Blood In the Streets: Turkey Explodes In Violence (**Graphic Content**)

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    Editor’s Note: Coming soon to a neighborhood near you. These protests reportedly erupted a few days ago when activists staged a sit-in at a local park. Now there are thousands of Turks in the streets, hundreds arrested, and scores brutally beaten. So much so, that there are literally pools of blood flowing through the streets. It only takes a seemingly innocuous catalyst for all hell to break loose. These people aren’t being motivated because a park is being razed for commercial purposes. The resentment and anger goes much, much deeper than that.

    Report Contributed by The Daily Sheeple:



    Turkey is entering its third day of violent protests as police have withdrawn from Taksim Square and allowed the mass protests to continue.

    Over 900 people have been arrested across Turkey for what the authorities called a security measure.

    The first photo below was taken from a CNN IReport that CNN themselves have not vetted.

    Blood in streets near Taksim Turkey


    A shocking video report from RT shows violent clashes between police and protesters:

    An RT article covered various aspects of the protests including how they started and what they stand for:

    Police in Istanbul have withdrawn from Taksim Square, allowing the mass protest to continue unabated, Turkish media report. Istanbul and Ankara are entering the third day of violent protests, with tear gas and water cannon deployed and over 900 arrested.

    Follow RT’s live updates on Taksim Square protest

    Minor scuffles broke out after protesters lobbed fireworks at officers as they were drawing back, the state-run Anadolu Agency reports. Police removed barricades around the square, located in the heart of the city, which had previously been erected to prevent the anti-government protests, Private Dogan news agency said.

    Despite the authorities decision to allow tens of thousands to flood onto the square, the main subway gateway to Taksim, the central station in the city’s metro network, has reportedly been shut down in an effort to keep more people from reaching the ongoing protests.

    In the capital, Ankara, security forces battled with demonstrators who had amassed at a park near Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s office. Rallies have also been staged in the cities of Bodrum, Konya and Izmir.

    Protestors take care of an injured demonstrator during a demonstration in support of protests in Istanbul and against the Turkish Prime Minister and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), in Ankara, on June 1, 2013 (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)
    Protestors take care of an injured demonstrator during a demonstration in support of protests in Istanbul and against the Turkish Prime Minister and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), in Ankara, on June 1, 2013 (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)

    Confronted with the growing street opposition, Erdogan remained defiant, demanding that protesters “stop their demonstrations immediately.”

    “Police were there yesterday, they’ll be on duty today and also tomorrow because Taksim Square cannot be an area where extremists are running wild,” the PM warned.

    In two days about 939 people have been detained across the Turkey as part of “necessary security measures,” Turkish Interior Minister Muammer Güler said.

    Police use a water cannon to disperse protestors near the Taksim Gezi park in Istanbul after clashes with riot police, on June 1, 2013, during a demonstration against the demolition of the park (AFP Photo / Gurcan Ozturk)
    Police use a water cannon to disperse protestors near the Taksim Gezi park in Istanbul after clashes with riot police, on June 1, 2013, during a demonstration against the demolition of the park (AFP Photo / Gurcan Ozturk)

    Many have wondered how the protests originally erupted and the answer to that question is that it apparently started after dozens of activists decided to attempt a sit in at a park that was set to be destroyed for commercial use.

    After the police became overzealous and clearly attacked peaceful protesters, many other people within Turkish society joined their ranks.

    On Monday, several dozen activists tried to stage a sit-in in Gezi Park, the last area of green space left on Taksim Square, after several trees were torn up to make way for a commercial redevelopment.

    Erdogan dismissed the small protest on Wednesday, saying authorities would go ahead with the plan, which entails the construction of a replica Ottoman-era barracks that could house a shopping mall or apartments.

    Following three days of police pressure, which saw officers douse peaceful protesters with pepper spray and tear gas, the sit-in attracted support from broad sections of Turkish society.

    Protestors run away from tear gas at the Taksim Gezi park in Istanbul after clashes with riot police, on June 1, 2013, during a demonstration against the demolition of the park (AFP Photo / Gurcan Ozturk)
    Protestors run away from tear gas at the Taksim Gezi park in Istanbul after clashes with riot police, on June 1, 2013, during a demonstration against the demolition of the park (AFP Photo / Gurcan Ozturk)

    The heavy-handed tactics deployed by police have been viewed by demonstrators as a sign of the government’s increasingly authoritarian bent, with the park demonstration turning into a broader, nationwide protest against Erdogan’s government.

    Similar demonstrations have flared up around the country despite a court decision to temporarily halt demolition of the park.

    Erdogan said that the Turkish Interior Ministry had launched an investigation into the use of excessive force by security forces. In a televised speech, the Turkish PM said police may have used tear gas excessively during their confrontation with protesters, although he insisted they did not represent the majority and were responsible for raising tensions.

    However, protesters have countered the claim, saying the violent police crackdown is to blame for the recent unrest.

    “This started simply as a peaceful sit-in to save a park, but it’s become one of the worst state attacks on protesters in recent memory — and a frightening example of the Turkish government’s growing eagerness to crack down on its own citizens,” an online petition demanding that Erdogan “End the crackdown now!” reads.

    “The security forces have been individually targeting protesters to terrify, wound and kill us. 12 people have already suffered trauma injuries from gas canisters — one man died of heart attack, and hundreds are suffering from excessive gas inhalation,” it continues.

    Riot police use tear gas to disperse the crowd during an anti-government protest in Istanbul June 1, 2013.(Reuters / Murad Sezer)
    Riot police use tear gas to disperse the crowd during an anti-government protest in Istanbul June 1, 2013.(Reuters / Murad Sezer)
    Turkish protestors arrive in Taksim square after a clashing with riot policemen on June 1, 2013.(AFP Photo / Bulent Kilic)
    Turkish protestors arrive in Taksim square after a clashing with riot policemen on June 1, 2013.(AFP Photo / Bulent Kilic)
    A woman opens her arms as police use a water cannon to disperse protestors on June 1, 2013 during a protest against the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park in Istanbul (AFP Photo)
    A woman opens her arms as police use a water cannon to disperse protestors on June 1, 2013 during a protest against the demolition of Taksim Gezi Park in Istanbul (AFP Photo)
    Tear gas surrounds a protestor holding a Turkish flag with a portrait of the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as he takes part in a demonstration in support of protests in Istanbul and against the Turkish Prime Minister and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), in Ankara, on June 1, 2013 (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)
    Tear gas surrounds a protestor holding a Turkish flag with a portrait of the founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk as he takes part in a demonstration in support of protests in Istanbul and against the Turkish Prime Minister and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), in Ankara, on June 1, 2013 (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)
    A protestor flashes a victory sign as he takes part in a demonstration in support of protests in Istanbul and against the Turkish Prime Minister and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), in Ankara, on June 1, 2013 (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)
    A protestor flashes a victory sign as he takes part in a demonstration in support of protests in Istanbul and against the Turkish Prime Minister and his ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP), in Ankara, on June 1, 2013 (AFP Photo / Adem Altan)

    Stay tuned as we will continue to monitor the increasingly violent situation in Turkey and bring any updates as they become available.

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    Delivered by The Daily Sheeple


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      1. Main stream media is hardly noticing. Glad we have the real media and not just the academic – Govt – mainstream one.

        • There no way they will willing allow the US masses see that you can stand up. They prefer you all thinking there is no other way but their way.

          • FB,
            If the masses are not smart enough to know that they have the right to stand up, then they deserve to be the slaves that they are!!!

            • Stay away from crowds, they are mostly commies. An unarmed protest is a sucker’s bet. An armed protest is war. Choose carefully and from a distance. Rule 3006 is about right. Stay away from crowds, can’t pack enough ammo.
              If you want a crowd-fight join the mercenaries and draw a paycheck, eat mers and other shit, commies everywhere.

        • Obama doesn’t want us acting like the middle east and throwing his ass out.
          that’s part of the reason we don’t see the violence on tv

          but another reason is WE Americans are much more fixated on the IRS scandal and the AP mess and Doj and Holder.

          also most American people are worried about poor honey boo boo and the voice etc. when we get our collected heads out of our asses then maybe we will actually worry about how our country is being run and by whom.

          go to yahoo or aol or any other search engine home page and what are the top stories ?? the death of the 34d bra ? how poor kim kardashian is doing with her half breed baby and what her baby shower MIGHT ! include

          with the exception of preppers most of america is not the least bit worried about turkey

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • Keep watching the other hand. There will always be a newly manufactured crisis to distract us from seeing the real crisis.

          • “…..when we get our collected heads out of our asses then maybe we will actually worry about how our country is being run and by whom.”

            With the fixation on the entertainment personalities you mentioned, an even far bigger diversion is spectator sports. It has them glued to their t.v.s oblivious and uncaring about everything else, but the NEW “opiate of the masses.”

            In ancient Rome it was the chariot races and the spectacles in the coliseum. Today it is sports and entertainment figures.

            The difference is that it took Rome a thousand years to go by the way. This empire is barely more than 200 years old and we’re now at the point where the multicultural hordes have their tribal kin inside the city and are waiting their chance to open the gates and let the third world hordes take over.

            • Yes Robert !!!

              it was Bread and circuses for all.

              now its UFC and WWF and full contact sports why do you think the masses are so thirsty for blood sports were slowly ( actually not so slowly) turning into Rome. Look at how brutal the Cage fighting has become with Blood on the mat and people actually losing there life for such violence. and listen to how the people scream for more more more.whats next Lions and Christian’s ?? or how about we really just live out Movies and have Death races with cars hitting people for points or maybe Thunder Dome

              and we have Gay shows that make us believe its ok to be Gay and Live the Gay lifestyle soo glamorous (sarc) it is after all the new thing right ??
              now. but in reality you see just how pathetic there lives can be and how dysfunctional they are. the Greeks accepted Gay behavior but it was understood that if you got married that stopped. but then again they did have orgy’s

              we have shows that make being a total ass the in thing
              or Divas that throw temper tantrums and its accepted by the Week minded as the way to act in public. i have actually seen Tourists act like total A holes and think its funny.

              were so decadent its not funny and that’s why conservatives are laughed at for there so called backwards values and “quaint ways ” i have many friends who are very conservative and would rather be around them then the Liberal types with there obsessions for Social media and tweets and such.

              these ass clowns are more worried about “Posting ” photos of there latest things then actually talking to real people. my wife’s niece has 3,000 “friends ” but no real people around her. she eats lunch and has to update her face book page LOL.i asked her why and she said “because people want to know what i am doing all the time ” so i asked her was she a star ?? and believe it or not she is 32 years old
              too me its so boring

              These people are missing out on whats really important being with people and making true friends that you can count on. i know that my more conservative friends will help if and when i need them because i have helped them

              now more then ever we need family around and need to keep them as close as possible
              all the more reason to home school children before there pulled away and turned into little collectivists and used against you!

              skittle shittin unicorn

            • Yeah, and bommie is in the Trojan horse.

        • I’ve been getting some MSM coverage of the Turkish Riots. Just graphics not any reporting on the reasons why. Not that I would believe the reasons given by the MSM.

          The riots in Sweden – not a peep.

          Obviously the swedish riots don’t fit the open multicultural socialist collectivist agenda. /sarc

        • Also not seeing it on the Corpse Media here in Western Oz. That’s a promising sign actually. I was just commenting this is one the CIA didn’t start, I think and inshallah they also lack a contingency plan to allow them to hijack it. The lack of MSM coverage suggests they don’t. They’re hoping this will go away.

      2. That is how we should be acting. Too good them. God Bless Them. carry on…

        • The government to turns a couple dozen protesters into thousands with their attacks. We can only hope for the same reaction here, when the SHTF and the Patriots rise up.

          • Don’t protest unarmed, that’s communist BS.

        • What is the use in protesting if all your going to do is run away……The govt knows this will happen and are not afraid of them. They should stand there ground or go home…..

        • “Many have wondered how the protests originally erupted and the answer to that question is that it apparently started after dozens of activists decided to attempt a sit in at a park that was set to be destroyed for commercial use.”

          Don’t we have that going on here? Eminent domain for the big privite corporations and those well connected people? It’s for the public good I’m sure (not!).

      3. Just wait until the protesters bring their guns with the balls to use them. I just hope their are enough to put up a good fight. Winning will be harder than many of the “Patriots” believe.

        • This video is further illustration of why our gooberment is so desperate to disarm us. They want us throwing rocks while they mow us down like grass. They know they can only go so far with the thug tactics until it blows up on them and they have to constantly look over their shoulder and wonder where the bullets will come from. To battle them head on is a guarantee of failure. They all live somewhere and will find their families in danger due to their own penchant for attacking the most vunerable or least threatening protesters. They are not the only ones who will use the divide and conquer tactic. This in not a threat, just a prediction.

          • With the 100’s of millions of firearms in the US today they cannot get them all. They know this so they are working on the amo… BUY as much as you can and learn to reload.

            • STOP buying AMMO! Good grief, the public has already bought more than the Gov shot in WWII. Looks like we will make or import something close to 20 Billion rds this year. Let the people that shoot ammo buy some.

              • So true. There is many thousands of times more ammo in existence in America than would be necessary for a successful American insurgency. These clueless individuals who think that supposed lack of ammo would hinder a successful armed resistance/revolt have no grasp of how these things go. It’s not massive firefights and billions of rounds that win guerilla wars. It’s snipers and ambushes that bring down occupying forces.

              • We need more ammo at reasonable prices, in order to stay proficient with your aim it take practice.

                If your life depends on your aim you should be shooting 60 to 100 rounds a month.

                Buy what we can when we can as often as we can, I love being paranoid, it’s like the rush of riding the Roller Coaster. :0

                • Save your brass. Cast your bullets. Cast bullets is the reason to have a good rifle, bolt action preferred, that will shoot a heavy bullet. Rule 3006 is about right.

              • I agree with this theory. People who say the government created this ammo shortage are misinformed. Major chains have stated the shipments have increased but the public is buying like crazy. The normal guy who has a couple boxes now feels he needs thousands of rounds. If we all chill out maybe the price will come back to earth.

                • Well my good friend is a federal distributor and he is getting 40% of what he was getting. I go to WallMart and they say they got in one brick of .22 LR last week. That was the entire shipment.

                  If people are buying this like mad I have not heard of anyone seeing large supplies come into any store. I have close friends in 4 states.

                  • Shipments have now slowed due to companines running out of resources to make ammo. One article said they were stalled because there were no card board boxes to package the bullets. My point is: if everyone chills and doesn’t hoard; things will go back to normal.

          • @Selenaishott..

            And that is why I say that they do not understand just what a pile of steamy excrement they are stepping into.

        • if one looks a the photo of the riot gear clad police, what looks like a good target? their unprotected feet of course, shoot there first, then easy pickings afterward!!

          • also an upper femur shot will bring them down, right at the upper leg joint to the hip., and if your really lucky on that shot, you’ll hit the femoral artery..dead in minuets

      4. And with all this said I raise my shot glass to you all.

        And join me in salute to a friend that did not return from routine training. I will miss his emails from the ME.

      5. My question is, why are all of those Greeks in the street in Turkey. The Greeks and the Turks might fight over Cyprus, but not a city park. Trekker Out. Never was good at Geography.

        • MT,
          The Greeks have always been there. Constantinople was the capital of Byzantium until 1453 when it fell to the Ottoman Turks. They put up minarets around Hagia Sophia and put Christians into dhimmitude. The Greeks in Turkey have been second-class citizens ever since who pay a heavy tribute to the caliphate.

          • Not that I really care but I got all those thumbs down, I guess most people that vote don’t bother to read the article. When it was posted it said thousands of Greeks and now I see it is changed to thousands of Turks, at least I forced a correction. But Mark and Eisenkraut Thanks for the history lesson. Trekker Out.

        • Remembering Emperor Constantine XI Palaiologos

          Died in battle against the dirty muslim animals after the pope refused to send reinforcements.

        • interesting fact about Turkey…It has been the crossroads of the precious metals market between “east” and “west” for 1000’s of years…

      6. Judge orders Google to turn over customers data to FBI. What do you think?WASP

        • Is anyone really shocked?


        • Is there a search engine out there that Big Brother can’t get into, yet?

      7. I find this mildy astonishing,

        Turkey is – as is represented broadly of late – the sole, single component of the European area which has a thriving economy, which is NOT spposedly subject to the nascent violence which is increasingly seen in other area’s thereabouts…this is therefor a shock.

        I wonder then, what ‘underlies’ this? Clearly, our own News agency’s are never going to even HINT at the occurance of such, anywhere…for thier Master’s FEAR the planting of any similar notions in the minds of the citizen’s of this country…This is wholly outside of any familiarilty I have with that area…I wonder, “WHAT?”, therefor.


        • Yea JOG, you pose a great question. I didn’t spend much time there, just a couple TDY’s.
          I worked and had contact with guys my own age on the flight line and in the NCO club. They left me with the impression that they didn’t want to go back to the old ways of the empire based on the stories they were told. And now we’re hearing rumors of how the Ottoman Empire or something similar is in the beginning of a remake…I don’t think the common man and woman want it…just a gut feeling…
          Anyone else have a take on this?

          • Howdy jerryTBG! 😉

            Nope..never WILL forget THAT!!… 😉

            Truly, then what we are seeing here is a shift in ‘perpetuity’? That is, the young not wishing to participate in the old, ‘antiquated’ pattern carved in stone apriori, without thier consent?…that DOES make sense, here, in this context. As said above..Turkey is, and HAS BEEN, thriving in recent years and therefor should NOT be subject to the malaise of growing discontent seen everyhwere else based on ‘economic under-performance’. Thanks for the info Brother..THAT did come as ‘odd ball’ when I read through it…and I dislike being so ‘disconnected’.

            Our IDIOT news services have all the utility of a whore-house in a monastery any more. I’m SURE you’ve noticed the pattern there; two items, fisrt up every night which the PTB want us to BELIEVE…followed by multiple attempts to sound erudite on some matter of Science or Ethics, finished up with a slice of ‘feel-good’ as a dessert of sorts…

            NEWS, like the Life it attempts to report on should NATURALLY be just a ‘Tad’ more choatic than that methinks.

            Oh, and as a final note here…story’s related to me by my Uncle’s (of combat in Viet-Nam) suggest VERY strongly that the Turks are a bit more ‘pre-diposed’ to ‘extraordinary brutality’ than are other groups; the tales they told to me of WHAT happened to Viet-Cong who fell into the handa of Turkish detachments deployed in the firat stages of that confilct are BEYOND ‘hair-raising’…’diabolic’ will be the word here I would suggest is most closely an accurate description…

            JOG *7 days*

            • I don’t remember even hearing of any turks in country…
              Maybe they meant Korea…In any case it’s not relevant to my point…I dealt with well educated people who were fine with secularism and letting people live their lives.
              They didn’t want any return to the brutality of the 19th century even though it was somewhat secular.
              I do believe they feared a theocracy.
              That was simply my point.

              7 days huh…don’t forget your woolin’ undies… 🙂

              • Turks were mean sobs in Korea. We used enclosed bases in S. Korea. Wire didn’t keep pilferage down. Turks used no enclosures. They’d establish a camp and next day hang body parts of would be pilferers in the trees. No more trouble.

        • These protests are from western educated secularists who would like Turkey to remain a secular country and be more Western. Attaturk style. This is not the wishes of the majority of the people. They see the failings and decadence of western imperialism only too well. The PM is placating the west so the country can slip under the wire and be more Muslim socially, economically, and spiritually – they have a great legacy with the Ottomans. The majority of people want this. It is no accident that these protests happened after a meeting with Israel. The PM is no friends with Israel. The economic boom of Turkey doesn’t sit well with the West. This is orchestrated mayhem for regime change – This guy is no puppet. All leaders of Muslim countries have to be our puppets – or else ….

      8. Most reporters don’t get out in the arena of people. The stay safe.. “just a few miles from where we are… there is a protest”. They stay in the Hotels, or in a Green Zone or whatever. They get thier video from You tube, VEMO, Video downloads from smartphones and the like. It is safer and cheaper for them. Real on the street reporting is a lost art. Oh and they are mostly liberal, weak, and chickensh#ts.

      9. This will just drag out until one side or the other uses live ammo. And leaves bodies on the street.

      10. DHS knows, We The People won’t run from gas and water. Hope they know We The People won’t run from 1.6 billion bullets either!

        • It is now over 2 billion rounds…

          • Pales compared to what we the people have .

          • thats why everyone should buy a 40 cal handgun and AR15…because we know there is 2 billion rounds out there.

            • No need to buy the pos ar and .40. If there is ammo laying about there will be ar plastic also. Get some if you want it.

        • buzz,

          The Israelis invented something to spice up water cannons that they use against the Palestinians. skunk spray, smells like a hybrid of what fills toilets plus rotted corpses. The stink persists for weeks through multiple showers.

          Raytheon invented thermal crowd dispersal weaponry. Covers an area the size of a large blanket with a burning, on-fire sensation. Allegedly feels like a third degree sunburn. Anyone hit with it leaves its immediate area fast.

          Also sonic weaponry. focussed radio or microwaves at the right length to make the target acutely uncomfortable.

          They have an intermediate step or two between water cannons and live ammo.

          • take out the operator

          • Ten “shooters” at difrent angles from 1/2 mile out. They hit the engine, Microwave panel (Horn), Tires, Fuel tanks,.. ECT with multiple shots (10 each). Then when the thugs leave due to the fact there vehichle is damaged and not mobile… then come those peskey maltove cocktails…. they may have 2700 MWRAPS but they are runing out of cash…. Thear up thier stuff and you don’t have to tear up them (as much). Just one thought….

            • Man,
              Watch out for the drones up above!!

          • @6.8 you’re right. Flank them and take out the operator and destroy the vehicle. @Roger below kept it simple lol taking out those weapons will be a priority.

          • Leave it to the jews to invent something like that. Fits into their well known nauseating fascination with excrement and all things that relate to the anus.

            • You must have alot of Jewish friends if they are fascinated by assholes. Eh?

              • I’ve got zero friends from this cesspool of humanity, John W.

                Evidently, you’ve never spent even 5 minutes listening to Howard Stern or to any other *you-pick-a-jewish-comedian*, or for that matter, you clearly have not paid close enough attention to how jews who post comments in forums and in blogs will immediately start referring to excrement tinged forms of insults, whenever they are debating some gentile who is criticizing their behavior?

                Come on, pal. We’re talking about a truly sick, twisted, and disgustingly perverted fascination and I am not the only guy to notice it.

      11. There is nothing spontaneous here, it’s all organised by controllers. They want blood on the streets and the sheeple thinks it’s the real fight against oppression.
        I am not buying this or any other mass demonstrations, violent or not.

        • True. The Islamofascists want to topple another Middle East government. Turkey is the plum, the prize.

      12. Israeli Arrow II ready for Syrian missiles. US Patriots for Jordan. Moscow backs Hizballah

        Israel’s Arrow II missile interceptor

        DEBKAfileSpecial Report Jun 2, 2013, 12:07 PM (IDT)

        The IDF has disclosed that Israeli Arrow II missile batteries stand ready to intercept Syrian missiles launched against Israel. Israel Air Force Colonel Zvika Haimovich told reporters Friday: “Syrian batteries are in a high state of operability ready to fire at short notice…We have not yet been called into action on the northern front, but I believe we will be.” The US has assigned Patriot interceptors and F-16 warplanes to Jordan. debkafile reports close coordination between the Israeli Arrow and US Patriot deployments in Jordan and Turkey.

        • The above post shows war is truely close.

          Keep the FAITH

        • Let’s not for one moment confuse the issues. The S300 missiles that Russia wants to supply to Syria are defensive (i.e., will detonate any missals fired into Syria from across its boarders). Israel has attached Syria twice. Does this mean that the Syrians cannot protect themselves from such Israeli attacks? These missiles being acquired are not offensive but DEFENSIVE. Emmis is Emmis all else is BS.

          • I’m no military weapons expert, but I believe that you are right – and I’ve seen other commentary by people who are knowledgeable on this subject and they state the same points you have made.

            However, we all need to understand how the Israeli/jewish mindset works. Let me provide a couple of examples, for the sake of illustration.

            Here in America, and around the world in every other single historic White European nation – Whites are voicing their resentment and opposition to the invasion of their native homelands by swarms of non-Whites from the third world. Whites are resisting the efforts, orchestrated and promoted by jews and their race treasonous white elitist accomplices, to dispossess Whites and reduce them to minorities inside their own nations and then to eventually genocide them into extinction – either by forcing them to race mix with non-whites, or by unleashing violent third world savages upon them and then ignoring the carnage that these savages heap upon Whites, who are their preferred victims. Whites who oppose this genocide – instead of being called heroes, as they most certainly are – are demonized as ‘racists’ and ‘haters’ and a whole litany of other smear words by the jewish controlled media and by their jewish controlled governments. As we saw in Sweden, when the White Swedes were attempting to protect their neighborhoods from the Muslim rioters – the Swedish government sends their goon squads out to arrest and harass the White resisters, and not the Muslims who were involved in the rioting.

            Thus, White resistance to the race replacement and White genocide policies of the jewish Cultural Marxists – is interpreted by the engineers of it as ‘hate’ and they want to make it illegal to resist.

            The second example of how twisted the Israeli/jewish mind works is this Syrian situation. It fits into the same template as my first example. Syrians do not like being attacked and having their people killed by Israeli fighter jets and so they decide to purchase these defensive, Russian made S-300 anti-aircraft missiles that they can use to defend themselves. So, again – they are resisting Israeli jewish efforts to exterminate them. However, Bibi Netanyahu and his tribe believe that it is ‘hateful’ and ‘evil’ and probably also ‘anti-Semitic’ for the Syrians to resist being attacked and killed by Israelis.

            The common denominator behind all Israeli jewish thinking is clear: “Any resistance to the jewish agenda, any attempt to defend oneself against jewish aggression or predation – is seen by jews as being intolerable. It is anti-Semitic to resist any aspect of the International jewry agenda.”

            The world is supposed to bend over, spread its butt cheeks, grab its ankles and let the Israelis do any damned thing they want to and not complain about it.

            • How are the Jews trying to exterminate the Syrians? Seems like it comes down to Sunni/Shia violence with Iran on one side and Saudi Arabia backing the other with al Quaida and Muslim Brotherhood thrown in. You really need to get over your Jew hatred. You must be a leftist which is where most anti seminism now comes from. The S-300 has a range that would enable it to engage aircraft well inside Israeli air space. As long as there are no attacks against the Israelis then nothing happens. they far prefer Assad to the alternatives.

        • Wait till Russia starts their lend-lease program for Syria and supplies dozens of MIG 29s & S300s. In recent times Israel has not fought an technologically equal adversary. If Russia gets involved directly, USA will leave Israel high & dry.

          • they better supply pilots too.

            • Did anyone read the Bible? Isreal wins when the whole world rises up against them. Our LORD is a jew and he will return in the face of Isreals destruction. They are the chosen ones and we are not. I’m not a jew but understand their place in my religion. Let the red thumbs begin.

      13. Watch for these same bloody protests in cities around the US in the near future.

        When the liberal powers start using the same underhanded tactics by the IRS against honest citizens that can’t afford insurance, the SHsTF with a whole different perspective. The recent IRS tactics were envoked directly from the white House. It is clearer than ever that our supreme, shit for brains, leader, has taken on the role of dictator.

        People are fed up and hurting. People are sick and tired of being bullied around by their politicians. When people get hungry, they get mean. Blood in the streets mean.

        Just recently, in NC, The politicians have given notice of stopping “all” further unemployment benefits that were supposed to continue through out the year by the feds. In order to “appease” the elites, the state has decided to discontinue to “honor” any further “federally supported” benefit extensions as of June 29th. This will lead a lot of folks into bankruptcy and welfare. There are a few more “seasonal” jobs in the state, but not everyone unemployed can get one or do hard manual labor. Times will get tough for some. Times are already tough for some. The thiefs will start coming out of the woodwork, if the unemployment benefits stop and the EBTs are cut out.

        • Don’t Tread,

          Don’t understand why NC by itself made this decision. Every state in the union has run out of money paid into the unemployment system. They are all paying out continued benefits with federal funds so don’t get why they would halt it. Maybe the other states are just waiting till tomorrow 6/3 to send out the letters as a respnse to a cutoff by the feds. BUT, I thought that congress not to long ago kept the 99 weeks in effect.

          Wonder if this is a “lets see what happens” and based on results or the peoples reaction make a broader decision. LOL, man here in CA it would not go over well. With summer coming on, the temps getting up there. YOW! Could get entertaining.



          • I was wondering the same thing. But may be it’s “Loans”, some of this “Federal Money” has to be paid back and the States are running out?

            • It used to be loans. May be still.

            • food for thought…certain states are doing things to shore up the US Constitution…the feds don’t like that and won’t send massive amounts of printed out of thin air “protection” funding.

          • Because it is what the people wanted…They all danced around with earrings made out of tea bags and chanted how they wanted NC to stop the handouts…End the entitlements…etc…If they didn’t end them they would make sure the politicians would not get re-elected…Well…They got what they chanted for…Nuff said…Plain and simple…Now the State can deal with its people and make sure those wearing tea bag earrings are safe, sheltered and fed…

            “leave us alone”…”Fed go away”…So be it…To people have spoken…To the people be the power…Rattle rattle, tread tread…And all that jazz…

            People can be stupid…Happens all the time…

            Fed Guy 20002

            • didn’t see you posts previous to mine above, but your absolutely right.

              You red thumber’s… “can’t handle the truth”

          • Because it is what the people wanted…They all danced around with earrings made out of tea bags and chanted how they wanted NC to stop the handouts…End the entitlements…etc…If they didn’t end them they would make sure the politicians would not get re-elected…Well…They got what they chanted for…Nuff said…Plain and simple…Now the State can deal with its people and make sure those wearing tea bag earrings are safe, sheltered and fed…

            “leave us alone”…”Fed go away”…So be it…To people have spoken…To the people be the power…Rattle rattle, tread tread…And all that jazz…

            People can be stupid…Happens all the time…

            Fed Guy 20002

          • The newly elected governor was running on a platform of “new conservatism” and balancing a budget. As it has always been; it is easier to take from the needy underlings than the “elite” class that thinks their tax dollars are wasted on people taking advantage of the system. To a great extent, that is the case when people get an opportunity to get back as much and more from the system they have supported for years.

            I’m not saying that it is right or wrong. But the media should have done a better job at informing the public of the governor’s intent. I found an article that was published in February whereby he stated it was his priority to stop benefits granted by the federal gov by July of this year. When there are about 80,000 people counting on those funds to get them thru the year, it comes as a drastic shock to realize in just a few weeks those benefits come to a halt. Quite surprising when the stats say NC remains the fifth highest unemployment ranked state.

            SHsTF on a daily basis for some people; everywhere.
            People should wake up, prepare for the worst, and expect the worst, when it comes to politicians from every stage of gov.

            In other words, don’t get caught with your britches down and expecting the politicians to help pull them up.

            The politicians will leave you naked and hungry in a heartbeat to pacify their big donors.

            • If the fed UI funds are loans, they will be used as a lever against the states.

              • Gimme a break. I live in NC. Post a help wanted on CL. You will get replies. Tell them you are clearing a lot. And they disappear. Anyone on unemployment more than 3 months doesn’t want a job. Maybe NC can send the freeloaders elsewhere with this type of effort.

                “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” ought to be a motto on which America is founded.

                • There are almost as many mexicans working in the restaurants in the Raleigh/Chapel Hill area as in So.Cal. With even worse English.

          • I’m not 100 percent up to speed on what’s going on in North Carolina, but I have read that they have managed to attract a pretty substantial number of illegal criminal aliens, and I’m sure that those illegals are spending lots of their spare time in the saddle, pumping out illegal alien crumb crunchers. I saw a mestizo couple in a department store yesterday and they had 4 kids in tow, and judging by the swollen belly on the mestizoess – number 5 will be dropping sometime before the end of the summer.

            Frankly, I don’t know how these mestizos can scrape up the money to pay for all the food that would be required to feed a family that size. More than likely, I’d guess that they’ve tapped into the social entitlement system and are leeching off the public dime. Hence, this could be what’s going on in N.C.

            Look at what’s happened to California, folks. If this amnesty passes, every single state will be bankrupt within a decade and that is an optimistic prediction.

        • Do not protest unarmed. The Republic needs armed men with balls. Commies everywhere.

      14. Before heading to DC with Adam Kokesh July 4th Read This.

        So Many False Flags recently right. Compare to a few decades ago when the percieved terrorists and right wingers were called something Other than Jihadist muslims.

        • February, 1979: Using his frequent alias of “James Guttman,” Mordecai Levy of the Jewish Defense League swaggers into the National Park Service office in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, dressed in full Nazi drag to obtain a permit for a “Nazi rally.” With permit in hand, he next contacts KKK chapters, Nazi clubs, leftist and Jewish groups, black churches, etc., alternately “inviting them to participate” / “alerting them to an outrage.” His own banner reads: “Hitler was Right! Gas the Commie Jews!” At this time Levy is an asset of the Anti-Defamation League (as revealed by ADL fact-finder Gail Gans to Village Voice reporter Robert Friedman). Reporters penetrate Levy’s sordid plans and the permit is canceled under a cloud of astonishing headlines: “Jew Applied For The Permit For Nazi Rally” (Philadelphia Journal); “Nazi Rally Rouser Really Jewish” (Philadelphia Bulletin). Had Levy’s charade not been uncovered, he might have succeeded in engineering a major race riot— but it sure would have made “Nazis” look bad! (Robert Friedman, Oy Vey, Make My Day, 8/22/1989 Village Voice, p. 15).

        • December 7, 1981: Minneapolis television station WCCO airs an in-house documentary, Armies of the Right, to expose “the disturbing hidden world of paramilitary right-wing extremism in the U.S.” The program’s most virulent anti-Semitic rhetoric is uttered by one “Jimmy Anderson,” actually James R. Rosenberg, one of several ADL agents provocateurs known to have infiltrated the Queens, New York chapter of the Christian Patriot’s Defense League, expressly to agitate the group as “rabid anti-Semites.” The producers of Armies of the Right know who and what Rosenberg really is but withhold this information from their audience.

        Some choice examples of “Kosher Nazis”:

        • 1946 to 1979: The Animist Party and National Renaissance Party (NRP), early U.S. “neo-Nazi groups,” are organized under titular leader James Madole, actually a cat’s-paw of the Anti-Defamation League. Former Bolshevik spy Vladimir Stepankowsky, Emanuel Trujillo (alias ‘Mana Truhill’), and other Jewish and/or Communist agents of the ADL are Madole’s main source of financial support and organizational talent from the beginning. During the 1950s the NRP emerges as the most sensational and visible American “neo-Nazi group,” with its brown-shirted swastika-banded “stormtroopers” frequently staging street demonstrations in New York City that often and predictably deteriorate into riots. All related expenses, including the uniforms, are defrayed by the NRP’s main benefactor, the ADL. The swastika is displayed at ADL spy Truhill’s insistence. As “liaison officer” and de facto leader of the NRP by 1954, Truhill is in constant contact with other right-wing groups and individuals all over the world. His real work is name-gathering these people and incriminating them by coaxing extreme anti-Semitic remarks from them, thus collecting juicy tidbits for the ADL’s vast library of dossiers. (Joseph P. Kamp, The Bigots Behind the Swastika Spree (New York: Headlines, 1960))


        • 1965-1971: The Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC; Canada’s premier Jewish advocacy organization) decides to promote John Beattie, an insignificant fringe figure, to “public menace” status along with his ridiculous “Canadian Nazi Party,” Canada’s closest thing to the NRP. Most of Beattie’s ten “followers” are actually CJC spies / agents provocateurs. Following a curious, probably staged incident in May 1965, Beattie is suddenly “newsworthy,” his irrelevant extreme views palmed off as “news” on the front pages of most Toronto dailies. Only the “conservative” Toronto Telegram notices the weird smell and exposes the food chain behind Beattie, for example CJC operative Henrick Van Der Windt’s involvement (issue of 25 June 1965). Soon the 100-year-old newspaper is being abandoned by major advertisers and sabotaged from within by union employees, finally collapsing six years later. Thanks to a down-payment donated by Van Der Windt, ergo the CJC, Beattie is able to move his outfit into an inflammatory Toronto address.
        Beattie’s circus freak act is suddenly so “important” and prominent because the CJC wants to manipulate Canadians into accepting federal laws criminalizing ‘hate speech,’ laws it’s been conniving to shove down their throats since the 1930s and is preparing via the ‘Cohen Committee’ in Ottawa, also beginning in 1965. As §319 of the Criminal Code and §13.1 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, titled “telephonic communication of hate,” these laws are signed into effect in 1971, after which the Canadian Nazi Party promptly implodes. (Patrick Walsh, The Unholy Alliance: A Documented Exposé of How Agents Provocateur Infiltrate and Misdirect, then Destroy, Well-Meaning Patriotic Groups (Flesherton, Ontario : Canadian Intelligence Publications, 1986) The John Beattie Case; Canadian Association For Free Expression, John Beattie to Expose the Nazi Party That Never Was (press release), 26 November 2000)

        June 25, 1978: Frank “Collin” the Heartless Nazi Monster leads his “Nazi march” on its alternate route through Chicago. During preceding weeks “Collin” achieved national notoriety with his outrageous original plan to march through the suburb of Skokie, the largest community of “Holocaust survivors” on earth. His “right to march” is championed by Jewish attorney and purported “civil liberties advocate” Alan Dershowitz.

        “Collin’s” real family name: Cohen. He’s Jewish. His father is a “Holocaust survivor.”

        His “Fuhrer” career is destroyed when this comes to light, but most Americans are none the wiser, so three years later “Frank ‘Collin’ the Nazi Monster” and his march become the subject of a nationwide made-for-television slobber-fest titled Skokie, one of many such propaganda bombs during these years. The original was NBC’s eight-hour miniseries Holocaust, a tele-orgy of fake “history” that aired two months before Collin’s march. The whole Skokie affair thus proves instrumental in catapulting Holocaust Guilt into mainstream American consciousness right when the Jewish psy-war on America is shifting gears in exactly this direction, thus Dershowitz’s real interest.

        LOOK B4 U LEEP into “Patriot” marches/Protests!

      15. it’s coming… the tension is growing… both sides of the Constitutional issues know it… it’s my guess that tptb will hire some useless thugs to incite trouble at an otherwise peaceful event… this will cause those with hair-triggers on both sides to “come off the porch”… things will escalate from there as tptb begin a crackdown of unprecedented measure against Patriots everywhere, making serious examples of any leadership they come across… homes will be raided, stores and reserves will be confiscated and this will bring the whole issue to a full-on revolution…

        do i want it…?? no

        am i in support of it..?? no

        pray for the best while prepping for the worst


        • ” GOD WILL’S IT !”

          • God doesn’t will bad things on good people.

            In the beginning of this age, the Israelites wanted a King. They were not content with God being their King and trusting in Him. God warned them what a king would do for them. It wasn’t good, but they wanted one anyway.

            Now, we see the results of people putting their faith/belief in a king/leader, instead of their Creator/Heavenly Father.

            Sometimes getting what you ask for isn’t always the best for everyone.

      16. Remember the 1968 movie “The Graduate” where a middle aged man says to Dustin Hoffman, “Plastics”? Well I’ll say one word for these times, “Food”. Political stability is predicated on the availability and affordability of food. The public will take a lot but it stops in its tracks at hunger.

        • i would have to say 2 words – food, of course, and water…

          if you have access to both, it’s half of surviving

          pray for the best while prepping for the worst


          • My two words, preacher, M1 and Garand.

            • the other “half” of surviving is being able to protect your food & water… dependable firearms and accompaying ammo are a must…

      17. No good will come of the July 4 protest in Washington. Armed protesters won’t be tolerated. Anything happens will reflect on everybody and an excuse for confiscation. Make your points without weapons.

        • I don’t know Jim. I mean that, I am not sure what the fallout would / will be. It could go either way. As Prepping Preacher just said it could bring the people off of the porches.

          On the other hand it could be used as a way to test the strength, the peoples reaction to DHS and the push back.

          Either way the lines will be claerly drawn.


        • There are “No Excuses” for confiscation! Only the will of a few vs the will of millions who say Molon Labe!!!

        • That has been tried. Didn’t work. Pick up your brass.

        • It truly is a dumb idea. They better show up as Minute Men with old style muskets. This will be the perfect opportunity for our rulers to stage an event that all will suffer for.

      18. Good thing our government, military, and police are on OUR side.

        • Lose your mind for a moment there?

      19. … this is why the American Citizens must not be disarmed .

        N.O. ;0p

          • This is allowed happen all too often. They’re probably proud bragging to their peers how they beat her up. There is no way you can do this stuff if you don’t like it. Currently whatever rules they currently have that obviously are superficially enforced will be removed if significant civil disorder occurs. At that point they’re faced with two alternatives. One operate on the behalf and will of “The People” or increase the violence upon them. Historically they opt for the latter and that is their achilles heel. In the end they will end up loosing the support of the people and with it the ability to successfully govern.

      20. Things will start moving when Obamacare starts fazing in hard towards the end of year. I am sure that they will force me off my plan as it is not “good enough”. I have only major expense coverage, I won’t be able to afford other insurance and am not going to be forced onto the single payer govt “plan”. I believe millions more like me about to have had enough.

        • Obongocare also contains provisions for the confiscation of users’ estates upon their demise, buried deep within its “fine print:”

          Lenin said that the Soviets would “tax, tax, tax” to destroy the bourgeoisie. In this case, elderly American homeowners with a laggard cash flow will be robbed to pay for platinum health plans for Obongo’s core constituencies, i.e. illegal aliens with room temperature IQs and inner city welfare mammies.

          Obongo’s coterie of Weather Underground Chicago friends must be cheering.

          • Ahab that is how it is right now. It’s been that way for decades. There are ways to stop it legally but you pretty much got to give it all away.

            • Can’t own a home or a car to get Medicaid. And no cash in the bank. My friends 96 year old aunt, who was blind, had to give up everything she owned to get assistance for senior housing ( it was like a super cheap “suite” in a red roof inn) and Medicaid. Her SS checks were cashed and electric bill paid by cashiers check, and groceries with cash. My friend could not even give her a ride to the dr office. It had to be ambulance shuttle car, arranged and paid by Medicaid. Crazy crap.

              • Also, do not mention you will use medicare when you are in the nursing home. They’ll boot you out as “healthy” the next day. Seems they get 40% less that way. But, once you are in, then maybe they have to keep you.

          • Being that many of these old fools voted for Obama and usually vote Democrat screw them.

      21. When you push someone into a corner.

      22. Cui bono? The “Defense” contractors in the states is who. Combined Systems Inc. here in Pa. is the major supplier of tear gas and various crowd control weapons in the Mideast and in America. It is stamped on the tear gas canisters. The same tear gas will be used against Americans. How’s that “capitalism” and the greed of the top corporations working out when one of the major exports of the US is weapons and death? The worldwide military police state operates on force and coercion at the point of a gun. It will be no different here when the riots start. The police state has existed here longer than than any of us have been alive. How far back do you want to go? In 1963 JFK called on the DOD to enforce segregation in the south. In 1970 The National Guard was sent out to quell protests at Kent State and ended up murdering four unarmed students. There are no “good old days”. You have been under the boot of the international bankers for over a hundred years. Until they are gone there will be no true freedom. Hang some bankers.

        • excellent you know where any international bankers live?it would be nice to have a list of names and addresses and such.not to be overly pessimistic but it usually requires a mob to hang’s not easily done by a lone operator.a bullet to the chest sounds manageable though.

          • This is why I am moving more towards optics now. Scoping what I can. I am about to work up my 357 revolver. Relatively easy to conceal and a hot load is no problem in regards to lethality at 50-100 yds if a person is steady enough. I think things will be won by coordinated specific attacks. The TPTB will be afraid to set foot outside their houses down the road. Taking on 50,000 LEOs and the military will not work early on. As they run out of supplies it may. But I tink huge changes can be made with surgical strikes by everyday citizens.

        • All the shit that it being done to the American people was done with their knowledge and approval. The same scumbags get elected over and over again and when term limited out run for a different office. People get what they deserve.

          • For anyone who is still clueless as to which identifiable ethnic group is behind this on-going effort to resurrect the Bolshevik Communist run USSR Police State here in America, here is a clue for John W. and everyone else:

            “U.S. officials address inaugural Jewish security confab
            April 26, 2013 excerpt from the article:

            WASHINGTON (JTA) — Top Homeland Security officials headlined a two-day workshop hosted by the national Jewish community’s security arm, the Secure Community Network.

            John Cohen, a senior adviser to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, and William Flynn, the deputy assistant secretary of infrastructure protection, addressed on Wednesday the inaugural Jewish Communal Security Leadership Summit in New York, convened by Secure Community Network.

            SCN is an arm of the Jewish Federations of North America and the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.”

            Incidentally, I ran across a quote on the web a few years ago that was anonymous, but it stuck in my mind as I’ve watched this tribe of totalitarians working to impose Soviet style tyranny upon Americans, the way their ancestors did to the Russians and nearly half of Europe, following the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

            Here’s the quote:

            “A nation can have freedom, or a nation can have jews. But not both.”

            So, I ask you John W. Is loving liberty and freedom and hating tyranny the same thing as being ‘anti-Semitic’? Or, are you going to try to deny the key and dominant role being played by jews in the post-9/11 effort to recreate the USSR here in North America?

        • Stay away from crowds and don’t go anywhere unarmed.

      23. Edrogan got too big for his britches. Pissed off a lot of people in his rise to power, especially the army, the courts and the Kurds. If I had to guess, I think the army will step in and kick his ass out of there……Turkish politics as usual.

        In the bigger picture, true ethnic Turks are outnumbered in Turkey by ethnic Greeks, Kurds and others. Only reason the country has lasted this long is USA support, but that is now fading away. Just as well…..That said, I’m speculating that CIA will likely help engineer a coup, in conjunction with Turkish mlitary. AlthougH the founder of the modern Turkish state, Mustafa Ataturk, was a secularist, Edrogan is an unapologetic Islamicist. Hence, he’s gotta go. Can’t let Turkey go the way of Egypt….the thinking goes.

        Also, Turksh business has been doing well.,I do some business there myself, among other countries. Yet Turkish business community is increasingly concerned about the growing cult of Edrogan. They know that for the country to continue to prosper, it has to try to remain secularist.

        • Clarification needed on the “secularist” point.

          It’s the state/gov of Turkey that is calling itself secular. The population is 99 % Muslim.

          Therein lies the root of the problem. Muslims can’t even agree on their own religion, much less on allowing others to worship or not, or how they do it.

      24. When mass protest start here, It will be alot more than fireworks and bricks being thrown back. It will be very bloody very quickly. Be forwarned now not to be in the vicinity of such protest that could explode in violence since both sides will be shooting and asking questions later.I believe it is every free man’s responsiblity to fight the system, just don’t let the system pick the fight, place, time,etc for you. If you do, you will always be fighting an uphill battle.

        • You really believe that the American sheep will resist. i find that very funny. Their country is being stolen right out from under them and not a peep. Why would they suddenly wake up?

      25. The Government will win. The US and Turkish governments need each other. The Turks will be given free reign and will continue the killing. The Turks have a tradition of dealing in a brutal fashion. This will not go the way of Syria.

      26. Remembering the genocide of 1.5 million Christian Armenians by the dirty Turk Muslim animals in WW1.

        All Mosques should be razed to the ground and every hideous Muslim animal should be deported. Polluting our pure white rae with their filth.

      27. Let Haji fight , who cares . Let Haji fight in the middle east as well .

      28. The Turks have more balls than people in the US. Occupants of the land of the free would never take on the government forces no matter what crimes we committed.
        Licking boots will truly set you free.

        • If the economy has a total collapse , even the commie supporters will see a reason to fight as all the government checks and freebies will dry up ………….just sayin , but your right , not until .

      29. Our country will blow apart when the millions of illegals receive amnesty. They will be immediately assigned all the free gov programs, finally killing the old workhorse taxpayer. When the end comes, all of you try to remember the vote hunting scumbags that have allowed this to happen. I can’t wait for Nuremberg 2.

        • But before Nuremberg 2 , we will have Auschwitz 2 for all the leftists , DHS , ATF , and military that does not fight for the people . If we follow the example , we could cycle between 600 – 800 , 000 traitors a month in Auschwitz 2 .

          • Buy stock in non-stick cookie sheets 😉

          • My guess is that they will be doing the re cycling. Most will simply give up or actually help by turning in their neighbors, friends and family. Honor is not something in large supply in the USA of 2013 nor is bravery.

      30. *I just saw this covered on CNN – 445 p.m. EST.

        *off topic ~ QuakeKare.Com ~
        Emergency Preparedness Experts ~ They have Survival Kits,
        Emergency Kits, and Emergency Supplies. They are
        very diversified and their prices are reasonable.
        They also sell a toilet seat with a bucket sized toilet.
        I only mention this, as someone here was inquiring
        about the above a few articles/posts ago.

        *@ Be informed ~ thank you for the earthquake notices.
        There was a 6.5 in Taiwan today.

        @ Smoking Oakie ~ Stay safe, and when able, let us know
        you are o.k.

        @ Mac ~ This is a great site for all purposes and sources
        of information. It has helped me alot, made me more alert and aware. Good people here also. Keep it up and
        running, many view this site. Thank you.

      31. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

      32. Would you rather this happen here now? Or when your to old to fight against it? I want it NOW.

      33. The best way to protest is to not be there. If you are there the police will act violently and try and kill you. If you are there then you need to defend against the police. That mean you will have to act violently and stop them.

        Protests are what the want. If you are going to be at one be prepared to defend against the police that are just fools and tools.

        Join together come up with a plan if you wish to be at protest. Standing there throwing rocks, cocktails, fireworks is not going to cut it.

      34. This is all a waste of time and effort. Violence is NEVER a game changer except, for the poor bastards that get caught in it. A real game changer and a stronger uprising would be, as an individual, is to STOP doing everything you are doing that supports business and politics. What’s that mean?

        1. Identify the things you MUST buy.
        2. Identify the things you can live without.
        3. Travel less.
        4. STOP watching TV and Movies.
        5. Keep your money and don’t waste it.
        6. Ignore authority because, you give it to them anyway.
        7. Think like a Jew. (NEVER pay for what you can steal for free.)
        8. Threaten with your money, not a stick or stone.
        9. Don’t vote for anything – they ignore you anyway!
        10.Bring your activities to a grinding halt and read more.

        I’m sure there are many more “To DO” things but, by financially shutting down your life as an individual (times x 1,000,000 people) that is a huge blow to business, politics, and the Society.

        Think of it! Businesses would freak out on Politicians for not forcing people to buy or do what they use to do. Politicians would crank the PR Machine into overdrive, tell people that “They are the cause of the country’s financial ruin” NEWS ALERT – The Country IS ALREADY financially ruined because of the Politicians!

        The individual citizen has “purchasing power”. It is more powerful and more painful (for politicians and businesses) than, rioting and freaking out. Because it can be used DAILY and cause obvious long term effects!

        STOP the flow of money and you kill the bankers, businesses, and politicians. It’s their “life blood.” Don’t spill your blood in the streets. That’s what they want and expect you to do. By you making a small, “cut” in your spending, it is like a small cut into their arm. The blood starts flowing out of the body. Eventually, untreated the body dies. If you “cut” the flow of money off from them, their body starts to lose power. Their heart and soul starts to die.

        It’s so much fun to watch the “powerful” become the “powerless” to control the citizens, when it come to their trying to control individual purchasing power. You cannot be FORCE to buy. You cannot be FORCE to watch TV. You cannot be FORCED to travel. The Controllers use advertising to get people to buy things they don’t need, with money they don’t have!

        SO, use your POWER as an individual to take control over this weak group of Command and Controllers. The masses have the ultimate power and control over everything, they control buying power…they just need to turn it against this group of weak-minded leaders!

      35. The protestors are idiots. They watched too many Occupy rallies in the US and thought their lawless actions would be tolerated in a Muslim country. If they had any brains they’d stop now. The women will be arrested and raped. The men will be imprisoned and tortured. I’m not willing to die for a tree. Are you?

        • What makes you believe that the men won’t be raped too?

      36. You can’t fix stupid!

        And American soldiers should not lose their limbs and lives because of it either.

      37. Um, most of the links to the photos are broken for me. 🙁

      38. Sheeple!
        This is a beat up story to get young secular Turks angry enough to have the world against Erdogan. Turkey is the richest country in Europe. Its ecomomy is gang-busters and the People LOVE Erdogan!!!
        Israel and the west hate him! He has survived 20 asassanation attempts – half the pictures of the Istanbul riotsin the media are from other countries. You are all being conned! Friends in Turkey are saying this is all happened after Erdogan’s meeting with Netanyahu whom he hates!!!!!! — Think about it! The richest country is Europe does not belong in the EU and is run by a Shariah observant Sufi Muslim.

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