much.

              On the other hand, my 11kw of solar produces all we need, and often then some.

              • I don’t know a lot about this, but I would think that if you have a water source on your property you could set up a more reliable source using hydro power using a perpetual type of setup.

                Would it work?

                • BJ—>

                  Correct/yes…but ultimately, it depends upon one’s location, per ‘state of residence’.


                  I own nearly 35 acres w/ a small brook, bisecting the property..its maybe 5-6ft at its widest point and averages 6-8 inches deep..which during very dry spells, has been reduced to mere puddles here and there, for several weeks.

                  Since my brothers own an old but working CAT bulldozer..and I have a backhoe attachment for the farm tractor..and the neighbor down the road, had a good transit…

                  ..I designed a dam unit for an approx 2-acre pond..complete w/ large spillway-tubes to spin several ‘Pelton turbines’..driving 2 DC generators.
                  ..even consulted a retired ‘Army corp of engineers guy’, who polished the design…..

                  ..I even looked at AC units w/ fly-ball governor/solenoid clutch units and/or a tachometer monitoring system for the same purpose, in an attempt to regulate as near to 60hz output possible…as an optional system, to minimize voltage line-loss.

                  ..had everything down pat…problems occurred when I requested a ‘construction permit’ from county/state gov.

                  …was told flat-out..”NO”…since my property lies within the ‘XX watershed’…itself, a part of the federally designated ‘YZ river-basin’ and..blah-blah-blah!

                  ..of course, they emphasized the steep punitive legal costs/fines..I would face, if I ignored them!


                  Sadly, I honestly believe that I could have received an exemption…provided I greased the palms of my state elected Representative…w/ a $25k or so…campaign contribution!


                  I realized right then, that ‘our system’ was beyond corrupt..

                  ..its terminally, diseased!!!!!!

                  • -addendum to above-

                    ..funny thing is..nobody could give me a valid reply/answer, per my project, when I showed them photos of an active beaver dam approx 1/3 mile..downstream!


                  • Seriously? You asked for permission?

                    Can’t you hide it or make it very miserable for anyone to come looking?

                    You gave away 25K to a politician……I really don’t like you right now 😉

                    I gotta buy bug out land fund you could donate to 🙂

                    • ..had the county/state aerial photos/scans all properties here..every few years.

                    • I have thought a little about this problem with privacy and the eyes in the sky. There has to be a way to over come nthis problem. The mirrors that hang at corners from the ceiling to warn of traffic coming from around the corner might wiork well if placed correctly on sunny days….cameras wouldn’t see anything but major flash/glare.

                      What could be used on cloudy days?

              • With silver down to $16.27 today— and the need for silver in solar panels coming on stronger— it seems like a good time for buying to me.
                (“My $.02”)
                But I’m a silver bug anyway. 😉

                • Solar is going ballistic so why the drop in silver prices? The truth is that technology advances in solar are game changing and will reduce the demand for silver in solar in the future.

                  Everyone should own some silver. Just don’t fall in love with it. It could be a fickle mistress over time. 🙁

              • TRI ANDY: Wind speed can be magnified by a factor of three, turning a 3 mph breeze into a nine mph wind, by placing a “collar” around the blades. Think wind sock funnel cut in half, or the audio icon on your space bar at the bottom of your screen for the shape.

                Japanese science. 😉

                • Do you have actual results you care to publish, or is this an “I read it on the internet, so it must work, right?” deal ?

                  • A Japanese professor from a bona fide university has a video on you tube showing his results. Thought I would pass that tidbit along and do you a favor.

                    Don’t be so cynical. Keep an open mind and you would be surprised at the good ideas that would flow to it.

                    Electricity, water, and ideas flow through the path of least resistance. 🙂

              • Here is a design I think could really work….again if it is in the right place….location location location. I have been getting this companies emails for 4-5 years now.

                ht tp://

                ht tp://

            • I remember driving through the passes of Modesto CA in the Mid 80’s and was amazed at all the windmills. Fascinated really. I then studies Passive Solar Energy. You need to find out what is the best most efficient type of energy to harness by where you live and the conditions. Maui Island has a bunch of Wind Mills that looked pretty cool, I believe powers 10% of the islands Power. Hawaii’s goal is to get 40% of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. Source w/ Photos-

      3. Sounds like we are almost to the top of the rollercoaster. It’s going to be a hell of a ride down.

      4. Or it was just a market correction and life will go on!

        • @Crazy Canuk….wish I knew for certain! Really don’t like this ‘roller coaster’ ride! Take care all, CC

          • Hey CC,
            I saw your post last week or so, just wanted to say hello and hope you hubby is doing well.


      5. We’ve been warned for years about reaching peak oil production would cause sky-rocketing oil prices, resulting in economic instability. Is this the reverse process?

        As the #2 producer of oil in the world, low oil prices will certainly be bad for the US economy, but at the same time we are the #1 oil consumer in the world. So while the oil industry may take a hit, other industries that rely on oil may benefit – moderating an economic down-turn.

        Also consider how this plays out on the world stage – this hurts Putin! Anything that hurts the rogue nation of Russia is good as far as I’m concerned 🙂

        • Russia is not the “Rogue Nation”…May they never submit to the NWO.

          • The Facts are – The Jews don’t like Russia since Putin kicked out all the Jews from any meaningful Government positions and Strengthened the Christian Church. Thus is why the ZOG Kabal is trying to destroy Russia using NATO and American Military Might. We need to Dump the Jews and let them fight their own battles. Israel will drag America down their sewer hole. All Putin is doing is fighting the NWO. We should support Putin’s fight. Our Boot Licker in chief is not looking out for American people’s interests, and why the NWO has hijacked and taken over much of America and foreign policy. Study the detail on this and the picture becomes pretty clear. Do not buy into the MSM propaganda.

            • Couldn’t have said it better myself…

              • Crimea – nuf said!

            • Russia is destroying itself – deservedly!
              Invades Georgia, Invades Ukraine, over-flys other sovereign nations, sends subs into sovereign waters, represses dissent, hacks Estonia,…….

              Obama tried his goofy “reset” with Russia only to see Russia become even MORE aggressive.

              Yes-Rogue Nation!

              We “crushed” Russia in the first Cold War – we will crush them again!

              But Putin and his supportive henchmen are too stupid to learn from past mistakes, so now Russia is paying again.

              Silly, backward Russians 🙂

      6. The dominoes start falling……

        • They’ve been falling for years. Eventually they will put a date on it and be right because they only need to be right once. Then every one will forget all the times they’ve been wrong for the last few decades.

          • Here is a Great 5-1/2 Min Video Interview: At 2:30 Mark The Black Milwaukee Sheriff Tells FOX’s Megyn Kelly that Obama needs to stop hanging out with the Kabal Crowd and fanning the flames of Racism. Kabal Crowd? You mean Jewish Race Baiters on the left?

            Sheriff Clarke told Megyn Kelly he blamed the president for fanning the flames of racial division in the wake of controversial grand jury decisions in Ferguson and Staten Island.

            Just goes to show you those who get it and those who want to stay ignorant. This Black Sheriff seems to have more common sense than Obama.

        • The Hat is Running OUT of Rabbits !!


        The whole system is based on fake,out of thin air currency. There is no true debt, its all made up and make believe. All congered by the money traders to keep the slaves in their docile place and themselves bathed in imaginary wealth. Which we have been brainwashed to believe.

        Get rid of the FED/FRB and it all goes away. Do ya think the millionaire congress will lift a finger to put an end to the corrupted currency control? NO.

        Our representatives DO NOT represent, its all just a scam and sociopath power trip. They (world bankers)created the golem from mud and have to keep the beast alive by any means possible. They are the high priests of fear.

        Get Free

      8. With Oil prices going down we spend less on the gas we use. That means less tax review. This means the Feds. won’t get to take more money from us. This good for now, but wait now they are talking about raising the gas tax!!!! And we all know that they will take the tax off when the gas gets back to
        $3.00+ a gal. RIGHT!!!!

        • Actually the SGt reasoning is flawed. Granted we consumers pay less for every gallon of gas. However the gas taxes are not a percentage. The gas taxes are a set amount per gallon. So when we buy 10 gallons at $2 per gallon the feds tax is the same dollar amount as when we buy 10 gallons a $5 per gallon. However the purchaser saves $30. And with cheaper fuel we consumers will buy more gas. the cheaper fuel actually generates more tax revenue.

          • Very astute Old Guy. I see I am not the only one to read the stickers on the gas pumps.

            • I used to drive semi truck. pulled a reefer trailer. The reefer fuel was cheaper because it didn’t have the road tax. They put a dye in the untaxed fuel. If you get caught using dyed fuel in a road truck the fine starts at $5,0000. Oil price today is $55.91 lowest since 2009. Key oil producing nations indicated they will not take any extra steps to prop up the price of crude. the price of crude has fallen by 50% in the last 6 months. I think its wonderful!

              • Out here they charge a sales tax on fuel which is a percentage of the total sale price.

                • nlightened If you live anyplace in the usa Your full of shit. There isn’t any state that charges sales tax on a percentage of the total sales price. all tax is based on a set amount per gallon sold. The federal tax on gas is 18.4 cents per gallon in every state. the amount each state collects varies.

                  • Actually you are both correct:

                    SALES tax is based upon a percentage of the final sale, its 7% where I am at.

                    State and Federal gas taxes are a set amount per gallon.

                    You guys are talking about different taxes.

          • Old guy
            I didn’t know this . Thanks for the INFO

        • My Gas consumption use will not change, just because it is cheaper. Just saves a few extra bucks for Food Prepping and Ammo.

          • Mine will. I had been using a LP powered M farmall tractor because Lp was cheaper than gas. Now Ive started using my gasoline powered M farmall. When you factor in that Lp produces about 2/3 of the power per gallon that gas does the Gas burner is now more cost effective. Im planning on driving my dual carbed 454 powered 55 chevy hot rod a lot more .

        • Sgt; The government wants to tax us according to the miles we drive instead of per gallon. If you have a gas efficient car they get less tax money because you use less. they will get us one way or the other.

          • What was the tax on gas during the gas wars. i paid .19 per gallon
            when i was in high school?

            sgt USMC 1965-1971

          • Jim
            You are right I saw them talking about this the other day and now it makes scene. That is taxing us for mileage.
            On my wives computer mine took a dump.

          • Its called road use tax. Semi trucks have buy fuel permits for every state traveled or have a apportioned tag and keep track of the miles driven in every state and pay road use tax. Road use tax has been around for decades. Road use tax has absolutely nothing to do with the price of crude oil.

            • But they’ve been talking about extending it to personal vehicles for a few years now. I think that’s where Jim is coming from.

      9. Oil prices getting in line with the demand is a good thing. Cheap oil = a dramatic price in the cost of production. The cost of production being high is one of the reasons that the USA production jobs went to where it was lower. We in the USA have overpaid for oil ever since the fake gas shortage in the 1970,s. No really bad things will happen if oil remains reasonably priced. On another note There is some kind of siege event happening in Australia. So the aussies are reconsidering their gun laws. Ha Ha they found out what happens when the good citizens don’t have guns and the bad guys do?

        • yeah, while here in the good ol USA, they keep finding more ways to keep you from getting one, more ways to take the one you have away, and more ways to turn you into a criminal if you carry one.

        • FYI- The cost of fuel in Saudia Arabia:

          Grade 91 — 10 cents a liter (40 cents a gallon)
          Grade 95 — 17 cents a liter (65 cents a gallon)

          So to fill a 20 Gallon Gas Tank is $8 to $13. Cheap eh?

          And Why? b/c Saudi’s actual cost to produce a Barrel of oil is only about $4 to $10 per barrel because easy access and the oil is close to the surface of the sandy land top soil. So they could drop oil to $30 a Barrel and still easily be tripling their investment, while many of the US oil costs are $45 to $85 a Barrel.

          • Gas in Saudi is government subsidized, just as it is in Venezuela. Has nothing to do with costs of production.

      10. Have been trying to post with no luck this is a test.

        • Why do you blame the cops for doing their job dumba##??????
          It never should have been illegal for a guy to sell a legal product to make some extra cash in the first place. You need to blame and start picketing the pinko commie liberal A$$ clowns that make stupid laws like this IE DeBlasio and Bloomberg. The cops have to do their job or they will lose it.
          Also, both of the deaths by cops were avoidable, in Ferguson all he had to do was NOT ATTACK A COP! and in New York he should not have resisted arrest. If a cop is going to arrest you, you just get arrested.


            • Down Acid,down boy! You haven’t been taking your meds have you? We’ll take the straight jacket off after your meds have kicked in.

            • I saw the video, and he would not let the cop cuff him and that is when the others joined to subdue him. The cops have know clue what health problems you have but if you are strong enough to get back up on your hands and knees with 3 cops on you then you are a threat to the cops. Like I said it was ridiculous that selling a legal product ( cigarettes) was against the law in the first place. Put your blame on the commie law makers and not on the cops.

        • Acid hates old people,women and pork! What’s next?

          • He must be a moose limb.

            Semper Fi 8541

            • LOL..!

          • Acid/eisenturd sucks.

        • This is a joke and won’t do squat. This only stops when they lose the fed mindset training and fed dollars and military equipment. IT STARTS WITH THEIR TRAINING AND EDUCATION TO LAW…OR THE LACK THEREOF.

          Then they must lose qualified immunity and prosecutorial discretion and then bring in independent investigators and prosecutors. AND THEN, once they are found guilty serve them a swift death in the public square since they should be held to a different and higher standard.

      11. Is that why Congress is now trying to outlaw body armor? “To prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions.” I can imagine who would be granted an exception.

        • Sen. Honda introduced the bill. He is from California.

          What else is new. They want your preps. You talk against TPTB and your a criminal.

          Just keep prepping.

        • mmmm ??????

          Something, everyone goes for the head shot.
          Everyone has a scoped rifle, or pistol.
          Everyone probably has some sort of armor piercing bullets.
          What good is BODY ARMOR THEN ?
          It just slows you down so someone can get a beed on you.

          More asshole legislation made by assholes who do not know a damm thing.


          So I guess you are going to come into schools, and pick up all the (bullet resistant back backs) that children have on in high crime areas that protects them, and I guess your going to lock them up too.



        • “I can imagine who would be granted an exception.”

          The very same that get carry permits in NYC for instance. That “exceptions” means a privileged class of citizen (or in fact so privileged citizenship is not required). Ostensibly there is a justification which is the arbitrarily defined need which always is met when the applicant has sufficient wealth and therefore power.

          We were supposed to have “Equal Protection Under The Law” and weren’t supposed to have “Titles Of Nobility”. In reality we damn sure don’t have the former and for all practical purposes the latter in spirit and function.

      12. Actually gas is almost exactly the sam price now as it was in the 1950’s “TWO SILVER DIMES”

      13. Remember that Porter Stansberry piece that was posted on here a couple of years ago about investing in shale?

        Good many of us lolled and called it out as a scam. Seems we were right.

        Porter?… Can you hear me now?


        • In other words the Saudis will keep reducing the price to retain their customers. And they can still make money selling crude at $35.

          • Retain theirs, drive other producers into closing down wells and halting new drilling so they can take their customers, too. Once they get that done, bingo! New gas “shortage” like in the ’70s.

            Classic business strategy, taught in business schools since the days of Caesar Augustus. We did it when I was in the machine tool business in the ’70s and ’80s, and again in 2008.

            You need deep pockets to pull it off, but whose pockets are deeper than the Saudis?

      14. So if the price of oil is high, it is bad for the consumer …if the price of gas is low…it is bad for general economics…

        So…what will it be ?

        • Low gasoline prices are good for the consumer. Use the extra money to pay down debt.

      15. The biggest reason oil prices are falling is to weaken or destroy Russiian, Iranian and Venezuelian oil based economies. The USA economy is much more diverse and not near as dependant as Russia and Iran and Venezuela.
        Enjoy it while it lasts.

        • The USA economy is dependent on BORROWED FIAT CURRENCY and DEBT….not my idea of stable. At least Russia, Venezuela and Iran PRODUCE SOMETHING in exchange for profit. America produces gimme dats and illegal aliens, still wet behind the ears.

        • 100% correct.

          And I might add that sixpack is right for once, the Saudis hate the Russians even more than they hate us. The whole Syrian war thing has been a proxy war over control of potential pipeline routes from Azerbaijan to the Med. If the Russians control, they can also feed their own oil and gas to Europe that way. If the Saudis control, not so much.

          And you anti-American Paranoid Posters thought only the USA went to war over oil……

      16. I couldn’t help but smile reading this…we need more Banker suicides

        • Stewpedaso…..I’ll gladly I offer them assisted suicide but I’ll select the method.

      17. Imagine you can give someone a piece of paper with an “IOU” and “In God We Trust” written on it, and these suckers will give you a Tangible Car you can drive away in. So when every thing crashes, what do you want in your hand. Tangible items or a bunch of worthless IOU’s?

        The American Economy has been crashing since 1931 the dollar is now only worth about $.05 Cents its original value. Will people wake up when it is only about .01 Cents? or ZERO?

      18. OIL Closes today below $55. I love it. Bwhahahaaaaaaaaa

      19. let it crash, collapse or burn already. This doom and gloom scare crap is getting old.

      20. Actually if our dollar is really what many have been saying. That its a petro dollar? that means our dollars have increased in buying power. Isnt a stronger dollar a good thing? All along many here have lamenting that the dollars buying power was weak and that was a terrible thing. and now that its getting stronger it also a terrible thing. Good Grief Some of you would cry because you weren’t getting hung with a new rope.

        • Old Guy.

          All depends on whether you are buying or selling in the international markets using US Dollars.

          • Almost everything that is bought in the USA . Is manufactured in some other country. If that isn’t buying in the international market I don’t know what is? The Chinese have been buying scrap metal & other raw materials for quite some time. If that isn’t selling in the international market What is? NO way is cheaper fuel a bad negative thing. The creation of OPEC was the beginning of the decline of the so called blue collar making producing middle class.

            • OPECs creation about 1960 predated US dependency. OPECs rise was intrinsically linked to the post Bretton Woods Oil Peg. Once the exclusive USD for Oil payment was agreed to the “Arab Oil Embargo” ostensibly a reply to the US backing of Israel in the 1973 war raised the price of oil four fold. This created a like increase in US dollar holdings to purchase this oil. Increasing oil prices coincided with an increasing USD demand divorced from US manufacturing and productivity. The convoluted thought went like this, “Why make things when we only need to make money”?

            • A while back I had a LTL load in Houston that was 13 orders from 11 different companies. Of those orders 11 of them where products made outside of the United States and repackaged at the manufacturing plant. I know this because they were being shipped to Canada and for the customs documentation the true and original country of origin must be labeled. But nothing on the pallets gave any indication of origin. How many “factories” are just repackaging stations in the United States because it is cheaper to manufacture and ship the products from overseas and the end stage is done in the United States to shut up the american consumer?

              • We called ’em “screwdriver factories”. Not so prevalent anymore. Look at Japanese auto/truck factories here. They used to bring complete engines and transmission in from Japan or wherever. In the last 10 years they started making them here. Only the raw castings are sourced foreign now, (EPA makes foundries all but illegal to run in the USA.) German car makers consider the USA to be a low-cost manufacturing environment. Been there – 15 years as a Tier One supplier to auto and truck industries until I retired.

                Consumers 99% don’t even look to see where stuff is made, and don’t care anyway. I did know a couple of foreign machine tool companies who set up “U.S. manufacturing” shops to get around “Buy American” clauses in D.o.D. procurements. Sleazy lot, but they bought the right Congressmonkeys, so they were never taken off the bidders’ lists,

        • OG – Taking consumer money outta the gas tank this time of year , insures that folks will run out and spend it.
          Boosting the piss poor retail numbers. HEY , look how great the economy is all of a sudden !
          And the people cheer …. HAIL OBUNGA .

          • I have been hearing this is good for weeks now, What has been bothering many of us diesel drivers is that diesel has not come down in any where near the way gas has. I even hear economists talking on the radio saying that cheaper fuel prices are going to help the prices in the stores. For those of you out there look at the truck stops, the higher price is diesel and it is barely changing. You are not getting any savings from transportation. Trains, ships and jetliners run on diesel too. (Yes jumbo jets run on diesel, it is low temperature rated but still diesel, look at the hand book for any kerosene forced air heater and read the approved fuels.)
            I was given an insight by an oil guy from North Dakota that I at first thought was BS but he insisted that the oil prices were down because of low demand, not just in global oil demand but mainly due to US Dollar purchased oil. Other major countries and we know the names are using other currencies to purchase and sell oil and the lack of that is altering the prices in the markets.
            This also accounts for why the gasoline is down while diesel is still the same. Gasoline is generally not exported because most countries refine oil to their own standards and much like your GMO corn and oil seeds nobody besides the US wants your ethanol blends. Where diesel is still an international commodity. Heck it is so popular that China actually builds power generating stations that run on diesel fuel.
            I agree with him. I could be wrong and I know that there are people here who are going to say so but, I do not really care much any more. I just want somebody to say this when nobody else is. Thank you for your time,..

            • Enjoy it while ot lasts. It ain’t gonna last long. Look for a Saudi-manufactured “supply crisis” next summer. 1973 all over again.

              ‘Course they could overplay their hand, and start a war with Russia. What they are doing is killing the whole Russian economy.

      21. I dunno.. so far, my stocks aren’t doing anything terribly exciting

      22. Author Says…”Bloodbath: Is this the start of the next major financial crisis?”

        Nope. Just an excuse to raise federal and state gas tax rates.

      23. Same shit, new day…

      24. Dutch Oven

        1 box Pizza dough mix
        1 can pizza sauce
        1/2lb mozzarella cheese
        1/2lb pepperoni
        1 aluminum pie tin
        Prepare the pizza dough per mix directions.
        Spread dough inside pie tin and up the sides.
        Top with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni.
        Place 4 pebbles or wads of aluminum foil in Dutch oven to raise pie tin off bottom.
        Set pizza in Dutch oven.
        Bake at 375 degrees for about 20 minutes.

        1 pound uncooked bacon, chopped
        1 pound lean hamburger
        2 cloves garlic, chopped
        1 cup celery, diced
        1 cup onion, diced
        28oz can tomatoes, with juice
        2 15oz cans dark red kidney beans
        2 cups uncooked egg noodles
        1 10oz can mushrooms
        1 teaspoon black pepper
        1 teaspoon seasoned salt
        1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
        Brown bacon, hamburger, and garlic in Dutch oven.
        Drain fat, if desired.
        Add celery, onion, tomatoes, beans, noodles, and mushrooms – liquid from cans also.
        Add seasonings and stir.
        Bake 45 minutes in Dutch oven at about 350 degrees.

        1 lb. country sausage
        1 lb. bacon
        1 large diced yellow onion
        3 cloves minced garlic
        1 chopped green bell pepper
        1 chopped red bell pepper
        2 cups chopped mushrooms
        18 eggs
        3/4 cup milk
        3 cups grated Cheddar cheese
        picante sauce
        salt and pepper
        Heat a 12inch Dutch Oven over coals until bottom is very hot.
        Fry sausage until brown, then remove.
        Cut bacon into 1 inch slices. Fry in D.O. until brown.
        Remove excess grease from D.O.
        Add sausage, onion, garlic, bell pepper, and mushrooms. Saute until vegetables are tender.
        Mix eggs and milk. Pour eggs into D.O.
        Cover and bake at about 325 degrees, using 8 briquettes under and 15 on top for 20 minutes, or until eggs are firm.
        Spread cheese over eggs. Cover and let stand until cheese is melted.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Copperhead;
          All three of your recipes sound great. You must be a real young guy. My cardiologist would bitch slap me for just reading them. Still, I can close my eyes and almost smell them.

          • anons: 63

            • anons; that post made me laugh


        • Yummmmm!! Great recipes, thanks!

        • Glück aufs, mein Freund. Die USA sollen das gleiche tun.

      25. Hmmm, a part of the world where men can rape women and the woman is jailed for having been outside, where men can beat and murder their children but not be protected, where anyone with religious differences is openly and publicly executed, and more; this part of the world now decides the oil it produces for about $4/barrel will be $50? So what, they certainly still make a ton of profit. All I hope is their past decade of extreme greed comes back to bite them and that competition has a foothold.

        • BTW, telling how the parts of their religious law which say to use gold-backed currency and to not charge interest are totally and pervasively ignored. You have a society who uses their religion as an excuse for their abhorrent behavior. If the USA were run by men of honor, we’d be pumping more oil from Iraq and Afghanistan than any of those sick countries. I will guarantee you can find people in this world to put up a security force to drive a strong economy if we were to have a real plan. Heck, the Hutu’s murdered about 1M Tutsi’s in few months with machetes. If you told them they’d be rich if they could stop the atrocities in oil land, then it would be done. We have leaders with no honor and leaders with no vision. Its time to put an end to the nonsense over there.

      26. there will be signs, but nobody knows when, just be prepared and get ready to run for the hills, stop worrying and take care of you and yours. keep up the good fight. “Ideologies are a poor substitute for kindness and decency, and at the end of the day it our actions, and not our belief’s that define who we are and what we are”

        Sloan from Startrek, enterprize, season 4

      27. Reading this article made me think of something:

        At the end of WW2, many of the Nazi SS threw away their uniforms and tried to hide among the civilian population. Some of them were recognized for who they were and were executed on the spot.

        As the collapse in America continues to get worse, heading into the arena of very bad, I can see a lot of the Federal Reserve upper leadership trying to hide and act like they are just regular civilians going through hard times also. If I have the opportunity to come across some of these chameleon parasites, I am going to make it my aim to put them down just as a rabid dog is put down.

        The Federal Reserve needs to be burned to the ground before America’s final collapse. They are the biggest financial terrorists the world has ever seen.


        “The real owners are the big wealthy business interests that control things and make all the important decisions. Forget the politicians, they’re an irrelevancy. The politicians are put there to give you the idea that you have freedom of choice. You don’t. You have no choice. You have owners. They own you. They own everything. They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations. They’ve long since bought and paid for the Senate, the Congress, the statehouses, the city halls. They’ve got the judges in their back pockets. And they own all the big media companies, so that they control just about all of the news and information you hear. They’ve got you by the balls. They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying lobbying to get what they want. Well, we know what they want; they want more for themselves and less for everybody else.” – George Carlin

      29. “The nightmarish collapse of the price of oil…”
        It may be a nightmare for you, but it’s a blessing for me. I like rapidly-dropping gasoline prices.

        “The same patterns that we witnessed back in 2008 are happening again.”
        Not true. The 2008 banking crisis was caused, more than anything, by a meteoric rise in the Federal Funds Rate, which locked up credit.

      30. Read the “Harbinger” I predict September 2015 as the next collapse.

        • Good book,
          gave me the willys though, way to many coincidences to overlook.

      31. A question for those men here who were kids in the 1940’s through the 1970’s.

        What would you recall being a special and/or meaningful gift given to you by your father when you were a young child?

        Looking for gift ideas along the more older fashioned mind sets…..if that makes sense.

        • BJ: A train set. Do they make those anymore? Also my dad bought me a speed bag, because he had been a Golden Glove Champ. (Mom wouldn’t let me have a BB gun.)

          It was great for hand and eye coordination and I developed some skills that came in handy a little later. 🙂

          • DK, I think Lionel train sets are still available, but they’re very expensive. BJ, google “lionel train sets” and see what you can find.

          • Lots of HO gauge still on the market. A specialty tool site I frequent has some stuff, but they are by no means a primary source.

            My grandfather gave me his small coin collection when I was about 14 or 15 – that would have been about 1960. The colonial American coins in it set me on a quest to uncover history that has never left me.

            I still have the Audubon bird book I was given when I was about 10. Dad loved the outdoors.

        • BB gun,,
          right up until I shot all the outdoor lights out on our house,,,
          then it wasnt such a nice memorable experience!

          • Kulafarmer, I got a Red Ryder BB Gun when I was 8. My own experience was memorable until one day I shot my neighbor’s German shepherd with it. When he came over the fence to get me, that’s the part I’d rather forget.

        • When I was 12 I got a 20 ga. single shot shotgun for Christmas.

        • I got my first knife at about 7. I think brother and I had a bb gun around the ages of 8-10 ?? Big brother shot me in the ass every single time he made me go down to the bottom of the burn pile dump and set up another bottle or can…EVERY TIME. I finally got mad and lost it one day when I stuck the bb gun directly on his chest and pulled the trigger…..I got my ass beat.

          Mine is 5…he is too young to have a bb gun or a knife yet.

          • BJ
            Get him a tent and a sleeping bag and spend time with him. He will love to set the tent up in the house like my did for me and act like you were camping out. Then when it got warm we would go to my Uncles along the river on a Friday afternoon set up and spend the night fishing. I only made it to midnight and I was out.

          • Gifts? lol. I was lucky to get a pair of socks when I was five.

            Since he’s too young for guns and knives,get him something to do with the outdoors and activity. A wiffle ball and bat and tee. A bicycle. I taught my oldest son to ride at five…he tells me about falling the first time to this day.

            Get him a junior fishing pole and tackle box. Make out a couple of tickets or cards that promise a fishing trip with you for each one. Kids really value things like that.

            Or…buy him a stocking full of candy…lol.

          • BJ;
            Honestly IMHO, if you are looking for a meaningful gift for your child the only gift there is …. is time. Spend time with your kids, making memories, laughing, having fun.

            That’s what I remember from being a child with my Dad (and Mom). I’m sure I could come up with a few objects that I was so happy to have. But really all my great memories were of things we did, or talked about.

            I try and do that with my kids.

            Now when I was much older (married), that’s when my dad started giving me things that had special meaning that I could appreciate. My grandfathers pocket watch and dog tags, My great grandfathers WW1 dog tag and service pins. Later in life I could appreciate them.

            Hope this helps


            • Now if you are looking for a gift that isn’t some china crap and maybe offers some type of creative thinking … We bought my 4 and 6 year old boys a marble run (I think that’s the name or something similar).

              Basically you assemble tracks and the marbles run through it. They love it and can play for a long time. Its nothing fancy or high tech by any means.


              • Thanks all…..I made up my mind and the time thing convicted me big time. I am guilty of way too much time on the internet in general, but mainly here.

      32. NO Doubt States will add on extra tax per gallon of Gas to raise more revenue. If they use it to build infrastructure and create jobs I’m in on that. 10% of America’s Bridges are considers in “Critical Condition.”

        • The federal gasoline tax is the same from coast-to-coast –18.4 cents a gallon – which means any variations have been implemented by state and local governments.

          The highest gasoline tax in the country is in California, where it now exceeds 70 cents a gallon. Combined with California-specific fuel-blending regulations that drive up refining costs, these taxes help make Golden State gasoline prices the most expensive in the country.

          Several other states, such as New York, Connecticut, and Hawaii, are close to California in terms of the fuel-tax burden their residents bear, though none has yet joined in crossing the 70-cent-per-gallon threshold.

      33. Speaking of gasoline storage, I know of a place that has ethanol free regular gas. I have 24 of the NATO Jerry containers-brand new, that I have accumulated over the past 2 years from CTD. Question: Are the lids/seals tight enough to prevent gas fumes from escaping and being detected in a climate controlled storage facility? Seems like now might be a good time to start filling em up.

        • Only if the temps are low,, like in the 40s, if the fuel heats and expands any the fuel can will vent, I wouldnt stick them in the storage facility, better locked in a well ventilated shed, one that is insulated so it doesnt get too hot. depends on where you live though, like here we swing from low 40s at night to high 80s during the day during the winter months, so my fuel drums pop and clank all day and all night, jerry cans would be the same, Its really not safe to store fuel indoors, yes people do it all the time, that doesnt mean its safe.

      34. Is this the start of the next…….?

        Probably no..

        More kabuki theater for the willing duped morons..

        Everyone is being played..all of us..


      35. Hi gang, still trying to get a line on a job in my specialty in MS. Got to get out of communicut. Y’all say a prayer.


        • No
          Please enlighten me what is MS?
          I have a very good friends in The Dakotas that has been telling me that there are 2 or 3 jobs per person out there.
          Yes I will keep you in my prayers.

          • Ms is Mississippi. I give anesthesia and jobs are few and far between within driving distance of my farm. Dear hubby and I have decided to abandon the taxes and antigun BS in ct. Ditch the mortgage and move onto dads farm.

            • My farm, it’s my farm. I just can’t get past the fact that its all mine now. We have a great opportunity to get off grid. Just need Gods help!

              • Good for you!

                ..per divine help..ask for it..he’ll cover you.

                Best wishes to you/yours.

          • Nopity means Mississippi. Nopity, I hope you make it back to Dixie where you belong. Good luck.

      36. Is this the start of the next…….?

        Probably no..maybe yes..

        More kabuki theater? !

        Everyone is being played..all of us..

        Good God almighty..or whatever deity you decide to worship..

        I know we can’t get beyond our respective belief is difficult..but damn it.. is anyone done with all this bullshit?

        The rest of the conservative American voters..and talk show pundits..fools all..are all upset by the betrayal by the gop’s actions of late..really?

        They are all deceivers…every last one of them..

        And now the alt media pundits are divided amongst themselves as well…denigrating one another over all the issues at hand..


        I’m done with them all..

        We are so divided as a people and nation that it is all every man,woman for themselves and their respective families and friends…

        The ptb have done a magnificent job…congratulations!

        Everything by design

        Nothing by accident

        My uncle was nsa for most of his life..asshole that he was..

        but at least he had the fortitude to warn us of what’s to come to fruition..and for that I thank him..

        and he was correct 100%..

        And thank you William Cooper/Hippy dippy weather man George sirs as well..all your words were correct as well..

        your hand writing was on the wall..

        and r.i.p. for all those not mentioned..

        prepare accordingly


        • touche’ possee!

        • Possee
          Lately Ive been feeling like Im just done with all of it,,,
          MSM, Alt media, pundits, politicians, laws, rules, the list goes on and on,,,
          just going to do my own thing untill someone says something and then Im going to just act as dumb as possible, I really dont have a whole lot anyway, and anything of real value is sheltered in one way or another, so what, Me worry??? about what??? and Why???
          eyes wide open, civil disobedience is going to be a hoot, you wanted that by when? OHHHH I was supposed to send allll the papers??? what do you mean I didnt sign it? what? where? (like Vinny Babarino)
          Ohhhh I was supposed to mail them, not hang on to them,,,,
          oh my bank account? you mean the checking account with 50$ in it? yea thats it,,,,
          Oh those are my girlfriends trucks,,,, she just lets me drive em.
          fuck it

          • Kulafarmer, braveheart has already been there since 9/11. Welcome to the club. I do my own thing and don’t give a shit what anyone says.

          • Kula

            you are one of a few lone voices of reason left here..

            Burt Daisy and Manos still are in touch but not here..

            Where the hell is beinformed?

            Nina O still sends e mails fROM his site..albeit totally off the grid where I’d love to be at this point..

            Hope all is is well in the islands for you

            As manos always closed..and still does

            Stay safe..


      37. Our great and glorious Caesar Obama was not getting what he wanted out of Russia and Iran. Pivoted to Saudi Arabia to coordinate an increase in supply of oil to purposefully drop the price of oil- cripple the economies of Russia, Iran, and Venezuela. Create an environment domestically to sabotage shale, raise taxes, further decimate the middle class, kill the keystone pipeline ( canadian oil ppb too high)- where’s the down side?

        • Obola isn’t smart enough to come up with that idea by himself. Guess again. 🙁

          • Valerie Jarrett

            • Bingo!!! 🙂

      38. Have we crashed yet? I’m bored and my survival stash is collecting dust

        • Knocking the dust off my preps is one of my favorite things to do—the longer it takes me, the happier I am…

      39. Don’t worry the central banks won’t print anymore money. We have evolved to the digital markup. My hedge fund owner says the central will never stop printing, I mean digital markupIng.

        If they would just markup every citizens bank account $2 million we could end the recession tomorrow, pay taxes and get the citizens out of debt. After all it’s our money…

        Just watch any news on any network; what’s right is now wrong, what’s true is false, what’s legal is illegal and normal relationships between a man and a women are now an abomination. So why should the financial markets be any different???

      40. Mac,
        I think someone is screwing with your site,,, I went to refresh and got an error page showing a diffent web addy,, something sitescout, not sure but figured i would mention it

        • Kula and Slingshot, thanks for the heads up. Sitescout is a third-party company that provides services for a couple of the advertisers at I am not experiencing any issues myself but am looking into this. Every so often one of the servers for a third-party contributor or ad network goes down and it negatively impacts site loads times or kicks out errors.

          I am watching this now — They are usually really good about fixing things pretty quickly, so hopefully whatever the issue is they are working on it.

          If possible – if you experience something like this again and have the inclination to do so, can you please shoot me a screen shot of what you are seeing? this way we can get it over to the tech group at the appropriate web site.

          Email to: mac@ s h t f p l a n .c o m

          Much appreciated and apologies for the inconvenience.

        • Kula,
          I have seen that tooo….BUT NOT ON THIS SITE. I seen it just here recently, if memory serves me correctly, when drudge report is doing it’s automatic refreshing it does every 3 minutes or so.

      41. Right on PO! Let the this shit crash and burn..then start fresh with a solid moral foundation

      42. Hi everyone,

        So, here I am a 52 year old divorced lady living in an apartment in Florida. Yes, I have some health issues and I unfortunately depend on prescriptions every day. I haven’t once heard anyone comment on this….are all of you lucky enough not to be taking prescriptions meds? I really feel like no matter what I do to “prep” or prepare- I am pretty screwed anyways if I can’t get to the pharmacy to fill my scrips…. ideas anyone? Please be nice…. I love this site and I’m not nearly as prepared and intelligent as you all seem … so, just wondering what ya think about this

        • Mam:
          What are your problems. Is it possible to have it surgically corrected. Or can you use Herbs and not the meds.
          I would get out of the apartment and get something in the country at least 2 to 5 miles out of town. Some of your problems might be the apartment you are living in.
          There are some great folks here that are willing to help. So please hang in there.

          • OMG, Thank you for your response- I take 2 specific thyroid meds and 2 high blood pressure meds….I tried to go the herbal route and damn near killed myself and was forced to go back to the doctor-after being “anti” doctor, I found a wonderful one who really saved my life. Anywho… I’ll figure something out….. Much respect to you ! 🙂

        • Concerned: There are a lot of Alt media Med Sites, do some research. Start with ORAC VALUES, this will give you a list of the food and natural substances, primarily spices, that are high in antioxidant values. Berries and nuts are essential to good health. Concentrate on fruit and vegetables, particularly broccoli.

          Nutrition is the key to good health and supplements can make a big difference in your quality of life. Cinnamon for example is good for high blood pressure and diabetes.

          Garlic, pomegranate, turmeric, ginger, oregano and similar spices have powerful NATURAL health effects upon the body and people should take these. 2000 mg seems to be the point at which natural substances are effective for me.

          Vitamin C is extremely good for what ails you. It is CHEAP, CHEAP, CHEAP, and the body will eliminate it if it doesn’t use it. It is totally non-toxic. Take 2000 to 3000 mg two or three times a day. In a couple of weeks you will feel the difference and SEE the difference in your skin.

          European doctors give 50,000 mg in an intravenous drip to eliminate cancer and hiv. An Italian doctor says cancer is caused by candida. Try Chris Beat Cancer. com. Its a good site. Best prices are at Wal Mart for vitamins, minerals, and supplements.

          Good luck. 🙂

          • Puritan Pride beats chinamart almost always….and always free shipping.

          • Thank you Durango Kidd! Good luck to you as well 🙂

        • Be nice? You better figure out a natural alternative to whatever addicting drugs the so called doctors have you taking. most health problems are caused by the food and lifestyle. If you don’t do something different you simply put when SHTF will die.

          • Hello Old Guy, I said “be nice” because so many of you get such an ego thing going and treat each other like crap instead of being kind and helpful…..but I do wish you well anyway…. God Bless!

        • Concerned, you can do what I did. I replenished my scripts as soon as I could and banked the leftovers (the few pills you have left when you get your new ones). It took me months, but I managed to get completely off my blood pressure meds. I went through physical changes that, along with the dietary ones, permitted me to ditch the monthly pills.

          The easiest thing to do is “accidentally” lose your fresh bottle of pills once. You should get a new bottle, but they won’t do it more than once or twice.

          Save your surplus in a cool, dark place. I’ve still got months worth of extras that I don’t use anymore. They might come in handy for someone like you…

          • Thank you sixpack! I like your idea! It’s probably the most plausible solution for me. 🙂

      43. Mac

        Also having trouble.

      44. Wow Russia hiked their rates significantly….17%


        Silver is almost 26 flat right now and gold is down to below 1200 again….AGAIN BELOW 1200.

        I think it is at 1196.7 right now 🙂

      45. I listen to conservative news and for the most part they think oil prices cut in half is a good thing. BUT I think there’s always a hidden catch that gets us in the end. Gas is used less in winter months and increases in warmer weather.

        I think low prices will go back up by next spring/summer.

        • in the summer there is less demand for heating fuel so it all balances out. and for half of the planet it is summertime. as long as the Saudis don’t cut production the price will remain low. I suppose some folks have such a negative core concept that they just cant abide with anything positive. If good luck came along they would grab a club and beat it to death.

      46. A lot of talk and arguing about what hammer is to drop Inflation or Deflation. Like witnessing two rabid dogs fighting over a scrap of meat…
        What does it matter to the homeless man on the street?
        To see the Worlds Ultimate FREE
        Home Preparedness Guide see:

      47. The price of oil has absolutely NOTHING to do with economic collapse , it is a currency war to crush the east ….this is just more sanctions to destroy Russia economically and FORCE them to make the first move militarily , just as we did to Japan prior to pearl harbor

        • Russia would not be under sanctions if they had left Ukraine alone. First they tried to subvert it via Yanukovych, and when the Ukrainians had had enough of that, they invaded.

          Not a currency war – it’s a market share war started by the Saudis. It will affect currencies of course, but that’s a side effect.

          But your point about comparing to Japan 1940/41 is well taken. Ironically, the KGB files exposed in the ’90s show pretty conclusively that it was Stalin who maneuvered us into provoking Japan. Wheels within wheels.

          • Old coach you are misinformed….. the west spent 5 billion to DESTABILIZE the Ukraine and regardless you hypocrite ….the u.s. can meddle in dozens of countries ILLEGALLY but as soon as another country does something it’s condemned by the ignorant !!!

      48. The Russian Ruble…

        “most Western Banks have stopped pricing USD/RUB. As such, FXCM can no longer offer this instrument to our clients and will begin closing any existing client trades in USD/RUB effective at Noon EST today, December 16th, 2014.”


      49. Russia Contagion Spreads To European Banks : French SocGen, Austrian Raiffeisen Plummet

        “We recently noted the rise of counterparty risks in the financial system due to oil prices dropping (and leveraged derivative exposures) but as the Russia situation has deteriorated so dramatically this week, a renewed focus on bank exposures has sent stocks reeling (and credit risk soaring) among many European (and US) banks.

        As Bloomberg reports, Raiffeisen Bank International and Societe Generale, the European banks with most at stake in Russia, led European lenders lower. Raiffeisen fell as much as 10.3% to 11.40 euros in Vienna, the lowest level since it went public in 2005. Societe Generale dropped as much as 7.3% to 31.85 euros, hitting the lowest intraday level since August 2013. CDS markets for both also exploded with Raffeisen risk at 27 month highs.

        As one analyst noted, “There remains a huge amount of uncertainty at this juncture, but the key point is that there are no benign scenarios.” While not on the same scale, US bank risk has also widened signicantly in recent weeks (despite equity strength).”

        Russian FX Halt Prompts Buying-Panic In Stocks

        “Having once again broken its 100DMA, the S&P (and the rest of the US equity complex), the news that various platforms have halted FX trading in the Ruble (though they won’t enact capital controls) and a modest bounce in oil prices seems to have sparked a EURJPY and VIX-driven v-shaped buying-panic very-visible-hand ramp in stocks into the European close…

        because nothing says dump VIX protection and BTFD in stocks with both hands and feet like totally disastrous US macro data and a global financial system on the verge of collapse.”

      50. Russian economy facing collapse as ruble falls

        video on Fox News

      51. Could this mean war with Russia might be imminent?

        • “Imminent?” NO. Eventually? I think so, but it would be easier to pick a specific date for the Market Crash.

          Lets just say that every week that goes by like the last two weeks will mean that it is more and more likely that Russia will invade Ukraine to spike oil prices.

          Personally, If I were Putin I would call the Saudi Ambassador into my Oval Office with my Joint Chiefs and tell him that if the price of oil doesn’t hit $100 by Feb 1st; that Saudi Arabia will not have any oil to sell anyone by March 1st. 🙁

      52. Woohoo, Silver closed AGAIN under $1200


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